Jolan's Path - Chapter 33

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 33


Krayos guided his staggering father to a bench, the older man silent and his face a pale shade of white.
"What is it, Father? Are you alright?" the young man said, worry etched across his brow.
Morgan's grey eyes were cloudy and dark, their previous glowing attributes having vanished.
Morgan's eyes began to focus, looking at the youth in front of him.
"I felt him. I felt his strength. . .he's so strong. . .and he knows. . ." the man said softly, Krayos rubbing his father's shoulder.
"Who, Father? Who are you talking about?" the young man said, his face showing his worry.
Morgan looked into his son's concerned grey eyes.
"Jolan, your lost cousin! He's put on his father's ring!"
Krayos looked surprised, sitting down beside his father.
"The Heart of History? Jolan's found it?"
Morgan shook his head no, Krayos confused.
"He's put on my brother's ring of Servitude. Simus has given his that sacred ring. Dear God, is he a complete fool?!"
Krayos was concerned about the agitated tone of his father's voice.
It almost sounded like fear.

He'd never known his father to be afraid of anything.
"What are you talking about, Father? What's happened?"
Morgan looked at his son, putting his trembling hand upon his shoulder.
"Jolan has walked onto the path. He wasn't supposed to walk on our path!! And the moment he did that, I felt the change. The change of The Shadowing. Jolan's walking now with our destiny. And he's not walking alone. He's brought the Shadowing with him.  I feel all of them. The Just and the Evil."
"Who are they, Father?"
Morgan's grey eyes looked into the younger grey eyes staring at him.
"They are life and death, my son. The Dragosans are again being hunted."

Cory held Simus, his lover's face a mask of trembling confusion.
"Simus, speak to me! What's wrong?" he said with worry, the older man's eyes finally focusing.
"Oh, God! No, it cannot be! I didn't know!!" Simus moaned, Cory rubbing his naked chest.
"What's happened? Are you okay?"
The older man opened his grey eyes, Cory seeing their returned normalcy.
But he also felt a frailty and weakness in the man laying beside him.
"I'm alright, Cory. It has just shocked me. Go check on Calen. He may be hurt. He was in the shower."
Cory looked at his lover, then seeing he was returning to a half normal condition, quickly rose up and walked down the hallway in a hurry.
He knocked on Calen's door, walking into the bedroom, finding the room empty.
He walked over to the bathroom door, gently rapping, voicing his concern immediately.
"Calen, are you alright?" he said, hearing a moaning coming from within.
"Calen, I'm coming in." Cory said, hearing Calen's laboured voice suddenly rise above the moaning.
"Stay there please, Cory. I'm not. . .I'm not presentable." the voice said, Cory hearing pain and hurt in that voice.
Cory waited not a moment longer, feeling deep concern for the man.
Cory grabbed the door knob, opening the door and walking into the bathroom.
He froze in his tracks, staring at the man half laying in the tub, Calen's back to Cory.
Calen was naked, his body on full display in the harsh bright lights.
Cory froze, gasping in horror at seeing Calen's revealed truth.
His naked back was a scarred vision of vicious scars and long lacerations.
His legs were patched with cuts and old blackened marks.
Calen's head jerked up and turned, his grey glowing eyes meeting Cory's.
The man's naked body cringed, sinking back into the tub, trying to hide into himself.
In Calen's eyes Cory saw deep sorrow and hurt, and a loathsome look of ridicule.
"Get out!! Don't look at me!!" the man sobbed, trying to cover himself, Cory shocked by the anguish in the shaking voice.
Cory backed quickly out of the room, shutting the door in front of him.
"I'm sorry, Calen! I'm so sorry!" Cory said, with genuine compassion, his head leaning against the door.
He fought with all his soul to hold down a sob of compassion rising up in his throat at the horrific sight he'd seen.
Then Cory suddenly realized what he'd done to Calen.

To a man he respected and admired.
He'd backed away from a man in deep pain, his body's revelation a truth of that man's continuous pain.
"I'm coming back in, Calen. I want to make sure you're okay."
Cory heard no reply, walking slowly into the room again.
Calen was now clothed in a robe, his body turned away from Cory, sitting on the edge of the tub.
Cory saw the man struggling to hold himself up.
"No, Cory. Please don't look at me. You've seen too much. You've seen the truth of my pained existence." Calen said, Cory hearing the anguish in Calen's stuttering voice.
Cory slowly sat down beside Calen, his arm gently going around the man.

"I see someone who's been hurt, violently. I hold no judgement, no view of distain. You are my Simus' loving brother. That makes you my brother. And you are a friend. I'm here for you always. Let me help you, Calen."
Calen's head turned, Cory seeing the wetness of his emotional grey eyes.

"They told me to be always strong, to hide my pain. To show the trueness of my Dragosan soul. To be my father's son. But in the night, in the darkness of my lonely heart, it keeps searching out for it. I feel every scar, every mark of truth. All of that night of pain, the night of their denying me. The night of my losing myself." he sobbed, Cory embracing the man, Calen's head falling against his chest, the sobs echoing in the enclosed room.

Cory held him, not knowing what else to do, holding him his only recourse to somehow soften the man's pain.

For Calen, emotional in the arms of his brother's lover, it was more than enough.

No one had held him like this for a long time, or had been there for him like this young man suddenly was.

His loving wife had been the only one who'd ever done that.

In this action Calen felt the reasoning behind Simus' love for this man.

He felt the giving love of Cory's kind soul.

Calen regained control of himself, Cory remaining silent.

"Thank you, Cory. It's been a long time since someone held me."
Cory smiled at his upturned face, his fingers wiping the wetness from Calen's cheeks.

"That's what friends are for."

Calen smiled a soft smile, Cory liking that look upon the man's face.

Cory suddenly realized it was the first time he'd seen the man genuinely smile.

In this man Cory felt a lost soul.

A brother of kindred heart.

"Are you okay, Calen? Your body. . .it's so scarred. Who did that to you?"
Calen lowered his head, Cory's arm around him again.

"It's alright, Calen. Your pain doesn't have to remain your own. I'm here if you need me, for friendship, and for a brother's love."
Calen smiled, Cory smiling back at him.

"What happened to you and Simus just now, Calen? It looked like you both were overcome by something."
Calen looked into Cory's green eyes.

"It's Jolan, Cory. He's walked onto the Dragosan path. He's with us now in all ways. And he's revealed himself. I see clearly now what he is. Oh God!! This shall shock Morgan to his soul!"

Cory looked confused, Calen patting his knee, and standing up shakily.

"Let me get dressed, and then we need to talk with Jolan. Simus and Morgan are about to be shown the reality of my nephew's resolve."

Cory looked concerned by that statement, Calen leaning forward and gently kissing his cheek.

"I love my brothers, Cory. Even boisterous, impatient Morgan. But most of all, I love our disillusioned Simus."

Calen looked at the young man with compassion.

"Your love has clouded his reasoning. Not that that's wrong, it's just unfortunate at this time. Everyone's starting to wander off the path. We've all become lost on the path by our own making. Simus by your love, Morgan by his search for power. And I. . .well, I have my own loss. I think Jolan's about to rein us all in."

Cory's hand went to Calen's shoulder, Calen seeing the look of compassion and concern there.

"What happened to you, Calen? Your body. . .your tortured body. . ."

"Our oaths we gave, Cory. The task for us was set. I fault them not for standing in that light of clouded truth. I probably would have shown the same fear. I owe Joelius so much."

Cory saw the lost look in Calen's eyes, as if he were recalling some past pain.

His grey eyes turned to Cory, the young man seeing a look of hope in their silver centers.

"Now his son picks up the ring and I suddenly feel it so clearly. Come, I need to bask in my nephew's love. My life has been so cold for far too long."

Cory watched the man stand up, Calen walking quietly and slowly out of the room.

Cory sighed, leaving the bathroom himself.


Trace sat quietly in the kitchen, his eyes on Jolan.
The young man had returned from the balcony with Justin, a surprising look in his eyes and a calmness spread across his changed face.
Yes, Trace thought.
His face had changed.
It seemed more masculine, more matured and smooth.
As if a sudden masculinity had crossed it, and as if he'd matured in an instant.
That's it, Trace thought.
Jolan looked more mature.
Everyone had picked up on the change in him, Justin remaining silent.
Jolan had walked into the kitchen, gently kissing Lynn's cheek.
He'd guided her gently to the table, he taking over for her in cleaning up the remaining breakfast dishes.
Jennie and Justin helped him, the young girl looking at her brother quietly.
She and Justin exchanged glances, Justin smiling gently at her.
Cindy, Trace, Rachel and Lynn sat quietly at the table, all their eyes on the young man.
Within a few minutes Jolan had the place spotless, the young man leaning against the kitchen counter, picking up the telephone.
Justin watched him as he sat down at the table, Jennie sitting in his lap, laying her head against his chest.
Lynn smiled, seeing the young girl's affection for her son.
The young girl smiled back at her.
Justin's arm went around her, the young girl snuggling deeper into his warmth.
Justin's eyes were on Jolan, the young man looking at no one, his voice filling the quiet room as he talked into the telephone.
"Good morning, Cory. It's Jolan. Can you let my uncles know that I need to see them here immediately? Yes, good. I sensed they'd want that. Tell Uncle Calen that his red eyes shall no longer haunt him. My giving love shall destroy his fear."
Jolan closed off the phone.
Everyone was staring at him, his grey eyes meeting all of them.
Jolan's eyes seemed different.
He walked over to Trace, handing him the phone.
"Would you call Lance's, Trace? Tell Lance and Joey to come over. I need to talk to Lance as soon as possible."
Trace nodded, taking the phone from Jolan, his eyes moving to Justin, his friend nodding at him.
Jolan smiled gently at Justin, their eyes meeting.
"I'm going to pop into the shower and get changed, Jus. Back shortly."
Jolan leaned down, kissing his sister's cheek, smiling at her.

He kissed Justin lightly on the lips, smiling at him.
Then he walked quietly out of the room, all eyes turning to Justin.
"What's going on, Jus? Jolan seems different." Trace said, the phone still in his hand, Justin looking at his friend.
Jennie looked up at Justin's face.
"Jolly's not afraid anymore." she softly said, laying her head back down against Justin's chest.
Justin hugged her more to him, his eyes looking around at everyone.

Everyone was looking at Jennie, the young girl remaining silent.
Justin quickly told them about Jolan's putting on the ring and the affect it had had on him.
Trace looked towards the doorway, having noticed the ring on Jolan's finger.
"Has it done something to him? Is he okay?"
Justin smiled at the concern in Trace's eyes.
Trace now thought a lot of Jolan, Justin seeing that truth.
"I don't know, Tray. All I know is that Jolan feels calmer, and the headaches are finally gone."
Trace nodded, Cindy taking his hand.
"He seems different, more mature. Like a calming reality has spread over him." she said, Lynn nodding.
"He said he felt his father and grandfather in that ring. Perhaps he feels their strength." Justin said, his mother looking at him.
"Alright, Jennie. We need to get ready if we're to do some shopping later." Lynn smiled, the young girl smiling back.
The two women got up, Lynn's arm going around the young girl as she walked out of the room with her.
Justin excused himself, Cindy and Trace watching him walk out of the room.

Cindy kissed Trace gently, Trace feeling her love.

"I'm off, sweetie. My students await."
Trace nodded, walking her out of the kitchen to the front door, Trace leaning down and kissing her deeply.

"Until later, my love. Call me if anything happens. Tell Jolan I send my love."

Trace nodded, the woman smiled, wheeling out of the condo, heading for her bus downstairs.

Trace walked to the couch, sitting down, then hit the numbers on the phone, calling Lance.

Justin walked into the bedroom, not seeing Jolan.
He heard the shower running, Justin smiling to himself.
He still wore only his robe, boxer briefs underneath.
He discarded the robe, the briefs falling on top of it.
He opened the bathroom door, the steam hitting him.
He closed the door behind him, opening the shower stall, staring at a vision of beauty.
Jolan was wet, his smooth body glistening with water.
He was turned away, his head under the shower head.
Justin eyes travelled down his smooth back, his bubbly butt on full display.
Justin walked into the stall, closing the door behind him, his arms wrapping around the young man of beauty before him.
Jolan leaned back, feeling Justin's warmth surround him.
"Mmm, you feel so good." he softly said, Justin's arms tightening around him.
Justin's lips were on Jolan's neck, kissing his wet skin.
Jolan turned around, Justin staring into his grey eyes.

They stared at each other, Justin waiting for Jolan to initiate the first move.
Jolan pulled him against him, Justin feeling a wave of desire flood his soul.
Jolan's lips were against his, both lost in the intensity of Jolan's reaction.
Jolan's hands lowered, finding the smoothness of Justin's ass.
He firmly took hold of both cheeks, Justin's body pressing against him.
Jolan stepped forward, Justin's body going against the wall.
Justin was lost in the depth of love he felt flowing through Jolan.
Jolan broke the kiss, his lips going to Justin's left ear.
They gently tugged on it, Justin moaning.
"Oh God, Jus! I love you so much!"
Justin softly returned the words, Jolan's tongue licking his ear.
"I need you, Jus. I need you to love me." he said, Jolan's eyes focusing on Justin's blue orbs, Justin seeing tears in Jolan's silvery eyes.
Justin kissed him again, Jolan feeling his love.
Both of Justin's hands were on both sides of Jolan's face, Justin parting from him, looking into his grey eyes.
"I love you, Jolan. I'll always need your love."
Jolan sobbed, pulling Justin against him, the two holding each other tightly.
"I want to make love to you, Jus. I love the beauty of your body and I feel your desires so greatly. As you now obviously feel mine. Please allow me to know when I'm ready. I just need a little more time."
Justin kissed him gently, feeling Jolan's body against him.
He also felt Jolan's center against his, both men enlarging with desire.
Justin felt Jolan's desires on the edge of release, but he also felt Jolan's uncertainty.

The fear of taking that last step, giving into his needs.
"I am ready whenever you are, Jolan. As you see, I desire you just as much. We both are lost in the desire we feel for each other. I could so easily become lost in the lust I feel for you. But I want it to mean something more. I need your love there as well. I can wait for your love to shine with your needs."
Jolan looked at the man before him, his soul and his body bared for him, feeling the love emanating off him.
His love for only him.
"I love you, Justin."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and lightly kissing his boyfriend's lips.
"I love you more. Turn around, Jo. I'll wash your back."
Jolan smiled, turning around.
Justin picked up the washcloth, adding soap to it, then tenderly washing his man.
The two men washed each other, Justin lost in the feeling of Jolan's body in his hands.
Jolan smiled throughout Justin's loving touch, seeing his tender respect for Jolan's uncertainty.
Their burning sexual underlying needs softened, the beauty and tenderness of each other's giving touch calming them.


They washed each other, their lips stealing gentle kisses of love.
Jolan dried Justin off after, Justin returning the favour.
They felt the firmness and beauty of each other's bodies, knowing that each found in the other a growing love.
To each other's eyes no greater vision of beauty existed.
They walked into the bedroom together naked, Justin walking Jolan to the closet, both choosing each other's wardrobe.
Gentle caresses were exchanged, soft kisses of endearing love given as they dressed.

Jolan now wore a soft tan coloured golf shirt, and a pair of Justin's black jeans.

Jolan had dressed Justin in a blue button-down oxford shirt, and faded jeans.

They both admired their work, their smiles for only each other.

"Looking hot, my love." Justin said, Jolan smiling.

"I have you to thank for that. You're not so bad yourself, Mr. Timberlake."
Justin smiled, his arms pulling the younger man to him.

"Mr. Timberlake is my father. I'm just Jolan's Justin."
Jolan blushed, Justin smiling at him.

"How are you doing, my pet? Your revealing our relationship so soon to your mother surprised me. She seems to be taking it well."
Justin leaned in and kissed Jolan tenderly, Jolan lost in the beauty of the tender kiss.

"I love you, Jo. I need my family to love you as well. You and Jennie will enter their hearts easily."
Jolan nodded, Justin looking into his grey eyes.

"My father is next, Jo.  And my stepmom and stepbrothers."
Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's deep conviction of their love.

"You are mine from now on, Jo. And I'll be yours forever."
Jolan teared up, kissing Justin deeply.

Justin felt Jolan's love in that passionate kiss, its heat entering his soul.

"I want to meet them all, Jus. I only hope you're not rushing things. I love you, no doubt remains there. It's just, well, I may not be what your family wants in your life."
Justin shook his head, hearing Jolan's lingering doubts, his hand going against his cheek.

"I will decide what and who I want in my life, Jolan. And I've already decided it's you. You are what I've been looking for all my life. In time, you'll see that I am the same for you."

Jolan smiled, taking Justin's hands in his.

"I already see that, Justin. I sense you're the one as well."
Justin's smile widened, Jolan lost in its beautiful brightness.

"That look makes my heart melt, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, pulling him close.

"Then I'll have to wear it always. Umm....Jumpy? What's that nickname supposed to mean?."
Jolan smiled, looking at the vision before him.

"Just trying it on for size. I'm going to make it my life's ambition to jump start my love into your soul every morning. You're going to be jumping for joy, Jumpy."

Justin grinned, liking the name.

"God, I love you."
"As I you, my love."
Jolan moved to leave, Justin stopping him.

"So what's going on, Jo? What's happened in here?" Justin said, his finger tapping on Jolan's forehead.
Jolan looked at him quietly, pulling the man against him.

"It's all focused for me, Jus. All of what's been and what's going to be in regards to my families. It's time they saw that as well."
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"Whatever happens, it won't affect you and me, Jumpy. I need you in my life, always."
Justin smiled again, taking Jolan's hand in his, walking him out of the room.


They walked down into the living room, just as Lance and Joey were walking into the condo.

Lance smiled at both men, Trace sitting on one of the couches, Joey sitting down beside Trace, both men greeting each other.

"How are you this morning, Jolan?" Lance said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I am well, Lance. Thanks for asking."
Lance nodded, Jolan smiling at Joey.

"Great to see you smiling, Jolan. Yesterday was an eye-opener." Joey said, Jolan chuckling.

"Yes, Joey. A real eye opener."

The man smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Justin said you wanted to see me, Jolan?" Lance said, remaining standing.
"Yes, Lance. Excuse me for a moment, Jus. I need to talk to Lance privately."
Justin nodded, Lance and he exchanging looks.

Jolan gave Justin a peck on the cheek, Lance following him back down the hallway.

Justin watched them go, quietly sitting down on the other couch beside Rachel, her hand patting his shoulder.

"Everything okay, Jus? Jolan seems more focused. How was last night?" Joey asked, sitting across from him.

Justin smiled at his friend, the conversation interrupted by Jennie running quickly down the hallway, followed by Lynn.

Jennie went flying into Justin's opening arms, landing in his lap.

Lynn walked up to the couch, smiling at her singling out Justin in the room.

Justin smiled, seeing the young girl in one of the outfits his mother had bought her.

"Looking sexy, little Sis!" Justin said, Jennie blushing.

"Aw, Justin. I'm not sexy!"
Justin kissed her cheek, the young girl smiling.

"You're a real peach, Jennie. A beautiful little angel."
She smiled, snuggling against his chest, Joey smiling at her.

His eyes turned, looking down the hallway.

His thoughts were on something else.

Lance watched Jolan standing at the balcony railing.
Jolan had directed Lance to a chair, Lance sitting down and quietly waiting for the young man to speak his mind.
"I need to tell you something, Lance. Please let me say this through to the end."
Lance nodded, quietly waiting for the man to speak.
Jolan smiled a soft smile at him.
"I love Justin, Lance. He's entered my soul, and he's captured my heart."
Lance smiled widely, feeling a sense of wonder coming over Jolan.
"I've never met anyone like him. He's so caring, sweet, and so generous with his love. And suddenly he's so singularly devoted to me. It's as if I am his world and nothing matters to him except my happiness. That's totally floored me, Lance. His sudden declaration to his mother of his love for me, his willingness to risk all for my love. It's totally shocked me. I can't believe he thinks I'm worth risking everything, including his parents' love. I don't think I'm worth that."
Jolan was in tears, Lance seeing his insecurities front and center.
Justin's heart of love was overpowering Jolan.
Lance stood up, walking up to the young man, taking him into his arms.
Jolan's head fell against Lance's chest, Lance's arms wrapped around him in a hug of tenderness and friendship.
"His love's overwhelming me, Lance. I feel it now and need it so much. His beauty is so intoxicating, his touching beauty. I want him so much, but I'm so scared."
Lance held the young man in his arms, feeling the trembling need in Jolan, and the insecure reality of what that meant overtaking his thoughts.
"I understand, Jolan. You've felt his deep love and now you want to take it to the next level. You've felt the beauty of his love, now you want the beauty of his desires."
Jolan nodded, moving a bit, the two men looking into each other's eyes, Lance's arms still around Jolan's waist.
In Lance's green orbs Jolan saw a reflection of the past, Lance's thoughts on his time with Justin.
And in Jolan's grey eyes Lance saw the need and desire that Jolan now felt for his friend.
"Do you still love him, Lance? I feel a tenderness deeply buried in your soul."
Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek.
"My love for Justin will be forever, Jolan. He was my first love. The moments I shared with him I will carry in my soul forever. But something that I need more has won out in the end. His loving friendship means everything to me now. And I feel his true soul now. He's deeply in love with you, Jolan. I've never seen him so in love with anyone as he now is with you. You've captured his heart and soul in a way I never could. I feel nothing but happiness for him, and for you my friend."
Jolan teared up, hearing the truth in Lance's deeply moving words.
"Thank you, Lance. I just wanted to say thank you. For loving him first. For being the first person he truly loved. Your love entered his heart when he was blossoming into the man we now know. I'm positive your loving soul sent him on the path that made him who he is. That made him into the man I now love."
Lance smiled, touched by Jolan's moving words.
Jolan smiled back at him, hugging the man to him.
"I promise you that I'll love him forever. He'll always be loved."
Lance smiled, believing the truth in Jolan's words.
"That's all I've ever wanted for Justin." he said, Jolan breaking the hug, smiling at him.
"Cory was my best friend of forgotten times, Lance. I'd like you to be my best friend here now. In you I feel a sense of respect, love and friendship. Our love for Justin guarantees our loving each other. I'd never deny you his love, or mine."
Lance teared up, hugging the man tightly.
"I want that too, Jolan. I sense a greatness of love in you as well. I'd truly like to get close to you. Your friendship would fill my heart. For I know now that my Jus will always be happy.  And now he's your Jus."
Jolan smiled, the two friends feeling a closer bond.
The balcony door slid open, Justin slowly walking out on the balcony, a guarded look of concern on his face.
"I didn't want to disturb your discussion, guys. I just wanted you to know that your uncles have arrived, Jo."
Jolan and Lance both smiled, looking at Justin, Justin's face changing into a calmer expression.
"Thanks for listening, Lance. Tell my uncles that Justin and I will be right there." Jolan said, Lance smiling back at him, the two hugging again, Lance walking past Justin with a large smile on his face, going back into the condo.

Justin looked towards Jolan, his boyfriend smiling at him.

"Everything okay, Jo? Lance seems happy."
Jolan walked up to him, pulling him against him, Justin feeling an urgency in Jolan's kiss.

As if he were trying to pull all of Justin's love into himself.

Jolan pulled back, releasing his lips, Justin softly sighing.

"Everything's fine, Jumpy. Lance is now my best friend."
Justin smiled at hearing that, Jolan taking his hand.

"Come on, Jus. Let's go meet my destiny."
Jolan smiled, Justin following him back into the condo.


Calen stood up slowly, seeing Jolan walking down the hallway towards them.

Simus and Cory sat together on a loveseat, their eyes focusing on Jolan as well.

Domo and Daphne were also present, Cory having picked them up on the way over to Justin's.

Jolan walked up to his grandfather and sister, hugging both tenderly, his grandfather patting his back.

Jolan smiled at everyone, greetings exchanged, then stopping at the end of the couch where Rachel, Lynn and Jennie sat, the three women looking up at him.

"Lynn, I think you and Jennie should go start your day together. Jennie needs to have some fun. Can you drive them around, Rachel?"

"Sure thing, Jolan! Let's hit the malls, ladies!" Rachel said smiling, Lynn smiling up at Jolan.

She sensed his wanting the young girl away from the coming discussions.
Jennie rose up, her arms wrapping around her brother, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"Alright, Jolly. I understand what you're doing. Love ya."
Jolan smiled, Lynn smiling at him, standing now beside his sister.

"We'll be back after lunch." she said, Jolan nodding, Justin giving his mother a kiss, as well as Rachel and Jennie.

The young girl smiled at him, Justin pulling some money out of his pocket, Jolan remaining silent, his gaze on both of them.

Justin winked at Jennie, handing her the wad of bills.

"Spoil yourself, Sis." he said, Jennie hugging him tightly, a wide happy smile on her face.

She turned, smiling at Jolan, the three women heading out of the room, Lynn closing the front door behind them.

Jolan waited until the door was closed, his eyes now turning to Calen, the man still standing in the same spot.

"I thought it better that Jennie not be here for this, Uncles. Her soul is troubled enough." Jolan said, his voice calm and reassuring.

Calen's grey eyes, on the other hand, were tearful; his face a changing jumble of emotions.

"How did you know of his red eyes?" he said, his voice trembling.

"Your clouded dreams, Uncle Calen. They sought out my love."

Calen sobbed, Jolan destroying the distance between both of them, his arms going around the older man.

He held him in his arms, Simus staring up at his nephew, the older man rising out of his seat.

"We all felt the moment you put the ring on, Jolan, son of my brother Joelius. You now have a Dragosan soul. You now share our oath."

"No Uncle, you are wrong. I have all the Dragosan souls."

Calen broke Jolan's hold on him, his tearful eyes looking into his.

"You know all?"
Jolan sighed, looking into both men's eyes.

"Why, did you think you could hide this truth from me?"
Calen and Simus exchanged glances, both looking at their nephew.

"I was not sure how you would react, hearing this uncertain truth. To us, it was more legend than fact. I can only imagine what Morgan now feels."

Justin stood behind the three men, hearing their conversation, unsure what was going on, the others in the room listening as well.

"It is not unsure, Simus. It is real. You must have felt it. Felt who I am."

Simus' head lowered, Jolan's hand going to his uncle's shoulder.

"Do not fear losing what your heart's longed for. I feel it all, Simus. The truths in all of you. It's time the past was settled. We must be whole to go forward. And I'm just the man to bring these doubts and denials to an end."
Simus and Calen stared at the younger man, a sense of awed wonder on both their faces.

"I am the Cadre Din Dragoste. I am the Giver of Love. It's just not the love you were prepared for."

Calen sobbed again, falling down onto the couch beside Cory, the young man putting his arm around him.

Justin looked at the man with concern as did the others.

Simus' grey eyes were on his brother, his face a mask of compassion.

Jolan looked behind him at Justin, Justin seeing his calm grey eyes, the love shining from within.

"Everyone sit down. I have to right an unjust wrong."

Simus sat down beside his brother, Justin looking at Jolan for another moment, then sitting down beside Joey, his friend putting his hand on Justin's shoulder.

Lance sat on Justin's other side, Justin surrounded by his bandmates.

Jolan looked around, then walked in front of the large glass windows, looking up at the bright shining noon sun.

"The light of day, the warmth of light. The sun of truth." he said, his voice calm.

He turned, his eyes on the Dragosan brothers.

"Let us start with my Uncle Morgan. The oldest child of Vilos Dragos and Lava Mora. The uncle I have not met. As the oldest child, his soul followed its own path. The path he deemed right to lead his brothers down. His three younger brothers that he loved so greatly. Unfortunately, it lead them all on a path to tragedy."

Calen's head remained lowered, Cory quietly watching him.

Simus' grey eyes were staring at Jolan, his face an uncertain mask of emotions.

"He led the three of you to that fateful day. To the day you lost the soul of your brother Calen."

Everyone looked shocked, all their eyes on Calen, the man's head rising upwards.

To look on his face at that moment would have been to look upon a face of genuine anguish.

Jolan walked over to the couch where the Dragosans were seated, the young man kneeling down in front of his uncles.

He took Calen's hands into his own, looking with compassion into the man's tearing eyes.

"It has been a long time since you lost your soul, Uncle."

Calen sobbed, his head falling forward onto Jolan's shoulder, the young man gently holding him.

"It has been one hundred and seventeen years, Jolan." Simus said, his voice thick with emotion.

The room was in silence, the shock of Simus' words sinking into all of their souls.

"Yes, I know Uncle. I need only count the scars upon his body to know that truth. Each one a yearly mark of denial. Their denying Calen his soul." Jolan said, standing up again.

Cory's eyes flew upwards, staring at Jolan, those words sinking into his reality.

"Yes, Cory. The marks you have seen are the aging marks of tortured imprisonment. The imprisonment of Calen's soul."

Calen's eyes were on his nephew, Jolan's face a soft face of compassion.

"The bravest soul is that which is trapped."

Calen lowered his head, Simus standing up again.

"Why must you torture him more?? Has he not been through enough?!"

Jolan's eyes flashed to Simus', the two glaring at each other.

"Where was that courage when your brother needed you most?"

All the fierceness went out of Simus' face, Jolan's words sinking into his soul.

Simus sat down again, a look of total defeat upon his face.

Justin stood up, walking over to Jolan, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"What's going on, Jolan?"

Jolan looking into his blue eyes.

"My uncles, one day a long time ago, made a tragic mistake. Let by their brother Morgan, they sought to right an old wrong. They sought to destroy the Fangoros."

Simus' head lowered, Justin staring at him with shocked wonder.

"The evil ones that follow you?"

"Yes Justin. They thought that somehow they were strong enough as one unit of brotherly strength to destroy an ancient sect of evil. They followed Morgan to a tragic end."

Simus' head raised, Jolan looking at him.

"He was so sure. He said it was foolproof. That our bonded oath was enough."
Jolan walked over to his uncles, sitting down between them, both moving to give him room.

He put his arms around both of them.

"Tell them what happened, Simus. Unburden your wounded soul."
Simus looked at Calen, his brother nodding.


"The darkness of our hearts happened on a dark night in London. My father had been called to the One Council, dire news awaiting all of us.
There were reports of the Fangoros being seen again, their presence felt in Europe. The hunt was again on for the sect founded from the former guards of King Segas.
My father had given an oath to Queen Alveena to hunt down those former followers of the evil king, his life given to their destruction, the destruction of their evil.
For the sect was as evil as its former master.
They had not been heard of in over three hundred years, my father hoping beyond all hope that they'd finally died out, their bloodlines forever broken.
Such was not the case for this strain of evil.
The group supposedly residing now in London were led by a descendant of Segas' sergeant at arms, a man named Roland Greymount.
He had eluded capture until almost the end of his long life, my father finding him in Lithuania when he was an old man.
He didn't live to stand trial for his crimes before the One Council. >From that vile man's lineage, came the sect's final clan."
Simus looked around the room, his eyes looking at everyone.
"I am sure that you are all aware of an English writer named Charles Dickens?"
Everyone nodded, the man's name well known.
"I met that literary man long ago in England. He was a tedious bore, but a talented writer. One story of his always stood out for me. It was called Oliver Twist. It stands out for a very good reason."
Everyone looked intrigued, the book well known to all of them.
"The main evil, sinister character in that book, was a man called Fagin. Dickens wrote of real Victorian life, and he used real characters.
The man mentioned in that book bore a striking comparison to a real man.
A man named Fagin Greymount. The only remaining descendent of Roland Greymount. His only grandson."
Justin looked confused, voicing a question.
"His grandson? But you said Roland died well over three hundred years ago. How could that man be his grandson?"
Simus' grey eyes met his.
"Yes, Justin. A very good question. One my father sought the answer to. And his sons found the answer to that question, unfortunately from the man himself."
Calen looked up at his brother, Justin seeing a look of terror on his face.
Simus' eyes moved to his brother, a look of tender compassion on his face.
Jolan remained silent, his face showing no emotion.
Simus continued his story.
"Morgan, our brother, was a strong determined young man. At that time he was twenty, I nineteen, Calen eighteen and our baby brother, Joel, a young seventeen. All three of us looked up to our older brother, following him on many enquiring adventures. He was always our protector, our big brother. So, when he came to us one evening with an idea, we all listened with obedient willingness. He had been at all the One Council meetings with our father, hearing of the Fangoros clan rumoured to be in London. He took it upon himself to try and find them. His mind was filled with thoughts of vanquished heroism, and bravado. We should never have put our faith in his bravado."

Jolan looked between his two uncles, Simus looking into his grey eyes.

"You walked into a trap, didn't you?"

Simus nodded, Jolan's hand still on his shoulder.

"The Fangoros were very real. And somehow they knew we were following them. They confronted us in a seedy part of old rundown London. We never heard them surround us. Our bond of faith was no saving grace for us. They captured Calen, Morgan and myself. Your father they warranted as just an insignificant child, knocking him unconscious and throwing him into the Thames river to drown. The coldness of the year instantly awoke your father, he swimming to safety. We, his brothers, were not so lucky. Calen the unluckiest."
Calen stood up, Simus rising as well, his arm going around his brother.

Simus' eyes met his grey ones, Calen looking into his.

"I survived, Simus."
"But at what cost? He did that to you because of us!"
Jolan looked at both of his uncles, seeing their tortured souls bared.

The young man stood up, looking at both men, feeling their loss.

"Sit down my loving Uncles. I shall finish this."
Both looked at Jolan, seeing his grey eyes looking at both of them.

His eyes showed a depth of love that both had only seen in one other person.

For they were staring at the loving eyes of their father.

The two men sat down again together, their faces showing deep emotion.

Jolan smiled at both, Cory looking at him.


"The Fangoros captured my uncles, torturing them for hours. The only thing that saved all of them was the Fangoros' own ignorance. For they did not know whom they possessed. A Badenwolf and three Dragosan brothers. Not even Fagin Greymount knew that significance when he had appeared."

Calen sobbed, Simus' arm going around him.

Jolan looked at his upset uncle, his gaze turning to everyone sitting around him.

"Fagin Greymount is an enigma unto himself. His grandfather, Roland, was more than King Segas' sergeant at arms. He was his most trusted confidant. And in being that man, he learned the secret location of Segas' black magic. The books of the Oracle.  It was to that man that Segas turned in his darkest hour. Segas gave Roland the Tomes of black magic for safekeeping. For years after Segas' death Roland lay in hiding, his only comfort his young grandson. And in the love he felt for the young man, he destined that same child to a long life of monstrous evil. His grandfather showed him the books of dark magic. And in doing so, Fagin learned many of the secrets of the Oracle's magic."
Jolan looked at his Uncle Calen.

"That man used that magic to elongate his own life. not the long life of the Bloodlifer, but long enough. Equal to or now greater than your own, am I right Uncles?"

Simus nodded, his arm still around Calen, trying to comfort his brother.

Justin looked in shock.

"You mean he's still alive?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him.

"Yes Justin. Fagin Greymount is alive. He is the Master of the Fangoros. And he is evil incarnate."
Jolan walked over to his uncles, kneeling again in front of them.

"You met him, didn't you Simus?"
"Yes, Jolan. He came to the chamber where the Fangoros held us. They brought the three of us together before him. He seemed very interested in my brother Calen." Simus said, his eyes lowering.

"Because he was a Romaragi. A Badenwolf." Jolan said, Simus nodding.

Jolan looked at his uncle, Calen's eyes staring into his.

"He used magic. . .he made me reveal myself. . .I. . .I turned into. . ."

Jolan's hand went to his uncle's shoulder.

"He drew the truth of your blood out of you. And then he took your Romaragi soul from you."
Calen sobbed, his head falling on Jolan's shoulder.

"Yes, Jolan. He took the one part of me that was my own. That made me more than a Dragos. It was my connection to my mother."
Jolan's head turned, looking at his other uncle.

"Fagin made your brother reveal his true form. He changed into a Badenwolf before him. And then Fagin took that magic from this loving soul." Jolan said, his hand rubbing Calen's shoulder.

"Yes, Jolan. And then he asked us what we were. What our magic was. He knew we weren't Badenwolves. But he sensed we were someone. He asked us how we knew our brother."
Jolan's eyes looked at his trembling uncle.

"And you denied knowing him."

Simus sobbed, his head falling down, Calen's arm going around him.

"Morgan and I denied knowing him. I denied my own brother's love. My fear for my own life made me turn my back on him. On my loving brother. I denied my kinship to him. We both said we had only met him by chance that evening. That he was unknown to us. I let that monster possess him and did nothing!!" the man sobbed, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"I do not--and never have--hated you for that, my brother. I am not so sure that I would have not done the same. Panic and horror make the choices in life difficult." Calen said, his eyes wet with tears.

"You were our brother and we denied you. To save our own skins we sacrificed you.  If not for Joel, that monster would have destroyed you."

Jolan stood up, his eyes looking down at both men.
"My father saved you all because he believed in the trueness of his brothers' love. He was the glue that held all of you together. When he was separated from the three of you that night, your oath of kinship was broken. That is why your brothers had forsaken you, Calen. If my father would have been with you, your quartet of love would have been united and strong. That was the power the four of you possessed. That was your uniting strength. The brotherhood of Dragos. That was what your father instilled in all four of you. He gave you those four rings to unite your love. To bind you to each other, so that all four of you would have each other's love. And his eternal love. But now, here in this time, that bond has been destroyed again."

Simus and Calen were weeping, Jolan looking down at them.

Everyone in the room felt the anguish in the two brothers' hearts.


"I am the Cadre Din Dragoste. I am the Giver of Love. It is time I gave you the love you all need to guide you back to the path. The path you are wandering off of. Morgan, most of all, is lost. I shall deal with him as I must, and when I must. What concerns me at this moment are you two. The loving brothers of my father. His two Compadres of Vindica."

Simus and Calen's eyes lifted up, that name shocking both of them to their souls.

"How do you know of that name? Only your father and Morgan know of that name!" Calen said, his voice soft with wonder.

Jolan raised his ringed finger, the two brothers staring at the silver Ring of Servitude their nephew wore.

"To you Dragos sons this ring represents servitude. To me, my father's son, it represents my father and grandfather's love."

The ring on Jolan's finger appeared to be glowing.

"My father left me this ring for a very specific reason, Uncles. For from it I have gained his love. And also that of my grandfather Vilos."

The two brothers looked confused, Jolan glancing at Justin, his boyfriend looking at him with love.

"The four rings of Servitude that your father gave all four of you were given in love. Into each your father, in his final days of life, gave his remaining aura of love. The four of you have not felt that love because the four of you have been separated. When all four of you wore these rings you were united. A bond of a father's loving soul connecting all four of you. You were indestructible with that bond. Your only weakness is the loss of each other.  I felt Vilo's love the moment I put my father's ring on. And I also felt my father's love."

Calen teared up, Simus putting his arm around his brother.

"You have walked for an eon in pain, my uncle Calen. I am here in my father's stead. On that tragic night, he did a courageous thing. He summoned the courage to call upon the Just to do battle against the Evil. They invaded that warren of evil, a fight erupting. That was enough for my father to save you three from the Fangoros clan. His love for all three of you gave him the courage to save you. And through the ring of my grandfather's love I shall heal what must be healed. For I have now found the truth of my soul and what the Cadre Din Dragoste is. The love of your father flows through me and your brother's love as well. My father was the Uniter. My unification shall be the unifying of your love."

Jolan's grey eyes ignited into two glowing silver suns.

"Come to me, brothers of Dragosan blood. Let me ease the pain of their evil."

Calen sobbed rising up, Simus joining him.

Everyone in the room stood, watching the three men uniting together.

They stood in awed wonder seeing the blazing silver aura that surrounded Jolan, the other two Dragosans joining with him.

Jolan's arms united with theirs, a handshake of brotherhood.

And at that instant of unification, Calen sobbed, Simus' arm going around him.

The two brothers collapsed, falling to the floor.

Cory was on his feet, the soft aura around Jolan instantly disappearing.

"Are they alright?" Cory said with deep concern, Justin now at Jolan's side.

"Rise, Uncles. Look at what my love can do."
Everyone stood around them, the two men rising up from the floor, standing on their own feet.

"Calen, lost soul of servitude. The marks of their evil tore at your soul, each scar removing a part of it. For so long you have bore the pain of denial. The denial of your own brothers. My love has healed your soul.."

Calen trembled, pulling his shirt over his head with haste, the shirt remaining in his hand.

Cory gasped, as did Simus, Calen looking at them.

"The marks. . .they're all gone. . .you're clean, Calen!!" Simus sobbed, Jolan's hand going to Simus' shoulder.

"So is your soul cleansed, Simus. You could not control the fear in your soul on that night of pain, for your unified brotherly love was denied you. And in turn, you denied your brother that same love. Feel in your heart his cleansing love. You are again the Compadres of Vindica."

Simus sobbed, Calen pulling him against him.

"I'm so sorry, Calen! We should never have gone!"

Calen smiled, feeling the love flowing from his brother, the love he hadn't felt in so long.

And he also felt the love of his missing brother.
"I feel Joelius' love. It's here with us." Calen softly said, pulling his shirt back on, his cleansed torso disappearing.

His and Simus' grey eyes looked at Jolan, Simus' arm going around his brother again..

"Yes, Uncles. My father's love is in me. As is your father's. As is Queen Alveena's. And also there is the magic of the Oracle. I have all the parts needed now. I am the Cadre Din Dragoste. I am the Giver of Love. And I am the Healer of life."

Jolan closed his eyes, everyone feeling a rush of air pass over them.

Jolan's eyes opened again, their greyness sparkling.

"Laugh at life, children. Laugh at life's joys." he said softly, looking around at everyone.

They suddenly heard a deep sob coming from outside the condo's front door.

The door of the condo opened wide, Justin's mother and Rachel coming into the room fast.

Both had a look of deep shock on their faces.

"It's. . .it's so unbelievable!" Lynn said, everyone's eyes upon them.

The two women turned, another young woman walking into the room.

Trace sobbed, staring at an angelic vision.

Cynthia Carruthers stood on her own two feet, her eyes filled with tears.

Behind her, Jennie stood beside her empty wheelchair.




End of Chapter 33


How's that for shocker?

What has happened to Cynthia?
Has she been healed?

Was it Jolan's doing?

He's apparently healed his tortured uncles, healing their souls and bodies.

What does all this mean?
Who or what is Jolan?

And how will this affect Justin's love?


Questions, questions.

So many questions.


I know, I know. Get on with it!


I shall!