Jolan's Path - Chapter 34

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.






Chapter 34


Everyone in the room stood in stunned silence, staring at the young woman who'd walked into the room.
Trace destroyed the distance between him and Cynthia, the young girl tearfully smiling at him as he took her into his arms.
"It can't be!" he said, his voice filled with emotion.
"It is, Tray! I can walk!" she said, her voice trembling with happiness.
Trace hugged her tightly, the two immediately surrounded by everyone.
"Oh, my angel! It's a miracle!" Trace said, his tearing eyes looking into hers.
Lynn and Rachel looked towards the open door, Jennie pushing the empty wheelchair into the condo, rolling it against the wall, the chair now sitting forgotten.
The young girl's eyes were wide with happiness, Jolan looking with a smile at his sister.
She smiled back at him, Jennie walking into Justin's arms immediately.
Justin's eyes were on Jolan's, the two looking at each other with love.
Calen stood beside Simus, their arms still around each other.
"A day of loving miracles, my brother." Simus said, his grey teary eyes looking towards Jolan.
Calen's and Cory's eyes focused on Cindy and Trace together, as did everyone else in the room.
Trace hugged Cindy to him, kissing her lips with tender love.
"Wait till Mom hears, Tray! And Henry. It's my greatest dream come true! God's love has healed my body!!" she said in tears, Trace's own tearing eyes looking towards Jolan.
"I think it's more than God's love, my angel." he said, breaking his tender embrace with her.
He took her hand in his, gently walking her across the room, both now standing in front of Jolan.
"You did this, didn't you Jolan? You healed my angel." Trace said, his voice steeped with emotion.
Cindy looked shocked--as did Lynn and Rachel--staring at her friend.
"Is this true, Jolan?" she said, looking at him with love.
Jolan's eyes lowered for a moment, then raised again, a look of great calmness and compassion on his face now, his silvery eyes staring at her.
His free hand went up, gently touching Cindy's shoulder.
"It doesn't matter who has done this. All that matters is the beauty of this moment, the beauty of your tearful smile, my friend. And the happiness in your and Tray's loving hearts. Such a heart of giving love deserves a life of whole beauty. Walk in happiness, my friend." he said, Trace in tears.
Trace grabbed Jolan, hugging him tightly, Jennie standing beside her brother, smiling.
Justin's arm was still around her, his eyes filled with tears of happiness for his friends.
"Thank you, Jolan. Thank you for this!" Trace said, half sobbing on his shoulder.
Jolan's eyes met Cindy's, a smile of deep friendship on his face.
Trace broke the hug, wiping his eyes.
Cindy took Jolan's hands in hers, staring into his grey eyes of friendship.
"I always knew that somehow, someday I'd walk again. I never gave up on that hope. And I now remember the words that you spoke the day we left Henry's. You said that you believed in your heart that I would not always be in this chair. That the future would hold many surprises for me. Trace's love and commitment to myself would fill my heart and soul, and it has. You knew I'd walk again, didn't you?  I saw it in your eyes."
"Yes, my dear friend. I saw too much love in your heart for life to ever deny you happiness. And seeing you and Tray together, seeing your love blossom into its beauty, I knew that love would heal you."
Cindy knew in her heart that Jolan was trying to downplay his part in this miracle, she taking him into a tender embrace.
"I know you have some part in this, Jolan. Out on that wintry road that night of my accident--when you pulled me from that car--I knew that rescuing me that night was my guardian angel of love. Thank you for saving me, and for your loving friendship."
Jolan smiled, hugging her gently.
"It's here for you always, my friend." Jolan said, looking around at everyone. "I am here for all of you."
Jolan looked at his uncles, the two men staring at him in wonder.
"I am the Cadre Din Dragoste. My love is always given freely."
Calen's eyes were on his brother, Simus' grey eyes on Jolan.
"I think you should call Nathan, Lance. Just to make sure everything's alright with Cindy. Then her and Trace's minds can be totally at peace." Jolan said, his eyes looking towards his friend.
"I don't believe what I just saw, Jolan. And neither will Nate." Lance said, Jolan smiling at him.
Jolan saw the shocked wonder emanating from the man's face.
"Science is not the only truth that spreads across this world, my friends. The greater truth is love. It heals all."
Lance nodded, Jolan's eyes focusing on his sister.
"Right now, this is all fresh in your minds. I think you should all show Cindy your love. And I need a few moments of rest." Jolan said quietly, Justin looking at him.
Jolan smiled at his sister, Jennie smiling back.
"How about you and I snuggle for a bit in your room, Jennie?"
Jennie smiled, Justin releasing her, her arm going around her brother, Jolan hugging her gently, the two walking quietly back down the hallway, heading for her room.

Everyone watched them leave, Lance picking up the phone to call Nathan.

Joey walked up to Trace and Cindy, smiling at them both.

"Wow, this is so wonderful!" he smiled, hugging the young woman, Cindy smiling at him.

Lynn walked up to Justin, Justin looking at his mother's concerned face.

"We'd only started shopping, and then Jennie suddenly said she had to get back. That Jolan needed her here. She was so frantic that we immediately brought her back."

Justin looked towards the hallway, his thoughts on the two Dragos siblings.

"We met Cynthia in the lobby downstairs, all four of us coming back up here. Cindy said she'd had a feeling." Rachel said, looking at Cindy.

"I felt something, Justin. A feeling of my needing to come back here. I sensed a voice in my mind just after recess began at school. The voice told me to return here as it was time for me to live again. It said It was time that I walked out of the darkness of my pain into the light of his love." Cindy said, Trace smiling at her.

"Into the light of my love, sweetie?"
"Yes, Tray. Those were the exact words he used. I'm almost positive it was Jolan's voice. He knew what he was going to do! It has to be his doing! It has to be!"

"We got off the elevator and were just starting to come down the hall when Jennie stopped pushing Cynthia's chair. She smiled down at her, telling her to rise out of the chair. That the Sun Child's love had freed her from her pain." Lynn said,  tears showing in her eyes.

"Her words were so moving, so genuinely touching. I felt a deep love coming from her. She knew, Justin. She knew instantly that Jolan had healed me." Cindy said, her face a mask of utter joy.

"My legs began moving, everyone. I felt them moving on their own! I rose out of that chair with such ease. With such joy!" she said, tears again flowing from her green eyes, Trace's arms again wrapping around her.

She kissed his cheek, her tearful smiling face looking at Justin.

"That man is love itself, Jus. You are so lucky to have his deep love. He's so loving!"

Justin smiled, everyone looking at him.

"I know, Cindy. I feel so much love now coming from him. His love has increased greatly. For a very important reason." Justin said, his mother looking at him.

Justin looked at Lance when he hung up the phone.

"Nathan's on his way over. He's bringing Dr. Nolan as well." Lance said, Justin nodding.

"I'm going to check on Jolan and Jennie. Let Cindy, Rach and Mom know what's going on everyone." Justin said, walking down the hallway.

Calen broke his hold with Simus, a smile changing his facial features, everyone smiling at him.

His face looked so different, as if the seriousness of his heritage had been thrown aside.

He smiled, looking towards Lynn and Rachel.

His grey eyes sparkled, his eyes focusing on Cindy.

"It has been a day of miraculous healing. You are not the only one who's been healed by my nephew's love, my child."


Jolan lay on Jennie's bed, his little sister snuggled against him.

He looked down at her, her grey eyes looking up at him.

"Thank you, Jolly, for doing that." she said, Jolan seeing the love shining in her silvery eyes.

"For you, my angel, I would never think twice."
Jennie smiled, her arm cast laying across Jolan's chest.

She felt the warmth of his body against her.

"How are you doing, Jolly?"

Jolan kissed the top of her head, smiling at her.

"I'm doing okay, Jennie. I'm doing okay."
She smiled, snuggling closer to him.

"I like Justin a lot, Jolly. He's so nice."
"I know, Jennie. He's unbelievable."

She smiled, her head laying on his chest, her eyes looking around her room.

"I like it here. It's so peaceful. It feels like a home. And I'm not scared anymore."
Jolan hugged her a little tighter.

"No bad dreams, angel?"
"No, Jolly. No bad dreams. You, Justin--and especially Lynn--keep them away."

Jolan smiled, sensing what the woman now meant to Jennie.

A mother figure that had been missing in her torturous growing years.

Jolan only hoped that there was no permanent damage to her psyche from that tragic life.

He remembered Nathan suggesting Jennie seeing a therapist, Jolan knowing he'd have to talk to Jennie about seeing one.

His greatest concern was her happiness and well-being.

Jolan's hand went on top of her arm cast, Jennie's head moving, looking up at him.

"It's healed, Jolly. I felt it today."
Jolan nodded, Jennie kissing his cheek.

"We'll have Dr. Nolan remove it after he looks after Cindy." Jolan said, Jennie nodding.

She sat up, looking at her brother.

"I'll go see a head doctor if you want, Jolan. I'm sure they can help me a lot. If you think it's best I will go."
Jolan nodded, no more words needing to be said.

He suddenly realized how truly connected they were, how truly connected they'd always been.

For they had walked in each other's dreams, guiding their love to a reunion of hope.

"Jumpy loves you so much, Jolly. I see his love so easily. And you love him now, don't you?."

Jolan was shocked.

He never thought the connection would be so deep that she would know his new nickname.
Jolan looked at his sister, seeing her grey eyes staring at him.

"Yes, Jennie. I love him very much. I need him so much."
She smiled widely, leaning down and kissing her brother's cheek, her body returning to his side.

"I know, Jolly. And I'm happy for you. He's wonderful. I love him too."

Jolan smiled, knowing how great her love was for the man.

"Yes I know, angel. And I'm so happy for that. I couldn't love someone who you didn't love also. And I know he really loves you, too."
"I know, Jolly. Justin loves both of us. And he won't hurt you, Jolly. Let him in and you'll be very happy. He's special."

Jolan smiled, Jennie closing her eyes.

Jolan hugged her closer, the young girl's face showing her contented happiness.

Jolan smiled, his eyes looking towards the half-closed bedroom door.

"Come in, Justin."

Jennie smiled, the door opening softly, Justin walking quietly into the room.

"I wasn't eavesdropping, Jo. I just came down to make sure you're both okay."
Jolan smiled, as did Jennie.

"We're fine, Justin. How much of that did you hear?"
Justin smiled softly, a soft red blush on his cheeks.

He gently sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Everything after the part about you needing me so much."
Jolan smiled, Justin taking his hand in his.

Jennie's grey eyes opened, Justin smiling at her.

"I love you, Jo. Jennie sees it clearly, and I see now that you do, too. She's right, my love. I'd never hurt you."
Jolan smiled, pulling the man towards him, the two tenderly kissing.

Jennie remained where she was, smiling at their touching love.

Justin's head raised, his hand stroking her shoulder.

"I love both of my angels."

Jennie smiled, Jolan smiling as well.

"I'll let both of you rest for a bit. Once Nathan and Dr. Nolan are through with Cindy, I'll come back for you two."
Jolan nodded, Justin rising up, Jolan reluctantly letting his hand go.

"I miss you already, my love." he said, Justin's face changing into a wide smile.

"I know. What's not to miss?"
Jolan laughed, Jennie closing her eyes again.

Justin and Jolan's eyes met, both seeing the flowing love.

"I love you, Jumpy."

Justin beamed, leaning down and kissing both of their cheeks, rising up again.

"Love ya, my angels."

They both smiled, Justin quietly walked out of the room, closing the door gently.

Jennie's eyes opened, looking up at Jolan.

"They don't need to know about me, Jolly. Not yet."
Jolan nodded, her eyes closing again.

He looked down at her, a tear running down his cheek.

He closed his eyes, their love joining in their minds.


To say Dr. Nolan and Nathan were stunned into shock was no lie.

Dr. Nolan couldn't believe it.

He'd met Cindy at the hospital on the day of Jolan's rescue of Jennie, Cindy telling him that morning of her injuries.

He'd thought her a courageous woman to have survived such a traumatic ordeal.

Both men now gently looked her over, Lynn staying with her, all four having gone into Cindy's bedroom.

The examination lasted about thirty minutes, Trace quietly pacing in the living room.

"They don't need to examine her, it's evident right in front of us! My angel can now walk!" he said, Lance and Joey smiling at him.

Justin sat beside Lance, seeing his friend's overflowing love for the young woman.

"Sit down, Tray. Your pacing is driving us crazy." Joey said, the young man blushing, sitting down in a chair.

Domo walked out of the kitchen, Daphne following him, both carrying trays of coffee and sandwiches.

Justin helped the older man, Domo smiling at him.

"This doesn't surprise me that much, my friends. Jolan's mother's magic was a healing magic as well. But not as strong at what we've seen Jolan do here today." he said, sitting down beside Calen, the Dragosan smiling at him as he handed him a cup of coffee.

"You don't talk much of your daughter's magic, Dominoso." the man said, Domo smiling at him.

"My life saw the unfolding of magic constantly. You forget my mother had the gift as well. I don't think there ever was a day my father or I were ever sick for long. Her healing love always kept us healthy. Their magic was good. And I sense Jolan's is even more astounding. This we've witnessed today, I believe, is only the outer shell. Beneath that giving heart lies a great truth. I sense it deeply."
Daphne smiled, handing Justin and Lance a plate of sandwiches, smiling at her grandfather.

"I sense many things around here today, Papa." she said, sitting down beside Rachel.

Joey looked across at her, the woman smiling at him.

Rachel quietly watched both, remaining silent.

Justin looked at the young woman and Domo, looking a little surprised.

"I though you said that Daphne held no magic gifts, Domo?"
Daphne smiled, looking at Justin.

"It's not magic I use, Justin. Let's just say it's women's intuition."

Trace chuckled, the young woman looking at him.

"My Mom invented that."
Daphne laughed, as did the others, Tray smiling, his eyes looking down the hallway.

Justin saw Lance's eyes looking there as well.

"So Lance, what's going on between you and Nathan?" Justin said softly with a smile, Lance smiling back at him.

"He's asked me out on a date tonight, Justin."
Everyone quietly looked at the two men, not wanting to interrupt their conversation.

"He's gay? I am surprised." Justin said, smiling again.

Lance smiled back, his green eyes wide with happiness.

"Yes, so was I."
Joey sat across from them, looking at his friends.

"I told him to go for it. If he likes Nathan then take a chance." Joey said, his face calm and sincere.

Justin nodded, agreeing with Joey.

"Joey's right, Lancy. Go with your heart. Nathan, I feel, is a very nice man."
Lance nodded, hugging his friend gently.

"I know, Jus. I feel that, too. That's why I said yes."
Justin smiled, patting his friend's knee.

"I only want to see you happy, Lance."
"So do I, Lance." Joey said, Lance smiling at him, then at Justin.

"I am happy, guys. Happy with all of your love and my open life. Nathan, I believe, may guide my life to something more."
Joey nodded, his eyes looking towards the hallway, Rachel looking at him in silence again.


Nathan and Dr. Nolan walked back into the living room, Cindy and Lynn walking ahead of them.
Trace stood up, Cindy going to him immediately, Trace wrapping his arm around her waist.
"Everything okay, Cindy?"
"Everything is perfect, Tray." she said smiling, the two doctors looking at everyone.
"She's near perfect, alright. She's showing no signs of any body trauma or injury. Whatever injuries she'd sustained in her auto accident have mysteriously vanished." Dr. Nolan said, a look of confusion on his face.
"Even her surgical scars are gone. It's totally unbelievable!" Nathan said, the other doctor looking at him.
"We have no proof that any such scars existed yet. This may be some kind of hoax." Dr. Nolan said, Cindy folding her arms, Trace looking at her seeing her glaring stare at the two doctors.
"I lived those surgeries, Doctor. Don't tell me what I know I've gone through. I went through almost a year of recovery, physiotherapy and pain. I lived it all, Doctor."
Dr. Nolan blushed, looking at Nathan.
"I didn't mean any disrespect, Cynthia. It's just I'm not familiar with your history, other than what you've told me. I will check into your medical records to verify everything. If it's true then it is, indeed, a miraculous healing. I've just never heard or seen such a thing."
Justin stood up, smiling at the doctor.
"How about you see something a little more real, and personal, Doctor? Jennie's claiming that her arm has healed. Jolan wants you to remove her cast."
The doctor looked shocked, staring at Nathan.
"That's impossible, Justin! I fixed that break myself. It's been only a week. Her radius and ulna bones were both broken!"
Justin smiled at the doctor, then looked at Nathan.*
"Stay right here. I'll get her for you." Justin said, walking down the hallway.
Nathan and the other doctor exchanged glances, remaining standing, waiting for Justin's return.

A few minutes later, Justin walked back into the room, his arm around Jennie who was rubbing her eyes.
Jolan followed behind them both, looking at everyone.
The two doctors smiled at Jennie, the young girl smiling back.
"Hello, Jennica. Justin tells us you feel a lot better." Dr. Nolan said, smiling at her.
Jennie looked up at Justin, Justin nodding.
"Yes, Doctor. My arm is okay now. It doesn't hurt at all. I don't need this cast anymore."
Dr. Nolan's eyes went to her cast, then to Jolan's staring grey eyes.
"Her arm is healed, Doctor. Please remove the cast."
The doctor looked at Nathan, Nathan shrugging his shoulders.
"Let's go into the kitchen then, Jennica. I'll remove it. But I want to express my concern for doing this. I know it will not be healed. It has been less than a week. Her fractured bones can't heal that fast. If you insist, I will remove it. But we will have to go to the hospital to have it re-cast when you see it's still broken."
Jolan's grey eyes stared at him.
Justin felt a determination in Jolan's staring eyes, Jennie feeling it as well.
She moved, wrapping her free arm around his waist.
Jolan smiled down at her, his eyes then focused again on the doctor.
"Please remove it, Doctor. Or I'll rip it off myself." Jolan said.
Everyone stared at Jolan, seeing the calmness surrounding him, and the determination in his and Jennie's grey staring eyes.
They also saw the depth of their love for each other.

The two seemed joined in a single purpose.

United in a common goal.
The doctor sighed, picking up his medical bag again, he and Nathan walking towards the kitchen.
"We'll be right back, Jus." Jolan said, walking Jennie towards the kitchen.
Justin nodded, looking around at everyone.
He sat down on a couch, his mother sitting beside him.
"What's happened to Jolan, Justin? He seems so authoritative now." she asked, her eyes looking towards the kitchen.
Justin's eyes went to Calen and Simus, both men silent.
"He's accepted who he is, Mom. And his loving soul has changed. There's a lot more love there now. But the Jolan I fell in love with hasn't changed. His special love is still in my heart. And for me, he'll never change."
Lynn smiled, hearing her son's unchanged love for the young man.
Everyone remained silent, waiting for the others to come back from the kitchen.

A few minutes later, the two doctors walked through the kitchen doorway, everyone looking at them.
Dr. Nolan had an even greater confused look upon his face, Nathan also showing wondrous confusion on his young face.
"I have to get back to the hospital, Nathan. We'll discuss this later." he said, his voice softer and more emotional.
Nathan nodded, Dr. Nolan saying goodbye to everyone quickly, Joey walking him to the door.
The doctor left, Joey closing the door, glancing at the empty wheelchair against the wall.
His eyes looked back towards the kitchen, as did everyone's upon hearing the kitchen door swing open.
Jolan walked out, Jennie in his arms, both smiling.
Jennie's arm was now free of the cast, everyone's eyes glued to it.
She moved it, her hand waving at everyone.
"Told ya!" she smiled, running into Justin's opening arms.
She landed in his lap, Justin wrapping his arms around her, Jennie smiling at him.
Justin's hand went gently down the length of her freed arm, feeling its normalcy.
Lynn looked at her as well, seeing the happiness in her grey shining eyes.

She took her hand in his, squeezing tightly, a grin on her face.
"Her arm's completely healed. Dr. Nolan and I can't believe it." Nathan said, looking at Jolan.
"One only believes what one has faith in. I have faith in my sister's love. I will always take care of her."
Jennie smiled widely, looking at her brother.
Everyone saw the bond of love between the two.
Calen stood up, walking beside Jolan.
"I believe in your faithful love, Jolan."
Jolan looked at his uncle, their grey eyes looking deeply into each others.
"My sister is healed, her body her own again. As are you, Uncle Calen."
The man looked at his nephew, his face showing a depth of love that Simus hadn't seen in quite a while.
"Your Romaragi soul is still lost, Uncle. The Fangoros still lay claim to it. As they have to all the others."
"The others?" Simus said, shocked by that statement.
Jolan's eyes met Calen's, the man even more shocked than Simus.
"I'm sure you've wondered why the Fangoros have remained hidden for so long, Uncle Simus. Their laying beneath the surface of your past. They had a very good reason for that. Fagin Greymount--their diabolical leader--has been biding his time. And he's been slowly capturing the souls of all the Romaragi."
Simus stared in stunned silence, Jolan looking calmly at Calen.
"You and I are not the last of the Badenwolf, Uncle. They, like all the participants in this tale, had fallen back into the shadows of time. After the battle against King Segas you yourself said that those Badenwolves that survived returned to the forested mountains, fading into the mists of forgotten lore. They like, the Fangoros, became lost legends, and old myths. The werewolves and vampires of our imaginations. No one knew that they were the real, true children of the night."
Calen nodded, looking at his nephew with awed respect.
"My initiating the Shadowing unfortunately will bring them all out of their hidden places. For to them--and the Fangoros--it means only one thing. The time of judgement and freedom may be at hand. The chosen one has arrived. The Sun Child has come. Another battle of Just against Evil may be unfolding. For that is what they are. The Badenwolf are the children of Justice, the Fangoros the spawn of Evil. Fagin Greymount seeks to rule the world with his minions of evil. You, Uncle Calen, seek to stave off that eventuality. As the Romaragi leader, you truly are a devoted child of Lava Mora, Prince Calen."
Simus looked stunned, turning to his brother, staring into his tearing face.
Jolan's hand went to Calen's shoulder, the man overcome from the feelings of deep love emanating off his nephew.
"My grandmother's love and strength flow through you, Calen. I am proud to call you family."
Calen teared even more, looking at his brother.
"Jolan speaks the truth, Simus. I am the chosen leader of the Badenwolf. Our mother proclaimed me herself before her passing into the light. Our father abided by that decision. For he always felt that I was more Badenwolf than Dragos. But he loved me no less than you or our brothers. I am sorry for hiding this fact from my brothers. But we children of the Bloodthirst have had to remain hidden. For we knew of what the Fangoros have been seeking."
Simus' hand went to his brother's shoulder, staring into his grey eyes.
"All those sabbaticals of rejuvenation you took after that dark night--at our father's insistence--they were voyages to the Badenwolf lair, weren't they?"
Calen nodded, Simus remaining beside him, his hand still upon his shoulder.
"Father sought their help in trying to heal my pain. In trying to find me comfort from my lost soul. From the moment they saw me, they learned the truth of what Fagin had done to me. What he was wanting to do to all of them."
Simus looked at his brother, seeing a deep hurt in his grey eyes, the hurt of a generation.

"Fagin Greymount is hunting down and capturing all of the Badenwolf souls. If he gains the power and magic from all of them he will be unstoppable. For he could do what King Segas never even thought to do. He could use the power of the Romaragi against mankind. For there would be no joining again of man and beast to stand against that Black Magic. Mankind would be doomed."
Everyone stared at Jolan, his spoken words sinking into all of their minds.
Justin, standing behind Jolan, felt his calm soul.
Calen fell to his knees, his tearing eyes staring up at Jolan.
"I was their leader, and my soul he took first. That monster robbed me of my birthright. And I have stood by for over a hundred years watching him consume the pack. All of my people's souls have been taken, we are destroyed. We are shells of lost pain and hurt. He has taken our souls of life."
Jolan pulled his uncle to his feet, staring into his wet silvery eyes.
"I see no yellow eyes of life in your soul, Prince Calen son of Queen Lava Mora, matriarch of the Badenwolf clan. Your Romaragi soul is gone. But I see something more. I see your Dragosan courage and your own loving heart. They both burn with a greater warmth. Do not fear that which is gone, love that which you still have. Your mother chose you well, Calen. She felt in you the courage and truth of a Badenwolf leader. She knew that one day you would lead her people with that courageous heart. And one day you shall."
Calen was in tears, hearing a deep truth coming from Jolan's heart.
"Fagin Greymount shall never destroy the courage of the Badenwolf. And he shall never lay claim to all their souls. I have here today cleansed your body of its pain, Uncle. Soon, I shall do the same for our brethren. The Badenwolf shall find their courage again, led by your heart of love. Fagin has not all the souls of the Romaragi. He does not have mine."
Jolan's head turned, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"I feel all that I am, Justin. All that I am now destined to be.  I am Badenwolf and I am Dragos. But I am so much more."

Jolan's hand reached out, Justin taking it in his, Justin now standing beside him.

"In front of my family, our friends, your family and all here, I will state my love for you. I love you, Justin. You are and will always be everything to me."
Justin was in tears, the two looking into each other's soul.

"I now carry a responsibility to protect my family, and to stand strong for so many others. Today, it begins. I walk now on the path. Not the path of the Dragos, or the path of my heritage's destiny, but my own path. The path I was always destined to walk. The Dragos, the Romaragi and the Fangoros all walk now on it as well.

I am the guide on that path, where I lead them I do so because I have to. I hope you can understand that, Jus."

Justin leaned in, kissing Jolan's cheek, both looking into each other's eyes.

"You carry the weight of their world upon your shoulders, my love. I shall walk beside you through all of it. My love is yours, always."
Jolan smiled, hearing the words he needed and longed to hear.


He looked around the room, everyone staring at him, small smiles on their faces.

"I walk with love, determination and resolve. My own past still lays hidden from me, perhaps by my own design. For the truth of that one day I believe I shall find. I know that somehow it is all connected to this history, to this confrontation soon to be shown. I am not afraid, for I walk with all of you with me, with all of your love."
Everyone nodded, Jolan looking at his two uncles.

He walked up to both of them, his eyes looking at Simus.

"Calen's body is now healed, a new hope laying in his heart. The hope that one day he might be whole again. That his soul will return to him. I promise him this day, that I will return his soul to him."
Calen was in tears, Jolan still looking at Simus.

"And you, my other loving uncle. Your own loving soul you have always held, deeply entrenched in your heart. And now it's surrounded by something you never had before. You have given an oath to be the Seeker. To seek out those of your blood, and those of your heritage. You have walked for an eon not knowing the joy that burns now in my soul as well as in your own. The joy of love."

Simus' eyes were glistening, both orbs drawn to the man standing beside him.

To his Cory.

Cory's hand went forward, taking Simus' in his.

"And now, here you stand, your soul covered in Cory's love. And it's tearing you apart."

Simus looked shocked, stunned by Jolan's words.

Jolan's hand went forward, going onto his shoulder.

"I feel the fear in you, Simus the Seeker. A courageous man of conviction and determination. Your quest you never deterred from, your oath never broken. You sought all of them out, walking through time and history. And now here, in the middle of your life, you've felt the deep love that my once friend has shown you. It's overwhelming you, as my Justin's love overwhelms me."
Justin smiled, hearing Jolan's loving words.

"But you are afraid. Not of letting that love into your heart--where I know it now resides--but of losing it."
Simus sobbed, Cory's arm going around him.

"You will never lose my love, Simus. I will always love you."

Jolan looked at the two lovers, Calen watching them as well, his eyes also on Jolan.

He suddenly realized that Jolan did indeed know all.

"Your Simus is afraid of what the future will mean for him, Cory. He is a Dragos, long of life. You are not. Your time on this earth will end long before his. He is afraid of the future. Of loving you, then losing you. And then having to walk alone thereafter."

Simus was in tears, Cory's arms wrapping around him.

"My love. Life is life. We live it, we love it, and then we pass unto the next world. The unending world of our eternal love." Cory said, Simus' head rising upward, his silver eyes looking into Cory's green orbs.

"I love you, Simus. My love for you is unending. Time and life will never stop us from joining forever."

"I don't want to lose you, Cory. I love you so much! I need you so much!" he sobbed, Cory pulling him against him.

Everyone in the room sat and stood in silence, seeing the joined love showing before them.

"I was lost for so long, so empty inside. Now, I feel so loved. I need that so much now. I want it until my dying day."

Cory held his love, feeling Simus' needful soul.

The touching moment shown to everyone was broken by a single voice filled with calm determination.

"You plan will not work, Uncle Simus."

Everyone looked at Jolan, The young man standing in calm solitude, his silver eyes staring at his uncle..

"I know what you have thought through. What you feel may be your only hope. You are wrong, Uncle."

Cory looked confused, turning Simus' face to his.

"What is he talking about, Simus? What's does he mean you have thought it through?"
"I know the plan that has formulated in Simus' mind, Cory. And Calen has felt it as well."
Calen's eyes glanced at Simus, the man's eyes meeting his.

Both men were stunned by the next sentence spoken by Jolan.

"You cannot use the Tomes of the Oracle to gain him long life, Simus."


Simus stood in stunned silence, Jolan's grey eyes locking with his.

"You seek to give your lover the long life you possess. The life given in blood to you from your father. You are afraid to walk alone without his love, so you seek to keep him with you until your dying days. But you have forgotten one thing, my uncle."
Simus stared at his nephew, Jolan's eyes going to Cory's green orbs.

"Do you love Simus, Cory?"

Cory looked at his lover, his eyes returning to Jolan's.

"With all my heart and all my soul."

Jolan turned, looking into Simus' silvery moist orbs.

"And do you love Cory, Simus?"
"Yes, my nephew. With all of my being. I love him so much. For him I shall risk everything."

Jolan's eyes glowed brightly, both men lost in their brilliance.

Jolan trembled a bit, Justin's arm going around him.

Jolan's chest let out a long sigh, his face softening.

"The power of the magic within the Tomes of the Oracle is uncontrollable. King Dragos found that out, as did his son, Segas. And now Fagin Greymount seeks the same immortality as Dragos once did. That is the power of the Tomes, everyone. The magic hidden within draws the person into it, destroying their souls and minds. King Dragos fell victim to its power, as did Segas. Fagin is beginning to fall down into its chasm of destruction. I will not let any other fall victim to its allure. Least of all you or my friend Cory, Uncle Simus.  I am going to destroy those books before this is done."

Simus' face changed, a look of utter defeat crossing it.

His nephew had seen through his plan, his last hope of Cory's love being there forever gone.

"You do not see what is right in front of you, Uncle. There never was reason for you to fear in the first place."

Simus' face took on a look of confusion, Cory's hand tightening with his.

"Look into the eyes of he that loves you." Jolan said, his voice filled with a compassion that all felt.

Simus' grey eyes turned, meeting two green centers of love.

Simus stared into his lover's glowing eyes.

Yes, they were glowing.

Glowing with a light of deep true love.

"Cory, your love. . .I feel it so deeply. . .I see it radiate from you." he softly said, Cory leaning forward and gently kissing his lips.

The moment they both kissed they both felt a flash of truth rush through their souls.

A bond of true love latching onto both of their hearts.

They broke their kiss, both men turning towards Jolan, staring into his grey tearing eyes.

Everyone in the room saw the pair of silver and green eyes sparkling, two smiles of love on both of their faces.

"You did not have to seek out a dream, when a truth lay in your arms, Uncle. Cory's love has always been there for you alone. It was always meant for you, Simus. And now, with the opening truthful gift that I have just given both of you, both of you can have contented souls. You are together forever, my friends. You love is your own, nothing shall ever part that from your souls. Even death cannot destroy what both of you now feel in your hearts. The bond of true love I give you, a bond that even distance, time and life cannot destroy. Walk forever with that love in your hearts, two children of love."

Both men sobbed, turning and going into each other's arms.

"I love you, Simus. Forever my love is yours."
Simus teared, kissing the young man's forehead, pulling him against his body, Cory's head laying on his shoulder.

"And I love you, my beauty. I'll never be alone ever again. I love you."
Everyone in the room watched the two men, Simus' eyes looking into Jolan's.

"Thank you. . .for this. . .for my life of love."

Jolan smiled, his eyes moving to Justin's.

Justin saw a new depth of love shining in those grey silvery eyes.

And he felt their own bond of true love.




End of Chapter 34


Well, well.

Seems Jolan has taken a firm grasp on his family's destiny.

He seems more focused and sure of what's required of him.

He has healed his uncles' hearts, and seen into their hearts.

Simus now feels Cory's love, and hopefully will not risk all for something he already has.


What lays ahead for our twosome of love?

Can Jolan hope that Justin will love him for who he really is?


What is the connection he and Jennie now seem to share?

Is it more than just sibling love?


Up next: a few moments of love, and a returning to normalcy for the twosome of love.


Read on, I'll try to keep your interest.

Be prepared for a little passion and some intense love.