Jolan's Path - Chapter 35

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 35


Cindy hung up the phone, her eyes glistening with tears.

Trace looked at her, his face showing anticipation.

"She's coming this weekend!  She and Henry!" Cindy said, Trace kissing her cheek.

Cindy's eyes were on Jolan, her friend smiling at her from his seat beside Justin.

Everyone had sat down, finishing the lunch that Domo and Daphne had prepared.

They were relaxing, a time of rest and thought asked by Jolan, all agreeing.

"She wanted to know how my guardian angel was doing. Her words not mine, Jolan. Although, I totally agree with her.  She's more right than she knows." Cindy smiled.

Jolan blushed a bit, Justin kissing his cheek.

"She wants to see her daughter and her friends again."
Jolan smiled, nodding his head.

"She's your mother, Cindy. I'm sure when she sees you, she will always remember the day you were able to walk again as a day of dreamful happiness for her, second only to your and Tray's happiness."

Cindy smiled, Trace smiling as well.

"We've got a few days, Cindy. You're relaxing and taking it easy. This is all new to you. I don't want you over exerting yourself. You need to gradually build up your leg strength." Trace said, everyone smiling at his caring love shining through.

Lance and Nathan sat on another couch, Joey sitting on the piano's bench behind them.

Joey's cell phone went off in his pocket, Joey excusing himself, walking into the kitchen, talking on his phone.

Rachel's eyes followed him, Lynn quietly looking at her.

Daphne stared at her as well, then focused her eyes on Cindy and Trace.

"I am happy for your happiness, Cindy." she said, Cindy smiling at her.

"Thank you, Daphne. I never thought I'd see a day of happiness like this!" she said, Trace smiling at her.

Daphne's eyes went to Jolan, then focused on Calen and Simus, Cory snuggled against Simus.

"What happens now, Jolan? In regards to the Fangoros and Romaragi? And how do the Sumsarians and Dragosans now play into all this?" she said, Domo nodding his head as well, the question on his mind also.

Jolan's eyes looked around the room, everyone quietly looking at him.

"It plays out as it will, my sister. By God's hand. When is the Time of Snow and Truth, Uncles?"

Simus sat up more, Cory's arm still around his waist.

"The Vernal Equinox begins in the last week of March, Jolan. At that season's end, in the dawning days of summer, the writings say that the Time of Snow and Truth shall then begin. So, at earliest, it would be the last week of June."

"A short eight months away." Jolan said quietly, Justin looking at him.

"Why in the heat of summer would they name that time Snow and Truth?" Lynn said, Jolan smiling at her.

"You forget, Lynn. My grandfather, Vilos, on the eve of the battle of King Segas, used his magic to reveal himself to the Romaragi. He made it snow in the heat of summer. Such a miracle may happen again. And I am the one that may be called upon to do it."

Jolan's hand went to Justin's shoulder, his boyfriend looking at him with blue concerned eyes.

"I must learn the magic, Justin. The magic of the Bloodlifer."

Calen and Simus exchanged looks, looking at their nephew.

"Our father held his magic to himself, Jolan. He seldom used it before us. As our mother did also. They tried to give us four a normal life. By being loving, normal parents to us throughout our youth."
Jolan smiled at Simus, his uncle smiling back.

"Vilos made a pact with Queen Alveena to be the guardian of the Sumsarian race. His magic was there in an instant if he warranted its use. But he was an intelligent man. He found no indulgence in using it needlessly. But he had the cunning insight to leave that magic behind when he went on the final path to eternity."
"He left it behind? Where?" Calen said, looking worried.

"In his sons and in his grandchildren. Each of us has a part of it, Uncle. It just lays hidden from us."
"Until the Time of Snow and Truth?" Simus said, looking deep in thought.

Jolan's eyes looked at everyone.

"Until I warrant its need."


Everyone was silent, Jolan's words stunning them into silence.

"Jolan. . .are you saying. . .Vilos left you the magic intentionally?." Lance said, looking at him with wonder.

"I am not saying anything, Lance. All I meant was that I know wherein that magic lays hidden. And I believe with all my heart that one day I must summon it. What and where I know not. It's just there. The feeling of needing to seek it out eventually."

Simus and Calen nodded, knowing no other details would be revealed by Jolan.

They felt his reluctance in his spoken words.

"Alright, Jolan. We shall abide by what you've said. All I want to know is one thing." Calen said, Jolan nodding calmly at his uncle, seeing a look of needful hope in his silvery eyes.

"Is my brother Joelius dead? I have not felt him for such a long time."

Jolan's head lowered, his eyes raising again.

"My father is lost from my sight and my feelings as well, Uncles. He walks not on the Dragosan path, or on my path. Why that is I know not. But I believe--or rather I need to believe--that he's out there somewhere. I feel his love and memories in this ring. That's got to count for something. If he were dead, I truly think I'd feel it in my soul." Jolan said, his grey eyes filling with tears.

Justin's arm went around him, Jolan feeling his caring soul.

Jolan regained his emotions, looking at his uncles, seeing their truthful emotions as well.

"I also feel my grandfather in this ring. I feel his soul and love. When did he die, Uncles?"
Calen and Simus lowered their heads, a feeling of loss echoing in the room.

"Our father passed into the light on a snowy morning on February twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and twenty four. On his six hundredth and seventy-sixth birthday." Simus said, Jolan feeling the love in his uncle's heart.

"He was born in a leap year?" Domo said, the fact sounding surprising, but then everything about the Dragosan clan was surprising.

Calen and Simus looked at each other then both looked at Jolan.

"All Dragosans are born on February twenty-ninth." Calen said, Jolan now looking surprised.

"All of us, Uncle Calen?"
Calen nodded, Simus confirming it as well.

"We know not why that is, but it is true. Our father, his four sons, and all our children were born on the same day of the year. You were born on February twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and eighty-eight, Jolan. Your twenty-first birthday was last February. Jennica's fifteenth birthday was the same day."

Jolan looked at Jennie, she smiling widely at him.

"We have the same birthday, Jolly!" she said, Jolan smiling at her.

"I guess we do, my angel."
She smiled, Lynn's arm going around her, the two sitting in a comfy chair together.

"We'll have to throw both of you a party." Justin smiled, winking at the young girl, Jennie beaming.

Jolan smiled, seeing his boyfriend's love for his sister.

"I mean all four of you." Justin smiled at Calen and Simus, both men smiling back.

Jolan slowly stood up, Justin rising with him as well.

"What lays ahead lays ahead. There's nothing we can do but walk the path, Uncles."
Calen and Simus nodded, both standing and walking up to Jolan.

"My father's fate shall soon be known. As will all that shall pass. I go forward with a renewed strength of love. My family's love."
Both men smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"And what do you ask of us, Nephew? Name it and we shall see it done." Simus said, he and Jolan grasping hands.

"You need to inform the One Council, Uncle Simus. Tell them all that has been said. Tell them that I am on the path."
Simus nodded, looking at Calen.

"I sense they may already know, Jolan. The Rings are connected to them in some way. They have always summoned us when they need to see us. Look at your ring, my nephew."
Jolan's eyes lowered, the grey stone in the ring's center softly glowing.

Calen and Simus raised theirs, both glowing the same as his.

"Go to them, Uncles. But I shall not."
Simus looked worried, as did Calen.

"To not answer their summons is to walk a dangerous line. They shall not put up with that."
Jolan folded his hands before him, his grey eyes looking intently at both of them.

"Tell Tolmar, Degas and Belas one thing, Uncles."
Simus and Calen both nodded, listening with deep conviction to Jolan's words.

"The path of light burns brightest when the candle is lit with love."

Both men remained silent, the words burned into their minds.

"I am the candle, and Justin is my flame. I shall need his love to fill my soul. When my love-filled heart is healed I shall go to Moldavia, not a moment before. And then the Sun Child will do what must be done."

Both men nodded, Justin's arm going around Jolan, his first sentence sinking into his soul.

"Tell Uncle Morgan that I shall face Krayos. The fight he so wants will end for one of us. Let him know that his love will flow that day."

Calen was in tears, Simus tearing as well.

"I feel all, Uncles. I know what Morgan has done. I am sorry for Krayos being thrown into the middle of this. His son shall show him the true love of a Dragosan."

Justin looked between the two, confused by his words.

"Fight? What fight? Who is Krayos, Jolan?"

Jolan turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Krayos is Morgan's only son, and my cousin. Morgan has gone to the One Council once again. The first time he brought his own brother to task. This time it is I that lays in his sights. He is demanding a rite of Truth. He is demanding that I fight his son for leadership of the Dragosan clan."

Justin froze in shock, his face changing into an emotional mask.

"No, Jolan! How can he do that to you? And his own son? That is savage and monstrous!"

Jolan's arms went around Justin, Jolan hugging him tightly.

"Do not worry, Jus. Krayos' heart is different from his father's. A son's love shall show its worth. And my heart will soar with his friendship."

Justin nodded, hearing the love and calmness in Jolan's words.

"Morgan's eyes are clouded with false hopes, Justin. No rites of strength shall change what will happen. Morgan will see that in the end. He cannot achieve what he longs for. I will make him accept that if it's the last thing I do. My uncles shall all walk back onto the path. I will not alter from that. I will see it done."
Simus and Calen looked at the young man, seeing his grey eyes softly glowing, lost in the luster of his loving soul.

"The light of our father shines in you, Jolan." Calen said, Jolan smiling at him.

"As you have seen my love free your pained souls, so shall Morgan see what needs to be seen. You shall be brothers of love once again,  if I have anything to do with it. My father's love will flow in all three of you."
Both men smiled, Jolan releasing Justin, Justin calmed once again by Jolan's words.

Jolan hugged both of his uncles, both feeling his love in his warm touch.

"For now, this is done. No more words need speaking. My life of truth begins today." Jolan said, smiling.

He took Justin's hand in his, Justin smiling at him.

"And my life with you begins as well, my Jus. I think it will be the better of the two."
Justin smiled widely, Jolan kissing him.

Joey walked out of the kitchen, shutting down his phone.

Jolan looked at him, Joey smiling.

"What did I miss?"


The group sat around, quietly chatting, laughter once again flowing through the room gradually.

Everyone thought inside themselves on all they'd learned, looking at Jolan and his uncles.

A lot of wondrous things had been revealed and spoken of.

They all sensed the young man sitting beside Justin as being the center of all that wonder.

Jolan was smiling, chatting with his grandfather who sat beside him.

Justin was looking towards Joey, who'd spoken.

"That was Josh on the phone, Jus. He's wondering what's been going on. The news has hit L.A."

Justin nodded, having forgotten about his friend in all that's been going on.

"I forgot to call him. I haven't talked to him since before I left for New York."
Jolan looked at Justin, Justin smiling at him.

"Josh is one of my best friends, Jo. You might know him as J.C."

Jolan smiled, nodding.

"You should call him, Jus. He is worried about you." Joey said, Justin nodding.

"I will after, Joe. Right now, I'm wrapped in my man's tenderness."
Jolan smiled, Domo smiling as well.

"Your man won't be happy until his man's friends are happy. Give him a call, Jumpy."

Justin smiled, nodding, pulling out his cell phone.

"Excuse me for a few minutes, love." Justin said, kissing Jolan's cheek.

Jolan smiled, watching Justin walk down the hallway towards his office.

"Jumpy?" Joey said, giving Jolan a questioning look.

Jolan blushed, redness showing on his cheeks.

"I've started calling him that.  It's kind of a pet name."

Joey burst into laughter, "You got that right!  He is your pet!"

The whole group now sharing in the laughter.

Joey smiled at Jolan, his face taking on a more serious look.

"Josh was really worried, Jolan. He said a lot of reporters have been hounding him and Jive Records. Justin's involvement in your story over the weekend is big news."
Jolan sighed, Domo's hand going to his shoulder.

"I hate Justin's being in the center of that. Look at how you reacted to it, Joey."
Joey blushed, everyone looking at him.

Joey told everyone the story of his and Jolan's rocky introduction.

Jolan smiled, hearing Joey's friendship seeping through all his words.

And Joey's happiness at Jolan forgiving him.

Rachel sat beside him, her eyes quietly looking around.

Two people smiled back at her, Rachel remaining silent.


"Hey, Joshy."
"Justin! Finally! Are you okay?" Josh said, sitting down in his studio, shutting off the tape machine, his cell phone in his hand.

"I'm fine, Josh. I wasn't involved much with what happened."
"Much? My God, Jus! You were in a police raid. And then all over the news with your news conference. Who is this guy you've met? What kind of a friend throws you into danger? I have half a mind to fly back there and kick that guy's ass!"

Justin felt the anger in JC's voice.
Justin sighed, leaning back into his chair, looking at the computer screen on the desk before him.

"Don't buy into the hype, Josh. Joey did."

"What the hell's going on, Jus?"

"Let me explain everything that happened, Joshy. Will you let me do that, please?"

Josh picked up on a calm determination in Justin's voice.

"Alright, explain it all then. But this better be good."

Justin spent the next thirty minutes telling Josh all that had transpired, from his meeting Jolan on that dark road, up to his finding Jennica.

Josh sat in silence, every word Justin said sending shock through him.

"My God, Jus! That's unbelievable!"
"Yes, Josh. Jolan's unbelievable. He's love at its best."

Someone walked into the studio, Josh looking up at the person.

"I think you need to come back to Los Angeles, Jus. You've helped him a lot, but it's time you got back to your life."
Justin sighed, his eyes looking towards the door.

"I'm coming back next week, Josh. And Jolan and Jennica are coming with me. I want you to meet them."
Josh looked up at the blue eyes staring back at him.

"Alright, Jus. But do you think that's best? Shouldn't he stay there to get help?"

"I'll explain the rest of what's going on when I get there, Josh. That part I need to tell you face to face."

Josh sensed something in Justin's words, a different edge to Justin's voice.
Josh turned his face away from the other person in the room, now leaning against his equalizer's table.

"Okay, Justin. I'll see you next week, then. Take care of yourself. Love ya, man."

"Love ya back, my friend."
Justin closed of the phone, the door to his office opening.

He smiled, seeing Jolan standing there.

"I'm going to Los Angeles, am I?"


Josh closed off the phone, turning in his chair, looking into two staring, determined eyes zeroing in on his.

"Was I right, Josh?"

Josh sighed, looking into Jessica Biel's glaring concerned eyes.

"Yes, Jessica. There's something definitely going on with Jus. He seems different."
Jessica folded her arms, staring at him.

"You're damn right he's different! That man's got Justin all confused. He's leading him into danger, I fear. I know it! Why else would Justin hurt me so?"
Jessica's eyes were showing tears, Josh standing up and pulling her against him.

"I'm sorry he did that to you Jessica. That's so unlike Justin. Hurting someone intentionally like that."
Jessica smiled, Josh hugging her tightly.

She squeezed her eyes together, tears forming.

"He was so different. It was like he was someone else. That man Jolan, he's poisoned his mind with lies, I know he has!"

Josh nodded, rubbing her shoulder, his arm still around her.

"I can't see how Justin could be so led along by someone he's just met. And then that guy drawing Justin into danger."

"Trace told me he thought the guy was turning Justin against him."

Josh looked at Jessica.

"Trace told you that? That's unusual for him. He and you don't usually see eye to eye."

Jessica's face changed a bit, then the look of sadness returning instantly.

"I guess we both see the man's true worth. We both love Justin so much that we both just want to protect him."
Josh nodded, continuing to stroke her shoulder.

"I can't believe he pushed me away, Josh. We are so in love!" she said tearing up, Josh nodding.

"I know, Jessica. Justin told me just a few weeks ago how much you meant to him."
Jessica nodded, Josh smiling at her.

"I love him so much, Josh. How do I get him to return to me again?"
Josh saw the heartache in her face, not realizing it was a mask.

"Leave that to me, Jessica. I'll talk to him for you. I'll make him see your love is still there."
She smiled a touching, soft smile, Josh kissing her cheek.

The actress was in full bloom.

"Thank you, Josh. But please don't tell him I asked you to talk to him. Jolan will use that against me."

Josh stood a little taller, Jessica seeing a look of determination on his face.

"You leave this Jolan character to me. I'll put him in his place quick. No one uses my friend. I'm here to protect Justin. I always have."
Jessica smiled, her cell going off.

"I need to get this, Josh."
Josh nodded, sitting back down at his studio desk, waiting quietly.

He listened to Jessica talking to someone, waiting for her to finish.

He thought he heard an edge to her voice.

She finished her call, looking towards Josh.

"That was Brandon. He's on his way back to L.A."

"Wasn't he in New York as well?"
Jessica's face turned to a worried look again.

"That's just it, Josh. He said he had to leave. Jolan hit him. He was trying to talk to Justin and Jolan decked him."
Josh looked shocked, a look of anger flashing across his face.

"Is Brandon okay?"
"He's shaken up, but he says he's okay. He said Justin's really changed. It's like he's being cut off from everyone. Even Lynn's not happy with what's going on."

Josh folded his arms, staring at her.

"That's not good. This guy sounds just like you said. He's manipulating Justin somehow. I see that plainly. Well, next week he's in for a rude awakening. I won't let anyone hurt Justin."
Jessica stared at Josh.
"What are you going to do?"

"Leave me to take care of this, Jessica. I'll get rid of him damn quick. Either with direct words or with my fists."
Jessica smiled a small smile, Josh getting up again and hugging her.

"Don't worry, Jessica. I'll get this guy out of Justin's life. And then I'll guide him back to your love."
Jessica smiled, kissing him again on the cheek.

"I always knew you were his guardian angel, Joshy."
Josh smiled, guiding her out of his home.

She hugged him again, Josh smiling at her.

Josh watched her drive down his driveway.

He didn't see the smile that was spreading across her face as she drove away.

"Your ass will hit the curb hard, Jolan. And that's where you belong, with the rest of the thrown out trash!" she said, laughing to herself.

She hit the gas, her mind filled with determined happiness.


Josh walked back into his house, walking upstairs into his bedroom, leaning against his door jam.

He looked at his king size bed, his thoughts returning to a few weeks ago.

When a young man lay with him on that bed, Josh remembering every inch of his beautiful body.

Jessica's mention of him tore at Josh's soul.

Brandon Diablo, Justin's prodigy.

A sexually stunning man, and a seducing liar.

The young man had been so soft and beautiful, so beguiling in his touch and slow seduction of Josh.

Josh teared up, his head lowering.

He remembered the night of friendly partying, and drinking, Josh waking up in his bed late that night, Brandon above him, Josh's heated shaft deep within him.

The young man was in ecstasy, his moaning voice igniting Josh's desires.

Josh had succumbed to the man's seductions, Josh unable to stop.

He'd never felt so sexually intoxicated, as if he couldn't stop.

In a moment of weakness he's gone against his soul.

And in that same moment, he knew in his heart that he'd hurt someone else even more deeply.

Only that person wasn't yet aware of it.

His cell phone went off, Josh pulling it out of his pocket.

"Hello." he softly said, a rich upbeat voice brushing away the tears from his eyes.

"Hello, love. How's my angel?"
"I'm okay, my love. What's up?"
"I'm stuck in Seattle, damn wet climate. I won't be home until later this afternoon after two, my love. Will you wait for me?"

"I'll be here waiting with bells on, my sweet." Josh said, trying to make his voice sound seductive.

"I'd rather have you laying on our bed naked and inviting."
Josh's eyes teared, his heart stopping.

"That I can arrange, my darling."
The voice on the other side of the line sounded soft and sensual.

"I shall beat my arms to make the plane fly faster, my angel. See you soon. Love ya always, my Joshy."

Josh smiled, the sorrow in his heart pounding.

"I love you, my sweet."
Josh disconnected, throwing his phone on the bed, his body falling beside it.

He sobbed, his heart aching for the love he felt he didn't deserve.

His head raised, looking at a photograph on the table.

In it stood three men.

Justin in between Josh and his love.

"Forgive me, my angel. I've destroyed us."


Jolan walked across the room, gently lowering himself into Justin's lap, their lips meeting with a soft kiss of love.

Justin felt the man's love flow through him with that moist touch, Justin lost in what he felt.

Jolan broke the kiss, Justin sighing.

"So when were you going to tell me?"
Justin blushed, a soft glow of red in his cheeks.

"My parting from you will never be an option, my love. I want you to know that. I was going to tell you later tonight. I have to go back to L.A. late Sunday for business appointments, stuff I've been putting off. And I thought Jennie would love all the California sunshine. Maybe her leaving New York will brush away any lingering trauma."
Jolan smiled, gently kissing Justin again.

"Thank you for caring about her."
Justin smiled, lightly kissing him again, their lips softly touching several times.

"She's a part of my family now. I'll always care for her and you."

"I can't believe that less than two weeks ago I was in a coma, your love not a part of me."

Justin smiled, kissing him again.

"Believe it. Time stands still for love, my angel. I fell in love with you, it was so easy to do."

"I love you, Jus. I'd follow you to heaven's end."

Justin smiled, hugging him against him, Jolan's head laying on his chest.

"So how is Josh? Did you calm his mind?"
"He listened to the truth. But I haven't told him about us. I wanted to do that face to face with him. We've been through a lot together. He was always the older brother I never had. He means the world to me, Jo."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"I'm dying to meet him. I always thought he was the cutie of the band."

Justin's eyebrows furrowed, Jolan smiling more.

"Oh really? And what did you think of me?"

"Eh! Just another freaky curly-headed brat."

Justin's fingers went to Jolan's sides, Jolan erupting into laughter, Jolan falling towards the floor, Justin falling on top of him.

"Freaky, eh? I'll show you freaky!!"

Justin began tickling him in earnest, Jolan's rich laughter flooding the room.

Rachel walked into the room, smiling widely.

"Am I interrupting something?"
Justin laughed, Jolan's rich laughter bringing a wide smile to his face.

"Nah, Nibbles. Just having fun with my man."

Rachel rolled her eyes at the name, that making Jolan laugh more.

"Cute name. Why Nibbles?"

Justin laughed, pulling Jolan up, kissing his lips.

"Rachel used to snuggle with me on the couch at home when we were kids. She used to nibble on my curly hair. To her I was junk food. Hence the name!"
Rachel blushed, Jolan smiling.

"How cute. I would love to do that. Make that hair curly again, Jumpy."

Justin laughed, as did Rachel, Rachel smirking.

"There's that funny name again.  What exactly does Jumpy mean?"
Jolan smiled.

"For you it's the hair. For me it's his ears. When I lick them he nearly jumps out of bed. Hence the name!"
Justin looked shocked, Rachel and Jolan bursting into laughter.

"Too much info, Jolan! And so like him!" she laughed, Jolan smiling, leaning forward and kissing a blushing Justin's lips again.

Justin smiling inside, Jolan's love flooding him.

"That's so not true and you know it." Justin smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"I don't know, Jus. I haven't really put it to the test. Perhaps tonight. Practice makes perfect, as they say."
Rachel smiled, hearing the love in Jolan's voice, and the smile on Justin's face said his feelings clearly.

"On that note, I just wanted to tell you, Jolan, that your uncles are leaving."
Jolan smiled at Justin, walking quietly out of the room.

Justin meant to follow him, Rachel's hand going against his chest.

"I need to talk to you privately, Justin."
Justin sensed a worried concern in Rachel's voice.

"Everything okay, Nibbles?"

Rachel looked at him quietly.

"Just a private matter, Jus. No worries."
Justin nodded, Rachel kissing his cheek.

The two sat back down, Justin letting Rachel open her heart.


Jolan hugged his uncles, the two men smiling at him.

"We'll leave you to spend time with your new family, Jolan." Calen said, Jolan smiling at him.

"You don't need to leave. They welcome you here as much as me."

"We know, Jolan. Cory wants to show me the sights of New York." Simus said, Jolan smiling at Cory.

"I've been here quite a few times over the years. Police work and holidays. You and I came here twice with your parents, Ludwig."
Jolan nodded, the nickname bringing a smile to his face.

"I wish I could remember that time, Cory. Your heart is so filled with friendship."
Cory smiled, hugging Jolan to him.

"Nothing would ever change that between us."
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I'm not sure what's keeping Justin, so I'll say his goodbyes for him. Please let me know your itinerary. Apparently I'm leaving on Sunday for Los Angeles." Jolan said, Jennie looking up at him from her chair.

"We'll keep in close touch. Calen has to get back home, his brood is waiting." Simus smiled, Calen laughing.

Jolan smiled, his uncle smiling back at him.

"We haven't talked of your children, Uncle Calen." Jolan said, Calen nodding.

"Perhaps next time, Jolan. I know they will love meeting you. And I think you'll like them as well." he smiled, Simus smiling as well.

"For sure, Uncle Calen. If they have your giving love, then they shall be wonderful."

Calen smiled, pulling Jolan into another tight hug.

"Jolan. . .I. . ."
"No words need saying, Uncle. I love you. And you as well, Uncle Simus."
Simus was tearing as well, Jolan then hugging him.

The three Dragosans parted, Cory smiling once more at Jolan as he waved goodbye to everyone, everyone waving farewell.

Jolan closed the condo door, looking back into the living room.

He saw Justin and Rachel walking down the hallway towards the living room.

Both were smiling at him, Jolan returning the smile.

He walked back into the living room, sitting down on the couch beside Lance and Nathan.

"A revealing day, Jolan." Lance said smiling.

"Yes, Lance. Very revealing."
Nathan smiled at him, standing up.

"I too must leave, unfortunately. I have rounds at the hospital this afternoon."
Lance smiled at him, getting up and walking him to the door, Justin taking Lance's vacated spot.

The two men watched Lance and Nathan at the door, everyone else watching as well.

"I'll see you later tonight, Lance. I'll pick you up at seven." Nathan said, Lance nodding.

Nathan leaned forward, gently kissing Lance's lips.

"Until tonight, Nate."
Nathan smiled, looking back into the living room.

"Goodbye, everyone" he said, everyone waving at him.

Lance opened the door, Nathan smiling at him, walking out of the condo.


Lance returned to the couch with Justin and Jolan, Jolan smiling at him.

"I feel the echoes of love flowing through this place." Jolan quietly said, Lance smiling at him.

"Yes. I think you and Justin are rubbing off on everyone." Lynn said, Jolan smiling, Justin practically beaming.

Everyone smiled, seeing the two men snuggling together.

"So I take it Nathan has asked you out?" Jolan said to Lance, Joey smiling at them.

"Yes, Jolan. We're going out this evening."
Jolan nodded, Justin sensing something in him.

"Love in any circumstance can be hard, Lance. Just look at myself."
Lance nodded, not sure what Jolan was speaking of.

Jolan smiled at him, Lance relaxing.

"Take it slow with Nathan, Lance. Let your love grow. Justin's patience makes me love him more."

Justin smiled widely, Lance nodding again.

"So what's the schedule for the rest of the day, Jus?" Jolan said, Justin sensing he was trying to clear the air of confusion that had settled in the room.

"Hmm, not sure. Someone's day of fun was interrupted. We have to make up for that."
Jennie smiled widely, moving from beside Lynn and planting herself in Jolan's lap.

"You don't have to do that Justin. I'm okay."
Justin smiled, patting her knee.

"Nonsense, Jennie. Your happiness is my ambition."

She smiled, lowering her head, not looking at Jolan.

"Out with it, angel. I feel some sadness in you." he said, softly brushing her hair.

"I heard you telling our uncles that you were going to Los Angeles."
Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"That's right, Jennie. I've asked Jolan to go back there with me. Los Angeles is Spanish for The Angels. I think I'll add two more."

She looked up, a surprised look on her face.


"Well you don't think I'd carry Jolan off without putting you under my arm as well, did you?"
Jennie grinned widely, Jolan smiling at Justin.

She jumped into Justin's lap, the man hugging her close.

"I love you, Justin."
"I love you, little angel."

Everyone smiled, seeing what Justin was going to do for her and Jolan.

Joey sat up, stretching his arms.

"Okay, we need to do something. There's far too much sugary love in this room. What's the game plan?"

Justin laughed, Jennie smiling at Joey.

"Well I think the youngest of the group should pick the fun. Any suggestions, Jennie?"

"You want me to pick for all of us, Justin?" Jennie said, her eyes wide with surprise.

"Sure thing, Angel."


Jennie looked around at everyone, smiling.

She thought for a moment, her eyes meeting Jolan's.

Jolan smiled at his sister, Jennie looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"I want to play outside, Justin. My arm's good now and I want to throw things. Maybe play baseball or something?"

Justin grinned, looking around at everyone.

"What do you say gang? Who's up for a baseball game? We aren't the Yankees but we know what happened to them!"

Everyone smiled, Joey clapping his hands together, smiling at Jennie.

"Way to go, sunshine! Awesome idea!"
Jennie grinned, Jolan smiling at her.

"There's a lot down the street, with a ballpark and everything. I think they rent bats and balls. Jessica and I walked past it one day." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.
Everyone smiled, Cindy smiling at Trace.

"You, my angel, are taking it easy. No acrobatics till you're fully used to those legs."
Cindy sighed and rolled her eyes, but smiled at him.

"Yes, love. Geez, you'd think we'd been married for years!"
Everyone laughed, Joey standing up.

"Jennie gets to chose teams. It's her idea." Justin said, Jennie beaming.

Jolan ruffled her hair, Jennie laughing.

"Awesome idea, Sis. But we really don't have enough for two teams to play. How about we just hit the balls around and have some good old fun?" Jolan said, smiling at his sister.

Everyone agreed, knowing Jolan wanted his sister to feel happy and loved.

"Too bad. I wanted you to play on my team, sexy!" Justin said, his hand stroking Jolan's cheek.

"Sorry, I don't switch hit."

Lynn laughed, everyone standing up.

"We old folks will be the spectators. Let's get these youths some treats." Lynn said still laughing, she and Domo walking into the kitchen.

Everyone smiled, Jennie shining in the center of their love.



End of Chapter 35

And so Jolan seems to be firmly on the path of his own making.

Perhaps his authoritative new self may not last.

Time will tell that story.


What's Jessica up to?
What will Josh do when he meets Jolan?
Who's his secret love?

And what will happen when Josh's truth is told?


I couldn't leave Joshua Chasez out of this story.

He's just as sexy as Justin in my eyes.

And wait till you see who his special someone is.


Read on friends.

Some fun ahead, and as always a mixture of humour, love, romance and drama.


Hugs, Angel.