Jolan's Path - Chapter 36

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.







Chapter 36


Jolan smiled, watching his sister's happy, smiling face.

Jennie stood at home plate, her face a mask of determined happiness.

Behind her Justin squatted, Justin acting as catcher.

Joey stood on the pitcher's mound, his motions lining into a pitcher's stance.

"Okay, Jennie. Keep your eye on the ball, and watch Joey's movements. He's a low ball thrower, so keep that in mind."
She nodded, her eyes staring at the man in front of her.

Joey smiled, seeing her stance at the ready.

He wound up, the ball flying towards her, Jennie swinging.

The bat made contact, the ball flying towards right field, over Lance's head by about a foot, his glove missing it completely.

The ball rolled into the outfield, rolling to the fence, Trace running after it.

"Way to go, Jennie! Ya smoked it!" Justin said, now standing, Jennie smiling widely.

Joey was smirking, shaking his head.

"That wasn't hard to do, Jennie. Especially when the pitcher throws like a girl!" Cindy said from the stands, Lynn and Domo laughing behind her, the two older people relaxing in a shady spot.

Joey's eyes met Cindy's, the young woman smiling widely.

"We pros always have to listen to jeering fans. Goes with the territory." Joey said, standing in a classic pitcher pose.

"Don't give up your day job, sweetie!" Jolan smirked, Joey leering at him.

"I ain't your sweetie, Jolan!"

Jolan laughed, standing in the On-Deck circle, then smiled towards his man and his sister.
Justin was high-fiving Jennie, the young girl beaming with happiness.
He'd seen in her face and her movements all afternoon the joy and happiness that was now wrapped around her.
And he saw that a lot of it was due to the man standing beside her.
Justin's words of encouragement and his calm steady directions throughout the afternoon had made the girl take on the world.
"It's your turn, Jolly! Hit it out of the park!" she said, smiling at her brother as Jolan walked to home plate.
Jolan kissed her cheek as she walked past him; Jennie then running to the bleachers.

Cindy smiled at her as she sat down beside her, Cindy's arm going around her.
Jolan smiled at Joey, the man smiling back.
"Okay, Mr. Magic! Let's see what the wonder boy's got!" Joey smirked, looking behind him at the other guys and girls in the outfield.
"You might want to come in, Trace and Rachel!  You too, Daphne! I don't think we've got an Alex Rodriguez at the plate! This boy's no where near that good!"

Jolan smiled, taking his stance at the plate, swinging the bat, and lining up.

"I'm going to make that man's day!." Jolan said softly, Justin hearing the mirthful happiness in Jolan's voice.

"Bring him down, love." Justin smiled, crouching again behind his boyfriend, his glove ready.

Justin shook his head, a feeling of compassion going through his heart for his clueless boyfriend.

Jolan didn't know--but Justin did--that Joey was a excellent pitcher, having gone through little league and high school ball as the starting pitcher.

And Justin knew that Joey thrived on competition and on winning.

Justin knew he'd show Jolan no mercy, as he obviously had with Jennie.

 With Jolan, Joey would definitely be going for the strikeout.

"Heads up, Jolan. I aim to strike you out." Joey said, as if verifying Justin's thoughts, taking his stance, his face zoning in on the batter.

"Bring it on, Music Boy!"

Justin chuckled, shaking his head.

Jolan centered his bat, his stance open and ready.

Joey took his position, his eyes staring down his opponent.

He wound up, the ball flying with lightning speed.

The ball flew chest level past Jolan, just under his chin, Jolan hurriedly stepping back, the ball very close.

"Ball one!" Justin said, just barely catching the ball in his glove.

"Oops, my bad. A little high. Need to zone in more. Hope I didn't knock off your halo!" Joey smirked, Jolan looking at him with a watchful eye, but his soul filled with friendship.

"No worries. I have it in my back pocket." Jolan said, his grey eyes calm and relaxed, a soft smile on his face.

Justin's eyes went to Jolan's jean-clad backside, its form round and bubbly.

Joey smirked, seeing where Justin was looking.

Joey took his stance again, Jolan lining up his body at the plate.

Joey's face changed, all his concentration now on the strike zone.

The next pitch was even faster than the first, this one right over the plate.

Justin saw the fluid motion of Jolan's swing, the ball sounding thunderous as it connected with the bat.

The ball exploded into the outfield, well over Trace's head, Daphne and Rachel standing and watching it fly well over the fence.

Joey stood on the pitcher's mound, silent, with his face showing utter shock and awe.

Cindy and Jennie were standing in the stands, cheering Jolan's fantastic hit.

Lance was laughing at third base, his eyes on the shocked Joey.

Jolan smiled, looking towards them, Justin now standing beside him.

"Awesome hit, Jo! That was a bullet!"
Jolan smiled, lightly kissing Justin's cheek.

"How could you tell, sweetie? I know your eyes were on my ass."

Justin blushed, Jolan smiling a soft smile that melted Justin's heart.

"Care to brush off my halo? It's still in my back pocket."

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling.

Justin put his arm around his boyfriend, his hand slipping into Jolan's back pocket.

Jolan leaned in, the two kissing deeply.

"Hey, no making out at home plate!" Joey yelled, Justin breaking the kiss, Jolan's eyes meeting Joey's.

"I hit a homerun out of the park, Justin's hit one into my heart." Jolan said, Justin smiling widely.

"Ugh! That's so corny!" Joey said, his arms folded, a wide smile on his face.

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"No it's not. It's beautiful." he said, Jolan smiling at only him.

"Enough cooing guys. Are we going to play? Or is Justin going to stand there and dig for gold in your dugout, Jolan?" Joey said, seeing Justin's hand behind Jolan.

Lance and Trace were both laughing standing at third base.
Jolan smiled at Daphne who'd walked up to the On-Deck circle, smiling at her brother.

"How about you hit a couple, Daphne? Justin and I are going to sit for a bit."
Daphne smiled, walking towards home plate, Lance heading in to be catcher.

"Kinda hard to sit with some digits in your back pocket!" Joey laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"There's room for all of Justin back there."

Joey's mouth dropped, everyone bursting into laughter.


Justin sat down with Jolan, the two laughing together on a bench in front of Lynn and Domo.

Lynn handed them both a bottle of water, Jolan saying thank you.

Jolan smiled at Jennie who was still sitting beside Cindy, a sandwich in her hand, and a bag of chips in her lap.

Justin's lips kissed Jolan's cheek, the young man smiling at him.

"That was a good hit, Jo. You have talent." Justin said.
Jolan smiled, watching their friends on the field.

"I must have played ball at one time. It just all felt right to me."

Justin nodded, Jolan looking around.

Jolan's eyes focused on something, Justin watching him quietly.

"Everything okay, Jo?"

Jolan sat in silence for a moment, hardly moving, his eyes staring towards the far side of the ball park..

"Yes, everything's fine. I need to use the washroom. I'm going to pop over to that coffee shop we walked past around the corner, and use their facilities. Be right back, love."

"Need some company?" Justin said, his hand on Jolan's knee.

Jolan smiled, lightly kissing him.

'No, you stay and have fun with our friends. I won't be long. Anyone need a coffee?"

"I'd like one, double cream." Lynn smiled, Jolan nodding.

Jolan stood up, Justin standing as well.

Jolan yelled out at everyone, asking if they needed anything.

He kissed Justin goodbye, an order for three coffees taken.

Justin sat back down, watching Jolan walk off the lot, walking quietly down the street, heading towards the coffee shop just around the block.

"Everything okay, Jus?" Cindy said quietly, Justin smiling at her.

"Yes, Cindy. Everything's fine I think."
Jennie smiled, climbing down from her seat, sitting now beside Justin, Justin smiling at her.

"Jolan's okay, Jus. I know!"

Justin smiled, kissing her cheek, his eyes watching Jolan disappear from his sight.


Jolan knew Justin's eyes were following him, it taking all of his control not to look back towards him.

If he did that then Justin would know something was going on.

He kept his eyes focused on the man he saw standing at the end of the block, the man quietly waiting there for him.

Jolan quietly walked past him, the man joining him in his walk, walking now beside him, both disappearing around the corner, now out of view of Jolan's friends.

"Hello, Era."
Erasmus smiled, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"Hello my young friend. How goes the path of the Child?"
Jolan's eyes met his, Jolan sitting down on a bench just before the coffee shop.

Erasmus sat down beside him, Jolan looking at him.

"Why do you ask? I'm pretty sure you already know."

Erasmus smiled, looking around their location.

"Yes, Jolan. I know all that's happened. You are a giving child, helping your hurting uncles and that young woman like that."

"They're family and dear friends. And they are a part of me. I would never deny any of them anything."
Erasmus smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Such is the compassionate heart of the Child."
Jolan looked at the man sitting beside him, seeing something different about him.

He looked a little younger, and seemed to appear a little stronger.

"You seem healthier, Era."
The man smiled, patting Jolan's knee.

"I am, Jolan. The giving life of this world is enriching my soul. I feed on its richness, and I feed on life."
Jolan nodded, not sure what the man was talking of.

"Who are you really, Era? Even my uncles didn't seem quite sure of that truth."
Erasmus smiled, a large smile of warmth.

"Yes, I'm sure they've been wondering for a long time. All of them have. Even Queen Alveena wondered that first time we met."

"You knew her? You met her?"
Erasmus nodded, folding his hands in front of him, Jolan looking at the ring on his finger, the plain band of silver.

"I've known a lot of people through the spans of time, Jolan. I've seen firsthand the corrupting power of evil and the warming presence of goodness."

"Why are you here, Era? What do you seek from me?"
Erasmus turned, looking into the young man's grey eyes.

"I am here to guide you, Jolan Dragos. To guide you through what needs to happen."

"And what needs to happen?"
"You need to follow the destined path. I am here to see that you do. I felt in the ring what happened to you when you put it on. You truly are remarkable. If you feel any doubts--or any uncertainty--you need only rub your silver ring of Servitude and call out to me, and I shall come to you. It is the connecting bond between us."

"So you are like a mentor? How do I know that you are giving me good advice? I know you from no one."
Erasmus smiled, patting Jolan's knee.

"That you do not know, Jolan. That you'll have to judge for yourself."
Jolan nodded, his eyes remaining on the man.

"Why are you here today, Era?"

"I've come to give you a warning, Jolan."
"A warning about what?"

Era's eyes met his.

"Brandon Diablo is a dangerous man, Jolan. He's working to destroy what you and Justin have. Be very cautious. He is set on getting Justin. He will make trouble for you."
Jolan's eyes lowered, the older man's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"I cannot interfere with what's to come. All I can tell you is never give up on Justin's love. If this is to succeed, you need his love."
"If what is to succeed? Am I a pawn in some game you're playing?"

Erasmus smiled a warm smile, Jolan's feelings softening.

In that look he thought he saw much love and warmth.

"I am part of all of this, Jolan. Let's just say that I am trying to right the wrongness of the world. Never doubt my love for you and what you now have. I've watched every road that your soul has gone down, Jolan. And soon I will see the greatness of your happiness. For you deserve it greatly. You deserve his love."

The older man stood up, Jolan seeing that his physical being did indeed seem greatly improved.

The man looked much stronger.

"I have walked in quiet solitude for eons, Jolan. I have seen much, and I have thought long on this truth. What I do now seems just. My soul has felt all of it. It's time to right the wrongs."

The man turned, smiling down at the younger man.

"Remember, I am here if you need me. Read your family's past entombed in Alveena's tome, Jolan. Her words will bring you knowledge. You are strong enough to figure it all out. You best be going on your errand, before your man seeks you out. Farewell, young friend."
Jolan stood up, the man smiling at him.

"I trust you, Era. I feel your wanting to help."
Erasmus smiled, his face changing greatly.

"Watch all that goes on, Jolan. See the underlying truths. And heal all those that you sense need it."
Jolan nodded, the man softly disappearing before him.

Jolan stood for a moment in silence, his eyes going to the silver ring on his finger.

"I shall begin with Josh. I only hope he'll warrant my interference."


Jolan returned to the field, coffees in hand, all his friends now relaxing on the bleachers.

He gave Lynn, Rachel and Trace their coffees, Jolan sitting down beside Justin, Justin's arm going around him.

"Everything okay, Jo?" he said, his smile warming Jolan's heart.

'Yes, my Jus. Everything's fine."
Justin smiled, Jennie sitting beside her brother.

"I got two more hits, Jolly!"

Jolan smiled, high-fiving his sister.

"Awesome kiddo! You're a natural!"
Jennie laughed, Joey smiling at her.

"Nah, Joey's just a good friend. He was pitching softly to me."
Joey blushed a bit, Jennie hugging him, the man smiling back.

Jolan smiled, seeing Joey's friendship with his sister, and what he'd been doing for her.

"Yep, the man's a good friend."
Joey smiled, Jolan winking at him.

Jennie looked up at Lynn who sat behind her, Lynn nodding at her.

"Jolly, I need to talk to you."
Jolan saw the look between the two, Jolan nodding his head.

"Go ahead, Jennie. Unless you want to talk privately?"

"No, Jolly. It's okay. They're all our friends."

Everyone smiled, all eyes on the young woman.

"Yes, they are." Jolan said, everyone smiling at him.

"Well, I've been thinking. And I've asked most everyone and they think it's a good idea."

"What's a good idea?"

Lynn smiled, seeing the cautious look on Jolan's face.
And she saw Justin's concerned look.

"I think you and Justin need to be alone tonight."

Jolan looked surprised, as did Justin.

Jennie smiled at both, Justin looking towards his mother.

"Hey, don't look at me. This is all Jennie's doing."

Both men looked at the young woman, Jennie smiling.

"You both have been so nice to me. You've both put your own feelings aside for me. I want you two to have some alone time. Cindy, Daphne, Rachel and Lynn are going to stay with me at Justin's tonight."
"And just where are we going?" Jolan asked, a soft reassuring smile on his face as he looked at his sister.

Jennie's eyes looked towards Lance, the man smiling at her.

"Jennie asked me for help, her loving thoughts touching my heart. I've booked you both a suite at the St. Regis for tonight."

Justin and Jolan both looked surprised, staring at each other, then looking at Jennie.

"You're both so in love with each other. You need to be alone to explore that love. To begin your romance. I want you both to be happy." she said, tears in her eyes.
Jolan pulled her against him, the young woman smiling at Justin.

"Oh, Jennie! That's such a beautiful thought! And so touching! But I don't have to push you away to feel Justin's love. I feel it here and now."

Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

"I'm agreeing with Jennie's plan. We haven't really been alone since we met, Jo. First we were at Henry's, then at my place. Everyone's been around, the only alone time we've had is at night while we sleep. I'd love to have an evening with you alone. Your sister's loving heart moves me to tears."
Jennie smiled a wide smile of happiness, Justin returning it.

Jolan teared up, seeing the love in Justin's eyes.

"But are you going to be okay, Jennie? I don't feel right leaving you."
Jennie smiled, hearing the care and protective love in her brother's voice.

"I'll be fine, Jolly. I have Lynn, Daphne, Cindy and Rachel. We're going to have a girls night!"

Justin looked up at his mother, seeing the smile on her face. And the matching ones on Daphne, Rachel and Cindy's faces.

"And I'll be close by just in case the young ladies get too out of hand." Trace said, the four women laughing, Lynn slapping his shoulder, Trace smiling at her.

Jolan smiled at everyone, seeing their caring with Jennie.

"I guess all our friends have it in hand. Looks like you'll be well taken care of." Jolan said, smiling at her.

Jennie smiled, kissing his cheek.

"And you'll be with Justin. I know his love will take care of you."

Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"Yes, no worries there."
Justin smiled, the two men looking at each other.

"Then it's settled." Jennie said, Jolan chuckling and saluting her.

"Yes, Ma'am."

Jennie laughed, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"It's getting cooler, Jolly. I want to go home." she said, Justin smiling at her calling his place home.
"Then home is where we'll go." Justin said, standing up.

Everyone smiled, Jennie's young frame wrapped in Justin's arms.

"Let's go home, Jennie." he said, Jennie smiling, both men surrounding her.


Jolan walked out of the bedroom, Justin standing in the hallway.

Justin stood in front of the hallway mirror, adjusting his clothing.

The two men had showered separately, and dressed alone.

Jolan stopped, looking at the vision before him.

Justin wore a suit jacket, a soft navy colour, a white silk shirt under it.

He wore a pair of crisp navy dress pants, black shoes completing the ensemble.

"Wow, Jus. You look stunning." Jolan said, Justin's eyes turning to his boyfriend.

Justin froze, taking in the vision that was Jolan's masculinity.

Jolan wore a black silk shirt, open at the throat.

Light grey slacks completed his look, Justin scanning every inch of the man's physique.

The shirt brought out every inch of Jolan's sleek torso, Justin seeing his nipples standing out under the sheer fabric.

Jolan held a grey blazer in his hand, smiling at his Justin.

"Wow, yourself, Jo. You look beautiful. Wow!" Justin said softly, Jolan blushing.

"Thank you, Jus. That's so sweet."

Justin smiled softly, Jolan putting his blazer on.

"All set, my love?"
"As ready as I'll ever be." Jolan said, Justin taking his hand in his.

"No expectations, Jolan. Tonight, it's just you and me together. Let's talk, kiss and be with each other. No matter the outcome, my love is yours."
Jolan teared up, their lips softly meeting.
Justin became lost in the gentle kiss, feeling a newness in Jolan's touch.

It felt bashful, with a soft inkling of nervousness.

"It's just me, Jo. Your Jus. No worries or nerves. Okay?"
Jolan smiled, Justin's caring love easing his doubts.

What Justin didn't realize was Jolan's heart was full of acceptance.

"Yes, Jus. Just my Jus."
Justin smiled, the two walking--hands together--down towards the living room.

They walked into the living room, seeing everyone playing a board game around the coffee table.

Jennie looked up, smiling widely.

"You look awesome, Jolly! You too, Justin!" she said, looking up at both of them.

Both men smiled, Jolan sitting on the arm of the couch beside her, stroking her hair..

"Thanks, precious. Having fun, Sis?" he said, Justin's arm going around his shoulder, watching the two siblings.

"Yep! I'm beating Trace! He's not very good at playing Monopoly!"

Justin laughed, Trace looking up at him, a smile on his face.

"Hey! They're not playing fair! Every time I start concentrating on the game, they make Cindy get affectionate. I totally lose my concentration!" he said, Cindy giggling beside him.

"He's so easy to manipulate." she said, kissing his cheek, Trace smiling at her.

Daphne and Lynn were both smirking, Jolan smiling widely.

"And the lovestruck shall be easily lead by their giving hearts." he said, Justin smiling at Jolan.

"I've heard those words before, Jo."
Jolan looked up at him, smiling.

"Oh? Where, did you hear them Jus?"
"I'm not sure. They ring a distant bell for some reason."
Jolan smiled, Jennie looking up at him again.

"All set for your magical night, Jolly?"
Jolan looked down at her, leaning down and kissing her cheek.

"You trying to get rid of me, girlfriend?"
Jennie giggled, Lynn smiling beside her.

"No, Jolly. I love you, and I love Justin. You're always close to my heart."
Justin beamed, Jolan smiling at her.

"Okay, sweetie. We have to go. You be good, and listen to Lynn."
Jennie smiled, kissing his cheek, Justin leaning down and Jennie planting a kiss on his cheek.

"I will, bros. We're having pizza for supper!"

Jolan laughed, standing up again, both men smiling at the group sitting around the table.

Joey got up from his seat in a wing chair, smiling at the two.

"Your limo awaits, my friends." he said smiling, Jolan smiling at him.

"What are you doing tonight Joey, since Lance is going to be out?" Jolan asked, Joey grabbing his coat.

"I'm heading over to my Mom's for supper, and then popping over to see Briahna."

Jolan nodded, Justin smiling at his friend.

"But first I gotta drop off the lovebirds for their night of romance." he smiled, Jolan blushing a bit.

Everyone looked at the three men, Rachel and Daphne looking at each other with a smile.

Joey smiled at Jolan, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Relax, Jolan. Justin's love tonight will be something special. I see it in his eyes."
Jolan smiled, the three men waving goodbye to the five women sitting around the table, as well as Tray and Domo.

They walked out of the condo, Jennie smiling a wide smile.

Lynn smiled at her, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

"You're a pretty special young lady, Jennie."
She smiled at the older woman.

"Your son's a pretty special guy himself. Jolly's love will astound Jumpy."
Lynn smiled, her thoughts on her loving son.


Joey had dropped them both off at the front door of the hotel, the two saying goodbye to their friend, Joey telling Justin to call him tomorrow when they were ready to leave.

Jolan watched Joey drive away, Justin walking inside, Jolan then following carrying their one bag.

Jolan had noticed the looks people were directing at Justin, the young man walking in silence ahead of him across the hotel's gigantic lobby.

Jolan saw the instant recognition in their eyes of who walked among them.

Justin's image seemed to have changed the moment he walked into the hotel, as it had that day at the news conference.

The Justin walking ahead of him seemed rehearsed, playing a scripted part.

His gait was one of someone exuding confidence and importance, his eyes focused ahead at where he was going.

Jolan now understood that the Justin personified in the media and in public was so different than the real Justin.

The real Justin was a man of gangly, mirthful normalcy.

The image walking ahead of Jolan was a fabrication designed to keep the real Justin hidden.

Jolan smiled, now understanding Justin's reasoning for that.

For Justin believed the image he needed to portray was a man of confidence, charisma and charming beauty.

Justin was afraid that his fans and self-proclaimed idolizers wouldn't like the real him.

So, he wore this mask of professionalism and outward masculinity to appease their dreams.

Jolan sighed, seeing before him a man that thousands wanted.

Jolan's own insecurities were now front and center in his mind.

How could he measure up to what this man needed in a partner?

Here he was with this breathtakingly beautiful star, the two going to spend the night together alone.

Jolan's eyes now scanned the people watching him following Justin, seeing in their eyes the looks of his worthlessness.

Justin's head turned, smiling at Jolan as he stopped at the front desk, Jolan softly smiling back, Justin's eyes going to the clerk behind the counter

The young man smiled, his eyes sparkling at seeing the vision of stardom before him.

 "Good evening, Mr. Timberlake. A pleasure to see you again. Your reservation has been confirmed and the room is all prepared. Mr. Bass has taken care of everything." the man said, Jolan seeing his obvious fawning nature, feeling the man ogling his Justin as Justin signed the forms he had laid out before him..

"Where will your assistant be staying? I see no room booked for him." the clerk said, his eyes glancing at Jolan, a look of mild loathing on his face, as if Jolan was a non-identity.

Justin's eyes stared at the young man.

"This is not my assistant. This is one of my dearest friends. And he should be treated as such."

Jolan looked surprised at Justin's direct statement, the young man's eyes widening at Justin's forthright words.

"Of course, Mr. Timberlake. My apologies to you sir. You will be staying in Mr. Timberlake's suite then?" the young man said, smiling now at Jolan, his eyes scanning Jolan's handsome face.

"Yes he will." Justin said, his eyes narrowing slightly at the young man taking in Jolan's beauty.
The man nodded, his eyes turning from Jolan, his gaze now on Justin's beautiful face.

Justin smiled at him, handing him the forms back, the clerk giving Justin his room card.

"If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to call down, Mr. Timberlake. I am at your service for anything you desire all evening. My name is James."

Justin smiled at the young man, James smiling back, seeing Justin's calm smile.

Jolan remained silent, seeing the devouring look the man was now giving Justin.

Justin smiled at him, the young man's smile widening.

"Thank you, James. But I have everything--and everyone--I could possibly desire."

Justin turned--Jolan still looking at the man--smiling and guiding Jolan towards the elevators.

The man at the desk stood in silence, the rebutted look on his face priceless.


The elevator doors closed, Jolan looking at Justin.

The two were now alone in the elevator.

"I know, Jo. It happens often."

Jolan nodded, Justin's hand going into his.

"People are always coming on to me, Jo. I've dealt with it for years."
Jolan's head raised, looking into Justin's blue eyes, the man smiling at him.

"You are my love, my angel. And I'm so out of his league!"

Jolan couldn't help but laugh, Justin smiling, leaning over and kissing Jolan's soft lips.

"And I couldn't stand by and let him deride you, my love. I shall always stand up for you, the assistant of my heart!."

Jolan smiled, the elevator doors opening, the two breaking their contact at the sound.

Justin let Jolan go first, the two walking down the hallway together, Justin looking at the room numbers, stopping in front of a door labelled Grand Suite, putting the hotel card into the door slot.

Justin opened the hotel suite door, Jolan quietly standing beside him.

"After you, my love." Justin smiled, holding the door open.

Jolan smiled, walking into the suite.

He stopped in stunned silence, taking in the beauty of the surrounding room.

"Wow, this is unbelievable!" Jolan said, his voice soft with wonder.

Justin smiled, seeing the look of wonder spread across Jolan's face.

Justin himself had stayed in these lavish style rooms before, the effect long forgotten.

Jolan looked around, seeing the extravagant furniture, and decorative displays of richness.

A marble fireplace stood in the center of the room, the furniture surrounding it.

"So this is how the famous and wealthy live?" he said, Justin smiling as he closed the door.

"It's really not me, Jo. I prefer a more quiet subdued atmosphere. Like my condo."
Jolan smiled, seeing his Justin's modesty and down-to-earth beliefs.

"Me too, Jus. Give me the quiet solitude of our bedroom. But this is nice for a romantic evening."
Justin smiled widely, hearing Jolan calling his bedroom back home theirs.

Jolan walked into the suite, first removing his shoes at the door, the rich carpeting needing respect.

Justin did the same, the two walking around, Justin's hand going into his.

Jolan smiled, the two looking at the view from the large living room window for a moment.

The room looked out onto Fifth Avenue, Jolan seeing the largeness and wealth of New York.

They walked around, Justin showing Jolan into the bedroom.

The two men stood at the door seeing a large, king-size bed, covered in a blue velour bedspread, the room lavishly decorated with French style decor.

"A room fit for royalty." Jolan said, lost in the grandeur of the room.

Justin smiled, seeing the wonder still in Jolan's eyes.

Justin pulled him against him, Jolan looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

"You are the prince of my heart, my love. I'm so glad I have you all to myself tonight."
Jolan smiled, seeing the love shining in Justin's tearing blue eyes.

The two connected, their lips softly kissing each other's.

They became lost in the moment, their love flooding their souls.

Their happiness was interrupted by a knock coming to the door in the adjoining room.

Justin sighed, not wanting to destroy the moment, Jolan lightly kissing him again.

"Answer the door, Jus." he said, Justin breaking their hold, walking over to the door, opening it, then smiling.

"Good evening, Mr. Timberlake. Your dinner has been taken care of, compliments of Mr. Bass." the man standing there said, Justin nodding, seeing behind him another waiter and two carts.

"That's wonderful of Lance. Please come in."
The man smiled, both men coming into the suite.


Justin and Jolan remained in the living room, the two waiters setting up their meal in the adjoining dining room.

The head waiter came back out of the room, bowing to the two men sitting in front of the fireplace.

"Dinner is ready, sirs. We'll leave you to dine. Any other requirements please don't hesitate to call the concierge." he said, smiling.

"Thank you, very much." Justin said smiling, pulling his money clip out of his dress pants pocket.

"Could you please start the fireplace? That should be fine for now." Justin smiled, the man bowing as he took the offered tip.

The other man bowed as well, Justin handing him a tip.

They both thanked him, the head waiter walking to the fireplace igniting its gas fire quickly.

The two waiters smiled, walking out of the suite, the head waiter saying goodnight as he closed the door.

Justin walked over to it, locking the door.

He smiled at Jolan when he returned, taking his hand again in his, walking him into the dining room.

Before them lay a small table, two chairs surrounding it, the table covered in lavish crystal and dinnerware.

Jolan looked at the food laid out on the sideboard, his eyes widening.

There were trays of meat and vegetables, as well as dishes of other food and trays of cake and other fancy desserts.

"That's for just us two?" he said, Justin smiling, pulling out a chair for Jolan.

"Thank our loving Lance. This is from him."

Jolan smiled, sitting down in the offered chair, Justin kissing his cheek.

Justin sat down beside him, the two close together at the small intimate, luxurious table.

"I feel like I'm in a palace, Jus." Jolan smiled, Justin's hand going in his on top of the table.

"You are in my heart, Jolan. All this lavishness can't hold a candle to the beauty of your smile." Justin said, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

Jolan teared, having heard the love in Justin's words.

"That was beautiful, Jus. You're such a romantic."
Justin smiled, lightly kissing him again.

"Open the wine, love. I'll fill our plates and then we can eat." Justin said, getting up and picking up their plates, walking to the sideboard where all the delicacies were laid out.

Justin began filling their plates.

Jolan smiled, pulling a bottle of white wine out of a chilling bucket set on a small table beside their dining table.

The bottle was already opened, the wine breathing.

Jolan poured the wine into two crystal goblets, putting the bottle back into the ice.

Justin returned to the table, placing a plate in front of each of them.

Jolan smiled, Justin raising his glass of wine, Jolan raising his.

"Here's to our night of opening love, and romantic passion." Justin said, Jolan smiling.

They both tasted the crisp white wine, savouring its delicate flavour.

"Eat up my love, you'll have my kisses for dessert." Justin said, Jolan smiling.

"What, no cheesecake?"
Justin laughed, Jolan smiling, the two eating their delicious meal.


Dinner ended with the two sharing a large piece of chocolate cheesecake, Jolan feeding Justin himself.

Justin smiled, Jolan giving him a kiss after each mouthful had been swallowed.

"There, a compromise. We both get our heart's content." Jolan smiled, Justin smiling as he kissed him again.

"Should we call and get this all cleaned up?"
"Let's leave it, Jo."
"I can't do that, Jus. I hate seeing food left out." Jolan said, rising up.

Justin smiled, seeing the caring, organized man he'd fallen in love with.

Justin picked up the phone, dialling the concierge.

A few minutes later, the waiters had returned and started clearing the dining room while Jolan visited the washroom.

When they were finished, Justin thanked them, the two men leaving with all the food.

Jolan walked out of the main bathroom, Justin smiling at him from his seat on a lavish couch set in front of the lit fireplace.

"Come sit with me, my love." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

Justin had removed his jacket, the white silk shirt he wore showing off his muscular torso.

Jolan smiled back, removing his jacket and placing it on the wing chair beside him, Justin's eyes scanning the black silk shirt that formed beautifully around Jolan's sleek chest.

Jolan walked over, sitting down on the couch, Justin pulling him against him.

Justin moved around a bit, Jolan's body stretched out more on the couch, his head and torso in Justin's arms.

"Mmm, this is nice." Justin said, Jolan's head against Justin's chest.

"Yes, Jus. It's damn near next to heaven."
Justin smiled, Jolan's fingers playing with a gold chain hanging from Justin's neck.

"That's a beautiful chain, Jus."
Justin nodded, Jolan's eyes looking into his.

"Lance gave it to me. I've worn if for quite a while. I hardly notice I have it on anymore."

Jolan nodded, Justin looking into his grey eyes.

"Lance has a special place in your heart, Jus. He's in my heart now as well."
Justin smiled, his finger brushing Jolan's cheek.

"Care to talk about it, love? I've sensed your feelings ever since we walked into this hotel."
Jolan sighed, sitting up a little more, Justin's arms going around him tighter.

Jolan's head lay against Justin's shoulder.

"I saw that clerk ogling you and people looking at you. You can have your pick of anyone you want. What makes me so enticing to your beautiful eyes?"

Justin smiled, his lips kissing Jolan's chin, tenderness filling his voice.

"Jolan, my love. Must I tell you this every day? In you, I see all that I want, all that I need. I see so much beauty in your face, in your looks and yes, in your body. You ignite the desires within me like no one else could. Not even Lancy. I love you, Jo. I know it's you alone I want, it's just what you do to me. When I look at you, I see the greatest vision of love and beauty. I don't see what you think you see in yourself."
Jolan looked into Justin's staring blue eyes.

"I saw your look downstairs, that look of self-loathing. You see everyone staring with desire at me and you feel your own insecurities. I don't want you feeling like that, Jo. I love you and only you. You need to trust me and feel that truth in your heart."

Jolan lowered his head, Justin having none of it, his fingers raising it.

"Look into my eyes and tell me what you see."
Jolan stared into his boyfriend's eyes, seeing so much love.

"I see love, Justin. And I see the most beautiful man I've ever met. Your beauty is intoxicating, Jus."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and lightly kissing Jolan's lips.

"This beauty shines brightest in your arms, Jo.  And my love and physical beauty are yours alone."

Jolan smiled, his fingers going to Justin's cheek, feeling the smoothness of his warm skin.

"I love you, Jus. Not that man I saw today and recently in public. I'm talking about this man laying here against me. This man here ignites my soul. Not that flashy vision of popularity I saw."
Justin smiled, sighing a soft sigh, moving a bit, Justin now holding Jolan in his lap.

"You bring out my soul, Jolan. When I'm here in private with you, I feel my own true self. You love me for me, not for Justin Timberlake the idol."
Jolan smiled, his fingers running down Justin's hairy arm.

"The real Justin is more beautiful than the fake one. And more giving."
Justin teared up, pulling Jolan more against him.

"Please love me forever, Jo. Please love only the real me." Justin said, tears blossoming in his blue eyes.

Jolan moved, pulling Justin up with him, his arms going around him tightly, Justin's head now on his chest.

"I couldn't love anyone else. You--your true self--are all that I need. That other Justin can find his own room. He's not sharing our bed. There's only room there for just you."
Justin began to cry, Jolan's words sinking into his soul.

"God, I love you so much Jo! I've never felt this from anyone--this feeling of deep connection."
Jolan moved, his hold breaking with Justin, Jolan taking both his hands in his, staring into his blue eyes.

"I'm ready, Justin. I'm ready for your desirous love."
Justin stared into Jolan's tearing, silvery, grey eyes.

He saw his own love mirroring back at him.

"This isn't what this night is about, Jo. It's not a night of expected sex. I can wait until you're ready for that, you know that in your heart. I want this night to be about you and me stating our love for each other. For us showing our love openly to each other. The physical love is secondary to me."

Jolan smiled, feeling the beauty of Justin's loving soul and caring for Jolan's feelings.

And Jolan also felt Justin's simmering needs.

"My heart is filled with your love, Justin. And standing here before me is a man that I need so much. A loving, desiring, beautiful vision of masculinity. And I want you so much. I need you so much!"
Justin leaned forward, their lips meeting, the kiss steeped with desire and with need.

"I promise you that I will love you, Jo. I'll love you forever. My love, my heart and my body are yours."
Jolan smiled, his smile breaking the kiss.

Justin saw an intensity in his silvery eyes now.

An intensity of desire.

"They all wanted you, Jus. I saw it in their eyes. The needful lust for you. Tonight--here alone with only you--I am going to show you how beautiful I think you are."
Justin teared up hearing a need in Jolan's determined voice.

"Please promise me that you'll never stop loving me. I need you so much."
Justin pulled him into his arms, Jolan's body surrounded by his love.

"I'll never stop loving you."

Jolan broke their tender embrace, walking towards the bedroom, Justin following, his hand locked in Jolan's.

They entered the room, Jolan standing beside the large bed, his eyes on Justin's white, silk-covered chest.

"You are beyond beautiful, my Jus. For tonight, and always my Jus. " Jolan said, one hand going to Justin's chest, feeling the underlying warmth through the sheer fabric.

His other hand pulled Justin close to him, Justin's lips meeting Jolan's.

Jolan's tongue entered Justin's mouth, the two tasting each other's wetness.

Justin felt a surge of something rippling through Jolan's body, a tremble going through him.

Justin pulled back, staring into Jolan's silver eyes.

"Are you alright, Jo?"

Jolan moved forward, his lips on the side of Justin's face, his tongue sneaking out and licking Justin's right ear.

Justin trembled, a soft moan escaping him, then Jolan's lips were on his lobe, his teeth taking it into his mouth, gently latching onto it.

Justin jumped a bit, the shock feeling electric.

Jolan smiled, breaking the connection, his hands taking Justin's face in them, his lips kissing his lips again, then Jolan's hands wrapped around Justin's body, sinking down and clasping onto his butt cheeks.

Jolan pushed Justin into him, Justin's center against his.

Jolan's eyes stared into Justin's, Justin seeing a faint yellow glow deep in the silvery center of them.

"Thank you, Justin. Thank you for telling me your heart's truth. Today, I told my family that I was the one they had longed dreamed of. Tonight--here in this beautiful place--you have told me that I am the one you have dreamed of. The one you have needed to love you. But I am something more for both of you. Tonight, I am going to show you my true self, Jus. The true self you've created with your love. There is a beast inside me, Justin. A beast of simmering heat. Tonight, I shall let him out, but this beast is yours alone. This beast has been created from your love. Tonight, I want to show you the beast that you awaken in my soul. And tonight this beast shall drink of your love."
Justin was in tears, hearing the depth of love coming through Jolan's voice.

Jolan's eyes glowed a brighter yellow, their centers deeply throbbing.

"Tonight I am taking you to heaven's gate, my love. And your love will be the anchor of my soul."
Jolan's lips met Justin's, Justin feeling the intense passion in that kiss, the depth of its need overwhelming him.

"Tonight--and forever--I lay claim to you, Justin. Tonight, you become mine forever."

Jolan pulled the man against him, looking into his blue eyes.

"Say that you love me, say that you need me to fill your desires. Say that I am here for only you."
Justin was in tears, hearing the truth of what Jolan was wanting to give him, the needs that Jolan was wanting to fill.

"I love you, Jo. I need you to make me yours."
Jolan's hands went forward, their fingers latching onto Justin's shirt.


Justin fell downward onto the bed, Jolan having pulled off the covers moments earlier, Justin's body landing on the crisp white sheets.

Jolan was attached to him, Justin's exposed chest wrapped in his arms.

Jolan's hands broke loose, his fingers rubbed both hardened nipples, Justin's lips against Jolan's.

Justin felt the weight of Jolan's body on top of him, the scent of his body in his nostrils.

Jolan's lips broke from his, his lips going to his earlobe.

Justin bucked on the contact, Jolan's lips and tongue devouring the flesh.

"Oh God, Jo! Oh that's unbelievable!" he said, his body trembling.

"I love you, Jumpy. You shall jump with desirous need."

Jolan kissed him again, his head lowering, his lips working their way down Justin's body.

He licked his smooth chest, the saltiness of his skin an elixir of love for Jolan.

Jolan took his left nipple into his mouth, sucking on the hardened nib, Justin bucking below him, Jolan smiling at the need he felt flowing through his now lover.

"I love you, Jus. My love is yours." Jolan said, his hands moving downward, grabbing onto Justin's belt.

Justin looked down, watching Jolan opening the belt, then Jolan stopped.

He looked upward, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Love is all of us, Jus. And I, tonight, am going to be one with you."

Justin teared up, hearing the deep love in Jolan's voice.

Jolan opened Justin's pants, pulling them down and off his hairy muscular legs.

They fell onto the floor, landing on the white silk shirt, his socks joining them moments later.

Jolan then stood up, looking down at the man laying almost nude before him.

His eyes scanned every inch of Justin's young, muscular, toned body.

"You are beautiful, my love. I am going to taste you forever." Jolan said, Justin looking up into his greyish yellow eyes.

Jolan stood in silence, his cloth-covered body a sheet of blackness in the darkened room.

His hand went out, Justin seeing the beckoning in his beautiful eyes.

Justin rose up, his body against Jolan's, their lips meeting in lustful passion.

Both became lost in the sensual flow of emotions surging through them.

Jolan parted, his tongue licking Justin's wet lips.

"I am way overdressed, my angel. Bask in what you need, feel that which you now can lay claim to. I am yours, all of me."

Justin's fingers trembled, Jolan taking his hands in his, guiding Justin's fingers to his chest.

Within moments Justin was fighting with the buttons, Jolan guiding him, the two practically ripping the shirt off his smooth young torso.

Justin's hands went forward, feeling the heat of the soft smooth flesh.

Jolan gasped, Justin looking into his eyes.

"Oh God, Jus! I feel you with me!"
Justin pulled him against him, Justin's hands roaming over Jolan's nude chest and back.

"Oh God, Jo! You feel so wonderful!"
"I taste even better, my Jus."

Justin's lips went forward, his tongue licking Jolan's sweating skin.

The taste was like nothing Justin had ever tasted before.

It tasted rich with love, dripping with need.

Justin's tongue continued tasting all of Jolan's chest, Jolan moaning, his hands going downward, both resting now on Justin's clothed butt cheeks.

Jolan pulled Justin against him, feeling the hardness against him.

"I need to be free, Jus. I need to be against you." Jolan moaned, Justin hearing a deep need in him, almost a growling moan in his throat.

"Let me, my love." Justin said, his hands going to Jolan's waist.

In moments, Jolan's pants hit the floor, Jolan hastily stepping out of them, one hand pulling off his socks, then both returning to Justin's backside, pushing him against him again.

Justin felt Jolan's hardness against his own, the two manhoods united together.

Then Justin felt Jolan tugging at his briefs, Justin feeling the signal given.

Justin stood still as Jolan removed the last remnants of both of their covered desires.

Jolan returned to him, his lips joining again with his.

Both men felt the freedom of their bodies against each other, Jolan moving forward, Justin again falling backward onto the bed.

Jolan lay on top of him, his hands roaming with abandonment, one enclosing the hard shaft attached to Justin's center.

Justin gasped, Jolan's lips gently kissing his, his tongue flicking out.

"Your heat is entering my soul, Justin. Your beauty I want to sear into my eyes." he said, his hand going to the nightstand, Jolan igniting the room in bright light.

Justin adjusted to the brightness, watching Jolan's yellow-grey eyes scan every inch of him, looking finally on what was clasped in his hand.

"Oh God, Jus! You are so beautiful!"
Justin's own eyes were moving all over Jolan's body, seeing every sinewy inch of smooth skin, taking in the largeness of what lay in his center, Justin seeing a wetness at its tip.

Justin licked his lips softly, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

Jolan pulled Justin on top of his own body, Justin sinking into his heated beauty.

"I am yours forever, Jus. Feast on what you need. I need your loving touch."

Justin teared up, his lips meeting Jolan's, Jolan sinking into the loving soul of Justin Timberlake.






End of Chapter 36



The beginnings of their physical love.

Their hearts, souls and bodies now uniting.

I hope you liked the moments of first loving touch I've created.


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And some revealing truths echo across the landscape.


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