Jolan's Path - Chapter 37

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.






Chapter 37


Justin gasped, feeling the weight of his Jolan above him, Jolan slowly sinking into his body.

For over three hours, the two young men had tasted all of each other, the newness of their desires flooding their souls.

Jolan had sparked such a need in Justin, a need to please him, and to touch him.

And touch him Justin did.

For the moment they'd bared their bodies to each other, Jolan had surrendered to Justin's needs.

The young man's body had ignited the fires in Justin's soul.

They both had been deeply moved by the loving touch they each gave to their lover's need.

Justin had explored every inch of Jolan's young taut body, tasting the richness of his glistening skin.

Justin had let Jolan mandate the intensity of his fulfilling dreams, Justin taking all of Jolan's offered gifts.

And when Justin tasted and touched the magnificence of Jolan's beauty, he felt his greatest dreams fulfilled.

Jolan had responded to every touch, Justin finding all of his weak spots.

His right nipple was a floodgate to his complete abandonment, Justin always returning to its point of desire to ignite Jolan's passion.

And Jolan's center was a magnificent monument to the man's total beauty.

Its hardness yet softness--and the taste of its delicious skin--sent Justin's soul racing.

Everything about the delicious young man had Justin's blood pumping.
For over an hour and a half, Justin had drank in the man's beauty, Jolan responding with loud moans and gasping movements.

Jolan's body had turned over, Justin taking in the sight of his beautiful back, and the globes of love at its end.

Justin had never seen such a beautiful firm, smooth butt.

He'd been hesitant about exploring that secret part of Jolan, Jolan gently guiding Justin downward with his moaning pleading voice.

"Please, Jus. Please touch the center of my heat, I need you there. I need you to wash away my fears. Use your love to wash away the clouded past of my heart."
Justin had teared up, his hands touching that most secretive of places, Jolan gasping, shouting out Justin's name.

Justin felt the love in that gasping voice, Justin's head lowering.

Justin now knew what the desserts of heaven must taste like.

For he'd tasted all of Jolan, every delicious inch.

And finally Justin had tasted the greatest dessert, having been rewarded with the nectar of Jolan's love.

It had exploded in Justin's mouth, the thickness of the shaft buried deep in his throat, the sweet juice filling Justin's soul.

Justin devoured all of it, Jolan crying in lost abandonment.

Justin had pulled off of him, taking the young man into his strong muscular arms.

Jolan had sobbed for an eternity, Justin holding him in deep worry, afraid that he'd taken too much from Jolan, that somehow he'd hurt him.

Those fears spread through Justin's soul, Jolan's lips immediately against his.

"Oh, Jus! The love. . .your love. . .its so unbelievable! Thank you. . .thank you so much for loving me!"

Justin's heart had soared, his arms tightening around the nude body laying in his arms.

"I thought you were upset with me, I thought I'd hurt you." he softly said, tears flowing down his cheeks.

Jolan moved, his lips kissing Justin's tear-stained cheeks.

"Never, my love. I know now that your love will never hurt me. It will always make me happy."
Justin smiled, Jolan's beautiful grey eyes looking again into his blue orbs of passion.

"You were so unbelievable. Your touch and your beauty ignited in my mind all of your love. I have it now, Jus. I have all of your love."
Justin kissed him deeply, surrendering Jolan to his heart.

"I love you, Jolan. Your body is so beautiful, your essence so fulfilling. I love all of you now, every beautiful inch of your body, heart and soul."
Jolan smiled widely, a look of total bliss washing over his face.

Jolan's lips went forward, their softness touching Justin's throat, his tongue licking the moisture from his neck., Justin feeling Jolan's fingers on his chest, both attaching to a hardening nipple.

Jolan's head raised, Justin seeing the flash of yellow brightening in both grey irises.

"Now it's time for your moment of love, my angel of giving passion. Prepare for a moving, soul-opening experience, my love."
Justin saw a look of intense desire flood Jolan's face.

Jolan pushed his lover backward, Justin now on his back, and the man he'd just tasted now laying on top of him.

"You are mine, Justin. No one will ever have the love I am about to give you. You are finally mine. And here, tonight, I am going to taste all of you. The others shall be only moments of youthful passion in your memories. I will be all for you. My love will be all you need."
Justin saw a new look flood the face of his lover, Jolan's face taking on a look of hungering need.

"I need your love, your heat and your body, my Jus."
Jolan's lips went forward, attaching to Justin's moist lips.

Justin felt himself instantly surrendering to a wave of love coming from Jolan's soul, and then he felt a volcano of needful passion erupt from Jolan.

Justin fell immediately under his guiding, loving touch.


For over two hours, Jolan had feasted on Justin's sweat-soaked body.

For the first time in Justin's life, he understood the true meaning of making love.

For the man now with him was his first true lover.

Justin had gasped and screamed out in trembling passion several times, the movements and touches of Jolan's fingers, lips and tongue sending electrifying pulses of desire through Justin's body.

Justin had felt the command in Jolan's slow seduction, the slow pace of his claiming Justin's body so new to Justin.

No one had ever taken the time to show Justin the truth of what lovemaking could really be.

Jolan had slowly explored and tasted every inch of Justin, the man giving in to Jolan's enticing needs.

Justin's body became a part of Jolan, his hands, tongue, lips and Jolan's own body becoming part of him.

And the heated center of Justin's being was where Jolan found his life-giving happiness.

Justin's shaft was long and hard, a phallus of unbelievable beauty for Jolan.

Its taste had sent Jolan's mind reeling.

He'd devoured it, taking all of it deep into his throat, Justin screaming and thrashing under Jolan, the man feeling the intensity of Jolan's needs.

And Jolan had forced the sweet nectar from deep within Justin, its thickness exploding into Jolan's mouth.

Jolan had devoured all of it, its taste sending ripples of longing through him.

And then after Justin's body had stopped its trembling--and his own high of ecstasy had subsidedóJolan's body had moved again on top of Justin's, their eyes staring into each other's.

"Oh God, Jo! That was. . .that was. . ."
Jolan's lips kissed Justin's trembling moist lips, tender soft kisses following, covering his smooth, warm face.

"You are deliciously amazing, my Jus. You are the love of my life."
Justin teared, Jolan's fingers gently rubbing his cheek.

"It's not over yet, my loving Justin  I need to give you something else. Something that you've never known. Something that you've longed for. For you have been lost without me. Now I shall give you all of me."
Justin was in tears, Jolan's beautiful face above him.

In that face Justin saw the beauty of his soulmate.

"I love you, Jo. Please give me all of you."
Jolan leaned forward, his lips kissing Justin deeply, his body moving slowly.

Justin felt Jolan centering him, Justin now on his back, Jolan moving a pillow under Justin's lower back.

Justin felt Jolan's control of the moment, his lover guiding him on the path to his soulmate's love.

Jolan gently kissed him again, his hands opening his legs.

They broke their kiss, Jolan's grey eyes of love looking into his blue orbs of needful passion.

"Do you trust me, Justin? Do you trust me to guide you to my real love?"
"Yes, Jo. I trust you and I love you."
Jolan smiled, tears falling from his grey eyes.

"I need to ready you, my angel. I need to ready you for all of my love."
Justin nodded, Jolan's head moving downward, Jolan gently pushing Justin's legs upwards.

Justin closed his eyes, waiting with bated breath for Jolan to take him.

He suddenly felt a surprising wetness in his center, then something moving into him.

His mind flooded with a new sensation, as he realized what was going on.

Joy filled his soul, and an erupting trembling passion flooded his mind.

Jolan's wet tongue was licking Justin's center, Justin's whole body trembling.

In this most secret of places, Jolan found his greatest need.

His tongue sought out the deliciousness of Justin's moisture.

Jolan devoured Justin's rosebud, his tongue flicking at its center.

Jolan rimmed his lover deeply, Justin gasping and moaning out Jolan's name, his body thrashing on the large bed.

Jolan continued his ministrations, Justin lost in this feeling of bliss and joy.

Jolan had found Justin's greatest need, the man surrendering to his lover.


And then Jolan felt the power of Justin's moaning needs overpower him, and the beast within him stirred.

Jolan moved upward, Justin instantly feeling the loss of the man's tongue in his center.

Justin's eyes focused, a vision of male beauty towering over him, Jolan staring down at him.

Justin stared into two burning yellow eyes, eyes filled with something new.

Justin instantly sensed what it was.

It was Justin's love.

Jolan's soul was filled with Justin's true love.

Jolan's head moved downward, his lips only a movement away from Justin's.

"I love you, Jus. And now I shall fill you with my true love. I live this day forever with you."
Jolan sank downward, Justin feeling the weight of something large sinking into him.

And then his mind exploded.

Instantly, he felt a wave of love flood his soul, the greatness of it threatening to devour him.

And then reality came into his mind, Justin's eyes opening, feeling the heat of the man now connected to him.

Jolan's eyes were filled with tears, his lips kissing Justin's lips.

"We are one, Jus. We are finally one. I love you. I give you my love always."
Justin moved, his lips joining Jolan's, his arms wrapping around the man's back, the two lost in each other's love.

Jolan began to move, the sabre of love inside Justin moving as well.

Jolan's rhythm began.

Long strokes of tenderness turning into thrusting passion.

Justin heard a growling murmur coming from within Jolan's throat, his yellow eyes staring into his soul.

The beast was now running free, its heat burning.

Justin became lost in the beast's giving love.


Joey opened his eyes, hearing the unlocking of the apartment's front door.

He sat up on the couch, the magazine he'd been reading before he'd fallen asleep falling to the floor.

The apartment door opened, Lance slowly walking into the dark room.

Lance flicked on the living room light, Joey's staring face greeting him.

Lance jumped back in shock, stumbling a bit, but catching his balance against the foyer table, dropping his house keys.

"God, Joey! You scared me half to death!" Lance said, Joey folding his arms.

"And where have you been all night? It's after three! I was so worried!" Joey said, looking at his watch.

Lance looked at Joey, having seen at first a worried look across his face, and now a look of immense relief covering it.

"I was. . .with Nate, you knew that." Lance said, leaning down and picking up his keys, putting them and his jacket on the table beside the door.

Joey seemed to relax a bit, his arms still folded, his eyes on Lance's face, and his trembling body.

"Till three in the morning? Isn't that a bit much for a first date? You were gone for over eight hours!"
Lance blushed a little, Joey patting the spot beside him on the couch.
Lance looked at Joey, seeing his loving, protective friendship in full bloom.

Lance walked over slowly, then sat down beside Joey, the man smiling a soft smile at him.

"If you don't want to talk about it, I understand Lance. It's between you and Nathan." Joey said, his hand on Lance's shoulder.

"Thanks, Joe. But I want you to know what happened. You're my best friend."

Joey nodded, remaining silent beside his best friend.

"I am so happy, Joey. Nathan was unbelievable with his passion."
A look of surprise washed over Joey's face, Lance not seeing it, his own thoughts on Nathan.

"What happened, Lance?" Joey said, his words bringing Lance back to reality.

"He was so wonderful, the night was so special." Lance said, his voice opening to all that had happened.

Joey remained silent, letting Lance tell him everything.


Lance smiled at the small table, looking at the man just sitting down in front of him.

Nathan smiled, setting down two cups of espresso, placing one in front of each of them, Lance smiling back at him, Nathan taking his seat.

The two had already had a wonderful dinner, dining at a French restaurant in lower Manhattan.

It had been a near prefect date, the conversation opening and fun.

The two had talked all through dinner, both opening up and telling their life stories.

Lance had learned that Nathan had been an only child, and his parents having died when he was very young.

He'd been raised by an uncle, the man becoming like a second father to him.

When Nathan talked of his uncle, Lance saw the happiness flood his face.

He and his uncle's son had been lifelong friends, Nathan finding a brotherhood he'd never known of in his cousin.

Lance so wanted to meet him and Nathan's uncle.

His inheritance from his parents had been enough to put him through medical school, Nathan realizing all of his dreams.

Lance told Nathan all about his own family, his loving sister and parents.

Lance opened up to him about his very public--as well as his not so public--life.

"You have a large heart of courage, Lance. To openly show your private life to the world is a mark of a courageous man."
Lance smiled, drinking the espresso, Nathan smiling back.

"I was tired of living a double life, Nate. Of not being able to show the world I was happy with the man that I loved."
Nathan nodded, Lance smiling.

"Yes, Reichen. I'm sorry he wasn't the one who could give you that love."
"I'm not, Nate. We learn from our past mistakes, Nate. I'm sure that man is out there somewhere."

Nate smiled, Lance smiling back.
"So have you been dating much since the breakup?"
"I've had a few short-term boyfriends. And a few casual encounters. Such is the life of the gay male." Lance said, smiling.

Nathan's blue eyes were staring into Lance's green.

"Some are searching for something more, Lance. Love, in the right circumstances, can be very real. And even life-changing."

Lance looked at the man, seeing the beauty of his smiling face, and the deep meaning in his spoken words.

"Yes. To have that deep of a love would be wonderful." Lance said, Nathan's hand going in his.

The two then finished their meal, taking a walk along the quiet evening streets.

They now sat in a quaint, street-side bistro, sipping their espresso.

"The fall evenings are becoming cooler. Soon, winter's embrace will destroy these little nooks of heated warmth." Nathan said, looking around.

Lance smiled, listening to his gentle soft voice.

The man was beginning to intrigue Lance.

There seemed to be an underlying sadness about Nathan.

Lance felt that the trauma of his not having a real family was hidden deep within his soul.

The man was becoming very special in Lance's eyes.

They talked again for a while, Lance sensing the evening might lead to something more.

Nathan's blue eyes zoned in on Lance's staring eyes.

"Would you like to come back to my place, Lance? I'd love to spend some time just talking with you. I'd like to know the real Lance."
Lance smiled, nodding his head.

"And I'd like to get to know the real Nate."

Nathan smiled, the two men standing up.


Lance moaned, the man below him feeding his soul.

He hadn't expected this--this instant connection with Nathan.
Lance had felt a change coming over him as he walked to Nathan's apartment with him.

Within moments of them entering Nathan's apartment, the two had become locked in a passionate embrace, Nathan having taken Lance into his arms upon closing the door.

Within a heartbeat, Lance had found himself in Nathan's bed, the two naked, Nathan having removed all of their clothes.

And Lance had felt a tiger awakening in the young beautiful man in his arms.

For the next few hours, Nathan and Lance had become lost in their heated passion, their loving touches igniting their hidden desires.

And Nathan had been almost animalistic in his hunger for Lance to devour him.

Now Lance was above him, his heated shaft again buried deep within Nathan.

"Oh God, Lance. That feels so fantastic! Take me deep!! Oh God, yes!!"

Lance began an intense rhythm, the man feeding his desires.

Lance had never felt so desirous of someone, the man fuelling his needs with his talk and his kisses.

It had almost felt like he was losing control--that some unknown hidden desires within him were taking over.

And Nathan was sucking those desires out of Lance, their passions flowing.

Lance had become an animal himself, taking all that Nathan had to give, the young man letting Lance take him.

They'd made love for hours, collapsing against each other when their passion was finally fulfilled.

Nathan had sobbed towards the end, after Lance had taken him twice, Lance holding him gently in his arms.

"It's alright, Nate. And it was so beautiful. You were so beautiful."

Nathan still cried, Lance stroking his face.

"Forgive me, Lance."
"Forgive you for what?"
Nathan's blue eyes looked into his green eyes of love.

"For wanting you so much."
Lance smiled, the words so beautiful, taking the young man into his arms, Nathan against him.

He didn't see the look in Nathan's tearing blue eyes.

The look of guilt.


Joey looked stunned.

"You slept with him? On the first date??"

Lance blushed a bit, Joey staring at him.

"It just happened, Joe. We both felt an instant connection. He was so caring, so loving all evening, and then we became charged with sexual energy. It felt so wonderful, so familiar. . .almost the same as the last time. I think I'm becoming lost in a deep need for passion. And it felt so good having someone give into my needs."
"The last time?"
Lance looked away from Joey, Joey turning his face back to him.

"What are you talking about, Lance?"

Lance blushed again, Joey waiting.

"There's something you need to know, Joe. Something that I feel I can trust you with. I want you to promise me that you won't tell Justin."

Joey stared into Lance's green eyes of friendship, seeing the love and trusting friendship there.

"Alright, Lance. I won't tell Justin."
Lance lowered his eyes, Joey remaining quiet.

"I slept with Brandon Diablo, Joe. I slept with Justin's friend."

Joey looked surprised, staring with quiet shock at his friend.

Lance stared back at him, seeing Joey's surprised look.

"God, Lance! I didn't even know he's gay!"
"He's bisexual, Joe. The last time he was in New York we ended up in bed together. Please don't tell Justin! I had promised him that I'd look after Brandon, and show him the ropes of the music industry. Justin had trusted me to look after him.  I guess I looked after him a little too well." Lance said, his head lowering, his body trembling a bit.

Joey put his arm around Lance, Lance feeling his friendship.

"I'm not here to judge you, Lance. All I can do is love you. But how do you feel now about them both? Brandon and Nathan. Is it just the sex that you want? Their youthful stamina?"
Lance raised his head again, Joey seeing tears in his eyes.

"Brandon was a mistake, Joe! An unfortunate mistake. I haven't talked with him since. I've felt too guilty. But Nathan, well Nathan I really like."
Joey nodded, feeling a tremble run through Lance.

"Are you alright, Lance?"
"I suddenly feel so weak, so tired. I guess I was too intense tonight. I'm not as young as I once was." Lance said, blushing more.

Joey blushed, helping his friend stand up, Lance staggering a bit.

"You need sleep, Lancy. Let me help you to your room." Joey said, his arm going around his friend.

Lance let Joey guide him to his room, Joey pulling down his friend's blankets on his bed, Lance pulling off his shirt when he sat down on the bed.

Joey looked at his friend, a troubled look crossing Joey's face.

"I feel so tired, Joe. I can't even take the rest of my clothes off." Lance said, Joey gently pushing him back, Lance falling onto the bed.

Joey removed Lance's pants and socks, the man lying before him in his boxers.

Joey glanced over Lance's toned body, seeing his friend now asleep.

Joey smelled the aroma of sweat and something more off his friend.

"You need a shower, Lance. First thing in the morning." Joey said, pulling the covers over his friend.

Joey sat down in a chair beside the bed, his hands going together.

Something bothered him about the look on Lance's face when he first came into the apartment, and his later physical reactions.

Joey leaned forward, sniffing Lance's skin, then feeling his face and neck.

Joey leaned back, his finger tapping his chin.

To Joey, it looked and smelled like his friend had been drugged.


Justin awoke, finding himself alone in the large king size bed.

His body lay covered by the blankets, Justin smiling, seeing that Jolan's caring soul had covered him against the night's coolness.

Justin stretched, his body feeling the lingering sensations of Jolan's lovemaking.

He softly moaned, remembering every touch from his lover's caring hands.

And the heat of his passion still filled his soul.

Justin smiled, slowly climbing out of bed.

He looked at his watch, reading two-thirty.

He walked into the bathroom, not finding Jolan there, then walked out of the bedroom, seeing a flickering light in the living room.

Justin walked into the room, seeing no lights lit, only the flames from the fireplace lighting the room.

He stared at a vision of beauty before him.

Jolan sat on the couch staring forward into the flames.

His body was naked, all his beauty reflecting in the light of the sparking flames.

Jolan's eyes turned, staring at the vision standing before him.

Justin stood naked before him, his beautiful body seemingly so smooth in the firelight.

"I couldn't sleep, my  love." Jolan softly said, Justin walked over to him, sitting down beside him, Jolan moving into his arms.

"Everything okay, my love?" Justin said, his eyes scanning his lover's beauty.

"You snore, my love. And you're a dead sleeper."
Justin blushed, Jolan kissing his lips, no worry felt in Jolan's words, his love filling Justin's heart.

"I saw my angel had snuggled me in the warmth of the blankets." Justin said, Jolan snuggling against the warmth of Justin's skin.

"I didn't want you to get cold, my love."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's forehead, his head lying against his heart.

"Thank you, Justin."
"For what, my love?"
"For all you gave me tonight. For your body, your soul and your love."
Justin teared up, Jolan's grey eyes looking up at him.

"I love you, Jus."

Justin smiled, Jolan softly kissing his lips.

"Come back to bed, my love. Let's get some sleep."

Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, a smile crossing his face.

"I've been thinking about what happened tonight, Jus. About what you've given me."
Justin nodded, remaining quiet, sensing Jolan had been wrestling with something in his mind.

"You gave me everything, Jus. You didn't hold any part of yourself back from me. I feel your love and all of you in my soul."
Justin smiled, hearing the tenderness of what Jolan was saying.

"It got me thinking about the one part of me I was afraid of giving to you." Jolan said, Justin's arms tightening around him.

"Jolan, my love. We've talked on this. When you're ready to go that final step, I shall love you as you need me."
Jolan teared up, Justin kissing his soft lips.

"You gave me all of you, Jus. You let me make love to you, to give you my love totally. And it was the most moving experience I've ever felt."
Justin teared up, remembering the intensity and passion of that moment.

"It was very moving for me as well, Jo.  I felt a deep connection with you, my mind exploding with your love, and it was so overpowering."
Jolan moved, taking Justin now into his arms, his warm body against his.

Jolan felt the deepness of what he'd given Justin.
Something perhaps he'd never had before.

Total true love.

"I feel your love deep inside me, Jo. You're a part of me now." Justin said, his eyes wet with happiness.

Jolan smiled, looking into the two blue pools of heaven staring back at him.

Jolan stood up, Justin looking up at him.

"Let's go back to our bed, my angel." Jolan said, extending his hand, Justin taking it.

The two wrapped their arms around each other, walking back into their bedroom, climbing into bed.

Jolan lay back, Justin snuggling against him, their naked bodies warming each other.

Justin settled down, Jolan staring into the darkness.

Justin remained silent, sensing Jolan needed silence.

"I'm ready, Jus. I need all of you."
Justin's head lifted up, Jolan pulling him downward, their lips meeting.

The kiss was deep, sensual and erotic.

Justin broke the kiss, looking into his lover's grey shining eyes.

"Are you sure, my love?"

Jolan's fingers went along his cheekbone, another soft kiss touching his lips.

"Yes, Jus. Your love will destroy all of my forgotten pain. It's time we were together in all ways. I need you. . .Jumpy. . .so much!"

Justin was in tears, hearing the love and the need in Jolan's trembling voice.

"Turn the light on, Jus. I need to see that it's you. That's it's really you."

Justin moved, reaching across Jolan's body, flicking on the light, the room flooding with brightness.

Justin remained on top of Jolan, Jolan's arms wrapping around his back.

"Take me to that place, Jus. Your patient, loving touch will guide me there. Please love me."

Justin felt the total acceptance in Jolan's voice, the acceptance of his need for Justin's love.

And Justin knew he'd be gentle, loving and patient.
It was what Jolan deserved.

Their lips met again, Jolan becoming lost in the softness of Justin's desires, the gentle touch of his fingers as they lowered, gently moving Jolan's legs upward.

Jolan felt Justin's fingers gently rubbing his center, loosening his desires.

"Please, Jus. I need you to love me!"

Justin kissed his neck, licking his sweaty skin, gentle kisses left all over his neck and face.

Justin felt Jolan's readiness.

Justin's body moved, his hand gently guiding him to his position.

Jolan's eyes opened, staring into Justin's blue orbs, the vision of his lover above him sinking into his soul.

"I love you, Jolan."

Jolan gasped, feeling Justin's downward movement.

And then he felt silence.

Jolan froze, feeling nothing.

And then the world around him exploded.

He was swept away on a wave of love that totally surrounded him.

And before him he saw a face of unbelievable beauty, two piercing blue eyes of love staring at him.

He focused, looking into Justin's tearing face.

His own face was wet with tears, Justin's lips gently brushing his.

"Oh God, Jumpy! The feeling of your love! It's incredible! Don't stop. . .please. . .don't stop!"
Justin wasn't stopping, he was awash in the love as greatly as Jolan.

Both men felt the bond of life connecting them.

The bond of singular love.

Justin's shaft was now buried deep within Jolan, and it was their connecting rod of love.

Justin looked into Jolan's grey, silvery eyes.

They were filled with love, Jolan pulling the man against him.

"Don't stop, oh God Jus, don't stop!"

Justin continued his rhythm, lost in the intensity of the charge of love flowing through him, feeling a deep connection to Jolan.

And in his own body, he felt the growing tide of lust, the trembling orgasm building deep within him.

He knew he wouldn't be able to hold on long, Jolan's need was sucking the love right out of him.

And he was giving it freely, wanting nothing more than to fill Jolan's need.

"Oh God, Jolly! I'm close. . .I'm so. . .Oooh!"

Justin let go, his orgasm taking over his body, Jolan erupting at the same moment, both lost in the tide of love flowing out of them.

They both gasped, Justin falling down on top of Jolan, Jolan's arm wrapping around him, a deep sob issuing from his throat.

Justin felt a loudness in that emotional gasp, and a heavenly vibration run through Jolan's body under him.

Jolan's eyes were closed, his face looking serene and calm.

Justin pulled out, moving his body gently, laying now beside Jolan, his arms going around him.

Jolan opened his eyes, Justin staring into his lustrous eyes.

Justin stared in disbelief, so glad the lights had remained on.

"Jolan. . .your eyes. . .they're blue!"

Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, pulling his head gently to him, kissing him tenderly.

"Your love is mirrored in my soul, Jumpy. The blueness of your true loving eyes. I have captured all of your love."

Justin teared up, looking into his lover's staring eyes.

They slowly softened, their usual grey now showing.

Jolan smiled, looking into the beautiful face of his lover.

"The hidden pain is gone, Jus. You've destroyed my fears. I love you so much."
Justin kissed him, Jolan's body moving, his lover snuggling against him, his head now lying on his chest, an arm wrapped around his waist.

Justin kissed Jolan's forehead, the two quieting down, sleep softly overtaking them.

"I love you, Jolan." Justin said, his voice trembling.

Jolan smiled, snuggling against his saviour.



End of Chapter 37


And so the love between our two main characters is now cemented.

Jolan and Justin are one, in all ways.

Their passions have ignited, their souls filled with each other's open love.

Forward they go on their path.


What is Joey worried about?
What's wrong with Lance?
Is Nathan genuine is his feelings for Lance, or is he just using him?

Will Joey and Justin stand for someone hurting Lance?


Up next: The love flows forward.

And a discovery is made.



Hugs, Angel.