Jolan's Path - Chapter 38

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 38


Justin awoke, feeling Jolan's warm body against him, his eyes focusing.

He looked downward, seeing Jolan's head laying on his chest, his lips against Justin's right nipple.

He looked towards the window, seeing the dawning of a new day.

Justin sighed, moving a bit, feeling Jolan's arm tighten around him.

Justin smiled, feeling the warmth of the naked man against him.

He lay still, his mind going through all that had happened the night before.

The seductive beauty of his lover's touch.

How Jolan had made love to him in a way Justin had never experienced.

In an unbelievable way he had never dreamed existed.

Justin's mind went over all the many lovers he'd had throughout his young life, most of them female.

He'd had a couple of male encounters, brief moments of uncertain lust.

He remembered the dancer from his tour who'd given him oral sex.

And the ardent fan he'd met at a bar after an NSync concert, Justin spending a few hours at his place, the young man letting him top him..

He'd never gone farther with either, too afraid of what it might do to his career.

Even his loving Lance had been so different than Jolan.

There had been an awkward tenderness between him and Lance, Justin more needful of the sex, being so young.

Yes, all his encounters had been different from what he'd experienced last night.

And Justin smiled, finally realizing why.

Because last night's moments of intense passion had been wrapped in Jolan's  love.

Justin teared, realizing that he'd finally experienced real lovemaking, not passionate sex.

For that's what most of his young life had involved.

Moments of passionate sex, without a deep, true love surrounding it.

He teared up, Jolan's body moving a bit, Jolan pulling Justin tightly against him.

Justin lay still, sensing Jolan had felt his emotions.

Were they now that in tune?

Justin lay silent, his eyes scanning over the man's beautiful face, and his naked back.

Justin smiled, his tearing eyes looking upon a vision of beauty.

And Justin realized that he was totally his.

Last night, Jolan had given Justin everything, Justin's love guiding him to do it.

Justin smiled, leaning downward and kissing Jolan's forehead.

He sighed, remembering Jolan's own passion.

How he'd taken charge, and the trembling erotic way his lover had ignited Justin's soul.

Yes, his beautiful lover Jolan.

His Jolan.

Justin smiled, a tear running down his cheek.

He felt in his soul that the rest of his life would be a path of utter beauty and passionate happiness.

Justin's eyes moved downward upon feeling Jolan moving.

Jolan's head moved, as did his body.

Jolan moved slowly, now laying flat on his back beside Justin.

Justin looked over at him, seeing a troubled look cross Jolan's face.

Jolan's lips were trembling, and Justin saw the tremble now going through his body.

Justin sensed his lover was deep within a dream.

And Justin immediately sensed that Jolan was troubled.


Jolan found himself walking through a thick forest, a wide path ahead of him winding through the trees.

He looked up, seeing the brightness of the sky around him.

He took it to be midday, the sky alive with sunshine.

He knew not where he was, feeling a coolness in the air around him.

He followed the path forward, the trail gradually rising.

Up ahead, he saw the path cresting over a hill, Jolan's pace quickening.

He reached the crest, staring all around him.

Before him lay a valley, a tree-covered expanse of wilderness.

His eyes scanned outward, seeing a large lake at the end of the valley.

But what surprised Jolan was what was on the other side of the expanse of water.

A large, flat expanse of land ran from the lake, opening up to the base of a massive mountain.

His eyes scanned up the mountain, its peak rising upward into the clouded heavens.

Jolan watched a beam of sunlight break through that thick cloud cover, its ray sliding along the mountain's face.

Jolan's eyes watched the beam move downward, finally stopping on a sight that widened Jolan's eyes.

Deeply cut in the side of the mountain stood a stone monument to man's resourcefulness.

Jolan took it to be some kind of palace, its stone buildings and sculptures looking very beautiful--and very old--in the shining sunlight.

Jolan sensed in his heart that this was the place of Snow and Truth, the hidden center of the Sumsarian dynasty.

The place wherein somewhere deep inside lay the Sumsarian treasure

But, why was he here?
Why had his dreams taken him to a place where he'd one day have to go?

To a place he'd never been before?

What was the point?

"I feel many questions flooding your mind, Jolan."

Jolan turned on hearing the voice, his eyes focusing on a man standing beside a large tree.

Jolan's eyes took in his stunning, beautiful, masculine features.

Jolan guessed him to be around twenty-five, tall and muscular.

And his grey eyes were shining beacons of silver liquid.

"Who are you?" Jolan asked, a sense of familiarity awash in his handsome face.

"I am a Sentinel of the Sanctuary, Jolan." the man said, looking towards the sunlit side of the mountain.

"Why do you guard it? Is there danger around?" Jolan said, looking around the area before him.

"There is always danger, Jolan. You must strengthen your heart to that fact."

"You know me?"
The man smiled, remaining where he was.

"Yes, Jolan. I know you. You bear a striking resemblance to your father. A man of exceptional beauty. But the greatest beauty within him is his heart."

Jolan teared up on hearing those words.

"You know my father? Do you know where he is?"

The man looked out into the sunlight, Jolan seeing a tear upon his cheek.

"Yes, Jolan. I know your father. As I know you. My family has my love."
Jolan stared, looking into the now staring silvery eyes looking directly at him.

"Grandfather Vilos?"

The man smiled, that look making his face radiate love.

"Calen said you were intelligent."

Jolan was in tears, walking forward, the man raising his hand.

"I would give my eternal happiness to hold you in my arms, my grandson. To sink into your love would enrich my heart. But we cannot touch. It is forbidden."

Jolan stopped, looking at the smiling face before him.

"Forbidden? By whom? What is going on here, Grandfather?"

"As I said, my grandson, I am one of the Sentinels. This destiny was asked of me upon my death. To guard this wondrous place until the time of Snow and Truth. This place is called Bolta Cerului."
"What does that name mean?"
The man smiled, looking at his grandson.

"The Roof of Heaven."

Jolan nodded, looking at the palace across the valley.

"Within its walls lays the truth in all of this. The Sumsarian Treasure lays within the world's dawning grasp, only waiting for the Sun Child to reveal it. And for you to reveal the Dragosan truth."
"The Dragosan truth?"
Vilos nodded, looking into the sunlight.

"Yes, my grandson. The truth of all of this."

Jolan looked at his grandfather, one question burning in his mind.

"Where is my father and mother? What has happened to your son?"

Vilos looked at Jolan, feeling the emotional tremble in his soul.

"That shall be revealed further down the path, Jolan. Joelius is lost from my eyes, as he is from all who seek him. I long to see his smiling face again. His love was so beautiful."
Jolan felt a sadness wash over Vilos' continence.

"I miss him too, Grandfather."
Vilos nodded, smiling at his grandson.

"You fill his heart with joy, Jolan. As does your sister Jennica. You both have in you the sunshine of Bolta Cerului. The dawning light of love."
"I feel you in the ring I wear, Grandfather. And I feel my father."
Vilos nodded, looking at the ring on Jolan's finger.

"My rings of love. My four sons connecting with my love."

Jolan nodded, looking with love at the man he'd never known, his loving grandfather.

He saw that Simus had been correct in stating that his father's love was so overpowering.

Jolan could feel his grandfather's love sinking into his soul.

"Last night was a changing time for you, Jolan. Your lover's soul is now with you. A greater love I've never seen except that of my own love."

Jolan smiled, hearing the love in his grandfather's voice for Jolan's grandmother.

"Lava Mora? My grandmother. How is she?"
Vilos smiled, looking towards the mountain.

"See for yourself, Jolan. She has things in hand." Vilos said, pointing forward towards the lake.


Jolan's eyes scanned downward, seeing a movement on the edge of the lake.

He stared in shocked horror at what his eyes now looked upon.

On the shore of the valley side of the lake stood a large rock, a woman of flowing majesty standing upon it.

Her long black hair blew in the soft breeze blowing across the water.

Her body was sparsely covered, her beauty intoxicating.

Vilos' grey eyes took in the vision of his loving wife.

What shocked Jolan was what surrounded her.

She was encircled in a ring of monstrous apparitions.

To Jolan they looked like walking corpses.

Their faces were scarred and bloodied, their bodies covered in rags.

Jolan was instantly terrified for her, seeing her unarmed and totally vulnerable.

"We must help her!" Jolan gasped, his grandfather unmoving.

"Watch the truth of your lineage, Jolan. Watch the strength of what you are."

Jolan turned back, staring downward at his grandmother's perilous situation.

Lava Mora stood on the rock, her eyes scanning all around her.

She smiled to herself, her yellow eyes softly glowing.

"That's it my friends, encircle me and walk unto death." she softly said, the creatures' faces changing into masks of anger.
The monstrosities around her growled and leered, Lava Mora zoning into herself.

The creatures suddenly lunged forward, a circle of death charging her.

Jolan, standing above her, watched her body change instantly.

Her skin seemed to stretch, her body seemingly expanding.

Coarse black hair erupted all over her, her face elongating, Jolan standing in awed silence.

He'd heard of Calen's talking of this transformation, the truth of it finally sinking into his soul.

Before him the former Queen of the Romaragi was showing her bestial self.

Before Jolan's eyes his grandmother became a Badenwolf.

The creatures surrounding her stopped in shocked realization, the beast now standing upon the rock roaring to life.

A loud fierce howl escaped her lips, the creatures shrinking in fright.

Lava Mora leapt into them, her fang-filled jaws ripping into the closest throat.

Jolan and Vilos stood in silence, Lava Mora attacking all of them.

One by one she was on them, each ripped apart by the beast overpowering them.

Several took to their heels, in attempts to flee the carnage.

Lava Mora took after them, bringing death to all of them.

Jolan stood in stunned silence seeing his grandmother destroy all of those horrific creatures.

Jolan's head lowered, the truth of his heritage burning into his soul.

"Are they the monsters, or are we?" Jolan softly said, turning to look at his grandfather.

Vilos turned, looking into his grandson's eyes.

"They are magical creations of the Fangoros evil, Jolan. Their once mortal hearts given over to evil. Sent here by Lord Greymount to destroy the Sumsarian heart. We stand here as its sentinels, stopping that evil magic from reaching that sacred place. It is our destiny."
Jolan looked downward, seeing his grandmother gone.

He heard a noise to his left, turning towards it.

She stood only a few feet away from him, Jolan staring into his grandmother's piercing golden eyes.

"Hello, my grandson." she said, Jolan staring at her now returned beautiful face.

No Badenwolf stood beside him, only his beautiful grandmother.

He saw in that face a look of immense love.

"Hello. . .my grandmother." he softly said, Lava Mora looking at him.

"Hello, our Joelius' loving son. My heart soars upon seeing your beautiful face, the face of your father. My loving Joel."

Jolan smiled a small smile, looking down again upon the carnage on the lake's shore.

Lava Mora saw the confused revulsion on his young face, and the turmoil in his furrowed brow.

"I will not apologize for what you have just seen, Jolan. I use my Badenwolf heritage to stop what must be stopped. I am a beast maiden of the Romaragi. And those creatures are evil incarnate."

Jolan looked at each of his two grandparents surrounding him, feeling their love surrounding him as well.

His eyes fell upon his grandmother's now smiling face.

"You are my Joel's son. I see his beauty in your eyes." she said, Jolan tearing up.

"I need my father so much. I need my mother as well." he teared up, both of his grandparents looking at him with deep compassion and love.

Vilos' eyes met his wife's, the woman standing before him now as a mother, seeing a child hurting.

Her loving eyes searched into his, Vilos seeing the beauty of her soul.

He nodded, Lava Mora walking forward, stopping only inches away from Jolan, her presence sinking into his mind..

He felt a rush of love flood his soul, his grandmother's love even more overpowering than his grandfather's.

"Take heart, my loving child. Go back to he who can fill your loss. His love will fill your heart." she said, Jolan sensing that his time here was almost at an end.

"Can I come back here, can I see you again?" he said, trembling.

Both smiled at him, Lava Mora moving.

"We walk our paths as we must, Jolan. Our love is in you. As is so much more. We shall meet again, my grandson." Vilos said, Lava Mora walking around Jolan and uniting with her husband, Vilos' arm going around her.

Jolan felt himself fading away, seeing before him his loving grandparents together.

"I love both of you." he said, both smiling at him, the light darkening..

"Follow your heart, Jolan. As your father did." Lava Mora said, Jolan swallowed into darkness.


Jolan rose upwards in bed, Justin looking at him with concern.

"Are you alright, Jo? Was it a bad dream?" he said, his arm going around his Jolan.

Justin's eyes looked into Jolan's grey orbs, seeing a sadness and loss in those beautiful eyes.

"I love you so much, Jus!" he said, a sob escaping his soul, Justin pulling him close.

Justin held his lover tight, Jolan crying into his naked chest, Justin's hand rubbing his back.

Justin wasn't sure what had made Jolan so emotional, his only recourse was to hold him in his loving arms.

Justin held him tightly for a few minutes, Jolan gradually calming down.

Jolan raised his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"I love you just as much, Jolan." Justin said, his voice filled with love.

Jolan smiled, hearing what he needed to hear from the man holding him.

"I'll love you forever, Jus. Last night. . .I. . .I felt so complete. I need that love. I need you!"

Justin smiled, leaning forward, their lips meeting.

"You have me, Jo. I'm yours."

Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's lips again.

"Everything okay, Jo? I take it you were dreaming of something?"
Jolan looked into Justin's eyes, his body sinking against him, Justin's arms tightening around him.

Jolan began to talk, telling Justin all of what he'd dreamed of.

Justin's eyes widened upon hearing Jolan's description of Lava Mora's transformation and her overpowering strength, and even greater love.

"Why would you dream of a place unknown to you, Jo?"

"I'm not sure it was a dream, Jus. I think it was something more. Like a vision or something."

Justin nodded, Jolan looking into his blue loving, caring eyes.

"My grandparents, Jus. I saw my grandparents. They're still out there. Their spirits are alive around me."

Justin smiled, seeing the love crossing Jolan's face.

"And I feel in my heart it may mean that my parents are as well. I won't give up on them, Jus. Not until I know the truth."
Justin smiled, Jolan pulling him against him, the two holding each other close.

Justin felt something else bothering Jolan about the vision, Justin's hand touching his cheek.

"Out with it, my love. What troubles you?"

Jolan broke his hold on Justin, Justin watching as the young man climbed out of bed quietly, Justin looking at his revealed nakedness.

Jolan's beautiful form crossed the room slowly, standing now in front of the bedroom window, Jolan looking out on the dawning day.

Justin stared at his lover's exposed beauty, his smooth skin sending a rush of love and desire through Justin's soul.

Justin rose out of the bed as well, foregoing any clothing, walking to the window and wrapping his arms around Jolan.

Jolan sank into Justin's body, feeling the nakedness and warmth behind him.

"You're picking up on my thoughts and moods, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's neck.

"I guess we've truly connected in all ways." Justin said, Jolan turning to look into his face.

"Talk to me, love. Share all of your troubled doubts with me." he said, Jolan seeing the love in his lover's blue eyes.

"I saw the truth of my heritage, Jus! I saw the monster that lays within me. I saw my grandmother's transformation! That same beast lays within me!" he said, Justin pulling him close.

"What if that beast comes out?! What if that beast hurts you??!" Jolan said, tears falling from his face.

Justin's hand went up to his face, brushing the tears off his cheek, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"What if that beast has already surfaced? What if. . .what if I. . .my parents. . .oh God, Jus.. .what if I've hurt them??!!!" Jolan sobbed, Justin pulling him against him, Jolan crying again into his chest.

Justin held him for a while, Jolan's emotions finally coming under control.

"You've forgotten one thing, Jo."
Jolan's head raised from Justin's chest, looking into his blue eyes.

"What was the last thing you saw in the dream, Jo?"

Jolan thought for only a moment, answering Justin immediately.

"I saw my grandparents together, their arms wrapped around each other. They seemed so in love."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's moist lips.

"Yes, Jolan. You saw their joined love. Their love for each other. Simus had told us that Vilos and Lava Mora were together for over six hundred years. Six hundred years, Jo. And they still show their love for each other. That means that in all that time--and the time since then--they have remained loving and true to each other. And I'm sure in all that length of time your grandmother showed her Romaragi soul many times. I don't think she ever attacked your grandfather. His love--and her love for him--remained true. To me, that means that a Romaragi soul protects those that it loves. Just like everyone in love does. For me, that means that you will never hurt me, or any of your family, your parents included. I will never fear you, my love. I will always only love you."

Jolan stared at Justin, listening to everything he'd said, the words sinking into his consciousness.

Jolan thought that perhaps Justin had clued into something.

"Perhaps you're right, Jus. Perhaps the love remains when the beast reveals itself. My grandfather didn't seemed phased at all by my grandmother's transformation."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling a small smile back at him.

"There ya go! His love for her was unchanged. As I believe was hers."

Jolan nodded, looking at his lover.

"Thanks, Justin. For putting it into perspective for me. It feels a little less troubling. Their love was unbelievable. I felt it in my soul."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"And what about our love, my Jo?"

Jolan's face changed into a wide smile, Justin lost in its youthful beauty.

"Our love is beyond unbelievable." Jolan said, leaning in and kissing Justin again, his arms wrapping around the man in front of him.

Their bodies connected, their centers against each other.

Both men felt the desires flooding their lover's body, their centers heightening.

Jolan broke the connection, taking Justin's hand in his.

"I need you again, my love. Take me to your center of love."

Justin smiled, Jolan pulling his lover towards their bed.


Two hours later the lovers stood together under a warm wet stream of water, their arms around each other, both gently washing the other's smooth skin.

They'd made love again, both feeling the ignited desires of the other, both satisfying their own needful desires.

Justin felt Jolan's calmed soul was back, the earlier trauma forgotten for now, Jolan lost in his tender washing of Justin's muscular chest.

"Step back, Jolan. I want to look at you." Justin said, Jolan looking confused, stepping back against the shower's wall.

Jolan stood still, watching Justin's eyes roam all up and down his body.

Justin took in every inch of Jolan's physique, it now revealed in the brightness of the bathroom's lights.

Justin eyes saw the beauty of his smooth torso, the defined abs, the slender hips, the strong muscular tight legs.

His eyes focused on the shaft hanging downward in Jolan's center.

Jolan's cock was long and slim, hanging between two beautiful rounded balls.

Justin remembered the feel of its hardness, and the surprising largeness of its length and girth when aroused.

His eyes scanned upwards, seeing the perfectly formed abs, and the small pink nipples, on his smooth chest.

Justin's eyes moved to the left taking in the uniqueness the sunrise tattoo.

His eyes looked higher, taking in the beauty of Jolan's face.

Justin saw both cheeks were flushed with redness, Justin's inspection making Jolan blush slightly.

"You are so beautiful, Jolan. So totally breathtaking."

Jolan's face changed into a wide smile, Justin seeing Jolan's happiness now.

His happiness at Justin finding him beautiful.

"I love you, Jolan. No one can hold a candle to your beauty, and your love."
Jolan teared up, Justin moving forward, kissing him deeply, the water cascading down his back.

They kissed a deep kiss of love, Jolan's lips parting from his, his tongue licking their moisture, savouring the last touch of his man.

"Now let me have a look at the great Justin Timberlake."

Justin smiled, Jolan backing up under the shower head, Justin standing alone against the shower wall.

Jolan's eyes took in the beauty standing before him.

His eyes scanned the smoothness and muscularity of Justin's upper torso, his eyes looking at the beauty of the Adonis in front of him.

His eyes took in every inch of the man's stunning beauty.

His smooth chest, beautiful nipples surrounded by darkness, his tight abs, leading downwards to a heavy set center.

Justin's cock was thick, and hanging downwards.

It wasn't as long as Jolan's, but it was large nonetheless.

Jolan's lips tightened, remembering the taste of that delicious organ.

Justin's legs were muscular, tight and strong.

Jolan took in all the tattoos on Justin's body, each sending a rush of heightened love through Jolan.

"Turn around, my Jus."
Justin smiled, turning and facing the shower wall.

Jolan's eyes fell upon the beauty of Justin's ass.

Its twin smooth globes were bubbly, tight and firm.

As were his muscular back and midsection.

Jolan moved forward, his arms wrapping around the wet skin of the man he now loved.

Justin sighed, Jolan's lips on his earlobe.

"I love you, Jumpy. You are so beautiful." Jolan said, Justin's eyes tearing, Jolan's hands rubbing his center.

"Mmmm, my angel. Show me how much."
Jolan smiled, turning his man around, their eyes meeting.

"Love is a drink I shall never tire of. I thirst for yours always." Jolan said, his body lowering.

Justin gasped, feeling Jolan's mouth encircle his cock.

Its thickness lengthened, its hardness springing upwards.

Justin moaned, Jolan deep-throating the treasure before him.

Justin became lost in the senses flying through his body.

Jolan's hands were between Justin's legs, touching his center, Justin bucking against the wall.

Justin's hands went to Jolan's shoulders, the intensity of Jolan's touches making his legs tremble.

Within moments Justin felt the surge of his orgasm begin, unable to stop what was coming.

Justin screamed when the tide surged, Jolan sinking all of Justin's shaft deep into his throat.

Justin erupted, his fluid filling Jolan's mouth, Jolan drinking in all of Justin's offered love.

A moment later Justin felt the heat of Jolan's orgasm hitting his calve, the liquid warm against his wet skin.

Both men clung to each other, Jolan slowly rising, their lips meeting in a kiss of relished love.

"Mmm, the best, my love." Justin moaned, Jolan's hands on his hips.

"That you are, Jumpy. That you are. "
Justin smiled, the two kissing deeply, their love and hearts strong.

"We need to get going, my love. I told Jennie we'd be home around ten. My appointment with Nathan is this afternoon at the hospital."

Justin nodded, both quickly washing each other down, gentle kisses exchanged, the afterglow of their love sinking into their souls.


An hour later saw the two men walking off the elevator, walking towards the front desk.

Jolan saw the image of Justin Timberlake walking in front of him again, this time Jolan's mind calm and relaxed.

The man walking in public was an image, a facade of necessity for Justin.

For Jolan, the man he'd held upstairs was his life.

Jolan smiled, his heart accepting the truth in that fact.

Justin walked to the desk, Jolan seeing James standing again behind it.

"Leaving so soon, Mr. Timberlake? How did you find your stay? I hope everything was satisfactory?" James said, smiling that smile again at Justin.

"The accommodations were excellent, as was the food. And the company was fantastic." Justin said, his eyes looking towards Jolan, Justin seeing a large smile on his face.

James took in that beautiful smile on Jolan's face as well, a look of longing crossing the clerk's face.

Justin's eye met his, James blushing, averting his gaze.

"I hope you and your friend will stay with us again, Mr. Timberlake." James said, getting Justin's signature on a couple of forms, Justin handing back the room card.

"Justin and I are sure to come again, James. It was so amazing." Jolan said, his voice soft and meaningful, his grey eyes staring at the young clerk.

Justin held in a smile at the play on words Jolan had said, and what was implied with such a statement.

James stood in silent shock, still staring at Jolan, lost in his grey beautiful eyes.

"Giving respect earns respect, James. As does love." Jolan said, the two men smiling at James, then turning and walking out of the hotel.

Justin erupted into laughter once they'd walked through the hotel doorway, Jolan smiling at him.

"Think he took the hint?" Jolan said, Jolan now laughing.

"I think he may have had an accident in his pants." Justin laughed, Jolan looking around, smiling and quietly watching the staring people.

The doorman smiled at both men, seeing two friends having a joined laugh.

"Thank you for choosing our hotel again, Mr. Timberlake. I'll hail you a cab." the man said, Justin nodding and still chuckling, Jolan smiling at him.

Justin patted his shoulder, Jolan smiling at him still.

"Don't ever change, Jo. That was priceless! As was your last meaningful words to him."

Jolan winked privately at him, the doorman opening the stopped taxi's door.

The two men laughed, jumping into the taxi.


Twenty minutes later, the duo of love walked into the condo, hand in hand.

Jolan was assailed by a rushing bundle of happiness, his sister knocking him down, having flown towards the opening door.

Justin smiled widely, seeing the siblings giggling on the floor in front of him.

"Hi ya, Jolly!! Have fun?" she giggled, Jolan smiling as she kissed his cheek, his arms wrapped around the energetic bundle of joy laying on top of him.

The women had walked out of the kitchen, four faces smiling widely, Lynn smiling at her son, Justin smiling back at his mother.

Lynn saw the joy and happiness spread across her son's face.

She hadn't seen that face in a long time.

She sensed what that meant in her heart.

"I had lots of fun, Jennie. As did Justin!" Jolan smiled, looking up at Justin, his lover smiling back.

Jennie eyes moved between the two, a wide smile crossing her face.

"Good! My idea worked! I feel the love!" she said, getting up, hugging Justin tightly, kissing his cheek.

She smiled at both men, then walked over and sat down on the couch, Jolan smiling at her, Justin giving him his hand to help him up.

Lynn and the other three women were staring at the young girl, Jolan seeing a concerned look cross all their faces.

"Let's play some cards, kiddo!" Cindy said, sitting down beside her, Jennie smiling at her, nodding.

"There's coffee and some breakfast if you're hungry." Rachel said, smiling at Justin.

"Thanks, Nibbles. That would hit the spot. Come on, Jo. Let's get some nourishment."

Jolan smiled, Justin winking at him, the two walking into the kitchen, following the other three women.

Daphne picked up the coffee pot, Justin and Jolan sitting down together at the table.

Rachel sat down, Daphne smiling at her as she poured both men a cup of coffee.

Lynn looked at her son, and then at Jolan.

Jolan smiled at her, Lynn smiling back.

"No words need saying. I see the love has increased."
Justin and Jolan both smiled, Lynn kissing both of their cheeks, sitting down beside her son.

Justin began to fill his plate with bacon and eggs, his eyes looking at Jolan.

He saw a look on Jolan's face, Justin looking around at the other three.

"Alright, would someone please tell me what's wrong?" Jolan said, his voice calm and determined.

Rachel and Daphne exchanged looks, Lynn staring at Jolan.

"Jennie had a bad dream last night, Jolan." Daphne said, her hand going on top of Jolan's.

Jolan's face changed, his eyes looking towards the kitchen doorway.

"Tell me what happened." he said, his voice still calm.

"It was a fun night, we all had a lot of fun. She was so happy all night. We had a camp out in the living room, all four of us sleeping together." Rachel said, Justin smiling as that scene came to life in his mind.

"Trace and Dominoso left around ten, we all settling down, Jennie sleeping beside me. Around one o'clock she woke up screaming." Lynn said, Jolan seeing the tears threatening to fall, Justin sensing it must have been a traumatic nightmare.

"It instantly woke all of us up, Jennie in Lynn's arms immediately." Rachel said, tears now showing in her blue eyes.

Jolan nodded, Justin's hand going in his, Jolan feeling Justin's love.

"It took over an hour for her to calm down, and then she told us everything, Jolan." Lynn said, getting up from her seat and sitting down beside him.

"Everything?" he softly said, Justin feeling the tide about to crest inside Jolan, hidden behind the calmness.

"I think she felt she could talk to us, because of what we now represent to her. The bond of sisterhood." Rachel said, Justin smiling at her.

"She told us everything that monster Miguel did to her, Jolan. How he beat the life out of her. And how he took her innocence. And the disgusting, horrific things he did to that child." Lynn said, her voice filled with emotion, her hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan's eyes began to fill with tears, Justin seeing what now was coming to the surface.

Jolan's heartache at not stopping what had happened to his sister.

"Why couldn't she talk to me about it? I love her so much! I want to wash away all that pain in her mind and heart! That pain that I wasn't there to stop!" he said, his voice now changing.

Lynn kissed Jolan's cheek, Justin seeing her tenderness to what she saw going on in Jolan's mind.

"Because to her you're her big brother Jolly. The man who rescued her from that nightmare. The strong, shining knight on the fiery steed who swept in and took her away from all that pain. She feels that to tell you of it would make her seem less of a person in your eyes. A child of lost innocence. She's very volatile, Jolan. She needs so much love, so much joy in her life. I see now you giving her that love, and you as well Justin. For once in her life, she's seen and felt happiness. It's going to be a long battle with her, Jolan. There are a lot of hidden issues buried deep within that child. Last night we saw the dawning of strong, loving, young woman coming forth. She's stronger than you think she is, Jolan. She seemed so calm when she talked to us. It's as if she's come to terms with her life, and what's happened. But still, deep within that child there's a knot of nightmarish pain, and one day that needs to be drawn out if you want her to have a normal life. We all talked last night after she fell asleep in my arms, and we think Nathan's right. She needs help."
Jolan nodded, his eyes filled with tears.

"I love her so much. I will do all I can to save her, to heal her. I'd give my life to wash away those horrific nightmares from her soul. She's my little Jennie. The one I walked through life and dreams to find. I love her so much!" Jolan said, Justin wrapping his arm around him, tears in Justin's eyes as well.

"We're all here for her, Jolan. We'll get her all the help she needs. She'll have the love she always deserved." Lynn said, Jolan nodding.
Jolan was sobbing now, Lynn and Justin both hugging him tightly, Justin looking into his mother's eyes.

"I know a very good child therapist in Los Angeles, Jolan. She's one of this nation's best. She can help Jennie." Lynn said, Jolan looking into her eyes.

"How can I help her in the meantime?" Jolan said, Lynn smiling at him.

"By doing what you've done since that moment you carried her out of the back of that van. By wrapping her in your love."
Jolan smiled, wiping his eyes.

"Thank you all for being there for her last night. You really are her sisterhood of love."
All three women smiled, Cindy walking into the room.

"Jennie's wondering where you've all gotten to." she said, Jolan wiping his eyes on a napkin.

"Finish your breakfast guys. I'll go to her." Jolan said, standing up, Cindy looking at him.

Jolan smiled at her, hugging her gently.

"Thanks for being there for her, Cindy."
Cindy smiled, Jolan walking out of the room.


Jolan sat down on the couch beside his sister, Jennie smiling at him, he smiling back.

He patted his knee, her smile widening.

She moved, snuggling into his lap, Jolan wrapping his arm around her.

"I'm sorry I worried them all with my bad dream last night."
Jolan smiled, sensing she knew what they'd discussed in the kitchen.

"You didn't worry them, Jennie. They're all just concerned for your happiness."
Jennie nodded, her head against Jolan's.

"They're all so nice. I like them all so much. They treat me like one of them. Not a little child."
Jolan smiled at her, Jennie smiling back.

"That's because you're becoming a young woman. That child is disappearing. But to me, you'll always be my little sister."
Jennie smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"I'm your brother, Jennie. You can always talk to me about anything. But I know there are things that you can't talk to a boy about. That's why I'm glad you have your new sisters to talk to."
Jennie smiled, kissing his cheek.

"You want me to see the doctor, don't you, Jolly?"
Jolan kissed her cheek again, realizing she did indeed know what was going on.

"You're very intelligent, my sweet sister. Yes, we all think that would help you."
Jennie nodded.

"Okay, Jolan. For you and for me I will do it."
Jolan smiled, hugging her gently.

The kitchen door opened, Justin's head popping through it.

"Any room on that couch for another Dragos lover?"
Jennie and Jolan both smiled, Justin smiling

Jolan motioned his head, Justin smiling as he sat down beside the twosome, Jolan kissing him gently.

The others walked out of the kitchen, smiling at the threesome on the couch.

Jennie smiled, looking at both men.

"You both had lots of love last night!" she giggled, Justin giggling also.

"Yep. Your brother's love floods my heart."

She smiled, her grey eyes staring into Jolan's.

Jolan sensed something in that look.

"Everything okay, princess?" he said, Jennie looking at him.

She snuggled more into her brother's body, her head lowering again against his chest.

"You went to the big mountain last night?"

Justin stared in shock, Jolan just as stunned.

"Y-You've seen the m-mountain, Jennie?" Jolan stuttered.

She nodded, Jolan's arms tightening around her, Justin seeing the worry etched on his face.

The other ladies looked confused, looking at each other.

"I played with him on the shore, Jolly. We had such fun!"
"Played with who?"

Jennie's grey eyes raised, Jolan seeing a joy in those sparkling eyes.

"With Spartacus, Jolly!"



End of Chapter 38


A chapter of revealing wonders.

And some touching love.

Seems Jolan and Justin have connected deeply.

Will something happen to change that love?


And everyone's seen the fragile state of little Jennica.

That under that loving young woman lays a hurting soul.



Who the hell is Spartacus?

I think there's only one way to find out.

Read on, and the story will unfold.


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