Jolan's Path - Chapter 39

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 39


"Spartacus? That's a strange name. Who is he?" Justin said, Jolan's eyes staring at his sister.

Jennie snuggled against Jolan, her brother feeling her happiness.

"I remember him, Jolly. I remember his kisses."
Jolan nodded, Lynn looking at him.
Jennie looked quietly at her brother, then at Justin.

"The mountain place became my safe place, Jolly."

"Your safe place, angel?" Justin said, Jennie moving over and sitting in his lap now, Justin wrapping his arm around her.

Jolan remained silent, seeing Justin's love encircling the young girl.

"Yes, Justin. When I fell asleep at night--after his hurting me all day--I sometimes woke up in that beautiful place. And Spartacus was there with me."

Jolan's eyes began to  tear, Lynn moving, sitting down beside him, her arm going around him.

She sensed that Jolan was on a trembling edge, his feelings volatile.

"I'm sorry, Jennie. I don't remember anyone named Spartacus. What was he doing there?" Jolan said, regaining control on his simmering emotions.

Jennie's smile widened, Jolan looking at her quietly, Lynn smiling at her.

"He was always waiting for me so he could be my friend. Like he was always yours."

Jolan trembled, Lynn feeling it.

"Who is Spartacus, sweetie?" Justin asked again, looking at Jolan as well.

Jennie looked into Justin's blue eyes, Justin seeing a deep recalled happiness in those silvery orbs.

"He's Jolly's friend. His wonderful dog!"

Jolan stared in shock, Justin's eyes on him immediately.

"My dog. . .I had a dog?"

"Yep! I think I remember him being with us at home. I remember his softness." she said, Justin smiling at her, his eyes looking towards Jolan, seeing his still stunned face.

"I don't remember a dog, Jennie. What breed of dog was he?" Jolan said softly, Lynn watching him.

"He was a big dog! All golden brown and so cuddly. In my dreams we played along the beach, laughing and jumping in the waves. And he always lay against me when I got tired of all the fun, my body snuggling beside him. He was so soft and warm. I always felt happy when I spent time with him. It made the hard days bearable." she said, her eyes looking off into the distance, Lynn seeing her lost in a memory.

At that moment Lynn wanted to put her hands upon the monster who'd hurt this loving child.

Justin's arm tightened around her, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"That's great, Jennie! That you had him there for you, to keep your dreams happy." he said, his eyes on her face, her lost look gone, her eyes meeting his.

Jolan smiled at her, Jennie smiling back at him.

"He loved you too, Jolly. I saw it in his eyes. I think he knew you were trying to find me. He always seems so loving. Like he was being there for only me until I found you. I haven't dreamed of him since we found each other. I miss his love. But I have yours now, that's even better!"

Jolan smiled at her, a tear showing in his eyes.

"And you'll always have my love here for and with you, Jennie. I'm staying here for you. As is Justin. And all our friends."
Jennie smiled, climbing back into Jolan's lap, kissing his cheek.

"I wonder where he went, Jolly? I hope he's happy."

Jolan kissed her cheek, hugging her gently.

"Me too, Jennie. I so want to thank him." Jolan said, tears in his eyes.

Jennie smiled, snuggling against Jolan.

Justin's eyes were on his lover, seeing the emotion etched across his face.


Joey tapped on the bathroom door, Lance opening it.

"Feeling better, Lancy?" Joey said, handing him a glass of water and a couple of Advil.

"Thanks, Joe. Yeah, the shower really helped." Lance said, taking the pills and downing the water.

Joey remained still, Lance walking back into his bedroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.

Lance sat the glass down, opening his closet.

"I need to talk to you, Lance." Joey said, Lance pulling out a golf shirt and a pair of pants.

"Sure thing, Joe. Just let me get dressed while we do it. I have a meeting at the theatre in about an hour."

Joey nodded, watching Lance walk to his dresser, pulling out socks and briefs.

"Go ahead, Joe." Lance said, pulling off the towel, standing naked before Joey.

Joey folded his arms, sighing.

His eyes were glued to Lance, watching him pull on the briefs, his naked butt slowly being covered.

He didn't know how this would go over, but he had to be true to his friend.

"Are you doing drugs, Lance?"

Lance turned in shocked surprise, staring at Joey.

"What?! What are you talking about? Where's this coming from?"

Joey stared at his friend, not moving an inch.

"Did you and Nathan do drugs last night during sex, or before?"
Lance still looked shocked, Joey walking up to him.

"When you came home last night you were staggering and uncoordinated. You said you felt disoriented and tired. And I thought I smelled something on your breath. And I know it wasn't alcohol."

"Joey, I don't do drugs! Never have!" Lance said, Joey hearing a bit of anger in his words.

Joey turned Lance's body towards him, looking into his emerald eyes

"What about Nathan? Did he offer you anything?"

Lance looked at his friend, seeing Joey's singular stare.

"Okay, Joey. Let's have this out. I see a tension between you and Nathan. Why don't you like him, Joey?"
Joey remained still, looking at his best friend while Lance continued to dress.

"I don't know the guy well, Lance. I can't judge him fully. But there's something about that guy that bothers me. Something just doesn't fit. I can't put my finger on it, but I just feel it."

"Nathan is a great guy, Joey. He's so kind, wonderful and charming."
Joey put his hand on Lance's shoulder, looking into his green eyes again, their friendship laid before each other.

The two had always been truthful to each other, regardless of the situation.

"I don't want to see you get hurt, Lance. I care about you too much to see anyone hurt you. Take it slow with him. Let him earn your love. I'm just trying to be your friend."
Lance nodded, Joey's hand coming off his shoulder.

"It's my life, Joey. I can handle what--and who--I want in it. And right now, what I want is Nate. Just try to make friends with him. If you can do that, I will be happy."
Joey nodded, seeing Lance's face full of hope.

"For you I'll try, Lance. I won't judge him until I really know him. But you know that first and foremost I'm your friend, Lance."

Lance smiled, hugging his friend to him.

Joey released him, Lance putting on his golf shirt to finish his attire.

"I know that, Joey. Where would I be without you? I'm going to head out. Talk to you later this afternoon."
Joey nodded, Lance walking out of the bedroom.

Joey sat down on the bed, his hands between his legs, his mind deep in thought.

"Okay, Lance. So you're not doing drugs. I believe you. So that means only one thing."

Joey's hands slammed together, his face changing.

"What are you up to, Dr. Livingstone?"


Justin opened the bedroom door, then walked into the room.

He didn't see Jolan, seeing the balcony door slightly open.

He walked across the room quietly, seeing Jolan standing at the balcony's railing.

He was looking out into the noon sunshine, Justin walked to the door and stepped out onto the balcony.

Jolan stayed motionless, Justin wrapping his arms around him.

Jolan felt Justin's love wrapped around him, Justin's chin resting on his shoulder.

"You okay,  my love?"

Jolan looked out on the view from Justin's balcony, seeing the sun shining but the air filled with a late October coolness.

"I'm not much of a brother, Jus."

Justin's arms tightened around his lover's body, Jolan feeling his protective heart.

"Now, why would you say that? Not many brothers would do what you have done for our Jennie. Saving her from a life of pain and her own certain death."
Jolan turned, Justin looking into his troubled grey eyes.

"She was in pain, Jus. I felt the pain that she'd hidden within her soul. The pain of what that brutal man did to her. I got so caught up in what's happened the last few days that I forgot about her, about how she must be feeling inside. I'm not much of a brother in that regard. I haven't been there for her as much as she's needed me."

Justin pulled the young man against him, Jolan's head resting on his lover's chest.

"That's so not true, Jolan! And you know it!"

Jolan remained silent, Justin's hands rubbing his back.

"In a matter of only a few days--ever since that moment I saw her in your arms in the back of that van--I have seen a change in that child's eyes. A budding change of happiness and love. You saved her, Jolan. You saved her and you're giving her a new life. I see that new life blossoming in her eyes, her face and her heart. Just look at what she did for you and me yesterday. She showed us her love by wanting to do something special for both of us."

Jolan nodded, his head still laying against Justin's chest.

"Yes, I saved her Jus. But where was I when she needed me most? Where was I when they were destroying her innocence?" Jolan said, tears now falling again from his eyes.

Justin held him tightly, Jolan feeling the love surrounding him.

"You were lost yourself, my love. Both of you were taken from each other by someone monstrous. Neither of you had a say in how your lives were to unfold after that. You only have to blame that man for all of this. And both of you endured horrific events, life-changing events. The past is the past, Jo. You can't change what's happened. All you can do is focus on what's here and now. Both of you have found each other, both of you have a new start at returning to that love you once shared. We all see that connection between the two of you, that once-severed bond of love has been joined again. I see the love in her eyes for you, Jolan. And I see your deep love for her. That's what you have to focus on now, my love. You have to focus on your reunited love. She needs her big brother to guide her forward. To show her how wonderful her life is now. And how wonderful it's going to be."

Jolan's head raised, looking into the two blue eyes of his soulmate.

"I love her so much, Jus! I just want her to be happy!"
Justin smiled, kissing his lover's moist lips, Jolan feeling his unending love.

"She is happy, Jo. She's here with her brother."
Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's beautiful smile for only him.

"She's here with you, that's making her even more happy. Thank you for loving her, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek, wiping the tears from Jolan's wet cheeks.

"It's an easy thing to do. She's so like her brother. Her love is just as beautiful."
Jolan smiled, taking Justin's hands in his, his lover looking into his silvery eyes.

"And thank you for showing me how right you are. I have to focus on the here and now. On seeing that she's happy. And there's one way I can be certain of that."

Jolan closed his eyes, standing in silence for a moment.

Justin sensed he was zoning in on himself.

His eyes opened slowly, Justin seeing a soft silvery glow in them for only a moment.

Jolan's eyes met his, Jolan smiling at him.

"For her, I give all."

"Are you okay, my love?"
Jolan nodded, leaning forward and kissing him deeply.

Justin became lost in the intensity of the love flowing through him, Jolan's hands now on his backside, pulling him even closer.

"Mmm, my love. You taste divine. But the beast needs to calm down. Mom's got lunch almost ready." Justin said, his lips breaking from Jolan's.

Jolan's sighed, Justin lightly kissing his wet lips.

They stared into each other's eyes, seeing the soft, needful desire simmering in each other.

"Tonight, my love. Tonight the beast hunts again. And tonight you can reclaim your love."

Jolan smiled, hearing the promised love in Justin's voice.

Justin smiled back, sensing Jolan had done something.

Jolan kissed his cheek, the two joining hands, walking back into the condo.


Jolan and Justin both sat together, Lynn and Jennie sitting across from them.

Justin was talking on his cell phone, Jolan sitting quietly beside him.

Jennie smiled over at Justin, the man winking at her.

They were all sitting together in Nathan's private office, the late afternoon sun casting shadows into the cozy room.

Justin finished his conversation, closing off his phone, looking at his mother.

"I take it Johnny's arrived?" Lynn said, Justin nodding.

"He wants to see me later, he's coming over to the condo later this evening."
Jolan's hand went on top of Justin's, Justin smiling at him, feeling Jolan's calming love.

"He's your manager and your friend, Jus. I'm sure he'll understand everything."
Justin nodded, smiling at his lover.

They'd arrived at the hospital after they'd all eaten lunch, Nathan taking Jolan back into the examination rooms.

There they had again put Jolan through another battery of tests.

Dr. Manderly and Dr. Ashton had joined Nathan in the testing.

Jolan was given another MRI, as well as blood work, and other tests.

Justin had stayed with Jolan through all of it, seeing again looks of puzzlement crossing the faces of all three doctors.

Lynn had taken Jennie out for some shopping while Jolan was doing his tests, the two having just returned about ten minutes earlier, laden with a few bags, Jolan shaking his head and smiling at Jennie.

His sister had returned a beaming happy smile.

The clock on Nathan's office wall read a little after four-thirty.

They now all sat together, the tests completed, awaiting the doctors.

Jolan had been relatively quiet throughout all the proceedings, Justin and he exchanging smiles and looks throughout.

"You okay, Jo?"
Jolan looked at Justin, smiling quietly at him.

"I'm alright, Jus. The tests didn't hurt or anything. I just don't like waiting. And I'm worried about what they think may be going on." Jolan said, Lynn looking at him.

"We'll know soon, Jolan. And then we'll deal with it." she said, Jolan looking at her, seeing her look of determined compassion.

Jolan smiled at her, Jennie quietly watching everyone.

The door of the office opened, the three doctors walking into the room.

Justin saw the concerned looks on the older doctors' faces again, Nathan looking determined and calm.

"Sorry for taking so long, we had a lot of data to analyze and a consensus to be decided upon." Nathan said, smiling at Jolan, Jolan quietly smiling back.

"Alright doctors. Give it to me straight and to the point." Jolan said, Justin hearing his determined voice.

Nathan nodded, sitting down at his desk, Justin and Jolan on its left side, Lynn and Jennie on its right.

Nathan set the portfolio he'd been carrying on top of the desk, pulling a folder out of it, looking at Jolan.

The two older doctors stood against the wall, their eyes looking quietly at Jolan.

"Alright, Jolan. Let's get to the gist of all this. There's some interesting results here, Jolan. Some that have totally shocked us. Let's start with your MRI." Nathan said, opening the folder.

"You're totally stunning us, Jolan." Dr. Manderly said, Jolan's eyes moving to him.
"Why, because of what I have in my head that's totally different from a normal brain?" Jolan said, Justin quietly looking at him.

He saw Jolan was adopting a determined, steel-minded stance against what the doctors were going to divulge.

Jolan was bracing himself against their confusion.

"No, Jolan. That's not what's got us totally confused. We analyzed your new MRI results against the ones we'd taken last Friday. What they've revealed is totally confusing." Dr. Ashton said, looking at the young man.

"And what have they revealed, doctor?" Lynn said, Jennie looking at the older doctor.

"That's just it, madam. The new ones don't reveal anything."

Everyone looked confused, Nathan sighing.

"The MRI we did today shows you have a totally normal functioning brain, Jolan. There are no irregularities, no dissimulations showing anything infectious or diseased. Your brain is that of a typical man your age. That's what's got us totally confused. We all saw the results last week, the abnormalities in your cerebral cortex, and you enormous cell counts. We don't have any idea what's going on here." Dr. Manderly said, picking up the folder off Nathan's desk.

Nathan's eyes were upon Jolan, Jolan quietly looking at him.

"I've talked to my medical colleagues and I've told them everything that Simus and Calen Dragos told us, Jolan."
Jolan eyes narrowed, looking at the young man across from him.

"That was spoken of in confidence, Nathan. That was my family's private business."
"Jolan, I just couldn't believe what they were suggesting! That your family is somehow magically immortal? It's totally preposterous! I don't know what they're up to but it's totally unsubstantiated. We're dealing with truth and science here. The facts now shown can't deny that truth." Nathan said, his hands folded in front of him.

"Our tests, the ones we've done for you, they all suggest nothing out of the ordinary in regards to your brain, blood, or any other x-rayed part of you, Mr. Dragos." Dr. Ashton said, Nathan looking at both older doctors.

"But how is that possible? We all saw his results on Friday?" Justin said, Jolan quietly looking at him.

"Yes, Justin. We did. We've discussed this with the technicians, and with the manufacturers of the equipment. Frank--the technician--informed us that early last week the MRI machine was showing signs of malfunctioning reports. What can only be the answer to all this is some type of computer malfunction. That malfunction resulted in the misconstrued data being shown. The manufacturer is doing a complete analysis and scan of the machine. We think that is what happened, and that's what we're putting in the final report." Dr. Manderly said, closing the folder, throwing it down on Nathan's desk.

Jolan's grey eyes scanned all three men, focusing lastly on Nathan.

"And what about my amnesia? My lost memories?"

Justin's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, Nathan looking at him with a compassionate look.

"We did find some light brain contusions on you lower cerebral cortex. That could be a sign of trauma sustained from your car accident. Being in the coma could have had a resounding effect on your brain's ability to hold memorized data. That could be the cause of your amnesia." Dr. Ashton said, Dr. Manderly nodding beside him.

"And how do I get those memories back? How do I become myself again?" Jolan said, his voice raising an octave, Justin looking at him with concern.

Jennie rose up, walking to her brother and sitting between Jolan and Justin, her hand going into Jolan's.

Jolan looked at her quietly, a calmer look coming across his face.

"The only way to achieve that is to wait, Jolan. Your brain will hopefully centralize and heal itself. Nothing we can do can instigate your memory's return. You just have to wait and hope for the best." Nathan said, putting the folder back into his portfolio.

Jolan's eyes met his, Jolan seeing the look of compassion still on the young doctor's face.

"So, I'm back to square one. I guess Uncle Simus was correct. It isn't medical help I really need. It now leans towards their truths." Jolan said, Justin looking at him quietly.

Nathan sighed, looking at his friend.

"I wouldn't put too much truth in what those men have told you, Jolan. To me it's too unbelievable. There is no magic at work here. All that's here is a young man who had a traumatic accident, losing part of himself. That part hopefully will return soon. So my suggestion is to just remain calm and go on with your life. The lost past can't hold itself against the future." Nathan said, looking at him with a look of friendship.

"They are my family, Nathan. The past is part of me, as is the present and, yes, the future. I won't be whole until I have all of myself."
Nathan remained silent, the other two doctors moving.

"We've done all we can for you, Mr. Dragos. We're here if you need us for anything else." Dr. Ashton said, extending his hand.

Jolan stood, shaking both doctors' hands, Nathan standing as well, everyone else getting up also.

The two doctors left, Nathan walking them out of his office.

Nathan returned a few moments later, Jolan smiling at him.

"Thank you for doing all you could, Nate."
Nathan smiled, hearing his name spoken with friendship.

"I wish I could do more, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, looking at Justin.

"Let's go home, Jus. Nathan needs to get back to work. We'll talk later, Nate."
Nathan smiled, Jolan smiling back.

He showed the four out of his office, watching them walk down the hallway, disappearing into an elevator.

He sighed, walking back into his office, sitting down at his desk.

He pulled out the folder from his portfolio, looking at it for a moment, putting it into his outbox.

He looked back at the portfolio, pulling out another folder.

He opened it, staring at its contents.

He perused all the papers, pulling them all out of the folder.

He moved to the left side of his desk, putting the papers through the slot in his paper shredder.

The documents shredded quickly, disappearing into the wastebasket below the shredder.

A tapping came to the door, Nathan saying enter, throwing the empty folder back into the portfolio.

Frank, the MRI technician, walked into the room, smiling at Nathan, Nathan quietly watching the young man shut his office door.

Frank smiled at him, walking over to his desk, sitting on the desk's edge.

"Pretty sneaky work, Nate. And a lot of trouble to cover all this up. What's going on with this guy? Are you sure this is the right thing to do?"

"You've done what I've asked?" Nathan said, the young man's hand going to Nathan's shoulder, Nathan looking into his blue eyes.

"All has been taken care of. No records remain of anything recorded Friday. It took some doing, but the risk, I believe, was worth the reward. So now I'm here to collect that reward."

Nathan looked at the young man, seeing his eyes staring into him.

Nathan's hands went forward, cupping the man's crotch, Frank moaning softly.

"You don't know how long I've wanted this, Dr. Livingstone. I suggest we go back to my place. It's too risky here."
The man's hand went downward, feeling Nathan's basket, Nathan looking into his eyes again.

"Alright, Frank. It is time for my part of the deal. I know just how to reward you."
Frank smiled a wide desirous smile, standing up again.

"My car's in the north end parking lot. A grey Honda. I'll wait there for you. Don't keep me waiting." the man said, pulling Nathan to him, kissing him deeply, his hands rubbing against his chest.

Nathan nodded, the man opening the office door and walking out.

Nathan sat for a moment alone, his eyes closed.

He then opened his eyes, opening his desk drawer.

He stared down at what lay there, lost in what he looked at.

His cell phone went off, Nathan pulling it out of his pocket, seeing Lance's phone number displayed.

He remained quiet, looking at the phone vibrating in his hand.

It rang a few times, then going to voicemail.

Nathan sighed, putting it back into his pocket.

He looked downwards, staring at the object he'd now pulled out of the desk drawer.

It sat in his hand, Nathan staring at its old pewter finish.

The animalistic head that adorned it stared back at Nathan.

Nathan felt the weight of it in his hand.

He sighed, looking towards the closed door.
He rose up, grabbing his coat, quietly walking out of his office.


Justin opened the bedroom doorway, smiling at what his eyes took in.

Jolan lay sleeping in their bed, his sister snuggled up against him, Jennie's eyes opening on hearing the door open.

She raised her hand, her finger going to her mouth in the silence gesture.

Justin nodded, Jennie gently getting up and walking up to Justin.

Jolan still lay sleeping, a soft snore coming from him.

She smiled at Justin, taking his hand and guiding him towards the balcony doorway.

The two went outside, Justin feeling the evening's coolness.

Jennie closed the door, smiling at him.

She wrapped her arms around Justin, Justin encircling the young girl in his strong arms.

"He fell asleep almost immediately. I think those tests took a lot out of him." she said, Justin nodding down at her.

She smiled up at him, then moved, sitting down on the settee, Justin sitting down beside her.

"I'm worried, Justin."
Justin's arm went around her.

"Jolan's going to be alright, Jennie. They didn't find anything wrong with him. He's going to be just fine."
Jennie looked up at Justin, Justin seeing the concerned look still there.

"I know he's okay physically, I feel that. I'm talking about inside, Justin."
Justin remained silent, sensing she was trying to reason something out.

"I know he's been worried about me. I know he was mad at himself for letting what happened to me happen."
Justin looked shocked, realizing suddenly that Jennie was more in tune with what was going on around her than what she showed.

She looked up into his blue staring eyes, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"I love Jolly, Justin. He's the greatest brother in the world. I feel when he's hurting. And I feel that something in my past was hurting him."

Justin's arm went around her, Jennie smiling at him.

"That first morning when I looked into his grey eyes in the hospital room, and saw who he was, I thought I was dreaming again. I thought that I was in another dream to hide from the truth of my being lost. "

Justin's eyes teared, hearing her truthful soul letting out her real feelings.

Jennie's eyes raised, Justin seeing the wet truth in them, the joy of what she saw in her brother's eyes.

"But when I opened my eyes in that hospital room, he was sitting there beside me. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe the love I saw shining in his eyes. The love for me. I saw--and still see--only his love. It's truly beautiful, and so is yours."
Justin was in tears, the young girl smiling up at him.

"For the first time in a long time I feel loved." she said, her eyes turning towards the bedroom.

Justin was in tears, hearing the happiness and courage in this remarkable young girl's soul.
Justin's arms tightened around her, Jennie's head again laying on his chest.

"What happened to me, Justin?"

Jennie's head raised, Justin looking at her with confused eyes.

"What do you mean, Jennie?"
Jennie's grey orbs stared into Justin's soul.

"I don't remember any of it, Justin."
Justin looked stunned, the young girl smiling.

"All I remember is waking up in that hospital, you and Jolan beside me. I have vague memories of my Mom and Dad and Jolan before that. But other than that, my mind's drawing a blank about what happened before."

Justin still looked shocked, Jennie looking back into the bedroom again.

"You don't remember anything that happened to you before the hospital?"
She shook her head in the negative.

"I remember everything since, meeting Uncle Simus and Uncle Calen, that stuff. But I don't remember that first part."
Justin looked stunned, staring at the young girl.

Could that horrific part of her life really be gone from her memories?
Or was she subconsciously hiding it from herself?

Was she under some kind of Shadowing as well?

Then Justin suddenly remembered something.
The door of the balcony opened, Justin looking upwards.

Jolan's smiling face greeted both of them.

"How long have I slept?" he said, stretching his body, Justin staring at the beauty of his lover's physique.

"About an hour, my love." Justin said, Jolan sitting down beside him, Jennie smiling at him.

"How are my angels?"
"We're fine, Jolly. Just hanging. I'm going to go see Lynn, Justin. I want to help with dinner!" she smiled, Justin nodding, the young girl kissing them both on the cheek.

"Have fun, Jennie." Jolan smiled, the young girl nodding, walking back into the bedroom, the balcony door closing behind her.

Justin looked at Jolan, his lover leaning forward and kissing him deeply.

Justin became almost lost in the kiss, reluctantly breaking it, trying to focus on what had just happened.

"Jolan, Jennie and I just had a talk."
"I heard, Justin. She's where she needs to be. Nothing else matters." Jolan said, beginning to stand up, Justin grabbing his hand.

"Jolan? She said her memories. . ."
"She's my sister, Justin. She'll only have memories of love from now on." Jolan said, walking into the bedroom, Justin getting up and following.

Justin grabbed Jolan's arm, the young man stopping beside their bed, turning and looking into Justin's blue eyes of love.

"Earlier today, on the balcony, that look in your eyes! You did something didn't you? You've somehow erased her horrific memories!"

Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, Justin seeing the truth in Jolan's silver irises.

"I've given her what she needs, Jus. A life free of pain."
"But how? Is it because of the ring?" Justin said, lifting Jolan's hand in his, looking at the silver ring on his finger.

"I'm not sure, Jus. I just know that I now have the ability to do certain things. While Jennie sat in my lap and told me about Spartacus this morning, I felt all of her pain, Justin. I felt and saw all of the horrific images. It almost destroyed me to see what they'd done to her. I've erased those memories from her mind, Justin.  I will not allow her to remember them ever!"

Justin remembered the emotional look crossing Jolan's face, now realizing it was the pain of seeing Jennie's painful past.

Justin's arms went around his lover, seeing the determination and protective love in Jolan's face.

"That's so unbelievable, Jo."
Jolan lightly kissed Justin's lips, Justin feeling the love flowing through him.

"She doesn't need to know any of the details. To her, that time is lost forever. She'll only remember the happiness of finding me. And the joy of sharing our love."
Justin teared up, seeing the gift Jolan had given his sister.

He'd wiped her mind clear of all her pain, only loving thoughts remaining.

"For Jennie, life from now on will be filled with happiness and love. I'll see that happens all through her life."
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"Let's go grab some supper, Jus. I'm famished!"

Justin smiled, Jolan taking his hand in his, walking his man out of their bedroom.


The rest of their friends had shown up while Jolan had slept, everyone giving him a hug, all of them having heard from Lynn and Justin about Jolan's tests.

Lance, Joey, Rachel, Trace and Cindy all smiled at him throughout dinner, Jolan calm and relaxed.

Joey had light-heartedly admonished them for not calling him to pick them up from the hotel, Justin having decided on just taking a cab.

The two lovers briefly told everyone of their night of romance and love, keeping the tenderness of their love to themselves.

Jennie beamed, happy at the result of her interference.

The group joined together in the dining room to dine on Lynn's large feast.

Jennie was a beaming bundle of joy all through dinner, having helped Lynn throughout the meal.

Jolan smiled at her often, the young girl grinning with happiness.

Lynn and Rachel had both picked up on her seemingly totally happy mood, Lynn's eyes meeting Justin's.

After the main meal was finished, Jennie had been smiling happily, telling everyone of the rich apple pies Lynn had bought.

Lynn told Jennie that she could dish them out, Jolan walking with her into the kitchen to help.

As soon as the two siblings had left the dining room Justin had quickly filled everyone in on Jolan's gift to his sister.

They'd all sat in stunned silence until Jolan and Jennie walked back into the room.

Jolan had immediately picked up on everyone's eyes going to him, then looking at Jennie.

"This pie smells like heaven! Everyone dig in. Jennie has ice cream as well!" Jolan smiled, Jennie smiling at him.

Everyone smiled at her, Jennie placing the plates of pie in front of everyone.

They all had their dessert, Jolan filling everyone's coffee cup.

After dessert they all relaxed in the living room, Jennie, Rachel and Cindy heading to her room to play video games.

Lynn's eyes focused on Jolan's, the young man looking at her quietly.

"My God, Jolan! What you've done for her! To take that pain from her! To destroy it!"

Jolan's head lowered, Lance's hand going to his shoulder, Jolan sitting between Lance and Justin.

"That pain hasn't been destroyed." Jolan softly said.

Everyone looked confused, Jolan sighing.

"The pain of her memories, the real pain of all she's gone through, still exists. I saw it all through her eyes. And now I feel it all. I've transferred the pain from her to myself."

Justin looked shocked, his arm going around his lover.

"Are you okay, Jo?"

"Yes, Justin. I am okay. The pain is there, I feel it, and I'll always feel it. But it is controlled, hidden deeply away within myself. I would take all the pain of the world so that she doesn't hurt. I'm her brother. I love her enough to bare her pain always."

Lance was in tears, Jolan smiling at him, and around at everyone else.

"I am alright, everyone. You all have seen the new look in her eyes. That look of innocent happiness is worth all of this."
Justin kissed Jolan's cheek, Jolan smiling at him.

"You're one hell of a brother, Jolan." Joey said, Jolan smiling at him, seeing his glistening blue eyes looking back.

"Yes, Joe. And I can be a hell of a friend, too." he said, smiling at the man, Joey smiling back.

Jolan's eyes turned to Lance.

"So how was last night, Lance? Did you and Nathan have fun?" Jolan said, smiling at him, his eyes glancing briefly at Joey.

Jolan saw a brief look cross Joey's face, his eyes then focusing on Lance.

Lance was smiling widely.

"Yes, we had a great time. He's a really nice guy. We're going to continue seeing each other."
Jolan nodded, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"We all walk our paths of life and love. Sometimes the path holds many surprises." Jolan said, Lance smiling at him.

"Yes they do, Jolan. Nate's kindness and vulnerability surprised me. He's a very special man."

Jolan nodded, his hand going in Justin's.

"And I take it your night with Jus was wonderful as well?" Lance said, smiling, Jolan's face changing into a wide smile, only matched by Justin's own smile.

"Yes, it was beautiful. My Jus left Justin Timberlake outside."
Justin smiled, Lynn smiling at her son.

She saw the truth in Jolan's revelation.

Beside him sat her son Justin, the gangly, happy youth that's she'd known all his life.

She'd seen the developed image that Justin shone in the spotlight.

The man of charisma, attitude and carefully honed magnetism.

This man sitting here was her real son.

And she saw shining on his face the newness of Jolan's love.

She hadn't seen that look of contented happiness on his face for a long time.

She knew in her heart that Justin was now deeply in love with Jolan.

And she saw the same glowing truth in the young man sitting beside him.

Lynn smiled at both of them, Jolan smiling back at her.

"We see the love on both your faces, Justin." Lynn said, Justin beaming at his mother.

"Yes, Mom. I can truly say that Jolan's love is the greatest thing that I've ever felt."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

The telephone rang, Lance picking it up, talking quietly while the others chatted.

He hung up, looking at Justin.

"Johnny Wright's on his way up, Jus." Lance said, Justin nodding.

"Looks like the time is at hand." he said softly, Lynn quietly looking at him.

Jolan's hand went in his, Justin feeling the instant flow of togetherness.

"Together, my love. I've got your back."
Justin smiled, those few words steeped in Jolan's giving love.

Justin stood up, walking to the door, a persistent knocking heard by everyone.

Jolan's eyes were on him, Justin opening the door.

Justin stared at his manager, and then looked upon another man standing beside him.

"What are you doing here?"
The man looked at him, his arms folding in front of him.

"I'm here to smack you upside the head, Justin! Are you freaking nuts??"

Justin stared in guarded shock, looking into the eyes of the determined man..

The man walked into the condo, Johnny Wright following.

Jolan's eyes were staring right at the man who'd spoken.

The man stared for a moment, then his eyes turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes of concern.

"What are you doing with a Badenwolf, Justin?"

Justin stared in shock, the man's words sounding so confusing.

"How in God's name did you know he's a Badenwolf??"
The man smiled, turning again and looking at Jolan.

"Aren't you going to introduce me, Jus?"
Justin's eyes turned to Jolan, Jolan smiling and standing up.

"I feel I already know you."
The man smiled, laughing.

"Oh, really? And what has Justin said about me?"
Jolan smiled, Justin quietly looking at him.

"He said you are the most extraordinary of all his friends."

Chris Kirkpatrick grinned, his arms pulling Justin into a great hug of friendship.

End of Chapter 39




And now Chris Kirkpatrick has entered our stage-far left.

What's he doing there with Johnny?

And how does he know that Jolan is a Badenwolf?
And how does he even know about the Romaragi?


What's going on with Nathan?

Is he cheating on Lance with Frank?

Or is there something else behind that drama?
Is Joey's assumption about Lance being drugged correct?
What will the truth of this do to their friendship?


What had Jolan done for Jennie?
Is she really free of all her horrific memories?
What is the significance of Spartacus?


A few thoughts to think upon.

I hope it's not becoming too bogged down in drama, I'm trying to lighten the mood.

Although there will be some severe drama throughout the coming chapters.

Hold onto your seats, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!