Jolan's Path-Chapter 4

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 4

Justin pulled the van into a driveway, Dr. Chambers car just ahead of them.
The driveway ambled down off the roadway, a large home coming into view situated well off the main highway.
It was a secluded spot nestled among a forested grove of pines.
To Justin it was a beautiful spot.
He stopped the van, parking behind the doctor's car.
Everyone got out, Trace helping Cynthia again into her wheelchair.
Justin and Trace both lifted it up onto the house's main porch, the doctor smiling and opening his front door.
Everyone walked into the home, seeing lights on in a  couple of rooms.
"Please make yourself comfortable, everyone. The living room is to the left. I'll be right back." the doctor said, Shelly smiling at him.
"I'll make some tea, Henry." Shelly smiled, the doctor nodding.
Shelly went to the right side, disappearing into what Justin thought must be the kitchen.
The doctor headed up the stairway in the front alcove, disappearing upstairs.
Justin, Trace and Cynthia went into the living room.
It was a cozy room, a large fireplace in the center, the dying embers of a fire glowing in it.
Justin and Trace sat down, quietly waiting, Cynthia wheeling her chair around looking at various photographs.
"This is the first time in many years that I've been here. Doc always saw me downtown in his office. After the accident he visited me at home. But I remember coming here as a child. My parents and Doc and his wife were very close friends."
Trace nodded, smiling at her.
"Was it Doctor Chambers that looked after you after your accident?" he asked, looking at her.
"No, I was airlifted to Utica, going to the hospital there. He helped me when I came home, as best he could. He was retired by that time. I don't know what he's done with his life since then. It's just been him and Joe here all alone."
Shelly walked into the room, Doctor Chambers beside her.
"Yes, just me and Joe." the doctor said, smiling at everyone.
"Where is Joe? I'd love to meet him." Cynthia smiled, looking into the older man's tired face.
"He's upstairs in his room. There will be time for that soon enough. Right now, I sense these two young strangers are looking for answers. And I suspect you might be too, Cynthia."
Cynthia nodded, looking at her mother.
"I don't need any answers, sweetie. I already know." Shelly said, sitting down picking up the teapot, pouring five cups of tea.
The others silently looked at her with surprise, Justin breaking the silence.
"You know what's going on here, Shelly? Why didn't you tell us? Or at least tell Cynthia?"
Shelly looked at the young man before her, the doctor looking at him also.
Justin didn't seem to be mad, just concerned.
"Because I didn't think you'd remain here, Justin. I fully expected you and Trace to be gone. It surprised me when you walked up to me this morning asking for a room. I instantly saw in your eyes your determination to find out what happened out there. To find out who he is."
Justin looked at her, Cynthia looking at her mother as well.
"And what about me, Mom? Why haven't you told me what's happening?"
Henry looked at Shelly, putting his hand on her shoulder.
"That was my doing, Cynthia. I thought it best that you remain in the dark. You weren't part of this, never having been. You had your own ordeal to go through with. Your injuries and well-being were our greatest concern. We thought it best if you held onto the belief that he was your saving angel. I kinda liked that idea. And really, in a sense, he was."
Shelly smiled.
"I kinda like to think of it as his giving back to us some kindness in forgiveness for our wronging him."
Cynthia looked shocked, and confused.
"Your wronging him? What are you talking about, Mom?"
Henry looked at the young woman, Shelly's hand going into his.
"It's time they knew, Henry."
Henry nodded, Shelly kissing his cheek.
"Henry and I have fallen in love, Cynthia. We've been seeing each other quietly for over six years."
Cynthia looked stunned, Trace quietly watching her.
"Before you look too surprised, or worried, you should know it was my doing. I fell magically in love with this angel. Oh, I know you've always thought of me as ole' Doc Chambers, but I'm really not that old, Cynthia. I'm only sixty-seven. Your Mom's fifty-nine. I wouldn't call it cradle-robbing!"
Trace laughed, Cynthia looking at him, Justin holding in a smile.
The doctor smiled, Cynthia's eyes on her mother.
"Why didn't you tell me, Mom?"
Shelly looked at Henry, Henry patting her arm.
"We were  going to, Cynthia. Actually it was supposed to happen the weekend of your accident. Thanksgiving Day, we had decided we were going to tell you. Then that tragically happened, and you needed me so much, I decided we'd wait until you'd recovered. Henry knew that would be my choice. Our love was enough for us to stay true to each other. We've endured that hardship. And Henry has endured more than his share. Now, I'd like to start a new life with Henry, once we've sorted all this out. We're not going to hide our love anymore."
Cynthia smiled, rolling over to her mother, hugging her tightly.
"You should have told me. I'm fine with it. I know how lonely you've been since Dad died. And you're wrong, Doc. I never thought of you as old. I only ever thought of you as a friend."
The doctor smiled, Cynthia pulling him to her, hugging him also.
Justin and Trace sat quietly, smiling, seeing a new family in front of them.

After the moment of tenderness, Justin focused on what he needed to know.
"You said that you'd wronged him. What did you mean by that?"
Henry looked at Justin, then sat down on the sofa beside Shelly, their hands going together.
"I don't know what's going on in regards to his being out there, to his spirit's walking that road. I've spent the last four years trying to figure it out. Many nights I spent out there watching him, hoping to find out why he's there. I just don't know all that part. Something's missing."
Justin looked at the doctor.
"You know who he is, don't you?"
The doctor looked back at him.
"No, Justin. I don't know his name. Or who he is. But I know of him. I'd like to ask you something."
Justin nodded, smiling at the man.
"Why, all of a sudden, has he started talking? And what has he said to you?"
Justin told him everything the young man had said, from the night before as well as earlier tonight.
The doctor quietly listened, shaking his head.
"Remarkable. I can't understand why he's focused on you. It's as if somehow he's sought you out. You've never met him before, have you?"
"No, doctor. I'd only met him last night. But I'll tell you what I believe."
The doctor and the others quietly listened.
"I think, in some way, he and I have connected. Why or how, I don't know. But he's sought me out for some reason. I think I'm the one that can help him. How, I don't know. But I think I know who does know."
They all looked at him with surprise.
"Who, Justin?" Cynthia said.
Justin looked straight at Henry.

Cynthia looked surprised, as did Trace, both staring at Justin.
"Joe? What does he have to do with this?" Cynthia said, looking at her mother and Henry.
Henry looked at Justin, the young man quietly staring at him.
"You're very perceptive, Mr. Timberlake. I sense he picked you for that reason as well. Perhaps for other reasons."
Justin nodded, looking at Shelly.
"I think it's time you both unburdened your souls. And I believe two people are blaming themselves for something that wasn't their fault."
Henry put his hand on Shelly's shoulder looking into her green eyes.
She nodded at him, Henry looking at the three younger people.
"One tragic night four years ago changed my life. And dear, sweet Shelly's as well. On that night, we made a pact with each other, a pact to seek forgiveness through love and caring. We've never broken that pact. He's my life now, and Shelly's love is in my heart."
The older man looked at her once more, his calm voice beginning their story.

"We'd spent that weekend over four years ago at a resort in Vermont, my angel and I. Three days of wonderful loving bliss. Our love was consuming us that weekend. We drove home that Sunday evening wrapped in each other's arms. My heart was soaring, my Shelly's love filling it."
The three younger people both smiled at the now obvious loving couple.
"Perhaps if I'd been more aware of my surroundings, instead of swooning at the beauty beside me, then this tragedy wouldn't have happened."
The man lowered his head, Shelly's arm going around him.
"Don't linger on the past, my love. What's happened, happened. I never questioned anything of that night. Destiny has a way of overriding everything." she said, smiling at him.
The doctor smiled, kissing her cheek.
"We were driving home, about an hour from home. The night was dark but moonlit,  late September the time of year. I'm not a fast driver, perhaps that in itself saved his life. I just didn't have time to react. He came out of nowhere." the doctor said, all of them feeling the emotion in his voice.
His teary eyes looked at the three younger ones.
"We drove around a bend in the road, a young man standing in the center of the road. I hit him , no chance of missing. He flew over my hood, flying through the air, landing in a ditch.. I hit the brakes, Shelly almost hitting the dash."
Shelly rubbed his back, the doctor fighting his emotions.
"It was the same young man?" Trace said, looking at him.
"Yes, it was our wandering angel." Shelly said, her eyes looking at her daughter.
"We got out of the car, rushing to his side. He was almost naked, only wearing those shorts, his body caked in mud and dirt. His eyes fluttered open, staring up at me. He said one sentence about having to find his buttercup. Then he closed his eyes."
"So you met him for the first time that night? The first appearance of the apparition?" Trace said, looking at both of them.
"No, Trace. That night it was a real person. That boy was real. And I almost killed him."

The three sat in stunned silence.
"What are you saying? This doesn't make sense!" Cynthia said, Trace's arm going around her.
"Where did this happen, Doctor Chambers?" Justin asked, looking at him.
"On the other side of Oberson Falls, about five miles west of town."
The three looked surprised.
"That far away? Then why is his apparition to the south?" Trace said, mostly to himself.
"An interesting question, Trace. One I don't have an answer to." the doctor said quietly.
"So what happened after that?" Justin said, wanting to know the rest of this story.
"Shelly drove into town to get help, finding Sam. I stayed with the young man. I did all that I could to ease his pain, he had a lot of broken bones and I was deeply concerned about internal bleeding. He also had severe head trauma. I really thought he might die that night. He never regained consciousness."
Shelly remained silent, watching him intently.
"Two hours later, he was transported by air to Utica, the hospital waiting for him. Shelly and I went home."
Shelly kissed his cheek, Henry smiling at her.
"We didn't stay there long. We were both deeply bothered by what had happened. We both felt it was our fault that young man was so hurt. The next day, we drove to Utica to find out how he was."
"And how was he?" Trace asked, the others wanting to know as well, hoping.
"He was in a coma. He'd received severe head injuries and bone trauma. His left leg, arm and collarbone were broken. But what surprised the doctors and myself was what had been done to him before."
Trace and Justin exchanged puzzled looks.
"When he'd been cleaned up by the hospital doctors, they found a lot of bruising, scars and lacerations. None of them were the result of the accident. That young man had been beaten and assaulted by someone. The doctors even went so far as to say he'd been tortured. Rope burns were on both wrists and ankles. That young man had endured horrendous pain. And. . ."
The doctor couldn't look them in the eyes, his head lowered, Shelly looking at Justin.
"They found evidence that the boy had been sexually assaulted. They concluded he'd been repeatedly raped."
The three gasped, Cynthia's eyes watering, Trace's arm again around her.
Justin sat in stunned silence, the words burning in his soul.

Henry looked at Justin, seeing the stunned hurt look upon his face.
"Yes, son. That young man was tortured, beaten and assaulted. If my thinking is right, it happened or ended where he's appearing now. If that's the case, he'd wandered well off his path when I hit him. Perhaps he was so emotionally terrified that he ran for over ten miles through the brush and woods trying to get away, only to walk into the headlights of my vehicle. I only wish I'd have been quicker. After all that monstrous pain, he was given the ultimate pain. He lost himself."
The doctor began to cry, Shelly wrapping her arms around him.
"As I've often told you. my love, you couldn't stop what happened. I've thought on all this, too. I believe he was so terrified, so lost that night, that he knew not where he was, walking out onto that highway in a fog of emotional exhaustion. You can't feel sorry for having no control on what happened. What you did after that shows me your loving heart."
Trace looked at the loving couple.
Henry looked up at the two men.
"I felt some responsibility to that young man. To somehow try to help him. He remained in the coma, the doctors doing all sorts of diagnostic tests, scanning his brain, doing all they could. But still he remained unconscious. I drove to Utica three times a week, just to sit with him. I felt in my heart he shouldn't be alone."
Shelly smiled at him, seeing before her the kind heart of the man she'd fallen for.
"He never gave up hope. We tried all the channels–police, government, national archives–no clue as to the young man's identity. The doctors sufficed that he would remain in that state for some time. That's when Henry decided to act."
Henry smiled, looking at Cynthia.
"I brought the young man home. I brought him here so that I could take care of him. I gained permission through the hospital administration and the authorities. The young man was incapacitated and all alone. I couldn't leave him there. So I brought him home. And for the past four years I have taken care of him. I named him Joe. He just seemed like a Joe to me."
Justin stood up, a slight tremble in his stance, looking at Henry.
"I'd like to see him, Doctor Chambers."
Henry stood up, Shelly standing along with Trace.
"Alright, Justin. I don't know the story behind this young man. All I know is he's come to mean a lot to me. I'll do all in my power to keep him safe. And I sense you'd do even more."
Justin smiled, nodding.
"The apparitions started right after he came here. No one connected the two, disregarding him entirely. They think I'm an old fool for caring for him. The locals have murmured for years that he's some kind of vegetable, incapable of anything. They're wrong Justin. Just lately he's been moving a bit, and I almost swore I heard him talking one night. Maybe it's the hope of an old man's soul."
Justin walked over to him, his hand going to his shoulder.
"It takes a warm-hearted soul to do all that you've done for this young man, Henry."
Henry smiled, putting his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"He makes you feel his love, Justin. Even in a coma–silent and unmoving–when I look at him I see someone in need, someone who's just looking to be loved. His soul was so lost it reached out in a surprising way. I believe that's what's going on out on Cutter's Road. Joe's soul is wandering–trying to come out of the darkness."
Justin nodded, seeing it all clearly now.
"Yes, Henry. He's walking his past in his mind, reliving it. And I think it's time he came back to his real life. Can I see him?"
Henry nodded, the others all looking at him.
"You'll need to carry Cynthia upstairs, Trace. There's no elevator."
Trace nodded, Cynthia smiling at him.

They stood in the hallway, looking towards a door at the end of it.
Cynthia was in her wheelchair, her hand in Trace's.
Justin stood ahead of Henry and Shelly, who were also holding hands.
Justin began to walk forward, Henry reaching out and grabbing his arm.
"You should know that it's been four years since all this happened, Justin. That apparition out there is from four years ago. He's matured since then, his body and looks have changed."
Justin nodded, his hand going to the doorknob.
He turned it, holding his breath.
He walked into the room, the other four following.
Justin saw a double-sized bed in the center of the room, its head section elevated.
The room was cozy, bathed in a light from a single lamp on a nightstand beside the bed.
Justin wasn't staring at the room decor, his eyes were drawn to the face of the man laying in that central bed.
Justin was taking in a vision of angelic beauty.
The four years had made the young man's face even more sensual, even more stunningly beautiful.
The man's eyes were closed, Justin hearing his steady breathing, his smooth chest rising and falling under a white wifebeater he wore.
A tube was running out of his arm, a bottle hanging beside the bed.
Justin stared at him, lost in the beauty of his looks.
Long, black, curly hair hung over his shoulders, his face a darker hue than those looking at him.
Thick eyebrows stood out about his closed eyes, sensuous in their soft looks.
His nose was slender and smooth, two soft reddish lips underneath it.
His complexion was smooth, blemish free and like a shining statue.
Cynthia and the others stood around Justin, looking at the man sleeping.
"He's so beautiful. He really does look like an angel." Cynthia softly said, Shelly smiling at Henry.
Trace stood motionless, seeing what lay before him.
It finally sank into his mind that this was all real.
Laying before him was the young man from the highway–an older, more intoxicatingly beautiful man.
"It really is him." he softly said, Henry's arm going around him.
"Yes, Trace. It really is our lost soul."

Justin walked over to the bed, gently sitting on its edge.
He stared quietly at the young man for a moment, taking in each delicate feature of his handsome face; his toned body laying beneath the covers.
Trace quietly watched Justin, watching his every move.
"Hello, my friend. It's Justin again." he said, taking the young man's hand in his.
There was no movement, no trembling nor familiar coldness.
This young man's hand felt warm, alive and smooth.
"You're lost out there in the darkness, Joe. I want to help you come back here to the real world. Just tell me what to do."
Trace looked at Cynthia, Cynthia looking at Justin.
Shelly broke the silence.
"He hasn't moved in four years, this room being his life. Henry has taken real good care of him. But he has to come back himself. Let's leave Justin with him for a bit." she said, Henry looking at her.
He nodded, the four quietly going out of the room.
Trace took one last look at his best friend.
Justin looked up at him, Trace seeing the tears on his cheek.
Trace quietly closed the door.

Justin sat beside the young man for half an hour, just gazing at him.
Staring at the youthful body that was once full of energy now laying motionless before him.
His mind had been filled with so many thoughts, so many inspiring thoughts.
And his heart and soul were lost in the vision laying on that bed.
Justin had felt it the minute he'd walked into the room.
An almost smothering closeness.
A feeling of being washed into a sea of lost emotions.
He'd been thinking on it for over half an hour, his heart finally letting his mind know what it was.
It was the feeling of being alive.
Of being complete.
Of being in the presence of someone needing him.
Justin looked down at the young man, his finger going to his cheek.
Justin felt the heat from that radiating face, the warmth of his smooth skin.
"You feel so alive, but you're lost. Come back to life, to reality, my friend. I want to know you, and....."
Justin stared at him.
"I want to love you." he softly said.
He smiled, a tear still in his eye.
He leaned forward, kissing the spot on the young man's cheek that he'd momentarily touched.
He rose up, his eyes still upon the young face, until he reached the door.
He looked for a moment longer, sighing and walking out of the room, gently and quietly closing the door.
The young man lay in the silent room, his body laying motionless on the bed, all save one part.
His left hand, the one Justin had held for the last half hour, slowly moved.

The four sitting at the kitchen table looked up from their coffees, Justin walking into the room.
Justin sat down between Shelly and Trace, everyone looking at him.
"He's so unbelievable! So helpless and lost! I just want to help him so much!" Justin said, the tears in his eyes now evident to all of them.
Trace put his arm around his friend, Cynthia smiling at him.
"You already have helped him, Justin. Out there in the darkness you made him talk, open himself up. Perhaps you can help here, too."
Henry smiled at the young man.
"Yes, Justin. Joe needs a lot of care. His clothes changed, washing him, exercising his legs and arms. I take him out of the bed as often as I can, but it's getting harder to do it."
"Is there anything that can be done, any medical help? I can find you a nurse to help and I'm willing to fly him anywhere, to help him all that I can. Money isn't an issue."
"I don't know if there's anything more that can be done. The head trauma, when the accident happened, has seriously harmed him. That's why he's in a coma. His brain is damaged. I believe in my heart he's not a vegetable, as people like to think and say."
Shelly put her arm around Henry, remembering Jim's comments.
"I believe that also, Henry. That apparition I saw tonight was a highly intelligent young man. If that is his soul, his lost soul, then that young man is okay inside that silent body."
Justin smiled, believing the same thing.
"I agree, Shelly."
She smiled at him.
"There are doctors in New York City that might better diagnose his condition, but I don't think they can change the outcome. Like Shelly said, it's up to Joe to come back himself."
"Or have someone's help." Cynthia said, staring at Justin.
"What do you mean, Cynthia?" Trace said, looking at her.
"Oh, come on people! Didn't you see what I saw tonight, and here also? Justin calmed him out there in the darkness, the young man clinging to him. He felt Justin's protective heart. And I witnessed Justin's heart again tonight in that room upstairs, his being drawn to that bed, searching for what his heart's been looking for!"
Justin looked shyly at Cynthia.
"You sense something don't you, Justin? You sense you're the one to help him."
"Yes, Cynthia. I've sensed that since I first saw his eyes open upon that wet road."
She smiled, the silence around the table shattered by a loud bang.

Shelly jumped, Henry rising to his feet.
"That's the front door. The wind must have banged it open."
Henry rose, Shelly rising as well.
They walked out of the room, Justin and Cynthia watching them go.
"I can't believe Mom and Henry have fallen in love."
Trace smiled at Cynthia, she blushing and smiling at him.
Justin just held in a smile, sipping his coffee.
"Another side effect of all this. Joe brought the two of them together even more." Justin quietly said.
Justin looked at both of them across the table.
"I think it's time another love was exposed. I think both of you need to be honest with each other." he said, smiling at his best friend and Cynthia.
Both were looking at him with a little surprise on their face.
Cynthia looked at Trace, Trace's eyes staring into hers.
"I think Justin sees a lot, Trace."
Trace smiled shyly, Cynthia taking his hand in hers.
"I like you, Trace. I've never met anyone with such a beautiful soul. I've felt that soul the moment you walked into my home. I think I may be falling in love with you. I hope my being like this, in this chair, won't let you judge me as not worthy of that love." she said, her eyes lowering.
Trace looked shocked, Justin nodding his head at him.
"Cynthia, you really have looked into my soul. Its beauty is enlarged by your loving smile. I fell in love with you the moment I looked into your green eyes. Your handicap doesn't bother me in the least. It's your soul that's your beauty. That and your giving heart. I'm not falling in love with you, Cynthia. I already am in love with you."
Both stared at each other for the longest time, lost in each other's eyes.
"Well geez! Kiss her, ya fool!"
The two looked up, Henry and Shelly standing in the doorway, Shelly's words filled with love.
Trace smiled, leaning over, his and Cynthia's lips meeting.
Everyone watched, Justin smiling.
After a few moments the two separated, still looking at each other.
Cynthia then looked at her mother.
"I guess we both are the luckiest women tonight." she smiled, her mother laughing.
"Ya got that right, sweetie." she said, Henry's arm around her.
The five smiled, sitting around the table again, talk now shifting to the loving revelations shown that evening.
Cynthia shivered a little, Trace putting his arm around her.
"Cold, my love?"
She smiled at his tender words.
"Just a chill. I've lost my shawl, it's fallen off the back of my chair." she said, looking around.
"I know you had it with you upstairs, I saw it on the chair. Let me go check. It's probably fallen off on the floor upstairs." Shelly smiled, getting up, Henry smiling up at her.
She left the room quickly, Henry turning back to Justin.
"It was the front door that banged, it was wide open. There's a cold wind blowing. That's what's chilled the house." the doctor said, looking at his watch.
"Damnation!  It's almost four! You three are welcome to stay here tonight. I have a couple of extra rooms. It'll save ya going back into town. And I make a hell of a good breakfast, although it's been years. Shelly's breakfasts have been my daily fare." he said, smiling.
The three accepted his offer, Henry smiling at having company.
The cozy atmosphere was suddenly shattered by a loud scream.

Henry and Justin were on their feet in a moment, moving towards the kitchen door.
Trace was up, rushing after Cynthia who sped out of the room.
Justin and Henry took the stairs two steps at a time, Trace and Cynthia waiting at the bottom steps.
Justin was in the lead, rushing down the hallway.
He spotted Shelly at the end of the hall, standing by the open doorway of Joe's room.
Justin and Henry were beside her in a flash, Henry taking her into his arms.
"What's wrong, my love? You screamed?"
She pointed into the room, Justin and Henry looking into the still lit room.
They both stared in shock.
The bed was empty.
As was the room.
"He's gone! That's impossible!" Henry said, his voice trembling.
Justin walked into the room, seeing the bottle still hanging by the bed, the tube hanging off the bed.
He looked at it, seeing blood on the end of the needle attached to the tube's end.
"He's walked out of here! Look, he's pulled out the tube!" Justin said, walking to the bed, lifting the tube.
Henry was beside him, looking at the blood.
"Alright, he's woken up. But why would he leave? And how does he have the strength to do that? He's been laying in bed for four years. He shouldn't be able to walk at all."
Justin nodded, moving towards the doorway.
Shelly looked at him, seeing the determination in his eyes.
The determination to find Joe.
He touched her shoulder, then walked past her, opening all the room doors on the floor, searching each.
"He's not up here, he must have went downstairs." Justin said, Henry agreeing.
"Of course! The banging door! He opened it!" Henry said, looking at Justin.
Justin was on the move, heading downstairs.
Trace and Cynthia looked up at him, Justin staring at them.
"Joe's gone! He's gotten out of bed and walked out of his room!" Justin said, the two looking stunned.
"Justin, that's impossible! He was in a coma!"
"He's not anymore, and he's on the move. We have to find him. Trace, you and Cynthia check all the rooms down here. Henry and I will check outside." Justin said, walking to the front door.
Shelly hugged Henry as Justin opened the front door.
Henry hit the porch light switches, Justin stopping in his tracks.
"What is it Justin?" Henry said, the others looking towards Justin.
Henry went to his side, staring outside, a gasp coming from him.
Standing on the front lawn, his back turned to all of them, was Joe.

The light from the porch flooded the lawn, the young man standing in its center.
He wore only boxers and a wifebeater, his exposed skin white against the greying darkness.
Justin and Henry exchanged looks.
"Wait here, everyone."
The others had moved to the doorway, all now seeing the young man standing on the lawn.
Justin slowly walked out of the doorway, across the porch, walking down the three steps onto the lawn.
He remained still watching the young man.
The young man turned, his head moving from side to side, as if he was looking everywhere.
Justin took in the chiseled form of this walking adonis.
Joe's body was tight, smooth and glistening with a light sheen of sweat.
His form was smooth, but needing definition.
Justin knew that four years laying in that bed would make his muscle tone vanish.
But the young man was still lean and smooth.
A vision of male beauty.
The young man's whole body turned, he was now facing the house.
Justin stared into two grey eyes, both so intense with wonder.
Their greyness shone like silver, the whiteness blending into the grey.
His face was that of an angel–smooth, blemish-free and delicate.
That face would put any male model to shame.
The young man now was staring at all of them, but his eyes were focused mainly on Justin.
Justin quietly walked forward slowly, until he was a few feet from the young man.
The young man continued to stare at him.
"Are you alright?" Justin softly said, the man looking at him still.
"Where is this place? Who are you?"
Justin took in every word, hearing that beautiful voice.
"It's me, Justin."
The man looked at him, taking in the beautiful face smiling back at him.
"I don't know you. And who are they? " he said, pointing to the others.
"We're your friends. We've been taking care of you. You've had an accident." Shelly said, her voice filled with kindness.
The man looked around, then raised his hands, looking at his own body.
"You know me?" he said, Justin seeing his body trembling.
Justin felt the man's trembling soul.
"Who are you, my friend?" Henry said, smiling at him as well.
The man looked around at all of them, his eyes settling on Justin's face again.
"I was hoping you could tell me?" he said, his legs beginning to let go.
Justin was beside him in a flash, the man staggering, Justin's arms around him.
The man collapsed, Justin taking him into his arms, lifting him up.
The young man looked into his blue eyes.
"Who am I?" he softly said, his grey eyes closing once again.
Justin felt the warmth of the young man in his arms.
Justin pulled his body against him, the others now around him.
"You're my friend, lost one. And in my heart, my love." Justin said within himself, gently carrying the young man back into the house.

End of Chapter 4
And so, the mysterious young man is, in essence, real.
What's in store for him, and for Justin?
What was he running from?
And who is he?

More questions, I love it!
I like to leave you all guessing!
Up next: some other revelations, and some interesting things.

Hugs, Angel.


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