Jolan's Path - Chapter 40


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 40


Everyone sat in awed silence, watching Justin and Chris hug tightly, Jolan smiling at both of them.

Johnny Wright's eyes were taking in all the people around the room, his eyes making contact with Lynn.

"Would someone please tell me what's going on here?" he said, Justin and Chris parting, both smiling at each other.

Justin hugged Johnny next, the large black man hugging him tightly, Chris' eyes going to Jolan's grey orbs.

"Hello, I'm Chris Kirkpatrick." he smiled, Jolan extending his hand.

"My name is Jolan Dragos." Jolan said, Justin smiling at his finally being able to use his full name.

Chris smiled back, looking at the young man, the two shaking hands tightly.

"A Dragosan as I live and breathe! It truly is remarkable!" Chris said, shaking his head in an awed fashion.

Jolan looked somewhat surprised, Chris smiling at him warmly.

"It seems you know all about me, Mr. Kirkpatrick."
"It's just Chris, Jolan." he said, his eyes moving as he spotted some other people coming down the hallway.

Jennie, Cindy and Rachel all walked into the living room, looking towards the new visitors.

"Hi, Rach! How's my girl?" Chris smiled, Rachel walking up to him and hugging him tightly.

"Chris, you old dog! Long time no see!" she said, kissing his cheek.

She next hugged Johnny, Chris smiling at Justin.

"Yeah, it's been too long. Sorry for dodging you for so long, Curly!" Chris said, Justin's face covered in a wide smile.

"Yeah, you've like disappeared on all of us!" Joey said, walking up to his friend and pulling him into a bear hug.

Lance walked up as well, all the former bandmates each hugging Chris and Johnny.

The others patiently sat back, Jennie sitting down beside Jolan, his arm wrapping around her.

The four friends broke their holds on each other, Chris' eyes going to the two siblings seated together.

"And this must be the heroine in all this. You must be Jennie." he said, smiling at the young woman, Jennie blushing lightly.

"Hi! Yes, I'm Jennie." she said, Chris smiling at her.

His eyes met Johnny's, the large man's arms folded, staring at the two seated together as well.

Justin introduced Cindy to the two men, both greeting her and smiling at Trace.

"Curly, I think you need to explain to Johnny what's happened in the last few days. And I'd like to know what my compadres have been up to." Chris said, sitting down with Joey, the two smiling at each other.

Jolan's eyes focused on Chris for a moment, then his silver irises looked at Justin.

Justin saw the love and strength in those grey eyes.

Justin looked at Johnny, sighing.

"Sit down, Johnny. I'll fill you both in on everything that's been going on. Just try and keep an open mind."
Johnny nodded, sitting down on the couch beside Lynn, Lynn gently kissing his cheek, the man smiling at her.

Jolan sat back, Justin beginning his narration.


Justin felt a hand go in his, his blue eyes looking into Jolan's grey silvery orbs of love.

Justin had been talking for quite some time, Johnny and Chris silently listening to all Justin had said.

Joey, Trace and Lance had voiced their own comments when asked, the two new men staring at Jolan often.

Justin had ended the narration with the story of his and Jessica's tumultuous demise.

And then he opened up about Jolan's family, and his and Jolan's newfound relationship.

And the truth behind their love.

Johnny had sat in shocked silence, Chris' face remaining emotionless, his eyes glancing towards Jolan on several occasions.

Jolan had felt the nervousness in Justin's tone of voice at the moment of his speaking his heart to his friends.

That was when Jolan had risen from his seat, walking to his man's side, taking his hand in his.

The look that Jolan gave him cemented in Justin's heart the truth of what this all meant.

That here before him was his soulmate, and Justin was showing his friends that loving soul.

"Jolan and I are in love. I love him completely. He is my soulmate." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him, the smile of his own giving love.

Johnny looked at Lynn, Lynn smiling at him.

"I love my son, Johnny. You only need to look at him and see the love shining in his eyes. Jolan makes him happy. For that reason alone I'll stand by both of them."

Justin teared up, hearing his mother's acceptance of their new relationship.

Johnny stood up, walking up to his friend, looking at him with concern.

"This comes as a total shock to me, Justin. I never saw this side of you before and--more importantly--neither has the world. You do realize what this could do to your career?"

Justin's face changed suddenly, Jolan seeing a smile cross his lover's beautiful face.

Jolan saw the total acceptance in that smile.

"My music hasn't changed, Johnny. Nor have I. I'm the same person I was yesterday. Only now I have someone whom I truly love, and who loves me. The fact that he's a man shouldn't make any difference."
Lance, who'd been sitting quietly listening to his friend opening his heart to all of them, smiled widely.

"Justin's right, John. Just look at myself. I'm free, I'm happy and I'm real. No famous image or personality can hide one's own heart."

Justin smiled at Lance, his arm going around Jolan.

"Jolan and I are together."
Johnny nodded, folding his arms.

Justin saw the intensity that Johnny was staring at Jolan with, his eyes moving to Justin's blue orbs.

"That's all well and good here in the heart of your friends and family, Justin. But out there in the real world this could really hurt your career. There aren't that many high-profile totally open gay superstars around, no disrespect to you Lance." Johnny said, looking at the former boybander.

"None taken, John." Lance said, Joey's hand going to his shoulder.

Jolan's eyes had been watching Justin's manager, and Justin.

"Take into account the fact that you've had some very high-profile female stars as lovers. Those relationships cemented you in the hearts of a lot of lovestruck girls.  Now, all of a sudden, you've hooked up with a guy? Not many of your female fans will be happy with that. You could maybe play the bi angle, letting them know you like both sexes. That might defuse a bit of the drama, but you must realize that this will explode. You're a big star, Justin! This could spiral into a media thunderstorm. And the backlash could be the destruction of your career."

Jolan's eyes lowered, Justin catching the look on his face, his arm tightening around him.

"All my life, I've always taken on things my way, Johnny. You know the real me. That image I've created isn't all of me. Yes. I have a lot to thank that image for. It has propelled me into stardom. But more importantly, so has my music and my soul. Everything I've done has come from my soul. From me. And now it's time to reveal that real man to everyone. And I can't do that without this man at my side. He completes me. It's time for me to be true to myself. And that starts with my acknowledging Jolan's love."
Jolan's eyes raised, staring into Justin's, Justin leaning in and kissing him tenderly.

Jolan felt all of Justin's love in that tender kiss, and all his strength and courage he gave to his lover.

Justin broke the kiss, smiling at him, his eyes returning to his manager's face.

Johnny's face wore an unreadable look.

Justin waited in silence, preparing for another heated lecture from the older man.

Chris stood up, walking up to the three men, Johnny's eyes meeting his.

"So I guess you were correct, Chris!" Johnny said, Chris nodding.

Johnny' eyes turned back to the two men, a wide smile breaking across his face, the look changing his looks completely.

Jolan and Justin looked with confusion at both men, Chris smiling at both of them.

"I called it that day at the hospital news conference. I saw the love between both of you, Curly. I saw where both your eyes were going."
Jolan smiled, then blushed, Chris chuckling.

"I knew at that moment that our little Justy was in love!" Chris said, his voice filled with mirthful happiness.

Jolan smiled at Chris, the man returning the smile.

"It takes a lot of courage for someone to take on loving this wild man, Jolan. I bow to your courageous heart." Chris said bowing to Jolan, a wide smile crossing his face, and an even larger one crossing Johnny's.

Johnny's hand went to Justin's shoulder, smiling at him.

"I've waited a long time for you to really open up to me, my friend. We all have waited for this moment of dawning truth. I now see Jolan's love really has changed you."
Justin smiled widely, Jolan smiling at all three men, a slight blush on his cheeks.

"So your reaction was all a setup? You were playing me so I'd speak from my heart?" Justin said, folding his arms, staring at both men.

Johnny laughed, Chris chuckling.

Jolan smiled at both men, seeing what they'd made Justin do.

"Yes, Jus. Chris said you had the guts to be true to yourself. I now see that for myself. And that will get you through all that may happen ahead." Johnny said, smiling at him.

Justin smiled, taking Jolan's hand in his.

"All I need is Jolan's love. And my family and friends."

"We're all here for you, Justin." Johnny said, smiling.

Justin nodded, the man looking at Jolan.

"I guess we're going to be seeing a lot of you around, Jolan. I'm looking forward to knowing the real you. I don't think the reports do you justice."
"Reports?" Jolan said, looking at Justin, Justin blushing.

"Johnny's very meticulous in his need to know everything, Jolan. My guess is he's scanned your whole background." Joey said from the couch, Chris nodding.

Jolan's eyes met the man's, Johnny blushing a little.

"It's my job, Jolan. I need to know everything--and everyone--surrounding my clients. I did a complete background check on you--what little there was to check."

Jolan nodded, smiling at him.

"I understand your concern, sir. I hope I measured up to your standards."

Johnny Wright smiled, nodding.

"Your life is a confused smattering of broken leads, Jolan Dragos. What Justin's told me here today clears up some of it. You truly are a courageous man. For living the life you've endured."
Jolan nodded, feeling the man's respect and admiration.

"And I'll agree with Chris. Kudos for taking on this monkey! They give out medals for such sacrifices!"

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling at the large man.

"We all have crosses to bear, sir."
Johnny laughed loudly, Justin blushing, everyone around them smiling, seeing the tension now gone from the room.

Justin hugged Johnny, the large man hugging him tightly.

"However you want to handle this is fine with me, Jus. We'll get through it as a team."

"Thanks for being here for me, Johnny." Justin said, a tear in his eyes.

"You are now and always have been more than just a client, Jus. First and always you're a friend."
The two men smiled at each other, Jolan's eyes going to Chris'.

"That leaves only one act left in this play." Jolan said, Chris nodding.

"How do you know all about my life, Chris?"

Chris' eyes scanned around at everyone, ending back at two grey, silvery eyes staring at him with calmness, Jolan's stare one of quiet reflection.

Chris sighed, his hands going together, looking at Jolan.

"Let's just say I dreamed about you, Jolan."


The silence in the room was deafening.

"You dreamed about me?"
Chris nodded, Justin looking towards Jolan.

He saw the change in his facial expressions, sensing he was in a state of confusion.

His arm went around Jolan again, Jolan still staring at Chris.

"Let's sit down, Jo. Chris, you have our undivided attention. Please tell us what you mean." Justin said, guiding a now silent Jolan to the couch.

The two men sat down, everyone else quietly staring at Chris, who now stood in the center of the living room, surrounded by everyone.

"It began about two months ago. I started having the same dream every night. It started the night of my accident."

Justin, Joey and Lance all looked at their friend, deep concern crossing all of their faces.

"It happened when I went down to Florida to see my cousin Jerry. I rolled my Jeep one night coming back from a club. I totally wrecked my Jeep, just suffering a few bruised ribs myself and a mild concussion. I'm fine."
Everyone's face relaxed, Chris smiling at them all, feeling their concern and love.

"Jerry was able to keep it out of the papers due to his close associations with the local police force. I started having the first dream that night when everything calmed down and I fell asleep."
"What did you dream about?" Trace asked, Chris smiling towards him.

"It was always the same dream at the start. Through time the latter part changed, a little more coming each time. It always started with me waking up inside my Jeep, crawling out of it and walking up from the ditch onto a dark black topped road. The dark night slowly became moonlit, and I could see most things. What I easily clued into was that I wasn't on the road where I had my accident. The area didn't look the same. From the looks of the forested area I'd guess I was in one of the northern states, a lot of coniferous trees around me. I thought I might be in New York State or Vermont."
Everyone's eyes turned to Jolan, the young man quietly staring at Chris, Justin's arm around him, his eyes on Jolan as well.

"I saw down that road ahead of me- just on the edge of the creeping darkness- a man. He was walking away from me. His head kept moving, as if he were searching for someone along the sides of the road. I started following him, the distance between us never changing. If I started running forward that man seemed to pick up the same speed as well. I never got a good glimpse of his face."

Jolan trembled beside Justin, Justin feeling it.

"I was totally stunned the morning of Justin's news conference at the hospital. For standing beside you, Curly, on that stage was a young man I'd seen in that dream. It was you, Jolan."

"You met Jolan in your dreams?" Trace said, his words filled with a sense of wonder.

Chris looked at Trace, then back at Jolan.

"No, I never met him. I just saw him."
"He was the one you were chasing then?" Joey said, his eyes moving to Jolan.

"I believe so. Like I said, I never saw his face."

"What are you talking about, Chris? Did you see him or didn't you?" Justin said, a little urgency showing in his words.

Chris' eyes were on Jolan.

"In a way I did see you, Jolan. I was shown an image of you."

Everyone was now confused, not understanding what Chris was saying.

Jolan stood up, walking up to Chris, both men looking each other in the eyes.

"Who showed you my image, Chris?" Jolan said, Chris hearing a little trembling emotion in Jolan's voice.

Chris' hand went to Jolan's shoulder, his eyes filled with friendship.

"It was your mother, Jolly."


Justin was beside Jolan in an instant, seeing his trembling more evident now.

"My mother? You saw my mother in your dreams?" Jolan said, his voice cracking with emotions.

Jennie was now at Jolan's other side, Jolan's arm going around her, both Dragos children staring at Chris.

Chris nodded slowly, his eyes on Jennie's staring face.

"You called him Jolly? How did you know that's my name for him?" Jennie said, smiling at Chris.

Chris smiled back, his hand touching her cheek, she smiling still.

"You mother told me." he said, looking up into Jolan's tearing eyes.

"My mother talked to you about us?"
"Yes, Jolan. She told me all about both of you. And all about your family. The Dragosan and Sumsarian dynasties."

"That's totally unbelievable! How could she seek you out in dreams if she'd never met you before? And why you?" Justin said, his face filled with concern.

"Sit down everyone, and I'll try to shed some light on all this." Chris said, smiling at everyone.

Jolan stared at him for a moment, then walked back with Justin to the couch, Jennie following.

The three sat down, everyone's eyes upon them and side glances going to Chris.

"Like I said the dream happened almost every night for the last two months. I tried often to catch the running man ahead of me, yelling and screaming at him, but to no avail. I saw your mother for the first time on the second to last night that I had the dream.

She was standing on the edge of that dark road, her eyes watching the walking man in the distance. I stopped a few feet from her, just watching her. I felt she knew I was there but otherwise she was ignoring me, her eyes looking towards the walking man. She was so beautiful, Jolan. Her golden hair was softly blowing in the night breeze. Her skin was so smooth and her beauty was just so moving."

Chris had lowered his head, everyone seeing his face lost in the memory of meeting the woman.

"Mom is very pretty. I remember her smiling at me in my dreams." Jennie said, Jolan's eyes looking down at her, the young woman wrapped against Jolan's side.

Chris' eyes raised up, smiling at the young woman.

"Yes, she is a vision of great beauty. As are you, little angel. You have your mother's smile."
Jennie smiled widely, Jolan smiling softly, looking at her.

"Go on, Chris. Tell us what happened." Justin said, his body against Jolan's other side.

Chris looked around for a moment, then his calm voice filled the room, his narration drawing all of them into his dream.


Chris remained silent, watching the woman looking down the road, Chris seeing the walking man's pace had slowed, his head still moving side to side.

He was almost standing still.

"He's so lost. He's so alone. He's never been so alone for so long. It's eating at his soul." the woman said, her soft angelic voice breaking through the dark silence of the night.

"Who is he, and who are you?" Chris softly said, the woman's body turning.

Chris stared into two deep blue eyes, the blueness sparking with flecks of silver.

They were the most stunningly beautiful blue eyes he'd ever seen.

And those blue eyes were set into a face of unbelievable calming beauty.

Chris thought in his soul that he was looking upon an angelic host.

"Are you an angel?"
The woman smiled a soft smile of friendship and love.

"No, Christopher. I'm not an angel. Far from it. I am only his mother."
Chris' eyes moved to the distant man, seeing now a youthfulness in the man's--now more visible--nearly nude body.

For some reason the man's apparition had suddenly focused into clearer definition.

Chris took the man to be a young man of age seventeen or eighteen.

"He's only a hundred yards away from you. Why doesn't he turn around? He would so easily find you."

"He's lost, Christopher. What lays behind him is hidden from him by his own choosing. For him to look back would unleash the pain. The pain of a wrongful truth."
Chris looked confused, not sure of what she was talking.

"A wrongful truth? What is he wrong about?"
The woman stared at Chris, Chris seeing a single tear falling down her cheek.

"He believes it's his fault. But his heart needs only feel his love and he'd know the truth."
"Did he do something wrong? Did he hurt someone? Was it you?"
The woman's head turned, looking towards the young man in the distance.

"He did what he thought was right. To save us he lost us."

Chris sensed a deeply moving love emanating off the woman, her eyes still focused on her distant son.

"I would give heaven's sweet embrace to hold him again but the darkness threatens my vision."
The woman turned, looking into Chris' concerned eyes.

"I haven't much time. You need to know the past to stop the future, Christopher. Let me shed the light of my brother-in-law's illumination on your mind."

The woman's hand went forward touching Chris's forehead, Chris instantly awash in flooding memories.


Chris' eyes were staring at Jolan, tears showing in the young man's eyes.

"What did she show you?" Jolan softly said, a sense of trembling emotion heard in his words, everyone looking at him with concern.

"She showed me the past of your family, Jolan. The Dragosan origins and the Sumsarian history. I saw it all pass across my vision, walking the timeline of your past. Right up until your seventeenth birthday."

Everyone was looking at Chris, sensing some meaning in that specific date.

"That was the day you lost yourself, Jolan. That was the day before your accident." Chris said, a soft sob issuing out of Jolan, Jennie and Justin pulling him close.

"I lost myself on my birthday! That morning at my home that I saw in my dreams. It was our birthday breakfast. I lost our family on our birthdays, Jennie!!" he cried, Jennie kissing his cheek.

"You haven't lost me, Jolly! I'm here!" she said, Jolan's eyes focusing on her, pulling her into his arms.

"Please don't leave me again, Jennie! Please don't ever leave me!" he sobbed, Justin's arm tightly around both of them as Jolan hugged his sister.

Jennie pulled back a little, looking into his grey, tear-filled eyes.

"I'm here, Jolly! Fat chance of me leaving you ever again!"

Jolan smiled, the young girl smiling back at him.

"I love you, Jennie."
"I know, Jolly. I love you and Justin too."
Jolan smiled, as did Justin, Justin seeing her love had calmed him down.

Jolan wiped his eyes, looking around at everyone, then standing up.

He walked up to Chris, looking at him.

"What happened on that day, Chris? What happened to my family?"

Chris lowered his eyes for a moment, then raised them again, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

He saw in them a begging need to know.

He wished with all his heart he could tell the man that needful truth.

"I don't know, Jolan. And the only one who does is you."

Jolan sensed the truth in what Chris had just said.

"The Shadowing. The shadow of my denial reaches far." he said, Chris' hand going to his shoulder.

"You've blocked out your past by your own doing, Jolan. Your mother told me that it was for a very good reason."
Jolan nodded, Chris quietly looking at him.

"You said my mother entered your dream on the second to last night that you dreamt of me. What happened on the last night?"

Chris looked into the staring silver eyes that looked squarely into his.

"On the last night she again appeared in the same place, you standing ahead of us in the same spot as well. The night before she had shown me all of the past of the Dragosan lineage, leading up to that moment. That moment in the darkness of your mind. For I suddenly realized that I was with you, Jolan. That she and I were truly with you on that darkened night when you walked in front of Dr. Chambers' car. I was standing there watching you about to truly lose yourself."
Jolan's hand went to Chris' shoulder now, seeing the compassion in the man's eyes.

"What did she talk of that last night? Why was she following me? Why couldn't she stop me and free my soul?"

Chris sighed, Justin's eyes on both men.

Justin thought he saw a simmering reluctance flash across Chris' face.

"Please, Chris! Please tell me what she said! I feel in my soul that it's important!"

"She and I were watching you again, Jolan. We talked of what she'd shown me the night before, she explaining who you were and what you represent." Chris said, a soft smile now on his face, remembering her words.

"And what do I represent?" Jolan said, looking with dread at the man standing in front of him.
Chris' eyes looked around the room, everyone seeing the new look of calmness on his face.

"You represent love, Jolan. She said you are love."

Chris stared at the woman standing in front of him, Melina Dragos staring back at him.

"Love? You mean he is a loving man?"

"No, Christopher. He's so much more. For seventeen years, my husband and I have been blessed to hold in our arms the budding love of truth. This day was to be the illuminating day of truth. For the world would have rejoiced in seeing what it had within its grasp. For love would have flown into all of our hearts. A love we'd never known. The love of truth, freedom and life. The Giver of Love would have shown his love."
Her eyes went again to the lost man standing ahead of them.

"But tragically, the monsters of evil have sought to destroy him. They tried to destroy what he held dearest to his heart. But he would have none of it. He released the magic of himself. He has lost himself to right the wrongs he felt he did. Oh, my loving child! What you have done?!"

She lowered her head, Chris' hand going around her, feeling the emptiness of her being.

She too--he now realized--was an apparition.

"Are you dead? Are you walking in death following a lost child? Your child of love that lost you?"

Melina's eyes looked forward, seeing the youth ahead of her still searching the night's darkness.

"To lose oneself is to lose life. To find oneself is to find love. He only needs to see the truth to find our hearts again. We are there in the darkness. Our love is with him."

The woman's eyes looked deeply into Chris' brown eyes.

"You are special, Christopher. You have a true heart of life. He needs your friendship. And he needs to find himself again. His love shall guide him forward. Tell him we are close within his heart. Only the darkness separates us forever."

Chris nodded, seeing her eyes once more looking to her child before her.

"I hear them coming. I must go. Tell him to seek out the truth in his own words. Walk in his friendship, Christopher. Surround him with your strength and friendship. He will be safe as long as his love is there."

The woman looked around as if seeing danger around her, her eyes flashing a soft blue glow.

"The magic is the key."

She faded before Chris, Chris standing alone on the side of the darkened road.

And then he thought he saw the darkness in one spot changing.

He glimpsed soft shades of darkness moving in the shape of someone.

Chris instantly saw the darkness fill with a brightness of mechanical invention, and he heard the sudden squeal of tires, followed by a thick-sounding thud.

He saw the young man flying through the air, his body falling into the roadside ditch.

And then he heard a scream of unimaginable heartache cut through the darkness.


Chris' eyes looked into Jolan's, tears rolling down his cheek.

"That is when I woke up that night. I'm positive it was the same night you awoke from your coma, if I have the timing right."

Jolan nodded, his mind taking in all that Chris had said.

"They are in the darkness? Only the darkness separates us forever?" he softly said, Justin rising and going to his side.

"Yes, those were her exact words, Jolan. I'm still not sure what it means. Perhaps all that she said can help you in some way." Chris said, Justin seeing his compassionate friendship in full view.
"I think they're alive." Jolan said, his voice filled with quiet calmness.

"How do you know, Jolan? To me, it was as if she were an apparition. That could mean--and I'm sorry to say it--that she's passed out of this world. To walk into our dreams as a guiding light." Chris said, wiping his tear-stained face.

Jolan smiled at him, seeing before him a new friend of giving heart.

"I still don't know why I was singled out for this dream, Jolan. I'd never met you, or known you. Our only connection is Justin, and I wasn't even aware of that until I saw his hospital news conference."

Jolan's eyes turned, looking into Justin's concerned blue eyes.

"Justin is the drawing connection, Chris. His love is within me. And his love is within all of you. You are now all my friends, his love and mine given to all of you."
Everyone smiled, Jennie walking up to the three men, Jolan's arm going around her.

"Our mother and father are out there somewhere, Jennie. She's reaching out in dreams to try and guide me. My father is reaching out in his ring to guide me. Their love is out there. I feel it so greatly." he said, his hand raised, the silver ring shown to all.

Jennie looked up at him, Jolan smiling at her.

"I miss them, Jolly. I wish they'd come home." she said, Jolan's arm tightening around her.

"We'll find them, Jennie. And I'll remember the truth, whatever it is." Jolan said, reassuringly.

Chris looked at Justin, his friend's face masked with concern.

Jolan caught the look between the two men, sighing softly.

"You have been chosen by my mother to help me, Chris. What that help will be is unknown. But, here, today I welcome your friendship. I think she chose you because I see the truth of your friendship, your love and kind heart in your smiling face. She is right, I think you are special."

Chris smiled back at him, the group sitting down again, Chris sitting with his former bandmates, the three men looking at Jolan, Jennie and Justin sitting together.

"It's so strange, seeing your mother in a dream, Jolan. Seeing your final moments before your accident. It all felt so real! What could the underlying reasoning be behind that?" Chris said, more to himself but heard by everyone.

Jolan looked around the room.

"You've all forgotten one thing."

"What, Jo? What have we forgotten?" Justin said, Jolan sitting against him.

"My mother's magic. I think this dream is part of that."
Chris' eyes widened a bit, remembering something.

"She said that the magic was the key!"

"Yes, Chris. And she also said I'm to seek out the truth in his own words. I think she may mean the Oracle. I think it's the prophecy again."

Justin's arm went around Jolan again, Jolan smiling at him.

"All of this is somehow attached to the Dragosan and Sumsarian truths. Why else would my mother show Chris the history of both of them? My parents' disappearance is somehow connected to all of that. Whatever happened that day--the day of my seventeenth birthday--somehow connects to all of this."
Jennie nodded, Jolan's arm around her.

"Do you think they're okay, Jolly? I don't want them to be hurting."
He kissed her cheek, looking towards Chris.

"Chris said she was beautiful and unhurt. That has to mean something. And she has her magic."

Jolan let go of his sister, Justin letting go of him as he stood up, walking in front of the windows, the darkness of the early fall night staring back at him.

"Questions needing answers. You've given me a lot to think upon, Chris. My mother's words will echo in my already troubled, empty mind."
Chris stood up, Justin watching both men.

Chris stood beside Jolan, his arm going around him.

"I believe she's told me all that for a reason, Jolan. Those words will somehow unlock the truth. She was an intelligent, beautiful, kind woman. I see the same traits in her son standing here beside me. I'm really looking forward to knowing you as a good friend, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, Justin relaxing upon seeing that smile erase the confusion on Jolan's face.

"And I want to know the man named Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick. Something tells me there is a truthful, mirthful heart inside you, Chris. Your friendship I shall relish."
Chris smiled widely, looking around the room.

"Word of warning, I can be very twisted. You may rue the day I walked into your life."

Jolan smiled wider, looking into his new friend's blue eyes.

"When I said Justin called you extraordinary Chris, I meant as in one of a kind. Damned if we know what kind!"

Lance burst into laughter, Chris giving him a sideways glance.

Jolan smiled, walking back and sitting down beside Justin again.

Joey--sitting beside Lance--looked towards Jolan, wanting to join the friendly ganging up on Chris.
"I think you better call Ripley's Believe It or Not, Jolan. One of their exhibits is loose."

Chris' eyes glared at his old friend, his hand raising in a one finger salute.

All the friends burst into laughter, Justin grinning at the lost feeling of bonded love he felt again with all his old friends..

And the connection to that lost friendship lay in the love of his Jolan, who was--ironically enough--sitting in the middle of all of them.

The only one missing was Josh.

Justin smiled, knowing in his heart that his Josh would welcome Jolan into his heart as well.

Chris continued to laugh, sitting down beside Lance and Joey.


Tolmar stared down at the two brothers standing below him.

The One Council had met upon Simus' request, the three councillors sitting in silence, listening to all that Simus told them.

"So the Sun Child is truly alive? The Sumsarian truth is on its way." Degas said, Tolmar's eyes glancing at him.

"The man comes to take up his destiny? Bring him forward, Simus son of Vilos." Belas, the third councillor, said.

Simus' grey eyes stared up at them.

"No, learned ones. Jolan has not come."
The two other councillors' eyes turned to Tolmar, the central figure staring at Simus and Calen.

"No one refuses the call of the Council."

Calen looked at his brother, Simus' eyes staring at Tolmar.

"Jolan told me to tell you that he is now walking on the path. Not the path of the Dragosan destiny, but his own. That path he believes supersedes all others. He said that we are walking his path, not the other way around."
The three councillors looked among each other, the two junior ones murmuring unheard words.

"Why now, at this time, does this man choose to fight us?"

"He does not fight you, sires. He walks his own path, as he believes he must. You did not see the determination in his glowing grey eyes. He is more than what you or any of us believed him to be. He is the Caitre Din Dragoste, and he is the Sun Child."

The three councillors froze in shock, Tolmar's grey eyes looking with burning clarity at Simus.

"Oh, my God!! That cannot be!!"

"Yes, Tolmar. He called himself that ancient title. Jolan Dragos is the Giver of Love." Calen said, Tolmar briefly glancing at him.

Simus' hand went to Calen's shoulder, the younger man smiling at his brother.

"You all know the life that my brother has led. The life of pain and betrayal, the betrayal at the hands of his own brothers."
The three councillors nodded, looking towards the younger brother.

Calen pulled his shirt over his head, standing bare-chested in front of the Council.

The three men stared in wide-eyed shock.

"He was cursed with Fangorosan magic! How now is he healed?"
"By the touch of my nephew's giving love. By the magical power of his giving love." Calen said, standing proud and erect.

Simus looked at his brother, seeing the cleansed beauty of his strong muscular torso.

"The marks of Fangoros evil have washed away from my being. My Badenwolf soul is still lost, but my heart is now wrapped in hope. Jolan has promised to free my soul. He has already freed my heart with his love."

Simus teared, his eyes again upon the One Council.

"I held within me a burning desire to go against my beliefs. For love, I was willing to risk everything. I was fully determined to risk all for love. My nephew showed me that I had all that I needed right before me. The love I sought was real, is real. And I'll never lose it."
Simus walked forward, touching the center stone tablet that lay on the front of the Council's table.

It was a carving of a wolf, a man of exquisite beauty riding on his back.

It was the symbol of the Dragosan and Badenwolf alliance.

Vilos riding the animal of freedom.

"On my parents' truths, on my own truths, I pledge my life to the Caitre Din Dragoste, my nephew Jolan Dragos."

"I pledge as well all that I am." Calen said, standing now beside his brother, his hand also touching the stone carving.

Tolmar stared down at them, Simus' eyes staring back.

"Where is my brother?"
Tolmar sighed, looking at both brothers.

"Morgan has pulled Krayos from his school. He has taken the young man to Northern Ireland. There, he is training him for the Rite of Truth. This now must play out as it must. You would be well to do the same with Jolan, Simus. If you are correct, and if he is correct, then something more is at hand here. Something beyond the reach of the One Council. But our laws are the laws of both Dragosan and Sumsarian birthright. He must come to us."
Simus stood a little taller, Calen sensing his determination.

"Jolan said he would return to stand before you at the time of Snow and Truth, not before."
"The young man is toying with things he does not understand, Simus. He would be wise to walk carefully. And he would be wise to come before us. Heed our warning."
Simus stared at all three councillors.

"Then heed his warning. He told me to tell you one last thing."
"Speak, son of Vilos." Belas said, his blue eyes staring at him.

"The path of light burns brightest when the candle is lit with love."

All three men remained silent, the words sinking into their souls.

Simus continued with Jolan's words of finality.

"I am the candle, and Justin is my flame. I shall need his love to fill my soul. When my love-filled heart is healed I shall go to Moldavia, not a moment before. And then the Sun Child will do what must be done."

Belas turned to Tolmar, his voice filled with emotion.

"He knows the words! He recites the truth written in stone!"
Degas and Belas were both met with a staring glare from Tolmar, both men instantly disappearing before the Dragosan brothers.

Tolmar stood up, alone upon the platform.

His head lowered, then raised a moment later, a tear running down his cheeks.

"I did not believe it possible! I did not believe her truth! The time is really at hand! He walks on the true path!"

Simus and Calen exchanged looks, looking back at the man standing above them.

Tolmar's eyes met theirs, both men seeing a look of happiness flood those now grey eyes.

"He is love."

Tolmar disappeared, as did the platform and table.

Simus and Calen looked at each other, then down at their hands.

Their rings of Servitude were gone.






End of Chapter 40


And so Chris has entered the scene, albeit not by his own doing.

What is his part in all this?
Why did Jolan's mother seek him out, and what is she trying to tell her son?

Where are Jolan's parents?
Are they dead or alive?


What is Belas talking of?

The truth written in stone?

What has happened with the Rings of Servitude disappearing from the Dragosan hands?


More questions than answers, I am sorry to say, now fill our minds.

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