Jolan's Path - Chapter 42


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 42


Jennie smiled up from the kitchen table, Jolan and Justin walking hand in hand into the kitchen.

Lynn, standing beside the stove, smiled at both of them; Justin kissing his mother's cheek, Jolan seconding the greeting.

Lynn smiled at both, Justin sitting down beside Jennie, her arms around his neck immediately, kissing his cheek.

"Morning, Justin! It's party day!" Jennie said, everyone hearing the happiness in her voice.

"Yes, Jennikins! Party day!! Yay!!" Justin said, the two giggling and laughing together.

Jolan glanced at Lynn, both rolling their eyes, then smiling.

"Looks like the kids are excited." Jolan smiled, sitting down beside Justin, Lynn laughing and pouring Jolan a coffee, Justin pouring a glass of orange juice for himself and milk for Jennie.

"Hey, it's going to be fun!" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Not as much fun as you two apparently had last night." Lynn said softly, setting a plate of sausages down on the table.

Justin smiled, a soft blush on his cheeks.

"I'm sorry if our loudness awoke you, Lynn." Jolan said, Lynn quietly looking at him.

"Being in love means shouting it out." Jennie said, smiling at her brother, Jolan smiling back.

Justin's mother smiled at Jolan, then looked towards Justin.

"I don't think it was the two of you that woke me. Did you hear a dog howling last night, Justin? Do people have pets here?" Lynn said, handing Jennie the plate of sausages.

Jolan and Justin stared at each other, Jolan seeing the blushing look on Justin's face.

"No, Mom. I haven't seen any pets." Justin said, spooning eggs onto his plate.

Lynn nodded, seeing the look that had passed between the two men.

"Interesting." she said, her eyes looking then at Jennie.

"We both have a hair appointment at ten, Jennie. We're going to make you look so beautiful!" Lynn smiled, Jennie practically beaming, looking towards Jolan.

"Great! I want Jolly to see I'm okay! I want him to see me young and beautiful!"
Jolan teared up, Jennie smiling at him.

"I already see that, Jennie. No makeup can hide your beautiful face or your loving soul."
She smiled, diving into her breakfast.

The three adults smiled at each other, Jolan wiping his eyes.


Jolan's eyes again scanned the paragraph, his mind zoning in on the one sentence at its heart.

He lowered the book, his mind lost in his thoughts.

He didn't see Justin walk into the living room, or notice him sitting down beside him.

Justin smiled at him, then saw the lost look upon his face.

"Everything okay, Wolfy?"

Jolan remained silent, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

The contact broke the trance Jolan was in.

His grey eyes looked into Justin's blue orbs.

"You zoned out there, Wolfy. You okay?" Justin said, snuggling now against him.

The two were alone, Rachel on her way over, Lynn and Jennie having left for their appointments.

"Yes, sorry. I just was lost in my thoughts. How's my beauty?"
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I'm damn near fantastic, Wolfy. Snuggling with my man!"

Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's private name for him.

"You like that name, Wolfy, don't you Jumpy?"

Justin smiled, his chin nuzzling Jolan's neck.

"It fits perfectly, my Timberwolf"

Jolan smiled, catching the significance of the word 'timber' and its inclusion in Justin's last name.

"Your mom picked up on our glances this morning, Justin. I think she's put two and two together. She's a shrewd woman."
Justin smiled, his hand on Jolan's lap.

"You really must have been howling last night if it woke her up, Wolfy. I thought I was only imagining it in my mind."
Jolan blushed a bit, Justin smiling at him.

"I'll have to learn to control myself. I can't wake everyone up when I end my hunt for my beautiful prey."

Justin laughed, kissing Jolan's moist soft lips.

"I'm not ashamed of my Wolfy howling his lustful happiness at capturing me."
Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's continuing love and desire for him.

"I love you, Jumpy."
"I am yours, Wolfy. The beast can capture me always."

Jolan moved, pushing Justin back into the pillows, his hands on Justin's center, Justin moaning.

They both heard the door unlocking, Jolan sighing, releasing his hold.

"We have too many visitors, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, seeing the soft sadness in Jolan's eyes, his wanting to continue his adventure.

"Later my Timberwolf. You can run through the forest of lust tracking my love tonight."
Jolan smiled, sitting up.

Rachel walked into the condo, smiling at the two snuggling on the couch.

"Morning guys. How are you both this fine morning? Or do I need to ask?" she said, seeing Justin's hand in Jolan's lap.

"We're great, Nibbles!" Justin said, Rachel leaning down and giving each a peck on the cheek.

She sat down on the couch beside Justin, Jolan smiling at her.

"Ready for the party, Rach?" Jolan asked, Justin looking at him quietly.

Justin sensed something in Jolan's voice, a softness of knowledge.

Rachel looked at him, her eyes lowering.

"I'm not much into parties, Jolan. I usually just stay in the background. And I can't dance that well."
Jolan smiled, looking at her with affection.

"Wallflowers look best when their smiles are blooming. But you can laugh, talk and smile. Especially when you see a certain smiling face."

Rachel looked surprised, as did Justin.

"Justin never told me what your little meeting with him was about on the last day that Simus and Calen were here. I sense it was about what's going on in your heart."
"Jolan, how did. . .?"
Jolan smiled, Rachel's words ending with confusion.

"I guess I have a gift for seeing love's dawning heart. Care to open up to a friend? Perhaps I can help."

Rachel blushed a bit, Justin still looking at Jolan.

Jolan moved, Justin releasing him, Jolan sitting down on the other side of Rachel, the young woman surrounded by their friendship.

"I don't know if I can talk to you about this, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, patting her knee.

"How about I unveil what I've seen?"
She nodded, Justin looking at both of them.

Jolan smiled, Rachel seeing deep friendship and love in his silvery eyes.

"For the past few days--since the first moment I met you--I've seen a young woman showing turmoil. The turmoil her cousin and myself have both walked through. She's been fighting within herself, not knowing truly what to do about the feelings flooding her soul. I think she should follow her heart. How can she know if she doesn't speak with her loving soul?"
Rachel looked totally shocked, Jolan's arm going around her.

"My new sister is a wonderful person, Rach. I don't know Daphne's true heart or her needs, you need to find that out for yourself."

Justin looked totally shocked, Rachel staring at Jolan with wonder.

"How. . .how did you know it was her?"

"Your eyes give away your heart, Rachel." Jolan said, his voice filled with tenderness.

Rachel's eyes filled with tears, Justin's hand on her shoulder now.

"She's so beautiful, so kind and wonderful. I think I'm falling in love with her."
Justin smiled, remembering Rachel's talk with him.

Justin had known since they were kids that Rachel was gay, she knowing all his troubled uncertainties as well.

They truly thought of each other as sister and brother, no secrets hidden from either.

In their private discussion, they'd both spoken of those they loved.

"Daphne's a beautiful, young loving woman. You'll never know if she feels the same if you don't talk to her, Rachel. Love is an opening truth in everyone's soul. We won't find what we need without opening our hearts."

Rachel nodded, Justin smiling at Jolan, seeing the remarkable man he so loved.

How Jolan had figured it out amazed him.

Perhaps his special self zoned in on the love glowing from Rachel's heart.

"Do you think she'd want to love me?" Rachel said, her eyes searching Jolan's for some spark of truth.
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek.

"I don't know her heart, but lets just say the eyes are the gateway to the soul."
Rachel zoned in on Jolan's words, her eyes widening.

"She's been looking at you almost as much as you look at her."

Justin grinned, Rachel's face donning a soft smile.


The door of the condo was heard unlocking, Jolan smiling at her.

"Daphne's coming tonight. It's up to you in regards to what you want to happen. I just wanted you to know you have another brother here for you."
Rachel smiled, hugging Jolan.

Justin smiled at both, the condo door opening, Cindy and Trace walking into the room.


The day had flown by, the household a flurry of ongoing activity.

Lynn and Rachel had cooked all morning in the kitchen, trays of appetizers and other lavish dishes created.

Trace, Jolan and Justin had cleaned up the condo, Lynn a steady taskmaster.

Jolan had smiled, seeing her patience and focus on small details.

Jolan had disappeared for a couple of hours in the afternoon, Trace having driven him around on a private mission.

By four o'clock everything was ready.

Everyone was showering and changing, the home ready for the evening's festivities.

Jolan walked out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.

Justin sat on the bed, staring at the vision before him.

Jolan smiled, taking in the beauty of Justin's clothed body.

Justin wore a baby blue silk shirt, open at the collar.

His smooth soft skin exposed, his gold chain hanging from his neck.

Deep navy pants accentuated his long muscular legs.

A navy blazer lay on the bed.

"Looking sharp, Jumpy. A vision of masculine prowess."
Justin's eyes took in Jolan's naked torso, his smooth muscular chest blushed with redness.

"And you look stunning, Wolfy. Wear that tonight and I'll be in heaven." Justin said, his eyes never leaving Jolan's body.

"I think the guests would get sick of seeing my pasty, skinny white body."

Justin looked up, Jolan now standing in front of him.

"Don't berate yourself, Wolfy. All eyes--male and female--would follow your beauty anywhere."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's heartfelt love for him.

"This vision is yours alone, my Jumpy." he said, releasing the towel, standing naked before his man.

Justin's hands went forward, feeling the warmth of Jolan's hips.

Jolan's center stared at him, Justin's lips quivering, his tongue licking and moistening them.

"We don't have time, my angel. Let's feast on our friends' friendship first, then we can dine on our love."
Justin reluctantly released Jolan's body, Jolan smiling and walking to the other side of the bed.

Justin leaned back on his elbow, watching his man dress, seeing each smooth delicious inch of his body slowly disappear under clothing.

Justin sighed, thinking of the passion to come later.

Within a couple of minutes, Jolan was fully dressed, Justin standing up and staring at him.

Jolan wore a black silk shirt, his muscular chest revealed through the sheer fabric.

Black pants hugged his bottom and strong legs, Justin's eyes scanning all of him.

Jolan slipped on the white blazer he picked up off the bed, Justin staring at the vision of his lover.

Justin put on his jacket, Jolan's hand going into his.

"Ready, my love? Relax. They're our friends and family."
Jolan nodded, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"I sense tonight is going to be a night of surprises. The crowns of life will show freely. And the Badenwolf souls shall live life."
Justin stared at Jolan, his eyes briefly glancing to the old book laying on the nightstand.

"What do you mean, Jo?"
Jolan pulled Justin against him, kissing his lips tenderly, his hands resting on Justin's backside.

"Tonight, I take all into my heart, Justin. And your love I'll protect."

Justin smiled, hearing the resolve and determination in Jolan's voice.

He also felt Jolan's claim to his love.

The beast within Jolan was staking his territory.

"Come on, my love. Life awaits."
Justin smiled, the two walking out of the bedroom.


Henry and Shelly were scheduled to arrive around five, Cindy wanting her surprise to be a private family moment.

Justin and Jolan walked out into the living room, seeing Trace sitting on the couch, Cindy sitting in her wheelchair.

The chair had been relatively forgotten, stuffed into a closet.

Justin looked confused, Trace smiling at him.

"Cindy thought it best to reveal her happiness in a spectacular fashion. I just hope their old hearts can take it!" Trace laughed, Cindy smiling at him.

He smiled back, Jolan smiling at both.

"You both forget the love in their hearts for you, Cynthia. Your revelation will sink into their happiness. And as for old hearts, they're both filled with the youthful beauty of rekindled love."
Both smiled, Jolan sitting down beside Trace, Justin sitting down beside his mother.

Jolan looked at Cindy, smiling at her.

"Isn't love grand, Cindy? I feel the beauty of what last night meant to both of your souls."

Trace looked at the young woman, Cindy's green eyes staring at Trace.

They both blushed, the telltale sign of deep love.

Justin's eyes went between both of them, Lynn patting his knee.

"It's not hard to see, son. Joined love is always special at its private moments." she said, Jolan smiling.

They all sensed what last night had been for the two young lovers.

"It's been a magical day. I woke up this morning in love's embrace, and tonight I'll embrace my Mom's joy." Cindy said, her voice filled with happiness.

Trace smiled, Cindy smiling at only him.
Jolan smiled, looking at Lynn.
"And where's my Jennie?"
She smiled, looking at Jolan.

"Rachel's putting the finishing touches on her look. She should be out momentarily."

As if to finalize the moment, Jolan heard movement from the hallway.

He turned, his eyes widening in surprise.

His sister stood in the doorway, Jolan taking in the vision of her beauty, Rachel standing behind her.

Jennie stood alone, Jolan standing in awed silence.

He slowly walked up to her, staring at the beautiful transformation before him.

Her dress was a light blue colour, slender and sleek on her young slim frame.

It was stylish, short and youthful in design, her beautiful shoulders bared to the world, her soft skin exposed.

A blue metallic rose was pinned to the dress by her left breast

Shoes of identical colour matching her dress accentuated the ensemble.

Her black curly hair cascaded down her shoulders, Jolan taking in the beauty of his young sister.

"Oh, Jennica! You look so beautiful!" he said, emotion in his soft words.

Jennie smiled widely, Jolan smiling back at her.

Everyone in the room stared in quiet silence, seeing the moving moment of Jennie's budding womanhood before them.

The young gangly girl had transformed into a beautiful young woman.

Justin walked up to the two siblings, his hand going into Jolan's..

"What vision of beauty is this? Has someone let an angel out of heaven?"

Jennie teared up, Justin gently hugging her.

Jolan reached into his pocket, pulling out a velvet box.

Jennie's eyes widened, wondering what it held, Jolan's hand placing it in hers.

"Open it, Jennica. Justin and I wanted to get you something special for our sister's first party."
Jennie beamed, opening the box, everyone smiling at her.

Her eyes widened, seeing in the box a beautiful silver chain, a pendant hanging on it.

"Oh, Jolly! It's beautiful!"

Jolan smiled, pulling the necklace out of the box.

He opened the clasp, placing the chain around her neck.

Jennie smiled, lifting the pendant up, staring at it.

It was a blue sapphire heart, of exquisite beauty.

"Read the inscription on the back." Jolan said, a tear glistening in his eyes, Rachel seeing it.

Jennie turned the heart over, the words etched in its back making her smile.

She read them aloud, everyone smiling at their touching sentiment.


                 Your brothers' hearts

             will never part from you 

                     Jolly & Jumpy


Jolan's smile matched hers, Jennie gently hugging him.

"Thank you, Jolly!"

He smiled, Jennie then embracing Justin, the man smiling down at her..

"Thank you, Justin! It's so beautiful. I've never had such beautiful things!" she said, her fingers on the pendant.

"You have our hearts, and our love, Jennie." he said, the others all smiling at the words of brotherly love he'd spoken.

Jolan and Justin exchanged looks, their gift well-received.

It had been Justin's idea for Jolan to go out that afternoon and buy her something special.

The telephone rang, Trace picking up the cordless, standing up and talking.

Jennie went around showing the necklace to Cindy, Trace, Lynn and Rachel, all three women smiling at her happiness.

Jennie's smile was radiant, Justin smiling as she sat down between Justin and Jolan.

Trace hung up the phone, looking at Cindy.

"Your Mom's on her way up, Cindy." he said, Cindy's smile widening.

Everyone smiled, looking at the young woman sitting in the wheelchair.

Trace walked to the doorway, Cindy rolling behind him.

The others all got up, standing behind them.


A knock came to the door, Trace's eyes meeting Cindy's, she nodding.

Trace opened the door, Henry and Shelly's smiling faces coming into view.

"Mom! Henry!" Cindy said, her eyes suddenly filling with tears, Shelly walking into the room, leaning down and hugging her child.

Henry hugged Trace, waving to the others in the room.

Shelly broke her hug, smiling at her daughter.

"How's my Cindy? You look positively radiant!"
Cindy smiled, Henry kissing her cheek and giving her a tender hug.

Cindy looked at Trace, his hand going in hers.

"I'm in love, Mom. It radiates into my soul."
Shelly smiled, Henry's arm going around her.

"Know the feeling, toots." he said, Trace and Cindy smirking.

"Come on, everyone's here!" Cindy said, wheeling her chair around, the others following.

Justin and Jolan walked forward, both hugging their newly arrived friends.

"It's so great to have you finally in my home! Welcome to both of you!" Justin said, Shelly kissing his cheek.

"How are you, my boy? Feeling better?" Henry said, smiling at Jolan when they broke their hug.

Jolan saw easily his love and concern in his blue eyes.

"I'm good, Henry. Doing great."
Henry smiled, Justin introducing the two newcomers to Lynn and Rachel.

Everyone exchanged pleasantries, Shelly's eyes falling upon the young woman standing beside Jolan now, Jolan's arm around her.

"This is my sister Jennica." he said, both hearing the love and pride in Jolan's voice.

Both smiled at the young girl, seeing her smiling face.

"The heroic angel of mercy. A pleasure to meet you, child." Shelly smiled, Henry smiling at her as well.

Jennie walked forward, wrapping her arms around the older woman, Shelly surprised.

"Hi, Mrs. Carruthers. Cindy's one of my best friends. That makes you one too!" she said, Shelly touched by her forwardness.

"It's Shelly, Jennica. I'm just Shelly."
She smiled, Jennie smiling back.

"And I'm just Jennie." she said, hugging Henry now, Henry smiling at Jolan.

Lynn stood back smiling, seeing Jennie's easy comfort with these two people.

She sensed that Jennie had sensed their love for Jolan.

Everyone sat down chatting and laughing, Jolan taking in the comfortable feeling of all those surrounding him.

Trace brought drinks in for everyone, Justin standing up, pulling Jolan up with him.

"We both want to welcome all of you here this evening. Tonight, I open my home to all of my friends. Sorry, I should correct that. Tonight, we-- Jolan and I--open our home to all of you. Our family, and our dear friends. Others will join us soon, but you are close family to both of us. We're so happy you're all here."
Everyone smiled at Justin's warm words, Jolan smiling at him as well.

"Thank you, Justin. Welcome to our home, everyone." Jolan said, Lynn smiling at him.

"Tonight will be a night of happiness, your love strengthening our bonds of life." Jolan said, looking at Cindy for a moment.

"Let's start off this night with a special gift for someone. Trace, would you do the honours?" Jolan said, Trace smiling at him.

Shelly and Henry looked at Trace, the young man standing up, smiling at both of them.

"All my life, I always thought that I had everything I needed--a family, close and loving; dear friends, loyal and loving--but one thing was missing. I never felt my heart completely filled with love. Not until I looked into two green eyes of sunshine. Not until I fell under the spell of my sweet Cindy."
Cindy smiled a soft smile, her green eyes staring at her Trace.

"Tonight my angel of love wants to show you God's love. She has a special gift she wants to give to you, Shelly."
Shelly looked at her daughter, Cindy smiling at her.

She wheeled her chair forward, facing her mother and Henry..

"Mom, my life has been one moment of intense love and happiness. In you, I found so much more than a mother. I found a mother, sister and friend. Where would I have been the last few years without your strength and love to guide me?  I remember the day I awoke in that hospital, your tearing eyes looking down at me, seeing my broken body, but seeing also my loving soul. Your strength made this day possible. And also the healing love of a dear friend." Cindy said, looking towards Jolan.

Henry looked between the two women, his eyes then looking toward Jolan as well.

He sensed in his heart something about to happen.

"They say that God looks upon life as a gift to be cherished. Your life has been a wonderful gift, Mom. You have my love, and now Henry's. And I now have Tray's beautiful love. But I also have something more. I have a fresh start at life."

Cindy stood up, walking out of the chair, her mother's eyes widening.

Henry looked totally shocked, staring at the young woman standing before him.

Shelly was on her feet, sobbing and rushing towards her daughter.

Everyone had tears in their eyes watching the two women unite in the center of the living room.

Shelly had her daughter in her arms, Cindy embraced in her mother's love.

"Oh, my baby! You can walk!! My angel can walk!!" she sobbed, Cindy in tears as well.

Trace stood beside them, his eyes also filled with tears.

Henry was wiping his eyes with a handkerchief, staring at the young man standing with Justin.

"How is this possible? The doctors said that. . ." Shelly said, tears still running.

"The doctors didn't have the gift of healing love, Mom. Only my guardian angel has that." Cindy said, Shelly's eyes turning to Jolan.

She loosened her tight embrace on Cindy, her arm going around her, the two walking to Jolan, Jennie and Justin.

"You did this, Jolan? You healed my Cynthia's pain?"

Jolan smiled at the older woman, her green eyes filled with tears.

"Cynthia's own loving heart was a big part of it. Her strength and love just needed a guiding hand."
"Jolan, I know in my heart it was you! Thank you for healing me!" Cindy said, Shelly pulling her a little closer.

Jolan's eyes lowered, a small hand going into his.

He looked to his side, Jennie's beautiful face smiling at him.

"It's okay, Jolly. You don't have to protect me anymore."

Jolan smiled, his arm going around the young woman, Jennie's bright grey eyes staring at Cindy.

"It was me, Cindy. I healed you."

Cindy looked shocked, as did everyone else surrounding them.

Jennie smiled at her, Jolan's love surrounding her.

"You've been so nice to me, such a good friend. I wanted you to be happy. So I took away your pain."
Cindy was in tears, Trace staring in shock at the young woman.

"Oh, Jennie! You did that for me??" Cindy said, falling to her knees in front of the young woman.

Jennie smiled at her, Cindy pulling the young woman against her.

"I never had a sister, Cindy. Now, I have two!" Jennie said, Jolan tearing up.
Shelly was in tears, looking at both women.

Trace's eyes were on Jolan.

"S-She's gifted as well?" he stuttered, Justin looking at him.

Jolan's eyes fell on his sister, Jennie's big grey eyes looking up at him.

"My Jennie has her mother's gift."

Jennie smiled, Justin smiling at her as well.

"If you remember, Calen said the strong courageous women of the Sumsarian line were bestowed with the magic of Alveena. I sensed the magic within this angel the moment I first held her in my arms."
Jennie smiled, returning to Jolan's side, both men wrapping their arms around her.

"She asked me at the time not reveal her involvement in regards to your healing, Cindy. I'll always protect my sister's loving heart."

Cindy smiled, Jennie smiling at her.

Henry walked up to them, also smiling.

"I sense you and this angel are very special, Jolan. What's been going on around here?"

Justin's hand went to the older man's shoulder.

"Sit down Henry, We'll enlighten your and Shelly's minds."


The two visitors listened in awed silence as everyone told them of the happenings since they'd left Oberson Falls.

Shelly and Henry had seen the news conference, and Shelly had called Cindy on several occasions.

But to hear it here, now, in person, awed them into silence.

"A remarkable story! The Dragos children are simply remarkable!" Henry said, Jolan smiling towards him.

"It all started with you and Shelly that night of darkness. I truly sense that your meeting me that night in some way saved me, Henry."
Henry teared up, Shelly's hand going in his.

"I hurt you, Jolan. I sent you into a coma for four years. How could you say that I saved you?"

Jolan smiled at both, his silvery eyes filled with friendship and love.

"If I hadn't have been hit by you that night, whatever monster followed me would have caught me. And my future--the future I now have--would never have happened."

Henry nodded, not too sure that was true.

"We all walk the paths were given by God to walk. We all affect each other's destinies. I see the love that surrounds me on this path. It comes from many different people."

Justin smiled at Jolan, seeing the calm, determined man he loved.

Jolan's grey eyes looked at him.

"Tonight Justin is giving myself and Jennica thanks for entering his life, and helping others. We're both honoured to have his love."
Jennie smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Jolan's right. Tonight, we celebrate the heroics of our friends, Jolan and Jennica." Lynn said.
Everyone smiled, the talk resuming.

They all discussed everything, Justin answering the phone when it rang, smiling widely.

"Our next guests are on the way up." he said, Jolan smiling, standing up with him.

They both walked to the door, the others seeing them donning their welcoming smiles.

Justin answered on the first knock, Jolan smiling at who stood there.


"Your first guests have arrived! Make way for a night of drama, humour, surprise and romance. A kaleidoscope of intrigue, merriment and jocularity." Chris said, Joey smacking him on the back of the head, standing behind him, Chris hogging the limelight.
"What was that for?" Chris said, rubbing his head.
"That ham needed tenderizing."
Jolan burst into laughter, standing beside Justin, his face covered in a grin.
Everyone else in the room was chuckling with laughter, Chris blushing only momentarily.

"Where's the bar?" he said, Joey smirking, hugging Jolan.

"We better watch out! This ham may be glazed before the night's through!"

Jolan laughed again, Justin joining him this time.

Chris just shook his head, he hugging both of them, then following Trace--who'd beckoned him over--to the bar.

Lance and Johnny walked into the room, having followed Joey and Chris up in the other elevator..

Jolan hugged both men, Lance smiling at him.

"Where's Nathan? I thought he'd be with you?" Justin said, taking their coats.

"He's at the hospital, but will be here shortly. I hope you don't mind, but his cousin's in town and Nathan hoped it would be okay if he joined him. I so want to meet him."
Justin smiled, voicing his okay.

Jolan looked at Lance for a moment, then smiled.

"People come as they must. Life waits for no one. Let me introduce you to Cindy's Mom and Henry, guys."
Joey looked at Jolan for a moment, the men following Jolan into the living room.


Justin opened the door, smiling at Jordan and four other people.

"Welcome to my home everyone, please come in!"
Jordan smiled--as did Commissioner Kelly--his daughter and her husband nodding their heads.

In the young woman's arms was a small wriggling bundle of joy.

"Oh, you brought Benjamin! That's so wonderful!" Justin said with glee.

"Yes, I truly believe he needs to see his saviour again." the young woman smiled, Justin smiling at her.

"This is my daughter, Deidra and her husband Juan Defalco." the commissioner said, Justin shaking his hand.

"Welcome to my home. Let me take your coats." Justin said, playing the good host.

Jordan smiled, taking the Commissioner's coat and his own, helping Justin hang them all up.

Soft music was playing in the room, the five walking into the living room.

Justin introduced everyone, the women all crowding around the mother and child.

Jennie was in their center, smiling widely at the small child.

Everyone exchanged greetings, Jolan walking out of the kitchen carrying two trays of hors d'oeuvres.

He smiled at the new arrivals, his eyes zoning in on Jordan.

Jolan stared at him, a soft look of surprise washing over his face.

Justin walked up to him, taking one of the trays, smiling at him.

"The Defalcos brought Benjamin, Jo! He's so cute!"

Jolan's eyes moved, a smile returning to his face.

"That's wonderful, Justin. Put that tray on the coffee table." he said, smiling at his lover.

Jolan's eyes met Jordan's, the policeman smiling at him.

"Hello, Jolan. You remember Commissioner Kelly?"
"Yes, sir. A joy to see you again." Jolan smiled, shaking both of their hands.

"And in a much nicer setting. Now, where is your heroic sister?" The Commissioner said, Jolan staring at him.

"It's okay, Jolan. I explained to all of them your concerns in regards to Jennica's past."
Jolan thanked Jordan, staring quietly at him.

"Rest assured Jolan, I will not mention the rescue and aftermath to her. I just wanted to meet her courageous heart." the Commissioner said, smiling at him.

"Please come with me." he said, the Commissioner following him.

Jennie was sitting on the piano bench laughing with Daphne and Cindy.

Daphne and Dominoso had arrived just before Jordan's group.

"Jennie, this is Police Commissioner Kelly. He's Benjamin's grandfather."
The young girl stood up and smiled at the older man.

"Hello, sir."
The man smiled at her, seeing the youthful happiness in her smiling pretty face.

"Hello, Jennica. A joy to meet you. How are you doing?"
She smiled, looking at Jolan.

"I'm doing great! I'm with my brother Jolly!"
The man smiled, Daphne and Cindy smiling as well.

"Come, Jolan. My daughter's been dying to meet you, as has my son-in-law." the Commissioner said, Jennie's hand going into Jolan's.

"I held the baby, Jolly! He's so cute!"

Jolan smiled at his sister, seeing her joyful smile.

"That's wonderful, Jennie." he said, the two men trading glances.

"Deidra understands as well, Jolan." Jordan smiled, Jolan still quietly looking at him.

His eyes went around the room, truths showing in his heart.


Jolan walked up to the young couple, the wriggling boy in her arms crying.

Little Benjamin was a moving, squirming bundle of anger.

"I'm sorry, he's colicky. He's always so emotional at this time of the evening. He'll settle down." the young woman said, smiling up into the grey eyes of Jolan.

Her husband stood up, looking at Jolan.

The others around them saw the emotion on the young man's face, the conversation around them quieting down.

"Hello, Mr. Dragos. My name is Juan Defalco. What you've done for me. . .for my little angel.'s so. . ."
The man broke down, grabbing Jolan, pulling him into a tight embrace.

"Thank you! Oh God, thank you for saving my little boy!!"
Jolan was in tears, hearing the deep emotion in the man's voice.

It suddenly sank into him what he'd really done for this man.

Jolan broke apart from him, smiling at the emotional man.

"Little Benjamin's heart always belonged to both of you. I was just making sure it stayed there."
The man smiled, wiping his wet eyes.

Deidra stood up, the boy in her arms, his loud crying the only sound in the room, except for the soft music playing in the background.

Everyone in the room was watching this touching moment.

Jolan saw the tears in her beautiful blue eyes.

She was a beautiful young woman, long black hair cascading down her back.

She was wearing a beautiful green dress, one shoulder covered by a wide shoulder strap.

"I see Benjamin's beauty comes from his loving mother. Hello, Deidra." Jolan said, smiling at her.

"Hello, Jolan. A moment of dear happiness fills my soul now that I've finally met you. I will echo my husband's happiness for what you've done."
Jolan smiled at her, she trying to calm her crying son.

"His voice is rich and proud! A great voice of life!" Jolan said with a large smile, looking down at the boy.

"May I hold him again?" he said, Deidra smiling and nodding with heartfelt agreement.

Jolan moved his arms, gently taking the child into them, Deidra quietly looking at him.

The child looked up into Jolan's grey, silvery eyes, instantly calming down.

He gurgled a bit of spittle, Jolan wiping it away with a soft smile, the infant now smiling up at him.

"That's remarkable!" Deidra said, her husband's arm going around her.

Jolan smiled at both of them, looking again down at the infant.

"Hello again, Benjamin. Your smile brightens our days." he said, kissing the child's forehead.

He smiled, gently giving the child back to Deidra, the infant remaining silent and happy.

Everyone around them stared in silent wonder, Justin looking at his man.

"He'll be okay now. His life given over to happiness. You have an exceptional son there, Deidra. Treasure him always, sister of life."

Deidra's eyes widened, Jolan smiling at her.

She wasn't sure what Jolan meant, her eyes going to her father's.

The Commissioner stared after the young man, Jolan walking around talking to others.

"What a remarkable man!" Deidra said, Jennie smiling at her.

"Jolly's being Jolly!" she said, looking at the child again, Deidra smiling at her.

"And Benjamin's got his love now. Just like me!"


The group talked and chatted, Jolan helping Lynn and Rachel lay out the buffet feast, everyone enjoying themselves.

Jolan answered the phone when it suddenly rang, hitting a few buttons, smiling at Lance.

"Nathan's on his way up with his cousin."
Lance smiled, setting down his drink, walking across the room to the foyer.

Jolan looked after him, Justin's arm going around his waist, the man having just walked up to him.

"Careful, love. There are new people here."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.

"There are only friends here. I saw what you did with Benjamin and Deidra. What's going on?"
Jolan's eyes met his, Justin seeing a determined resolve there in their deepness.

"Fate and life, Jus. Fate and life."
Justin nodded, Lynn looking at him.

They both shared the same concerned look.

Lance walked to the door, answering it on the second knock.

Lance smiled seeing Nathan, and another man standing in the hallway.

The other man's back was turned to him, Lance smiling at Nathan.

"Hey, Nate! It's about time you got here!."
Nathan smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lance tenderly.

"Sorry about that. My cousin was taking forever to get ready. Let me introduce you."
Lance smiled, the man turning and smiling at him.

Lance froze in shock, the man looking directly at him.

"Well aren't you going to invite me in, Lance? Come on Natty, let's join the fun!"
Nathan was pulled into the room by his cousin, several people staring at them, Lance standing behind them in shock.

Justin's eyes were on the men now standing in his home.

Jolan's eyes were looking downwards, his soul focusing.

"Hello everyone. Hope the party hasn't started without me!"

Jolan's eyes raised, their determined greyness focused on the man standing beside Nathan.

Brandon Diablo smiled, walking towards Justin, his arm around Nathan.




End of Chapter 42


Surprise, surprise!

Our lusting Brandon has returned!

Brandon is Nathan's cousin?
What does that mean for Lance?


What will the reaction be from Justin and his friends?

What is Jolan going to do?


What's going on with him at the party?
He seems to be thinking ahead of the game.


Next up: A very revealing party.

Read on, my friends.

It only deepens.