Jolan's Path - Chapter 43


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 43


Brandon released Nathan, walking up to Justin, smiling widely at him.

"Hello, Justin." he smiled, his eyes staring at only him.

"What the hell are you doing here, Brandon?" Justin said, his face now recovered from the initial shock, Jolan hearing an edge to his voice.

"Why, our dear Nathan brought me, Justin. It was such a surprise to hear where he'd been invited tonight. Such a wonderful surprise! I just had to come!" he said, his eyes looking back at Nathan, then moving to Jolan's staring face.

"I see you're still hanging in there, kid." he said, his voice steeped with mirth.

Jolan quietly stared at him, no words spoken, Brandon seeing calmness and determination in his steely grey eyes.

Joey walked out from behind Jolan and Justin, Chris following him.

"You have one minute to turn your sorry ass around and walk back out that door, Diablo! After that, I'm going to damage that pretty face of yours!" Joey said, his hands clenching into fists.

Brandon's look changed, his face suddenly turning to guarded concern.

"I didn't come here to fight, Fatone. I just came here to talk to Justin."

"Justin has nothing to talk to you about, you back stabbing bastard!" Chris said, now at Joey's side, the two standing in front of Brandon with determined strength.

"Stop it please, guys."

Joey and Chris both turned around, Jolan staring at them, Justin's eyes focusing on his lover.

"Step back Joey and Chris, please. This is a festive evening. There'll be no fighting here." Jolan said, the two men reluctantly assenting to Jolan's request and his determined stare.

Brandon stared at Jolan, surprised at his defusing the tense situation.

He thought for sure Jolan would let Justin's friends hurt him.

Jolan's hand went in Justin's, Justin's blue eyes looking at him.

"You two have some things to discuss, Jus. I think you need to tell Brandon the truth."
Justin nodded, seeing Jolan's total love and trust.

"Brandon, come with me." Justin said, Jolan watching the man.

Brandon smiled at Justin, Justin's eyes then looking into Jolan's grey orbs of calming love.

Jolan nodded, Justin softly smiling back at him.

"This way, Brandon." Justin said, Brandon staring at Jolan for a moment, then walking towards the hallway with Justin.

Joey and Chris' eyes were boring into the back of Brandon's head, Jolan sighing softly.

Everyone's eyes turned to Jolan, the young man smiling at all of them.

"Please everyone, go back to enjoying the party. Justin will return in a few minutes."
The group slowly went back to talking and eating, Lynn quietly looking at her son and Brandon disappearing down the hallway.

Her eyes turned to Jolan, seeing the young man glance at her, his eyes filled with relaxing gentleness.

She thought he looked unusually focused and calm.

Jolan smiled softly at her, then turned his gaze back to Nathan.

"Good evening, Nathan. You never cease to surprise me." he said, taking in the young man's confused stare.

Nathan's eyes had been on the two men who'd disappeared down the hallway.

Lance had come out of his own shock, now walking up to Nathan, Nathan reluctantly looking into his green eyes.

"Is there something going on that you need to tell me Nathan?" Lance said.

"I think you and Lance need to talk in private as well, Nate. You can use our kitchen, Lance." Jolan said, smiling softly at him.

Lance nodded, Nathan's eyes looking downward.

The two men excused themselves, walking into the kitchen.

Jolan remained still, looking around the room, seeing several people still staring at him.

Trace walked up to him, Jolan quietly staring at him.

"Is this wise, Jolan? Letting that bastard talk privately with Justin?? He's up to no good, I can feel it! He walked in here full of arrogance!!"

"I know that, Trace. I've sensed all there is to know about the wonderful Brandon Diablo. Now, I just have to figure out Nathan Livingstone."

Trace looked confused, Jolan patting his shoulder.

"There's more laying beneath the surface here, Trace. A lot more. I need you to talk to Joey and Chris. Tell them they need to calm down. I have everything in hand."
Trace's hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"What's going on here, Jolan?"

Jolan looked around the room, then stared into Trace's concerned eyes.

"My life, Trace. My life is what's going on here."


Justin leaned against the dresser, Brandon sitting down on the edge of Justin's bed.

His eyes scanned around the room, taking in all its beautiful furnishings.

"A beautiful bedroom, open and spacious. I take it Jolan is enjoying it?"

Justin's eyes were on Brandon.

"You have five minutes to explain yourself, Brandon."
Brandon looked at him, his face suddenly changing with a flash of sadness crossing it.

Justin saw the now familiar bravado vanish from the young man's beautiful face, a look of hurt replacing it.

"I know I've hurt you, Justin. Hurt you deeply. I don't know if you can ever forgive me for what I did. I only hope you can."
Justin folded his arms, Brandon staring at his emotionless face.

"I hope you can believe me when I tell you it was all Jessica's doing, Justin. We'd met at a party in L.A. one night while you were up here in New York. A  few drinks later found the two of us back at your place. I had thought she'd wanted to show me some of your new songs, but that wasn't her plan. She instigated the seduction, Justin. I'm sorry I fell under her spell. I never meant to hurt you. Can't you see that I love you, Justin? I would never want to hurt you."

Justin blue eyes stared into Brandon's emotional face, Justin's gaze focused and resolved.

"I never loved you, Brandon. But I did love her. You knew that. You knew what she meant to me. And you didn't stop."
Brandon stood up, slowly approaching Justin.

"Yes, Jus. I knew what she meant to you. Do you want to know why I finally gave into her seduction?"

"Because you thought with your dick instead of your brain?"

Brandon's face flushed with hurt, Justin surprised for a moment at his reaction.
Justin continued to stare at him.

Brandon sat down again, lowering his head, his hands going together.

"She said that if I gave into her needs--if I made love to her--then she could guarantee me a threesome with you and her. That I'd be able to finally have you as I've always wanted you. She told me that you wanted me the same way, but you loved her as well. She said you'd come up with that solution. That you'd both done it with other men before. A compromise between the two of you, both getting what you needed. She said that if I gave into her demands then she would let me worship you as you loved to be worshipped. I thought she was being truthful. I held onto a great hope that finally you'd love me as I wanted to love you. She played me against you, Justin. She deceived both of us to get what she wanted."
Justin stood in shock, not believing that Jessica was that manipulative.

But somehow in his heart he truly believed that perhaps she really was.

He'd been deceived by her greatly.

And he sensed that perhaps she'd been just as deceiving with Brandon.

He saw the tears on Brandon's cheeks, sensing that perhaps she truly was that kind of woman.

Justin sighed, sitting down beside the young man.

He put his hand on Brandon's shoulder, the young man raising his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

Justin saw now the genuine tears in his blue eyes.

"I guess we both fell under her spell, Brandon."
Brandon nodded, wiping his eyes.

"I can't hate you for what she did to you, Brandon. But you must know that what you did was wrong."
"Yes, Justin. I know it was wrong."

Justin nodded, his hand remaining on the young man's shoulder.

"You're just like a kid in so many ways, Brandon. Didn't I recently tell you that you had to be careful? That your lust for sex would land you in big trouble?"
"Yes, Justin you did. I never thought I'd suffer for any of my actions. What this did to you showed me how truly careless I've been. I'm sorry that it was you that was hurt by all this. I know you can't forgive me, but I was hoping that at least we could still be friends. That you could still give me guidance in my music and this crazy industry."
Justin sighed, releasing his hand from Brandon's shoulder.

"I discussed all this with Johnny, Brandon. Our collaboration is over. You crossed a line of respect and decency when you did what you did. I'm sorry but I just can't trust you any more."
Brandon lowered his head, nodding.

"I understand, Justin. I've lost your respect."

Justin nodded, sensing the young man was being truthful.

"Are you and Jolan in love?" Brandon suddenly said, his eyes meeting Justin's.
Justin rose up, standing again against the dresser.

He felt for this truth he needed some space between him and Brandon.

Justin folded his arms again, his gaze true and determined.

"Jolan is my soulmate, Brandon. I love him like I have never loved another. He completes me. Perhaps in some small way your deceit guided us to each other. I don't really know about the truth of that. All I know is that I love him. He is the one I've searched my whole life for. Our love was destined. There can never be anything between you and me, Brandon. Never."
Brandon looked up at Justin, seeing the truth in his beautiful blue eyes.

That Justin was completely in love with Jolan.

"Alright, Justin. Where does that leave us?"

Justin sighed, looking at the young man, seeing a look of hope in his blue eyes.

"There is no us, Brandon. There never was anything but friendship. And you've damaged that friendship with your disregard for others. Perhaps one day I could be your friend again, Brandon. But that will have to be based on trust and respect. And to do that you have to start telling the truth. And you have to mature. This industry will eat you up, Brandon, unless you take on a more mature, focused attitude."

"Alright, Justin. I understand that. I'll try to live up to your expectations. I need your friendship again."
Justin nodded, looking at the young man.

"Jolan and I are in love, Brandon. Don't even think that you can ever try to come between us. It's over between you and me in that regard. There never was a hope of anything between us. Jessica lied to you. I hope you truly understand that?"

"I do, Justin. Jolan is a lucky man."

Justin smiled, Brandon softy smiling.

"It's me that's lucky, Brandon. Jolan is everything I've ever dreamed of."
Brandon nodded, wiping his eyes.

"I'll let you get yourself back together, Brandon. You're welcome to stay since Nathan's invited you. I was truly shocked to see you walk in with him. What a small world, you being his cousin."
Brandon smiled, nodding.

"Yeah, a real small world."
Justin smiled, turning to leave.

Justin turned, looking at Brandon.

"Thank you for not hating me. You had every reason to hate me."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"You can thank Jolan for that. His loving view on life made me decide to walk the right path."

Brandon looked surprised, staring at Justin.

Justin walked out of the room, Brandon watching him close the door.

Brandon looked around the room, taking in the view.

He smiled a wide smile, his body falling back on the bed.

He took in the aroma of Justin's scent which still lingered in the freshly made bed.

A soft sigh escaping his mouth.

"Dream all you want about having his love, Justin. You're mine and I'll have you. And your Jolan's as good as dead."


Lance sat down at the kitchen table, Nathan sitting down beside him.

"Why didn't you tell me who your cousin was, Nate?"
Nathan looked a little surprised, Lance staring at him.

"I didn't think it made a difference. Now I see that it does."

"You must have put the connection between Justin and Brandon together? Your cousin must have at least told you who was helping his music career?"
Nathan nodded, looking at Lance with a kind of sorry look on his face.

"I haven't seen Brandon for a while. I knew he was exploding onto the music scene and that, yes, he had some dealings with Justin. But he told me it wasn't any of my business. Is something wrong, Lance?"

Lance lowered his head, then raised it again, looking into Nathan's eyes.

"You need to know the truth of what Brandon's done, and why he's not welcomed here."
Nathan nodded, quietly staring at Lance, Lance beginning to tell him everything.

A few minutes later, Nathan's head was lowered, Lance's hand going to his shoulder.

Nathan raised his head, tears in his eyes.

"I didn't know, Lance! Brandon didn't tell me about his involvement with Jessica. Or about his wanting Justin. Now I see why he was so adamant about coming here tonight. You have to believe me I didn't know!"

Lance smiled at him, his green eyes seeing the truth in Nathan's eyes.

"I believe you, Nate. But there's something else I need to tell you. Something that Justin doesn't even know anything about."
Nathan nodded, Lance lowering his eyes for a moment, then raising them.

"I slept with Brandon, Nathan. I slept with your cousin."
Nathan sat in thunderstruck silence, staring at Lance in shocked disbelief.

"I'm so sorry. Nathan, are you okay?" he said, his hand again going to his shoulder.

"You slept with Brandon?"
Lance nodded, his hand rubbing Nathan's shoulder.

"I don't know how it happened. We went to dinner one evening when Justin had left him here in New York with me. We had too much alcohol. I just felt such lust for him--such need--and he was so willing . Before I knew it, we were naked and in bed together. I'm sorry, Nathan. It was a one time thing. Something that's been eating me up inside. I haven't told Justin yet."

Nathan stared at the young man, one part of that confession sinking into his soul.

Nathan's hand went to Lance's shoulder, the two staring into each other's eyes.

"It's alright, Lance. I know you feel bad about it, but it's alright. You didn't know me then. And you didn't know how conniving Brandon is. I see easily that he was the one who seduced you. Just like he tried to seduce Justin. I'm sorry that he did that to you. You deserve so much more."

Nathan got up, Lance's hand going in his, Nathan stopping.

"I deserve you, Nathan. Thank you for not hating me." Lance said, standing up.
Nathan teared up, Lance pulling him against him, the two uniting in a deep kiss.

Lance broke the kiss, Nathan staring into his green eyes.

"I know that you're not like Brandon, Nate. I feel the love in your soul. Our relationship is more than sex. It has love there as well."
Lance hugged the man against him, Nathan's eyes tearing, staring into the emptiness of his own soul.


Justin walked back out into the living room, everyone's eyes upon him.

Justin walked up to Jolan, the young man smiling at him.

"Sorry that took so long. What did I miss?" he said, smiling at everyone.

Jordan and Joey stood beside Jolan, Jolan smiling at Justin.

"Nothing much. Just good conversation and music. Do you need some food, Jus?"
Justin smiled, nodding, Jolan heading towards the buffet table.

"Everything okay, Justin?" Joey said, concern in his brown eyes.

"Yes, Joe. Brandon's gotten the message."

Joey nodded, seeing the young man walking into the living room, sitting down in one of the wing chairs, looking around at everyone.

He also saw Nathan and Lance walk out of the kitchen.

"I'll guide him to the door." Joey said, glaring at the young singer.

"He's not leaving, Joey. I told him he could stay for Nate's sake."
Joey looked shocked, Justin smiling at him.

Jolan walked back to them, a plate of sandwiches in one hand.

Justin smiled, grabbing two, Jolan smiling at him.

"Everything settled, Jumpy?"
"Yes, my angel."
Jolan nodded, his eyes on Lance and Nathan, who both were staring at Brandon.

Nathan walked up to Jolan and Justin, both smiling at him.

"I'm sorry that I brought him here, Justin. I didn't know about the past between the two of you. I'm so sorry."
Justin saw the truth of Nathan's concern in his glistening eyes.

"It's alright, Nate. You can't always know what your relations are doing. You're welcome to stay, as is Brandon." Justin said, Jolan's smile directed at him as well.
Nathan's eyes widened in surprise, looking towards his cousin.

"No, Justin. I don't think that's acceptable."
Justin's hand went to his friend's shoulder.

"We talked our differences out, Nathan. Brandon understands that he's made a mistake. He won't interfere with Jolan and my love."
Nathan's eyes teared up.

"That's where you're wrong, Justin. I know this is wrong. And I have to leave before it goes any further. Forgive me."
Nathan turned, looking at Brandon.

"Come on Brandon. We're leaving."

Brandon stood up, walking up to the men, smiling at Nathan.

"Justin said I could stay, Natty."

Nathan's eyes bore into him, Lance staring at his lover.

"I'm leaving, Brandon. And so are you!"
Jolan caught a flash of anger in Brandon's blue eyes, then a smile crossed his face.

"I'm sorry, everyone. Seems Nate is taking a hissy fit. I should take him home."

Lance walked up to them, his hand going to Nathan's shoulder.

"Everything okay, Nate?" he said, Nathan looking at him.

"Yes, Lance. I just don't think Brandon belongs here. His being here is an intrusion on your festivities. We're going. Thank you for understanding everything, Lance. I'll call you tomorrow."

Nathan kissed Lance's lips softly, Lance then smiling at him.

Brandon stared at Lance for a moment, Lance's eyes now focusing on him.

"Natty's very smitten with you, Lance. I'm so glad he has you now. He needs someone special. And I know how special you can be." Brandon said, smirking.

Nathan's face took on a look of immense hurt, Lance staring at him.

"What's wrong, Nate?"
"Nothing, Lance. Thank you for inviting me, Justin and Jolan. Unfortunately, I've lost my appetite for partying. Let's go! Now, Brandon!"
Nathan turned, walking towards the door, Brandon smiling at Justin.

"Such drama! He's having work problems, our little Nate is. Don't worry, I'll see he gets what he needs. Thanks for inviting me, Justin. Glad we were able to talk."

Justin nodded, Brandon smiling at him, then his blue eyes turned towards Jolan.

"Goodbye, Jolan. Until we meet again." Brandon said, his eyes glaring intensely at Jolan.

"Goodbye, Brandon." Jolan said, his eyes then watching the man follow Nathan to the door.

Justin's hand went in his, Jolan smiling at him.

"Well, that was a moment." Joey said, his eyes on Lance.

Lance was staring after Nathan, a look of concern on his face.


Brandon closed the condo door, looking towards Nathan who was standing at the elevator, waiting for the doors to open.

Brandon flipped open his cell phone which he'd taken out of his pocket, hitting some numbers.

"Hey, it's me. Yeah, I'm just leaving Justin's. Yes, that's right. Where are you?"

Nathan's eyes turned towards Brandon, seeing his blue eyes staring at him and that he was on the phone.

"Great! You have a place? Good! Where is it? Okay!"

Nathan turned back to the elevator on hearing the doors open, Brandon following him into the elevator.

The two stood in silence, Nathan about to hit the ground floor button, Brandon hitting the basement button instead.

The doors closed, Nathan turning and looking into Brandon's blue mesmerizing eyes.

Nathan's own eyes were filling with tears.

"Why didn't you tell me about Lance? And what you did to him?"
Brandon smiled, his hand raising, his fingers stroking Nathan's cheek.

Brandon moved, hitting the stop button, the elevator immediately stopping.

He turned suddenly, seizing Nathan's shirt, pushing him up against the elevator wall.

"You listen to me, Natty! Don't ever try to control me like you did in there just now! Got it??" Brandon glared at him, his fist suddenly hitting Nathan in the stomach, Nathan doubling over in pain.

Brandon pulled him up, pushing him back against the wall.

"Got the message, sweetheart? As for Lance, he was a delicious morsel that outlived its purpose! He was supposed to get me in good with Justin. I was so sure they were fucking each other! That failed. I don't give a fuck about him anymore! I don't care if you fuck his brains out. You do as you've been told to do in regards to him. Let me get back to what I need to do. Understand?"
Nathan shook his head, fear in his eyes.

"What are you going to do? Justin doesn't want you!"

Brandon's eyes filled with anger, his hand going to Nathan's center, squeezing tightly.

Nathan held in a scream, the pain igniting.

"You leave Justin to me. And that pissant Jolan. I'm formulating a plan. You stay out of it, hear me Natty?!"
Nathan nodded, Brandon releasing his grip.

Brandon smiled at him, pulling the man against him, hugging him tightly.

"Hey, Natty babe. Relax, baby. Brandy's here. Give me some love."

Nathan teared up, Brandon's lips going against his.

Nathan let the man kiss him deeply, Brandon's hands roaming over his body.

"Seeing Justin upstairs and that slut he's banging has got me all bothered. I don't even think you can satisfy me tonight, Natty. That's why I'm going to kill two birds with one stone."

Nathan trembled, Brandon hitting the start button on the elevator, the elevator moving again.

"You've been a bad boy, Natty. And I'm looking for some fun. You need to be put in your place and I need some entertainment."

The elevator stopped, the door opening.

Nathan looked out, seeing they were in the basement garage area.

"What are we doing here?"

Brandon slapped him across the face, Nathan falling back against the elevator wall.

"You're going to do as you're told! As you've always done!"
Brandon smiled, pulling the stunned young man across the darkened garage, heading towards a door marked Attendant's Office.

Brandon looked around, seeing no one in sight.

They stopped at the door, knocking on it.

The door opened, a young Hispanic man coming into view.

The man's eyes went to Nathan, then settled on Brandon's smiling face.

"Hello, Carlos. Let us in."
Carlos opened the door, the two men walking into the room, the door closing behind them, Carlos locking it.

Nathan looked around, seeing a small office on one side, boxes of cleaning supplies showing on shelves.

A large couch was against one wall, pulled out to reveal a sofa bed.

Carlos was staring at Brandon, the man still smiling.

"Ready for a glimpse of what I have to offer, Carlos?"

Nathan turned to his cousin, Carlos leering at him now.

"Get your clothes off Natty. You're ours tonight.."

Nathan realized in horror what was going on, beginning to back up, Brandon's arms seizing him, throwing him hard across the room.

Nathan crashed on top of the bed, landing on his back.

Carlos and Brandon both walked up to the bed, Brandon pulling Carlos into him, kissing him deeply.

Nathan stared up in shock, the two men looking down at him.

"Go ahead, Carlos. Nate likes it rough."

Carlos smiled, his fingers unbuttoning his uniform shirt.

Nathan began to rise up, Brandon now on top of him, his strong hands ripping open his shirt.

Nathan tried to fight back, new hands now also on his body.

He felt his clothes being pulled off, his body being roughly touched.

Someone was stroking his center, two other hands spreading his legs.

He stared at two faces filled with lust above him, and he knew he was trapped.

He held in a scream as a hardness sank deep within him, Carlos' lust-filled face smiling down at him.

And then his scream was totally silenced by Brandon's thick shaft filling his mouth.

He knew he was again under Brandon's control, as it had always been.

He would be used as he had been all his life

His life given over to his fate.

His last coherent thoughts were of the man upstairs that he loved.


Several people continued to stare at Jolan, the young man sitting down beside Lynn, the woman smiling at him.

"So I take it everything is settled between Brandon and my son?"
Jolan smiled a soft smile, looking at Justin talking with Jordan and the Commissioner.

"Justin voiced his truths, Brandon will have to abide by them."
"And will he?"
Jolan sighed, looking over towards Lance.

"Only time will show that truth."
Lynn nodded, her hand stroking his back.

"You knew he was coming, didn't you?"
Jolan looked at her, Lynn seeing the truth in his calm grey eyes.

"Yes, I sensed his presence. Like a hemorrhoid on the ass of life ."

Lynn burst into laughter, everyone turning towards her.

Jolan smiled at her, Lynn then kissing his cheek, Jolan blushing.

"A mirthful heart you truly have, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, Lynn smiling at him.

"And a courageous one as well. To risk all for his love."

Jolan smiled, Lynn seeing the love on his face for her son.
"I love him, Lynn. He's all I need."
Lynn smiled, patting his back.

"So what else is going on? I've seen you looking around studying people."
Jolan smiled, knowing that she's been watching him.

"Yes, I have. I think it's time all these truths were in the open. Life needs to be lived."

Jolan smiled at her, then stood up, walking up to Justin, smiling at Jordan and the Commissioner.

Justin whispered into Jolan's ear, Jolan nodding.

Justin tapped his glass with a spoon, everyone looking towards him and Jolan.

Jolan pointed at Chris wanting him to lower the music, Chris nodding, standing beside the stereo.

Justin smiled at Jolan, looking around the room.

"I think it's time we had a toast to the heroes of this party. Please come up here with us, Jennica." Justin said, smiling at her, the young woman sitting beside Trace.

Jennie rose up, walking up to her brother, Jolan smiling at her when she wrapped her arm around his waist.

Justin smiled at the Commissioner; Deidra and Juan standing beside her father, little Benjamin in Deidra's arms..

"I believe Commissioner Kelly wishes to say something." Justin said, the Commissioner smiling, looking at the two young people.

"Tonight, I've met all of you wonderful people and seen all of your loving hearts. But standing out from all of us are these two heroic hearts of courage. I'm also here tonight in my official capacity. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Jolan and Jennica Dragos have been singled out to receive New York's highest citation of merit. Congratulations to you both. The mayor is bestowing upon you both Citations of Valor."

Jennie and Jolan both looked shocked, both blushing together.

Justin was beside himself with joy, hugging both of them.

"That's so awesome!!" he said, Jolan blushing still.

"There will be a formal ceremony at City Hall, of course. The mayor wants to honour you both publicly." the Commissioner said, smiling at both of them.

Jolan stared at him, Jennie smiling shyly.

The Commissioner walked forward, his hand going to both of their shoulders.

"As a grandfather, and as a father, you'll never know how much what you've done means to me." he said, Jolan smiling at his tearful, honest emotion.

"Here, in front of us, is the only reward we require, Commissioner. My Jennie and I humbly thank the mayor for his honour and we'll gladly accept it. But we will not shine in the public spotlight to receive it. My Jennie doesn't need publicity and neither do I. We acted out of our love for what was right. This child, here in your daughter's arms, is the only reward we need."
Everyone in the room stood around them, staring at the loving smile on Jolan's face.

A soft gurgling erupted in the quietness, Jennie walking up to Deidra, smiling at little Benjamin in her arms.

"That's right, Benjamin!" she said smiling, Deidra smiling at the young angelic face now looking up at her.

"Don't be sad, Deidra. My Jolly will fix your soul."

Everyone looked confused, Deidra looking totally shocked.

"What do you mean little one?" Juan said, his eyes looking towards his wife.

"Jolly fixes souls, Juan. It's his specialty!"

Juan's eyes moved, as did Deidra's, both staring into two softly glowing silver eyes.

Jolan smiled at both of them, looking around the room.

"Heroics aside for a moment, I feel another courage must be dealt with. The courage of another pair of young hearts. To go on in pain, as so many others have."

The Commissioner glanced at his daughter, a look of deep concern flashing across his face, Jolan catching his gaze.

"Do not worry, sir. Her secret is no longer a secret to me. And I welcome her as a true sister of love."

The Commissioner stared into the grey glowing eyes of a young man filled with love.

"Who are you?" Deidra softly said, her child gurgling in her arms.

Jolan smiled, walking up to her, Jennie standing beside him.

"I am one of you, my sister of thirst."
Deidra's eyes widened, Jolan's hand going to her left shoulder.

He moved the wide shoulder strap, her shoulder blade coming into view.

On it were three scars, jagged and cracked.

"You hide well the marks of three years of hurt and denial, Badenwolf sister."


Deidra sobbed, Juan's arm going around her, the two staring in shock at Jolan.

"You know who they are? How is that possible?" the Commissioner said, tears flowing from his eyes.

Everyone in the room was silent, taking in the scene before them.

"Yes, Commissioner. I know what your adopted daughter, Deidra, and her courageous husband, Juan, live with in their hearts. They are children of the Badenwolf, brother and sister to myself. For I am a Badenwolf as well."
Jolan's eyes took on a yellowness to their glow, the young couple in front of him staring in wonder.

"Your soul! It is intact! It has not been taken!" Juan said in wondrous disbelief.

"Yes, Juan. I have not fallen under the Fangoros evil."
The two looked at the young man with silent wonder, Jolan smiling down at the child in Deidra's arms.

"Little Benjamin's parents are two souls of hurting love. Let me cleanse the scars of pain from both of you. Let me honour your worship of me with my devotion to your friendship."

Little Benjamin gurgled again, Jennie gently taking him from Deidra's embrace, the little child snuggling against her young chest.

"There, there, little Benjamin. Mommy and Daddy are being cared for, their love for you only increasing." she said, smiling at the small infant she rocked in her arms.

Jolan smiled at his sister, his hands going forward--one going to each of their shoulders.

Everyone stared in silent wonder as they saw before them the marks on Deidra's shoulder blade disappear under a soft silvery glow.

Deidra's eyes were filling with tears as she felt his love flowing through her, her husband lost in the same feeling.

Jolan released both of them, the two collapsing to their knees, the Commissioner going to his daughter's side, helping her regain her feet.

Juan slowly got up as well, the two young people looking at each other.

"Your hearts are cleansed, the marks of denial removed. My devotion this day I have given. And one day I shall return your Badenwolf souls to both of you."
Deidra's hand went forward, touching Jolan's face, feeling the warmth of the love instilled in the man.

"Who are you?"
"I am the nephew of Calen Dragos, your leader, the Prince of the Badenwolves. And I am a Dragosan, as well as a Sumsarian clansmen. And I am something more."

The two stood in wonder, the man before them smiling at them.

"How did you know who we were?"
"I felt in your hearts the courage that has made you go on. The courage to bring into this world another Badenwolf child. Do not worry your hearts as you have. Benjamin-our little wolfling-will not be taken by that evil clan. He carries now upon him my protective blanket. To touch him would guarantee their own destruction. He is totally safe. His soul will mature into a young wolfen heartthrob. I find great happiness in that vision of the future. Hayden will find even greater happiness with his love."

"Hayden? Who is that?" Deidra said, Jolan smiling at her.

His grey eyes looked towards Justin, Justin seeing deep love shining in them.

"Hayden will be my son."


Justin stood in total shock, Jolan moving to him, putting his arm around him.

"Your son?" Justin softly said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yes, Justin. But I should correct what I've just said. Hayden will be our son. Yours and mine."

"How. . . how do you. . .?"
Jolan smiled at him.

"Another gift of my destiny. The future is as it must be. As I must see it. I saw a young child of great beauty, wrapped in our love."

Justin teared up, looking into Jolan's grey eyes of love.

"You have seen our future?"

Jolan smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.

"I saw our future two nights ago. The moment we gave our love to each other. I saw only love."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his lips tenderly; Deidra and Juan--as well as the Commissioner--staring in wonder.

Justin blushed, smiling at them.

"I guess our secret is out of the bag. I'm sure you've watched our love showing all evening. I've already told Jolan this evening that we didn't need to hide it." Justin said, smiling at the threesome, his eyes returning to his lover.

"Don't ask me more of the future, Justin. I cannot reveal what must remain hidden. I have only seen moments of it, not all of it. All I can say is that our love will be shared."

Justin smiled, his arms pulling his man against him.

"Hayden. I like that name!"

Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him this time.

The two smiled, everyone quietly watching them.

Jolan sighed, his eyes returning to the three standing in front of them.

"You have a loving soul, Michael Kelly. Your wife's love for this child shares that soul. She was raised in love by a wonderful man."
The Commissioner teared up, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder, Deidra's hand going into his.

"My wife and I adopted her when she was only a month old. It didn't take us long to find out that there was so much more hidden behind that beautiful face. That didn't change our love for her. My wife loved her until her last days, dying when Deidra was eleven. But Deidra always had me. Through her life I have been her father, her protector and her rock. Until she found someone of her own kind to love. And--still--she loves me."
Jolan teared up, seeing the man's obvious love for his daughter.

Deidra kissed his cheek, the older man smiling.

"You are my father. I will always love you."
The Commissioner smiled, looking at Justin and Jolan.

"We will respect your privacy, Justin. What we've seen here will remain in our hearts. That's where so much love belongs."

The two men smiled. both feeling their friendship.

Deidra's eyes fell upon Jolan again.

"Why didn't Juan and I sense you? We've always been able to sense our kind."
Jolan quietly looked at her.

"I walk under shadow, sister of thirst. No one feels me."

Deidra looked at Juan, the young man staring at Jolan.

"You are the One?"

Jolan sighed, nodding.

Juan stared at him in wonder, his voice finding the courage to speak with hope.

"My father and my grandfather instilled in me the sagas of our past. The saga that one day he of the greatest thirst would walk among us. He who would restore our souls and our hearts to walk free again. My people--my race--long have waited for you. You are he that was foretold?"

The young couple stared into Jolan's yellowish glowing eyes.

"I am the Sulfenwolf."

Deidra and Juan went to their knees, Jolan staring down at them.

"Bless this day for our deliverance. The One walks in the light!"

Jolan blushed a little, Justin staring at him.

"Please, my friends. Rise up and stand with me as friends."
The two rose up slowly, both in tears.

"Sulfenwolf? What does that title mean, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan's now grey eyes looking at him.

"It means I am the master of their souls. It now comes down to my doing what's right."
Jolan looked around the room, his eyes looking at his grandfather and Daphne.

Jolan smiled at them, his eyes looking at Jordan.

"So why haven't you told me who you really are, Jordan?"

Jordan stared in confusion at Jolan, his eyes looking around the room.

"What do you mean, Jolan?"
Jolan smiled at the policeman, walking up to him.

Jolan's hand went to his shoulder, Jolan staring into his face.

Jordan saw a face of deep love smiling at him.

Jolan saw a face marked with truth.

"The red crown marks you, Jordan. you are one of my Sumsarian brethren."



End of Chapter 43



Some revealing truths.

Jordan is a Sumsarian.

Deidra and Juan are Badenwolf.

Little Benjamin is the only other free soul in their clan.


Jolan seems to be aware of all that's going on around him.

Is he aware of the evilness of Brandon Diablo's soul?
What is Nathan's part in Brandon's life?


Seems that Nathan may be a victim in his scheming plots.

And what will Lance do when he finds out?


Some revealing moments.

Read on to find the truth in other regards as well.