Jolan's Path - Chapter 45


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 45


Justin stretched, yawning and scratching his chest.

He walked into the kitchen, his body covered in black Joe Boxer pajama bottoms and a grey athletic shirt.

Jolan looked up from the stove, the smile that crossed his face for Justin alone.

Justin walked up to him, kissing his soft lips, Jolan returning the affectionate kiss.

"Morning, Wolfy. You didn't wake me! I wanted to help with breakie!" Justin said, his mother and Jennie smiling from the kitchen table.

"My man needed sleep, not work. You looked so contented, I didn't have the heart to wake you. Besides, I work better in the kitchen alone."
Justin smiled, nuzzling Jolan's neck with his chin.

"You do the same in the bedroom. I like having you all to myself there."
Jolan blushed, looking towards the table.

Lynn smiled at him, Jolan blushing redder.

Justin smiled, enjoying Jolan's embarrassment.

"That's so cute, babe. I voice my love for you as I must. I like people knowing my man's fantastic!"
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him lightly and heading towards the table, giving Lynn--then Jennie--a warm kiss and hug.

"All danced out, little angel?" Justin smiled, sitting down beside Jennie.

"No, Justin! I could dance forever! It was so wonderful last night! I felt so alive!"
Jolan smiled as he walked to the table, setting down two glasses of orange juice in front of Justin and Jennie, and placing the remaining jug on the table.

"You started her on this, Jumpy. Now she's got her mind set on it. She may end up being a backup dancer on your next tour!"
Justin laughed heartily, smiling at Jennie, the young girl grinning.

"Awesome! Then she can go with us everywhere!!"

Jennie hugged Justin, Jolan smiling at his lover's tenderness towards his sister.

"Sorry boys. This young lady is staying grounded. She needs to get an education and make something of herself." Lynn said, Jolan smiling at her.

"She's already made something of herself. She's made me happy." Jolan said, Jennie smiling and kissing his cheek, the young girl surrounded by the two men..

Lynn chuckled, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

Jolan returned to the kitchen counter, everyone hearing the door buzzer.

"That'll be Tray and the others. I'll get it." Jolan said, smiling at everyone, heading out of the room.

Justin smiled after him, then turned looking at his mother.

"What time was he up?"
Lynn smiled, looking at her son's concerned face.

"He was deep into the cooking when I walked in around seven."
Justin furrowed his brow.

"All our bags are packed and sitting at the end of the bed. He must have been up real early."
Lynn nodded, looking at her son.

"That's surprising. Considering the noise you two were making last night. I'm not surprised Jennie didn't hear more."

Justin blushed, his eyes looking away from his mother and towards Jennie.

Jennie smiled at him, Justin's eyes lowering.

"It's okay, Justin. I know that you and Jolan are now lovers."
Justin nodded, not wanting to have this conversation with Jennie or his mother.

Jennie smiled at him, seeing his reluctance to talk of his intimacy with Jolan.

Lynn patted his arm, smiling at her son.

"It's alright, Justin. At least last night you kept him from howling."

The conversation was interrupted by a loud laugh.
Trace was laughing loudly, standing in the kitchen doorway, having just walked in and heard the tail end of the conversation, the others following behind him.

Justin turned three shades of red, Cindy and Shelly smiling widely at him, Jennie getting up and hugging both of them.

Trace was still laughing, sitting down at the table.

Jolan walked into the room, Henry beside him, Trace's eyes meeting Jolan's..

"Oh, Jolan! You animal!!" Trace laughed, Jolan looking at a red-faced Justin, his lover's eyes looking elsewhere.

"Building up my libido, Jumpy?"
Justin's eyes met Jolan's, Justin seeing the glowing mirthful love in Jolan's grey eyes.
"My Mom said you weren't howling last night, Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, looking at Lynn, seeing her laughter fighting to hold itself in.

"Guess I had my mouth full."

That did it.

Trace and Cindy were screaming with laughter, Shelly and Lynn laughing as well, Henry smiling at Justin, whose face was even redder.

Jolan smiled, leaning down and kissing his lover's lips.

"Our love is ours, Jumpy. Let them be jealous of its greatness."
Justin smiled, Jolan's love washing away his embarrassment.


The group all sat down, Jolan bringing all the food to the table, Justin helping him.

They exchanged soft glances, Lynn smiling at both of them, seeing their close uninhibited love.

The two sat down, Trace smiling at Jolan.

They all feasted on Jolan's wonderful cooking, the conversation joyous and happy.

Jolan smiled at everyone's love for his breakfast fare, Justin complimenting him several times.

"I'm going to get fat if you feed me like this every morning, love." he said, piling two hash browns onto his plate.

"Don't worry, Jumpy. The wolf will run it off you."
Justin smiled, Jolan winking at him.

"So all ready for the glamorous lights of L.A., Jolan?" Trace said, spooning more of Jolan's fantastic scrambled eggs onto his plate.

"As ready as I'll ever be, Tray." Jolan said, staring at his own empty plate, passing on seconds.

Justin's hand went in his, the two looking at each other.

"Everything okay, love?"
Jolan smiled at him, nodding.

"I just can't believe I'm travelling across the country with you, Justin. And that I'm going to be in the center of all that glamour."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.

"It can get crazy at times, Jo. The worst part of it is the paparazzi.  Nothing I do escapes them. Our privacy will only survive at home."
Jolan's hand squeezed Justin's.

"Justin, I don't want to interfere with your career. I know the importance of all you've achieved. And all the talent you possess. I won't stand in that spotlight. You will stand alone in your stardom. I'm not with you for your fame. It's the real man who will come home to me each night that I will love."

Justin teared up, everyone around the table seeing Jolan's acceptance of Justin's career, and Jolan's resolve to not let it interfere with their relationship.

"You and I will just have to learn to separate the two, Jumpy. You and your career separate from you and your Wolfy."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's soft lips.

"Someday--hopefully soon--that separation will end, Jo. I don't want to have to hide your love. I love you, and I don't care if the whole world comes to know  it."
Jolan smiled, hearing the resolve in Justin's voice.

"One day at a time, Jumpy. One glorious, love-filled, fantastic day at a time."
Justin smiled, Jolan returning his kiss, then pushing away from the table.

"If you'll all excuse me, I have to make a phone call. Please finish eating, there's lots more warming in the oven."
Justin nodded, Jolan walking out of the kitchen, Tray staring after him.

"Who's he calling, Jus? Lance? He's going back to L.A. with you, isn't he?"

Lance had some work-related stuff that he had to fly back to Los Angeles for, Justin asking him to fly with them.

"I'm not sure who he's calling, Tray. It might be Lance. And yes, he's coming back with us." Justin said, Jennie handing him a plate of pancakes.

"Try these, Justin! They're my Mom's recipe! Jolly added chocolate chips to them!"

Justin took the plate from her, seeing Jennie's grey eyes softly glowing.

Justin looked at her for a moment, then back towards the swinging kitchen door, his thoughts his own.


Jolan walked into the bedroom, sighing softly.

He walked over to the nightstand, picking up Justin's Blackberry.

He sighed again, sitting down on the bed, looking at the still unmade bed.

His mind filled with the remembered passion from the night before.

How his lover had given into the beast's needs.

It had sealed in Jolan's heart an unbreakable bond with Justin.

The two were now soulmates.

The beast had its mate.

Jolan focused on the Blackberry, perusing through Justin's address book.

He hated entering Justin's private space, but Jolan knew the truth behind the need to do it.

And he would tell Justin that truth when the time came.

He found what he needed, picking up the cordless phone, punching in the number.

After two rings someone answered.


"Hello. My name is Jolan Dragos. I am a close friend of Justin Timberlake's. I need to speak to you about something private. Yes, that's correct. From the news conference. Why am I calling? Well, that's just it. I need to stop you from making a tragic mistake. You need to know the truth. The truth about what's going on."
Jolan looked towards the door, his thoughts on what he was doing.

For the next ten minutes he softly talked into the phone, the person on the other end of the line listening in stunned silence.

Jolan then listened to that person, feeling the emotional turmoil flooding their soul.

Jolan did all his best to calm that person, his loving soul reaching out.

His mind thought of three people, and what he might have to do to show them the truth.

And the truth they might have to face together.

"Alright. Yes, I arrive this afternoon. I will call you then. Thank you for hearing me out. I know you have a lot to think about. No, it's alright, I had to tell you. I just couldn't let it go on. He has a lot to answer for. And I am just the one to call him on it. I will talk to you soon."

Jolan closed off the phone, looking towards the bags he'd packed early that morning.

He sighed again, his index finger rubbing the silver ring on his hand.

His mind thought on one phrase that he'd read in the Tome of Alveena.

'To walk with angels, you sometimes have to destroy demons.'


Justin tapped on the bedroom door, Jolan saying come in.

"Babe, your breakfast was a big hit. Tray says he's following you to L.A."
Jolan smiled at him, standing up.

"Hey, I can only handle one child at a time."
Justin smiled at him, closing the door behind him, pulling Jolan into his arms.

"This child needs his Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, Justin's hands attached to his backside.

"I missed waking up in your arms this morning, Jo."

Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him softly, with a hint of passion.

"I didn't get to tell you that I love you." Justin said, his lips kissing Jolan's neck, Jolan sensing Justin's flirtatious mood.

"You don't have to tell me what I feel always, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, his lips nibbling on Jolan's ear.

"I have something you can feel, Wolfy." Justin said, taking Jolan's hand and guiding it to his center.

Justin heard a very soft growl coming from Jolan's throat.

Justin softly moaned, Jolan reluctantly focusing on the moment.
"As fantastic as I want to make you feel right now, we don't have time, my love. I need to finish the breakfast dishes and clean up. Then we have to get things organized. What time is our flight out?"
Justin sighed, his eyes staring into the two grey orbs of love staring back at him.

"Three o'clock this afternoon. We need to be at the airport for one-thirty."
Jolan nodded, lightly kissing Justin's chin.

"Take your shower, my love. I've packed us all up already, and your outfit for today is hanging in the closet. I hope you're okay with what I've picked out for you."
Justin smiled, loving the fact that Jolan was trying to look after his needs.

"I liked the outfit you had on last night." he said, still lightly touching Jolan's body.

Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's total acceptance of what he'd seen last night.

"I still can't believe you're okay with what I am inside."
Justin sighed, pulling Jolan close.

"Now you listen to me for the last time. What I saw last night were two visions of intoxicating beauty. The you I see now, and the beast within you. Both set my heart racing. And I'm not just talking about sex. I'm talking about a level of love that threatens to overwhelm me every moment that I'm in your arms. Either set of arms. Yours or the beast's. That vision of his hairiness and masculinity deeply moved me, Jolan. I knew it was you, and I knew it was something more. I like to think of it as the lust of your soul coming to life. Your desires for me taking on a animal form. I felt the passion that I ignited in that beast, and I felt the shining love coming from your soul. I love both of you. Most of all I love all of you, Jolan. Last night the beast claimed my heart, you claimed my soul."
Jolan was in tears, hugging Justin tightly to him.

"I was so afraid that you'd back away from the monstrosity that I am."
"You are not a monster, Jolan. You are the beautiful man beast that I love."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's deep love in every word he'd spoken.

"Can I ask you something, Jo?"

"Yes, Jus. You can ask me anything."
Justin released Jolan, sitting down on the bed, Jolan sitting down beside him.

"You wore a white crown of fur on your chest last night. Is that the mark of the Sulfenwolf?"
Jolan nodded, Justin's arm going around him.

"Are you something like the King of the Beasts?"
Jolan looked at Justin, Justin seeing a look of uncertainty in his eyes.

"No, Justin. Calen is the Prince of the Badenwolf. He will rule the cleansed Badenwolf one day with a heart of love and conviction. I am the Sulfenwolf. The wolf that I have to be. A wolf with a singular purpose."

Justin saw a reluctance in Jolan's eyes to reveal more.

"You are turning into quite a man of mystery, my love. I do believe the Tome of Alveena is revealing much to you."

Jolan smiled, lightly kissing Justin's cheek.

"It reveals a lot of hidden truths, Justin. Trust me to reveal it as I must."
Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I trusted you last night with my heart, and my love. I'll trust you always, my Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, taking both of Justin's hands in his.

"I feel the same, my singer of love."
Justin nodded, sighing softly.

"Are you really comfortable with going to Los Angeles, Jo? I sensed a reluctance at the kitchen table before you came in here. Are you threatened by my stardom? I don't want that to come between us. I'll walk away from it before I'd ever let that happen."

Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

This man truly loved him.

"I'm not threatened by your fame, Jumpy. Like I already said, I'll deal with it as I must. Besides I have to go to Los Angeles, Justin. I want to meet Josh."
Justin smiled widely, his thoughts on his friend.

"I know he'll love you, Jo. He's my best friend."
Jolan nodded, kissing Justin's soft lips.

"I think--or at least I hope--that he'll come to be one of my good friends as well."
Justin grinned, hearing Jolan's hope for Josh's friendship.

"I love you, he will too."
Jolan nodded, the two men rising up and walking quietly out of the room.


Joshua Chasez sat in his home, flipping through the television channels.

He stopped on an entertainment show, a video of Justin catching his eye.

The camera moved to a reporter, a young Hispanic woman.

"News out of New York City today that the two heroic young people who brought to light the largest child slavery ring in America have been awarded the city's highest decoration for bravery, the Citation of Valor. Jolan Dragos and his sister Jennica, as you all remember, are good friends of Justin Timberlake. Justin has been relatively silent on the part he played in this heroic deed. There are also other rumours associated with Justin Timberlake. The gossip around New York is that Justin and his on again-off again girlfriend Jessica Biel have finally called it quits. Miss Biel was seen in Los Angeles this week removing clothing from Justin's home in Bel-Air. Justin remains in New York, the two heroes reportedly staying with him at his luxury condominium in an upscale New York borough. Here's hoping that Justin will go public with his friendship with our heroes as well as all that happened in New York. In other news. . ."
Josh had been staring at the television screen, seeing the footage of Justin at the cemetery, and footage of his news conference with Jolan.

Josh stared at the young man standing beside Justin, mesmerized by his grey steely eyes.

To Josh's staring gaze, they seemed like iron manhole covers.

He saw in those grey eyes a lot of determination and resolve.

A will of iron, and a steely heart.

And in Josh's worried heart, that meant the man was up to no good.

Jessica's stories and words flooded his mind, Josh's hands going together.

He stared at a gold ring he wore on his right finger, thoughts of the man who'd given it to him bringing a tear to his eye.

His eyes were drawn to the television again, another man staring back at him.

"Newest singing sensation Brandon Diablo is set to release his first video for his upcoming debut album next week. The young prodigy is getting the best support and advice from none other than Justin Timberlake. Justin's recording label has signed the young man for two CDs. Justin seems to have a lot of faith in this young man's rising star. Here are a few pictures of the young man, in some sensual poses we're sure are designed to heighten the feminine appeal towards him. Let's see what you ladies think." the young male reporter said, his gleaming white teeth shining.

Josh stared at the photographs, several showing Brandon shirtless.

Josh closed his eyes, the memories of the young man's beauty torturing his soul.

Josh put his hands over his face, the tears beginning to fall.

"You've ruined my life, Brandon. He'll leave me! Oh God, I don't want to lose his love!"

Josh cried, alone in his tears.

A few moments later the phone rang, Josh wiping his eyes.

He picked up the phone, answering it.

"Hey, Josh."
Josh smiled, leaning back on the couch.

"Hey, Lancy. What's going on?"
"A lot, Joshy. I'll tell you all of it soon. I just wanted to let you know I'm coming to L.A. with Justin."
"That's great, Lancy. You can crash here. How's Justin? He seemed kinda out of sorts the last time I talked to him."

"He's doing alright, Josh. Wait till you meet his new friend."
Josh's back straightened.

"You've met this Jolan guy?"
"Sure have. He's a great guy, Josh. So real! And so unbelievable!"

Josh heard the happiness in Lance's voice.

A happiness Josh thought was fabricated by a conniving man.

"He's changed Justin's life, Josh. But I'll let Justin tell you all about that. Wait till you meet him!"
Josh remained silent, focusing on Lance's last words.

"So he definitely is coming here then?"
"Yep, he's flying in today with Justin. His sister as well. Justin wants to get them out of New York for a while till all that drama there calms down."
"I see. So Justin will be home tonight?"
"Yeah, but he told me to tell you to wait and come over in the morning. We'll all be dog tired, a long flight and all."
"Sure thing, Lancy. Tell him I'll see him in the morning. Talk to you soon, Lancy."
"Bye, Josh. I'll be over later tonight. Love ya!"
"Bye, Lance. Love ya back."
Josh shut off the phone, throwing it on the couch beside him.

He stared at the television, not really looking at it.

"So you're coming here, are you? Well my friend, be prepared for a lot of hurting! My life may be crumbling, but your free ticket is over!"

Josh cracked his knuckles, his fists balling.

"No one takes advantage of my Justin! And no one will hurt him! No one!"


Joshua Armstead walked down the corridor, an officer in front of him, another behind.

His hands were in handcuffs, the man walking the long corridor from his cell to the meeting room.

For a week now he'd lain in that cell, no bond posted for him.

His lawyers had tried, the case too sensational to warrant his release, for fear of his suddenly disappearing.

The man walked in silence, as silent as he'd been for the last week.

When you lay in silence your mind thinks on much.

His had been focused on one person.

On a young woman named Vanessa.
A young woman who had destroyed his life.

His lawyers had told him everything that had happened, every detail of her and her now-reunited brother's lives.

The truth of who she really was.

A truth he'd already known.

Joshua Armstead also known as Jefferson Hopkins had been duped by a child.

Armstead's eyes furrowed, thoughts of her burning his soul.

If I ever get out of here I'll make every moment of your life so painful, you little whore.

The policeman ahead of him opened the steel door, Armstead walking into the closed in room ready to meet his lawyers again.

The man who stood up from the table surprised the heck out of him.

They stared at each other, the officer behind Armstead pushing him forward.

"You have fifteen minutes. Then you're going back." the man said, he and his partner stepping back, both standing in front of the now closed door.
Armstead sat down at the table, across from the other man; he, too, sitting down.

"How are you, Brother?" the other man said.

"How the fuck do you think I am? I've been sealed up in a steel box for over a week! Do you know what that does to me?"
The man nodded, glancing at the two policemen, both men quietly watching them.

"Calmness, Brother. You've done a foolish thing."
"Yes I have. I should have never given that slut to Miguel! That was my first mistake!"
The other man folded his hands in front of him, staring at him.

"That was your first and last mistake, Jeffy. He's fuming about what's happened. Your being duped by a mere child. Albeit an important child. You know what she may be." the man said, staring at Armstead.

"I'll tell you who she's going to be. She's going to be a dead slut. I want her dead! And I'm the one who's going to kill her! Get me out of here! Now!" Armstead said, softly leaning forward, their conversation not heard by the policemen.

"You know that's impossible. Even he can't ensure your release. There's too much damning evidence, Joshua. Why in hells name did you keep records, you fool?!!"

"What do you mean he can't ensure it? He's supposed to be so important!!"

The man sighed, his green eyes looking into Joshua's brown ones.

"I'm worried, Jeffy. He won't talk to me about any of this. He's been very silent. And you know what that means. When he's silent, he's deciding."
Joshua Armstead's face changed, a whiteness coming to it.
"You. . .you have to talk to him! Don't let them take me, Mutty! You know I'll never survive in prison."

The man raised his eyes, looking at the policemen.

"Do you think I like that thought?? Why, Jeffy? Why didn't you cover your ass?"

Joshua stared at the man before him.

They'd known each other since they were mere children, a bonded trust between them.

"Please, Mutty. Please help me!"

The man was in tears, Joshua seeing the love in his green eyes for him.

"I don't know what I can do. But I think you know what you must do. Do it before he does it. You know him and what he's capable of."
Joshua Armstead rose up, backing away from his life-long friend.

"I'm safe here! He wouldn't dare!"

The man rose, the two policemen looking between them.

"I'm sorry, Jeffy. He told me to tell you that he's coming."

Joshua Armstead's face when white with horror.
He reeled around, the two policemen seeing the terror in his eyes, both grabbing hold of him.

"Let me out of here! Please, let me go! He's after me! I need to get away!!" he sobbed, his friend lowering his head, not wanting to see his courage unravel.

The two policemen struggled with him, pulling the now terrified man back out of the room, the steel door slamming shut.

The other man remained in the room, sitting down in the chair again, putting his hands together, tears falling down his face.

"I'm sorry, Joshua. I'll carry your courage with me always. And I'll mete out your revenge on her."
The man picked up the newspaper he'd carried in, looking at the front page.

Jolan's face was on the front cover of the New York Times, the banner proclaiming his hero status.

"We'll meet again soon, Jolan. And this time there will be no escape from your grave."


Justin unlocked the front door of his home, Jolan and Jennica standing behind him.

They'd both been awed by the surrounding beauty of Justin's mansion, set in the rolling beauty of the Los Angeles hills.
Their plane had landed an hour and a half earlier, the small group having to fight their way through a media frenzy when they'd disembarked the airplane.

How they'd known that they were arriving surprised Jolan; Johnny Wright, however, was prepared for such an altercation.

Four large bodyguards had been waiting for them, surrounding the group, the media surrounding all of them.

Cameras flashed, Jolan realizing that his little sister was now thrust in the spotlight.

Many questions were hurled at her, her image now shown to the world.

Justin sensed Jolan's need to protect her, his arm going around the young woman as well.

They fought through the mass, finally climbing into a limousine, and hurriedly left the airport.

Lance had smiled at Jolan, seeing his concerned face.

"Welcome to the Timberlake fantasy, Jolan."

Justin had smiled then laughed, Jennie grinning at Lance.

"That was awesome! Like at a rock concert!" she said, Justin smiling at the fact that it hadn't scared her.
Jolan shook his head, not knowing if he'd ever be comfortable in that kind of spotlight.

Justin's hand had gone into his, Jolan seeing his love still shining.

Here was what would make all those moments bearable.

The private moments that the two of them would share together.

Now here they were, standing on the threshold of Justin's home.

To say it was a mansion would be correct, but Jolan sensed a lot of the real Justin in the layout of the place.

It was big, but not garish.

The buildings were white stone, a feel of old Los Angeles to the place.

"This house is one of the original homes of the famous movie moguls of the early twentieth century." Justin said smiling, unlocking the door and opening it.

The group walked in, Justin stepping back, watching Jolan and Jennie as they walked in.

Jolan looked around, lost in the tranquil beauty of the large foyer.

A staircase was ahead of them, its winding stairs going upwards.

"Up there are eight bedrooms, a large patio deck, a fully outfitted sauna and a huge bathroom. Each bedroom has its own bathroom as well."
Jolan nodded, taking in all the beauty and grandness of the decor.

He smiled, Justin smiling now as well.

"There's a full-size swimming pool out back, as well as a basketball court and tennis court. Come on guys, I'll show you around." Justin said, taking Jennie's and then Jolan's hand.

The two smiled, walking with Justin through the large house.

He showed them the family room, as well as the living room, a large dining room, and the biggest kitchen that Jolan had ever seen.

He stood in the center of it, looking around.

It had all the amenities, as well as a built-in barbecue.

Jolan smiled, seeing the breakfast nook in the corner, knowing that they would eat there quite often.

The intimacy of that corner brought a smile to his face.

Justin knew what he was thinking, his arm going around him.

"We'll make it a home, Jo. Our love doesn't need riches, only each other."
Jolan smiled, Justin pulling them towards the patio doors.

They walked out into the warm sunshine, Jolan's eyes taking in the beauty of the outdoor features.

"Oh wow!" Jennie said, walking--then running--to the pool's edge.

She looked all around, taking in the immense pool, complete with diving board and slide.

Jolan saw the outdoor patio, covered in old marble.

A large stone barbecue was at one end, the other end butting up against a gazebo.

"You like?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"We can have some great family get-togethers here."
Justin grinned, kissing Jolan's cheek.

Lance smiled, having been quietly following the three, after bringing in most of their luggage.

"Yep, a big old Timberlake-Dragos family reunion!"

Jolan laughed, smiling at his lover.

They walked around, Justin showing them the Jacuzzi and the basketball court.

There was more than enough room for a game of football on the well-manicured back lawn.

Jolan smiled, falling in love with the place very easily.

The group walked back inside, Justin pulling them upstairs.


Jolan smiled, walking into the large bedroom

It was huge, the motif a rich blue, the furnishings beautiful.

A large king size bed was in the center of the room, a fireplace on the far wall.

"Welcome to my bedroom, Jolan. I mean, our bedroom." Justin said, standing behind him.

Jennie and Lance smiled at each other, quietly exiting the room, Lance going to show Jennie her room across the hall.

Jolan looked around, seeing a loveseat in front of the fireplace.

The room looked cozy and well-lived.

"I picked out all the decor and accessories myself. I wanted this room to be perfect. A reflection of my soul." Justin said, showing Jolan everything.

Jolan saw all of Justin's own beauty in all the paintings, furnishings and colours.

"If you don't like it, you can change anything or everything." Justin said, looking at Jolan with concern.

Jolan's eyes focused on Justin, pulling him into his arms, falling backwards on the bed taking Justin with him.

Justin lay on top of Jolan, the young man's arms wrapping around hm.

"It's perfect the way it is. For everything in this room shows your soul of love."
Justin beamed, leaning down and kissing Jolan deeply.

The two became lost in the kiss, Justin's hands slinking under Jolan's shirt.

Jolan smiled in the middle of the kiss, removing Justin's hand from his shirt.

"My, my, Mr. Timberlake. What kind of man do you take me for? Just because I'm laying here on your bed, ya think ya can just have at me? Why, I am appalled!"

Justin laughed, Jolan flipping him off him in a flash, their positions reversed.

Jolan now lay on top of Justin, Justin feeling the strength in which Jolan held his arms back above his head.

Justin knew the beast within Jolan had a strength of great power, but also that the beast would never hurt him.

"You've spent a lot of time sleeping in this bed, Justin. And yes--I know--it was also the center of your love with Jessica and others."
Justin nodded, not wanting that true fact to dampen Jolan's moment here.

Jolan smiled at him, staring down at him.

Justin only saw love in those silvery grey eyes

"Those moments are lost forever, Justin. From this moment forward, it will only be us in here. The memories of this room will begin here now. And you'll only ever remember the beauty of the beast, and the love of my heart echoing in here."
Justin began to tear up, Jolan leaning down and tenderly kissing him, both lost in the beauty of the moment.

"I love you, Jo."
"I love you, Mr. Timberlake."

Justin smiled, Jolan sitting up, then standing, pulling Justin up gently.

"Well, I'm here. Los Angeles may never be the same!"

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"How about we have some supper? I'm famished." Jolan said, Justin agreeing.

The four laughed and kidded around, devouring the two large pizzas Lance had run out and picked up.

Jolan had scribbled out a quick grocery list, Lance picking it all up as well.

Jolan had quietly walked around the whole house while Lance was gone, taking in all its beauty.

Justin and Jennie had gone for a swim, Justin sensing Jolan had wanted to take in his new home by himself.

In the family room, Jolan had made the phone call he'd promised.

And then he made two more.

After Lance returned, the four had eaten the pizzas on the patio.

"Man that hit the spot." Lance said, about an hour later, smiling at Justin.

"Can I go swimming again, Jolly?" Jennie said, Justin grinning at her.

"You don't have to ask, Jennie. This is your home now. You do what you want to do." Justin said, smiling at Jolan.

Jennie grinned, her small sleek frame disappearing from the table, Jolan watching her dive into the pool.

"I take it the place is a hit with her?" Lance said, Jolan nodding.

"And it's a hit with me as well. I love it!" he said, Justin grinning.

"Welcome to our home, babe."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him tenderly.

"But then again, anywhere with you would be home for me." Justin said, Jolan touched by his beautiful words.

Lance smiled, watching the love showing between the two.

"I'm really happy for both of you." Lance said quietly, his words spoken softly, both men looking at him.

"You okay, Lance?" Justin said, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"In all the moving around I've forgotten about you, Lance. How are you doing?" Jolan said, his hand on Lance's other shoulder.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking, guys. I want what you two have."
Jolan smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"We want that for you as well, Lance."
Lance smiled, looking at Jolan.

"I've been getting a feeling from you, Jolan. A sense of your being concerned about me. Is there something I should know?"

Jolan folded his hands, his face changing to a concerned look, Lance and Justin both looking at him.

"Tomorrow will be a day of truth, Lance. A day that may be hard for both of you to bear. But it will be a truth that needs baring. I'm sorry, but my first day here will be a day of judgement."
"Judgement? On who?"
Justin's eyes met Jolan's, the young man taking his hand in his.

"Let's leave that for me to reveal. I'm sorry if you feel concerned after what I just said, that wasn't my intention. I just need you to be prepared for tomorrow."
Justin nodded, he and Lance exchanging glances.

"But on a more happier note, I will finally get to meet the great Joshua Chasez tomorrow. The last crazy member of some washed up boyband from a few years ago. *NStink they were called, I believe?"

Justin and Lance were taken aback for a moment, Jolan bursting into laughter, up in a flash, taking off past the pool.

Lance and Justin both grinned, seeing how Jolan was trying to wash away the worry in their hearts.

"Washed up? *NStink? Let's get him!" Lance said, Justin laughing, the two chasing after Jolan.

Justin was faster than Lance, passing him, gaining on his lover.

Justin tackled Jolan on the lawn, Lance jumping on top of both of them.

"Let's see how your wolf boy likes *NSync's tickle torture." Lance said, Justin nodding.

The two men began to tickle him, Jolan roaring with laughter.

Jennie smiled, her wet body pulled out of the pool, seeing the three men wrestling.

The two singers eased up on Jolan, seeing him gasping for breath.

"That serves you for that smartass remark." Justin said laughing softly, Jolan smiling at him.

"I think he needs something else, Justin. How about a wet welcome to Los Angeles?"
Justin grinned, his arms going around the young man, Jolan lifted up by his lover's strong arms.

"Justin, no! You wouldn't!!" Jolan said, he and Lance both carrying him now.

Jolan still wore his jeans and golf shirt, Justin in a t-shirt and swim trunks.

"Angels love to fly, Jo. Fly into the wetness of heaven." Justin said, the two men at the pool's edge.

Jolan didn't have time to react, his body sailing through the air, landing in the water.

Lance and Justin were laughing loudly, Jennie giggling, sitting on the pool's edge.

Jolan disappeared under the water, a large splash soaking Jennie.

Justin was laughing, seeing his lover sink to the bottom of the pool.

His laughter slowly ebbed, seeing Jolan still at the bottom of the pool, not moving.

He and Lance exchanged looks, their eyes filling with concern.

Justin pulled off his shirt, diving into the water, Lance staring after him, his face a mask of deep concern now.

Justin dove under the water, swimming down through eight feet of water.

Jolan lay on the bottom of the pool, his eyes closed.

Justin's arm went around him, Jolan immediately coming to life.

His arms wrapped around the nearly naked Justin, his lips going against him, Jolan pulling him upwards with him.

They both broke the water's top, Jolan's arms wrapped around Justin's naked torso.

Justin was lost, feeling the strength of the man who'd propelled them upwards.

Jolan's grey eyes opened, Justin seeing them softly glowing, a wide smile now on his face.

"I knew you'd dive in to save me, my angel. Only I didn't need saving. I only needed you."
Justin let out a breath of relief, seeing Jolan had only been playing with him.

Lance also was sighing with relief, Jolan's glowing grey eyes looking at him.

"I never forget, cutie. I'll get you back, too."
Lance blushed, Jennie laughing beside him.

"I'd run if I were you, Lance." she said, looking towards her brother who'd released Justin from his arms, Jolan moving with lightening speed through the water towards Lance.

"On that revelation, I'm outta here! Later guys!" Lance said, running towards the house.

Jolan stopped at the pool's edge, swimming beside Jennie's legs.

He looked up at her, she smiling back.

"He's scared now, Jolly!" she laughed.

Jolan winked at her, feeling two wet arms wrap around him, Justin having swam over to him.

"You're a real devil, my love. Lance will be on his guard now."
Jolan laughed, Justin kissing his neck.

"He'll only experience my love, sweetie. Just like you do."
Justin smiled, Jolan turning and kissing him deeply.

"Let's go for a swim, my love. And then let's spend our first night here in happiness."
Justin smiled widely, Jennie diving into the pool, Justin swimming after her.

Jolan buoyed in the water, his eyes looking towards the house.

"I love you, Lance. Just as much as Justin does. And Joey wants to love you even more."

He swam away, joining the other two.


Joshua Armstead sat on his bunk, in the late evening darkness of his cell.

His mind was on one thing.

The final words of his best friend.

And the man who was coming for him.

The policemen had had to resort to force to calm the man down.

The terror had taken hold of his soul.

He knew they didn't realize what was going on, on what might be his final night on earth.

Or even worse.

A policeman walked past his cell, his steely eyes looking in on him.

"All calmed down Armstead? You freaking weirdo! Raping little children! I hope you get put away for life!" the man said with anger.

Armstead ignored the man, they'd been taunting him all week with their trash talk.

He had more important things to worry about.

He sighed, the policeman walking away.

Suddenly Armstead heard a heavy thud.

His head raised, hearing soft footsteps coming down the corridor.

His eyes looked towards the cell door, seeing movement behind the bars.

A man walked out of the shadows, wearing a completely black suit.

The only color on him was a silver chain hanging around his neck, a red pendant hanging from the end of the chain.

It showed a circle of fire, with a wolf's head in its center.

"Good evening, Joshua. My lost child."

Joshua's blood ran cold, staring into two eyes of fiery red, the man smiling at him.

Joshua saw the white gleaming teeth seemingly shining by themselves.

"Please go away! I'm sorry!"

The man continued to smile, walking through the bars.

Joshua stared in shocked wonder, the man now in the room with him.

"This goes beyond sorry I am afraid, Joshua. You disobeyed me. And with that comes my decision."
Joshua was on his knees now, staring up at the man.

"I was wrong, Father! Please allow me to love you! Please!!" he sobbed, the man looking down at him.

"You were supposed to keep her docile, to keep her lost. She isn't lost anymore. And neither is he. That worries me greatly. Do you know what you've done?"

Joshua was now sobbing, his body trembling.

"Stand up like a man, Joshua!"
Joshua Armstead used all of his power and terrified soul to regain his feet, staring into the red eyes staring back at him.

"It's alright, Joshua. I have a heart, you know."
Joshua's breathing relaxed, the man's hand moving with lightning speed.

Joshua felt a sudden intake of breath, staring at the object the man now raised in his hand.

"And it happens to be yours."
Joshua's terrified dying eyes stared at his own heart still beating its last heartbeats in the man's hand.

His own hands went on reflex to his chest, finding the hole there.

His bowels and bladder let go, soiling his already dying body.

Joshua Armstead saw the final darkness flood his vision, his body collapsing.

The man above him licked the organ in his hand, devouring it in moments.

"Rest in horror, Joshua. Your eyes will open in hell." the man said, vanishing.



End of Chapter 44


Okay, some drama seems to be building.

And Jolan seems to know everything.

Who did he call twice?
And who did he call the last time?
What will happen tomorrow?

Who is the man who visited Joshua Armstead, robbing him of his life?

Was he a man, or was he a monster?
Who was the other man Joshua Armstead was speaking to?
And how does that man know Jolan?

It appears that things seem to be meshing together.

Hopefully, some answers will be forthcoming soon.

Or maybe I like leaving you all in the dark.



Only time and my jumbled writing will reveal that truth.

Read on and welcome to the second decade of the century.


Happy New Year!!


Hugs, Angel.