Jolan's Path - Chapter 46


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.






Chapter 46


Jolan felt two sensations flood his body.

The first was the cascade of water falling over his naked chest.

The second was his man's hardness sinking deeply into him from behind.

Jolan and Justin stood in the shower, their bodies wet with desire.

Justin's arms were wrapped around his lover, his mouth attached to his earlobe, one hand stroking Jolan's hardness.

Jolan moaned, Justin's cock now buried deep within him.

He felt Justin's sexual abandon, his body and mind focused on the pleasures he was giving him.

"Oh God, Jus! That feels so good!" Jolan moaned, Justin increasing his inward thrust, his hardness sinking to its depth.

Jolan suddenly felt the edge of Justin's passion, Justin suddenly gasping.

Jolan gasped himself, feeling the flood of liquid seeping into him, his own orgasm erupting into Justin's wet hand.

Justin trembled against him, each gush of his desires weakening his stance.

Both men panted and trembled, their orgasms receding, Justin's hand releasing Jolan's cock, his fingers going to his mouth, Justin devouring the treasure covering them.

Jolan sighed, feeling the hardness pulling out of him, his body turning, pulling his lover to his lips, Jolan tasting himself on Justin's lips.

'Mmm, my Jumpy. You send me to heaven with your passion."
Justin smiled, sighing a long sigh of fulfillment, Jolan's hands soaping up his lover's chest with a bath sponge, working their way down, cleaning his warm body.

Jolan paid special care to soap Justin's still half erect shaft, soaping his balls as well.

Justin sighed, contented by the special care Jolan was taking.

"My lover's the best. Each time is so magical. And the romance last night was unbelievable." Justin said, Jolan smiling and kissing his soft lips.

They'd made slow love last night, giving in to each other's needs.

The beast had remained dormant, last night being more about romance and love, than passion and need.

Jolan had wanted their first night together in Justin's home to be magical and romantic.

In Justin's eyes, he'd succeeded completely.

Here, this morning, Jolan had needed Justin's love just as deeply.
For Jolan knew the length and hardness of the day that lay ahead of him.

And he knew he'd have to tell Justin the truth of what that day might bring.

Some he knew he'd have to let play out through its own course, and in some he knew Justin's help was needed.

He pulled his lover against him, his soapy hands running down Justin's back.

Justin purred, feeling the tenderness of Jolan's touch.

The afterglow of his shining love.

The man's touch never ceased to melt Justin's heart.

Justin sighed, his eyes closed, his head on Jolan's shoulder as Jolan continued washing him.

"Mmm, that feels so good. You felt so good, Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, Justin's blue eyes opening, Jolan staring into them when he focused on his.

"I love you, Justin Randall Timberlake."

Justin smiled, hearing the depth of the love in Jolan's voice.

"And I love you, Jolan Vilos Joelius Dragos."

Jolan smiled, touched that Justin had remembered his given names.

Justin turned, his soapy body now under the cascading showerhead, water washing over his soapy torso.

Justin's hand took the soapy sponge, beginning his cleansing of Jolan's torso.

Their eyes met, Justin lightly kissing his lips.

"A kiss for your thoughts, my angel?"

"I'm thinking about how lucky I am to wake up here this morning, and to have you here in my arms under this warm water."

Justin smiled, his lips kissing Jolan's moist lips again.

"Your words of love can't hide the concern I feel in your soul, my Jo."

Jolan sighed, stepping under the spray against Justin, their bodies cleansed of all the soap.

Jolan hit the shower tap, the water stopping.

Justin looked at him, his lover stepping out of the shower and towelling himself off.

Justin sighed, walking out of the shower, Jolan quietly looking at his wet glistening body, then walking out of the bathroom.

Justin quickly dried himself off, throwing their towels into the hamper, walking into the bedroom.

He saw Jolan sitting on the bed, his nude body bared for Justin's eyes only.

Justin smiled, seeing the open comfort of Jolan's world with him now.

Justin's own nude body sat down beside him, Jolan's head raising, looking into his blue eyes of love.

"You've gotten too good at sensing my feelings, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, kissing his naked shoulder blade.

"It's part of true love, Jo. We each will share and sense each other's feelings. I'm here to love you, and to share those feelings of happiness--and yes--those feelings of worry and concern. I take it you're not looking forward to today?"

Jolan sighed again, kissing Justin's lips, Justin feeling his love.

"Who did you call this morning, Jo? And who were those phone calls to last night?"

Jolan looked surprised, unaware that Justin had known that he'd made several calls.

He'd made two calls while Justin was in Jennie's room, saying goodnight to her.

He'd known that Justin would be in there for a few minutes, taking that opportune time to make the two calls.

While Jolan had thought Justin had been sleeping this morning, he'd gone into the bathroom to make the last call.

"I awoke the moment you left this bed of love, Wolfy. And last night I heard you talking on the phone just before I came into the bedroom, so I put two and two together."
Jolan nodded, seeing that Justin was worried about what was going on.

"I called him this morning, Justin. I got his number out of your Blackberry on the nightstand."

Justin looked confused, glancing at his cell phone on the nightstand.

"Called who?"
Jolan stared at him, taking Justin's hand in his.

"It's time this was in the open. I need you to believe in me, Justin. To believe in what I need to do."
Justin nodded, Jolan pulling him up with him, the two nude men staring at each other.

Justin saw the focused look in Jolan's grey eyes.

"Let's get dressed, and then I'll tell you what's going on."


Joshua Chasez sat in his Miata convertible, driving through Los Angeles, Lance sitting beside him.

They'd left Josh's condo after breakfast, running some errands and then heading to see Justin..

"You okay, Josh? You were kind of quiet at breakfast. And you hardly said anything last night when I came home."

The two had greeted each other warmly last night, Josh sensing Lance's tiredness immediately.

Josh had whisked him off to bed, the two leaving their catching up till this morning.

Josh had remained mostly silent while Lance had talked to him through breakfast.

Josh had listened to Lance's description of Nathan, seeing in Lance's eyes a dawning light of love.

He knew his friend was deeply fond of this new man.

They hadn't really broached the subject of Jolan, other than Lance briefly telling Josh that he and Justin were now at Justin's place.
Josh looked at his friend sitting beside him in the car, Lance's green eyes staring back.

"I'm alright, Lancy. Just a lot on my mind. What time do you want to swing by Justin's?"

Lance looked at Josh, seeing a determined stare in Josh's blue eyes.

"Well I figure Jolan and Justin are probably up by now. Jolan's usually an early riser."
"What does that have to do with Justin? He always sleeps in."
Lance blushed a little, not wanting to divulge Justin's new relationship with the young man.

Lance knew in his heart that if Jolan was up, Justin wouldn't be far from him.

"Jolan likes to make breakfast, so Justin is probably chowing down."

Josh nodded, focusing on the road ahead.

He picked up his cell phone from the tray, flipping it open.

"Yeah, the mysterious Mr. Dragos. I need to meet him. I hope they are up. I want to get this overwith fast."

Lance glanced at Josh, a look of concern crossing his face.

He didn't like Josh's tone of voice.

Or the fiery look of determination in his crystal blue eyes.


Justin picked up on the second ring, answering the phone in the front foyer.


"Hey, Justin. You're up?"
Justin turned his head, staring at Jolan who was walking towards him from the hallway to the kitchen.

Jolan saw the glistening tears in Justin's eyes, the two having finished their conversation a few minutes earlier.

"Yeah, been up for an hour or so, Joshy. Jolan's cooking breakfast."
"Oh, okay. Lance and I aren't that far away. I need to see you, Jus. We should be there in fifteen minutes or so unless you need more time."

"No it's okay, Josh. Come ahead. We'll eat after you get here." Justin said, wiping his eyes.

"You okay, Justin?"
"Yes, I'm fine, Josh. See you shortly."
Justin hung up the phone, feeling two arms wrap around him.

He turned around, his lover taking him into his arms.

"Oh God, Jo!. What are we going to do?"
Jolan held Justin in his arms, rubbing his back, waiting for his lover to regain control of his emotions.

"I am going to do what I must do, Justin. You are going to be here for them as you've always been. Your love will echo into their hearts, its strength giving them something to hold on to. Trust in me to make this right. I want their friendship, Justin. I need their love and yours."
Justin raised his head, Jolan wiping his eyes with a Kleenex that was in his hand.

"Now pull yourself together, Jumpy. You need to be strong."
Justin nodded, pulling Jolan tighter to him.
"I love you, Justin. For their souls I do this. They are all on their way."

Justin's eyes looked into Jolan's, seeing the resolve in those grey eyes.

"Hi, guys!"

Justin's eye looked upwards, Jennie's slim form walking down the stairs, Jolan smiling up at her.

She was in Justin's arms in a moment--the two hugging--Jolan smiling quietly at the calming love she was showing Justin.

"It's okay, Justin. Jolly's going to make it all okay."
Justin looked into her calm grey eyes, then looked at his boyfriend.

In both sets of grey loving eyes he saw a dawning truth.

His realization was broken by the ringing of the front doorbell.

Jolan walked across the foyer, opening the door.

"Come on in guys, you're late."
Justin's eyes widened, seeing the two men walk into the house.

Both men hugged Jolan, then walked toward Justin and Jennie.

"What are you guys doing here?" Justin said, looking at both of them.

"That's what we'd like to know as well, Justin." Chris Kirkpatrick said, his eyes looking back towards Jolan.

Joey Fatone's brown eyes were staring at Jolan as well.

"Okay, would you please tell us what the hell is going on, Jolan?" Joey said, his arms folding.

Jolan stood in front of the closed door, staring at both men.

"It's a day of truths, my friends. And I hope--in my heart--a day of cleansing love."


Josh drove his car through the opening gates of Justin's home, someone in the home letting his car enter.

Josh slowed down, driving up the short driveway, parking near the front door.

He turned off the engine, Lance staring at him.

"Okay, Josh. What's wrong? I sense anger simmering in you."
Josh's blue eyes stared at him, his hand opening the driver's door.

Lance sighed, climbing out of the convertible as well.

Josh walked around the car, heading for the front door, Lance hustling to catch up to him.

Lance grabbed his arm on the front step, turning him around to face him.

"We're not moving another inch until you tell me what or who you're mad at, Josh. Did I do something wrong?"
Josh sighed, pulling his friend against him, holding him tight.

Lance felt a desperation in Josh's hug, a need to connect with Lance's love.

The two friends parted, Lance looking into Josh's glistening eyes.

"No, Lancy. It's not you. I'd never be mad at you. It's me."
Lance stepped back, seeing a deep hurt crossing Josh's blue eyes.

"You? What are you talking about, Josh?"

Lance saw his eyes again steeling in determination.

"I've fucked up my life, Lance. But damned if I'll let someone do that to our Justin. I'm here to stop him. I won't let anyone hurt our Justin ever again!"
Josh let go of his friend, Lance staring in shock at the look that was glaring in Josh's blue cold eyes.

Lance had never seen that look in Josh's eyes.

Josh went to the door, turning the doorknob and walking into the house.

Lance followed him in, his face now a mask of deep confusion and blossoming concern


Both men walked into the living room, focusing on everyone who was in the room.

Josh's eyes were focused on Justin, who sat on a couch, a young woman--whom Josh didn't know--sitting beside him.

Lance was staring in shock at seeing Chris standing by the fireplace, and Joey sitting in a wing chair, Joey rising up when they walked in.

Before Joey could walk up to them, Jennie was out of her seat, gliding into Lance's arms.

"Hi, Lance!" she smiled, her smile wide and loving.

"Hello, Jennie. How are you this morning?" Lance said, kissing her cheek as she hugged him.

"I'm wonderful, Lance. This house is so nice and I slept great last night."

Lance couldn't help but smile, seeing the happiness in the young girl's eyes.

She hugged him tight, Joey and Chris walking up to both men.

Joey hugged Lance next, Chris hugging Josh.

Jennie stood by herself now, staring at Josh.

Joey's eyes met hers briefly, seeing the determined stare she was giving Josh.

"What are you guys doing here? We just left you both yesterday in New York." Lance said, Joey releasing him from his bear hug.

"Jolan called us last night. He said he needed us here this morning." Chris said, Josh staring at him.

Lance looked surprised, scanning the room, seeing no sign of Jolan.

Chris and Joey changed places, Joey hugging Josh tightly.

He felt a lot of tension in Josh's stance, realizing that his friend wasn't happy.

Chris had felt the same, remaining silent with his concern.

Joey released him, seeing Josh's eyes now staring at Jennie.

"Hello, Mr. Chasez. I'm Jennica."
Josh stared at her for a moment, lost in the grey silvery eyes and the beautiful face staring back at him.

"Hello." he said, his voice sounding hollow and distant.

Josh's stare was broken by a hand going to his shoulder.

He turned, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

Justin had walked up to him while Joey had hugged him.

"Hello, Joshy."
Josh's face changed, a look of intense emotional love crossing it.

He pulled his friend against him, Justin feeling Josh's tight embrace.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Justin! I'm so glad I have you back!"

Everyone in the room stood in silence, hearing the emotion in Josh's voice.

"It's okay, Josh! I'm okay. I'm better than okay." Justin said, holding onto his own emotions.

Jolan's words flooded his mind, Justin focusing on what Jolan had asked of him.

Josh continued to hug him, Justin feeling his love so intensely.

The two men eventually broke their hug, Josh's glistening eyes staring at him.

"I'm here now, Jus. You'll be safe from now on. Where is he?"

Justin stared at Josh, seeing his now determined stance.

And he saw the glaring hatred blossoming in Josh's blue eyes.

Jolan had been right.

Josh wasn't here to welcome Jolan with open arms.

Josh--for some reason--hated Jolan.

Justin hadn't believed it at first when Jolan had told him this morning, but seeing the look in his friend's eyes now--he knew that it was true.

And he sensed that everything else Jolan had told him was true as well.

"I'm right here, Mr. Chasez."

Everyone turned, their eyes falling on Jolan, the young man standing in the living room doorway.


Josh's blue eyes turned, staring at the vision of masculinity now standing in the room.

Jolan wore a black silk shirt and pants, his youthful muscular body covered in blackness

The clothing showed every sinewy inch of Jolan's muscular physique.

Josh had never seen such a stunningly beautiful man before.

His smooth face was a vision of erotic sensuality, surrounded by soft curly black hair which hung to his shoulders.

But what took Josh's breath away were the two staring silver eyes of love shining at him.

Josh thought in his heart that they really were softly glowing.

Everyone else in the room saw that they were.

Justin's eyes were on his lover, seeing the beauty of the man he now loved.

He'd never seen him looking more beautiful.

And he felt in his heart that Jolan was showing Josh that beauty as well.

For a very specific reason.

To try and calm the raging fury burning inside his friend.

Justin saw the strength and love in Jolan's grey eyes, and he also picked up on something else.

He felt a sudden wave of sadness tug at his lover's heart.

Jolan walked across the room, standing in front of the two best friends.

His hand went out slowly, staring into Josh's crystal blue eyes.

"A pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Chasez."

Josh was still staring at the man, his own face now a mask of confusion.

The man's intensity was overpowering to Josh.

His beauty was mesmerizing, intoxicating and intense.

In those silvery grey orbs of intensity Josh had thought he'd seen great pain and hurt for a passing moment, the look disappearing under a covering blanket of determination and acceptance

Josh's blue eyes turned to Justin, seeing his friend staring at the young man, Justin's blue eyes filled with love.

Josh zoned in on that look upon his friend's face, suddenly clearing his mind to what he thought was the truth.

That the man standing in front of them had a hold over his best friend.

That this man was a scheming fraud.

Josh's blue eyes steeled again with determination.

He turned back to Jolan, his anger focused on the man before him.

He didn't notice a tear running down Jolan's cheek.

But Justin saw it with dawning clarity.

Josh's right fist flew, hitting Jolan right in the face.

It was followed by two other quick punches to the chest, Jolan collapsing to the carpeted floor.


Joey and Chris moved with lightning speed laying their hands on Josh; Justin and Lance moving to Jolan's side in an instant.

Jennie stood in stunned silence, watching her brother fall.

"Hurt my Justin will you?!! Get up and I'll kill you!" Josh said, Joey and Chris holding him tight, their faces masked with concern.

Josh was fighting them, his blue eyes glaring at the fallen man.

"Jolan, are you okay?" Justin said, his voice filled with concern and love, his eyes filling with tears.
Jolan was holding his chest, gasping for breath, Lance's arm around him, Justin's hand on his chest also.

Justin's other hand raised Jolan's face, seeing the blood pouring out of his nose.

"Get a towel, Lance! Here, let me help you to the couch, Jo."

Justin and Lance gently helped Jolan up, the young man staggering to the couch held in their arms, Jennie following them.

Jolan sat down, Justin and Jennie on both sides of him, Jolan's arm going around Jennie, both staring into each other's grey eyes.

Lance rushed out of the room, returning a few moments later with a wet towel in his hand, kneeling in front of Jolan.

"Put this on your face, Jolan. It will reduce the swelling." Lance said, gently putting the cloth over Jolan's nose.

Jolan leaned back, his hand on his chest.

Justin gently felt his chest, Jolan gasping when he touched his side.

"You may have a bruised or broken rib, Jo. Stay still."

"I'm okay, Jus. I just need a moment to regain my bearings." Jolan said, gasping in pain.
Justin nodded, tears in his eyes.

He hated seeing his lover hurting.

Jolan's voice was trying to calm Justin's concern.

"I'll be okay, Jus. I just need to focus."

Jennie's hand went to Jolan's chest, a tear falling down her cheek.

Justin's eyes moved, looking towards Josh, his blue eyes staring back at him.

"Are you fucking nuts, Josh??!! Why did you hit my Jolan?!!"

Josh stood in stunned silence, zoning in on Justin's last words.

His Jolan?

What did he mean by that?

Josh stared into Justin's blue tearing eyes, seeing so much hurt in them.

Hurt he now sensed he'd put there.

But what did that mean?

"I know what kind of guy this bastard is, Justin! He's got you fooled, all of you. He's after your wealth and fame, Justin. Can't you see that?"
Josh tried to break free of Joey and Chris' hands, neither letting go.

"You need to calm down, Josh! Right now!" Joey said, taking charge, hauling his friend over to another couch, depositing him down onto it.

Chris and Joey both sat down beside him, both looking with concern at Justin.

Josh was looking at him also.

But Josh's eyes were staring at him in confusion.

For Josh saw the look of hurt still on Justin's face.

Justin was in tears, the emotion of the moment threatening to overcome him.

Justin suddenly remembered seeing the tear on Jolan's cheek, moments before Josh had hit him.

Jolan had known that Josh was going to hurt him.

And Jolan had let him.

Justin turned, looking into the youthful silvery staring eyes of Jolan's sister.

"To release one's pain is the first step to healing." Jennie said, standing up, Justin quietly watching her.

Justin's eyes turned to Jolan's, seeing tears in those loving grey eyes.

Jennie walked across the room, staring down at Josh, the man staring at her in confusion.

"To hurt my brother is to hurt love. You've had enough hurt, Joshua. It's time to have the love back in your heart."

Jennie extended her hand, waiting for Josh to take it.

Josh looked at Chris and Joey beside him, both men not sure what was going on.

Josh's hand went out, seeing a soft smile cross the young woman's face when she took his hand.

Josh suddenly felt a feeling of intense love flood his soul..

"Don't be afraid, Joshua. Jolly only wants to make things right."

Justin stared at his friend, Jennie guiding him slowly to where Justin and Jolan were sitting on the couch, Lance standing beside them.

Josh stood in front of them, Jennie pulling up a chair for him, gently pushing him down into it, the man sitting now in front of them both.

Joey and Chris had risen, now standing behind Josh's chair, Josh surrounded by all his friends.

"It's time you learned the truth of what Justin's life now is, Joshua. And the truth of Jolly's love." Jennie said, sitting down beside her brother, Jolan's grey eyes looking into hers.

Her eyes went to Justin, Justin seeing the loving smile on her young face.

"Open your heart to your best friend, Justin. He that loves you as a brother."

Justin turned to his best friend, Josh's blue eyes staring at him.

"You need to know what's happened, Josh. You need to feel the joy in my heart. Jolan is my life, Josh. I love him."
Josh stared in stunned shock, Justin's quiet calm voice filling the room.


Jolan and Jennie remained silent as Justin, Joey, Chris and Lance told Josh all that had transpired since the moment Jolan had opened his grey eyes.

Josh listened in silent wonder, their tale sinking into his soul.

Several times he stared at the man they spoke of, seeing those silvery eyes staring back at him.

Josh couldn't look long, he felt too much judging love staring back at him

And Josh stared into his best friend's eyes, seeing so much love there, so much love for the man seated at his side.

That fact had floored Josh.

His best friend was in love with this man.

He'd always felt a special link with Justin, a connection of friendship on every level.

He remembered the night that Justin had held him, letting him bare his soul to him.

And the man had shown so much unchanged love, so much loving friendship.

And, here, now--when Justin needed him the most--Josh had turned against him, hurting the man he loved.

Josh now realized that he hadn't given Justin a chance to open his heart, to show him the truth of Jolan's love.

Josh had watched the two exchange looks, the love flowing into each other's soul.

He'd seen their hands join while Justin talked, felt the love emanating off the two men.

Seeing their love for each other so easily shown.

In a moment of anger, Josh hadn't seen the love surrounding him.

He'd hurt Justin deeply.

Josh lowered his head, tears beginning to fall.

Justin finished his narration, looking at his friend.

"So you see, Josh, you've hurt the man I love. You acted before you let me tell you the truth."

Josh raised his head, everyone seeing the tears in his blue eyes.

He saw Jolan's hand on Justin's shoulder, his grey eyes looking now into Justin's blue orbs.

Justin lowered his head for a moment, then turned, staring at Josh.

Josh stared at his best friend, seeing something different in his eyes.

The hurt look was gone, replaced with that familiar look of brotherly love.

"I hope you now can see that Jolan isn't what you thought he was. He's love at its best, and he's my soulmate."
Josh's eyes watered, hearing so much love in Justin's words.

So much love for the man seated beside him.

And so much unchanged love for his best friend.

"I'm sorry, Justin. I'm sorry that I didn't know the truth. I didn't give you a chance to explain, to show me the man you now love. I'm so sorry!" he sobbed, his head falling into his hands.

Justin felt the hurt in Josh's soul, seeing his best friend so emotionally broken.

He leaned forward, putting his hand on Josh's shoulder.

"It's okay, Josh. Calm down, my Joshy. I forgive you. Jolan's love makes me forgive you. It was all a misunderstanding. Joey reacted almost the same. Your love for me sought to protect me. I am protected now, Joshy. Jolan's love protects my soul." Justin said, looking at Joey, his friend seeing the unchanged love in his eyes for him as well.

Joey's hand went to Josh's shoulder as well, Chris' and Lance's joining them.
Josh raised his head, Justin smiling at him.

"Oh, Jus! I'm so sorry I hurt you! And I'm sorry I took it out on you, Jolan! I didn't give you a chance to talk. You must think me such a monster. I'm so fucked up! My life is so fucked up!!" Josh said, his body shaking with sobs, his head lowering again.

Josh felt another hand go onto his knee, raising his head again and meeting Jolan's grey eyes.

In those grey intense eyes, Josh saw the most beautiful thing.

A glowing light of love and acceptance.

He didn't see any anger or hurt in those grey orbs, only a look of love and friendship.

"Your life isn't fucked up, Joshua. It's in a state of deception and confusion. Your soul and your heart have been greatly deceived. And it's time you realize who's deceived you. And who still loves you. It's time you returned to what's important."

Everyone looked confused, not sure of what Jolan was talking of.

"Jessica lied to you, Joshua."

The room went silent, the five former boybanders staring at Jolan in shock.

"Jessica?" Justin said, staring at his Jo.

"Yes, Jus. Jessica has poisoned Josh's mind with lies and deception. She came to see you, didn't she, Joshua?" Jolan said, Josh staring at him in shock.

"H-How did you know that?"

"I felt all her manipulations through someone else. She told you a lot of lies and untruths. Because she wanted to use you to divide Justin and me. She thought that she could use you to scare me away, so that Justin would come back to her. That woman knows no level of decency and she refuses to see the writing on the wall."

Josh stared at Jolan, hearing the truth in his words.

Jessica had indeed used him.

He'd been so stupid.

"You weren't stupid, Joshua. You were deceived and made to believe that I was controlling Justin. I will never control Justin. His love is all I want. I will never control him."
Justin's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"My love I always will give to you, my Jo."

Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him on the lips.

Josh saw the love they now had, feeling so confused.

What he saw before him was nothing like what Jessica had told him.

He now knew she'd totally lied to him.

That she'd used him to try and drive a wedge between Justin and Jolan.

To destroy the love Josh now saw.

Josh stood up, his friends letting go of his shoulders.

He stared down at Justin and Jolan, seeing their love so easily now.

"I'm sorry, to both of you. I've been so stupid. I can't stay here and see your love and what I almost did to it. Forgive me for being duped into hurting both of you."
He turned, beginning to walk away from all of them.

"We all hold forgiveness in our hearts, Joshua. Love is real when it remains true." Jolan said, Josh stopping.

He turned back, Jolan slowly standing up, his hand going to his side, Justin standing beside him, seeing the soft look of pain in Jolan's eyes.

Josh stared at him, not hearing someone walk into the room behind him.

"Forgive me if this isn't what you want, Josh. But I couldn't let you live like this anymore. Your pain is destroying your soul."

Josh looked confused, Jolan slowly walking towards him.

"To release one's pain is the first step to healing. Turn around, Joshua." Jolan said, Justin now at his side, his arm going around his lover.

Josh looked at both men, then slowly turned around.

He stared in shock, looking into two sapphire blue eyes, shining with tears.

"Hello, my love. I'm here now. My love is here."

Josh sobbed, falling into the arms of his lover.

Everyone in the room stood in silence, seeing Josh in the arms of the man he loved the most.

And in Josh's heart, the man who may rip his soul apart.



End of Chapter 46


An intense chapter, flooded with misconceptions and mystery.


Seems Jolan is aware of some interesting developments in regards to Jessica's plans.

And he seems to be aware of Josh's conflicted soul.


I hope you liked the introduction of Josh's mystery man.

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What is Josh's lover doing here?

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Justin seems to be aware of something going on with Jolan and Jennie.

Is there something else at work here?


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