Jolan's Path - Chapter 47


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.






Chapter 47

Everyone looked on in silence, watching the two men holding each other in the living room doorway.
Josh was softly crying, his lover's arms around him.
"Calm down, my love. Everything's going to be okay."
Josh slowly regained control of his emotions, the man rubbing his back, kissing his forehead which lay against his chest.
Josh's lover's head raised, looking at everyone in the room.
His eyes focused on Jolan--standing beside Justin--the young man slowly nodding his head at the other man.
Josh finally calmed down, raising his head.
"What are you doing here?" Josh said, his voice still trembling.
"I'm here to love you, Josh. And to tell you that nothing can destroy our love."
Josh looked confused, sensing a truth in his lover's staring blue eyes.
He smiled at Josh, softly kissing his quivering lips.
"And this must be Jolan." the young man said, releasing his lover, walking across the room, Josh slowly following him.
The man stopped in front of Jolan and Justin, smiling at both.
"It's nice to match a face to the voice. And an exceptionally handsome face at that." he said, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.
Jolan blushed, staring at the intoxicating beauty of the handsome young man's chiselled face.
"A pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Crawford."
Chace Crawford smiled, pulling Jolan into his embrace, hugging him tightly.

"Let's forego the formalities, okay? It's just Chace." Chace said, smiling at Jolan.

He released Jolan, hugging Justin next.

Josh stood behind him, his face a mask of confusion.

"Nice to see you again, Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Chace's cheek.

Jolan saw their relaxed familiarity, knowing Justin had known for quite some time about Chace's involvement with Josh.

And looking around the room, he sensed that all the boybanders knew that Chace was Josh's partner.

Few secrets remain hidden among close friends.

Chace's eyes fell upon Jennie, smiling at the young woman.

"This is my sister, Jennie." Jolan said, Jennie smiling up at him, rising up from the couch.

Chace smiled at her, seeing the identical grey eyes.

"Hello, Jennica. The little heroine from New York. A pleasure meeting you."
Jennie smiled, Jolan's arm going around her.

"Jolly's my hero, Chace." she said, Chace looking back into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Yes, I'm beginning to understand why."
Josh put his hand on Chace's arm--Chace turning around---looking into Chace's blue eyes.

"You still haven't said why you're here, Chace? What's going on here?"
Chace sighed, the two men looking into each other's eyes.

Josh saw a dawning truth in Chace's eyes, and behind it the familiar intensity of his love.

"Jolan called me from New York yesterday morning, Josh. We had a long talk."
Josh stared in shock at Jolan, the young man's eyes glistening with tears.

Everyone in the room was focused on the three men, sensing a moment of truth.

"Talk? What did you talk to him about?"
Chace looked at Jolan, seeing the tears in his eyes.

Chace turned back to Josh, Josh seeing so much love in his lover's blue eyes.

"We talked about forgiveness."


Josh felt a thunderbolt hit him.

He stared in stunned silence at the two men.

It can't be!
Jolan can't know what I've done!

That's impossible!

Why do I feel so much love coming from Chace?
If he knows, why does he still love me?

His head lowered, his mind filling with trembling thoughts.
Josh felt a hand settle onto his shoulder, his head raising again.

Jolan stood in front of him, his grey eyes looking into his soul.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I can't let this go on any longer. I have to make this right." Jolan said, his eyes going to the mantle clock.

The telephone rang, Jolan walking to the end table, picking the phone up, staring at his lover.

"Hello. Yes, I'll open the gate. Come ahead up." Jolan said, hitting two buttons on the phone, setting it down.

Jolan looked at Justin, Justin nodding.

Jolan's grey eyes looked at Chace, Chace nodding as well.

His eyes focused again on Josh, then looked at Lance.

"It's time the truth of your uncertainties was laid to rest. It's time everyone finds love." Jolan said, walking towards the door.

His hand remained at his side, Justin quietly watching him.

Jolan walked out of the room, closing the French doors behind him, leaving everyone in the living room.

Josh turned to Chace, Chace sitting down on the couch, patting the spot beside him.

"Sit down beside me, Josh."
Josh looked at Justin, Justin smiling encouragingly at his friend.

Josh sat down beside Chace, his arm going around Josh.

Everyone else exchanged glances, sitting down as well.

They all waited quietly for Jolan to return.

"What's going on, Jus? Who's Jolan gone to meet?" Lance said, looking at his friend.

Justin looked around, his eyes connecting with everyone in the room.

"I want all of you to remember that what happens here today is my Jolan's doing. His love is making all this possible."
Jennie smiled at Justin, snuggling up against him, his arm going around her.

Josh and Justin exchanged looks, everyone quietly thinking to themselves.

Josh stared into Chace's eyes, Chace quietly looking back at him.


Jolan stood at the front door, looking out through the side window.

He saw the small sports car pull up, his mind zoning in on what was about to happen.

His fingers lightly stroked the silver ring on his hand, his mind calming slowly.

He saw the man get out of the car, seeing the wide smile upon his handsome young face.

Jolan sighed, trembling a little.

"Prepare for the demon, my angels." he softly said, his grey eyes softly glowing, then returning to their normal brightness.

His face changed, a calmness crossing its features.

A smile spread across his face, Jolan opening the door.

His eyes met the blue eyes of the young man standing now on the front step.

"Come on in. I've been waiting for you."

The young man walked into the house, staring around, taking in the grandeur of Justin's home.

"My, oh my. I thought for sure you'd have the place completely made over by now. Seeing as you seem to think you have a stranglehold on Justin."

Jolan smiled at the man, the man looking back at him.

"I'd hoped that we could be civil. You know why I asked you here?"
"Yes, I think I've figured it out. Your phone conversation was--shall we say--interesting. I sensed more behind the words than what was spoken. I thought I heard a little lust in that voice. Is there trouble in paradise, Jolan? Looking to broaden your horizons?"

Jolan smiled at the young man, the young man seeing a soft beauty cross that face.

Jolan Dragos truly was an intoxicating man.

The young man walked up to Jolan, standing close to him.

"Is there something more behind all this? Are you needing more? Are you finally seeing what I could do for you?" the man said, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

Jolan smiled at him, the smile not reaching his soul.

For in his soul a fire was burning.

A fire of anger.

The young man smiled at him, his fingers going to Jolan's cheek, softly stroking it.

"I take it Justin's out?"

"You and Justin settled your differences. It's time you and I settled ours. Follow me, please."
The man grinned, Jolan walking towards the living room, opening the French doors.

The young man followed him, his eyes on Jolan's backside, his own soul burning with desire.

Jolan walked into the living room, the man at his side now.

The man looked around focusing on everyone, Jolan allowing him to walk forward, Jolan standing at the doorway.

Everyone stared in surprise at the man now standing in the room.

Josh was on his feet, staring at the man.

"You?! What are you doing here?!!" Josh said, his voice shaking with emotion.

The young man stared at everyone, shock on his face as well.

Jolan shut the French doors, everyone staring at Brandon Diablo.


Brandon looked at Justin, then Josh.

His body turned, staring at Jolan.

"What the fuck's going on here? Why are they all here?"
"I knew that promises of seduction would entice you here, Brandon. And here you are, because I wanted you here. I said it was time you and I settled our differences. And this is how I'm going to do it." Jolan said, walking up to the man.

Jolan grabbed Brandon by his jacket, lifting him off his feet. throwing him towards an empty wing chair that sat beside the fireplace on the other side of the room.

Brandon landed in the chair, shocked by the force of Jolan's motion.

Everyone else stood up, staring at Jolan, seeing the strength he'd just shown.

They also saw the burning determination in his now steel grey eyes.

"You sit there and shut your mouth, Brandon. Everyone else sit down! Please."

Everyone returned to their seats, hearing forcefulness in Jolan's calming voice.

Brandon stared at Jolan, zeroing in on his glaring grey eyes.

Brandon trembled a little, fear briefly crossing his face.

"What's going on here? You have no right to treat me like this!" he said, his blue eyes looking towards Justin.

"Leave Justin out of this, Brandon. This is about you--and more importantly--what you've done."

Brandon looked around the room, looking at Justin, Lance, and then at Josh.

His face changed, a sudden courageous smile crossing it.

"Oh, I've done a lot. Jolan. You'll have to be more specific. A lot of people have become lost in my beauty."
Jolan stared at him, Brandon seeing no change in the glaring grey eyes of the young man

He saw that Jolan's eyes were steeled with determination.

Suddenly Brandon felt like he was surrounded on all sides.

For once in his life he was the center of attention, but not in a way he'd ever wanted.

Jolan's eyes moved, staring at Chace.

Chace was glaring at Brandon, Jolan seeing the anger surging in his eyes.

Jolan's eyes moved to Josh.

In Josh's eyes he saw worry and fear.

Jolan sighed, walking up to Chris and Joey.

"Could you both stand by the doors. Brandon isn't leaving here till this is done. Got it?"

Joey and Chris both nodded, seeing the depth of determination in Jolan's grey eyes.

They both moved, walking to the French doors, standing in front of them.

Brandon stared at them both, a feeling of being trapped suddenly enveloping him.

He sensed he'd walked into a trap.

A trap of Jolan's making.

He stared at Jolan, sensing uncertainty in his own soul.

He was beginning to think he'd greatly underestimated this young man.


Jolan walked up to Chace and Josh, the young man gently smiling at Josh.

"Brandon is here, Josh. I think it's time you told your Chace the truth. The truth about what you think you've done."

Josh stared into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing something he hadn't expected to see there.

Friendship, love and caring.

He, too, now realized that he'd greatly misjudged this man.

For standing in front of him, he now realized, was a man of deep love and friendship.

The look in Jolan's grey soft eyes gave Josh a strength he suddenly realized he hadn't had before.

The strength of truth and life.

He now knew in his heart he had to tell Chace the truth of his own weakness.

His weakness in not standing true to the man he loved.

That word forgiveness echoed in his mind, Josh sensing a small hope.

The small hope that Chace would--or could--forgive him for being weak.

Josh's eyes moved, staring into the two blue orbs he'd always become lost in.

The eyes of the man who'd captured his heart, and his soul.

In those eyes he saw all he'd ever longed for, all he'd ever need.

And in a moment of weakness he'd forgotten that.

"Talk from your heart, Joshua. I sense you need to unburden it." Jolan said, walking over to his Justin, his arm gently going around him..

Josh stared at Jolan for a moment, then stared into Chace's eyes, his own tearing up.

"I've hurt you Chace. I've hurt you because I'm weak. I didn't have the strength to stand by our love. The love you gave me so easily. All the love I ever needed. I didn't see that until it was too late. I see it now because I know I'm going to lose it. I'm going to lose your love."
Chace's hand went to Josh's shoulder, Josh trembling, fighting to hold in a sob that threatened to overpower him.

"Tell me the truth, Josh."
Josh stared into those blue eyes, seeing the deepness of the love shining back at him.

A love he thought he never deserved.

"I slept with Brandon, Chace."

The room went dead silent, everyone staring at Josh in shock.

Lance's eyes zoned in on Brandon, the young man staring at Josh and Chace.

"I cheated on our love, Chace. I went to bed with someone else. I wasn't strong enough to see that you were all I ever needed!"

Josh was sobbing now, his body sinking down onto the couch, Chace standing in front of him.

Chace looked down, feeling the hurt in Josh's soul, their connection of love trembling.

His blue eyes turned, looking at Brandon for a moment, seeing the look of smirking truth on his handsome face.

The man looked like he was devouring him with his eyes.

Chace understood men like Brandon.

He'd seen them all his life.

Being a rugged handsome man himself, he'd had to deal with their kind.

His eyes turned, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Forgiveness begins with love." Jolan said, Chace nodding.

Chace knelt down in front of Josh, taking both of his hands in his.

Josh's head rose, his tearing eyes staring into Chace's blue eyes, seeing still that unchanged love there.

"I know, Josh."

Josh was stunned, staring at his lover.

"What? You. . .you know?"
"Yes, Josh. I know that you had sex with Brandon. Jolan told me yesterday."
Everyone's eyes were drawn to the young man standing beside Justin.

Even Brandon was staring at him, for a very different reason.

For Brandon suddenly sensed in his soul the truth of what he'd never considered.

Yes, he'd greatly underestimated Jolan Dragos.

This man was so much more than what he'd been told.

He only had one option left.

He'd watch this play out, then decide on what needed to be done.

His eyes looked around the room, seeking his escape route.


Justin's eyes were looking at Jolan, his lover looking at him for a moment.

Justin released him, Jolan walking into the middle of the room, staring at Brandon.

Brandon stared back, the two glaring at each other.

Jolan 's eyes moved, looking into Josh's shocked blue eyes.

"Yes, Josh. I told Chace yesterday about your encounter with Brandon. I felt he needed to know the whole truth."
Josh stood up, staring at the young man, emotion in his voice as he spoke.

"That's impossible!! We'd never met! How in God's name could you know what I had done?"

"You are correct, Josh. We'd never met. But I had met Brandon."

Josh's eyes stared at Brandon, a flash of anger crossing his face.

"He told you?!!"
"No Josh. Brandon didn't tell me, either. I know because I felt it coming from his soul. I felt the lust and hatred burning from him like a beacon."
Brandon stared at the young man in shock, Josh staring as well.

"I've known from the moment I met you, Brandon. I've known since that first moment you touched me in Justin's condo. I've known the truth of what kind of man you are, and all that you've done. It's time this was all out in the open."
Jolan felt a hand go on his shoulder, his Justin standing beside him, his strength of love joining with his.

Brandon stared at both of them, seeing judgment in Justin's eyes as well.

Jolan's eyes turned to Josh, seeing the man staring at Brandon.

"You're wrong on one count, Josh. One very important detail." Jolan said, Josh's eyes moving.

Josh stared at Jolan and his best friend, both men staring at him with deep friendship and love.

"You weren't weak, Josh. You were no more weak than Lance was."

Everyone's eyes moved to Lance, the man standing in shock.

Justin moved, walking up to his friend, Lance staring into his eyes.

"It's alright, Lance. I've known for a while that you slept with Brandon. Brandon told me himself." Justin said, his hand going to his shoulder.

Lance's eyes started tearing, Justin pulling him into a hug.

"I'm sorry, Jus! You asked me to help him, I don't know how it happened. It just happened. I've ruined your trust in me!"

Joey and Chris stood across the room, Joey's eyes tearing at seeing Justin's still loving heart shining for Lance.

And then Joey's mind focused on someone else.

Justin held Lance, his friend hugging him tightly.

"You will never fail me in your trust or your love, Lancy."
Lance felt Justin's unchanged love in those words, his heart calming.

Justin broke the hug, the two looking at Jolan.

"It didn't just happen, Lance. And neither did it with Josh. Am I right, Brandon?" Jolan said, his eyes focused again on Brandon Diablo.

Brandon stared at the young man, seeing the intensity of his glowing gaze.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Brandon said, looking away from Jolan.

Jolan sighed, his eyes again looking at Josh.

"What do you remember of that night? Before the sex, I mean?"
Josh looked confused, Chace's arm going around him, Josh feeling his unchanged love.

"I went to a party at Jive. I met Brandon there. We partied together. I vaguely remember Brandon driving me home. I guess I was pretty wasted. I don't remember much after that. But I do remember waking up in the middle of the night. And. . .well. . .Brandon and I were. . ."
Jolan walked up to Josh, looking into his confused blue eyes.

"You didn't sleep with Brandon, Josh. You never had a say in it. He played you."
Josh looked confused, staring towards Brandon.

"You were drugged, Josh. Brandon slipped something into your drinks. He slowly drugged you into submission at that party. The he drove you home, stripped you down and climbed into bed with you. Then he injected another drug into you.. That drug he gave you was a highly concentrated sexual narcotic. Then he woke you up, the drug kicked in big time. You just reacted the way the drug made you react. You didn't cheat on Chace, Josh. Your control was taken away from you. Your real self wasn't there. The same thing happened to you, Lance. Isn't that how it always went down, Brandon?"
Josh looked at Brandon, the truth sinking into his soul.

 "You drugged me? You did that to me? Why?" he said, anger again showing on his face.

Jolan put his hand on Josh's shoulder, Chace's arm still around him.

"Well, Brandon?" Jolan said, staring at him.

Brandon looked around the room, seeing everyone staring at him, his eyes finally settling on Josh.

"Hey it was just fun, Josh.  I like sex. If I can't get it willingly, what's wrong with a little enticement? It always helps the desires. You didn't seem to complain, Joshy. You were a damn tiger, as I knew you would be. You didn't complain either--if I remember right--Lancy. You boybanders are so erotic." he said, smiling at Lance.

Lance lowered his head, realizing the truth of what Brandon had done to him.

Josh's face flashed with anger, rushing towards Brandon.

Jolan would have none of it, his arms stopping Josh, his amazing strength holding the man at bay.

"You almost destroyed my love for Chace! I've walked around for a month in pain and hurt because I thought I'd hurt our love! You bastard!!"

Brandon smirked, looking at Chace Crawford.

"You're so lucky, Josh. You look simply delicious, Mr. Crawford."

Chace's face flashed with anger as well, Brandon standing up.

"Okay gentlemen, I guess you got me. You are very good, Jolan. I don't know how you figured my indiscretions out, but no matter. I guess I'll have to be a little more careful from now on.  I think I've overstayed my welcome.  I'm sorry, Justin. I guess this might change things between us. But I should let you know that I still want you. If you ever get tired of this freak, call me.  I can make it so great. Talk to your friends, they'll tell you how great I can be." Brandon said, his eyes on only Justin.

Justin stared at him, seeing the flagrant gall of this man.

He truly didn't care or really know what hurt he'd done.

Brandon stared at Jolan, slowly walking around him, walking towards the French doors.

Joey and Chris stood there, their arms folded, both glaring at the young man, his exit blocked.

"Would you kindly get out of my way? This macho thing isn't necessary. I'm leaving."
"You're not going anywhere, Brandon."

Brandon turned, everyone looking at Justin, who'd spoken.

"I gave you a chance to be civilized, Brandon. A chance to really look at your life and perhaps step back from what you were becoming. Now, I see that it's all been a sham. All that matters to you is sex. You don't care about anyone's feelings, least of all mine. Why didn't you drug me, Brandon? Why didn't you take me like all the rest?"
Jolan's hand went to Justin's shoulder, feeling the soft anger in Justin.

"He tried, Justin."

Justin turned in surprise, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"That night in New York, when you awoke in bed with him giving you oral. He'd tried to do the same to you that night, Jus. You didn't have a lot to drink that night. If you think back you'd realize that's true. He'd been slipping you drugs all night. Only he'd forgotten the most important drug of all in L.A. He didn't have the enticer with him. So he just went ahead and tried to entice you himself. You were coherent enough to realize what was going on when you awoke. And you rejected him. And ever since then he'd been trying to get to you. To get what he was denied.  And here, today, it stops."

Jolan left Justin's side, walking towards Brandon.

"Don't you dare touch me, Jolan! I've done nothing wrong! You can't prove any of this!" Brandon said, a look of concern flashing across his face.

"Your involvement with everyone here ends today, Diablo. If that's your real name."

Everyone wore a look of confusion, Justin included.

Brandon looked at Jolan, a look of shock on his face.

Brandon stood alone, surrounded by staring eyes.

His hands went into his jacket pockets, staring at Jolan.

"I don't know who you originally were, but I know what you now are. Tell him that I won't put up with this. And that I protect those I love."

Justin walked up to Jolan, his hand on his shoulder.

"What are you talking about, Jo? Tell who?"

Jolan stared at Brandon, his focus not changing.

"His master, Jus. Fagin Greymount."


Brandon's face went white.

His eyes were locked on Jolan's grey glowing eyes.

"Yes, Brandon. I know that you're one of his followers. A Fangoros at heart. I've known since Friday's party. I give you now only one warning. Walk away from here and never come back."

Everyone in the room stood in shocked wonder.

Josh and Chace wore looks of total confusion.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know anyone by that name." Brandon said, his face showing the truth.

Jolan stared at him, his grey eyes filled with truth and acceptance.

"Stay away from my friends and my Justin, Diablo. For when next we meet, you will atone for all your wrongfulness."

"Threatening me, Dragos?"

"No, Diablo. Destiny will settle this score--as it must."
Brandon's face changed, a look of immense hate crossing it.

"I never meant them harm. But they were just too delicious to resist. No one was hurt. They all benefited from my touch. The only one who needs to be hurt is you."

Jolan stared at him.

He suddenly realized the path that Brandon had chosen.

"You've chosen your path. I know you're holding a knife in your left hand. You always meant to kill me, I sense it in your soul."

Brandon stared in shock, his look matched by everyone else.

Then his face took on a look of pure hatred

The room erupted in sudden motion.

Brandon lunged forward, his face a mask of deep anger.

Justin gasped, having no time to move, seeing the pewter knife in Brandon's hand, as it came out of his jacket pocket.

Brandon was on Jolan in moments, the knife plunging forward.

Justin stood in shock seeing his man's fate play out before him.

Then he felt the strength and speed of his lover's Badenwolf soul flash before him.

One of Jolan's hands had grasped the knife's blade, the other going for Brandon's throat.

With one fluid motion Jolan lifted Brandon up, tossing him across the room, Brandon landing on the floor on his back, the knife flying out of his hand--careening through the air--embedding itself in the hardwood floor between Josh's legs.

In just as quick a motion Brandon was on his feet again, lunging towards the living room windows.

In one forward movement, he crashed through them, hurtling his body out onto the front lawn.

Everyone rushed to the windows, Jolan staring after them, Justin now at his side.

They watched Brandon get up, rushing across the lawn and climbing into his car, speeding out of the driveway, through the open gates.

Everyone turned back, Justin's arm around his Jolan.

"Are you alright, Jo? You're hand's cut!" Justin said, Jolan's hand in his, blood covering it.

Justin's eyes were focused on Jolan's, worry etched across his face.

Joey and Chris were by their side now, Joey picking up the phone off an end table.

"He just threatened your life, Jolan! I'm calling the cops!"

Jolan nodded, his other hand going to his own side.

"I think I need to lie down, Justin. It's over and the pain's finally taking hold."
"Pain? What are you talking about Jolan?" Lance said, looking at him with concern.
Jolan's grey eyes looked at Josh, a soft smile crossing his suddenly tired, pained face.

"You boybanders are pretty ferocious. I think I do have a few broken ribs." Jolan said, his body suddenly trembling, his hand still on his side.

Josh suddenly realized that Jolan had been in pain from the moment he'd hit him.

And still he went on to do what he had to do.

For Josh saw in Jolan's eyes the resolve and strength he had leaned on while making Josh's life whole again.

He realized the adrenaline flowing through Jolan had finally worn off.

Justin had his arms around Jolan, Chris' arms around him as well.

"Let's get you upstairs, my love. Joey, call a doctor first, then the police." Justin said, the two men guiding Jolan slowly out of the room.

Josh stared after them, his face flooding with tears.

"Oh God, I've really hurt him! After all that he's done for me, I thank him by hurting him!" Josh said, Chace's arm going around him.

Chace felt Josh's hurt and his now respect for the young man.

Chace was feeling pretty much the same.

"It's okay, Josh. Jolly would never hate you for what you've done."

Josh and Chace both looked at the young woman who'd spoken.
Jennie walked up to the two men, softly smiling at both of them.

"Jolan does as me must. His love would take all the pain of the world onto itself. And his love is surrounded by forgiveness." she said, both men looking at her smiling face.

"I need to be with him. He needs me." she said, walking quietly out of the room, Lance watching her leave.

Josh, Lance and Joey exchanged looks, looking towards the broken windows.

"Would someone tell me what's going on here? Who's Fagin?" Chace said, Joey looking at Lance.

"Sit down guys. You're not going to believe any of this." Joey said, Josh and Chace holding hands as they sat down.

Joey smiled, seeing their love again united.


Justin sat in a chair beside the bed, Jolan laying on it, his naked chest wrapped in bandages.

His left hand was bandaged as well.

Jennie was in Justin's lap, looking at her brother with quiet concern.

A doctor sat on the other side of the bed, injecting a needle into Jolan's arm.

"That will help kill the pain, son. Those ribs are going to hurt for a couple of weeks. Two are broken, and two are cracked. You're lucky they didn't puncture your lung." the doctor said, removing the syringe.

Jolan smiled at him, his face looking suddenly tired.

"Thank you, Doctor Matheson." Jolan said, stifling a yawn.

"Sleep will do you good, too, son. Well, Justin, he's all fixed up. I'll leave you a prescription, and a couple of extra bandages. His bandages need to be changed every couple of days. And you need to take it easy, Jolan."
"Thank you, Doc."
The doctor smiled, closing his bag and standing up.

Justin knew the doctor, Sidney Matheson having been the doctor on N*Sync's last world tour.

They were old friends, Joey having called him to keep the story under wraps for as long as possible.

Chris, standing at the end of the bed, smiled at the doctor.

"Thanks for everything, Sid."
The doctor smiled, walking out of the room with Chris.

Justin's hand went into Jolan's the moment the door closed, Jolan smiling at him.

Jennie got up, climbing up onto the bed, kissing Jolan's cheek, and moving to his other side.

Justin got up, sitting on the bed, looking down at Jolan.

"I'll be okay, Jus. I just need some rest."
Jolan saw the tears in Justin's eyes, and the concern on his face.

"Why did you let Josh hit you, Jo? I saw the acceptance of that in the tear falling on your cheek just before he hit you. You knew he was going to do it."

Jolan sighed, his fingers raising, and brushing a tear from Justin's cheek.

"Yes, I knew. And I felt that I deserved it."
"Deserved it? Why, my love?"

Justin saw the beginnings of glistening tears in Jolan's eyes.

"I didn't react soon enough, Jus. I should have been on a plane Friday night to ease the pain burning in Josh's soul. Instead, I waited two days, formulating this plan in my head. I had to call Brandon on all he'd done. And to do that, I left Josh in pain for two more days. I only hope Josh can forgive me for not telling him soon enough. For that, I deserved his pain."
Justin teared up, leaning forward and kissing his man's soft lips.

 "You are the most loving, caring man I've ever met. What you did for my best friend. . .I love your caring heart."
Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's love in those blue pools.

"I'll second that."
The two men looked towards the now-opened bedroom door, Josh standing in the doorway.

"Jus, the police want to talk to you. They've finished their report."
Justin smiled, seeing the look on Josh's face.

Jolan's hand went to Justin's shoulder, Justin looking down at him.

"I think Josh and I need to talk, Jus. You go ahead and deal with what's going on downstairs."
Justin nodded, kissing him, then he and Jennie getting up.

Jennie smiled at Josh, the man smiling back at her.

He saw the look of friendship and love now in her eyes as well.

The two walked out of the room, Justin quietly closing the door, taking one last look at his friend's loving face.


Josh stood at the end of the bed, Jolan looking at him.

Jolan moved a little, pulling his torso up a little so he was sitting up more.

He gasped when he moved his side, the pain like a knife.

Josh's face changed to concern, Jolan smiling at him.

"Everything okay, downstairs?"
"Yes, the police took all our reports. They've issued an ABP for Brandon. He's been charged with attempted murder."
Jolan nodded, his eyes looking at Josh.

Josh walked around the bed, Jolan patting the edge of it.

Josh softly smiled, sitting gently down on the edge.

The two looked at each other, Josh staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Can you ever forgive me, Jolan?" Josh said, the tears now evident in his soft blue eyes.

Jolan smiled, seeing that determined steely blueness now gone.

"I just received that forgiveness, Joshua. In that look in your soft blue eyes. The anger, hurt and pain are gone. All I now see there is Chace's love."

Josh smiled, the look making his face suddenly change.

Before Jolan sat a man of intense beauty and warmth.

"Now there's the Joshua Chasez I want to know!" Jolan said, Josh smiling more.

A look of calmness crossed Josh's face.

"I heard everything you just said to Justin, Jolan. You knew I was going to hurt you and you let me do it. You let me release my pain so that you then could heal my soul. That's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me. I don't need to forgive you for waiting, Jolan. The end result was the greatest moment of my life. You're right. Chace's love is again in my heart. He still loves me. For that, I want to thank you."
Jolan blushed softly, Josh smiling.

What Joey had told him downstairs was correct.

Jolan Dragos gave love so easily, but applause and thankfulness he found hard to accept.

The man truly was love.

"Your friendship is the only thanks I want, Joshua. I'd like to be your friend."
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek.

Jolan smiled, the two looking into each other's eyes.

"Your loving my Jus guarantees that, Jolan."

Jolan smiled, Josh smiling more.

"I see his love for you so easily now."

Jolan nodded, Josh seeing a tear on his cheek now.

"I love him so much, Joshua. He's my life, and my love."
Josh nodded, patting Jolan's shoulder.

The door opened, Justin and Chace walking into the room.

Both men on the bed smiled at them, Josh getting up from the bed, Justin taking his place.

Chace took Josh into his arms, the two men standing beside Justin's bed.

"Thank you for giving us our love back, Jolan." Chace said, his blue eyes filled with tears.

Jolan looked up at both of them, blushing more.

"You never lost it. It was always there. And will always be there."
Justin smiled, watching the two lovers kiss.

Jolan's hand went in his, the couple breaking their kiss.

"I know there's a lot to talk about, Jus. But I need to sleep. I'm so tired."
Justin nodded, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's lips.

"Sleep my love. We'll talk after."
Jolan nodded, looking up at him.

"Breakfast is still warming in the kitchen. Feed our friends, my love."
Justin smiled, seeing Jolan's giving heart and his concern for their friends' happiness.

"Will do, Wolfy."
Jolan smiled, his eyes closing.

Justin gently got up, Chace and Josh smiling at him.

The three men walked quietly out of the room, Justin taking one last look at his Jolan.

Jolan was sound asleep, his soft breathing a sign of that truth.

Justin turned to his friends, seeing their hands together.

"You're so lucky, Justin. He's so remarkable." Chace said, Josh looking towards the bedroom door.

Josh smiled, his next words bringing joy to Justin's heart.

"Yes he is, Chace. And my new friend's love is even more remarkable."




End of Chapter 47


And so Brandon has been brought to task.

Seems Jolan knew all about his deceit and evilness.

And the truth of who he really is.


And Josh and Lance have been vindicated of any wrongdoing.

Brandon has shown his true colours.

And also his manipulative, underhanded doings in regards to their seductions.


Josh and Chace can now love each other as always.

Josh's soul is cleansed of his guilt, he not being guilty at all.

And now Jolan and Josh can begin their friendship.


What of Lance and Joey?

What will Lance's reaction be to Brandon's evilness?
And how will it affect him and Nathan?

What will Joey do with the newly learned truth of Brandon's own self?


Food for thought.

The smorgasbord is all laid out.

Dine until you're fulfilled.


Up next: Jolan explains some of what's going on.

And he takes love into his own hands.


Then we will welcome a surprise guest upon our stage.

Let's just say that an old wrong needs to be righted.

The result may be friendship, love and happiness. . .or it may not!

We'll have to wait and see!


Hugs, Angel.