Jolan's Path - Chapter 48


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 48

The three men walked into the living room, Joey and Lance rising up from their seats.

Jennie sat on the couch Chris sitting beside her, his arm wrapped around her.

Justin smiled, seeing all his friend's love for the young woman.

"How's he doing?" Joey said, Justin smiling at him.

"He's sleeping. Sid's wrapped up his ribs and his hand. He'll be sore for a while, but he'll be okay." Justin said, everyone looking at him.

Jennie stood up, Justin seeing her face lined with concern.

"I'm sorry, Justin."
Justin walked up to her, looking concerned.

"Now what do you have to be sorry for, Sis?" he said, his arms going around her, Jennie's head resting now on his chest.

She looked up at him, Justin seeing the blossoming tears in her grey eyes.

"I can't heal, Jolly. I can't take away his pain." She said, Justin sensing her sorrow.

Justin walked her to the couch, Chris getting up as Justin sat down, Jennie going into his lap.

"Don't worry, Jennie. Jolan's going to be okay. He's going to get better soon."
She nodded, feeling Justin's soothing love.

"It's the Shadowing. He's blocked from my gifts. I can't enter his body to heal him."
Justin nodded, remembering Simus' attempt to ease Jolan's headaches at the restaurant on the first day they'd met Simus.

Simus had been blocked from easing Jolan's pain as well.

Justin kissed her cheek, the young girl looking at him.

"Your heart knows no bounds, little angel. Jolan knows you'd heal him if you could. Now don't you worry, he's going to be okay. Our love will heal him."
She smiled a soft smile, snuggling against him.

"I know he's going to be okay, Justin. I just don't like seeing him in pain."
Justin hugged her closer, looking around at his friends, seeing all of them looking at the young woman with tenderness.

"Neither do I, Jennie. And we're all going to protect him so he'll never be hurt again."
She moved, sitting up more, smiling at Justin.

"He'll be alright with all our love."
Justin smiled, Jennie standing up.

"Thanks, Justin. You always make me feel good. Now, how about I get Jolan's breakfast all laid out for us? Is anyone else hungry? We can turn it into brunch!"

Everyone nodded, Jennie smiling at everyone, walking out of the room and heading for the kitchen.

Josh and Chace sat down beside Justin, Justin looking at both of them.

"She's a very special child, Justin. You don't have to know her to see that. It shows in her intoxicating grey eyes." Chace said, Justin nodding.

"It shows in her loving heart as well. It's almost as big as Jolan's." Lance said, Joey looking at him.

Josh put his hand on Justin's shoulder, his best friend looking at him.

"Joey, Lance and Chris told us everything, Jus. About Jolan's family and past. That man is so totally astounding. It's so unbelievable!"
Justin nodded, knowing his friends would tell Josh and Chace everything.

"He's unbelievable, Joshy. Everything about him moves me to tears of happiness and joy. These last two weeks with him have been unbelievable. I love him so much. And I'm so worried about him." Justin said, Josh seeing the tears forming in his friend's blue eyes.
Josh opened his arms, letting Justin fall into them, holding his friend tightly, Chace smiling at him.

Justin began to cry, Josh holding him, knowing Justin was now venting his anguish at Jolan being hurt.

And Josh knew in his heart that his friend--and Jolan--didn't blame him for that pain.

And most of all, he now saw the true love the two men had for each other.

"He's going to be okay, Jus. I hurt him, but from now on I'll be his greatest friend. You're right, my friend. All of us will protect him, we'll all make sure you and he will have a lifetime of happiness."
Justin's crying lessened, his body moving, Josh staring into his friend's blue eyes.

Justin smiled at Josh and Chace, both men smiling back.

"Thanks, Josh. I'm so glad you like him!"

Josh smiled, wiping Justin's cheek.

"He's amazing, Jus. His looks, his love, his friendship, it's all so right there. He doesn't hide anything."
Justin smiled, hearing the honesty and friendship in Josh's words.

"He truly is amazing. On so many levels. But you're just as lucky, Josh. We're both so lucky."
Josh smiled, Chace kissing his cheek.

"Damn right you both are!" Chace said, Justin laughing.

Josh smiled, then laughed, Chace kissing him softly.

Their friends were chuckling, Justin looked towards them.

"Thanks guys, for all of you being here."
Everyone smiled, Justin feeling all of their friendship.

"Jolan needed us, so we came. End of story." Chris said, Justin smiling at him.

"Damn right. He's our friend." Joey said, Lance looking at him.

Joey smiled back, then looked at Justin.

"Johnny's on his way over, Jus. Chris called him. Your Mom wants you to call her as well."
Justin nodded, looking around the room, seeing the gaping hole in his window frame.

"Johnny's called a contractor to clean up this mess and repair the windows. He's going to be here this afternoon." Chris said, smiling at him.

"What happens now with the police?" Josh said, Chris looking at him.

"The police are looking for Brandon, Josh. And I'm sure it's already probably leaked to the media. Johnny thinks Justin needs to release a statement soon. He's coming over to discuss how best to handle this. He wants Jolan's input as well. We know Jolan's views on publicity, Jus. But he's now in the middle of all this."
Justin nodded, his head lowering.

"He won't be happy with that. He's not seeking fame or notoriety." Justin said, Josh quietly looking at him.

Josh suddenly realized that Justin had found what he'd been seeking his whole life for.

Someone who loved him for himself, not for the man of fame.

Josh's arm went around his friend, Justin smiling.

"You've finally found it, Jus!"
Justin looked confused.

Josh kissed his cheek.

"You've found unconditional love. The love of your dreams. Someone who loves only the real you."
Justin smiled widely, Josh smiling back.

"He loves me, Joshy. Crazy me and all my many insecurities. I still can't believe it. I'm so happy."
Josh smiled widely, hugging his friend.

Justin stood up, smiling at everyone.

"I'm going to help Jennie. Brunch should be ready soon."

Everyone watched him leave, Josh looking at Lance.

The two friends smiled at each other, their souls of reflection now joined as one.


Justin laid the last plate of sausages on the kitchen table, everyone looking around the full table.

"Wow! You've outdone yourself, Jennie!" Chace said, looking at all the food laid out.

"I just warmed it up. Jolly had it all ready to go. He knew you'd all be staying for either breakfast or brunch. Sit down everyone. Let's dig in while it's still hot." she said, sitting at the table on Justin's left side.

Justin smiled at her, everyone looking surprised.

"Jolan did all this because of us?" Chace said, Justin nodding.

"Be prepared for Jolan's giving heart. He stops at nothing to make everyone happy."

Chace and Josh smiled, everyone taking a seat.

"So what exactly happened here this morning? It looks to me as if Jolan had everything well organized. He knew everything beforehand, didn't he?" Chris said, picking up a plate of bacon strips.

Justin poured Jennie a glass of orange juice, the young woman looking around the table.

"As I told you this morning, all that happened was Jolan's doing. He told me about calling you and Joey last night, Chris. And about calling Chace yesterday. Then he told me about Brandon's involvement with you, Josh."
Josh lowered his eyes, Justin's hand going on top of his, Josh and Chace sitting on Justin's right side.

Chace's eyes were on his lover, his arm going around him.

"I still can't believe that Brandon used me like that." Josh said, Chace kissing his cheek.

"He did use you, Josh. He drugged, manipulated and hurt you. You had no control over that. Chace doesn't--none of us, for that matter--fault you in that." Justin said, his words filled with truth.
Josh's eyes raised, looking at Justin, then around at his friends.

His eyes looked into Chace's blue eyes, Chace leaning in and kissing him deeply.

"This doesn't change us, Jus. I love you. Now, and always."
Josh smiled, Chace's words silencing his doubting heart.

"I love you so much, Chace."

Chace smiled, as did everyone else around the table.

"That's what I wanted to hear."
Everyone's eyes turned, Jolan standing in the kitchen doorway.

He wore a t-shirt now, his bandaged torso covered.

His arm was on the doorframe, Justin sensing he was needing it to remain steady.

Justin was on his feet in a flash, his arm going gently around Jolan.

"What are you doing out of bed, my love? You need rest."
"I came in search of food. My tummy's growling."
Justin looked concerned, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"I'm feeling better now, Jus. I hate laying in bed all day. You know that. I lay in bed for over four years. I want to be where the fun is."
Justin nodded, his eyes staring at him.

"I was going to bring your food up in a short while, Jo."
Jolan smiled, kissing him softly.

"The only food I need in bed is you, my beauty. And that delicacy I'll always hunger for. I love my Timberlake snack!"
Joey and Chris laughed, Justin blushing.

"Besides I eat better when I'm surrounded by friends. Please, Jus. I'll take it easy. I'll just get some food in me, then I'll rest again."

Justin relented, seeing the love in Jolan's grey eyes for him, and everyone in the room.

Justin gently walked him to the table, Jolan sitting down in Josh's offered chair, Josh smiling at him.

Jolan let out a soft breath, Justin knowing he was still in pain.

Jolan smiled at him, looking around at everyone.

"Well, I'm surprised! I thought for sure Joey would have devoured half of all this by now! Feeling okay, Joey?"
Joey smiled at him, Chris holding in another laugh.

"I was pacing myself, Jolan."
Jolan chuckled, smiling at his friend.

"So what's going on? Have the police left? Why didn't they question me?"

Justin looked at his lover, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his.

"They're going after Brandon, Jo. They're charging him with attempted murder."
Jolan lowered his head for a moment, then raised it again.

"They won't find him soon, Jus. I'm pretty sure he'll go into hiding. He's messed up."

Justin's hand went into Jolan's.

"Why didn't you tell me about Fagin, Jo?"

Jolan lowered his head again, Justin kissing his cheek.

In that sign, Jolan knew that Justin wasn't mad at him, just concerned.

"I didn't sense him until the party, Jus. I felt Brandon's deceitful heart, his manipulations, and the truth of what he is. I think it's because of this ring." Jolan said, everyone looking at the silver ring on his hand.

"Ever since I've put this ring on I've been able to sense the truth in certain people's souls. The truth of their past, present, and possible future."
Everyone looked concerned, Jolan smiling at them.

"I won't use this to read your minds. I would never invade a friend's soul. If destiny wants me to know your feelings, then I'll abide by that."

Everyone relaxed, smiling at him.

"I think I've got it figured out in regards to what I am now sensing. For some reason in some people their hidden truths, desires or love are revealed to me. Why that particular person, I know not. I feel it may be part of the path I am walking. Their hidden truths need revealing as warranted, to continue the path set in motion."
Justin nodded, everyone quietly looking at Jolan.

"Please, everyone. Eat up while it's hot. We'll talk after."
Everyone nodded, diving into the abundant food.

Jolan let Justin fill his plate, Justin taking care of his man's needs.

Jolan smiled at him, seeing the caring his lover was showing him.

"Do you have a nurse's uniform? A little role playing would be so hot!" Jolan said, everyone laughing, Justin smiling at him.

"You're one of a kind. The best kind. You're my baby!"

Jolan smiled, then winked.

"I ain't wearing no diapers!"

Joey exploded in laughter, Chris and Lance joining him.

Jolan smiled, his eyes on Joey.
Justin patted Jolan's shoulder, Jolan looking at him.

Justin leaned in, kissing him tenderly, everyone smiling at their tenderness.


The meal was soon finished, everyone filling their plates twice.

Jolan smiled softly at their compliments and praise, he himself eating a plateful.

He felt a contented fullness, knowing the food energy would help his body.

The phone rang, Justin getting up and answering it, returning after talking for a moment.

"Johnny's here. I just let him through the gate." Justin said, Chris getting up.

"You stay with Jolan, I'll let him in." Chris said, Justin smiling at him.

Justin returned to the table, Jolan's hand going in his.

Johnny Wright walked into the kitchen as Jennie was bringing the refilled coffeepot to the table.

"Would you like some food, or is just coffee okay, Mr. Wright?" she said on seeing him walk into the room with Chris.

"Thank you, Jennica. Coffee for now, please." he said smiling at her, then walking over to Justin and Jolan, his hand going onto Jolan's shoulder gently.

"Are you okay, Jolan? Why aren't you in bed?" he said, his voice and face suddenly filled with concern.

"I'm doing okay, Johnny. Just a couple of broken ribs, and a cut hand. I was in bed, just got up to get some nourishment. I'll be right as rain in a few days."
Johnny nodded, looking around the table, seeing Chace sitting beside Josh.

"Hello, Chace. I haven't seen you since the Emmy broadcast." Johnny said, Justin bringing a chair to the table for him, Johnny sitting down beside Chris.

"Yeah, I've been busy." he said, Josh looking at him.

Johnny nodded, looking around the table.

"Okay, I need to know everything. What happened here this morning? We've already had network requests for a statement, Justin. The word's out."

Justin sighed, Jolan looking at him quietly.

"Alright, Johnny." Justin said, looking at Josh.

"Let me, Jus. This is mainly my fault. And Johnny needs to know of Jolan's guiding love."

Jolan and Josh exchanged eye contact, Josh beginning the story.


Twenty minutes later, after everyone had added to Josh's words, Johnny's eyes fell on Josh.

"You guys are surprising the hell out of me."
Josh blushed, Chace's hand in his on top of the table.

"My life is filled with this man's love, Johnny. I'm not going to deny it to my friends and family anymore."
Johnny nodded, his eyes then focusing on Jolan.

Everyone looked surprised, seeing a calm look on Johnny's face.

Everyone had assumed he'd be totally flipped out over what had happened.

Justin's eyes went between Jolan and Johnny.

"I've got everything lined up as you suggested, Jolan."

"Lined up? What do you mean?" Justin said, Jolan's hand again going into his.

"I knew this would happen, Justin. That when I confronted Brandon with the truth, he might do something foolish. I wasn't totally sure on how he'd let his anger out. I'm glad he decided on me becoming the focus of his anger. None of you were hurt."
Everyone was deeply moved by Jolan's caring for their safety.

His selfless heart was in front of all of them..

"Brandon chose the path he now walks. But I couldn't let you and Johnny be thrust into the spotlight unaware. I called Johnny last night as well. I told him about Brandon's true selfishness. I needed Johnny to get a jump on protecting your career, Justin."

Everyone stared at Jolan, seeing that he'd indeed been well organized.

"That was smart thinking, Jolan. I've got a statement ready in regards to Brandon's immediate release from all contractual obligations with your company, Jus. His lies and deception have cost him his contract with you. Lynn is flying in today, she's taking charge of everything. Our lawyers are setting up the paperwork. Brandon Diablo's singing career is over. At least with us, anyway." Johnny said, the man's eyes looking with wonder at Jolan.

Justin nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"He chose his path, Jus. His anger and needs have destroyed him. What happens now is his fault alone. You had nothing to do with it. You as well as Lance, Josh and Chace were the victims here."

Justin leaned forward, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"You were also a victim too, Jo. When I think of what he wanted to do. . .the knife. . .you could have been killed!"

Jolan kissed Justin's tearing face, their lips meeting.

"I'm okay, Jus. He'll never hurt any of us again. His path is set."
"And where does that path lead, Jolan?" Johnny said, everyone thinking the same thought.

"It ends with justice being served. He has to pay for what he did."

Everyone nodded, Josh's hand going to Jolan's shoulder, Josh having gotten up from his seat.

"You are a remarkable man, Jolan. I've never met anyone with such a determined, giving soul."
Jolan looked up at him, Josh smiling at him.

"I do what I have to do to protect my friends, Joshua."
Josh smiled again, patting his shoulder.

"It's just Josh, Jolan. We are friends now."

Jolan smiled, Justin smiling too.

Jolan looked around the table, sighing softly.

"I need to tell you something. Perhaps something more can come out of this. It's time two hearts were opened."

Everyone looked confused, Josh sitting down again, his arm going around Chace, both looking at Jolan.

"It's not you, Josh and Chace. Your hearts are open, we all see that."
Josh and Chace both smiled, Jolan lowering his head for a moment, Justin sensing him trembling.

Jolan sighed again, his body slowly rising up, his hand going to his side, a soft gasp coming from him.

Justin began to get up, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"Sit down, my love. I'll try not to overstress myself."
Justin nodded, his eyes glued to his lover.

Jolan looked around the room, his eyes finally stopping on Lance.

Lance was staring into two grey eyes, seeing the glistening love staring back.

"Nathan has deceived you, Lance."


Lance stared in shock at Jolan, everyone looking surprised.

"What are you talking about, Jolan?" Lance said, staring at him.

Jolan slowly walked around the table, Justin's eyes glued to him still.

He stopped beside Lance, looking down at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Nathan did the same thing Brandon did, Lance. He drugged you that night you spent with him. But for a different reason."

Joey's eyes were glued to Lance, his own previous thoughts now verified.

"No!! That can't be!! He loves me!" Lance said, Jolan seeing the love on his friend's face, and the look of trembling confusion.

"Yes, Lance. In some strange way he does love you. But he was forced to drug you."

"But why? And by who?"
Jolan lowered his head, as if he was thinking, raising his head again.

"That part I'm not totally sure of. But I do know that Nathan is controlled by Brandon. And both of them are controlled by someone else."
"Fagin Greymount?" Chris said, Jolan looking at him.

"No, Chris. The man that's controlling them is the same man that destroyed my family."

Justin was on his feet, beside Jolan in a moment.

"You know who it is now, Jo?" Justin said, his arm gently going around him.

"No, Jus. That one fact remains clouded. But I have sensed his darkness surrounding Brandon and Nathan. They're somehow connected with him. And he's deeply connected with Fagin Greymount. The path leads to him. As does my destiny."

Johnny Wright spoke his mind, Jolan looking at him.

"This sounds pretty surreal, Jolan. Brandon and Justin knew each other long before Justin ever met you. How can he be associated with that gang of cutthroats?"

"It's destiny, John. All paths lead to me. Brandon and Justin met. Justin and I met. The man who hurt me has hurt Brandon and Nathan. Of that I have no doubt. Their hurt is the control he has over them. We all walked paths that one day would join. They now have. For a critical reason. The only thing I haven't quite figured out is who that man is."

"What did you mean Nathan had a different reason for drugging Lance?" Chris said, Joey's eyes on Lance.

Jolan looked at Lance, see the troubled painful look now on his face.

"He fell in love with you, Lance. But he was told to control you. The two conflicted inside him. That night he gave you a different drug than he was supposed to, Lance. He gave you a drug that would turn you into the aggressor. You were aggressive weren't you?"

Lance nodded, looking downward, Jolan's hand still on his shoulder.

"He felt in his heart that he didn't deserve your love, Lance. So he made you the aggressor so he would be forced submit to you. As I believe he's always submitted to others. This will be hard for you to hear, Lance, but I have to tell you. Nathan and Brandon are lovers."

Lance looked up, staring in shock into Jolan's grey eyes.

Lance stood up, seizing Jolan.

"That's not true! That can't be true!" he said, his hands on Jolan's arms, shaking him.

Jolan gasped, the pain in his side shooting up through his chest.

Joey was at Lance's side, trying to pull him away from Jolan.

Jolan gasped, Justin holding onto him, his face a mask of concern.

"You're hurting him, Lance! Let him go!" Joey said, his face covered in worry for Jolan's well-being.

Lance suddenly realized what he was doing, staring into Jolan's pained face.

He immediately let go of Jolan, the young man gasping against Justin.

"I'm so sorry, Jolan! I'm so sorry!" he said, tears in his eyes, collapsing down in his seat again.

Jolan moved, gasping and kneeling beside Lance, taking his hands in his.

"Brandon has a hold over Nathan, Lance. A dangerous hold. As does the man who hurt me. You need to step back from him, Lance. I don't know Nathan's soul, his inner truths. All I do know is that he's deeply involved with Brandon and Fagin Greymount. He's a troubled young man on the edge of danger. And I sense he's a man about to explode. I love you too much to let him or them hurt you, Lance. I'm sorry if this does hurt you, but your being hurt would hurt all of us more." Jolan said, his eyes filled with tears, his body beginning to tremble.

Lance saw Jolan's loving soul letting go, his arms gently taking the man against him.

"Thank you, Jolan .Thank you for telling me."
Jolan was crying, shakily standing up, Justin's arms going around him, Jolan sinking into his body.

Justin felt Jolan's legs trembling, knowing his lover was on his last legs.

"You're going to bed immediately, Jo! This has been too much for you." he said, Jolan nodding.

Jolan looked at Lance, staring into his green tearing eyes.

"Nathan isn't your destiny, Lance. I'm sorry but I have to tell you the truth. You've been denied true love for so long. So many times you've walked past that which you've always needed. Such a loving soul as yours needs true love. I think it's time you opened your eyes. Love starts with friendship. Open your eyes to what you already have!" Jolan said, his voice emotional, tears streaming down his face.

Justin was concerned, his lover still trembling.

Lance--as well as everyone else--was staring at Jolan.

All save one person.

One person who was deciding on his own soul.

And what he needed to fill it.

Lance's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, his eyes filled with confusion.
"What are you talking about, Jolan?" Lance said, feeling Jolan's body trembling.

"He's talking about me, Lance."

Lance turned around, staring into two tearing brown eyes.

"I love you, Lance. And I always have." Joey said.

Justin gasped, his hands releasing Jolan, Jolan staring at Joey.

Everyone's face had fallen, total shock on all their faces.

Lance's face was showing a look of total disbelief.

Only one face wasn't shocked, its features fighting the pain overcoming him.

A soft smile was on Jolan's lips.

The room was silent, two green eyes staring into Joey's brown orbs of love.

The moment was broken by Jolan suddenly collapsing to the floor.




End of Chapter 48


And love is revealed.

I assume a lot of you had pegged Joey, and who he'd fallen in love with.

I think it fits perfectly into the love surrounding them.


Nathan's indiscretion is now revealed as well.

How will he and Lance play out?
What will Lance do now that he knows Joey loves him?
Will he accept Joey's love?

What will now happen with Brandon?
Is he gone for good, or will his and Jolan's path cross again, as Jolan said?

How will Justin and Jolan handle the media storm that may now be brewing?


A lot of questions.

Seems like Jolan has all the answers.

Let's watch and see his love spread even more.


Hugs, Angel.