Jolan's Path - Chapter 49


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 49


Joey sat on the chaise lounge, staring into the clear blue water of the pool.
He'd walked out of the house after Jolan's collapse.
Jolan had awoken moments later, wrapped in Justin's arms.
Joey's concern had relaxed, seeing Jolan trying to calm Justin's worried face.
Jolan's love was still shining; in Joey's heart that was a good sign that he had only fainted.
His friend was hurt, but would regain his strength.
Justin and Josh had both carried the young man back upstairs, Joey quietly exiting the kitchen.
Lance, Chris and Johnny had stared after him for a moment, Joey not meeting their eyes.
He needed time to think.
To think about what had just happened.
Now, here he was, sitting by himself, staring into the water of Justin's pool, his mind went over all that had happened.
Jolan had known.
In some miraculous way Jolan had drawn that truth out of him.
The truth of his love for Lance.
Joey sensed that Jolan hadn't baited him into confessing it--far from it.
Joey felt that Jolan had left the choice up to him.
The choice of revealing his soul to Lance--and everyone--or leaving his hopes unfulfilled.
To take a chance at love or to walk away alone.
His mind thought of the look he'd seen in Lance's green beautiful eyes.
The look of total shock.
Lance hadn't known of Joey's feelings for him.
He'd confessed his soul to his best friend.
And now Joey's mind was clouded with uncertainty.
He feared--now that Lance knew--their friendship would be at risk if Lance didn't feel the same.
His mind went over all his life had encompassed.
His relationship with Kelly.
The birth of his daughter.
And the confusion and uncertainty of his inner soul.
He'd had those feelings for a long time.
It had taken Joey a long time to deal with his own heart in regards to love.
Kelly and he had been close, but Joey had long sensed that the love they'd felt for each other hadn't been enough.
Kelly had known from the start that Joey was bisexual, Joey himself telling her.
Joey had experimented in school and with others.
Being in the music business he'd had several encounters with men before he'd met Kelly.
Some were famous, their needs and discretion mutual.
All had been casual encounters.
But he'd never found the one that ignited his heart.
His honest soul couldn't lie to Kelly and she had respected his past life.
With the sudden pregnancy happening, Joey had put his past--and soul--on the back burner, his respect for her joining the two of them in marriage.
She had hoped that her love would be enough for him, but gradually the two had realized that it wasn't enough.
Joey had never cheated on her, his respect and love for her and his daughter never creating that break of mistrust.
But Kelly had felt Joey's troubled soul.
Through long talks of love and friendship, Joey had opened his soul to her.
She knew in her heart that Joey would never be hers completely.
And she'd sensed in her own soul that she needed complete love, a love Joey would never be able to give her.
In the end, they'd reached a mutual respect for each other.
They'd love their daughter together, but their souls needed to be free.
Their love for each other was still strong, only it had changed into a comfortable friendship based on respect.

And so Joey had opened his mind to finding something more.
On finding the person he'd hoped would love him forever.
His eyes had eventually turned to Lance.
Lance and he had built a friendship on trust, love and respect.
Through the band years, Joey had felt a special bond with Lance, the two becoming best friends.
He'd known of Lance's relationship with Justin, that fact not changing his love for the man, or for Justin.
When Lance had officially come out in the People magazine article, Joey had been the first at his door.
Joey had taken his friend's happiness to heart, his own happiness troubling his soul.
Joey had never liked Reichen, seeing the man as never good enough for his friend.
When Lance and Reichen had parted, Joey had become Lance's protective teddy bear.
It hadn't taken Joey long to see that he himself was becoming attracted to Lance.

Lance's giving heart and warm, loving personality drew him even deeper towards him.

He'd held those feelings inside, walking at his friend's side as a friend, watching Lance go through several short relationships.

And then Nathan had walked into Lance's life.

In Nathan, Joey had suddenly felt a real threat.

A threat against his love for Lance.

For Joey had seen the sparkle in Lance's eyes when he talked of Nathan.

Joey had stood in silence, watching Lance fall for the young man.

And then Joey had sensed something wrong about Nathan.

But he couldn't bring himself to tell Lance his own true feelings.

And then a few minutes ago, Jolan had burned that sparkle out of Lance's eyes.

Joey had listened that morning to Brandon's deceitful truths, the man's bravado making Joey's soul flood with anger at how he'd used Josh and Lance.

That man had used his Lance.

And then Jolan had voiced the same concerns about Nathan, Brandon's supposed cousin--and now-revealed lover.

Joey had heard the pain and hurt in Lance's voice on hearing that truth, his friend  then refusing to believe it.

Then Lance had taken out his confusion and hurt on Jolan's already hurting body.

Seeing Lance's state had flooded Joey's mind with love.

His love for his Lance.

Jolan's final words sinking into Joey's soul.

Joey's love and truth had suddenly erupted, his voice saying the words of his inner soul.

And now, here he sat, on the edge of a dream, on the edge of a hope.

A hope that Lance wouldn't hate him.

That Lance's love for him wouldn't change.

And deep in his heart he hoped beyond hope that it would grow.

And that Lance would love him as deeply as he loved Lance.

He lowered his head, the tears of hope in his eyes burning.

He heard the patio door opening and someone walking across the patio towards him.

He hoped that it was Chris.

His friend's insight on life he needed most right now.

The person stopped, Joey sensing him a few feet away.

Joey slowly raised his head, his brown eyes turning and staring into two green orbs of judgement.

Joey stared at Lance, the two shrouded in silence.

Lance finally broke the silence.

"I think we need to have a talk, Joseph."


Justin sat on the edge of the bed, Jolan laying now under the covers.

He and Josh had carried Jolan back up to bed, Chace following with his arm around Jennie.

Jennie had pulled the blankets back, Justin and Josh gently guiding Jolan down to the soft bed.

Justin had gently removed Jolan's clothing, the young man remaining silent and still, his eyes closed.

Justin had spoken soft words throughout his gentle movements, Jolan nodded every so often.

Josh and Chace had remained at the end of the bed, both men staring at Jolan's muscular smooth body.

They both saw the revealed beauty of the young man.

He was a muscular vision of sculpted beauty.

Jennie had gently pulled the blankets back up, kissing Jolan's forehead, Justin smiling softly at her.

"Jolly, you're not moving anymore! This is where you're staying. Until you've regained your strength."
Jolan had opened his eyes, staring into her grey eyes, seeing her love shining.

"Alright, my Jennica." he'd softly said, she smiling at him, a tear showing in her eye.

"He'll stay put, Justin. He's promised me. And my Jolly doesn't break his promises." she said, her voice filled with her belief in that truth.

Jolan softly smiled, nodding.

"I'm sorry, guys. I thought I was a bit stronger. The pain just became overpowering. Tell Lance that it's not his fault. I felt it before that. My mind's filled with it."
Justin reached to the nightstand, taking up the bottle of pills sitting there.

He gently fed two to Jolan, giving him a drink of water from the glass on the nightstand.

Jolan's eyes moved, looking at Josh and Chace, Chris and Johnny walking into the room as well.

He softly smiled at all of them, everyone seeing his tiredness.

"His love needed voicing. And Lance needs hope." he softly said, looking to his Justin.

"I think I'll sleep for a bit. . .I'm so tired."
Justin nodded, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"You're unbelievable, my love. Your love is so unbelievable!" he said, Jolan closing his eyes, speaking very softly with a smile, everyone hearing him.

"Love can be unbelievable."


Lance sat down beside Joey, Joey staring forward, afraid to look again into those green judging eyes.

"That was quite the proclamation you stated, Joe."

Joey nodded reluctantly, staring ahead.
"I'm sorry, Lance. It just came out of me in a rush."

Lance stared at him, Joey not looking at him.
"You loved me always?"
Joey turned, Lance's green eyes staring at him.

In them he saw a glistening backdrop, sensing Lance's soul was on the edge of emotion.

"Yes, Lance. I've fallen in love with you. I don't know when it started, but it's been growing inside me. And it's been tearing me apart. Being your friend, feeling so much love for you and unable to have the courage to tell you the truth. I've been a coward, Lance. And now you finally know. I'm so sorry."

Joey lowered his head, Lance's hand going to his shoulder.

"Do you remember the night you came to my house after I'd revealed my real self in that magazine article?"
Joey raised his head nodding, looking again at Lance.

"You were the first one there that night, Joe. That meant so much to me. The fact that you didn't judge me, you only loved me as always. And I was so happy because it was you first. I have a deep secret in my soul, Joey."

Joey looked confused, seeing a look of nervousness flash in Lance's green eyes.

"The reason why Justin and I broke off our relationship wasn't solely because of Justin's lack of commitment, Joe."
Joey looked surprised, unsure what Lance meant.

"I let him go, Joe. I saw in his eyes his youthful innocence, and I knew he wasn't ready for real love. But he never saw the truth in my eyes."
"The truth? The truth about what?"
"The truth that he wasn't what I wanted. Oh, I loved him dearly. I still do. Our friendship has never wavered, the first innocence of love joining us forever. But in him I didn't see what I really needed. I only saw that in one person."

"You didn't know Reichen then, Lance."

Lance smiled, then lightly laughed, Joey blushing.

Lance's hand went to Joey's cheek, Joey staring into his green eyes.

"My innocent, huggable teddy bear. It was you, Joey."

Joey looked stunned, Lance looked at him intently.

"Me? You. . .you were in love with me?"

Lance let go of Joey, staring ahead, as Joey had.

"We were all stuck together so much. And you were so loving, Joe. So giving of your friendship. You became my guardian, my friend, and my brother. But in my soul you were having such an effect on me. I stood in the background, watching and loving you. I saw you disappear at times, my mind dreaming up so many moments of love. I hoped beyond hope that you were like me, needing a man's love. And then I saw you gravitating towards Kelly. And then she became pregnant and you married her. I saw your friendship still there, your unchanging friendship. But I also saw my own dreams shatter. I lost you, Joe."
Joey's hand went to Lance's shoulder, Lance tensing a bit, Joey lifting his hand.

"I loved you, Joe! I'd never loved anyone like I loved you then. To you--after you married--I was always your friend. Inside, I was nothing. I walked around for over a year, hurting so much! And you didn't even know. Gradually I began dating again, meeting Reichen. Another strong protective man. A scaled down version of you was what I saw in him. But it didn't last. Because he wasn't you. He wasn't my loving Joe."

Joey's eyes were filling with tears, hearing Lance's heart filled with emotion.

Lance's head turned, Joey staring into his glistening eyes.

"Every man I've tried to love I have compared to you, Joe. Every last damn one of them!"

Lance stood up, staring down at Joey.

"I loved you, Joe. Why didn't you tell me the truth so many years ago?? We could have had so much love!!" he said, a soft sob finally overcoming him.

Joey was on his feet, taking Lance into his arms.

"I'm sorry, Lance. I'm sorry I didn't have the courage to tell you the truth.  I didn't have your courage."
Lance broke away from Joey, staring at him.

"Courage? What courage do I have? I didn't have the courage to see what Brandon had done to me! I didn't have the brains to see what Nathan did to me. You saw that so easily. I'm so stupid. I didn't have the courage back then to tell you that I loved you. How can you love someone like me?"

Joey grabbed Lance by the arms, staring directly into his green eyes.

"Don't ever talk like that again, Lance! You are the most courageous man I know! You came out to the world because you wanted to live a life of freedom. That takes the greatest courage. You aren't stupid, Lance. Never!"

Lance began to tear up, Joey pulling him close.

"I love you because I know you, Lance. I know the love, the beauty and the wonder of your heart. I've known everything about you. Every moment that I am with you I feel so alive. My greatest moments of happiness have always been with you. I love you, damn it! I only want you to love me!"

Joey was crying, Lance staring into his brown eyes.

"Please love me again, Lance! Please! I need you to love me like that again! I've waited my whole life for you to love me!"

Lance was in tears as well, staring at the man he'd once loved so deeply.

And his own soul was in such turmoil.

He felt in his heart that he'd never stopped loving this man.

Could this really be happening?

"I don't know, Joe. I don't know if I can love you like that again. I loved you so much!"

Joey pulled him close, the two staring at each other.

"Our misguided love is still there, Lance. It walked on separate paths. Now we've reached the joining moment. My heart is filled with love, as is yours Lance. Let my love in. I promise you that I'll love you forever."
"I need a sign, Joe. I need a sign that our love would be true. That it won't be just a drop in the bucket, like all the others."

Neither man noticed anyone present, but both felt the sudden push.

The two men became airborne.

Lance let out a loud scream, the two joined together, both hitting the water as one.

The splash was gigantic, soaking all the edge of the pool.

Neither noticed a disappearing figure.

Everyone came running out of the kitchen, having heard the scream, seeing their friends swimming in the pool.

The two men swam towards the pool's edge, their friends staring at them.

Joey and Lance came up out of the water together, Joey's arms around Lance as they sat on the pool's edge.

Lance was gasping, Joey holding him tightly.

"Are you alright, Lancy?"

Lance looked at Joey, Joey seeing his friend begin to laugh.

Joey looked confused.

"I think I just received my sign, Joey. Our love isn't a drop in the bucket. Our love will be a wave that will wash both of our souls away.  It will make a big splash in all we do." Lance said, leaning forward, his lips joining Joey's.

Joey felt Lance become a part of him, the two feeling each other's love fill their souls.

Everyone stood on the pool's edge, seeing the two soaking wet men joined as one, their love showing so openly.

Jennie's eyes looked behind her, upwards to the bedroom windows.

Justin's hand went to her shoulder, her grey eyes looking into his blue ones when her head turned back.

"Love moves as it must." she said, Justin smiling at her, Jennie hugging him.

Justin's eyes moved upwards as well, staring towards his sleeping lover.


Jolan's eyes opened, feeling a hand pressed in his.
His grey eyes looked into two brown eyes and a wide smile.
"Hey, Joe. What time is it?" Jolan asked, seeing evening shadows creeping across the room.
"It's almost eight, Jolan. You've slept for over six hours. How do you feel?" he said, his brown eyes staring at his friend.
"I feel better. The sleep did me good." he said, smiling at his friend.
Joey nodded, his eyes still locked with Jolan's.
In those grey eyes he saw such love and friendship.
"Thank you for making me courageous, Jolan. For making me tell Lance the truth."
Jolan's eyes lowered, Joey squeezing his hand.
"Courage lies in all of us, Joe. We just have to open our hearts and it's there."
Joe's eyes were glistening, Jolan softly smiling at him.
"I take it you and Lance talked?"
Joey smiled widely, that smile giving Jolan his answer.
"He loves me, Jolan! You knew, didn't you?"
Jolan's cheeks softly blushed, Joey seeing his shyness.
"Love shines as it does, Joe. Its glow I felt in his heart for you. I saw the same glow in your heart. I thought that it was time both of you looked at each other in a new light. I hope I didn't overstep my bounds?"
Joey was in tears, moving and gently hugging Jolan, careful of his sore chest.
"You, you are so unbelievable! What you've done for him and for me!" Joey sobbed, Jolan rubbing his back.
"Hey, now. It wasn't me. It was your love, Joe. You and Lance just had to see what was in your souls. I'm glad you've both realized what you mean to each other."
"How did you know, Jolan? How did you know I loved him?"
Jolan sighed, Joey wiping his eyes.

"I knew that first day I met you. When you were sitting at the breakfast table and Lance and Nathan walked into the room your eyes went right to him. I saw that glow then, and I've seen it every day since. It wasn't till I started wearing the Ring of Servitude that I saw the same glow in Lance's eyes as well, albeit hidden more. Nathan's seduction of Lance clouded it for a while, but I saw it again this morning, when I reluctantly made him see the truth. And then I knew the only thing he needed was your opening your heart. Your love was the answer to his pain."
Joey couldn't believe what Jolan was saying.
He'd known from that first day?
"How's Lance, Joe?"
Joey smiled, looking at his friend.
"He's doing okay, Jolan. What you told him about Nathan was hard for him to hear. But I believe in my heart he's accepted that the man wasn't what he thought he was. And now he's accepted my love. I still can't believe it!"
Jolan smiled at him again, Joey smiling back.
The door of the room opened, Lance and Justin walking in.
Justin carried a tray laden with food.
Jolan's grey eyes met Lance's, Lance softly smiling at him.
Joey got up, smiling at Lance as well, both men looking at each other.
Jolan smiled, seeing their open hearts before him.
"Now that's nice." he said, both men smiling, Lance moving to the bed's edge.
"How are you feeling, Jolan?" he said, Jolan smiling at him.
"I'm feeling better, Lance. And before you even voice your forgiveness, you have nothing to be forgiven for."
Lance teared up, Justin walking to the other side of the bed.
"I brought you some food, love." he said, placing the tray on the bed, Jolan sitting up a little, smiling at him.
"Supper served by an angel. It doesn't get better than this!" He said, Justin beaming.
The other two men smiled, Jolan smiling at his Justin.
Justin placed the tray across Jolan's legs, Jolan smelling the rich food.
"Thanks, my love. It smells delicious."
"You can thank Lancy. He cooked us all supper." Justin said, sitting down beside Jolan.

Justin began moving things around on the tray, Jolan's grey eyes going to Lance's quiet staring face.

"How are you doing, Lance?" Jolan said, Justin buttering a roll for him.

Lance felt Joey's arm go around him, his love showing.

"You knew, didn't you? That Joey and I had loved each other for a long time?"

Jolan nodded, both men looking into his grey eyes.

"Yes, Lance. I knew. And I saw both of you lost without that love. When I sensed what Brandon had done--and what Nathan, albeit reluctantly, did--I knew I had to bring your love together as it was always meant to be. You both needed a push in the right direction. Albeit, a wet one."
Lance stared in surprise at Jolan.
"How did you know we fell in the pool?"
Justin and Joey looked at Jolan as well.

Jolan sighed, lowering his head for a moment, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

Jolan raised his head, tears in his eyes.

"Your pain and uncertainty woke me, Lance. In my mind, I awoke. Your trembling uncertainty made me act. My soul walked free again. But this time it walked on a path to love."

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan taking Lance's hand.

"My soul stood behind the two of you, hearing every word spoken. I couldn't just stand there and let your doubts destroy what I know in my heart needed to happen. You both love each other with a love that's so unbelievable. I had to give you the sign you needed Lance. When you said drop in a bucket I knew a pool of water would show you the depth of Joey's love."
Joey's eyes were tearing, Lance staring at him.

Both were looking into each other's souls.

"His love is unbelievable, Jolan. I've felt it for years." Lance said, Jolan softly smiling.

"As I have felt yours, Lancy." Joey said, leaning forward and kissing him deeply.

Justin smiled widely, Jolan smiling as well.

"As beautiful as that is, I still need to eat, guys." Jolan said, Justin laughing.

The other two smiled, nodding their heads.

"Oh, and just to let you know, Lance. That dive into the pool doesn't cover yesterday's throwing me into the pool. That revenge is still on my to do list."

Lance blushed, looking at Justin.

"Hey, it was his idea!"

Justin blushed, Jolan looking at him.

"He's been punished. You, I'll deal with later."
Lance nodded, Joey kissing his cheek.

"No worries, love. Your man's here to watch your back."

Jolan laughed, picking up his fork.

Jolan sampled the pasta salad, smiling widely.

"Well, this is a good way to Joey's heart, Lance." he winked, Joey grinning.

"My man can cook up a storm!"
Jolan smiled, diving into the food.


Jolan finished eating his meal, Justin at his side throughout.
"Any word on Brandon?" Jolan said, sipping a glass of tomato juice.
"Nothing yet. Johnny's talked to the police again and nothing has happened." Lance said, Jolan looking at him quietly.
"When do you go back to New York, Lance?" Jolan said, his friend looking at him.
"Not till next week. I have meetings with DWTS about commitments with their live touring show. I'll be dancing in a few cities."
Jolan looked surprised, Joey smiling, Justin smiling as well.
"Lance was on that dancing show Dancing With The Stars last year. He came in third. I was on it three years ago, coming in second." Joey said, Lance smiling at him.
"That's so cool, guys! Congrats to both of you!"
"Thanks, Jolan. I really enjoyed it. And I wasn't even the dancer of our group." Lance said, his hand now in Joey's.
Justin and Joey smiled at him, Lance blushing a little.
"You did really well, Lancy. We were all proud of you." Justin said, Lance touched by Justin's praise, his friend a dancing master.
"I'll have to get you on the dance floor, Lance. You sound like a great dancer." Jolan said, Lance smiling.
"How about this upcoming weekend? You're having your annual bash, right Jus?" Joey said, Justin smiling.
"Bash? What's he talking about, Jumpy?" Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.
"I have a Halloween party every year. It's kind of been a tradition since the *NSync days. A masquerade party."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.
"That's great. Sounds like fun. I'll have to think up a great costume for us both."
Justin kissed Jolan on his cheek..
"You're taking it easy, my angel. It's only Monday. This week is about relaxing, and you getting better."
Jolan nodded, Justin seeing he'd eaten all of his supper.
Justin moved the tray, Lance taking it from him.
"Where's my Jennie?" Jolan asked, getting a little more comfortable in bed, Justin moving his pillows for him.
"She's out at the pool with Josh and Chace. I think she's smitten with Chace." Joey said, smiling.
Jolan smiled, snuggling against Justin.
"My little angel is becoming a young woman. But she'll always be my little Jennie." Jolan said, everyone hearing his love for his sister.
"She was kind of upset that she couldn't heal you, Jo. She said the Shadowing was blocking her gifts."
Jolan nodded, a quiet look of reflection crossing his face.
"Yes, the Shadowing. My protective boundary. It protects me, but it also imprisons me. And it draws evil towards me. Brandon's a result of that. Fagin is aware of my existence, that's plain to see. He knows I am on the path." Jolan said quietly, Justin's hand going in his.
Jolan looked into his concerned blue eyes, then looked at Lance and Joey.
"Don't worry, my friends. I protect all of you. And I can protect myself. My gifts will see to that."
Everyone smiled, Jolan quietly looking at them, Justin sensing he was weighing something in his mind.

"Time will bring this all to its end." Jolan said, yawning a bit.
"You need more sleep, my sweet. We'll leave you to rest." Justin said, kissing his lips.
Jolan nodded, snuggling more into the bed, Justin getting up.
The three men smiled at him, quietly going out of the room.
Jolan lay in bed, looking towards the now closed door.
He'd almost told them.
About the feeling that had overcome him when he'd seized Brandon.
He'd felt an instant connection to Fagin Greymount.
He'd felt his evilness.
It had seeped out of Brandon, attacking Jolan's mind.
The pain from his injuries had then intensified, Jolan taking all of his resolve to overcome it.
It had almost claimed him, resulting in his collapse.
But in his mind he'd fought and destroyed the festering evil.
And at the last moment of its destruction, he'd felt a crack in the Shadowing.
And one image had blazed into his mind.
He teared up, looking upwards.
"I'm coming after you, Fagin. And I'll get them back."


Jolan opened his eyes, sensing a movement by the bed.

The room was almost in darkness, the light from the open bathroom door the only light in the room.

"Sorry my love, didn't mean to wake you." Justin said, standing at the side of the bed.

His shirt was off, his smooth chest glowing in the soft lit room.

Justin walked over to the bathroom, clicking off the light switch, the bedroom now in darkness.

Jolan watched Justin's shadowed body lose its pants, then his man climbing into the bed, slipping under the covers beside him.

"What time is it, Jumpy?"
"It's a little after eleven. Jennie just went to bed, and everyone's left."

"Is the house secure?" Jolan softly said, Justin sensing he was on edge.

"The living room's repaired, and everything's locked up, my love."

Jolan nodded, Justin moving gently against him on his side.

Justin's arm went tenderly across Jolan's chest, Jolan pulling him close.

"I love you, Jus."
"I love you, my protective angel. What you did today was so beautiful."
Jolan remained silent, Justin's lips kissing his neck.

"I think I'm going to be great friends with all of them, Jus. I feel all of their good, loving souls. I had to make them all happy."

Justin's head moved, his lips gently kissing Jolan's.

"Thank you for making me happy as well."
Jolan smiled in the darkness, Justin's head laying on his shoulder.

"That is my life's ambition, my angel. And it starts right now."
Jolan moved his body, climbing on top of Justin, Justin looking at him in surprise.

"Babe, what is this? You're hurt. You need rest." Justin looking at his man in shock, seeing Jolan's mouth going to his left nipple, taking it in his mouth.

Justin gasped, his man embracing him tightly, his mouth sucking on the drop of flesh.

Jolan's head raised, Justin seeing the soft yellowish glow in his lover's eyes.

"No anger or threat of evil shall destroy my quest, my angel. My body has healed itself. I am whole again. And so is the Badenwolf."

Justin stared in silence as the hairiness enveloped his man.

Justin felt the strength of the wolf above him in the darkness, and the growling love echoing in the room.

Justin pulled his beast down to his waiting lips, passion flooding their souls.


Tuesday and Wednesday turned into two days of relaxation for Jolan and Jennie in their new home.

Justin--as well as everyone else--was amazed at Jolan's seemingly instant recovery.

The look on Justin's face showed everyone his happiness.

Jennie didn't seemed phased by it, her brother's health back.

All their friends filled the house, staying for supper both days.

The house was filled with their laughter and voices of friendship.

Justin had quietly sat back watching Jolan and Josh's budding friendship, as well as Joey and Lance's budding love.

Justin had released a written statement to the press, the document strewn across all of the television entertainment shows.

Brandon Diablo had disappeared, his whereabouts speculation for everyone.

On Johnny's encouragement, no one made any public statement on what had really happened.

For all intents and purposes Brandon Diablo had tried to kill Jolan in a fit of rage.

Everyone who came and went from the home was followed by reporters, the media charged up by the news.

As everyone saw on television, other theories were abundant in the press.

Justin Timberlake had been attacked, his assailant a close musical friend.

Rumors of Jessica Biel being in the center of a love triangle also gossiped about.

Through it all, Justin and his friends remained silent.

Jolan saw the acceptance in Justin's eyes that the press would throw it out of proportions.

Nothing could be really vindicated until Brandon Diablo was found.

And then they both knew that the truth would then leak out.

The truth of Brandon's plans to kill Jolan and his involvement with all of them.

Justin seemed calm and assured by what that final moment would entail.

Jolan saw his acceptance of what it might mean to their relationship.

Justin would risk all of it for him.


On Thursday morning, Justin saw that Jolan was becoming a caged animal.

His lover had walked quietly around the house, Justin instantly picking up on his mood.

"My love not enough for you, my pet? I see the look of boredom in your grey loving eyes." Justin had said, when Jolan had walked into the living room; Justin, Chace, Josh and Jennie playing a game of Monopoly.

"No love, I'll never tire of your beauty. But I am bored." Jolan said, sitting down in Justin's lap, Justin snuggling his neck.

Justin's lips found his throat, kissing it tenderly.

"Nice try, Timberlake. You're still on my property. That'll be a grand, please!" Chace grinned, Jolan chuckling.

"You're not ducking out for some loving when I've got you cornered." Chace said, Josh now laughing as well.

Jennie grinned at all of them, her eyes on Chace.

Jolan kissed Justin's cheek, smiling at Chace.

"You're all having fun. Don't let me interrupt that. I was just thinking of popping into the city to look for some costume ideas."
"You sure you don't want me to tag along?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"No, I'll be fine. I'll take the convertible."

Justin nodded, fishing out the keys from his pocket, he having taken it out that morning to the studios.

"Careful with the paparazzi, love. They were antsy this morning."

Jolan nodded, taking the keys from Justin, and a wad of bills that Justin had passed into his hand, smiling and walking out of the room.

"You sure it's okay for him to go out alone, Jus?" Josh asked, Chace's arm around him.

"I'd be more concerned for the paparazzi, Joshy. My man can take care of himself." Justin grinned, Josh smiling.

"Aw, man! I'm on your place again, love! Care to work out a trade, babe?" Josh said, winking at Chace.

"Business before pleasure, babe. That'll be nine hundred, please!"


Jolan had some trouble leaving the home, the reporters flashing their cameras at his car, Jolan not stopping to talk to them.

He couldn't drive too fast, his car surrounded on all sides.

Questions were thrown at him, Jolan remaining civil, but silent for the most part.

Eventually he was able to break free of the barrage, gunning the convertible down the street, leaving the cameras behind.

Jolan sighed, driving into L.A.

He spent the morning shopping, coming up with an awesome idea for his and Justin's costume.

He was pretty sure Justin would be thrilled by it.

A catering firm was handling all the preparations for the party on Saturday night, Jolan's only concern being their costumes.

Jennie had already voiced to him alone what she wanted to dress as, Jolan picking up her attire as well.

Several shops later, the trunk of the small car was filled with bags.

Jolan headed back towards Justin's, glimpsing a grocery market out of the corner of his eye.

He smiled, the thought of making a nice supper for everyone popping into his head.

He parked, walking into the large market, grabbing a cart and walking toward the meat counters.

A young blonde woman smiled at him as he passed her, two small boys following behind her and her cart.

One boy smiled up at him, Jolan smiling back.

He headed towards the meat counter, putting the children out of his mind.

Jolan shopped for about twenty minutes, his cart filling with meat, vegetables and bakery items.

He saw the two boys running down the aisles every now and then, smirking to himself.

One looked around four the other probably three years of age.

He was sure the two little guys were running terrors, their mother having a handful.

He saw her from a distance a couple of times, talking to the boys, trying to calm them down to no avail.

He saw another large man standing against the deli counter, glancing towards the woman as well.

Jolan smiled, seeing a soft smile on her face.

He saw the joy of parenthood in that look, even though her eyes were covered by dark glasses.

Jolan couldn't wait to have children of his own.

He wanted that happiness with Justin.

Jolan smiled at the three, heading for the pastry counter, to finish his dessert selections.

Five minutes later he was ready, heading back down the aisle towards the checkouts.

At the end of the aisle he saw a sight that made him reel in shock.

The young woman was cleaning the face of the youngest boy, her back turned away from the other.

In that moment of distraction, the older boy had made a beeline for a display of nacho chips and salsa jars.

The young boy had climbed halfway up the display, heading towards a stuffed tiger on the display's top, the tiered tables shaking unsteadily.

In an epiphany, Jolan saw the outcome of that young mountaineer's trek.

Jolan was off in a flash, rushing right for the display as the mother turned.

At that moment, the tiers teetered, the young boy becoming airborne, the tiger hanging in his small hand.

"Seany, no!" the young woman screamed, Jolan flying past her.

Jolan made one incredible leap, catching the young boy in his arms as the display began crashing to the ground.

Jolan pulled his arms around the child, as he fell backwards, the display falling on top of them.

Jolan hit the ground hard, the boy in his arms, Jolan rolling over at the last second, the boy mostly covered by his body.

Jolan's back was instantly covered in chips and salsa.

People were rushing towards them, the child's mother at their side immediately, her other child crying beside her.

"Seany are you alright, baby?" she said, Jolan turning over, the small child leaping up into her open arms.

The woman hugged her child, the small boy snuggled in her arms, the stuffed tiger still clutched in his one hand.

"Oh baby, you're okay!" she said, patting his back, her eyes now turning towards Jolan.

"You saved my child! Oh, thank God you were here!" she said in tears, a large man coming through the crowd, the people separating.

"Are you and the boys alright?" he said, his face covered in concern.

"We're okay now. Thanks to this gentleman." the woman said, her shaded eyes on Jolan, Jolan trying to pick himself up, his coat stained and dripping with salsa and chips, crushed bags all around him.

Shattered broken jars lay everywhere, Jolan standing up, wincing in pain.

"Are you alright?" the large man said, three or four employees making their way through the assembling crowd, one looking like a manager.

"I think I just twisted my ankle. I should be okay." he said, the manager now at their side.

"I am so sorry! That's the second time that display's nearly collapsed. We were going to remove it today. Are you and the child alright?" he said, his face covered in concern.

"I'm fine, and the child is no worse for wear. Just a little scared. But he's claimed his prize." Jolan said, smiling at the boy in the woman's arms.

The young boy smiled shyly back, now clutching the tiger to his chest.

Jolan limped through the chips and broken jars, the manager taking his arm, gently walking him over to a bench.

"I'll call an ambulance, just to be safe." he said, Jolan waving him off.

"It's not necessary, and I have no intention of suing you, so relax." Jolan said with a smile.

The young manager smiled, his face relaxing.

"As long as you and the boy are alright, sir."
Jolan smiled, hearing the real concern in the young man's voice.

"I am fine. And would it be alright if the boy keeps the tiger? The risk should justify the reward."

The young man smiled, nodding his head in agreement.

"That's fine with me, sir. Do you need help with anything? Can I call someone for you?"

"I just need to go home. I'll be fine after I soak my foot." Jolan said, rubbing his ankle.

The young woman sat down beside him, the two kids both sitting in her lap now.

They'd both calmed down, the large man standing beside them.

The crowd had broken up, the other employees beginning to clean up the large mess.

"Did you drive here? With your foot like that you won't possibly get home easily." she said, Jolan nodding at her.

"Yes, I did. I'll just call my friends and somebody will surely pick me up."

"Nonsense. I'll drive you home. Charlie here can drive your car. If that's okay with you? Charlie's my bodyguard, although today it doesn't appear so."
The large man blushed, Jolan looking confused.

"Your bodyguard?" Jolan said, looking at the young woman now, the woman removing her sunglasses.

Jolan stared in shocked surprise, instantly recognizing the face.

"Hi, Jolan. I'm Britney Spears."




End of Chapter 49



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