Jolan's Path-Chapter 5

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 5

Justin laid the young man gently down onto his bed again, the young man's eyes closed.
Henry was beside the young man, checking his pulse and heart rate.
"He's unconscious again, but this time I believe it's just from stress. >From awakening and moving too soon. How he got out of that bed is unbelievable. In his present state, after being still for so long he shouldn't have been able to rise out of that bed. It's truly unbelievable."
Justin nodded, his eyes remaining on the young man.
"He doesn't know who he is. You all heard him. Even awake he's lost." Justin softly said, Trace's hand going to his shoulder.
"Let's let Henry look him over, Jus. There's nothing more you can do."
Justin nodded, gently rising up from the bed, Trace leading his friend over to a chair.
Cynthia and Shelly stood in the doorway, quietly looking at Justin.
"It had to be you, Justin. You woke him up. What did you do in here with him alone?"
Justin looked up at Shelly's question.
"I just held his hand, and touched his cheek. He was perfectly still when I left."
Henry looked over the young man's body, pausing for a moment.
Then he resumed, looking quietly at Justin once he'd pulled off the blood pressure machine.
"His heart rate is strong; his blood pressure is normal and leveled. It truly is remarkable. As is this." Henry said, Justin rising again and looking down at what Henry was looking at.
"Do you remember seeing this on him before, Justin?" Henry asked.
Justin looked to where Henry was pointing.
On the young man's left side, just under his armpit, above the wife beater's edge was a tattoo.
It was shaped like a sun, rising over a body of water.
A sunrise.
"That wasn't there before, Henry. I don't remember seeing it."
"No it wasn't, Justin. I've bathed this young man for four years and I've never seen it there. It just materialized tonight. What it means, your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that this young man is more than he seems."
Justin nodded, looking at the tattoo.
A yellow sun over blue water.
The others crowded around the bed, looking at it as well.
The all felt the strangeness of what had happened.
"Well, he won't be waking soon, I think he'll sleep for a while. I suggest we do the same. I'll show you all your rooms."
Justin looked like he didn't want to leave, Trace putting his hand again on his shoulder.
"You need rest, Jus. He won't be awake for a while. Sleep is be the best thing for you both right now. He'll be here in the morning."
Henry nodded, showing everyone the room's key; Justin reluctantly getting up.
Henry showed them their rooms, Justin and Trace's right next door to Joe's room.
The last thing Henry did was lock Joe's bedroom door, handing Justin the key.
"I have another one in my room. If the boy awoke again, he'd make a lot of noise trying to get out.
You'll be closer." Henry said, everyone then exchanging good nights.
Within a half hour all were in their beds, the house succumbing to silence.

Justin awoke, looking around the room he was in.
He looked to his left, Trace sleeping soundly beside him, softly snoring.
Justin lay back staring over at the window, seeing the morning light streaming in.
He looked at his watch, reading ten minutes to ten.
He stretched, rising up, grabbing his shirt.
He'd gotten five hours of sleep, still feeling a bit tired.
He pulled on his pants, quietly walking out of the room so as not to wake Trace.
He looked to his right, seeing the door to Joe's room opened.
He walked into the room, seeing Joe asleep on the bed, looking as if he hadn't moved.
Henry smiled up at Justin, sitting in a chair beside the bed, just in the process of removing the blood pressure strap from Joe's arm.
"He's in a normal state of sleep, his blood pressure and heart rate are fine. He should awaken soon."
Justin nodded, sitting down in another chair he pulled up beside the bed.
Henry quietly looked at Justin.
"How are you this morning, my boy?"
"I'm fine, a bit tired, but okay."
Henry nodded, smiling at him.
Both men turned towards Joe's face upon hearing a soft moan.
The young man's eyes started opening, staring at Henry.
"Who are you?" he softly said.
Henry smiled, looking quietly at him.
"My name is Doctor Henry Chambers. This is a friend of mine, Justin Timberlake. I've been taking care of you, son. And Justin is here as a friend. Stay calm and try not to move."
The young man looked at both of them, slowly nodding, then staring again at Justin.
"You gave us quite the surprise last night, son. Awakening and then trying to leave."
The man continued to stare at Justin.
"I didn't know where I was. I felt the need to find out. Do I know you? You look familiar. Where am I?"
Justin smiled at him, the young man smiling back with a half-smile.
"You're in Upstate New York, in a small town called Oberson Falls. You've been here for quite some time. Doctor Chambers has been taking care of you." Justin said, calmly looking at the young man.
"For some time? How long? This isn't a hospital, I figured that out. Why am I in a home? Did I have an accident?"
The young man was looking concerned, Henry patting his hand.
"Remain calm, son. I'd like to ask you a few questions."
The young man nodded.
"What's your name? Where do you come from? How old are you?"
The young man closed his eyes, as if concentrating hard.
He opened them again, Justin staring into their greyness.
They seemed to be sparkling with light flashes of white.
"I don't know. I can't remember! What's wrong  with me? Am I dreaming?" he said, his voice sounding agitated.
"What's the last thing you remember?" Justin said softly, his hand rubbing the man's arm.
The young man seemed to calm down, closing his eyes.
"I remember lights. Being caught in bright lights as if the sun exploded in front of me."
Justin looked at Henry, Henry sighing.
"You were hit by a car in the middle of the night, son. You received massive head trauma and broken bones. You've been in a coma for over four years. I've been looking after you."
The young man looked shocked, then looked into Henry's eyes.
He raised his hand, touching Henry's cheek.
A tear fell down Henry's cheek, the young man looking at him quietly.
"It was an accident. I don't blame you or her. It was fate and destiny working in the darkness of night. You saved my life."
Both men looked shocked, the young man turning and looking at Justin.
"I remember seeing you on a roadside. It was dark and you were holding me."
Justin nodded, smiling at him.
"Yes, Joe. I did hold you and try to help you."
"Joe? Is that my name?"
Henry smiled.
"We didn't know your name, son. I decided on Joe just to make you more real."
Joe smiled, looking at both men.
"I am real. I sense that. I just don't know who I am. What day is it?"
"It's Sunday, Joe. October eleventh." Justin said, the young man laying back against the pillows.
"Why can't I remember who I am, Doctor?"
Henry looked at him with tender care.
"You had massive head trauma, son. You sustained some hard knocks. You probably have amnesia. Your memories should return."
The young man nodded.
"You have no idea who I am? Please tell me everything."
Henry smiled, patting his arm.
"I'll let Justin tell you all that we know. I'll get breakfast started. Let's see if we can get you to eat something." Henry smiled, standing up and walking quietly out of the room.
The young man's eyes returned to Justin's face, staring at him.
Justin smiled, beginning to talk quietly, the young man listening to everything.
At times, his eyes widened a bit or he let out a small gasp.
At the end, Justin quietly looked at him.
"I don't remember any of that. Other than you holding me and the part about the lights. I sensed in Doctor Chambers that he was the one who hit me. I don't fault him for something beyond his control. I need to thank him for looking after me all these years."
Justin smiled, seeing his caring heart in the young man's eyes.
The young man looked at Justin.
"Thank you also for trying to help me, Mr. Timberlake."
"It's Justin. And you're welcome."
The young man smiled, Justin lost in the way it made his face more beautiful.
Then the young man's face changed, worry etched in his looks.
"How do I remember who I am, Justin? How do I go on without knowing that?"
Justin ran his hand up the young man's arm, the young man tearing up.
Justin pulled him up, the young man laying against Justin's chest.
"You go on, day by day. Each day a new day." Justin said, holding the young man against him.
The young man backed up a bit, laying back down, wiping his eyes.
"I know who you are, Justin. I remember your music. What's a big star like you doing here with me?"
Justin smiled, the door of the room opening.
Trace, Shelly and Cynthia entered the room, all three smiling, Shelly carrying a tray with a bowl on it.
"Henry said our patient was up and needed sustenance." she smiled, Joe quietly looking at her.
"Hello, Joe. I'm Shelly. This is my daughter, Cynthia, and Justin's friend, Trace."
"Hello." Joe said softly, staring quietly at all of them.
"They're friends, Joe. They've all tried to help you." Justin said, smiling.
"Thank you." Joe said, the three smiling and replying their welcomes.
Joe was staring at Cynthia.
"Do I know you?"
She smiled, wheeling up to the bed.
"You're my guardian angel, Joe. You saved my life."
Joe looked shocked, Justin smiling at him.
"Here, Joe. You try and eat some of this food Shelly has, and while you do that, Cynthia can tell you her story."
Joe nodded, Shelly smiling and putting the tray across his legs.
Justin helped the young man sit up more, handing him a spoon.
A large bowl of porridge and a glass of orange juice were on the tray.
"Henry says soft food is best until your stomach settles. You've been living off of intravenous liquid for quite some time. You need to build up your strength."
He nodded, taking a small spoonful and swallowing it.
He smiled, taking more.
Everyone settled into chairs, Cynthia telling her story.
Joe's eyes widened in surprise when she explained about his role in her rescue.
"I don't remember any of that, but I do remember something in the back of my mind about a car on fire. It must be that." he said, rubbing his head.
"Have a headache, Joe?" Justin said, still sitting on the bed.
"A little one. I guess I'm concentrating too hard on trying to remember everything."
"Just relax, my friend. Let me get rid of this tray and you can lay back and rest." Justin said, lifting the tray up, Trace taking it.
The young man settled back, sighing.
At that moment, Justin's cell phone went off in his pocket, Justin smiling and pulling it out.
"Hello, Justin. It's Jessica."
Justin looked at the young man and blushed.
He quietly walked out of the room and shut the door.

"Why haven't you called me back? Are you still brooding?" Jessica said, Justin leaning against the wall.
"No. I've put that out of my mind. I've been a bit busy since yesterday."
"Are you still stranded in that hokey town, Justin?"
"I wouldn't say I'm stranded. And it's not hokey. Trace and I are staying in a nice place, a woman and her daughter giving us a place to stay. We're doing fine."
Jessica mind was mulling over what she just heard.
A daughter?
"When are you coming back to New York? I understand that it's pointless now to go to my Mom's. I'm free tomorrow and Tuesday. How about you come here and we'll be together?"
"Actually Jess, I'm planning on staying right here. I'm right in the middle of something here, meeting new friends. Tray and I are going to wait till the car's fixed then come back. Okay?"
"Alright, Justin. You're not doing this because you're mad at me, are you?"
"No, Jess. I'm not mad at you. Disappointed, perhaps, but not mad. Right now, I'm okay. I have a fascinating story to tell you. I've met someone quite remarkable."
Jessica remained quiet, thinking in her mind.
"Okay, Justin. I miss you. I need to see you. I love you."
"I love you too, Jess. I'll talk to you in a few days."
Justin disconnected the call, walking back into the bedroom.

Jessica sat in her bedroom at her vanity table, her mind on Justin's call.
He's met someone remarkable?
He's in a woman's home?
Was he with another woman?
Was Justin cheating on her?
She folded her arms, staring towards her own bed.
The form laying there was half-covered, Jessica hearing his soft snoring.
She looked at his youthful smooth chest.
They'd planned this all.
Their secret rendevous.
Justin being sent on a fraudulent mission.
She looked at the young man, sighing.
He was beautiful, he was so masculine.
Being with him took her breath away.
He was a tiger in bed–the last eight hours full of erotic pleasure.
But he wasn't Justin.
He didn't have Justin's fame, or Justin's power.
She walked over to the bed, looking down at the young man's muscular chest.
He'd told her everything.
His desires and his needs.
And he'd given her what she needed.
She smiled, running a hand across his chest.
The young man moved, his blue eyes opening.
"Morning, lover." she said softly.
"Good morning, my beauty." he said, rising up to sit up.
"You need to get dressed. I'm leaving in a while."
"Leaving? Where are you going? I thought we had all day?" he said, his hand going under her dressing gown.
She moaned a little, looking into his blue eyes.
"I have to go. Justin's up to something. I don't like leaving him on his own, with little groupies around him."
"Jealous, are we? What would he say if he found me in your bed?"
"He wouldn't really have that much to say, now would he? After all, you crawled into his bed also."
Brandon Diablo smiled.
"Come back to bed and let's have some fun. Or, if you don't want to, maybe I'll give Lance a call."
Jessica shook her head.
"You're such a slut."
"And you're a bitch. That's why we go so well together."
"Yes, but I don't let men use me."
Brandon smiled, his lips kissing her neck.
"What do you call this?"
"I call this fun time. I get what I want, and then you get what you want. I'm sure you can call the waiter up again and you two can play to your hearts' content."
"Oh, I don't know. I remember you watching and enjoying us."
Jessica remembered the two men taking her again and again the night before last.
It had been Brandon's idea, Brandon needing a man's desires as well.
She knew that Brandon lusted after Justin, having confessed his indiscretion with him.
Brandon was trying to convince her to lure Justin into their bed together.
She would have none of it.
She owned Justin.
She wouldn't let anyone else have him.
And she'd made sure Brandon knew that.
She didn't trust him, compiling her own little file on him.
Yes, she'd have to keep her eye on him.
He'd been too open in his desires.
If it came to blackmail, so be it.
She knew he valued his new career too much to risk it.
She rose up, going to her closet.
He sighed, laying back on the bed.
He picked up the phone, calling for breakfast, asking for Manuel personally.

Simus sat quietly outside the chamber, waiting.
Beside him sat Cory Hamilton.
"Why can't I go in, Simus?"
"We've gone over this. You are not a Dragos. Nor have you been summoned by a member of the One Council."
Cory nodded, sitting quietly beside the older man.
"And why have you been summoned?"
"That I do not know. Only that I have been summoned."
Cory looked for a moment at the ring on Simus' left hand.
He'd been thunderstruck the day he'd seen it glowing.
A beacon of destiny, Simus had called it.
Simus had said it was a notice that he was being summoned before the Council.
Simus had hastily explained to Cory his family's heritage.
Cory had taken a leave of absence from the police force, joining with this remarkable man.
For both of them were on a mission.
A mission to find Jolan and his family.
And now they stood here in the waiting hall before the One Council chamber.
They were in London, England.
The main city for the Council's meetings.
The door to the waiting hall opened.
Two men walked into the room, both walking with nobility and ease.
Cory saw the rings upon their left hands, and their grey eyes.
"Hello, Simus." one man said, looking to be the oldest.
"Hello, Morgan. Hello, Calen. My brothers." Simus said, the two bowing and then looking at Cory.
"It has been some time, Simus. Where is Joel?"
"You need only feel our connection to know Joel is still missing." Calen said, Simus nodding towards him.
"You haven't found him, Simus? Are you losing your touch?" Morgan said.
"I have not lost my touch. I am on his trail."
"Time grows short, brother. The equinox is soon upon us. You know what is at stake here."
"Yes, I know. He shall be found. And the sacred ring."
"Tolmar was a fool to entrust it to Joel. That boy's been nothing but a fool all his life. I, as the oldest, should have worn it."
"The Council decides as it must. They have that right." Simus said, his older brother staring at him, and then at Cory.
"Who is this? What is his purpose here?"
"He is my friend. He's helping me seek out Joel. And his family."
The two men stared at Simus.
"You seek folly, Simus. You know my son Krayos is ordained to do this. All we need is the sacred ring." Morgan said, glaring now at his brother.
"Just because he is the oldest sired progeny that does not make him the One."
Morgan stared for a moment, then sat down, Calen sitting down beside him.
Cory had quietly watched the meeting, sensing animosity among these three brothers.
The room hung in silence until the door of the Council chamber opened.
A man dressed in a black suit walked out, bowing to the men.
"The Council awaits you three." he said, bowing again.
The three men stood, Morgan walking forward first.
Simus sighed, looking quickly at Cory.
"I shall not be long. Wait here." he said, Calen giving a quiet look towards the young man.
The three walked into the chamber, the black-suited man closing the door, sitting down on a chair beside it.
Cory looked at the door, a sense of brooding trouble echoing from its surface.
It echoed into his heart.

Simus, Morgan and Calen stood before three men.
The three men were seated on an elevated platform behind a large table.
All three sat in high-backed chairs, looking down upon them.
They wore black robes.
"Welcome, brothers of the Dragos lineage." the central man said.
All three brothers bowed, the men behind the table nodding.
"Why have you summoned us here, Tolmar?" Morgan said, an edge of resentment in his voice.
'The days are waning fast. The sun has risen."
The three men looked stunned.
"No, it cannot be!" Calen said, his voice sounding loud and awed.
"It is so. It appeared last night, on his twenty-first birthday. The true one now walks in its sunshine."
Morgan glared up at them.
"My son is that man! Not some other fool!"
Tolmar, the head councilor, looked down at the man.
"You were the fool to think it was that easy, Morgan. This man is on a path of destiny. He shall come before us when the time is at hand. Through events, his destiny shall be fulfilled. For the sun shall rise over the blue water. The treasure shall be found and the Dragos family shall be strong again."
Morgan glared at the Council, and then at his two brothers.
"You are all fools to think I'll allow this to happen! My son shall have his birthright! He shall lead the family! But not with superstitions and mysticism! But with power and strength! I declare that this day, I declare this truth!"
Morgan stormed out of the room, his brothers watching him leave, the door slamming behind him.
Tolmar looked down at Simus and Calen.
"Your brother walks with doubt in his heart, Simus. A careful hand shall be needed henceforth Watch all those around you, for the One must prevail."
Simus nodded, looking at Calen.
"So it is not Krayos?" Calen said to Simus.
"No, Calen. I believe with all my heart it is Joel's son."
Calen nodded, kneeling before Simus.
"Find him, Simus. And give him my allegiance. I and my family swear to his protection."
Simus nodded, helping his brother up.
Tolmar looked down upon both of them.
"It is not through family allegiances that the One shall prevail. It is through the treasure found in the heart of history. Seek him out, Seeker. Find him and bring him home. The time is nearing. The time of Snow and Truth."
Simus nodded, bowing to the Council, Calen at his side.
"Word of warning, Simus. There is a deep hurt surrounding the Sun child. A deep painful hurt. The warmth of that sun doesn't touch it. The child needs to be made whole before the truth can pass. Now go forward with your family's heart."
The three councilors vanished.
The two brothers walked out of the empty chamber.

Justin spent the day with Joe, remaining at his side.
They quietly talked, the young man remaining in bed.
The others in the household saw the friendship developing between these two young men.
Trace felt in his heart that it might be something more.
He remained silent, waiting for Justin to open his heart.
Joe ate more food at lunch, his appetite ravenous.
Henry saw no side effects showing from the young man's ordeal.
He was amazed at the speedy recovery the boy seemed to be having.
Henry had watched as Joe stood up, his legs stronger now.
Justin had been by his side, walking with him when Joe walked to the end of the hall and back to the bed.
Henry saw that the boy's equilibrium was normal, and his body seemed stronger.
"You're totally healed, Joe. It truly is a miracle." Henry said, the young man back in bed.
"Then can I get up and walk around soon?" he asked, Henry smiling.
"How about coming downstairs for supper?"
The young man grinned, it was only matched by Justin's grin.
Henry left the two alone, Joe relaxing in bed again, Justin sitting in an overstuffed chair beside the bed.
"I don't need a babysitter, Justin. I'm sure there's something better you could be doing?"
"Not at all. I'm just relaxing here in this quiet little village. I'd be bored with nothing to do. Or someone like you to talk to. I've heard all Trace's stories."
Joe chuckled, Justin smiling at him.
"Trace is lucky to have a good friend like you."
Justin smiled at Joe, the two quietly looking at each other.
"Trace has been my friend since were kids, he's my best friend."
"Do you know your best friend is in love?" Joe said, Justin laughing.
"Yes, it's pretty obvious, isn't it?"
Joe smiled a half-smile, looking at Justin.
"And what about yourself? Are you in love?"
Justin looked at Joe, the young man's eyes lowering.
"I'm with someone, someone nice. She's a actress. I don't know if you know her. Her name is Jessica Biel."
"No sorry, the name doesn't ring a bell. So you've found love?"
Justin remained quiet, the question creating a silence between the two.
"Why are you here, Justin?" Joe said, breaking the silence.
Justin looked quietly at him, then sighed.
"Because I met a young man in terror. A young man who needed someone to help him. I saw in your eyes fear, hurt and deep need. You entered my heart that night out on that highway. I felt I needed to do all I could to help you. And I want to know what's behind those eyes, those grey eyes of a lost soul. I see now a look of confusion and need there, Joe. I want to help you find yourself."
Joe teared up, Justin getting up and sitting on the side of the bed, putting his arm around him.
"I am a lost soul, Justin. I don't know who I am, or where I come from. I might not be who you think I might be."
Justin remained silent, Joe resting his head on Justin's shoulder.
"What if I'm a fugitive, or a criminal? What if I've done something terribly wrong? Maybe that's what I was running from."
Justin tightened his hold on the young man, Joe sighing.
"I  refuse to believe that, Joe. I think you're a highly intellectual, giving, loving young man. I refuse to believe anything else."
Joe lifted his head, looking up at Justin.
"Thank you for wanting to be my friend, Justin."
Justin smiled, those kind words touching his heart.
"I like you Joe. I think you and I could be great friends."
Joe smiled more now, Justin smiling back.
The two remained together, Joe asking Justin about his music, Justin filling him in on all his life's changes.
They talked for about an hour, Joe's eyes slowly closing.
"You're tired, my friend. I think you need a nap."
Joe nodded, yawning, Justin moving off the bed.
Joe laid back in the bed, Justin pulling a blanket over his body, up to his waist.
Joe smiled, snuggling into the pillows.
"Thanks, Justin."
Justin smiled, quietly walking out of the room, Joe's eyes closing.

Justin walked into the kitchen, Shelly at the stove, Henry at the table reading a paper.
He looked up, smiling.
"I take it our patient is asleep again?"
Justin nodded, sitting down across from the doctor.
"Yes, he's asleep."
Shelly smiled, bringing Justin a glass of iced tea.
Justin thanked her, Shelly sitting down with them.
"Where are Trace and Cynthia?"
"They've gone back to my place, bringing your bags back here." Shelly said, Justin looking at her.
"Henry and I thought it best that you stay here, Justin. Joe needs you here. The boy's taken quite the shining to you, son. You're being a lot of support for him." Shelly said, Justin smiling.
"He's so easy to like. So down to earth. He's also so confused. How can we help him, Doc?"
"Well, Justin, I truly believe he does have amnesia. That's a hard thing to rectify. It basically comes down to the patient recovering his memory. Ridding his mind of the wall blocking his memories." Henry said, Justin nodding his head.
"The blanket of darkness covering his life."
Henry and Shelly looked puzzled, staring at Justin.
"Remember how Joe asked me to come back for him... to bring him out of the darkness. I think that's why I'm here. In some way I am here to help Joe remember himself."
Shelly put her hand on Justin's arm.
"I truly hope you're right, Justin. I think whatever's buried in his mind is tragic, painful and even dangerous. But I believe in my heart that you can help him through it all. More people gather strength from those that love them."
Justin blushed.
Henry smiled, patting his other arm.
"It's alright, Justin. Shelly and I have been given hearts of love. It's easy to see love all around us. We both see it in your eyes."
"I... I don't know what to say."
Shelly smiled.
"It's alright, son. God gave us all a heart of love. And we all give that love to those that capture our hearts. But Henry and I need to tell you something, Justin."
Justin nodded, listening quietly to her soft voice.
"Joe's been through hell, Justin. You know of what we speak. Of what happened to him before that accident. Of what Henry and I told you. We don't think he needs to know of that right now. I think he'll remember it soon enough. Can you be strong for him then, Justin? When he remembers that hell?"
Justin teared up, looking at both of them.
"I have to be. I swore to myself that I'd always be there for him. I'll be there when he'll need me the most."
Both older people smiled, Shelly patting his arm again.
"Enough said, Justin. Enough said. Well, I need to get back to my cooking."
Justin smiled at her, then looked at Henry.
"Are there any doctors that can help Joe? With his amnesia?"
"Well there is a very good post trauma center in New York City. They've been doing wonders with post traumatic stress. I know they've been deeply involved in amnesia related trauma. You could take him there. Let me call Dr. Withers in Utica, he can refer us to someone."
"Let's do it, Henry. I want to do all I can to help him. Money isn't an object."
"Alright, son. I'll call him first thing tomorrow morning."
Justin smiled, getting up again.
"I'm going to take a nap as well, call me when it's getting towards supper time. I'll help Joe come downstairs."
Henry nodded, Justin walking out of the kitchen.
Henry looked over towards the stove, Shelly smiling at him.
"Ain't love grand, Shell?"
She smiled, walking over and kissing him tenderly on the lips.
"Yes, love will be such a surprise for both of them."
Henry smiled, then laughed, Shelly laughing as well.

Trace and Cynthia returned around five o'clock.
Cynthia went into the kitchen with her mother, Trace walking upstairs to awaken Justin.
Justin stirred when his friend shook his shoulder.
"Up and at 'em, sleepyhead! I swear, Timberlake, you have to be related to Rip Van Winkle! You can sleep forever!"
Justin yawned, stretching his legs, and reluctantly climbing out of bed.
He rubbed his eyes, Trace smiling at him.
Trace's eyes were on Justin's center.
"Have a nice dream, Jus?"
Justin's eyes lowered, seeing the tent in his pants.
Justin quietly blushed, looking at his friend, Trace's hand going to his shoulder.
"Something you want to tell me, Jus?"
Justin looked into Trace's loving, calm eyes.
Trace remained quiet, waiting for Justin to talk.
Trace saw the tears letting go in Justin's blue eyes.
Before Justin could speak, Trace dropped his own bombshell.
"Cynthia and I are in love, Justin. She's moving to New York."

End of Chapter 5

And so Justin's heart may now be opening.
Seems Shelly and Henry saw it plainly.
Did all of you?

Who are the Council?
What is their part in all this?
Will Justin be there when Joe's past is revealed?
What's Jessica going to do about all this?

Lots more to come.
Read on with hope and love.

Hugs, Angel.


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