Jolan's Path - Chapter 50


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 50


Jolan stared at the young woman sitting beside him.
"You know me, Miss Spears?" he softly said, her hand going to his shoulder.
"The cameras don't do your beautiful face justice, Jolan."
Jolan looked confused, Britney smiling at him.
"I saw your news conference with Justin. You're in the media spotlight now, Mr. Dragos."
Jolan nodded, smiling at her shyly.
"I guess I'll never get used to the beaming light of fame. Miss Spears." he said, Britney laughing lightly, a wide smile on her face.
"Heroic, handsome and polite. It's just Britney, Jolan."
Jolan smiled at her, seeing her face change.
"How is Justin doing? I read about the drama with Brandon Diablo. Is Justin okay?" She said, Jolan seeing the genuine concern in her blue eyes.
"He's fine. He wasn't hurt or anything."
She nodded, looking down at her sons.
Both looked up at her for a moment, young Sean then looking at Jolan.
Jolan smiled at the young boy, the young boy moving and climbing into Jolan's lap.
"Hi!" he said, Jolan chuckling, Britney looking on in surprise.
"Hello, Sean. You like your new tiger? What shall we call him? How about Lofty? I think it's only fitting since you went to such heights to get him."
The boy smiled widely, looking at the tiger in his hands.
"Wofty! Kiss Wofty!" the boy said, lifting the tiger to Jolan, Jolan kissing the tiger's head.
Jolan smiled, the little boy giggling.
His brother laughed as well, clapping his hands together in his mother's lap.
"My word! Seany never goes to strangers like that. You truly must be sweet if he's taken so easily to you."
Jolan smiled, the other man standing beside them smiling as well.
"We should get going, Britney. This isn't a good place to be, people are talking and still watching. Cameras will be here soon, if not already." Charlie said, Jolan seeing his eyes scanning the store.
Britney nodded, looking up at him.
"Have both baskets of groceries put on my account, Charlie. Put Jolan's stuff in the back of his car. I'll help him to the SUV."
Jolan began to speak, Britney patting his shoulder.
"It's the least I can do for your saving Sean." She said, staring at him.
Jolan nodded, remaining quiet.
Britney stood up, her youngest son in her arms.
"Get down now, Sean. We're going now, sweetie."
The young boy nodded, climbing off Jolan's lap, Jolan standing up.
He instantly felt the pain in his ankle, his face grimacing again.
"Lean on my shoulder, sir. It's not that far." the store manager said, walking up to them again.
Jolan smiled at him, the man guiding him forward, Britney and the kids walking ahead of them, heading for the exit.

Jolan sat in the passenger seat of a large black Cadillac SUV, Britney driving.
The two kids were in the backseat, both sitting in car seats.
Charlie drove behind them, driving Justin's convertible.
Jolan smiled, looking in the rearview mirror, seeing the man smiling.
"I think Charlie's in heaven."
Jolan glanced at the young woman, Britney's eyes remaining on the road.
Jolan fell silent for a moment, sensing something.

He sensed immediately what was bothering her.
"So. You still care deeply for Justin?" he said, looking ahead.
Britney's eyes went to his face, a look of surprise on her face, Jolan's eyes meeting hers.
She turned her eyes back to the road, Jolan quietly watching her.
"Justin and I haven't been close for some time, Jolan."
"You don't have to be close to still feel love for someone. That love you once shared can't just disappear. Justin told me about some of your relationship."
Britney's eyes looked at him, Jolan softly smiling.
"I'm sure he did. And I'm sure he glorified me as the bitch that I am!"
Jolan stared at her, Britney's eyes quickly moving back to the road.
She suddenly felt unsure of herself.
She had seen something strange in those grey staring eyes.
She had almost thought she'd seen them softly glowing with love.
She felt a hand go on top of hers, her hand laying on top of the gearshift.

She turned, seeing that soft glow in those grey eyes again.
"He never said any such thing. He only told me that the two of you broke up due to your making a mistake."
Britney's head lowered for a moment, the car slowing down, her eyes going back to the road.
"I cheated on him, Jolan. I hurt him deeply. He had every reason to hate me, and to leave me. We've barely spoken since. And that was a long time ago."
Jolan nodded, Britney quietly looking at him.
"Justin is my friend. I've only known him for a short time. but in that time I've come to see the wonderful, caring, loving man he is. He doesn't hate you, Britney. I don't think Justin could hate anyone."
Britney stared at him in wonder.
"I think you're too trusting, Jolan. People change. I changed."
Jolan smiled at her, Britney seeing the calmness in that smile.
"Our lives change as destiny guides us. But the person we are inside doesn't change unless we let it. Justin hasn't changed, he's still the innocent, trusting man you knew as a friend, and then as a lover. And I feel you're the same also."
Jolan watched her eyes meet his, Jolan seeing a glistening behind the blueness.
"Justin and you need to talk, Britney. That friendship you both had once is still there. I feel it in both of you. I think both of you need to get past the hurt. I know it still lays in Justin's heart. I don't think he can truly be happy until he and you both come to terms with it."
Britney stared at him, not believing the man had said that.
"You truly believe that?"
Jolan smiled at her, Britney softly smiling.
She saw the light of love and friendship in his eyes.
"Yes I truly do. And in time Justin will as well. As I now see you are starting to."
Britney blushed, Jolan smiling, the two driving the rest of the way in silence.
In the comfortable silence of a budding friendship.
And Britney sensed Jolan was giving her that silence to look into herself.

Britney drove the SUV down the street of Justin's gated home.
"Word of warning, the paparazzi are waiting outside Justin's house." Jolan said, Britney nodding.
"No worries, if you'll notice these windows are deeply tinted. Just keep them closed. Charlie will be the only one exposed." she said, her eyes now picking up the vans parked along the street.
"I don't want to warrant you unneeded publicity, Britney. Your being here at Justin's will set the gossip columns on fire." Jolan said, Britney smiling at him.
"Screw the gossip columns! It's not every day I get to bring a hero home!" she said, Jolan softly blushing.
She smiled, looking quietly at him.
This man was so unique.
Embarrassed by being in the spotlight but so giving to others.
She sensed that Justin had found a wonderful friend.
Britney's mind thought on her own life, wishing she'd had that kind of friend herself.
Her life had been glamorous but fodder for the tabloids and trash magazines.
She was tired of the constant intrusion in her life.
She longed for stability and normalcy.
And a friend like Jolan.
Jolan's hand patted hers again, the young man smiling at her.
"You have that friend now."
She stared at him, Jolan looking back at the kids.
Both young boys were snoozing in their seats, Sean's arms wrapped around his tiger.
Jolan smiled, Britney smiling at him.
"Here we go." he said, their SUV suddenly surrounded by paparazzi.
Britney continued to drive, the vehicle caught in the flashing lights of igniting cameras.
Jolan heard muffled talk, the media now realizing who was in the car behind the tinted glass.
Britney drove forward, Jolan picking up her cell phone.
Jolan called the house, Josh answering.

"Hello, Timberlake residence. Josh here."
"Hey, Josh. Can you let us in?  The press have us surrounded."
"Us? Who's with you? And yeah, I'll hit the gates." Josh said, looking at Justin, everyone now out at the pool.
"I've had a little trouble, Josh. Can you meet me at the front door?"
"Sure thing, Jolan. Everything okay?"
"Everything's fine. Don't worry Jus, I'm okay."
Josh said okay, punching in the access code for the front gates, closing off the phone.
He looked towards Justin again, he and Jennie swimming in the pool, Chace sitting on the pool's edge.
"Be right back guys." Josh said, Chace nodding, smiling at him.
Josh smiled back, his lover's slim smooth body disappearing into the pool again.
Josh grabbed his shirt, his bronzed chest disappearing under it.
Josh sensed that something was wrong.

The gates opened slowly, Britney's SUV moving forward, the paparazzi reluctantly letting her vehicle move.
The two cars moved through the gates, Britney driving up the circular driveway, Charlie following behind with the convertible.
Britney pulled up to the front door, seeing Josh standing on the doorstep, the front door open.
She stopped the car, shutting off the engine.
"Stay there, Jolan. I'll get Josh to help you."
Jolan nodded, Britney climbing out of the vehicle.
Josh stood on the front step staring in shock at the blonde head he saw coming into view.
"Britney?" he said, the young woman walking around the vehicle, standing in front of him.
She smiled at him, pulling her old friend into a hug.
"Hello, Joshy." she said, hugging him tighter.
Josh hugged her back, his mind filled with confusion.
"What in God's name are you doing here?"
"Jolan's had a little accident, I drove him home."
Britney walked over to the SUV, opening the passenger door.
Josh saw Jolan climb out, his face showing a pained look.
"Are you alright, Jolan?" he said, his voice filled with concern.
"Just a sprained ankle, I believe. I just need to soak it." he said, his hand going to Josh's shoulder.
Charlie had come around the vehicle, standing beside it.
"Charlie, watch the boys. I'll just be a few minutes." Britney said, Charlie nodding.
"Thanks for driving the car home, Charlie." Jolan said, smiling at him.
The man smiled back, nodding his head.
"No problem, Jolan."
Josh put his arm around Jolan giving him support, Britney's arm going around him as well.
Jolan was guided up the few steps, hobbling into the house.

"There, all comfy?" Britney said, sitting beside Jolan on the living room couch, Jolan's foot on an ottoman.
"Yes, thanks." Jolan said, smiling at her caring.
Josh stood in front of them, Britney smiling up at him.
"It's been a while, Joshy."
"Yes, Brit. Quite a while."
Jolan watched both of them, sensing their uncomfortable stances.
"Britney's been a great help." Jolan said, Britney looking at him with surprise.
"Help? Me? My God, Jolan! You've done so much more!"
Josh looked confused, their words silenced by someone's voice outside the room.
"Is Jo home, Joshy? And whose car is that outside?" Justin said, walking into the living room, his arm around Jennie.
Justin stopped, his eyes zeroing in on the woman sitting with Jolan.
Chace stood behind Justin, his eyes looking at Britney as well.
Justin stood in silence, staring at her.
"Hello, Justin." she said softly, her blue eyes staring at him.
Jennie's eyes were on her for a moment, then shifting to her brother.
She saw his foot up on the ottoman.
"Are you hurt, Jolly?" she said, rushing across the room, beside him in a heartbeat.
Those words broke Justin's concentration.
Jolan was looking right at him.
"I'm fine, Jennie. Just a sprained ankle. I had a little accident."
Justin still remained where he stood, staring at his lover.
"I'm okay, Jus. Nothing to worry about." Jolan said, Justin nodding in silence.
His eyes returned to Britney.
"What's going on here? What are you doing here, Britney?" he said, his voice sounding harsh in the room's silence.
Britney stood up, her eyes on Justin.
"Jolan needed help getting home. I drove him here, my bodyguard drove your car back."
"Alright. He's home. You can leave now." Justin said, Britney lowering her eyes.
"Justin, that's not very nice. You're welcome to stay, Britney." Jolan said, looking at her, Justin looking at him.
"It's alright, Jolan. I need to get the boys back home. You're going to be okay?"
Jolan smiled at her, seeing her trying to smile.
"Yes, I am. Thank you for everything."
She smiled, leaning down and kissing his cheek.
"Thank you for what you did for my Seany."
Jolan smiled, nodding.
"Tell him to enjoy Lofty."
She smiled, taking a card out of her jacket pocket.
"Let's keep in touch. Here is my business number. It's been a pleasure meeting you, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, taking the card.
"Will do, Britney. And you, too."
She smiled, looking at Josh.
"Nice seeing you again, Josh. And you, too, Chace."
Chace smiled at her, nodding.
Josh hugged her as she walked past him, Justin remaining silent.
"Jolan's groceries are in the trunk of the car. You should bring them in, Joshy." she said, Josh nodding, looking at Justin.
Josh walked with her, meaning to follow her out to the car.
"Goodbye, Justin. It was nice seeing you again." Britney said, her eyes looking at him with hope.

Justin remained silent, his eyes looking away from her.
"Goodbye, Britney." Jolan said, his eyes watching her walk out of the room, her eyes looking once more on Justin before she left.
She sighed, walking quietly out of the room.

The moment she left, Justin walked over to Jolan, sitting by his side, looking into his grey eyes.
"Are you alright, Jo?"
"It's just my ankle, Jus. I twisted it when I landed."
"Landed? What the hell happened this morning? Why are your clothes soiled? And why do you smell like salsa?" Justin said, Jolan's eyes looking at him.
He quietly told Justin, Jennie and Chace what had happened.
Justin remained quiet, listening to his lover's tale of heroism, Jolan downplaying as usual what he'd done.
"You're quite the together guy, Jolan. That was a selfless thing you did, helping that child." Chace said, his face showing deep respect for the man.
"I saw someone in danger, Chace. I'd do it again for anyone. Regardless of who they or their parents are. I didn't even know it was Britney until after everything had happened." Jolan said, Justin looking away from him.
"I'm just glad you're alright, Jo." Justin said, Jolan looking at him calmly.
Justin's eyes lowered, Jolan taking his hand in his.
"That wasn't a very nice way to treat Britney, Jumpy. She was only being helpful."
Justin stood up, breaking their contact, looking down at Jolan.
"I don't want her in my house, Jolan. You had no right to bring her here."
"I didn't bring her here, Justin. She brought me."
Chace saw the look on Justin's face, concern crossing his.
"I don't care what happened. It's done, Jolan."
Josh walked into the living room, having put the groceries in the kitchen.
"She just left. The bags are in the kitchen. " he said, looking at Justin.
He saw the look on his friend's face, Chace walking up to him, his arm going around Josh.
"I think we should leave, Josh. This is private."
"You don't have to leave, guys." Jolan said, Jennie quietly looking at him.
Justin stood still, folding his arms.
"I don't want to talk about her, Jolan."
"You can't run away from your feelings, Jus. I know what's going on inside your soul. You have to talk to her again. What you've buried inside won't go away."
Justin stared at Jolan, everyone seeing a flash of anger cross his face.
"So you're reading my mind now, are you?"
Jolan stared at him, his grey eyes looking troubled.
"I would never do that, my love. I only have to feel your soul to know you haven't totally resolved your issues with her. Until you do that, I can't lay claim to all of your heart."
"So now you want to own me? Am I just something to possess?"
Jolan stared at his Justin, sensing the anger brewing in him.
"I will never own you, Jus. I will only ever love you."
Justin was not looking at him, Jolan's face a mask of determination.
"She needs us in her life, Justin. And it's time you forgave her."
Justin's eyes turned, Jolan staring into two blue pools of anger.
"You're not going to see her again. I forbid it."
Josh and Chace stared at both men, both now deeply worried.
Jennie's grey eyes were staring at Justin.
"You forbid it? The last time I checked I was able to pick my own friends!"

"You don't know her, Jolan. You don't know what she's like!"

Justin's voice had risen, the anger showing openly now.

"I think you're the one who has forgotten what she really is like. You're covering her friendship with hurt, Justin. It's time you stopped running from your past with her."

Justin glared at Jolan, Jolan staring at him.

"You're a good one to talk! At least I don't use amnesia as an excuse! At least I'm not a freak who can't face his past!"
Jolan's face dropped, Justin immediately sensing what he'd said.
Jolan's head lowered, tears beginning to fall.

Justin's voice stuttered, unable to form words, he then turned and walked out of the room.


Josh was beside Jolan in a heartbeat, his hand going to his shoulder.

"He didn't mean that, Jolan! He's angry and upset." Josh said with tenderness, seeing the tears now in Jolan's eyes.

Chace was beside them as well, his friendship there for Jolan also.

"Josh is right, Jolan. Justin's upset, that's all. Seeing Britney opened a lot of old feelings inside him. He'll calm down." Chace said, Jennie looking up at him.

They both saw the look of hurt in Jolan's grey tearing eyes, Jennie putting her arm around her brother, kissing his cheek.

The two looked at each other for a moment, Jennie then looking at the other two men.

Chace and Josh saw a determined look in her grey beautiful eyes.

"Help Jolan upstairs, guys. He needs to stay off that foot. I'm going to talk to Justin." Jennie said, standing up.

"I think he needs some time alone, Jennie. Justin needs to cool off." Josh said, softly smiling at her.

Jennie stared at him, Josh seeing her grey eyes filled with determination.

"Justin needs to face himself. And he needs to see what's really going on." she said, moving towards the door.

Josh and Chace exchanged looks, Josh's eyes turning to Jolan.

"I love him, Josh. Even though he's right." Jolan sobbed, Josh holding him as Jolan turned, crying into his chest.

Josh teared up himself, hearing the pain in Jolan's voice.

In his mind, he thought of his friend.

Oh, Jus. Don't take your pain out on him.

Right now he needs your love so much.

And you need his even more.

Don't hurt him with your love.


Justin lay in a chaise lounger on the patio, staring up into the noon sky, the sun beating down on him.

He heard footsteps, not moving.

"Please leave me alone, Josh."
"It's not Josh."

Justin turned his head, staring at Jennie standing a few feet away from him.

He couldn't look long, seeing the determined stare in her grey judging eyes.

He moved, sitting up on the lounger, his gaze not on her, Jennie looking quietly at him.

"I thought it would be Josh coming out to give me a lecture." he said, lowering his head.

"I asked Josh to help Jolan upstairs." Jennie said, the young girl moving, sitting down beside Justin.

Justin's head remained lowered, Jennie quietly watching him.

"Who are you really mad at Justin?"

Justin raised his head, Jennie staring into his blue tearing eyes.

"I'm mad at myself!"

Jennie nodded, understanding.

"It's not your fault, Justin. None of it was your fault."

Justin trembled, Jennie's hand going to his shoulder.

"Britney's leaving you wasn't your fault. She made a mistake. Not you."
Justin let out a sob, his head going into his hands.

"She couldn't love me! No one's ever been able to love me! Everyone leaves me. It's me! It's always been me!" he cried, Jennie's arm going around his back, rubbing his back.

"Now you know that's not true. My Jolly loves you. I see it so easily in his eyes. He's totally in love with you."

Justin raised his head, his eyes filled with tears.

"I hurt him, Jennie. I hurt my Wolfy!"

Jennie nodded, patting his back.

"Yes, Justin. You did hurt Jolly. But only with your words. Words can be taken back. He'll forgive you for what you said. His love will forgive you anything. But he won't forgive you for not being true to yourself."

Jennie kissed his cheek, Justin feeling her loving soul.

"Britney loved you, Justin. And yes, she made a terrible mistake. She didn't remain faithful to you. I know how much that must have hurt you. But I watched her today, in that room staring at you. She still loves you, but not in the same way. She still wants your friendship, Justin. Do you remember what it was like when both of you were just friends? Before love and romance changed that friendship?"
Justin nodded, his mind on the past.

"We were inseparable. We both found so much joy and happiness in just being friends. Then that changed into love. And we just couldn't make that work. We should have just remained friends."
Jennie smiled, Justin raising his head.

"I think you just realized the center of your pain, Justin." she said, seeing the look of surprise wash over Justin's face.

Justin stared into her grey eyes, Jennie remaining silent.

"I miss her friendship! I've been mad at her for destroying our friendship! Not for cheating on me, but for leaving me!"

"Yes, Justin. Jolly sensed that in you a long time ago. Your friend walked away from you, not your lover. You lost her friendship, not her love. If you search your heart, I'm sure you'll see that you never really had her true love. The two of you were too young, and unsure for the real truth of love to enter your hearts. There was too much friendship there."
Justin's eyes teared up again, Jennie hugging him against her, Justin crying into her chest.

"Oh, God! I've been such a fool. I've hated her for years, but for the wrong reason. For a reason that could have easily been fixed. I could have forgiven her and still had her friendship!" he cried, Jennie gently rocking him in her arms.

"She still loves you, Justin. And Jolly's right. She needs you in her life. And you need her."
Justin nodded, raising his head.

"Thank you, Jennie. Thank you for making me see what I've totally missed."
She smiled, then her face took on a serious look.

"Jolly's hurting, Justin. Please go to him. I feel his pain. He needs your love." she said, a tear running down her cheek.

Justin kissed her cheek, wiping the tear away from it.

"I'm sorry, Jennie. I never meant to hurt him. I lashed out at him instead of myself. Forgive me?"

"I love you, Justin. I'll forgive you for making a mistake. But please don't ever hurt Jolly. He loves you so much!" she said, Justin pulling her close.

"Never, my Jennie! I'll never hurt him intentionally! This was all a horrible mistake! And I'm going to fix it right now!"

Justin got up, rushing into the house.

Jennie smiled, rising up and slowly walking into the house.


Jolan lay quietly in bed, his foot resting on an elevated pillow.

Josh and Chace had made him comfortable, the two men leaving him alone to rest and to go put the groceries away.

Josh had volunteered Chace to make lunch, Chace smiling at him.

The two had left together, hands entwined, Jolan closing his eyes.

Laying in bed, Jolan's mind suddenly filled with a familiar voice.

He heard the bedroom door opening, his grey eyes opening.

He saw his Justin standing in the doorway.

Justin and Jolan's eyes met, their gaze one of intense truth.
Justin sobbed, Jolan opening his arms, Justin across the room in a heartbeat, Jolan's arms wrapping around him as he sat down on the bed.
Both felt their instant connection of love.
"I'm so sorry, Jo! I'm so sorry I hurt you with my anger!" he sobbed, Jolan holding him against him.
Jolan held him, feeling his lover's tenderness and deeply moving love.
"It's alright, Jus. I forgive you for what you said. Perhaps deep down there is some truth in what was spoken." Jolan said, Justin raising his head, seeing the tears in his lover's grey eyes.
"No there isn't, Jo! You are not a freak! I'm sorry I used those words to hurt you! You are the beautiful beast of my heart, and the love of my soul!"
Jolan saw the truth in Justin's blue pools of love.
"And what of that troubled soul, my angel? Have you come to terms with yourself?"
Justin smiled a soft smile, kissing Jolan's cheek.
"I think I've just realized what's happened here. It was you, wasn't it? Not Jennica but you who shone the light of truth in my soul. You guided Jennie to talk to me, didn't you? Even after I hurt you, you still loved me enough to show me the truth?"
Jolan lowered his eyes for a moment then raised them again.
Justin saw the love behind the tears falling down both cheeks.
"I love you, Jus. And I felt the hurt and truth in your soul of what Britney meant to you. She was your dearest friend, and you lost that friendship. That was due to the fact that the two of you tried to overtake that friendship with love and sex. It was never destined to be more than friendship. The hurt of infidelity clouded that friendship. You mistook a destroyed romance for lost friendship. Britney hasn't changed, Jus. She's still the same wonderful, loving, tender friend you once had. And I believe in my heart she wants that friendship again."
Justin nodded, hearing the truth in all of Jolan's words, Jolan's lips kissing his cheek softly.
"Josh told me briefly of Britney's struggles and tragic life since the two of you parted ways. She lost the guiding light of your friendship as well, Justin. And so I asked Jennie to talk to you, to try and make you see what was really going on here. That the two of you need to heal that friendship. And I think that needs to happen now."
Justin smiled at his lover, Jolan smiling a soft smile back.
"Your heart knows no limits, my angel. Thank you for doing this. You're right. I need Britney back in my life. She and I need to get past our hurt, and find that friendship again. Then my heart truly will be healed. And then your love can claim all of it."
Jolan softly blushed, Justin leaning in and kissing his lips, both feeling the instant connection to their love.
"I'm sorry I said those words, Jo. You have a claim to me. A claim of love. My heart and soul are yours and no one else's. I want you to possess me, to own me with your love."
Jolan teared up, tightening his hold on the man he loved more than life.
"I love you, Jo. Now and forever." Justin said, his tears falling on Jolan's chest.
"I know, Jumpy. I know."

The two held each other, Justin finally moving, looking at Jolan's foot on the pillow.
"Are you sure you're alright?"
"It's just my foot, love. It will be right as rain by tomorrow. Later, you can soak in the tub with me and rub it."
Justin smiled, that smile filling Jolan's heart with love.
"That's something we haven't done yet. Soaking in a tub of happiness."
Jolan chuckled, Justin lightly kissing him.
Justin's blue eyes staring into his grey orbs of love.
"Jennie and you have an instant connection, don't you? You both read each other's minds?"
Jolan lowered his eyes for a moment, realizing Justin had picked up on that truth.
"Yes, Justin. My sister and I are joined. Our magic acts as a beacon to each other's souls. We can contact each other through our thoughts."
Justin stared in awed wonder, Jolan's eyes staring at him.
"When you spoke those words in anger, her voice filled my mind. Her love wrapped around me, she telling me that all would be alright. That you would see the truth. And so I asked her to go to you, to show you what your soul didn't understand. And to show you that her and my love was still there. That love will always be there, Jus. No matter when and if we have differences or moments of turmoil, our love will always be there."
Justin teared up, his hand going to Jolan's cheek, brushing away the last of his tears.
"She told me you were on your way up, that you'd seen the truth in your soul."
Justin smiled, leaning forward again and kissing Jolan deeply this time.
Jolan felt the deep love--and soft passion--in that moving kiss.
"I have the most beautiful lover and the dearest loving sister." Justin said, Jolan smiling his Justin smile.
"And I need to do what must be done." Justin said, standing up and going to the nightstand, Jolan watching as he picked up the card laying on the stand.
Justin grabbed the cordless phone, sitting down beside Jolan in the bed, Jolan snuggling against him.
Justin hit the numbers, the receiver going to his ear.
"Hello? Could I speak to Britney please?"

"This is Tim Baxter standing in front of Justin Timberlake's home in a ritzy upscale neighborhood in Bel-Air, California. As you can see, the media has staked a claim to the area outside this posh mansion in hopes of finding out what's really going on in regards to this week's breaking news.
The LAPD are still on the hunt for singer Brandon Diablo, who has been charged with the attempted murder of Jolan Dragos.
The singer, as we well know, is a prodigy of Justin Timberlake's, the recording star creating Brandon's career.
Brandon Diablo tried to stab Jolan Dragos in an apparent confrontation in Justin's home early this week.
The hero of New York--as he's being called--suffered lacerations on his left hand and broken ribs in the altercation.
Police have issued a statewide search for the man, who fled the home.
Justin Timberlake issued a public statement the next day, few details resulting from that statement.
An apparent mystery has surrounded the man and his friends.
Rumors of his and Jessica Biel's relationship having ended have only added speculation to this drama.
Is there a triangle of love surrounding this drama?
Is Jessica the center of all this?
Earlier today an even more surprising event happened. Let's watch the tape."
The screen filled with video of Britney Spears' vehicle driving into Justin's home.
Even through the tinted glass, Britney's face--as well as Jolan's--could be easily seen against the background camera lights.
"As you can see, Britney Spears arrived at the Timberlake residence this morning, Jolan Dragos inside the vehicle as well.

Dragos had left the home earlier in a separate car, but returned with Britney. 

A short ten minutes ago, Britney Spears returned to the home, going again inside.

This is the first time in years that Britney has been seen around Justin.

Is there a rekindling of romance now that Justin seems to have shed Jessica?

Or is Britney Spears dating Jolan Dragos?

These questions and others will only be answered if Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake comes clean on what's going on. We'll remain here awaiting any new developments. Back to you, Mary, in the studios."

Jessica muted the television, tossing the remote on the coffee table.

"What are you doing around my man, you bitch?" she said to herself, leaning back on the couch she sat on.

She sat alone in her new apartment.

"Okay, Spears. What's your game?" she said quietly, tapping her fingers on her knee.

Jessica couldn't understand how all of this had suddenly exploded.

She had been certain Josh--or even the conniving Brandon--would have scared that man off by now.

She had been stunned by the news of Brandon's attack, not realizing the man was that far gone in his need for Justin.

To resort to murdering Jolan?

That had never been in her plans.

She had only wanted the young man taken out of the picture.

Scared off or bought off, it didn't matter..

She had sensed that perhaps Josh would have been mad enough to physically assault the young man, but Brandon had gone to the extreme.

And then she had seen the video of all Justin's friends going into the home, Josh shown as well.

Somehow Josh had changed his opinion of the young man, that Jessica was certain of.

She saw the look of friendship on Josh's face when that one reporter a few days ago had managed to talk to him.

Josh's words had spoken of his friendship now with Jolan, and his concern for the man's safety.

Jessica had thrown a vase of flowers against a wall on seeing that moment, realizing her plan had failed.

The man had fooled Josh as well, she thought.

She sat in silence, her mood somber.

"Where do I go from here?" she said to herself staring at the television, watching the muted entertainment show.

She had issued no statement in regards to her relationship with Justin, thankful that Justin hadn't released anything either.

The day the news broke of Brandon's incident, she had walked off her recent movie's set, holing up in her apartment, away from the relentless media attention.

She sat in silence, thinking about what the reporter had said.

The hero--the heroic Jolan Dragos.

A man with such a heroic heart, but also with a vacant empty mind.

She pondered that fact, her own mind thinking deeply.

She felt an instant revelation cross her mind.

"He doesn't know who he is!" she said, that comment bringing a large smile to her face.

She stood up, her mind flying over that revelation.

"And he doesn't know what he's done!"

She grinned, looking towards the phone.

She walked the short distance to the telephone stand, thumbing through her address book.

She found what she was looking for, dialing a number.

The phone rang a couple of times, someone finally answering.


"Yeah, who's this?"
"It's me, Jessica."
"Well holy shit! Long time no hear, honey!"
"Yeah, it's been a while, Marty. Listen, I've run into a little problem. Is Tess still living with you?"
"Yeah, me and her are shacked up still. Got us a pup and we're still going strong."
"How old is the child?"

"Little brat is over four now. A real fiery little spark!"
Jessica smiled, her mind running over all of it.

"Good, very good. I'm flying out there today. I have a proposition for you. I think we can do business again."
"Sweet. What's the game?"
"It's not a game, Martin. It's very serious. And it's well worth your while. I'll be there tomorrow morning."

She hung up the phone, a large smile crossing her face.

"I'm about to up the stakes, Dragos. Be prepared for some dawning reality."

She smiled, heading for her bedroom.



End of Chapter 50


And so Jolan's love is everywhere.

A rocky moment in his and Justin's relationship has ended.

Sometimes we lash out at those we love.

But love is as it is.


Britney seemingly has returned to Justin's home again, as the reporter mentioned.

Is another tense moment about to happen between her and Justin?

Or is Jolan going to be the uniting center of their returning friendship?


What is little Miss Jessica cooking up now?

Who was she talking to?

Seems the delusional woman won't give up in her quest for Justin's love.

Will she ever see where Justin's heart really lies?
Can Jolan survive another devious intrusion from her?


And where has the sinister Brandon disappeared to?

Being the author, I know all.

I just have to decide when I reveal it.


Keep reading, I might calm your need to know.


Hugs, Angel.