Jolan's Path - Chapter 51


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 51


Josh and Chace paced the marble foyer looking towards the closed French doors of Justin's living room.

"They've been in there for over an hour. I hope everything's alright." Chace said, his hand going into Josh's, his lover smiling at him.

"Well, we've heard no screaming or arguing. That can be taken as a good sign." Josh said, Chace nodding.

"Love makes no sound, it is silent between two hearts."

Both men turned on hearing the voice, staring at Jennie, the young girl seated on the bottom steps of the foyer's stairway.

She wore a calm expression, her grey eyes staring at them.

The three now waited in the foyer, awaiting the meeting going on in the living room.

Josh and Chace had both been shocked when they'd greeted Britney again at the front door an hour earlier.

"What are you doing here again, Brit?" Josh had said as he hugged her, Chace doing the same.

The young woman looked at both of them quietly.

Josh had seen on her face a look of clouded concern.

Their conversation was interrupted by another voice.

"I invited her, Josh."

The two men had turned, seeing Justin walking down the stairs, Britney's eyes staring up at him.

Justin walked across the foyer, smiling at his friends, his eyes centering on Britney.

"Thank you for coming so quickly, Britney." he said, the woman nodding.

"You sounded like you needed to speak to me right away. What you said concerned me."
Justin nodded, looking into her searching blue eyes.

"I didn't mean to worry you. This way, Britney. I think it's time you and I had a long overdue talk."
Josh and Chace exchanged glances, Britney nodding.

"Alright, Justin. I think you're right."

The two had walked across the foyer, walking into the living room, Justin closing the doors behind them.

Josh and Justin had made eye contact just before the doors had closed, Josh seeing a calm determined look in his best friend's blue eyes.

And he'd also seen a look of nervous hope embedded in those blue orbs.

And so here they now stood, an hour later, awaiting whatever was playing out inside the closed room.

Only two other people knew the depth of truth going on in that room.

That two former friends were now opening their souls to each other.



An Hour Earlier


The two looked at each other the moment the sliding doors closed.

Justin's hand went out, offering the woman a seat.

Britney sat down on the offered couch, Justin sitting down beside her, a space between them.

"Thank you for coming, Britney."
She looked at him, seeing the calmness in his body's stance, his blue eyes looking towards her.

"I was surprised by your call, Justin. By your reactions earlier today, I was certain that I wasn't welcome here."

"No, you were correct. You weren't welcomed here this morning. Seeing you in this room today totally surprised me. And at that moment the memories of our past flooded my soul. As did the anger I felt for you. An anger that I then took out on Jolan."

Britney's eyes went to the closed doors, her thoughts on the young man of courage she'd met.

Her eyes then returned to Justin's staring blue ones.

"It wasn't Jolan's fault that I came here, Justin. You didn't have to be angry at him."
"I know, Britney. Jolan told me that himself. Right before I hurt him."
Britney now felt worried for her new friend, staring into Justin's blue eyes, his hands going together.

"I was so angry with myself that I lashed out at him, hurting him with words I never thought I'd say to him. In his eyes I saw the effect those words had on him. I left this room in a fit of guilt and anger. I was angry at myself. For what I did to him, and for what I've been doing to you."

Britney's blue eyes looked at Justin's handsome face, seeing a falling tear now there.

"I've been treating you with anger, when I should have been talking to you."

She was totally surprised at Justin admitting that.

"Oh, Justin. Jolan was just trying to help. I know he felt the animosity between the two of us. I sensed the remarkable friendship and love behind those mesmerizing grey eyes. I've never met anyone so giving, so wanting to help. He was only trying to help us. And you and I have those feelings for a good reason."

"That is the man in essence, Brit. He is deeply giving, and deeply loving. He made me see the truth of why I was mad at you."
Britney's eyes lowered, Justin looking at her.

"You were mad at me because I cheated on you, Justin. Because I hurt you deeply. I destroyed the love you had for me."
Justin's hand went to her face, turning her eyes towards him.

"No, Britney. That wasn't the heart of it. I've finally realized why you cheated on me, Brit. It was because my love wasn't enough. Our love wasn't true love, was it?"

Britney's tearful blue eyes stared into Justin's blue orbs, seeing the truth in his reflecting soul.

"We were the best of friends, Justin. Our friendship was so solid. And then we both decided to test the limits of that friendship. We turned our hearts towards loving each other, with hopes of something greater developing. We both found out that what we hoped was there, in fact wasn't. I'm sorry, but you're right. You weren't enough, Jus. And it was never your fault."

Justin nodded, Britney seeing a softness of calming love in those familiar blue eyes.

"I know that now, Brit. The only thing truly loving there was our friendship.  Jolan made me see that I was mad at you for the wrong reason. Not for cheating on our love, but for leaving me. For robbing me of your friendship. I lost your friendship, Brit. In my heart, that was the greatest loss I'd ever felt. I didn't care that you looked towards someone else for the love and the desire you couldn't find in me. Your reasons for that, I now see, were justified. You didn't truly love me in all ways. In the sense of true love, I wasn't the man you needed. But I was the friend you needed. And the friend who needed you just as much. I lost your friendship, Brit! I lost our loving friendship!"
Justin was now crying, Britney pulling him against her, his head laying on her chest.

She instantly felt Justin's returning love, its beauty sinking into her heart.

She felt the old feelings of friendship burning in her soul for this remarkable loving man.

Not for the man she thought she had wanted to love, but for the friend she'd always loved.

Her tearing eyes went towards the closed door.

"Your friend truly is remarkable, Jus. He saw what both of us refused to see."
Justin's head raised, Britney smiling at him.

Her hand went to his face, wiping the tears off his cheek.

"I've missed your friendship so much, Jus! The beauty of your guiding friendship. I'm not trying to use that to justify my shambled life, but without your friendship my life has been so empty."
"Mine too, Brit. Deep in my heart I felt the loss of your loving friendship. Now, I would like it back."
Justin took Britney's hands in his, looking into her wet eyes.

"I'll forgive you, Britney. If you'll forgive me. We walked away from each other when we should have been loving each other as the friends we always were. I need you back in my life now. I need your friendship. And I want to give you my love again."

Britney cried, Justin wrapping his arms around her.

'I need you too, JuJu!" she said, Justin smiling at his old nickname.

"We need each other, Bitzy!"
They both laughed, smiling at each other.

"I've missed you so much, Britney. The hurt's finally gone. I only now feel your friendship."
She smiled, kissing his cheek, Justin seeing the same truth in her blue eyes.

"We have a lot to thank Jolan for, Juju. I sense him totally behind all of this. That's man's so remarkable!"
Justin smiled, looking into her blue eyes of renewed friendship.

"Yes he is, Britney. He's beyond giving, and his love is unbelievable."

Britney stared into her friend's eyes, seeing the pools of their blueness filled with love.

"There's a beautiful look of happiness in your eyes, Jus."

Justin smiled, his heart filled with that happiness as he opened up to his lost friend.

Justin felt in his heart he couldn't deny her the truth.

Britney saw a look of immense love cross his face, Justin's blue eyes staring into hers.

"I love him, Britney. And he loves me. It really is true love."


Josh and Chace were now sitting on both sides of Jennie, the three seated on the bottom steps of the stairs together.

"I wonder what's going on in there? It's gotten very quiet." Chace said, Jennie smiling at him.

"Love's going on, Chace. I feel Jolan's love." she said, Josh looking at her with a smile.

"Is our angel clairvoyant now?"

Jennie turned, looking into his blue eyes.

"I'm my brother's sister. His joining love echoes in my heart."
Josh looked surprised at her words, he and Chace exchanging glances.

"And what does that mean, angel?" Chace said, his words followed by a voice above them.

"She means my giving love she feels always." Jolan said, standing on the top steps.

Josh and Chace stood up, Jolan slowly walking down the steps, both men seeing his injured foot hadn't improved much, Jolan still limping a bit.

Jolan walked down all the steps slowly, his arm going around a standing Jennie.

"My Justin needs me." he said, walking towards the living room doorway, Jennie's arm still wrapped around him, giving him some support.

Josh and Chace joined hands, following.

Jolan stopped at the double doors, then slowly opened both of them.

The four walked in together, their eyes taking in the scene before them.

Britney was seated on the couch, Justin in her arms.

Justin was crying, his head laying against her chest, Britney stroking his back.

Jolan crossed the room with a slow limping gait, sitting down beside them.

Justin moved, going into Jolan's opening arms immediately, continuing to cry as Jolan held him.

"It's okay, Jumpy. It's okay." Jolan said, holding the man he loved in his arms, his hands now stroking his back.

Britney took in the scene now before her, Jolan's eyes meeting hers.

In those grey orbs Britney saw the depth of Jolan's love for Justin.

Her face changed into a wide loving smile.

"He started crying when I told him how happy I was for him. Now that he's found your love, Jolan."

Jolan smiled at her, Justin's head raising, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I told her everything, Wolfy! And she still loves me so much! I have my lost friend back, and I have you! I'm so happy!" Justin said, crying into Jolan's chest again, Britney's hand now on his back as well, gently rubbing it.

Josh and Chace stood in awed shock, seeing their friends' destroyed friendship now mended.

Jennie stood alone, a wide smile across her face.

Jolan and Britney both smiled at each other, the truth shining in both of their eyes.

"Justin is very lucky, Jolan. Your love is so unbelievable. It shows in so many ways." she said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Justin is very lucky. He has my love, and he has yours."
Britney smiled  widely, Justin breaking his hold on Jolan, looking up at his friends.

"I have my Britney back, guys! I have my friend again!" he said, his arm going around her, Britney smiling.

Josh and Chace both smiled, seeing Justin's obvious joy.

"That's wonderful, Jus. Welcome back into the circle,  Brit." Josh said, smiling widely.

Britney stood up, walking up to her old friend, hugging Josh tightly.

"It's like old times, Joshy! Like old times!"
The two grinned, Chace smiling at both.

"Almost Brit, almost. But things change. There's someone new in my life as well." Josh said, taking Chace's hand, the handsome young man smiling at him.

"Yeah Joshy, I know. You don't hide Chace's love as well as Justin hides Jolan's. I kind of figured that out this morning." she said, winking at Chace.

Josh blushed, Chace laughing and kissing his cheek, Josh smiling at Britney.

"Hey, you haven't been around Justin lately, Britney. He's like a lost puppy when Jolan's around." Chace said, Justin laughing, getting up and tackling the young man.

"My Jo's love I can't deny! And I ain't no puppy, bitch!" he said, laughing and tickling Chace, Britney and Josh smiling down at the two men wrestling on the floor.

Jennie moved with lightning speed, throwing herself on Justin's back.

Justin laughed, feeling her tickling fingers.

"Ah! Letting loose your little groupie on me, Crawford! Well she loves you so much, let her have you!" Justin said, flipping the young girl over gently, Jennie now landing on top of Chace, Justin laughing wildly.

"Kiss your little girlfriend, Chacy!" Justin snickered, Josh smirking above them.

Justin got up, smiling at Josh and Britney, Jennie laying still on top of Chace, her face blushing red, looking up at them.

"Aw, ain't that sweet, Jus? Jennie's got a crush on Chace!" Josh giggled.

Her blush deepened, her eyes not looking towards Chace.

"I. . .I do not. .." she softly said, her cheeks red with embarrassment.

She suddenly felt a set of moist lips gently kissing her cheek.

She turned, staring into Chace's beautiful blue eyes.

"Her love I feel with great joy. She's my little angel. And my friend." he said, Jennie softly smiling.

Both looked up, a smile crossing both of their faces.

Justin and Josh both smiled at them, Britney smiling as well.

Jennie stood up, Chace rising up as well, Josh's arm going around him, kissing his cheek.

"Jennie's an angel, her friendship I accept with a warm heart." Chace said, smiling at her.

"So do I, Jennie. And my man's never too old for young groupies!" Josh said, smiling at her.

Jennie still blushed a little, Britney's arm going around her.

"You guys quit teasing this little angel. I'm sure she's as special as her brother."
"Oh, yeah! She's filled with the same beautiful love. Right, Jo?" Justin said smiling, everyone turning towards Jolan.

In the pasting few moments no one had realized that Jolan hadn't moved or spoken.

All their eyes turned to the couch, seeing the young man sitting in the same place where he'd sat down, his head lowered.

Justin quietly walked over, sitting down beside him, taking his hand in his.

"Everything okay, Jo?" he said, Jolan raising his head, looking into his blue eyes.

Jolan's face was covered in tears, his eyes glistening with wetness.

"Your love is mine, Justin."

Justin looked surprised by those five words, Jolan falling against him, Justin's arms wrapping around him.

Everyone stood in silence, hearing the emotion in Jolan's voice.

"My mind was so filled with doubt, Jus! With so much doubt about your really loving only me!"

Justin was shocked by Jolan's confession, Jolan raising his head, Justin about to voice his love, Jolan putting his finger to Justin's lips.

"You don't have to say a word, Jus. I just felt the truth of its existence. Your love is finally mine alone. All of your heart is healed now. And I feel all of your love directed at me! You truly do love me completely! I'm so happy! Your true love will be mine alone forever!"
Justin smiled widely, suddenly realizing the truth in Jolan's words.

"I do love only you, Jo. You have all of my true love."
Justin lowered his eyes for a moment, then raised them again, looking into Jolan's grey orbs.

"Are you mine, Jo? Am I enough for you to love?"
Jolan smiled, a smile that Justin had never seen before.

His face seemed to radiate love.

Everyone in the room saw the beauty and intensity of that beautiful smile.

"You have owned and captured my soul--and my heart--from the moment I looked into your blue eyes, Justin. And I need no one else. I am yours forever."
Justin's face reacted in almost the same way as Jolan's had, his smile just as large and loving.

The two moved forward, their lips igniting the depth of their love for each other.

Everyone stood, smiling at the touching moment of true love showing before them.

Jennie's eyes went to Britney's smiling, tearful face.

"Isn't true love beautiful, Miss Spears?" Jennie said, Britney smiling at her.

"Yes, angel. It truly can be. One day you'll feel that, too. And just call me Britney." she said, her arm going around the young woman.

Jennie smiled, staring at her brother and Justin.

In her heart she felt the truth of their shining love.

And what that would mean for her.


Justin flipped over the hamburgers, standing at the barbecue, shaking spices on the steaks cooking beside them.

His eyes moved around the backyard, taking in everyone's joyful smiles.

Jennie was running across the grass, two little fireballs of laughter chasing her.

Britney's two boys had arrived an hour earlier, Charlie having driven them over, Justin so wanting to meet them.

Jolan had insisted that Britney stay for supper, and Justin had requested the kids' inclusion as well.

She'd smiled at their warmth and friendship.

And so she'd stayed, she and Justin helping Jolan out to the backyard, Justin insisting that he remain quiet, resting on a lounge chair.

Jolan had been adamant about cooking supper for everyone, a consensus reached with love.

Justin had volunteered to barbecue, Josh and Chace offering to do the salads and appetizers.

Jolan had reluctantly given in, Justin lightly kissing him into submission.

Britney had smiled, seeing Justin's protective, nurturing love wrapped around Jolan.

For the first half hour everyone had sat around Jolan, Britney learning all about the traumatic lives of Jolan and Jennica Dragos.

By the final words she'd been reduced to tears, Justin's arm around her.

Jennie had smiled at her, her beautiful eyes shining with love.

"Feel no worry or sorrow for Jolan and me. We walked the paths we had to. The end result is our being here together. Through all that sorrow and hurt there was always our love. It shined every day for both of us, only hidden at times. It's in the open now, and we're both so happy." she said, everyone glistening with tears at her beautiful words.

Jolan's arm had gone around her, Jennie snuggling again his side, the two together on the lounge chair.


Justin's eyes moved from the barbecue to his lover.

Jolan was still in the chair, Justin's loving concern keeping him idle.

Justin smiled, remembering that moment in the living room, and Jolan's heartfelt confession.

He felt in his heart the deep love for his man, the love that completely filled his soul now.

No doubts or hidden hurts remained.

He and Jolan had voiced their total love for each other.

Justin would spend the rest of his life loving this man.

He smiled, looking around the pool.

Josh and Chace were standing at its edge, their naked torsos gleaming in the late afternoon sunshine.

Justin saw the rugged beauty of both dashingly handsome men, his Jolan so much more.

Lance was floating on a water chair, Joey swimming beside him in the pool.

The two men had shown up just after the kids, Chace having called them and Chris.

Justin smiled, seeing the happiness of his four friends.

Chris walked out of the house, carrying a tray of glasses.

"Where do you want these, Justy?"
"Put them on the table, Chris. And can you hand me those serving plates, these steaks look almost done."
Chris nodded, putting the tray down, and grabbing two platters.

He stood beside Justin, smiling at him, Justin looking at him.

"What?" he said, seeing Chris' steady gaze.

"You've got quite the man there, Justy."

Justin smiled, gazing towards Jolan, seeing Britney had pulled a chair up beside him, the two talking.

"Ya got that right, Chris!" he smiled, Chris smiling back.

"Look at what he's done for all of them. Josh and Chace are more deeply in love, their hurting souls healed.  He brought Joey and Lance together, that surprising the hell out of all of us."
"Yes, but I think it was even more surprising for Lance and Joey."

Chris nodded, his eyes lowering.

"Something wrong, Chris?" Justin said, a bit of concern crossing his face.

Chris raised his head, his brown eyes looking at Justin.

"Do you think he can help me?"

Justin was totally taken aback by Chris' question.

"Uh. . .Chris, I don't think it works that way. Jo doesn't set out to help people find love, he isn't Cupid. It just happens that way. He's told me that himself."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, Jus. And I was just being hopeful."
Justin set down his tongs, his hand going to Chris' shoulder.

"What happened with that last girl you were seeing? Diane, wasn't it?"

"Nothing happened, Jus. Just good times, great sex and then she moving on like all the others."

Justin nodded, feeling for his friend.

"I'm sorry, Chris."
"Don't be, Jus. I'm happy, and I'm having fun." he said, his eyes looking around the yard.

"But seeing so much love, so much happiness in all their faces, I guess it just gets me to thinking that maybe I'm missing something. That maybe I should think about finding that one real person to love. To have what all of you have."
Justin nodded, looking towards Jolan.

"It's a wonderful feeling, Chris. I've never felt anything so beautiful."
Chris smiled, patting Justin's shoulder.

"I'm happy for you, Justin. Jolan's a great guy." he said with a wide smile, kissing his friend's cheek.

Justin smiled, patting his friend's shoulder.

"You'll find that special someone, Chris. It won't take Jolan's magical giving heart to guide you to happiness."

Chris smiled, his eyes scanning the barbecue.

"Less talking on love and more watching the burgers, Justy. They're burning."
Justin's eyes went back to the barbecue, grabbing the tongs, pulling off the flaming burgers.

Chris laughed, walking towards the pool.

He smiled at Jolan and Britney as he walked past them, Jolan's grey eyes following him.


The group enjoyed a delicious supper, their friendship loud and gregarious.

Little Jayden sat in Justin's lap throughout the meal, Justin in a fit of happiness.

Sean sat in Britney's, the two boys diving into their hamburgers.

Jolan sat back, smiling as he watched Justin with the child.

Through his grey eyes of love he saw that Justin would make a wonderful father.

Thoughts of his vision of the young child that would be their son flooded his mind.

Lance--who sat beside him--gently patted Jolan's arm.

Jolan looked into Lance's green eyes, seeing the smile on his face, Lance quietly talking to him.

"Justin will make a wonderful father, Jolan. And I think you will, too."
Jolan smiled, looking towards Joey.

"We both will, Lance. And so will you."

Lance smiled, then lifted an eyebrow seeing a deep look in Jolan's eyes.

"So how does motherhood feel, Britney?" Jolan asked, Lance left with a questioning look on his face.

Britney smiled, rubbing her son's shoulder, Sean smiling up at her.

"It's the next best thing to heaven, Jolan. I thank God every day for my two little angels."
"Angels they are, Bitzy!" Justin said, smiling down at the boy in his lap, Jayden grinning up at him, ketchup across his face, Justin wiping it off.

Sean and Jayden both giggled, looking at their mother, Britney blushing.

"Nice name, Bitzy!" Jolan said, Jennie laughing now.

"That was Juju's pet name for me. Thanks, Justin. Now these two will start calling me that!"
Justin smiled, looking at his friend.

"Sorry, Bitzy!"

Chris burst into laughter, Britney looking towards him.

"Do you have something to add, Crispy?"

Chris blushed, remembering that name all too well, and his hatred for it.

"Crispy?" Jolan asked, Justin holding in his laughter.

Joey piped up, relating the truth in that name.

"Britney set Chris' dreadlocks on fire by accident at a party once. Half his head was fried! Hence the name. He was crispy on the outside!" Joey said, his laughter booming around the table, Jolan joining him.

Justin smiled, hearing Jolan's rich laugh of happiness.

Chris, on the other hand, was blushing three shades of red.

"I lost my dreads because of you, Blondie." he said, Britney leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"I never liked them anyway, Chris. You had too beautiful a face to hide behind that brushpile."

Chris smiled at her, his friend smiling back.

"All is forgiven. Water under the bridge and all that."
Joey laughed, rising out of his chair, and walking around the table to his friend, putting his hand on Chris' shoulder.

"Thanks, Chris. Now that you've forgiven her, maybe I can tell you the truth."

"The truth?" Chris said, looking up at his friend, seeing Joey trying to hold back laughter.

"None of us really liked those braided monstrosities. I paid her to burn them!" Joey said, bursting into laughter, taking off around the table.

Chris stared at his fleeing friend in shock, everyone around the table bursting into laughter.

"You did what?? I'm going to shave your ass, Fatone!" Chris said, on his feet in a flash, chasing after Joey.

Everyone around the table laughed, Chris tackling Joey on the lawn, the two wrestling and rolling around.

"Those two will never change." Josh said laughing, Chace snuggled against him.

"Thank God for that. Think of the laughter we would have missed." Justin said, smiling at Jolan.

Jolan smiled, his eyes quietly looking at the two men, a wide smile on his face.


The rest of the evening found the friends enjoying each other's company, a friendly card game started.

Joey and Chris had made up, the two as close as ever.

But Jolan sensed Chris was lulling Joey into complacency, biding his time.

He wore a look of mirthful revenge in his brown eyes.

Jolan thought the weekend would bring some great fun.

Jolan, Justin and Britney sat back, quietly chatting and being friends while the others played cards, Jennie included with them.

The two young boys had tired out, both sound asleep in their car seats, which Charlie had left.

Britney had told them the boys always fell asleep in them, their being moved so much easier to handle for her.

Jolan smiled at his sister sitting beside Chace, seeing her smiling face.

"Justin told me of your gift to her, Jolan. Of your erasing the horror of her past." Britney said, her hand going to his knee.

Justin smiled at his lover and his friend, seeing their blossoming friendship in full view.

Jolan's grey eyes turned, looking into hers.

"She is my sister. I would wash away all the pain in her life just to see her smiling face. And that is all I will see from now on."
Britney nodded, kissing his cheek.

"I once knew someone like you, Jolan. A giving soul with an unending love of family. She was one of my favorite aunts."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"She was your favorite because of that love. And her love still remains within you."
Britney nodded, looking into his intense grey orbs.

"There's a burning look of love in your eyes, Jolan Dragos. My aunt had a word for it. It was an old southern name. My aunt called it the Beloved Touch."
Jolan smiled, looking thoughtfully at her.

"I believe that anyone who looks into those grey eyes takes some of that love away with them. You touch them with your love. I feel it already in my heart."
Jolan smiled, Justin staring at the beauty of that loving smile.

"We all carry our love within us. My love shall touch all. You and Jus release yours in your music."
Both smiled, Jolan's words so touching.

"Have either of you ever thought of singing together again?"

Both looked surprised by his words, Justin's eyes meeting Britney's.

Jolan kissed Justin's cheek, staring into his blue eyes.

"It's been a while since you've focused on your music, Jumpy."

Justin nodded, looking at his friends.

"The corporate and acting worlds have a hold on me, Wolfy. I've got so many things on the go."
"Music is your life, Justin. As it is yours, Britney. I'm not saying you have to do it right now. I'm just saying that that burning love is in your heart. Your musical hearts will rise again."
Both looked at each other, thoughtful looks on both their faces.


The evening wound down, everyone having enjoyed it immensely.

The card party broke up, Jennie and Chace the winners.

"I'll call Charlie to swing by for us." Britney said, Jolan waving his hand.

"Don't bother, Britney. I'm sure someone here could give you three a drive home."
"I'm heading in your direction, Brit." Chris said, stretching at the table.

"I don't want to put you out, Chris?"

"Not at all. I came alone. I've got a big empty Jeep."

Britney smiled, nodding a thank you at Chris, Chris nodding his head.

Justin, Jolan and Jennie walked everyone to the front door, hugs and kisses exchanged.

"So you're coming to the party Saturday, Brit?" Justin said, Britney looking into his blue eyes.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, JuJu." she said, hugging him tightly.

Justin smiled, hugging his dear friend even tighter, Jolan smiling beside him.

"See you on the weekend, Jolan." Britney said, hugging him, then Jennie.

"Later, Bitzy!" Jolan said, Justin laughing.

"Okay, Jolly!" Britney said with a smile.

Jennie smiled, blushing at her brother.

"Hmmm, interesting." he said, the two women giggling.

He smiled, seeing the two had connected wonderfully.

Everyone left, Justin locking the front door.


Jennie hugged her brother and Justin goodnight, lightly running up the stairs.

"Someone's happy tonight." Justin said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"She was surrounded by love and happiness, and friendship. It will always make her happy."
"You relax in the living room, my love. Be right back." Justin said, Jolan nodding.

Justin ran up the stairs, Jolan smiling and limping lightly into the living room.

Justin walked down from upstairs about thirty minutes later, Jolan lifting his head from a book he'd been perusing on the couch.

"Whatcha reading, love?"
Jolan showed Justin the book, Justin reading the title.

|"Daniel's Mission. I read it, it's very good."
Jolan nodded, setting the book down.

"Jennie finally asleep?"

Justin blushed, Jolan's arm going around him, pulling his man in for a kiss.

"Thank you for loving her, Jus. I figured you'd gone up to make sure she was all snuggled in. I'm sure she fell asleep in your arms."
Justin smiled, tasting Jolan's scent on his lips.

"Yes, babe! You need a good night's sleep as well. But first, I have a little surprise for you."
Jolan raised an eyebrow, Justin's lips against his again.

Jolan became lost in the enticing eroticism he felt in Justin's body against his.

"Come with me, my angel." Justin said, guiding Jolan gently to his feet, his strong arm wrapping around him.

"Lean on my strength, my love."
Jolan smiled, seeing the caring love in Justin's blue staring eyes.

"I'm not an invalid, Jumpy. But I love the attention."
Justin smiled, guiding his lover towards the stairs.


They both walked into the bedroom, Jolan stopping in his tracks.

The room was lit with a flow of candles, their soft glow bringing a radiant beauty to the large room.

A fire burned in the fireplace, its soft glow adding a warmth to the chilly night air.

The bed was turned down, white satin sheets covering it.

"This all looks so beautiful, Jumpy. When did you do all this?" Jolan said, Justin's arms encircling him.

"While you were out being adventurous this morning I had Lance pick up some stuff. He and Joey set it all up just before they left."
Jolan smiled, remembering how the two men had disappeared for a few minutes.

"That was so nice of them."
Justin's lips kissed Jolan's neck, a soft moan coming from Jolan.

"They wanted to thank you in some small way. What better way than adding their love to this night of romance?"
Jolan teared up, Justin lightly kissing his lips.

"Tonight, romance will fill our souls, my Wolfy. But first, I live to make your dreams come true." Justin said, gently guiding Jolan towards the bathroom door.

He opened the door, Jolan walking into the large bathroom.

The floor was covered in rose petals, the lights out, candles lit everywhere.

The large sunken tub was filled with bubbly water, a bottle of wine and two glasses sitting on the tub's edge.

"I remembered your words from this afternoon, about us never having tried a bath together."
Jolan smiled widely, Justin smiling at him.

"You need to soak your foot, and I need to have your wet body in my arms." he said, Jolan tearing up.

"I love you, Jumpy."
"I love you, my wolf of passion. Let me guide you to my love."

Jolan nodded, Justin's soft lips kissing his, his fingers going to the buttons on Jolan's shirt.

Jolan stood still, Justin removing his shirt from his smooth torso, Justin's fingers lightly caressing every inch of his taut smooth chest.

His fingers lingered on his washboard abs, running across each ridged mound of flesh, lightly circling his inward bellybutton.

Jolan moaned, his center increasing in desire.

Justin smiled, hearing how his touch was affecting his lover.

His fingers went to the jean clasp, the button popping open on its own, the zipper following, as if what lay underneath was struggling to free itself.

"My, oh my! Somebody wants to come out and play." Justin smirked, Jolan pulling his lover towards him, longing to taste his lips again.

"Relax, my jewel. You shine brightest when I make you glow." Justin said, his hands pulling the jeans downward, Jolan stepping out of them.

Justin leaned down, removing his man's socks, Jolan now in only his boxer briefs.

"Close your eyes my love, and only open them when I ask you to."
Jolan's grey eyes disappeared under his eyelids, his trust in his lover complete.

Jolan heard sounds of muffled movement, then he felt his Justin's fingers on the waistband of his briefs, the material falling down his legs, Justin removing them from his body,

He felt a hand encircle his shaft, his manhood rising in length as Justin stroked in for a few moments.

The feeling was sending a shudder down Jolan's spine.

Jolan then felt Justin's fingers on his chest, and then his lips replacing them.

Both of his nipples were erect, Justin's lips finding both, his wet tongue hardening both, Jolan moaning loudly now.

And as fast as it happened, the feeling was gone.

And then he felt his lover's breath in front of him, Jolan sensing his lips only inches away.

"Open your grey eyes of beauty, my angel."
Jolan's eyes opened, staring into two blue pools of desire and love.

"I love you, my Jo."
Jolan teared up, Justin's lips moving forward, his body as well.

It only took Jolan a moment to realize that Justin was naked against him, his large phallus resting against his.

Jolan became lost in the feeling of deep love flowing through him.

Justin wasn't touching or caressing his body, only kissing him.

This was the romance of which he'd spoken, the romance of love.

"Let's get in the tub, Jo. Before the water cools." Justin said, guiding him gently towards the large sunken tub.

Justin climbed in first, Jolan looking all over his nude body, seeing his cock large and erect.

Justin disappeared under the bubble bath filled water, beckoning Jolan into the water.

"Sit down in front of me, Jo. Then I can wash you and you can relax."
Jolan smiled, turning around, Justin staring at his beautiful butt and long sleek muscular back as Jolan sat down.

Jolan sighed, leaning back against Justin, Justin's arms encircling him.

"Mmm, babe this is fantastic. It feels so warm and relaxing."
Justin smiled, glad that his surprise pleased Jolan.

He leaned over, pouring a glass of wine for each of them, Justin handing Jolan one, the two tapping glasses together.

"Here's to the romance of our hearts, Jolan. It will always move us."

Jolan smiled, the moment christened with a joined kiss.

The two lay together in the warm water, sipping their wine, gentle touches and kisses exchanged, Justin nibbling on Jolan's ears.

Justin took Jolan's wine glass from him when it was empty, setting both on the edge of the tub, his wet hands rubbing Jolan's back.

"How's the foot, Jo?"
"It's fine. So is the foot behind me. Or at least it feels like a foot long."
Justin laughed, moving his center, Jolan moaning a little.

"Like that, lover? Once we've soaked and washed it's all yours."

Jolan smiled, feeling Justin's hand beginning to wash his body with a sponge he'd grabbed off the tub's shelf.

"Mmmm, that's wonderful." he purred, Justin washing his back, then his front, his hands lowering under the water.

Jolan gasped when one of Justin's hands wrapped around his hardness, Justin's lips going to his ear.

Justin felt the trembling passion running unabated through Jolan's wet body, Justin continuing his administrations.

Jolan gasped then screamed, Justin suddenly feeling fluid pouring out of Jolan's cock.

Justin smiled, Jolan trembling against him.

Justin continued to kiss Jolan's ear and neck, stroking the emptying hardness in his hand.

Jolan's trembling lessened, his body turning a bit, his head snuggling against Justin's wet chest.

"You okay, Jo?"
Jolan's eyes lifted, staring into Justin's, Justin seeing the wetness in them.

"That was unbelievable, Jus! The intensity of your soft touch in the water sent my mind reeling."

Justin smiled, their lips joining, a soft kiss of passion taking hold of them.

"I think we've found our haven of bliss, my angel. I think water ignites our passion."
Jolan smiled, his hand going under the water, Justin suddenly gasping.

"Sit on the tub's edge, my love. I need to feast on you."
Justin moved, his body rising out of the water, his ass setting down on the tub's edge.

Jolan's eyes took in every sinewy taut muscle on Justin chiseled body, focusing on the large shaft in front of him.

Before Jolan stood a thing of beauty.

He took it in his hand, Justin trembling.

Jolan stared at it, seeing and feeling the length of it in his hand.

The head was mushroom shaped, large and so beautiful.

Water dripped off its eyelet, Jolan's tongue moving to catch it.

Jolan's mouth surrounded it, each glorious inch of hardness sinking forward, down his throat.

Above him, his Justin was lost in the fever taking hold of him.

Every inch of his body tingled, all of his manhood disappearing into Jolan's throat.

One of Jolan's hands moved upwards, latching onto Justin's left nipple, Justin gasping.

His other hand went downward, his fingers entering the hidden center of Justin.

Justin immediately gasped, then screamed, his passion echoing Jolan's previous passion.

Jolan drank the richness flooding his throat, trying not to lose a drop.

He pulled off of Justin when he'd captured it all, rising upwards in the tub.

Justin trembled beside him, Jolan pulling him up to his feet, the two men standing in the tub, staring into each other's eyes.

"Thank you, my Justin. For giving me all of your love. And now I give you all that you desire."
Jolan moved, taking his Justin up into his arms, Justin lifted off the ground, Jolan climbing out of the tub.

As Jolan walked, Justin felt the change overtaking his Jolan.

He felt the strength the man carrying him possessed, but it was also the strength of love.

Jolan remained himself, his Badenwolf soul dormant and not revealed.

Here, tonight, Justin would have only the Jolan of smooth beauty.

Jolan walked out of the bathroom, carrying his lover to the waiting bed.

He laid Justin down on the bed, his body joining his, their lips uniting.

Justin felt the fire burning in Jolan, his body connecting with him.

Jolan moved, pulling Justin on top of him.

"Tonight, you are the beast that I need, Justin. Tonight and for always it shall only be you."
Justin teared, Jolan moving his legs, offering himself to his lover.

And Justin took what was offered, for it was the gift of life.

Jolan trembled when Justin sank into him, their love connecting.

And in Jolan's mind, a door opened.

And at the end of their passion, Jolan began to cry.

To cry for what he now knew was the truth.

He would never be alone again.

For tonight and always he'd have his Justin.



End of Chapter 51


And so Jolan continues to work his magic.

Britney and Justin's turbulent past is now settled.

Two friends can now love each other as they once did.

And Justin is now free to give all of his love to Jolan.


Seems the only one left without love is mirthful Chris.

Will Jolan help his as Chris hopes?
Or will Chris have to find his own way to love?



Up next:  The Halloween party.

There will be some treats, as well as tricks.

I hope it's devilishly fun, and spooktacular!


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