Jolan's Path - Chapter 52


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.





Chapter 52


Justin yawned, stretching his sinewy body, walking down the last few steps of the stairs, the mid-morning sunshine cascading through the front door's side windows.

He wore a t-shirt and sweatpants, scratching his chest as he walking towards the kitchen.

He heard Jolan's voice in the kitchen, smiling to himself.

Last night had been a night of revealing love, his Jolan's passion almost overwhelming.

Their love and passion had echoed off the candlelit walls of that room.

Justin had slept late, Jolan letting him rejuvenate.

He smiled, his pace quickening to reach his Jolan.

Justin suddenly heard another voice as he walked into the kitchen.

He stared at a man sitting at the kitchen table with Jolan.

"Jordan? What brings you here to L.A.? And to our home so early?" Justin said smiling, the man smiling as well, Justin pulling him into a hug when he stood up.

Justin considered the policeman a friend now, his family ties to Jolan making him that.

"It's not early, Jus. It's after nine. Jordan came from New York with news. Sit down and I'll grab you a glass of juice." Jolan said, looking at him quietly.

"News? What's happened?" Justin said, he and Jordan sitting down at the table, Jolan returning with a glass of orange juice which he sat down in front of Justin, kissing his cheek, Justin smiling at him.

Justin quietly took in the fact that Jolan was now walking without a limp, his magical curative having done its work.

He turned his eyes to Jordan, Jolan nodding at him.

"I was just telling Jolan, Justin. Joshua Armstead is dead."
Justin looked shocked, his eyes going to Jolan, then looking towards the kitchen doorway.

"Jennie's taking a shower, Justin." Jolan said quietly.

"How did he die?" Justin said, his concerned gaze returned to Jordan's suddenly serious-looking face.

"He was found murdered in his jail cell, Justin. His heart had been ripped out of his chest. A guard was seriously injured as well. But the guard will live, his attacker unknown to him. The guard didn't see anything. Forensic testing hasn't revealed anything either. It's as if someone went directly to that cell and then left as quickly as they came."
Jolan remained silent, his grey eyes staring into Jordan's blue eyes.

"There's more you have to say, Jordan. Please tell me everything."

Jordan looked at Justin for a moment, then at Jolan.

"Miguel Castro has mysteriously disappeared."

Justin froze in his chair, his eyes immediately meeting Jolan's.

On Jolan's face Justin saw a look of silent determination.

Justin's hand went in his, Jolan's eyes meeting Jordan's.

"I know, Jordan."

Both men stared in shock at Jolan's calm face.

"You know??" Jordan said in confusion, Jolan nodding.

"I've known since the day Brandon attacked me. For in that man I felt the anger and hatred that is his master."
Justin stared in shock at Jolan's announcement, Jolan's grey eyes turning to his blue.

"I felt Fagin Greymount in Brandon, Jus. I felt the power that is that man. That man's magic is strong. It tried to attack me."
Justin's face changed to a worried look, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"That was why I collapsed that day here in the kitchen, Jumpy. In essence, Brandon was booby trapped with Fagin's magic. When we both touched, Fagin saw his chance to attack me. It took a lot of strength to destroy the control he was trying to force on me. But I did destroy it. I now see how Brandon--and now Miguel--were unable to stop him. His magic is mind-numbing."

Jolan saw the worry and fear in Justin's eyes for him, and for everyone.

"Fagin's magic isn't strong enough to defeat me, Jus. Or to hurt any of my friends. He will now realize that. I love all of you. All of you have my protection. I'll know the instant he tries to do anything to any of you. The love I give everyone is more than just love. It is a protection of loving truth."

Both men sat in silence, Jolan's words deeply moving.

"Fagin Greymount is the murderer you seek, Jordan. He covers all eventualities. You won't find Miguel Castro either, Jordan. Fagin has consumed him."

"Consumed him?" Justin said, the sentence sounding ominous.

"Fagin Greymount feeds on fear, Justin. Miguel Castro screamed for hours before Fagin took him. The destroyed man is given over now to Fagin's will. He has been consumed by Fagin's magic. Like the monstrosities I saw in my dream that my grandmother fought. Fagin will use Miguel's lost self as he must."
Justin and Jordan both looked concerned by Jolan's words.

"Fagin killed Jefferson Hopkins, or Joshua Armstead as he's really known. He destroyed both of them for their failure."

"Their failure?"

The two men saw a reluctance in Jolan's eyes for what he was about to say.

"Yes, their failure. Their failure to destroy Jennie."

Both men were stunned, Jolan looking upwards for a moment as if he were sensing out his sister.

"Jennie was never supposed to live. She was supposed to die, as they thought I had. But Miguel and Hopkins desired her beauty more than seeing their task done. So they stayed her execution to fill their carnal desires. For that horrific decision, I am reluctantly grateful."

Justin looked shocked, Jolan's hand going into his.

"Jennie, I believe, is a deep threat to Fagin Greymount. Even more so than I am."

Justin and Jordan both looked confused, Justin rubbing Jolan's hand.

"Our sweet little Jennie wouldn't hurt a fly, Jo. She's nothing but love."
Jolan smiled, seeing the love in Justin's blue sparkling eyes for his younger sister.

"Yes, Jus. That's exactly what she is. And that in itself is a great magical gift. For it is with love that that monster will be destroyed. One day a clan will rise as one, united in love and determination. The determination to cleanse the world of his evil. Jennie will play a role in all that, as will I. It will be the time of Snow and Truth. Fagin just doesn't know what the real truth is."

"And you do, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Not quite, Jus. But the Tome of Alveena is enlightening me."
Justin nodded, Jolan seeing the doubt still there in his blue eyes.

"We walk as we must, Justin. The path is set. I will do everything in my power to destroy the evil that's inflicted my family. And I will see love always shining in my sister's heart."
Justin smiled, Jolan's words bringing comfort.

Jolan suddenly trembled, Justin and Jordan seeing his eyes glowing intensely for only a moment.

"Are you alright, Jo?" Justin said, concern in his voice.

Jolan focused on Justin, staring at him.

"I just had an image flash in front of my eyes."

"What was it?" Jordan said, looking at his friend with concern.

"It was an image of a frog's face."
Jordan couldn't help it, a loud chuckle escaped his lips, Jolan smiling at him.

"A frog? What in God's name does a frog have to do with Jennie?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him.

Jolan stared at Justin, Justin seeing a soft glow in those mesmerizing silvery eyes.

"A hero's heart shall burn with love when given her thankful kiss. His form shall change, his beauty revealed." Jolan softly said, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"What does that mean?" he said, Jolan looking at him.

"I don't know, Jus. It just revealed itself in my head. I thing it's a part of the frog thing, whatever it is."
The three men sat in silence, Jolan looking at Jordan.

"Jennie will not learn of these developments, Jordan. I don't want her worrying about that monster Miguel being free. Understand me?" Jolan said, his voice calm and determined.

"Alright, Jolan. But I am concerned about her safety. So is Commissioner Kelly. That's why I am here. He and I both felt you needed to know immediately. He's recommending you have bodyguards."
"Jennie will remain safe, Jordan. She has me to protect her. And she has herself." Jolan said, standing up.

"We'll talk more later, Jordan. Jennie's coming."
Jennie came walking into the kitchen a few moments later, both seated men smiling at her as she kissed Jolan's cheek, hugging him.

"Morning, Jolly! Hi ya, Jordan!" she said, breaking her hold on her brother, walking over to the table and hugging the policeman, Jordan hugging her back from his seat.

"Hello, Jennie. How's the heroine?"
She softly blushed, smiling at him.

"I'm fantastic! And I'm happy! We have a pool and everyone's so nice here!"

Jordan smiled, Jennie moving and sitting down in Justin's lap, the man kissing her cheek.

"Morning, Jennie! Sleep well?"
"Yep, I really did. The last thing I felt last night was your loving arms around me before I fell asleep. Now, here, I feel them again."
Justin smiled, his blue eyes taking in her smiling beauty, Jolan smiling from the counter.

"Give Justin some room, Sis. Breakfast is almost ready. Have some juice."
She smiled a warm smile of happiness, sitting down in the chair beside Justin.

Justin and Jordan both quietly looked at Jolan, the young man turning and picking up the plate of pancakes.


Friday flew by, Justin did some work in his office, Jennie and Jolan relaxed by the pool.

Justin had a private conversation with Jordan there, Jordan hearing his concerns over the new developments.

The two decided on their own course of action in regards to the Dragos siblings' safety.

Justin didn't stay in the office too long, he and Jennie spending hours having fun in the pool and playing croquet with Jordan.

Jolan smiled often at them, seeing their brimming happiness.

He spent the leisurely afternoon continuing to read the Tome.

Jolan and Jordan had a lengthy talk as well while Justin and Jennie swam in the pool after lunch.

The two men respected each other greatly, Jolan confiding in him everything that had happened.

Their talk ended with Jolan asking Jordan for his help in regards to something.

Jordan agreed to all of Jolan's requests.
Jolan invited him to stay the weekend, Jordan deciding to not return to New York until Monday at the earliest.

Jordan happily agreed, wanting to spend more time with his remarkable cousin.

He called his wife, Jolan quietly smiling.

They all had a nice evening meal on the patio, Jolan cooking on the barbecue.

Justin smiled, seeing his lover's returned health, his foot completely healed.

Jordan was told of Saturday's party, the policeman warmly invited.

He said he'd go out in the morning and pick up a costume.

The evening ended in happiness, the four retiring for the night.


Lance smiled, Joey smiling back at him.

Joey had just walked back into the living room.

He'd been talking with his daughter and Kelly on the phone for the past hour in his bedroom.

"Briahna's doing good, Lance. She spent twenty minutes telling me about her new school."
"And I expect she misses her Dad?" he said, Joey looking into his green eyes.

Joey smiled, sitting down beside him on the couch, Josh quietly watching both.

They were all sitting around after a late supper, the four men having gone out to a movie.

Chris had begged off, telling them he'd had other plans.

They'd picked up Chinese food on the way home.

Chace walked into the room, smiling at everyone, sitting down in Josh's lap.

"Everything's ship-shape, my love." he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

He always smiled at Chace's need to make sure everything was tidied up.

Lance's hand went in Joey's, the man smiling at him.

"And I think Poppa misses his angel, too." Lance said, continuing their conversation.
Joey nodded, Lance kissing his cheek.

"It's hard, Lance. I love her so much, she means the world to me. I miss her."
Lance smiled, kissing his cheek.

"We all know that, Joe. Your face brightens with love when she's with you. I see the same look in Jolan's eyes when he's with Jennie. It's called family love."
Joey nodded, kissing Lance's cheek.

"Being a father is different from being a brother, Lance."

Lance smiled, seeing the love in Joey's eyes for the little girl.

"So did you tell them about our new relationship, Joe?" Lance said, Joey staring into his green eyes.

"No, Lance. I figured it would be best if we told them together in person. The same goes for my Mom and Dad."
Lance nodded, squeezing Joey's hand.

"Briahna loves you, Joey. And she loves Lance. Not much will change for her." Josh said, both men looking towards him.

Both men smiled at Josh's words, the man smiling at them.

"I want you in their lives, Lance. You and I will be together, and our love will show for all of them."
Lance smiled, Joey leaning over and kissing him.

"I'm still trying to get used to this, Joe. Our being together."
Joey smiled, looking around the room.

"Well all three of you have an advantage over me."
The three looked at each other, Chace raising an eyebrow.

"You're not a virgin to male sex, are you Joe?"

Joey smiled, shaking his head no.

"No, Chace. I've been with a couple of guys, years ago. I was talking about something else. I was talking about male love. All three of you have been in a committed relationship with another man. I've only been with Kelly."
Lance smiled, pulling Joey against him, Joey's arm wrapping around him.

"There is no difference, Joe. A relationship is based on love. On two people respecting, caring and loving each other. Trust, love, respect--and yes desire--are all parts of that. Regardless of whether you're gay or hetero, it's the love that's the key."
"You're starting to sound like Jolan, Lance." Joey said, smiling up at him.

"Thanks for the compliment, Joe. That man is beyond love."

"You got that right, Lance." Josh said softly, more to himself than the others.

Chace looked quietly at his man, snuggling against him in his lap.

"You have a look of deep thought in your beautiful blue eyes, Joshy." he said, Josh looking into his blue eyes.

"We all owe Jolan so much. Jennie as well. Those two have helped all four of us. I think there's a way we could repay them."

The other three looked at him, Josh smiling

"Okay, Josh. You look like you've come up with something. What's the idea?" Joey said, Josh smiling at him.

"What is one of Jolan's greatest concerns right now?"
The three looked at each other.

"Remembering his past?" Lance said, Josh smiling at him, shaking his head no.

"Keeping Justin happy?" Chace chuckled, Josh smiling at him.

"That's part of it, my love."

"Jennie's happiness also?" Joey said, Josh nodding yes.

"Yes, Joey. Jennie's happiness, as well as Justin's. Jolan only wants to see both of them happy. I've come up with an idea for just that. I want to make Justin--and especially Jennie--happy. And I've already set it in motion."
The four stared at each other, Josh beginning to speak.


The day of the big party arrived with a sunny sky, and dawning happiness.

The party organizers arrived early, Justin discussing with them his plans.

An hour later, the house began its transformation.

Jordan disappeared, heading into downtown L.A. to meet with his police contacts, and to do some shopping for his costume.

Jolan and Jennie stayed out of the way, seeing Justin's party skills in full swing.

Jolan smiled, seeing his man fully organized.

He now knew the reason Justin was so successful in music and stardom.

He was meticulous in all details.

The two siblings spent the morning out by the pool, Justin quietly checking on them often.

He also saw it as a time for the two siblings to just have some alone time together.

He smiled, seeing their happiness flooding their faces.

Because of the strangers in their home, his and Jolan's overflowing love couldn't be totally shown, but warm hugs and soft touches flowed.

Jordan arrived back just before lunch, Jolan cooking up a light fair on the barbecue.

The four dined together on the patio, the house changing whilst they ate.

At a little after two, the renovations were mostly completed, Justin showing everyone the transformation.

The caterers arrived around three, Justin's kitchen thriving with activity.

Around four, Jolan and Justin went upstairs to view their costumes.

Justin grinned on seeing Jolan's selections of every item of clothing.

"This is amazing, love! We'll look so genuine."
Jolan smiled, kissing his lover in the privacy of their bedroom.

"I've been wanting to do that for hours. Seeing you so charged with details and so organized has me so turned on." Jolan said, his lips going to Justin's ear, Justin softly moaning.

"Babe, that feels amazing. Unfortunately, there are still people around."
Jolan sighed, Justin pulling him close.

"I know love. I know you're not happy with having to cool our showing love."
"It's alright, Jus. I totally understand."
"Someday, my love. Someday soon."
Jolan smiled, looking at the costumes laying on their bed.

"Later, I'm cleaning up my man, and dressing him. Tonight, I'm going to dance with him as well."
Justin grinned, looking at the costumes as well.

"You're devious, my angel. This will work perfectly. And I have an even better idea."
Jolan smiled, Justin whispering in his ear as he pulled him close for another kiss.


At six o'clock, Jolan stood before a breathtaking sight.

Jennie stood in front of the full mirror, looking over her own transformation.

"Wow, Jolly! This is so awesome!"
"I knew it was perfect for you. It brings out the beauty of your soul. And it shows the real you. At least in my eyes."

Jennie smiled, Jolan's eyes filled with tears.

"Why are you crying, Jolly?"
"They are tears of happiness, Jennica. I see the happiness on your face and it makes me cry."

Jennie moved, her hands going in Jolan's.

"Do you think Justin and Chace will like it?"
Jolan smiled, seeing in her eyes the hopes and dreams of a young girl on the edge of womanhood.

"I just realized you're growing up, Jennica. The little girl I softly remember isn't here anymore."
She smiled, kissing his cheek, her grey eyes looking into his.

"We all grow up, Jolly. But for you, my dearest brother, your little Jennie will always be here for you."
Jolan pulled her close, his eyes filled with tears.

"Now stop it, Jolly! You'll get this beautiful costume all wet! I want it crisp for everyone!"
Jolan laughed, backing up.

"So where's your costume?" she said, folding her arms.

"Justin and I are going to change just before the guests begin to arrive. Right now, we have to unveil the new Jennica."
Jennie smiled, Jolan taking her hand, the two walking out of her bedroom.

They walked down the hallway, Jolan stopping Jennie, kissing her cheek.

"Stay here until I announce you." he said with a smile, Jolan walking ahead of her and looking down the staircase.

He looked down at Justin and Jordan standing in the foyer.

His eyes fell upon Jordan, the policeman standing beside Justin in full New York Police dress uniform.

Jolan slowly walked down the stairs, seeing something not quite right with the uniform.

On Jordan's shoulders were pinned the edges of what Jolan took to be a baby blue blanket.

Jolan reached the bottom of the stairs staring at him and Justin, seeing a mirthful smirk on Justin's face.

The policeman smiled at Jolan, nodding his head at him, then saluting him.

"That's a smart dapper uniform, Inspector Foreman. But what's with the shoulder epaulets?"
Jordan smiled, rotating his body in a circle, Jolan now seeing that indeed it was a small blue blanket that covered all of the man's back.

Jordan returned to his original position, smiling at Jolan, his serious official voice echoing in the silent foyer.

"Ever heard of a pig in a blanket?"

Justin lost it, bursting into laughter, Jordan joining him.

The costume's truth dawned on Jolan, his laughter joining the other two.

"Awesome idea, Jordan! Well done, Inspector!" Jolan grinned, Jordan still laughing and smiling at him.

"The uniform's mine, the blanket I bought at a maternity store." he laughed, Jolan smiling.

"Where's Jennie?" Justin laughed, Jolan remembering his mission.

He smiled at both men, stepping up a couple of steps on the stairs, looking upwards.

"Attention to all who stand before me. Behold the belle of the ball! The lady Jennica Dragos! Princess Jennikin Loveheart, our lady of beauty!!"

Justin's eyes went upward, the name he'd given Jennie before echoing in his mind.

All three men stared at a vision out of a fairy tale.

Jennie stood on the top steps, a princess revealed in every meaning of the word.

Her hair was drawn back, her black curls cascading down her back.

On top of her head was a silver tiara, its jewels sparkling in the lights.

Around her neck she wore the necklace that Jolan and Justin had given her.

On her slim body was a white dress of shimmering satin, red roses adorning its waist and hem.

A silver brooch was pinned to her breast, her arms covered in long white gloves.

She beamed, walking regally down the stairs, a vision of majestic royalty.

Jolan bowed, when she met him, Jennie beaming with a wide smile on her face.

"I hope at midnight this princess does not change back into a scullery girl?" he smiled, Jennie giggling.

Her eyes went to Justin, the young man staring at her.

"Have we transported to London? Do my eyes look upon Cinderella? Or is this the queen of our hearts?"
Jennie giggled more, Justin smiling widely at her.

"You really are a princess, my angel. You don't need this beautiful dress to show it."
She beamed, Justin kissing her cheek, and sweeping her into his arms.

"Careful of the dress, Justin. I want it perfect for Chace!"
Jolan burst into laughter, Justin looking at him.

"So fickle is the heart of a teenager. Yesterday's heartthrob given over to a younger, cuter one."

Justin burst into laughter, the others all laughing as well.

Jennie smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"You'll always be more than a heartthrob to me, Justin. You'll be my big brother."

Justin smiled, Jolan smiling even more.

"On that note, we should change, my love. Jordan and Jennie will welcome our guests until we're ready.  Josh and Chace should be here shortly."
Jennie beamed, Justin shaking his head.

Jolan laughed, pulling his man up the stairs with him.


Chace smiled, seeing the beautiful vision of Jennie's loveliness when he and Josh walked into the home.

"Oh my, Jennie! That dress makes you look so beautiful!" he said, smiling widely at her, the young woman's cheeks practically radiating.

"Thank you, Chace. Tonight, I'll really feel like a princess."
Chace smiled, kissing her cheek, Josh doing the same, a wide smile on his face as well.

Jennie smiled at their costumes, seeing both men dressed as Arabian knights.

Both men wore turbans, small embroidered vests over their chiseled smooth torsos, their skin gleaming in the foyer lights.

Baggy satin pants covered their bottoms, scarabs containing knives on their waists, Jennie smiling at both.

The two young Arabians looked around, staring at all the Halloween decorations that had transformed the house.

"I take it we're the first to arrive?"
"Yes, Aladdin. Please come into the living room, I'll introduce you to Jordan. He's staying with us for the weekend."
Josh and Chace both chuckled, walking behind the ray of sunshine before them.

Upstairs, Jolan was lost in the vision unfolding before him.

Justin smiled at him, standing in only a towel, which was wrapped around his waist.

"Your cleansing hands of love make my body feel so alive, Wolfy!" Justin said, his arms wrapping around him.

The two had showered together, it taking all of Jolan's resolve to not make love to this vision in the shower.

Justin smiled, dropping the towel.

Jolan's eyes went to the simmering largeness rising from Justin's center.

"Care for a Halloween treat, Wolfy? Or would you sooner play a trick? Or just play me?"

Jolan couldn't help it, Justin's seductive tone and the words making him erupt into laughter.

Justin smiled, hearing the happiness in Jolan's laughter.

He pulled him against him, both men now naked against each other.

"I want you, Jolan! So much!" Justin said, his arms wrapping around him again, his hands going to Jolan's smooth butt cheeks.

Jolan gently and tenderly kissed him on his moist opening lips, Jolan reluctantly stepping back.

"You have my love always, my Jumpy. But we haven't the time right now. Let's get these costumes on and then have some fun."
Justin beamed, Jolan handing him his wig.


Chris, Lance, Joey and Britney were the next to arrive, Jennie greeting them at the door with a wide laughing smile.

"Totally awesome guys! That's so cool!" she said, the four smiling at her when they walked in.

Jennie's eyes took in all four, a favorite story from her childhood coming to life before her.

Joey grinned, his whiskers filling his face.

"Put em up! Put em up! I'm King of the forest!" he said, his Cowardly Lion outfit so perfect for his rugged teddy bear mentality.

Jennie laughed, then stared at Lance, his straw-covered head covered in a old cap.

"The Scarecrow! And Chris is the Tin Man!" she laughed, Chris smiling at her, his face covered in silver makeup, the metal suit he wore tinkling when he moved.

"Want us to oil you up, Crispy?" Joey said, Britney laughing.

Chris looked at her, Britney lowering her eyes, Chris smiling.

Jennie smiled at her, Britney's pig-tailed head smiling towards her.

On her feet were two ruby red high heeled shoes, her short dress giving Dorothy a new, enticing look.

"Dorothy was no angel." she winked, Jennie laughing.

Josh, Jordan and Chace  walked out of the living room, laughing at the four standing in the foyer.

"And I see a beautiful princess has arrived at the ball." Britney said smiling at her.

Jennie blushed, everyone agreeing with Britney's words.

"I couldn't agree more."
Everyone's eyes looked upwards, staring at two people standing on the top of the stairs.

"Am I right, babe?" the mustache-clad man said, the woman with long flowing hair standing beside him smiling.

"Damn right, Sonny!"

Everyone burst into laughter, seeing on the stairs a lost duo of long remembered music.

Standing in the Timberlake residence were Sonny and Cher.

Jolan wore a furry vest, with a flowered shirt underneath, bell bottom pants of crisp whiteness almost shining in the well-lit room.

Standing beside him was a tall black-haired rendition of the famous Cher.

Justin wore a long black wig, his face tinted a little darker by Jolan, his complexion a soft native hue.

He wore a satin top, his chest amply filled, beads hanging over his cleavage.

Suede sleek pants accented his long slim legs, four inch heels making him tower over Jolan.

"Come on shrimp, let's party!" she said, Jolan grinning, helping his man Cher walk in his heels.

Below them, everyone was clapping and laughing, Chris pointing at Justin, his loud laugh echoing in the room.

Justin smiled, Jolan watching his happiness and feeling his total calmness.


Within an hour, the party was in full swing.

Justin and Jolan had greeted everyone at the front door, as celebrities began to fill their home.

He remained calm as Janet Jackson greeted them,  the singer wearing a Catwoman outfit.

"So this is the hero? Why dress as Sonny Bono?"

"I opted for a musical theme, Miss Jackson. Justin's just humoring my toasting his success.  Not only that, he loves dressing up as a woman!" Jolan said smiling, Justin laughing beside him.

"I think it's the bomb! Jolan's so cool for agreeing to this." Justin said, Janet smiling at him.

"You're right, Justin! It is the bomb! And I love the new look!" she laughed, walking towards the living room.

Other celebrities continued to arrive, the house filling with laughter and music.

Their famous faces didn't really overpower Jolan, Justin smiling at his calmness.

Usher walked into the home, dressed as a pirate.

Beside him walked a young man dressed as a soldier.

"JT, my man!" Usher said, pulling Justin into a hug, the other young man smiling at Jolan.

"Hey, Ush! Welcome to the party." Justin said, smiling at his old friend, the man smiling back, looking now at Jolan.

"And this must be the heroic Jolan Dragos! Props man! Very real!" he said, shaking Jolan's hand.

"Your wife needs a shave." he then said, Jolan bursting into laughter.

"The onset of menopause I'm afraid." he said, Usher laughing, looking at the young man beside him.

"This is my nephew Tyrone. He's in L.A. for the week, and I promised him some excitement."
The young man smiled, staring at Justin.

"Welcome, Tyrone." Jolan said, Tyrone's eyes falling on Jennie, who was walking across the foyer, the two men looking towards her.

Tyrone's eyes widened, taking in the beauty of the young woman now standing beside Jolan.

"This is my sister, Jennie. Jennie, this is Usher and his nephew Tyrone. Why don't you show Tyrone where the refreshments are?"
"Sure thing, Jolan. Come this way, Tyrone."
Tyrone smiled at her, his eyes scanning her up and down.

"Sure thing, Jennie." he smiled a killer smile, walking towards the living room, his eyes glued to her.

The three men smiled at each other, Usher's eyes on Justin.

"Ah, to be that young again." he smiled, Justin smiling back.

Jolan's eyes were focused towards Jennie, his face showing no emotion.


Guards had been set up at the gates, security tight to keep out the still roaming paparazzi.

Only invited guests were allowed to enter the grounds.

An hour or so later, Josh got a call--disappearing towards the gates.

He returned a few minutes later walking into the foyer, two people in tow behind him.

Jolan looked towards them, freezing in his tracks as he was heading towards the kitchen.

He stared at the two people greeting Justin.

One was a very large black man.

He wore a long robe, a distinguished look on his face.

The costume was that of an English professor, his cap slightly askew on his large head.

His large hands were on Justin's shoulders, the man then hugging Justin tightly.

What had stopped Jolan was the smaller person standing behind the large man.

And the costume that smaller form wore.

Justin broke his hold on the large man, his eyes glancing beside him.

He froze, taking in the costume the person wore.

The smaller-built person's eyes were looking towards Jolan.

Staring back at Jolan was the face of a frog.




End of Chapter 52


A chapter of revealing concerns.

Where is Miguel Castro?
What are Fagin's plans for him?
Will it bring fear and pain to Jennie and Jolan's future?


And so we've finally arrived at the Halloween party.

A night of simmering surprises perhaps.


I had to show Jennica as the princess she is.

Seems little Tyrone is smitten with the vision before him.

And who is the frog that's hopped upon the scene?

Read on, it will be revealed through a series of dramatic revelations.


Hugs, Angel.