Jolan's Path - Chapter 54


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 54


Justin closed the bedroom door, his eyes on Jolan.

His lover was already in bed, his back turned away from Justin.

Justin quietly removed his clothes, his sleek body sliding under the covers.

Justin lay still, his eyes looking towards Jolan.

He wasn't surprised that his love was sleeping, the evening had been exhausting.

The silence was broken by Jolan's soft voice, his lover wide awake beside him.

"Everyone gone to bed?" Jolan softly said, Justin's hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"Jonathan just went to bed, as did Jordan. I checked on Jennie, she's sleeping soundly."
Jolan moved, turning his body, his head going against Justin's naked chest, Justin's arm wrapping around his nude torso.

"You have a wonderful brother, Jus. He's so like you in so many ways."
Justin smiled, feeling Jolan's warm breath on his smooth chest.

"Jonathan and our youngest brother, Stephen, are great kids, Jo. I love them both so much. I know Stevie will love you too."
Jolan smiled, snuggling more into Justin's body.

"That was a wonderful thing Josh did." he said quietly, Justin nodding.

Josh had come clean about Jonathan's arrival at the party.

It had been his idea to fly the younger Timberlake into Los Angeles from Florida.

Josh had sensed that Jennie needed someone her own age to hang with, and he knew that Justin hadn't seen his brother in a couple of months.

Justin had been touched by Josh's thoughtfulness, his other friends helping him achieve his goal of surprise.

Lance had picked Jonathan up at the airport, the young man staying at Josh's last night.

Joey had picked up his costume for him yesterday.

Joey told them of spotting the Frog Prince costume at the last moment, its seeming to call out to him.

Chris had driven the young man to Lonnie's, the two arriving together later at the party.

Justin had told everyone of Jolan's brief vision of a frog that morning.

Everyone looked surprised, Jonathan looking quietly at Jolan.

"Destiny's path, it always continues." Jolan had softly said, Justin kissing his cheek.

A frog had indeed shown itself, a prince rewarded with a princess' kiss for valor.

Jolan snuggled more into Justin's body, Justin sighing happily.

"Your friends are very special, Jus. How can I thank them for wanting to see Jennie happy?"

"She's entered all of their hearts, Jo. And so have you."
Jolan smiled, raising his head, gently kissing Justin's soft lips.

"Thank you for offering us Lonnie's protection, Jus. I see now that I really need him--for Jennie's sake, at least."

Justin's fingers played with Jolan's hair, his lover's warmth against him.

"And what about you, Jo? Have you come to terms with your feelings? I sense you haven't totally."
Jolan's grey eyes lowered a bit, Justin waiting for him to speak.

"I felt so helpless, Jus. I felt that I'd failed her. That I hadn't been there when she needed me."
Justin kissed his cheek, Jolan feeling his love.

"That's not true at all, Jolan. Your love surrounds her. What happened was a tragic moment of one man's instability. He's to blame for what happened, not you. Jennie loves you with all her heart. Britney's right. This won't phase Jennie. Tomorrow she'll be the same wonderful sister we love."
Jolan teared up, feeling Justin's love for her.

"I just want her to be safe, Jus. I just want her to have only happiness, and be safe."

Justin kissed Jolan's lips, his lover staring into his blue eyes.

"I will do everything in my power to keep both of you safe, Jo. Lonnie's a wonderful friend, and you'll both come to love him."
Jolan nodded, laying his head back down on Justin's chest.

They lay in silence for a few moments, Justin feeling a warming love flowing from Jolan.

Jolan moved, pulling Justin with him, Justin now lying on top of him, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I need you, Jus. I need your love so much!" Jolan said, Justin seeing so much need in Jolan's tearing, searching eyes.

"Jolan, I'm always right here. A single word and you'll be in my arms. Our love surrounds each other. Nothing will ever move me from your love."

Jolan pulled his lover's head down, their lips meeting, Justin overcome with the love flowing from Jolan.

"Make love to me, Jumpy. I need your love inside me."
Justin slowly began their passion, the two lost in the heat of their desires.


Justin woke up, stretching his arms, feeling the weight of Jolan's body against him.

He smiled, seeing his lover snuggled again against him.

Their passion had run with abandon last night, both falling asleep totally overcome with love.

Justin smiled, realizing his love would always wash the sorrow from Jolan's heart.

His lover had fallen asleep with a soft loving smile on his face.

They lay together in the dawning sunlight, the room flooding with brightness.

Justin smiled, gently moving Jolan, his lover laying now on his back.

Justin hands gently roamed across Jolan's chest, feeling the warmth of the man's heat.

"I love you, Jo." he softly said, kissing his lips softly, the young man remaining sound asleep.

Justin gently got up, heading towards the bathroom.

Justin did his business, walking back out of the bedroom, donning a t-shirt and a pair of sweat shorts.

He smiled at Jolan, seeing his lover still asleep.

I think I'll surprise you with breakfast, my love, Justin thought, smiling and quietly walking out of the bedroom.

He walked downstairs, hearing voices in the kitchen.

Justin walked slowly towards the room, stopping and smiling as he took in the scene before him.

Jennie was at the kitchen counter, filling the toaster with bread slices.

Jonathan was at the stove, flipping pancakes in a large skillet.

Justin leaned against the wall, a wide smile crossing his face, listening quietly to their conversation.

"So I'm a great ballplayer, the starting pitcher for my school's team." Jonathan said, smiling at Jennie.

Jennie smiled back, looking into his blue eyes.

"I played ball with Jolly and Justin in New York. It was such fun!" she smiled, Justin smiling at that memory.

"Yeah Justin's great at sports. He's my bro!"
Justin smiled, his love for his brother filling his heart.

"Justin's a great guy! I love him so much." Jennie said, her face covered in a wide smile.

"I'm glad he's met you and Jolan. You both seem so nice." Jonathan said, smiling again at her.

Jennie's face softened a bit, the young girl leaning against the counter.

"I don't know where Jolly or I'd be without his help. I'd probably be still in New York lost, or even worse."
Jonathan looked at the young girl, shutting the stove off, removing the last of the pancakes.

He slowly walked up to her, standing beside her.

"Josh told me about what happened to you and Jolan. I'm sorry you had to go through that. You're both too wonderful to have had to endure that pain. But that hurt is over now. All of us are here for you now. We Timberlakes look after our friends and family."
Jennie smiled, Jonathan smiling at her.

"I see that so easily. Justin's like a brother to me now."
Jonathan smiled, his blue eyes staring into her grey eyes.

"My brother's lucky to have your love and friendship. I'd like to be friends with both of you as well."
Jennie smiled, hugging the young man to her suddenly, Justin quietly watching his brother's reaction.

Jonathan looked totally shocked at first, then a wide smile crossed his face, his cheeks softly blushing, the young man gently hugging her back.

Jennie broke the hug, staring into his blue eyes.

Justin saw Jennie's open love shining in her beautiful smile, Jonathan lost in its beauty.

"Thank you for last night, Jonathan. That was a courageous thing you did to help me."
The young man blushed, looking into her grey eyes.

"Hey, I was the Frog Prince. I had to save the princess!"
Jennie laughed lightly, Jonathan chuckling.

"This princess will be forever grateful. She's rewarding you with her friendship."
Jonathan smiled, his young face etched in beauty.

"Well, looks like breakfast is pretty near ready. Perhaps you should go wake up the guys, Jonathan. I hope they'll be surprised."
"They will, Jennie. And please call me Jon. All my close friends do."

Jennie grinned, nodding her head.

"I will, Jon."
Justin backed quietly out of the doorway, then quickly rushed back upstairs.


Jonathan tapped on Justin's bedroom door, Justin opening it.

"Morning, Jon." he said  pulling his younger brother into a quick hug, Jonathan smiling.

"Jennie and I have made breakfast, Justin. Get it while it's hot."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"That's a real sweet thing for you two to do. You two are so special. I'll wake Jolan. Knock on Jordan's door as well, Jon." he said, his brother nodding, heading down the hall.

Justin smiled after him, shutting his door.

He turned, seeing Jolan rising up in bed, staring at him.

"Did I hear that Jennie and Jonathan made breakfast?" he said, stretching.

Justin ran across the room, diving on top of Jolan, Jolan smiling at his lover's friskiness, the man now on top of him.

"Yep! I sort of snuck up on them in the kitchen earlier. They're fast becoming great friends. Both seemed so comfortable with each other."
Jolan smiled, pulling Justin's face down to his, kissing him deeply.

"It's that intoxicating Timberlake charm. You boys are so adorable!"
Justin laughed, leaning down on top of Jolan, feeling Jolan's desires against his chest.

"What can I say?? We're loved by millions!"
Jolan laughed, rolling over, his naked body now on top of Justin.

"You keep those millions at bay, sexy. I'm the one who's going to love you completely." Jolan said, Justin seeing the desire in Jolan's grey eyes.

Jolan's hand went into Justin's shorts, Justin softly moaning.

"Sorry, lover. Breakfast is ready. Feed me first, then you can claim your prey. He'll be too filled with food and a lot slower."
Jolan grinned, a soft growl rumbling in his throat.

"I haven't hunted during the day. I think it's time I went on safari. Time to bag me a tiger!"
Justin burst into laughter, Jolan laughing with him.

Jolan stood up, naked before him.

He extended his hand, Justin smiling and taking it, staring at the beauty of his lover.

The two smiled, Jolan grabbing his shorts.

"I love you, Jo. Everything okay with you this morning?"
Jolan smiled, pulling his shorts on, pulling Justin against him.

"Yes, my love. I'm fine. And I love you even more."
Justin smiled, handing Jolan his t-shirt.


They both walked into the kitchen a few minutes later, Jordan greeting them from the table, Jonathan sitting beside him.

Jennie walked up to both of them, hugging Justin first.

Justin hugged her tightly, smiling at Jonathan.

Jolan looked into his sister's grey eyes, the two embracing each other.

"How are you, Jennica?" Jolan said, Jennie rubbing his arm.

"I'm okay, Jolly. No bad dreams, and the day's sunshine brightens my heart."
Jolan had tears in his eyes, Jennie kissing his cheek.

"Put those worries and fears away, Jolly. I'm going to be okay. And Lonnie's friendship will be a great plus."
Jolan nodded, his arm still around her.

Justin smiled, realizing that Jennie already knew of Lonnie's upcoming presence.

He marveled at the gift these two siblings shared.

"I want you to be comfortable with that, Jennie. I don't want you feeling like your imprisoned or anything."
Jennie smiled again, nodding.

"I am fine with it, Jolly. It actually will make me feel better knowing someone's always around."

Justin smiled, sitting down at the table.

"Sit down, Jolly. Jon and I have breakfast all prepared."

Jolan smiled, sitting down beside Justin, his lover winking at him.

"Let's see if they can hold a candle to your cooking!"
Jennie and Jonathan both laughed, Jonathan getting up and helping Jennie bring the food to the table.


A half hour later, the verdict was in.

Jennie's cooking was on par--if not equal--to Jolan's.

"You Dragos are chefs extraordinaire!" Jordan smiled, wiping his mouth, two platefuls having disappeared into him.

"That they are!" Justin grinned, kissing Jennie's cheek, the young girl blushing with happiness.

"Well done, Jennie. You, too, Jonathan." Jolan said patting her arm, smiling at the younger Timberlake.

"Hey, it's Jon. All my friends call me that."
Justin smiled, ruffling his brother's hair, the younger man faking indignation.

Jolan and Jennie smiled at both, seeing their obvious closeness.

"So how long can you stay, Jon?" Justin smiled at his brother, Jon smiling back.

"Mom and Dad and Stevie are coming here Friday, Jus. I'll go back with them. It's been a while since we all got together. Dad said he wanted to check up on you. Now that Jolan and Jennie are here, they'll see we're now a bigger family." he said, smiling at the Dragos siblings.

Justin's eyes lowered for a moment, Jolan's eyes looking at him.

"I guess I'll have to tell them sooner than I thought." Justin said softly.

"Hey, bro. No worries. Mom and Dad will love Jolan. And Stevie will be thrilled."
"I think they'll be more concerned about my being gay, Jon. I don't think Dad will be happy about that."
Jon's hand went to his older brother's shoulder.

"Mom and Dad have always told me how proud they are with you, Jus. And they love you. That says it all right there."
Justin smiled, patting his brother's shoulder.

"Thanks, Jon."
Jolan smiled, seeing Jon being there for his brother.

Jolan sensed the Timberlake family was a close, loving family.

The telephone on the counter rang, Justin getting up and picking it up.

He stood at the counter talking for a bit, the others chatting over coffee and juice.

Justin hung up the phone, walking back to the table.

"That was Usher. He wants to come over and talk to you."
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, Justin putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Usher's really upset, Jo. His cousin's behavior was a total shock to him. He's trying to make amends."
Jolan nodded, looking at Jennie, her hand going in his.

"It's not his fault, Jolly. Tyrone acted alone."
"Alright, Jus. I'll talk to him. But I won't brush off what Tyrone's done."

Justin nodded, kissing his cheek.

"I'll call him later and set it up. So what's on the agenda for today? It's a free Sunday for me!" Justin said, sitting in Jolan's lap.

"Well, first things first. You need to hit the gym, love. You're getting way too heavy!"
Everyone laughed, Justin smacking Jolan's shoulder.

"Deal with it, love. For better or worse, right?"
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Is that a proposal, Mr. Timberlake?"
Justin laughed, kissing him back.

"One step at a time love, one beautiful exciting step at a time."
Jolan looked suddenly surprised, Justin kissing him again.

Jonathan sat at the table smiling, watching their closeness.

His eyes met Jennie's, the two smiling at each other.


The friends relaxed at the pool after breakfast, Jennie and Jonathan taking turns diving.

Jolan and Justin just cuddled on a chaise lounge, Jordan laying on a floating chair in the center of the pool.

Jolan's eyes watched Jonathan, seeing a younger version of Justin.

He sensed the young man would mature into a good looking man, similar in beauty to Justin.

Jolan also saw the happiness the two younger people found in each other.

He'd never seen Jennie so happy and relaxed with someone new.

In Jolan's eyes, Josh had done a wonderful thing.

Jon was just what Jennie needed.

A close familiar friend.

No worries of unfamiliar beaus surrounding her.

Jon was Justin's brother, in Jolan's mind that spoke volumes.

Jolan enjoyed the warm California sunshine, soaking in its warming rays.

But a greater warmth he drew from the man cuddling beside him.

Justin's love surrounded him, the two close and tender.

Justin had called Usher back, the singer promising to stop by after dinner.

Jordan, Justin and Jolan had talked, the legality of what happened discussed.

Jolan was waiting to see what Usher would say.

Around eleven, Josh, Chace, Lance and Joey had shown up, a pool party blossoming into full swing.

Chris arrived with Lonnie, just before Britney and her two kids showed up.

The two young boys were immediately taken with Jon, he and Jennie chasing them everywhere.

Jolan sat back, smiling at the family surrounding him.

His eyes went to the Tome, sitting on the table beside him.

Its closeness never far from his mind.

He felt the sweep of destiny about to overtake him.

He looked at Justin, seeing his loving blue eyes staring at him.

Jolan smiled.

Destiny was a path Jolan sensed would be wrapped in Justin's love.


Jolan and Justin made lunch, Justin beaming through most of it.

Jolan showed him different things to make, his lover happy with Jolan's tender guidance.

Everyone feasted on salads, steak kabobs and seasoned chicken wings.

Justin blushed at all the compliments, Jolan smiling beside him.

They all sat around the table, merriment in abundance.

Jolan and Lonnie talked openly to each other, Lonnie stating his commitment and friendship to him and to Jennie.

Jennie smiled often at the large black man, his big smile easing Jolan's concerns.

"Lonnie will be a part of the family, just like Charlie is for me." Britney said, smiling.

Jolan smiled at her, Lonnie smiling as well.

"I wouldn't want it any other way." Jolan said, Lonnie smiling at him.

Justin smiled, seeing Lonnie's familiar friendship working its magic with Jolan and Jennie.

Justin felt his own relief at his friend being with his man and Jennie.

He felt Jolan would now be safe.

"Okay, it's getting too dull around here. Let's have some fun!" Chris said, popping the last chicken wing into his mouth.

"And what does that entail?" Josh asked, Chris smiling.

"Well, there are lots of guys here, how about a friendly game or something?" Joey said, Chris smiling at him.

"How about football?" Chace said, everyone agreeing heartily.

"No rough stuff though. Wouldn't want to mess up your pretty face." Chris said towards Chace, Chace giving him a friendly salute.

Jolan laughed, as did Lance.

"Maybe we'll mess your face back to something half normal, Chris." Chace said, smiling back at him.

"Okay, seems we have the two captains. Pretty-boy and Pug-Ugly." Britney said, Chris and Chace looking at her.

"I'll let you two decide who is which."
Jolan laughed again, others joining in, everyone smiling at Britney.

"Choose your teams, gentlemen. I'll flip a coin. Call it Chris." Josh said, flipping a coin onto the table, covering it with his hand.

"Heads I pick first!" he said, Josh lifting up his hand, the coin showing heads.

Chris grinned, smiling at Chace.

"I pick Josh. You two together would be too freaky! Too much hands on playing with each other."

Chace smiled at Josh, Josh winking.

"That's great, Chris. I love tackling Josh's tight end." he said, Josh blushing.

"Ugh! Keep the tackling to above the waist!"

Chace gave Chris another one finger salute, everyone laughing.

"I'll take Lonnie." Chace said.

"Ah, going for brawn over speed. Interesting. Joey, you're with me." Chris countered, Chace smiling.

"Justin, you got my back." Chace said, smiling at the singer, Justin high-fiving him.
"Then I'll take Jolan. Might as well keep JuJu distracted." Chris smiled, Jolan mouthing a seductive kiss at Justin, Justin licking his lips.

Chris just rolled his eyes.

"Lance will hold up our end." Chace said, Lance smiling at Joey.

"That leaves Jordan for us. You can have Jon, Chace. Maybe you'll end up in a Timberlake sandwich, Jolan!" Chris laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

Jonathan smiled at his brother, then looked at Chris.

"Get ready for a Timberlake beating, Crispy!!" Jonathan smiled, Justin high-fiving his brother now.

Justin got up laughing, heading into the house to retrieve a football, the other guys getting up from the table.


And so the teams were set, the gang all gathering on the back lawn.

The two teams face each other, Chace and Chris looking towards Britney.

"We'll both abide with you being our impartial referee, Brit."
Britney smiled, nodding her head.

"Alright, guys. A friendly game is priority number one. Please try to play nice. That means you in particular, Chris." she said, Chris rolling his eyes again.

"Alright, let's go! Since it's Justin's home, his team gets first possession." she smiled, walking over to Jennie and her boys.

Chace, Justin, Lonnie, Lance and Jonathan huddling together.

Chris, Jolan, Jordan, Joey and Josh waited for the first play, quietly talking over their game plans.

Britney and Jennie sat down in lounge chairs, the two boys climbing into their laps.

"Go get 'em, Uncle Justin!" Preston said, Justin grinning.

Everyone smiled, Justin squatting with the ball in his hand.

Chace yelled hut, Justin handing off the ball, their teammates moving.

Chace backed up, the ball in his hand, readying his throw.

A charging bear named Joey was on him in a flash.

Chace had no chance to throw the ball, landing flat on his back on the ground, Joey on top of him.

"Quarterback sacked! Second down!" Chris grinned, high-fiving Joey when he got up.

"So much for playing nice." Britney said, Jennie laughing beside her.

"Men and their macho egos!" Jennie said, Britney now laughing with her.

Jennie's eyes went to Jonathan, the young man smiling at her.

Britney's eyes took in this exchange, a soft smile crossing her face.


And so the game progressed through the afternoon, each team flushed with excitement and testosterone.

There were moments of roughness but also happiness for the opposing loving couples.

Brief flashes of fun, love and desire also occurred.

Couples who opposed each other on the field still loved each other's closeness in tackled moments.

Chace, being true to his word, did indeed tackle Josh's tight end, the two breaking apart after a flirtatious kiss.

Lance, at one time, tried tackling Joey, the man laughing at Lance's failed attempt, but the two feeling their closeness nonetheless.

Justin tackled Jolan towards the end of the game, laying on top of him, Jolan smiling up at him.

"Who says football's rough? Getting tackled by an angel is damn fine by me." Jolan said, Justin smiling down at him.

"Yeah, especially when it stops you on the ten yard line."
Jolan laughed, Justin helping him up.

"Better luck next time, Wolfy!"

Jolan winked at him, Chris staring at him.

"Must you gay guys flirt with each other?" he said to Jolan, Jolan smiling and putting his arm around the man.

"What's the matter, Chris? Feeling left out?" Jolan said, kissing his cheek, Chace bursting into laughter.

Jolan laughed, winking at Lonnie, the large man smiling widely.

Chris wiped his cheek, shaking his head.

"Okay, back to business! Second down. Try not to screw this one up again, Dragos!"

Jolan smiled at him, batting his eyes, Chris just shaking his head.

The score was now tied, fourteen all.

Britney and Jennie were keeping time, the minutes slipping away from the game.

Jordan bent down, his teammates lining up, staring at their friends in front of them.

"Hut one, Hut two!" Chris said, Jordan delivering the ball to him.

Chris backed up, a large shadow coming into his view, no time for him to initiate any play.

He felt the weight of the large man now bringing him to the ground, the breath going out of his lungs.

Chris lay flat on his back, Lonnie's large body almost totally covering him.

"Hey, Kirkpatrick! Less flirting, more passing." Jolan said, everyone roaring with laughter.

Lonnie's head turned to Jolan, a large smile on his face.

"For a white boy, he's not very romantic. He just lays there."

Jolan lost it, going to his knees in laughter.

Lonnie's loud laugh filled the field, the large man rising upwards.

Below him a red-faced Chris was staring up at him.

"Very funny, Lonnie! Shed some pounds, will ya? You tank!" Chris said, slowly getting up.

"More of me to love, my Crispy treat!" Lonnie laughed, Jolan rolling on the ground now in laughter.

Justin smiled, kneeling beside him.

"You're devious my angel. Using Lonnie on Chris? You do know Chris is on your team, right?"
Jolan laughed, a wide smile on his face.

"I know, Jus. But the man's just begging for it!"
Justin laughed, helping his lover regain his feet, kissing him on the lips.

"Last down, love. Let's see how good you really are."
Jolan smiled, looking at Chris.

"Okay, lets go! Keep the loving for after the game."
Lonnie laughed, walking back to his side of the field, high-fiving Justin and Chace.

Chris looked at Jolan, the young man smiling at him.

Chris felt a sudden feeling of great respect and admiration for the young man.

"Touché,  Dragos."
Jolan smiled, bowing his head.

"Last down, guys. Do or die!" Chris said, Jordan setting up the play again.

Chace's team set its sights on the others, Jordan tossing the ball to Chris.

Jolan took off, running past Chris, the ball slipping into his hands.

Joey charged ahead, he and Lonnie connecting.

Justin and Lance's eyes were on Jolan, the young man fading left.

Josh took off, his body connecting with Lance, the two tumbling forward in front of Jolan.

Jolan leapt over the two, his feet mere inches from the designated touchdown line.

His young body suddenly felt a wrapping presence surrounding him.

Jolan grinned, moving forward.

Chris' earlier declaration had come true.

Jolan Dragos was in the middle of a Timberlake sandwich.

Jonathan and Justin had both tackled him.

Jolan felt his inner strength come alive, the man leaping forward, taking both men with him, his feet crossing the goal line.

Britney and Jennie were screaming, the little boys screaming loudly and clapping.

"Touchdown Jolan! Chris' team wins!" Britney screamed, Jolan falling to the ground, Justin and Jonathan landing on top of him.

Chris' arms were in the air, Jordan, Joey and Josh high-fiving him.

"Victory is ours! In your faces Pug-Uglies!!" Chris screamed with joy, everyone laughing at his exuberance.

Jolan smiled, his lover and Jonathan rising up off him.

"Nice play, Wolfy. Nothing can stop you, my angel."
Jolan smiled, Justin helping him up, Jonathan grinning at him.

"Wow, Jolan! You're really strong."

Justin put his arm around his lover, kissing his cheek.

"Jolan's greatest strength is his love."

Jolan smiled at his lover's touching words, Chris walking up to them.

"Great play, Jolan! That was awesome!" he said, his hand stretched out.

Jolan smiled, shaking his hand, Chris pulling him into a fierce hug.

Joey, Jordan and Josh all were patting Jolan's shoulders, congratulating him.

The winners shook hands with the losers, everyone in a great mood.

Everyone had played their hearts out, the men looking a little roughed up, their clothes dirty and disheveled.

Justin then suggested a dip in the pool to clean up, swimsuits available for everyone in the cabana.

Everyone swam, Jordan running out for steaks and food for everyone.

Jolan manned the barbecue.

Within an hour and a half supper was served, the joyous bunch laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Throughout dinner they all relived the fun they had that afternoon, Justin smiling at Jolan and Jennie's obvious happiness.

After dinner they all relaxed by the pool, the house cordless phone going off beside Justin.

Justin answered, pressing a couple of buttons, looking at Jolan.

"Usher is here, Jo."
Josh got up, walking into the house, Jolan quietly looking at Justin.

Jennie sat down beside Jolan, her hand going in his.

She looked into his grey eyes, a comforting smile on her face.

Jolan nodded at her, Justin sensing they were talking to each other in their minds.


Josh walked out of the house, Usher walking beside him.

Everyone greeted him, Usher saying hello to everyone, his eyes on Jolan and Jennie.

"Sit down, Ush." Justin said, standing and offering his seat beside Jolan, Justin sitting down on Jennie's other side in a lounge chair.

Usher smiled, sitting down beside Jolan.

"How are you doing, Jennie? I hope last night didn't cause any more hurt for you?"

Jennie smiled at the handsome black man, her hand still in Jolan's, Usher seeing Jolan's protective love in full view.

"I am alright, sir. My brother's love protects me. As do all my friends'."
Everyone smiled, Usher smiling at her.

"Again Jolan, I want to apologize for what Tyrone did last night. There is no excuse I can offer you for his behavior. I am as hurt and upset with him as you are. I never knew he was that type of guy, Jolan. I never realized that he was so mean and self-centered. Please forgive me and my family for bringing this tragedy upon your sweet sister. Jennie deserved so much more kindness than the brutality she received."
Jolan's hand went out, resting on Usher's shoulder, the man feeling a sense of warming love.

"I talked to my sister last night, and she told me that Tyrone's been in a lot of trouble lately. Traveling with the wrong crowd. She's at a loss as to what to do with him. He won't listen to her, or his father. Last night's revelations make me see he's totally out of control. I'm sorry he took out his anger and aggression on you, Jennie."

Jolan looked at Jennie, her grey eyes staring into his.

Justin and the others saw the soft glow in them.

"If you want to press charges against him, I fully understand your right to do that. Perhaps Tyrone can see from that that his actions bring consequences. It might be the best thing for him." Usher said, Jolan seeing the moisture in his dark brown eyes.

"I don't think it has to come to that, Usher." Jolan said, patting his shoulder, his grey eyes looking again at Jennie, then Jolan meeting Justin's eyes.

"Bring Tyrone in, Usher. I know he's sitting in your car." Jolan said, his eyes staring at Usher.

Usher looked surprised, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"He won't apologize freely, Jolan. I made him come with me and I'm forcing him to do it. I just want you to know that. He thinks he's done nothing wrong."

Jolan nodded, Jennie standing up in front of him.

"Bring Tyron in, sir. It's time he learned something." she said, Usher staring up at her, seeing a determined look in her grey eyes.

Usher stood up, looking at her, then walking back into the house.

Jolan stood up, his arm going around Jennie.

"What's wrong, Jennie?" Justin said, looking up at her.

Jennie's eyes met his, Justin seeing a calming love shining back at him.

"Nothing that a dose of reality won't fix." she said, everyone looking at each other.


A few minutes later, Usher appeared again in the patio doorway, pushing a troubled looking Tyrone ahead of him.

Tyrone's eyes met Jolan's, the young man trembling.

Jolan remained silent, staring at him.

Tyrone saw no anger in Jolan's grey staring eyes.

He saw a look of calmness there, and then a judging look of determination.

Usher pushed the young man forward, Tyrone now standing in front of Jolan and Jennie.

His brown eyes moved to Jennie's beautiful face, seeing the same look in her eyes as well.

"Sit down, Tyrone." she said, her voice calm and controlled.

"Hey, I'm sorry, okay? I don't need to say anything else. I apologize for coming on to you, alright? But you can't say you're surprised that I tried that, Jennie. Hell, I know your past and what you've done."

Usher's face changed to a look of simmering anger towards his nephew, Jolan's hand going to Tyrone's shoulder, pushing the young man down into the chair behind him with amazing force.

"My sister said sit down! And I'm saying be quiet!" Jolan said, his voice laced with total controlled determination.

Tyrone looked surprised, going silent.

Usher sat down beside him, Jolan looking at Jennie, nodding.

Jennie pulled up another chair, sitting down in front of Tyrone.

"You think you're so tough, so charged with greatness, with total worth. The big important street kid! I think it's time you learned what life can give you, Tyrone. I think it's time you felt the true meaning of a hurting life. And I'm just the one to show you." she said, her grey eyes staring into his.

Tyrone stared at her, seeing the centers of her grey eyes beginning to glow.

Jennie's hands went out, touching both sides of his face, Tyrone immediately trembling, Jennie closing her eyes.

Within moments, Tyrone's cheeks were covered with tears, the young man breaking the contact with her, falling forward, his head going into his hands, a sob rushing out of him.

Jennie remained seated, her hand going to his shoulder.

The young man raised his head, looking into her calm eyes.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" he sobbed, lowering his head, unable to look into her judging eyes.

"I accept your apology, Tyrone. And I think it's time you leaned on your uncle to help you get your life back on track. You need the love and support of your family."
Tyrone nodded, looking sideways at his uncle's confused eyes.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Usher. I'm sorry you don't respect me anymore. Please don't walk away from me! Please don't stop loving me! I need you so much!"
Usher looked surprised, his arm going around his emotional nephew.

"You're my nephew, Ty. I'll always love you!"
Tyrone's face showed a small smile, his eyes going again to Jennie.

"You need to go home with your uncle, Tyrone. Talk to him, and tell him why you're hurting."
Tyrone nodded, standing up, Usher standing up beside him.

Jolan stood up, Jennie remaining seated.

"We won't press any charges, Usher. I think Tyrone has learned something today."

Tyrone nodded, his eyes going down to Jennie.

"I'm sorry, Jennie. I really am."
Jennie nodded, Jolan looking at the young man.

"Heed Jennie's advice, Tyrone. And listen to your nephew, Usher."
Usher nodded, thanking Jolan and Jennie, the two men quietly leaving.


Everyone's eyes were on Jolan and Jennie, totally confused by what they'd just witnessed.

Jolan looked quietly at everyone, the young man sitting down beside Jennie.

"I'm sorry, Jennie. I'm sorry for you now seeing the truth." he softly said, her hand going into his again.

"You protect me with your love, Jolly. But you can't protect me from my life, or my past."

Jolan teared up, Justin sitting down beside him, his arm going around him, his blue eyes looking at Jennie.

"What just happened here, my love?"

Jolan raised his head, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"Jennie broke down my wall, Jus. She knows again what really happened to her in New York."

Justin looked surprised, as did everyone else.

"My gift wasn't strong enough. I had blocked all the memories of what she'd gone through from her mind. In a sense, I'd trapped them all behind a wall of magic. What happened last night made the wall crumble. For my loving sister's mind sought out the truth."
Jennie's arm went around her brother, kissing his cheek.

"Tyrone's mention last night of my past and what he thought it meant for him troubled me. I couldn't remember any of it. So I used my own magic to search through my mind. I found Jolly's clever trap easily. It took me a while to break that wall down. His love is so strong."
Jolan smiled, tears still in his eyes.

"Thank you for trying to shield me from my past, Jolly. But it's part of who I am, who I've become. I love you, brother. And thank you for making me see what I needed to do for Tyrone."
Justin looked confused, Jolan looking into his blue eyes.

"Tyrone was on a path of destruction. His life so far has been nothing but violence, hurt and pain. His family tried to help him, to make him walk away from that. You remember Usher said that about his sister. That Tyrone wouldn't listen to anyone. That he was so enamored of that gangsta life. Jennie showed him the truth he needed to see. The truth to make Tyrone walk a different path. The path he'll soon walk with his uncle's love."

"What did you do to him, Jennie?" Chace said, Jennie looking at him.

"I showed him my life, Chace. I showed him what I went through." she said, Jolan's arm around her now.

"Jennie showed Tyrone the truth of every moment of her life. All the pain, all the hurt and violent sexual torture she endured. She showed him what it had felt like for her--the pain she had felt. The pain he was wanting to give her again last night. And in Tyrone's mind, he learned the truth of what he'd become. Tyrone had the strength to step back and take a hard look at himself. That's why he broke down. He finally realized what he was becoming. Jennie used her pain to give him a second chance. To walk away from violence. What he'll now realize is that he's got a chance at a meaningful life. His uncle loves him so much. That guiding love will guide him to make a new life for himself. He just needed my loving Jennie to show him her truth for him to see it."

Everyone looked at the young woman, realizing what she'd done for a man who'd tried to hurt her.

She'd shown him her own pain to make him realize the truth of what he'd become.

"Tyrone will tell Usher all that's bothering him. He'll get that second chance." Jennie softly said, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"I love you, Jennie. Your love is more beautiful than mine."
Jennie smiled, kissing him back, looking around at everyone.

"What can I say? I'm a Dragos."

Jennie let Jolan hug her, his grey eyes staring into hers.

"I accept my past, Jolly. It's something I have to carry with me. And I'll always use it to help others."

Jolan smiled, the others smiling as well.

The phone rang again, Josh picking it up, talking into it.

Everyone got up, hugging Jennie as she stood up, all of them seeing her loving smile again on her face.


Josh hit the front gate sequence on the phone, shutting it off.

"There's a Lt. Sanders from the police here to see you, Jolan." Josh said, Jordan nodding.

"I'd talked to him on Friday, Jolan. He's my contact with the LAPD.  He's probably here to see you and Justin again about Brandon. Maybe they've finally found him. "
Jolan nodded, his arm going around Jennie.

Josh smiled, walking back into the house again.

Everyone sat back down, Josh returning a few minutes later followed by an older looking police officer dressed in plain clothes, and two uniformed policemen.

Jordan got up, walking up to the officer, shaking his hand.

"Hello again, Lt. Sanders."
"Hello, Inspector Foreman. Which one of you is Jolan Dragos?" he said, Jordan catching the professionalism in the officer's voice.

Jordan immediately sensed the man was here on official business.

Jolan stood up, looking at the man.

"I am Jolan Dragos, Lt. Sanders." he said, the older man nodding towards the two policemen who'd followed him.

"Mr. Dragos. You are under arrest."
Jolan looked stunned, the two policemen surrounding him.

"Arrested? For what?!" Jordan said, also shocked.

Everyone was now on their feet, all their faces showing shock.

"Yes, arrested. Do you know a woman named Theresa Brannigan, Mr. Dragos?"
Jolan looked confused, shaking his head no.

Justin was now looking at him in shock, their eyes meeting.

Jennie was in Jonathan's arms, both of their faces covered in concern and confusion.

Jordan took the officer's arm, staring at him.

"What are you arresting my cousin for, Steve??"

The officer looked at Jordan, then at Jolan.

"Jolan Dragos, you are under arrest for aggravated assault, attempted murder and rape."


End of Chapter 54


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