Jolan's Path - Chapter 55


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 55


Justin saw the light go out of Jolan's silvery eyes.

Jolan trembled, the two uniformed policemen placing their hands on his shoulders.

Justin's body began to move, Josh's arm going around him, holding him back.

Josh sensed that Justin shouldn't reveal his love for Jolan in front of several policemen.

"That's impossible! Jolan could never have done such things!!" Justin said, his voice suddenly sounding loud on the quiet patio.

Jordan regained his stunned shock, moving to the older policeman's side.

"What's going on here, Steve? Where are these charges stemming from?"
The older police detective looked at Jordan, Jordan seeing the determination in the man's eyes.

"The warrant came over the wire this morning, Jordan. It was issued in New York. A woman there has leveled these charges against him."
"This is preposterous! Jolan's been with all of us since last week. He's been out of New York for almost two weeks!" Josh said, looking at his friend, Jolan remaining silent, his head now lowered.

"These charges are not from this month, let alone this year. These charges stem from something that happened over four years ago."
Everyone looked shocked, Jolan's head raising.

"From years ago?" he softly said, looking at the detective.

Justin slowly moved, standing now beside his friend, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder, Justin watching him.

"Yes. The woman says you abducted her, raped her and then tried to kill her. I'm sorry but you're coming downtown with us. You're being extradited to New York to be arraigned on those charges." the man said, nodding at the two policemen.
"I suggest you get him a good lawyer, Jordan. These charges are being substantiated by another eyewitness. I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do, my hands are tied. Everything's legal."
Jordan nodded, looking around at everyone.

"I'll go with Jolan, Justin. You and everyone stay here. I'll get the gist of what's going on here."
Justin looked at Jordan for only a second, his eyes locking with Jolan's.

"Don't worry, Jo. We'll get this sorted out. I'll see you very soon." he said, looking into his Jolan's grey eyes.

Justin suddenly saw something there that concerned him deeply.

"Handcuff him, Officer Ellis." the detective said, Jordan looking at him.

"Is that absolutely necessary? There are reporters out there!"
"I'm sorry, Jordan. It's the law when transporting arrestees. No one--famous or not--is above the law."
One of the policemen pulled out a pair of handcuffs, moving Jolan's hands together.

Jolan remained silent as they were put on, his eyes staring at Justin.

Jennie moved, wrapping her arms around her brother's neck, Jolan looking into her grey tearing eyes.

"It's okay, Jennie. I'll be okay." he said softly, the officers moving him forward.

Justin put his arms around Jennie when she released Jolan reluctantly, Jolan looking one last time at both of them, walking towards the house surrounded by the two officers.

Jordan looked at Justin, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Get him a lawyer, Jus. I'll find out all I can about this."
Justin nodded, looking at the man's tearful eyes.

"Take care of him, Jordan. Something's wrong in his soul."
Jordan nodded, joining the detective as he walked towards the house.


Justin hung up the phone, tossing it on the couch beside him, looking around at everyone.

"Johnny's on his way over. He's talked to legal, they're dispatching someone to the police station immediately." he said, Jennie sitting down beside him, Justin putting his arm around her.

It was now over two hours since Jolan's arrest.

"I can't believe this!" Josh said, folding his arms, leaning against the fireplace with Chace by his side.

"There's no way in hell Jolan ever did such a thing as what they're suggesting!" Chris said, staring at Justin.

Britney looked at Chris, picking up the discarded phone, sitting down in its place beside Justin.

"Besides the fact he's gay, and that his soul is too filled with love to even comprehend hurting someone." Lance said, Joey's arms going around him.

Britney smiled at both men, their love showing before her.

She been met with quite a few surprises from her former friends today.

Distance has a way of showing a person that life goes on while your gone.

She saw the love the former boybanders had now in their hearts.

"Lance is right, Justin. Whatever's going on here isn't possible. We've all felt the love of Jolan's soul, you most of all." she said, smiling at him.
Justin nodded, looking at Britney.

"Jolan's hurting." he said, a tear falling down his cheek, Britney's arm going around him.

"I saw the light of life go out of his eyes when that man said those heinous things. It ripped his soul apart. I think he's so shocked by those words that he may begin to believe it's true."
Britney--and everyone else--reacted in shock at Justin's words.

"No way, Justin! He'd never believe that! Would you?" she said, Justin looking into her blue eyes.

"I will never believe that of my Jolan. This is all a lie! My Jolan would never do such a thing!"
Britney smiled, kissing his cheek.

"It's just that I actually felt Jolan's soul at that moment. He's terrified that he may have done it. He's doubting himself. You all know how shaken up he's been about that lost part of his life. I felt his soul. He's terrified that somehow it may be true."
"We'll get to the bottom of this, Justin. Jolan will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Let's wait and see what Jordan's found out." Britney said, her arm still around him.

"I'm so worried about him. I hate his not being here with me. I hate him being so all alone. I want my Jolan home." Justin said, his eyes filling with tears.

Jennie leaned into him, her arm joining Britney's around him.

"Jolan's going to be okay, Jus. I'm trying to calm him down."
Justin's eyes met Jennie's, seeing in her grey eyes the truth of her words.

"Your connection?"

Jennie nodded, looking around the room, everyone looking at her.

"Jolan and I have a connection, a bond of love and soul. We can talk to each other in our minds."

Everyone stared at her in shocked surprise.
"You mean your telepathic?" Chris said, a surprised look still on his face.

"Yes, Chris. Jolan thought at first it was part of the Dragosan heritage. But neither of us have been able to make contact with Simus or Calen. It seems to be just the two of us talking to each other alone. I've even tried to search out for my parents, with no luck. Jolan now thinks it's just our own bond of sibling love."
Justin smiled, kissing her cheek, Jennie smiling at him.

"You were right, Jus. Jolan is having those thoughts. His mind is so confused, and he's so alone. I feel his loneliness. I've been sending him my love. But I don't think it's enough."
Justin put his arm around her, Jennie looking around.

"In such a short time--since he's awoken from that coma--Jolan has felt all of your love. He's so scared of losing that if somehow this is true. Oh God, I wish we knew what was going on!" she said, Justin hugging her gently.

The phone rang, Josh answering it, hitting the front entrance code again.

"Johnny's here."
Justin nodded, the group waiting quietly.


Johnny Wright walked into the room, Justin's mother beside him, Justin standing up.

Lynn walked over to Jennie, her arms going around her.

"It's okay, Jennie. Jolan's going to be alright." she said softly, her words laced with comfort.

"Thanks, Lynn. Thanks for coming." she said, Lynn kissing her cheek.

Lynn looked at Justin, seeing the tears in his eyes.

"Thanks for coming, Mom."

"We'll get you both through this quickly, Justin. Jolan will be free soon. This is all utter nonsense!" she said, her eyes going to Britney.

"Hello, Brit. It's nice to see you back in my son's heart. Welcome back to our love."
Britney smiled, walking over to Lynn, Lynn hugging her gently, Britney kissing her cheek.

"It took him a while, but he's finally welcomed back my love. Now my boys have their Uncle Justin!" she said, Lynn smiling at her son, then at the two boys in the center of the room on the floor.

Britney's two boys looked up at their mother smiling, Jonathan on the floor playing with them.

Jonathan smiled at the two boys, standing up, Lynn hugging him tightly.

"The Timberlake boys are together again. This time to save our angel."

Jonathan and Justin both smiled at Lynn, everyone smiling at the family.
Johnny looked at Justin, Justin staring quietly at him.

"This doesn't make any sense, Justin. We researched all of Jolan's past--what little we could find--and that woman's name was nowhere. This just seems so out of the blue. You have no clue who she is?"

Justin shook his head no, Jennie voicing the same response.

"Well, legal has dispatched their top dog for Jolan, she'll get to the bottom of all this. You remember Ally Carmichael, Jus?"

Justin smiled, remembering the woman fondly.

She'd been a young lawyer on the law team that *NSync had hired to break their contracts with Lou Perlman.

She'd been instrumental in getting their deal finalized.

Her diligence and perseverance had totally destroyed Lou.

All the guys smiled now, remembering her.

"Wow, Ally! Man, it's been a while since we've seen her!" Joey said, Lance nodding with a smile.

"I feel better for Jolan already!"  Josh said, Justin sitting down.

Chace looked at Josh, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Alexandra Carmichael was one of our lawyers against Lou Perlman. She helped free all of us from his clutches. Her tenacity for winning is overwhelming."
Chace nodded, looking at Johnny.

"But she's a corporate lawyer, right? How can she help?"
"Not anymore. She branched out into criminal law, foregoing the corporate bureaucracy. She's a fully experienced criminal lawyer now. Jive keeps her on retainer for any criminal suits or such that we might encounter."
Justin nodded, Jennie sitting down beside him again.

Justin's arm went around her.

"How's he doing?"
"He's so quiet, Jus."

Justin kissed her cheek, his thoughts on the man who meant everything to him.

"I am going to use all my resources to return him to us, Jennie. Until he's back I'm totally taking his place. I'm right here for you, okay?"
Jennie smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"So am I, Jennie." Jonathan said, Lynn smiling at the young man.

Jennie's eyes met his youthful stare, the two smiling at each other.

Lynn and Britney exchanged looks.

Jolan sat in a dingy room, the overhead fluorescent lights flickering, one tube completely off.

He sat at a table, a uniformed officer standing by the doorway, the only exit out of the room.

He'd been fingerprinted, booked and charged, as well as searched thoroughly.

He now sat alone, all of his belongings taken from him, including his belt and shoes.

Jolan looked around, his mind on everything and nothing.

Inside himself, his soul was on edge.

He lowered his head, trying to free the growing doubt residing there.

A light tapping came to the door, the officer opening it, Jolan not moving.

Into the room walked a sophisticated looking black woman, her eyes staring towards Jolan.

She was dressed in a trim, sleek skirt and jacket, her beautiful ebony skin foregoing the truth of her thirty-seven years of tumultuous life.

She nodded at the policeman, asking for privacy, the officer quietly walking out of the room, closing the door.

She walked across the room, sitting down in front of Jolan, the table separating them.

"Hello, Mr. Dragos."

Jolan's head raised, the woman staring at him.

"Who are you?" he softly said, the woman smiling at him.

She stared into two grey eyes, their depths filled with emotion.

"My name is Alexandra Carmichael. I've been asked to be your legal representative."

"Did Justin send you?" Jolan said, his face changing, his expression softening.

In that look she saw Jolan's love for the pop star.

"His management team sent me here, at his request. It seems he has high regard for you."
Jolan softly smiled, his thoughts on the man he loved so much.

"He's a wonderful friend. I don't know what I'd do without him."

The woman smiled, her teeth white and sparkling.

"So what's going on here, Jolan?"
Jolan looked into her eyes, the woman lost in the sparkling silvery eyes staring back at her.

In them she saw a young man on the edge of emotion.

"I don't know, Miss Carmichael. I don't know anything! I can't remember anything about my past!"
Her hand went on top of Jolan's, Jolan feeling her friendship in that one gesture.

"Please call me Ally, Jolan. We're going to be spending some time together, I think. First up, I want you to tell me everything. I want the whole story of Jolan Dragos' life."
Jolan nodded, feeling the comforting friendship of the woman quietly looking at him.

Jolan's heart opened, his past--or what he knew of it--coming to life.


Back at Justin's home, the group all still remained at his side, even though the hour showed after midnight.

Johnny had been on the phone with his New York contacts all evening, as had Lynn.

The word was spreading like wildfire, the press and media coverage gathering steam.

Johnny advised Justin to be prepared to make a statement.

For a media blitz was about to overtake them.

Britney's two boys were sound asleep upstairs.

Jennie had fallen asleep on the couch about fifteen minutes earlier, Jonathan's arms wrapped around her.

A half hour later, Jordan and Alexandra Carmichael arrived back at Justin's.

Justin stood up when they walked into the living room, Joey shaking Chris' slumbering form laid out in an easy chair.

Everyone looked at the policeman and the lawyer, Alexandra smiling at Justin.

"Hello, boys! I'm back!" she said, smiling at all of them.

Joey, Lance, Josh and Chris all laughed, hugging her.

Justin hugged her last, the black woman smiling at him.

"That's quite the friend you have there, Justin." she said, guiding Justin back to his seat, she sitting down beside him.

Jennie and Jonathan were still quietly sleeping on the other couch, Alexandra's eyes going to them.

"I take it this is the famous Jennica?" she said, Justin nodding quietly.

"Jolan was greatly concerned about her feelings. He's a remarkable man, Justin. Such a courageous soul."
Justin smiled, Alexandra quietly watching him.

"He's my best friend. How is he doing?" Justin said, his voice filled with love.

"He's on a razor's edge, Justin. His emotions are nearly shattered."

Justin's face filled with worry, Alexandra's hand going to his shoulder.

Jordan sat down beside Lonnie, the large man looking at him.

"So what's going down, Jordan? What's all this shit?!" Lonnie said, not mincing words.

Everyone in the room looked towards him, the policeman looking at Alexandra.

"According to the police report a woman named Theresa Brannigan claims that she was raped over four years ago in upstate New York. She claims that Jolan was the one who did it. She'd been abducted, raped and beaten, then left in a roadside ditch by her assailant. She and another man are claiming the assailant was Jolan."

"Who's the other man?" Chris asked.

Jordan opened his notepad, looking over his notes.

"A man by the name of Samuel Conrad."

The name meant nothing to any of them.

"Apparently, he and the victim have known each other for some time. She came forward because she saw Jolan on television with you, Justin. She said she'd never had the courage before to seek him out for what had been done to her. Her seeing Jolan again brought the courage into her heart to seek justice against him, or so she's claiming. And there's something else you should know."
Alexandra squeezed Justin's shoulder.

"She has a child, Justin. And she's claiming he's the direct result of that attack. She's claiming the child is Jolan's."

Justin's--as well as everyone else's--eyes widened, that comment sinking into his soul.

"Jolan has a child?"
"Yes and no, Jolan. She has a child, but I don't for a minute believe it's Jolan's. And I'll tell you why."
Jolan looked at the woman, she smiling back at him.

"It's not hard for me to see by his reactions--and now yours--that the two of you are in love. Am I correct?"

Justin's blue eyes met her green soulful eyes, seeing their calmness.

He also saw no judging gaze, only an accepting truth there.

"Yes, Ally. Jolan is the love of my life. We are together. That's why I know none of this is true. His kind loving soul could never do such a thing!"

She smiled, patting his shoulder.

"The man is just that, Justin. Kind and loving. He told me all of what's happened to him. Everything except your relationship. But through his voice and his talking of you I sensed the truth. You don't hide it well either. I should let you know that that truth may come out if we go to trial. It would easily show that Jolan had no desire for women. Are you prepared for this secret to come out?"

Justin looked around at everyone, his eyes settling again on Alexandra's eyes.

"I love Jolan. If that fact gains us the truth, that sacrifice is worth it. I'm fully prepared to make that sacrifice to have him back with me."

Alexandra smiled, nodding.

"I truly hope it never comes to that. For now, you'll play the devoted friend and confidant, Justin. And your friends will all stand by him, your love and friendship in full view. That will work best for Jolan."

Everyone agreed, voicing their love for Jolan.

Justin's eyes met Alexandra's again.

"I'm so worried about his well-being. I felt the worry in his soul about this. Does he know what's going on? With the woman and her child?"
Alexandra rubbed his shoulder.

"Yes, Justin. I told him what's going on. He's fully aware of everything. He has the right to know."
Justin nodded, his head lowering.

Britney sat on his other side, her arm going around him.

"He's so alone. I need to see him."
"We can arrange that for tomorrow, or should I say today." Ally said, looking at her watch.

"I'll arrange for you to visit him. But he's leaving the next day for New York. He's got an arraignment appearance there on Wednesday."

Justin nodded, all of his friends looking at him.

"I love him so much. He needs to know my love's with him. He's hurting and he needs to know I'm there for him."
"He does, Justin. He's always known that." Britney said, kissing his cheek.

"Right now you need some rest, as does Jennie. Let's call it a night, my friend." she said tenderly, Alexandra nodding.

Justin got up, walking over to the other couch, gently shaking Jennie's shoulder.

The young girl awoke, Justin gently lifting her up.

"Come on, Sis. Let's go to bed."

Jennie nodded, wiping her eyes, Jonathan looking up at her.

"Goodnight, Jonathan."
"Night, Jennie." he said, Jennie smiling at him.

"Goodnight everyone." she softly said, everyone saying goodnight to her.

Her grey eyes looked at Alexandra for a moment, then she snuggled against Justin's chest.

Justin gently moved the young girl, walking out of the room with her heading upstairs.


Jolan lay in the darkness of his jail cell, staring up at the dark ceiling, watching a cockroach scurrying across the darkness.

His mind thought through all he'd been told tonight.

About the woman and child allegedly connected to him.

Could I have a child?
Could I have done what she's said I've done?

Am I not who I believe myself to be?

Am I a monster hidden behind blocked memories?

"You are no such thing, Jolan."
Jolan's eyes moved, staring at a man hidden in the shadows of one corner of the cell.

Erasmus walked out of the shadows, Jolan sitting up on the bed, the man sitting down beside him.

They looked into each other's grey eyes in the gloomy darkness, Jolan seeing the usual determination staring back at him.

"You are not a monster, Jolan."
"How did you know I was thinking that?"
The man smiled, his silver-ringed hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"The predicament warrants clouded reasoning. Any man who were in your shoes would begin to believe the uncertainty of the charges against him.  I'm here to tell you to be strong. Truth shall prevail, with a dawning surprise."
"You always talk in riddles, Era. Just tell me what the hell's going on. Did I do this? Am I a rapist?"
"No, Jolan. You are not--nor never can be--such a thing. You need only have had to search your own giving soul to learn that truth."
Jolan teared up, the man's arm going around him.

"Courage, my young friend. You need to center yourself. Your gifts are there for a reason. Use them. I'm here to tell you it's time."
"Time for what?"

"Time to seize your destiny. Time to focus on what and who you are."
"The Catre Din Dragoste? The destiny of my family?"
"That plus so much more. You are you, Jolan Dragos."

The older man stood, looking down at Jolan.

His hands went together, his older weather-worn fingers removing the silver band from his hand.

Jolan saw a tattooed mark on the skin where the ring had laid.

It was the head of a wolf.

"This ring I have carried for eons. It is a part of me. It was given to me by someone special. Their beauty and love entrenched in it. It is time I gave it to you."
The older man extended his hand, the silver band laying in his palm.

"Take it, Jolan Dragos. Destiny begins with you feeling that love."

Jolan slowly reached out, picking up the ring from the man's hand.
He instantly felt a sense of truth and love flow through him.

He slipped the ring onto his left ring finger, a feeling suddenly coming over him.

Erasmus smiled, sitting down beside him again.

Jolan's hand went onto the older man's knee, Erasmus looking into his grey eyes.

Jolan saw the tears in the man's ancient eyes.

"It's so unbelievable. The depth of the love."
"Yes, Jolan. And you now know the correct path. Use that love wisely. I'm sorry I never did."
Jolan nodded, sensing a deep truth in those shimmering tearful eyes.

"I must go, the night darkens. I need to watch again. I feel their evil."

The man stood, looking down at Jolan again.

"My heart is with you, lost one." Jolan softly said.

"We shall talk of truth at the end I believe, Jolan. Your courage warrants that."
The man faded instantly, Jolan staring at the now empty space.

His fingers rubbed the silver band, his grey eyes softly glowing.


Samuel Conrad sighed, feeling the beauty of the woman sitting on his hips, riding him.

She trembled, his largeness sunk deeply into her.

"That's it bitch, feel that dick that you've missed! You've missed it, haven't you?"
"Ugh, God yes!" the woman moaned, her body moaning with heated desire.

His head went upward, his lips attaching to her left naked breast, sucking on the nipple, the woman gasping as he pulled her downward.

Samuel smiled, laying flat on his back in bed, the woman rising and falling on his hardness.

Behind her another woman stood, taking in the scene before her.

She too stood naked, her breast round and full.

Samuel smiled, waving to her.

"Come over here, babe. Damn time you tasted this sweet star bitch's hunger again. She's insatiable."
The other woman walked to the head of the bed, climbing onto it again.

Samuel moved, flipping the woman who was straddling him over onto her back, his hardness sinking into her again.

He moaned, sinking all of himself deeply into her.

"Oh, yeah! That's it! Come on babe, taste her!"

The other woman leaned downward, her tongue going into the other woman's mouth, the two French kissing.

Her fingers went to the woman's breasts, tweaking the hardened nipples.

The woman shuddered, her body trembling with desire.

Samuel felt the edge, his juices erupting out of his hardness, flooding her insides.

He sagged, pulling out and collapsing beside the two women.

"Man, you are fantastic! Just like I remembered!"
The women broke their kiss, the young beautiful woman on the bottom looking into his eyes.

The other woman's lips went lower, latching onto the woman's left breast, taking the nipple into her mouth.

The young woman trembled, feeling the woman's experienced touch.

She sensed these two had had many others in their joined bed.

"Thanks, Marty. And you were as great as always. I'd forgotten that log you carry between your legs."
Samuel Martin Conrad smiled, his fingers rubbing Jessica Biel's right thigh.

"Biggest you've ever had, right?" he said, his fingers now on her right breast, the other woman kissing her belly button.

Jessica smiled her usual fake smile, knowing the man thrived on worship.

"Yes, Marty. You're the champ!"

He grinned, stroking himself.

"That I am, Jess. What do you think of my Tess?"

He laughed, realizing he'd rhymed.

"Jessie and Tessie! My two hot sluts!"

Tess' head raised, looking at Martin.

Jessica had arrived yesterday, this evening of sex mandatory for Martin's accepting her plans.

That and the money involved.

The three had been in bed all evening, Martin using both of them.

Here now Tess was finally being allowed to taste this beautiful woman.

She'd longed for her all day.

For years Martin had filled their bed with different people, men and women.

For once in Tess' hard life she'd finally met someone she really wanted.

The vision of beauty here with her was exciting her greatly.

Her lips moved lower, tasting the sweet sweat on the young woman's body.

Jessica had given into Martin's desires, as she always had.

For she knew her body was the weapon to get the man to do her bidding.

She smiled, her plan now in action.

Jessica gasped suddenly, Tess' tongue having reached her center.

Tess raised her head, her blue eyes looking at Jess.

"You taste divine."
Jessica smiled, surprised at the intoxicating lust she saw in the woman's eyes.

The woman began to lower her head, the room suddenly filled with a young voice.

"I can't sleep, Mommy."
The three sets of eyes turned, staring at a small boy standing in the open doorway.

He was around five, a curly mop of blond hair atop his small head.

His eyes were blue and piercing.

Tess rose up and off the bed, walking over to him, picking him up gently.

He was small for his age, but his smile was infectious.

"It's okay, baby. Mommy's here." she said with touching love, the young child looking towards the bed.

"What going on, Mommy? Why yous nakies?"
"We're going to sleep, as you should, too, my angel." she said, looking into Martin's staring eyes.

"Get that brat into bed, Tessie. Then get your ass back here!" he said gruffly, the woman quickly leaving the room.

Jessica stared at the man beside her, Martin's fingers going to her center.

"Treat her and that kid right, Marty. They could be your meal ticket."
Martin smiled, his lips licking at her right breast.

"You leave her and him to me. Tess will do right. Just like you want. The deal's set, Jess. We're in it deep now. You hold up your end, I'll do my part with them."
Jessica nodded, looking towards the doorway.

Martin yawned, laying back and stretching.

"I'm tired, slut. You two wore me out. I'm going to nap for a while, then it's play time again."
Jessica remained still, relieved that the man was finally satisfied.

He closed his eyes, Jessica watching him.

They'd met in high school, he the star of the football team.

He'd been the boy who'd deflowered her, his claim to her always there.

And throughout her adult life he'd been a useful tool in achieving some of her goals.

That's why he remained in her arsenal of dubious friends.

She lay in silence, her thoughts on Justin.

Soon, my Jus.

Your little boy slut will soon be a distant memory and I'll be back in your arms.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Her eyes looked towards the doorway, thinking of the young woman who'd been with them all night.

The woman's beauty had surprisingly intrigued Jessica.

As had her sudden desirous touch.

Jessica hadn't done much with women, a few threesomes, the man always being the center of attention.

This woman puzzled her, and she couldn't figure out why.

About ten minutes later, the doorway was suddenly filled with a vision of female naked beauty.

Jessica stared as the woman as she walked across the room, quietly climbing into the bed again, looking towards Martin.

Martin was flat on his back, his snoring seemingly loud in the quiet room.

"Marty's finally crashed? That's good." Tess said, Jessica nodding, the women looking into each other's eyes.

"Sorry if he was a little rough. He gets like that when there are others with us."
Jessica nodded, looking into the woman's blue eyes.

"Why do you stay with him, Tess?  I see in your eyes the fear you have of him."
"Life gives us challenges, Jessica. My boy needed a father and I needed a provider. The rest I just deal with as it comes."
Tess looked shyly at the famous woman laying beside her.

"You're very beautiful, Tess. You could be modeling or acting."
Tess smiled, looking down at the woman.

"I'm not as beautiful as you, Jessica."
Jessica smiled, the woman smiling back.

"Marty will sleep probably all night. Maybe we should continue without him." Tess said softly, Jessica's eyes meeting hers.

"Alright, Tess. I've never done much with another woman."

Tess' fingers went slowly onto Jessica's hip, heading towards her center.

"Then let me show you the beauty of my touch."
Jessica gasped as she felt those fingers sinking into her center, the woman's lips meeting hers.


In the room across from theirs, a small child lay in his small bed, staring up at the moon shining down through the room's only window.

He'd laid there all evening, hearing the sounds coming from his mommy's bedroom.

Sounds he'd heard often before.

He loved his mommy so much, her love the one constant in his young life.

The other man he feared with a trembling uncertainty.

Even at five, the young child knew that Samuel wasn't his father.

That, in the darkness of night, made his heart happy.

He also knew in his young heart that the man didn't like him.

He wished with all his heart that his mommy would leave the man, the two of them living in happiness somewhere else.

His small face smiled, his blue eyes softly glowing just before they closed against the moonlight.

In another room across the country from him, another pair of eyes were softly glowing as well.

Jolan Dragos was staring out his barred window at the same moon.

And in the darkness of the galactic void of destiny, two souls felt an immediate connection.

A connection of truth.




End of Chapter 55




Interesting revelations.


So Jessica Biel is at the center of Jolan's troubles.

Are the charges filed against Jolan a devious plot Jessica has thought up to rip him away from Justin's love?

Who is Tess?

What is happening to Jessica in regards to Tess?

Are they becoming friends or something more?

It seems the child may have a connection to Jolan after all.


What is the significance of the ring Erasmus has given Jolan?


Read on and watch the path unfold.

I hope you like the new path about to start.

I promise to try and keep your attention.


Hugs, Angel.