Jolan's Path - Chapter 56


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 56


Lynn walked into the kitchen, stopping in surprise.

Justin sat at the table, a glass of orange juice in front of him.

Lynn looked at her son, seeing the tiredness around his blue eyes.

"You're up early, Jus. It's only six-thirty." she said, walking up to the counter and pouring herself a glass of orange juice from the carton Justin had left on the counter.

"I couldn't sleep." he softly said, looking up at his mother.

Lynn smiled at him, putting her arm around him when she walked to the table.

"It's called love, son. I'm certain Jolan didn't sleep well last night either without you."
Justin nodded his head, Lynn kissing his cheek.

"The bed felt so empty without him. I never realized how much I loved his being there with me. I tossed and turned all night."
Lynn nodded, rubbing his shoulder as she'd always done when he was small and upset.

"You'll get through this, Justin. Jolan will be back with you soon. There's no way this can end any other way. That boy's totally innocent."
Justin smiled at his mother's calming words, and her deep trust in Jolan's innocence.

"I know that Mom. It just doesn't make it any easier being without him."

Lynn nodded, sitting down beside him.

"I want to say something to you, Justin."
Justin looked at his mother, the young man silent and staring at her.

"I love you, Justin. I know I haven't said that enough through your life."
"Mom. . .I know you love me. . ."
"Let me say this, Justin."
Justin nodded, remaining quiet.

"I love you. I know I haven't always been the most hands-on mother. Or the most devoted. Since you were twelve, I've focused only on your career, on making you a success. I should have been focusing on something else as well. I should have been a more loving mother."

Justin's eyes teared up, Lynn smiling at him.

"You grew up so fast, Justin. Here now you're an adult, almost thirty. For the longest time I thought that perhaps my not loving you enough--or showing you enough love--made all those relationships you stumbled through so volatile. That you couldn't find the love you needed because you'd never had enough of my love. Perhaps because of me you expected so much love, the love you were denied. You searched for more than anyone could ever give you."
"Oh, Mom. Those relationships were my own decisions. They fell apart because they didn't have what I needed."
"I know that now, Justin. I see it very clearly. They didn't have what you've found in Jolan. Total love."
Justin looked into his mother's tearing eyes.

"I see the love in your eyes and the love in his, Justin. The two of you were destined to find each other. Because in both of your hearts and souls burns true love."

Justin was in tears, hearing his mother's touching words.

"That boy loves you, Jus. And I'm beginning to really love him as well. For I've seen what he gives you. Total happiness and love. I love both of my boys."
Justin smiled, standing up.

He pulled his mother up into his arms, hugging her tightly.

"I love you, Mom. And you're wrong. I've felt your love every day of my life. I'm the man I am because of that love."
Lynn was in tears, Justin kissing her cheek.

"And now Jolan--and especially Jennie--will benefit from your love as well."
"They're part of our family now, Justin. I love Jennie as the daughter I never had."
Justin smiled, seeing the young girl had entered his mother's heart deeply.

"Let's make her a nice breakfast. And then the two of you can go see our Jolan." Lynn said, Justin smiling as he walked to the counter.

Jennie hung up the phone, Justin sitting beside her at the kitchen table, breakfast almost finished.

Lynn stood at the kitchen counter, looking at the young woman.

"Calen said they'd meet us in New York on Wednesday. Cory and Simus are coming also."

Justin nodded, his arm going around her.

When Jennie had come downstairs she had wanted to call her uncles.

Justin understood, her wanting to break the news to them.

He saw a lot of courage in the young woman's grey eyes, the mesmerizing eyes of the Dragosans.

He knew in his heart that the Dragos' would unite around Jolan, seeking his freedom.

"They don't believe any of this. Jolan's love is too real to make this believable, Calen said."

Britney smiled at her, sitting across the table from the two, her boys playing on the floor with toy cars.

Jonathan, Lonnie and Jordan all sat around the table as well.

Britney and her boys had stayed overnight, Britney wanting to be there for Jennie in the morning.

Lynn had totally agreed.

Lynn felt the young lady needed Britney's sisterly love and Lynn's motherly guidance.

"Families join together in times of stress and trouble, Jennie. Jolan will have your uncles and all of us at his side." Britney said, Jennie smiling at her.

The front door bell rang, Lonnie rising up and heading out of the room.

"Can I have some more pancakes, Lynn?" Jennie said, Lynn smiling at seeing the young woman so calm and relaxed.

"Sure thing, Jennie." she said, setting a full plate down in front of her again.

Lonnie walked back into the room, followed by Johnny, Chris and Josh.

"Man it's a free-for-all out there, Jus! You're going to be mobbed when you try to leave! The reporters are staking a claim on you!" Chris said, hugging his friend when Justin stood up.

Josh and Johnny both hugged Justin as well.

Josh leaned down, kissing Jennie's cheek, the young girl smiling up at him.

Josh grabbed a pancake off her plate, Jennie laughing.

"Where's Chace?"
Josh grinned, biting into the pancake, winking at Justin.

"Your boyfriend is at work, angel. He sends his love."
Jonathan's eyes went to Josh, his head then lowering.

Britney caught his movements, looking towards Lynn.

Jennie blushed at Josh's mirthful remark, returning to her pancakes, her thoughts her own.

Chris and Johnny both kissed her on the forehead, Chris heading for the coffeepot.

Johnny sat down beside Justin, looking at his friend.

"It's broken nationally, Jus. All the network morning shows were abuzz with it. You have to make a statement before this gets out of hand."
Justin looked at Jennie, the young woman looking into his blue eyes.

"I am going to do just that, Johnny. The world needs to hear Jolan's side of this. If he can't voice his concerns for himself, I'm going to do it for him."
Johnny nodded, seeing Justin's determination and his love for Jolan.

"You need to be careful, Jus. You can't show more than friendship for him. I think it's too early to show your true feelings out there."
"He's the love of my life, Johnny. I'll show what needs to be shown."

Everyone looked at Justin the room suddenly quiet.

"Justin's right."
All eyes turned to Chris, the man leaning against the kitchen counter, a cup of coffee in his hand.

"This isn't about Justin's coming out to the world. You've all forgotten what's at stake here. But Justin hasn't. Jolan's freedom is the core of all of this. Lies have been fabricated to destroy him, and Justin won't let that happen. Justin needs to show the world one thing--that he believes in Jolan's innocence. And to do that he needs to show his love and friendship for Jolan. Justin loves Jolan, and he needs him back in his life. It's as simple as that. Jolan's the victim here. Justin loves him and will stand up for him always. He doesn't have to reveal his life choices, all he has to do is show his love for his friend."
Justin smiled, standing up and hugging Chris, his friend hugging him back tightly.

"Thanks, Chris."
"It's the truth, Jus. So let's go tell that truth to all of them out there."
Justin smiled, looking at Johnny.

"Alright, Justin. Chris is right. It's time to defend our friend."
Justin smiled, Jennie standing up and wrapping her arm around him.

"I love you and Jolly, Justin."
Justin smiled, Johnny pulling out his phone.


An hour later, a group of friends and family walked from Justin's home towards the front gates.

Justin was in the center, his arm around Jennie.

The paparazzi were snapping pictures as the group walked toward them.

The front guard looked at Johnny, Johnny nodding.

He hit the buttons, the front gates opening and the group walking out into the flashing lights and shouting of the frenzied press.

In front of the press, a line of security guards had formed a wall between the group and the media.

Johnny walked towards a dais set up before them, Justin and the others following.

Johnny stood in front of dais; Justin, Jennie, Britney and Lynn standing right behind him.

Josh, Chris, Jordan, Jonathan and Lonnie stood behind them.

The press continued their flashing cameras, Lonnie and Jordan moving, now standing on both sides of Johnny.

"If I could have everyone's attention, please." Johnny said, his loud baritone voice booming through the microphone.

The press continued to shout at him, throwing questions.

"If you don't settle down, this ends before it begins!" Johnny shouted, the press suddenly silencing.

The only sound was the clattering of cameras and flash bulbs.

Video and television cameras were zeroed in on the small group behind the dais.

"Thank you. Yesterday our dear friend, brother and loved one was tragically accused of a crime we, all standing here, know in our hearts he did not commit. As you are all aware, our dear friend, Jolan Dragos, was taken into custody yesterday and charged with attempted murder and rape. These charges hold no validity or truth in regards to Jolan. The man is the kindest most gentle person we have ever met. All of us stand behind him and will welcome the proof of his innocence. An innocent man now stands alone in a jail cell, but he's not alone in his heart. We, his friends, will do all we can to seek his freedom. His best friend Justin Timberlake will read a prepared statement from the family and himself. After that questions will be taken. Please keep it civil and calm. Justin?"

Justin moved, the camera flashing and snapping increasing, all the lenses zooming in on his handsome famous face.

He hugged Johnny, the large man smiling at his friend.

Justin pulled out a sheet of paper from his suit jacket, opening it up on the dais.

Justin looked out into the sea of faces, cameras and flashing lights.

He lowered his eyes, his soft gentle voice suddenly sounding so determined and truthful.

"Yesterday a man of great love and kindness was hurt. His soul was hurt by the crushing absurdity of the charges leveled against him. Jolan Dragos is innocent of all charges brought against him. His loving sister and myself need only tell you of the loving kindness, gentleness and giving heart of this courageous man for you to understand the truth of this. His loving sister Jennica can show you the validity of that truth. Jolan risked his own life to save her from a life of hardship, pain and torture.

A short few weeks ago, he became a hero by saving a child from kidnapping, rescuing his sister, and bringing to an end a ring of torturous abuse and child slavery.

We stood back and saw the light of the giving heart and loving kindness this man shows so easily. And now here he stands, accused of a crime he could never commit. Jennica and I will stand by our brother, his innocence we will prove. Jolan Dragos is my dearest friend. When someone levels something like this against him, they level it against me and his family. We will see justice done.

On behalf of Jennica, myself, my family and our friends--and Jolan's--we stand united. This family stands united in our Jolan's innocence. Our Jolan will be free. Thank you."

Justin stepped back, everyone clamoring forward, the din rising with screaming questions.


"Justin will take questions now, but only if you calm down!" Johnny said, his voice loud and controlling.

The noise lessened, Justin stepping forward again.

"Yes, you in the front with the ballcap." Johnny pointed, Justin remaining focused.
"Richard Cooper Entertainment Weekly. Mr. Timberlake you stated that you believe these charges are false? What proof --other than your knowledge of Mr. Dragos-- do you have? His past is unknown to you, isn't it?"

"The time before Jolan's awakening from that coma is unknown to him and to all of us."

"Then it's possible the man could have done what's been alluded to. He could be a psychotic rapist? "

Justin's face remained calm at such a harsh statement, his eyes staring into the cameras.
"You only have to know the man to know the truth. Jolan Dragos is too kind-hearted to ever attack or hurt someone like that." Justin said, the reporter nodding.

"Yes, you with the glasses." Johnny said, his eyes flashing to Justin.
"Tim Baxter, Entertainment Tonight. What is Britney Spears doing beside you Justin? Have you and she made up? Is she in your inner circle again?"
Justin's eyes went to Britney, Britney smiling at him.

Britney moved forward, her arm going around Justin.

"Justin and I are friends, as we've always been. Perhaps we weren't always as close as we once were, but things have changed. I'm so happy to once again have his friendship, and his love. And we both have Jolan Dragos to thank for that."
"Jolan brought you both together again?" the reporter asked, his eyes going between the two with a trace of fascination in his them, a look shared by a lot of the reporters.

Britney smiled, kissing Justin's cheek, Justin smiling at her.

"Yes, he did. Through his unwavering gentleness and love he made both of us see that we need each other as we always have."
"Are the two of you together again? What about Jessica Biel?" the reporter asked, Justin looking at him directly.

"Jessica Biel and I have ended our relationship. And Britney is my friend, as she always was. A friend I can always love and count on."
Britney smiled widely, the cameras flashing.

"You stayed here last night with your sons, Miss Spears. We're not that naive. Are you and Justin together again? Is music's greatest pairing again united in love?"

Britney's eyes stared at the man, seeing what he was fishing for.

"There is nothing here for the world or your imaginations to envision. We are--and will always be--good friends. We both have others in our lives to share that deep love with." she said, Justin smiling at her.

The reporter nodded, knowing that was all she or he would say.

Justin pointed to another reporter, a young woman.

"We'd like to talk to Jolan's sister. Is that her behind you with your mother, Justin?"
Everyone's gaze turned to the young woman standing with Lynn.

Jennie walked forward, both Justin and Britney's arms going around her.

"This, everyone, is Jennica Dragos. Jolan's younger sister. The heroine of New York."
The cameras zoomed in, everyone staring at her young, beautiful, grey-eyed face.

Jennie's eyes moved around the crowd, her steady gaze showing calmness and love.

"My brother has the kindest, gentlest soul. He is love. I will defend him with everything he's given me. Love, courage, hope, happiness and faith. My brother will be home with me soon, of that I have no doubt. I and my new brother, Justin, have total faith in that."
Everyone murmured, her words about Justin confusing.

"Jennie's right. I am her brother. Her brother of friendship, trust and love. I am now her protective brother until her loving brother Jolan returns to her. She has my love and my friendship." Justin said, his arm tightening around her.

"Jolan Dragos, as you've heard, is a kind, loving, giving man. He's innocent of all these charges. That's all we wanted to say. You needed to hear our love for him. If you'll excuse us, Jennie and I are going to see him. Thank you."

Justin and Jennie moved, their friends and family surrounding them, all walking back into the residence.

The press tried following, the din again raising around them.

The line of security stopped the press from going further.

A black SUV was waiting inside the gates; Justin, Jennie, Lonnie and Jordan getting into it after exchanging hugs with everyone else, the cameras still taking pictures.

The SUV moved, driving out of the estate, security guards surrounding the press until it had cleared the entrance.

The vehicle sped up, losing the chasing paparazzi.


Justin hugged Ally, he and Jennie sitting down in the bleak, professional room they'd been led into.

Jordan smiled at the lawyer, as did Lonnie who walked over towards Justin and Jennie.

Ally smiled at everyone, her eyes taking in the large black man now standing behind Justin.

"I saw the media interview. Well done, Justin. Short and to the point. That will give them something to believe in. A friend standing by a friend." she said, an encouraging smile on her face.
Justin nodded, Ally sensing what the man was looking for.

"He'll be here shortly, Justin. We need to talk briefly before he arrives." she said, sitting down at the table across from Justin and Jennie, her eyes again taking in Lonnie standing behind them.

Justin nodded, his arm going around Jennie, the young girl smiling at him.

"Something's different about Jolan this morning, Justin. It's like he's centered himself against all this." Ally said, everyone hearing a sense of confusion in her voice.
Justin's eyes met hers, both of their eyes moving when Jennie spoke.

"Jolly's now on the right path."

Everyone looked at Jennie, the young woman looking at Ally, Justin smiling at the young girl.

"The right path, Jennie?"
"Yes, Justin. The path of truth. Jolly's not scared anymore. He's now surrounded by love."
Justin smiled, those words lifting his soul.

"Our love was always around him, Jennie."
Her grey eyes looked up into his blue orbs of love.

"He has a new love, Jus. The Watcher gave it to him."
Justin looked surprised, knowing who the Watcher was.

"What's going on here, Justin? Who is she talking about? Jolan's had no visitors except me." Ally said, looking back and forth between the two.

Justin's eyes met hers, seeing the confusion again in her eyes.

"Jolan's past is surrounded by some revealing people, Ally. Later we'll discuss them all with you. Right now, I need to see Jolan."

As if to answer Justin's request, the door of the room opened, two uniformed police officers walking in, a man walking between them.

Justin's eyes were drawn to a beautiful face, with two grey beacons zeroing in on his own blue orbs.

In mere moments, Justin's heart filled with the instant connection of Jolan's love.

Jennie was on her feet rushing forward, two arms of brotherly love surrounding her, Jolan hugging her tightly.

"I'm okay, Jennie. I'm okay." he said, his voice filled with calming love.

Jordan and Ally stood now, taking in the moment of loving reunion showing before them.

"I know, Jolly. I feel the new love."

Jolan smiled down at her, their grey eyes filled with their sibling love.

His eyes moved, Justin now standing in front of him.

"Hello, Justin."

Justin stared at him, their eyes locked.

The two policemen still remained in the room, Jordan's gaze going to them.

They both nodded, seeing the intense guiding gaze Jordan gave them, both guided quietly out of the room.

Jolan had Justin in his arms immediately, their kiss deep and loving.

Ally, Jordan, Jennie and Lonnie all stood in smiling silence, watching two souls join.

Justin was in tears when they broke their kiss, Jolan's fingers gently wiping the wetness from his cheeks.

"I love you, Jolan. That's still unchanged. Our love is ours."
Jolan nodded, looking at the man he loved with all of his soul.

"I know, Jus. That shall never change."

Jolan gently kissed him again, Justin's heart and soul totally calmed now.

Jolan's unchanged love had calmed him.

Justin had come here to calm this lost lonely man, the opposite having revealed itself.

Justin felt a renewed determination in Jolan's soul, heart and body.

Jolan's eyes went around the room, everyone meeting his gaze.

"Let's sit down, and get this started." he said, guiding Justin and Jennie to the table.

Ally sat down, staring at the young man.

She sensed a calm determination flowing through the man.

Jolan looked at everyone, a soft sigh coming from him.

"I am innocent of all these charges, save one."

Everyone looked at each other, Ally's eyes meeting Jolan's.

"And which one is that?"
Jolan looked at each staring face, his grey eyes meeting hers.

"That you shall soon know. But first, Jordan needs to tell you what he's found out."

Everyone's eyes turned to Jordan, the policeman staring at Jolan, the young man nodding.

"A few days ago, before all of this started, Jolan asked me to do some investigating for him. He was concerned about someone."

Jolan's eyes met Jordan's, the policeman staring at him with genuine respect.

"You knew this was going to happen, didn't you Jolan?"

Everyone looked surprised at the policeman's words, Justin staring at Jolan.

"I knew something was going to happen. I just wasn't prepared for this surprise."

Justin's hand went in his, Jolan feeling his love.

"What did you investigate? Or who?" Ally said, staring at Jordan.

Jordan's eyes met Jolan's.

"Brandon Diablo."

Justin's eyes filled with confusion, Jolan kissing his cheek, Justin feeling his calming love.

"Brandon Diablo? What's he got to do with this?" Ally asked, everyone looking at Jordan.

Jolan nodded, Jordan looking around at everyone.

"Theresa Brannigan is Brandon's sister."


The silence in the room was deafening.

"Brandon's behind all this? That bastard is after you again?" Lonnie said, his voice filled with protective anger, Ally looking towards him.

"No, Lonnie. I don't think Brandon's directly involved in this. I think this is just a moment of connecting fate. I think someone else is behind part of this. A man named Fagin Greymount."

Ally looked confused, this name unknown to her, Jolan looking at her.

"I will tell you of my family's past, Ally. Fagin is a part of all that. He's trying to destroy me."

Ally's eyes focused on Jolan, Justin seeing her familiar determination.

She had his lover in her sights.

"I only expect one thing from you, Jolan, if you want my help. Total openness. What the hell's going on here?"

Jolan's eyes met hers, the two looking at each other.

"My destiny and my life, Alexandra."
In Jolan's gaze, Ally saw a depth of understanding and acceptance.

Against that look she felt total compassion, her own looks softening.

"I'm sorry, Jolan. I want to help you. Please tell me what's going on here."
Jolan smiled, patting her hand which lay on the table.

"You will help me, Ally. But first you need to know my family's past."
Ally nodded, Jolan beginning to talk.

Half an hour later Ally was in tears, her green eyes staring at Jolan.

He'd told her everything about his family, in regards to their truths and their lineage of life.

She'd sat back in silence, listening to the unbelievable truth in all he'd told her.

Of the ancient pact of truth that joined his families.

Of the monster who was bent on destroying Jolan's destiny.

When Jolan had ended his narration, a hand went on top of his, his grey eyes staring into her green orbs.

In that connection he felt her strength and friendship.

"You walk with much in your soul, Jolan. And I see now the greatness within you. It truly is your love."

Jolan looked at her, then at someone else.

"So you think Greymount is behind this?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him.

"He's part of it, albeit a part from long ago. What happened to Theresa Brannigan he had some part in. As I now believe I did."
Justin's arms went around his lover, feeling a sudden uncertainty in Jolan's words.

"Jolan, my love, neither I nor any of us here believe that you had anything to do with her alleged attack. I refuse to believe that."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's deep, unflinching faith in him.

"I never touched her, Justin. Theresa Brannigan was raped, of that I have no doubt. In a moment of horrific emotion she gave in to their demands, and did what was asked of her. It's up to me now to make her see the light of truth in her own existence. If only for him, she will have to walk on my path."

Justin gently kissed Jolan's cheek, a kiss of calming love.

"You know what's going on here, don't you my love?"

Jolan's eyes met his, in them Justin seeing that truth.

"Yes, Jus. I sense the destiny behind this. Only one part is missing. The part that will open my past."

"And what is your past, my love?"

"My past is my future, Jus. Our future."
Justin nodded, sensing Jolan wasn't ready to divulge what he knew.

"I'm ready for New York, Justin. For this moment of destiny. In a courtroom my life begins. I'll reveal it all, including the one truth."

"You seem so determined now, Jolan." Ally said, his grey eyes meeting hers.

"Yes, Ally. I'm determined to do what's right. For both of their souls."


Theresa Brannigan sighed, looking towards the couch.

Marty lay across it, sound asleep, his heavy snoring the only sound coming from the living room of their small rundown house.

She stood in the doorway, looking at the man.

The man who'd claimed her soul.

And had given her her own nightmares.

Fate, and perhaps her own destiny, had thrown her into his clutches.

She remembered that first moment of their meeting, in that beautiful park in the center of that small town.

Cutter's Bluff.

A town on the edge of nowhere, lost in a blanket of love.

She teared up, remembering her moment of changing destiny.

Damn those blue eyes of his!

He'd been so dashing and handsome.

A disguise she now realized.

A veil hiding a soul of desirous evil.

She now realized that he had been searching for her, for one reason alone.

Because of him.

He with the red eyes.

Her body shivered, her mind trying to grasp onto something loving and beautiful.

Her thoughts turned to the woman she'd held yesterday.

The beautiful Jessica Biel.

They'd began to ignite their souls, gently moving off Marty's bed, going to the spare room and rejoining those souls in ecstasy.

Tess had sensed the young woman had become lost in the passion, the newness of it sending her into bliss.

Jessica had been crying at the end, Tess holding her in her arms.

Tess opened her eyes, staring at the bleakness surrounding her.

Jessica was gone.

She'd left that morning, no words of love or thankfulness said between them.

Her eyes had stared at her for a moment, then the woman had walked out of the house.

A tear ran down Tess' cheek.

She walked down the hallway, quietly opening her son's bedroom door.

Little Jeffrey Brannigan sat on his bed, a small book open in his lap, Tess smiling at him.

His book of words.

His words.

She'd always marveled at how writing words had always seemed to calm the child.

Her beautiful child.

He looked up at her, his blue eyes so filled with love.

"Me's writing, Mommy."

She smiled, moving into the room and sitting down on the bed beside him, the small boy climbing up into her lap, her arms wrapping around him.

He smiled up at her, her eyes going to the book he held open in his hands.

She focused on the words he'd been writing, her eyes widening in shock.


        I like him, he's nice.

    His grey eyes so special.

He keeps me happy last night.

    Me sleeps with his love.


The boy snuggled against her, her mind reading the words again.

The man with the grey eyes?

Her thoughts turned back in time to a night of horror and what those grey eyes had done to her.

She trembled, remembering that moment.

And how she'd felt at that instance.


Her eyes filled with tears, a small hand going to her face.

She stared down into her son's blue, loving, innocent eyes.

"No cries, Mommy. He helps you again."

Tess stared at her son, the young boy returning to his book, writing again.

Tess stared at his delicate writing, the boy writing one name on the paper.

One name that sent a shiver right to the center of Tess' heart.


                                Jolan Dragos






End of Chapter 56



Seems Tess' little boy--whom we now know is called Jeffrey--has met someone with grey eyes.

And that fact has shocked his mother greatly.

Almost as greatly as the name the boy's written in his book.

Jolan Dragos.


Seems these two are very connected.


And it also seems that Jolan has a lot of determination now.

Is it because of the ring Erasmus gave him?
Or has he remembered his connection with Tess?


It seems all of his friends, family and his loving Justin are united behind him.

Will they stay united when the next surprise is revealed?


Up next, Jolan's days of judgment, the arraignment and trial.


Hold onto your hats, everyone.

It's going to be a wild ride.



Hugs, Angel




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