Jolan's Path - Chapter 58


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 58


Jolan looked downwards, a head of brownish blonde hair laying against his chest.

He smiled at Justin, then his grey eyes scanned around the room.

Everyone was surrounding him, the group having been home for about an hour.

Justin had pulled Jolan down onto the couch almost immediately, Jolan having only moments to receive hugs from Rachel and Daphne.

Rachel had remained at the apartment with Daphne, the two creating a meal together for the returning group.

Jolan smiled at both, seeing their new shining love.

Lynn was helping the two women and Domo lay out the food on a buffet table set up in the living room.

Alexandra--who had been talking with Jordan--sat down on Jolan's right side, looking at both men.

"I see Justin's happy with your being home." she smiled, Justin smiling back.

 "That I am." he said, kissing Jolan's cheek when he raised his head, still snuggled against his man.

Everyone smiled, seeing Justin's open happiness.

"We need to talk, Jolan." Ally said, Jolan looking at her.
"Before you say it, I am sorry. I just had to voice my innocence. I'll always do that. I don't need others to speak my mind." Jolan said, Ally nodding her head, staring at him.

"That was a shrewd move, my young friend. I saw the look on the judge's face when you spoke of your innocence. I truly believe he had already drawn his own conclusions before he walked into the courtroom. I think he would have played into Sutcliffe's hands. You got him thinking, Jolan. You stood before him as a man bent on showing his innocence. And that, I believe, surprised him. All his questions after you'd spoken were designed to bring both sides out into the open. He then judged your venue and your bail on what we both said."
Jolan nodded, Justin looking at him.

"Are you ready to go back to that town, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him.

"My life was in that town, Jus. I always knew I'd have to go back there and find the truth of my past." Jolan said, his eyes looking right at Cory.

"It's a beautiful small town, Jolan. A scrapbook of Americana. You always said there was no bluff in Cutter's Bluff . It was all too real to be anything but a place of childhood happiness."

Justin smiled, believing his Jolan would have said just that.

"Your words are always so beautiful, babe."
"It's the writer in him, Justin." Cory said, smiling at his former best friend.

"My talented Jo. My talented, free Jo." Justin said, tears now falling again, Jolan smiling at Justin's happiness.

"I'm so glad I'm back with you, Jus."
Justin smiled, looking around the room.

"And here you're staying."

Jolan smiled at Justin, his grey eyes going around the room.

"I remember when I awoke from that coma everything surrounding me seemed so strange, so unknown. I felt so all alone. Now I look around me and I see so much I've been given. My loving sister, my family, new friends, and you Justin. Sitting in those jail cells for the last three days I began to worry that I'd lose all this. All this new love."
Justin's arm went around Jolan, kissing his cheek, everyone smiling towards the young man.

"You'll never lose any of us, Jolan. We all love you." Joey said, Lance agreeing with him.

Jolan smiled a wide smile, everyone seeing the happiness now shining in his grey eyes.

"I'm sure jail food was atrocious, Jolan. You need some real food in you. You're looking thin." Lynn said smiling at him, pointing at all the food laid out on the table.

Jolan stood up, Justin standing beside him.

"Thanks, Mom." Jolan said, smiling at Lynn.

Lynn smiled, guiding the young man to the table, everyone else joining them.


Everyone relaxed, eating their fill of Daphne and Rachel's extravagant spread.

The food was delicious, Daphne having learned from her grandfather the fine art of cuisine.

Domo beamed, proud of his granddaughter's delicious dishes.

Jolan returned for a second plate, Lynn smiling at his renewed appetite.

Jolan smiled, sitting down with her, the two quietly talking together.

Lynn's eyes went to her son, Justin laughing and talking with Joey, Trace and Jonathan.

His eyes were constantly gazing over to Jolan, Jolan smiling at him.

"My son was so lost without you. I don't think he slept much the last three days. I'm happy you're back with him." Lynn said, Jolan looking into her moist eyes.

"I was just as lost. I've grown to need him so much. One never notices what one has until it's taken from one." Jolan said, looking towards Justin.

Lynn knew Jolan was talking of more than just Justin.

"I've missed you too, Jolan." she said, Jolan looking at her with mild surprise.

"Yes, Jolan. I do have a heart under this tough exterior. And I see how much you mean to my son. And you and your sister are beginning to mean just as much to me."

Jolan teared up, smiling softly at her.

"Thanks, Lynn. That means so much to me, and I know even more to Jennica."
Lynn smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I kind of like Mom, Jolan. I know I can never replace your real mother in your heart, but I'm here if you need me."
Jolan pulled the older woman into a tight hug, Lynn surprised, but returning the hug, feeling Jolan's needs.

"I'd like that a lot, Mom."
Lynn smiled, a shadow making them look up.

Justin stood in front of them, looking down at both, a wide smile on his face.

"Am I intruding?" he said, Lynn standing up, smiling and kissing her son's cheek.

"Not at all, Justy. You sit down with your man and cuddle, I'm going to help the girls clean up."
Justin smiled widely, sitting down in Jolan's lap, kissing his cheek.

"My Mommy says I can play!"

Jolan laughed, Lynn laughing as well, walking away.

Justin's lips were against Jolan's immediately, the two lost in their flowing love.

Jolan sighed, Justin's head again going to Jolan's chest.


The two lovers stayed together, the others talking to them, the group smiling at the two together.

Several phone calls were answered, their friends calling to give Jolan their love.

Josh and Chace, Chris and Britney all making separate calls.

Their schedules and commitments made their being there impossible.

Alexandra talked to Jolan about the upcoming trial, she hopeful of a speedy resolution.

Calen and Simus discussed with her their report, she seeing they were well aware of the situation.

"You seem to have some good connections, Mr. Dragos." she said, Simus smiling at her.

"Truth is about leaving no uncertainties. The Dragosan clan is very thorough when it comes to protecting those we love."

Jolan smiled, hearing their love for him.

"How quickly will this go to trial? Our nephew's well being is foremost our concern. The sooner this is over the better for Jolan." Simus said, looking at Jolan.

"My office has already sent the paperwork through, we just have to wait for the date to be set. Until then you're freedom is guaranteed, Jolan. Your bond is legit. You are free until the trial, with the restrictions in effect." she said smiling at Justin, Jolan looking at him as well.

"Thank you for posting my bail, Justin." Jolan said, a blush going into his cheeks.

Justin leaned in, kissing his lips again softly.

"I fully intended to, my love. But your family beat me to it."
Jolan's eyes went to Simus and Calen, Jennie now sitting between the two men.

"You posted my bond?"

Jennie smiled, looking up at her Uncles, laying her head against Simus' chest, her uncle smiling at her tenderness.

"You are family, Jolan. We take care of each other." Simus said, Cory smiling at him.

Jolan's eyes teared, looking at his uncles.

"Thank you, Uncles."
Both smiled at him, Calen standing up and speaking.

"The Dragosan wealth is large, Jolan. It has grown through the centuries. It is now vast and substantial, doing a lot of good work in this world, as your grandfather, Vilos, envisioned it would. We, his four sons, have overseen it. A small amount to gain your freedom is of no consequence. It was for a good cause. It was you."
Jolan stood up, Justin looking at Jolan's beautiful face, seeing the moisture in his eyes.

"A small amount? Two hundred thousand dollars is not a small amount!" Jolan said.

A deposit was put on Jolan's bond for ten percent of the total amount.

"As I stated, the wealth is substantial."
"So the book states." Jolan said, staring at Calen and Simus.
"The book?" Calen said, Jolan looking back at Justin.

"The Tome of Alveena. I've been reading it since you left."
His uncles looked somewhat surprised, looking at each other.

"You have the Tome?"
"Yes, Uncle Calen. It appeared in my bedroom the day I came home from my final hospital examination."
"It follows its own designs, brother." Simus said, Calen looking down at him.

"For over a hundred years I have been the custodian of the Tome of Alveena, Jolan. My father laid it with trust in my hands himself. It has always been under my protection. I didn't even know it was gone from its sanctuary." Calen said, sitting back down. a puzzled look on his face.

Jolan walked over to his uncle, sitting down beside him.

"You are a loyal guardian, Uncle Calen. But the Tome goes where it deems it's needed. I believe it is not bound to any one soul. It sensed I needed to read its truths. Think of our ancestral queen. Her love was too great to remain in that book alone. Her love moves to where it's needed."

Calen smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"There are a lot of secrets hidden within that book, Uncles. One troubles me."
Calen looked at his nephew, patting his knee.

"As the Illuminator, I hope I can shed light on your concerns."

Jolan looked into his uncle's loving grey eyes.

"Who or what are the Shadowers of Man, Uncle?"

Simus gasped, as did Calen.

"Jolan, in all that's God and heaven! Where did you hear that name?" Simus said, his face still showing shock and awe.

Jennie sat up, feeling the shock flood her uncle's soul.
"It's in the book, my Uncle."

Calen stood up, staring down at Jolan.

"We speak nothing of them, Jolan. Our father told us to never speak of them. They are lost souls of history, as they must be."
Simus walked over to his brother, his hand going to Calen's shoulder, his grey eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Calen and I have both read our ancestor's Tome, Jolan. Nowhere in that book is that name written. Queen Alveena would never utter such a name, not even in the brightest hour of daylight. They are harbingers of unknown portent. As Calen has stated, they are the unspoken. They are gone from life forever."
Jolan stood up, staring at both of his uncles.

"No they are not, Uncles. I believe in all my heart that they still exist. This lost soul truly believes that."

Everyone in the room had sat in silence, listening to the conversation going on between the Dragosans.

Jolan's eyes went to Justin.

"Would you please bring me the Tome, Justin?"
Justin nodded, walking out of the room heading for his bedroom.


He returned a few moments later, Calen staring at the familiar book in Justin's hand.

Justin handed it to Jolan, Jolan smiling at him.

Jolan opened the book before them, Jennie now at his side.

Justin also stood still watching, seeing the blank pages shown throughout the book.

The four Dragosans were the only ones to see the beautiful text written on the pages of history.

Jolan flipped through the book, stopping on a section almost halfway through the Tome.

He stopped, laying his finger upon the section.

"There! Read it for yourselves."
Simus and Calen stared at the book--as did Jennie--the three raising their heads as one, all looking at Jolan.

"We would, Nephew. If there were anything there to read." Simus said, Jolan's eyes widening.

His grey eyes looked down at the book again, perusing the written words he looked at.

Words he now realized that only he could see.

"It's a blank page, Jolan. There's nothing written there." Calen said, Jennie looking at her brother.

"I see all the other writing, Jolly. But not this page. If you see it, then I truly believe it's real."

Jolan smiled at his sister's encouraging face, looking up at his uncles' concerned faces.

"That page--blank or written--was never in that book, Jolan." Calen said, Jolan nodding at him.

"I believe you, Uncles. I guess the Tome is revealing its secrets to only me."

"What does the book say, Jolan? Who are these Shadowers of Man you were talking of?" Joey said, his voice breaking the quietness that had enveloped the room.

Jolan smiled at his friend.

"This page just describes their existence, and what that means." Jolan said, looking again at Calen.

"I guess I have some Illuminator blood in me as well, dear Uncle. Sit down and I'll tell you what Alveena knew of them."

Calen stared at his nephew, Simus' hand rubbing his shoulder.

"Sit down, brother. Let our young Jolan illuminate all of us."
Calen, Cory and Simus all sat down on the couch, Jennie climbing into Justin's lap when Justin sat down.

Jolan smiled, seeing his sister's soul gravitating to Justin's love.


Jolan looked around the room, sighing softly.

"This page, that now apparently had suddenly appeared blank to everyone but myself, was written by Alveena.

It is her own words as to something that was troubling her. She called it a dawning truth, a watching malice on her brethren's soul. But I truly believe she never found out their secret."

Jolan opened the book again, the page found easily this time.

"Listen to her words, then I will tell you what I believe."

Everyone nodded, Alexandra staring at Jolan in quiet awe.


"My dreams are blank of love, my dreams are empty of life.

I felt yesterday a presence walking across my heart and my kinsmen.

I sense in my magic that it walks around us, watching.

I give oath on my own life that I saw it only yesterday in the shadows when Vilos spoke to the gathering hoard.

A Shadower of Man

The unknown watcher of man.

The Oracle once long ago spoke to me--in trembling fear--of their existence.

He showed me briefly an old parchment written of their being true.

The ancient ones called them Shadowers of Man.

As if they shadowed man through his destiny.

The parchment spoke of them as the true seekers.

But what they seek may never be found.

Who or what they are--or were--is of no matter, really.

Only what they portent, is of concern.

They are the shadows of the past, the harbingers of the future.

Echoes of lives lived and lives to be lived.

Why now, in this our darkening hour, is one watching?

I think I only need seek my own magical soul to learn the truth of that.

It watches what has already passed before us.

It knows how all this forward shall unfold.

It has walked in my past, now going forward to guide someone through their future ahead on the path.

Oh, Shadowed one.

Nomad of the millennium, and carrier of life forward.

Let what we do here echo as just and honorable later on the path.

Let he of our lineage honor us by living our deeds.

A kiss of love I give to you, my great grandchildren.

These words I leave for you alone, Caitre Din Dragoste.


What it watches in your time, may free it for all time.

Honor it as friend, but wary be you to find its true meaning.

Read on and decipher what must be revealed before you.

It watches you, as you yourself must watch.

The Shadows lengthen for you."


Jolan closed the book, looking around at everyone.

"Alveena saw one of the Shadowers. And I have seen him as well."
"Erasmus?!" Simus said in shock, Calen's eyes widening.

"Yes, Erasmus. He called himself the Watcher of Man. I do believe he is one of the Shadowers of Man."

Simus stood up, Jolan looking at his uncle.

"We should have sensed that. But our father was too afraid of Alveena's words of truth."
"The words about forgetting the Shadowers of Man. That they didn't exist."

Simus nodded, looking at his nephew.

"Why would she tell him to forget them?"

Jolan set the book down on an end table, folding his hands in front of him.

"Because she was told to silence him." he said, Simus and Calen looking at him.

"Told? By whom? She was queen of the nation. No one stood above her."
"I never said it was anyone greater than her. I believe it was the Shadower himself."

Everyone looked confused, Jolan sighing.

"On the first night that I was in jail, Erasmus visited me. He gave me this." Jolan said, raising his hand.

Everyone stared at the plain silver ring on his finger.

"This ring he told me he had carried for eons. That it was a part of him. It was given to him by someone very special, whose beauty and love was deeply entrenched within it. He gave it to me, stating that it was time I wore it."
Justin looked down at the ring, staring at its plain beauty on his man's finger.

"Alveena gave the Shadower this ring. For I feel her love flowing through it."

Simus walked up to Jolan, taking his hand in his, staring at the ring.

"I have faith in your reasoning, Jolan. But why would Alveena want you to feel her love? Now so long since she has long passed on?"

"Because her love, her magic and her redemption are part of all of this."

Simus nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"This ring has calmed my soul. It's made me harden myself against what's to come. I shall go forward, and I shall gain my true freedom. Truth shall destroy fiction, and the past will be found.  Of that I now have no doubt."
Jolan's eyes went to Justin's, he and Jennie looking at him.

"Let's leave this topic on this note. Love, the essence of life, flows all around me. It's there for a reason. I think I'll learn the true meaning of that." Jolan said smiling, everyone smiling at him.

"Right now I'm exhausted. I think it's time we called it a night." he said, Justin standing up, walking up to him.

"Jolan's right. My man needs his rest." Justin said, his arm going around him.

All the others stood, everyone hugging Jolan, he feeling all their love.


An hour later, Justin sat on his bed, the bathroom door opening.

His blue eyes took in a sight of unbelievable beauty.

Jolan stood looking towards him, his body wrapped in only a towel.

Justin sat on the edge of the bed in only his boxer briefs.

He stared at his lover, remembering every inch of his smooth muscular body, seeing it unchanged.

The only change was the addition of the silver ring, on the finger next to the Ring of Servitude.

"That water felt warm and soothing. And I finally feel clean after the last three days."
Justin smiled, knowing that Jolan had wanted to shower by himself to wash off the past few days.
The last ten minutes without him in his sight had been the longest for Justin.

Justin lowered his head, Jolan walking over to the bed, sitting down beside him.

Jolan's fingers went to Justin's chin, raising his head, Jolan seeing the tears in Justin's blue eyes.

"I thought I'd lost you. I thought I'd never have you hold me again."
Jolan wrapped his arms around Justin, pulling him against his bare chest.

"Never, my love. Fate, lies and life shall never tear me away from you. I love you."
Justin sobbed, Jolan holding him tightly.

Jolan felt Justin's complete love in his trembling against him.

His Justin had been lost without him, even more so than Jolan had been without his love.

"Justin, you and I are real, our love is so tangible. Our love so is real. Those three days without you around me I never want to experience again. And I never will. Nothing will separate us. This trial--this vendetta against our love--will not do it, nor will anything else. As long as you continue to need me--and to want me--then I'll be with you forever."

Justin raised his head, his blue eyes looking deeply into Jolan's grey orbs of need.

"I will need you, and God, I'll always want you, my Jo."

Jolan pulled Justin to him, their lips meeting in a kiss of deep emotional bonding.

Jolan and Justin both became lost in its depth of emotion, Justin sensing a burning newness in Jolan's soul.

They parted, their lips giving each other small kisses and touches, their eyes opening, staring at each other.

"I've missed you so much, Jo. The nights were so long without you against me."
Jolan kissed him softly again, looking into his blue eyes.

"I'm back, Jus. Tonight you'll sleep the sleep of love. Our love."
Justin smiled, Jolan's finger going across his cheek.

"So? Ever had sex with a convict?" Jolan said, wiggling his eyes.

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling, his humor softening Justin's emotions.

"No. I hear they're pretty rough and extremely horny having been locked up for so long."
"I'm only horny when I'm with you, my prey of love. And my love would never be rough towards you."
Justin smiled, looking into the face of the man he loved so much.

"Jolan, what happens next? What will happen when you return to Cutter's Bluff?"
Jolan sighed, standing up, taking Justin's hand and walking with him out onto the patio, through the doorway.

"It's cold out here, Jo."
"I need a breath of life and coolness to settle my soul, Jus."
Justin's arm wrapped around him, Jolan's going around him.

Their bodies were tight against each other, their heat staving off the coolness.

"I sense in my soul that my return to Cutter's Bluff will open the floodgates, Jus. Whatever happened before my accident I shall remember there. That place is part of it. And I sense in some way that Theresa Brannigan is also."
"You don't remember her, do you?"
Jolan shook his head no, his grey eyes looking at him.

"No, Jus. But that doesn't mean she's not part of my past. Even though I don't think she ever wanted to be. Destiny pulled the two of us together, I believe. And I sense that destiny will settle all of this. I only ask one thing of you, my love."
Justin looked into Jolan's searching eyes.

"I will give you my all, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, kissing him again gently.

"Soon a truth I already sense will be revealed. I only ask that you remember our love. Remember the core of its truth. That you and I love each other. To me, that's all that matters."
Justin moved, his lips against Jolan's again, this kiss deeply filled with love.

They parted, Jolan lost in the love he had felt.

"That's all that matters to me. Jolan Dragos is the love of my life. And I shall always love him, need him, and want him."
Justin pulled apart from Jolan, staring at him.

"Come to bed, Wolfy. I need you."
Justin walked back into the room, Jolan following him.

Jolan watched as Justin removed his briefs, his firm tight butt on full view for Jolan.

Justin climbed into the bed, laying back against the pillows, his body laying on top of the covers.

Jolan stared at the vision of total male beauty waiting for him.

His eyes scanned every inch of Justin Timberlake's smooth, sleek, muscled body.

His body was radiating a desire, a need, for the man of his soul.

Justin's blue eyes looked over towards him, Jolan staring at the center of his universe.

"I am yours, my wolfen beauty."

Jolan's hands went to his towel, the only clothing he wore now laying on the floor.

Justin's eyes stared at the revealed center of his lover, Jolan's needs evident in the hardness standing erect.

Justin's eyes moved upward, seeing the body of beauty beginning to change, the muscles widening and expanding, his eyes now on the changing face of his wolfen heartthrob.

He heard the depth of the growl of desire flooding his lover's throat, the beast rushing across the room, his body now on top of him, Justin staring into two yellow eyes of deep desire.

Justin's own body responded to the heat coming from the beast about to claim him.

Their bodies melded together, the beast moving Justin's center upwards, Justin closing his eyes and sensing the passion about to flood his soul and his center.

Within moments two souls joined in ecstasy.


Lance walked out of the kitchen, looking towards Joey, the man seated on the living room couch, the room almost in darkness.

"It's getting late, Joe. I think we should go to bed." Lance said, sitting down beside him in the shadowy gloom.

"I envy Justin and Jolan." Joey said, almost as if to himself.

Lance looked at him, snuggling against him, Joey's eyes meeting his.

"Oh? And what's there to envy?" Lance said, Joey blushing a bit.

"Tonight will be a night of rekindled ecstasy and desire for those two. I envy the love that must be surrounding them both now. To have lost love, then to find it again, their hearts must be exploding."

Lance smiled, touched by the beauty of Joey's words.

"That's a beautiful sentiment, sweetie."
Joey's eyes met Lance's, the two looking into each other's hearts.

"I want that, Lance. I want that with you. Not the lost and rejoining, not that part. I never want to lose you, that would break my heart. I've seen how Justin's been the last few days, his heart was so hurting without his Jolan. I would be the same. What I mean is I want that complete love. That heart-exploding, ecstasy-filled, moment-by-moment moving love. I want it with you, Lance."
Lance was in tears, leaning forward and kissing Joey deeply.

Joey became lost in the kiss, feeling Lance's love so differently.

The past few days they'd been slowly joining under an umbrella of sharing love.

This moment was different.
This moment felt totally real.

Lance broke the kiss, them moved again, kissing Joey gently, then backing up.

"You already have it Joe. I just realized you have it, and so do I. I love you, Joe. I want that life, and that love with only you."
Joey was in tears, his whole world clicking together in one audible sob that came from his soul.

Lance became wrapped in a bear hug of love, Joey embracing him tightly.

"Oh God, Lance! To hear you say that! To hear you say you love me!"
Lance teared up at the raw emotion of Joey's trembling voice, the love he felt echoing around him.

"You haven't said the words, Joe. Can you love me? Can you love me knowing how easily you may be able to use me, like everyone else has?"
Joey stared in shock, Lance's words so shocking after the loving moment he'd just felt from Lance.

Joey's body tightened, the man on his feet in a moment, pulling Lance up with him.

"I don't ever what to hear you say that again, Lance!" Joey said, his voice loud and firm.

"Come with me." he said, pulling Lance around the couch, flicking on the lamp on the end table.

Lance closed his eyes at the sudden brightness, Joey pulling him towards the large mirror hanging on the living room wall.

It had been a gift from Lance's mother, a beautiful art deco mirror with a glass frame.

"Look into that mirror and see the man I see, Lance!"
Lance looked at the vision before him, seeing himself and Joey standing beside each other.

"I'll tell you what I see, just in case you need to wipe the reflection with some reality."
Lance felt a depth of courageous love coming from Joey, the man staring at him in the mirror.

"Before me stands one of the most stunning beautiful men I have ever looked upon. Your beauty is breathtaking, my angel. The masculine beauty of your beautiful face, hair, body and just you sends my heart racing. For to this simple heart it is a beauty I can't believe I deserve."
Lance turned, looking into Joey's brown, beautiful eyes.

"I love you, James Lance Bass. I've loved your forever. Not just for this stunning vision before me, but also for the vision underneath. For the kind soul, the giving heart, the steadfast loyalty of a loving friend. The inner child, the outer organized mastermind, and the touching, moving soul of faith and love I've seen every day for the past fifteen years. I'd never use you, my love. I'd only ever love you. If you could only love me."

Joey was in tears, the emotion of his words taking their toll on his heart.

"Oh, Joey! That was so beautiful! Those words were said with such love!"
"That's because I love you, Lance. I know at times I come across as this totally in charge, bear of a guy. But, I'm so much more, Lance. Underneath I'm just someone who only wants to be loved. I cry when I'm emotional, I tremble when I am moved by beauty and love. And I want to tremble and cry for the rest of my life. Will you hold me when that happens, Lance? For every moment with your love will do that to me."
Lance was in tears, taking both of Joey's hands.

"Thank you, Joe. Thank you for showing me myself. Oh God, I love you so much!"
Joe was in tears, his muscular arms wrapping around Lance as their lips met.

The two embraced in the first embrace of their open love for each other.

They stood together for ages, their love new and intoxicating.

Joey finally broke the contact, their eyes staring into each other's soul.

Lance took hold of Joey's hands again, beginning to move towards the bedroom.

"Lance. . .this wasn't why. . ."
Lance smiled, kissing Joey's lips again, Joey feeling his calm love.

"I need you, Joe. I've waited forever to love you. I need to show you that love."
Joey smiled, lost in the desire he felt taking over his soul.

It was only matched by the love flooding his heart.

Their moment of blossoming desire was suddenly interrupted by a sharp knock on the condo door.

Lance stopped his moving feet, looking at Joey.

"I'll get rid of them quickly, my love." Joey said, Lance smiling, walking past him.

"Let me, Joseph."
Joey smiled, moved by the love he heard in Lance's voice.

Joey stood quietly, Lance going to the door, opening it.

He stood in shocked silence, staring at the man standing in the hallway.

"Hello, Lance. I hope the hour's not too late? I need to talk to you."
Lance stared at Nathan Livingstone standing before him.

"Nathan? What are you doing here?" Lance said, his voice filled with trembling emotion.

Nathan never got to answer Lance's question.

A fist hit him squarely in the face, the young man falling backwards, landing on his ass.

Joey Fatone stepped into the hallway from behind a stunned Lance.

He advanced on the young man, his fists balling again.

Nathan looked up through his blurry eyes, staring at the man walking towards him.

"Joey, stop!" Lance said, his voice edged with emotion.

Joey stopped, and the anger washing away from his face.

Lance looked at Joey, the man returning to his side, putting his arm around him.

Nathan pulled himself up, staggering to his feet.

"Leave, Nathan. There's nothing here for you anymore." Joey said, Lance looking at the young doctor.

Nathan looked at Lance.

"I needed to see you, Lance! To ask you for your forgiveness! And to warn you!"
Lance looked at the man's trembling, emotional body.

"Why are you here, Nathan? Are you threatening us?" Joey said, his body rising upwards, his bravado alive.

Nathan stared at Lance, then at Joey.

"Brandon's going to kill Jolan."




End of Chapter 58


A surprising revelation.

How does Nathan know that?

And how dare he interrupt Joey and Lance's moment of destined togetherness!!


Our Jolan is free again.

Will it last?

What awaits him in Cutter's Bluff?


The calm before the storm, or the brewing clouds of uncertainty?

Maybe a little of both coming up.



Hugs, Angel.