Jolan's Path - Chapter 59


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 59


Lance sat on his couch, staring at the young man sitting in the chair across from him.

Joey  sat on the couch's armrest beside Lance, staring with even more seriousness at Nathan.

Lance and he had been shocked by Nathan's words, the three standing in the hallway in silence, until Lance broke the silence looking around the empty hallway.

"Come inside, Nathan." Lance said, walking back into the condo, Joey standing in confused silence.

Nathan had looked at Joey, slowly slinking around the man, a look of worried fear in his eyes.

And now here they sat, staring at each other.

"You've seen Brandon?" Lance said, Nathan's eyes staring at him.

Lance saw a nervousness now in Nathan's body movements, his eyes lowering.

"Yes, Lance. He arrived at my apartment last week, late one night."

"Don't you know what that man's done? What he tried to do to Jolan? He's wanted by the police for attempted murder!" Joey said, a touch of anger in his voice.

Nathan's eyes met his, Nathan's face showing concern, his eyes guarded against Joey's anger.

"Yes, Joey. I know what he's done. And I know he's a hunted man. But that hasn't changed his resolve. He's still the man he always was. His still so determined. And still demanding."
Nathan lowered his eyes, Lance quietly looking at him.

"Jolan figured out everything, Nathan. What Brandon was doing, and what you've done." he said, his voice suddenly quiet.

Nathan's eyes lifted, staring into Lance's green orbs.

Joey was staring at him as well.

"What I've done?" he softly said, his voice trembling.

"You drugged Lance, Nathan! You drugged him to get him into bed! Don't even think of denying it!" Joey said, his voice raising an octave, Lance's hand going to Joey's knee.

Their eyes met, Lance seeing the dislike in Joey's brown eyes for Nathan, and his protective love for Lance.

Joey calmed a bit, Lance looking at him for a moment, then looking again at Nathan.

"Why, Nathan? Why did you use me?"

Nathan's eyes filled with tears, their centers turning from Lance's staring green eyes of judgment.

"I didn't use you, Lance. I didn't do what was asked of me. Instead I let you use me."

Nathan stood up, walking in front of the large window of Lance's living room, staring out into the New York evening.

Jolan had been right, Lance thought.

Nathan had changed the outcome of his and Lance's night together because Nathan had felt his love.

"Brandon wanted you subdued, Lance. He wanted me to meet you, to entice you into falling in love with me. So that I could bring you under his control. I was supposed to drug you that night with a mind numbing narcotic that would have made you so docile, so easy to control and use. But  I couldn't do that, Lance. Because in meeting you, I saw something I'd never seen or felt before."

Lance stood up, Joey watching him walk up to the doctor, Nathan's eyes meeting his.

"You saw love, Nathan. That was all new to you, wasn't it? Love is new to you."
Nathan's eyes moved away from Lance's green orbs of truth.

"Yes, Lance. I felt for the first time in my life what it must feel like to love someone. And have that person love you back. I've never had that. They guaranteed my life would never feel that. Why did you have to be so loving? Why couldn't you be like all the rest??"
Lance's hand went to Nathan's shoulder, Nathan trembling with a look of pain crossing his face.

"What's going on here, Nathan? I sense there's more than just you and I loving each other."
Nathan's eyes met Lance's.

"You and I were pawns in Brandon's game of conquest, Lance. First and foremost in his mind was Justin. The man was insatiable in his need for him. Justin's refusal of Brandon's advances only hardened his devious resolve. You were part on that plan, Lance. My seduction of you, my gaining control of you was part of his plan. He always believed that you and Justin somehow were lovers. That was why he first seduced you himself. He thought that getting to you would provide him with the inside path to Justin. When you didn't divulge any truth of your relationship with Justin, Brandon dropped you quickly. It wasn't till later that he decided you were still part of his scheme. That's when he drew me into the plan."

Nathan looked back out into the darkness, his body slightly trembling, Lance's hand remaining on his shoulder.

"Why did you let him do that, Nathan? Why didn't you just tell him no?"
Nathan's head turned, staring into Lance's green eyes.

"I cannot refuse him, Lance. To refuse him would mean the end to my life."
Lance looked confused, turning Nathan's body around to him, the two facing each other.

"He's threatened you, Nathan? What has he done to you?"

Nathan's eyes were filled with tears, Lance and Joey both seeing in them a frightened child, lost in a mind of horror.

Nathan pulled the black polo shirt he wore upwards, both men staring in shock at the slash marks across his chest.

"Brandon is my master, Lance. I was given to him when I was twelve."


Lance and Joey stood in stunned silence.

Nathan walked back over to the couch, sitting down on it.

"Your master? Given to him? By whom?"

Nathan's head raised, staring at Lance.

"Your life has been a life filled with love, Lance. Filled with happiness, joy and love. Two parents who raised you in love, friends and family surrounding you. I have had none of that. There was only one day in my life when I actually thought I would have that life of happiness. That was the day I was taken from the orphanage when I was seven. I looked in that man's eyes and thought I saw love. It wasn't long before the truth reared its ugly head. Before I became theirs."

Lance walked over to the couch, sitting gently down beside Nathan.

His arm gently went around him, Nathan surprised by Lance's tenderness, Joey standing still staring at both of them.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were an orphan. Brandon's hurt you, Nathan. You have to go to the authorities on this. The man is a monster."
Nathan looked into Lance's green eyes.

"I can't, Lance. To do that would mean the end for me. My adoptive father won't allow that."

"You were adopted by someone?"
"I don't remember my parents, my whole life began in that orphanage. Then my existence began in his home."
"Who adopted you?" Joey said, his arms now folded, staring at the young doctor.

"A wealthy businessman periodically bestowed kindness upon the orphanage, giving them large donations in exchange for his having the pick of all the children. All the children in the home knew this wasn't a regular adoption procedure, that there was an underhandedness to it. You would be surprised at what money can obtain you. You just have to have the right price."
Lance and Joey exchanged looks, Lance's hand going to Nathan's shoulder.

"So you were picked by this businessman?"
Nathan's eyes raised again, nodding.

"Yes, Lance. I was picked. And then I was taken to a large house in upstate New York, a vast mansion on a large tract of land. And there I met my benefactor. I cannot tell you his name, I cannot."

Lance and Joey exchanged glances, Lance's hand going to Nathan's knee.
"What did he do to you, Nathan? You're sounding very confused."

Nathan's eyes met Lance's, a look of anger showing on Nathan's face.

"Confused? You think I'm confused? I've never been confused in my whole life. For it was all spelled out for me. Since that first night, I knew exactly what was expected of me. I knew what he wanted. His glaring intense eyes made me see what I was. What I would be for the rest of my life."
Nathan stood up again, walking back to the window.

"That first night he told me what he expected of me. What my life would become. That I was to become a doctor, he paying for my education and my success. That he needed a doctor to attend to his future needs. But first and foremost I would always be his. And that night he made me his." Nathan said softly, staring blankly out into the night, reliving in his mind that horrific night.

Lance stood again, Joey stopping him from going to Nathan.

Joey stared at the young doctor, his rugged calm voice breaking the silence.

"He raped you, didn't he? He raped a seven-year-old child."

Nathan's eyes turned to Joey and Lance, both seeing the look of accepted truth in his eyes.

"I was not raped. I was shown the truth of my existence. What I was put on earth for. To please him. To please all of them. And there were many. Father gave me to so many. All through my young blossoming life, I was shown what was needed of me. And I gave of myself as required. When I was twelve, he introduced me to Brandon, a mere child of eight that he'd found in another orphanage. Even at that young age I could see the desire and bravado in that boy's eyes. Father found great humor in giving me to him. Father sat in a chair, watching me becoming Brandon's. If ever in my life I actually felt that I was being raped, it was with that monstrous child. From that day I have been his. Father gave me to him. To train me into submission. And since that day, I have done all that Brandon's asked of me."

Lance was in tears, hearing the horrendous life that Nathan had endured.

"Oh, Nathan! That man--your supposed father--was a monster!" Lance said, Joey's arm going around him.

"That man was my adoptive father, Lance. I loved him. Father put me through many wealthy schools, his dream for me becoming reality. He made me the doctor I now am. He made me the man I now am. Yes, the other side of the story is filled with many nights of horror and sexual depravity, but I accepted a long time ago that I was what I was. I never believed that I was destined for any other destiny. Until I met you."

Nathan's eyes met Lance's, the two staring at each other.

"You made me see that there's something else to life, Lance. That love does exist. There was a time when I thought that maybe Brandon could in some way find it in his heart to love me, but I now see the man for what he is, for what he always was. A sexually depraved monster, whose desires will destroy him. Meeting you, I couldn't let you become part of his spiraling nightmare. I know I've deceived you, Lance. I know whatever chance I had with you is gone. I just had to come here and tell you the truth. I know you can't love me, put please don't hate me. Don't hate me for being a pawn in his game. Last week I saw the truth of what he is and what he's going to do. You have to warn Jolan. That man is after Justin, and he won't stop until Jolan's out of the way. Only then will he have what he wants, and he's bent on getting it."
Lance nodded, Nathan looking at him.

"Is there any chance that you could love me, Lance?" Nathan softly said, Joey looking at Lance.

Joey saw the look in Lance's green eyes.

Lance lowered his head for a moment, then raised it.

His hand went out, taking Joey's hand.

"I'm sorry, Nathan. You've deceived me, even though I now know it wasn't fully your doing. But there's something you need to know. Joey and I have fallen in love. We've both seen the love that was always hidden in our hearts. Your and Brandon's deception made that love show itself. I love Joey, Nathan. I'm sorry, but it's Joey who now fills my heart with love."
Nathan stared at both of them, his head slowly nodding.

Joey saw the look of crushing reality in the young man's eyes.

"Oh, I see. I understand."
Nathan began to move towards the door, Lance moving from Joey, his hand going to Nathan's shoulder.

"What are you going to do now, Nate?"
Nathan's eyes met Lance's.

"I wish you love, Lance. And warn Jolan and Justin. Brandon hasn't given up. I'm going to see if somehow I can stop him."
"That's too risky, Nathan. You need to stay away from him and that other man."
Nathan's eyes lowered, then raised, Lance seeing the glistening tears there.

"That's just it, Lance. I can't. They own me. And they always find me."
Lance shook his head, feeling tenderness for the lost man standing before him, Joey walking up beside Lance putting his arm around him.

"Let us talk to Jordan. There's got to be some way for you to be protected. You can't go back to them." Joey said, Nathan now seeing the anger gone from his brown eyes.

"You're very lucky, Joey. You now have Lance's love. I only had it for the briefest of moments, and I felt the beauty of it. What I once had will stay with me until the end."

Lance was in tears now, hearing the finality in Nathan's voice.

"Please let us help you, Nathan."

"I have to learn how to help myself, Lance. I finally see that."

Joey and Lance stood in silence, Nathan walking to the door and walking out of the condo.

Joey pulled Lance into his arms, Lance crying against him, Joey's eyes on the closed door.

Outside in the hall, Nathan walked to the end of the hallway, turning back and looking at the same closed door.

"You bastard! How can you walk in and take his love from me? He's mine, Joey! Brandon was always right! If you want anything in life you have to take it! And I want Lance!"

The young man's face changed, his eyes staring at the door, a look of deep determination etched across his face.

"You're mine, Lance. I'll have your love even if I have to rip it away from him."

Nathan turned, his body disappearing down the stairwell exit.


Joey and Lance walked into the bedroom, Lance sitting down on the bed.

Joey leaned against the dresser, staring at his boyfriend.

"Are you alright, Lance?"
"He sounded so lost, so helpless. The life he endured."

Joey's eyes lowered, then his body moved, sitting down beside Lance.

"I saw a look in your eyes out there, Lance. Towards the end of Nathan's story."
Lance turned, looking into Joey's staring eyes.

"Do you still love him, Lance?"

Lance stared with surprise at the man sitting beside him.

"Joey. . .I. . .I love you. I told him that myself. Just as I told you earlier. Once I had feelings for him, Joey. And yes, hearing his story made me forgive him for what he'd done to me. I now see that he was a pawn in Brandon's games."
Lance's hand went to Joey's face, seeing a wetness begin to flow from his brown eyes.

"I love you, Lance. I thought that maybe now--with his being honest, and with his troubled past--you're feelings for him would grow." Joey said softly, lowering his head.

"I want to show you something, Joe."

Joe remained still, looking at Lance, the young man walking over to his dresser, opening the top small drawer.

He picked up something, then walked back over to Joey, sitting down beside him again.

He held in his hand a small box.

"You said earlier that you envied Jolan and Justin, that you envied their rekindled love. I do too, Joe. For the last few days I saw the pain my best friend was in, the feelings he felt being lost without his Jo. Justin and I once were lovers. I felt that deep entrenched love Justin holds within himself. I could only imagine how Jolan's heart must have felt being denied that. And all week since you opened your heart to me in Justin's kitchen I have been watching you, Joe."
"Watching me?"

"Yes, Joe. Watching you. I became lost in every movement, every small smile, determined concerned look you've given me, Justin, Jolan and everyone else. I stood back and saw a man with a giving heart, and a loving soul. And every time your brown eyes stared into mine, your gentle warm hands touched me, and your big muscular arms held me I felt your love, Joe. A love I've known for so long, but also haven't truly known. For the real inner love of your heart is the most beautiful thing I think I've ever known."
Joey was in tears, Lance leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"You've entered my heart, Joe. Nathan and I are finished. Whatever we once had is gone. I'm sorry for the life he's endured, but our love never was real. No man will ever enter my heart the way you have. I am yours, Joe. I need you, and I love you. And I want you to have this." Lance said, setting the box in Joey's palm.

Joey opened the box, seeing a silver ring with a spacecraft design on top of it.

"Oh, Lance. This is the ring the Russian Aerospace Program gave you. This means so much to you."

"You now mean even more. I was hoping you'd wear it as a sign of my love for you. I wouldn't give it to anyone else."
Joey trembled, his eyes filled with tears.

Lance smiled, taking the ring out of the box and slipping it onto Joey's finger.

"Consider this the first moment of your trembling, tearful existence with me, Joe."
Joey smiled, looking at the ring on his finger, his eyes meeting Lance's green shining orbs.

"You're wrong, Lance. You are not mine. I would never possess you. You and I are two parts of the same soul. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you."
Lance smiled, standing up, staring down at Joey.

"Then tonight, our love begins."
Joey stood up, setting the empty box on the nightstand, his muscular arms wrapping around Lance's waist.

"I love you, Joseph."
"I love you, James."

The two united, their kiss deep and passionate.

They slowly began to touch each other, their fingers opening buttons, pulling on zippers, their clothes falling to their feet, both men stepping out of them.

Both took in each other's bodies,  their eyes scanning the other's masculine form.

Lance's eyes took in the furry chest on Joey, his well muscled legs, hips and chest.

The man was fit, muscular and bearish, Lance's hands running through the forest of chest hair before him.

Joey's eyes scanned Lance's smooth form, his skin lightly browned, his chest smooth and lightly muscled.

A light dusting of blond hair covered his legs and abdomen, Joey's hands running up and down the smoothness of his body.

Joey pulled the man against him, their centers contacting.

They both felt the instant connection, and the beauty of the desires flowing through both of them.

"Make love to me, Lance. I've waited so long for you."

Lance was in tears, hearing the deep love in Joey's voice, and the tenderness of his showing Lance his total trust in him.

Lance moved forward, pulling back the bedspread, Joey falling backwards onto the bed, Lance's smooth heated body now on top of him.

Their lips met again, a deep kiss of love and desire.

Lance's eyes opened, staring down into Joey's brown eyes of love.

"My heart opens to you, Joe. Let my love and my touch ignite your soul."

Joey moved upward, their lips meeting, Lance breaking the contact.

Lance's head lowered, beginning their passion.


Justin awoke, moving in his bed, finding himself alone.

He scanned the room, seeing no sign of his lover.

Justin stretched, sitting up in bed.

His eyes went to the patio door, seeing a shadow out in the brightness of the morning's dawning light.

Justin climbed out of bed, pulling on his robe, walking to the door, seeing his lover sitting on the chaise lounger.

Justin walked out onto the patio, Jolan's eyes turning to him.

The two smiled at each other, Justin sitting down beside him, falling into Jolan's waiting arms.

"Morning, my angel. Are you okay?" Justin said, Jolan kissing his lips lightly.

"I'm fine, Jus. And good morning."

Justin smiled, snuggling more against him.

"Did you sleep well, Jo?"
"I always sleep well wrapped in your love. Especially after hours of you showing me that love, and giving into mine."
Justin smiled, remembering every moment of Jolan's desires, and his touching tenderness.

"My Wolfy hunted greatly last night. As did my beautiful Jolan."

"My Justin was a prey too delicious to stop feeding upon. And I needed to give myself to you to have all of your love."
Justin's head raised, their lips meeting again.

Jolan had changed back into his real self, letting Justin end their passion with his taking him.

Jolan had fallen asleep with the love of his life surrounding him.

"A new day, another moment of truth." Jolan said, looking out at the morning view.
Justin's eyes met Jolan's.

"Something bothering you, love?"

"I feel it close, Justin. I feel the truth is very close. The key to opening my past is very close."
"Do you think it's Theresa Brannigan?"
"No, Justin. I think it's something more real. An object or an item that once meant much to me. Seeing it will open the floodgates."
"So, going to Cutter's Bluff will reveal that thing?"
Jolan's grey eyes looked at Justin, his lover looking at him.

"You don't want me to go back there, do you?"
Justin's head lowered, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"My heart feels that that place holds great pain for you, my love. That all the horror of your past will be found there. I'm just so worried of what that will do to your soul. And to our love."
Jolan leaned forward, Justin now wrapping his lover in his arms, their lips meeting.

"I have to heal, Justin. I have to find my pain and face it. Going there will do that. But I sense something else will happen. I have a feeling that perhaps you and I will find our greatest joy there. That a revealed part of my past will unite us in a new beautiful, moving way."
"What will happen, Jo?" Justin said, lost in the words Jolan had said.

Jolan rose up, walking to the balcony's edge, staring downward.

"Two hearts cannot be without the love of he."

Justin stood up, joining Jolan at the railing.

"Words again from Alveena's Tome?"

"Yes, Jus. Another revealing moment. I think I know in my heart what it means."
Justin turned Jolan around, wrapping his arms around him.

"What's going on, Jolan? I sense you know what lays ahead. Are you keeping something from me?"

"I love you, Justin. I would never keep anything from you that I felt was important. But yes, there is something, something I've sensed. Something I feel may threaten our love."
Justin's arms tightened around his lover.

"Nothing will ever threaten or destroy our love, Jolan. You've said that yourself. No sensed doubts or long ago written words will ever come between you and me. At any  moment of doubt I will always remember your loving soul. That, in itself, will unite our love."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing him deeply, Jolan feeling Justin's desire against his, the two men wrapped in robes.

"It's still early, my love. How about awakening the wolf for a frosty November morning hunt?"
Jolan smiled, Justin dropping his robe, his nude body moving towards the patio doors, Jolan giving chase.

Justin just about made it to the bed, a naked man tackling him, the two propelled forward on top of it.

Justin felt Jolan's hardness against his backside, Justin moaning.

Jolan raised his body, his strong arms flipping Justin over, the young man now laying on top of Justin's chiseled chest.

"My prey is rather slow this morning. Such a delicious meal I won't devour quickly. A slow pursuit means the meat will be tender and succulent."

Justin laughed, Jolan leaning down and kissing his lips.

"I don't think we have enough time, Jumpy. I heard Mom and Jennie earlier. I think they're up and making breakfast."

Justin sighed, Jolan's body moving, snuggling against Justin's side.

"I think I'll hunt slowly all day; my body, hands and lips luring my prey into this bed again tonight."

Justin teared up, hearing the love in Jolan's voice.

"Hold onto your heart, Timberlake. Tonight I'm going to feast forever."

Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his exposed nipple.

Jolan's eyes raised, scanning the nighttable.

His hand raised, pulling down the novel that lay there.

"A book, Jus? Was I that boring last night?"

Justin smiled, leaning into Jolan, kissing his lips.

"I tried reading every night you were gone to make me sleep. It didn't work. Your love wasn't here with me."
Jolan teared up, lightly kissing Justin's warm lips.

He tossed the book again on top of the nightstand, his arms wrapping around his Justin, pulling him on top of him.

"My Jus needs a shower. All I smell is me on you."
Justin smiled, kissing his lips again.

"I like being soaked in your love. Marinated in your love juices. Sautéed in your desires."
Jolan laughed, Justin joining him, smiling down at him, seeing the joy in Jolan's grey eyes.

"Stop it, I'm starving!"

"I know what that feels like. For the last three days I've hungered for your love."

"You will never starve again, Jus. This is one meal that's bountiful."
"Cool! The buffet of my heart!"
Jolan smiled, moving and pulling Justin up with him, guiding him towards the bathroom.

"Let's hit the showers, and then my man's going to feed me."
Justin grinned, walking into the bathroom with his love.


The two lovers walked into the kitchen, stopping with a smile on both their faces.

Lynn sat at the table, the table covered in plates of steaming hot food.

Jennie and Jonathan were both at the stove and counter, preparing other dishes.

Jennie turned, a wide smile covering her face.

"Morning, Jolly!" she said, rushing up to him and hugging him, Jonathan taking over at the stove for her, a smile on his face as well.

"Jon and I have made breakfast for you two! Our way of welcoming you home, brother."
Jolan smiled, hugging his little sister tightly.

"Thank you, my angel." he said, Jennie moving into Justin's open arms.

Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's happiness at having her there.

Jolan walked up to Jonathan, kissing his cheek, wrapping his arm around Justin's brother.

"Thank you, bro. That's a touching idea."
He smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"You look thin. Jennie wants her brother happy."

Jolan laughed, tussling the young man's hair.

"Hey! Watch the 'do! We Timberlakes are so vain!"

Jolan laughed loudly, looking towards Justin.

"Don't I know it! But man, the finished product is damn near fantastic!"

Justin smiled, as did Jonathan, his brother hugging him and kissing his cheek.

Jolan hugged Lynn, the woman smiling at him.

"Lance called. He and Joey are on their way over. As are Jordan and Alexandra." Jonathan said, taking the pan of bacon off the stove, Jennie now at his side, helping him fill the last plate.

"Trace and Cindy should be out momentarily, I heard their shower stopping." Lynn said, Justin kissing his mother's cheek.

"Oh? A little morning wetness to make them happy." Justin said, winking at Jolan.

"Yes, about the same as I heard in your room this morning." she said, Justin blushing now.

Jolan leaned over, kissing Justin's cheek.

"I hope our happiness wasn't too loud?"

Lynn smiled, patting Jolan's hand as he sat down beside her.

"Not this morning though. But I swear, someone is this building has a dog! It howled for over half an hour last night again. Someone needs to keep their pet muzzled. Or have him neutered at least."

Jolan nearly choked on his first sip of coffee, Justin bursting into laughter.

Jonathan and Jennie traded looks, Jennie leaning over to him and whispering in his ear.

Jolan's eyes caught her movements.

"Something you want to share, Jennie?"
The two young people smiled at each other, Jonathan walking to the table and setting the last plate down.

Jennie smiled at her brother, sitting down beside Justin, kissing his cheek.

"It's not hard to figure out, Jolly. I know what animal was howling last night. It was you, your Badenwolf soul, wasn't it?"

Lynn looked surprised, everything clicking into place, her eyes going to her son.

"Jolan's Badenwolf soul is a thing of beauty, Mom. When we're together, all of him comes out. The beast and the loving man. He sends me to heaven in so many ways."
Jolan smiled at Justin, hearing the love in his words.

His eyes met Lynn's.

"I am myself, Mom. All of me is me. Justin has accepted all of me. My physical and spiritual being. The howling you heard was my passion for your son's love escaping. His love, his body and his soul move me to howl to the heavens in happiness. I won't ever apologize for that. Your son moves me always with his love."
Justin smiled at Jolan, Lynn looking between the two of them.

"Remarkable. It must be a moving experience for both of you."
Justin blushed a little, embarrassed about talking to his mother about his and Jolan's lovemaking.

"Relax, son. I won't ask for details. All that matters to me is that both of you are happy with each other, in all ways."
"We are, totally." they both said together, Lynn smiling at both of them.

"Enough said. Except for one thing. I'm not going to find shedding hair everywhere, am I?"

Jolan's laughter filled the room, Lynn joining him.

"Good one, Mom!"

Lynn smiled, kissing his cheek, Justin smiling at their close relationship now showing.


A few minutes later, they heard the phone go off,  Jonathan answering it, then hanging up after hitting a few buttons.

"Lance, Joey, Jordan and Alexandra are on their way up."
Trace and Cindy walked into the room, everyone greeting them,

Cindy kissed Jennie's forehead, smiling at Jolan.

"Sleep well, sister?" Jolan said, smiling at her.

"Yep, I had my own teddy bear." she said, Trace's arms going around her.

"Awww. . .ain't love grand?" Justin said, Trace sticking his tongue out at him.

"Did you cage that dog last night, Timberlake? Or did you have him fixed?"
Everyone burst out into laughter, Trace and Cindy looking at each other.

"You people are twisted."
Lynn laughed, standing up and hugging both young lovers.

"Sit down you two and we'll tell you all about it. You still walk into a room and stand out, Tray." she said laughing, Trace smiling at her.

"Hey, it's me! Love me or leave me!"

"I'll take the first choice, please." Cindy said, Trace smiling at her, the two kissing.

"Please! Not over the food!" Jonathan said, covering the plates with his arms.

Jennie laughed, Jonathan smiling at her.

Lynn took in this exchange, her eyes going to Jolan.

The moment was interrupted by a knock on the front door, Justin getting up and walking into the living room.

Everyone sat down, Justin walking back in followed by their returning friends.

Everyone exchanged greetings, Lance and Joey looking down at Jolan, whose head had risen, staring up at them.

"Sit down guys. Tell all of us what he said."
Lance and Joey exchanged surprised looks, everyone looking at them.

"What who said, love?" Justin said, looking across the table at his lover.

"It was Nathan, Jus. He came to Lance's apartment last night."

Lance sat down in stunned surprise, staring at Jolan.

"The path is mine, Lance. I see all the joining parts. Tell us what happened." Jolan said, sipping his coffee, a look of calmness crossing over his face.

Joey joined Lance by his side, the others all sitting down around the table.

Lance and Joey both began to talk while Lynn and Jennie began handing out the dishes of food.


Twenty minutes later, the table was surrounded by silence.

"What a tragic life. So heartbreaking." Lynn said, staring off into space, remembering the young man she'd only met briefly.

"Yes, tragic. I can't hate him now for what it's obvious he was forced to do." Trace said, Cindy nodding her head beside him, both looking at Lance.

"I forgive him as well. I now see it was all Brandon's doing."
Justin looked at Jolan, the young man staring at him.

"I'm  worried, Jo. This man is capable of doing some dangerous things. I'm worried for your protection."

"I know, Jus. But I can't stop Brandon from the path he's chosen. All I can do is protect those I love, you the most. He'll not harm any of us, myself included. That guarantee I give you. He'll not destroy our love."
Justin smiled, hearing the truth and love in Jolan's words, their hands meeting across the table.

"Nathan's resigned from his hospital postings. He's seemingly disappeared." Jordan said, Lance looking at him.

"Lance told me this morning and I checked on his whereabouts. He's vanished, like Brandon."

"Nathan is almost as volatile as Brandon. He's been trapped so long under their control. It will be hard for him to break free. But in the end, I believe he'll make the right choice." Jolan said quietly, Lance looking at him, their eyes meeting.

"He still loves you Lance. Your now being with Joey tears at his heart. And that worries me. Be on guard my friends. I sense  Nathan could be just as dangerous as Brandon, albeit for different reasons. I'm sorry this happened, Lance. The blame for all of this lands squarely at the feet of his so-called father."
"You know who that is?" Alexandra said, staring at the young man.

"Yes, Ally. The same master of Brandon's path, the same controlling monster after me. Fagin Greymount."

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan looking around the table.

"Fagin Greymount controls many. They have all entwined through my path, each controlled by him: Brandon, Nathan, the man who raped me, those that may have taken my parents, and so many more."

"When will this all end, Jolan?" Joey said, his arm around Lance.

"The time of Snow and Truth shall see the end of Fagin Greymount's control on so many. The Sun Child shall rein him in. That is what he fears the most. The prophecy of the Sun Child. He had spent his life trying to destroy destiny, when he finally saw the truth of who the Sun Child will be. The truth I now see."
Everyone quietly stared at Jolan, Lynn's hand going on top of his.

"And what truth is that, Jolan?" she softly said, Jolan's eyes meeting hers.

"The truth that the Sun Child is real. And that it's not me."


Everyone stared in silence at Jolan, that silence suddenly broken by a sharp knocking on Justin's front door.

"Everyone finish their breakfast, I'll get it." Jolan said, standing up, smiling at everyone, then walking out of the room.

Lance stared after him, turning then to Justin.

"If Jolan isn't the Sun Child, then who is?" he said, Justin looking at him.

"I don't know, Lance. This is all new to me as well." he said, looking towards the doorway.

Justin had sensed total calmness in Jolan, and then a troubling fear in him when he'd walked through the kitchen doorway.

"I sense something's wrong. I need to go to Jolan." Justin said, standing up.

The silence was interrupted by a shrill scream then a loud crashing sound.

Justin was the first to react, rushing out of the room, followed by everyone else now risen from the table.

Justin flew through the kitchen doorway, his eyes on his front door, a shocking sight greeting him.

Jolan lay on the floor, a small table overturned beside him, the lamp which had sat on it shattered on the floor.

Standing in the doorway was a tall, rugged, older looking man.

Behind him stood a woman and a young boy.

Justin rushed across the room, going to Jolan's body, kneeling, taking him into his arms.

Everyone stood by the kitchen door, staring at the scene before them.

Jolan lay unconscious, Justin lightly tapping his cheeks.

Justin's blue eyes looked up at the man who towered above them.

Randall Timberlake stood in the doorway, staring down at his son, his fists still clenched.





End of Chapter 59




And so Justin's father has arrived upon the scene.

And Jolan's been greeted with another less than welcoming introduction.

Why has Justin's father hit Jolan?


If Jolan isn't the Sun Child, then who is?

Jennie? Little Benjamin Diablo?

Perhaps the Sun Child isn't really a child.


Words to think upon.

Thoughts to digest.


Read on, more intrigue and surprises ahead.


Hugs, Angel.