Jolan's Path - Chapter 60


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 60


The stunning silence in the room was broken by the young boy standing behind Justin's father.

"Daddy, stop!" the boy said with tears in his eyes, running into the room, straight into Jonathan's kneeling arms.

Jonathan held his younger brother Stephen, the two brothers kneeling beside Justin, Jolan still in his arms.

"Randall Timberlake! What in God's name have you done??" Lynn's loud voice heard throughout the room.

"I've done what should be done! You stay out of this Lynn!" the man said, staring down at the man in Justin's arms.

The woman who'd stood beside the front door walked forward her hand going to Randall Timberlake's shoulder.

"You too, Lisa. This is between me and this coward! Wake him up Justin, so I can knock him down again."

"Dad, what are you doing? Why did you hit my friend?" Justin said, his face covered in a look of intense hurt and confusion.

Jordan and Joey both moved, walking towards Randall, the man's eyes falling on both of them.

"Don't try to stop me Joe. And you either, stranger. This man's a backstabbing Judas and I'm going to teach him a lesson!"

"I'm a police officer, sir. I'm asking you to back up and calm down. You've taken out your anger already on this man, let's end it there." Jordan said, his height and stature making Randall change his stance.

Joey, Trace and Lance all moved now, standing between their friends on the floor and Justin's father.

Randall backed up, staring towards Justin.

"Calm down, Randall! That was a cruel heartless thing you did to him. You're a minister for God's sake!" Lynn said, looking down at her son, her concern for Jolan evident on her face.

In her arms she held Jennie, who'd walked up, her grey eyes staring at the two adults standing by the door.

Randall stared at his ex-wife, his eyes then meeting the two staring grey centers of judging glare.

"Is he okay, Justin?" Trace said, looking at his friend, Justin's eyes on Jolan's closed eyes, his fingers still tapping his smooth cheeks.

"Wake up, Jo. Please." Justin said softly, Randall and Lisa staring at the two on the floor.

Jolan's body stirred, his eyes slowly opening, their grayness meeting Justin's blue orbs of concern.

"I'm okay, Jus. False truths sting more." he softly said, Justin staring at him with confusion.

"Let's get you up on the couch, Jo. Your eye's swelling up. Are you sure nothing's broken?"
Jolan nodded, his hand going to the back of his head, wincing.

"I think I hit the table when I fell backwards. My head hurts."

Trace bent downwards, taking Jolan's right arm, Justin rising with him, the two guiding him to the nearest couch.

Jennie and Lynn moved, Lynn's eyes still on Randall, Lisa looking at her as well.

Jennie sat down beside Jolan, kissing his cheek, Cindy walking out from the kitchen with Ally, a couple of ice packs in their hands.

"Here Justin. Put these on his eye and the back of his head." Cindy said, smiling softly at Jolan.

Jolan softly smiled at her, his eyes still half closed.

"You should lie down, Jo. I don't like the color of your eyes." Justin said, Jolan softly smiling at him.

"I'll be alright, Jus. I just need to get my bearings. Is your father okay?"

Justin looked towards his father, seeing his father's changed face.

There was a look of confusion on his face as well.

Randall was staring at Jolan, not believing the young man was concerned about him.

"Everyone's okay but you, Jo." Justin said, Jolan seeing the beginnings of tears in his lover's eyes.

Jolan felt this wasn't the right moment for Justin to break down.

Jolan let Justin apply the ice packs, the coolness instantly helping the throbbing pain in the back of Jolan's head.

"I think you need to hear your father out, Justin. Don't judge him without hearing the truth, shadowy as it may be."

Everyone looked towards Randall and Lisa, Lynn walking over to them.

"Alright, Randall. Let's hear it! Shadows be damned!" she said, her voice filled with her usual no-nonsense determination, her arms folded in a familiar stance of command.


Lisa walked forward, Randall glancing at her.

"I tried to talk him out of coming here, out of confronting Jolan. This should have been done in a private family setting first. There was no need for violence, even though the claims substantiate Randall's anger."

"Claims? What claims?" Ally said, walking forward.

Randall and Lisa both looked at the young black woman, seeing her determined stare.

"My name is Alexandra Carmichael. I am Jolan Dragos' lawyer. If there's something going on here in regards to his recent criminal investigations, then I'd like to know."
"Oh you would, would you? I'm glad you're here. And you as well, officer. . .?" Randall said, looking towards Jordan who stood behind the couch Justin and Jolan were sitting on.

"Inspector Jordan Forman, New York Police Department." Jordan said, staring back at Randall.

"Even better. . .the high brass. I want you to arrest this young man immediately!" Randall said, pointing at Jolan.

Jolan head was lowered, Justin staring at his father in shock.

"What are you talking about Dad?"

"While you've been bending over backwards helping this man through all this supposed drama he's been going through, the bastard's been stealing you blind, Justin. And I have the proof!"

Randall nodded at his wife, Lisa sighing, opening the attaché case she'd carried in her hand since she'd walked into the condo.

She pulled out some forms, looking at Randall, Randall taking them from her, walking over to Justin, throwing them on the table in front of him.

"Your bank here in New York called me late yesterday afternoon to confirm my suspicions. They're awaiting contact from you to verify my findings."

"Findings? What's going on here, Dad?" Justin said, staring at the papers before him.

"Several of your Timberlake Foundation accounts have been liquidated of some assets, Justin. All the funds were moved into one new account. The total is well over three hundred thousand dollars. The money had all been consolidated there until he could figure out how to transfer it to his own account. On my authority the bank has locked the account pending your contacting them, Justin. "

Justin sat in stunned silence, everyone around them staring in shock.

Justin picked up the forms, seeing the bank names, account numbers and amounts.

"What the hell's going on here?" he said softly, staring at the sheets.

"All the transactions were done through your email accounts, Son. This man has ripped you off." Randall said pointing at Jolan, his eyes glaring at him.

In that look everyone saw the protective love Randall had for his son.

"Check the dates, Jus." Jolan said, his head still lowered, remaining still.

Justin focused more on the itemized details, his eyes flying upwards to his father.

"This was obviously done by someone else, Dad? This last transaction was four days ago. Jolan was in a jail cell in Los Angeles that whole day."

"And the first transaction, Jus?" Jolan said softly, still remaining still.

Justin looked towards Jolan, then perused the papers again, finding the first sheet.

"October fifteenth. The day we left Oberson Falls." Justin said, looking surprised.

Jolan raised his head, his grey eyes meeting Randall's blue.

In those grey eyes, Randall saw a look of determination and also a look of nervous worry.

Randall sensed it wasn't himself Jolan was worried about, that perhaps it was his son.

"Who--besides yourself--has any involvement with your foundations, or your email accounts, Jus?" Jolan said, turning his gaze away from Randall towards Justin.

"Just Dad, Mom, Lisa. . .Jonathan's just being drawn into the foundations."

"No one else had any access. . .in the last few months?"

"Apparently you'd gotten in somehow." Randall said, Alexandra folding her arms, glaring at him.
Randall stared at her a moment, his face suddenly changing to worry.

Justin sat in silence a dawning reality coming into his mind, Jolan quietly looking at him.

Justin's face changed into a stunned look, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.


Jolan's eyes moved, staring at Randall.

"How did you come to learn of these happenings, Mr. Timberlake?" Jolan said, his voice calm and determined.

Randall folded his arms, his face staring at his son.

"Through a dear, caring friend of Justin's. That friend alerted me to an inside swindler who cajoled his way into Justin's home and forced her out of my son's life."
Justin stood up, looking at his father.

"Jessica, Dad? It was Jessica who told you that Jolan was stealing from me, wasn't it?"

Randall looked at his son, seeing the blossoming tears in his eyes.

Jolan stood up, his arm going around Justin's shoulder.

"She's done it again? Hasn't she Jo?" he said, his body trembling, everyone looking at Justin's emotional face.

"Yes, Jus. I'm sorry but she won't give up her conniving ways."
"I've had it, Jo! I'm tired of her trying to weasel herself back into my life. It's time she heard it from me face to face for the final time!"
Everyone heard the anger in Justin's voice, Randall still staring at his son in confusion.

"Like father, like son. Hell bent on protecting those you love, your anger guiding you forward. That's never the answer." Jolan said, his voice calm and relaxed.

His hand went to Justin's shoulder, his head turning and facing Randall.

"Mr. Timberlake, you've been duped. Or rather, misled. I never had any access to Justin's email account, banking or credit information. Justin has never shared any of that  with me. The first time the money was taken was when we were in Oberson Falls, four days after Justin and I first met. I had--and might I add Justin had--no access to any computers there. It was also the day after Justin broke up with Jessica. As Justin's already stated, I was in jail four days ago, the day of my arrest. Jessica has miscalculated her deviousness. If you'd only look at these facts you'd truthfully see how innocent I am. The guilty culprit here is a woman on the edge of loneliness, on the edge of denial. And your son is her target. As I am her victim. She's tried already to use Lynn and J.C. to destroy Justin's and my friendship. You were her latest accomplice. I fault you not for that. She's a beguiling adversary."
"Jolan's right, Dad. Jessica's already tried several times to make me shun Jolan, to throw him out. I won't do that. I've found a greater friendship in him that I ever had with her. She had access to my accounts, Mom can verify that. I'd forgotten to deny her access after our breakup. I'll set that straight immediately. I think it's time she understands there's no going back."

Randall sat down on the closest couch, Lisa sitting down beside him.

"She used me? My wife and I were part of a scheme? She was always such a nice girl. I. . .I just can't. . ."
Jolan looked at Justin, Jolan sitting down beside Randall.

"Believe it, sir. She's fooled a lot of people, Mr. Timberlake. And she's hurt Justin deeply. And now she thinks that she can have a chance with him again. She's misguided, and delusional. Very soon she'll see the truth in all of that. You have my word on that. I'm sorry you and your wife were drawn into this. I'd hoped that our first meeting would have been under less than stressful circumstances. I'm sorry for that. Forgive me for interfering in your life."

Jolan stood up, meaning to leave the room, Randall standing up and taking hold of his arm.

Jolan turned, staring into the man's glistening eyes.

"Forgive you, Jolan? Your asking me to forgive you? I should be on my knees asking for your forgiveness. For lashing out at an innocent man before learning the truth of that man's innocence. My temper is large and vocal, as you've just seen. Forgive an old fool for not waiting to hear a man defend my son. For that's what you just showed me, Jolan. You showed me the true friendship you have for my son. You defended him, you defended yourself and you showed me the true culprit in this endeavor. I ask your forgiveness, Mr. Dragos."

Justin was in tears, seeing his father's moving soul asking forgiveness from his lover.

"There is nothing to forgive, Mr. Timberlake. You were a victim as I was. And it's just Jolan."

Randall smiled a soft smile, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"There is much kindness and love in your mesmerizing eyes, Jolan. And please, it's just Randall."

Randall took Jolan's hand in his, shaking it, the two looking at each other.
Jolan smiled, Lisa smiling and standing up beside her husband.

"Forgive my husband's protective exuberance. Family means everything to him. Hello, I'm Lisa, Justin's stepmother."

"Well, since Justin isn't on his knees cleaning the house like a maid, I'd bet you're not a wicked stepmother." Jolan said, smiling.

Lisa burst into laughter, Randall joining her, others joining in as well.

Jolan's humor had defused the tension from the room.

Justin was now by Jolan's side, the two smiling at each other.

"Isn't he the best?!!" Justin smiled, Lisa pulling Justin into a hug.

Jolan smiled, seeing the Timberlake family together, the small boy leaving Jonathan's arms, wrapping his arms around Justin's waist.

"Hey, who's this munchkin?" Justin smiled, looking down at his stepbrother.

"It's me, Stevie!" the young boy smiled.

Justin smiled, ruffling the boy's head of blond curls.

"Hey, Jolan. This is my bro, Stephen!" Justin said, smiling at Stephen.

Stephen smiled up at Jolan, Jolan shaking his hand.

He took the boy to be ten or eleven, with the same soft mesmerizing looks of his older brothers.

"This can't be your brother, he's too special to be a Timberlake."
Stephen grinned, smiling at Justin and his father.

"Yep, I'm a Timberlake. Hi, Jolan! You're Justin's friend?"
"Yep, Stephen. I'm Justin's good friend. Maybe I can be yours?"

The young boy smiled, looking at Justin.

"For sure, Jolan. Call me Stevie!"

"Okay, Stevie. Call me Jo."

The young boy grinned, returning to sit beside his older brother Jon, the two chatting away.

"Ah, the exuberance of youth." Randall said, looking quietly at Jolan.

"I'm sorry I hit you, Jolan. There was no cause for my being so forthright. My anger comes quickly."

"You found your family threatened, your son being taken advantage of. Your protective love shines brightly, Randall."

Randall smiled, looking at his son.

"I love all my boys." he said, Justin hugging his father, Jolan smiling at the touching scene.

"We've finished breakfast, but Jon and Jennie made plenty. You're welcome to sit down, and I'll bring you something."
"We had breakfast on the plane, thanks. Just coffee would be great. But I'm sure Stephen's starving."
The young man grinned, nodding.

"Jonnie makes the best pancakes, Dad!" Stephen said, Jonathan laughing, pulling his brother towards the kitchen.

Jennie walked up to Jolan, her brother putting his arm around her.

"You alright, Jolly?" she said, Randall and Lisa quietly looking at her.

"Is this the heroine of New York everyone's talking about?" Lisa said, a soft smile on her face.

Jennie smiled at both of them, looking up at Jolan.

"I'm no hero. Jolly's the hero here. Just look at what he did today." she said, looking up at Justin.

Justin stared into her grey eyes, Jolan's previous words flowing through his mind.


"Everyone finish their breakfast, I'll get it."

"I'm okay, Jus. False truths sting more."

"I think you need to hear your father out, Justin. Don't judge him without hearing the truth, shadowy as it may be."


Justin turned, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"You knew didn't you? You knew my father was going to attack you? And you let it happen!"

Randall stared in shock, as did everyone else, Lance remembering Jolan's first meeting with Josh.

Jolan's head lowered, Justin putting his fingers under his chin, raising it, staring into those melting grey eyes.

"Why, Jo? Why wouldn't you stop him?"

"Because I did it for you. I sensed that Jessica was behind this, this new threat against you. I shall always protect you, Jus. I just can't always protect you from her hatred of me."
Jolan moved, heading out of the room.

"Stop right there, Jolan! Right now!" Justin said, his authoritative tone stopping Jolan.

Justin looked at Jolan, Jolan staring back.

Justin's eyes moved to his father, and Lisa.

"Dad, Lisa, please sit down. You need to hear the story of Jolan and Jennica Dragos' lives. And what they've come to mean to me."
Lynn smiled at her son, then at Jolan and Jennie.

"Come, Jennie. Let's bring out that coffee." Lynn said, Justin guiding his other parents to the couch.

Justin walked over to Jolan, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Sit down, Jo. My father needs to hear all of it. Then he needs to know his real son."
Jolan looked at Justin, Justin gently pushing him down into a chair.

Jolan looked towards Lance, Lance smiling at him.

Justin looked at his parents, his voice filling the room.


Half an hour later, Justin finished his narration, staring at his father.

He'd left nothing out, save his real relationship with Jolan.

He'd told them everything about Jessica's deceit, Jolan's coma and their meeting, Jolan's heroism, and Jennie's own heroic stand after such a hard life.

Lisa had looked often at the young girl, her motherly eyes flowing with tears.

Jennie had joined Jolan in the chair, sitting in his lap, Jolan's protective loving arms around her.

Justin had told them of Josh's hardship and Jolan's guiding his best friend to happiness.

Of Brandon's deceit and Jolan's newest trouble, the trial ahead.

Joey and Lance showed their own love opening, telling them of Jolan's uniting their love.

Jolan had stared in silence often at Justin, hearing the truth of his life flow from his lover's tender voice.

He knew that after the tale was done Justin was going to reveal their relationship.

That all of Justin's family would now know Jolan's involvement in Justin's life.


Can I let him do that?

Can I let him show his love for me before his whole family?

Am I strong enough to be the man he deserves?
I love him so much.

Is it enough?

Yes, I believe in my heart it is.

His love is enough for me.

I'll stand by him through life and love.

I'm here my love, wrapping my love around you.


After Justin's story ended, the room got quiet for only a moment.

Randall and Lisa's eyes were staring at the two young people sitting together.

Justin stood up, walking to their chair, standing beside it.

Randall and Lisa stood up walking over to them as well, Jennie rising out of Jolan's lap, Jolan rising after her.

The five stood together, everyone's eyes upon them.

Lynn stared at the five, her thoughts on what she knew in her heart her son's next move would be.

She rose as well, walking to her son's side.

Randall stared at Jolan, the young man looking quietly at him.

His left eye was still swollen, a blackness surrounding it now.

"To hit someone of such giving love weakens my soul, Jolan. You have the heart of a courageous man. I see easily how you've won my son's trust and friendship."

"He's won more than that, Dad." Justin said, Jolan looking at him.

Randall looked at his son, as did Lisa.

Lisa had remained silent during the story, watching her stepson, and how his eyes were always drawn to Jolan.

It hadn't taken a mother's heart long to see the love shining in Justin's eyes.

She looked at him again, certain of what he was about to say.

And that worried her.

She smiled at him, then looked with worry at her husband's calm face.

"Dad. . .I have something to say."
Randall looked around the five faces surrounding him, his eyes ending on Jolan's beautiful young face.

His grey eyes stared at him, the man seeing so much love and a sense of judging in them.

Randall then returned his eyes to his son's handsome face, seeing the same amount of love shining there.

"Yes, my son. I'm listening." he said, folding his hands in front of him, Lisa looking at him.

"Dad, I've been struggling within myself for a long time. I've been lost. Lost without half of my soul. I felt a large part of my life, and my love, was missing. I'd searched for so long trying to find the person who'd make my soul whole, Dad."

Justin's hand moved, another joining it.

Jolan's love surrounded Justin on that contact, Justin staring at his father with determination.

Randall's eyes moved, seeing Justin now holding Jolan's hand.

"I've found him, Dad. Jolan Dragos is the second half of my soul. I love him, Dad. Our souls have joined as one. I love him, and he loves me."
Randall stared at his son, the room now in complete silence.

Justin's father suddenly moved, walking in front of the large glass window, staring out into the New York sunshine, his back to his son, and everyone else.

Justin's eyes were on his father, Jolan's eyes were on his Justin.

"Dad, please say something!"

"Are you telling me that you're gay, Justin? Are you telling me that you've walked away from God's love to live in sin with another man?"

Justin's eyes were beginning to tear, hearing the tone of his father's voice.

"I love him, Dad. His love is so beautiful. Yes, I'm gay. And Jolan is my lover."

Randall's head lowered, Lisa staring at her husband.

She could easily see the fight going on within his soul.

The fight between his love for his son and his love for his God.

"I've lost my son's love to the evilness of degradation and lust. I just can't believe it."
Justin's tears were flowing openly now, Jolan's arm going around him.

Randall turned, staring at Jolan.

"You did this to him! You made my son a faggot!"

That word sunk into Justin's soul, his father's unwillingness to accept Justin's love for Jolan now revealed in that degrading word.

Jolan released Justin, walking up to Randall, staring at him.

Randall backed up, unsure of the look in Jolan's grey eyes.

It was a look of weighing judgment, of focused truth.

Jolan stood in front of him, staring at him.

"You've known your son all of his life, from the moment you first held him in your arms until this moment. Have you ever known him to allow anyone to lead him on? I never did anything to your son, Randall. All I ever did was feel his love and friendship. I've felt that from the first moment my eyes opened from that coma. And every moment since, he's been the most steadfast, loving friend. Our friendship grew gradually into something more. I never asked for that, it just happened."
Jolan turned, looking at Justin, his lover staring at him with tearful eyes.

"Your son, on the other hand, felt an instant connection to me. On a dark road in the middle of nowhere he held me in his strong arms, trying to comfort me from my lost past. He's told me that at that moment, at the first moment of our meeting each other, he felt my need for him enter his soul. Your son's giving love has every day since surrounded me. It didn't take me long to realize that I was the object of his searching soul. That he needed me to love him. He already loved me. And it didn't take me long to realize that I needed him just as much. I fell in love with him just as easily. Not for the fame, nor for the beauty of his looks, but for the loving heart that makes me feel so alive. I love your son, Randall. No words of godly judgment or mean words of hurt shall sway our love. Your son is gay, I can attest to that fact. And your son is still your son. He shows the same love, the same worth that you instilled in him. The love that he shows he received from you and his family. Don't hate him or try to change him, it's never a just thing to do. Love him as you always have. I'm not asking you to love me, I'm only asking you to continue to love your son. Our love is enough for me, but I know in my heart that Justin needs his family's love. From all of you."

Jolan moved, walking back to Justin, taking him into his arms.

"Oh, Jo. That was so beautiful." he said, tears flowing.

Jolan leaned forward, kissing his lover gently, Justin feeling all of his love.

"Talk to him, from your heart Jus." he softly whispered in his ear, Justin nodding.

Justin walked up to his father, Randall looking at him.

In front of him Randall saw a grown man, not the little boy he'd always guided and loved.

"Dad, I love you. I love you and Lisa, and Mom, Stevie and Jonnie. You are my family. But Jolan has a share of my heart now as well. I love him, Dad. Don't ask me to choose between the two of you. I need all of your love."
Jolan stared at the two men, seeing their love for each other still there.

"If it comes to that choice, I shall leave."

Randall and Justin both turned, looking at Jolan, seeing that truth in his shining wet eyes.

"You would do that? You would walk away from him for his family's sake?"
"No, sir. I'd walk away from him for his sake. For I'd never let him make that choice. He loves all of you too much for me to allow him to make that choice. I love him too much to see him in pain without your love."

Justin was in tears, Randall's own eyes beginning to water.

"You love him that much? That you'd sacrifice your own happiness for him?"

Jolan stared at Justin, the two locked in a stare of deep giving love.

"He is everything to me. His love is everything. We are one of love."

Randall lowered his head for a moment, then raised it, his eyes meeting his wife's shimmering eyes.

"The greatest gift God gives us is love. Our hearts of love, which we in turn give to others."

Randall walked towards Jolan, stopping in front of him.

"I see that love in your eyes, Jolan. And in my son's eyes. I won't say that I'm happy with this new relationship. It's all too close and real to me. It's something that I will have to think about and deal with in my own way. But I will say this. I love my son, and I always will. Nothing can change what he means to me. His being happy is very important to me. If he can find that happiness with you, then I guess I can't stop him from that. This could destroy his success and his career. But it's the choices that he has to make himself, that makes him himself. I'll abide with whatever he decides. I love him."
Justin was in tears walking up to his father and pulling him into a tight hug.

"I love you, Dad. I'll always love you." he said, Randall holding his son close.

Jolan stood in silence, watching a father and son's love strong as ever.

All those around them were in tears, Lynn smiling at her son.

Justin broke the hug, his two mothers jointly hugging him.

They parted, Jolan's eyes on Justin.

"Everything better, Jumpy?'
Justin smiled, staring at his lover.

"Everything's perfect, my love."

Jolan staggered, Justin at his side in mere seconds, wrapping his arm around him.

"Just a dizzy spell, Jus. My head's pounding."
"You're lying down, Jo."
Justin put both arms around him, guiding Jolan out of the room towards their bedroom.

Randall stared after him, Lisa's arm going around him.

"A remarkable man." Lisa said, Randall nodding quietly.

Lisa knew that Randall was troubled by Justin's revelation, but she knew in her heart that time would alleviate Randall's doubts.

For she knew that today she'd met an extraordinary young man.

A man filled with love.


Justin walked back out into the living room a few minutes later, Lynn putting her arm around her son.

"He's asleep. The bump on his head has gone down in swelling, I think he's just a little dazed. He'll sleep for a bit."
Lynn nodded, Justin looked around the room.

Ally was on her cell phone, as was Jordan on his.

Everyone else was relaxing, his father and Lisa chatting with Trace and Cindy.

Jennie, Jonathan and Stevie were at the dining room table, playing some type of board game.

Justin smiled at all three, seeing their instant comfort with each other.

Ally hung up her phone, walking up to Justin.

"That was my office. The trial date's been set. Next Friday, November thirteenth in Cutter's Bluff."

"That's fast. I expected longer." Justin said, his eyes looking back down the hallway.

Ally put her hand on Justin's shoulder.

"It's best we get it over with quickly, Justin. I'm ready for this. And I believe most of all Jolan is. Your boyfriend is unlike anyone I've ever met. Whatever happened in that small town I believe was very tragic. Tragic to Jolan most of all. It was so tragic that he blocked it out of his mind, and blocked it out of Jennie's mind as well. This trial may have some small part in this, but I sense there's an even more horrific story behind this. It all centers around Jolan."
Justin nodded, his eyes going down the hallway once again.

"I know, Ally. I think Cutter's Bluff is the key to Jolan's pain. And I'm terrified of how great the pain may really be."

Lynn's arm went tighter around her son, Randall and Lisa watching him, as well as everyone else in the room.

"Jolan's love, I believe, is stronger than whatever evil lies at the heart of all of this, Justin. I think shortly we'll see how great that love can be. I think Jolan Dragos is going to show all of us the depth of his love." Lynn said, her words followed by a softer voice, everyone looking towards the dining room.

"Jolly's love is beautiful. And it was his greatest sacrifice." Jennie said, now standing beside the table, the two younger Timberlakes looking up at her.

Justin walked out of Lynn's arms, walking across the room, and then taking Jennie gently into his arms.

"Do you know what's going on here, Jennie? Do you know what awaits Jolan in Cutter's Bluff?"
Her grey eyes looked upwards, meeting Justin's blue orbs of brotherly love.

"Truth lives there, Justin. Jolly's truth. He took the pain for them."
Justin hugged her tighter, Jennie smiling at the love surrounding her.

"Your parents? You know where they are?"
"I think he sent them away. He only had enough love for them, I had to stay. But I have his love now, my pain I survived."

Justin was in tears, Jennie leaning up and kissing his cheek.

"Don't be sad, Justin. Or any of you. Jolly's real love. . .it's so beautiful. You'll all see that."
Justin hugged Jennie, the man looking around the room.

Everyone was in tears, having heard Jennie's prophetic words.

"Mom and Dad are somewhere. I think they're in the center of his love. For I know they're in my heart."

Justin smiled, hugging her tightly against him, everyone seeing his deep love for Jolan's Jennie.


The cool November wind blew gently across the front lawn, dead leaves being chased away by its icy breath.

The darkness of the hour encompassed the small house with a quiet silence.

A few flakes of snow were guided on the same breeze, a telltale sign of the winter fast approaching.

The quietness of the long sealed and abandoned house was broken by soft footsteps walking up the stone steps leading to the porch.

The footsteps materialized into an older man, his body coming together out of the icy mist.

Erasmus gently walked up the four front steps onto the porch, his grey eyes looking around.

"The center of calamity, the focal point of painful truth. The Dragos home of hidden sanctuary.  I still feel its energy. You are remarkable, Jolan Dragos."

Erasmus walked through the door, his shadowy self entering the home.

The home was even more silent, the dead silence of a long unvisited tomb.

Erasmus had walked many places of equally deadly silence, his long voyages too numerous to calculate.

He walked from room to room, finding the evilness in three moments of intensity.

Upstairs in a small bedroom, in the kitchen centered around the kitchen table.

And finally in the living room, centered around the large black piano that still stood in its familiar spot.

Erasmus lifted the piano's keys' cover, then gently ran his fingers along the keys.

He shrunk back, a feeling of great pain and intense remorse flowing through him.

He instantly felt the Shadowing as well.

He collapsed to the floor, the feeling so powerful.

Erasmus crawled to a couch, pulling himself up onto it, staring forward at the shadowed piano.

"The unbelievable truth of what you've done, Jolan. Your power, your raw truth! How could you have done such a selfless thing? The love that surrounds you, and the pain! Oh God, the pain!"

Erasmus lowered his head into his hands, a great sob coming from within his soul.

He sat there in that dark silence, alone with his ancient soul.

He raised his head, his grey eyes still filled with tears.

"Go forward to you destiny, Caitre Din Dragoste. Let all of them see your love."

Erasmus faded slowly, the home again blanketed in silence.



End of Chapter 60


Sixty chapters, a milestone.

Who knew I'd go this far?

I shudder to think this may turn out to be as long as Justin's Angel.

Hopefully not, but I do have a lot to say.


So Randall and Lisa now know the truth of Justin's love for Jolan.

For now Justin's father has accepted their relationship.

Will he totally accept it one day?


Jennie seems to know more than Jolan does in regards to their parents.

Is she keeping something from her brother?

It seems that whatever Jolan has done in his past has even stunned Erasmus, the Shadower of Man.

What really happened in Cutter's Bluff?

Read on my friends, the journey through Jolan's past shall shortly begin.



Hugs, Angel.