Jolan's Path - Chapter 61


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 61


Cory Hamilton walked into the small cramped sheriff's office, his eyes on the man sitting with his back turned to him, the man on the phone.

"No, Miss Clara. Jingles will come home when he's ready. You know he likes to wander. Give him till dark and he'll mosey on home like he always does. Ya, for sure dear. Apple would be great. Good afternoon, Miss Clara."
The sheriff hung up the phone, turning his chair around, staring at the young man filling his doorway, his arms folded and a wide smile on his face.

"Still saving Miss Clara's monster, Stu?"

The sheriff laughed, standing up and walking around his cluttered desk.

He pulled Cory into a tight hug, Cory smiling at the friendship he felt in the older man.

Stuart Walker had been sheriff in Cutter's Bluff for almost thirty years.

No greater, stronger, kinder man had Cory ever known, save his own Simus.

"Yeah, the bastard's still sneaking away. He's down at Stella Folton's farm, already half filled with three of her honeycombs."
Cory shook his head, the sheriff smiling at him.

"You know you should have destroyed that bear years ago. He's nothing but a nuisance."
"Now son, where would the kindness be in that. Jingles is Clara's only family, she having raised him from a cub. That bear's never hurt no one. He's just an old softie. And we've got our system all worked out."
Cory smiled, seeing the soft smile in the sheriff's eyes.

For over ten years the sheriff had allowed the bear to wander down to the honey farm about a mile from his home.

One of his deputies had always followed close by, guarding the public just in case.

Cory himself had done the trip three times.

The sheriff himself had always made good for the cost of the honey and any damages with Stella, she seeing his loving heart as well.

And after the bear had eaten his fill, the sheriff had driven him home himself, in the back of his pickup.

Clara Whittaker had always been so happy when Jingles wandered back into his home, thanking the Sheriff with homemade pies.

Stuart had long ago given up on trying to talk her into a stronger cage for the old bear.

He saw too much love in her eyes for her old companion.

Clara and her deceased husband had been circus performers--a troupe of bears their trained act.

The Amazing Whittaker Brunos!

Jingles was the last of that old troupe.

"You're an old bear yourself, Stu. Her apple pies are so delicious."
The sheriff smiled, guiding Cory to a chair in front of his desk, pulling off a stack of files.

Cory smiled, sitting down.


"I was a wondering when you'd waltz back here, son."

Cory smiled at the sheriff, the older man sitting down on the corner of his desk.

"You know about the trial?"
"Yes, son.  Carson's already told half the town, you know how he talks down at the lodge."

Cory nodded, remembering the inner workings of the small town's gossip line.

Bill Carson was the head operator, and a police deputy.

"I knew it wouldn't remain silent for long. Jolan's coming back next week."

Stuart Walker rose up, walking around his desk and sitting down in his chair again.

He folded his hands in front of him, staring at his recent deputy.

"Your job is still here for you, Cory. You know that. This doesn't affect our relationship, or the town's respect for you."

"I know, Stu. And thanks. But right now my main focus is Jolan. And proving his innocence of all these charges."
The sheriff nodded, his eyes on the young man.

"Jolan Dragos and his family were good people, Cory. I remember all of them very well. I remember when Melina healed little Sherry and my Sharon's broken limbs after that tragic accident. The doctors said my angel would never walk again. It was a miraculous moment of giving love. And I saw that same love in her wonderful son. A lot of people remember that family, Cory. They were true Bluffers."

Cory nodded, remembering when the sheriff's wife had rolled her car down an embankment, she and her daughter seriously injured.

They'd been in the hospital for over three months, little twelve-year-old Sherry coming home in a wheelchair, Sharon having lost all her movement in one arm.
The whole town had been there that day to welcome them home with encouraging love.

Melina and Jolan Dragos had visited the family that next evening, Melina asking for a moment alone with the two women and Jolan.

The sheriff had walked into their bedroom a half hour later to find his wife and daughter totally healed.

He'd cried for a long time, Sharon holding him, Sherry standing, smiling at her father's loving happiness.

Melina had looked at the two women, the three showing a bond of truth in each other's eyes.

Jolan had softly smiled, Melina's arm going around him, walking him home.

Sharon and Sherry had never spoken of what had happened in that room, only stating that his love had healed them.

The sheriff had long thanked God for giving his family their healed happiness.

And that the giving love of Melina Dragos had healed his family's pain.

"That family was always so giving, so loving. And there was also a mystical part to them as well. My family's healed bodies solidifying that truth in my eyes, Cory. And in the eyes of a lot of people in this small community."
Cory nodded, looking into the man's staring eyes.

"They are that, Stu. The Dragos' are that and so much more."
"Why are you here, son?"
"I want to do all that I can to help Jolan, Stu. I want to search and study this town from every corner. Something happened here four years ago. Something evil, horrific and violent. And it all happened to that family."
The sheriff nodded, his hands rubbing together.

"I've thought the same, Cory. From that first day of their disappearance I've felt a change in this town. It's as if a clouded shadow is lingering around all of us. But I've searched in vain for any clues to their disappearance. It was as if they'd never existed here. The last week or so I've seen a couple of strangers in town, walking around and watching. It's as if they're looking or waiting for something, or someone."
Cory sat up in his seat.

"What do you know of this Brannigan woman?"
The sheriff folded his arms, looking puzzled.

"That's the strange thing, Cory. No one in this town seems to know her. For the last week since this news broke about Jolan it's been the talk of the town. And not one person remembers her."

"But she claims that she was here visiting friends. Who are those friends?"
"An interesting observation, Cory. You seem well-informed on this woman's claims."
"Like I said Stu, I'm here on Jolan's behalf, and his family's. I'm going to find out what happened here. Something went wrong in Cutter's Bluff."

Sheriff Stuart Walker nodded, opening his desk drawer, pulling out a badge.

"This'll give you all the power ya need, son. You've got your old job back starting today, even if it's just for a few weeks. You have the backing of my full force in this town. Find out what's wrong, son. I'll help any way I can."
Cory smiled widely, standing and shaking his sheriff's hand, Stuart smiling at him.

Cory took his old badge back, slipping it into his pocket, walking back out of the sheriff's office, saying goodbye to the staff he'd met on his way in.

The old sheriff looked after him, sitting down in his chair again.

Bill Carson walked into the room, staring at him.

"Cory's back?"

"Yep, for a while at least. I've deputized him again. He's looking for answers for Jolan's sake."
"Is that wise? What with Dragos' trial next week? He's just snooping for imaginary proof of that weirdo's innocence."
Sheriff Walker folded his arms staring at his deputy.

"And who's to say he's not innocent? Why don't you like Jolan Dragos, Bill?"

The deputy looked downward.

"I have my reasons."
"Was it because of what happened to Sid?"

Bill Carson stared at the sheriff.

"Leave Sidney out of this."

"How's he doing?"

"He's the same." Bill said, walking out of the room.

The sheriff stared after him, seeing Bill going to his desk, picking up his telephone.

Stuart continued to stare at him, his thoughts his own.


Jolan woke up, two blue eyes looking right at him.

"Hello, Stevie." He said, the young man sitting cross legged on the bed beside him, staring at him.

"Feeling better, Jo?"

Jolan smiled, stretching and sitting up a bit.

"Yes, thanks. My headache's gone, and so is the pain."
"Cool. Jus will be happy."
Jolan smiled, the young man smiling back.

"I listened to everything that was said this morning, Jo. I'm glad that Dad got it all wrong. And I'm sorry he took his anger out on you."
Jolan put his hand on the young man's shoulder.

"Thanks, Stevie. Don't be too hard on your father. He was deceived."

The young man smiled, nodding.

"I know. I love Dad. And I love Justin. And now I see you're a big part of my brother's life. I know I'm young, but I know what Justin said out there. You and he are in love. Like Mom and Dad."
Jolan smiled, seeing the intelligence in the young man's eyes.

"Yes, Stephen. Justin and I are in love. I love him very much. And I'll always love him."
Stephen smiled, leaning forward and kissing Jolan's cheek, Jolan surprised.

"I'm glad, Jo. My brother's been so lonely for a long time. Even when he was with Cammy and Jessica he still looked so alone. He doesn't look like that any more. He looks really happy. I see that you're the reason for that. I'm glad. I like the idea of having a new brother."
Jolan smiled, the two hugging tightly, the door of the bedroom opening.

Justin stood there, smiling at the scene before him.

"Isn't this touching? How are you, Jo?"
Jolan tearfully smiled, Stephen smiling as well.

"I'm great, Jus. I was just talking to my new brother."

Justin smiled, Stephen getting up from the bed, the two brothers hugging.

"Mom's looking for you, squirt." Justin said tussling his hair, Stephen laughing.

"Later, Jo."
"Later, Stevie."
The young man smiled, walking out of the room.

Jolan watched his man cross the room, climbing into the bed, snuggling against him.

"Everything okay, Jus?"
Justin smiled, kissing his lips softly.

"Everything's wonderful. I feel so alive and free. My family knows the truth now. I know it's a rocky start, but they see the love I have for you."
Jolan smiled, kissing him back.

"We'll just have to show our love always. They'll soon see the beauty of it, the beauty we both see."
Justin smiled, his Jolan in his arms.

"Ally's got confirmation on the trial date, Jo. Next Friday."
"Friday the thirteenth. A fitting day. A day of possibilities, good and bad."

Justin looked into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Before your attack you said you weren't the Sun Child. What did you mean by that?"
Jolan looked towards the Tome, which lay on the nightstand beside Justin's novel.

"The Sun Child and The Caitre Din Dragoste are two different entities, Jus. Meaning two different people. I see that clearly written."

"The Tome again?"
Jolan nodded, Justin now looking at the book.

"Why can't that book tell you the truth in regards to what you've lost, Jo?"
Jolan sighed, his head going against Justin's chest.

"That book is for the ages, Jus. A symbol of the Dragosan and Sumsarian dynasties. It is not the book of my life."
Jolan rose up, staring forward, Justin feeling a wave of shock in his man.

"Are you alright, Jo?" he said, rising upward, his arm going around Jolan.

"It is not the book of my life." he said again, this time more softly.

Jolan looked towards the nightstand, staring at the book.

"Paths cross as they must. To see truth is to open your eyes."

Jolan stared at the book, Justin's hand going to his cheek, turning his face to him.

"You talk in riddles, my love. What's wrong?"

Justin saw tears in Jolan's eyes.

A knock came to the door, Justin saying enter.

Lynn's head popped into the room, a smile on her face.

"Stevie said you were up, Jolan. Your uncles have arrived. And brunch is almost ready. Daphne and Domo brought food as well, another buffet set up."
Jolan smiled softly at her, Lynn seeing the tears on his face.

"Everything okay, Jolan?"
"Yes, Mom. I think everything's as it should be."

She looked at Justin for a moment, then closed the door.

Justin looked into Jolan's eyes, seeing a light glowing softly there.

"I should take a quick shower and change. I'm still wearing my sweats." Jolan said, kissing Justin's lips, Justin sensing the calming love in his lover's touch.

"Need company?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's soft lips.

"No, that would be too erotic. The food would be ice cold and I'd be full of your love. Later my sweet."

Justin smiled, kissing him again, Jolan pushing him upwards.

Justin smiled, blowing him a kiss, Jolan pulling off his shirt.

Justin winked staring at Jolan's revealed fineness, walking slowly out of the room.

Jolan stood alone, staring at the closed door.

His eyes turned, staring at the nightstand.

He walked over to it, staring at the book.

He reached out, his hand going past the Tome, picking up Justin's discarded novel, the one Justin had been trying to re-read all week.

Jolan had looked at it for only a moment yesterday, tossing it back on the nightstand, his lover's beauty more important to him.

Jolan sat down on the bed, staring at the cover's picture.

It showed a darkened road, old trees lining its path.

A full moon was shown in the grey dark sky.

He stared at the novel, softly saying the title out loud.


"The Path to Life."


He stared at the book, his fingers opening the novel, going to the first chapter.

He started reading the words, his mind taking in each word.

He closed the book, turning it over, then opened the jacket, reading the author's mini biography in the back.

There was no picture to show the author's face.

Jolan sat there in silence for a few minutes. then set the novel down, standing up.

He discarded the rest of his clothes, walking into the bathroom, closing its door tightly.

He walked into the shower, closing that door securely as well, turning the shower knob immediately.

The water cascaded down on Jolan's naked body, the young man beginning to cry.

Then his body was racked with sobs, Jolan sinking to his knees, alone in the wetness of his life.


Simus smiled at Justin, the young man smiling back as he handed him a cup of coffee.

Everyone was sitting around the living room and dining room, plates of food in front of them, or in their laps, everyone quietly chatting.

Randall and Lisa had been introduced to the older Dragos brothers, Justin smiling at their welcoming greetings.

"Your son's love fills our nephew's heart. Justin is welcomed by all of our family. His love is real, and so is his heart." Calen said, Justin smiling at him.

The older Timberlake couple had been filled in on Jolan's family's past, both looking with surprise at the two brothers.

"Your family is entrenched in history, Mr. Dragos. Your family flows with strength and courage." Randall said to Simus.

"Our family is guided by life, Randall. And it's just Simus. Our families are now joined. There will always be the bond of friendship between the Timberlakes, Dragos and Sumsares."
Randall smiled, Lisa smiling as well.

"One big happy family." Joey said softly, Lonnie smirking, no one hearing them.

Lonnie had arrived in New York last evening, Johnny Wright wanting the man's protection surrounding the Dragos siblings till after the trial.

Justin felt his friend's protective love there for him as well.

Justin felt someone's hand on his shoulder, turning and looking into Ally's brown eyes.

"Could I see you for a moment, Justin?"
Justin nodded, excusing himself from his guests.

He and Ally walked into the kitchen, Ally sitting down at the kitchen table.

Justin sat down quietly, watching her, seeing she was thinking to herself.

"Give it to me, please."
Justin looked confused.

"Jolan said you had it, and I would like it, please."
"Would like what?"
Her eyes raised, Justin seeing a lot of nervousness and confusion in her brown eyes.

It made her look so different that the usual together woman he'd known for so long.

"Is everything alright, Ally?"

"I want his number, Justin. Jolan told me that you would give me his number!"

Justin stared at her, still uncertain of whom she was talking about.

"Alright, Ally. I'll give you his number. I just need to know who he is?"

Ally stared at Justin, the reality of his words sinking into her soul.

"Oh, God! You don't know anything about it?" she said, stunned by her own actions.

Justin stared at her, seeing her looking totally embarrassed and confused, the young woman standing up.

"What are you talking about, Ally?"
"I think I can take it from here, Justin."

Justin turned, staring at Lonnie standing in the kitchen doorway.

He looked between the two, a sudden reality showing on both their faces.

"Oh! I think I shall gracefully exit. Excuse me." he said, quietly slinking past Lonnie's limbering form.

Lonnie stared at Ally, the young woman staring into his brown eyes.

"Sit down, Alexandra. I'd like to talk to you."

Ally sat down, Lonnie joining her at the table.


Justin walked out into the living room, Trace smiling at him.

"Your boyfriend made a flashy entrance, Jus. He walked out in his robe, talking with Lonnie for a moment, then disappeared back into the bedroom. What's going on?"
Justin looked towards the kitchen, then the hallway.

"I think our wandering angel has stirred love's pot again. Excuse me, Tray. Be right back."
Trace nodded, still looking confused.

Justin walked down the hallway, walking into his bedroom.

Jolan sat on the bed, fully clothed.

The bed was made, Jolan sitting in silence.

Justin walked over to him, sitting down beside him, Jolan looking at him.

"You matchmaker you!"

"I'm not a matchmaker, Justin. I just guide people to their hearts. They both needed to see what I saw in each of them."
"Ally and Lonnie? Interesting couple."

"Love knows no reasoning or pattern, my love. Love is a spirit laced with beauty. The beauty we see in each other's eyes."
Justin smiled, sensing a sudden calmness in Jolan.

"Are you alright my love?"
Jolan leaned into him, kissing him deeply, his arms pulling him to him.

"I need your love for the next few weeks, Justin. It will be the one thing that will hold my life together."
"You have it, always."
Jolan stared at him, Justin seeing a deep resolve in his grey determined eyes.

"I've found the key, Jus. I've found the key to unlocking my past."
Justin sat in surprise, looking around the room.

"What is it?"
"It lay before my eyes, only hidden by my own worries. I focused on it, and now see the connection. The connection in regards to Cutter's Bluff, my adolescence, and my pain."
Justin's arm went around him, Jolan feeling his love.

"He cannot hide now. I'm walking into his life. And I'm going to reveal his truth."
Jolan stood, pulling Justin up with him.

"Let's go see Calen. It's time I took the reins of my family."

Justin stared at Jolan, Jolan guiding him out of the room.


Jolan walked into the living room, everyone smiling at him, his hand in Justin's.

Jolan walked up to his grandfather, Domo hugging him tightly.

"Hello, Grandfather. The day finds you well?"
"Yes, Jolan. My heart and happiness radiate around your love."

Jolan smiled, then looked at Jordan standing beside Domo, a woman at his side.

"Hello, Jolan. This is my wife, Arlene."
Jolan smiled, taking the woman's hand.

"A pleasure meeting you, Arlene. Jordan's eye for beauty has captured your smile."
She smiled, pulling Jolan into a hug.

Jolan was surprised, returning the hug gently.

"My Jordan and I are Sumsarian brethren, cousin. We welcome your love into our hearts."
Jolan nodded, smiling at both, Justin smiling at the loving couple, he having already met Arlene earlier.

The two men walked up to Trace and Cindy, Jolan smiling at both.

"What's Lonnie doing with Ally in the kitchen, Jolan?" Trace asked, Jolan smiling at him.

"He's serving her dinner, Tray."
Trace looked confused, Cindy looking at Jolan.

"The dish he's serving her is his heart."
Cindy's eyes, as well as a few others widened, Trace looking stunned.

The moment was broken by Lonnie and Ally walking out of the kitchen, everyone taking in their two hands joined together.

"Jus, if you don't need me, Ally and I are going to leave. We need to go for a walk." Lonnie said, looking at Justin.

"Sure thing, guys. Go ahead. Talk to you soon." Justin said, Lonnie's eyes going to Jolan.

"Later, Lonnie. Jennie and I are staying here. See you tomorrow."
Lonnie smiled, Ally walking up to Jolan.

They stared at each other, Jolan's eyes lowering.

"Devious. Simply, lovingly, devious." she said, leaning forward and kissing his lowered cheek.

Jolan raised his head, smiling when he saw the smile on her face.

"Later, counselor."
Ally smiled, she and Lonnie saying goodbye to everyone, walking out the condo's front door.


Everyone's eyes turned to the young man standing beside Justin.

"Hey, their love was easy to feel. I'll always join misguided souls when I see the truth of their love for each other."

Lance and Joey smiled, remembering Jolan's joining their love.

"You are so remarkable, Jolan." Lynn said, Jolan smiling at her.

"I feel love. It surrounds me in revealing ways. I shall always guide it to its own truth."

Everyone smiled in amazement, Jolan looking around at everyone, his eyes settling on his two uncles.

"Friday the thirteenth it shall be. One week. I'm ready for this, as ready as I feel I can be. I'd like to leave for Cutter's Bluff Monday, Justin."

Justin put his arm around Jolan, looking at him.

"That's not doable, Jo. Your bail states you can't leave New York state until the date of the trial. That's next Friday. Cutter's Bluff is in Massachusetts. You have to stay within the law's restraints."
Jolan's eyes changed, then lowered.

"I wanted to see my family home again, before that day. If I can visit there, I think I can draw out the next connection. I feel in my heart that house was the beginning of the pact."

"The pact?" Calen said, looking at his nephew, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"Yes, Uncle. The pact of love I've unleashed."
Justin looked concerned, his eyes going to Jennie.

Jolan's words sounded vaguely familiar to what Jennie had said earlier.

Jennie walked up to her brother, Jolan looking into her grey eyes.

"The Reflection of the Shadowing." she said, Jolan staring at her with surprise.

Her eyes turned, her calm face staring at Calen.

"You know of what I speak, Uncle Calen. Search your lineage of history to remember it. Dragostea Inchisoare."

Calen sank down onto the couch, his face showing the same shock that mirrored his brother's face.

"That's impossible! It's just a myth! A fantasy of pure imagination! It has never been seen or even known to have been tried! No wizard, magician or sacred being has ever thought to show its truth! It's impossible!" Simus said, staring at his niece and nephew.

Jennie looked at her brother, then at Justin.

"The greatest treasure found in life is love. Our parents found that treasure over twenty years ago. They found it in the cooing smile of the child they held in their arms. The moving result of their joined love. Their first child. Jolan Vilos Joelius Dragos."
Jennie's hands went into Jolan's, her brother looking at her with deep love.

"I have my mother's magic, you have so much more brother. You have their love."

Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing her cheek.

"What's going on here, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan's arm going around him.

"My life, Jus. My life and my parents' love."

Jolan looked at his uncles, seeing both of them staring at him with awed faces.

"Alveena's words told me of the existence of the Dragostea Inchisoare."
"What is that? What does it mean?" Trace said, sitting with Cindy and Lynn.

Jolan smiled at his friend, looking around the room.

"For every instance of Black Magic, every ancient spell or incantation, there is a reflection of that magic. Let's for all purposes say that it's the mirrored image of the original magic. Love mirroring evil, good mirroring bad."
Jolan looked at his grandfather, Domo not sure why his grandson at that moment was staring at him.

"My mother was raped when she was only seventeen. A year later she found the greatest love of her life. Evil mirrored by Love."
"But her attack wasn't magic, Jolan." Domo said, Jolan looking at him.

"Yes it was, Grandfather. I finally see the truth in that. My mother wasn't just singled out for no reason. The man who did it did it with purpose and resolve. And for a singular reason. Please come to me Daphne, my sister of love."
Daphne stared at Rachel, then at her grandfather, rising up and walking to Jolan and Jennie.

Jolan stared into her blue eyes, blue like his remembered mother.

"Our mother was raped by Fagin Greymount. Fagin Greymount had stood in the background watching her, waiting for the sign of her truth. And then he waited in the darkness for the sign of their created daughter's truth. Unfortunately, you are not what he hoped. And I truly believe he has already sensed that."

Daphne stared at her brother, Jolan's loving grey eyes calming her.

"Fagin raped our mother? That monster is my father?"

Jolan's hand went to her shoulder.

"Yes, child of my mother's love. But worry not your heart. There is no evil of Greymount blood flowing through you. Our mother's magical love destroyed the evil wanting to claim you. You are your mother's daughter, your father's control never there."
"I was spawned by evil."
Jolan's arms went around her, Jennie's arms as well.

"No, sister. You were created with love. You are love and you are our sister."
Daphne was crying, as was her grandfather, Domo walking up to the three.

"My sweet, Daphne. Jolan is right, he has to be right! You are love and you are goodness. We all see that."
"I most of all."

Everyone's eyes turned to Rachel, the young woman walking up to them, taking Daphne in her arms, Daphne's wet eyes wiped dry by her Rachel's caring fingers.

"Jolan is right, my angel. You are love, and you are goodness. None of your father's evil is inside you. I love you and your giving soul."
Daphne smiled, Rachel kissing her gently, Justin smiling at his cousin's showing love.

Justin's eyes went to Jolan's seeing his lover's calm resolve.

"Why would Fagin rape your mother, Jo? What purpose would that serve?"

Jolan turned, looking towards his uncles.

"Our queen left the Tome for her children, to learn the truth of their heritage. I sense another book was left, this written by King Segas. So that his evil spawns could learn the truth of his longings."
Calen stood, staring at his nephew.

"You know it exists, don't you Calen? For you've seen it."
Simus turned, looking at his brother in surprise.

Calen stared at Jolan, their grey eyes pulling into each other's soul.

Calen felt the immense love there, the love of his nephew's heart.

"Yes, Jolan. I have seen it. Fagin Greymount showed it to me that night that he took my Badenwolf soul."
Simus walked to his brother, putting his arm around him.

"Why didn't you tell us or our father of its existence? We could have destroyed it!"
"No, Simus. That book is enchanted with evil. I touched it and felt it."
"And Fagin told you something, didn't he Uncle Calen?"
Calen looked at Jolan.

"Yes, Nephew. He told me what he was searching for."

Jolan walked up to him, looking at his uncle.

Calen's eyes met Jolan's, then scanned the room.

"Fagin seeks the Sun Child."


Everyone looked surprised, Calen seeing their awed faces.

"Yes, Fagin knew of the Child's existence. He's always known of that Child's destiny. But he knew something that we didn't. Something I believe even Queen Alveena knew not of. That the Child would be conceived by both evilness and goodness. The child would be a creation encompassing both traits of destiny. He himself told me that, the night he took my soul."

Jolan looked at his uncle with tenderness, his voice filling the quiet room.
"And so Fagin sought out the purest and most loving of the Sumsarian children. For in his twisted mind he truly believed that if he coupled with them, this child would be conceived filled with his evil. The son of evil he could control and change destiny with. And so he raped our mother, one of the last truly loving children of Alveena's love."

Daphne heard Jolan's words, staring at him.

"Am I the Sun Child?"

Jolan smiled at her, taking her hands in his.

"You are a child of our mother's love. But you are not the Sun Child."

Daphne nodded, Rachel's arm going around her again.

"Fagin has it wrong, everyone. The Sun Child, yes, will be conceived by evil doings but goodness shall totally fill that child. Evil intent shall be destroyed by their joined love. For the greater love of the two will be the love of goodness. The Sun Child will be a child of love. I know now that that child is not me. For I was conceived totally of love. As was my sweet Jennica."
The two Dragosan children smiled at each other, Justin now seeing the truth in Jolan's words.

Jennie and Jolan were not the Sun Child.

"So, that narrows the field down significantly." Joey said, Jolan looking at him.

"Not necessarily, Joe. Fagin Greymount defiled a lot of women, hoping for that Child's birth. There are many souls of loving evil walking this earth that could be that Child. But I feel in my heart that the real Child is close."

Everyone stared at Jolan, sensing an awareness in him.

"You know who it is, don't you Jo?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him.

"I have my suspicions, Jus. I'll wait for truth and time to reveal itself."
Justin nodded, Calen walking up to the group.

"You know the importance of the Sun Child's prophecy, Jolan. That child must be protected."
"That child will be, Uncle. That Child's greatest protection will be love."

Calen nodded, sensing Jolan's resolve to speak no more of the Child.

"Alright, Jolan. I shall respect your resolve."

"As will I." Simus said, Jolan sighing.

Jennie's grey eyes looked at both her uncles, the two seeing calmed resolve staring back at them.

"On to the next truth, Uncles. The Dragostea Inchisoare."


Calen and Simus exchanged glances, Jolan staring at them.

"That is a myth of nonexistence, Jennica. A fairytale of hope and misguided thinking." Simus said, folding his hands in front of him.

Calen looked at his brother, his face showing concern and doubt.

"Let me illuminate your minds with the truth, Uncles. Let you then judge the misguided reasoning of my soul." Jolan said, the two older Dragosans looking at Jolan with compassion.

"I know you love me, Uncles. And I feel your concern for my life. But this, I believe, transcends life. I truly believe I've created it."

Simus and Calen both sat down again, Jolan seeing their grey eyes staring at him.

"What is the Dragostea Inchisoare, Jo? I sense your uncles' concern." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"As I stated earlier, every magic spell or wonder has a reflection. King Dragos' quest for immortality, that Black Magic countered by my Grandfather Vilos' loving creation. Good reflecting evil. King Segas' evil against Queen Alveena's goodness. And now Fagin Greymount's evil reflected by my goodness and resolve to stop him. And so it has gone down through the generations."
"But what does that have to do with the Shadowing, my child?" Simus said, Jolan staring at him.

"The Shadowing in itself is a form of magic. A magic blanket of forgetfulness used when a man's mind can't grasp the reality of what he's done." Jolan said, Justin's arm going around him.

Jolan looked into his eyes, seeing Justin's protective love shining through.

"You had it wrong, Uncle Calen. The Shadowing is not the originating magic. It was not the Shadowing that I summoned forth. For whatever reason, for whatever purpose, it was the Dragostea Inchisoare that I summoned that night."

Calen stood, seeing the tears in Jolan's grey eyes.

He walked up to Jolan, placing his hands on his shoulders.

"No, Jolan! You can't have done that!"

Jolan's eyes looked at his sister.

"I believe with all my heart that I did it, Uncle."
Simus rose, walking to his nephew, staring at him.

"That is a magic no child of Dragosan or Sumsarian legacy could ever conjure, Jolan! It's impossible!"

Justin felt a deep sense of worry in Jolan's uncles, and a trembling sense of acceptance in Jolan's own self.

"What is the Dragostea Inchisoare, my Jo?"

Jolan lowered his head, Jennie's hand rubbing his shoulder.

Calen looked at Justin,  then around at everyone else.

"The Dragostea Inchisoare is a spell of magic thought long to be only a myth. If Jolan has evoked it then he must have had no other measure of protection to give his parents. Or his mind at that moment must have been totally at its last moment of sane reasoning."
"What exactly is this spell?" Lynn said, her concerned eyes looking at the Dragos children.

Calen looked around the room, his eyes focusing on Jolan's staring orbs.

"The Dragostea Inchisoare loosely translated means Love's Prison or The Prison of Love."

Justin and others looked confused, Justin staring at Jolan.

"If this is true, Jolan, then your parents are no longer of this earth." Simus said, tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Where is this Prison of Love?" Justin said, Jolan turning and looking into Justin's eyes.

"It resides in only one place, Jus." Jolan said, Jennie staring at her brother.

"It resides in my mind. In my lost mind."

Justin's arms went around his lover, Jolan's eyes filled with tears.

"I gave them a path to nowhere, Jus. My parents have gone into the void."



End of Chapter 61


A revealing truth from our lost Dragosan.

What is the Prison of Love?

Where have Jolan's parents gone?

Why are Calen and Simus not fully believing Jolan's use of such magic?


What is the significance that Jolan felt from the novel in Justin's bedroom?

Why was Jolan so upset by it, and now why does he seem more focused?


A questioning chapter.

Perhaps the next part of this story--the return to the past--may reveal some answers.

Read on friends of concern, and intriguing minds.

I hope I'll surprise you with the reality of Jolan's love.


Hugs, Angel.