Jolan's Path - Chapter 62


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 62


Everyone stared at Jolan, Jennie's hand going to his cheek.

"No, Jolan. That's not true. They are not lost in the void."
Jolan looked at his sister, seeing her shining eyes of love.

"Whatever happened that day, you sought to protect them. You sent them somewhere you'd thought they'd be safe. I think the place they are right now is surrounded by your love."

Jolan nodded, hugging his sister tightly.

"Why did I send them away? I only ever loved them! Why would I do that?"

Calen's arm went around Jolan's shoulder, their grey eyes meeting.

"Jennica is right, Jolan. I sense the love you have for them. You would never risk hurting them."
"Then why did I do it? Why did I send them away? What horrific thing had I done that made me send them away?"
"I don't know, Jolan. I don't know." Calen said softly, hugging both of his brother's children against him.

"Perhaps I did something so horrific that I couldn't face their judging love. I banished their loving hearts."

"No, Jolan, my loving nephew. A parent's love is unconditional. There was never anything that you could have done that would shatter their love for you." Simus said, Jolan looking into his uncle's grey tearful eyes.

Simus' hand went to Jolan's shoulder, Justin and the others seeing the loving family joined together, their love directed at Jolan.

"For you to have used such magic, the moment must have been perilous, my nephew. What I can't understand is how you knew of such magic to begin with. Not even Melina or our Joel could have possibly known of that spell's true existence. It has been a myth since before Queen Alveena's time."

Jolan broke from his uncles, walking away from them, staring out into the late afternoon sunlit New York scenery from Justin's picture window.

"Do you want to know what I believe about myself?" he said, his voice calm and soft.

Justin walked up to his side, Jolan feeling his love standing beside him.

"What, Jo? What do you believe about yourself?".

Jolan turned, looking at Justin, then his eyes turned towards his uncles and loving sister.

"I believe that I have always had true magic. That I was born with the knowledge of all magic, good and dark. How else could I have summoned that magic--and its reflecting Shadowing?"

Justin's arms went around Jolan, sensing his needing him, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"If that's true then I was born with a singular purpose. For a singular reason. Does that make me less real? Am I just a man of necessity, whose life means only what it was destined for? Am I truly real?"

"Oh God, Jo! You are so real to me! You are you--the giving, loving, special man that I love. I don't give a damn about all this talk of magic, or destiny or purpose! You are here with me, and I am here for you. We love each other, our lives moving forward. We were and always will be one, Jo. So don't question the realness of your existence, the answer lies in the existence of our love. You are here to love me, and I am here to love you. That's the real thing, Jo. Our love is real."
Jolan pulled Justin tightly against him, the two lovers joined in an embrace of truth.

"I love you, Jus. Thank you for always making me see my existence."
Justin smiled, kissing him on the lips.

Everyone stood around them, Jolan wrapped in Justin's love.

The one true real thing that he needed so much.

"I don't know what happened in Cutter's Bluff. But I'm beginning to join the pieces together. I believe this trial will draw part of it out. And walking into my parents' home will draw even more. Whatever happened to me started in Cutter's Bluff and finished in Oberson Falls. One night of horror and lost heritage has created a void in my life. I aim to fill that void with the truth. And I believe it starts with Theresa Brannigan. It's time I accepted my fate and my responsibility. When will Cory call you, Simus?"
Simus showed a surprised look on his face, looking at Calen, then at Jolan's staring grey eyes.

"He said he'd call once he got squared away. How do you know where he is?"
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"I know in my heart where my once best friend would go. His unforgotten love for me leads him on. Tell him to be careful. Cutter's Bluff's beautiful facade hides many secrets. When he calls tell him I want to talk to him."

Simus nodded, Jolan looking around at everyone.

"I'm sorry for filling your afternoon with drama, everyone. This week will hold many moments of uncertainty. I am just anxious to get it all over with. I want my past resolved so that my future with Justin can begin."
Justin smiled, Jolan tenderly kissing him.

Randall sat in silence watching the two men, his thoughts his own.

"Right now, I'd like to get to know Justin's family, and my new friends."

Arlene smiled at Jolan, Jolan smiling around the room.
Lisa smiled, Stevie running up to Jolan.

"Okay, Jo! Let's bond!"

Jolan laughed, smiling at the enthusiastic young man.

"How about a board game? The four Timberlake boys and their sister." Jolan said, Jonathan and Jennie smiling.

Lisa smiled, Randall quietly looking at Jolan.

Jolan smiled at the others, his grey eyes glancing towards Randall's staring face.


The afternoon became a quiet time of joined friendship.

Randall and Domo seemed to hit it off well, the two sitting together, Domo talking to him of the Sumsarian dynasty.

Lisa and Lynn learned of Rachel and Daphne's new relationship, their eyes looking towards Jolan.

Jolan smiled at them, his cheeks softly blushing his reluctance for praise.

Jordan and his wife had begged off an invitation for supper, saying joyful goodbyes to everyone.

Arlene and Jordan both left with Jolan's friendship and love.

Joey and Lance stayed, as well as Trace and Cindy, calling their friends to touch base, as well as their parents.

Jolan learned from them that all his new friends would arrive in Cutter's Bluff next week to stand by him.

Josh and Chace were flying into New York late Wednesday, staying at Justin's.

Jennie was thrilled by that news, Jolan smiling at his sister.

Jonathan's eyes were focused on her as well.

Sharon and Henry would meet them in Cutter's Bluff, Jolan touched by their supporting love.

Britney was flying in as well, Jolan and Jennie both happy with that news.

Justin talked with his parents about their rekindled friendship.

Lisa saw a happiness in Justin's eyes at that old hurt being healed.

Simus and Calen chatted with everyone, Jolan seeing their acceptance as his family.

The four new Timberlake brothers and sister sat down at the dining room table, Jennie picking Monopoly to play.

They played for a few hours, the others surrounding them in small chatting groups.

Jolan was the first one to go bankrupt in the Monopoly game, Justin destroying him.

"I guess I'll never have to worry about money. You're a corporate demon, sweetheart."
Justin laughed, kissing his lover's lips.

"No worries, my angel. If we ever go broke I'd be more than happy to live off our love."
Jolan laughed, kissing him quickly.

"I'm starting supper. I see the lady folk are getting ideas. Enjoy your empire, Mr. Trump."
Everyone laughed, Jolan leaving the table.

Daphne, Lynn and Rachel saw Jolan smiling towards them as he rose up, the young man heading for the kitchen.

He stopped at the door, smiling at all three.

"Your brunch was divine, ladies. But it is I who shall supply the evening fare."
The three talked amongst themselves, relenting to Jolan's statement. Jolan winking at all three, then pointing his finger at Joey.

"Come with me, slave. I've got a list for you to fill."
Lance laughed, Joey smirking at him, following Jolan into the kitchen.


"Thanks for doing this, Joe."

"No problem, Jolan." Joey said, perusing the list Jolan had quickly written down.

Their eyes met, Jolan folding his arms.

"I wanted to talk to you as well, Joe."
"I figured as much, Jolan. Your eyes seemed intent on our having some privacy."
Jolan smiled, patting Joey's shoulder.

"No worries. I just wanted to say that I'm happy Lance and you have found the love in your hearts, Joe."
Joey smiled, looking towards the doorway.

"I love him, Jolan."
"I know, Joe. And he loves you. It's a new love for him, an unbelievable love. You've just made his long lost dreams come true, Joe. I saw the truth in his eyes when he walked into this kitchen this morning. Your joining love last night has totally shocked him, Joe."
"Shocked him?"
Jolan kissed Joey's cheek.

"Yes. Because it was just as beautiful and magical as he'd always envisioned it would be. You were the man he'd always loved and wanted to love. And last night you made it so real for him. You made his dreams come true."
Joey teared up, Jolan smiling at him.

"It was just as moving for me, Jolan. His tenderness, passion and giving soul sent me to a place I'd never known existed."
"The center of his love?"

Joey nodded, Jolan smiling.

"Lance and Justin are so alike in so many ways, Joe. They've both been searching their whole lives for that special someone. The someone who could complete them, who could love them as just them. The insecure, lonely, needful beautiful person they are. They were drawn to each other at first because their needs mirrored each other. And they both sensed the truth in that. That the one they needed was someone else. Lance feels in his heart that he wasn't courageous enough at that moment to seek you out, to tell you the truth of his needs.  That he wasn't a strong enough man back then to declare his love for you. He regrets the loss of time he could have had with you. You need to tell him something."
"What, Jolan?"
Jolan smiled, putting his hand on his friend's shoulder again.

"Call me Jo, Joey."

Joey smiled, hearing the friendship in Jolan's voice, and his deep love.

"You need to tell him it never was supposed to happen that way. His destiny was to have your love now, later in life. For both of you needed to walk a separate path until the time of your real connection. Imagine what your life would have been like if you hadn't fathered your daughter, Joe. If you hadn't experienced the joys of fatherhood. I easily see the joy that lights in your eyes when you talk of your daughter. What if Lance hadn't gone on to try and fulfill his dreams? I see the ring you wear, I know the depth of what that ring means to Lance. He's given it to you to show you how important your love means to him. That ring was a part of his dreams, as you also were.  So tell him from me--but most of all from you--one thing he needs to know. That our life is a path we walk, the love we seek we find when and where it's supposed to be. You only have to look at the path that I have walked, to see the truth in that. I met my Justin at the moment when I needed him the most. I now have his love to guide me forward on the rest of my path. You're here for when Lance needs you the most. Your love has joined perfectly. Let him know that."
Joey smiled, pulling the young man into a tight hug, and also into his heart.

"Thank you, Jo. Those words are so beautiful."
Jolan softy blushed, Joey smiling at him.

"When we return to Cutter's Bluff I hope I can read some of your youthful writings. If they're anything like Cory spoke of, or near the words you've spoken here in love, then they'd be well worth reading."
Jolan blushed deeper, Joey chuckling to himself.

"I don't remember any of my writing or musical compositions. That may be the only joy I find in that town."
Joey put his arm around his friend's shoulder.

"The greatest joy you've already found, Jo. He's right in there with your sister."
Jolan smiled, pushing Joey lightheartedly towards the door.

"Well then let's get going! My man needs to be made happy. With a well-fed happiness."
Joey laughed, pushing the door forward, running into someone.

"Oh, sorry Randall. Didn't see you there."
"It's okay, Joey. Just coming in for a bottled water."
Joey nodded, saluting Jolan.

Joey waved at Lance, Lance getting up from his seat.

"We shall rustle up the chow, boss!" he said, Jolan laughing and nodding, Randall smiling at Joey.

Joey left with Lance, Randall heading to the fridge.


Jolan quietly looked at the older man, watching him pull out a bottle of water, shutting the fridge door.

Jolan stood at the counter, chopping up lettuce that he'd pulled out of the fridge when he'd walked into the kitchen.

"You cook as well, Jolan?"

Jolan smiled towards Randall, nodding his head.

"Justin's found a remarkable man."
Jolan smiled to himself, turning and looking at Randall.

"I'd say the same for myself. Your son has some remarkable traits as well."

Randall nodded, sipping from the opened bottle, his eyes on Jolan.

"I've sensed you've wanted to talk to me about something, Randall."
Randall sighed, lowering his head for a moment, then raising it again, his eyes meeting Jolan's calm grey orbs of intensity.

"I'm scared, Jolan. I'm scared of what you'll do to my son."

Jolan set down the head of lettuce he was chopping, wiping his hands on a dish towel, turning and facing Randall.

"And what do you think I'll do to him? Our love isn't something that will change him. I would never change the man I love."

"I know that, Jolan. You've both already stated how you feel towards each other. It's not that that has me concerned at the moment."

Jolan folded his arms, staring at Randall, Randall seeing Jolan's quiet stare.

Randall sensed this man could make you reveal your soul with one look from those soulful, judging eyes.

"I'm scared you're going to get my son hurt. These tales of your family and all they entail are surrounded by danger. My son will be by your side, his love for you guarantees that. You are a man surrounded by danger and violence, Jolan. And now my son will walk into that danger. I can't see why you'd lead him into that danger if you love him so much ."
Jolan stared at Randall seeing the worry and fear in his blue eyes, blue like his sons.

Jolan wanted to destroy the distance between them and pull the man into his arms promising him his son's life would feel no danger or hurt ever while in his arms.

But their relationship was new and fresh, the man still unsure of the trueness of Jolan's feelings towards his son.

"Do you think I want Justin anywhere near that danger? I've voiced that fact to him myself. But he's countered with a truthful fact as well. We love each other. Love begins with standing by each other, with facing all life's challenges--good, bad, dangerous or joyous. And your son's given me something as well. He's given me the strength of his love. With his love in my heart I'll protect all of my families, including you Randall."

Randall stared at Jolan, hearing him defend his son's love for him.

"My uncles told you of my history. Of my family's history. Of the Dragos and Badenwolf alliances. You know that I am a Badenwolf?"

"Yes, I heard all of the story. That you're a Badenwolf, and also this lost prophesized one ."
"I am the Sulfenwolf. And with that comes all the strength and courage I will need to protect myself, and--most of all--protect my Justin."

"I wish I could believe you, Jolan. I wish I could accept the truth of what they claim. Perhaps one day I can truthfully accept that."

"Your son has accepted it, Randall. I have revealed my Badenwolf soul to him, and his love for me has grown even more."
Randall watched Jolan, seeing the look of wonderment in Jolan's eyes, the truth of Justin's increased love awing him.

"For now my greatest concern is my son's protection."

"Your son will always be protected. By my courage, my strength and most of all my love."
Randall looked at the young man, seeing the determination in his grey eyes.

"I want you to leave here today with reassurances, sir. And I sense there's only one way I can show you that."

Randall looked confused, Jolan staring at him.

Randall instantly saw the change in Jolan's grey eyes.

They immediately changed into a yellow hue, their size increasing, Randall moving back a bit.

Jolan walked over towards him, looking at the refrigerator.

Before Randall could say a word Jolan squatted, lifting the refrigerator up, Randall staring in shocked wonder.

Jolan lifted it about three feet off the ground, staring at Randall, Randall seeing no strain in the young man's arms or face.

Jolan set it back down, staring at Randall.

"See the truth of my existence, Randall. The soul of Badenwolf inside me is that of a strong animal. My strength is certain, my courage no less great. Your son's love is part of me. I will give all of my soul to protect him."

Randall stared in awe at Jolan, seeing before him a determined man.

A strong, courageous, determined man.

"The easiest way for me to protect him is to keep him from harm's way. I will do my best to succeed in that regard. You have that promise from me."
Randall stared at Jolan, seeing the truth is his changing eyes.

Randall nodded in agreement, walking silently out of the kitchen.

Jolan sighed, lowering his head.


Two hours later, Jolan had dinner almost ready, the returned Lance giving him a hand while Jolan cooked.

Jolan placed the trays of rolls in the oven, the last of his tasks now done.

Lance handed him a glass of white wine, having poured each of them a glass.

Jolan had noticed Lance's eyes going to him every few minutes while they worked in mostly silence, Jolan now smiling at him.

"No words need saying, my friend."
Lance's eyes met his, Lance softly smiling at him.

"You see so easily into my soul, Jo."
Jolan smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.

"Your soul is filled with love. A loving soul remains unhidden, its truth seen easily."
Lance smiled, Jolan staring at him.

"I take it you and Joey talked while you were out. I saw the happy flushed glow in his cheeks when he returned. Were you perhaps parked somewhere for a few moments?"

Lance softly blushed, Jolan seeing the truth in the redness of his cheeks.

"Love flows in moments of passion, the place or time irrelevant."

"He's so unbelievable, Jo. He told me what you had said to him. About his making my dreams real."
"And now that those dreams are real you can move forward with his real love."
Lance smiled widely, Jolan grinning as well.

"Yes, Jo. I need that love. And I truly believe he needs mine."
Jolan's hand went to Lance's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"He does. Your past is that, Lance. Past. Your future is now. His love is now. I'd wish both of you a life of happiness, but it's totally unnecessary for me to do that. I see right now in front of me the truth of the life of happiness both of you will have."
Lance teared up, pulling Jolan against him, the two wrapping their arms around each other.

"Thank you for giving us that happiness, Jo." Lance said, tears falling down his cheeks.

Jolan blushed, Lance smiling at his obvious discomfort at being thanked.

"Why don't you like to be thanked? You do such loving things for so many people."
"That's all the thanks I need, Lance. Seeing that love shine is the joy that fills my soul."
Lance smiled, the two still wrapped around each other.

"Well I want to thank you."

Lance leaned forward, kissing Jolan on the lips.

Jolan was surprised, feeling the deep love in that kiss.

"Hey, get your damn hands off my man, Bass!"

Their kiss broke, both seeing Justin standing in the doorway.

Jolan smiled, Justin staring at both of them.

"You were right, Jus. Lance is a damn fine kisser!"
"Don't I know it. You should see what else he does with his tongue!"

Lance was blushing now, Jolan and Justin both bursting into laughter.

Lance broke the hold on Jolan, Jolan having none of it, his arm going around him again.

"Just funning ya, Lance." he smiled, Lance smiling back.

Justin walked up to the counter, leaning forward and kissing Lance on the lips.

Lance parted with him, surprised at Justin's forwardness.

Justin's arm went around Jolan.

"There's a big ole teddy bear laying on the floor out there needing some of that honey."
Lance smiled, then laughed at Justin's words, the other two men smiling.

"Thanks Jo, and thanks Justin. You taste as good as always, but you're not my honey bear."
The other two laughed, Lance grabbing his glass, walking out of the room.


Justin's arms went around Jolan, his lips on his neck.

"So how does Lance taste?" he said, Jolan's grey eyes meeting his blue.

"Like the taste of love and friendship. But the elixir of my soul is those luscious moist Timberlake lips."

"Oh, okay? I'll go get Jonathan!" Justin said, moving.

Jolan wrapped his arms tightly around him, pushing his man against the counter.

"As amazing as I'm sure your brother's love may be, it's you that fires my soul."
"Oh, I see. Then I guess I'll have to suffer through your love. The crosses I bear!"

Justin was feigning exasperation, Jolan's lips silencing his dramatic show.

Justin immediately became lost in the familiar love flowing through him.

Jolan pulled away from him, Justin sighing.

"Now that I'll suffer through gladly. Mmm, you are delicious."
"Wait till you taste my soufflé!"
Justin laughed, looking at all the food on the counter and in the pots and pans surrounding him.

The two snuggled, light kisses exchanged.

"So what's bothering you, my love? I know you and Dad had a little discussion in here earlier. I saw the awed look on his face when he walked back out of the kitchen." Justin said, his hand stroking Jolan's arm.

Jolan sighed, Justin quietly waiting for Jolan to talk.

"Your father's scared, Jus."

"Scared of what? Not you?"

"No, not me in essence. Just what I represent. The danger that surrounds me. He's a father who loves his son, Justin. And he's worried that I'm leading you into a dangerous situation."
Justin's arms went around Jolan, kissing him deeply.

"I love you, Jolan. I shall be by your side through everything. My father needs to realize that. That's part of what a loving relationship is. Who or what you are doesn't change our love. I know that danger that looms around us. That hasn't changed my love for you, Jolan. I am going with you everywhere. You need my love, you yourself have told me that it is the strength of your soul."
Jolan teared up, hearing almost the same words he'd spoken to Randall.

"I basically told your father the same, Jus. And I showed him something as well."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again, Jolan awash with love.

"You showed him your Badenwolf soul, didn't you? That was that awed expression on his face."
"I didn't reveal the real beast, Jus. Just the strength associated with the beast. I needed him to see that I am strong. With magic, powerful Badenwolf strength, and the strength of your love. You are right, I feel your love is my greatest strength."
Justin smiled, Jolan's head laying against his chest.

"It's nice to know my father's concern for my safety. He just doesn't realize that I am safest in your arms."
Jolan smiled, their lips joining again, Justin's love and desire flowing into Jolan.

"As amazing and needful your love is Jus, I need to get dinner ready. Can you get some help setting the table? We'll eat buffet style again. There are too many people here!"
Justin laughed, kissing Jolan gently.

"You like that, don't you? A house filled with people, friends and loved ones."

"Yes, Justin. I love it."
Justin smiled, Jolan's hand wandering down Justin's abs, stopping at his belt.

"But I also love the moments of solitude between just you and me."
Justin smiled, looking into the grey eyes of his soul.

"Later my Sulfenwolf. I so want to rub that crown of fur."
Jolan smiled, Justin walking out of the kitchen.


The man sat in his first class seat, the plane surrounding him cruising at ten thousand feet, on its way to New York.

He sat alone, the seat beside him empty.

His fingers lightly tapped on the keys of the laptop he had sitting before him on his tray.

He perused all of the news sites, entertainment websites and his own separate sites.

He stared at a photograph of Jolan and his lawyer taken at the New York courthouse.


So lost one, you're returning home?
I didn't think you'd have the guts.

No matter.

Your head is empty, no worries of those moments bursting forth.

The elixir made certain of that.

He covers all eventualities.
You'll end your tale in a prison's cell, like you wanted to give Jeff.

That's part of the revenge you warrant.

And perhaps the master shall visit you as well.

How I'd love to feast on the heart that beats within you.

I should have done that that night, when your essence was taken.

You were of no more use after that.

I should have drunken of your throat, and tasted that heart.

It still boggles my mind how you are now here.

The ground of darkness should have snuffed out your existence.

I hope the prison cell will feel the same, Jolan.

Closed in, confined and dark.

Shame I couldn't taste you.

But there is your sister.

Yes, that delicious little morsel.

She got away from Jeff, and those idiots he commanded.

But she shall not escape my justice.

Once you're out of the way, that little slut shall pay.

Her screams will be delicious.


The man closed his laptop, putting it back in the case beside him, the man seeing his notes and the book still laying there.

He looked at the book for a moment, then pulled out the notes.

He perused them, his mind not finding any sanity or focus in their words.


This is so hard.

How did he do it so easily?

Why hadn't he done more?

Damn you, I can't survive on just one.


His mind was jumbled with thoughts, a steward leaning down, looking at him.

"Would you like a drink, sir?"
He smiled up at him, the man smiling back into his sparkling green eyes.

"Do I know you sir?"

"No, I'm certain of that. And that's a shame." he said, smiling widely.

The young steward smiled back, entranced by the man's shining eyes.

The steward looked around, then pulled out a card handing it to the man.

"I'm in New York until Monday, perhaps we could meet for drinks or more?"

The man smiled, looking at the name and phone number on the card, his eyes glancing up and down the young man's body.

"Why that would be a treat unto itself. It's been a while since I've had more."
The young man smiled, winking at him.

"A drink, sir?"
"Yes, give me a Gin and Tonic."
The young man nodded, fixing the drink from the cart in the aisle.

The man's eyes roamed over the young man's turned backside, a small smile on his face.

The young man turned back handing him the drink.

"On the house, sir. For a special passenger."
The man smiled, the two staring into each other's eyes.

"Thank you, Adam. I'm sure you're special in your own right."
"Oh, I can be, sir. Especially to special passengers."
The man smiled, his eyes taking in the rugged beauty of the young man's face, and the smoothness of his neck.

The man saw the veins standing out on his slender neck.

He softly licked his lips, the young man grinning, moving down the aisle to the next filled seat.

The man dropped the card into his pocket, smiling.

He quietly sipped his drink, picking up the air phone in front of him.

He dialed a number and put it to his ear.

"Hello, Mutt."
The man sat up, staring around the cabin.

"Hello, sir."
"You're on your way home, finally?"
"Yes, sir. I'm about an hour from New York."
"Good. I'll expect you here by nine. We have much to discuss."
"Yes, sir. But I was hoping to drive up in the morning." the man said, the young man with the cart wheeling by him, their eyes meeting.

"Bring your meal with you. It's been a while since we dined together. He looks tender."

The man's head lowered, feeling no escape in the man's words.

"Yes, sir. I shall do that. See you tonight."

"We need to settle our views on Jeff, Mutt. And on what we need to do about those pesky Dragosans."

"I want to devour her, sir. Her heart I long for."
"As you longed for Jolan's?"
The man's head remained lowered, his eyes staring downward.

"Your mind I own, Mutt. I know all of your secrets. Most of this debacle points to you, fool!"
The man trembled, his eyes now looking around.

"No matter. His return there next week will settle most of it. We'll have what I need. He's the last one."

The man remained silent, sweat beading on his neck and forehead.

"Go seduce your stud, Mutt. Make him ready. I am especially hungry tonight."

"Yes, sir."

The phone went dead, the man placed it in its cradle and was staring straight ahead.

He stood up, his knees feeling weak.

He walked forward, walking into the galley, the young steward alone and filling glasses on the table.

"Something I can get you, sir?" the young man smiled, the two staring at each other.

"I'm heading to upstate New York right after I land this evening. Would you like to be my guest for the weekend?"

The young man smiled, his eyes going over all the man's body, seeing the muscular form showing through the suit the man wore.

"Sounds like fun."
"Oh, it will be more than fun. It will be a weekend of pleasure you'll never forget."
The young man leered at the older man, the man stepping right in front of him.

"Perhaps you need a sample first." he said, his hand taking the younger man's hand, positioning it over his clothed center.

The young man squeezed, feeling the largeness hidden there.

"Come with me, sir. The mile high club just went into session."
The man smiled, following the steward forward, the two slipping into a small enclosed washroom.

The young man smiled, the man right tight against him.

"Let me please you, Adam. Let me show you the treasure you've found."
The young man smiled, the man lowering himself.

He didn't see the smile of pure lust on the man's face, or the glowing gleam in his green eyes.

Or the sharp teeth now chewing on his center.


Jolan closed the book, sitting in silence on the chaise lounge on the balcony.

His eyes went east, seeing the brightening hues fighting with the darkness, the light gaining the upper hand.

His eyes went to the closed patio door, staring towards his lover's sleeping form.

Jolan made out Justin's beauty in the soft receding darkness.

His yellow eyes glowed softly, his Badenwolf senses abating.

The evening last night had been one of happiness, family togetherness and fun.

It had ended with Justin's desires pulling forth the beast.

Jolan smiled, marveling at how Justin was able to make him lose his inhibitions, the lust taking hold so easily.

Jolan sighed, his eyes looking down at the two books which now lay on the coffee table.

Jolan had risen out of bed a few minutes after his lover had fallen into a deep satisfied sleep, carrying the books out onto the balcony.

Jolan had sat for hours reading the books, his glowing wolf eyes taking in every word.

He'd started with the novel, not reading it for very long.

The words spoke their meaning almost immediately, Jolan closing his eyes and focusing on his own thoughts.

Then he'd picked up the Tome, reading more of his family's history.

Nothing new came to light, his mind on other things.

For the rest of the night he'd sat in silence, lost in the openness of his own clouded reasoning.

Here now the early morning light was dawning, as was the light in the darkness of his forgotten mind.

The key had been found, the lock opened.

Now all Jolan had to do was open the door.

And that scared him.

For from the key he sensed the truth of what lay behind that door.

Greed, anger, lust, need, want, envy and the horrific doings of monstrous, powerful souls.

Jolan closed his mind before that truth prematurely showed itself.

He sat in the early morning coolness, his eyes closed to his thoughts.

"You knew about the key, didn't you Era?"

His eyes opened, staring at Erasmus, the man having just appeared against the balcony railing.

"Your gifts are growing, Jolan. You sensed me before I appeared."

"Answer my question, sir."

Erasmus nodded, walking across the patio, Jolan watching his every move.

The man had changed again.

His gait was strong, his stride sure and brisk.

There was an intensity of life flowing from his body and his more youthful face.

The man sat down beside Jolan, looking towards the sunrise.

"Yes Jolan, my Dragosan friend. I know all about the key. About the treasure you've found, again."

Jolan's eyes looked at the older man, Era's grey eyes looking at him.

"I know the past, and the present. The future comes as it must."

"Why didn't you tell me about the book?"
"As I have said before, I am the Watcher. I cannot interfere with the minor details that reveal themselves. All I can focus on is guiding you on the right path. Your finding the book was part of the path. As is your journey home. All will unfold as it must."
Jolan stood up, looking down at the man.

"And what if I choose to walk away, leave today and not look back at that life? What if I change the path myself?"
The man stood up, staring at Jolan.

"I am here to see that you don't, Jolan."
"Is that a threat?"

The man's eyes softened, his hand slowly going to Jolan's shoulder.

"No, Jolan. It is destiny. You cannot walk from this path you've now created. You are destined to finish the trek."
"And where does that trek lead to?"
The man looked out into the morning dawn.

"To life, Jolan. To forgiveness, redemption. . .and life."

"Who are you, really?"
The man smiled, a smile of genuine warmth.

"The Shadower of Man was an amusing name given to me long ago. Perhaps it's closest to the truth. But that's for a later date, my young friend."
Jolan stared at him.

"Where are my parents?"
The man sighed, looking at Jolan.

"You've opened your mind to that truth, my child."

"Can I get them back? Wherever I've sent them--can they return?"

"That was your choice, Jolan. Your moment of destiny. No one but you knows the answer to that hopeful question."
"What did I do? Why did I send them away?"

Era looked into the young man's eyes, seeing the turmoil and pain just below the surface.

"You've got it all wrong, Jolan. It wasn't something you did--it was the only thing you could. You, in that moment, did the greatest act of love."

Era walked over to the balcony again, staring out into the morning light.

"I've walked this earth for a millennium, and I've never felt what I felt there. The essence of what you did. The reasoning behind it. In any other time, in any other culture you would be a king, or dare I say a god!"

Era turned, tears in his eyes.

"But here you now stand, as clear and unblemished as the soul of an angel. God's love has touched this earth. I only wish I'd known that so long ago. My path would walk with yours. Go forward, son. Go forward and claim the truth."
Era bowed, kneeling to one knee.

"Forgive me for drawing the tide. For starting the river of doubt and the ocean of uncertainty. Your love is just, your love shall shine. The Sun Child's revelations shall pale in comparison to you, Caitre Din Dragoste. I wish I could feel what they shall feel."
The man was slowly vanishing, Jolan suddenly alone on the balcony.

He walked up to the balcony's railing, staring out in the now shining morning sun.

"You shall feel it, Era. I think you need it most of all."

Jolan sighed, his eyes moving westward, towards the home of his youth.

"The path is set. I hope my love is the love they're prepared for. For him I now surround."

Jolan walked back into the bedroom, looking down on his lover.

Justin's body lay exposed, his muscular chest on view for only Jolan.

Jolan felt the love fill his soul.

He climbed back into bed, Justin moving, pulling him against him in his sleep.

Jolan lay in silence, looking at his lover's sleeping face.

"Get ready, Jus. Our love's greatest test begins. I hope you love me enough."
Jolan sighed, closing his eyes, his head going against Justin's smooth chest.



End of Chapter 62


A chapter of renewal, friendship and family development.

Is Randall satisfied with the strength Jolan has shown him?
Can Jolan be the one to protect Justin?


Era's words were unusual.

What does he have to atone for?

What is his connection to all that has played out in the past, and what is going to happen forward?

The cobwebs in Jolan's mind are flying away.

In Cutter's Bluff, he'll find some surprising answers.


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