Jolan's Path - Chapter 63


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 63


The next few days passed in a flourish of loving moments and friendly gatherings.

Justin's family stayed in New York over the weekend, Jolan getting to know his younger brothers.

Randall and Lisa had warmed to Jolan's presence in Justin's life as well, Lisa seeing the happiness in her stepson's beaming eyes.

Randall and Jolan both showed their protective love for Justin, Justin watching both men trying to reach an understanding between each other.

Randall had accepted the fact that Jolan was very protective of Justin, and would do all in his power to keep his son safe.

Justin and Lisa had easily seen the respect both men now were showing each other.

A truce was created between the two, Randall seeing Jolan's love for his son.

In the end, Justin felt that his father was coming around to Jolan's being Justin's soulmate.

They all left late Sunday, hugs and kisses exchanged with everyone.

Stephen hugged his older brother, then Jolan.

"You behave, squirt! I'll get down to see you in Florida real soon." Justin said, Stephen grinning at his older brother.

"Take care, Jolan. I wish I could go with you to Cutter's Bluff." Jonathan said, his eyes on Jennie.
Jolan smiled at the two young men, Jennie standing by his side.

"Your love and friendship I carry with me always, little bros."

Stephen beamed, his mother's arm going around him.

Jonathan smiled, Jennie walking forward and hugging him.

"Thank you for your friendship, Jon. I'll call you later tonight. We'll talk and cam all week."

Jonathan had wanted to stay, his parents nixing that idea, his school work too important to miss for another week.

Jennie kissed Jonathan's cheek, the young man smiling at her.
Justin and Jolan both smiled, seeing the deep friendship both youngsters had for each other.

Lynn stood quietly watching the young woman and Jonathan.

The next moment surprised everyone.

Jolan pulled Randall into a tight hug, Randall looking towards his son.

"Take care, Randall."

Randall smiled at the young man when he released him, Jolan's grey eyes staring at him.

"I hope you find redemption and vindication in Cutter's Bluff, Jolan. My prayers and thoughts go with you. All of Justin's family wish you happiness and love."
Jolan smiled, sensing how genuine Randall felt saying that.

"Thank you, sir. Your family's love I shall welcome with all of my heart."
Justin smiled, the moving moment touching his heart.

Randall nodded, shaking Jolan's hand, then hugging Justin goodbye.

Lynn put her arm around Jennie, the young girl smiling at Jonathan as he walked out of the condo.

Justin and Jolan put their arms around each other, watching Justin's family leave.

"I think Dad's coming around to you, Jo. That smile on his face was genuine."
"Hey, what's not to love?"
Justin laughed, pulling his man against him.

"Nothing. Everything is absolutely perfect." Justin said, kissing his man, Lynn and Jennie smiling at the two.


Jolan had a meeting with Ally and his uncles on Monday, their strategy needing discussion.

Ally wanted to focus on the young woman charging Jolan.

Jordan was looking into her past, trying to pinpoint her connection to Cutter's Bluff.

Jolan sat quietly listening to their discussions, Justin quietly watching him.

Justin sensed Jolan was holding something back in regards to her.

"That is all good and well, but it's not the whole story." Jolan said quietly, Ally's brown eyes focusing on his grey.

"Jolan, she's the star witness. She's going to go on that stand and tell the world you raped her. That you're the father of her child. A child born from that attack. Whatever concocted story she's fabricated, it could play well to that jury. A defenseless young woman against a pubescent monster. It's my job to debunk her testimony."

"I know the story she's going to recite, I know it all too well." he said, Justin's hand going into his.

"What's wrong, love? I sense you're bothered by something."

Jolan looked at his lover, then his eyes focused on his lawyer.
"Ally, I want you to promise me something." Jolan said, Ally looking at him.

"What do you want me to promise, Jolan?"
Jolan stared at her, the young woman seeing a look of determination now in his grey staring eyes.

"I want you to promise me that you won't rip apart that woman. That you won't rake her over the coals."

Ally looked totally stunned, as did Jolan's uncles.

Justin stared at him with only silence.

"Are you crazy, Jolan? That woman's story needs to be ripped apart! It's the only chance you've got! We have to prove she's a liar and that it's all a lie! She'll only slip up if she's badgered until she lets her guard down!" Ally said, her temper rising.

"Yes, that may be true. But it's not with browbeating and terror that you'll succeed in breaking her strength. I know what will turn the tide in regards to Theresa Brannigan."
"Oh and what, pray tell, is that?" Ally said, her arms folded, glaring at Jolan.

"Her son."

"Her son, Jolan?" Justin said, Jolan looking quietly at him.

"Yes, Jus. She's doing all this for him. Her love for her son and his well-being are all that's kept her going for the past four years."

"What do you mean, Jolan?" Calen said, Jolan looking at him.

"I won't say just yet, but there is more behind all this than just what's been substantiated. A lot more."

"You know what's going on here, don't you? You know why she's doing this. Are you holding information from me?" Ally said, everyone seeing her and Jolan in a locked stare.

"Ally, you are hell bent on proving my innocence. And I clearly know now that there's only one way to prove that."
"And what way is that?"
Jolan's grey eyes looked into Ally's, the young woman seeing a steady gaze of love.

"I need to talk to Theresa Brannigan. I need to draw out of her the truth. The truth in regards to what happened that night."
Ally looked at Justin and Jolan's uncles.

Her hand went to Jolan's knee, her manner more subdued.

"Jolan, there's no way in hell that her lawyers will ever let you talk to her personally. That's not how this works."

Jolan's head lowered, then raised again, his grey eyes staring intently at Ally.

"Then you will have to be my voice."
Ally nodded, a soft smile now on her face.

"That's what I'm here for, Jolan."

Jolan nodded, the two coming to an understanding.
Justin watched his lover and Ally, certain within himself that Jolan was speaking of something else entirely in regards to her being his voice.

"This trial is my judgment, as well as hers. I only want both of us to come out of it alive."

Everyone looked at Jolan with surprise at his words, the young man standing up.

"Everyone staying for supper?"

Everyone nodded, Jolan smiling and walking into the kitchen.

Simus' eyes went to Justin's, the two sharing a look of concern.


Johnny Wright showed up about half an hour later, Ally just finishing her meeting with a returned Jolan and his uncles.

Johnny was there for a reason.

A reason he'd already discussed with Justin.

The media was still in full force, Jolan's troubles flashed across every television and computer screen across America.

It was big celebrity news due to Justin's involvement, and fodder for all the national and international papers.

Johnny--along with Ally--had decided on a joint interview with Justin, Jennie and Jolan.

It was time the world saw Jolan together with Justin.

A statement before the press of Justin's continued friendship, and Jolan's innocence.

And the viewing of their joined friendship.

Jolan had been antsy at first, but Justin had made him see the necessity of showing himself to the public.

Johnny had suggested one interview with a popular television program, the program required to give them total control.

Whoever snagged this interview would have the scoop on everyone else.

Access Hollywood was offered the coveted prize.

An offer they took eagerly, on Johnny's terms.

Justin already knew the interviewer, Billy Bush.

Johnny figured that would work well in their favor.

The interview was slated for Wednesday afternoon.

Jolan was still uncertain about it, Justin's kisses and soft touches calming the young man.

Everyone stayed for supper, Jolan's cooking a hit as usual.

Their friends departed early that evening; Jolan, Justin, Lynn and Jennie curling up on the couches, watching a movie together.

Justin smiled at the normalcy he felt now at home with Jolan.

They'd retired early, Jolan and Justin joining in passion, their love and desires satisfied.

Tuesday flew by, a day of calm quietness for the two lovers.

Lynn had gone shopping with Jennie, Lonnie tagging along.

Lynn ended up buying Jennie a new outfit for the trial, Jolan seeing the beaming happiness in the young woman's eyes.

Later that evening the five had tried walking down to Domo's restaurant, only getting about a quarter of the way when a group of photographers and reporters appeared out of nowhere.

Lonnie's presence soon pushed the group back.

Jolan was stunned that the paparazzi came out of nowhere.

Lonnie called ahead, Domo and three of his waiters waiting at the front door for them.

The paparazzi were barred from entering the establishment, the group seeing the determination in Domo's eyes.

Safely inside, the group dined with Domo and Daphne, the restaurant closed to others.

They enjoyed the closeness and happiness of their time together.

Justin noticed Jolan's quietness, his hand going in his.

"Penny for your thoughts, my love?"

Jolan softly smiled at him, looking towards the windows, where the blinds had been closed.

"The media surrounds us, Jus. I never wanted that for you. I know you've dealt with it before, but I never wanted you to be thrust in the spotlight this way."
Justin leaned over, kissing Jolan's lips softly, smiling at him.

"Hey, my man's a star. Albeit, not in the way I always want you to be. You and I are together, Jo. I'll stand in your spotlight, just as you'll stand in mine. I know that in the future you'll create your own spotlight. I know there's a talented man under your beauty."
"Justin, I can't stand in your spotlight. That light is for you alone."
"Yes, it always was, Jo. But from now on it won't be. I can't shine without your love beside me, or within me."
Jolan smiled, looking into his blue pools of love.

"Tomorrow's interview is the start of that openness, Jolan. Tomorrow, the world will see you and me together as friends. They will see our deep connection and our deep respect for each other. It's the beginning, Jo. The beginning of our life of freedom."

"I love you, Justin. One day I'll stand by you when you want to free your soul to the world. I'll always stand by you."
Justin smiled, looking around the table.

"I am ready, Jo. Ready for life, love and happiness. That day may be sooner than you think."
Jolan lowered his head, Justin raising it with his finger.

"I love you, Jo. Tomorrow, I stand beside you as your friend. Soon, I'll stand beside you as your partner. In life, love and freedom."
Jolan smiled, the two kissing.

The two men heard sniffling, looking around the table, seeing a lot of moist eyes.

Lonnie was wiping his eyes with a handkerchief.

Domo again refused payment for the meal, citing family gatherings again.

Daphne pulled her car around to the front entrance.

The five climbed in, the paparazzi surrounding them.

They drove back home, Jolan and Justin snuggling together once they were clear of the flashing cameras.


Wednesday dawned with the arrival of the television crew around ten.

It would be a few hours of setting up lights, video and equipment.

A few courageous paparazzi tried to sneak in with the crew, the television crew and Lonnie nixing their attempts.

Justin and Jolan spent most of the late morning in their bedroom, out on the patio, away from the intrusive crewmen.

Lynn and Jennie spent time in Jennie's room, playing games and just talking.

Lonnie stood in the hallway by their doors, guarding their privacy.

Jolan snuggled with Justin on the chaise lounger, Justin stealing light kisses while Jolan read the Tome.

"Any new inklings or information coming to light?"

"No, just the deepness of my family's history. Queen Alveena was a strong, powerful woman."

Justin nodded, his eyes on Jolan's ringed hand.

"That really is her ring, isn't it?" Justin said, looking at the gleaming silver band.
"Yes, Jus. I feel her love flowing from it. The same as I feel my father and grandfather's love flowing from the Ring of Servitude."

"I so want to meet your father, Jolan. If he's anything like Simus and Calen speak of, he must be an older version of you. A giving, kind soul."
Jolan smiled, taking Justin's compliment for its worth.

"More like I am a younger version of him. I truly believe my loving soul comes from both of my parents. I so wish I could see them again."
Justin's arm went around Jolan, Jolan feeling his love.

"Until that time, my love will double for you. I'll be twice as loving."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his neck.

"God, Jus! You tire me out now! If you get any more loving I won't be able to walk!"

Justin laughed, pulling his body close to Jolan, Jolan feeling a hardness against his thigh.

"Someone's in need of some loving." Jolan said, a touch of seduction in his voice.

Justin snuggled tighter against him, his lips sucking Jolan's earlobe, Jolan moaning.

"Jus, there's no way we can continue this. It's almost lunch time."

Justin sighed, kissing Jolan's turned lips, the two lost in the passion flowing from each other's soul.

"Let's get dressed, love. Maybe we have enough time for a little wet foreplay." Jolan said, winking at Justin.

Justin grinned, rising up, Jolan staring at the tent in Justin's pants.

"It's you, babe. My passion shows when I'm around you."
Jolan smiled, standing up and taking Justin's hand in his, walking into the bedroom.


Half an hour later, Lonnie knocked on the door, Jolan just pulling a golf shirt over his smooth torso, Justin's eyes taking in his beautiful form.

Justin had washed every inch of that beautiful form only minutes before.

"Come in, Lonnie." Justin said, lacing up his sneakers.

Lonnie walked into the room, smiling at the two.

"Billy's here, Jus. He's looking for you."
"You go talk with your friend, Jus. I'll just be a couple of minutes." Jolan said, smiling at him.

Justin nodded, wrapping his arms around his lover.

The two kissed tenderly, Lonnie smiling at them.

"Our passion must hide for a while, Justin. It'll soon be just us again."
Justin nodded, sighing.

He followed Lonnie out of the room.

Jolan smiled, his heart filled with Justin's love.

Ten minutes later he walked into the kitchen, seeing Justin and another man, as well as Jennie and Lynn seated around the table, Lonnie standing at the counter.

"Coffee, Jolan?" Lonnie said, smiling at him.

"Just a glass of orange juice, Lonnie. And thanks."
Lonnie smiled, opening the fridge.

Justin's eyes were on Jolan's beautiful attire and soft smile.

Jolan wore a black silk shirt, the definition of his torso standing out.

Grey dress pants accented the blackness, Justin smiling at his man's vision of masculinity.

The man at the table stood up, Justin rising as well.

"So this is the infamous Jolan Dragos. Your pictures don't do you justice, Mr. Dragos." the man said smiling, his eyes taking in Jolan's physique.

Jolan smiled back, liking the bubbly personality of the young man standing in front of him.

The two men shook hands, Billy staring into Jolan's grey welcoming eyes.

"I'm Billy Bush, but just call me Billy. You've seen my show before?"
Jolan softly smiled, shaking his head no.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bush. . .I mean Billy. I have been out of the loop for a bit."
Justin's eyes showed their love, Jolan smiling at everyone.

"Yes, a tragic mishap. I want to hear all about it. Please sit down, Mr. Dragos."
"Please, it's just Jolan, Billy."
The man smiled, Jolan liking his charming, sparkling demeanor.

Everyone sat down, Billy pulling out a notepad.

"I've compiled a few notes on your life, Jolan. I hope that's alright? I like to know as much as I can about my guests."
Jolan nodded, no change in his facial expressions.

"That's fine. Let me hear it."
The man smiled, opening the pad and beginning to talk.

He talked for about fifteen minutes, Jennie and Justin adding remarks when they found them missing, Billy smiling at them.

"So my life is summed up in a few pages. How exciting." Jolan said, Justin holding in a laugh, Billy smiling at the two looking at each other.

"I can see the friendship between both of you. It's so real."
Justin smiled, as did Jolan.

"Your life story is compelling, Jolan. A lot of people will be moved by it."
"It's just me, Billy. I just wish I had all of me."
Justin's eyes showed concern, Billy picking up on it.

"Yes, the amnesia part is tragic. No progress yet?"
"Some things have come back in my memories, but there's still so much missing."

"Well, hopefully today will help." the man said smiling.

Jolan smiled back, nodding.

"Well, I've got makeup to do and a quick meeting with my staff. We should be ready to go by one. The living room's all set up. It will be a full hour interview, which will be shown tonight on two major networks. As it's being taped we can edit if you so wish."

Jolan nodded, Jennie smiling as well.

"And I know everyone will want to hear about the angelic heroine of New York." Billy said, smiling at the young woman.

Jennie blushed, Jolan's arm going around her.

"Yes, Jennie's story is as moving as my own. Our love transcends our hardships." Jolan said, Jennie smiling up at him.

Billy smiled, instantly seeing their bond of love.

"Back in a bit. We'll call you when we're ready."
The three at the table nodded, Billy walking out of the room.

"He's a very nice young man, Jus. Have you known him long?"
"Yes, Jo. For a few years. He's always direct and honest in most of his interviews. A lot of other interviewers take the underhanded approach to interviewing. Trying to cajole the stars into revealing their private lives. Not Billy. He's direct but fair."
Jolan nodded, sitting down at the table, Lonnie joining them.

"So how goes the Lonster's happiness?" Jolan said, Lonnie quietly looking at him.

"The Lonster is happy, Jolan. And he owes that to you, I believe."
Jolan blushed, Justin smiling at his lover's usual uncomfortable stance.

"No, Lonnie. You owe that to your heart and Alexandra's heart. Love flows from both. I just thought it was time the two met."
Lonnie smiled, looking at Justin.

"You got a hell of a good friend here, Jus."
"So do you, Lonnie." Jolan said, Lonnie smiling widely.

"Ally and I are taking it slow. I know she's got this trial to deal with. After it's over, we're going to spend some time getting to know each other."
Jolan nodded, patting the large man's arm.

"That's the best approach--calm, slow and heartwarming. Love takes time."
Jolan's eyes were on Justin, the two smiling at each other.


The set director walked into the kitchen about half an hour later, telling everyone everything was ready.

Jolan, Justin and Jennie followed him, Lonnie and Lynn walking behind all of them.

They walked into the living room, Jolan seeing the furniture had been moved, a couch and chair set up in front of the large glass windows.

Jolan smiled, seeing the beauty the image would show, the skyline behind them.

The director guided the three to the couch, Justin asked to sit on the right side of the couch closest to the chair, Jennie in the middle, Jolan on her other side.

The three sat down, Billy walking onto the set, sitting down in the chair.

"Looks like we're all set." he said, pulling off a pair of eyeglasses he had on, setting down the notepad he had been carrying.

He smiled, the makeup people fawning over him for a few moments, then just the four of them remaining on the set.

The director cued everyone, Justin taking one last look at Jolan.

Jolan sat in quiet calmness, his eyes focused on the cameras pointing towards the couch.

The director cued the music, the intro to the show heard.


"Hello, everyone. I'm sitting in the glamour of an upscale New York residence about to meet three wonderful friends. One was all know as a talented singer, actor, entrepreneur and well-known celebrity. The other two are two young people who've taken New York--and perhaps the nation--by storm. My guests tonight are Justin Timberlake, and his two new heroic friends, Jolan and Jennica Dragos. Hello, guys and young lady."
The cameras panned across the couch, all three smiling and saying hello to Billy.

"Well, Justin. It's been a while since I've talked to you last. To say it's been a surprising trip since would be an understatement. Wouldn't you say?"
Justin smiled and laughed, smiling at Billy.

"That it has, Billy. My life has changed in many ways. All for the better, I might add."
Billy smiled, looking at the two Dragosan siblings.

"And perhaps your lives have changed the most, Jennica and Jolan."
"Yes, Billy. My life a short month ago was pretty much void of anything. I still can't believe it's been less than a month since I awoke from my coma." Jolan said, Justin looking at him with love and friendship.

"Yes, your life before that must have been so tragic. I'd like to hear the story of your life and how you and Justin met."

Justin smiled, his voice filling the room.

"Our meeting is a story unto itself, Billy. "
Billy seemed intrigued, smiling at both men.

"Then take it from the top, Jolan."
Justin smiled, Jolan beginning the short tale of his life and of their bonding friendship.

Jolan told his story, Justin taking over from their first meeting.

Justin left nothing out, at Jolan's request.

He told him about that night on Cutter's Road.

Of his and Trace's accident, and the resulting find.

Billy's eyes widened in fascination and awed shock.

"An apparition? You're saying you met Jolan's soul out on that road?"

Jolan smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"That's what we believe it was. Jolan's mind was trapped in that coma, unable to break free of the darkness. Somehow, his soul left him, walking into the darkness of that area, always searching that road for some kind of answer to the darkness that surrounded him."
Billy nodded his head in fascination.

Justin told him and the soon-to-be watching world of the chain reaction after that.

Of he and Trace going to Oberson Falls, there meeting Cindy and Shelly Carruthers, then through them meeting Dr. Chambers.

And once they'd met Henry, Justin spoke of his walking into that upstairs bedroom and seeing Jolan for the first time.

"It was him, the same man who walked that darkened road miles away from his sleeping soul. The only difference was that the Jolan sleeping in that room had matured from the Jolan walking the road. I believe time had stood still in the lost Jolan's mind, the real world passing him by."

Jolan smiled, his calm grey eyes looking at Justin.

"This all, I believe, was fate, Billy. Fate made Trace and me drive down that road, fate made Jolan and me meet. Our meeting was always meant to happen. The two of us were destined to meet. You need only have heard my words to believe that. Out of all of this our friendship was the greatest gift we'd both received."

"When did you sense that you wanted to help Jolan, Justin?"

"When I first held him in my arms on that darkened road. I saw a young man on the edge of terror. Lost within himself. I made him a promise that night that I'd do all I could to help him find whatever he was searching for. And to this day that promise remains strong and true. I'm still helping him to find himself, and to find the truth of his forgotten life."

Billy nodded, seeing the gleaming truth in Justin's eyes

"You're a true friend, Justin. I'm certain Jolan knows that."
"I do, Billy. I've never met a more giving, loving soul than this man sitting right here. He's done so much for myself, and my sister. He's opened his heart, his life and his loving friendship to both of us. As has his whole family and friends. I never knew there were so many caring, giving people in the world."

Jennie leaned over, kissing Justin's cheek, Billy smiling as Justin wrapped his arm around the young girl.

"I've even gained a bonus in all this, Billy. This little angel right here. Jolan's friendship has guided me to this wonderful child. I've gained the sister I've always wanted, and my Mom's gained her long desired daughter."
Lynn smiled from the far side of the room, Justin looking in her direction.

"My word. You've all connected that closely and that quickly?"

Jennie smiled at the young man, then her eyes looked up at Justin, then Jolan.

"My life was a lifetime of hurt and pain. In the last few weeks I've been surrounded by something I haven't had in over four years: love. Complete love from these two special men. My brothers Jolan and Justin. Jolan and I live life day by day. Our lives of pain have born that into us. We grasp onto each moment of life more than others do. And in the last few weeks I've had so many moving moments of love and happiness. This is my home now, I love it so much. Justin and his mom are my family now."

Justin and Jolan were both fighting back tears in their glistening eyes, Billy moved as well by her honest, open words.

Lynn, on the other hand, was crying into Lonnie's chest, the big man embracing her.

"You are an angel, Jennica. And I sense every bit the heroine you've turned out to be."
Jennie looked at the young man, Billy seeing the profound calmness in her young face.

"I had to stop them. I had to right the wrong that I was so reluctantly a part of. I had to stop them from hurting any more babies. My brother's new love gave me the courage to stand up and confront them. I'm so happy they got some of those children back to their parents. I'm so happy for that."
Jolan's arms were now around his sister, his eyes showing visible tears.

Jennie smiled up at him, kissing his cheek.

"Out of my pain some goodness resulted. I'm sorry I couldn't have done more, and a lot sooner."
Billy was in awe of the quiet determination in the young woman's voice.

He saw no glorifying celebrity stature or heroic egotism there.

He knew the whole world would embrace this heroic child in their arms.

"My sister was a child trapped in a horrific nightmare. I saved her from that nightmare, as any loving brother would do for his sibling. My sister's nightmare is over. For the rest of her life she'll have a life of happiness and love. I, and our friend Justin, have both committed ourselves to that."
Billy smiled at the two men, seeing their protective love for the young woman.

"You and your sister both have courageous hearts, Jolan. I see no celebrity bravado or hero-worshipping in either of your calm faces. You seem so down to earth, so calm and giving. You've made some remarkable friends here, Justin."
Justin smiled, his eyes going to the two sitting beside him.

"I thank God every day for their friendship. I've never been so blessed. And Jolan's right. Both he and I shall love this angel forever."

Jennie grinned, both men smiling at her.

"A touching thought, Justin. You've gained a couple of great friends. Word lately is that you've gained another good friend. An old friend has returned into favor."
Jolan looked at Justin, Justin smiling at Billy.

"Yes, Billy. Britney Spears and I have returned to the friendship we once held so strongly. Through our own hurt and pain we lost the greatness of that friendship. Jolan saw that both of us were lost without the other, so to speak. He made both of us see what we meant to each other. We were once steadfast friends, who thought that that friendship could lead to romance and happiness. We just didn't realize the happiness was already there. The romance wasn't. Jolan brought us both together. Because of him I have my friend back in my life. The man's so giving!"

Billy looked at the young man, Jolan softly blushing.

"You seem uncomfortable with praise and thanking, Jolan."
"I give to help, I don't seek praise. The looks of happiness in people's eyes is all the thanks I need."
Justin smiled, seeing his lover's calm shyness, and slightly uncomfortable stance.

"And how are you and Jessica getting along, Jus?" Billy said, smiling at him.

Jolan looked at Justin, his lover's face calm and focused.

"I might as well come clean with everything, Billy. Jessica and I are no longer together. We've gone our separate ways."

Billy looked surprised, Jolan remaining silent.

"I'm sorry, Justin. I hope you're doing okay?"
"We parted on less that amicable terms. I won't discuss it, but I will say that I'm going on with my life."

Bill nodded, looking at Jolan.

"Had you met Jessica, Jolan?"
"Yes, just briefly. No breakup is ever easy, and Justin was deeply hurt. My friendship will always be there for him, so will Jennie's. Justin has too much love to remain alone. That person will be the luckiest person, in my mind."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"So we've got two new bachelors out there. The ladies will be thrilled!"

"Yep. And Jolan's a great catch. And he's also a matchmaker!"

Billy's eyebrows raised, Justin chucking.

"Oh, really? And who have you matched up, Jolan?" Billy said, intrigued again.

"Just some lost souls who couldn't see what lay right in front of them. Sometimes love clouds our senses. Just think of me as a guide helping them get back on the path of life."
Billy nodded, surprised by Jolan's soft-spoken words.

He felt such meaning in them.

"Then you should be in good hands, Justin. Jolan will set you up quick."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"I have full confidence in his guiding me to the right one."

Jolan smiled, looking again at Billy.

"Anyone out there for me, Jolan?" Billy asked lightheartedly, Jolan's grey eyes staring at him.

"When you look in her blue eyes of sparkling life, your own shall sparkle more. Your act of chivalry will endear you to her heart."

Billy looked surprised, staring at Jolan.

Jolan smiled back, Justin looking with interest between them.


Billy recovered, staring at Jolan.

"You're a remarkable man, Jolan. So focused, giving and steadfast with your friends. I think it will help you greatly in dealing with the newest drama in your life. Would you like to talk about it?"
Jolan looked at the young man, seeing no hidden agenda or underlying opportunism there.

"There's not much to talk about. I've been charged with a crime, a trial about to begin. I'll state now as I stated at my arraignment. I'm innocent of the alleged charge. I've never knowingly attacked anyone in my life."
Jennie smiled, Jolan staring into the camera.

Billy talked to the camera, explaining the charges against Jolan.

"But that's just the problem here, Jolan. You don't know. You have amnesia. You don't remember anything of what happened in that small town. I can't fathom the thoughts that must be running through your troubled mind."
"Yes, I have very troubled thoughts, Billy. But I also have a deep feeling in my heart that I am the man I always was. The giving man you see here is the man I've always been. And that's why I believe I am innocent of these charges."

"What do you think you'll find in that small town, Jolan? It is after all your hometown. Will your memories return with the familiarity of that home?"
Jolan stared at the young man, Billy seeing a look of acceptance in his grey eyes.

"I believe I'll find my life in that place, Billy. I believe I'm on the returning path to my past. In that small town, hidden within its secret heart, lies my truth. And my memories shall return."
Justin looked at Jolan, hearing the determination and calmness in his lover's voice.

"You sound so determined, and believable."
"One has to believe in something, Billy. I believe in truth, and destiny."

"Will you be at his side, Justin?"
"I won't be anywhere else, Billy. Jolan's my friend, and so much more. I'll always be there for him."

Jolan smiled, Billy smiling as well.

"On that note, I want to wish you luck Jolan. The city, the country and even the world will be watching you. I sense we haven't heard the last of you, or your past."
Jolan nodded, Justin smiling.

"Thank you, Billy. It's been a surprising interview."
Billy smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"That it has, Jolan. And thank you Justin and Jennica, for showing us your support for Jolan, and the loving family I see before me now."
All three smiled, Billy looking into the camera.

"My guests have been Justin Timberlake, and his friends Jolan and Jennica Dragos.  This weekend starts the trial of young Jolan. I'm sure all of you out there will be watching. Goodnight everyone."
The cameras clicked off, Jolan smiling at Justin.


Cory Hamilton knocked on the door of the small home, standing in the brisk wind that sent a shiver down his spine.

The coolness of the early November afternoon was hinting at the approaching snow.

He waited, then heard someone coming to the door.

The door opened, Cory staring at the man standing there.

"Hey, Bill. Can I come in?"

Bill Carson stared at Cory for a moment, then stepped aside, allowing the man to walk into the home.

"So you're back in town again, Cory. I saw you at the office. The sheriff told me about you being made a deputy again."
"Yes, he thought it would help me in my investigation."
The man stared at him, Cory sensing he was judging him on something.

"So it is true. You're back in town trying to help Jolan Dragos."
Cory sensed hostility in Bill's voice, a sense of hatred against Jolan.

"Jolan was, and still is, my best friend, Bill. That will never change between us."
"Seems it has. I hear he's totally fried in the head. No memories of this town or his family. Or even you."

Bill sat down at the kitchen table, Cory offered a seat by him.

"Want some Joe?"
"A cup would be nice, thanks."
Bill stood up, grabbing the coffeepot off the stove.

He poured each of them a cup, sitting down again.

"I count you as a friend also, Bill. Tell me what's going on around here?"
Bill looked at his former co-worker, sighing.

"This place has changed, Cory. It's not the same as it used to be. There's an underlying doubt or troubled uncertainty running through everyone here. I've felt it ever since before Jolan and his family left. Ever since Sid's accident."
Cory's hand went on top of Bill's.

"How is Sid?"
"The same, Cory. Always the same. Yet lately he's been softly murmuring, like he's trying to speak. But that'll never change. My brother's a vegetable because of that man."
Cory sighed, releasing Bill's hand.

"You've hated Jolan because of that, haven't you?"
The man stared at him.

"He was with him when we found them, Cory. He was standing over my brother, my brother's blood on his hands. Ya can't see what's in front of your own eyes, my friend. Your so-called friend is a simmering monster. Hell, you've known him closer than everyone, and he's still a stranger to you. Admit it!"

Cory stared at the man, no words coming from him.

"Now all this trial shenanigans, him in the center of it. Rape and attempted murder. It don't surprise me that he'd be the type to do that. Don't surprise me in the least."
"There's something you need to know, Bill. Something that Jolan asked me never to speak of."

Bill folded his arms, staring at Cory.

Cory sighed, looking at his friend, staring into his now confused eyes.

"You're right, Bill. Jolan did something to Sid. If we'd been twenty minutes earlier we would have seen him save his life."

Bill looked shocked, staring at Cory.

"What the hell do you mean? What did he do to my brother?"

"Sid's the way he is because Jolan made him like that. Jolan has sealed off your brother from life, Bill."

"Sealed off? What are you talking about?" the man said, a worried look on his face now.

"Sid found a monster, Bill. Sid found the monster that's been devouring this town. And that monster almost had him, beginning to eat the life out of him. Jolan walked into that horror. And Jolan pulled Sid from that monster's clutches. But the magic--or whatever the horror of that monster is--was consuming Sid. Jolan's own magic had sent Sid to where he now is. Jolan told me that himself. To save Sid's life, Jolan had sent him into himself. That's the man we now see, your tragically disabled brother. Wherever his mind is, it's away from the power of evil that was trying to kill him. Jolan never had the chance to tell me the monster's identity.  And you know damn well why. For two nights later, Jolan and his family disappeared. I know for a fact the two incidents are connected. I just can't figure out what's going on here!"
Bill looked totally floored, looking towards the stairs across the room.

"My Sid was attacked by evil?"
"Yes, Bill. Something, or someone got him. Jolan's intervention saved your brother's life that night. Now you can hate him, or not believe it. I don't care. All I know is that I need to talk to Sid."
"Ya can't talk to Sid, Cory. He's totally incapable of articulate speech. He just sits in his room, staring out of the window. He's been like that since the night we found him. I've talked to him for hours, to no avail. Wherever he is he's far from us. My little brother's so lost."
Cory's hand went again on top of Bill's.

"As lost as Jolan's been."

Bill stared at  Cory, sensing the truth in what he said.

Bill and Cory's eyes met, Bill standing up.

"Come on, I'll take you to him."
Cory stood up, walking to the stairs with Bill.


Bill opened the door, he and Cory walking into a small, immaculate bedroom.

It was cozy and warm, a soft light lighting it.

Cory's eyes took in the room's beauty and masculine theme.

The room of a gregarious male teenager.

Sports pictures abounded, a few trophies lining the bookcase on one wall.

Cory remembered the track star that Sidney Carson had once been.

The school's hero and sports dynamo.

And one night of horror changed that young man's future.

He, Cory and Jolan had all been friends, going to school together, and all from the adjoining neighborhoods of a small town.

Cory's eyes looked towards the one window in the room, an easy chair pushed up against it.

In that chair sat a young man of handsome beauty.

The years of adulthood had changed his face, but Cory easily recognized his old friend.

The young man was staring out of the window, his body hardly moving.

"Hello, Sid. How are you?" Cory said softly, no answer returned.

Bill walked over, his hand softly stroking the man's full head of black hair.

"How's my Sid? Cory's here, Sidney. You remember your friend Cory?"
The man didn't move, Cory walking quietly over, standing in front of him, leaning against the window.

Cory looked into his blue eyes, seeing only emptiness shining there.

"I'm back in town, Sid. I'm here wanting to help you. Help you and Jolan."
On the mention of Jolan's name, those blue eyes moved, seemingly focusing for a moment.

A soft gurgle came out of the man's throat, Cory leaning forward trying to see if he could understand it.

"Like I said, Cory. Just gurgling, no words at all."
"But you saw his eyes move when I mentioned Jolan."
The young man's eyes moved again, one hand going out in a flash, seizing Cory's wrist.

Bill looked surprised, Cory feeling the strength in that grip.

Sid's eyes were now focused on Cory.

His head was moving, his mouth opening slowly, Cory staring at him.

"Bhhhhoonnnnoooooos. Innnnchilllls...."

Cory and Bill looked surprised, looking at each other.

"Bhonos? Inchills? What does that mean?" Bill said, his hand rubbing Sid's shoulder, Sid's eyes closing then opening.

He looked into Cory's eyes.

Both men saw the tears in Sid's eyes, and the struggling he was going through trying to speak.

"hhhee. . .savvves meees! Jollly!"

Bill's eyes filled with tears, those words easier to understand.

"He did save him! Jolly saved him! I remember Jennica's name for Jolan. . .Jolly!" Bill said, his head shaking back and forth.

Cory stared at the young man, the young man's head again looking out of the window, his eyes unfocused again.

"I think he's gone back into that place. I think he used all his strength to reach out to us." Cory softly said, his hand squeezing Sid's.

He moved forward, kissing the young man's cheek.

"Rest in comfort, old friend. He's coming back. And I think he'll free you from that place."
Bill looked at Cory, the young man looking back at him.

"I think I know who'll be able to decipher whatever Sid just said. I think Jolan can."
Bill's hand went to Cory's shoulder, the two men looking at each other.

"Tell him I'm sorry. For years, I've been blaming him for Sid's condition. I now see the truth in that. If there's anything I can do for him, please tell him I'm here as the friend I once was."
Cory smiled, the two men looking down at Sid.

"I will, Bill. And take care of Sid. He's been lying hidden in a place of Jolan's doing, away from that evil. If that evil senses the truth in all this, it may come back for him. Our only hope in all of this is Jolan."
Bill nodded, the two men quietly walking out of the room.

The young man who remained lay in silence in the chair by the window.

His body didn't move, but his mind was wide open, his thoughts so clear.


I'm here, Jolan.

Right where you left me.

Thank you for that night, and every night of life since.

You said you'd come back for me.

And bring me out of the void.

I've talked with them.

Their love was so welcomed.

We love you, Jolan.


A small smile crossed the man's face.

Below the window something moved in the early evening shadows.

A soft growl was heard, then only silence.




End of Chapter 63


What revelations!

What happened that night with Sid?
What has Jolan done to him?

Seems our Sid isn't alone in the darkness.


The television interview I sensed needed doing.

The first pairing of Justin and Jolan in the public eye.

I'm sure you can all sense the meaning in all the two spoke of, in regards to their own love.

Billy seems like he'd picked up on a few things as well.

Was Jolan giving him a clue to his own upcoming love?


Read on and you'll find out.

Next up: Josh and Chace join the group again.

And then we're off to Cutter's Bluff.

And the trial of truth.


Hugs, Angel.