Jolan's Path - Chapter 64


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 64


The television crew disappeared quickly, faster than they had appeared.
Within a half hour the condo was back to its original state.
Billy was the last to leave, going over the interview with Justin and Jolan through the program's video system.
A few minor edits were done, but the interview as a whole remained unchanged.
Billy was impressed with Jolan's insightful approach to everything.
He sensed he was a very together young man.
Justin smiled seeing Billy's acknowledgement of Jolan's specialness.
There was no jealousy behind Justin's stares, knowing his Jolan didn't have a wandering gaze.
Billy left with a deep respect for both men, and a sense of awed wonder.
Jolan's previous words in regards to his own future happiness remained in his mind.
After everyone was gone, Justin and Jolan snuggled on the couch, Jennie off to her room to change back into her everyday clothes.
"Your sister was as calm and cool as you were, my love."
Jolan nodded, looking towards the hallway.
Lynn sat across from them, looking in that direction as well.
"That was a touching thing she said, about you and I being her family now, Justin." Lynn said, looking towards Justin, a tear again in her eye.
Justin nodded, his mind on the young woman as well.
Jolan smiled, seeing both touched by Jennie's loving words.
"She meant all of it. To her young troubled mind the two of you are her dearest friends. In you, Lynn, she sees a loving mother, who with her guiding love is making her blossom into a young beautiful woman. And in you, my Jus, she sees another brother surrounding her with love. I want to thank both of you for that. For giving your love to her so easily."
Both smiled, Justin kissing Jolan's cheek.
"The next few weeks will be tough on her as well. But in the end her love and mine will get through all of this. I have full confidence in that."
Justin nodded, Lynn looking at Jolan.
"I've taken charge of my life, of the destiny I was chosen for. I'll see this now to the end. For I believe the end will justify the means, in all I've done."
The two looked at Jolan, seeing the calmness and determination in his grey staring eyes.
"Just promise me that your love will be with me."
Justin smiled, as did Lynn, both promising him that.

Jolan smiled, snuggling against his man.

Justin lay in silence, holding his lover, his eyes meeting his mother's.

Jolan pulled the beef roast out of the oven, Lynn at the counter dicing up carrots, dropping them into the steamer.
"That smells wonderful, Jolan. Your seasonings smell so intoxicating." she said, Jolan smiling as he basted the roast with its own juices, closing the lid again, pushing it back into the warm oven.

"My Mom, I truly believe, was a master chef. It's another of her recipes."

Lynn smiled, turning the burner under the steamer pot on.
The phone rang, Justin answering it from the living room, he and Jennie playing cards on the coffee table.
Jolan went back to preparing his scalloped potatoes, Lynn smiling at him.
Their silent work was shattered a few minutes later by a loud joyous squeal.
Jolan smiled, looking at a surprised Lynn.
"I do believe our guests have arrived, if Jennie's squeal of joy is any indication."
Lynn laughed, the two walking out into the living room, smiling at the scene before them.
Josh was hugging Justin, his eyes looking towards Jolan.
Chace was on the floor, his arms filled with a bundle of happiness.
"And all is right in Jennie's world." Jolan laughed, walking towards his friends.
Josh pulled Jolan into a tight hug, kissing his cheek.
"How are you, Jolan? I've missed you." he said, Jolan smiling at the truth shining in Josh's blue eyes.
"Yeah sure, Chasez! You've been in heaven the past week, and don't deny it!"
Josh blushed, Justin chuckling.
Josh's eyes went to Chace, the young man now back on his feet, hugging Lynn.
"It's been like heaven alright." he said, Jolan smiling.

Chace and Josh's eyes met, Jolan smiling more.

"Care to share the joy, or have I said too much?" Jolan said, Josh and Chace looking surprised.

"You know?"

Jolan smiled, looking at Jennie.

"From Jennie's lips to my ears."

The two men looked at Jennie, the young girl smiling.

"I felt the returning love, it has increased."

Justin and Lynn were showing confused looks on their faces, Josh looking at his best friend.

Josh held out his hand, Justin staring at a new gold ring on Josh's finger.

"No way!" Justin said, Josh's eyes full of tears.

"Yes way! Chace asked me to be his forever! We're engaged!"

Justin's eyes filled with tears, pulling his best friend into his arms, Lynn's arms going around both of them.

Jolan walked up to Chace, giving him a tight hug.

"Congrats, Chace. You're one lucky man."

Chace's handsome face changed into a wide smile, Jolan smiling back.

"Don't I know it. And thanks to you I see what I almost lost."
Jolan blushed, the other three breaking their hug, Josh staring at Jolan.

"I have you to thank as well, Jolan. For what you did for me, and for us, Chace and I can never repay you."
"All I did was show you the love that was always there. You both just needed to find that again. The web of deceit you were entangled within never stood a chance against that love. All is right with the world, indeed."
Everyone smiled, Chace's arm going around Jennie.

"I hope now that I'm going to be an old married man you'll still love me, angel?"

"I'll never stop loving you, Chace. You're my friend."

Chace smiled, kissing her cheek, Jennie blushing a soft blush.

"Well, let's hear all about it. Dinner will be ready shortly and you can regale us with all the details." Lynn said, guiding the two men towards the living room, Jennie wrapped in Chace's arms.

Justin's arm wrapped around Jolan's waist, looking into his grey eyes.

"You're amazing. Have I told you that today?"
Jolan smiled, kissing his soft lips.

"Today and everyday. Please don't ever stop."
Justin laughed, walking towards the living room with his lover's arms around him.


Before dinner--and during the meal--Josh and Chace spun the tale of their uniting love.

Chace had planned it all out, Josh walking into a moment of intense love.

Chace had taken the day off from filming Gossip Girl, spending the day cooking Josh his favorite meal.

Josh had returned from the studio that evening walking into a candlelit room, his lover wearing a beautiful new white suit.

Chace pulled a garment bag off the couch, handing it to Josh, his own beautiful white suit laying within.

Josh had gone upstairs, returning fully dressed in his new suit, the two holding each other close.

They danced for over half a hour, soft kisses and loving touches increasing their love for each other.

Chace had pinned a soft blue rose on Josh's lapel, telling him it matched the color of his beautiful eyes.

Chace sat Josh down, bringing him his favorite meal, Josh touched at what Chace had cooked him.

They ate together surrounded by soft music, Chace knowing how much music was a part of Josh's life.

After the meal, Chace walked out of the kitchen carrying a large chocolate sundae.

Josh smiled, knowing it was their favorite flavor, and the two would share it.

Chace sat the bowl in front of Josh, Josh pulling him down for a kiss, their lips lingering together.

"Let's share the sweetness, my love." Chace had said, sitting in Josh's lap, the man snuggling against him.

Josh had smiled, picking up a spoon, looking down at the dish of chocolate ice cream.

He froze, staring at the object sitting on top of the large cherry in the sundae's center.

A gold ring with one solitaire diamond in its center stared back at Josh.

His eyes went upwards, staring into Chace's blue orbs of love.

"I love you, Joshua. From the first moment I looked into your blue eyes I've been hopelessly overpowered by your love. It's a love I can't get enough of. You are mine, and I am yours. We love each other for who we really are. I love you for the loving, temperamental, giving, intoxicating, beautiful man that you are. And I sense you love me for who I am, faults and all. We just went through the roughest test of our love, Joshua. And that moment made me realize that you are all that I need, all that I've ever wanted. You are a part of me, Josh. You complete me. And there's only one thing that will complete both of us."
Chace stood up, going to one knee--taking the ring off of the sundae before he knelt--looking up into Josh's now tearing blue eyes.

"I love you, Josh. I will always love you. Will you join with me forever? Will you marry me?"

Josh had burst into tears, flinging his arms around the man kneeling before him, a sob of hopeless love erupting from his soul.

"I love you, Chace! Oh God, how much I love you! Yes, yes, yes! " Josh said, his voice filled with emotion, a wide smile now crossing Chace's tearful face.

"Last week I'd thought I'd lost you! I'd thought that your love was gone forever! But it came back! You came back! You wrapped me in that giving love again. I need that so much, Chace! I need your love and I need you so much! Yes, I'll marry you! A thousand times yes!"
Chace pulled the man against him, kissing him deeply, both lost in the deep love flowing through them.

The moment intensified, Chace pulling Josh down with him, the two falling to the floor, wrapped in their love for each other.

Half the tablecloth went with them, including one large bowl of chocolate ice cream.


Everyone was in tears, hearing the beauty of that loving moment.

Chace and Josh kissed, Jolan seeing their love in each other's eyes.

Josh looked at the ring on his finger, Justin smiling at him.

"So, what happened to the ice cream?" Justin said, Jolan smirking.

Chace smiled, kissing Josh's neck.

"It was delicious. Especially the added Chasez flavor."
Justin burst into laughter, Josh blushing.

Jennie smiled, her eyes on Chace.

Jolan smiled, rising up and heading into the kitchen with Lynn, carrying the empty dinner plates.

They returned a few minutes later carrying dessert plates and two large pies.

Justin smiled, diving into the first pie set down on the table, a large Dutch apple.

"My man's desserts are fantastic!" he smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

Jolan sat the cherry pie down in front of Josh, the man diving in as well.

"So, when's the big date?" Jolan asked, Josh and Chace looking at each other.

"Well, we really haven't decided. We want to tell our families first, then organize the details. We're thinking maybe this April or May." Chace said, smiling as Lynn handed him a plate of apple pie.

"We're thinking Hawaii. Chace and I both love the islands. We've been there twice. It's so romantic. The idea of a beach wedding at sunset sounds so beautiful." Josh said, Chace smiling at him.

"Sounds wonderful, guys. The sunset of your loneliness will give way to the sunrise of your togetherness." Jolan said, smiling at the two men.

Josh was moved by Jolan's loving words.

"That would make a great song lyric, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, sitting down beside Justin.

"Use it, Josh. It's yours. And it's just Jo. You two are my dearest friends."
Both men smiled, nodding.

Josh's eyes went to Justin, his friend smiling at him.

"Jus, I'd like you to be my best man. You've always been the most important man in my life. Next to Chace, of course."

Justin was in tears, forgetting his pie, getting up and walking up to his now standing friend, hugging him tightly.

"I'd be honored, Joshy. I'd be so honored!" he said, tears falling, Josh kissing his cheek.

Lynn smiled, seeing their friendship and love as it always had been.

It hadn't surprised her that Josh would ask Justin.

Justin smiled, and returned to his seat, the two friends wiping their eyes.

Chace's eyes went to Jolan.

"I'd like you to be mine, Jolan."

Jolan, on the other hand, was stunned.

His grey eyes stared at the young handsome star.

"Me? You. . . you want me. . ."

Justin's arm went around Jolan, Chace standing up now.

He walked around the table, looking down at Jolan.

"I don't have any brothers or really close friends, Jolan. I'd been mostly a loner, until I met Joshy. No one in my whole life ever did anything for me as moving and as loving as you did, Jolan. You made me see the real Josh I had. The insecure, needful, hopelessly loving man that I hadn't really seen. My Josh loves me so much, our love stronger now than it's ever been. I have you to thank for letting me see that. That Josh needs my love as much as I need his. I couldn't have anyone else standing with me when I marry that wonderful man."
Josh's eyes were filled with tears, as were Justin's.

Jolan stood up, staring into Chace's needful blue eyes.

"I'd be honored to stand by you, Chace. Someone's got to keep you three from bawling on that special day."
Chace laughed, pulling the young man into another hug.

They parted, Chace looking at Josh, then both men looking at Jennie.

"And I think we need to have the prettiest angel as our flower girl, or should I say our young woman of flowers."
Jennie's eyes widened, Chace leaning down and kissing her cheek.

"Can't have my special day without my special Jennie."
Jennie grinned, her arms wrapping around Chace's neck, her lips kissing his cheek.

"I'd be so happy to do it, Chace!"
Everyone around the table smiled, seeing Jennie's exploding happiness.


After dinner was finished and everything in the kitchen put to right, everyone relaxed in the living room.

They'd only been comfortable a few minutes when a knock came to the door, Justin answering it.

Lonnie, Joey and Lance walking into the condo, hugs and kisses exchanged with everyone.

Josh and Chace went through their news again, Lance crying in Joey's arms by the end of their tale.

Joey, on the other hand, was holding in his laughter, Lance looking up at him.

"Joey, what's wrong? You look like you want to laugh at such a moving, touching moment."
Joey couldn't hold it in any longer, bursting into laughter, everyone unable to not smile at his jovial face.

Joey fought with himself, managing to gain control of his laughter, looking at Josh and Chace.

"I just can't get the picture out of my mind. You two guys on the floor in white suits covered in chocolate ice cream." he said, laughing.

Jolan smiled then began to laugh as well, patting Joey's shoulder, seeing his friend had zoned in on the one amusing moment of the loving tale.

"Yeah, that would have been a joy to see. Hey, do you think they double dipped?" Jolan said to Joey, the man exploding with laughter, falling to the floor.

Jolan was laughing harder now, as were a few others, Josh and Chace both blushing a little, Justin laughing at their embarrassment.

"Hey guys, it's okay. It's just a funny moment." Justin said smiling, Jolan walking over to him and wrapping his arms around his lover.

"One question though, Chace?" Jolan said, Justin smiling at his Jo's happiness.

"Yes, Jo?" Chace said, Josh's arm around him.

"What did you do with the cherry?"

Joey roared again, his loud laugh booming around the room, sending everyone else into laughter.

"I popped that into my mouth right away." Chace said, Josh looking at him in shock.

Jolan and Justin both burst into laughter, falling down on the floor, Chace's laughter joining theirs.

Josh was the only one standing in silence, Jolan laughing and getting up, putting his arm around his friend.

"You my friend, need to relax. Go with the joy that's flooding all our souls. Inside you is a man of deep, giving happiness. Shrug off the serious Josh and let's see the fun Joshy. Let it out, Josh. Spread that loving soul around." he said, smiling at the man.

Josh stared at him, then looked at Chace smiling up at him.

"Well, I've had fun. I've been eating sprinkles off him all week. You'd be surprised what can hide in a crack."

Everyone burst out in laughter, Josh's the loudest, Jolan wrapping him in a tight hug.

"Awesome, Chasez! Right to the juicy parts!"

Josh laughed, jumping on top of his lover, Jolan doing the same to his Justin.

Justin smiled, Jolan laying on top of him, everyone around them relaxing and calming down.

"So all set for Friday, Jo?" Joey said, Lance looking at him with a troubled look, sitting in Joey's lap.

"It's okay, Lance. I'm ready for all that has to happen." Jolan said, Justin looking at him, his hand rubbing his back.

"You know what's going to happen?" Chace said, looking at his friend.

Jolan looked around the room, his gaze ending at Justin's blue eyes.

"I've found the connection. The key to unlocking my memories. It was around me all this time, I only had to focus on it. It's the binding clue."
"What is it?" Lance asked, the question on everyone's lips.

"It's me, Lance. Or rather a part of me. A part of me that was taken from me. Someone desired it and they took it. I'm going to get it back. And to do that I'll have to confront him. He'll be there, that's for certain. The guilty always return to the scene of the crime."

"What was taken from you, Jo?" Josh asked, his face showing concern.

"The essence of myself, Joshua. My soul's gift. I created something beautiful, something of my own. And because of that so many had to suffer. It's time for me to atone for their suffering. Friday is the first day of tribulation. The choosing of my peers to judge me. Then there are two days of rest before the trial really begins. In those two days I shall walk my past. I shall go home."
Jennie moved, sitting down beside her brother on the floor, her arm going around him.

Jolan and Justin both moved, sitting on the floor, Jennie in Jolan's lap.

"No worries, Jennie. You knew I had to go there. But you don't have to. Your memories are best left in the darkness until we find them."
She leaned in kissing his cheek, looking into his grey eyes.

Everyone saw her eyes softly glowing.

"You are I and I am you, brother. We are their children. That was our home. That was my home. I shall return with you. Together our memories will come alive."

Jolan pulled her against him, Justin seeing the tears in his eyes.

"I would give everything to shield you from the pain, Jennica. You've had too much already."
Jennie hugged him tightly, Jolan feeling her giving love.

"I think the pain's over, Jolly. I think what lays there now is remembrance, and truth. I have a feeling of someone guiding my way. As if I'm awakening from a dream. What's in that town for me will be love and happiness. I feel that, Jolly."

Jolan broke the hold between the two of them, staring into his sister's eyes.

He saw happiness there.

"Jennica. . ."
"I dreamt of her last night, Jolly. Mom was with me.  I saw her face, her beautiful face, her long blonde hair surrounding it."
Jolan stared at her in amazement, the young girl smiling at him.

"She was sitting under a tree, Spartacus laying in her lap. The two were waiting for me. She looked so beautiful, so much happiness sparkling in her blue eyes. "

Jolan was in tears, remembering the vision he'd had himself of her.

"She smiled at me such a heartwarming smile. A mother's smile of love."
Jennie's head went to Jolan's shoulder, everyone surrounding them looking on with quiet love.

"She smiled at me and spoke only a few words. Words steeped in love."
Jolan hugged her a little tighter, Jennie looking up at him.

"What did she say, Jennie?"
She smiled, looking around the room.

"Hello, my angel of glowing life. The bond is slipping. Tell Jolan to remember the bells."

Jolan looked unsure at his sister, Jennie staring at him.

"The bells? What bells?"

"I don't know, Jolly. She was only in my dream for that short time. And then she was gone."
Jolan pulled her a little closer, Jennie smiling.

"But I saw her, Jolly. She's real and she's alive. Even though it was a dream, I know she's alive. That's why I'm not scared anymore. I know I'm going to find her. We're going to find her and Dad."
Jolan smiled at her, everyone seeing his brotherly love shining through.

"Alright, Jennie. I believe you. They're there somewhere. Somewhere in that town they're there."
Jennie smiled, Justin looking at his lover, sensing Jolan's love.


Jolan woke up, his body wrapped in a cocoon of flesh.

He smiled, Justin's body against his.

Justin's arms were wrapped around him, his head laying on Jolan's chest.

Jolan's head moved, taking in the time on the nightstand's clock.

Six o'clock.

Jolan sighed, gently breaking the hold Justin had on him.

He smiled when Justin finally let go of him, the young man sound asleep on his back.

Jolan took in the vision of the sleeping beauty before him, his eyes scanning every smooth inch of the man's nude body.

Jolan smiled, knowing he'd tasted every inch of that body last night before falling asleep in Justin's arms.

Jolan pulled up the blankets, cocooning his man in their warmth.

Jolan got up, grabbing his briefs, t-shirt and sweatpants.

He smiled, knowing he could make as much noise as he wanted, his lover deep in sleep.

Jolan hit the bathroom, taking a quick shower, the warm water cascading down his nude body.

He cleaned up quickly, drying and dressing.

He walked out of the bathroom, his Justin still sound asleep.

Jolan took one last smiling look at him, then walked out of the bedroom, closing the door.

He turned, looking down the hallway at a surprising sight.

Standing in the hallway, stretching his arms was Josh.

The bathroom light was on, casting a reflecting light on his body.

Jolan took in the vision of a well-defined, sculpted man.

Josh was naked save for a pair of black boxer briefs, Jolan taking in the sight of their fullness.

Josh's body was tight, muscular and smooth.

His torso was well-defined, two small nipples standing out in the morning coolness.

The man was a walking Adonis.

"Morning, Josh. You're up early."
Josh's hand went towards his center, a soft blush now showing on his cheeks.

"Morning, Jo. I didn't think anyone was up yet. I snuck out to use the washroom quickly. I'm sorry you caught me so exposed."
Jolan smiled widely, Josh seeing a happiness on his youthful face.

"I'm not. And you have nothing to apologize for. From what I see, Chace is one lucky man."
Josh's face reddened more, Jolan walking up to him, his hand going to Josh's smooth warm shoulder.

"Relax, Joshy. You are indeed sexy, and a vision of masculine beauty. But you're not my Jus."
Josh's face relaxed, a soft smile coming to his lips.

"Like I said, Chace is one lucky man. And so am I."
Josh grinned now, hearing the heartfelt friendship in Jolan's voice, and the deep love.

"Now how about you get some clothes on, and we'll talk in the kitchen? I really want to get to know you, my new friend."
Josh smiled, his arms wrapping around Jolan, Jolan feeling his now relaxed feelings.

"Sure thing, Jo. Be right with you."
Josh turned, walking the few feet to Cindy's bedroom door, where Chace was sleeping.

Jolan took in the vision of the tight muscular butt hidden beneath the black briefs.

Yes, Chace was one lucky man indeed.


Jolan laughed, working at the kitchen counter, sipping from a cup of coffee he'd set down there.

Josh sat at the table, regaling Jolan with another tale from his days with N*Sync.

They'd been chatting for over an hour, the two opening up to each other so easily.

Jolan saw in Josh a kindred spirit.

A man giving of heart, and determined of mind.

Jolan saw easily that Josh had been the determined one of the group, the guiding hand in keeping the other four focused.

Like a surrogate older brother to them all.

Josh had talked of the many nights he'd held Justin those first few years, the younger man so lonely.

Jolan had smiled at that, happy that his Justin had had Josh and Lance with him then.

Lance's physical love and Josh's brotherly love had made him the man Jolan loved.

He'd voiced that to Josh, the man smiling back at him.

The two talked over their lives, a bond of friendship created.

Justin walked into the kitchen a few minutes later, followed by Chace.
Justin wrapped his arms around Jolan, kissing him on the lips.
"Morning, my Jo. You're up early. I woke up to an empty bed." he said, Chace sitting down in Josh's lap, kissing him as well.
"So did I, my angel. I missed my morning kiss."
Josh smiled, kissing Chace deeply, the other two men smiling at them.
"Aw, look love. The youngsters are cooing." Justin chuckled, Jolan's lips on his neck.
"Hey, Mr. Timberlake. Don't make fun of someone showing their love."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.
"Alright, Mr. Dragos. Besides, Joshy isn't exactly a youngster anymore." Justin said laughing.
Jolan smiled at Josh, looking into his lover's blue eyes.
"He may not be a youngster, but man he's got one fine, smooth, muscular form!"
Justin's eyebrows raised, looking towards his best friend.
"Oh, really? And when did you take in that vision?"
Josh was softly blushing, Chace smiling at him.
"I made a hurried trip to the bathroom early this morning, figuring I didn't need to put a robe on. I had an audience when I walked out."
Chace and Justin both looked at Jolan, the young man smiling.
"I thought it was Christmas morning! What a present!"
Chace laughed, as did Justin, Josh blushing more.
Jolan smiled, walking over to him, putting his hand on Josh's shoulder as he had earlier.
"Like I said early this morning, Chace is one lucky man. But not as lucky as I feel." Jolan said, Justin smiling when he looked at him.
"Josh and Chace, my good friends. The four of us are going to be close, loving friends. I'm sure there will be many more instances of revealing nakedness between us. Those moments won't change the love we have for our soulmates. Let's just think of them as fringe benefits."
Both men smiled, Justin smiling as well.
"Great! I can't wait to see Chace's ass! I've seen Joshy's already." Justin smirked, Jolan at his side again.
"Honey, you can't control yourself around mine." Jolan said, kissing his cheek.
Justin laughed, pulling him close.
"That's cause it's fantastic!"
Josh's face widened in a smile, looking at Jolan.

"Ooh, now I'm intrigued! Sounds delicious!"

Jolan smiled, looking at Justin.

"Ask your friend. He's the one who loves to dine at Ass de Jolly!"

The four lost it, their laughter filling the kitchen as Jennie and Lynn walked into the room.

"Morning boys. You all seem to be in a good mood this morning. And what smells so delicious?" Lynn said, Jennie's arms going around Justin.

"That would be my breakfast burritos. I thought we'd have some southern fare this morning." Jolan said, walking up to the stove, getting back to his preparations.

Lynn smiled at Justin, Justin kissing his mother's cheek.

"How long has he been up?"
"Since around six." Josh said, Chace moving and sitting down beside Jennie, kissing her cheek.

"Morning, angel." he said, Jennie smiling at him.

"Jolly's okay. He's just wanting to get going. It's his way. He takes life by the horns."
Everyone smiled at the young woman, Jennie pouring herself and Chace each a glass of orange juice.

Lynn and Justin sat down at the table as Jolan walked back over with a few plates filled with food.

"Dig in everyone. Going to be a long day." Jolan said, going back to the counter.


Their table was invaded a few minutes later by another group of travelers.

Lonnie, Joey, Lance, Trace and Cindy.

Greetings were exchanged, Jolan bringing more food to the table.

"You're always so prepared, Jo." Joey smiled, Jolan patting his shoulder.

"I think I'll always have to be around you guys. It's like my family's doubled."

Everyone laughed, smiling at the young man.

"So when's the next interview, Jo and Jus?" Lance said, Justin looking towards Jolan.

"That's for my man to decide."

Everyone had watched the interview the evening before at Justin's, Jolan receiving all their praise for his courageous words throughout it.

As had Jennie.

"I won't be talking to the press again until after the trial. I have to focus on that right now. Jus and I have talked. Our relationship will gradually become known and seen to the world in whatever way Justin wants. I am totally comfortable with just being with him. Whenever Justin's ready will be soon enough for me."
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing his lips.

Everyone saw their love openly displayed.

"Everything ready, Joe?" Jolan asked, sipping on his cup of coffee.

"Yes, Jo. We've rented three vans. Enough room for all of us. We just need to stop and pick up your uncles and your grandfather and Daphne and Rachel. We'll be in Oberson Falls by late afternoon."

"It's going to be nice seeing Mom and Henry again."  Cindy said, Trace smiling at her, his arm around the back of the chair.

Jolan had thought it a good idea to spend tonight in Oberson Falls, more than halfway between New York City and Cutter's Bluff.

From there it was about a three hour drive to Cutter's Bluff.

That way he could be in Cutter's Bluff ahead of the ten o'clock court date, if they left early.

Cory had called last night, he and Jolan talking on the phone for over an hour.

The news from Cutter's Bluff wasn't good.

The town was infested with reporters, Cory only able to reserve three motel rooms for the gang.

Through the help of some good friends he'd secured rooms for everyone else.

He told Jolan he'd give him all the details Friday morning, when they met before the trial.

As for the town's impact on the news of Jolan's upcoming appearance, Cory said the town was on pins and needles.

How they'd find twelve people to judge him fairly was beyond Cory's scope.

Everyone he talked to seemed to already have an opinion on the outcome of the trial.

In Cory's eyes, that didn't bode well for fairness and truth.

Jolan spoke words of calmness to his lost friend, Cory hearing his old friendship in his voice.

"Thank you for doing all you can, Cory. I see easily the friendship we once had."
"You were and still are my friend, Jolan. Give Simus my love and I'll see you on Friday."

The two ended their call, their hearts filled with a renewed friendship.


Jolan cleaned up while everyone finished their breakfast, everyone casually glancing at him often.

They all felt his anxiousness at wanting to get on the road.

His destiny awaited.

After breakfast, Justin and Jolan packed their bags in their bedroom.

Justin picked out Jolan's clothes, Jolan doing the same for him.

They both smiled at each other, seeing their similar tastes.

Jolan picked up the Tome and the other novel off the nightstand, Justin looking at him as he stuffed them into the last suitcase.

"Light reading for both of us."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I think yours is a little heavier reading, my love. And more revealing."

Jolan smiled at him, snuggling against him.

"On the road we go, Jus. Forward to fate."
Justin's arms went around Jolan, staring into his grey eyes.

"I sense a tremble in your soul, Jo. What's wrong?"
Jolan's head went against Justin's chest, Justin holding him tightly.

"Now that I'm on the edge, I don't know if I can take that final step, Justin. That step into the unknown."
"I'm here with you, Jo. You don't have to walk alone."

Jolan raised his head, looking into the two blue eyes he'd come to love.

"I know you are, Justin. That's what's keeping me together. Something's going to happen in the next week. Something you'll not believe until you see it. There's so much you don't know about me, my love. So much that even I don't know myself. But I feel I shall learn it all very soon."
Justin tightened his hold on him, looking into the grey eyes that he loved even more.

"Then we'll learn it all together. Our love will show us the truth in all we see, Jolan. I shall be by your side."

"That's all I need, Jus. Your love will get me through all of it."
Justin smiled, pulling the young man to him, their lips meeting, their love flowing through both of them.

"Let's get going, Jo. I want to be at Shelly's for the wonderful supper I'm sure she's making."
Jolan laughed, slapping Justin's butt.

"Your heart can be won so easily by good food. I'm going to be a master chef by the time we're old together."
Justin smiled, thinking of that long life of happiness.

"Will you love me if you fatten me up?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin again.

"I'll love you always."
Justin smiled, picking up the two suitcases he'd filled, Jolan smiling at him.

"I'll give these to Carlos. He's got a trolley in the hallway."
Jolan smiled, watching Justin walk out of their bedroom.

Jolan looked down at the suitcase, staring at the book.

"I'm coming home. Let the hunt begin."


Five hours later, three minivans pulled up into the driveway of the Carruthers Bed and Breakfast.

Jolan climbed out of the driver's seat of the first one, Justin smiling as he got out of the passenger seat.

Justin had let Jolan drive, feeling the driving had a calming effect on him.

Even the morning traffic snarls in New York City hadn't fazed him.

Justin smiled, thoughts of buying his lover a new sports car growing in his mind.

If driving calmed his soul then Justin was going to see that he had the means to always be calm.

Justin looked at the wooden sign on the front lawn, his arm going around Jolan.

"Full circle, right Trace?"
Trace smiled, looking at the sign as well.

"Yes, Justin. The circle of life. You and I both found our loved ones starting at this wonderful place."
Jolan and Cindy both smiled, rolling their eyes.

"As if they think we just let them find us. Little do they know, girlfriend!" Jolan said, Cindy laughing.

"The smitten are easily led." she said, Jolan laughing, everyone smiling at their smiling faces.

"Come on girlfriend! Let's find your mom!" Jolan said, breaking from Justin and putting his arm around Cindy, both running up the front walkway.

Trace and Justin looked at each other, Joey slapping them both on the back.

"I think you've both been strung along, guys. Those two knew exactly what they wanted and went for it. Lucky yous!"
Joey laughed, Lance's arm going around him.

"I know the feeling."

Joey's eyebrow went up, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Relax, lover. You're lucky as well."

Everyone laughed, walking towards the warm home.


Everyone enjoyed a wonderful, filling dinner, Shelly smiling widely at all their compliments.

Jolan had helped her in the kitchen, his help welcomed.

She'd been cooking all day, Henry helping her as much as he could.

But she was the queen of her castle, her food her treasure.

After dinner, everyone sat around relaxing, Henry and Shelly filling Cindy and everyone in on all the local news.

Jim Wilson had led the authorities to all three bodies of the young girls he'd murdered.

There was more than enough evidence to send him away for life for his crimes.

Sam had retired a week earlier, the life of a police chief no longer appetizing to him.

He and his wife were moving to Hawaii, opening a bed and breakfast there.

Jolan smiled, thinking it would be a fitting life for the man.

 The town had been turned upside down by the reality of what had lain in their midst.

Jolan sat quietly while Henry spoke of everyone losing their innocence.

Shelly repeated her earlier comments said on the day Jim Wilson had been revealed.

"A town may lose its innocence, but life goes on. We'll survive as we always have."

Jolan looked around the room, taking in everyone's nodding heads.

"Mirrored truths on different paths." he said, Justin looking at him.

"What do you mean Jo?"

Jolan looked up, everyone's eyes on him.

"In a way it's the same for Cutter's Bluff. They've been lulled into a sense of complacency, unaware of what surrounds them. Of the evil that's seeping into their souls. Of the monsters walking among them. I believe in all my heart my father sensed that. Didn't he, Uncle Simus?"

Simus' grey eyes met Jolan's, the older man seeing a staring truth in their shining centers.

"What do you mean, Nephew?" he calmly said, Calen looking at his nephew as well.

Jolan stood up, everyone in the room looking at him.

"Tomorrow, I go home. And in doing so, I must know all. Something's been bothering me from the first moment I met both of you. The words came from you, Uncle Simus. I want to ask you something."

Simus looked at Calen, his eyes returning to Jolan's.

"You said that my father walked away from his family over twenty years ago, when he chose our mother over his destiny. When my mother left little Daphne in her grandfather's care. Correct, Uncle Calen?"
Calen nodded, looking at his nephew.

"Yes, Jolan. That is correct. It was the last time we saw our brother Joelius. Simus has been seeking him out ever since."

Jolan nodded, looking at his uncle.

"Yes, the Seeker walks his path."
Simus stood, looking at his nephew.

"What is it you ask of me, Jolan?"
Jolan stared at him.

"I want to know what you're keeping from me, Uncle Simus. And why you had to lie to your brother."

Calen looked surprised, getting up and walking up to Simus.

"What is Jolan talking of, Simus?"

Simus was staring at Jolan.

"You let the truth slip for just a moment, Uncle. But the words echoed in my mind."

Simus' body moved a bit, as if a slight tremble went through it.

"I'll repeat the words as you said them, on the day of our first meeting at Grandfather's restaurant."
Simus' grey eyes lowered, Jolan looking at him.

"I asked you where my mother and father were. And your reply was. . ."


"I do not know, Jolan. I have been seeking them for as long as I have been seeking you. Your father walked away from all of us over ten years ago. Little Jennica was just a child when last I saw her. I would recognize her as well. Her mother's magnificent smile and bewitching beauty shine bright."


Simus' legs gave way, the man sinking back down on the couch.

"You saw them ten years ago, Uncle. You've seen my father and mother after they walked away from the Dragosans. How else could you have seen Jennie when she was a child? She's only fifteen, born long after your brother first left."
Calen sat down beside his brother, looking at him.

"You found Joel, Simus?! You met him and Melina and saw their children? Why didn't you tell me or Morgan?"

Simus' head raised, looking into his brother's grey eyes.

"Melina swore me to secrecy, Calen. She made me swear that I would not divulge their whereabouts."
Jolan walked over to his uncle, Simus looking up at him.

"Where did you meet them, Uncle?"
Simus stared at his nephew.

"I met them here, Jolan. In Oberson Falls."

Everyone looked shocked, Jolan staring at Henry and Shelly.

"Where in Oberson Falls?"

Shelly walked up to Jolan, Jolan looking at her.

"Right here, Jolan. In this very house."



End of Chapter 64



Interesting development.

How many of you always knew that Shelly was someone important?

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