Jolan's Path - Chapter 67


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 67


Jolan stared at the young woman, sitting quietly down at the table across from her.

"Your lawyer can leave. I need to speak to you alone." Jessica said, glancing briefly at Ally.

Jolan's eyes moved from Jessica, looking up at Ally.

"It's alright, Ally. Please step outside."
Ally's eyes were glued to Jessica.

"I don't think that's wise, Jolan. Not after what I've heard about this one."

Jessica's blue eyes met Ally's, Jolan seeing them glaring at each other.

"It's okay, Ally. I'll be fine."
Ally looked at Jolan, seeing the calmness in his eyes, and the usual determination.

She looked back at Jessica, the woman staring at her with a smug look on her face.

"Alright, Jolan. But I'll be right outside if you need me."
Jessica's eyes returned to Jolan, ignoring the lawyer.

Ally reluctantly walked back outside with the deputy, the deputy smiling at Jolan, giving him a wink, then closing the door.

The two remaining people met each other's eyes, Jolan seeing the bravado in her blue eyes.

"Quite the lawyer you have there, Jolan."

The two stared at each other, Jolan breaking the silence.
"What are you doing here, Jessica?"

Jessica smiled, folding her hands in front of her.

"I've come to watch your hold on Justin end, Jolan. To see that you finally get what you deserve."
Jolan stared at her, Jessica feeling the intense determination in his grey eyes.

"And what do you think I deserve?"
"You deserve pain and humiliation, as well as loss. For what you've done to me, I'll see you incarcerated for life."
Jolan continued to stare at her, Jessica suddenly becoming nervous at his staring at her.

"And what have I done to you, Jessica?"
"You came between me and Justin, you freak! You seduced my Justin and turned him against me!" she said, Jolan hearing the venomous anger in her voice.

"I never seduced Justin. He left you because you cheated on him."
Jessica stared at him, Jolan continuing.

"Justin fell in love with me after he left you. In myself he said he found the love he could never feel from you."

Jessica's eyes widened with anger, Jolan quietly staring at her.

"Love? He found no such thing with you! You're nothing more than a cute boy toy he wanted to bang. All it is for him is sex, Dragos. Ask him yourself. Ask him about Brandon. . .and the probable others."
"There were no others. And I know about Brandon and his manipulating ways. But Justin didn't fall for his charms. There's your seducer, Jessica. He tried to seduce Justin and failed, for Justin was searching for something more than sex. But I see Brandon succeeded with you."
Jessica stood up, her hands going to the table, Jolan seeing her gripping the table in anger.

"Justin doesn't love you, Jolan. You're nothing more than a brief fling. He's done it before. He likes to walk the wild side. But he always comes back to me."
"You and Justin never existed the way you think, Jessica. It's time you realized he doesn't love you, and he never will."

Jessica moved like lightning, her hand hitting Jolan's face.

Jolan remained seated, staring at her.

His face stung from the hard slap.

"Hit me if you must. But your heart can't hide forever from your mind. He doesn't love you, and you know it. "
Jessica was shaking, her anger in full view now.

"Your going to prison, Jolan. I've made certain of that."
Jolan stared at her, Jessica stepping back a little, uncertain as to why he wasn't reacting more to her taunts.

"I know what you've done, Jessica."
A look of surprise and uncertainty washed across her face, staring at him.

Jolan's grey eyes stared at her, Jessica's senses bristling.

"You set this all up. These charges that Theresa leveled against me. Another of your devious plans to destroy Justin's love for me. But like all your plans, this one hasn't worked out like you thought it would. You don't know the true connection between Theresa and me."

Jessica looked stunned, sitting down again.

"You hired Theresa and that other man Conrad, to implicate me as a rapist, as a monster. I saw easily your manipulating ways behind this. It was your final plan so that Justin would turn against me. All you've succeeded in doing is drawing him closer to me. His love surrounds me. He doesn't believe any of it."

Jessica stared at him, Jolan standing up.

"But in putting into action your little scheme you've unleashed something else."
"What do you mean?" she said softly, a slight tremble going through her.

"You've unleashed the truth, Jessica. My truth. My past and my lost memories. I really do know Theresa, Jessica. She's a figure from my troubled past."
Jessica looked stunned, standing up again, her body backing up.

"No that's not possible!"
"It's true. Theresa Brannigan and I met a long time ago. This story you've fabricated is very real."

Jessica shook her head, moving further away from Jolan.

Jolan didn't move, his motionlessness unnerving Jessica.

"You're a. . .a rapist?" she said, looking towards the door.

Jolan stared at the young woman, seeing her fear showing now.

"No, Jessica. I am no more a rapist than you are Justin's true love."


Jessica stared at Jolan in shock, his words flowing through her mind.

Her thoughts were on his staring gaze..

What kind of man stood in front of her?

Why does he seem so calm and determined?
He's on the edge of conviction.

What the hell's going on here?

Why isn't he afraid of me?

Is he really a monster?

Jolan stared at her, seeing her fear now taking over.

She moved slowly around Jolan, Jolan remaining still, her body edging towards the door.

His grey eyes moved with her body, Jessica reaching the door.

"Before you slink out of here in fear from me, there's something you need to know."
Jessica stopped, her hand on the doorknob, her head turning..

Her eyes met Jolan's, seeing only calmness and now deep love there.

"Theresa loves you, Jessica. That night you shared together captured her soul."

Jessica froze, thunderstruck by Jolan's words.

"How. . .how did. . .?"
"She's in this town, somewhere. I feel her love for you. And I feel in you the uncertainty of those buried feelings you have for her."

Jessica stared at him in shock, Jolan's grey eyes of love measuring her.

"You found something buried in the all this deceit, Jessica. All your life you've used people, for your own glory, for your own success. Justin was one of those people. You've twisted your delusional mind around your imaginary love for him. You used him like everyone else. It's time to let him go, Jessica. It's time you found the real love that's in your soul. It's time you faced your own truths."

Jessica trembled, shaking her head, staring at the man in disbelief.

Jolan moved slowly, walking up to her, her eyes never deviating from his grey orbs.

"You can't change what you've done here. That path is set. As fate destined it would be. But you can change yourself. And I'll start you on that path."
Jessica looked stunned, no words coming from her.

"I forgive you, Jessica."

Jessica looked totally surprised, Jolan staring at her.

"Inside you somewhere is a person of loving truth. You just have to find her. I believe with all my heart that Theresa did."
Jessica trembled, lowering her eyes, opening the door.

Jolan stared at her, Jessica looking back into his eyes one last time.

"What are you? How do you know. . .?"
"I am only myself. And I want to be your friend."

Jessica stared in shock, her face lost in Jolan's now glowing eyes.

She quickly turned, walking down the hallway hurriedly, totally ignoring a staring Ally and the police deputy.

Jolan looked after her, watching her disappear down a stairwell, Ally walking up to him.

"Are you okay, Jolan?" she said, putting her arm around him.

"I'm fine, Alexandra. Let's get out of here. I need to be with Justin."
Ally nodded, walking with Jolan down the corridor, Scott leading their way.

Justin's arms were around Jolan, hugging him tightly.

He'd been standing at the door of Bill's home, waiting for Jolan to walk in, followed closely by Ally and Jordan.

Jolan hugged him back, his eyes looking towards Cory and another man looking at him.

"Hello everyone." Jolan said smiling at Cory.

Cory smiled,  walking up to Jolan and Justin.

The other man followed, looking at Jolan.

"Welcome to our home, Jolan. I'm Bill Carson." he said, extending his hand.

Jolan smiled at him, taking his hand in his, shaking it.

"It's so good to see you again, Jolan. Even under these trying circumstances." Bill said, Jolan nodding.

Jolan smiled at him, seeing a nervousness in the man's stance.

"Thank you, Bill. It's nice to see you again. I only wish I could remember your friendship."

Bill nodded, smiling at Jolan.

"You must be famished, after sitting in that courtroom all day. I've got supper waiting. Come and freshen up." he said, pointing towards the hallway.

Ally smiled, seeing Jolan surrounded by friends.

"Looks like Jolan's found another friend." she said, Justin smiling at her.

"How did it go?" he said, after watching Jolan disappear down the hallway, Bill and Cory following him.

"The jury's been chosen. It was a long, hard day. So many people knew of Jolan, and so many opinions. I think we've done the best we could. Hopefully he'll get a fair trial." she said, Justin looking at her.

"You don't sound too encouraged, Ally." he said, Ally patting his arm.

"I am encouraged, Justin.  It's just I felt a strangeness in that courtroom. The people, this town, it all seems so strange. It's like there's something surrounding all of us."
"There is."
Ally's eyes met the returning Bill's brown eyes.

"I've felt that for years, Miss Carmichael. It's like an underlying brooding force." he said, Justin nodding at him.

"The evil that Jolan says lays here."
Bill nodded, looking at Justin.

"You have a courageous friend, Justin. I only wish I'd known that years ago. Maybe I could have helped them that night, Jolan and his family."
"You did what they made you do."
Bill's eyes moved, looking at Jolan who came walking down the hallway, Cory beside him.

"What are you talking about, Jolan?" Bill said, Jolan looking at him.

"I'm talking of the shroud of magic that settled over this town that night. The magic that still lingers here in the one remaining guardian. The Dark Magic of evil."

Everyone looked surprised, Jolan looking at everyone.

"Four years ago on a dark night my family stood alone. My parents, sweet Jennica and myself were attacked. And everyone else in this town was subdued by the magic. We stood alone against their evil."
Justin stared at Jolan, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"You remember that, Jo?"

"No, Justin. I don't remember any of it. Not yet. But I feel the evil. It still lingers here emanating from the one remaining sentinel. The Fangoros left one of their own here to watch this town. To use the remaining magic. The clan moved onward, to other secret locations. Soon it moves back, I believe, to Europe. It will be their last move. The showdown is coming. Evil will be called to reckoning."

"The Fangoros?" Bill said, Cory smiling at him.

"I have a lot to tell you, Bill. Jolan's a very special man. His family is steeped in history and magic."
Bill Carson stared at the young man, Jolan looking at him.

"How is Sid, Bill?"

Bill's eyes widened, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"You remember Sid and what happened to him that night?"
"No, my friend. I'm sorry, but I don't. But I felt your brother's love when I drove into this town early this morning. He's not totally lost, Bill. He's still here, his giving love is just hidden from us. For some reason I've locked him in a place of protective love. I know in my heart that it's me that has to free him. But when and how eludes me."

Bill's hand went to Jolan's shoulder.

"That night when I found him, you seemed so upset about something. I thought in my heart that you'd hurt him, and that you then regretted it. Now I sense the truth. That night you saved my brother, and in your face I saw the truth. You saw the evil, and you knew it would come back for him and for you. Your last act before confronting that evil again was to hide my brother from them."
Jolan lowered his head, Justin looking at him with concern.

"I don't know if that's true, Bill. I wish I could remember all of it."

Justin's heart felt for his lover, so wanting to pull him into his arms and kiss away his hurt.

But decorum stayed him from revealing to the deputy their true relationship.

Bill put his arms around Jolan, Jolan accepting the man's affection.

"I think you need more than my friendship, my old friend. I think you need your Justin's love."

Justin looked surprised, Bill smiling at him.

"You have a very expressive face, Mr. Timberlake. Your love shows easily."
Justin blushed, moving forward, taking Jolan into his arms.

Jolan felt Justin's love surround him, Bill smiling at the two holding each other..

"Don't worry, Justin. I'm happy for both of you. Here in my home you both can be yourselves. Discretion is assured."
Both men smiled.

"I'm starving, Bill." Jolan said, smiling softly.

"Let's feed your man, Justin." Bill smiled, everyone walking with him towards the kitchen.


Jolan walked up the stairs, following Bill, Justin at Jolan's side, their hands linked.

Cory walked behind them, the four walking in silence.

Ally and Jordan had left after supper, Bill thanked repeatedly for his delicious meal.

Ally had offered to stop by Cory's home and the cottages to talk to everyone, to let them know the day's details.

Jolan smiled, knowing her underlying reason.

Lonnie was at Cory's.

He smiled, watching her leave quickly.

The four walked down the hallway, Bill stopping at a doorway.

In his hands he had a tray laden with food, Cory opening the door for him.

"He's usually most coherent in the evenings, as much as that makes any difference." Bill said, walking into the room, the others following.

Jolan and Justin walked in together, their eyes looking towards the window.

The window was wide open, a soft breeze cooling the room deeply.

Justin shivered a bit, Bill setting the tray down on a table.

"Sid always liked his room cool, I like to keep him happy." he said, smiling at his brother.

Jolan smiled, seeing the loving care in the older brother's eyes.

Jolan's grey eyes took in the young man seated by the window, his head turned away from them, as if he was gazing out of the window.

"I have supper, Sid. Made my mashed garlic potatoes and chicken dumplings." Bill said, rolling the small table over beside his brother.

"But first, some friends are back. Cory's here again, Sid. And a very special old acquaintance."

Bill looked into Jolan's grey eyes Jolan seeing hope there, the young man smiling back at him, moving towards the window.

Justin stood beside Cory, both men watching Jolan.

Jolan walked to the window, looking out into the cool darkness.

His eyes turned then, looking into the face of the young man seated in the chair.

He saw the beauty of the youthful face staring blankly out the window.

"Hello, Sidney. It's Jolan."

Bill stared at his brother, seeing his eyes blink, then focus on the young man standing before him.

Jolan stared into the eyes of the trapped young man, the two lost in each other's gaze.

The three other men stared at Jolan, seeing a soft glow now in his grey eyes.

The room was drenched in silence, the two old friends locked in a gaze of understanding.

Justin saw a tear running down Jolan's cheek, breaking his immobility.

He walked up to Jolan, his arm going around him.

That broke the gaze between the two, Jolan's eyes meeting Justin's.

"His strength of life is so strong. He never gave up." Jolan said, his face covered now in more tears.

Bill put his hand on his brother's shoulder, looking at Jolan.

"You felt him, his own self?"
Jolan nodded, looking at Bill.

"Did you sense anything? Does anything seem familiar?" Justin said, Jolan's body stiffening, his face showing shock.

"Familiar?" he softly said, his eyes going to the window.

Jolan stared out into the darkness, his eyes scanning the night, as if he was searching for something, or someone.

"Pierdut unul vechi."

Everyone stared at Jolan, his words sounding strange.

"What is it, Jolan? What does that mean?" Justin said, his arm around him again.

Jolan's eyes moved from the window, again staring at Sid.

"It means the Old Lost One. He's out there in the night."

"Who's that?" Cory asked, looking at his friend with concern.

Jolan smiled, looking again at Sid.

"He's Sid's friend.  He's been guarding him."

Bill looked confused, staring at his brother then meeting Jolan's gaze.

"I don't know what you mean, Jolan. Sid has only me."
Jolan smiled more, his hand going to Bill's shoulder.

"I had it wrong, Bill. I though that Sid was in danger. He's not. For a very simple reason."
"What reason is that, my love?" Justin said.
Jolan looked out the window again.

"For the past four years he's been safe. For he's been protected by a guarding soul, a soul of love and reflecting guilt."

"Guilt?" Bill said, looking out the window now.
"Yes, Bill. A soul overcame evil to stand by your brother. I'm so surprised!"

Justin's arm tightened around Jolan, Jolan feeling his love.
"You know who it is, Jo?" he said, also looking out the window.

"No. But I feel him out there now. I feel his love, and his needful soul."

Jolan smiled, looking at Bill.

"You need not fear him, Bill. Your brother is going to be alright. As soon as I understand what's afflicting him I'll make him whole again. I almost have it, I just need to think."
Bill nodded, a soft smile coming to his face.

"Alright, Jolan. I believe you. Having my brother back would be the greatest gift I could ever receive."

Jolan smiled, moving the table in front of Sid.

"Let's get some food into you, Sid. We'll all need our strength." Jolan said, picking up the fork off the table.

Bill smiled, watching Jolan begin to tenderly feed his brother.

Justin and Cory looked at each other, digesting the last few minutes themselves.


Jolan was in Justin's arms the minute their bedroom door was closed.

Their lips met, a soft need in both their moistness.

"Mmmm, that's super." Justin softly said, Jolan smiling at him when he broke the kiss.

"Super duper!" he said, Justin chuckling, his arms wrapped around his lover's body.

"Let's get ready for bed, Jus." Jolan softly said, Justin nodding.

The two removed their clothing, both taking in the beauty of their other soulmate.

The two were down to their briefs, Jolan gently pulling Justin against him right after Justin had pulled back the bed coverings.

Jolan kissed Justin deeply, Justin feeling all of Jolan's love sink into his soul.

"Speaking of super duper, that was amazing." Justin said.

The two stared into each other's eyes, Justin seeing a look of concern buried in Jolan's eyes.

"Is something wrong, my love?" he said, Jolan sighing.

Jolan sat down on the bed, Justin sitting beside him, his arm going around Jolan's smooth naked chest.

"Jessica was at the courthouse, Justin."

Justin looked surprised, their eyes meeting.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Justin said, Jolan looking at him.

He knew in his heart he couldn't keep the truth from him.

And so he told him everything.

Of his figuring out her plan, of what she'd set into motion.

Jolan saw the anger flood Justin's face, his arm going around him.

"I can't believe she'd do that to you, Jo!! That she's that bent on hurting you!"

Jolan kissed Justin's face, their lips meeting.

Jolan's love calmed Justin's soul.

"It was her last gamble, Jus. Her last attempt to destroy me. To her delusional mind it made perfect sense. She didn't care about my future."

Justin's arm tightened around Jolan, kissing him again, his love there for him.

"I care about your future, Jo. It's going to be with me. I love you."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"I know, Jus. I truly now know. But, she didn't. Her plan was destiny, Jus. She is the instrument that's led me to my past. And I told her that. How she has reconnected Theresa again to me."
Justin sat in amazement, hearing the truth in Jolan's words.

"There's something else you need to know, Jus."
Justin nodded, waiting for Jolan to tell him.

"Theresa and Jessica became lovers."
Justin sat in stunned silence, digesting Jolan's revealing words.

"Really, Jo?"
"Yes, Justin. I felt their love. And that reality is creating a conflict in Jessica's mind. She can't accept what that means. In regards to herself and to her and you."
Justin nodded, seeing what Jolan was saying.

"I told her that she has to accept her true self. And I told her it starts with me forgiving her."
Justin sat stunned, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

'You. . .you forgave her? How can you do that after all she's done to you?"

Jolan leaned forward, kissing Justin deeply.

He moved, pushing Justin backwards, Jolan's body moving on top of him.

Their lips broke, Justin staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I've washed away her deceit from my mind, Justin. For I feel in my heart the destiny of what she'll come to terms with. She doesn't love you, Jus. It's a different love that shall capture her soul. I am the only one who will have your love, Justin. You are mine, forever."
Justin teared up, Jolan softly kissing his lips.

"I need to talk to her, Jo. I need her to know where my heart lays. She needs to finally hear that from me."
Jolan nodded, looking into his lover's blue eyes.

Justin leaned upwards, kissing Jolan again.

"She needs to see my love for you. For only you."
Jolan's eyes teared, Jolan rolling onto his back, pulling Justin on top of him.

"Take me to the center of that love, my angel."
Justin trembled, their lips uniting in passion.


Theresa Brannigan sat in the loneliness of her cottage, laying naked on her bed in one of the two bedrooms.

The three had arrived that morning in Cutter's Bluff, Martin in a troublesome mood.

He'd taken that mood out on her, spending hours humiliating her.

Martin had left after a few hours of vicious degrading sex, she uncertain where he'd gone.

Her relief came from the fact that he was gone.

Jeffy was asleep in the other bedroom, she hoping that he hadn't heard their raucous coupling.

Theresa slowly sat up, stretching her body.

He'd been unusually rough, his desires seemingly hurried and intense.

As if he was on a schedule, and time was of the essence.

She was just glad he'd left without violently hurting her.

She'd become accustomed to his rough lovemaking.

She sighed, getting up and looking out through the curtained window.

Her body trembled, sensing an old feeling.

A feeling of being back in the center of a nightmare.

She moved, pulling on a robe, walking out of the bedroom, gently opening another door, looking in on her son.

She smiled, seeing him sound asleep, curled up under the covers, his teddy bear's head against his.

She smiled, looking at the small child she loved completely.

In a few weeks his fourth birthday would arrive.

She sighed, feeling in her heart that she might not see it.

She felt those old feelings again.

Those feelings of destiny and truth.

A tear ran down her cheek, staring at the sleeping boy.

She softly closed the door, walking into the living room, sitting down in an overstuffed chair, sinking back against its soft leather.

Her mind went to two grey eyes.

Two grey eyes of love she'd seen one nightmarish night so long ago.

She knew that in a few days she'd have to stare into those grey eyes again.

And she'd be faced with the truth.

The truth of what she'd done, and what had been done to both of them.

She only hoped within her heart that he'd understand.

That what had resulted in their destinies was worth the pain and horror.

And she had decided in her heart what she had to do to protect that which meant most to her heart.

A knock came suddenly to the cottage's door, Theresa tensing.

She knew Martin wouldn't knock, so who was there?

No one knew where she was, but that didn't hold true to her mind.

She knew they knew exactly where she was.

She trembled, rising up and slowly going to the door.

She took a deep breath, opening the door.

Her eyes beheld a sight she thought she'd never see again.

Two blue eyes stared into hers, no words spoken, the person walking into the room.

She felt her heart soar with love as two arms pulled her against her after shutting the cottage door..

Jessica's lips were on hers, the two lost in the love flowing through them.

"Jessica, what are you doing here?"
"Is Marty here?"
"No he's gone. He said he wouldn't be back until late."
Jessica nodded, looking into Theresa's blue eyes.

"Jolan knows, Theresa. Somehow he knows about us."
Theresa's eyes widened, looking towards her son's bedroom door.

"That. . .that's impossible!"
"He said he felt your love for me. Is that true? Do you love me?" Jessica said, staring at Theresa.

Theresa stared at the young woman, looking into her blue eyes.

"Yes, Jessica. I'm sorry, but it's true." she said, sinking down on the couch behind her.

Jessica stared down at her for a moment, then sat down beside her.

"I've been walking around town for hours, doing a lot of thinking. That man's made me think so much about myself."
Theresa's eyes met Jessica's, Theresa seeing uncertainty and pain there.

"What do you have to think about? You've almost gained what you've desired. In a few days, Jolan will be in prison. You'll have your Justin to love."

Jessica's eyes lowered, Theresa watching her.

Suddenly Jessica began to cry, Theresa surprised, putting her arm around her.

"What's wrong, Jessica? Are you alright?"

Jessica cried, looking up at the other woman.

"I don't love Justin, Theresa. I think it's you I love."


Jennie woke up, her grey eyes opening in the soft darkness.

She looked around, feeling the woman laying against her.

She smiled, looking at Lynn's sleeping face a few inches away from her.

She gently lifted Lynn's arm which was draped across Jennie's chest.

Jennie gently got out of the bed, picking up her robe off the chair beside the window.

Jennie sat down in the chair, looking out into the darkness.

She smiled, looking at the house across the street from her.

Her eyes widened, taking in the beauty of her former home.

She sat in the bedroom of Cory's childhood home, looking across the street at her own home.

The home she'd shared with her brother and their loving parents.

When she'd arrived that morning at Cory's uncle's home, her eyes had been instantly drawn to the home across the street from theirs.

She'd taken in the beauty and quaintness, and its hominess.

She knew she was home.

She felt the love emanating off its facings.

She'd walked across the street, Lynn and everyone watching her move.

She stood on the sidewalk looking at the front porch.

Lynn had walked across the street alone, everyone watching the young woman.

Lynn's arm had gone around her, Jennie looking up into her loving eyes.

"My home. This was my home."

Lynn smiled at her, taking in the view herself.

She saw the beauty of the large house.

And she too felt a presence pulsing off the house.

"It's a beautiful house, Jennie."
Jennie nodded, looking at it again.

"I can't go in just yet. Not without Jolly. I need his love with me."
Lynn smiled, her arm tightening around her small frame.

"I feel their love. I feel it close." Jennie said, Lynn looking at her.

"It's your childhood home, Jennie. You'll always feel their love here."

Jennie smiled, nodding.

"Let's go meet Cory's family." Jennie said, walking back towards Cory's home, Lynn walking with her.

Here now Jennie sat in the darkness of the silent night, looking across the street at the home once again.

Her eyes went to the bed, quietly looking at Lynn's sleeping form.

Jennie's eyes went back to the dark night.

She'd felt something else that morning, standing in that sunshine looking at her home.

Something that had terrified her, Jennie burying those feelings deep, not wanting to worry Lynn or the others.

For at that moment Jennie had felt evil.

Her resolve hardened against that feeling, her strength and courage showing.

She would be strong, like her brother.

Jolan's love was in her heart, and so was his courage.

Yes, she'd be strong against the evil she felt had once been in her home.

For her brother she'd show her courage.

"I want to go there, Jolly. But only with you." she said to herself, looking again across the street.

Suddenly Jennie saw a brightness surrounding the roof of her childhood home, her eyes taking in its glowing yellowness.

And then she screamed.


Two hours later, Justin was awoken by a steady knock on their bedroom door.

He looked down at his lover, Jolan sound asleep.

Justin smiled, knowing Jolan hadn't slept much the previous night.

Justin rose out of bed, his naked body slipping into a robe, Justin walking to the door.

Justin opened it, staring into Bill's eyes.

"What time is it, Bill? Something wrong?"
"Sorry, Justin. I know it's late but Cory's called." Bill said, Justin's eyes clouded with worry.

"What's wrong?" Justin said, his words ended by Jolan's voice in the room.

"Come in, Bill." Jolan said, turning on the lamp on the nightstand.

The room was flooded with brightness, Justin blinking and opening the bedroom door wide, Bill walking in.

"What's happened, Bill?" Jolan said, Bill looking at the young man sitting up in bed, his muscular chest on view.

"Cory called, Jolan."
Jolan stared at the man, sensing something was wrong.

"What is it, Bill?"
"There's trouble, Jolan. Someone just tried to burn down your home."



End of Chapter 67


Seems someone's not happy Jolan's back.

Why would they want to burn down Jolan and Jennie's home?

Is something hidden there?

Or is the home itself part of Jolan's Shadowing?


Questions in need of answers.


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And the trial continues.


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