Jolan's Path - Chapter 69


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 69


Justin and Jennie sat in silence, surrounded by Josh and Chace on both sides.

Justin's arm was around Jennie, the young girl's head against his chest.

They sat on a couch in the waiting room of Cutter's Bluff's small clinic.

The room was filled with people, all their eyes going to Justin and Jennie.

Cory walked into the room, Simus' eyes meeting his.

"Sheriff Walker's been informed about what happened. No one's going near that house until we find out what's going on." he said, Simus' arm going around him.

Justin's eyes met his, Cory softly smiling at him.

They'd been waiting here for over an hour since Jolan was brought in by ambulance, the young man still unconscious.

"I still don't understand what my eyes saw." Joey said, he and Lance together on another couch, sitting beside Lynn and Thelma.

Simus looked around the room, meeting Justin's eyes at last.

"A protective force field surrounds that house. A field of magic. I just don't know whose magic it is. It's something more than Alveena's magic, of that I'm certain."

Simus and Calen had visited the house while the others waited here.

Calen looked at his brother, having felt the same thing.

"It's real magic, perhaps even Dark Magic." he said, Simus looking at him.

"It's his magic, Uncles."

Everyone's eyes turned, zoning in on Jennie, who'd spoken, her head raising from Justin's chest.

Jennie looked around the room, Simus and Calen staring at her.

"Jolly's magic is protecting our home from evil."
Simus walked over to her, kneeling down in front of her.

"How is that possible, Jennie? Jolan hasn't been here for over four years."
She nodded, looking into his grey eyes.

"He left it there that night, one of his magical fields. I felt it at the same time he did. He just didn't know how strong it was. He walked into it blind."

Justin's arm tightened around her, feeling her sadness.

"But others have been in that house, Jennie. Those firemen yesterday, Cory, Lonnie and the sheriff. And what about the arsonist? He was certainly evil. Why wasn't he hurt?"
She nodded, looking over at Cory.

"I know, Uncle. It only triggers against those with magic. Jolly walked into his own trap. A trap he didn't remember was there."

Simus nodded, his hand stroking her cheek.

"What is it exactly, Jennie? I've never felt anything like it."
Jennie looked into his grey eyes.

"It's part of Jolly. Part of his magical soul. He left a piece of himself there that night. A guarding weapon against magical interference. I think Jolly's protecting something in that house. Something very important. I just don't know how he's going to be able to get past his own magic if he doesn't remember how to stop it."

Justin looked at the young woman, her eyes meeting his.

"Jolly's going to be alright, Justin. His magic wouldn't seriously hurt anyone good. Especially him. It's just a safeguard against evil. It's there to keep evil out."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"But why didn't it sense the arsonist last night? He was there on evil pretense." Simus said.

"Yes he was. But he didn't have magic. That person was one without magic." she said.

Jennie's eyes met Simus', the older man standing again.

"You know what's going on around here, don't you Jennie?"
Jennie smiled, looking up at him and then at Calen.

"Jolly's very special. The Catre Din Dragoste is very real. As is his magic. No greater magic shall ever grace this earth. That, in truth, is why he's here. His magic is the essence of him. For it's the magic of love."

Justin smiled, those last words sounding so genuinely real.

Jennie looked around at everyone, their eyes all filled with love.

"The next few days are going to reveal so much. It begins with him."
"With Jolan, Jennie?" Justin said, Jennie's head going against his chest again.

She didn't speak any more words, everyone looking at her and Justin.

The silence was broken by a man in a white coat walking into the room.


"Hello, Cory."
"Hi, Dr. Parsons. How's Jolan?" he said, the doctor smiling around the room as everyone stood up.

"He's resting comfortably, and he's regained consciousness. He's asking for Jennie and someone named Justin."
Justin's breath released, it having stopped when the doctor walked in.

"How is he?" Lynn said, now standing beside the doctor.

"He has a few broken ribs, pulled muscles in his back and a few lacerations. He received a serious knock on the head, but he's totally coherent and alert now, just in pain. He'll be fine after a few days of complete rest."
"His trial begins Monday, Doctor. Should I seek a postponement?" Ally said, her face showing relief as well.

"No, he should be alright to attend that. He just needs to take it easy. I'm sorry for what he's going through. I don't believe a word of it. I remember him so well. Such a vibrant, giving teenager. He doesn't deserve this ordeal." the doctor said, remembering the young man he'd known before.

Cory smiled, Dr. Parsons smiling back.

He was the town's oldest resident doctor, one of two.

He knew most everyone in town, even bringing Cory into the world.

"Can I see him? I'm Justin." Justin said, the doctor smiling at him and Jennie.

"He's been asking for you both. I'll take you to him. He can leave soon, once his symptoms settle a bit."
Justin smiled, thanking the doctor, shaking his hand.

The doctor smiled at him, looking at Jennie.

"And how's Jennica doing? My, how you've grown! I helped bring you into this world, little one. I remember that day so well. It was a day of an unbelievable miracle." he said, a tear in his eye.

"A miracle?" Lynn said, looking at the country doctor, the doctor looking at Jennie.

"This little angel came into this world under trying circumstances. By all rights she should never have lived."
Everyone looked surprised, the doctor smiling at her.

"Mommy saved me." Jennie said softly, the doctor's eyes widening in surprise.

"Why yes, that's right! How did you know that?"

"I just know." she said, Justin's arm tightening around her.

"Jennica was a stillborn. There was no pulse, or breath in her little body. We couldn't do anything to bring her back. But Melina Dragos wouldn't take no for an answer. As long as I live I'll never understand what she did, and how she had the strength to do it. She'd been in labor for twenty-seven hours. I had just given up on the child as being gone, covering her little body up with a small blanket when Melina leapt off that birthing table taking the stillborn child out of her incubator, holding her in her arms. She put her own lips to the dead child's mouth, I believe trying to resuscitate her. I saw it as the frantic last hope of a grieving mother. But then a wondrous miracle happened. Little Jennica came to life in her mother's arms. I don't have--and never will have--any logical explanation of how it happened. It truly was a miracle. A child given over to death revived back into life."
Jennica smiled, the doctor smiling at her beautiful face.

"Mom's love fills me, I live because of her."

Lynn teared up, Thelma actually softly crying.

"A child of miracles. It's so nice to see her now grown." Doctor Parsons said, smiling at her.
Jennie smiled, staring at him.

"I want to see Jolan."
The doctor nodded, guiding Justin and Jennie quietly out of the room.

Lynn stared after them, Simus' hand going to her shoulder.

"Even she is a child of wondrous love. They both are so remarkable." Simus said, Lynn looking into his grey eyes.

"They have both their father's and their mother's love. Their parents must be so loving." Lynn said, Simus smiling at her.

"They truly are. My brother and Melina are parents of giving love."


Jolan opened his eyes, two blue shining orbs staring back at him.

"Justin, is everyone alright?" he said, moving a bit, a small gasp coming from him.

He lay on an examining table, his shirt off, his chest wrapped in bandages.

"Lay still, Jo. Everyone's fine. And thank God you are as well." he said, Jolan seeing the beginning of tears in his lover's beautiful eyes.

"I'll be okay, Jus. I'm just a little beat up. I'll recover." he said, Justin's hand going to his face.

Justin looked at the bandage across Jolan's temple, knowing they'd sewn a few stitches in the gash there.

Jolan looked beside Justin, seeing Jennie's smiling face, his sister staring at him.

He felt her voice enter his mind.


You took a great risk, brother.

I felt the trap almost immediately as you did.

Why did you risk it?

I'm so glad you're alright!


Jolan's hand went out, taking hers.

Jennie's eyes were filled with tears as well.


I'll be okay, Jennie.

I just had to test it to feel its strength and its force.

I couldn't believe how strong it was.

And what I saw behind it.


Jennie's eyes showed confusion.

"What was behind it?" she said out loud, Justin looking between the two.

He had sensed they were talking in their minds.

"Everything okay, Jennica?" a voice said, Jolan looking beyond the two, seeing the older doctor standing at the end of the table.

Jolan smiled at him.

"Hello again, Jolan. Everything's set, you can leave in a bit. I'll write you out a couple of prescriptions for the pain and stiffness you'll have. Keep your chest wrapped for a couple of days to support the broken ribs. They have to heal on their own."

"Thank you, Dr. Parsons." Jolan said, managing a smile, Justin seeing the pained look on his face.

The doctor smiled back, excusing himself, leaving the three alone.

"No one else was hurt?" Jolan said, raising his body a bit on his elbows, another soft gasp of breath coming from him.

"Everyone's outside waiting, Jo. Everyone's safe."

Jolan nodded, relaxing back against the pillows.

"Thank God." he said, Jennie sitting on the table beside him, her hand going to his cheek.

"What did you see there, Jolly?" she asked, continuing their conversation, now Justin hearing them as well.

"I saw something behind The Shadowing. It was something I never expected to see." Jolan said, tears in his eyes now.
Jennie and Justin looked at each other, Jolan lowering his head.

"What was it Jo?" Justin asked, his hand on Jolan's shoulder, Jolan's head raising.

He looked into Jennie's grey staring eyes.

"I think I saw Spartacus."


Justin guided an almost nude Jolan to the bed, Lynn throwing back the covers.

Justin had gently and carefully removed Jolan's t-shirt and pants, Jolan now in his underwear, his torso wrapped in a large bandage, his sun tattoo now covered.

Jolan gently lay down, Justin lifting his feet onto the bed, Lynn covering him.

Jolan gasped, gritting his teeth.

They were in Bill Carson's home, Bill having cleaned up the downstairs bedroom quickly after hearing the news.

He knew Jolan wouldn't want to negotiate the stairs for a few days.

Jolan lay back against the pillows, his eyes closed against the pain.

"You're not moving from here the rest of the day, Jo." Justin said, Jolan opening his eyes, softly nodding.

"I don't think I can, Jus. My ribs are killing me."

Justin looked at his mother, Lynn kissing his cheek, then leaning down and kissing Jolan's.

"I'll get you a drink, Jolan." she said, smiling at him, then quietly walking out of the room.

Jennie was in the living room with everyone else, their love surrounding her.

They'd all hugged Jolan gently when he'd come out of the examination room in a wheelchair, Jolan feeling all their love.

The drive from the clinic to Bill's home had been exhausting and painful for Jolan.

Justin knew his lover was in deep pain, his hand going into Jolan's when his mother left.

Their eyes met, Justin leaning down and kissing Jolan on the lips.

In that kiss, Jolan felt all of Justin's own pain.

"It's alright, love. I'm going to be okay."
"When I saw you fall, when you hit that van, I thought you were dead. I felt my heart explode inside me. Oh God, I felt so lost when you collapsed!" he said, tears now falling down his cheek, Jolan sensing the sob about to erupt out of Justin.

He pulled the man to him, Justin's head laying against his shoulder, Justin now laying beside him.

"I'm going to be okay, Jus. I know how emotional that was for you to go through. I'm sorry for worrying you."
"I love you so much, Jo! I can't lose you, I just can't!" he said, his body trembling.

Jolan moved a bit, his arm going around his lover.

"You'll never lose me, Jus. You're stuck with me."
Justin wiped his eyes, a small smile coming to his lips.

"I love you, Jo."
"I love you even more, Jumpy."

Justin smiled, that name bringing love to his soul.

"I'm going to be okay, Jus. I'll begin to heal myself tomorrow."
Justin nodded, closing his eyes slowly.

Jolan smiled, feeling his man relax beside him.

He knew in his heart that with his Justin's love, his soul and his body would heal more quickly.

Love fueled the magic coursing through his veins.

Lynn walked into the room a few minutes later, smiling at the two, Jolan smiling back.

"He was a little emotional. He fell asleep with my love."
She smiled, leaning down and giving Jolan a drink from the glass in her hand through a straw.

"I sensed as much. You were hurt, and so he was hurt. It's called love, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, Lynn smiling back, a tear in her eye.

"My son loves you, Jolan. You being alright is the greatest gift he'll ever receive."
Jolan smiled, closing his eyes.

Lynn smiled, gently pulling a blanket over both of them, quietly walking out of the room.


Everyone sat in the living room, Jennie telling them all what Jolan had said.

"Your family dog is still there? At the house?" Joey said, Jennie nodding.

Lynn now sat beside her, her arm around the young woman.

"That's not possible, Jennie." Carl Hamilton said, Jennie looking at him.

"He disappeared that night with everyone else. Haven't seen hide nor tail of him since. He can't still be living there."

"He was Jolly's dog. The two were inseparable." she softly said, Lynn quietly looking at her, remembering Jennie's dreams of the mountain and Spartacus.

"Yes, Spartacus was a wonderful dog. A large golden retriever. So full of life and so gentle. Jolan called him his huggable giant." Thelma said, a smile going to everyone's face.

Jennie looked at Simus, her uncle's grey eyes filled with love.

"All the time I was lost from Jolan I had dreams of Spartacus. I always met him beside a beautiful mountain."
Calen and Simus' eyes widened, Lynn watching both.

"A mountain? Did you know its name?"
"No. But Jolly thinks it's called the Roof of Heaven."

Simus looked shocked, Calen looking at him.

"Bolta Cerului! How could Jolan's dog know of that mountain and how could you?" Simus said, in concerned wonder.
"I don't know that name. All I know is I met Spartacus there in my dreams. He played with me on the shore of a great lake below the big mountain. He lessened the pain of my horrific days. It was as if he were sent to give me some small joy in my shattered life."

Simus looked at the young woman, rising up and sitting down beside her.

He put his arm around her, Lynn smiling at him.

"I'm glad he was there for you to love, Jennie."
Jennie smiled up at her uncle, Simus kissing her cheek.

"He was, Uncle Simus. His love kept me going until I found Jolly. I think Spartacus knew that. I think that's why he was there. His love kept me going. I don't know why he's at the house now."

Simus nodded, looking around the room, everyone staring at the young woman.

"Another small mystery surrounding our loving Jolan." Cory said, Simus smiling at him.

"I'm beginning to sense there's something very mysterious going on in that house." Calen said, his eyes looking around at everyone.

"What do you make of all this, Illuminator?" Domo asked, Calen smiling at him.

"The Shadowing--as legend denotes--is cloaked in mystery. What its original intent was no one knows. All that's known of it is that it's some kind of magical spell, a last attempt at protecting one's magic. I believe Jolan released it in that house. The end result, I think, was the disappearance of Joel and Melina, the two somehow drawn into that magic. Jolan's sent them somewhere, where I know not. As to the dog, perhaps he too was enveloped in magic. That might answer the reason he showed up in Jennica's dreams, similar to how Melina showed up in Chris' dreams."
Chris nodded, his arm around Britney.

"But that doesn't answer how he's now at Jolan's home. Or how Jolan was able to see him wide awake in broad daylight." Chris said, his fingers on his chin, deep in thought.

"I believe Jolan is more than he seems, brother." Simus said, looking at Calen.

"Meaning what, Simus?"
"Meaning that we know he was created from two distinct individual magical origins. Joel's Dragosan Magic and Melina's influx of Alveena's Magic. Those two connected as Queen Alveena once feared. But I believe in my heart she was mistaken about a monster being created. We all know and all have felt Jolan's giving love. He is no monster. He is love personified."
Everyone nodded, Simus standing up.

"Are there any clues to his magic in the writings of the Oracle, Shelly?" he said, his eyes going to the woman seated with Henry.

"Only two, Simus. I went through all those writings with Joel and Melina when I first met them. We sought out his teachings to find a way to help Jolan control his powerful magic. One passage Joel already knew of. I believe you have already spoken of it to Jolan. The passage where the Oracle revealed the Catre Din Dragoste? There was only one other small passage dealing with him again."

"Yes we know of the passage revealing the Catre Din Dragoste. Queen Alveena wrote it in the Tome. For those not familiar with it I shall recite it again."
Simus' voice filled the room.


"The Catre Din Dragoste shall rise into the light.

He of the blossoming heart, he of the enriching love.

Two parts of his young soul shall be torn asunder, the child divided.

Lost will be his past, found will be his love.

The last moment of his separating mind will release the Shadowing.

For that is a moment of pure sorrow for that child of light.

And in that moment, evil and good shall take up the call.


Two tribes of evil and good shall walk upon this earth following the man

Only he whom he loves can stay the hand of his passing onto the next life

Only he can right the wrong and rejoin the two parts

In the heart of his family, only there shall love win out

And they of the beast shall join with him

And an evil shall perish in the place intended for him

Look to his crying eyes to see his vindication of love.

Then the path of cleansing can continue unto its end.

The world shall gasp in trembling hurt for him, 

Then breathe again the breath of love.

For under the snow and truth we shall rise again united by his hand."



"What is the second passage, dear lady? Alveena did not mention any other words." Simus said quietly, Shelly standing.

"I know it by heart, his writings etched in my soul. I shall recite it." she said, looking around.


"Be foretold of what passes in the time of Snow and Truth

The Giver of Love, the Catre Din Dragoste, shall walk upon the path alone.

Call him great or call him just, his love shall prevail.

His magic shall be shown, and hearts shall be saved.

Never in the sights of man shall beauty be so shown.

His brethren shall kneel in its beauty, and bathe in the righteousness of its meaning.

And in the Time of Snow and Truth a light of life shall beam to heaven,

And another lost soul shall pass among us.

He of the reflective truth, and he of the forgotten truth.

That lost soul will be healed by the Catre Din Dragoste.

And all shall fall from evil and joy shall ring from the Roof of Heaven."


Shelly ended her words, looking at Simus.

"He of reflective truth? Of forgotten truth? That has to mean Jolan. He's forgotten his past and he's trying to remember it, or reflect on it." he said softly, Calen looking at him.

"But that would mean Jolan and the Catre Din Dragoste are two individuals. Jolan already has affirmed that title as his. Jolan is the Catre Din Dragoste."

"But you might look at it another way, sirs. When Jolan was in that coma, his soul walked out of him. Perhaps that is its meaning. Jolan is two people, his soul and his being." Chris said, Britney nodding at his astute reasoning.

"That could be the meaning, sweetie." she said, Chris smiling widely.

"His magic will be shown and hearts will be saved. That could mean his releasing the Shadowing and sending his parents somewhere. He saved their hearts." Josh said, Chace smiling at him.

Simus nodded, looking towards Calen.

"Your insight on all of this, brother of Illumination?."

Calen thought for a moment, looking around at everyone.

"I believe these two passages are connected. They ring strongly of prophecy. I believe the Oracle left these words as a prophecy of what Jolan shall accomplish. Jolan is the chosen vessel of truth. What's to come shall play out as these words proclaim. We shall learn of their true meanings while they unfold. Unfortunately, we'll just have to wait."
Simus nodded in agreement, as did Shelly.

"Only time will show us Jolan's path." Simus said, his face looking troubled.

"Are you asking too much of this child, Dragosans? He's only a young man." Shelly said, Lynn nodding her own thoughts.
Simus looked at Shelly, seeing the worry in her eyes.

"It is not us that designed this path, dear lady. I would give all to protect my nephew from his destiny. I care for him as if he were my own. My Joel's son's love is in my heart."
Shelly nodded, seeing the man's love for Jolan.

"We all care about him, Simus. He's in all our hearts."
Simus smiled, knowing that truth.

"Jolly walks on his path. He has accepted that destiny. I feel that in his soul." Jennie said, Chace smiling at her.

"I have faith in Jolly. His love will win everything."
Everyone smiled, Jennie standing up and walking out of the room.


For the rest of that day Jolan remained in bed, the drugs lulling him into a deep sleep.

And his body, in the darkness of his mind, began to heal.

Justin rose later, dining with his family and friends, returning to Jolan's side later that night.

The next morning Justin awoke to find Jolan standing at the end of the bed, removing the bandage from around his torso.

"Love, you're supposed to keep that on. To support your ribs."
"I don't need it now, Jus. My ribs have knitted back together. They're healed."
Justin looked in amazement as the bandage fell, Jolan's chest showing only a small bruise now.

Justin had woken Jolan last night, changing the bandage for him, seeing the dark nasty bruises that covered his whole left side.

Those bruises were now a tenth of the size they'd been last night.

Justin couldn't believe Jolan's miraculous recovery.

Jolan smiled at him, climbing back into the bed, snuggling up against his lover's warm smooth body.

"Your love feeds my magic, angel of beauty. I shall live a long healthy life surrounded by it."
Justin smiled, Jolan's lips meeting his.

The kiss was one of tenderness, a soft passion behind it.

The two snuggled together, talking of their love and the happenings of yesterday.

"I don't know how I'll be able to break that magic that stops me, Jus. But break it I must. Whatever lays within that house waits for me. I must reclaim it. I believe in my heart it's my memories."
Justin nodded, kissing him again.

"We'll see it through together, as we'll see this trial through together. I'll be standing by your side at the end of all of it."
Jolan smiled, hearing the love in Justin's words.

"I know you will, Justin. I know when this ends I won't be standing alone."
Jolan leaned in, his body moving on top of Justin's, their lips meeting, Justin feeling his sudden lustful passion.

Jolan opened his eyes after their sudden kiss, Justin staring into the yellow orbs of his beast.

The change was instantaneous, Justin feeling the hardness against his own lengthening, his beast revealing itself.

Justin smiled, trapped under his beast of love.

Downstairs, those already up in the kitchen stopped, hearing a loud howl vibrate through the house.

Bill dropped a dish, his head looking upwards, the hair on the back of his neck bristling.

"What in the name of all that's sacred was that??!!" He said, shock registering on his face.

Lynn, who'd been standing by the toaster, pulled out the two slices that had popped up, smiling.

She had stayed there that evening, her motherly love there for Jennie who'd stayed to be with Jolan.

"That was the call of love. I think Jolan and Justin are up. Let's give them a few minutes."
Jennie looked at Bill, Bill blushing as he looked at Lynn.

Lynn smiled widely, sitting down and buttering her toast.


Sunday flew by, Jolan visited by all his friends and family, everyone taking turns talking with him as he sat quietly around Bill's home, Justin's eyes never leaving him.

Jolan spent a few hours upstairs with Sid, Bill and Justin quietly looking in on the two periodically.

Jolan just sat there quietly talking to Sid, Bill seeing his old bond of friendship again solid with his brother.

He couldn't believe that he'd thought bad of Jolan that night so long ago.

Before him he saw Jolan's love for his brother.

Bill himself had a long, strongly moving talk with Jolan later that day, their one time friendship again intact.

Bill felt the love flowing from this remarkable man.

Ally stopped by after supper, the last session of planning before tomorrow's trial.

Jolan had been tired out by then, meeting with her in his bedroom, again in bed, Justin sending him there for the rest of the night.

"I want you well-rested for tomorrow, love." he said, Jolan smiling at his loving care.

Ally smiled as well, finding surprise in Justin's sudden maturity.

She'd known him for so long as such a joyous, childish, innocent young man.

Here today he was a mature, sincere, loving man.

She sensed in her heart that Jolan had made him become that better man.

"So everything's set. Dr. Bernhardt from the New York Medical Institute is coming up in the morning to verify his results from your DNA tests. I haven't seen them yet, but we know they're a foregone conclusion. I'm positive Sutcliffe will have another doctor go over them, to verify their legitimacy. After that, we should have a good start to go after her testimony. I plan on breaking it all down, showing the fallacies in it. I'm sorry but it's our only recourse."
Jolan nodded, sitting in bed, his back raised with several pillows.

He yawned, Justin and Josh sitting on the ends of his bed, Ally in a chair beside the bed.

"Yes, I'm sure that's the only recourse. What I said before stands, Ally. I won't let you rip that woman apart. The next few days will be hell for her as well. Tomorrow will show the first truth. And after that I think I'll begin to reason it out. I only have to find the missing connections."
Jolan looked deep in thought, the Tome of Alveena sitting in his lap.

Justin's eyes went to him.

"The missing connections?"
Jolan nodded, closing the book.

"Yes, Jus. The missing piece of the puzzle of Cutter's Bluff. When it falls into place, everything else will fall in line. I almost had it yesterday, a soft memory floating in my mind. When I feel it, the rest will come crashing in. And then I'll have to deal with all of it. He'll be my first target. Then the other."
Josh and Justin looked at each other, Ally staring at Jolan.

"He and the other? Who are you talking about?"
Jolan's grey eyes looked at Justin, then at Ally.

"The monster of my dreams, and the guardian of the magic surrounding this town. They're both here now in Cutter's Bluff. I feel them both."

Justin moved, sitting down beside Jolan, his arm going around him.

"It's alright, Jus. I'm ready for them. I just need that last piece, and then I'll call them to justice. And I'll give Theresa what she's seeking."
"And what is she seeking, Jolan?" Ally said, moved by the calmness she saw on his face.

"She seeks salvation, and protection. Both shall fall on me."
Jolan yawned, settling back into the pillows.

"I'm suddenly tired, Jus. I think I'll call it a day."
Justin kissed his cheek, nodding to the others to step out of the room.

They rose as one, each giving Jolan a hug and kiss. They quietly walked out, Justin closing the door behind him, looking at Jolan's closing eyes.

In the hallway Josh looked at Justin, Ally's eyes on him as well.

"Jolan seems very determined, Jus. I feel that something's going to happen tomorrow. Something we haven't foreseen." Ally said, Justin looking at her.

Justin nodded, looking at Josh.

"I feel a hidden joy in Jolan's soul. Whatever's going to happen I don't think he's afraid of it. And for me, that speaks volumes."
Josh smiled, putting his arm around Justin.

"I know that man will surprise us. I don't think he could ever do any less."
Justin smiled, the three going downstairs.


The judge banged his gavel, the courtroom sounds diminishing.

"Order in the court. This trial is now in session."

Everyone quieted down, Jolan sitting down beside Ally.

Behind him, all his friends and family sat, Justin directly behind Jolan.

The day had dawned on sunshine and an unseasonably warm November day.

They'd all met again at Auntie Gee's for breakfast, Jolan surrounded by family and loving friends.

They'd gone as a group to the courthouse, walking through a media frenzy, Justin at Jolan's side, video cameras rolling.

For the world's eyes Jolan Dragos would be shown surrounded by support and love.

By celebrities and by family.

Here now they all sat, the trial of their friend about to begin.

"Case number C2373567, the state of Massachusetts versus Jolan Dragos, will now begin. Are all parties assembled and present?" Judge Wentworth said, Henderson Sutcliffe standing, Ally rising as well.

"The prosecution is here and ready, your Honor." Henderson said, the judge glancing quickly at him.

"The defendant is present and ready as well, your Honor." Ally said, the judge looking directly at Jolan.

"Very well. You may commence with your opening statements. You have the floor, Mr. Sutcliffe."
Henderson Sutcliffe smiled, looking over at Jolan, Jolan staring into his brown glaring eyes.

"Your Honor, and ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Today is a day for vindication in the courts of this majestic land. For today what those courts were established for shall ring true and honorable throughout this great country. Justice shall be given, and truth shall be proclaimed. Freedom to a monster shall be denied. For that monster shall be exposed for the vileness of his crimes. An innocent child of youth was taken from the warmth of the new friendship she found in this town, and defiled by a monster bent on filling its own carnal lusts. A young woman was savagely beaten, defiled and nearly perished at the hands of said monster, the accused seated before you. Jolan Dragos is that monster, and my duty here today and through this trial is to deliver that justice truthfully. Someone must answer for these crimes, and that someone is Jolan Dragos. My experience shall prevail, he shall be given said justice, and he'll pay for all he's done."

The man sat down, Ally glaring at him.

Jolan's eyes were on the judge, seeing the older man shaking his head slowly.

"Bombastic words, counselor. It's a wonder you're not a politician. Justice shall prevail with truth. Your turn, Miss Carmichael."

Ally smiled at the judge, standing up, taking a short glance at Henderson, then looking at the jury.

"Monsters. Yes there are monsters in this world. And they take on different forms. This young man seated beside me has seen his share of monsters, up closer that anyone in this town would ever want to see. More than the prosecution has ever even dreamed up. Jolan Dragos is no more a monster than I am. Instead, he is a misunderstood young man thrown through a circle of doubt, horror and pain. Theresa Brannigan is not the only victim here. Monsters usually take no prisoners, destroying all who stand against them and all who fall to their monstrous evil. This trial is a falsehood leveled against an innocent man. A man who is going through his own horrifying cycle of hurt. Jolan Dragos will survive this pain as he's survived the others. With love, truth and courage. Bring on the accusations, for truth shall stand against them."
Ally sat down, Jolan smiling at her.

His eyes went to the jury box, seeing all those seated there looking towards him.

He stared back, calmness spreading across his face.

"Interesting play on words, counselor. Monsters do indeed walk this earth. I've seen my share. Call your first witness, Mr. Sutcliffe. Let's go monster hunting." Judge Wentworth said, folding his hands, smiling out at everyone.

Henderson Sutcliffe rolled his eyes, standing up.

"I call to the stand Dr. Nicholas Bernhardt."
Ally dropped her pen in shock, looking back towards the pews.

A man of around fifty, dressed in a tailored suit walked forward, glancing at her with a confused look on his face.

"Isn't he your witness, Ally?" Jolan softly said, watching the man walk to the witness stand and being sworn in.

"Yes Jolan, he is. I hadn't had a chance to talk to him, he'd just arrived a few minutes ago. What's Henderson pulling here?"
Jolan looked forward, then sighed.

"I guess he's throwing the first knife at the monster." he softly said, Ally looking at him.

Henderson walked around his table, smiling at Ally, then walking to the stand.

"Please state your name and occupation, sir."

The doctor laid his hands in front of him, a folder in their grasp.

"My name is Dr. Nicholas Bernhardt. I am the chief medical examiner for the state of New York."
"And what is your area of expertise, Doctor?" Henderson said, folding his arms, looking at the man in deep thought.

"I deal specifically with DNA analysis and DNA verification."
"Interesting field, Doctor. And so you've been assigned the verification of all DNA analysis for this trial."
"Yes, sir. Upon the request of the District Attorney's office and the state of New York I handle all DNA samples taken for any criminal or other trial in that state."
The lawyer nodded, looking towards Ally.

"For the jury's sake can you explain the significance of those samples and what they show in regards to a person's lineage or birth family?"

"Well, it's quite simple. Every living person on earth has a set molecular structure, their DNA. People of the same family have the same DNA. A mother's DNA will be shown in a child's molecular structure. As will the child's father. DNA analysis can identify a person's parents, and vice versa. In death cases where individuals are badly decomposed, that individual's DNA will identify that person by taking samples of that person's kin."

The lawyer nodded, looking towards the jury, seeing them all nodding to each other, the explanation understood.

"So DNA testing can determine the legitimate parents of a child?"

"The testing in almost one hundred percent accurate." the doctor said, looking at the lawyer.

"Very significant odds, Doctor. Almost foolproof."
"No DNA testing has ever ended in an incorrect analysis. It is foolproof."
The lawyer smiled, looking again at the jury.

"So you have had an opportunity to study and analyze the DNA samples from the victim and her child?"
"Yes, I have analyzed Theresa Brannigan and her son Jeffrey's DNA samples. They are indeed mother and son. The child has his mother's Y chromosomes."
"Very good news, Doctor. Then the child was indeed born from Miss Brannigan."
"Yes, the boy was."
The lawyer nodded.

"Do you have the reports of all your findings?"
The doctor nodded, handing the folder in his hand to Henderson.

"I'd like these reports entered into the record as medical proof of the child's relationship to Theresa Brannigan."
Henderson handed the reports to Charles, the judge nodding.

"Dr. Bernhardt's reports are registered as exhibit A. Continue, counselor." the judge said, looking at him.

"And also Doctor, you were given a sample of Jolan Dragos' DNA?"
"Yes, sir. Mr. Dragos voluntarily gave a sample in Los Angeles at the time of his initial arrest."
Henderson looked towards Jolan, the young man staring at him, his grey eyes seemingly calm.

Ally, on the other hand, was leering at the lawyer, Henderson smirking.

"So what is your final conclusion to the analysis of Mr. Dragos' DNA sample? What, if any, correlation does it have with this child's DNA?"
The doctor folded his hands, looking towards Ally, a nervous look on his face.

"Please answer the question, Doctor."

Jolan lowered his head, a small sigh issuing from him, a single tear falling down his cheek.

In his mind, he steadied himself for the forthcoming truth.

The doctor looked around the room, his eyes stopping on Jolan's lowered head.
"Jolan Dragos is the child's father. Their DNA match perfectly."



End of Chapter 69


Did you all see that coming?

Jolan is little Jeffrey's father.

I don't think I'll say any more.

I'll let you digest this new reality.


Hugs, Angel.