Jolan's Path-Chapter 7

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 7

All eyes were staring at Justin, Shelly's hand going to his shoulder.
"Don't take his words to heart, Justin. He's hurting. His mind and heart are in turmoil. I think it's unfortunate that he had to learn this truth so early, but it's done. Now he has to deal with it. In his own mind and heart. All I know is that if anyone can help him, can reach him right now, it's you. You are the one he's gravitated to. The one, as you said, who is meant to help him. Your time's here, Justin. It's time to be his friend."
Justin nodded, wiping his eyes.
"I know, Shelly. And I am his friend. I'm mad that all that was done to him, to such a wonderful young man. I don't know how it happened, but I'm going to help him any way I can. Right now he needs a friend. A friend that doesn't pity him, or as he said, is showing him charity. That's not what I'm doing and I will show him that. I'm here for him. He's going to see that."
Justin smiled, the others nodding.
Trace walked up to him, his face changing into a smile.
"I know firsthand your friendship, Jus. Talk to him as you've always talked to me and he'll see how great a friend you really are. Tell him we're all here for him."
Justin hugged his friend, walking quietly out of the living room.
The four remaining listened, hearing the front door open and close, Justin going outside to find Joe.
Cynthia wheeled her chair beside Trace, taking his hand in hers.
"That was a wonderful thing you told him, Tray."
Tray nodded, looking down at her.
"Justin's soul is giving, and loving. I've felt that love for many years. Joe's about to find out how giving his friendship–and yes, his love–is."
Cynthia smiled, feeling the truth in those words.

Justin looked around the outside of Henry's home, scanning the front driveway, seeing no sign of Joe.
He walked around the side of the house seeing a pathway to the backyard.
He saw light tracks in the softened ground, knowing Joe had walked this way.
The sun was beginning to set, the sky darkening.
He walked quietly around the house, spotting Joe sitting on a bench in the backyard, underneath a large oak tree.
The young man was shivering, his arms wrapped around his chest, the short-sleeved golf shirt not giving him much warmth.
Justin had Trace's coat in his hand, having grabbed it and his own on his way out of the house.
He knew the coolness of a fall evening in Upstate New York.
He watched the young man for a moment, seeing his lost look.
"Put this on, Joe. It's cool out here."
Joe's head raised, staring at Justin standing now beside him.
Joe didn't say anything, quietly taking the coat from Justin, putting it on.
Justin remained still, looking down at the young man.
"Can I sit down beside you, Joe? I'd like to talk with you."
Joe looked at him for a moment, then moved over on the bench, Justin sitting down beside him.
The two sat quietly, Joe staring ahead, Justin looking around the backyard.
"Winter will be coming soon. The days are shortening, the coolness sinking into the ground. I always loved this time of year." Justin said, Joe looking at him.
"I've missed four winters, and so much more."
Joe bowed his head, Justin quietly looking at him.
He saw Joe's reluctance to open himself up.
Justin sensed he needed to show Joe how he felt.
"I'm sorry for what happened to you, Joe. I almost cried when I found out. It went right to my heart when Henry told me. No one deserved that, least of all you. I can only imagine the pain and horror associated with what happened."
Joe turned, raising his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes.
He now saw the truth in Justin's blue moist eyes.
Justin was deeply upset that Joe had been hurt in that way.
Justin's soul was hurt by Joe's being hurt.
He wasn't ashamed or embarrassed by it.
All Joe saw in those blue orbs was compassion, hurt and need.
"Why would someone do that to me, Justin? Why would they hurt me so much?"
Justin opened his arms, Joe sobbing and falling into them.
Justin held the young man tightly in his arms.
He let Joe feel all his friendship, his strength and his understanding.
"I don't know, Joe. No one, especially someone so young and innocent as you, deserved to be used like that."
Joe sobbed, his own arms pulling Justin against him.
Justin felt Joe's need, his need for someone to hold him, to tell him what he needed to hear.
For someone to make him understand it.
Joe's head lay against Justin's chest, Justin holding him.
"It's going to be alright, Joe. No one will ever do that to you again. We'll find out what happened, and we'll make them pay for it. Your friends will be here for you. All of us. Especially me."
Joe's head raised up, staring again into Justin's blue moist eyes.
"You don't hate me? You don't pity me? Why?"
Justin looked at the young man with a look of deep compassion.
"I can never hate you, Joe. My anger is only directed at whoever did this to you. And I would never pity you. Your smile and your inner self makes me see how strong you are. Makes me see the real you. You're a beautiful, loving, kind young man, Joe. This doesn't change anything. You are you, the same guy I want as a friend."
Joe smiled a small smile, Justin smiling back.
"Thank you, Justin. And I'm sorry for what I said inside. Please forgive me."
Justin hugged the man, Joe wrapping his arms around him.
"There's nothing to be forgiven for. You were emotionally upset."
The two parted, Joe wiping his eyes.
"I don't remember any of it, Justin. And now I'm scared that I will one day. That I'll relive it all again when the memories return."
Justin's arm went around him again, Joe's head leaning against Justin's shoulder.
"Someone did that to me, Jus? They took my innocence. Why? How did I ever deserve that?"
Justin tightened his hold on the young man, Joe quieting down.
"I don't know, Joe. But I promise you we'll find out why. Someone will pay for this. I promise you."
Joe nodded, remaining quiet, Justin sensing his mind still on it.
"You need to grasp onto one thing, Joe."
"What's that, Justin?"
"That whatever happened to you, it was done against your will. You were tied up, Joe. Whoever did this did it with total control. With you unable to stop it. Do you know what moved me the most about all of this?"
Joe looked up at Justin's beautiful face, the taller man's blue eyes staring down at him.
"No Justin, what?"
"That you went on, Joe. That somehow after all that horror had been done to you, you went on.  Somehow you got away from him, or them. Tragedy continued, you being hit by that car, slipping into that coma. But your soul went on with great courage and strength. Your loving soul wouldn't stop, needing to find a way out of the darkness. To walk into life again."
Joe sat up, looking at Justin.
"I need to tell you something, Justin."
Justin nodded, remaining quiet, his attention on the young man.
"It was you, Justin."
Justin looked confused.
"What was me, Joe?"
"It was you that woke me up, Justin. "
Justin looked shocked, staring at the young man.
Joe's grey eyes looking into his blue eyes with a new intensity.
"My mind was in a kind of grey blur, those moments before I awoke in that room. But I remember something. One small thing happening. When that happened it destroyed my mind's darkness and I awoke."
Justin remained still, a slight tremble running through him.
"What was it?"
Joe looked intently at Justin.
Justin saw a new look in Joe's eyes.
"It was when you kissed my cheek, Justin."

Justin sat in silence, Joe staring at him.
"You kissed me, Justin."
Justin stared back, unable to remove his eyes from the young man staring back at him.
His heart was pounding in his chest, his soul wanting to take the young man in his arms, to hold him and love him forever.
But he knew the fragile state of Joe's mind and emotions.
The wrong words or intentions could totally shatter him.
Justin lowered his eyes, a deep breath coming out of him.
Joe remained quiet, watching him.
"You felt what I did last night?"
"Yes, Justin. I felt you kiss my cheek, then leave. As you closed the door my eyes opened."
Justin looked up again, trying to remain calm.
"Yes, Joe. I did kiss you. A kiss of deep friendship and yes, love. My heart and my life have been on a path of change lately. I've been lost myself. You were lost through no fault of your own. I was lost because of myself. My life has been a life of  being in a constant spotlight. Of being on view for all the world to see. It's so hard for me to find friends that can love me as me. For all my insecurities and for my real life. I'm not as glamourous the star they perceive me to be. I'm just me. It takes a lot for me to trust someone enough to let them give me their friendship, Joe. "
Joe put his hand on Justin's shoulder.
"Talk to me, my friend. What's bothering you?"
Justin smiled, seeing Joe's honest feelings.
He had indeed accepted Justin as a friend.
Could he accept him as something more?
"I'm really your friend?"
Joe blushed, then smiled.
"Okay, you got me. Yes, Justin. I really believe now that you're my friend."
Justin smiled, Joe smiling back.
"Alright, Joe. I want you to know the truth."
Joe nodded, Justin beginning to unburden his soul.

Twenty minutes later, Justin had talked his heart out.
He'd told Joe everything.
About his whole life and his rise to fame.
Of never being able to have lasting friendships, the few he had ironclad in their loyalty.
The members of *NSync and Trace his inner circle.
He talked of Jessica, and the others he'd been with, and loved.
He left out his relationship with Lance, and what that meant.
He felt Joe wasn't stable enough to deal with the other side of Justin's soul.
The side that wanted Joe in all ways.
Then he'd told him about the night on Cutter's Road, and what he'd sensed in the young man he'd held in his arms.
Joe had remained silent through all of it.
His heart and soul had felt the deep truths pouring out of Justin's heart.
He saw before him a young man of deep honest beauty, and of needful love.
And Joe now realized that Justin needed this friendship with him, almost more than Joe himself.
That Justin, in some strange unbelievable way, was lost himself.
Joe took Justin's hand in his, Justin having just finished all he'd said.
"Justin, thank you for being honest with me. For telling me all of your hidden truths. It was more than I had thought you'd divulge."
Justin squeezed Joe's hand, Joe looking at him.
"I find it so easy to talk to you, Joe."
Joe smiled, sensing the true friendship they both now had.
"You've had a wonderful life, Justin."
Justin nodded, remaining quiet.
"Your bandmates sound like very giving friends. And I sense they love you too."
Justin looked into those grey eyes, seeing Joe's friendship still there.
"What about you, Joe? How do you feel about what I have confessed?"
Joe looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing so much more there now.
That was what had been hiding behind them, Joe now realizing it.
"Why me, Justin? Why would you want to be friends with me? I'm just a lost kid."
Justin squeezed his hand again, Joe looking up at him.
"Because I see the real you. I saw that man that night on that cold road. I saw in those mysterious grey eyes of yours the need, the want for love. For the same love I, too, have been needing and wanting. Don't you see that we've both been lost without it? And I feel in my heart that maybe I've found a great friend, or maybe more. I know all you've been through, and I know there's so much more. But that won't change how I feel. I'll always be there for you."
Joe teared up, releasing Justin's hands.
"I can't believe that you want my friendship, Justin. I'm no one important, I'm not even me."
Justin put his hand on Joe's shoulder, Joe trembling, seeing a new look in Justin's eyes.
"I've never opened my heart like I just did to anyone before, Joe. You made me do that. Because it was you. That's got to count for something?"
Joe nodded, looking again at the man staring back at him.
Joe stood up, leaning his shoulder against the oak tree and staring up at the revealing moon now large in the darkening sky.
"I don't know what's happened to me, Jus. To the real me. Obviously, someone's hurt me greatly, leaving me somewhere out there to die. Somehow, I tried to climb back into the real world ending that trek in more pain. And here I am now, a lost, broken, defiled man. Can you like me for being this man, Jus?"
Justin stood up, walking to his side.
"Yes, Joe. Nothing will change how I now feel. I'll do all that I can to help you. It's not from charity or pity, it's only from my heart of friendship."
Joe looked up, staring at the taller man.
"There's no other reason?"
"No, Joe.  You're first and foremost my friend."
Joe smiled, Justin smiling back.
"Thanks, friend."
Justin smiled, Joe shivering.
"Let's go inside, Joe. You'll catch a cold out here."
Joe nodded, Justin smiling; the two walked together back around the house.

They walked into the house, walking into the living room.
Joe removed Trace's coat, Trace smiling at him from his seat.
"Here's your coat back, Trace. Justin let me wear it."
"Keep it, Joe. It looks better on you."
Joe looked surprised, looking at the expensive suede jacket he held in his hands.
"Really, Trace?"
Trace stood up, walking up to the young man.
"Consider it a gift. A gift to christen our new friendship."
Joe smiled, a tear in his eye, Trace gently hugging him.
Justin stood beside them, smiling.
"Welcome to the Timberlake inner circle, Joe. If Timberlake gets on your nerves, let me know. I know how to defuse him."
Justin laughed, Trace smiling at him.
Joe smiled, looking around at everyone.
"I want to apologize for my remarks and emotions."
Everyone stood up, each gently hugging the young man, Joe surprised.
He bent down at Cynthia's request, the young woman hugging him tightly.
"We're your friends, Joe. Friends stand by you when the world looks scary or unsure."
Joe nodded, looking shyly around.
"I don't know what happened in my life in regards to the violence done against me. But someday I shall find out. And Justin has given me the strength to deal with it. Because I know he and all of you will be there with me."
They all smiled, Joe's face widening with a larger smile.
Justin thought he looked even more beautiful.
Trace smiled, looking at Justin watching Joe.

The group broke up, Trace leaving with Shelly and Cynthia, Trace staying with them.
Trace hugged Justin goodbye, knowing his friend needed to stay with Joe and Henry.
"I'll be here in the morning. We need to hit the stores to outfit our man Joe here."
Joe blushed, Justin smiling.
"Damn straight. You need clothes before you head to NYC." Justin said, Joe reluctantly nodding.
The small group left, Shelly hugging the two younger men, giving Henry a tender kiss, the younger ones smiling.
Once they were gone, Henry said his goodnights to the two men, heading upstairs.
Justin and Joe sat for a while quietly talking, their friendship now cemented.
Justin kept his inner feelings to himself, sensing he wanted Joe to have his friendship first.
And Justin needed to sort out his own feelings.
He was certain he knew where those feelings were leading him.
Joe began to yawn, Justin calling it a night for both of them.
Joe nodded, the two walking upstairs.
They said their goodnights in the hallway, Joe hugging Justin.
Justin was surprised at his calmness, but returned the hug with relish.
Joe smiled, saying goodnight, walking into his room, closing the door.
Justin entered his room, turning on a lamp on the nightstand, sitting on his bed.
He yawned, removing his t-shirt, then pulling off his sneakers and socks.
He laid back on the bed, stretching across its middle.
He lay in silence, his mind on all that he and Joe had said to each other.
He hadn't revealed all of it to Joe, he knew that in his heart.
But he sensed he'd done that out of necessity.
For he had to let Joe heal himself first before he even thought of opening his heart to him.
And to tell him his true feelings.
Justin's thoughts were interrupted by a muffled sound.
He rose up, listening to the silence of his room.
He heard it again.
He got up, sensing it was coming from outside his room.
He opened his door, standing in the hallway.
He heard it a little louder now, coming from Joe's room.
Justin listened, now knowing what it was.
It was the sound of someone crying.

Justin's heart went to his throat, his soul cracking with the sadness he felt coming from his friend's room.
Justin quietly walked to the door, listening.
He gently turned the doorknob, opening the door quietly.
The scene before him tore at his heart.
Joe was curled into a fetal position on his bed, his shoes on the floor in front of him, the young man still fully clothed.
His body was trembling with the sobs he was releasing.
Joe looked up, his eyes filled with tears, his face wet with their paths of fleeing escape.
He began to sit up, his delayed emotions all in the open now.
Joe was crying deeply, Justin crossing the room, the young man in his arms in a heartbeat.
"I feel so alone."
Justin held him, realizing that the world had focused for Joe.
That Joe was now feeling the singularity of his loneliness.
That he had no family, no one to make him feel himself.
The young man was still alone in the dark.
Justin held him, Joe sobbing against him.

Justin held Joe in his arms, the young man slowly crying himself out.
"I'm sorry, Justin. I didn't want you to see me like this."
Justin rubbed his back, feeling the closeness of this remarkable man.
"You have nothing to apologize for, Joe. It's perfectly alright. A good cry always helps free a person's heart. I know how that feels."
"I'm acting like a kid."
Justin smiled, continuing to hold him.
"You're acting as you should. You just found out a great hurt had been done against you. That your innocence had been violated. I'm in awe of how together you've been. I would be a basket case. And you are a kid in some ways, Joe. You weren't even seventeen when that happened to you. You'd only begun to start your life. And the last four years you've slept away. To your heart and mind you're still seventeen. You get to relive your voyage into manhood."
Joe looked at Justin, seeing the deep friendship in his blue eyes.
"Thank you, Jus. Thank you for just being here. Please don't leave me."
Justin heard the loneliness in Joe's voice.
"I'm not going anywhere. I'll be right next door."
Justin reluctantly began to unwrap his arms from around Joe, the young man still clinging to him.
"Please, Justin. I. . .I don't want to be alone tonight. I've been alone for so long."
Justin remained still, Joe's head remaining on his naked chest.
Justin still only wore jeans.
"I'm not going anywhere, Joe. I'll stay with you for however long you want. Now it's late. You need to rest. Here, let's get into bed."
Joe nodded, releasing Justin from his grip reluctantly.
Justin stood up with Joe, Joe pulling off his golf shirt, his smooth chest now on display.
Justin quietly took the golf shirt from him, folding it neatly up and setting it on a chair.
Joe handed Justin his pants when Justin had turned around, Joe standing in his boxer briefs.
Justin briefly took in the young man's breathtakingly beautiful form, Joe pulling back the blankets and climbing into the bed.
Justin folded and set the pants on the chair as well.
"Comfy? Need another blanket?"
"No, this is fine, Jus."
Justin smiled, his hands going to his jeans buttons.
Within a few seconds his jeans were on the chair as well, Justin sitting down on the bed, swinging his feet up under the covers, and now laying beside Joe.
Justin reached over, extinguishing the lamp on the nightstand.
The two men lay beside each other, both staring up quietly at the ceiling.
Justin felt the touch of Joe's bare shoulder against his, the bed suddenly becoming closed in.
But Justin remained still, wanting Joe to be comfortable with him.
His heart was given over to Joe's well-being.
Within a moment, a soft voice sent Justin's heart soaring.
"Yes, Joe."
"Will you hold me?"
Justin's heart opened, as did his arms, Joe snuggling against Justin's chest, Justin's arm now wrapping around him.
Joe's head lay on Justin's smooth chest, Justin feeling a warmth envelop him.
He smiled a small smile, sensing what it was.
It was the connection of life.
Of being at the center of life.
Justin, in that movement, felt Joe become a part of him.
"Thank you, Justin. For being here for me. Goodnight, my friend."
Justin felt a tear run down his cheek.
"You're welcome, Joe. I'll always try to be here for you. Goodnight, my friend."
Joe smiled, his eyes closing, his body snuggling against Justin's.
Justin lay in silence, listening to the young man's breathing.
He sensed Joe's slip into slumber, Justin looking down at his young face in the room's semidarkness.
He leaned down, kissing Joe's forehead, Joe remaining still.
"Goodnight, my Joe. I. . .I love you."
Justin stared in silence for awhile, eventually closing his tearing eyes, a smile on his face.

Joe opened his eyes, standing in the dark.
He looked around, his standing form surrounded by forest.
Trees were everywhere, their darkened shapes appearing as silent citadels, surrounding him.
He saw before him an old oak tree, massive in its size.
A rope hung from it, its frayed end swinging in the light cool breeze.
He looked down at himself, seeing his near-naked form, his body covered in dirt and filth.
He raised his hands, feeling the burns on both wrists.
He felt a soreness in his center, and blood trickling down his inner thigh.
He felt every cut and bruise lining his smooth, aching body.
He staggered, turning slowly around.
He took in the sight before him, his eyes widening with terror and horror.
He finally scanned the ground right in front of him.
A sunken hole lay before him, half filled with dirt.
His lungs were gasping, taking in the oxygen they'd been denied.
He shivered, realizing where he'd just come from.
>From the center of that hole.
>From beneath that dirt-filled tomb.
The monster had buried him alive.
His mind flashed back upon the hands grabbing him, dragging him across the wet ground, throwing him into the darkness.
He remembered the sensation of feeling the dirt hitting his face, of the laughter above him, of his own hands clawing upwards, someone hitting him, knocking him back into the hole, the dirt beginning to cover him.
He felt the weight of the dirt, the smothering darkness.
He stood there on the hole's edge screaming his heart out.
Screaming for his freedom, for the freedom of life.
He scanned the area, sensing a presence.
He thought the monster was still there, watching him.
About to pounce again.
He took off running for his life, crashing through the forest, his mind on surviving, on getting away from the monster.
He ran and ran, feeling the presence somehow still behind him, edging closer.
Then he felt the hands upon his shoulders, and the voice in his mind.
"Come back to your grave. . .I hunger for your soul."
Joe screamed, darkness surrounding him.

Justin held the young man, Joe screaming his heart out.
Henry stood in his pyjamas, having rushed into the room, the shrill sound awakening him.
He stared at the young man in the bed, Justin's arms around him.
"Joe, calm down. You're okay! It's just a dream!!" Justin said, his hold tight and secure.
But he felt the young man fighting him, still wrapped in the nightmare's grip.
"I was buried alive! He buried me alive!!!"
Justin and Henry looked shocked, glancing at each other.
"He's gone, Joe. It's only me here now! He won't touch you ever again!" Justin said, those words finally appearing to reach Joe's mind.
Joe began to calm down, his eyes opening, focusing on the two men with him.
He saw Justin's nude form beside him, his strong arms around him.
He looked upwards seeing Henry's concerned gaze.
"I was in the woods. I was standing in front of a hole, I'd crawled out of it. I think I was buried in that hole. Buried alive." Joe softly said, tears on his face.
"It's okay, Joe. Lay back and close your eyes. I'm here, no one else." Justin said, his hand gently rubbing Joe's shoulder.
Joe lay back, Justin laying back as well.
Joe clung to Justin's chest, Justin rubbing his shoulder and back.
Justin began to softy hum, Joe gradually relaxing, his eyes slowly closing.
Henry sat at the end of the bed, quietly watching Justin's soothing calmness over Joe's emotions.
In a few minutes, Joe was soundly sleeping, Justin moving a bit.
He gently laid Joe onto his back, Joe muttering something, but remaining asleep.
Justin got up quietly, Henry rising as well.
They quietly walked out of the room, standing in the hallway together.
"He was crying after we went to bed, I came in and found him crying." Justin said, Henry nodding.
"It's understandable after what he's learned. As is that nightmare he just had." Henry said, patting Justin's nude shoulder.
"He didn't want to be alone, so I stayed with him."
Henry nodded, not judging Justin's motives.
"Understandable. I just saw the calming affect you have on him. It's good that you're here for him, son."
Justin smiled, then his face changed.
"Do you really think someone buried him alive? After raping him?"
Henry's hand went again to his shoulder, Justin feeling the man's comforting presence.
"I don't know, Justin. But Joe believes it.  And if it's true then we're dealing with a monster, a very depraved monster. I hope I never meet him. For I'll make him pay for what he's done to that poor boy."
Justin felt Henry's love for Joe spoken in those courageous words.
"I'm going to make sure Joe never goes near him again. And he's going to pay for what he's done to him." Justin said, Henry nodding his agreement.
"You best get back to him, son. He needs you."
Justin smiled, hugging Henry, the man smiling back.
Justin walked back into the room, closing the door.
Henry smiled, walking back to his room.

Justin awoke, finding himself alone in Joe's bed.
He scanned the room, seeing no sign of him.
Justin rose up, looking at his watch.
It read eight o'clock.
He got up, pulling on his jeans, seeing Joe's clothes gone from the chair.
Justin walked quietly out of the room, finding the hallway quiet.
He saw Henry's door was wide open, glancing into the room and finding it empty, the bed made.
He quickly made a stop at the washroom, then walked downstairs, hearing voices coming from the kitchen.
He walked through the doorway, stopping in surprise.
Henry sat at the table drinking a cup of coffee, smiling up at Justin.
"Our friend beat me to it this morning. I found him working away when I came in here." he said, Justin's eyes on Joe.
Joe stood at the stove, stirring a pan filled with sausages and bacon.
"I woke up early and came down. I wanted to do something to show all of you my thanks. So I thought breakfast was a good idea." he said, smiling at Justin.
His eyes were staring at Justin's naked chest, his muscular torso smooth and blemish-free.
"Aww, that's a nice thing to do, Joe. Smells really good."
Henry smiled, agreeing.
"The boy's made johnny cakes and pancakes as well. He's a cooking wonder!"
Joe smiled, his toothy youthful grin bringing a smile to Justin's face.
Justin could see the young man was in an exceptional mood, last night's moments forgotten.
"I love to cook, I guess. It seems second nature." he said, his eyes returning to the stove.
"Cool. Well, I'll take a quick shower and be right back. Then my friend's going to feed me till I explode."
Joe laughed, his melodious laugh filling Justin's heart with happiness.
"And I'll make up my bed. Be right back Joe." Henry said, rising from the table.
Justin looked suspiciously at Henry, the man following him out of the room.
They both walked up the stairs, Justin looking at Henry.
"What was that about? I saw your bed was made when I passed your room."
"I just needed an excuse to talk to you, Justin. Let's go into my room."
Justin nodded, following Henry into his room.
Henry closed the door, looking intently at Justin.
"Something happened this morning, Justin. Something strange."
Justin looked at the man, seeing his deep concerned look.
"What happened?"
Henry looked at Justin.
"First off, I need to know if anything happened between you two last night. Did you take advantage of that poor boy's situation?"
Justin looked shocked, staring at Henry.
"Nothing happened, Henry. I found Joe crying, and I tried to comfort him. He asked me to stay with him, he was terrified of being alone. Last night, I was his friend. I just held him in my arms. Like any friend would do. I'd never do anything to him in that fragile state. You have to believe me, Henry. I would never do that!"
Henry smiled, patting Justin's shoulder.
"I was sure of that. I just had to ask." he said, smiling at Justin.
"What's going on, Henry?"
"What's going on is that I found that young man in the kitchen this morning, and he was singing."
"Yes, Justin. Singing. I'd never seen the young man in such a good mood. It was a beautiful song, but it was strange."
Justin looked at Henry, seeing a surprisingly confused look upon his face.
"What was strange?"
Henry looked at the young man.
"The song he was singing was in another language. A language I've never heard before."
Justin looked surprised, seeing how that would sound strange.
"That is surprising. But I sense from his looks that he might be of European or foriegn descent. It could be a song he now remembers from his past. Maybe his memories are coming back."
Henry nodded, his thoughts on something else.
"Is there something else, Henry?"
Henry looked at Justin.
"Remember yesterday, when Joe first awoke? He'd told me that his accident wasn't my fault. That somehow he'd realized that it was I and Shelly who'd hit him."
"Yes, that surprised both of us. Later, he told me he'd sensed your concern from you. That's how he knew it was you."
"Yes, but that wasn't it. Remember that he touched my cheek? When he did that, I'm positive I felt him in my mind, Justin. I felt him probing my mind. I truly believe that Joe found the truth in my own mind. I think the boy's clairvoyant at the very least. This child is someone very special. I saw that this morning."
Justin nodded, staring at the man.
"The song?"
"No, Justin. The song was strange, but there was something else."
Justin felt a strangeness enter his soul.
Henry looked him directly in his blue eyes.
"When I walked into the kitchen, Joe stopped singing. And then he turned and looked at me. His eyes were different, Justin. For just a moment."
"What do you mean, Henry?"
Henry looked at him and softly said:
"They were glowing."

End of Chapter 7

Interesting final revelation.
Why was Joe singing a strange song, and why were his eyes glowing?
Was his dream a past reality, or is it a future vision?
Who is the monster after him?

More questions than answers.
Don't shoot the narrator, I'm just as intrigued as you.
Read on, more to come.
Up next: A day on the town, with a surprise visitor.



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