Jolan's Path - Chapter 71


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 71


Justin held Jolan, his lover's emotions gradually calming down.

Everyone stood in silence, watching the two men in the center of the room.

Justin gradually guided a calming Jolan over to the couch, the two sitting down.

Bill Carson came rushing into the room, going to his knees in front of Jolan, taking his hands in his.

Everyone saw the tears in Bill's blue eyes, the joy and happiness etched on his face.

"Sid's awake, Jolan! You've woken my brother from his lost mind! How can I ever thank you!!" he said, his strong arms wrapping around Jolan, pulling the young man against him.

Justin's eyes had tears in them as well, hearing the happiness in the man's voice.

Jolan pulled back, his wet face smiling at Bill.

"How is he, Bill?"
"He's exhausted and emotional, but he's smiling, Jolan. He's asking for you."
Jolan nodded, his head lowering for a moment, then rising again.

"I'll be up to see him in a few moments, Bill. Go back to your brother."
Bill looked at Justin, Justin nodding, Bill rising back up onto his feet.

"My family's whole again, Jolan. You given me my brother's love back."
Jolan smiled, looking at the man.

"You never lost it, Bill. His love was in every room of this house."

Bill teared up again, walking quietly out of the room, everyone hearing his footsteps on the staircase.

Justin's eyes went to Jolan, his arm going around him again.

"What just happened here, Jolan?"

Jolan turned, taking Justin's hand in his, looking at him.

"Your words banged against the wall in my mind, Justin. And the answer came falling through. The answer was music, Jus. Music to free the soul. To free Sid's soul from the prison I'd placed him in."

Justin's arm tightened around Jolan, kissing his cheek.

"Where you sent Sid wasn't a prison, Jo. It was a protective place wrapped in your love."
Jolan nodded, a tear rolling down his cheek.

"When I sat down at that piano, I instantly felt the music I had created that day so long ago. The magical musical trigger to that protective love. My love."
"That music was so magical and beautiful, Jolan." Lance said, Joey's arms around him, the two seated together.

"It was the music of my soul, Lance."

Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, seeing so much love there.

"That music was beyond beautiful, Jo. As beautiful as your love."
Jolan smiled, looking around the room, seeing his uncles and Cory.

"I remembered some of my youthful music, Cory."

Cory was in tears, Jolan smiling at him.

"I remembered it as well the instant I heard it. I remembered you playing it the day that Sidney was found."
Jolan nodded, rising up and walking to the piano, Justin at his side.

His fingers gently tapped the keys, his grey eyes looking at the keys.

"I remember how the music came into my mind that day, and I began to play it. The tempo and melody echoed in my mind. I think I wrote more than music that day, Cory. I think I wrote magic. I believe my music that day was laced with magic."

Cory nodded, Simus' arm around him.

"I used that music to create the protective wall that surrounded Sid, separating him from what he'd experienced. And I used it as the trigger to unlock it."
"What happened to Sid that day, Jolan?" Cory asked, Jolan hearing the need in his voice.

Jolan looked upwards, then back at the piano.

"I don't know, Cory. But I'm certain that it shall come to light soon enough. But first I must free a tortured mind."
"Sidney's mind, Jolan?" Lynn asked, Jolan hearing her concern, looking at her with a soft smile.

"No, Mom. I have to free my own mind."
Justin's arm went around Jolan, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"I can destroy that barrier surrounding my home with music, Jus. With more music I created in my mind. And once that barrier comes down, I can then face my past. And find out what the truth is."
"Jolan, are you ready for that? I think you should wait till after this trial." Justin said, Jolan sensing his loving protection.

"You can't stop destiny, Jus. I have to walk my past to heal the present, and to create the future. My past, this trial, and my destiny are all linked. As is the evil I sense here. I have to go there soon."

Justin nodded, Jolan looking upwards again.

"Right now I have to meet a friend. A friend lost to me and to himself. I only hope he can forgive my desperation. And that he knows I did it for love." Jolan said, moving towards the doorway.

He stopped, looking back at everyone, Jennie's eyes meeting his grey eyes.

"Everyone should go back outside and relax. I think Bill had everything just about ready. I see a hungry look in Joey's eyes, Lance. You know it's your job to keep that man fed."

Lance nodded, smiling at Jolan, others smiling as well.
Justin moved to go with Jolan, Jolan smiling at him, his hand stopping him.

"I need to do this alone, Jus. I need to see my old friend alone."
Justin nodded, Jolan quietly walking out of the room.

Lynn's arm went around her son, Justin looking at her.

"He never ceases to amaze us, Justin. His love is ever evolving, and giving."
Justin smiled, Lynn guiding him towards the kitchen.


Jolan opened the bedroom door, his eyes meeting Bill's.

Bill sat in a chair beside his brother's bed, the young man lying on it.

Jolan's eyes moved from Bill, looking into two piercing eyes with blue shining irises.

"Jolan? Is that you. . .really you?"
Jolan looked again at Bill, the deputy rising from his seat, offering Jolan his chair.

Jolan sat down, Sid's blue eyes following his every move.

"Hello, Sidney. Yes it's me, Jolan. Are you okay?" Jolan softly said, his grey eyes staring into the young man's beautiful face.

"I'm tired, Jolan. I feel like I've been sleeping behind a black cloud of darkness."
"You've been through a lot, Sid. Just rest and recover your strength."
Sid's hand went out, Jolan taking it.

"The darkness was all consuming at first, Jolan. I thought I was going to be lost forever."
"You're not, Sid. You're back with Bill, where you belong." Jolan said squeezing his hand.

"What did you do to me, Jolan? Why did you do it?"
Jolan's eyes raised, looking into Bill's.

"Could you give us a few minutes alone, Bill?"
Bill nodded, looking at his brother, Sid smiling at him.

Bill quietly walked to the door, taking one last look at Sid, then quietly closing the door.

"I felt Bill's love every day, Jolan." Sid said, still looking towards the door.
Jolan smiled, Sid's love for his brother so evident.

"And your brother felt yours."
Their eyes met, Sid smiling softly.

"What happened to me, Jolan? I can't for the life of me remember what happened that night. I remember being at school that day, you and I helping Thorny with the band setup after school. But then nothing. The last thing I remember was lying in mud, my body aching so much, a feeling of my life ebbing out of me. And I remember seeing red eyes. Red staring eyes in the darkness. And then I remember you holding me, and your eyes were glowing. Glowing brightly. Was that a dream?" Sid said, rubbing his temple.

Jolan's head was lowered, a tear beginning to fall down his cheek.

"No, Sid. It wasn't a dream. And the red eyes were real. You were attacked by evil, and it almost claimed you. I did what I thought I had to do to save you. I'm sorry that I lost you in the end, Sid. I'm sorry I risked your happiness to save you."
Jolan felt a pressure on his hand, Sid's hand squeezing it.
"You saved me, Jolan. As I live and breathe here now, you saved me. She told me that."
Jolan's head lifted, staring into Sid's blue eyes, a wide smile on his young face.

Sid nodded, squeezing Jolan's hand.

"She said you saved all of us."
Jolan trembled, looking into his blue eyes.

"You saw my Mom?"
"Yes, Jolan. She was there when I came out of the initial darkness."
"Where were you, Sid? Where did I send you that night?"
"To Bolta Cerului, Jolan. You sent me to the Roof of Heaven."


Jolan stared at the young man, his words sinking into his mind.

"Bolta Cerului? That's impossible! That's a real place, or at least my uncles say it's real."
"I'm not sure where it is, Jolan. All I know is it was such a beautiful place. So breathtakingly beautiful."
Jolan nodded, remembering the beauty of the place in his own dream, the place where he'd met his grandfather Vilos and his grandmother Lava Mora.

"How could I send you to a place that I didn't know existed?"
Sid's hand rubbed against Jolan's, Jolan looking into his blue eyes.

"It exists for you, Jolan. Your mother told me it was created in beauty for her angel's destiny."

Jolan's eyes were watering, Sid slowly rising out of the bed, sitting up, his arms pulling Jolan against him.

"She follows me in my dreams. Her love follows me." Jolan said, Sid smiling, gently hugging him.

"Thank you for saving me, Jolan. Thank you for surrounding me with all of their love."
Jolan broke the hug, smiling at his friend.

"I have to find them, Sid. I have to undo what I did to them, as I've done for you."
"I don't think it's that simple, Jolan. Your mother said you needed more than your magic to crack that Shadowing. You needed something more."
Jolan nodded, staring at his once friend.

"I'll find them, Sidney. I have to. I have to put this right."
Sid nodded, about to speak again, Jolan's hand covering his mouth.

"Be silent." Jolan softly said, Sid looking at him, the two remaining still in the silent room.

And then Sid heard the soft sound that Jolan had already heard.

A soft faint whimper came from the window, then the even softer sound of a bell.

Jolan moved like lightning, reaching the window, staring out into the darkness.

He saw the shadows change, then heard the sound of soft footsteps fleeing through the darkness.

His eyes stared out into the darkness, looking for someone, and finding no one.

"Ever watchful, Pierdut unul vechi. Your vigil shall soon end, my friend." Jolan softly said, Sid looking towards him, hearing the words.

Jolan returned to the bed, sitting down on it beside Sid.

"You're in danger, Sid. You've returned to the real world. And that evil still lingers here. I have to guard you against their finding you. His protection won't be enough. He senses that as well. Your guardian senses that I can help you. And there's only one place where you'll be safe."
Sid stared at Jolan, unsure of what he was speaking of.

"Guardian? What are you talking about, Jolan?"
Jolan looked into Sid's confused eyes.

"Someone has guarded you the whole time you were gone. They guarded you and in a sense hid you from their searching eyes."

"Who would do that?"
"I don't know, Sid. But I sense whoever it is, that person does it with regret and humility. They, in some way, felt a responsibility for what happened to you that night."

Sid slowly nodded, unsure of who that person could be.

Jolan smiled at him, Sid's eyes going to the window.

"But first, let's get you well, and then get you fed. Then we'll deal with life." he smiled, the door of the room slowly opening.

Sid's head turned, staring into a smaller set of grey softly glowing eyes.

Jennie smiled, Jolan smiling at her.

"I've asked Jennie to help you, Sid. She'll make you feel better and make you healthy."
Sid nodded in confusion, Jolan rising, kissing his sister's cheek.

They smiled at each other, words flowing through their minds.

Jennie sat down on the bed, Sidney staring into her mesmerizing grey eyes.

"Relax, Sid. Think thoughts of happiness. This won't hurt." she said, Jolan watching the two for a moment.

Sid relaxed, Jolan smiling, then walking out of the room.


Ten minutes later, Jolan's head raised upon hearing the back door open, he sitting beside Justin.

The young man stood, others standing as well, Justin at Jolan's side.

Jennie walked through the back porch doorway, her hand pulling Sidney behind her.

Bill stood up, staring at his smiling younger brother.

"What's for supper, Billy? I'm starving!" he said, smiling around at everyone.

Bill walked up to him in surprise, Sid's smiling face looking around again.

"And what are all these big stars doing in our backyard? My, God! You gone Hollywood, Jolly?" he said, laughing, Jolan smiling at him.

Jolan walked up to him, Sid pulling him into a hug, Bill still staring in surprise at both of them.

Jolan smiled at him, Bill softly smiling back.

"My Jennie's magic is her healing love." Jolan said, kissing his sister's cheek.
Jennie smiled at Bill, the young woman walking over and sitting down in Chace's lap, the young man hugging her gently.

"Let me introduce you around, Sid." Jolan said, pulling his friend with him, everyone greeting him as he made the rounds around the tables.

Sidney met everyone, blushing lightly at Britney and then Justin, both smiling at him.

"Wow! I was such a fan, Mr. Timberlake, and Miss Spears." he softly said, Justin laughing, putting his arm around the young man.

Sidney's eyes widened a bit, Jolan chuckling.

"Any friend of Jolan's automatically becomes my friend, Sid. Just relax, we're just normal people."
"Normal people with incredible talent, Mr. Timberlake." he said, Jolan now laughing, Justin and Sid both looking at him now.

"Hey, half an hour around him and you'll see Justin's true self." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

"Hey, I think Sidney should see my true self right off the bat." Justin said, walking up to Jolan, wrapping his arms around him and kissing him deeply.

Sidney stood in stunned silence, taking in the touching, revealing moment, everyone surrounding him smiling widely.

The two lovers parted, Justin looking towards Sid.

"Jolan's my man, Sid. I love him with all my heart."
Sidney smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"You always said you were destined to find that special someone. I see now you've found even more."
Jolan smiled, Bill's arm going around his brother.

"Come on Sid! You've waited four years to taste my barbecued steaks again."
Sidney laughed, Bill and others laughing as well.

"Lead on brother. I can't wait to taste your love."
Jolan smiled, Justin's hand in his, the two sitting down beside Justin's mother.


The meal was delicious, everyone complimenting Bill.

He nodded his thanks, his face awash with pride and happiness.

Jolan sensed a lot of it was from seeing his brother returned to him and healthy.

Everyone talked through the meal, filling the younger Carson in on the happenings since his departure.

Throughout the meal, and the lengthy stories, his eyes often went to Jolan, the young man's past and present bringing tears to the Sid's eyes.

After he'd heard the last of it, his eyes had met Jolan's.

"We both have walked in darkness, Jolan. Mine was a darkness of love, yours was a darkness of pain."
Jolan nodded, Justin's arm going around him, Jolan feeling his love.

"My life was as it was, Sid. I go forward to the truth, in all ways."
Sid nodded, looking around at everyone.

He saw all their eyes on Jolan, knowing that surrounding him were true friends.

"Your life now flows with so much love, Jolan. It started with your parents. I don't remember ever meeting two more giving, loving people."
Jolan and Jennie both smiled, Joey looking at Sid.

"Now that you're healthy and okay Sid, can you tell us what happened that night, before Jolan's own tragedy? We all sense the two are connected."
Sidney nodded, his eyes going to Jolan.

"I'm sorry to say that I don't remember anything of what happened that night."
Everyone looked surprised, and a little crestfallen.

Jolan saw that they were hoping for some inkling of what had taken place so long ago.

"Sidney's memories of that time were absorbed into the darkness surrounding him. That was the essence of what I did to him. I erased his memories, and wrapped him in magic."
Sid's hand went on top of Jolan's.

"You wrapped me in love, Jolan. Your love and your parents' love."
Sidney looked around at the surprised faces, explaining to them where he'd in essence gone.

To the fabled mountain of Bolta Cerului, and there meeting Jolan's parents.

Simus and Calen's eyes widened, looking at their nephew.

"Yes, Uncles. My magic drew him to the Roof of Heaven. How I don't know. But for some reason that mountain is a drawing force for my magic. I sense that's why Jennie was drawn to it in her dreams as well."
Simus nodded, Calen looking at Jolan.

"Legend states that the Roof of Heaven is the center of the Sumsarian magic, the center of their truth. Perhaps the legends are right."
"Who built the palace that sits upon the mountain's face, Uncle?" Jolan said, looking at Calen.

Calen smiled, settling back into the chair he was in, a contented, fulfilled look on his face.

"That grand palace was erected there by King Dragos. It was the jewel of his expansive empire. It fell into silent decay after his death, his son Segas not inclined to make the long trek through the Carpathian mountains to get there."

"That's sad. It is such place of silent beauty." Jennie said, remembering the place from her dreams with Spartacus.

Chace patting her shoulder, Josh smiling at his tenderness with the young woman.

"King Dragos named it Bolta Cerului or the Roof of Heaven. To him, it was the center of his world. His heaven on earth." Calen said, a look of revered respect crossing his face.

Jolan nodded, his eyes looking at Jennie.

"It is also the heart of the Sumsarian soul. There we meet in times of truth and devotion. The next time we go there you shall be that truth Jolan, our Sun Child. The sun shall shine again in the hearts of the Sumsarian clan." Calen said, Jolan looking at him.

"The sun has gone, Uncles."

Calen and Simus looked surprised, Jolan standing up, pulling his shirt upwards.

Justin, seated beside him, stared at Jolan's chest, seeing the tattoo gone from his left side, the skin blemish free.

Justin suddenly realized that he hadn't seen that tattoo in the shower earlier when he'd washed Jolan.

He'd been so caught up in the beauty of his man's body that he'd forgotten the tattoo.

"The mark of The Child! It's gone!" Simus said in shock, Jolan looking at him as he pulled his shirt down.

"Yes, Uncles. As I already stated I am not the Sun Child. I am only the Catre Din Dragoste."

Jennie's eyes met Jolan's, the two obviously talking to each other, as Justin could see.

"Then why did you wear the mark earlier, Jolan?" Simus said, a sense of distress edged in his voice.

"I wore the mark for a reason, Uncle Simus."
"What reason?"
"That shall be soon known. The Sun Child is real, and that person shall one day reveal themselves. For now let's just say that the mark is a sign of love."
Simus and Calen looked at each other, Jolan staring at both.

"Trust in me to lead all of us to our truths, Uncles. It starts with my own."
Justin stood, his arm again going around him.

Jolan looked at him, smiling softly.

"Your love continually surrounds me, Jus. Now I know how Sid's felt the last few years."
Sid looked up at him, smiling widely.

"Sid is now back with all of us. He's also back in the real world. And for that reason he is vulnerable. The evil that tried to kill him that night still remains here. There's only one thing I can do now. I must surround you again with magic, my old friend."
Sidney nodded, staring at Jolan.

"I have faith in you protecting me, Jolan. You have my thanks and my love."
Jolan smiled, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"This time I won't have to hide you in darkness, Sid. That last time was an act of hurried desperation. This time I'll hide you in the open. There's only one place for you to be truly safe. It's already surrounded by my magic."
"Your house!" Chris said in surprise, Jolan smiling and nodding at him.

"Yes, Chris. I created a protective magic against the very evil that attacked you, Sid. It surrounds my own home. You have no magic in you, you are safe to cross its protective barrier. You must stay there until I need you."
Sidney looked at Jolan with a confused look.

"Until you need me?"
Jolan's eyes looked towards Ally.

"Yes, Sidney. For I shall call on you to reveal the monster that tried to destroy all of us."


Everyone stared at Jolan, his words echoing in their minds.

"You know who that monster is?" Randall said, Jolan looking at Justin's father.

"No, I don't. But Sid does."
Everyone looked at the young man, his blue eyes staring at Jolan in surprise.

"You were the first to see the truth, Sidney. That is why you were attacked that night. They were on a mission to kill you, to silence you from revealing what you'd seen. I truly believe that."
"I saw something?"
"Yes, my friend. You saw something you weren't supposed to see. Or someone."

"So that was why he was attacked?" Bill said, Jolan nodding.

"Yes, Bill. Sidney--I believe through no fault of his own--stumbled upon the secret of this town. The hidden evil that resides here. And knowing that almost cost him his life. And that secret still lays hidden. And that evil will seek you out again to silence you if it feels you here again, Sid. Our ever-watching friend knows that, too. Your hidden guardian senses it. So my home shall be the protection you need, until your time of truth shall be realized."
"But I don't remember anything." Sid said, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"I will make you remember, Sid. I think I just have to destroy this blockage in my mind, and then I'll make all of us remember."
Sid nodded, pulling Jolan into a hug, Jolan feeling his friendship.

"I trust you to protect me, Jolan. You haven't let me down ever."
Jolan teared up, the two breaking their bond.

"Justin's one lucky man, Jolan."
Justin smiled, his arm going around his lover.

"Don't I know it."

"You need to go there tonight, Sidney. I truly sense evil is on the prowl again. Tonight I may have to watch. It is my responsibility to protect everyone."

Justin stared at Jolan, Jolan smiling at him.

Jolan smiled around at everyone.

"What happens, happens. We go forward together. Your love surrounds me."

Everyone smiled at Jolan, his words edged with love and determination.

"That meal was fantastic, Bill. Now how about dessert? We need to end this night with sweetness."
Bill laughed, looking at Justin.

"I've got homemade apple pies. Auntie Gee brought five of hers over this morning. She sensed we'd all be here."

Jolan smiled, Justin smiling beside him, his thoughts his own.


After a relaxing delicious dessert the others began to leave, calling it a night.

Jolan was hugged by everyone, Bill leaving to drive Sid over to Jolan's home with Lonnie and Lynn.

Lonnie had volunteered to stay with Sid at the house.

Lynn, Cory and the Hamiltons would be across the street if they needed them.

Jolan nodded, seeing their new love for the young awakened man.

Bill said he'd stay that night with Sid also.

And for another reason as well.

He sensed Jolan and Justin needed some time alone.

The two men stood on the front porch of Bill's house, waving goodbye to everyone.

The last car drove down the street, turning the corner, Justin's arms going around Jolan.

"My, oh my. We now have the house to ourselves, Mr. Dragos." Justin said softly into Jolan's ear, Jolan feeling the man's tight hold on him.

Jolan pushed back, Justin's center now against Jolan's ass.

"Why, Mr. Timberlake! You've gotten me all alone and now you're practically trying to lure me into bed!" Jolan said, a sexiness in his voice.

"Is it working?" Justin said, turning his man around, pulling him close.

Justin laughed, Jolan laughing as well, the two kissing.

"I think we should take it inside, my love. Even in small town America there are watchful eyes."
Justin nodded, the two walking into the house, Jolan locking the door behind them.

They walked upstairs, into their bedroom, Justin jumping on top of the bed, Jolan smiling at him.

He stared at the man now laying before him.

Even in this quaint, small bedroom Justin Timberlake's beauty and intoxicating manliness radiated in the center of all of it.

Jolan smiled, feeling the ownership in his heart of this beautiful man.

Justin was his.

To hold, to worship and to love.

"Come here, my love." Justin said, patting the spot beside him.

Jolan smiled, walking over and sitting down on the bed.

Justin sat up, his arms going around his lover, their lips meeting.

"So, do you want to talk about it?" Justin said, when they broke the intimate kiss.
Jolan stared into his blue intoxicating eyes.

"You read me so well, Jus."

Justin kissed his cheek, their heads together.

"I also heard your words."
Jolan nodded, looking at him again.

"They're at the crossroads, Justin. Evil is on the brink of erupting again, I can feel it. I have to protect everyone. And to do that I need to face him."

Justin stared into Jolan's eyes, seeing that soft reflection of fear again.

"He's here, Jus. The monster that attacked me that night. I felt him today in that courtroom."
Justin looked surprised, going over in his mind everyone he had seen there.

Jolan saw the search going on in Justin's eyes.

"It's okay, Jus. He remains in the shadows, quietly watching."
"Are you okay, my love?"
Jolan smiled, pulling Justin closer to him.

"I'm surrounded by your love, how can I not be?"
Justin softly smiled, the worry lessening on his face.

"He's so arrogant and self-assured, Jus. He truly believes that I don't know what he did to me. And that's what I want him to continue to believe."
Justin stared at Jolan, sensing something else.

Courage and determination.

"He's going to answer for what he did to my family, Jus. Once I walk into that house and remember what he did, my life will be given over to bringing them to justice. And then I can free my parents from my truth."
Justin's arms encircled him again, Jolan feeling his increasing love.

"I want this all to be over, Jo. I want the pain to be washed away from your soul. And then you and I can start our real life of love."
Jolan teared up, leaning forward, kissing the man he loved deeply.

Justin leaned back, pulling Jolan on top of him.

The two lovers kissed deeply, their hands beginning to roam.

Justin broke the kiss, staring up into his Jolan's now yellowish eyes.

"No beast needs to sink into my love tonight, Jo. Tonight my love will worship you."
Jolan's eyes softened, returning to their grey beauty.

Justin moved, rolling his lover over onto his back, Justin now on top of him.

"Sink into my love, Jolan. Let that be enough for you, tonight. I love you." Justin said, his fingers going to the buttons of Jolan's shirt.

Jolan teared up, pulling his lover's head down, their lips meeting again.

"I love you, Justin. Make love to me. Make me feel that I'm forever yours."
Justin smiled, his fingers moving lower.

He pulled the shirt open, Jolan's smooth chest revealed.

Justin stared at where the tattoo had been, his head lowering, bathing that skin in his wetness, his lips going to his left nipple.

Jolan shuddered, his mind opening to the passion and love his lover was showing him.

At that moment in his life, Jolan Dragos felt truly loved.


Jolan woke up, feeling the strong arms surrounding him.

He sighed, lost in the warmth surrounding him.

Justin moved, his arms tightening around him, his protective stance of love filling Jolan's heart with happiness.

Jolan gently but firmly unwrapped himself from his lover's embrace, looking down at him in the moonlit darkness in the room.

His beauty seemed to glow off the white sheets surrounding him.

Jolan leaned down, kissing his lover's soft lips.

Justin murmured, a small smile coming to his lips.

Jolan smiled, quietly rising up out of the bed.

He walked to the window, looking out into the moonlit night.

He looked up into the sky, seeing so many stars.

The lights of beauty shining in the heavens.

He listened to the quietness of the night, a gentle sound ringing softly in his ears.

He stood in silence for a moment, then quietly walked over to the chair where Justin had piled their clothes.

Even in the throws of passion his lover was meticulous in his neatness.

Jolan smiled, quietly dressing .

In a few moments, he returned to the bed, leaning down again and kissing Justin's forehead.

"I love you, Jus."  he softly said, Justin silently sleeping.

Jolan softly walked to the door, quietly closing it behind him.


Jolan walked down the street, his eyes taking in the quietness of the silent neighborhood.

He'd been walking for over half an hour, his lone form the only presence in the dead of night.

He'd looked at his watch, reading three o'clock.

His trek had led him to the small town's main square again.

He sat down in silence, staring up at the statue of James Cutter.

His mind thought through his own past, the ancient past of the Dragosan dynasty and the Sumsarian legacy.

"A quiet night to ponder one's thoughts."
Jolan turned, staring at Era sitting beside him.

"I was wondering when you were going to show yourself again. I'd begun to think you'd deserted me." Jolan said, the man's presence not surprising to him now.

Era laughed, smiling at the young man.

Jolan turned, staring into his grey eyes.

"He's coming you know, Jolan."
"Yes, I know. I heard him earlier. Exactly who is he?"
The older man smiled, looking around the small square.

"He is innocence and heartache personified. We all carry pain and torture in our hearts. Listen to his story, and judge him on his own self. You remember the ancient dialects?"
"Yes, I remember it. I think it was borne into me wasn't it?"
Era nodded, patting Jolan's knee.

"Magic was borne into you, son. Magic and love. I greatly underestimated that man."
Jolan's eyes met Era's , the old man looking surprisingly robust and perhaps even younger.

"Do spirits age towards beauty?"

Era laughed, Jolan liking his loud laugh.

"I'm a spirit now, am I?"
Jolan smiled, Era smiling back.

"Well, I don't really know what you are."
"All in good time, Jolan. All in good time. I must go. He's on his way. Listen with the heart of the Catre Din Dragoste, Jolan. It's time you gave more of that love."
Jolan nodded, looking around the small square.

He heard the soft footsteps, his eyes moving back to Era.

Jolan sat alone.

Erasmus was gone again.

Jolan stood up, listening again.

The footsteps moved closer, Jolan's eyes seeing a form taking shape across the square in the dark shadows of the trimmed bushes on the other side of the statue.

Jolan stood in silence, the shape moving forward.

Jolan stared in surprise at the image walking towards him.

The image stopped, Jolan staring at him.

"Oosa lena passa, niche Pierdut Unul Vechi."
The image remained still, his eyes staring into Jolan's soul.

Jolan stared at something he wore, his mind zeroing in on it.

Jolan smiled, the image staring at him.

Within a flash the two collided, Jolan wrapped in arms of unimaginable strength.

Jolan saw the red crown before him, then the image throwing him.

Jolan fell to the ground, a dark shape falling on top of him immediately.


Justin awoke, having heard a sound.

He rose up in bed, looking towards the bedroom door.

The room was in a dawning darkness, Justin's eyes adjusting to the gloom.

His eyes were then on Jolan, the young man softly walking back into the room.

"Jo? Where have you been?" he said, his smooth torso stretching in the moonlit room.

"I couldn't sleep. I went out for a walk. I'm back now. You can lay back down, Jus."
Justin nodded, laying back in the bed.

Jolan walked over to him slowly, sitting gently down on the bed, his hand going on top of Justin's smooth chest.

Justin smiled, a soft sigh coming out of him.

"Get back into bed, my love. I want to snuggle and fall asleep beside you."
Jolan sat still, Justin sensing something was wrong.

"Are you alright, Jo?"
Jolan's body trembled, Justin positive now that something was wrong.

He rose up, his arm stretching across the bed, going for the lamp.

Jolan's hand caught his, Justin staring at him in the gloom.

Justin was staring into two yellow eyes, softly glowing.

"I fought the evil, Jus. Love won in the end."
Justin was up now, flicking on the lamp.

The room was flooded with light, Justin closing his eyes against it.

His eyes adjusted to the brightness, then went to his lover's sitting form.

Justin gasped, beside his lover in a flash.

"Oh, God! You're hurt, Jo!"

Justin stared at him, seeing the shirt he wore slashed open.

Justin saw angry red slash marks through the sparse material.

Jolan's face had scratch marks on it, one eye puffy with a blackening bruise.

Justin pulled open Jolan's shirt, seeing a gash now across his chest, blood trickling out of it.

"Oh God, what happened, Jo???"
"I met the guardian, Jus. I met the two faces of his truth."
Jolan trembled, Justin gently holding him.

"What are you talking about?"
"I've found the missing piece, Jus. The bells are finally ringing."

Justin gently removed Jolan's shirt, the red marks now totally visible.

"Lay down, Jo. I'll get some antiseptic." he said, Jolan laying down in the bed.

Justin got out of bed, his naked body moving through the doorway.

Jolan watched him leave, his eyes going back to their grayish hue.

"I'm coming for you now, Monster. His forgotten love at my side. Prepare for retribution. Prepare for no more bells."

Jolan's hand moved, pulling something out of his left pocket.

He looked at it, then moved, dropping it into the bottom drawer of the chest beside their bed.

Jolan lay back again, his eyes looking towards the window.

"Together, my friends. We three shall call the monsters to justice."
Jolan teared up, turning to the doorway.

Justin's nude form entered the room carrying a First Aid kit, going to the bed, gently sitting down beside Jolan.

He saw the tears in Jolan's eyes.

"Are you alright, Jo?"
"I'm so tired, Jus. So tired."
"Close your eyes, my love. I'll clean these scratches, and then you can sleep."
Jolan closed his grey eyes, Justin gently administering the antiseptic to Jolan's lacerations.

Jolan moaned a bit, feeling the liquid's sting, but remaining still.

Justin did his work, now seeing that Jolan had fallen asleep while he'd taken care of his wounds.

Justin put a bandage over Jolan's chest gash, setting the medical supplies on the chest beside the bed.

His eyes caught something sticking out of the bottom drawer, Justin opening the drawer and pulling it out.

He stared at it, confusion on his face.

Then Justin felt a feeling, a feeling of being lost.

He opened the drawer, dropping the item back into it.

The feeling he'd just had instantly disappeared.

He stared at the drawer, a hand going to his shoulder.

Justin turned, looking into Jolan's now open, grey eyes.

"Don't touch it ever again, Jus. For evil marks it."
Justin looked surprised, Jolan staring at him.

"Alright, Jo. I won't."
"No one must know about it, Jus. Please abide by my request."
Justin nodded, seeing the seriousness on Jolan's face.

"Alright, Jo. But please tell me what's going on?"
Jolan smiled, hearing the concern and love in Justin's words.

"Come back to bed, Jus."

Justin moved, extinguishing the light.

He gently lay down in bed, Jolan's arm going around him, Justin gently laying against Jolan's sore chest.

"You alright, love? I'm not hurting you?"
Jolan smiled, Justin seeing his smile in the soft darkness.

"Your love will never hurt me."

Justin smiled, his head again going against his chest.

"I'm going to tell you a story, Jus. A story of pain and heartache. And why I had to show my love again to free someone's soul."
Justin remained quiet, Jolan telling him the truth.



End of Chapter 71


Interesting meeting at the end.

Whom did Jolan meet in that darkened square?
It seems a battle against good and evil played out there.


What was the item Jolan put in the drawer, that Justin had found?
Justin had sensed evil in it.

What story has Jolan now revealed?

I hope you like the introduction of Sid upon our stage.

He holds a lot of surprises in his lost mind.

I hope you'll trust me to reveal them all in spectacular fashion.


Up next: Theresa Brannigan enters the trial.

What proof will she reveal to sink our hero into justice?

Or will Jolan guide Ally to the truth?


Read on, it gets interesting.


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