Jolan's Path - Chapter 73


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 73


Joey's eyes looked into Lance's green sparkling pools.

"I wonder what's going on in there?" he softly said, he and Lance seated on a bench outside one of the courthouse rooms.

Jolan and Ally had been inside that room longer than the five minutes Jolan had asked for.

"Jolan must have her attention at least. It's been well over five minutes." Lonnie said seated across from the two men, Britney and Chris seated beside him.

Josh and Chace were seated on another bench, Bill sitting with them.

Everyone else--at Justin's request--had left, making their way through the still vigilant press surrounding the courthouse.

Cory and Justin had disappeared immediately after that, Simus staying until Cory's return.

The two young men had walked down the hallway, going through a stairwell door.

"Private discussions, and unbelievable intrigue." Simus softly said, Joey looking up at the older man, Simus standing, his back leaned against the hallway wall.

"Any clue what's going on, Simus?" Joey asked, the older man looking towards him.

"I'm not sure, Joe. But I saw a determined look in my nephew's grey eyes. And a look of intense love."
Joey nodded, Lance's hand squeezing his knee.

"I can't understand why Jolan would want to defend himself?" Britney said, Chris rubbing her back.

"I think I see some logic behind it, sweetie." Chris said, the others looking towards him.

"Jolan said earlier that he wouldn't allow Ally to rake Theresa across the coals. If you remember his remarks to Theresa in that room--that final statement he made--you'll understand why. Jolan said that he'd make it right for her. That he'd see justice done. I truly believe he's now beginning to piece together what happened to him that night, in regards to her. I think the two of them were drawn together in a horrific way. I think he believes she was just as much a victim that night as Jolan was. And there's another reason as well. Now, Jolan can face the witnesses brought against him face to face. No go-between. He can ask them his own revealing questions."
"Very good, Chris."

Everyone's eyes moved, looking at Jolan standing in the room's now open doorway.

Jolan had spoken, his eyes meeting Chris'.

"You are correct, my friend. I can now meet them all face to face."
Jolan walked out, Ally walking out behind him.

Everyone stared at Ally, seeing that her eyes showed a wet redness, as if she'd been crying.

Lonnie stood, his arm going around her as she walked up to him.

"Are you alright, Alexandra?" he said, she looking into his big brown eyes filled with concerned love.

"I guess I am, Lon. And I don't think I'll ever see life the same again."

Lonnie looked confused, his eyes meeting Jolan's for a moment.
Jolan's hand went to her shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"Life is beautiful, Ally. Your life will be beautiful. For now you'll see life as it should be seen."

Ally's eyes watered, pulling the young man into her embrace, Jolan gently hugging her.

"Your love! It's so overwhelming! My friendship will be yours forever!" she sobbed, Jolan softly smiling, rubbing her back.

"I could not ask for a greater gift from you." he said, she breaking the tenderness of his embrace.

"I'll let you do what you must, Jolan. For their happiness, I shall."
Jolan nodded, looking around at everyone.

"Where's Justin? And everyone else?"
Lance stood, looking at Jolan.

"He's gone with Cory, somewhere. Justin said he needed to have a talk with him. He sent everyone back to Carl's, they're all waiting there for our return. Thelma and Lynn are pulling together a late lunch. We all wanted to stay and wait for you."
Jolan smiled, seeing all their friendship, Lance smiling at him.

"Everything okay, Jolan?" Lance said, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"The path is finally set, Lance. I know where I must now venture. I must face the evil."
Lance looked concerned, Lonnie's voice breaking the silence.

"Alright, Jolan. I want some answers! Why the hell are you turning away from Ally's help? My God, Jolan! She's the best lawyer I've ever seen! What she drew out of those witnesses in there was so remarkable! This is the wrong move, Jolan! You need her expertise and help!"

Jolan stared at the large man, seeing concern and love in his large brown eyes.

Ally's hand went in his, Lonnie looking down into her green eyes.

"Jolan is taking the path he must, Lon. Tomorrow we'll all see the truth of why he's doing this. He has to force the evil to reveal itself.  It isn't matters of judicial procedure he needs. It's moments of revealing truth. I've never met anyone with such a courageous heart. Hell, he faced me and my anger. Look at me now. My eyes shine with his love."

Jolan smiled, her green eyes looking into his grey.

"Thank you, Jolan. For changing my life."
Jolan's cheeks blushed a bit, Ally smiling.

Everyone stood in silence, sensing something had happened between Jolan and Ally.

"Everything okay, Jo?"
Jolan turned, Justin and Cory walking down the hall towards them.

The two lovers' eyes met, staring at each other.

Jolan sensed a calmness in Justin's steady gaze.

"Yes, Jus. Everything's on track."
"Then let's go back to Bill's so we can change. Then we'll go to Carl's for lunch. And then we'll take on the past." Justin said, Jolan and everyone else looking at him.

"Alright, Jus." Jolan said, Justin's hand going to his shoulder, the two walking towards the exit.

Everyone exchanged looks, following behind.


Justin closed the bedroom door, Jolan pulling off his suit jacket, his hands going to his tie.

"Ah, that feels better. I hate having something around my neck." he said, tossing the tie on the bed, his fingers going to his shirt's buttons.

He looked towards his lover as he pulled it off, Justin leaning against the closed bedroom door.

"Why didn't you tell me, Jo?"
Jolan's arms went down, Justin walking up to him.
He looked at Jolan, Jolan seeing the intense love staring back at him.

Justin walked over to the nightstand, pulling open the top drawer, pulling something out, tossing it onto the bed.

"Your pain began with this, didn't it Jo?"

Jolan stared down at what Justin had thrown on the bed.

"How. . .how did you know?"
Jolan's eyes met Justin's, the two staring into each other's souls.

Justin walked over to him, pulling his lover against him, Jolan's head resting on Justin's chest.

"I saw the monster, Jo. I now know in my heart what he did to you."
Jolan moved, breaking Justin's hold on him.

He walked to the bed, picking up what Justin had discarded there.

He stared at it, staring at the truth he'd figured out for himself.

The truth of what had been taken from him.

The truth that Justin had now somehow figured out.

Justin's eyes were following him, seeing in Jolan's grey eyes the truth about to crest.

Jolan's face changed, his arm hurling what lay in his hand across the room, the item hitting the door hard, a loud bang echoing in the room, the article landing with a thud on the floor.

Jolan stared at it, his eyes filling with anger and hurt.

And then he screamed, a scream of anguish and heartbreaking loss.

Justin's arms were instantly around him, Jolan sagging to the floor, Justin lowering with him.

"He took my heart, Jus! He took my soul!!!" Jolan said, burying his face into Justin's chest, sobs wracking his body.

Justin held his lover in his arms, feeling the rippling heartache flowing through him.

The door of the bedroom flew open, Lance and Joey rushing into the room, Bill right behind them.

The three alone had returned to Bill's with Justin and Jolan, everyone else going to Carl's.

They stopped, seeing the heart-wrenching sight before them.

Jolan was on the floor sobbing into Justin's chest, Justin's own eyes filled with tears.

"Why, Jus? Why, for that, did he destroy my life?"
Justin kissed Jolan's forehead, hugging him tighter.

"I don't know, Jo. I don't know why. His heart was evil, and he'll pay for what he's done to you. We'll make him pay."

Justin and Lance's eyes met, Jolan's head raising.

"I created it, Jus. I created love and he took it from me. His greed and want consumed him! He took it and then he tried to take my life! He tried to destroy me! And then he turned to my family! It ends now. Their pain ends now."
Jolan stood up, wiping his face, his red eyes looking down at Justin.

Justin stood up, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

In those eyes he saw determination, courage, love and resolve.

But also behind that forward bravado Justin saw the bubbling, simmering fear.

"I have to go home, Jus. I have to walk into that house. My life is waiting for me."

Justin nodded, Jolan's eyes turning to his three silent friends.

"I'm sorry I screamed. Reality came crashing in there for a moment. My Jus' love made me face the past. Now, I have to face the truth."
Lance walked forward, hugging Jolan tightly.

"We're all here for you, Jolan."

Jolan teared up, hugging Lance tightly.

"I need all of you so much!"
Joey and Bill walked forward, Justin watching the two surround them.

"We need you too, Jolan. And we need you free of pain." Joey said, Jolan smiling as he broke their embrace of friendship.

"Soon, Joe. Soon."
Joey smiled at him, his eyes wet with tears as well.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, then we'll all go to Cory's." Jolan said, his eyes looking at Justin.

"I'll lay out some casual clothes for you, love." he said, Jolan nodding, walking out of the bedroom towards the hallway bathroom.

Justin walked over towards the bedroom doorway, picking up what Jolan had thrown there.

He stared at it quietly, then returned it to the drawer of the nightstand.

"What's happened, Jus?" Lance said, Justin looking into Lance's green eyes.

"Jolan's memories are returning. And I know what happened."

The police car pulled over to the curb, Bill parking behind Lonnie's SUV.

Jolan climbed out of the back seat when Bill opened the door, Justin at his side.

"Bring Sid over, Bill. He's probably bored out of his mind sitting over there alone." Jolan said, staring at his former home.

"Is it okay for him to leave there, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"He'll be with me, that's protection enough."

Bill smiled, walking across the street, Jolan watching him walk up to the front steps.

Justin's hand went on his shoulder, Jolan smiling again.

"I'm famished, let's dive into Thelma's cooking." he said, he and Justin walking towards Cory's home.

Jolan smiled, seeing everyone sitting around on the front porch.

Henry and Shelly greeted Jolan when he stepped onto it, the two hugging him gently.

"Feeling refreshed, Jolan?" Henry said, smiling at him.

"Feeling okay, Henry."

Henry nodded, looking at Shelly.

"Sit down, Jolan. There's something I need to understand."
Jolan nodded, sitting down on a wicker couch, Justin at his side.

Everyone sat in silence, all their eyes on the country doctor.

"I was surprised by something today, Jolan. I was surprised by Sheriff Walker's testimony."

Jolan stared into Henry's concerned eyes.

"The testimony about Samuel Conrad being in Oberson Falls?"

Henry looked surprised, staring at Jolan.

"You knew that, didn't you? You knew that he'd been there."
"Yes, Henry. I figured as much. The same as I figured it was he that had tried to burn my house down two nights ago. For Cutter's Bluff and Oberson Falls are somehow linked. And I am the drawn connection. My pain started here in Cutter's Bluff, and then ended there in Oberson Falls, or close by it. Samuel Conrad had a part in all of that. Of that I'm certain."

Justin's hand went in Jolan's, Jolan squeezing it gently.

Jolan stood up, walking across the porch, his hands resting on the porch railing, Britney and Chris standing beside him.

He looked across the road, seeing Bill and Sid walking towards the porch, his eyes going past them, staring at the home across the street.

"I feel like I'm on the edge of a lake of hurt and pain, staring across at a fortress of truth. A place hidden from my soul. A wall surrounded by pain and hurt. I'm scared to wade into that lake, and walk into that fortress. For my soul may not survive what I find there."
Justin stood up, staring at his lover, sensing the fear in his heart, about to go to him.

Britney's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, Jolan turning and staring into her blue eyes.

"Our love is the life preserver you need, Jolan. With that surrounding you, you'll swim through the pain and hurt. And we will be with you every step of your walk through that fortress."
He smiled, seeing love in her blue eyes.

"Why aren't you afraid of what that place may hold for me? You've seen the magic surrounding it. My own magic. Why aren't you afraid of that?"
Jennie stood up, Jolan looking at his sister.

"Because we've felt your love, Jolly. Your love has echoed through all of our hearts. You've joined all of us with it. That day I fell into your arms in the back of that van I felt its instant connection. That day Lance looked into Joey's true eyes of love, they both felt it, too. That day Chace forgave Josh, both of their hearts were filled with it. That day Lonnie met Ally its beauty guided them together. We've all felt your magic, Jolan.  Your true magic is your love."
Jolan teared up, Justin pulling him into his arms.

"Jennie's right, Jo. I and no one else here is afraid of your magic, for it's laced with your love."
Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his lips.

"I think I'd like to eat. Suddenly I feel like I need some energy."
Justin smiled, guiding Jolan into the house, the others following.


The meal was large and delicious.

Thelma and Carl had set up several tables, their company suddenly large.

They all ate together, talk flowing among them all.

A lot centered around the day's events, Jolan remaining relatively quiet while it was all hashed through.

His eyes often fell upon the man who'd captured his heart.

Their own revealed truths they kept to themselves, Justin abiding by Jolan's request for that.

Justin knew in his heart that tomorrow would bring those truths to light.

Justin, on several occasions, sat quietly watching his lover, seeing him deep in thought, although calm.

Others had picked up on Jolan's quietness, knowing what lay ahead for him.

His voyage across the lake of pain and hurt as he had called it.

Jolan looked around the room, having heard the silence begin to lengthen during the meal.

Jolan looked across at his two uncles, Calen quietly looking at him.

"Tomorrow I need your strength, Uncles. I need the three of us to stand together. The Dragosan clan must unite."
Simus and Calen looked at each other, then at Jolan.

"We shall abide by whatever you request of us, Nephew." Simus said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I request only your protective love."
Both nodded, Jolan smiling at both of them.

Jolan's grey eyes turned then, staring at Cory sitting beside Simus, the two lovers looking at each other.

Jolan's mind zeroed in on the face of his once best friend.

Jolan's grey eyes softly glowed for a moment, unseen by anyone.

Jolan softly gasped, lowering his head.

Justin's hand went on top of his, looking at him with concern.

"Are you alright, love?" he said, Jolan raising his head, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Yes, Jus. I'm fine now." he said, everyone quietly looking at him, sensing something had happened.

"Please everyone. Finish this lovely meal. Thelma and Lynn worked so hard on it. It's so delicious."

Thelma and Lynn both smiled, Jolan returning their thankful smiles.

Everyone smiled at him, Jolan smiling back.

Everyone continued with their lunch, Jolan quietly eating, his mind finding its own nourishment.


The meal was finished, everyone sitting on the porch again, sipping coffee and iced tea.

Jolan's eyes raised, looking around the porch they sat upon.

His grey eyes met Cory's shining green.

"The power of the past across the road is strong. It filters even over to this house. This house that I spent so many nights sleeping over at with my best friend. Do you remember the night we camped in the backyard and the Feldmans' five cats crawled into our tent, Cory? I thought that night you'd never stop screaming after that Persian sat on your face."

Cory eyes widened in surprise, the young man sitting beside Simus, the older man's arm wrapped around him.

Everyone started laughing, their laughter dying when they suddenly realized something, Cory realizing it at the same moment.

"You remember that night, Jolan? That was when we were twelve!"
Jolan stood up, Justin--who'd been sitting beside him--staring up at him and then at Cory.

Jolan stood still, staring at Cory.

"I remember the greatness of your love, Cory. It was something I should never have forgotten. But each day we shared together is again captured in my heart and soul. I remember you Cory, and your love."
Cory was in tears, standing up, the two men moving together.

Jolan's arms went around his old friend, his embrace filled with happiness and love.

"You remember me! You really remember me!"
Jolan smiled through tears, Cory crying in his arms.

"Yes, my old friend of youth and truth. My best friend of innocence."
Everyone stood in quiet reverence, staring at two reunited friends.

"How? Why now? What's going on?" Cory said, Jolan releasing himself from their tight embrace.

Jolan looked towards his old home, then into Cory's tearful green eyes.

"My magic spreads forward, the truth laying behind it has started filtering out slowly. The first remembered thought of my past hit me like a lightning bolt at lunch. That memory I had was of you, Cory. Of that night of catastrophic hilarity."
Cory laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"I grasped onto that memory, and the door of our hidden, forgotten love flew open in my mind. Everything came at me at once. Every memory of who you were and what you meant to me. You were and still are my best friend, Cory. I have you back in my life."
Cory began crying again, Simus at his side, Cory's face burying into his chest, Jolan's hand going to Cory's shoulder.

"I searched so long for you! I never gave up hope that you'd be in my life again!" the young policeman said, Simus kissing his forehead.
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling as well, hearing the love in Cory's emotional voice.

Justin was at Jolan's side now, Jolan smiling at his recaptured friend.

"I'm back, Cory. My love and yours is as it always was."
Cory's head lifted, Jolan smiling at him.

"I love you, you freak!" Cory said, his words fill with joyous love.
Jolan laughed, Cory smiling.

"Hey I'm not the one who peed himself because five cats attacked him!"
Cory erupted into laughter, as did a lot of the others.

They surrounded the two reunited friends, Justin smiling at seeing Jolan's happiness.


Justin and Simus sat in silence, listening to two old friends talking about their past.

Everyone smiled, hearing the happiness in both of the two young men's voices, and seeing it on their faces.

Jolan stood up suddenly, walking over to the porch railing, staring at the house again.

The porch quieted down, everyone sensing a sudden change in Jolan's demeanor.

He stared over at the house, Justin standing up again, going to his side.

His hand went to Jolan's shoulder, Jolan feeling his strength and love.

"The memories are beginning, Jus. Cory's returned love was the first. More of my past is trying to crash through. It's time I destroyed the wall. It's time to face it all."
Justin turned his lover to face him, their lips meeting in a kiss of deep love and tenderness.

Jolan broke the kiss, everyone staring at him.

"Thank you for stirring the love, Justin. It filters through all of me. May I use your piano, Thelma and Carl?"
The two looked at Justin, Justin nodding.

"Certainly, Jolan. I'll remove the cover from it." Carl said, Jolan walking into the house, Justin following him.

Everyone else remained on the porch, their eyes searching each other's for strength.

Within a few minutes Carl walked back out, sitting down beside his wife, his arm going around her.

Within moments, a soft sound of music began to fill the air.

They all listened in silence, the melody echoing through the late afternoon's coolness.

The melody was flighty, light and sporadic.

It seem like it was flowing forward with a quickness, as if the notes were trying to bang against a door.

All of Jolan's friends and family turned, looking towards Jolan and Jennie's former home.

They saw the blackness now again surrounding it, but for only a moment.

And then the black cloud seemed to be thinning, the house behind it seemingly shining through.

The last trails of blackness disintegrated, the house standing in silence as it always had.

Sidney Carson, who'd been standing beside his brother, trembled, his brother's arm going around him.

"Are you alright, Sid?"
Sid's head turned, his blue, now tearing eyes looking towards Carl's front door, that door opening.

Jolan walked out of the house, his grey tearful eyes staring at Sid, Justin following behind him, a look of concern on his face.

Sid's eyes filled with tears, the young man rushing forward, Jolan's arms enveloping him.

"Oh God, Jolan! What I saw, oh God what I saw!" he sobbed, his face buried in Jolan's chest.

Jolan held him, looking down at his friend in his arms.

"The pain will end, Sid. I'll wash it away with the truth." he said, Sid crying into his chest.

Jolan's eyes met Bill's, seeing the worry and concern on Bill's face, Jolan's eyes lowering.

"Look at me, Sid."
The young man trembled, raising his head.

He stared into Jolan's silvery, now glowing eyes.

Everyone stood in silence, seeing the gaze the two shared, Sid calming down immediately.

"I think you should take Sid back to your home, Bill. Tonight, he'll sleep unencumbered by dreams."
Bill moved, his arms wrapping around his brother, Sid pulling him close.

"Is it safe there, Jolan?"
Jolan smiled, looking into the older Carson's eyes.

"Yes, Bill. It is safe. Sid now remembers the past. His courageous heart will show its truth tomorrow. And tonight my love will surround him. No evil will ever penetrate that."
Bill nodded, Lonnie helping him guide Sid down the porch steps to his police car.

Justin's hand went in to Jolan's, Jolan feeling his love and strength.

His silvery eyes looked towards his home.

"The barrier is gone. The music of my love has shut it down. I now can walk into my past."
Everyone stood, Jolan smiling at all of them.

"It's nice to know that I won't be going there alone."

Everyone smiled, a few tears showing.

Jolan walked forward, Justin at his side.

Behind him walked his life preserver.


Jolan had walked across the street, his friends and family following.

He walked right up the home's stone pathway, no worries now as to the barrier's destructive powers.

The barrier was gone.

The group stopped behind him, Jolan's feet at the first step of his home's front porch.

He looked around, seeing the quietness and beauty of his parents' loving touches surrounding him.

Justin was at his side, his hand in Jolan's, looking around as well.

Jolan's eyes went to the front door, seeing the darkness behind its glass windows.

"The pain of my past begins. I need your love."
Justin's hand tightened in his, Jolan smiling, a single tear falling down his cheek.

"I have my father's courage, and my mother's love." he said, walking up the steps.

Jolan opened the front door of his family's home, walking into the silent tomb behind it, Justin at his side.

Jolan's mind felt a sudden tug, a sudden feeling of an explosion of emptiness.

And then he heard the crack in his soul.

The wall of his denial eroded, and then crumbled.

He entered his home with an opening mind, walking forward.


Jolan walked into a large foyer, a staircase showing before him.

A rich, beautiful banister staircase wove its way upwards to the second story bedrooms.

His eyes looked upwards, then to the left of the staircase into an opening living room.

Jolan moved in that direction, Justin following, the others behind them looking around.

Joey leaned into Lance, whispering in his ear.

"I feel a sense of emptiness, as if I'm walking into a tomb."

"I feel it too, Joe." Lonnie said beside them, looking around.

"I didn't feel it here yesterday, when I was here with Bill." Lonnie said, his arm going around Ally.

Jolan turned, staring back at them.

Everyone looked at him, Jolan turning back and walking forward.

He walked around the left side of the staircase, into a large living room.

He stopped in the center of the room, everyone joining him, looking around.

It looked like the living room of any family home.

Signs of youthful happiness showing through.

A baseball glove laying on a chair, a coloring book laid out on the coffee table.

In the corner of the room sat a black baby grand piano, its surface covered in framed pictures.

Some of the pictures were laying flat as if they'd been knocked down, others stood in spots of long-held familiarity.

Jolan's eyes were zoned in on that piano, Justin quietly watching his reactions.

Jennie moved from Lynn's arms, walking over to the coffee table.

She sat down on the couch, picking up the coloring book that had lain there opened.

"This is mine. I colored this that day long ago." she softly said staring at the coloring book, Lynn sitting down beside her, her arm going around her again.

Lonnie walked up beside Justin, whispering softly.

"That book wasn't there last night, Jus. This room looks totally different."

"That's because you are now walking in the home of my past. This house has returned to that day. To the day of my truth." Jolan said, walking forward towards the piano.

Everyone looked at each other, Jennie looking around.

"I remember this room. I remember the joy and happiness we had in this room. Our Christmas tree always stood in that corner, beside that rocking chair. I remember it." she said, pointing, a smile on her face.

Lynn smiled, seeing a lost look in the young woman's grey eyes.

And then Jennie's face changed, a look of concern crossing it.

Her eyes turned, staring towards her brother, seeing him now standing in front of the piano.

Justin eyes moved between him and Jennie, Justin seeing a look cross over her face.

A look of sudden clarity, and then a look of growing concern.

"I feel the badness. I feel it coming, Jolly. We must go!"
She moved forward towards her brother, then stopped, Jolan turning back to look at her, his face now covered in tears.

"Yes, Jennie. I have to face it. For your love and theirs, I have to relive it all."
"No, Jolly! No!" she said, her face covering with tears now as well.

Lynn was at her side, Jennie wrapped again in her embrace.

"I don't want you to feel your pain again, Jolly! I don't want to feel your hurt!" she cried, Justin staring at her with concern.

Jolan stared at his sister, his eyes filled with tears.

"I promised you long ago that you never would, Jennica." he said, his eyes glowing brightly.

Jennie trembled, then suddenly collapsed, Lynn picking her up in her arms, Joey helping her carry her to the couch.

"She shall sleep through it all. That is what I promised I'd give her." Jolan said, returning his gaze to the piano.

He walked forward, sitting down on the piano bench, staring at the piano.

Jolan stared for the longest time at the closed key cover, then forward at the pictures strewn across the piano top.

"It's coming. The pain and truth are coming. I feel it moving through this house, gathering itself."
Everyone stood around him, their hands joining together.

The silence was broken by the sound of a soft whimper, then the sound of a small bell.

Jolan moved back in a rush of panic, falling off the piano bench, landing on the floor on his back.

Justin stared in shock at the look on his face.

It was a look of immense horror and fear.

"No! No, not him! I loved him, please no!" he screamed, on his feet in a flash.

Justin moved, too slow to stop Jolan from rushing through their friends.

In the rush of his movements, he sent Josh flying backwards into an overstuffed wing chair, Chace landing on the floor on his ass.

Jolan ran towards the front door, Justin and Lance on his tail, the others following.

Jolan stopped at the front door, his body trembling.

"I let him in! I let the deceitful monster in! I let him hurt them all!!" he screamed, moving like lightning across the foyer, heading for what Justin took to be the kitchen.

Justin saw the same look of fear in Jolan's grey eyes.

The group followed, Jolan stopping when he'd entered a large roomy kitchen.

Justin stopped, staring at his lover, seeing the visible trembling of his body.

A large table sat in the middle of the room, everyone seeing a moment trapped in time.

The sink lay filled with breakfast dishes, the counter strewn with forgotten plates and glasses.

The room was frozen in the past, everyone's eyes going to the center table, and what vision lay before them.

A few items of breakfast fare lay strewn across the table, including a few tattered waffles laying on the floor, someone obviously having stepped on them .

Half the table was covered in a sticky substance that Justin immediately identified as syrup.

But what covered the other half of the table sent a chill through his heart.

Its redness made its truth unmistakable.


Jolan trembled, walking slowly forward, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

Jolan brushed it off,  as if a fly had landed there, walking to the edge of the table, staring at the vision before him.

Justin suddenly realized something.

That what he was seeing was the past as Jolan saw it that day.

That something horrific happened in this room, the table top proof of that horror.

"My innocence, my heart! He destroyed it!!!" Jolan screamed.

His hands went forward, the table thrown across the room with great force, hitting the refrigerator, toppling over onto its side.

Everyone stood in stunned silence, Jolan's body trembling, then sinking to his knees, his knees now in the blood on the kitchen floor.

He sobbed, Justin kneeling at his side, Lance joining him on the other side.

Both men wrapped their arms around him, Jolan totally ignoring them.

Lance looked at Jolan's face, realizing what he now saw there.

That Jolan wasn't with them.

Jolan's mind and soul were in the past, reliving what had happened here in this house over four years ago.

He's seen that truth in the living room, then in this kitchen.

Jolan rose upwards, Justin and Lance stumbling back by the force of his sudden rising.

He was on the move again, staggering out of the kitchen, heading for the staircase.


Joey stood in front of Jolan, barring his way, staring at him.

"You need to calm yourself, Jolan. Everything's going to be okay, my friend." Joey said, his voice edged with concern and love.

Jolan moved, his hands going forward, Joey tossed across the foyer, landing on his ass by the front door.

Lance moved, going to his lover, Jolan walking towards the stairs.

"Are you alright, Joe?" Lance said, Joey rising slowly to his feet.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Man, that felt so forceful! Like a hurricane in my face!"
Lance nodded, his eyes going to Justin.

Justin's eyes were on his lover, watching Jolan walking slowly up the stairs.

Simus and Cory moved, now at Justin's side.

"Did you see his eyes? He's not here with us. He's in some kind of trance." Cory said, Lance nodding, he and Joey now beside them.

"He's reliving that day. I saw the look appear the moment he touched the front door and then screamed." Justin said, moving forward.

Lance's hand went to his shoulder.
"What can we do, Jus?"

"I don't know, Lance. I think he has to walk through all of it. All we can do is be there if he needs us." Justin said, walking up the stairs, Jolan now at the top.

The others followed, Simus' arm going around Cory, Joey doing the same with Lance.

Lonnie and Ally, Chris and Britney, as well and Josh and Chace and Trace and Cindy were holding hands, following as well.

Henry, Calen and Shelly were the last to follow the group upwards.

Lynn looked up from the couch, remaining beside a sleeping Jennie.


Justin reached the head of the stairs, finding Jolan standing at the end of the hall in front of a closed door.

Black charred swatches could be seen on the walls, the room Jolan stood before looking unusually clean amidst all the black destruction.

For here on this floor the fire had started.

From the looks of the blackness and where it centered from, Justin ascertained that this room was where the fire had started.

But the room Jolan now stood in front of wasn't burned.

The magic of what they now were seeing.

The once clean room of a teenage boy.

Justin slowly walked forward, staring at the silent still man.

"Is this your room, Jolan?" he softly said, looking at his lover with concern.

Jolan's head was lowered, staring at the door before him.

"I. . .I can't imagine. . .what that happiness was ever like. . .he took it all!" he said, walking forward, opening the door.

Justin stared at him, unsure if those words were directed at him.

Jolan walked into the room, stopping.

Justin walked in behind him, Lance and Joey as well.

The others stood outside the room, looking inside.

Jolan stood in the center of the room, staring forward.

Justin and Lance looked ahead of him, seeing a single bed.

The coverings were bunched up and half strewn across it.

Rope like things hung from the front head rails, Justin realizing they were the remnants of dish towels, their checkered pattern easily recognized.

The sight before him gradually registering in his mind.

He looked around the room, seeing the room of a young teenager.

A desk stood below the room's only window, papers strewn across it.

A model airplane hung above the window.

Posters hung from the walls, one of N*Sync showing above the bed.

Jolan's bed.

Justin suddenly realized that he really was standing in that lost teenager's room.
And also in the room where his lover so many years ago had been defiled by a monster.

For Justin truly believed in his heart now that that man was indeed just that.

Jolan slowly walked forward, standing at the bed's side.

Everyone stared at him, seeing the tears flowing down his cheeks.

"I. . .I fought him. . .he was so strong. . .he. . .he. . .he tortured me!" he said, his voice jagged and stuttering.

Justin moved forward slowly, Jolan grabbing the covers, pulling them off the bed with a flash of speed.

Everyone crowded into the room, standing behind Justin, the singer choking up with emotion.

They all stared at the bed, seeing before them a sight of envisioned horror.

Blood was spattered across the whiteness before them, other items laying on the bed's reddening sheets.

A butcher knife covered in blood, a soda bottle covered in blood as well lay on one side of the center.

On the other side lay an empty syrup bottle, remnants of its contents shown on the sheets as well.

Below that lay a leather belt, blood splattered on its blackness.

Justin lowered his eyes, unable to endure what he saw before him, what it represented, the others behind him holding back tears and soft gasps of surprise.

Jolan stared down at what lay before him, his mind filling with every horrific detail of what this vision showed.

He started crying, sobs issuing from his trembling body, Justin seeing the pain registered in his eyes.

And the hurt of the innocence he lost in this room.

And then Jolan moved.

His hands grabbed hold of the mattress, the mattress flying through the air, everything that had lain upon it flying in different directions.

The mattress crashed into the desk, the window above it shattering.

Jolan ran towards it, his friends standing in shocked horror at the sobbing young man before them.

"The pain. . .the pain! Oh God, what you did to me!". he sobbed, grabbing hold of the desk, everyone stepping back.

Jolan tossed the desk forward, the wooden desk crashing to the floor.

Justin stared in tearful sorrow, watching his Jolan lost in the pain, the hurt and anger taking hold of him.

Jolan turned, rushing back to the bed, grabbing it and moving it.

"You bastard!! Why did you do that to me??! Why my family?!!" he sobbed; Lonnie, Joey, Josh and Calen rushing forward.

They all grabbed hold of Jolan, the young man oblivious to their existence, only feeling the crushing weight of bodies against him.

He moved again, his strength totally shocking the four men.

Calen went flying, crashing against the overturned desk, falling to the floor.

Big Lonnie went in the other direction, landing in the corner of the room, shattering a mirror that hung on the wall.

Joey and Josh both crashed into the opposite wall, Joey again finding himself on his ass, Josh on top of him.

Jolan, now free, moved again with lightning speed, crashing through the others who'd stood in front of him.

Henry had to grab hold of Shelly, the young man's force knocking her back.

"He's on a rampage of destruction, Justin! His mind's lost in the pain and hurt!" Henry said, Justin tearfully nodding, rushing towards the door, the room suddenly rocked by a loud, feminine scream.

Everyone helped the others up, all of them rushing out of the room, chasing after Justin, who was rushing towards the scream.

They all barreled down the stairs, stopping at the bottom, staring towards the living room.

Lynn was on her feet standing beside the couch, her hand over her mouth, pointing forward.

Jennie still lay on the couch, sound asleep.

Everyone realized that it was Lynn who had screamed.

They all focused on what she was looking at.

A few gasps of shock filled the silent room, staring at what was before them in the corner.

Justin walked forward, staring in disbelief.

Jolan was on the floor, kneeling before the black, shiny piano, choking sobs rocking his body.

Everyone else walked forward, tears flowing from their eyes.

Justin dropped beside Jolan, his arm wrapping around him, pulling his sobbing face into his chest.

Justin closed his eyes, trying to destroy the image before him.

Knowing in his heart what this image would have done to that young man so long ago.

Lonnie put his arm around Lynn, Ally still at his side, Lynn's eyes filling with tears, looking away from the vision.

"How could he have done that? This would have destroyed Jolan's heart!" she said, Lonnie nodding, tears on his face.

Tears for Jolan and what this meant to his soul.

Jolan's sob was the only sound in the silent room, the moment tearing at all of their hearts.

Justin held his lover in his strong arms, staring at the black piano, seeing a vision of horror.

The white keys they'd only seen a few moments earlier were now stained red with blood.

Two hand prints were visible in the redness now dripping down to the floor.

His eyes moved upward from the now red keys, seeing from where the blood originated.

Two big, vacant, blank eyes stared back at him, Justin's throat choking with his own threatening sob.

The animal covered the whole top of the piano, its golden fur gleaming against the shiny blackness of the piano.

Its throat lay open, its lifeblood raining down upon the now red keys, dripping to the floor.

Jolan's head raised, Justin staring into Jolan's now returned, normal grey eyes.

"Spartacus! My friend and faithful companion! He murdered him, Jus! He killed him to destroy my mind!!" Jolan sobbed, his face falling into Justin's chest again.

Jolan sobbed, everyone eyes returning to the piano, staring in shocked surprise.

The piano was standing as it always was, black and unchanged, no pictures now upon it.

They looked around the room, seeing the other items gone as well--the coloring book, the baseball mitt, and others.

"We're back in the present." Simus said, looking around the room.

His eyes turned to his nephew laying in Justin's arms, his body still trembling.

Calen knelt down, his hand going to Jolan's shoulder, Jolan's head moving, staring into his grey eyes.

"My heart, my heart hurts so much! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I let it happen!!" he cried, Calen pulling him against him, holding him as Justin cried with him.

"It's okay, Jolly. I'm here now."
Everyone turned, staring at the forgotten young woman who'd lain on the couch throughout the past hour.

Jennie stood beside Lynn, the older woman looking at her.

"My God, Jennie!" she said, staring at her.

Jennie smiled up at her, then walked forward, kneeling beside her brother, placing her hand on his forehead when his face turned, looking into her eyes.

"Jennica. . ." he said, then collapsed, sinking backwards into Justin's opening arms.

"Somn cu dragoste, walker suflet." she softly said leaning forward and kissing his cheek, Calen's face changing into a look of surprised wonder.

Simus sank to his knees, the same look crossing his face.

Cory knelt beside him, his arm going around him in concern.

"What's wrong, Simus? What did you just say, Jennie?" he said, looking at her, surprise on his face as well.

Jennie smiled.

"Sleep in love, Soul Walker." she said, smiling widely, looking up at Justin.

Justin stared into her eyes, seeing the specialness now flowing from them.

And the changed color of them.

Jennie smiled, her now blue eyes shining.



End of Chapter 73


Wow, that was a tough one to write.

I wasn't sure how to show the past of Jolan's ordeal.

I hope how I represented it was somehow adequate.

I tried to show the truth hidden underneath the shown rooms.

The foyer, where Jolan first met and let enter the monster who attacked him.

The kitchen, where perhaps Jolan was first attacked.

Jolan's bedroom upstairs, where his innocence was raped from him.

The living room, where another act of horrendous horror was unleashed upon him.

Where his faithful dog was destroyed.


I'll leave you all to think upon the transformation of Jennica Dragos.

And wonder about the title of Soul Walker.


Sitting in silent thought, your storyteller, Angel.