Jolan's Path - Chapter 74


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 74


Lonnie walked across the street, carrying Jolan in his strong arms.

Justin walked behind him, his arm around Jennie, all their friends and family following.

Carl opened his front door, Thelma heading upstairs to ready a room for Jolan.

The two had remained at the house with Randall, Lisa, Jonathan and Stephen.

Randall and Lisa had thought it too serious an endeavor for them to allow the two young boys to join Jolan and enter the house across the street.

Jolan had agreed with them, Jonathan showing a look of sorrow, Jolan tenderly hugging him, words of love and brotherhood exchanged.

And so the boys had remained with their parents, keeping a constant vigil on the house across the street.

They'd all stood up when they'd seen Lonnie walking out of the house, Jolan in his arms.

Randall and Lisa looked at Justin, seeing the tearful worry etched on his face as he climbed the front steps.

Carl held the front door open, guiding Lonnie inside, Randall looking at his son.

"Is he alright, Justin?"
Justin looked at his father, tears now flowing.

"He remembered all of it, Dad. We saw parts of it. All of his pain and horror that dark day so long ago." he softly said, Randall's face changing to shocked concern.

He watched Justin lead Jennie into the house, Lynn looking at her ex-husband for a moment, then following the two inside.

Everyone sat down on the porch, Randall and Lisa looking at them.

"What happened over there?" Randall said, Trace looking at him.

"We walked with Jolan through that house, seeing before us his past, seeing with our own eyes the signs of his horrific violation. And the last sight was. . .it was so demonic! Whoever did that to him is truly a monster!" Trace said, lowering his red, tearful eyes.

Cindy's hand went in his, kissing his cheek, reliving in her own mind the path they had walked.

The path of Jolan's hurt and pain.

Randall asked Jonathan to take Stephen into the house, the teenager looking at his father.

"Jolan is my brother now, Dad. I want to hear what happened to him so that I can show him my love truthfully. I'm almost an adult, Dad."
Randall nodded, seeing the maturity in his middle son's face.

Britney was watching this exchange as well, smiling at Stephen.

"Come on sport, let's get everyone some drinks."

The boy nodded, following her into the house, the young boy looking around at everyone as he left.

Jonathan sat down beside his father, Randall's arm going around him.

"Alright, we'd like to know what happened." he said, Joey nodding at him.

Randall and his remaining family sat in silence as the others revealed the afternoon's horrific visions.


After the story was told, Randall and Lisa sat in silence, their faces covered in tears.

Jonathan's head was lowered, sitting now between his parents.

"How can anyone be so cruel? So monstrous?" Lisa said, Jonathan's arm going around his mother, Lisa wiping her eyes.

"There are monstrous individuals in this world, dear lady. I have seen my share of them." Calen said, lowering his own head, Cory's arm going around him.

Simus smiled, seeing Cory's caring love for his brother's feelings.

"But to attack that loving young man, to physically take his innocence, it's so heartbreakingly cruel. Then--after that horrific attack--to kill that young man's faithful companion. That man has no soul!" she said, Randall nodding towards his wife.

"God tests us with great hurt at times, everyone. Jolan bears so much more in his soul." Randall said, his eyes going downward, then raising again.

"So much love radiating from such a tortured soul. That boy's so unbelievable! To go on after that, after that sadistic attack, his heart must indeed be loving. I see now why Justin loves him so much." he said, Lisa looking at him.

Randall was in tears, his cheeks covered with them.

"I've been such a fool for not accepting his offered love. It shines all around us."
Jonathan smiled, wrapping his other arm around his father, Randall looking at him.

"Open your heart to his love, Dad. He gives it so freely. I love him now as a brother."
Randall nodded, smiling at his son, pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket, wiping his eyes.

"You're right, son. I guess I've gained another son. I'd like to welcome him now as a part of our family."
Jonathan smiled, Lisa smiling as well.

Everyone saw the man's changed attitude, his eyes filled with acceptance.

The acceptance of this man's love.

Everyone smiled at Justin's father, their talk going back to the afternoon's revelations.

Joey stood up, leaning on the armrest of the couch he and Lance had been sitting on, Lance looking up at him.

"I've been running it all through my mind. Some things stand out for me."
"What parts, my love?" Lance said, the others looking at him.

"Well, first off, when Jolan stood at the front door, he told us that he let him in. That, to me, means that Jolan knew this guy. He had to have let him into his home because he knew him."

"Astute reasoning, Joe." Simus said, his arms folded, leaning against the porch's wooden railing.

"So, if he knew him, that means the man's probably from this town. Someone Jolan knew did that to him."
Everyone nodded, looking around the porch, then out into the late afternoon sunlit street.

Carl had looked surprised, staring at Joey when he'd said that.

"I can't believe there is that kind of evil here, here in the town I've grown up in. I've lived my whole life here." he said, Thelma walking out of the house, looking at him, having heard the last part of the conversation.

"I've said it for years, dear. I've felt it surrounding us just beyond the darkness. I refuse to go out at night." she said, sitting down beside him.

"How's he doing?" Henry asked, Thelma looking at him.

"He's sound asleep. Justin and Jennie are with him. Justin covered him up. I don't think he'll move much for a while."

Everyone nodded, Lonnie walking out of the house now.

He walked over to Ally, she putting her arm around him.

"Such a loving soul, so hurt by life. I don't know how he will survive that pain." he said, tears showing in his big brown eyes.

Ally kissed his cheek, looking up at him.

"He'll survive because he has to." she said, everyone looking at her.

"What did he talk to you about this morning, Alexandra?" Henry said, Ally lowering her eyes for a moment, then looking around at everyone.

"He told me the reasoning behind what he had to do today. His now wanting to face his accusers alone. And what he felt may happen because of that."

Her eyes moved, looking towards the closed front screen door.

"That man is so filled with love. There isn't an iota of evil within him. And I now thank God for his letting me know him."
Lonnie's arm wrapped around her, she looking into his eyes.

"I want to try for the love he has, Lonnie. The love that he showed me he receives from Justin. It's such a beautiful love. I want that from you. I want to love you."
Lonnie smiled, kissing her deeply.

Everyone looked on in silence, seeing love shining in the middle of all this tragedy.


Ally and Lonnie sat down, everyone smiling at them.

"What else did you clue into, Joe?" Josh asked, continuing the original line of conversation.

Josh sat in a large chair, Chace in his lap, his head laying against his shoulder.

"Well, there was only one other thing. It was part of that last horrific vision we saw, with Spartacus. Did any of you notice the keys on the piano?"
"They were covered in blood, Spartacus' blood." Cindy said, Joey nodding.

"Yes that's true. But I'm talking about the handprints in the blood."

Everyone looked at each other, having forgotten that small detail.

"There were handprints in the blood, Joe?" Randall said, Joey nodding again.

"Yes, Randall. There were two handprints in the blood. Not a man's full handprint, but smaller hands, about the size of a young man's or a teenager's."
Trace looked at Joey in shock.

"Do you mean to say that you think Jolan played that piano while his dead dog lay on top of it? I can't see that happening, he would have been too distraught. You all saw the effect it had on him just seeing it again."

Everyone nodded, looking again at Joey.

"I'm not completely sure what it means. I'm just saying it looked totally out of place."
Calen nodded, looking at the young man.

He marveled at Joey's astute intellect.

"Was there anything else you saw, Joseph?" he said, Joey looking at him.

"Well, it wasn't what I saw really, but what I didn't see."
"Didn't see? What do you mean Jo?" Britney said, walking out of the house, Stephen carrying a large tray of assorted drinks, Lonnie helping him set them down on the coffee table in front of the chairs.

The young boy grabbed a soda, climbing up into his father's lap, Randall wrapping his arm around him.

Others moved forward, thanking Stephen for the drinks, each taking one, the young boy smiling.

Joey smiled at him, then looked at Britney.

"Did any of you see any sign, or have any feeling or sense of Jolan's parents being in that house?"

Everyone sat in silence, thinking about all they'd seen.

"You're right, Joey. There wasn't a sign of them anywhere. Not a feeling or whisper of them."
Joey nodded at Lance who'd spoken, sitting down again beside him.

"I'm not sure what that means. I was so certain we would have sensed them there. I was even hoping that somehow they were in that house somewhere, perhaps hidden as Jolan and Jennie had spoken of."
Calen looked around, Joey and Lance looking at him.

"Did you or Simus feel them, Calen?"
Calen shook his head no, tears falling from his eyes.

"I had hoped the same, Joseph. I was hoping they were there, too."
Cory and Simus both put their arms around Calen, everyone seeing their love shining for him.

"Our brother still eludes us, Calen. As does our sweet Melina. I believe in my heart that monster wasn't done after Spartacus was slain. I believe his next target may have been the rest of Jolan's family. And perhaps that was when our loving Jolan was forced to unleash the Shadowing." Simus said, looking around at everyone.

Everyone nodded, remembering Jolan's words of his letting that monster hurt them all.

"That man shall pay for what he's done to my nephew, and our family. Of that, I give you my word." Simus said, looking at his brother.

Calen nodded, their grey eyes scanning all those surrounding them.

Everyone saw the deep look of determined sorrow in both Dragosan brothers.

"Revenge serves no value, even when done for love."
The two men turned, as did everyone else, seeing Jennie standing in the front doorway, she having spoken.

Lynn stood beside her, Justin behind her.

The three walked out onto the porch, Justin looking around as Britney hugged him.

"He's sound asleep. Exhaustion has claimed his soul." Lynn said quietly, her arm going around Jennie.

Jennie looked up at Justin, Justin smiling softly at her.

"Are you okay, Justin?" she said, moving from Lynn's embrace, Justin sitting down in a chair offered up by Shelly, Jennie sitting in his lap, his arms wrapping around her.

"I was about to ask you the same, my angel."
She smiled at him, her blue eyes looking around, falling on her Uncles Calen and Simus' staring faces.

"Ask what lays within your mind, Uncles."

Calen and Simus exchanged looks, then looked into their niece's blue shining eyes.

"You now have the eyes of your mother, Jennica. The same shade of loving blue." Simus said, a tear running down his cheek.

"I am my mother's daughter. I have her love within me." she said, Justin looking at her.

He sensed a greater maturity within her, a change of determination radiating out of her soul.

"Your eyes were grey before, Jennie." Justin said, Jennie smiling at him.

"That's because he was with me. His protective love was in me."
Everyone looked confused, Jennie smiling softly at Justin.

"Who was with you, Jennie?"
She smiled wider.

"Jolly, of course, Justin!"

Justin looked surprised, Jennie looking around.

"I was truly lost, Justin. The me that was me, wasn't the me that I once was."

Calen walked over, kneeling in front of his niece and Justin, taking her small hands in his.

"You weren't yourself, Jennica?"
Jennie shook her head, looking into his grey eyes.

"The soul walker metes out his love as he must. It is his love for life."
Simus trembled, his knees buckling.

Cory was beside him in a flash, feeling the trembling running through his lover.

"You need to rest, Simus. You don't look well."
He stared at Cory, then his gaze returned to Jennie.

"Jolan cannot be what you say he is, Jennica! It just can't be!" he said, his voice filled with emotion.

Calen moved, he and Cory guiding the man back to the couch, the three sitting down on it, Cory's arm going around him.

Jennie's eyes were glued to her uncles, Calen standing again.

He looked down at his brother, his grey eyes looking towards Jennie.

"What is a Soulwalker?" Justin said, the question on everyone's lips.

Calen looked at him, then around at everyone.

"The Dragosan clan is long-lived, our father Vilos living to an ancient age of over six hundred years. There are only a few creatures upon this earth that are longer lived. One is said to be near immortal. As the legends were told, that being was the Soulwalker."

Justin's arm tightened around Jennie, the young girl staring into his identical blue eyes.

"Jolan can't be the Soulwalker, Jennie. He's only twenty-one."
Jennie smiled, kissing his cheek.

"The Soulwalker that Uncle Calen speaks of is a legend, Justin. A tale of fantasy and imagination. No such creature could exist. To live that long would destroy a person's soul. The name I called Jolan has a different meaning. Jolan is a soul walker. His soul walks separate from himself." Jennie said, standing up, walking over to her uncles, both staring in silence at her with surprise.

"My brother's love radiates from his soul. Today, he shielded me again from his pain."

"Again, Jennie?" Lynn said, Jennie smiling towards her.

"Yes, Lynn. Again. The same as he did four years ago on that day of his absolution."

Chris stared at the young girl, fascinated by the vocabulary coming out of her.

She seemed to have the authority of a college professor.

Jennie's eyes turned, staring at him.

Chris felt that she was staring into his soul.

"I have an intellectual mind, Chris. My vocabulary far exceeds my youth. It always has. My mother named me Jennica Alveena Dragos. I carry great history and truth within me."

Justin looked surprised, sensing she'd read his friend's mind.

This was not the same childlike young woman who'd snuggled so many times in his lap.

Jennie turned, smiling at him, Justin seeing the knowledge in her blue eyes.

"I am the same person, Justin. It's just now Jolan has finally freed my mind."
She looked towards the doorway, upwards towards the bedrooms upstairs.

"He sleeps the sleep of protective love. My protective love. The same giving love that he surrounded me with that night. He was so intelligent, so giving. He was so protective that night, giving all of his love and his soul to protect us."
Justin stood up, walking up to her, embracing her, her tearful eyes laying against his chest.

"What happened that night, Jennie? "
She raised her head, looking into Justin's loving blue eyes.

"I was taken, Justin."
"Taken?  By whom?"
"By my brother's love, Justin."
Justin looked at her, Jennie staring into his blue eyes.

"That monster came to our home for a reason. For the needs of the Fangoros clan. To destroy our family and achieve their desires. But he also came for his own needs. He blended the two together, benefiting himself and his master. And I believe my brother became the victim of that man's evil."
Justin pulled her close, staring at his mother.

"Do you remember everything now, Jennie?" he said, looking at her again.

"No, Justin. The gift my brother gave me was forgetfulness. It was his magic at its best. I only remember the sunlight of that day. From the moment I walked into that house that afternoon, my memory vanished. It was the only magic he could give me. He did not have enough strength left to hide all of us, to hide me as he's hidden our parents. He could only make me separate from myself. He sent me onto the path of the soul walker. I split from my own self, my body left to be tortured, my mind lost in the void."
She walked out of his arms, walking over to the porch railing, staring at her former home.

"They hurt him deeply over there. That monster and the others. I felt the immense hurt flowing through him. I felt it when I awoke over there. I had to protect him as he always protected me. I used my gifts to subdue the pain within his soul, forcing him into a sleep of nothingness. But when he awakens, the pain shall return again. It will be there forever and it will be real."
She turned, looking at Justin.

"He'll need you so much when he awakens, Justin. He'll need all of us. But most of all you. Your love is the salve of healing that needs to be applied to his heart and soul. Your love will heal him. And then he'll walk forward and reveal the truth. And then I'll have my family back."

Justin walked up to her again, staring at her.

"You were separated from yourself?"
She nodded, looking at him.

"Yes, Justin. That night, in the darkest hour, he reached out to me, pulling me away from the approaching pain. He sent me into the darkness of his mind. Part of me returned from that void the day I stared into his grey eyes in the back of that van. My closeness to my physical self propelled me back into myself. He released the last of me back into myself today when he walked back into that house. When the magic wall fell so did the wall that held me."

Justin looked surprised, then pulled her against him.

"I truly was lost, Justin. I was lost in the love of my brother's soul. He sent me into himself." she sobbed, Lynn walking up to her, putting her arm around her.

Calen and Simus stood, walking up to the three, Jennie looking up into her Uncles' grey eyes.

"The grayness of my eyes was his Dragosan soul, Uncles. The grey beauty of his loving soul."
Simus pulled the young woman against him, Jennie hugging him tightly.

"You are back with us again, child of love. We love you." he said, Calen stroking her back.

Jennie smiled, looking up into his grey eyes.

"He walks apart from himself. He did it while in that coma. It is the magic of his love."
Simus nodded, looking at Calen.

"He must have done the same to Mom and Dad. They must be hidden within his love somewhere also." she said, Calen smiling at her.

"A walking soul. A magic unto itself. A miracle unto itself." Calen said, his hands coming together.

"I have never heard of such a being of love, Jennica. And I am the Illuminator, filled with vast knowledge. Jolan may have created that being himself from his own magic. If that is correct, then Jolan is all-powerful. His magic may be the greatest we've ever seen. It may be as strong as Queen Alveena's once was."
Jennie smiled, wiping her eyes.

"My brother is my brother. He is himself. Magic is but a part of him. His love is even greater."
Justin smiled, Jennie looking at him.

"This is the real me,  Justin. I'm finally completely back, save for my forgotten memories of that night. Those, I don't think Jolan will ever let me have back. It is the nature of his brotherly love. He's always shielded my heart from pain."
Justin smiled, walking up to her again.

"Let's go back upstairs. We should be there when he awakens."
Jennie nodded, his arm going around her.

She smiled at everyone, the two walking back into the house.


The early evening tranquility of the quiet neighborhood was shattered by a loud scream.

Everyone sitting on the front porch--after having had a large supper--rose to their feet, looking upwards.

Jolan bolted up in bed, his silvery glowing eyes looking forward, a scream of heart-wrenching anguish cutting through the silence.

Justin had him in his arms immediately, the young man struggling against him, Justin holding on to him trying to control Jolan's writhing body.

Jennie was beside him as well, her hands upon his face, lining it up with her blue eyes.

She stared into his grey glowing eyes, seeing the depth of the nightmarish horror her brother was reliving in his mind.

"You're safe, Jolly. You're with me and your Jus, my brother. You're safe." she softly said, her voice soothing and comforting.

Jolan continued to move, thrashing about, Justin using all his strength just to keep him from leaping out of the bed.

The bedroom door flew open, everyone trying to enter the room, suddenly stopping at seeing Jolan's glowing eyes.

Jennie's hands went to his face again, Jolan and her eyes meeting.

"The pain is real Jolan. But it's surmountable. Hold onto our love, hold onto Justin's love."
Jolan's thrashing seemed to lessen, his and Jennie's eyes not breaking contact.

"That's better, Jolly. Walk away from the pain, return to the love. It's right in front of you. Look into his eyes." she said, tears falling down her cheeks.

Justin's hands went to Jolan's face, turning it, Jennie releasing him.

Their eyes met, Jolan's glowing orbs suddenly returning to their usual grey beauty.

They stared at each other, Jolan lost in the truth of what lay before him.

The unchanged love of the man who loved him.

Jolan trembled, then exploded with tears, his body convulsing with sobs.

"He raped me! He tortured me and he raped me! There was so much pain and hurt! So much! He wouldn't stop!! Then he made me. . .he made me. . .Spartacus! Oh no, not my Spartacus!! No!!!!!" he sobbed, Justin wrapping his arms around him, holding onto him for dear life.

Justin was on the edge of sobbing as well, his face covered in tears, his body trembling.

He had to be strong, he had to be here for his Jolan.

His arms tightened around him, holding onto him.

Jolan sobbed into his chest, Jennie's hand rubbing his back, her eyes filled with tears.

Joey and Lance, Josh and Chace, and Trace and Cindy stood at the end of the bed, all their eyes filled with tears.

The others stood in the doorway and the hall, looking at the young man lost in his pain.

All their hearts reached out to him, their love trying to lift his soul.

They all knew that only time and Justin's love would erase the pain and hurt within his heart.

Justin held Jolan in his arms, loving him with all of his heart.


Jolan cried for a long time, Justin not moving from his side.

They softly talked, Justin's loving voice soothing his moments of continual pain.

The others quietly waited, knowing that all Jolan needed right now was Justin's love.

Jennie sat in silence, watching her brother gradually calm down, his grey eyes focusing on everyone surrounding him.

"You all stayed with me?" he softly said, tears still flowing from his red eyes.

"We love you, Jolan. We stand by those we love." Lance said, his eyes red with tears.

Jolan opened his arms, Lance moving towards him.

Jolan sobbed again, Lance pulling him into his arms, Justin looking at him.

Lance sat on the edge of the bed, holding Jolan, softly humming to him.

"He hurt me so much! Why did he have to do that? Why?!" he said, Lance humming.

Justin's hand went to his back, rubbing it.

"He's gone, Jolan. He'll never hurt you again. Your pain will heal, my love will heal it." Justin said, Jolan's head moving, looking at him.

Justin smiled, Jolan moving back into his arms, Lance smiling at him as well.

Jolan looked around the room, seeing everyone surrounding him.

"I love you all. Thank you for walking with me."
They all teared up, nodding at him.

Jolan lowered his head, then raised it again.

"I feel the pain, I feel the hurt. It is mind-numbing, and it is mine." he said, his voice edged with trembling hurt.

"It is not just yours, my love. Let all of us share the pain, let our love destroy it." Justin said, Jolan looking at him with love.

"I was raped. I let him walk into my home and then he attacked me. He was so brutal, so demented. The things. . .what he. . ." Jolan's voice was letting go with emotion, Justin's arm around him again.

Jennie's hand went in his, Jolan's eyes meeting hers.

"I'm back, Jolly. The real me has returned. Your magic set me free."
Jolan cried, his sister hugging him, his head laying on her chest.

"I feel all of your pain, my brother of destiny. Let me return the gift you so lovingly gave me so long ago."
Jolan's head raised, Jennie's hand covering his heart, her blue eyes sparkling with silvery stars of light.

Everyone stared in silence, watching her staring at her brother.

"Durerea dizolva impotriva iubirii, frate. Te-ai lui pentru totdeauna." she said, Simus and Calen both sobbing, lowering their heads.

Justin looked at them, sensing what Jennie had said deeply moved them.

His eyes looked at his lover, taking in a vision of male beauty.

Jolan was smiling, his face softened and relaxed, showing a look of surrendering acceptance.

He lay back on the bed, his head resting on the pillows.

"I'm so tired, Jus. I so want to sleep."
"Alright, my love. Close your eyes, and sleep." he said, wiping his own eyes.

Jolan's grey eyes closed, Jennie gently smiling at him.

She moved, covering him with a blanket, Justin smiling at her.

Justin moved, laying beside his lover, his eyes locked on his relaxed face.

Jennie smiled, walking around the bed, looking at everyone.

"He'll sleep the rest of the day. Tomorrow brings change."
"What did you say to him, Jennie? It has totally relaxed him." Britney said, her arm going around the young woman.

She looked back at the bed, staring at her now sleeping brother, her and Justin's blue eyes meeting.

Jennie softly smiled, repeating her words in English.

"Pain dissolves against love, my brother. You'll have his forever."

Justin smiled, his arm going around Jolan, closing his own eyes.

Jennie smiled, everyone walking quietly out of the room.


Justin awoke, moving in bed, his hand searching out in the darkness, finding nothing.

He rose upwards, stumbling around in the darkness, finding the lamp, turning it on.

He closed his eyes against the brightness, looking around him.

He was alone, the left side of the bed empty.

He looked towards a chair, seeing Jolan's clothes gone, Justin's own laying there.

Justin had awoken around ten, going downstairs, finding most everyone gone.

Lynn, Lonnie, the Hamiltons and Ally the only ones left.

Jennie had gone to bed early, Justin finding that understandable.

Justin had hugged them all good night, grabbing a glass of water, then returning upstairs to his lover.

He'd stripped off his clothes, then gently removed Jolan's, the young man oblivious to what he was doing.

Justin sensed he was deeply sleeping, Justin putting their clothes together on the chair, returning to his lover, falling asleep with his arms wrapped around him.

Justin's own sleep had been fitful, dreams of hurt and pain walking through his mind.

His lover walked with him, their love together.

Here he now sat, seeing his Jolan's clothes gone.

Justin looked at his watch, the dial reading four twenty-three.

He got up, stretching, going to the window, looking out into the darkness.

Before him, he saw the lamp-lit street, his eyes moving towards the house standing across the street.

There, on the front lawn, he saw his lover standing alone, staring at the house.

Justin quickly donned his clothes, quietly leaving the room and venturing downstairs through the darkened, quiet house.

He walked out of the house--but not before grabbing two jackets--crossing the street.


Justin quietly walked across the street, stopping a few feet from Jolan's still form.

He wasn't sure if he should speak or remain silent, staring at his lover.

"Your loving heart shows its caring so easily, my love. I'll take that jacket. It is a cool night."
Justin smiled, handing Jolan the jacket, the young man putting it on, zipping it up.

His head turned, Justin staring into his grey eyes.

He saw the calm grayness staring back at him, laced with determination, and as always that unending love.

But behind those forward emotions, Justin felt the pain and hurt buried beneath.
Jolan smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin on the lips.

Justin felt the love flowing deep from within Jolan.

Jolan moved, Justin wrapping his arms around him, the two standing still, looking forward.

Jolan's eyes looked upwards, seeing the darkness showing darker on the top floor.

"He could have burned it to the ground."

Justin's arms tightened around Jolan, Jolan feeling his love.

"Jennie was right, Jus. The pain can't survive against the love. She gave me a great gift tonight. She gave me myself back."
Justin nodded, not sure of what Jolan was talking of, but knowing that he just wanted to talk.

"I remember it all, Justin. Every moment of my life, and all of that day. The day they almost destroyed me."
Justin remained silent, tears welling in his eyes.

"They tried to kill me, Justin. And he savored every moment of his doing it. But they made one fatal mistake. They took from me what shall be their eventual downfall. For now, they'll see the truth of what they've done. One's love cannot stand against another's. They will always join together and fight against evil."

Justin quietly listened, digesting Jolan's words, unsure of their meaning, but knowing it would eventually be revealed.

The two kissed deeply, Justin moved by the tenderness and love he felt coming from his Jolan.

Jolan broke their embrace, staring at the house, his head moving to the right side.

He saw the large oak tree standing there, his thoughts going back in time to the joy he had under that tree with his loving friend.

He turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"He gave his life for me, Justin. His love knew no bounds."

Justin's eyes teared, hearing the love and hurt in Jolan's voice, knowing of whom he spoke.

"He was always more than just a dog, Jus. He and I grew up together, our friendship bonded in love. We always sat together under that tree every evening after supper, our love our own. He was a loyal friend."
Justin smiled, seeing the love in Jolan's eyes for the loving canine.

"He sensed the evil immediately upon seeing it. And then he acted. The man now wears the mark of that action. His protective love for me cost him his life."

Justin's arms went around Jolan again, feeling the emotions threatening to break through.

"He loved you, Jolan. He would always fight for you."

Jolan nodded, Justin kissing him tenderly.

Jolan broke the kiss, looking again at the tree.

"I love you, Spartacus. I feel your love, always. For you I'll stop their evil. And for him."

Jolan's eyes returned to Justin's, their love showing.

"In a few hours the trial begins, my love."

Justin looked surprised, Jolan taking his hand in his.

"The trial's been going on all week, my love."
"Evil's trial begins, Justin. And I will see justice done."
Justin stared into his grey eyes, seeing the determination again.

Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"It's almost dawn, my love. I'd like to make breakfast for everyone."
Justin smiled, the two beginning to walk back towards the Hamilton home.


Jolan stopped suddenly, Justin stopping as well.

"What's wrong, my love?"
Jolan turned, looking back towards his home.

"Stay perfectly still, Jus."
Justin nodded, remaining still, holding in his breath.

He listened, watching Jolan looking around, then a soft sound was heard by both of them.

Justin strained to hear it, then recognized it immediately.

The soft sound of slow footsteps.

Jolan turned his body, looking beyond the oak tree, a shape moving out from behind the tree.

Justin's eyes widened, not believing who walked out of the darkness, his image revealed in the streetlight's brightness.

"Stay perfectly still, my love."

Jolan walked forward a few steps, staring at the intruder.

"Tusca mein legota, niche Pierdut Unul Vechi."

The intruder answered Jolan's words, Justin staring at him with shock.

An object flew through the air, landing at Jolan's feet.

Jolan bent down, picking it up.

He stared at it laying in his hands, taking in its meaning.

It was a small teddy bear, the name Amy stitched into its chest.

Jolan looked towards the intruder.

He bowed his head, walking back into the darkness.

"Guard all of us, Lost One." Jolan said, lowering his head.

Justin's hand went to his shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"Yes, Jus. He is Sid's Guardian."
"Then that means. . .it's so unreal, so unfathomable!"
"It's the trueness of the evil, Jus. It can be masked by anyone."
Justin nodded, staring back into the darkness behind the oak tree.

He then looked at the object in Jolan's hand, Jolan putting it into his jacket pocket.

"They aren't going to believe it, Jo."
"I am going to make them see the truth, Justin. For my family, for my faithful friend, and for those lost, I shall."

Justin stared into his lover's grey eyes.

He saw the steadfast determination, now covering the hurt and sorrow buried behind it.

"Let's go, Jus. Dawn approaches. After breakfast I need to speak to Sheriff Walker. It's time the evil was unmasked."

Justin nodded, the two walking back to the house.

Behind the oak tree two brown eyes stared at them, tears falling from the Guardian's eyes.



End of Chapter 74


A chapter of dawning reality.

Jolan knows all now, or so it seems.


And our loving little Jennie seems to have matured greatly.

She seems like a whole new person.

But under the maturity lies her loving heart.

Her brother's love shining within her.


And now Justin has met the Guardian.

Who is he?

What is the significance of the small teddy bear he gave Jolan?
What does Jolan want to talk to Sheriff Walker about?


Up next: As Jolan stated, evil's trial begins.

Jolan faces his accusers.

And justice, truth and reality come crashing down in the small town of Cutter's Bluff.


I believe a lot of people are looking forward to this climatic scene.

I hope I do justice to it.

And I hope I surprise you greatly.



Hugs, Angel.