Jolan's Path - Chapter 75


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 75


Justin looked up, looking towards the kitchen doorway.
Jolan had been in the living room talking with Sheriff Walker for over twenty minutes.
Everyone sat around the kitchen table, breakfast now over.
Thelma had been surprised when she'd come downstairs that morning, Jolan having breakfast well in hand.
Justin had helped him, the two having a long conversation while they'd prepared everything.

Jolan had ended it, holding his lover in his arms, the emotions finally overflowing.

The two felt their love bonded by the destiny about to unfold this day.
Lonnie, Carl, Lynn and Jennie had all come down around seven, diving into the warm food.
Stu had shown up around seven-thirty, Jolan setting a plate out for him.
The sheriff had thanked him, filling his plate, while everyone else finished theirs.
After they'd eaten their fill, Jolan had asked Stu to step into the living room, Jolan wanting to talk to him privately.
Here, now, everyone sat in the kitchen--drinking coffee and orange juice--waiting on the two men to return.
On several occasions they'd heard their voices raised, a heated conversation going on.
Only a few sentences were audible, their true significance unknown.
"What you're saying can't be true, Jolan!" the sheriff had said.
"He told me all of it! He's not lying!" Jolan said after that.
"But that's impossible!" everyone picking up on the urgency in the sheriff's reply.
"Evil can mask itself easily. This proves that!" Jolan had said.
After that, the talk had quieted down.
Justin had quietly told them of the morning's events, of his finding Jolan outside in front of his home, and of his meeting Sidney's guardian.
"Who is he, Justin?" Lynn said, the others wanting to know as well.
"Jolan has asked me not to reveal that truth. It was surprising to say the least."
Lynn nodded, her eyes going to Jennie who now spoke.
"I understand, Justin. Jolly needs the element of surprise. Evil needs to walk into the trap." she said, Justin looking at the young woman.
He sensed in his soul that she knew exactly what was going on, through her connection with Jolan.
Justin's thoughts were broken by the appearance of Stu in the kitchen doorway.
Justin's eyes widened in surprise--as did everyone else's--seeing the look upon the sheriff's face.
The man looked like he'd aged ten years.
Jolan walked into the room behind him, the sheriff picking up his hat off the chair he'd left it on.
Thelma put her hand on Stu's shoulder, staring at him.
"Are you alright, Stuart?" she said, concern in her voice.
Stu's eyes met Jolan's, his head then lowering, his gaze turning towards her.
"I don't think I'll ever be alright again, Thelma. Not if what I just learned is true."
Thelma looked at Jolan, seeing the compassion and concern for Stu in his eyes.
"Go and talk with Judge Wentworth, Stu. You need to act fast on this. As soon as they leave for the trial."
The sheriff nodded, looking around.
"In my own hometown. I just can't believe it."
Jolan's hand went to his shoulder, their eyes meeting.
"Evil picks no favorites, Stu. It feeds on everyone."
The sheriff nodded, his eyes showing wetness.
"Bill will deliver what you need. And I'll do what you ask of me, Jolan. For their souls, I'll do it."
The man walked out of the room, the front door opening then closing.
"What's happened, Jolan?" Carl said, staring after his departed friend.
Jolan looked at the man, then at his wife.
"I hope you slept last night in peaceful slumber, my friends. Tonight, your dreams may be clouded. This town's truth I'll bare today before all of you. Tomorrow, the healing will begin."
Jolan looked at Justin, the two seeing their love in each other's eyes.
"We need to head over to Bill's, Jus. I need to get ready for today."
Justin nodded, Lonnie getting up.
"I'll drop you two off, then I'll drive Lynn and Jennie to the courthouse when it's time." Lonnie said, Jolan nodding.
The three men said their goodbyes, heading over to Bill's.
The others stood on the front porch watching them leave.
"What do you think he meant, Thelma?" Carl said, looking at his wife.
Lynn looked at the woman, seeing her determined stare.

Jennie looked at her as well, her blue eyes looking towards her home then.

Thelma watched the vehicle disappear around the street corner, sighing.
"I think that young man knows exactly what's going on around here. This town's about to get a large dose of his reality. And its soul may never be the same."

Justin sat on the bed, watching Jolan dress.
The young man was now dressed in a two-piece gray suit, a black silk shirt underneath, a gray tie accenting the beauty of his total grayness.
Their eyes met, Jolan softly smiling at him.
Jolan sat a briefcase he'd borrowed from Ally down on the bed, opening it, turning towards the chest of drawers beside the bed.

Inside the briefcase lay a couple of folders, Bill having dropped them off for Jolan earlier, as per Sheriff Walker's request.
Jolan had sat in silence reading the contents of the folders, then placing them in the briefcase.
He stooped down pulling the bottom drawer open on the chest of drawers.
He stood, Justin looking at the item he held in his hand.
The item he'd brought back with him that night he'd confronted the guardian.
Justin remembered the evilness he'd felt when he'd held that item in his hand.

Justin now knew whom it had belonged to.
Jolan dropped it into the case, turning back to the chest.
He pulled open the top drawer, pulling out something else.
He stared at it, Justin standing, his arm going around him.
They both stared at the item, Jolan looking into his blue eyes.
"You're going to face the monster today, Jolan. Are you sure you're ready for this?"
Jolan set the item down in the briefcase, staring at it.
It hadn't been damaged when Jolan had thrown it against the bedroom door yesterday, its truth staring back at him.
"Yes, Justin. I'm ready to face my past and what he did to me. What they all did to me."
Justin nodded, his arms wrapping around the young man.
"I love you, Jo. My love and myself will be right there for you."
Jolan looked into his eyes, their lips meeting in a kiss of centering love.
Jolan walked over to the chair beside the window, picking up his jacket.
He pulled the small teddy bear out of its pocket, walking back over to the bed, placing the small bear into the case, then closing its lid.
His hand ran across its top, Justin quietly looking at him.
"We should go, Jus. This day needs to start. I'm positive Judge Wentworth will want to see me before the trial resumes."
Justin nodded, seeing--and feeling--the calmness in Jolan's soul.

His lover was prepared for the day.
The two men's hands went together, the two walking out of the room.

Bill pulled his police car up to the courthouse's front steps, the car immediately surrounded.
Bill climbed out, other officers fighting their way through the crowd of reporters.
Steve nodded at him, Bill opening the back door.

Jolan and Justin stepped out of the car, the reporters surrounding them screaming questions


"Jolan! Are you really defending yourself?"
"Justin, is your friend truly going to do something so absurd? He'll be found guilty now for sure!"

"Has the judge talked you out of this, Jolan?"

"Where is your sister, Jolan? Has she given up on you as well?"

"What do you hope to achieve here today, Jolan?"

Jolan turned, looking at the man who'd spoken the last question.

It was one of the familiar reporters, Tim Baxter.

"I hope to achieve freedom, Mr. Baxter. Freedom from the false accusations thrown at me. And I hope to free some injured souls."

The reporter's eyes widened, the last sentence surprising him.

"Injured souls? What injured souls?"

"Every injured soul that lives in this town."
Jolan turned, walking forward, now ignoring everyone surrounding him, Justin walking at his side.

They fought their way through the throng, surrounded by policemen, eventually entering the courthouse.

"This way, Jolan. Judge Wentworth wants to speak with you." Steve said when they'd reached the courtroom doors, Jolan nodding.

Justin looked at his lover, Jolan smiling at him.

"I won't be long, Jus."
Justin nodded, he and Bill watching Jolan follow Steve down the hallway.

"What's going on, Justin?" Bill asked, Justin looking at him.

"I'm not totally sure, Bill."
"Okay, Justin. I have to go. Stu's ordered all of us deputies back to the station. He said we're going hunting."
Justin's eyebrows went up, looking back towards where Jolan had disappeared.

"Yeah, that's what he said. Damned if I know what we're hunting for."
Justin nodded, the two shaking hands, Bill walking back towards the front doors.

Justin sighed, walking towards the courtroom.


He smiled when he walked into the room, seeing everyone waiting for him and Jolan.

He looked around, seeing most everyone drinking coffee, and what looked like doughnuts in their hands.

Joey smiled at him and stood up when Justin walked up to their seats.

"That lovely, sweet lady brought doughnuts for everyone. They're home baked and so delicious." he said, Justin looking towards the front of the room.

Clara Whitaker stood by the front right side pew with a tray half filled with doughnuts, the lady offering them to everyone in the seats.

She smiled at Justin, Justin smiling back.

"Care for a doughnut, son? I've freshly baked them this morning."
"Thank you Ma'am, but no. I just finished breakfast."
She smiled and nodded, walking to the next pew.

Joey chuckled, Justin looking at him.

"Small town America, Jus. They go at their own pace. And they have their delicious, giving ways."
Justin nodded, walking to his front row seat, sitting down beside Lynn, Jennie, Josh and Chace.

Justin hugged Jennie, the two smiling at each other.

"Where's Jolan, Jus?" Lynn asked.

"He's meeting with the judge, Mom." he said, Lynn nodding her concern.

"Ally was meeting with him as well." Lynn said, her eyes meeting his.

"Probably a last minute lecture for Jolan on court procedures." she said, patting his hand, kissing his cheek.

"Perhaps, Mom. But I think it's more."
Lynn smiled at him, feeling her son's concern.

"He'll be here soon, Justin." Jennie said, smiling up at him.
Justin nodded, Jennie kissing his cheek.

Justin's eyes looked to the right side of the room, seeing Henderson Sutcliffe in his seat, munching on a doughnut, staring at him.

Clara Whitaker walked up to Henderson's table, setting a small plate filled with several doughnuts on his table and then crossing the floor, placing another plate on Jolan's.

She smiled at Justin and his surrounding family and friends.

"For the young man. To give him energy." she said, walking towards the judge's bench, placing another filled plate there.

Charles smiled at her, she handing him two doughnuts.

"Clara, your heart never stops giving."
"I like to see people happy, Chuck. Smiling and enjoying life's delicious treats."
Charles smiled widely, the lady walking back to the jury, all her fellow jurors smiling at her as she took her seat.

Justin sighed, closing his eyes, focusing his mind on the day ahead.

He opened them again upon hearing the back door of the courtroom opening.

Jolan walked into the courtroom, Ally at his side.

The two walked forward, going to their front table, both sitting down, Jolan staring around the room, his body turning, looking at everyone behind him, then staring into Justin's blue orbs.

He smiled at everyone behind him, all of them smiling back.

Lynn's hand went forward, touching his shoulder.

"How are you, son?"
"I'm good, Mom. And I'm ready."

Lynn nodded, unsure of what he was ready for.
Justin leaned forward, whispering in Jolan's ear.

Jolan nodded, looking into his blue eyes.

Their gaze was broken by the loud voice of the bailiff.

"All rise, court is now in session. Judge Wentworth presiding."
The judge walked through his doorway, up to the bench, sitting down.

His eyes were locked on one man.

Jolan Dragos.

He stared at Jolan for a moment, then banged his gavel.

"Court is in session." he said, looking at the plate of doughnuts in front of him.

His eyes looked around, focusing on the jury.

He saw Clara Whitaker smiling at him, the judge smiling back.

"I see Clara's giving heart has supplied us all with nourishment this morning. Thank you, Clara."
The woman smiled, a light sound of clapping filling the room.

The judge looked back at Jolan, folding his hands together.

"We left off yesterday with Mr. Dragos' glaring declaration. I have just finished meeting with Mr. Dragos and his counselor. Miss Carmichael has withdrawn her involvement with Mr. Dragos' defense."

Ally sat beside Jolan, the judge shaking his head, a look of acceptance on his face.

"All right, young man. So let your decision be recorded. Jolan Dragos will defend himself."

People in the court murmured, the judge banging his gavel again.

The room quieted down.

Henderson Sutcliffe chuckled, Ally glaring at him.

"You make take a seat in the spectators area, Miss Carmichael." the judge said, Ally nodding at the judge.

She stood up, leaning over and hugging Jolan, Jolan kissing her cheek.

Ally walked down the aisle, sitting down beside Lonnie, the large man putting his arm around her.

Jolan now sat alone at his table, his eyes centering on the judge looking at him.

"The path is set, young man. You're walking alone now. And stating that, I will not allow you to attack witnesses or harass them. You are defending yourself, not seeking revenge. Do you understand me?"

Jolan nodded, the judge looking towards Henderson.

"Have all of your witnesses now testified, Mr. Sutcliffe? Does the state rest its case?"
Henderson stood up, Judge Wentworth sighing.

"The state rests, your Honor. We've shown the jury the victim's tragic ordeal. The state is confident that its testimony shows the true monster behind this act of defilement. We are confident that the defendant will be shown how justice prevails."
Judge Wentworth nodded, Henderson staring at him.

"Evil lives in his soul, justice will destroy it."

The judge stared at the lawyer as Henderson sat down.

His eyes turned to Jolan, Jolan staring at the judge.

"Alright, Mr. Dragos. Now comes your turn. It's time to defend yourself. Call your first witness."

Jolan stood up, looking behind him at everyone, then at Henderson Sutcliffe.


"Before I begin, your Honor, I'd like to request a lockout of all media coverage of this session. I'd like the courtroom cleared of all reporters. I feel my defense has been undermined by Mr. Sutcliffe's rampant media attacks. He's been seen on television more than the weatherman."

The judge chuckled, then regained his serious persona, looking at Henderson.

Henderson Sutcliffe was on his feet, glaring at Jolan.

"An interesting request, Mr. Dragos. I, too, have felt that the media has overrun my courtroom, and this building. What is your opinion of this request, Mr. Sutcliffe?"
Henderson glared at Jolan again, then looked at the judge.

"The media's coverage of this trial has been fair and unbiased. I have only ever stated the state's perspective in regards to the defendant."

The judge smiled, looking at him.

"I watched the six o'clock news, as I'm sure we all did last night, Mr. Sutcliffe. I heard the word monster three times out of your mouth. How is that stating the state's perspective?"
Henderson was taken aback, his face blushing.

"Over the past three days you've used that word repeatedly. The defendant has every right to be concerned about the fairness of his defense."
Judge Wentworth looked back at Jolan.

"For fairness, justice and truth I shall grant you your request, Mr. Dragos. I want all reporters and other media personnel in this courtroom to vacate the premises."

People stood up, their vocal thoughts directed at the judge.

"You're stifling the truth! We have a right to cover this trial!" Tim Baxter said, the judge banging his gavel.

"You won't cover much from a jail cell, sir. Out of this courtroom, now. Charles, clear that area. Check everyone's credentials, only friends and family of the defendant, and valid spectators are allowed to remain."

Tim Baxter looked towards Joey, Joey smiling at him.

"Later, traitor!" Joey said, chuckling.

Baxter looked dejected, security guards walking forward.

The rows emptied out, those remaining focusing again on the front tables.

Once the room was cleared and everyone had settled down, Judge Wentworth looked at Jolan.

"Alright, Mr. Dragos. Call your first witness."

Jolan stood up, his gray eyes on the jury.

"I call to the stand, Samuel Conrad."


The side door opposite the judge's bench opened, Samuel Conrad walking through it, his hands in handcuffs, two guards on both sides of him.

He leered at the judge, then stared at Jolan.

Jolan's gray eyes stared at him, following him as he was escorted to the witness stand.

The man sat down, staring around out into the courtroom.

The judge looked at him, the man ignoring him.

One of the guards removed the handcuffs from his hands.
Jolan stood up, walking towards the witness stand, Samuel Conrad staring at him, rubbing his wrists.
"Where's your high society lawyer, boy?" the man said, Jolan staring at him.
"I am defending myself, Samuel."
"You have a fool for a client then, boy." he laughed, Jolan looking towards the judge.
"You will answer Mr. Dragos' questions, Mr. Conrad. And you will treat him with respect."
Jolan stared at the man, voicing his own opinion.
"I fear this witness will be uncooperative, your Honor. And unfortunately hostile."
The man glared at Jolan, then looked towards the jury box.
"What I said the other day was the truth. You attacked me, and you attacked Theresa. I saved her life that night. I've nothing more to add."
Jolan stared at him, the man becoming uncomfortable with his staring gaze.
"Your testimony is being called into question, Samuel. There are too many contradicting statements. I want the truth from you."
Henderson Sutcliffe stood up, the judge looking at him.
"Objection! The defendant is badgering the witness, your Honor."
"Mr. Dragos is just trying to find out the validity of Mr. Conrad's claims, counselor. I'll allow the man some leeway in regards to this difficult witness. Overruled, Mr. Sutcliffe. Continue, Mr. Dragos."
Henderson sat down, crossing his arms, staring at Jolan.
"Let's start from the beginning, shall we?" Jolan said, staring at Samuel Conrad.
The man on the stand placed his hands on the railing before him, his grip tightening.
"You were leaving Cutter's Bluff that evening, not because you were unable to find work, but because you were on another errand. You had also been incarcerated in the town jail two days before that. Bail had been posted for you the day before you left. I'm sure if we check the records the bail agreement will state that you were not supposed to leave this town. Doing so would be a breach of that agreement, constituting the flight of a fugitive. But that didn't matter to you, did it?"
The man's hands were tightening on the stand's railing.
"Why were you in Oberson Falls?"
The man looked surprised by the question.
"I was. . .I was working there?"
"Who were you working for?"
"Some guy I met here. I didn't really know him?"
Jolan stared at him, the man fidgeting in his seat.
"What was his name? Exactly what were you doing?"
"I never got a name. He paid me up front to clean up his cottage and his land. To get it ready for living in. You know, handyman work."
Jolan folded his arms, staring at the man.
Jolan walked back to his table, opening his briefcase, pulling out a file folder.
"Who was the man you attacked there?"
"I never attacked no one."
Jolan walked up to the judge's bench, handing him the folder, the judge taking it, opening it up.
"I'd like that admitted to evidence, your Honor. It is the all points bulletin that was issued against Mr. Conrad. Sheriff Walker gave me a copy this morning."
Conrad stared at Jolan, Jolan staring at him.
"The charges identified the man attacked as one Thomas Carpenter, an FBI agent."
The jury murmured, Jolan looking towards them.
People in the courtroom murmured as well, the judge banging his gavel.
The judge looked the report over, Jolan walking up to the stand again.
"Alright, Mr. Dragos. This shall be entered as exhibit D. Continue with your questioning." the judge said, continuing to read the report.
"Mr. Carpenter states that he identified you as a fugitive that he'd been trailing for over five years. You were indicted with five counts of murder in Florida six years ago. A family had been horrifically murdered. You fled that state, that federal officer in pursuit. You eluded him for a long time, he zeroing in on you twice during that time, you always escaping. It took him a long time to finally track you down in Oberson Falls. There, he confronted you for the third time."
The man eyes were flashing around, Jolan seeing the nervousness settling into him.
"You've finally been cornered, Samuel. From here there is no escape. Why were you really here in Cutter's Bluff and why were you in Oberson Falls?"
"I don't know what the hell you're talking about. I ain't no fugitive! You're talking about someone else."
The judged raised a photo out of the folder, staring at it, turning it towards the man.
"This looks like you, Mr. Conrad, plus there are fingerprints here. Perhaps we should compare these to yours." the judge said, staring at him.
Conrad's eyes moved from the judge, staring at Jolan.
"You said you stayed here with someone? Who was it?"
The man smiled a smile of total contempt and hatred.
"It was your mother, Jolan. She was such an insatiable fuck!"
Jolan's eyes narrowed, the two men glaring at each other.
The judge banged his gavel when people gasped throughout the courtroom.

"Control your language, Mr. Conrad." the judge said.
Justin's eyes were glued to Jolan, knowing how that statement would affect him.

His arm tightened around Jennie, feeling concern for her as well.
But Justin saw the calmness in Jolan's body language, his lover in full control of his emotions.
Jolan's eyes met the judge's, the man's face covered in serious concern.
Jolan's eyes returned to the man, Samuel's face covered in a malicious smile.
"You never touched my mother. But you did touch so many others. Innocent children and finally, Theresa."
The man's face changed to a look of utter shock, then changing back to a look of worried confusion.
"I don't know nothing about those missing kids. And Theresa and I are in love."
Jolan laughed, the judge looking at him.
"I've never known of someone falling in love with their tormenting guard."
The man's face changed, anger flashing across it.
"This whole story you've divulged here, this testimony you've given, is an outright lie. Isn't it, Samuel? You've changed it so many times it's nothing but lies."
"Your Honor! This man is on a vendetta!" Henderson said, Jolan ignoring him.

Jolan walked back to his table, opening his case again, pulling out something else.

He walked back to the witness stand, his gray eyes staring at Samuel Conrad.
"I know everything you've done, Samuel. I know it began with Amy Benjamin."

The man's face showed shock again.

The judge--as well as most everyone in the jury--were staring in shock at Jolan also, that name known to all of the local townsfolk.

"Amy Benjamin? Little seven-year-old Amy who disappeared almost five years ago?" Judge Wentworth said, staring at Samuel now.

Jolan's hand moved from behind him, placing the small embroidered teddy bear on the railing between Conrad's hands.
"For her you'll live forever in a dark cell. And for Theresa, today her agony ends."
Samuel's whole body was trembling, Jolan staring at him.
"Both of you will rot in prison, unless your master claims you first."
The man was out of his seat in a flash, his hands going around Jolan's throat.
Jolan fought with the man for only a moment, then he was airborne, Jolan throwing him across the room, the man rolling across Henderson Sutcliffe's table, the lawyer and his assistants out of their chairs in a flash, backing up.
Samuel hit the floor, gasping in pain.
The two guards rushed across the room, everyone in the courtroom out of their seats.
The judge banged his gavel repeatedly.
"Order in the court! Everyone sit down!" he said with authority, everyone returning to their seats.
The guards picked up Samuel, the man fighting them, glaring at Jolan.
"I loved how she screamed! How Amy screamed when I claimed her! Just like your mother and sister did, Jolan!"
Jolan looked towards his sister, her gray eyes softly glowing, seen by only him.

He turned back, staring at Samuel.
"Live in fear, monster. You'll scream when your master claims you."
The smile went off the man's face, his body trembling.
"No! He wouldn't! I. . .I worship him!"
The judge looked confused, banging his gavel again.
"Get him out of here, and return him to his cell."
The guards ushered the visibly trembling man out of the courtroom, the judge banging his gavel until silence returned to the room.

Jolan walked back to the witness stand, picking up the small bear which had fallen to the floor.
He moved, placing the stuffed animal on the bench in front of the judge.

"Would you make sure Amy's family gets this?" Jolan said, his voice filled with gentleness.

The judge stared at him, seeing the truth in Jolan's gray loving eyes.

"Conrad. . .little Amy. . .you mean. . .?"

Jolan's head lowered for a moment, then raised again, looking at the jury, then back at the judge.

"Samuel Conrad is a murderer, your Honor. Amy Benjamin was one of his victims. The truth of all that will be shown very shortly. That man has moved from town to town, living off the fear of others. He has evil in his soul. And he's part of the evil consuming this town."

The judge lowered his head, trying to center himself against the truth Jolan had just stated.
Everyone in the courtroom was staring at Jolan, seeing his calm face.
Justin's eyes were filled with love, seeing his lover looking at him, his emotions in total control.
Henderson Sutcliffe stood up, staring at Jolan, then looking at Judge Wentworth.

"What the hell's going on around here, your Honor? This has nothing to do with this case!"
The judge looked at the man, the lawyer seeing the anger in his piercing eyes.

"A child of our town was murdered, sir. Your witness seems to have totally whitewashed you."

Henderson looked surprised at the judge's comments, feeling uncomfortable with everyone's eyes staring at him.

"This is a freaking circus." he softly said, sitting back down.

Judge Wentworth banged his gavel again, as the murmuring began.

"Alright, Mr. Dragos. You've shown--tragically I might add--the deceiving falsehoods of that man's testimony. The jury will take that all into consideration. You've given them much to think upon."

Jolan nodded, looking towards the jury.

Several were in tears, Clara Whitaker's head lowered, a Kleenex in her hand.

"I think we all need a short break. Court is recessed for half an hour." the judge said, banging his gavel, then exiting the bench.

Jolan walked back to his seat, sitting down.

The jury stood, moving out of the jury box, heading out a doorway.

All of his friends and family moved from their seats, surrounding him around the table.

"Wow, Jolan! How in God's name did you figure all that out?" Joey said, Lance looking at Jolan as well.

"The Guardian told me, Joe. He was the one who gave me the bear."

Joey looked confused, as did others.

"It will come to light soon enough, my friends." Jolan softly said, Justin's hand on his shoulder.

Jolan's head turned, the courtroom door opening, Bill and Steve walking into the room, bypassing the other spectators mingling around their seats.

Both men walked forward, Jolan standing up.

Everyone saw the serious, concerned looks on both of their faces.

"The Sheriff has found the truth?" Jolan said, both men nodding.

"He's out there now, Jolan. And he's bringing him in himself." Bill said, everyone hearing the emotion now in his voice.

Jolan's hand went to his shoulder, his other to Steve's.

"Courage, my friends. Think of your sworn duty. You uphold the law, not your anger."

Both men nodded, seeing the calmness and determination in Jolan's gray eyes.

"What do you want us to do, Jolan?" Bill said, Jolan looking at him.

"Is he here?"
"Yes, I stopped by on my way here. He came with us."

Jolan looked at his uncles, Simus and Calen looking back at him.

"Come uncles, we need to talk. We'll be right back, everyone." Jolan said, his eyes meeting Justin, Justin nodding.

Jolan and his uncles--as well as Bill and Steve--walked down the aisle heading out of the room.

"What the heck's going on here, Jus?" Josh said, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Jolan's bringing evil to call, my friends. Prepare to be astounded." he said, returning to his seat.

He lowered his head when he sat down, everyone looking at him.

Jennie walked over to him, sitting down beside him.

"I'm here, Jus. I won't let any of them hurt him."

Justin's head raised, seeing her soft gray eyes glowing.

Jolan returned about twenty minutes later, the courtroom full again, the jury back in its box.

He met Justin's gaze, the two sharing their loving souls.

Jolan sat down again in his seat, the judge's chamber door opening.

The judge returned to his seat, looking out into the courtroom again, banging his gavel.

"Court is in session again. Call your next witness, Mr. Dragos."

Jolan stood up again, looking at the judge, then sighed.

"I call to the stand, Sidney Carson."


Sidney stood outside the closed courtroom doors, hearing the murmuring voices inside.

His mind went back over the last few minutes.

Jolan had walked into the room he'd been waiting in, the two looking into each other's eyes.

The two had hugged, Sidney's mind in turmoil, the past now open in his mind, his nerves heightening the instant Jolan had him in his embrace.

"Calmness, my friend. It's time for you to be strong." Jolan said, Bill standing behind him, his eyes staring at his brother's emotional face.

"I'm sorry for leaving you alone in the dark for so long, Sidney. For leaving you blind. Now it's time to open your eyes. Are you ready?"

Sidney nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

In that smile Sidney saw so much courage, strength and love.

Yes, it was time.

Time to face them.
"I'm ready, Jolan. And I forgive you for what you had to do. And the Guardian for what he was forced to do."
Jolan nodded, smiling at him again.

"You can tell him that yourself. He's on his way."

Sidney stared in shock, Bill looking at Jolan.

"Yes, Bill. Sheriff Walker's bringing backup."

Sidney opened his eyes, hearing his name spoken within the courtroom.

Bill kissed his cheek, Sidney smiling at him, Steve opening the courtroom door.


Everyone turned, looking at a young handsome man walking down the aisle, two police officers walking behind him.

Sidney looked ahead at Jolan, the young man standing at the front of the courtroom, smiling softly at him.

Sidney walked forward, passing him, their eyes meeting, the young man walking to the witness stand, Charles waiting there to swear him in.

"State your name."
"Sidney Alvin Carson."
"Do you swear to tell the truth, so help you God?"

"I do." he said, sitting down.

Judge Wentworth was staring at him, a look of shock on his face.

Sidney remembered the man from his youth, his father a good friend of his.

"It's nice to see you, Sidney. It's been a long time." the judge said, looking towards Jolan now.

"Thank you, your Honor. I remember you from my father's Cribbage parties."

The judge smiled, looking again at Jolan.

Jolan walked up to the witness stand, looking at Sidney.

"Hello, Sidney. It's a joy to see you again. How are you feeling?"
The young man smiled, looking around the room, stopping for a moment on one person, his resolve hardening, his courage rising.

"I am feeling strong, healthy and alive."

"You were lost for so long. What happened, Sidney?"

Sidney looked around, staring at Jolan.

"I was attacked walking home one night after dark." he said, lowering his eyes.
"Tell us what happened, Sidney. Why were you attacked?"

Sidney raised his head, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I was attacked because I saw them taking her."

Jolan looked around, focusing on one person.

"I saw them with her, your Honor. I saw them take Amy Benjamin!"

The judge's eyes widened, Sidney looking up at him.

Jolan's hand went to Sidney's shoulder, Sidney looking into his eyes.

"Tell all of us what you saw, Sidney."
Sidney's mind went back in time, back to the night of terror.


"I had stayed late that night after band practice, helping Thorny clean up. You and Cory had left early, Jolan. I was the last one to leave. Thorny had offered me a ride home. I begged off, wanting to walk home, since it was such a warm wintry day, unseasonably warm for late February.
I was walking down Shepard Avenue, coming up on the town square, when I heard her soft scream.

I rushed forward, walking through the cedar thickets that line the south side of the square.

I looked through the cedars, seeing before me a scene of unbelievable meanness.

Amy Benjamin was laying on the ground, someone holding her down, another person standing above them.

A man I didn't know was running his hands all over her trembling body, his body on top of her.

He was. . .he was trying to. . ."
Jolan's hand went onto his shoulder, Sidney looking up into his eyes.

"I know, my friend. He was trying to undress her?"
Sidney nodded, everyone staring at the young man.

"He was going to rape her, of that I was certain. Then the other one standing talked to him. I remember every word said."

"Tell us what they said, Sidney. Take your time."
Sidney looked at Jolan, seeing his courageous, soothing love showing.

"I remember every word that person said. It's etched in my mind forever."

Sidney stared around the courtroom, his voice echoing that conversation from so long ago.


"Get off her, Sammy. There'll be time enough for using her, once I've gotten her essence. Then she's yours, as usual. Play with her all you wants, like the others. Dine on her beauty, then on her flesh. But her heart is mine. It will be a tasty dessert. I shall feast on its virgin purity."

"Thanks, Ma. She looks so delicious!" the man said, licking her cheek, the little girl trembling, his hand over her mouth.

The woman standing over them knelt down, a smile of hungering malice covering her face.

"You'll be delicious, little one. It's time to feed our hunger."

The woman kissed her cheek, licking it after.

"Simply delicious." she said, then laughed.

The man joined in, the two laughing.


Sidney's head lowered, Jolan quietly looking at him.

Jolan moved, walking over to the evidence stand, opening the folder, picking up the photo laying within it.

He walked back to Sidney, looking at him.

"What happened then, Sidney?"

Everyone in the room was silent, listen to everything Sidney had spoken.

"I made a move, a branch under me snapping. The woman's head raised like lightning, staring right at me. I saw so much evil and hatred in that gaze. And then I heard a sound to my left, as if other branches were breaking. I turned, looking into the eyes of a beast. It rushed towards me, I having only a moment to get to my feet, taking off down the avenue back towards High Street. I never made it."

Jolan's hand went on his shoulder.

Sidney looked into his eyes.

"The beast caught me at the end of the square, knocking me down, attacking me."

"You're almost done, Sid. Finish it." Jolan said, looking up at the judge, seeing the look of shock on his face.

"The beast was so strong. Its teeth so sharp, its claws so sharp. It was scratching me, trying to bite me. And then I saw you."
Jolan stood erect, staring at his friend.

"You came out of nowhere, Jolan. There was a baseball bat in your hand. You attacked the beast, hitting it, knocking it off of me. It reeled back, staring at you. Then it turned and ran away. Somehow you stopped it, Jolan. You stopped it from tearing me apart!"

Jolan nodded, looking at his friend.

"It wasn't me, Sidney. It stopped itself. It saw the error of its ways. It felt its own soul. My love changed it."

Sidney's eyes were full of tears, Jolan raising the photo in his hand.

"Is this the man you saw with Amy, the man attacking her?"

Sidney stared at the picture, nodding his head.

"Yes, that's him. Who is he?"
Jolan handed the photo to Judge Wentworth, the judge looking at it, already knowing who it was.

"His name is Samuel Conrad. He was one of the monsters of that night."

Jolan's hand went to his friend's shoulder.

"Who was the other, Sidney? Who was the woman he called Ma?"

Sidney looked into his friend's gray eyes of love.

In his heart, he found the courage to look that monster again in those eyes of evil.

Sidney Carson turned to his right, staring at the jury.

His eyes focused on one person.

His arm raised, pointing at her.

"It was you, Clara Whitaker! You and your God damn bear, Jingles!!!"




End of Chapter 75


Did any of you see that coming??
Clara Whitaker, that sweet little old lady, is a monster!

What a delicious reality!

I had her pegged for that from the start, as I had Samuel as a seething monster as well.

Apparently, they may be mother and son.

But is that all of the evil infesting this small town?

Or is there more?


We've lived through Sidney's nightmare, but what of Jolan's night of horror?

What monster did he succumb to?

What part did this evil pair play in Jolan and Theresa's nightmare?


Read on, it only gets more fascinating and ominous.


As I stated at the start of this story, this would be a darker tale.

Clouded with mystery and underlying horror.

I hope you take that in stride.

Hopefully, the love will prevail and be remembered.


This is a diamond anniversary, of sorts.

75 chapters.

Who would ever have imagined I'd let it last that long???

Well, I still have more to tell.

Onward to the next part.


Hugs, Angel.