Jolan's Path - Chapter 78


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Author's Warning:

This chapter will be the core of the evilness that our hero was once forced to endure.

It will be  graphic in it's ruthlessness and evil desire.

I just wanted to prepare you.





Chapter 78


Justin sat in his seat, staring at the man standing at the back doors.
He remembered the man's staring green eyes from the Jay Leno Show, over a month ago.
For that was where Justin had first laid eyes upon him.
He remembered their meeting on the show, Brandon there as well, the two doing promotional work for Brandon's upcoming album.
And Justin remembered Brandon's telling him that he and this man had had sex after the show in a private bathroom.
Now Justin felt in his soul that the man standing here and the missing Brandon were more than just casual acquaintances.
Justin's eyes stared at him, the man's gaze on someone else.
His green eyes were staring at Jolan.
The judge banged his gavel, restoring order in his courtroom.
"You've been summoned to the witness stand, sir. Please come forward." the judge said, staring at the man.
Jolan stood by his table, he and the man locked in a frozen stare.
The man was tall, ruggedly handsome, appearing to be in his thirties.
The man's gaze moved from Jolan, staring at the judge.
"Unfortunately I have another engagement, your Honor. I can't possibly stay." he said, his face softening into a quiet brooding countenance.
"You have an engagement with destiny, Professor. You can't escape judgment." Jolan said, the judge looking towards the man.
"Apparently Mr. Dragos is intent on calling you to the stand. You are in my court of law, sir. My session takes precedence over everything else. Come forward sir, I won't ask again."
The man looked around, every set of eyes in the courtroom upon him.
He slowly moved forward, Bill following behind him.
The man's eyes were glued to Jolan, the young man's grey eyes quietly watching him.
Justin sat behind Jolan, feeling his lover's calmness.
The man looked up at the judge, Charles directing him to the witness stand.
Richard Thornton stood in the box, Charles holding a bible in front of him.
"Please raise your right hand, sir."
Thornton raised his hand, Charles swearing him in.
At the last moment the man hesitated before laying his hand upon the bible.
The man sat down after being sworn in, his eyes glancing at the jury.
His head turned, he and Jolan making eye contact.
Jolan's hands went to the table top, steadying himself, a soft sigh coming out of him, Justin hearing it behind him.
He felt Jolan's determination and resolve harden.

Jolan walked forward, standing in front of the man seated in the witness box, his green eyes staring at Jolan.
"State you full name and profession, please."
"Richard Anderson Thornton, English professor and author." the man said, an edge now heard in his voice.
Jolan quietly stared at him, the man moving a bit in the stand.
"You are a teacher here in Cutter's Bluff?"
The man looked at Jolan.
"I was the English and music teacher at James Cutter High School. I gave both up three years ago to focus on my writing. I am now a published author."
Jolan's eyes moved, looking towards the courtroom spectators, his eyes falling on Sidney Carson.

Sidney's eyes were staring at Richard Thornton, Jolan seeing his obvious knowledge of this man.

Cory and Simus sat beside Sidney, Cory's eyes on the man as well, the familiarity shown in his face.

"The students of that high school nicknamed you Thorny, didn't they?"
The man's face changed slightly, a redness going to his cheeks.

"Kids have a way of connecting with teachers. I allowed the name, it was all in good fun."
Jolan stared at him, the man staring back.

"Sidney Carson, on the night of his attack, was with you before that attack, was he not?"

The man looked towards Sidney, picking him out of the crowd.

"Yes, Sidney was in the school's band. We had practice that night."

"Cory Hamilton and I were there as well. Correct?" Jolan said, staring at his friends.

"Yes, Jolan. You and your friends were all in the band." the man said, Jolan's eyes turning towards him.

"You were my English teacher as well?"

The man stared at Jolan, Justin watching the two staring each other down.

"Yes, Jolan. I was your English teacher and your musical teacher."
"What sort of student was I, Professor Thornton?"

The man looked up at the judge, the judge quietly watching both of them.

Henderson Sutcliffe stood up, the judge looking towards him.

"Yes, Mr. Sutcliffe?"
"This testimony has no relevance to the case at hand, your Honor. Jolan Dragos is just walking down memory lane. It bears no immediate relevance to Theresa Brannigan's attack."
The judge looked at Jolan.

"Where are you going with this, Mr. Dragos? Mr. Sutcliffe does have a point."

"I am about to establish a direct link between the two, your Honor. And that link is myself."

The judge looked at Jolan, then back at Henderson.

"I'll allow the continuation of this line of questioning. You've intrigued me, son. Answer Mr. Dragos' question, Mr. Thornton."
Henderson Sutcliffe rolled his eyes, sitting back down.

"You were a gifted, though temperamental student. You had a genius for writing and composing music. I'd say you were above average, more so in music than writing. You weren't too happy with my assumptions, thinking yourself better at writing than you really were. I always told you that boastfulness would be your downfall. I never realized that this would be where you'd end up, charged with rape and horrific violence."
The man smiled at Jolan, Jolan hearing the amusement in the man's voice, the professor now enjoying his interrogation.

"We cannot be as gifted as you, Professor Thornton. I've read of your success, the debut of your novel and all the accolades associated with that book. Who knew that such an amazing author lay within this town's boundaries?"
The man smiled, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I surprised myself, Jolan. I wrote that book years ago, only last year having the courage to release it to the judging masses. I'm totally humbled by the praise I've received."

Jolan stared at the man for a moment, the man seeing the calmness and sparkling determination in the young man's eyes.

"A bible gives no warmth to a lying black soul. I'm shocked it didn't burst into flames."

The man's eyes furrowed, a sudden look of anger crossing his calm face, then vanishing.

The judge saw the look, his own eyes staring at the man.

"What are you implying, Jolan?" the man said, his voice even more edgy now.

Jolan looked up at the judge, their eyes meeting.

"It's time truth rang out in this courtroom, your Honor."

Jolan walked over to his table, opening his briefcase, pulling out a hardcover book.

It was the book that Justin had left on the nightstand.

The same book that Jolan had thrown against their bedroom door in anguish.

He walked back over to Thornton's stand, looking at the man.

Jolan raised the book he held, looking at its cover.

"An interesting title for your novel, Professor Thornton. The Path of Life. It's so unparalleled to your own path. For your path is lined with death and evil."

The man's face changed immediately, everyone now seeing the brooding anger showing.

"Don't insinuate things you can't substantiate, Dragos." he said, Jolan staring at him.

Jolan moved, handing the judge the book he'd held in his hand.

"I'd like this entered into evidence, your Honor. It is Professor Thornton's number one best selling novel, The Path of Life."

"Alright, Mr. Dragos. Exhibit F it will be named." the judge said, staring at the book's cover, seeing the moonlit path on the book's cover, opening it and perusing the chapters.

Jolan turned back, staring at Richard Thornton.

"Even here, on the path of truth you deny what you've done. It's time you faced my reality, and what you did to me."
The man stared at Jolan, everyone seeing a slight tremble go through the man's body.

Jolan walked back over to his table, taking something else out of the briefcase, a stack of bound white loose leaf sheets in his hand.

He walked back to the judge's bench, handing the judge the bound stack of papers.

"I'd like this entered into evidence, your Honor. It's a manuscript."
The judge nodded, taking the papers from the young man, staring at him.

"Charles, this shall be exhibit G. Enter it into the records." he said, the bailiff nodding.

The judge looked at the stack of papers in his hand, opening the first few pages, a look of surprise coming to his face.
His eyes raised, staring at Jolan.

Jolan's eyes turned to the man seated in the witness stand.

"In your haste for greed and success you forgot one thing I always remembered you telling your students in English class, Professor Thornton. You always used to tell us to always play safe with our words. Save every iota of brilliance and copy all the truths written from your souls. I copied mine, Professor. And gave it to my best friend for safe keeping."
Jolan turned, looking towards Cory, the young man's eyes filled with tears of surprise.

"Cory kept it safe for me, never realizing the value of what I had stuffed in an old box buried under baseball cards, which Cory put in his bedroom closet at home. There I found it last night."
Jolan's eyes turned back to the man staring back at him in shock.

"You destroyed my family to steal my words, you monster! You stole my novel and then you stole my innocence!"


The courtroom became a gasping, murmuring multitude, the judge banging his gavel repeatedly.

"Everyone quiet down, right now! Or so help me I'll clear this room!!" the judge said, the courtroom calming down immediately.

"Is this true, Mr. Thornton? This novel and this manuscript are identical, save only the title. Jolan's manuscript is entitled Walking In Shadows. This manuscript is dated July twenty-seventh, two thousand and four. That's three years before you submitted your novel." the judge said, staring at him.

Jolan stared at the man as well, the man's green eyes filled with shock.

"That's impossible!! You said there were no other. . ."
"I said there were no more copies, that day you tortured me. Is that what you wanted to say?"
The man's face filled with an angry grimace, his body now visibly trembling.

Jolan moved, looking up at the judge, then back at the man staring at him with hatred.

"I remember all of it, Thorny. Every agonizing moment of your torturous needs. It's time all of it was in the open. My pain, your monstrous soul and Theresa's nightmare."
Theresa Brannigan stood up in the back pew, Jessica looking up at her.

"I'm sorry, Jolan. I'm so sorry!"
Jolan looked back at the woman weeping in the back row, Jessica standing and putting her arm around Theresa.

"I forgave you that night, Sandra. Today, the world sees the truth."
Jolan looked up at the judge, Judge Wentworth looking down at him with concerned awe.

"If it pleases the court, I'd like to walk it through that day of truth."
The judge nodded, his face showing compassion.

Jolan looked over at Henderson Sutcliffe, seeing a look of awe on his face.

"Let me walk through the past, Henderson. Judge me by my truth."
The lawyer nodded, silence surrounding him.

Jolan looked at Justin for a moment, then turned around, looking at the jury, then Richard Thornton.

Richard Thornton's green eyes were filled with angry fear.

"That day was a day of joy. It was my seventeenth birthday. And my loving Jennica's ninth. You destroyed all of it."
Jolan's voice rang out in the silent courtroom, the room drawn back in time.




The Day of Truth

Jolan smiled at his sister sitting across from him, Jennie smiling back as she loaded her plate with gooey goodness.

Jolan laughed, his own plate filled with the warm waffles their mother had so lovingly prepared for their birthday breakfast.

"My angels' sweet birthdays. You're not our little angels anymore." Melina said, smiling at her two treasures.

"Our son's almost a man, and our drop of sunshine is blossoming towards womanhood." Joel said, smiling at both of them.

"We'll always be just Jennie and Jolly for you, Papa." Jennie smiled, Jolan winking at her.

"Fill up on my sweetness, angels. Tonight I'm cooking you both your favorites. Jolly's corndogs and Jennie's chili dogs."

Both youngsters grinned, Melina smiling at both.

"And now for your presents." their father said, standing up and leaving the kitchen.

Both birthday celebrants looked at each other, giggling in excitement.

Joel walked back into the room a few moments later, Jolan smiling at his father.

Jolan knew what Jennie's present was, having helped his father put it together.

Jennie's eyes widened, seeing her father wheeling in a bright yellow bicycle.

"Oh, Papa! Mommy! It's a bike! My own bike!" she shrieked, running towards her father, Jolan laughing.

"I knew she'd love the color." Jolan said, Melina kissing her son's cheek.

"I knew as well, Jolly. Our drop of sunshine is now riding in yellow, the color of her giving brightness."
Jennie grinned, now seated on top of the bike, her smile wide and large.

Jolan smiled, seeing the joy in his sister's face, his father's arm wrapped around her, steadying her on the bike.

Joel's face lowered, Jennie kissing his cheek with happiness.

"Oh, thank you, Papa! Thank you, Mommy!"
Both smiled, Joel walking to the table, his arm going around his son.

"And for our man of the hour, our gift of love." Joel said, handing his son an envelope, Jolan smiling up at his father, then at his mother.

"I don't really need anything, Dad. I have all of your love, and my own happiness."
Melina smiled, her hand squeezing her son's arm.

"Your love we all have, Jolly. This you'll love as well." she said, Jolan smiling at his mother.

He opened the envelope hurriedly, Jennie's grey eyes smiling at him, atop her new bike.

Jolan's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Oh my God, Dad! Are these for real??" he said, Joel smiling at his son.

"Yes Jolan, they are. Four tickets to the Yankees season opener against Boston in New York City. We can both cheer on our teams!"
Jolan laughed, his father a diehard Yankee fan, he a disciple of the Red Sox.

"We're making a weekend of it, Jolly. A family holiday! Shopping, dining, baseball and fun!" Melina said, smiling at her son and daughter, both smiling back, Jolan looking up at his father.

"But Dad, how can you have fun when my Sox will trounce your silly Yankees?!"
Joel laughed, pulling his son into a headlock, Jolan out of his seat, wrestling his father to the ground, Jennie screaming with laughter, jumping off her bike, and on top of both of them.

Melina stood up, laughing at her family.

Her eyes went to the kitchen window, staring at a bird seated on its outside window sill.

A black crow stared at her, a small mouse trapped in its beak.

The woman's smile faded, her body trembling.

Joel wrestled himself free of his children, Jennie and Jolan tickling each other, Jennie screaming with laughter.

Joel laughed as he stood up, his eyes going to his wife, seeing the look on her face.

He put his arm around her, her blue eyes staring into his loving grey.

"Everything ok, my love?" he said, Melina looking back at the window, the bird now gone.

"I have a feeling, Joel. My magic is igniting."

Joel's arm tightened around his wife, their two children standing up, looking at their parents.

Melina's face changed, her smile returning.

"Sorry about that. Just a moment of weirdness. Let's get back to our breakfast feast."
Jolan smiled, returning to his seat, Jennie already in hers, her fork diving into the warm waffles laden with syrup.

"We'll need to schedule dentist appointments next week for these two. Looks like a sugary kind of day." Melina said, the four bursting into laughter.

Melina's smile remained, her eyes glancing once more towards the window.


Jolan hugged both of his parents goodbye, Jennie already out the door and pedaling down the sidewalk on her new bike towards her school.

"Our angel's flown the coop." Melina laughed, Joel kissing her cheek.

"We'll be home by five, son. Have a great day at school, Jolly." Joel said smiling at his son.

Jolan wore his Red Sox ball cap, Joel flicking it off his head, Joel laughing as Jolan bent to pick it up.

"Don't knock around a relic of majestic beauty, Dad!"
Joel laughed, kissing his son's cheek, heading towards his car.

Jolan waved goodbye to his parents, his father driving down the street, Melina walking by herself down the sidewalk in the opposite direction towards her school.

Jolan bent down, picking up the morning paper which lay on the porch step.

He looked across the street, seeing Carl Hamilton on his front porch, Jolan waving to him.

Carl waved back, Jolan running back into the house.

He had about an hour to go before he had to leave, his first class not till ten.

He'd promised his mother to clean up the kitchen.

He heard footsteps coming from the living room, a smile crossing his face.

"Now where have you been hiding, Sparty!" he smiled, the large golden retriever walking out into the hallway.

Jolan groaned, seeing the mud on all four legs.

"You've been digging in Mom's garden again. Come on buddy, let's hose you down."
The dog barked, Jolan grinning, chasing the animal towards the back door.

Ten minutes later he and his dog were in the kitchen, the dog's legs clean and dry.

The large dog stood beside Jolan, the young man putting some of the empty plates in the kitchen sink, about to clean off the table.

A knock came to the door, Jolan setting the milk jug down, Spartacus barking, rushing down the hall.

"Stay, Boy! Let me answer it first!"
The dog growled a bit, Jolan surprised at the stance his dog was taking.

The animal's back haunches were planted on the floor, its head staring straight ahead, looking at the front door.

"Calm down, Sparty! It's probably only Cory!"

Jolan went to the door, looking through the peephole, a surprised look crossing his face.

He opened the door, staring at Professor Thornton.

"Good morning, Thorny. What are you doing here?" he said, the man smiling at him.

"I was on my way to school and thought I'd stop by and discuss your manuscript with you."
The boy's eyes widened, a smile of joy and nervousness crossing his face.

"You've finished it? You read it all?"
The man laughed, smiling at the young teenager.

"Yep, Jolan. I'd like to discuss it with you and your parents. Are they here?"
"Oh, sorry. You just missed them. They left for work, Jennie went to school as well. I was just heading out."
"Ah, okay. Well, how about you invite me in for a coffee and I'll let you in on the surprise?"
Jolan's eyes widened, a large smile crossing his face.
"Now son, coffee first." the man said, laughing.

Jolan smiled, inviting the man into his home.




Everyone in the courtroom stared at the man sitting in the witness box.

Jolan's eyes were glued to him, the man now nervously looking around.

Bill Carson moved to the left side of the courtroom, standing a few feet to the right of the jury box, his hand at his side, his eyes glued to Richard Thornton as well.

All of Jolan's family and friends were staring between him and Jolan, sensing in their hearts what was about to come to light.

The attack on Jolan, and the day of horror.

Jolan turned, all of them seeing his gaze go to Justin, Jolan's eyes filled with love and determination, Justin staring at him.

Jolan sighed, his gaze returning to Richard Thornton, his voice continuing forward on the trek through his past.




Jolan walked down the hall, Spartacus growling towards Richard Thornton.

"Sorry, Sir. I'm not sure what's wrong with him today. He only gets like that when he senses something's wrong."
The professor smiled, looking at the dog, quietly slinking around him, following Jolan towards the kitchen.

They walked into it, the man looking around, seeing the table covered in plates, a platter of waffles still in its center.

"Was just going to clean this all up. Today was my birthday, my Mom's famous waffles a well-deserved treat."
The man smiled, loosening the tie that he wore around his neck, pulling it completely off.

"Happy Birthday, Jolan. On this day you deserve something special."
The young man smiled, looking at the briefcase in his teacher's hand, the tie hanging in the other.

"You brought my manuscript back? I'm so anxious to hear what you think."

"Yes, I have it. Is it the only copy?"

Jolan looked at the man, wondering why he'd ask that.

"Um. . .yes it is."
The man smiled, walking to the table, standing a few feet away from Jolan.

"When will everyone be back?"
"Not till this afternoon late. You can come back later if you'd like to talk with Mom and Dad about it?"

"I most certainly will talk to them after. But right now, I'd like to talk with you. Now, how about that coffee first?"
Jolan grinned, nodding, turning his back to his teacher, heading to the kitchen counter and the coffee pot.

Thornton's hand flew forward, the hard briefcase hitting Jolan in the back of the head, Jolan falling forward.

He fell to the floor, the man immediately on top of him, pulling the young man's hands behind him, the tie binding around them.

Jolan slipped into unconsciousness, the last sound he heard was Spartacus' loud bark, then an even louder smashing sound.


Jolan opened his eyes, staring up into two green eyes wide with lust.

"Hello, sunshine! Wakey, wakey!" the man said slapping his hand across Jolan's face, Jolan moving.

Jolan suddenly realized his hands were bound, Jolan looking around, seeing where he was.

He lay spread-eagle across the kitchen table, one of his hands and both legs each bound to a table leg by ripped dish clothes and the other hand by the man's tie.

"What a fortune I've earned today. Having the whole day with you, my little beauty." the man said, his hand running across Jolan's chest.

The man stood up, staring down at Jolan.

"What are you doing, Professor? What's going on? Let me go!" Jolan said, struggling against the bindings.

"Relax, Dragos. I've earned this day. And I've earned something more." the man said, setting his briefcase on the table beside Jolan's hip.

He opened it, pulling out Jolan's manuscript, Jolan looking up at him.

"This manuscript is unbelievable, you little pissant! How in the hell did someone like you write such gold?"
"It's my heart put into words!" Jolan said, the man laughing.

"It's mine now, Jolan. Thank you for this gift. It's going to make me very rich. A great little benefit for what was asked of me. As will you be." he smiled, Jolan seeing so much evil and menacing lust in that smile.

Jolan sensed he was in a lot of trouble.

"Asked of you?" Jolan said, his voice trembling.

The man laughed, pulling something else out of the briefcase.

Jolan's eyes widened, seeing a large knife in the man's hand.

Its head was that of a wolf, pewter metal, gleaming silver eyes adorning the top of the wolf's head.

"Do you recognize this knife, little one? I believe you do."
Jolan stared at it, his memory flooding back to his teachings, to the Oracle's teachings.

"The Knife. . .of Blood." he softly said, his voice stuttering.

"Very good, Jolan. The knife of the Fangoros rites. The Knife of Blood. Today it will become red with a special blood. A blood of destiny. Your sweet blood."
Jolan began to struggle again, his eyes widening in fear.

"Don't fret, delicious treat. My master said I could enjoy myself today, if I had the time. I decided to make the time. I've wanted you since the first day I met you. So I waited for all of them to leave so I could have you all to myself. They shall not be here till much later this afternoon. I've decided to make a day of it. I'm so hungry for you." the man said, moving closer to Jolan, his hand rubbing his cheek.

"Please don't! Don't touch me!"

The man laughed, staring into Jolan's terrified grey eyes.

"I feed on terror, Jolan. Your terror will be exquisite. For I will draw it slowly from you, relishing its taste." the man said, his hands moving, ripping open Jolan's shirt.

"But first I need a special blood. Its taste is so delicious. The blood of innocence. You are mine, and I'll have you."

The man moved lower, his hands going to Jolan's pants, Jolan beginning to struggle against him, but to no avail, the bindings holding him down.

Jolan closed his eyes, panic overtaking him, sobs issuing from his throat.

He felt the man removing the bindings from his legs, pulling off Jolan's pants.

Jolan moved like lightning, one foot going upwards.

The man yelled, falling downwards.

"You little bastard! For that, there will be no tenderness!" he said, struggling upwards.

Jolan moved his legs repeatedly, a fist hitting him in the face.

"Move again and I'll use the knife next!" the man said, Jolan stopping all movement.

"Very good, you're learning. Now here's your reward."

Jolan felt his legs being moved, then teeth sinking into his shoulder blade.

Jolan screamed, the pain near his neck overtaken by a greater pain filling his violated center.





Jolan eyes stared at the man seated in front of him, Richard Thornton's green eyes scanning the courtroom.
"You're lying Jolan Dragos! None of that happened! It's utter nonsense!"
Jolan stared at the man, his green eyes looking up at the judge.
"I am an outstanding member of this community, my stellar commitment to this town's greatness sound proof of my good character. This young man is a nobody, less of a man than that Conrad beast you arrested yesterday." the man said, his green eyes staring at Jolan, seeing the calmness and determination in the grey eyes that stared back at him.
"Conrad was a beast trained by his mother in the bloodlust of the Fangoros clan. You are an even greater monster. For you were master over both of them, answering to only one higher."
The man's faced clouded with anger.
"I do not have to sit here and listen to you defiling my good name! May I be excused from this farce, your Honor?" the man said, his eyes going to Judge Wentworth's staring eyes.
"Remain where you are, Mr. Thornton. Mr. Dragos has the floor. Continue with your story, Mr. Dragos."
The man's hands went forward, grasping onto the box's railing.
"You raped me, Thorny. I trusted you as a teacher to guide me, when in fact you were a monster walking on a greed-filled, lust-filled path."
"Your Honor! Mr. Thornton is correct! The man is attacking his character with this fantasy!" Sutcliffe said, standing again and staring at Jolan.
"Sustained. You cannot draw assumptions on a man's character without proof, Mr. Dragos."
Jolan nodded, still staring at Richard Thornton.
"I have proof, your Honor. It begins with that manuscript you hold in your hand. Richard Thornton stole my book. He took a piece of my soul, and benefited from it. And then he took something more valuable to me. He took my innocence, and then my family. Please let me continue."
Judge Wentworth stared at the young man, his face filled with determination again.
"Continue, Mr. Dragos."
Jolan's eyes looked again at Thornton, his voice filling the silent courtroom.


Jolan sobbed, the man's weight on top of him like a blanket of heat.
They lay in Jolan's bed upstairs, the man having spent hours torturing the young man.

Here again in the mid afternoon he was again inside him.
Jolan's body ached, his center burning with a fire of hurt and excruciating pain.
The man had been brutal in his torturous desires.

He'd raped Jolan himself repeatedly, then with objects he'd found around the house.

A Coke bottle, a plunger, Jolan's own baseball bat.

Jolan's day had a been a nightmare of carnal hatred.

The man had been so abusive, so hurtful, Jolan's mind shattered with his own loss.

The man screamed again, his seed sinking into Jolan's abused center.

The man panted, collapsing on top of Jolan, two fingers pinching Jolan's left nipple.

"Deeply satisfying as usual, slave. So delicious you've been. I haven't had so much fun in a long time." He said, his tongue licking Jolan's wet cheek, the wetness of his tears soaking his face.

"Still sobbing away your innocence? You should be enjoying and relishing the pain." the professor said, his hand raising, coming down and slapping across Jolan's face.

Jolan's cheeks and eyes showed the bruises of repeated slaps and punches.

The man lay beside him now, his hands pinching, slapping and roughly rubbing his whole body, Jolan's hands tied above him, his legs weak from repeated hits and jabs.

"Please stop, please don't hurt me anymore! Please end this!." Jolan sobbed softly, all the strength gone out of him.
The man smiled a smile of intense evil, leaning forwards and biting Jolan's lip.

"No worries, Jolan. For soon it will be ended for you, and your soon-to-be present family."

Jolan's head moved, staring into the green eyes staring back at him.

"Yes, you little fool. I know who you and those fools you call parents really are. That ridiculous clan of Dragosan fools. Fagin is coming, our Master of strength shall be here soon. He relishes the downfall of his enemies. Your father's going to walk into a trap, as will that slut who pumped you and your sweet little sister out. Do you know what Fagin's promised me?"
The man's hand slapped Jolan again, Jolan's head ringing.

"He's promised me your little sister, for my own gain. And you, a bit worn in, and a bit tainted after he's done with you, will be given to Jeffy, my dearest friend. The two of you shall soon look forward to a short lifetime of excruciating, desirous existence. That little brat will sire me a fortune, and you, well Jeffy's been so looking forward to tasting you as well, as have all his perverted clients. You'll make him a mint as well. But tonight, tonight you're the Master's. He's after you for one thing, and I think you know what that is, don't you?? You little sniveling coward!!"
Jolan's mind took in all Thornton was saying, the mention of his sister sending a knife into Jolan's soul.

"Not my Jennie, please don't hurt her!"
Thornton laughed, staring at the young man, his body tied into submission.

"Don't worry, she'll probably enjoy it more than you did, once the pups start falling out of her. Speaking of pups, that beast downstairs put up quite a fight. I had to beat him off, throwing him down into the basement."
"Spartacus. . .don't hurt my dog. Please leave my sister alone. . .please!"

The man looked at his watch, smiling.

"She'll be home soon, as will your foolish parents. I should get dressed, and welcome them home."
The man stood up, Jolan staring at his naked form, the man picking up his shirt and pants, smiling at him.

"I'll leave the door open so you can listen to the fun. I'm sure their screams will quicken your heart, and then we'll get you all ready for your journey. Clara and Samuel should be here shortly. I might even let you play with Samuel, he's even rougher than me."
Jolan's mind locked in on those last two names, his mind going back to that night two nights ago, and Sidney's vicious attack.

"Please don't hurt my family. . .please! I'll do anything you want. . . please don't. . ."

The man laughed, staring at the struggling young man.

"You've already done it, Jolan. You've led my master right to your door. Did you think we wouldn't feel you here? Don't you know we've been watching you, my master waiting for you? You led us right to your parents, Jolan. To a Dragosan warrior and his slutty Sumsarian wife. That night two nights ago you used your gifts. You drew our master's gaze. Your parents will now receive  the pain you've given them, and so will that little jewel. I think I'll go down and wait for her."
The man pulled on his clothes, Jolan sobbing.

"Please no, not my Jennie. . .please no!"
The man laughed, walking to the bed.

He leaned down, stuffing a sock into Jolan's mouth, laughing and then walking out of the room.


Hours later Jolan lay in silence, his eyes staring up at the ceiling.

He'd heard the truth of the captured souls downstairs.

His little sister's crying voice, his mother's scream of anguish, and then his father's voice laced with anger and fear.

He now knew that his family had walked into the trap, a trap of his own doing.

Another man had walked into Jolan's room an hour earlier, climbing on top of him, smiling widely.

"Hello, beautiful! Looks like you've been having fun. Open up for Sammy!" he laughed, opening his pants.

Jolan had lain in silence as Samuel Conrad took him, his fists randomly hitting him, Jolan zoning out of the pain flooding his soul and his center.

He hadn't uttered a word, the man trying to entice him to speak.

Jolan lay in silence, the man finishing his task.

"A great fuck, but a stone cold corpse would be more active. I think I'll take on your mother again. She has fight in her, but she'll give in when the pain becomes too much."

Jolan stared at the man, his young face flooding with anger.

The man laughed, walking back out of the room.

Jolan suddenly heard loud barking, zoning in on Spartacus' strong roar.

He instantly heard a louder whelp, then silence.

Thirty minutes later Richard Thornton walked into the room, Clara Whitaker at his side.

"Well, there he lays, the chosen vessel subdued." Thornton said, Clara staring at Jolan.

"Looks like you've had your fun, Mutt, Jeff won't be too pleased." she laughed, Jolan staring at her evil-filled face.

She raised her hand, Jolan seeing a golden chain hanging from her fingers, his father's golden ring hanging in front of his face.

"Your Pa put up a fight, but he fucks like any other man. God it's been so long since I rode such a stud. I just needed to add some enticement to get him going. The same enticement the master has for you. We're going to have so much fun, Mutty." she laughed, Jolan closing his eyes.

"No time like the present, right Clara? The master's waiting for you, Jolan. We'll all enjoy this."
Richard approached the bed, the silver knife in his hand again.

"Now I'm going to untie you, any fuss and this knife will slit your throat, got me?"
Jolan's eyes opened, staring at the man, finally nodding.

Richard cut his bindings, releasing Jolan from his prison.

Jolan shuddered, Richard smiling at him.

"Put these sweat shorts on, the master can't condone seeing freaky little butts, no matter how delicious they are." Richard laughed, throwing the pair of shorts into Jolan's face.

Clara chuckled behind them, the two monsters waiting for Jolan to cover himself.

Jolan felt the pain in his center, slowly pulling the shorts on, his legs and arms numb with pain.

Richard Thornton pulled him out of bed, Jolan's legs wobbling.

His strong arms wrapped around Jolan's body, Clara grinning.

"Blind him, Clara. We want him in darkness for the next fun." Thornton said, chuckling.

Clara grinned, a black hood in her hand, she pulling it over Jolan's head.

Her evil grin was the last thing Jolan saw before his vision was blinded.

Jolan was shrouded in darkness, feeling someone's hand going into his shorts, stroking his flaccid organ.

"Big like your Pa! Maybe I'll ride ya after too!"

Jolan almost vomited, feeling the old woman's hand let go of his member.

Thornton moving him forward, Jolan being led in darkness.


Jolan felt himself entering the family living room, judging by the descent down the stairs and movement to the right.

Thornton led him forward, guiding the young man to the family piano, sitting Jolan down at it.

"The Master is a lover of music, Jolan. Play a song for him. How about that piece of fluff you played me last week?" Thornton said, Jolan sitting in silence.

He felt fingers going to his left nipple, squeezing hard, Jolan letting out a scream, a slap across the face almost knocking him off the bench.

"Play it or I'll cut your fingers off!" Thornton said, Jolan's hands going forward.

Jolan felt the piano keys, his fingers touching them, a sob coming from his soul.

He began to play the song he'd created only weeks before, his ballad to life.

Jolan played, oblivious to what was going on around him.

Then he came to the end of his song, hearing a sudden movement in front of him.

He finished the last octave, feeling a wetness against his fingers.

He stopped the music, hearing a laugh beside him.

"Well done, maestro! Here is your reward."

Jolan felt someone remove the hood from his head in a flash, Jolan staring forward.

Two large brown eyes stared at him, Jolan's beloved companion laying dead on top of the piano.

Jolan moved backwards, screaming at the sight of horrific violence in front of him.

His loving dog's blood all over his hands.

Jolan screamed again, falling off the bench, tumbling to the floor.

He cried and sobbed, a foot hitting him in the face.

"Shut up, you little bastard!" Thornton said, pulling the young man to his feet, Jolan staring at him, the green depth of his eyes filled with evil.

Richard laughed, turning Jolan's body, Jolan focusing on what lay before him.

Jolan's eyes took in a sight of pure anguish in front of him.

His mother, his father and little Jennie all sat on the couch, their hands and feet bound, their mouths covered in duct tape.

He sobbed, staring at them, knowing they'd watched his concerto of blood.

"Mom, Dad, Jennie!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I brought this upon you! I'm so sorry!!" he sobbed, the three on the couch looking at him, their eyes filled with love.

Love that Jolan couldn't see, his own eyes filled with hurt and sorrow.

He looked into their faces, seeing the bruises on his father's, and the black eye his mother wore.

Little Jennie's face was covered in tears, her blue eyes softly glowing.

Jolan felt two strong hands take hold of his shoulders, throwing him across the room, the young man crashing against the wall, going limp to the ground.

Those strong hands picked him up again, Jolan staring into two eyes filled with anger and evil.

"Hello, chosen one. Little man of false destiny. Welcome to your night of real destiny." the man said, Jolan zoning in on his face.

The man's face was ancient, Jolan seeing so much history in his dark piercing eyes.

This man wasn't a man, but a walking statue of ancient evil.

Jolan knew in an instant who this man was.
The master of evil, the champion of the Fangoros, Fagin Greymount himself.

Jolan felt his body fly again, the young man landing on the floor in front of his parents, landing on his back, gasping for air.

The tall masculine man walked over, those in the room standing around him laughing.

Richard Thornton, Clara Whitaker, her son Samuel, and another young woman, whose eyes were wide with fear and pain, all stood staring at Jolan.

Jolan met all their eyes, the Fangoros master walking over to him, his foot landing on Jolan's throat, Jolan gasping for breath.

"Well, well, Joel Dragos. Your son is not what I expected. Such a little cry baby. So unlike you. Remember that night in London, the night I took your brother's Badenwolf soul?" the man said, his fingers rubbing a red wolf pendant that hung on his chest.

Joel stared at the monster before him, remembering that night.

The man laughed, looking down at Jolan, seeing his face turning blue, slowly releasing his foot from the young man's throat.

"Can't have you choking to death, boy. Your essence is needed. For my destiny and my future."
The man grinned, staring again at Joel Dragos and his wife.

"You sired the answer, Dragosan. The answer to my worries. Old Roland was always right. I should have sought you out sooner Dragosan, but no matter. I have all of you now. Once I've taken what needs to be taken from this child, I think I'll dine on you. You escaped me once, you shall not again. You'll live to see your wife die. And you'll watch Mutt and Sammy break in your little slut."
Joel moved, trying to break his bonds, staggering to his feet, Fagin hitting him in the face with his fist, Jolan's father falling back on top of his wife.

Jolan--who'd lain on the floor listening to all of the man's words--saw the futility in his father's actions.

Jolan had led all three into the man's clutches, their lives now in his monstrous hands.

Jolan's grey eyes glowed, his mind rushing through all his teaching, through all he'd learned, seeking out the answer to save his family.

His mind zoned in on a voice deep within his soul.

Jolan's eyes glowed, the young man on his feet in a burst of strength, his fist flying forward.

He hit the man in front of him squarely in the face, Fagin caught totally off guard.

The man fell backwards, losing his balance, falling into Richard and Samuel, all three going down on their asses.

That feat gave Jolan the moments he needed.

Jolan turned to his parents, staring at their upturned awed faces.

"Flee to safety, surrounded by my love. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I hope I'm strong enough. I love you!" Jolan said in haste, his hands going forward.

Between Jolan and his parents a wall of white light instantly appeared, the light flowing forward, wrapping around his two seated parents, enveloping them in its brightness, their bodies disappearing completely into the light.

Jennica--seated beside them--wasn't touched by the light, the beacon not wide enough to pull her in as well.

The light disappeared in an instant, the three on the floor rising quickly, staring at the couch.

"Where did you send them, you bastard?!" Fagin said, Jolan staggering in front of him, the young man looking slowly up at him.

"I sent them to love. . .so you'll never touch them!" he said, Jolan collapsing in front of the man.

Fagin Greymount stared down at the unconscious young man laying at his feet.

"Pick him up, and take that little bitch too. We're out of here."




Everyone in the courtroom had their eyes glued to Jolan's calm, determined face.

Their eyes turned to the man seated in the witness box, his green eyes staring at Jolan.

"Your heart is filled with blackness, Richard Thornton. You emotionally destroyed me that day, and you took my dearest friend from me. I loved that dog with all of my heart. I know in my heart he would have fought you until you'd slain him. For he sensed the truth of your black soul before I even let you in the house. I should have heeded his warning."

Jolan's head turned, staring at Henderson Sutcliffe, the man's face laced with shock.

Henderson saw in those grey eyes a look of defiance, as if he dared the man to say anything.

Henderson remained seated, and silent.

Jolan turned back to Richard Thornton, staring at him with contempt.

"You own a piece of property outside of Oberson Falls, a cottage nestled on a small lake called Harbinger's Lake. Is that correct?"
Thornton folded his arms, staring at Jolan.

Jolan walked back to his table, pulling out the last item from his briefcase, walking back to the judge, handing him a white folder.

"Please enter this into evidence. It is the deed, bill of sale and tax assessment for said property. You'll see the deed is in Richard Thornton and Joshua Armstead's names. And you'll see by the proof of sale, that it was given to them by Fagin Greymount, the property's original owner."

Judge Wentworth nodded, opening the folder.

"Log it in as Exhibit H, Charles." he said, staring at the papers.

The judge looked down at Jolan, Jolan staring at him.

"Joshua Armstead was the man my sister brought to justice in New York, your Honor. The leader of that city's biggest child slavery ring. That was where my dearest sister was taken four years ago by Richard Thornton."
Jennie's eyes stared at the man in the witness box, then her eyes going to Jolan's.

Jolan's eyes went back to Thornton, the man glaring at him now.

'The two of you were childhood friends, raised in evil by Fagin Greymount. That property was given to both of you as a haven for your monstrous carnal endeavors. I can only imagine what may lay out there buried in secret. So many lost souls of innocence the two of you have defiled. It was there you took me that night, that night of my destiny. The night I met Theresa."

Jolan's eyes moved, staring towards the back of the courtroom, the woman's teary-eyed face staring at him.

Jolan looked up at the judge, the judge looking at him with a soft look of compassion.

"Now we come to the end of all of this. To what happened between Theresa and me."

Jolan's eyes turned, looking at Justin, his lover's gaze filled with his love.

Jolan's voice echoed off the silent room's walls, everyone lost in his narration.




Jolan woke up, the movement of the vehicle he rode in jostling him about.

His body ached, his head moving slowly to the left side, Jolan feeling a weight against his side.

He looked into two blue eyes staring back at him, Jolan seeing the tears in both.

His sister lay against him, the two laying in the back of a covered pickup truck, their hands and feet tied together.

"Jolly, are you okay?" she said, a sob coming out of her mouth.

Jolan moved closer to her, their bindings restricting their movements.

His grey eyes looked into her blue, the little girl still trembling with tearful sobs.

"It's okay, Jennie. I'm okay, I'm going to be okay."
"Where did Mommy and Papa go? Where did they go?" she said, Jolan kissing her cheek, the little girl looking into his loving grey eyes.

"I sent them to safety, Jennie. I'm sorry, I didn't have enough strength to send you there as well."
She leaned against her brother, kissing his cheek.

"It's okay, Jolly. I'm with you, I'm not alone."
Jolan teared up, knowing what that fact might mean to her this evening.

What lay ahead for his loving sister registered in his mind.

"I have one gift left, Jennica. One way to shield you from the pain from the night ahead."
Jennie looked into her brother's now softly glowing eyes.

"I don't want to leave you, Jolly. I don't want you to be alone!" she cried, Jolan kissing her cheek again, his head rubbing against hers.

"That's the beauty of this gift, my little angel. I won't be alone. I'll always have you with me."

Jennie's head raised, looking into his smiling face, seeing so much love and courage there.

"I love you, Jolly. Please be okay?"
Jolan smiled, nodding his head.

"You'll be in my dreams and in my soul, Jennica. Let's do this, there isn't much time." he said, Jolan staring now at his sister.

Jennie stared into his grey eyes, lost in a sparkling myriad of flashing lights deeply embedded in his beautiful eyes.

She felt herself moving forward, the restraints no longer holding her, then feeling herself surrounded by a deep blanket of love.

Jolan's eyes teared, closing for a moment, his mind and soul filling with a presence.

Jolan's eyes opened, staring into his sister's now grey eyes.

"Walk in courage, sister of body. One day I'll make you whole."

The little girl's head lowered, her body sinking against Jolan's.

In the darkness of the pickup truck, Jolan's mind centered itself, the love inside him doubling.

His grey glowing eyes looked upwards, a silent prayer said in his heart.


Two hours later the pickup stopped, Jolan hearing people climbing out of it and another car stopping beside them.

The back opened, Jolan staring forward at Richard Thornton and Samuel Conrad.

"Time for destiny, my beauties." Samuel laughed, Richard shaking his head.

The two men climbed into the truck, pulling the two youngsters out of it.

Jolan looked around, seeing the area flooded with forested trees.

To their left stood an old cabin, Jolan sensing they were somewhere far back in the forest, a lake shining in the darkness to their right.

"Welcome to darkness and seclusion, slut. You can scream all you want, there's nobody within miles of my place." Richard laughed, his hand flying, slapping Jolan across the face, Jolan falling backwards, Jennie falling with him.

The two men laughed, Clara walking around the truck, Fagin behind her, another woman in his arms.

"Meet your new man, Tessy!" Samuel laughed, Fagin staring at him, the younger man quieting down.

"Prepare the pyre, Samuel." Fagin said, the man hurrying away.

 Fagin looked down at Jolan, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

"Destiny awaits, spawn of fools. Take the little one into the cabin, Samuel needs a reward. But no torture, she's Richard's now, he wants her clean."
Clara nodded, moving like lightning, a knife in her hand slashing their bonds, pulling the little girl away from her brother.
"Jennie, come back!" Jolan said, tears falling from his face.

"Look upon her for the last time, Jolan Dragos. Your life's almost over. Jeffy shall not have you. I hunger for your blood, and I'll have it." Fagin said, moving in a flash, pulling the young man up, his teeth sinking into Jolan's arm.

Jolan screamed, the man releasing his toothy grip, blood on his lips, laughing out loud.

"Come and have some fun, Jolly!" Fagin said, a smile of immense hatred on his face.

"What do you want with me? Let me go!" the young man sobbed, Fagin pulling him forward.

Jolan looked ahead of him, seeing Samuel, Clara and Richard standing around a table that lay under a large oak tree.

Hanging from the oak tree was a rope, Jolan seeing old blood stains on its coils.

Fagin threw Jolan forward, the young man landing on top of the table, the two men grabbing his arms, securing them to bolted ties that lay fixed on the table.

Jolan struggled, their strength easily securing his arms and legs.

Fagin stood at the end of the table between Jolan's legs, staring down at him.

"Surround us ancient souls, surround us with thy power. The time of the Sun Child dawns, the time of my greatness begins!" the man said raising his arms upwards, the Knife of Blood in his right hand.

Jolan stared up in terror, certain of his coming death.

The man moved the knife downward, its blade sinking into Jolan's right calf.

Jolan screamed, those around him grinning.

Fagin pulled out the knife, the blade covered in blood.

"Thy blood drips for greatness." the man said, licking the blade, his lips covered now in blood.

"The taste of Dragos, deeply tasteful and delicious. I shall feast for hours." he said, laughing.

"But first we have us a child to make. Bring forth the vessel."

Clara grinned widely, moving away.

Jolan stared up at the man, the man grinning down at him.

"Yes, Dragos slut, I've found the answer. The answer to my changing destiny. I shall have the Sun Child, that child shall follow me."
"I will never follow you, never!!" Jolan said, his face filled with anger.

The man laughed again, staring at Jolan, Jolan seeing so much evil in the man's black eyes, and also he saw a soft red glow deep within their centers.

"You've got it wrong, child. You're not the Sun Child, you're nothing more than a vessel containing him."
Clara walked up to the table again, her arms around the young woman Jolan had seen earlier.

Jolan stared in surprise at how she appeared now.

The woman was now completely naked.

Jolan stared at her, their eyes meeting.

In those blue eyes Jolan saw nothing but terror, and crushing pain.

He knew now the life this woman had led.

Samuel leered at the naked woman, Jolan seeing his lustful gaze above him.

"The elixir, Samuel?" Fagin said, Samuel rushing over to a smaller table.

He returned with a large black bottle, Fagin taking it from him, his face flushing for a moment with anger, then returning to its calmness.

Samuel backed up, Jolan seeing fear in his eyes.

Clara pushed the young woman forward, Fagin pulling her against him.

He pulled off the cork at the end of the bottle with his teeth, spitting it out, bringing the bottle to the young woman's lips.

"Drink, child. Feel its enticing power." he said, his eyes gazing towards Jolan.

"I'll give you some Jolan, but I'm sure you'll try to spit it in my face. I feel your anger, I feast on it."
Jolan glared at the man, the man forcing the young woman to drink it, Jolan seeing her almost choking.

She'd downed half the bottle, now choking, Fagin pulling it away from her, his lips meeting hers, his hand pinching her exposed left breast.

The young woman fought against him, the man breaking the rough kiss.

"No worries, my pet. Climb up on the table and meet your gift." he said, pushing the young woman against the table.

The woman sobbed, Fagin slapping her across the back with the bottle.

She stumbled, her nude body climbing up onto the table between Jolan's legs.

Fagin smiled, walking around to the side of the table, standing at Jolan's side.

Fagin hand went to Jolan's chin, holding his head firm, pouring the elixir into Jolan's mouth, Jolan trying to fight but the man's strong fingers holding his mouth open.

Jolan choked, tasting its vileness, spitting it into Fagin's face.

Fagin laughed, releasing his hold, moving down, pulling off Jolan's only piece of clothing, the pair of dirty sweat shorts he now wore.

Jolan was now naked before everyone.

Jolan remained calm, his resolve hardening.

He looked upwards, staring into the woman's blue eyes.

The woman stared back into two grey eyes of beauty, and in those eyes she saw the depth of love shining back.

She felt a voice enter her mind.

"Life is love, child of friendship, life is love. Hold onto mine and this night shall pass. He will love you and you will love him."
The woman sobbed, then her mind felt a rushing heat flood her.

The heat of the elixir of madness.

Jolan closed his eyes, feeling the same heat, his mind fighting it.

Then he felt the woman move, sitting now on his hips, her hands moving.

Jolan's eyes opened, seeing her eyes now flashed with redness.




Everyone in the courtroom was staring at Jolan, the young man having turned around, staring at Theresa Brannigan, who'd again stood up.

She walked slowly down the aisle, walking up to Jolan, stopping in front of him.

The judge, jury and everyone in the courtroom stared at her.

"I'm sorry, Jolan. I'm sorry for what they made me do, for what I took from you!" she sobbed, Jolan's head moving, staring up at Judge Wentworth.

"I did not--nor ever would--hurt this loving woman." he said, his eyes turning back to her, her eyes filled with truth.

Jolan pulled the crying woman into his arms, the two standing alone at the front of the courtroom.

Jolan's voice revealed the final truth, its strength edged with love.

"I never raped Theresa Brannigan. Theresa Brannigan raped me."




End of Chapter 78



How's that for a change of reality?!

Did anyone figure that out?

I'm anxious to know!

I hope the scenes were not too graphic, but the drama and horrific events had to be played out.

And so now you know most of Jolan's day of pain.

Jolan seems very calm and cool throughout his retelling of his pain.

Will it crest soon?

What now can Justin do to make that pain leave Jolan's soul?


And what of the monster Richard Thornton?

Will he get his justice or will something else happen?

There's only one way to find out!


Read on, if you dare!



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