Jolan's Path - Chapter 79


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 79


Everyone in the courtroom sat in silence, watching Jolan with the young woman in his arms.

Jolan parted from her, looking towards Judge Wentworth.

"Through evil, and drug-induced force this young woman coupled with me, against my will. I could not stop what they had sought all along. My life-giving essence was forced out of me, this young woman the bearer of that gift. The end result of that was her son Jeffrey's birth."

The woman was in tears, looking towards the man seated in the witness box.

"This vile creature stood there and laughed, and watched the destruction of this young man's life. I'm sorry, Jolan. I'm sorry I did what I was forced to do."
Jolan's hand went to her shoulder, his eyes turning to Richard Thornton.

The two men stared at each other, Jolan's grey eyes turning back to Theresa.

"You were a child of pain and torture, Sandra. No one can fault you for what you were forced to do. Including your part in this trial, and these trumped up charges. It was another attack upon me by those monsters--Clara, Samuel and this devious man. You were forced to lie against me by them, weren't you?"

Jolan's eyes went to Richard Thornton again, the man's face clouding with anger.

Jessica Biel sat in the back pew, staring in shock at the young man standing beside Theresa.

She couldn't believe what Jolan was now doing.

That he was letting her and Theresa off the hook for the scheme she'd initiated.

Theresa, standing in front of him, couldn't believe what he was doing for her as well.

"Jolan. . .I. . ."
Jolan's head turned, Theresa staring into the grey eyes staring back at her.

In his grey glowing eyes Theresa saw so much love, so much forgiving love.

And in that forgiving love was a chance for her to find freedom, perhaps happiness.

"You're free now, Sandra. Free from their clutches and their forcing evil. You now have your own life back."
Theresa sobbed, her eyes going to the judge.

"I lied, your Honor. Jolan Dragos never attacked or raped me. Everything he just revealed is true. I, in essence, raped him, drugged by that drink that monster gave me. That man seated there and that monstrous witch Clara Whitaker, along with her depraved son, stood and watched all of it. And Samuel became my guard for the last four years. For four years that man tormented me. I was a prisoner charged with one responsibility. To deliver and mother a young child of this man's body. Evil took both of us that night, Jolan. But I was given a beautiful gift. The beauty and love of my little angel. Jeffrey is so loving, so beautiful and innocent. He's the spitting image of you, the image of the you I saw in your eyes that night before you were hurt. The image of the love I see standing here."
Jolan smiled, his hand going to her shoulder.

"We are both in that child, Sandra. He must be an angel of unbelievable courage, strength and love."
Theresa teared up, walking up to the judge's bench, looking up at him.

"Jolan Dragos is innocent of the charges, your Honor. And this monster seated here is evil incarnate. His master's evil fills him."
Theresa walked over to the witness box, staring at the man.

"I was in Jolan's home that night, I saw acts of terror and hurt leveled upon Jolan and his parents. I stood back in helpless fear and watched it all. Clara attacked Jolan's father, who'd been subdued when he entered the house by Samuel and Thornton. There was no drug needed to fill her desires, she was ravenous. But she did use it on him for that man to respond to that wretched woman. Samuel captured Jolan's mother, beating and hurting her. He didn't rape her, but that was on his agenda that night.  I saw him and Richard Thornton taking turns raping Jolan upstairs in his bedroom. And then this monster slew that dear sweet dog on the kitchen table, drinking of his blood through his slashed throat, that scene an abomination. And then he made Jolan play that music with that poor loving animal laying before him. The heartache in Jolan's soul that was heard when he opened his eyes. . .it was so horrific."
Jolan's eyes were filled with tears, as were a lot of the jury and audience.

Theresa eyes turned, Jolan softly nodding his head; Justin, Jennie and Lynn the only ones who'd seen him do it.

Theresa turned back, staring at Richard Thornton.

In her heart she felt the chance at life Jolan was giving her.

"Samuel Conrad forced me to bring these charges against Jolan Dragos. Jolan is innocent. I'm sorry for doing that, your Honor. But there was so much at stake. . .my son's life, and my own. His the more important of the two."
The judge looked down at the woman, seeing the truthful hurt in her wet blue eyes.

His eyes stared over at Henderson Sutcliffe, whose face was white with shock.

"Seems you don't have much of a case now, Mr. Sutcliffe."
The lawyer's head bowed, Judge Wentworth's eyes going back to Jolan.

"How, in all that's giving of God's mercy, did you get away from them that night, Jolan?"

Jolan's eyes raised, looking up into the judge's staring compassionate eyes.

"By digging myself out of my own grave."

The judge looked stunned, Jolan turning around, his eyes meeting Justin's.

In Jolan's eyes Justin saw the coming end of that night of pain.

And Justin knew in his heart that that pain was bottled up inside of Jolan, the emotion behind it buried deep.

Jolan's eyes turned back, staring at the jury, then Judge Wentworth, and then finally at Henderson Sutcliffe.

Jolan's voice again brought all of them back through time, back to the darkness at the end of Jolan's pain.




Jolan lay motionless and exhausted, his hands unbound from the table by Richard, Samuel pulling down the rope hanging from above the table.

Clara Whitaker had pulled the young woman off the table, taking her into the cabin, shutting the door.

"Our mother of desire will make sure the essence has taken root." Fagin smiled, staring at Jolan.

"Cover him again, his pieces are now shriveled and ugly." Fagin said, Richard picking up Jolan's discarded shorts.

He pulled them up Jolan's legs, covering him.

Samuel had tied Jolan's arms together with the rope, beginning to hoist him up, Jolan screaming in pain as he now dangled above the table.

Fagin flipped the table over, Jolan now six feet off the ground.

"Lower him, I want to face him." Fagin said, Samuel and Richard slowly lowering Jolan's body till he was about a foot off the ground.

"Well, my Dragosan friend, it's finished. I have what I need. And your life now ends."
Thornton looked at Fagin.

"But you promised him to Jeffy? Jeffy was so looking forward to him!"

"Joshua's needs no longer concern me. I have what I now need and there is too much at stake here. This sniveling runt cannot live."

Fagin stared into Jolan's terror-filled eyes.

"Does that frighten you, little one? Are you scared of dying?"
Jolan stared at him, trembling.

"My sister. . .please don't hurt her!"

Fagin laughed, slapping Jolan's face.

"You care for others more than yourself? Are you the monster or am I?"

"You are the monster, of that I have no doubt!" Jolan sobbed, Fagin slapping him again.

"Where are your parents, Jolan? Where did they go? They cannot live. . .I will not allow it!"
"You'll never find them, monster! My love I give for them!"

Fagin spit in Jolan's face.

"Love? What a foreign concept! Power. . .that is the heart of truth!"

"Let's torture him. . .for a while more. . .your lordship." Richard said with a smile, Fagin staring at him, then at Samuel.

"Alright. I'll allow you your fun. . .but bring me the girl. I think she should watch her brother's torturous end."

Jolan sobbed, his head raising.

"Niche sampan delouse, chide din foroso!" he screamed, Fagin's eyes widening.

"What gibberish is this? I don't understand what you've said. Talking in tongues now, Dragosan?" the man said, looking around.

Richard and Samuel sensed a look of confusion in their master's steely black eyes.

Clara Whitaker walked out of the cabin, her arm around Jennie's slim body.

Jolan closed his eyes for a moment, sensing out what he'd sensed a short time ago.

A presence of life.

"Bring that child over here, Clara." Fagin said, Clara and the child walking across the yard, Jennie's eyes on Jolan.

Samuel and Richard lowered the rope, Jolan staggering to his knees.

"Jolly!" she sobbed, Fagin smiling.

"Come here child. Come and say goodbye to your brother."

The others laughed, Clara pulling the child towards him.

Jennie elbowed the woman in the ribs, breaking her hold, the young girl running to her brother, putting her arms around him.

"Oh, Jolly! I love you so much!"

Jolan was in tears, Thornton moving towards them.

The yard suddenly erupted into chaos, a small herd of deer rushing out of the forest, crossing the yard, heading right for everyone.

Samuel and his mother dove behind the large oak tree, Richard stumbling as a large doe collided with him.

Fagin Greymount dove behind the upset table, just before a large buck flew by him.

Jennie and Jolan knelt in the middle of it, all the deer passing them by.

Jolan looked into his sister's now grey eyes.

"Run, Jennie! Run for your life!" he said, Jennie looking at him, her eyes going to the upturned table, seeing the knife embedded in its top.

"Not without you, Jolly!" she said, moving with lightning speed.

She reached the table, pulling out the knife, rushing back to her brother in a flash.

She slashed the ropes binding his wrists, Jolan staggering to his feet.

The two took off towards the forest, Fagin seeing them move.

"Stop them! They're fleeing!" he said, on his feet, rushing after them.


Jennie and Jolan ran through the thick forest, Jolan listening all around them.

He heard them following them, knowing they'd never give up.

He stopped, kneeling in front of Jennie.

"Jennie, you take off in that direction, don't stop until you find someone to help you. I'll lead them off in another direction."

The young girl stared at him, Jolan's grey eyes glowing.

"Alright, Jolan. Please be careful. I need you back with me.."
Jolan nodded, smiling and kissing her cheek.

He felt in the small child a quietness, knowing the child was not whole, part of his sister's soul lost to its physical form.

"Remember my love, and your own." he said, the young girl silently fleeing through the trees.

Jolan stood up, deciding on the best defense.

He stood in silence, waiting for their coming .

In a few minutes he saw in the moonlit forest Fagin and Thornton, they seeing him as well.

"There he is! Get him!"
Jolan remained still, conceding his own reality.

For her, he'd face death.

The two men were on him, Fagin hitting him across the face, Jolan falling to the ground.

"Where is she?"
"She's gone, you've lost her!" Jolan sobbed, Fagin looking around.

"You lie. I sense her just over there. Off in that direction, Thornton. She's watching us."
Jolan raised his head, staring in the direction Jennie had fled.

"God no, Jennie. . .I told you to run." he said in his mind, knowing now she was lost.

Clara and Samuel came crashing through the trees, both panting.

"Our darlings tried to flee. Very strange that those deer suddenly appeared. What's up with that?" Samuel said, staring down at Jolan.

Fagin's eyes met Jolan's.

"I sense our little friend here can talk to animals. Very interesting. But of no recourse. You're still going to die. But I think now I'll let it be of your own destiny. Bring him Samuel. Richard is closing in on the little one."

Jolan turned his head upon hearing a scream, seeing towards the far ridge that Thornton had Jennie in his arms.

Jolan lowered his head, sensing the truth of their final reality.


Jolan groaned, his arms so tired from the task at hand.

He stood in a deep hole, a hole that he'd dug himself, Fagin's brutes beating him into doing it.

He sensed in his heart what he was digging.

"That's enough, Jolan. Come out."

Jolan stopped shoveling, Samuel standing above him, a gun in his hand.

"Toss up the shovel first." he said, Jolan throwing the shovel upwards, Samuel catching it.

"Good. Now come up."
Jolan stretched up his hand, Samuel pulling the young man out of the hole.

Jolan collapsed on the ground, panting and gasping.

His eyes looked towards the cabin, seeing his sister wrapped in Fagin's arms.

"Well, is the deed done?" Fagin said, when Clara walked out of the cabin.

"Yes, Fagin. The woman shows all the signs of being with child."
Fagin grinned, looking towards Jolan, his hand stroking Jennie's black curly hair.

Fagin stood up throwing the child into Thornton's arms, the man holding her tight.

"She's yours now. Do with her what you like. But I expect her to die from it."

Thornton grinned, his own plans laying silent in his mind.

"Thank you, Master."
Jolan stared at his sister, her grey eyes meeting his.

"I'm sorry, Jolly! I love you!"
Fagin laughed between the two of them, walking towards Jolan, standing over Jolan who lay in the fresh dirt.

"She'll enjoy it, Jolan. She's a tramp like every other Sumsarian slut." he said, the man bending down, picking Jolan up with ease.

"In a way it's sad that I have to destroy you. I'm sure with time you would have been a courageous adversary. Too bad you're nothing more than a sniveling brat." the man said, hurling Jolan down into the hole he'd just dug.

Jolan landed on his back, gasping in pain, hearing Jennie's scream from above.

He stared upward, seeing Fagin's smiling face.

"You shall not die by my hand, Dragos. I'll let your own life end itself. Welcome to the final darkness, Jolan Dragos."
Fagin's eyes moved, staring at Samuel.

"Fill it in."

Samuel grinned, picking up the shovel, beginning to throw dirt into the hole, Jolan struggling to rise.

He almost got to his feet, a shovel hitting him in the face, the young man falling back.

He looked up, Richard Thornton staring down at him, a shovel in his hand.

"Thank you, Jolan. My future famous self thanks you. Goodbye. I'll take good care of your Jennie." He said laughing, Jolan hearing Jennie sobbing in the background.

Jolan sobbed, his life now at its end.

And in his soul he felt that he was responsible for his sister's fate, and that of his parents.

Jolan's mind flooded with a reality, a magical reality.

At that moment his pain exploded, a magic of necessity erupting.

Jolan felt the strength leave him as the dirt filled in around him.

He turned his body, trying to leave a bit of room around him, knowing in his heart that death was at hand, the darkness suddenly surrounding him.


Richard Thornton remained at the cabin, Jennie tied up in the bedroom.

Fagin Greymount had departed, as well as Samuel, Theresa and Clara.

Richard had dozed off in a chair in front of a roaring fire, his thoughts on his gift for Jeffy.

He knew in his heart he'd have to give the girl to him to make up for the loss of the boy.

Richard had eventually fallen asleep, smiling at the gifts the boy had given him.

His book and his body.

Unbeknownst to him, Jolan Dragos wasn't giving up on life.

Jolan had felt the weight of the soil above him in the darkness, feeling its crushing force.

Below his face was a small pocket of space, the only space of air surrounding him.

In the darkness he could not judge the time, unsure of the hour, or how long he lay entombed.

All he knew was that time was running out for him.

In reality he'd been buried in the hole for over two hours.

Jolan's body was now at its ebb, the darkness sinking into his soul.

At the edge of suffocation, Jolan's mind was drawn to something echoing out from the darkness.

In the distant darkness he thought he heard sounds above him--gurgling, growling sounds.

Suddenly he felt something on his back, and it was moving upwards, towards his head.

He felt it digging against his neck, burrowing under his chin.

And then he felt its fur.

Then the creature moved back, silence returning again.

And then Jolan felt the air, the cool air surrounding him.

In his focusing mind he realized what was happening.

Some animal had burrowed down to him guiding a tunnel of air down to him.

Jolan lay in silence, breathing in the fresh air, his lungs filling with it.

Jolan lay still, his body igniting with the sudden strength ebbing through him.

The strength of the Badenwolf that he didn't know lay within himself.

Necessity had ignited his inner beast.

The beast moved upwards, the dirt nothing against its strength.

It flew out of the dirt, gasping its lungs full of the late night air.

The beast lay gasping on its back, its features gradually changing.

Jolan Dragos gasped, his body rising out of the dirt, staring down at a small gopher standing on its haunches, looking up at him.

Jolan gasped, the animal bowing, running back into the forest from which it had come.

Jolan stood up onto his feet, looking around.

He saw the tree with the rope hanging from it, his body turning around, seeing before him the hole upon which he'd climbed out of.

His mind filled with a terror, a terror for the monster he felt around him.

His mind was lost, the real Jolan Dragos gone into shadows.

The shadows of the Shadowing that Jolan had ignited in his grave.

A lost young man turned, fleeing into the forest.




Jolan stood in the center of the courtroom, the judge looking down at him with stunned shock, everyone else staring at him with stunned awe.

"I fled into the woods, fleeing my past and the monsters that filled it. I didn't stop until I fell onto that road by Oberson Falls. A vehicle took me back into the darkness again, my body lapsing into a coma. I awoke from that coma without a past. Here now I stand before you as myself, my memories returned. I am myself again. No monster could ever take that from me."

Jolan's eyes turned, staring at Richard Thornton.

"You're mother named you well, Richard Anderson Thornton. You're a RAT if ever I saw one. Your evil has been revealed. Let justice mete out your destiny."
People murmured in the courtroom, Jolan sitting down in his seat again, Theresa sitting down beside him.

Judge Wentworth banged his gavel, looking around the courtroom.

"Mr. Thornton, you've been revealed as a man of menacing character. You have a lot to answer for--plagiarism, rape and attempted murder.  Officer Carson, would you take this man into custody?"
Bill nodded, waving at Steve standing at the back of the courtroom.

The two officers stood in front of Thornton, the man's eyes going to Jolan.

"Very clever, Dragos. Fagin did underestimate you. This is far from over. We'll meet again." he said, Bill pulling him out of the witness box, handcuffs encircling his hands.

"It's far from over! Watch your back, Dragos! I'll have you again, and that sluttish sister of yours!" he said, struggling against the two men, Bill and Steve pulling the man towards a side door.

Jolan remained in his seat, staring forward.

The judge banged his gavel again as the policemen took the man out, Judge Wentworth staring at Jolan.

"Based on the evidence given here today by Jolan Dragos and--more importantly--Theresa Brannigan, this court sees no recourse but to dismiss the case against Jolan Dragos. Theresa Brannigan--or Sandra Arlington as we've found you to be--this court can, in its mercy, understand what you were forced to do. I shall not instigate any charges being filed against you. You are both free to go. Case dismissed."

The judge banged his gavel, the audience bursting into applause.

Theresa stared at Jolan, his grey eyes meeting hers.

"Go forward to love, Sandra. She'll heal your soul."

Theresa sobbed, rising out of her seat, walking quietly away as Jolan's family and friends rushed forth.

Justin watched her leave, watching Jessica walk quietly out of the courtroom beside her.

Jolan was surrounded by everyone, Jennie in his arms, the two siblings hugging each other tightly.

They broke their hold, Jolan staring into her blue eyes.

"I love you, Jolan. I love you so much!"
Jolan teared up, Jennie kissing his cheek.

Jolan stood up, everyone hugging him and patting his back, his eyes going constantly to Justin, who stood back a little bit.

Jolan looked at him, Justin smiling softly.

"Let's get out of here, Jus." Jolan said, his voice quiet and suddenly sounding tired.
Justin nodded, his arm going around him.

They quietly walked out of the room, everyone following in silent concern.


Jolan sat in silence, his family and friends surrounding him.

They all waited in a private conference room, as Cory took care of their transportation.

The press had learned the verdict, the courthouse now surrounded.

Justin sensed it would be a fight to get Jolan and Jennie out of the way of their needful barrage of questions.

Jolan looked at Justin, Justin smiling at him.

"We'll leave shortly, my love." he said, Lance handing Jolan a glass of water.

"That was so unbelievable Jolan! I'm so happy you won the day!" Joey said, smiling at his friend, his arm going around Lance.

Jolan softly smiled, sipping the water, Lance whispering in Joey's ear, Joey looking again at Jolan.

"I'm sorry for being so over exuberant, Jolan. I've forgotten what today meant to you. Your remembering that day and meeting that monster again, and then facing him with the truth. I hope he rots in jail for what he did to you." Joey said, Jolan softly smiling at him.
"I wouldn't want you any other way than how you are, Joe. I'm happy you're happy."
Joey smiled at him, Jolan handing the glass of water back to Lance.
Joey and Lance's eyes met as did a few other people's.
They all now sensed the quietness in Jolan's manner.
"Everything okay, Jolan?" Lance said, Jolan looking up at him.
Jolan sighed, his eyes looking around.
"It was just. . .it was just. . ." he stuttered, his eyes filling with tears.
Justin's arm went around his lover, Jolan feeling his love.
"I'd focused myself on facing him, on facing what he'd done to me. Now I feel the truth in what he really did to me, the horrific truth."
Jolan teared up, others tearing as well, seeing now the emotional fragility of the young man seated in front of them.
"You survived, my love. You survived to find your way to me."

Jolan felt Justin's love in those tender words.
"I remembered it all, Jus. All the pain and torture that man put me through. And what they did to me out at that lake. The thickness of the darkness in my grave." Jolan said, his head lowering.
Jennie moved from Lynn's embrace, sitting down beside her brother.
"The past is the past, my brother. Let the pain go. Today, you're surrounded by so many people who love you. That love will overcome that pain. My heart is healed now that I have you back in my life. My joy in that makes all that pain somehow endurable. We're now free to walk into the future, the future of our love."
Jolan's head raised, pulling the young girl into his arms.
"I'm sorry, Jennie! I'm so sorry I didn't save you that night! I let them take you from me! In that grave I released the Shadowing. When I pulled myself out I left you there alone with that monster. I didn't remember that you were still there! I'm so sorry!" he sobbed, she and Justin hugging him tightly.
"You did everything in your heart that you possibly could, Jolly. I felt your love through all of it."
Jolan seemed to calm a bit, his sister's soothing words calming him.
"We're free today, Jolly. Free to continue our lives with our new friends and family. Our future will hold so much happiness, my brother."
Jolan softly smiled, wiping his eyes.
"I love you, Jennie. I promise the future will be just that."
Jennie smiled, Jolan wiping away the tears off her face.
Jolan's eyes turned to Justin, their love shown to each other.
"I'm sorry, I just lost it for a moment." he said, Justin leaning forward and kissing him tenderly.

"In the excitement and the euphoria I've forgotten what you've experienced today, Jo. The walking down the path of your past. We all witnessed the hurt and pain associated with it. It's okay to let it all out now, Jo."
Jolan focused on Justin's love, looking into his blue eyes.

"I. . .I can't Jus. I can't let that final pain out. For if I do I know it will consume me. So let's just not talk about it, okay?"

Lance met Justin's eyes, seeing Justin's love centered on his Jolan.

"Jolan. . .I love you."
"I know, Jus. I know how deep your love is. I felt it every moment I faced him."
Justin smiled, Jolan laying his head on his shoulder.

"I just don't want to talk about it here. I'm so tired." Jolan said, Jennie nodding.

"We understand, my brother. Me most of all. I remembered along the path with you. The Shadowing is over. We have ourselves back."
Jolan moved, pulling his sister into his arms tightly, tears flooding his eyes.

"We walked our chosen paths, my brother. Look where we are now. Surrounded by love, by unbelievable love from all of these wonderful souls."
Everyone smiled at the two young siblings, Jolan's tearful eyes looking around, Jennie kissing his cheek.

"What lays in your heart and soul must come out, my Jolly. Later I'll cleanse your soul."
Jolan nodded, Jennie smiling at him.

"I love you, Jennie. I'm so happy you're here with me."
"You are two of the same heart, dearest brother. You and your Justin. I have yours and Justin's love. I'm right where I want to be."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek, the young girl smiling at Justin, his eyes filled with tears.

"Our future's going to be so good, Jolly. Starting tomorrow."
Jolan nodded, everyone smiling around them.

Their happiness was interrupted by Cory's walking into the room.

"We're just waiting on Sheriff Walker's return with some more officers, the vehicles are ready. I think it's best if everyone leaves quickly. The press are very adamant about talking to anyone, especially you, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, looking at Justin.

"It's time I made a statement."

"Do you think that's wise, love? It's been an emotional day for you, I don't want you mobbed."

Jolan smiled, hearing the protective love in Justin's voice.

"I want the world to know what today means for me and Jennica. I want them to hear my words. And then it's done."
Everyone was in tears, hearing the courage and conviction in Jolan's words.

The man who'd been on the brink of emotional breakdown a few moments before was gone.

Before them was a man determined to show the truth.

"I'll go inform the masses. We'll set up a dais so you can speak your mind." Ally said, she and Lonnie standing, smiling at Jolan, then walking out of the room.

Jolan sighed, laying his head on Justin's shoulder again, closing his eyes.


Twenty minutes later, Sheriff Walker and Judge Wentworth walked into the room.

The judge smiled at Jolan as he opened his eyes, Sheriff Walker walking up to Jolan as the young man stood up, shaking his hand.

"A joy to hear the verdict, my friend. Truth has been vindicated!"
Jolan nodded, seeing the tiredness in the sheriff's eyes.

"How goes the battle, Stu?"
Sheriff Walker sighed, putting his hand on Jolan's shoulder.

"They've all been identified, their souls hopefully now shall find peace. And your soul now can find its own peace."
Jolan smiled a tender smile at the sheriff, the man smiling back.

"Time and love may never heal all wounds."

The sheriff nodded at Jolan's words, Judge Wentworth walking up to them.

"Never, in my long career of law and justice, have I met such a giving soul as you, Jolan Dragos. What you did for this town and for that young woman who accused you. Your soul is so giving."
Jolan blushed, lowering his head.

"I sensed in that courtroom a collaboration between you and Miss Brannigan in regards to her being forced into charging you. But I won't hold it against either of you. I don't think it's necessary to hear the real truth. What settled my decision the most was your forgiveness."
Jolan's head raised, a soft smile crossing his face.

"We both carry pain and hurt within us. It's time for life to be lived."

The judge smiled, shaking Jolan's hand.

"I believe your life will be unlike anyone else's, young man. That tale was filled with wonder and unbelievable mysticism. There's a lot of mystery in you, son."
"I am myself, your Honor." Jolan said, Justin sensing Jolan's uncomfortable soul.

"Yes, you indeed are. I've issued a warrant for the arrest of this Fagin Greymount. He is indicted in these crimes as well."

Jolan nodded, looking into the judge's eyes.

"He's not a man to be found easily, your Honor. But that monster will receive justice eventually. I'll stake my life on that."
The judge nodded, shaking Jolan's hand again.

"I just wanted to say good luck, son. You've done an outstanding job of defending yourself. Your parents would be proud."
Jolan nodded, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"Thank you, Judge Wentworth."
The judge smiled, saying goodbye to everyone, walking out of the room.

Twenty minutes later, Ally walked back into the room, smiling at Justin.
"It's all set up for fifteen minutes from now. I've tried to lay down the law in regards to your issuing only a statement. The press is ready, and they're very vocal."
Jolan opened his eyes, looking at Ally.
"I'd suggest everyone else take off, you'll all have to fight through the crowds." Ally said, everyone nodding.
Joey stood up; Lance, Josh and Chace joining him.
"We'll leave, and we'll express to those reporters our happiness for you." Joey said, Lance smiling beside him.
Josh and Chace nodded their agreement.
Jolan smiled at his friends, Britney and Chris standing as well.
"Might as well make it an N*Sync reunion." Chris said, Britney kissing his cheek.
"Hell, let's make it a nineties pop reunion!" she said, the boybanders smiling at her.
Jolan smiled, standing up, everyone hugging him gently.
The others left as well, united in their support of their friend.
Jolan received hugs from them all, his grandfather and uncles kissing him, Daphne kissing both of her siblings.
Jennie smiled at her sister and Rachel, their hands linked as they left.
That left only Jolan, Justin, Jennie, Lynn, Ally and Lonnie.
"I'm your bodyguard, Jolan. I'll watch your back."
Ally smiled as Jolan pulled Lonnie into a deep hug.
"I feel safe surrounded by your love, Lon."
The large man smiled, patting Jolan's shoulder.
"Whenever you're ready, Jolan."
Ally looked at Jolan, Jolan looking back at her.
"Theresa wants to meet with you in private later, Jolan, if you're comfortable with that. I told her I would relay the message."
Jolan nodded, looking at Justin.
"Tell her that I'll meet her tomorrow morning. Let her know where I'm staying."
Ally nodded, giving him a tight hug.
"You're an amazing man, Jolan Dragos. Your love knows no end."
Jolan smiled, Justin's arm going around him, Jolan's going around Jennie.
"I'm ready. Let's get this over with."
The three walked out of the room, heading outside.

To say that the country was centered on this small community courthouse would be no lie.
Jolan had never seen so many video cameras, reporters--or threatening anarchy--as in the mob that greeted him when he walked out of the courthouse front doors.
His eyes went to Justin beside him, Justin's arm still around him, Jennie surrounded by Jolan's arms.
Justin wore a face of calm determination, Jolan seeing the image alive and showing.
Ally stood beside Jennie, Lonnie's large form right behind Jolan, Lynn behind Jennie.
Jolan stood on the top front step of the courthouse, a dais set up below him, Sheriff Walker standing there.
Several other officers, including Bill and Steve, stood on both sides of the dais, the courthouse steps free of reporters, a space of normalcy in the maddening crowd.
At the back of the swarming crowd a line of police vehicles and a black SUV stood at the ready.
Every camera and reporter was focused on the group standing above the sheriff, their voices rising, questions unable to be heard over the gathering loudness.
Justin looked at Jolan, Ally guiding the three forward.
Sheriff Walker smiled as the group joined him, the officers around the dais encircling them, Lonnie's watchful gaze on everyone.
The sheriff adjusted the microphone, speaking into it.
"If everyone would quiet down, we can proceed. "
The loudness began to slowly decrease, cameras flashing and video cameras zooming in on the group.
Finally, after several moments, the din lowered.
"Thank you. As you all know, I am Sheriff Stuart Walker. The past week has been a time of tribulation and horrific awakening in this small town that I call home. We are a small community of loving, giving individuals. This young man standing beside me is, and will always be, a member of that giving community. This week he showed us how giving he truly is. This week also showed us how horrifically and unbelievably the world can come crashing in around you. But we, as a community, are not beaten, are not broken. We grieve but we will go on. Our loving goodness has now returned, the evil that shackled us broken. For that, we owe our thanks to this giving young man. To this courageous soul who today walks away from here a free man. A man vindicated against the charges falsely laid against him. Today he walks away from here with our thanks and our respect. This week, Jolan Dragos showed the true character of a Cutter's Bluff citizen."
Jolan smiled at the sheriff, the man smiling back.
"We, as a community, will always welcome this young man back into our hearts. I'll let Jolan now speak of what this day means to him, and of what's happened here today. Treat this man with respect and admiration. This week he's certainly earned it."
The sheriff stepped back from the dais, Jolan walking up to him, the two shaking hands, the sheriff's eyes glazed with tearful respect, all the cameras taking in the touching scene.
Jolan stood at the dais, Jennie and Justin standing on both sides of him now.
Jolan's grey eyes scanned the crowd, every set of eyes glued to him.
"Today, I walk forward on the path of my life with a free heart and a returned mind. Being here in this town all week, the memories of my past returned to me, this town's life and love opening up my forgotten mind. I remembered all of it. And so I forced the hand of those responsible for so much evil that was hidden in this town. Souls of lost pain can now find peace, their families can now find closure. My heart goes out to all of them. For I, too, carry within me a lost pain, a pain steeped in torture and hurt."
Justin's hand went to Jolan's shoulder, Jennies hand going in Jolan's.
Jolan smiled, feeling their love surrounding him, a few tears running down his cheeks.
"Four years ago I was raped by a man whom I trusted."
The crowd stood in stunned silence, the only sound the clicking of cameras.
Justin, standing beside Jolan, felt that Jolan would hold nothing back.
Today he'd speak the truth.
"That man was a teacher from whom I gave respect and sought guidance. But it was all a lie. Richard Thornton may be a name known to all of you. His book currently is a number one best seller. But that book itself was a fraudulent lie. For that book he wrote was stolen from a seventeen-year-old student. A student who poured his heart and soul into every word. And after stealing that part of my soul he sought to take all of me. He attacked me in my own home, defiling me in ways I shall not speak of again, their pain and truth burned in my soul."
Lynn's hand went to Jolan's shoulder as well, the press seeing the young man surrounded by caring friends and his sister.
"Theresa Brannigan was a victim of the evil of those monsters as well. She was drawn into their plans, a helpless victim chosen for one purpose. You must understand what surrounds this clan of monsters. It is an evil of ancestry, of ancient hurt and power. Clara Whitaker, Richard Thornton and Samuel Conrad were slaves of the greed and power of one man. A man called Fagin Greymount. He, too, was there that night, the night that Theresa was used. Yes, I said she was used. She was used as a vessel to carry an unborn child, that child my son."
The reporters looked surprised, their eyes staring in confusion at Jolan.

"That clan of murderous evil led by Fagin Greymount follow a path of mystical destruction, believing in a prophecy that a chosen child shall give them total power. Their twisted logic claimed that I was to be the father of that said prophesized child. And so that night they sought to create that child, regardless of my willingness. That night I did not rape Theresa Brannigan. That lost woman was forced by drugs and pain to rape me."
The cameras flashed, the reporters staring at Jolan with stunned faces.

"Yes, I was raped again. For a singular reason of supposed evil. I fault not the woman who was forced to do it. I forgive Theresa Brannigan."
The reporters burst into loudness, Jolan staring quietly at all of them, they gradually quieting, seeing the young man would not answer their jumbled questions, only waiting for them to control their needs.

"Today the charges against me were proven false, my freedom now gained. Theresa and I have both gained our freedom. I only wish her and my unknown son true happiness. We've all more than earned it. Thank you."
Jolan walked away from the dais, Sheriff Walker and the other officers surrounded Jolan and the others, Justin at Jolan's side, Jolan and Lynn's arms around Jennie, Lonnie leading them all forward down the steps through the encircling press, Ally at his side.

The police officers pushed through them, the loudness surrounding them, the group gradually making it to the vehicles, the small group guided to the black SUV--Jolan, Jennie, Justin and Lynn climbing into the back, Lonnie and Ally getting into the front.

The policemen surrounded the vehicle while other policemen climbed into the police cars.

The lights flashed, the vehicles pressing forward, the press left with unanswered questions.


The black SUV pulled up in front of Cory's home, Jolan wanting to go there instead of Bill's, Justin giving into his request earlier, everyone agreeing to meet there.

Jolan had remained relatively quiet in the back of the SUV, Jennie's blue eyes quietly staring at him.

Justin and Lynn had traded looks, both feeling a conversation going on between the two siblings.

Everyone climbed out of the vehicle, Jolan the last one to step out.

Everyone headed towards the Hamilton's front porch, seeing everyone else waiting there, having come out of the house.

All their eyes were on their returning friends.

Jennie stopped, her eyes going to Jolan who'd remained at the front of the vehicle.

Justin stopped as well, looking towards his lover.

Jolan's body was turned towards his childhood home, Justin sensing his soul.

"Jo, are you alright? Let's go inside, you're tired."

Jolan's head turned, Justin seeing the tears flowing down his cheeks.

Jolan moved, walking towards his family home.

Jennie's hand went in Justin's, Justin turning and looking into her blue staring eyes.

"He has to go back to face it, Jus."
Justin looked confused, Jennie walking forward, Justin following her.

Everyone on the porch moved, joining Lynn, Lonnie and Ally, all glancing towards their friends.

"What's going on?" Domo said, Daphne's arm around her grandfather.

Lynn looked towards the three now across the road.

"I think Jolan's heart needs something more. I think he seeks forgiveness." she said, walking towards her sons and daughter.

Everyone quietly followed, couples joining, others silent with concern.


Jolan walked into his family home, his eyes scanning its familiar beauty.

He walked in silence across the foyer into the living room.

He stood at its entrance, staring across the room at the black piano sitting in the corner.

He stared at it for a moment, hearing the front door open behind him, knowing who followed.

He walked into the room, sitting down on the couch, staring at nothing, but seeing so much in his mind.

Jennie walked into the room, staring at her seated brother, Justin's hand still in hers.

Jennie looked into Justin's blue eyes, leaning towards him and whispering in his ear.

Justin nodded, crossing the room and sitting down beside Jolan, his arm going around him.

"My love is here, my angel. I'm here always for you, my love and my soul."
Jolan's eyes met his, seeing the deep love shining from within his lover's soul.

Everyone else had entered the home, slowly walking into the room, surrounding Jolan and Justin seated on the couch in its center.

Jennie stood before her brother, staring at him.

Jolan's eyes raised, Jennie staring into their simmering grayness, knowing the pain that was throbbing within her brother's soul.

"You are wrong, my brother."
Everyone's eyes were on the young woman, sensing a moment of love about to overcome them.

"You told Sheriff Walker that time and love may never heal all wounds. You are wrong, Jolan. Love heals everything. The love you never lost."

Jolan's head lowered, Jennie walking over to him, sitting down on the coffee table in front of him, taking his hands in hers.

"Look into my blue eyes of acceptance, my brother. See what I have accepted, see what lays now in my heart. My love, and the love of all who surround you, especially your Justin, will heal the pain I feel burning inside you. I've accepted that I can't change the past. That what happened to me was tragic, horrific and painful. But your love and everyone's love, has shown me that the future can and will be good. Because now I have love again. The love that started for me in this home."
Everyone was in tears, hearing the acceptance in the young woman's voice.

Jennie leaned forward, kissing her brother's forehead, Jolan's head still lowered, Justin staring at him in silence.

"We must accept the past to open the future. You have to accept what really happened, Jolan. And you have to walk away from what I know in my heart isn't true. What you've accepted isn't the truth, my brother. It never was your fault."
Jolan's head rose, Jennie staring into his wet tearful face.

"It never was your fault, Jolan. You can't seek forgiveness for something you never did."

Jolan rose up, his sister releasing his hands, Jolan walking to the corner piano.

Justin moved to get up, Jennie's hand going to his shoulder, shaking her head.

Jennie stood up, staring at her brother whose back was turned away from her, his body standing in front of the piano.

"Release the pain, Jolan. It's time to focus on our love." she said, Jolan's body moving forward.

Jolan grabbed the wooden piano bench that stood in front of the piano, lifting it with ease and smashing it down on top of the piano. Picture frames falling everywhere, some shattering on the floor.

He swung the bench continually, smashing it down on the piano, damaging its lid and several ivory keys.

The bench finally fractured, wooden pieces falling to the floor.

Jolan moved forward, ripping the lid off the piano, smashing it against the wall.

A loud scream left his throat, the young man turning.

Justin gasped, seeing the look of total anguish on his lover's face.

Jolan collapsed to his knees, sobbing, his grey eyes glowing.

"I led them here! I brought destruction upon my family. I let them into our home! I let them hurt all of you, Jennie! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for being such a coward! My gifts. . .my god damn gifts destroyed my family!!" he sobbed, Jennie moving quickly, taking her brother into her arms.

Justin rose to his feet, staring at the two on their knees on the floor.

Justin now sensed the depth of Jolan's pain.

Jolan blamed himself for everything.

For the hurt brought upon his family, and for the loss of his parents and dearest Jennica.

Justin's face was covered in tears, as were all of those surrounding the two Dragosan children.

"My dearest brother! Nothing could be more wrong. It never was your fault!"

"I used my gifts to protect Sidney! That was a beacon that brought them here! Thornton told me that. They followed my magic! I'm so sorry! I lost Mommy and Papa! I hurt them so much!" he sobbed, Jennie holding tightly onto him.

Lance and Josh were in tears, their lovers holding them, all feeling the hurt flowing from Jolan's soul.

"My brother of love. Your love echoes in every inch of this house. I feel it, and I feel theirs. They are not lost, Jolan. They are in our hearts and our souls. Wherever they are they are surrounded by love. I feel that totally in my heart."
Jolan sobbed, Jennie's eyes looking up at Justin.

"We were attacked, Jolan. Nothing--least of all your magic--would have prevented that. They were after us and they found us. What you have to focus on is your strength and your love. You love and strength that shone that night. You used your gifts to save our parents, and to save me from the pain I now know I endured for years. You sent them to a place of protected love, Jolan. Of that I have no doubt. And you sent me into yourself, wrapping me in your love. I was lost there away from the pain. How great is the love of a brother, a brother who would risk everything for those he loves? For that is what you did that night, Jolan. You gave everything for us."
Jolan's eyes focused on his sister, Jennie softly smiling at him.

"They're here, Jolan. I think they're on the edge of the brightness of your love. I remember that light here in this room that night. The bright light of your love that spirited them away. For that was what it was. If you search your heart perhaps you can sense that giving love again."
Jolan wiped his eyes, Jennie still holding him.

Jolan stared around the room closing his grey, softly glowing eyes.

Everyone felt an instant feeling of moving love flow around them, the breath of it moving forward.

It seemed to take shape above Jolan and Jennie, Justin seeing it start to brighten.

It seemed to glow white, and then separate into two circles.

The silence in the room was broken by two voices, first a man's, then a woman's.

"Courage, my son. I await you in the light of your love."

"I love my angels, we await you in the beauty of his eyes, bluest of the blue."

Jolan's eyes opened, looking up at the bright white light above him.

The two circles joined, Jolan staring at two shadowy faces.

"I love you Mommy and Papa." Jennie said, Jolan smiling at his sister.

"We wait in hope, we wait in love." their voices softly said, the image now dissipating, the room again silent.
Jennie teared up, Justin kneeling beside the two, Jolan staring into his blue eyes.

"They still love me, Justin."
Justin smiled, Jolan falling into his arms, Jennie releasing him.

"I'm so tired. Please hold me and never let me go."
Justin held his lover in the center of his home, everyone watching their love.

Jennie smiled, her eyes looking upwards.

He comes and his love shall heal Jolly's soul.

Jennie smiled, closing her own eyes, Lynn's arms wrapping around her.



End of Chapter 79



(Author's note: "Niche sampan delouse, chide din foroso!" is Romaragi animal dialect for "Ease my pain, children of the forest.")



And so the trial has ended, Jolan freed from all guilt.

And it seems that Jennica has freed his soul from his own guilt.

And Jolan himself has freed another soul.

The lost Sandra Arlington, also known as Theresa Brannigan.

What lays ahead for her now that she's free to live again?

And what of the revenging Jessica?


Is Richard Thornton out of the picture now?

His words seemed ominous.

Only time will play out all that shall happen.


Up next: Return to life and normalcy.

For now.



Hugs, Angel.