Jolan's Path - Chapter 80


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 80


Lynn opened the door, looking in on her children.

Jolan lay in the center of a large double bed, Justin on his left side, Jennie on his right.

The young man was sound asleep, Justin and Jennie looking towards the opening door.

"He finally conked out about half an hour ago." Justin said softly, his mother smiling at him.

"Rest is what he needed most. We all felt his tiredness. It's been a hard, emotional day for him. You two need to come downstairs for some nourishment. Thelma has supper ready. Everyone's waiting for you."

Justin nodded, Jennie gently moving her brother's arm which had been wrapped around her.

She quietly got up, walking around the bed, Lynn smiling at her.

"You go ahead, I'll be down in a few minutes. I just want to make sure he's totally comfortable." Justin said, looking at his lover.
Both women nodded, seeing Justin's loving stare at his lover.

"Sure, son. Take all the time you need." Lynn smiled, guiding the young woman out of the room.

Justin smiled after them, his eyes turning back to Jolan's sleeping face.

Justin stared at him sleeping, lost in the beauty of his rugged youthful looks.

He sighed, knowing that behind that beautiful face was a young man who'd gone through a lot of pain and hurt.

That pain and hurt had opened itself that afternoon over at Jolan's home.

Justin had been stunned by the look of utter defeat that had crossed Jolan's face after he'd destroyed that piano.

The total anguish and soul-ripping hurt that had shown in those beautiful grey eyes.

That Jolan had felt in his soul his own guilt at what had happened to his family.

And Justin had watched as Jennie drew him back to the truth.

The truth of Jolan's innocence of that guilt.

Justin moved, his body sinking against Jolan's.

Jolan murmured, Justin hearing his soft voice saying something.

"Come back, please." he'd said, his voice edged with sorrow.

Justin leaned forward kissing his forehead, Jolan quieting down.

Justin lay beside him for a few minutes, then slowly got up, Jolan remaining still and silent.

Justin quietly walked out of the room, his eyes watching him as he closed the door.


Justin walked into the kitchen, seeing two tables set up, the Hamilton household filled with people.

Jennie smiled at him, Justin sitting down in a chair offered up by Chris was sitting beside Jennie.

"Sit here, Curly. I'll sit beside Carl." Chris smiled, Justin thanking him with a hug, Justin sitting down between Jennie and Britney.

Britney smiled at Justin, kissing his cheek, Justin smiling back.

"He's finally sleeping deeply. I think it's best for him if he sleeps right through the night. He needs the rest." Justin said quietly, everyone nodding.

They all sensed Justin's protective love for Jolan, Lynn smiling at her son.

Thelma smiled at Justin, setting down a platter of roast beef in front of him.

"You need food, Justin. It's been a long day for you as well." Justin nodded, thanking the woman and taking the platter, placing some of the meat on his plate, handing the platter to Simus across the table seated between Calen and Cory.

Everyone smiled at him, quietly filling their plates.

Justin looked at Jennie beside him, Jennie softly smiling, quietly eating off her plate.

The room fell into silence, a lot of eyes looking towards Jennie, the young girl seemingly silent.

"Delicious as ever, my dear." Carl said, wanting to break the silence of the suddenly closed in room.

"You've been complimenting my food for years, Carl. Hence that spare tire you have." Thelma said patting his stomach, Joey chuckling, others smiling.

"That's because it really is delicious, Thelma." Jennie said, Thelma smiling at the young girl, sitting down beside her husband at the other table.

The room returned to relative quiet, Jennie looking around at everyone, their eyes meeting hers.

"I sense all of you are concerned for Jolan, that in itself draws happiness to my heart." Jennie said, Justin smiling softly at her.

"We all care about him, Jennie." Josh said, sitting at the other end of their table beside Chace.

"I know you all do, Josh."
"How did you know that Jolan's pain was so bottled up inside, Jennie? That so much guilt lay there in his heart?" Chace said, Jennie smiling at him.

"Because I felt it all. I felt it in my soul from the first moment he walked into our home. The returned memories also returned his deepest thoughts to him. I believe when I was released from Jolan's protective soul back into my body, I gained a connection with him. A joining of our senses and thoughts. I think that's why we're able to communicate silently with each other. Our souls are joined."

Calen nodded, his face showing deep thought.

"It sounds quite plausible, Jennica. I have heard of ancient magic doing that. I think Jolan possesses very ancient magic."
Jennie looked at her uncle, Calen quietly staring back.

"My brother possesses all magic, Uncle Calen. He has the magic of the Romaragi, and of the Dragosan and Sumsarian ancestries. And I sense there's even more than that within him. I feel its greatness, its almost overpowering greatness. How he controls it is in itself so magical."
Calen's eyes widened a bit, Jennie staring at him.

"You all heard his story, the way that gopher saved him from his grave. Bringing air to his suffocating body, so that the beast within him could free him from his tomb. And how the deer charged through his aggressors. My brother is a true Romaragi, so much more than a Badenwolf. He can speak the ancient dialect of the Talaborna, the true voice of the animal brethren."

Calen looked totally stunned by her words, Simus' hand going to his shoulder.

"That language was long thought to be only legend. Do you know what that means? No Badenwolf or Romaragi--our true name-- have ever been so blessed. He is indeed the Sulfenwolf."
Jennie stared at her uncles.

"He is and always will be our Jolan--my brother and your nephew. But most of all he is love." Jennie said, her eyes looking upwards.

"I don't know how he ever survived that night." Lynn said, Jennie's hand going to her shoulder, the older woman seated on her other side.

"He survived because he wanted to. I believe any other soul would have perished, the pain and hurt overcoming them. But not my brother Jolan. His greater strength that night was his love. Love drove him onward, love made him go on. I'm so glad he did. For now we all are blessed with it."
Lynn tearfully smiled, Jennie smiling at her.

"You haven't called him Jolly all afternoon, Jennie." Justin said, Jennie looking at him.

"Jolly was a childhood name of love that I gave him. For his mirthful love made him so jolly. One could not help but smile when he walked into a room. His heart was love, his smile the sunshine of our lives."

Justin kissed Jennie's cheek, the young girl smiling.

"Jolan always said the same of you. That you were the sunshine of his life."

"We are brother and sister, our love our own. I only wish. . ."
Justin's arm went around her, the young woman looking at him.

"I wish our lives hadn't happened the way they did. Here now I feel his love so deeply. I wish I'd had it for the last four years."
Lynn was in tears, as were Britney, Ally, Lisa and Thelma, all of the men silently watching her with concerned love.

Justin kissed the young woman's cheek again, Jennie looking up at him.

"I believe in my heart you did, Jennie. You told us that you were taken into his soul that night. That soul is the center of his love. To be surrounded by that truly is happiness."
Jennie nodded, looking around the room, her eyes returning to Justin's.

"The childhood we had is gone, Justin. My once innocent brother of the past is no more. We both lost that innocence. I don't think I can call him Jolly anymore. We've both grown so much, in ways perhaps we shouldn't ever have."
Lynn's arm went around the young woman, Jennie smiling softly at her.

"We lived as we had to. In my heart, being here now is all that matters to me. I have Jolan's love again. And I truly believe I'll have my parents back soon, too."
Justin smiled at her, Jennie smiling back.

"You know where they are, Jennie?" Simus said, Jennie looking at her uncle.

"Not really, Uncle. But you all saw their shadows over there, their souls on the edge of the wall separating them from us. I truly believe they were safe and happy. I saw it in their fading smiles. Jolan's protecting them."

Justin nodded, Jennie looking around, her eyes meeting Jonathan's, the young man smiling at her.

"When the time is right, Jolan will find them, of that I'm certain. Until then he'll have all of our love and support."

Everyone nodded, Jennie sighing.

"Tomorrow, I truly believe, will be the first day of Jolan's happiness."
Justin looked at Jennie, the young girl picking up her fork again and staring to eat again.

"And what happens tomorrow, dear child?" Simus said, Jennie smiling at him.

"Jolan's happiness and destiny's path meet. The answer comes."

They finished their meal in relative silence, Jennie's words sinking into their souls.

Justin sensed a new maturity in the young woman, everyone seeing her silent resolve to see her brother happy.


After supper, the group gradually exited the home, all sensing Justin's own tiredness, the singer and Jennie hugged by everyone.

After eight o'clock there were only Jennie, Lynn, the Hamiltons and Justin left.

Justin and Jennie sat on the couch together, the young woman snuggling against him, falling asleep in his arms.

Lynn smiled, sitting quietly talking with Carl and Thelma.

Justin carried Jennie upstairs after ten o'clock, Lynn following, the Hamiltons saying goodnight.

Justin left Jennie with Lynn, returning to his own bedroom, finding Jolan still sound asleep.

Justin yawned and stretched, looking down at his sleeping lover.

Justin removed his clothes, then gently removed Jolan's, the young man oblivious to Justin's gentle touches.

Justin sighed, sensing the deep exhaustion that now claimed his lover.

Justin shut off the light, crawling into bed, laying on his back in silence.

Within moments Jolan moved, his body sinking against Justin, Justin pulling him close.

Even in exhaustion Jolan needed him.

Justin smiled, falling asleep surrounding Jolan with his love.


Justin awoke, finding himself alone in bed.

He stretched, his smooth body stretching across the bed.

He pulled himself out of bed, standing in only his boxer briefs.

He pulled on his clothes from the night before, realizing they'd left the rest of their clothes at Bill's.

Justin exited the bedroom, stopping in the hallway, hearing only silence.

He checked his watch, seeing it was only six-thirty.

He walked to the bathroom at the end of the hall, relieving himself.

He quietly walked downstairs, hearing sounds coming from the kitchen.

He stood at the kitchen's entrance, staring at Jolan working at the stove.

His lover wore a white dress shirt, and his black dress pants, the same clothes he'd worn at the trial, the jacket and tie laying abandoned upstairs in their bedroom.

He'd have to call Bill and have other clothes brought over.

Justin's eyes scanned the kitchen, seeing his lover had been hard at work.

The counter was covered in dishes and pans, three pans on the stove top, Jolan stirring all of them.

Justin stood in silence, hearing his lover softly singing in another language, his voice so beautiful.

Justin remembered the morning at Henry's when Henry had heard Jolan singing in a strange language.

Justin had no idea of the words' meanings, but the tempo and beauty was felt throughout Jolan's voice.



Dimineata soarelui aduce caldura de bucuriei,
ingerului rasuflarii caldurilor mele inimi mele.
astazi incepe viata mea,
inimile noastre pentru niciodata nu va desparti.

Pastrati inima sa surazatoare,
pastrati sufletul sau usor
si comorile vieti
nu vor masura niciodata
la zambetul sau astfel stralucitor



Justin smiled, lightly clapping, Jolan's head turning, Justin gazing at his softly glowing grey eyes.

"Good morning, Jo. That song was so beautiful." Justin said, Jolan softly blushing, Justin walking across the room and taking Jolan into his arms.

"Good morning, Jus. I thought you'd still be asleep for a while."
Justin smiled, their lips meeting, a kiss of tenderness shared.

"How can I sleep without you in my arms?"

Jolan smiled, Justin's arms tightening around him.

"Thank you for letting me sleep right through, the long rest did me good." Jolan said, Justin kissing his chin.

"You were exhausted, and the day had drained you. How are you this morning, my love?"

Jolan smiled, hearing the concern and love in Justin's beautiful voice.

"I'm doing okay, Jus. The pain's still there, but it's controllable. Your love stabilizes my heart."
Justin smiled, looking at the counter.

"How long have you been up?"
"Since about five. You know I can't go back to sleep after I awaken."

Justin nodded, smiling at his lover.

"That was a beautiful song, Jolan. What did the words mean? Would you sing it to me in English?"

Jolan blushed, but knew in his heart he'd always do what Justin asked of him, his love guaranteeing that.

Jolan smiled, his arms tightening around his lover, his melodic voice filling the room again.



Morning's sun brings joy's warmth,

as my angel's breath heats my heart.

Today begins my life,

our hearts for ever shall not part.


Keep his heart laughing,

Keep his soul light.

And life's treasures,

Will never measure,

to his smile so bright.



Justin smiled, the words so beautiful.

"That's so beautiful, Jo. Wherever did you hear it?"
"It's a song I wrote, my angel. A song I wrote a long time ago."
Justin kissed Jolan softly, the two staying close and romantic.

"Mmm, the heat of my heart." Justin said, Jolan smiling.

"Your voice is so beautiful. I have such a talented man to love."

Jolan's smile radiated off his face, Justin's words sinking into his soul.

"My man's voice is even more beautiful. I'm the lucky one."

Justin smiled, kissing him again.

"I need to get back to my cooking, there's juice on the table, love." Jolan said, Justin smiling and releasing him.

Justin sat down at the table, pouring each of them a glass of juice, Jolan continuing with his cooking, Justin quietly watching him as he finished.

Jolan pulled off the frying pans, putting their contents into baking pans, then putting those pans into the oven, turning the stove dials.

"I'll let it all warm until the others come down."

"Sit down, my love, join me."
Jolan smiled, sitting beside Justin, Justin handing him his glass.

Jolan took a sip, Justin's hand going into his.

"A new day, my love."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Yes, my love. A new day of life."
"Do you want to talk about it, Jo?"
Jolan's grey eyes went to Justin's blue eyes of staring love, Jolan sighing.

"There's not much to talk about, Justin. The trial's over, they've been called to justice. Now, somehow, I must go on with my life."
Justin's hand squeezed his, Jolan feeling his love.

"I'm so glad you're here beside me, Jus. Your love keeps me going."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover back.

"It's always here for you, my angel."
Jolan smiled, beginning to talk, Justin remaining silent as his lover talked out the past week.

Jolan told him everything.

Of all he'd sensed, of all he'd slowly pieced together.

Of what he'd decided in regards to their evil, and how to bring them to justice.

Jolan had been surprised that it had all worked out so well.

That no one else had been hurt.

Justin smiled, hearing Jolan's giving, caring heart come out.

"A lot of people have a lot to thank you for. One of them is coming here today, Jo."
Jolan nodded, his head lowering, Justin taking his hand in his.

"Sandra Arlington, once known as Theresa Brannigan. Yes, another lost soul who's now been found. Perhaps she can at this time have what she's missed her whole life."
"What's that, my Jo?"
Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Love, Justin. The love we both feel. I know you're not a foolish man, Justin. I know you saw Jessica with Theresa."
Justin nodded, Jolan quietly looking at him.

"In each other they've found what they've been seeking all their lives. Here now I hope it's enough for Jessica. And Theresa needs that happiness. I'll abide by her wishes."
Justin quietly looked at Jolan, sensing something else in his lover's eyes.

A look of acceptance and a calmness surrounded by love.

Justin's thoughts were broken by Jennie and Lynn walking into the kitchen.

"Looks like Jolan's beat us to it, Mom." Jennie said, Lynn smiling at the name Jennie now called her.

"Yes, our Jolan's always one step ahead of us." Lynn said, Jolan smiling, standing up and hugging both women, Jolan kissing Lynn's cheek.

Justin smiled, Jennie sitting in his lap, Justin kissing her cheek.

"Morning, Jus."
"Morning, Jennie." he said, Jennie smiling up at her brother.

"How are you this morning, Jolan?" Lynn said, her arm still around him.

"I'm good, Mom. I'm good." he said, walking over to the stove, Lynn looking at her son, Justin smiling.

That look relaxed Lynn, the woman smiling at Jolan.

"Something smells wonderful. Are you a master chef?"
Jolan laughed, smiling at Lynn.

"I'm a man who loves to cook. To cook for my family and friends. Where is everyone?"
"They all left last night, but Thelma invited them all here for breakfast at eight. Looks like you got the jump on her."
"Yes he did, the little sneak." Thelma said, walking into the room, Carl at her side.

Jolan blushed, Thelma smiling, looking at Lynn and Justin.

"I think you'd give my Thelma a run in this kitchen, son. Something smells damn near fantastic!"

Thelma stared at her husband, Carl blushing.

Her face changed to a smile, looking towards Jolan.

"Finally! I have a morning off!"
Everyone laughed, Jolan smiling and heading for the oven.


All the others arrived shortly thereafter, the house once again filling with people.

Jolan received gentle hugs from everyone, their eyes showing their love.

He remained relatively silent, greeting everyone quietly.

In Lance, Cory, Sid and Josh, Jolan sensed the deepest love.

His good friends all wore their love on their faces.

Carl and Jolan's uncles set up the two tables, Lynn helping Jolan set out the plates and utensils, then place all the food on the tables.

Everyone sat down, Jolan sitting at the end of one table, Justin on his right, Jennie on his left.

"If you'll all allow me, I'd like to say grace." Jolan softly said, every set of eyes looking at him, all of their heads nodding.

Everyone bowed their heads, Jolan taking Jennie's hand, and then Justin's.

"Dear God, bless us this day for what we find around us. Our table laden with sustenance, our hearts filled with love. Today our lives begin anew, filled with a dawning happiness.  For surrounding all of us, is love. The love I and my dearest sister Jennica have always longed for. Surrounding the two of us is a family. The family of our dreams. Surrounding us are not friends and acquaintances but rather sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers of our hearts. We were hurt and attacked, our hearts and souls lost. Here today we are found. Found in love and acceptance. Every heart surrounding us feels our love, as we feel theirs. Thank you God for giving us the gifts we hold in our hearts today. We'll carry them forward, forever. Your bountiful food will nourish us, your love will fill us. Amen."
Everyone said Amen, their eyes filled with tears.

"That was beautiful, Jo." Justin said, his tear-stained face looking into his grey eyes.

"Eat up, my love. You're looking thin."
Chris laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"You should opt out of the bacon, Chris. You're not looking anywhere near thin."
Joey burst out in laughter at seeing Chris' stunned look.

Everyone now began to laugh, Chris blushing, Jolan's humor dissipating the sadness in the room .

"Very good, Jolan. Kudos!" Chris said, Britney kissing his cheek.

"More to hug, sugar bear!" she said, Jolan smiling, passing the plate of bacon to Chris.

Chris smiled, taking it.


After breakfast, and many compliments, Lynn and Lonnie helped Jolan clean up the dishes, everyone else adjourning to the living room, relaxing after the large meal.

"So where's Ally, Lonnie?" Jolan asked, handing Lonnie the last pan out of the soapy water, Lonnie standing with a dishtowel in his hand.

"She was meeting this morning with Judge Wentworth, tying up the loose ends of the case and she's proceeding with your claims against Thornton's plagiarism."
Jolan nodded, pulling the plug out of the sink, the water draining.

"How goes the romance, Romeo?" Jolan said, smiling at the large man staring at him.

Lonnie smiled, leaning against the counter, Lynn smiling from the table, wiping everything clean.

"I've never met anyone like her. Last night we just sat and cuddled, talking for hours."
Jolan smiled, patting the man's shoulder.

"I'm happy for you, big guy. She's a wonderful lady."

Lonnie smiled, pulling Jolan suddenly into a big hug.

Jolan looked surprised, Lynn smiling at seeing the happiness on Lonnie's face.

"Thanks, Jolan. From my heart I say that. How can I thank you for what you've given me? You're so giving and wonderful!"
Jolan blushed, Lynn smiling at his usual uncomfortable look on adulation.

"The coffee pot's ready again, Lon. Can you take it into the living room?"
Lonnie nodded, breaking their hold, picking up the tray Jolan had set up with cups and the coffee pot.

The large man smiled at him, walking with it into the living room.

Lynn smiled at Jolan, the young man returning to the sink, wiping it clean.

"You're a giving soul, son. Lonnie's right."
Jolan nodded slowly, not looking into her eyes, Lynn patting his back.

"Let's go into the living room, Jolan. My son's probably worn a hole through that wall looking for you."
Jolan laughed, smiling and taking her arm, the two walking into the next room.


Everyone sat around, the talk moving to yesterday's events.

Jolan--surprisingly--talked about it, everyone listening to his truth on the day's events.

Jennie sat beside him, her eyes quietly watching him, Jolan smiling at her often.

Jolan went into all the details, explaining everything.

Everyone wore looks of amazement by the end of the story.

"That's so amazing! That you knew he had stolen your book. That you found your copy here. I'd forgotten all about that day you'd given me that box. You'd told me it was only filled with old baseball cards. That one day we'd go through them and see what value they had in years to come." Cory said, Jolan smiling at his old friend.

"The value within it was from my soul, Cory. I never cared about the fame and glory. All I wanted was for my book to be read by someone some day. I can't believe it's now a best-seller."
"It is, Jo. And the world will now know it was written by you. Ally will take those publishers to task. This will all come to light. This is your book, my love. I want the first new copy with your name upon it." Justin said, Jolan smiling at his encouragement.

"I wouldn't give it to anyone else."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"So where do you go from here, Jolan?" Joey said, sipping his coffee.

"Well, back to Los Angeles I guess. My Jus needs to get back to his life."
Justin leaned forward, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"My life begins with you."
Jolan smiled, Jennie smiling at Justin as well.

"Once all this settles down, I'd like to take up writing again, or perhaps music. I have some ideas floating around in my mind."

Justin smiled, as did a few others, everyone quietly watching the young man.

"Your music--if it is anything like you--will be moving, my angel."
Jolan smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes, then around at Justin's former bandmates and Britney.

"You guys are the talented ones. You especially, my love. I still haven't heard you sing live."
Justin smiled, looking at his friends, then into Jolan's grey eyes.

"For you, I'll sing my heart out. And I think it should begin right now."
Justin smiled, standing up and walking over to Thelma's piano sitting in the living room's corner.

He sat down, opening the white lid covering the keys, his blue eyes looking at Jolan, then around at everyone.

"If you'll all allow me, I'd like to sing a special song for my Jo."
Everyone smiled, Jolan staring at Justin, his blue-eyed love sinking into his soul.

Justin turned back to the keys, his fingers touching them.

His eyes turned again, staring into Jolan's.

"Hold onto the words, my love. My heart and love are here for you."

Jolan nodded, Justin's beautiful voice filling the silent room.



When the ground beneath you starts a shaking
And you forget the place we came from
Came from
When your lost and looking for a way home
Your way home to me
I'll come out and find you
When the world around you starts a moving
And you should wonder if I still love you
Love you
If you feel a darkness coming
Rising inside
I'll make a light to guide you back home

And after all the sky is falling down
And after all the waters washed away
My love's the only promise that remains

When your doubts have got you thinking
Nothings ever really sacred
and you're afraid you might believe it

Believe in me
And I'll give you a reason
Cause the world around us keeps on moving
and there's no doubt that
I still love you
Love you
So when you feel a darkness coming
Rising inside
I'll make a light to guide you back home

And after all the sky is falling down
And after all the waters washed away
My love's the only promise that remains

And after all the sky is falling down
After all the sky is falling down
And after all the waters washed away
After all the waters washed away
My love's the only promise that remains
Remains *


*Song Credit: My Love's The Only Promise That Remains - Justin Timberlake and Reba McIntyre, from Reba's CD titled Duets




Jolan stood up, walking over to the piano, Justin's blue eyes staring at his as he sat down beside him.

"Justin, that was so beautiful." he softly said, Justin smiling into his teary grey eyes.

"My love is the only promise that I can give you, Jolan. And it will remain with you always."
Jolan smiled, hearing in the song, and now in Justin's true words the depth of that love.

"Your voice is filled with love, my voice is nothing compared to that. But perhaps I can say more in music than in words."
Jolan stared at the piano keys, Justin's blue eyes watching him, his arm going around him.

"No my love. If it causes you pain, I won't allow it."
"That nightmare at the piano has been revealed, my Jus. I can now face it with your love."
Everyone was showing tears, Jolan's fingers going to the piano keys.

The room filled with a soft melody, its tempo rising in a crescendo of beautiful notes.

Josh sat up, his mind lost in the music filling his soul.

Chace sat beside him, seeing his lover closing his eyes, the music sinking into his soul as well.

Chace knew the depth of what music meant to Josh's soul.

Everyone sat in silence, the music flowing through all of their souls.

No one heard a gentle knocking on the front door, then that door opening.


Four people walked into the room, stopping in the doorway, their eyes on the two men seated at the piano.

Gradually the newcomers' presence was noticed, Josh's eyes widening in surprise.

One of the four walked across the room, stopping a few feet away from the piano.

Justin's eyes turned, his blue orbs widening in surprise, a smile greeting him.

Jolan's fingers remained lost in the music, the person quietly watching him, remaining silent.

Everyone sat in surprised silence, watching the person watching Jolan.

Jolan's fingers finished their magic, the music quietly dying in the silent room.

Jolan's eyes opened, his head turning, staring into two small blue eyes.

A small child stood a few feet away, staring into his grey eyes.

A smile of innocent beauty was covering his face, the boy's blue eyes staring at Jolan.

The boy had curly black hair, and the bluest eyes Jolan had ever seen.

"I wike music! Dat nice!" he said, his voice that of an angel's.

Justin let go of Jolan's arm as the young man stood up, looking down at the small boy.

Jolan crouched down to the boy's level, staring at him.

Everyone in the room watched in silence as they saw Jolan's face change.

Justin couldn't believe the sudden beauty that now shone on Jolan's face.

The small boy continued to smile at him, Jolan's grey eyes glistening with tears.

"Thank you, little one. I played it just for you. I call it March of the Little One."
The little boy smiled, looking back towards the doorway.

Ally stood there, Theresa standing beside her.

And standing behind Theresa was Jessica Biel.

It was Jessica's presence that had shocked Josh.

The boy turned back to Jolan, their eyes meeting.

The boy walked forward, his hands going on top of Jolan's knees.

"You no have pain now, me's here."

Jolan's body slightly trembled, Justin seeing him holding back a sob.

The small boy climbed into Jolan's lap, Jolan's arm going around him.

His blue eyes looked up into Jolan's face, smiling.

"You my Daddy. I knows from him."

Everyone in the room sat in stunned silence, Theresa walking across the room, kneeling before her son, Jolan and her blue eyes meeting.

"I. . .I didn't tell him, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, looking down at the small boy.

"Yes, Jeffy. I'm your father."
The boy's eyes widened with happiness, his body sinking into Jolan's.

"Dat gweat. Me was afaid of the bad man. Mommy says he gone."
Jolan looked at Theresa, knowing the small child was talking of Samuel.

"Yes Jeffy, the bad man's gone. You and Mommy are free."

The boy smiled, his fingers rubbing Jolan's cheek.

"Me not Jeffy. Me Hayden!" the boy said, staring at his mother, Theresa's face covered in tears.

Justin sat in stunned silence, his thoughts going to Jolan's long ago vision.

"That's right, Hayden." Theresa said, looking into Jolan's eyes.

"His full name is Hayden Jolan Arlington.  I named him Hayden after his grandfather, and after you Jolan. Samuel didn't like that and took to calling him Jeffy after that other monster, Richard's friend Jefferson Hopkins. I've called him Hayden only when we were alone."
Jolan smiled, Theresa lost in the beauty of his smile, Jolan looking down at his son.

"Hello, Hayden. It's so wonderful to finally meet you for real."
The small boy smiled, looking between the two.

"I likes you. You feels good."
Jolan smiled, the small boy's eyes moving around the room, finally stopping on Justin's face, the man still seated on the piano bench.

The small boy smiled, climbing out of Jolan's lap, and running up to Justin, staring up at him.

"Who you?" he said, Justin surprised that the small boy had singled him out from everyone else.

"My name's Justin. I'm your father's friend."

The small boy stared up at him, then raised his hands, Justin picking him up, the boy now seated in his lap, smiling up at him.

"Me likes you too! You be my friend?"

Justin couldn't help by smile, seeing the beauty in the small boy's face, the child an identical vision of Jolan.

"Yes, Hayden. I'd love to be your friend."
The boy smiled, cuddling against Justin, the man wrapping his arms around his small body.

The boy's fingers went to the gold chain hanging around Justin's neck, lightly playing with it.

"Me been so sad in the darkness. Me now feels wuv surrounding me. Me now gots friend."

Justin teared up, hearing the softness of the boy's voice, as if he was only talking to him.

"Yes Hayden, our love surrounds you." Justin said, staring at Jolan and Theresa who now had stood up, staring at the two seated together.

Jennie rose from her seat, walking over to them, her blue eyes staring at the small child in Justin's lap.

"Justin's love is fantastic, Hayden. He'll make you so happy." she said, the small boy looking up at her, smiling.

"Hi, Aunt Jennie!"

Jolan and Justin looked surprised, Theresa staring in stunned shock, Jennie smiling and picking up the small child.

"Hello, Hayden. I've been waiting for you."
The boy smiled, kissing her cheek, Jennie smiling.

"Me here now." he said, Jennie's hand going through his black curly hair.

"Yes you are. I felt you on the path."

The boy smiled, looking towards Jolan.

"Yep, me's on Daddy's path of wuv."

Jolan smiled, seeing the happiness in his sister's face with the child in her arms.

He walked up to the two, Hayden moving, climbing into Jolan's arms.

"You said I was your Daddy, Hayden. Who told you that?"
The boy's blue eyes stared up at his father.

"The old man with your grey eyes. He told me yous coming."

Jolan stood in surprise, his thoughts going to one man.

Erasmus, the Watcher.

"He says me be happy. Dat Mommy be happy. Dat we be frees."
Theresa smiled at her son, a confused look on her face.
"Who is he talking about, Jolan?"
Jolan turned looking at her, Theresa seeing a light of knowledge and love in Jolan's grey eyes.

"He's talking about a man that follows me. I believe in my heart he's my guardian angel now."
Justin walked up to Jolan, Jolan looking quietly at him.

His eyes returned to Theresa, smiling at her.

"Thank you for letting me see him."
Theresa smiled, her hand going to her son's shoulder.

"I felt you deserved to see his love. It's been in my soul since I first held him in my arms. I'd like to say something, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, nodding at her.

"During that night of evil and darkness, I felt only one moment of love. It was when I was on top of you and you stared into my eyes. In those grey eyes I saw a love I'd never had before. It was the love of hope and truth. I carried that love away with me that night in my soul. And nine months later I saw that love shining again, and I've seen it every day since. It shines now in my Hayden's eyes."
Jolan's hand went to her shoulder, Theresa seeing the love and acceptance in those grey eyes.

"My love was with you always, Sandra. Hayden is a part of that."
She tearfully smiled, her eyes going around the room.

"You are surrounded with love now, Jolan. I see it in all their eyes, their love for you. I'm so happy you've survived."

Jolan smiled at her, looking around the room.

"Yes, I have a greater love than I ever hoped of. And I feel in your heart now that love radiates. The past is over, Theresa. The future is as it now is, Cassandra."
Sandra teared up, Henry and Shelly standing up.


Henry and Shelly walked over to her, Shelly's eyes meeting Sandra's.

"Hello, Sandra. My name is Shelly Carruthers. I live in Oberson Falls, the home of your parents. I remember you, my child."
Sandra teared up, surprised at the woman's words.

"You. . .you remember me?"
Shelly smiled, Henry smiling at the young woman as well.

"We remember you, Sandra. My name is Dr. Henry Chambers. I brought you into this world."

Sandra sobbed, Jolan's arm going around her.

"They are part of your past, and part of my love."

Henry and Shelly smiled at Jolan, their eyes looking at Sandra Arlington.

"We both remember that time of sorrow, of your disappearance. Your parents were devastated. We all looked for you but you were gone." Shelly said, tears showing in her eyes.

"My parents. . .are they. . .?"

Shelly's arm went around the young woman, her eyes meeting hers.

Henry's voice filled the quiet room, everyone hearing the tenderness and compassion in his words.

"You mother passed away about three years after you disappeared, Sandra. Cancer claimed her life. Your father died about two years ago, a massive heart attack ending his life. But in both of them there had remained a resolve to hopefully some day find you. I'm sorry that you couldn't make their dreams come true."
Sandra nodded, Shelly holding her.

"My family is gone. . .I'm all alone as I've always been. . ."

Jolan's eyes went to Jessica's, the young woman walking across the room, taking Sandra into her arms, Shelly releasing her, looking on in surprise.

"It's okay, Sandra. It's going to be okay." she said, softly talking to her.

Jessica's eyes met Jolan's, then Justin's.

"We have to talk, Justin. In private."
Josh stood up, Chace looking at him.

"What are you doing here, Jessica? Haven't you caused enough trouble?!" he said, his voice determined and protective.

Jolan looked at him, Josh seeing a calmness in Jolan's grey eyes.

"I think Jessica and Justin need to talk in private. I suggest you go out onto the porch." Jolan said, Jessica nodding her thanks.

"Come with us please, Jolan. I have something to say to you as well."
Jolan nodded, setting Hayden down, Stevie walking up to the small boy.

"Hi, I'm Stevie. I'm Justin's brother!" he said, the small boy grinning at him.

"Hi, Stevie!"

Jennie smiled, looking down at the two boys.

"How about a milkshake, guys?" she said both boys' eyes widening, Stevie looking towards his mother.

"Yes, Stevie. It's fine." she said, both boys clapping their hands, following Jennie towards the kitchen.

"Excuse us, for a few minutes." Jolan said, Justin, Jessica and Sandra quietly following him towards the front door.

After they left the room, their friends began a discussion of wonder and concern.


Jolan sat down on a wicker couch, Justin sitting down at his side, his eyes going to Jessica.

Jessica still had her arm around Sandra, the young woman sitting down in a wicker chair beside the couch, Jessica pulling another chair over, sitting down beside her.

Jessica's eyes went to Jolan, the young man sensing she wanted to open the conversation.

Her blue eyes turned to Justin, Justin quietly looking at her, his face emotionless.

"You hate me, don't you Justin? You hate me for what I tried to do to your Jolan."
Justin's eyes widened a bit in surprise, Jolan's hand going in his.

"I easily saw the love in your eyes for him, Justin. It didn't take me long to figure out that the two of you were in love. And that burned a hatred into my soul. A hatred I took out on Jolan."
"You tried to hurt the one I love, Jess. You don't know how that hurt my soul. And you need to realize that I don't want you, and that I love him. You're never going to come between us. There's no chance of that ever happening." Justin said, his voice laced with determination and soft anger.

Jolan's hand squeezed his, Justin calming down.

"I know that now, Justin. I only have to see his love in your beautiful eyes. I can now see that Jolan's captured your heart."
Justin looked at Jessica, surprised that she'd admit that.

"I did some terrible things, hurting some innocent people in doing it. My mind was clouded with vanity and hurt, Justin. I mistakenly thought that Jolan was stealing you from me. I just had to look deep into my soul to see that you never really were mine."

Jessica's eyes went to Jolan.

"What you did yesterday in that courtroom for me made me realize that you weren't my enemy, Jolan. And that Justin never was in love with me. Yesterday I saw the depth of your giving love. I'd hidden behind my own desires a truth I was too terrified to look at. The truth that I was hurting everyone from Justin, to his friends, and especially you, Jolan. I'm sorry, Justin. I'm sorry that I couldn't see the love before me. And most of all I'm sorry that I tried to destroy you, Jolan. I know in my heart that forgiveness isn't deserved. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry, to both of you. I'm going to walk out of your life, Justin. You don't need me to cloud the love I see now before me. I'll leave now."

Jessica began to rise up, Jolan standing and pushing her back down into her chair.

"I'd like to say something, Jessica."

Jessica's eyes were clouded with tears, the young woman nodding in silence.

Sandra's hand went in hers again, Justin quietly looking at Jolan.

"Yes, Jessica. You see before you Justin's and my love for each other. We love each other deeply. There never was a chance that you'd succeed in any attempt to break us up. I see now that truth realized in your tearful eyes. I sense it comes from deep within your heart. A heart now filled with something greater."
Jessica's eyes looked towards Sandra, Jolan sitting down beside Justin again, kissing his cheek, Justin smiling at him, his hand going in his.

The two women focused on the two men now showing their love so openly.

"I see before me two people wrapped in a special love. A love of need and vulnerability. You and I are similar, Sandra. We walked through pain hoping for something to destroy that pain. We have now both found that miraculous cure in the eyes and souls of those we now hold onto. Love is in our hearts. And perhaps that's the greatest gift we've discovered in all of this."

Jessica and Sandra were in tears, Justin looking at Jessica.

"My Jolan's love makes my heart forgive you, Jessica. I forgive you for what you've done."
Jessica sobbed, Sandra's arm going around her.

"I forgive you as well, Jessica. Here beside you is the gift you've been given. Sandra's love will help you heal your heart."
Jessica softly smiled, looking into Sandra's eyes.

"I love her, I love her so much!"
Jolan smiled softly, Justin's eyes filled with tears, seeing before him their now open love.

Jolan looked at Sandra, the two looking into the depth of their love.

"You know why I'm here, don't you?"

Jolan nodded, his eyes going to Jessica.

"Yes, Sandra. I sensed your pain and love in that courtroom. I feel your emotional soul."

Sandra stared at him, Jessica's eyes going to Justin, her arm now wrapping around Sandra.

"The past seventeen years of my life have been my hell, Jolan. You'll never know the hurt and pain I went through. And yesterday you freed me from that pain and hurt."
Jolan nodded, remaining silent.

"I'm free because of you. But I'm emotionally exhausted. My soul is wounded, but my heart is filled with Jessica's love. I believe in my heart it's time I healed myself."
Jolan nodded, smiling at her.

"I'll look after him, Sandra."
Sandra's eyes widened, knowing in her heart the man knew everything.

"I felt your determination, your love and your strength in that courtroom. I listened to your story of their evilness, and saw your strength destroy that evil. I wouldn't trust my son with anyone else. Your protective love will keep him safe from them."
Sandra began to cry, Jessica holding her tenderly, Jolan rising and kneeling in front of the emotional woman.

"You are right, Sandra. I would give my life for my son."
Sandra looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing the soft glow of love radiating from them.

"They are after him, Jolan. They won't stop until they have him. I can't protect him. I love him but I can't give him the protection that you can."

Jolan smiled at her, seeing her faith in his love.
"Leave Fagin Greymount to me, Sandra. That man has made one fatal mistake. He didn't kill me when he had the chance. Now, here before you, I promise that he'll pay for everything he's done. And I promise you that our son will never be hurt. He's a part of our souls, our joined souls of love. My love is the greatest protection he can have."
The woman sobbed, Jolan pulling her into his arms, standing up and holding her.

"I just want him to be safe. Safe and happy." she sobbed, Jolan gently stroking her back.

"I love him, Cassandra. Our son's life will be a path of protective happiness, of that I give my word."
Sandra regained her emotions, Jessica now at her side, Justin standing beside Jolan.

Justin looked into Jolan's grey eyes, seeing what now had happened.

His arm went around him, Jessica's going around Sandra's.

Their eyes met, both former lovers looking into each other's soul.

"We have the same light of happiness in our souls, Justin. The light of love."
Justin smiled, hearing the truth in Jessica's words.

The woman had found something special.

And Justin sensed and believed in his soul that she wouldn't ever again come between Jolan and him.

"I wish you both a lifetime of happiness." he said, Jessica smiling at him, moving and hugging him.

Jolan and Sandra looked into each other's eyes, their truth shared in silence.


The four returned to the room, everyone's eyes looking towards them.

Stevie and Hayden sat on a couch on both sides of Jennie, an empty glass in both their hands.

Jennie took Hayden's setting it on the coffee table, the young boy climbing down and running up to his mother.

Sandra picked him up, the boy smiling at her.

"Me had chocky milk, Mommy!" he grinned, the woman kissing his cheek, wiping the remnants of his drink off his face.

"That's wonderful, Hayden." she said, her wet eyes staring at him.

"It okay, Mommy. Me's stay with him."

Jolan stared at the small boy, the child's arms reaching out to him.

Jolan took the child into his arms, Sandra looking at both of them.

"Me lives with you?" the boy said, Jolan nodding softly.

"Yes, Hayden. Mommy wants you to stay with me for a while."

The boy smiled, looking towards his mother.

"I knows. Me sees more wuv in her heart now. She need to be happy."
Sandra sobbed, Jessica's arm going around her again.

Everyone in the room sat in shocked silence, staring at Jolan and the boy, then at Jessica and Sandra, sensing the truth immediately.

The little boy looked at Sandra, his mother looking into his blue eyes.

"Be happy, Mommy. I knows I wills. I wuv you."

Sandra walked up to her son, kissing his forehead, then kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I love you, I love both of you." she sobbed, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"Be happy, Cassandra. Be happy in her love."
Sandra nodded, looking into her son's blue eyes again.

"I have to go, sweetie. Mommy loves you. Mommy will call you as soon as she can."

The boy nodded, a smile covering his face.

Justin looked at Jessica, the two smiling at each other.

"You have my numbers, I'll be with both of them."
Jessica nodded, her hand rubbing Sandra's back.

"It's time, Tess."
Sandra nodded, looking into her blue eyes.

"Take care of yourself, Sandra. We're only a phone call away." Jolan said, Sandra kissing her son again, smiling at Jolan.

"Thank you for saving me and for loving him."
"I love you both. I will see you soon, Sandra." Jolan said, Jessica quietly guiding Sandra out of the room, the woman's tearful eyes on her son until she left.

Justin stood beside Jolan, Hayden's head turning and looking at him.

"Hi, Justin! I gets to stays with you and Daddy! Me so happy!"

Justin smiled, the boy climbing into his arms.

"Let's have fun, Justin!"

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"I think that's a great idea, little man!"

The boy laughed, Stevie walking up to his brother, the little boy looking down at him.

"Me stays, Stevie! Me's going to haves fun!"

The other boy clapped, Justin letting Hayden down on the floor, he and Stevie hugging each other.

Justin's eyes went to Jolan, the man looking out of the picture window, everyone else staring at him in shocked silence.

Jolan's tearing eyes stared at the two women driving down the street.

"Hold onto her love, Cassandra. Her love will guide you on to the next path."



End of Chapter 80


And so our Jolan walks forward.

His soul still carries his now known past, but his soul is surrounded by Justin's love.

And he has a new love in his life.

His son, little Hayden.

I take great joy in adding this young child into our story.

His love and his specialness may be the key to this story.


It seems Jennie wasn't too surprised by Hayden's appearance.

The boy's going to have one special aunt.

And Justin's life may forever change with the boy's soft smile and touching innocence already entering his heart.


Up next: Justin and Jolan meet the child of Jolan's pain.

But this child may truly surprise all of them.


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