Jolan's Path - Chapter 81


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 81


Jolan sat down on the couch beside his sister, Jennie wrapping her arm around him.

Jolan smiled at her, Hayden running up to them, Jolan helping the small boy climb up into his lap.

"Hi!" he said, a smile covering his face, Jolan smiling at him.

"This our house, Daddy?" he said, staring up into Jolan's eyes.

"No, Hayden. This is our friend's home. Daddy's home, well my parents' home actually, is across the street. Daddy doesn't have his own home, he lives with Justin far away."

Hayden nodded, looking towards the picture window.

"Home over there sad. Me feels it."
Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, Simus staring at his nephew, and his now revealed great-nephew.

"That's amazing! He feels it? He must be gifted as well. He really is your son."
Jolan looked down at the small boy, the boy snuggling against his chest.

"He's half Dragosan, the magic goes where it must." Jolan softy said, the boy smiling up at him.

 Josh stood up, looking at the family seated before him.

"Okay, what's going on here? What was Jessica doing here? I can't see how you'd want to talk to her after what she's done to you Justin, and to you most of all Jolan."

"I think you need to open your eyes, sweetie. I think we all know why Jessica was here. I'm sure it was mainly for Theresa's sake." Chace said, Josh looking at his lover in surprise.
Justin walked up to his friend, his hand going to his shoulder, Josh looking at him.

"If you'll sit down Joshy, I'll try and explain it all."
Josh returned to his seat beside Chace, the man putting his arm around him, a look of confusion on Josh's face.

Justin looked at Jolan, Jolan nodded, the small boy silent in his lap, Jennie smiling at him, the boy smiling back.

Justin looked around, his voice breaking the silence.


Ten minutes later all the eyes in the room were on Jolan, the young man seated with his son in his lap.

"Theresa, or Sandra, has asked me to look after my son while she gets her life back on track. It's a task I could not refuse. Destiny had drawn this child to me, and his love is now a part of me."

Justin smiled, sitting down beside Jolan, Hayden moving, climbing into Justin's lap.

"Hi, Justin!" he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Hello, Hayden." Justin said, smiling at the boy, Justin's eyes then going around the room.

"Jolan's love is mine. Hayden's will be as well."
Hayden grinned, smiling up at him.

The young child's eyes moved around the room, his body snuggling against Justin, Justin sensing his sudden shyness.

"So many peoples here. Who they all?"

Justin chuckled, seeing the awe in the small boy's blue eyes.

"They are our family and friends, Hayden." Jolan softly said, the boy looking at him.

"So many." he said again, Jolan smiling widely.

"Yes, my son. So many friends." he said, looking around the room, everyone smiling at him.

"Let me introduce you to everyone, Hayden." he said, the boy climbing into his father's arms, Jolan standing up, Justin standing up beside him.

Everyone stood up, Jolan walking up to Britney first.

"This is Britney, Hayden. She is one of our good friends."
Britney smiled widely, the boy smiling at her.

"Hi!" he said, no bashfulness now showing, the woman smiling at him.

"Oh aren't you so precious?! You look just like your Daddy!" she said, Jolan smiling with a blush.

"But you don't have his blushing cheeks."
Jolan laughed, Britney kissing the little boy's cheek.

The boy smiled at her, Jolan moving.

Jolan walked slowly around the room, Hayden meeting everyone.

Cory, Simus and Calen were introduced to him, Jolan's uncles' eyes filled with tears at the smiles they received from the child.
Daphne, Rachel and Domo were next, Jolan's grandfather crying, holding his great-grandson in his arms gently, Hayden kissing his cheek.

Domo felt the calming love in the young boy's eyes.

"Such an angel, Jolan. Such an angel."

Hayden met all of Justin's former bandmates as well as Chace, all five smiling at the boy, surprised at his calmness with everyone.

The Hamiltons, Henry and Shelly, Cindy and Trace, Lonnie, Ally, Jordan, Bill and Sid all said hello, the boy grinning at all of them.

Lastly Jolan introduced his son to Justin's family--Lisa, Randall, Jonathan and finally Lynn.

Lynn took the small boy into her arms, the child looking up at her.

"Hi, Wynn." he said, Lynn lightly laughing.

"It's Lynn, son." she said, Jolan's arm going around her.

"Actually it's Gramma, if you'd like that."
Lynn's eyes met Jolan's, Jolan seeing the blossoming tears.

"Oh, Jolan. . .I. . .it isn't right.."
Jolan kissed her cheek, smiling at her and then at Lisa.

"You are both Justin's mothers, and now mine. I think it's only fitting."

"You my Gammas?" Hayden said, looking up into Lynn's face, and then at Lisa.

Lynn and Lisa's hearts melted, hearing the love and happiness in the little boy's voice.

"I guess we are in your father's eyes. Welcome to our love, little Hayden." Lynn said, the boy snuggling against her, Lisa smiling down at him beside Lynn.

He softly yawned, Jolan smiling at his drooping eyelids.

"I believe my boy's tired. Here, I'll take him upstairs." Jolan said, Hayden climbing into Jolan's arms.

Everyone smiled, seeing the happiness on Jolan's face, and on the face of the little boy.

"Me sleepy, Daddy."
"Come on, son. Let's take a little nap."
Jolan smiled at Justin, quietly walking out of the room with his son, Lynn's arm going around her son.

"Do you see the joy in his eyes, Justin? Jolan's eyes show so much happiness."
Jennie stood up, smiling at Lynn.

"He has something that he's never had in his life, now or before." she said, Lynn and Justin looking at her.

She smiled, her blue eyes filled with happiness as well.

"He has a purpose in his life. He has someone who totally needs him."
Justin smiled, Jennie pulled into his arms, the young woman smiling.

"Isn't he beautiful, Justin?  I knew he'd be beautiful, he looks just like Jolan." she said, everyone smiling at her.

"Yes, Jennie. He's just like Jolan, in so many ways. I guess our family's just gotten a little bigger."
Jennie grinned, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Thank you for accepting him, Justin. His love will make us all smile."
Justin smiled, looking at his mother, Lynn smiling at the girl.

"He's part of my Jo. I accepted his love immediately."
Jennie smiled, everyone surrounding them, Justin and Jennie inundated with questions.

Justin opened the bedroom door an hour later, smiling at the scene before him.

Little Hayden lay sound asleep in the middle of the bed, Jolan sitting beside him looking down at him.

Justin stood in silence, never seeing such a look of awed happiness on Jolan's face.

It was as if his face took on double its beauty.

Justin walked over to the bed, sitting down beside Jolan, Jolan's eyes moving from his son to his lover.

"Isn't he so beautiful when he sleeps? His face looks so angelic."
Justin smiled, pulling Jolan into his arms, the two kissing.

Jolan broke the kiss, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"We need to have a talk, Justin."
Justin smiled, Jolan snuggling against him.

"You don't need to say anything, Jolan. He's your son, and he's a part of you. I welcome him with love into my home, my life, and my soul."
Jolan teared up, Justin smiling at him.

"I love you so much, Jumpy."

Justin smiled, kissing Jolan again.

"I love you, Wolfy. I'll always accept your love."
Jolan smiled, looking down at his son.

"Dad found two suitcases on the front porch where Sandra had left them. They're filled with Hayden's clothes and stuff. But I know the boy will need more."
Jolan smiled, then laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"You've only known him for an hour and you're already planning on spoiling him."
Justin laughed, looking at the sleeping boy.

"Hey, he's kinda my son now too."
Jolan stared at Justin, a sob coming out of him, Justin pulling him against him.

"What's wrong, my love?"
"Oh, Jus. Your accepting love. It's so beautiful!"
Justin smiled, realizing that Jolan's emotions were ones of joy.

"He's a part of you, Jo. He'll now be a part of me. We're going to have so much fun! How long do you think he'll stay with us?"

Jolan looked at the boy, Justin rubbing Jolan's back.

"He's welcome into my heart for as long as he wants to stay." Jolan said softly, Justin smiling at the joy he felt in Jolan's voice.

Jolan's eyes met his again, Jolan staring at him.

"In the end it's all up to God."
Justin looked surprised by Jolan's words, Jolan leaning forward and kissing him deeply.

Justin became lost in the deep love he felt flowing from his lover, the two remaining together until a small hand tugged at Justin's arm.

Justin broke the kiss, looking down into two bright, blue wide eyes.

"Me get kiss too?"

Jolan stared at his son, the boy wide awake now.

"Of course, my son." Jolan said, leaning down and kissing his son's chin, the boy giggling, stretching his small frame.

He sat up, climbing into Justin's lap.

"You toos?"
Justin smiled, leaning down and kissing Hayden on the forehead.

The boy smiled, looking between the two seated.

"You two wuv each other? You togethers?"
Justin looked with surprise at Jolan, Jolan smiling at his son.

"Yes, Hayden. Justin and I are together. We love each other very much, and we both want to take care of you."
Hayden smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"Okays! Me lets you!"

Justin laughed, the boy grinning.

Justin's fingers went to the boy's chest, the boy laughing as Justin began to tickle him, the small boy falling back on the bed.

Justin moved, his fingers finding the boy's armpits, the boy screaming with laughter.

Jolan smiled, seeing Justin's instant connection with the boy, Jolan sitting and watching the two laugh.

"Okay, you two. It's almost lunch time. Is everyone still here, Jus?"
"Yep, they're all relaxing downstairs. Mom and Thelma are making lunch."
Jolan smiled, the little boy climbing now into his lap.

"I wikes fwiends and famwee. Deys nice!"

"I'm glad, Hayden. They all like you as well."
"Stevie nice! He plays with me! Me no have anyone to play with before. Man not like me laughing or running."
Jolan's arm went around the small boy, kissing the boy's forehead.

"From now on Hayden, you run and laugh all you want. Life is about being happy. You are going to be happy."
The boy smiled, Justin's eyes filling with tears at seeing Jolan's caring way with the child.

"Me hungy!"
"Our son's hungry, Jus. Let's get him some food!" Jolan said, the boy laughing at him, Justin picking him up and putting him on his shoulders, Hayden squealing with laughter.

Jolan smiled, following his man and his son, Justin lowering his body--watching Hayden's head--as they walked out of the room.


Everyone smiled, watching the three walk into the kitchen, Justin pulling Hayden off his shoulders, sitting down at the table, Hayden sitting in his lap, Jolan smiling and sitting down beside them.

Lynn smiled at her son, setting a covered platter down on the table, looking at Jolan.

"Seems my son's found a new playmate."
Jolan laughed, Hayden grinning up at Justin.

"Yep, I got two great kids!"

Justin blushed, everyone laughing, Jolan leaning over and kissing his cheek, then Hayden's.

"Your childlike soul I love, my Jus. Don't ever change it. My boys need to be themselves."
Justin beamed, Hayden smiling at his father.

"Everyone sit down, it's all ready." Thelma said, everyone sitting down at the two tables, Thelma looking at Jolan.

"Would you do the grace again, Jolan?" she said, Justin looking at Jolan.

"I'd like to if I may, Jo?" Justin said, Jolan nodding with a smile.

Everyone lowered their heads, Hayden looking around, lowering his as well, Jolan smiling at him.

Justin looked around, smiling.

"Dear Lord, we thank you for the food and happiness surrounding us this day. This day of an angel's blessing us. Our souls now shine with a new happiness. The happiness of a father and son's joining love. Little Hayden, we welcome you into our hearts this day. From this day forward you shall know happiness and love. Your love already enters our hearts, ours we shall return. Let us all break bread together now, our love shining together with God's love. Amen."

Everyone said Amen, Jolan's head remaining lowered, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

Jolan raised his head, a soft smile of beauty on his handsome face, everyone looking on in awe, seeing the total happiness there.

"That was beautiful, my love."
Justin smiled, Hayden banging a spoon against the plate in front of him.

"Not as beautiful as this boy's smile. Let's get some food into you, little buddy!"
"Yay!" Hayden said, others laughing.

Lynn smiled, looking at her two sons and the small boy.

She leaned over the table, removing the platter's cover that sat in front of Jolan.

Thelma removed the cover from the other platter situated in front of Jennie, who sat beside Jolan.

The two looked at the revealed food, their eyes widening in surprise.

Justin leaned over, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"I remembered from your story in the courtroom about the birthday dinner you never got. I hope this is okay? I just wanted you both to have your favorite dishes today, on this your first day of happiness."

In front of Jennie sat a platter filled with chili dogs, a platter of corn dogs laying in front of Jolan.

Jolan's eyes stared at the platter, then moved, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"That you'd remember that small fact shows the depth of your love for us, Jumpy. Thank you for remembering. It's been so long since I had one."
Thelma smiled, looking into Jolan's tearing eyes, her own filled.

"It's your mother's recipe, Jolan. She gave it to me so I could make them for you when you and Cory camped out in the backyard."
Jolan teared up, reaching out and picking up one of the warm dough-covered wieners.

He bit into it, smiling at the woman.

"The best ever, Thelma. Just as I remember them."
The woman smiled a wide smile, looking around.

"Dig in everyone, there's lots more." she said, Jolan placing one of the corn dogs on his son's plate, Hayden grabbing it and biting on its end.

"Yummy, Daddy!"

Jolan laughed, smiling at Justin.

"Yes, they really are."

Justin smiled, seeing the happiness still on Jolan's face, looking towards Jennie.

Jennie wore a wide smile, her mouth covered in chili, a half-eaten chili dog in her hand.

Justin laughed, as did Jolan.

"Hey, I love them!" she said, everyone smiling.


The day flew by, the group enjoying their togetherness.

Bill brought in a suitcase filled with Justin and Jolan's clothes from his place, Justin and Jolan taking separate showers, and changing.

Jolan had left Jennie in charge of Hayden, the boy beaming with happiness, he and Stevie on the floor with her, the three playing with Legos.

Justin took his shower first, Jolan sorting through their suitcase and the two Sandra had left for Hayden.

Jolan quietly looked through the two small worn suitcases, focusing on the meager clothing the small boy had worn all his life.

He sat down on the bed, looking into the cases, finding a small stuffed tiger wrapped in one of the boy's sweatshirts, its ears worn away.

He smiled at it, sensing a lot of love coming from his son off this tiger.

He sat it on the bed on top of the pillows, smiling.

Justin walked into the room, his smooth body wrapped in only a towel.

"Everything okay, Jo?"

Jolan nodded, smiling as Justin closed the door, his grey eyes staring at the sculpted vision before him.

"Everything's damn near fantastic."
Justin smiled widely, seeing his lover's eyes scanning over his smooth body.

"See something you like?"
Jolan smiled, Justin moving, his taut body pushing Jolan back onto the bed, Jolan feeling a rising hardness against his leg as Justin lay on top of him.

"Calmness, my love. We're not exactly alone."
Justin leaned forward, kissing Jolan deeply, Jolan feeling the love flowing into him.

"I know my love. But it's been so long!" he softly said, his lips kissing Jolan's neck, his fingers working at the buttons on Jolan's white shirt.

Jolan felt so much love from this man, and this man's need for him.

Jolan sighed, gently pushing Justin over onto his back.

"We can't, angel. Not right now. But I promise you, as soon as we're home, you'll be devoured."
Justin smiled, Jolan leaning down and kissing his lips, his fingers rubbing Justin's nipple.

Justin moaned, Jolan breaking their hold.

"I need to shower, my love. I've set your clothes out as well as mine."
Justin nodded, standing up and looking towards the pile of clothes Jolan had removed from Hayden's suitcases.

He saw their worn looks.

He noticed the tiger sitting on the pillow, dropping his towel and grabbing a pair of boxer briefs Jolan had lain on the chair on top of his clothes.

Jolan's eyes went to Justin's naked body, Justin winking at him as he covered his center.

He leaned down, picking up the tiger, looking at it.

"A cherished toy of love. I see teeth marks on its ears."
"Yes, it's Hayden's favorite, I believe."
Justin looked again at the clothes, sitting down on the bed's edge.

"His clothes look so worn. And so few. He didn't have much."
Jolan sensed Justin's soul, sitting down beside him.

"They moved constantly. Theresa didn't have any money, and I know Samuel treated both of them poorly. He was more concerned with using Theresa, than caring for the child's needs."
Justin was tearing up, Jolan pulling him into his arms.

"Those days of hurt and poverty are over, Justin. I'll make it my life's ambition to see he's never hurt again and that he'll have all he's ever dreamed of." Jolan said, tears showing in his eyes as well.

"So will I, Jolan. He's starting to mean just as much to me."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"I want to go back to Los Angeles, Jus. The pain is still too close here right now for me. I need to focus on my life, and on Hayden's as well."
Justin nodded, kissing him on the lips.

"We'll leave tomorrow, Jo. I'll let everyone know so we can get everything organized."

Jolan nodded, grabbing his shaving kit off the night stand, standing up.

"I'll take my shower and then let's go spend the rest of the day with our son."
Justin smiled, watching his man walk out of the room.

He picked up the small tiger again, staring at it.

He smiled, setting the tiger back on the pillow, walking out of the room, his mind on the future.


Richard Thornton stared at the man seated across from him.

He was an older man, distinguished and flowing with determination.

"Mr. Greymount isn't very happy, Mr. Thornton." the man said, staring at him.

Richard sat in a bleak four-walled room in the jail of Cutter's Bluff.

"Listen, Chamberlain! I don't give a shit what Fagin's mood is! He left me here alone in the center of this pile of shit!"
"He left all three of you here with a purpose and a job to do. You failed at both. No, he's not happy at all."

Thornton stared at the lawyer, the man's calmness concerning him.

"It's not my fault that Clara became bear chow. Or that simpleton Samuel freaked out! My problems need rectifying. He sent you here to help me!"

The man stared at Richard, his face emotionless.

"So where do I stand?"
The lawyer folded his hands, staring at the man he'd come to loathe.

He'd known Richard Thornton for over thirty years, ever since the man had entered Fagin Greymount's home as a small boy of nine.

Cecil Chamberlain had been Fagin Greymount's lawyer for almost forty years, since he'd graduated from law school at the age of twenty-nine.

And at the tender age of seven he'd been claimed by Greymount, another slave falling to his will.

But Cecil didn't see it as that.

He saw the man as a dominant father figure, the man's powers claiming his soul.

He'd been faithful from that first day of devouring.

Richard Thornton had been as well, to a point.

Cecil had watched the teacher closely, seeing the lure of fame and greed drawing the man away from his duty.

"You stand alone, Richard. There's not much I can do for you. You made a stupid mistake. The boy had a copy of the damn book!"
"He said he didn't! He told me that day he didn't!"
"Well it's obvious he lied to you. I guess the student learned from his teacher. You were one-upped by a child, you fool!"
Richard's eyes glared at the man.

"Where is Fagin? I want out of here."
The man stared at the former teacher, a small smile crossing his face.

"I'd think he were the last person you'd want to see. You know how he is when people don't remain loyal to him."
Richard stared at the man, Cecil staring back.

"I am a loyal Fangoros, Chamberlain. Don't think that I don't know you're gloating over this. You never liked my closeness to him."
Cecil stared back at the man.

"We understand each other very well, Thornton. I thought it would be such a joy to inform him of your incarceration, but unfortunately he already knew."
Richard's eyebrows furrowed, Cecil smiling at him.

"I believe his exact words were 'Even my loyal dog hasn't the brains to destroy a foolish child.' Why didn't you make sure the boy was dead? How did he get out of that grave?"
Richard stared at the lawyer, the man awaiting his answer.

"Tell Fagin it was his own stupid mistake! The boy's a Badenwolf!"

Cecil Chamberlain's face changed to a look of stunned shock.

"You must be mistaken! All the Badenwolves are accounted for! Fagin's taken all of their gifts!"
"The young man told the truth. His Badenwolf soul saved him that night! Fagin missed one! That's why he hasn't laid claim to their souls totally. That Jeffy brat ain't a Badenwolf like he thought. Jolan's the last of them."

The lawyer's face looked shaken.

"I must get this information to the master! What else did Dragos say?"
Thornton stared at the man.

"That's for me to know and you can go to hell!"

The lawyer stared at Thornton, their eyes glaring at each other.

"You are mistaken, Richard. That is for the master to know. And he'll find that all out soon. Prepare for his coming."
The lawyer stood up, Thornton flying out of his chair, grabbing the man by the throat, pushing him against the wall, glaring into his eyes.

"Don't think you can scare me with idle threats, Chamberlain! The master comes with my heart's happiness. I welcome him, for I love him!"
Chamberlain's face was going white, Thornton releasing him.

"Get out of here, you sniveling leech!"
Chamberlain stared at the man, shaking his head.

"What you conceive to be reality may be your downfall, Thornton. The master forgives no one."

Chamberlain banged on the door, two uniformed officers opening it, staring at Thornton.

"Come on, Thornton. Your cell awaits." one officer said, Thornton glaring at him.

Chamberlain smiled, leaving the room quickly.


The rest of the day was a day of happiness for Jolan and Justin.

The boy was a bundle of happiness, his spirits bright and shining.

Everyone saw the three bonding easily, Jolan smiling often at Justin and Hayden playing together.

Lynn smiled, seeing the joy and happiness in Jolan's face, matched identically by her own son's beaming smile.

She felt in her heart that tonight might be the greater test.

A child needs their mother in the darkening night.

She smiled, sensing that perhaps this child was indeed special.

For in his blue eyes she saw much happiness and acceptance, no looks of sadness.

She smiled, thinking that Jolan and Justin might be the ones in for a surprise.

The group broke up after supper, hugs and kisses exchanged, Hayden held in Jolan's arms, kissed by everyone.

The plans had been finalized, Lonnie taking care of the driving arrangements, and the pending flights out of New York for everyone heading back to their homes.

Jolan, Justin, Jennie and Lynn would all remain in New York for a day or so, flying back to Los Angeles at the end of the week.

Lynn and Jennie sat in silence watching the two fathers playing with Hayden after everyone had left.

"Seems the three have bonded really well." Lynn said, Thelma smiling.

Jennie smiled, looking at the three, Jolan smiling towards her.

"Hayden's surrounded by their love, the boy shall not feel alone ever again." she said, Lynn quietly looking at her.

"Jennie, you seem very relaxed about all this. I sense you saw it all coming." Lynn said, the young girl smiling at her.

"My gifts give me the touch of foreboding. I felt the child's presence along the path. It seemed to radiate brightly yesterday when I walked into my home following Jolan. I sensed his coming was for Jolan alone. For my Jolan needed to focus, Hayden's love the gift he needed most. The pain has receded into his subconscious, the present his only concern. Hayden and Justin's love are what he needs right now. The future will play out as it must."
Lynn and Thelma stared quietly at the young girl, Jennie getting up and walking over to her brothers, sitting down on the floor in front of Hayden.

The boy smiled, climbing up into her lap, Jennie smiling at him.

"Me's having fun, Aunt Jennie!"
"I'm so happy, Hayden. Your Daddy will make you so happy."
Jolan smiled at her, the small boy yawning in her lap.

"Right now it's bedtime for my son." Jolan said, Hayden nodding at his father.

Jennie smiled, the small boy climbing out of her lap, Jolan bending down and picking him up.

"Tonight, you're sleeping with me and Justin, Hayden."
The boy smiled, cuddling against Jolan's chest.

"Great, Daddy. Me needs your wuv."
Jolan smiled, Jennie smiling at him as she stood up.

"What?" he said, looking at her grinning face.

"I never thought I'd see my brother become a father. It suits you completely, Daddy."

Jolan teared up, Jennie kissing his cheek.

"He has a family now. We'll all be here for him." she said, Jolan nodding, Justin's arm going around Jennie.

"I think we should all call it a night, everyone." Justin said, everyone standing and kissing each other goodnight.

"I'll be down at the end of the hall if you need anything, Jolan. I'll be with Jennie." Lynn said, Jolan smiling.

"Thanks, Mom. But I'm pretty sure I have everything I need."
Lynn smiled, kissing his cheek, then Hayden's.

The five smiled, walking towards the stairs.


Jolan lay his son down on the bed, removing his t-shirt and jeans.

"All ready for bed, champ!" he said, after putting a pair of pajamas on the boy, small horses covering them.

"Tigger! Where Tigger?"

Jolan smiled, moving upward and picking up the tiger laying on the pillows.

The boy's eyes widened with happiness, taking the tiger into his hands, hugging it.

"Me wuvs, Tigger. Mommy gives me him long time ago. Me haves him forever."
Jolan teared up, the bedroom door opening, Justin walking in.

Jolan looked towards him, smiling.

"Jennie asleep?"
Justin smiled, knowing Jolan had known where he'd gone, Justin's love for his sister always in the open.

"Yes, she fell asleep almost immediately in my arms. Mom's with her now."
Jolan smiled, picking up the small boy, the tiger still in his hand, the boy smiling at Justin.

"We sleeps togethers?"
"Yep, Hayden. Daddy's going to be right beside you."
The boy smiled, yawning.

Jolan pulled back the covers on the bed, laying the small boy in the center of the bed, the boy snuggling with his tiger.
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around Jolan, kissing him tenderly.

"Hayden has his tiger, I have mine!"

Jolan lightly laughed, the small boy giggling.

"Time for bed, Tiger Hunter."
Justin smiled, pulling off his polo shirt, Jolan walking around the bed, his clothes coming off quickly.

Justin had just finished removing his down to his briefs, turning and seeing Jolan already laying in bed, Hayden in his arms, the tiger in front of him.

Justin smiled, never seeing such a look of happiness on Jolan's face, his grey eyes staring up at Justin's blue.

"Turn out the light and come to our center of love, our Jus."

Justin smiled, the child looking up at him.

"Go sleep, Poppa."
Jolan smiled, seeing the look of total shock cross Justin's face, the tears beginning.

"Come to bed, Jus. Our son needs you."
Justin's face changed to a look of total happiness, Jolan's seeing his own reflective joy in his lover's face.

Justin turned off the light, climbing into bed, joining the two, the three snuggling together.

In the center two small blue eyes looked towards the window, the moon shining brightly into the room.

He smiled, snuggling against his father, closing his small blue eyes.

"Night, Daddy. Night, Poppa."
"Good night, our angel." Justin said, Jolan kissing his son's cheek, the boy smiling.

"Good night, my son."

Jolan and Justin stared at each other, Justin leaning forward and kissing Jolan.

"Life can be beautiful, Jus. Our life begins today."

Justin smiled, Jolan closing his eyes as Justin's arm went around the two of them.

Justin closed his own eyes, the love surrounding him lulling him into a dreamless sleep.


Justin walked into the condo, setting down the bags he carried, Jolan walking behind him carrying Hayden.

Lynn, Jennie, Ally and Lonnie walked in behind them, carrying other suitcases

"Home, sweet home." Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back, Hayden looking around the room.

"Dis our home, Daddy?"

"This is Justin's home, Hayden. So, yes, it's our home, one of two."
The boy's eyes widened, looking around.

"So big! Me's run lots!"
Justin laughed, Jolan setting the boy down, the boy running to the couches, Justin lightly chasing him.

Jolan smiled, Lynn and Jennie sitting down, Lonnie dropping their bags by the door.

The morning had been hectic, the group leaving together in three vans, stopping at Auntie Gee's for breakfast.

The woman fed them with joy, cooing over the small child and Jolan.

After breakfast saw them silently leaving the small town, no sign of reporters following.

Jolan had quietly looked back upon leaving the town's limits, his eyes falling on his former home.

Justin's hand had gone in his, kissing his cheek.

"I leave again my home of love. This time I take more love with me." he'd softly said, Hayden smiling up at his father from his car seat beside him.

"Wuv you, Daddy."
Jolan smiled, kissing his son's cheek, Justin smiling at the boy's love calming Jolan's soul.

They'd driven to Oberson Falls, stopping at Shelly's for lunch, the group hugging her and Henry goodbye around two o'clock.

Trace and Cindy had stayed in Oberson Falls, the two wanting to spend some time with her mother and Henry.

Here now it was after seven, the smaller group now finally back at Justin's condo.

Justin's family, as well as Josh, Chace, Britney and Chris had parted ways after Oberson Falls.

Justin's family was flying out of New York back to Florida, their other friends heading back to Los Angeles.

Jolan had seen a soft sadness in Hayden's eyes upon Stevie's departure, Jolan sensing the bond the two children had made with each other.

Jolan knew in his heart that Stevie would always be the older brother for Hayden.

Hayden's sadness lightened when Stevie had voiced that same fact.

"You'll come and visit often, Stevie. Hayden needs his brother." Jolan had said, the two boys grinning in happiness.

Lance, Joey and Jordan had parted ways with them upon arriving back at Justin's, the two boybanders heading back to Lance's, Jordan heading home to his wife and kids.

Here now they were back in a home of happiness.

Jolan sat down beside Justin on the couch, Hayden looking around.

"Nice pwace, Daddy!"

"Yep, lots of room for my boy to be happy."
Hayden giggled, climbing down out of Justin's lap.

Jennie moved, following the small boy as he investigated his surroundings.

He wandered into the kitchen, Jennie following.

"The boy knows the important room. We may end up with a little piggy." Justin said, Jolan chuckling.

"Like Poppa, like son."
Justin blushed, Jolan kissing his cheek, Lynn laughing lightly.

Ally and Lonnie smiled, Ally sitting down beside Jolan.

"With all that's happened yesterday, and the rush this morning, we didn't have time to discuss the path ahead of you, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, Justin looking at Ally.

"I discussed it with Judge Wentworth, and I've initiated the necessary filings. You need to brace yourself for what's coming up. I'm going for what's rightfully yours, Jolan. That book is yours. It's time the publishers and world grasped that fact. Your manuscript has been logged into evidence, that making it an ironclad case for us. My suggestion is that you secure it in a safety deposit box."
Jolan nodded, looking towards his suitcase, the manuscript inside it, Justin smiling at him.

"I've got one downtown, my love. You can put it there."

"It's been copied, tagged and logged. We'll win this for sure." she said, Jolan smiling.

"Me a published author? It was once my greatest dream. Now it doesn't seem so important. There are more important things in my world now." Jolan said quietly, almost to himself, Ally and Justin looking at each other.

Jennie came out of the kitchen, Hayden walking in front of her, his hands grasped around a juice box.

Jolan smiled, his son running up to him.

"How's the apple juice, Hay?"
The boy grinned, climbing back up into Justin's lap, Justin looking at Jolan.

"Me wike that name!"
"You're like the tall bountiful crop of summer. Growing wild on its own, shining in the sun." Jolan said, Justin smiling at Jolan's words.

"Hay it will be. Right, Hay?" Justin grinned, the boy standing in his lap, one arm going around Justin's neck, the juice box in his other hand.

"Right, Poppa!"

Lynn teared up, seeing the joy on her son's face, the small boy having taken so easily to Justin's love.

"My boy a father. Speaking of one's greatest dreams." she said, Justin smiling at her.

"I'm happy, Mom. I have everything I've always dreamed of." Justin said, Jolan smiling beside him.
"Well, Hay. What do you think of this place?" Jolan said, the boy climbing into his lap.

"Me wikes a lot! This as big as other home?"
"No, son. The other home is really big, with a swimming pool, lots of rooms and a big backyard."

The boy smiled, Justin smiling.

"Me gots so wucky! Me gwad you come for me in dreams, Daddy." Hayden said, sipping through his straw.

Justin looked surprised, Jolan quietly looking down at his son.

"I'm your father, Hayden. My love knows no end."
The boy smiled, climbing down again, looking at Jennie.
"Me sees all, Aunt Jennie. Shows me?"

Jennie laughed, taking the boy's hand, guiding him down the hall.

Jolan watched the two go, Justin's hand going in his.

"Something you want to tell me, Jolan?"
Jolan's eyes met his; Lynn, Lonnie and Ally remaining quiet.

"I first met Hayden that night I lay in that jail cell in Los Angeles, Jus."
Everyone looked shocked, remembering Jolan telling them all of seeing Erasmus again that night.

"I was pulled to his bedroom along the path of life when I put on Erasmus' ring. I saw the boy that first night, and I'm positive Hayden saw me as well. His eyes were wide open, laying so alone in his bedroom, the moonlight casting a light upon his angelic face. I fell in love with him that night. I knew destiny some day would bring the two of us together. Sandra and Jessica were that destiny."

Ally shook her head in wonder, Jolan looking around at everyone.

"Nothing ever would come between my son and myself. We were destined to join together in love."
Jolan stood up, walking in front of the large window, looking out into the darkening New York night.

He lowered his head, then sighed, turning towards everyone.

"My heart has doubled in joy and happiness. My son I now focus on."
Justin stood up, walking up to his lover, Jolan smiling at him.

"Thank you for letting me share my love, Justin. I love you so much, as greatly as my son."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"We're a family, Jo. It's the three of us together."
Jolan smiled widely, Justin lost in the beauty of his face of shown happiness.

"All for one and one for all, my beautiful Musketeer."

Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey loving eyes.

"Actually that's your beautiful Mouseketeer." Justin said smiling, Jolan laughing.

Justin smiled, hearing the happiness and love in Jolan's rich laugh, the man tightening his hold on him.

"It's the three of us forever, Jus."

Jolan leaned in, kissing him deeply.

Everyone smiled, Lynn standing up.

"Well, you two may dine on kisses, but your son's a growing boy. How about pizza?"
Justin grinned, Jolan laughing.

Lynn laughed as well, heading into the kitchen to call for takeout.


Joey drove the van down the street towards Lance's building, pulling into the underground garage, the van disappearing inside.

Outside the condo building another van sat across the street in the evening darkness, its driver watching the van disappear inside.

The occupant stared in silence, adjusting something in his lap.

Joey drove through the parking garage, parking in one of Lance's three parking spots.

The other two spots held Lance's SUV and a small cherry red Porsche.

Joey smiled at Lance who sat beside him, his boyfriend smiling at him.

"It's good to be home. I hate sleeping in shared cottages. I prefer my own bed, with my man against me."
Joey smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lance.

The two broke their kiss reluctantly, Lance sighing.

"Save that for upstairs, Joe. I want to cuddle with you all night."
Joey's face beamed, opening the driver's door.

Lance climbed out as well, Joey sliding the sliding door open, pulling out their bags.

Lance offered to take one, Joey brushing his offer aside, Lance smiling at him.

The two walked into the adjacent hallway, heading for the elevators.

Five minutes later Lance unlocked his front door, walking in and hitting the light switch.

He looked around seeing everything in its place.

"Welcome home, Joe." he said, Joey dropping their bags at the door, closing the door and locking it.

Lance smiled, walking towards the kitchen, two arms encircling him.

He turned, Joey's lips upon his, Lance lost in the intensity of the man's love surrounding him.

Joey's tongue entered Lance's mouth, the two French kissing.

"Mmm, Joe that's fantastic. But you need to calm down, my sweet."

Joey's arm tightened around Lance's body, his hands falling to his butt.

"I've been starved for you for over a week, my Lance. You were right. I hate sharing cottages too."
Lance smiled, hearing the need in Joey's voice, the need for him.
"My Teddy Bear need me?"
"Oh God, Lance. So much!"

Lance smiled, moving back from Joey, staring at him.

"Then come and get me."
Lance took off running down the hallway, Joey startled for a moment, then rushing off in hot pursuit.

Joey ran into the bedroom, stopping immediately.

Lance was standing in front of the bed, his shirt off, Joey staring at the vision of beauty before him.

Joey took in every inch of Lance's smooth taut chest, his swimmer's build fueling the desire rising in Joey.

"I am yours, my Joe. I give you your heart's desire. I love you." Lance said, staring at the man he now loved.

Joey's eyes teared up, staring at the man who'd captured his soul.

Lance had deeply moved Joey on their first night of love.

His caring, guiding love had driven Joey to the edge of ecstasy.

Here now again Lance was offering him his greatest dreams.

They hadn't made love since that night they'd talked to Nathan.

For over the last week they'd been denied their needs, the shared accommodations nixing everything but flirtatious snuggling while they slept.

Here now Joey was again going to feel all of Lance's love.

Tonight Joey was going to give him all of his.

Joey destroyed the distance between him and his need, Lance's smooth body in his arms, their lips again locked.

Joey's hands roamed over Lance's nude torso, Lance breaking the kiss, staring into his loving eyes.

"I am yours forever, Joe. Please show me your love."
Joe teared up, kissing him on the lips gently, his hands going to Lance's center, feeling the hardness straining against his hands.

"I need you, Joe! Oh God I need your love!"
Joey pushed Lance backwards, falling on top of his lover, his hands pulling at his jeans, the material sliding down Lance's taut muscular legs.

Lance lay on the bed, his body nude except for a pair of now tight-fitting briefs.

Joey sat up, staring at the vision before him.

His man was breathtakingly beautiful, his desire showing.

Joey moved, pulling the briefs off, Lance's hardness falling against his stomach, Joey staring at it, his lips moistened by his tongue.

Lance moved, pushing Joey backwards, his nude body on top of him.

"I need my bear naked, and against me." he said, his hands doing their work.

Joey remained still as Lance stripped him bare.

Lance's hands were roaming all over Joey's exposed flesh, the two soon naked together.

Lance's green eyes focused on Joey's blue, the two staring into their souls.

"Please, Joe. Please show me the love I need."
Joey moved, their lips meeting, Joey's love taking charge.

Within moments Lance was on his back, Joey's center guiding its way into his heated love.

Lance moaned, Joey's lips finding his, their eyes meeting as the passion flowed.

"I love you, Lance. You are mine."
Lance teared up, Joey's face shining with love.

"I love you, Joe. We are one."

Joey teared up, his body sinking into Lance's.


Eight floors below a man sat in silence, listening to all that had taken place upstairs, the listening device sitting in his lap.

He'd just made it out in time, having set up his surveillance spot only minutes before the van had shown up.

He'd adjusted the volume, the sound crystal clear from the microphones he'd hidden in three rooms-the living room, Lance's bedroom and the kitchen.

The man listened to all the words of love flowing between the two men, and the sounds of passion coming from the bedroom high above him.

The man shut off the listening device, throwing it down on the seat beside him, his head lowering.

He saw the pewter knife laying on the seat beside it, seeing his own blood shining on its blade.

The man raised his head, his eyes looking upwards, seeing no lights now shining from the bedroom's windows.

Nathan Livingstone stared up into the darkness, his hand guided towards the knife again.

Its pewter wolf head fell into his fingers, Nathan guiding the blade to his arm again, not looking at what he was doing.

Already on his inside arm five lines of blood lay dripping, each a mark made by the knife.

He'd done that while listening to Lance's words of love for his Joey.

"Joey isn't your love, Lance! I am!" he repeated in the darkness of his van after each slash of the knife, the pain a testament to his

longing for his Lance.

One more slash of pain cut into his mind, the doctor lost in his own grief.

"You can't love him, Lance! I won't let you! You're mine!" Nathan sobbed, his head lowering against the steering wheel, his body wracked with sobs.

Nathan cried for a few moments, his silent loneliness shattered by the ringing cell phone beside him.

He picked it up, looking at the display.

He opened it, wiping his eyes.

"Yes, I'm here."

He stared up towards the darkened condo again.

"Alright, I'll do it. I'll agree to your needs, as long as I get what I want. He's first, understand?!"

Nathan waited for the response, a smile softening his face.

"I'm glad you see it my way, Brandon. What's one more for our happiness?"

Nathan ended the call, the smile on his face widening, his eyes still trained upwards.

"His love is nothing compared to mine, Lance. My love will make him a dead memory."


Jolan woke up, his eyes adjusting to the semidarkness, moonlight shining into the bedroom.

He turned to his right, looking into the staring blue eyes of his son's face.

Justin lay sound asleep on his back, his smooth chest gleaming in the moonlight, little Hayden sitting beside him, Justin's arm around him.

Jolan smiled, the boy smiling softly back at him.

"You should be sleeping, Hay." Jolan softly said, the boy moving, Jolan sitting up.

The boy climbed into Jolan's lap, snuggling against his smooth chest, Jolan's body heat warming him as Jolan wrapped his arms around him.

"What's wrong, Hay?" Jolan said, kissing his forehead.

"Me no know, Daddy. Me wakes up snuggled betweens you. Me just feel wuhreed."

Jolan held the child a little closer in his strong arms, the boy nestled against him.

"You have nothing to be worried about, Hay. I'm here to protect you, and love you. So is Poppa. And Auntie Jennie, and Gramma Lynn, and everyone else. We all love you and want you to be happy."
"Me is happy heres. You stays with me always?"
Jolan hugged his son, gently rocking back and forth.

"Daddy will always be here to love you."
The boy smiled, Jolan smiling as he looked up into his eyes.

"Okay, Daddy. I know you wuv me. Me be happy here with yous."

Jolan smiled, softly humming, the boy closing his eyes.

Jolan hummed, his eyes looking down at his son, the boy finally falling asleep again.

Justin moved, his body turning towards Jolan, his hand going out, resting on Hayden's leg.

Jolan smiled, seeing his lover's seeking love finding the boy.

Jolan sat quietly, his son asleep in his arms, his lover asleep at his side.

Jolan's eyes went to the bedroom window, the large full moon staring back at him, its brightness making his smooth body glow in the bed.

Jolan had almost told them the full truth standing in front of that window tonight, but his heart held true to his promise to her.

"I know why you did this, Theresa. Thank you for giving me his love."




End of Chapter  81


A chapter of beginning love.

Hayden's cemented a place in the hearts of everyone, especially Justin and Jennie's heart.

But no greater love is that of the father and son bond.

Jolan seems to be more focused with Hayden's love.


Seems our troubled Nathan is back again.

What are he and Brandon planning?
It doesn't sound good for Joey, or Lance.

Will their plans be thwarted by our giving Jolan, or will someone else intervene on love's behalf?


Richard's found himself in a mess of trouble.

Will the elusive Fagin Greymount forgive him for his mistakes, or will he and the imprisoned Samuel have to pay for their failure?


We now say goodbye to the troubled town of Cutter's Bluff.

Onward we go to a new adventure in Los Angeles, the City of Angels.


Perhaps I should move there.
Do you think Justin has a room to rent?




Hugs, Angel