Jolan's Path - Chapter 82


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 82


Fagin Greymount sat behind a large ancient wooden desk, his dark eyes upon the man seated in front of him.

The man sat in relative silence, this room always holding a sense of dread within his soul.

He sat in Fagin's library, the massive desk the central piece of ancient history in the room.

Cecil stared at his master, the man's face covered in its usual emotionless calmness.

"So Jolan Dragos is the last of their pack? The last free soul of the Badenwolf?"
Cecil nodded, having told Fagin only moments before the startling revelation of Jolan's inner beast that Richard had revealed.

Fagin stood up, walking over to a small dais, a large, old, leather-bound book laying upon it.

Cecil stared at the book, knowing what it was.

No one touched that book.

Cecil remembered his own mistake in regards to that book, so many years ago.

He'd been only twelve at the time, long devoured by this man since the age of seven.

He'd ventured into this room alone, walking up to the ancient book, staring at its singular presence in the room, its being there somehow drawing him towards it.

Cecil's small youthful fingers had touched it, preparing to open the book to see what the small boy had thought might be something magical.

He hadn't heard the rush of motion behind him, or the large man's hands touching him.

Fagin had picked the small child up, throwing him across the room, Cecil hitting the bookcase with his body, falling to the ground.

Fagin was immediately upon him, the man ripping the meager clothes off his body.

And for hours Fagin had raped the boy, drilling a reality into the child's mind.

No one ever touched the Book of the Oracle.

Save only one.

Cecil's master for life, Fagin Greymount.

Cecil sat staring at his master now, the man picking up the book, returning to his desk.

Fagin opened the ancient tome, finding what he sought, staring at the ancient words, reciting them in the silent room.


"And on the one path of truth a lone beast shall walk, surrounded by his own truths. He of his choice, he of his lost magic. No other man nor similar beast shall stay him from his true destiny. Snow and truth shall give way to life. Thy clans of evil and goodness shall meet before thy rooftop of heaven. Look to the west and see thy Sun Child's destiny. A Fangoros shall reveal his greatness and set upon the path to truth. That day we shall be blessed to look upon his eternal happiness."


Fagin closed the book, his black eyes staring at Cecil, the lawyer remaining silent.

He saw in those eyes the familiar look of wisdom on the edge of madness.

"The words speak truth, Cecil my child. Jolan Dragos is the lone beast, the last of the free Badenwolf. He is on the path of my greatness. I am the Fangoros foretold in this prophecy. I am the one to destroy him and find my eternal happiness. I am destined to rule the world, and Jolan Dragos is the instrument of my success. The prophecy states that we will not be able to stop him from his quest. It all comes down to the final meeting of the Fangoros and those foolish Sumsarian idiots. So be it."
Fagin's eyes stared at the man, Cecil slightly trembling at the look now in Fagin's steely black eyes.

"How finds our Richard?"

The lawyer looked at him, seeing a slight mirthful gleam now in those black eyes.

"He's raging with anger, Sire. But he is trapped in a cell of his own making."
Fagin nodded, looking towards the door leading out of the library.

"I believe you find great joy in that, my child? I have always known of your hatred for my chosen one."

The lawyer's head bowed a little in agreement, Fagin smiling.

"Wonderful! I find great pleasure in keeping my children vengeful and desirous. Brooding hatred for each other thrives in their souls. From that comes strength and greatness. The strong devour the weak."

Cecil's head raised, staring at his master.

"I am your loyal servant, my master. I have never walked from your path of greatness."
Fagin nodded, smiling at his slave.

"Yes, faithful Cecil. My one consistent, faithful, loyal friend."
The lawyer smiled, Fagin standing up.

The large, muscular man walked around the table, his large hand going to Cecil's shoulder.

"Richard was chosen for a singular purpose. Yes, he's screwed up royally, but I expected that to happen. Our adversary has now revealed his intelligence. Richard, in that sense, did me justice. I shall take care of Richard myself. He has one last task to see done."

Cecil nodded, feeling the strength in the fingers touching his shoulder.

It had been years since Fagin had physically touched him, Cecil knowing of his master's true desires.

Youth and strength--broken into submission--fed the man's soul.

"Come, my child. I have a small reward for your faithfulness."

Fagin moved, Cecil standing and following his master as he walked out of the room.

Cecil followed him through the mansion, the man finally stopping in front of a room deep within the lower sanctum of the mansion.

Cecil knew of this room, having been in it himself.

The Room of Devouring, Fagin called it.

Fagin's eyes stared into Cecil's.

"This was to be Richard's reward, a meal of succulence. He gave me this vessel, his own desires for it revealed in his eyes. I have not touched it yet, for I was saving it for the most faithful of friends."
Cecil stared at his master, seeing his permanent youthfulness seeping with desire.

"You and I crave our hunger, Cecil. Come, let's dine on life as we once did together."
Cecil smiled with obedience, Fagin opening the door.

Cecil walked in, the room lit by bright spotlights.

In the room's center lay a single bed, covered in white, all the walls white with brightness.

Cecil's eyes stared at a young man of physical beauty laying upon the bed, completely nude save for a pair of white gleaming briefs covering his center.

The young man was chained to the bed by titanium shackles, his blue eyes staring towards the two men, those eyes filled with fear.

Adam stared at the two men, his body trembling.

He now deeply regretted his coming on to that man on the airplane last week.

The airline steward had followed the man with lust to this God-forsaken place that day, the young man walking into his own fate.

Fagin smiled at his servant, his hand pushing Cecil forward.

"Richard brought this treat to me a week ago. It was to be our meal after his victory over Jolan Dragos. Alas, our Richard failed. You and I, my dearest friend, shall savor his reward. Let's feast together as we once did, my old friend."

Cecil's eyes widened, staring at the young man laying before him, watching Fagin remove his own clothing, Cecil immediately beginning to remove his.

Cecil's eyes went to the naked man standing beside him, seeing the ancient beauty of the near immortal man, his master Fagin.

Fagin smiled towards the young trapped man, a smile of hunger and desire.

"I know it's been years since you've feasted, my loyal Cecil. You can partake of his sustenance first." Fagin said, his face smiling with hunger.

Cecil stared towards the bed, staring at the beauty and deliciousness of the young man.

A hunger long lost within him ignited in his soul, Fagin laughing, seeing the hunger now showing on the man's face.

Cecil rushed towards the bed, attacking the young man, the young man terrified and fighting him as the older man ripped off the young man's briefs.

A scream of total fear echoed in the room as Cecil's teeth sunk into the young man's neck at the same moment as his large phallus sank deep into the man's center.

Fagin smiled, joining his old friend on the bed for a meal of bleeding youthfulness.


Sunday was a day of happy togetherness in the Timberlake household.

Jolan had been up early feeding his family with his breakfast creations.

The five had dined in happiness, Hayden the center of that family's joy.

The four adults had watched his happiness flood the room.

After breakfast, Jolan, Justin and Hayden had showered together, Jolan washing his men, Hayden in Justin's strong wet arms.

The little boy had laughed, Jolan smiling as he cleaned him and his lover.

After the quick shower and dressing, the three headed out for a day of fun.

Justin had insisted at breakfast that they needed to go shopping for the young boy's immediate needs.

Jolan had reluctantly agreed, Lynn and Jennie guiding him to the decision.

"Remember the shopping Lynn did for me when I was in that hospital? It filled my heart with happiness having so many new things. In all that, I saw her love." Jennie had said, Lynn touched by her thankful words.

Jolan nodded, seeing his sister's love for the older woman.

"Alright, Justin. Our son does need some new clothes."

Justin had beamed, Jolan smiling at his happiness.

And so the day had started with a shopping spree.

Lonnie had come over, the man taking his duty seriously.

He'd driven them all around, walking behind them, watching the people staring at the small group.

Jennie and Lynn had joined the family, Lynn making sure the two men looked after the boy's immediate needs.

Jolan saw a lot of people staring at them, instantly recognizing Justin, and surprisingly himself as well.

He'd seen several cameras flashing, doing his best to ignore them.

No one approached them, but a lot of the store personnel fawned over Justin.

Jolan remained silent, protecting the child within his arms.

On several occasions Jolan had stopped at newspaper kiosks, seeing his own face with Justin  emblazoned on several newspapers' fronts.

Their drama was big news, Jolan feeling the touch of fame.

He shook it off, centering on what really mattered.

Hayden smiled up at him, Jolan drawn back into the real world.

Jolan had walked around with Hayden in his arms, the six hitting a lot of stores.

Jolan had watched as Justin became lost in his own world of happiness.

On several occasions he'd had to curtail his man's over-exuberance, Justin realizing he was going a little too far.

Jolan's love brought him back to reality, several expensive items left alone.

All in all they still left with an SUV filled with bags.

After the morning of shopping, they ended up at the Dor de Casa restaurant, the group hugged by Domo and Daphne.

"Welcome, my grandson and granddaughter. " the man said, tears in his eyes.

"Now, Domo! It's only been a day." Justin laughed, the man smiling.

"Their love I hunger for. Each day without it brings sadness to me." he said, Jolan hugging his grandfather again.

"Our love  remains in your heart, Grandfather. There it shall always be."
Dominoso smiled, kissing his cheek.

Jolan and Hayden were kissed by Daphne, the woman smiling at Jolan.

"How finds my sister's world of love?"
"I am the happiest I've ever been. My Rachel's gone back to Los Angeles, but her love fills my soul."
Domo smiled, seeing the happiness on his granddaughter's face.

"Come, let's get my great-grandson filled with my Romanian cuisine, the food of our heritage."

Hayden giggled, now in Daphne's arms.

"Our boy needs a milkshake!" she said, Jennie laughing, her sister smiling at her.

"Come on, Jennie. You look like you need one, too."

Everyone laughed, Domo guiding them to the back private room.


After they'd dined on Domo's wonderful cuisine, the group relaxed, Domo smiling at Jolan.

"What is the word from the Sumsarian brethren, Grandfather?" Jolan said, Hayden smiling up at him from Justin's lap.

"The clan is in awe of your courage, my son." Domo said, Daphne looking at her grandfather.

"A meeting of worth is being formulated, Jolan. The clan is readying itself to bask in your greatness in the time of Snow and Truth."
Jolan nodded, quietly sipping at his coffee.

"I shall meet the clan of my Sumsarian ancestry next June, on the grassy fields of Bladaria, before the ancient palace of King Dragos."

Domo and Jolan's eyes met, Domo seeing the calmness in those grey eyes.

"Tell them that it is not with weapons of hurt and revenge that we shall defeat evil. They need only show their true hearts to claim that victory."

Domo looked surprised, Jolan staring at him.

"How did you know we were formalizing an army of strength?"
"I know the souls of justice, the souls of worry. Weapons you may need against the slaves of Fagin, but the greatest weapon we have is love. The love of the Sumsarian and Badenwolf brethren."

Domo nodded, looking at his grandson.

"And what of the lost Sun Child?"
"He will be the center of the truth. His love will be the greatest."

Everyone looked at Jolan, the young man smiling.

"Those truths are a long ways off. Right now we focus on our present happiness. On the joy laying ahead of us. We're leaving in the morning, Grandfather. We're heading back to Los Angeles."
Domo nodded, smiling at the boy in Justin's lap.

"Yes, a family needs to get itself going."
Justin, Jolan and Hayden smiled at the older man, everyone looking at the threesome of happiness.


Jolan sat in silence, smiling at the vision before him.

Justin sat on the floor in the living room, Hayden in his lap, the boy squealing with joy, watching Jennie opening a box in front of him.

Bags of new clothing and other items lay around the condo, the threesome in its center.

Before the small boy sat several toys, Jennie and Justin showing him all of them.

Jolan sat on the couch, Lynn sitting beside him.

Lonnie smiled from another chair, sipping a glass of water, looking at the threesome on the floor.

"Your son's gone overboard." Jolan said, smiling at Lynn.

"It's the child in him. He's giving Hayden the joys he longed to have as a child." Lynn said, smiling at her son lost in the boy's happiness.
Jolan smiled, his arm going around the woman.

"The joys of the love he was raised with."
Lynn smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"If my son grows to be the man my Justin is, then Justin will have continued what you started. A path of love."
Lynn smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Thank you, Jolan."
"You're welcome, Mom."

Lynn smiled, leaning over and whispering in Jolan's ear, a smile crossing his face.

Hayden climbed out of Justin's lap, Jennie handing him a truck.

The boy's eyes were wide with happiness, Justin's eyes meeting Jolan's.

Jolan stood up, his hand going out to Justin, Justin pulled up onto his feet, smiling at his man.

Jolan wrapped his arms around Justin, Justin looking at him.

"Thank you for bringing joy into our son's glowing eyes."
Jolan kissed Justin, Justin feeling his man's love glowing.

"He's happy, as well as you. So I'm happy." Justin replied.

Jolan smiled, looking around the room, seeing all the treasures before him.

"So money can buy happiness."

Justin laughed, Jolan smiling.

"Mom, Jennie and Lonnie. Would you excuse us for a little while? I have to talk to my man." Jolan said, both women nodding, Lynn smiling, Lonnie chuckling.

Hayden looked up at his father, smiling.

"Me gots lots, Daddy! Tank you, Poppa!"

Justin smiled, leaning down and receiving a kiss from the small boy, Hayden's arms wrapping around his neck as he gave it to him.

"You're welcome, my little man."

The boy smiled, breaking his hold on the man, going back to the truck.

"You go get gift, Poppa. Me be happys with Aunt Jennie and Gramma! Wonnie too!!"

Jolan laughed, Justin looking confused at him, Jolan pulling him towards the hallway.


Justin sighed, his lover's lips all over his face, Justin and Jolan laying back on their bed on top of its freshly changed coverings.

"Mmm, my angel. You're happy." he said, Jolan's fingers opening the buttons on Justin's silk shirt.

"Not quite, my man. I need you out of these damn clothes!"

Justin laughed, flipping his lover over onto his back, Justin's body now on top of him.

"Oh? Is this a moment of bliss before me? Is my man in need of his Jumpy?"

Jolan stared up into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the depth of love staring back at him.

"Well, my son said I had a gift for you. It's my total love."

Justin smiled, touched by the beauty and desire in Jolan's words.

"What? I don't have a present to open?"

Jolan smiled, guiding Justin's fingers down to his belt, Justin feeling a rising hardness against it.
"It's ready to be unwrapped. Careful though, it's fragile."

Justin's loud laughter filled the room, Jolan smiling widely.

He pulled his man down to him, kissing him deeply.

"I love you, Jus. I love you so much!"

Justin smiled, breaking their hold, standing up beside the bed.

"I think it's you that needs a greater gift, my love. I sense your need. Your gift stands here before you. Bask in its beauty."
Justin remained still, staring at Jolan.

Jolan sat up, then stood, standing close to his man.

His fingers went to the clothed chest before him, touching Justin's torso, feeling the muscular beauty hidden beneath the clothing.

"I believe they out there knew of your needs as well, Wolfy. I think we've been given the afternoon alone for love." Justin said, looking towards the bedroom door.
Jolan smiled, his fingers going to Justin's shirt, undoing each button.

"Your mother voiced to me that gift. We better make use of each moment."
Justin smiled, his shirt hitting the floor.

Jolan's eyes took in each muscular inch of Justin's naked torso.

His fingers ran along his smooth chest, stopping at each nipple, rubbing them.

Justin softly moaned, Jolan's head moving forward, his lips licking Justin's throat, moving downward.

Justin lightly gasped when Jolan's lips sucked in his right nipple, lightly chewing on it.

"Oh God, Wolfy."
Jolan's head rose, their lips meeting, Jolan's hands going to Justin's center, fighting with his belt.

Their eyes opened, Justin staring into Jolan's grey orbs.

"The wolf will remain hidden today. Today you need only your Jo's love and desires. That is my gift to you. It's just you and me kid!"

Justin smiled, and chuckled, then moaned as Jolan's hand went into Justin's briefs, wrapping around his hard manhood.

"Okay, enough of the tenderness of our love. I need you, so much!" Jolan said, sinking to his knees, taking with him Justin's briefs and pants, Justin stepping out of both as Jolan's mouth took in all of his center.

Justin gasped, Jolan's hands kneading his naked ass, his tongue licking the underside of the pulsing organ buried in his throat.

Justin's whole body trembled, Jolan feeling the surging tide throbbing within the flesh he tasted.

Jolan backed off, standing again, lightly throwing Justin back onto the bed, Justin laying naked before him.

Justin stared up, seeing the deep desire in Jolan's grey eyes.

Jolan's hands went to Justin's feet, pulling off his white socks.

Justin sighed, seeing his lover's eyes scan over his body with lust, and deep need.

"Turn over, my vision of masculine beauty."
Justin moved immediately, hearing the need within Jolan's voice.

Justin lay in silence, hearing noises behind him, then feeling his lover's weight sink onto the bed.

Justin instantly felt a wetness within his center, his mind exploding with ecstasy.

Jolan was in a world of his own desire and need.

His tongue bathed the center of his man's beauty.

Its smoothness and heat sent Jolan's need over the edge.

Jolan tasted the sweetness of Justin's center, his lips kissing the rosebud before him.

His tongue moved downward, licking the filled sac below it.

Jolan took both treasures into his mouth, Justin's body trembling with emotion.

"Oh God, oh God!!"

Jolan moved downward, engulfing the hardness he craved, his fingers rubbing the center above, Justin bucking.

"Please my Jo! Please love me!!"
Jolan released the organ he'd devoured, pulling himself up, his own hardness rubbing against Justin's center.

Jolan pulled the man's body upward, his arms wrapping around his naked chest, his lips sucking on Justin's neck.

"You are mine of body and soul. This gift I give with all my love." he  whispered, his hardness finding its need.

Justin gasped, feeling its steel heat sinking into him.

"Oh. . .oh. . .oh yes. . ."
Jolan turned his head, his lips meeting his.

Justin was lost in his man's control, his body given over to Jolan's rising rhythm.

He was Jolan's and Jolan was taking all of him.

Jolan's hand moved, wrapping around Justin's hardness, stroking him with every inward thrust, the two lost in the desires taking them.

Jolan suddenly withdrew from Justin, flipping the man over onto his back in one fluid movement, Justin staring up into Jolan's grey lost eyes.

They were lost in Justin's love.

Jolan sank forward, his hardness again entering Justin, Justin seeing the look of total abandon in Jolan's eyes.

"I love you, Jus. I love you." he said, his rhythm of love beginning again, the pace quickening, Jolan's lips meeting his again.

Justin moaned, feeling the need in Jolan, the familiar need for his love.

Both men felt the sudden rush of desire overflowing, both gasping as it released itself, their fluids erupting.

Jolan collapsed on top of Justin, Justin's arms wrapping around him, Jolan's cheek against his.

Justin felt Jolan's body trembling, wet tears falling on his cheek.

Justin moved, Jolan slipping out of him, Jolan's body wrapped in Justin's.

"Oh, Jus! I have so much love. I have so much!" he sobbed, Justin holding him, feeling the total happiness in Jolan's soul.

Justin smiled, kissing his wet cheek, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Jo."

Jolan smiled, Justin seeing the love before him.

Jolan closed his eyes, lost in the love surrounding him.


A light tapping on the bedroom door an hour later opened Justin's eyes.

Jolan lay sound asleep, his head on Justin's chest.

He covered his lover and himself, bidding enter.

The door opened, Hayden's small head popping into the room.

He smiled, running up to the bed, smiling at Justin.

Justin smiled at him, the boy looking at his sleeping father.

"Daddy sweeping in wuv?"

Justin smiled, the small boy climbing up onto the bed with Justin's help, snuggling against Justin's other side.

His small head lay beside his father's, Justin's arm wrapping around him.

The boy's hand went to Justin's face, Justin smiling at him.

"Me happy Daddy happy, Poppa. His wuv mine and yours."

The small boy snuggled more into Justin, his hand going to his father's cheek, his small blue eyes closing.

Justin smiled, his eyes going to the bedroom door.

Jennie stood in the doorway, smiling at him.

"A room of love. I feel its beauty."

Justin smiled back, the young woman silently closing the door.


The family of three slept for a few hours, then dined that evening with their friends.

Lance and Joey came over, smiling at the new family of love.

Jolan smiled himself, seeing the twosome deeply in love.

He talked privately with both, as did Justin.

Both men saw their complete togetherness, sensing that Joey and Lance were deeply in love.

"So it's back to the city of fame for our family of stardom." Joey said, Hayden laying on top of him after supper on the living room floor.

Joey smiled, the little boy a bundle of happiness on top of him.

"We are not a family of stardom, Joe. We're a family of love." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him.

"And he's our treasure, not yours! You've got your own!" Justin said, picking Hayden up off of Joey's chest, the man smiling up at him.

Hayden giggled, his Poppa's arms going around him, Justin sitting down on the floor beside Joey.

He handed Hayden his new truck, the boy's eyes sparkling.

Lance moved from beside Jolan, laying down on top of Joey, his man's strong arms wrapping around him.

"A treasure he truly is." Joey said, Lance kissing him.

Justin smiled, then chuckled.

"You got the lighter one, Jus. Joey's needs to go on a diet." Jolan said, slapping Lance's ass.

Lance's green eyes met his grey, both men laughing.

Joey smiled, leaning upwards and kissing Lance's lips.

"My boy's perfect the way he is."
Lance smiled, looking into Joey's blue eyes.

"So are mine, Joey. So are my two." Jolan said, Justin and Hayden smiling at him.

Lynn, Lonnie and Jennie all smiled, seeing the love laying before them.

The group parted in the early evening, hugs and kisses exchanged.

Tomorrow would be a day of travel, an early night welcomed.

By ten everyone was sleeping, wrapped in love.


Justin opened the door, hitting the alarm pad beside it, the beeping silencing.

In his arm Hayden scanned the entrance way, his blue eyes wide with wonder.

"It so big, Poppa!!" he said, Jolan smiling behind them, carrying two bags.

"Yes, Hay. Welcome to your new home." Justin said, the small boy smiling.

"Daddy, it so bigs!" he said again, Jolan kissing his cheek, dropping the bags in the foyer.

"Yes, my boy. But as Poppa said, it's home."
Justin smiled, setting the small boy down, Hayden's arms going around his leg.

"Me holds on you, Poppa. Me no wants to get wost."

Jolan laughed, seeing the wonder and concern in the small boy's blue eyes.

"Poppa and I will never let you get lost, Hay. You'll find every nook and cranny of this place soon enough. It will be totally yours."

The boy smiled, his hands letting go of Justin's leg, his body moving forward.

Justin smiled, walking behind him, Jennie, Lynn and Lonnie smiling as they walked in, having heard the conversation.

The small boy ran towards the living room, Justin at his heels.

"He's got his father's courage." Lynn said, Jolan smiling at her.

"And he's got his guarding playmate right behind him."

Everyone laughed, Jolan walking towards the living room, the others following.

Jolan smiled seeing his son looking all around the room, his curiosity showing as he investigated everywhere.

Justin's arm wrapped around Jolan, kissing his cheek.

"Calmed down yet, love?"

Jolan sighed, their eyes meeting.

"I will never be comfortable with that."
Justin smiled, his thoughts going to the morning's wildness.

Leaving New York had been an ordeal.

The press had staked out the airport, the group immediately surrounded when they'd walked into it.

Lonnie had taken charge, with the help of airport security, the man always prepared.

The small group had fought their way silently through a barrage of questioning reporters, guided to a secure location.

Their questions had been vocal and demanding.


How does it feel to be free, Jolan?

Where are you headed now, Justin?

What will you do now Jolan? Is there a movie deal already?

When will your real book be published?

Who's the boy with you, Jolan?

Is that your son? Can we take pictures of him?


That last question had changed Jolan's face, his arms wrapping tighter around his son.

The small boy lay in his arms, Jolan's body shielding him from the flashing cameras, Justin seeing the look on Jolan's face.

The look of protective love.

They'd been guided into a private room, waiting there until their flight was called.

Justin had seen the look on Jolan's face when they were alone.

Concern, worry and a slight look of fear showed on his face throughout their waiting.

He and Jolan quietly talked, Jolan gradually calmed down by Justin's love.

His arms remained around his son, the boy falling asleep in his lap.

Upon landing in Los Angeles, they again had been inundated with reporters.

Jolan was just as protective, his son in his arms surrounded by his fatherly love.

They'd remained silent again, the reporters surrounding them until they drove away.

Jolan had also seen the vans set up around the front gates of Justin's home.

Jolan had sighed, Justin sitting beside him in the backseat of the SUV, Hayden in a car seat between them.


Hayden ran up to Jolan, Jolan bending to his knees, the boy smiling at him.

"Me likes woom, Daddy. Lots of space for mes to run."
Jolan smiled, the boy kissing his cheek.

'Rewax, Daddy. We's home now. Peoples no bother us heres."

Jolan looked up at Justin, his lover smiling down at him.

"You heard Hay, Jo. We're home."
Jolan nodded, standing again, Hayden again in his arms.

"Then let's show our son his new home."
Justin nodded, Hayden jumping into his arms.
Jolan smiled, Justin taking his hand in his.

"Let's go see your new happiness." Justin said, Jolan looking at him with confusion.

The threesome walked out of the room, Justin smiling at his mother.

Lynn winked at him, Jolan catching it.

"What's going on?"
"Oh, nothing, Jo." Justin said, Jolan sensing a sudden nervousness in Justin.

He also felt the man's usual childlike joy as well.

The two men walked up the stairs, Lynn and Jennie walking behind, Lonnie following the group.

Jolan smiled when they'd reached the top, seeing their bedroom door open, Jolan realizing that he'd missed this home as well.

That room held a singular joy in Jolan's heart.

It was the room of their love, the protective center of Justin's love.

"I have a surprise, my love." Justin said, his and Jolan's eyes meeting, the man having stopped in front of their bedroom door.

Jolan looked into the room, seeing it as it always had been.

"What has my Jumpy cooked up? I don't see any difference here."

Justin smiled, his eyes looking towards Lonnie, who stood beside the door across from their bedroom.

Jolan met his gaze, the large man smiling widely.

Jolan's eyes moved to the left of the large man, seeing a wooden plaque hanging on the door.

It was painted in white, blue lettering across it, as well as small images.

Jolan walked across the hallway, reading the plaque.



                        Hay's Room

                           of Love



Jolan's eyes met Justin's, his soulmate smiling.

"Our boy needs his own room, my love."

Lonnie smiled, opening the door, Justin setting down the boy, Hayden's eyes widening.

Hayden ran forward, running into the room, Jolan following, Justin's arms going around Jennie, the others following the father and son.

Jolan's eyes took in the room, seeing a boy's fantasy come to life.

A small red race car bed lay in the center of the room, the walls covered with every imaginable childhood image.

Cowboys, trains, cars and trucks, and lots of animals.

A small desk and chair stood together, Hayden running up to it.

"Me gots desk, Daddy! Me can writes here like yous!!" he screamed with joy, Jolan's face widening with a large smile.

Jolan looked around the room, seeing different toys, stuffed animals and books lining different shelves.

A television sat on a wooden stand, a chest of drawers standing by the window.

A rocking chair stood in front of the window, Jolan's eyes taking it all in.

Two arms wrapped around Jolan, his eyes meeting two blue tearing orbs.

"I wanted our son to have a room of love close to us. A room of boyhood joy, a place for him to be happy."

Jolan teared up, kissing Justin's lips.

"Oh thank you, Jus. This is so beautiful! But how. . .?"
Justin smiled, sensing Jolan's happiness at what he'd done.

"You've forgotten our wandering angel, one step ahead of us again. Rachel did all this."

Jolan smiled, remembering how she'd done the same for Jennie's room.

"I'll have to thank her as usual."
Justin smiled, feeling a small tug on his pant leg, looking down.

Two large blue eyes looked up at him.

"Tank you, Poppa and Daddy! Dis bootiful. Me so happys me gots own woom."
Justin smiled widely, bending down, the boy's arms going around his neck, kissing his cheek.

Jolan bent down as well, his son kissing his cheek.

Jennie and Lynn smiled in the doorway, Lonnie standing behind them, a wide smile on his face as well.

"Gamma, me got own woom!" the boy said, Lynn smiling and walking into the room, Hayden taking her hand.

"Comes sees, Gamma and Auntie Jennie!" he said, happiness flooding his voice.

Jolan and Justin smiled, Lynn pulled around by the boy, Jennie smiling at both men.

"Our giving Justin's love knows no end." she said, Justin receiving a hug from her.

"Hey, he's my son. He'll want for nothing."

The little boy ran up to Jolan, Jolan helping him climb up into his bed.

"Me gots car bed, Daddy! Me can drives all night!"
Justin laughed, as did Jolan.

"Me sees your woom across hall, Daddy. Me's be close to yous."
Jolan nodded, looking across the hall.

"Yes, Hay. And you're always welcome to come there. Daddy and Poppa are only a few feet away. Anytime you're lonely or just need our love, we are there."
The boy smiled, hugging his father, Jolan feeling the love in the boy's smile.

"Me's not be wonely any mores. Me's got yous both."

Justin and Jolan teared up, the boy smiling at them both.

"Well, we're home. Let's get settled in." Jolan said, Justin smiling at his lover's happiness as well.

"You have fun with your son, Jus. I'm going to check out the kitchen. You may need to go to the store, Lon."
"Let me know what's needed and I'll go get it." the big man said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Brings Tigger up, Daddy. He gots to sees new home!" Hayden said, Justin chuckling.

"Will do, sport!" Jolan said, he and Lonnie walking out of the room.

Lynn smiled at her son, Jennie standing beside her.

"This is beautiful, Justin. Your boy's going to be so happy here."
Justin smiled, Hayden lifting his arms up from the bed.

Justin knelt down, picking up the boy.

"Let's play, Poppa!"

Justin beamed, smiling at the boy.

"For you, anything Hay!"


Jolan smiled, tossing the salad he was preparing, the kitchen alive with the simmering sounds of dinner.

Lynn smiled at him, sitting down at the kitchen table perusing a magazine, Jolan's eyes glancing outside.

He saw Jennie, Justin and Hayden in the backyard, the small boy driving a tricycle around, Justin chasing him, Jennie smiling at both.

"Our boys are going to tire themselves out." Jolan said, Lynn laughing.

"Second childhoods have a way of energizing the bigger ones."
Jolan laughed, Lonnie walking into the room.

"Something smells damn near fantastic."

"Oh? Get a whiff of Ally's perfume? She's not here yet."

The large man blushed, Lynn smirking.

Ally had called, Jolan inviting her for dinner.

Jolan smiled, seeing the man was wearing a clean shirt and different pants.

He'd left for home after returning from the store, grocery bags in hand, Jolan's list having been a long one.

"She'll be here soon, Lon." he smiled, Lonnie sitting down at the table, Lynn smiling at him.

"So, all settled in?" Lonnie said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Yep. The bags are unpacked, the children happy."
Lonnie's large laugh boomed in the room, Jolan and Lynn laughing.

"That one child has a permanent playmate. I've never seen him so happy." Lonnie said, Lynn smiling her agreement.

"He has a family now. That always changes a man, usually for the better." Lynn said, Jolan smiling at her.

"I know the feeling."

The telephone rang, Jolan wiping his hands, picking up the cordless off the counter.


Lynn looked at Jolan, the man quietly talking to someone.

"That's wonderful. You sound so happy. Yes he's here, outside playing with Jennie and Justin."
Lynn's eyes met his, seeing a softness of love beaming there.

"Just a second."

Jolan smiled at Lynn.

"Can you watch these pans, Mom?"
Lynn nodded, getting up and going to the stove, Jolan walking across the room towards the patio doors.

He opened them, looking out at his family.

"Hayden, sweetie. Mommy's on the phone." Jolan said, Lynn looking at Jolan with surprise.

Jolan smiled back, waiting for his son and Justin.

Hayden climbed off the tricycle, running across the grass, Justin chasing him, helping him climb up the steps onto the patio.

The boy ran across it, a wide smile on his face, Jolan kneeling in the doorway.

"Dat Mommy?"
Jolan nodded, handing the boy the phone, Hayden talking into it.

"Mommy, dat you?"

Jolan smiled, hearing the happiness in the boy's words.

Justin smiled at him as well, his arm going around the boy.

The boy smiled, listening to his mother.

"I got so much, Mommy! Daddy's gots me my own woom filled with stuff! Me so happy heres with dems."

Jolan smiled, standing up, his sister smiling at him from the patio.

The boy talked and talked into the phone, telling his mother all that had gone on in his short time with them.

"I wuv you, Mommy. Yous happy?" the boy said, Jolan sensing the call was ending.

"Dat goods! Me wuvs you, and I be okays."
Justin teared up, Jennie's arm going around him.

"Okay, wuv you!" the boy said, handing the phone back to his father.

"She wants talk to you, Daddy. Me thirsty!"

Jennie smiled, taking the boy's hand.

"Let's get a drinkie, Hay." she said, leading the boy into the kitchen, Jolan putting the phone to his ear, walking out onto the patio, Justin watching him.

Jolan talked for a few minutes, Justin quietly watching him as he talked, Lynn walking out onto the patio as well, having shut down the pans on the stove, the food ready.

Jolan said goodbye, hanging up the phone, looking into both of their blue eyes.

"Sandra and Jessica are in Hawaii. Jessica's taken her there for a long rest, and for a time of love."
Justin nodded, watching his man.

"Is something going on, Jo? I sense an underlying sadness in you."

Jolan looked towards Lynn, Justin walking up to him, Jolan sinking into Justin's arms, their strength wrapping around him

Hayden came running out of the kitchen, Jolan smiling, kneeling and picking the boy up when he climbed into his lap.

"So, my son. Do you like our big backyard?"
"It gweat, Daddy. Me gots lots of room to runs and play. Plus me gots pool to swims in. You teach me to swims, Daddy?"

Justin smiled, hearing the joy in the boy's voice.

"Yes, my son. I'll teach you to swim. But you never go near the pool without Daddy or Poppa, understand?"
"Yep, Daddy. Me needs yous to have fun!"

Jolan smiled, his eyes looking at Justin.

"We all need each other to have fun."
Justin blushed, but smiled, Hayden's hand going to Jolan's face.

"Me feels Mommy's wuv, Daddy. She's happy!"

Jolan smiled softly, kissing his son's cheek.

"She gots what she needs now. So does me."

Justin teared up, Lynn smiling at the small child.

Everyone heard the front door buzzer go off, Jolan smiling into the kitchen, seeing Lonnie walk out of the room.

"Love's surrounding us, let's eat."


Ally sighed, sipping her cup of warm coffee, Lonnie's hand in hers.

Everyone smiled, relaxing around the patio table, supper finished.

"You've been taking lessons from Auntie Gee, Jolan. I'm stuffed." Ally said, smiling at him.

"She taught me how to cook for a lot of people in her restaurant. I'll carry her recipes with me always. And feed my friends on their love."
Everyone smiled, Hayden laying on top of Justin, the man laying in a chaise lounger on the patio.

"Our little piggy's stuffed as well." Jolan said, Hayden giggling on top of Justin, the man's arms wrapped around him.

Jolan smiled, knowing his man was right where he wanted to be.

The small boy smiled, closing his eyes, Justin smiling down at him.

"We need to talk, Jolan. I've arranged a meeting tomorrow with Halston Publishing. They're the firm that released your book."
Jolan nodded, sipping his coffee.

"Alright, Ally. Nothing like diving right into it." Jolan said, Justin looking at him.

"It's your book, my love."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"There's something else we need to discuss, Jolan."
Jolan looked at the young woman, nodding.

"This is big news. Really big news. I've been inundated with interview requests. I think its time your fans met you."

"My fans?" Jolan said, looking confused.

Ally bent down, opening her attaché case, pulling out a copy of Jolan's book, Richard's version.

She set it down on the table, Jolan staring at its cover.

"This book, regardless of its author, has captured the imagination of a generation. The editor at Halston told me they've sold over three hundred thousand copies. Its subject matter is finding a following. I think it's time the world met the true writer behind the words. They need to hear from you why you wrote this."
Jolan moved forward, picking up the novel, opening it.

He read a section, every word sinking into his memory.

"I wrote a story of truth and hope. And the truth of what love can do to you." he said, Jennie looking at her brother.

"Yes, you're right Jolan. That's what the world needs to see. The truth and hope coming from your giving soul. We've all seen that, it's time everyone did."
"I'm not a celebrity. I don't seek fame and glamour. I have all I need right now. And what I have I'll keep out of the spotlight." Jolan said, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"This isn't about fame, Jolan. This is about your giving heart reaching out to the world. That truth will make this world a better place." Justin said, Jolan looking into his blue eyes.

Jolan looked at Justin, and his son now sleeping on his chest.

"Alright, Alexandra. If you think it's best for me to take on the world, then I'll speak my mind."

Jennie smiled, Jolan looking at her.

"You've spoken your mind and given hope and love all your life, brother. Why stop now?"

Jolan nodded, Jennie kissing his cheek.

Lynn smiled, seeing Jennie's love encouraging her brother, and the look in Jolan's eyes about his own insecurities.

"Jennie's right, Jolan. Your giving love will make a lot of difference in a lot of people's hearts. Just like your book's done."

Jolan smiled at Lynn, her words true.

"So what do we do? A one-on-one interview?" Jolan said, Ally smiling at him.
"Yes, we'll do that. But the publisher had another wonderful idea as well. They're going to re-release the book under your name, and they're wanting a large book-signing event. That will benefit them and you most of all."
Jolan's eyes widened in disbelief, Justin rising up from his chair, handing the sleeping Hayden to Lynn, the boy snuggling into her lap, still sound asleep.

Justin sat down beside Jolan, his arm going around him.

"Me in the middle of thousands?" Jolan said, Justin feeling his insecurities rising.

"An angel in the middle of heaven. That's what you'll be. My love, you're a famous author now, or soon will be in the world's eyes. It's time you accept that you're going to be worshipped by a large group of people. Richard Thornton fed on that, his ego his undoing. You, on the other hand, I believe will get something more out of their adulation."
"What's that, Justin?" Jolan said, looking into his blue eyes.

"Happiness, my love. Happiness in the truth of how your words affect people. You told Cory that you just wanted someone someday to read your book. To see the love and hope written within. Well, that time's here, my love. It hasn't become a flash in the pan because it's hip or of the moment. It's become a best-seller because people wanted to read it. And now they want to meet the man behind it. The man of strength, courage, love and hope. My angel, Jolan Dragos."
Jolan smiled, hearing the pride and happiness in Justin's words.

"I understand what you're saying, Jus." Jolan said, looking down at the book still in his hand.

"This is part of me. It's time the world understood that."
Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling around at everyone, his eyes looking at Ally.

"Bring it on, Ally. It's time I faced my friends."

Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I love you, Jo. I'll always voice my pride and love in you."

Jolan teared up, Justin kissing his lips.

Everyone smiled, Jolan breaking the kiss upon hearing a soft snore.

His eyes went to Lynn, seeing his son sound asleep in her arms.

"Okay, I should clean up these dishes. You take our son to bed, Justin."
"Ally and I will take care of the dishes, Jolan. You take your son. Justin and I need to talk about Thursday's events."

Jolan's eyebrow lifted, Justin smiling at him.

"Thursday's events? What are you talking about?"
Justin laughed, rising and taking Hayden out of Lynn's arms, the boy still sound asleep in Justin's arms.

"Sweetie, Thursday is Thanksgiving Day."
Jolan's eyes widened, slapping his forehead.

"With all that's gone on I'd completely forgotten about that!"
Justin grinned, winking at his mother who was starting to pick up plates.

"Mom didn't! She arranged all the flights and stuff."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Thanksgiving is a day of family love. Yours and mine are all coming."
Jolan's face changed to a wide smile, then took a serious look.

"Oh, Jus! Our home is a mess! I have to get organized with the meal and everything!"
Justin laughed, Hayden moving in his arms.

"Right now, take your son. We've got four days to get organized."
Jolan took Hayden from Justin, his lover kissing his cheek.

"Everyone's staying here, Jus. Family stays with family. I won't have people staying in hotel rooms."
Justin smiled, hearing the love in Jolan's voice.

"Yep, they're all staying here. We're having our first Thanksgiving together. Then comes Christmas."
Jolan teared up, looking down at his sleeping son.

"Yes, holidays of love. My heart feels so happy."
Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling and walking back into the house with his sleeping son.

Jennie looked up at Justin, the man smiling down at her.

"My brother's heart is filled with love."

"And your heart is filled with the happiness of all of us." he said.

Jennie smiled, helping Lynn clean up the plates with Ally.



End of Chapter 82


And so a family begins its home of bliss.

Soon, that home will be filled with all of their family.


How will Jolan take to being in the center of fame?
Seems he's not like other celebrities.

Love means more to him than fame.


Another innocent man falls into the clutches of Fagin Greymount.

What will Fagin do to Richard and Samuel?

What is the one thing he still wants Richard to do?

What of the illusive Brandon and Nathan?

Seems there's more trouble brewing for the friends and family of Jolan Dragos.

But first let us watch their joining love gather together for Thanksgiving.

I believe they all have a lot to be thankful for.

And it all centers around one man's love.



Onward on that path of love.


Hugs, Angel.