Jolan's Path - Chapter 83


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 83

Jolan sighed, Ally quietly looking at him.
It was Monday afternoon, the two sitting in an opulent waiting room on the ninth floor of the Halston Publishing building in downtown Los Angeles.
Jolan's eyes scanned the room, taking in photographs of well-known contemporary authors that were lined across one wall.

A few legendary writers were intermixed between the others as well.
Ally smiled, seeing Jolan's eyes scanning the photographs.
"Their wall of excellence. A lot of famous authors deal with this publishing firm." she said, Jolan looking at her.
"I must remember to bring a camera the next time I'm over at Justin's." Ally said, Jolan laughing.
"Why? Is there a spot available in their washroom for my photo?"
Ally burst into laughter, Jolan smiling as she lightly slapped his arm.
"Your humor is twisted, Jolan. But I have faith in you being up there in no time. And deservedly so." she said, pointing at the photos, Jolan softly blushing.
She couldn't understand his reluctance at seeking fame.
All of her clients had always adhered to the need for fame and fortune.
The 'I need to be number one!' mantra.
She smiled, sensing the difference in this young man.
His uniqueness lay in his giving heart, his own heart seeking no greatness or fame.
"You're one of a kind, Jolan. I think that will draw even more fans and admirers to your books. They mirror the man."
Jolan's eyes lowered, Ally shaking her head.
His head raised, Ally smiling at him.

"Books? So you think I might have another in me?"

Ally chuckled, smiling at him

"You'll never be a one-hit wonder, my friend. In any chosen profession."

Jolan smiled, the two waiting quietly.
Jolan's eyes looked out a large picture window, his mind on other things.
Justin had stayed at the house with Hayden, Jolan smiling at that thought.
His Jus had quickly become deeply attached to the young boy, Jolan seeing that truth in Justin's sparkling child-like blue eyes when he and Hay were together.

Jolan had left his man with a clear set of instructions.
Have fun, fun and more fun.
Justin and Hay's beaming smiles were the last thing Jolan had seen when he'd left the house, the two standing in the front doorway.
Ally had watched Jolan staring after them, her smile widening.
In his eyes she saw the depth of his love for them.

Jolan's attention was then averted to the media storm waiting outside their home.

Upon going through the gates their SUV was met with a barrage of reporters, Lonnie slowly guiding the vehicle through their circle of need.

Ally and Jolan's eyes had met, Ally in the front seat with Lonnie.

"The furor hasn't died down much, Jolan. You're still big news." she'd said, Jolan remaining silent, closing his eyes.

A young woman walked into the waiting room, smiling at both of them.
"Hello, Mr. Dragos. My name is Evangeline. I'm the editor's assistant. L. B. is tied up at the moment, so he's asked me to guide you to his office. He'll join you there momentarily." she said, smiling at Jolan.
"This is my lawyer, Alexandra Carmichael." Jolan said, as he shook her hand, looking towards Ally.
The woman smiled at Ally, her eyes remaining on Jolan, she now lightly shaking Ally's hand.
"Yes, I remember seeing you at his trial press conference, Miss Carmichael. My! What a tribulation you went through, Mr. Dragos!" she said, smiling at Jolan again.
"It's finally over, I'm thankful for that." Jolan said, the young woman guiding them towards a hallway, leading them down it.
She walked beside Jolan, Ally walking behind the two.
The young woman asked a few questions about Jolan's trial, Jolan truthfully answering them all, she smiling at his every word.
Ally remained quiet, staring at the woman's obvious fawning over Jolan.
"You're so courageous for having to go through such an ordeal, Mr. Dragos.  So courageous and determined." she said, her eyes glued to Jolan's handsome face.
Ally rolled her eyes, Jolan not noticing.
"I had to make them face justice. And it's just Jolan."
The woman nodded, listening to every word Jolan spoke, smiling at him.
"Alright, Jolan. You're such a heroic person. To survive that with your masculinity intact.."
"I survived, that's what's important." Jolan said, the woman stopping in front of a mahogany door, Jolan staring at the nameplate on it.
The woman's smile widened, opening the door for them.
She welcomed the two into the large spacious office, offering them a seat on a white leather couch.
"Would you like a refreshment?" she said, staring at Jolan, basically ignoring Ally.
"No, thank you." Ally said, Jolan looking at her.
"Yes, I'm fine also. Thanks anyway." Jolan politely replied, the woman's eyes on him.
The woman looked towards Ally, blushing a little.
"Well, I have to run, a busy day ahead. L. B. will be here very soon. Here's my card, Jolan." she said, handing Jolan a business card, Jolan taking it from her as she stared into his grey eyes.
Her hand lingered in his, her blue eyes sparkling.
"If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to call me. Day or night. I'd love to explain to you anything you need to know about the writing business. Perhaps over lunch or dinner sometime?"
Jolan smiled at the young woman.
"Thank you, I'll definitely keep you in mind. It's been a pleasure meeting you, Evangeline."
The young woman smiled her most intoxicating smile, her eyes scanning Jolan's handsome face.
"The pleasure has been all mine, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, the young woman walking out of the office slowly, Ally watching her walk of seduction.

The woman's blue eyes looked once more at Jolan, the woman smiling at him alone, finally closing the door.

Jolan smiled, his eyes turning to Ally.
Ally was staring at him, Jolan staring back.

"Would you like a refreshment?" Ally said, mocking the assistant's sexy voice. "Coffee, tea or me!"

Jolan's eyes widened in surprise, looking back towards the door, then back at Ally, a look of confusion on his face.

Ally burst into laughter, seeing the naivety on Jolan's face.

"Oh come on, Jolan! She was practically devouring you with her eyes! She would have been on top of you if I hadn't have been here."

Jolan blushed, Ally laughing more.

"She wants you bad, Jolan. She was undressing you with her eyes. It was pretty obvious."

Jolan looked back towards the door, blushing a bit still, looking into Ally's green eyes.
"I. . .I never said anything. . .I wasn't flirting."
Ally smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"It's that adorable, beautiful face of yours, Jolan. It draws everyone's gaze."

Jolan softly blushed, Ally shaking her head in amusement.

"Adorable, and naive. A winning combination for anyone's heart. I see now why Justin's so smitten with you."
Jolan smiled widely, his thoughts on Justin.

"Believe me, he's the one who stops traffic."
Ally smiled, her hand going to Jolan's shoulder.

"You're both breathtakingly handsome men, Jolan. And perfect for each other."

Jolan smiled, placing the business card on the end table, face down.

"Too bad there isn't a trash can." Ally said, smiling.
Jolan laughed, hearing the office door opening behind him.

He stood up, his back turned away from the door, his arms folding, facing Ally.

"I've made up my mind, Ally. There's no way in hell I'm keeping my book with this bunch of idiots. The editor's probably a moron who wouldn't know the difference between a book and a roll of toilet paper!"

Ally stood up in shock, her eyes going to the man standing in the office doorway, an identical look of shock shown across his face.

Ally took the man to be in his early twenties, jet black hair, his face masculine and rugged.

His wide blue eyes were filled with shock.

Ally stared back at Jolan, seeing a determined calmness on his face.

"I said it's final! Tell L. B. he can ram his proposal up his ass!"

Ally's couldn't believe what Jolan was saying, looking again towards the editor standing in the doorway staring at Jolan.

Jolan's face changed, Ally seeing a mirthful look in his gleaming grey eyes spreading across his face, a wide smile appearing.

"Not like he has a cute ass to begin with anyway."
Jolan turned, smiling widely at the young man staring at him in the doorway.

"Jolan Dragos. . .you son of a. . .why I oughta. . ." The man said stuttering, his blue eyes staring at Jolan.

"Hello, Leopard." Jolan said, his voice traced with love.

The man's face changed, Ally seeing the beginning of tears, Jolan walking to the open door, pulling the young man into a tight embrace.

Ally stood in total confusion, watching the two men practically sobbing as they hugged each other.

"Jolan. . .you're. . .you're such a sight for these tearing eyes! It's really you?!!"

Jolan smiled widely, ruffling the man's curly black hair.

"Yep, Leopold. It's really me. And look at you! A big-shot editor in Lalaland!"

The man smiled widely, Ally finally clueing into the fact that Jolan knew this man, Ally folding her arms.

"Okay! Would someone please tell me what's going on here?" she said, Jolan looking back at her, a wide smile on his tearful face.

"Sorry I had you going there for a moment, Ally. I just couldn't resist blindsiding this crazy monkey."
The man smiled, punching Jolan's arm.

"How in God's name did you know I was the editor here?"
Jolan laughed, pointing at the name plate on the door.


            Leopold Beaumont

               Editor in Chief



"I don't think there are that many Beaumont mothers out there that would call their child Leopold. I took a chance!" Jolan said, smiling at his old friend.

"I knew what you were doing all along." Leopold said, Jolan laughing, smiling at him.

"Sure, L. B.! Sure ya did! Like old times, Leopold!"
They both laughed, the two men walking up to Ally.

"Ally, I'd like you to meet Leopold Beaumont, one of my dearest childhood friends. Leopold, this is Alexandra Carmichael, my lawyer and very good friend."
Ally smiled at Jolan's touching introduction of her, the young man taking her hand and kissing it.

"An honor to meet you, Miss Carmichael. I saw the trial footage. Kudos on trying to defend this crazy mutt! Leave it up to this moron to let such a beautiful lawyer go."

Ally smiled, Jolan laughing, the two men smiling at each other.

"And you can drop the Leopold. It's just Leo now." the young man said smiling, Ally looking between the two.

"Beaumont? Why does that name ring a bell?"
Jolan smiled, looking at Ally.

"Because his mother was trying to fatten you up."
Ally's eyes widened, staring at the young man.

"Auntie Gee is your mother??"
The man laughed, Jolan joining him.

"Yes, that's correct. And I see my Mom's ways haven't changed." he said, Jolan nodding with a smile.

"Nope. Still a giving angel. How is she doing? She'd told us that she was coming out here to stay with you for the holidays." Jolan said, the young man smiling.

"Yes, she arrived on Saturday.  I haven't eaten so much myself in a long time, Miss Carmichael. She always was a fantastic cook. Wait till she hears who I'm dealing with!"
Jolan smiled, patting his friend's back.

"You and she will have to come to our place for supper one evening."
"Our place?"
Jolan looked at Ally, then back at Leopold.

"I'm living here in Los Angeles with Justin Timberlake. He's opened his home to Jennie and myself."
The young man smiled, ruffling Jolan's hair now.

"Wow! Little Jolly Dragos hobnobbing with the famous!  And one of the biggest in the business! And you're now about to become an accomplished writer!"
Jolan softly blushed, Leo laughing, then smiling.

"I always knew there was a destined greatness within you, my dear friend."

Jolan's cheeks deepened with red again, Leo smiling.

"Same ole Jolly! Please take a seat, we've got a lot to discuss, my friend."
Jolan smiled, Leo offering both of them chairs in front of his large desk.


Ally sat in relative silence, listening to the two young men talk.

Jolan told Leo everything that had happened in his life, the young man rising twice and hugging his lost friend.

At the end, the young editor's eyes were filled with tears, Ally seeing easily his deep affection for his lost friend.

"What you did for all of them, Jolan! For Sid and Sheriff Walker! You've shown the love you'd always shown, Jolan. And what you revealed. . .the evil that lay there at home! Thorny and old Clara Whitaker! It's just so unbelievable! My mom told me most of it, but to hear the truth from you. . .for you to talk so openly about it. . .it's just so. . .so amazing. But then, you were always an amazing guy, Tiger."
Jolan smiled, watching the young man wipe his eyes with a handkerchief.

"I did what had to be done, Leopard."

The young man nodded, looking at Jolan.

"What you did for little Jennie. . .the life she endured. . .the life you lost. . .it's so unfair!" the young man said, beginning to tear up again.

Jolan stood up, walking around the desk, hugging his friend as he stood again.

Ally smiled, seeing Jolan's love for his friend.

"We both survived, Leopard. And we're both together again. That's what matters most to my Jennie and myself. The present and the future."
The man nodded, looking down at the folder that lay on his desk.

"I agree, Jolan. Now's the time to focus on the future. Let's begin with your book!"

Jolan smiled, sitting down again beside Ally.

"This whole story is amazing, Jolan. When Thorny came to me two years ago with his manuscript I was totally blown away by it. It was so different, so new and refreshing. A riveting tale of hurt and hope. I was amazed at the writing technique, the bold subplot and ingenious concepts that the characters found themselves in. I always sensed somewhere back in my mind that he wasn't capable of creating such a masterpiece. You've proven that fact correct. I saw your copied manuscript. This book it totally yours, Jolan. Halston Publishing concedes completely to your validation as this book's author. We're completely willing to do whatever you'd like done. The shipments have stopped on The Path of Life to distributors. It will be completely removed from all stores.  We're fully willing to concede to your demands. It gives me the utmost pleasure to tell you that, Jolan. I still can't believe my old friend wrote this novel! It fills my heart with happiness. We'll stand behind you for whatever you decide."
Jolan smiled at his friend, hearing true friendship and honor in his voice.

Ally smiled, looking between the two, her professionalism taking over.

"Mr. Dragos would like the book released again under his name, and the title changed to his original title. As for compensation. . ."
Ally said, Jolan's hand going to her arm, stopping her sentence.

"I am not looking for compensation, Leo. Yes, I want my book published under my name, and with my title. That's all I ever wanted."
Leo nodded, smiling at Jolan.

"Your giving heart echoes as it always has. I like the title, Walking In Shadows. It seems to match the book's essence more."
Jolan smiled, nodding.

Leo opened, the file, pulling out a piece of paper, handing it to Jolan.

"If you'd have let Miss Carmichael finish, she would have stated what we here at Halston have already decided to do. That in your hand will be our first initial payment of compensation over this whole debacle. We feel it's deservedly warranted."
Jolan looked down at the piece of paper in his hand, his eyes widening at realizing it was a cashier's check.

"Oh my God, Leo! I can't take this!!"

Leo smiled, Ally smiling at him, her eyes looking at the check in Jolan's hand, seeing the large amount.

"You deserve it, Jolan. My company's made a--pardon my vulgarity--shitload of money off that book so far, and its only just begun to take off. With all this drama surrounding its true ownership, it will only increase in sales and notoriety. We want you and ourselves to take full advantage of that. I'll send you a copy of our offered contract, for Miss Carmichael to look over. We at Halston Publishing would like to invite you to stay with us, Jolan. To publish this book--and future ones--under our banner."
Jolan nodded, still staring down at the check in his hand.

"I know Miss Carmichael discussed with your our ideas in regards to the promotion of the new book."

Leo smiled at Ally, Ally smiling back.

"It's just Ally, Leo. We're all friends here."
Leo smiled widely, his eyes going to his friend.
Jolan nodded, staring up at his old friend.

"Yes, you want a book signing event."

"Yes, Jolan. We'd like your fans to meet you, to see the truth of the man behind the words. I knew that man once, and I can now see that he's grown even more. I think they--hell, even I--will be blown away by the real Jolan Dragos."
Jolan smiled, looking at his old friend.

"I haven't changed that much, Leopard. I'm still one of the Three Crazy Cats."
Leo laughed, as did Jolan, Ally looking confused, Leo briefly explaining to her their once jazz band with Cory.

Ally smiled, seeing so much joy and happiness in both young men seated before her.

"So what do you say, Jolan? Will you come aboard with us? We'd love to have you."
Jolan smiled, looking at Ally, the smile on her face showing his own truth.

"Yes, Leo. I'll sign on with you. Your friendship guarantees it."
Leo smiled, looking at his friend.

"My publishers will be thrilled. Thank you, Jolan. For our past, and now our future." Leo said, standing and extending his hand.

Jolan smiled widely, pushing the hand away, hugging the young man tightly.

Ally smiled, watching the two men seal their deal of friendship and trust.


Jolan smiled, walking out into the backyard, seeing his man's face filled with joy and happiness.

Justin sat in the shallow end of the swimming pool, Hayden in his lap, the two laughing loudly.

Josh sat beside Justin, his bare chest glistening with beads of water.

Lance turned, smiling at Jolan as he walked out onto the patio.

"Hey, it's the big writer, returned with the spoils of fame!" Lance said, sitting beside Joey on the pool's edge, the two in swimming trunks.

Chace waved at Jolan, diving off the diving board at the far end, his bronzed body disappearing under the water, heading towards his lover.

Justin's head turned, smiling at Jolan, his lover smiling back.

Jolan wore a t-shirt and surfer shorts, walking across the grass towards the pool.

"Hey everyone. Enjoying the water?" he said, smiling at his friends.

"Wawa nice, Daddy!" Hayden said, splashing in front of him.

Jolan smiled, pulling off his t-shirt, his smooth chest on full display.

Everyone's eyes were drawn to it, its muscular beauty intoxicating.

Jolan smiled, removing his surfer shorts, an orange and black bikini swimsuit covering his center.

Everyone stared in stunned awe at the vision of masculine beauty rushing towards the pool.

Jolan dove into its center, his sleek form disappearing under the water.

He came up about ten feet in front of Justin and Josh, the little boy in Justin's lap giggling.

Jolan broke the water, his wet chest in full view, Josh staring at him, Chace swimming on Jolan's left side, his eyes glued to him as well.

"What? Did I lose my swimsuit?" he said, looking down.

"No. . .Jolan. . .it's just. . .wow!" Chace said, staring into his grey eyes.

"Wow? Wow for what?" Jolan said with confusion, Justin smiling.

"They're all wowing at your beauty, my Jo. They see you as I see you, beauty at its finest."
Jolan blushed, Josh smiling at him.

"You are fantastic, Jolan. Justin is a lucky guy." he said, Jolan smiling at him.

"You're lucky as well, Josh. Chace is dreamy." Jolan said, batting his eyes at Chace.

Chace laughed, Josh looking at him.

"Got that right, Jolan!" he said, Chace smiling and swimming over to his lover, the two kissing when they joined arms.

Jolan smiled, looking towards Lance and Joey.

"Any comments from the gallery?"
"Damn fine, Jolan! But Lance has a more sensual beauty." Joey said, Lance blushing a bit, Joey kissing his cheek.

"We see with our eyes the beauty of our soulmate's love." Jolan said, his grey eyes taking in the love coming from two blue eyes looking at him, Justin smiling.

"Me swims, Daddy! Poppa teach me!"

Jolan smiled, staring now at his son.

"That's fantastic, Hay! Let me see!" Jolan said, swimming towards him, stopping about six feet in front of him.

Hayden grinned, looking up at Justin.

"Just like I taught you, Hay. Keep your head up and move your hands and feet."
The boy giggled, moving forward, Justin right beside him.

The boy began to dog paddle, swimming towards Jolan, Jolan clapping and smiling.

The boy swam right into his arms, laughing and smiling.

"I got a fish for a son!! Are those feet or fins?"
Hayden laughed, he arms going around his father's neck.

"Me just me, Daddy! Me no fishy!"
Jolan laughed, kissing his son's cheek.

"That's wonderful, Hay. You're learning fast."
"Poppa good teacher. He so wuving!"

Jolan smiled, his eyes staring into Justin's.

"That he truly is, Hay. And we have all of it."
The boy smiled, Lance standing up.

"Who wants a treat?"

"Me does, Uncle Lance!" Hayden said, Lance smiling.

Jolan swam over to Lance, Hayden giggling as Jolan handed his son up to him.

"Come on, fishy. Let's get us a treat." Lance said, the boy clapping, walking ahead of him towards the house.

Jolan smiled, seeing Lance's affection for his son.

"Your man would make a hell of a father, Joe." Jolan said, Joey smiling at him.

"That he will, Jolan. He already loves Briahna."

Jolan smiled, swimming back to Justin standing in the water, his chest wet and glistening, his lover's wet arms going around him.

"So how did it go, Mr. Author?" Justin said, kissing him.

Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back, Chace and Josh looking at him.

"You don't need to ask, Jus. I know you called Ally while I was talking to the editor just before we left. Her deflective comments clued me into it being you."

Justin blushed, Jolan kissing him again.

"I was just worried about you, my love. I wanted to make sure you were being well looked after."
Jolan smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

"I'm going to be an author, Jus. They're going to release my book. My own book."
Josh and Chace smiled, Joey clapping loudly.

"Awesome, Jolan!! Mr. Jolan Dragos, literary genius!"

Jolan smiled at Joey, Josh and Chace swimming over, both hugging him tightly, their bronze smooth chests going against his.

"Isn't this some kind of gay boy's dream? Being in the middle of a teen heartthrob sandwich?"
Everyone laughed, Josh splashing Jolan.

Jolan smiled, snuggling against Justin in the water, the two swimming back to the shallow end, Jolan sitting down beside Justin, Justin's blue eyes looking at him.

"Ally told me about the check."
Jolan nodded, looking around at everyone.

"It was. . .it was so shocking. . .such a large amount! I've never had money like that." he said, Justin's arm going around him.

"You worked hard on that book, Jo. They're paying you what you deserve. That book was taken from you. You're being compensated for that fact. You're on your way, my love."
Jolan smiled, hearing the love and pride in Justin's voice.

"Justin's right, Jolan. Now you can be independent, and have the time and money to do what you want to do. Is there another book hidden within you? Or perhaps a music career?" Chace said, smiling at him.

Lance walked back out of the house, Hayden in his arms, the small boy clutching a popsicle.

"Right now I have a family to love, Chace. That in itself is my career. Whatever else I decide to do, I'll do."
Chace nodded, hearing the determination and conviction in Jolan's voice.

"Live life as it is, Jolan. A great philosophy." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him, looking around at everyone.

"Hey guys, it's just Jo now. You're all my dearest friends. Just call me Jo."
Everyone smiled, Lance smiling at Jolan as he handed Hayden down to him, the boy sitting in his lap, his hand holding the popsicle.

"Me wuvs poppy sickers!" he said, Jolan laughing.

"That's awesome, Hay."

The boy grinned, licking the ice treat.


Everyone stayed for dinner that evening, Chris and Britney along with her boys joining them.

Hayden was ecstatic, the three children running all around the backyard after dinner.

Britney smiled, she and Justin playing with them.

"Our boys play well together, Justy." she said, smiling at Sean laughing with Hayden.
"Yep, they really do, Bitsy. It's like they were always meant to be together."

Both singers smiled, Britney kissing Justin's cheek.

"Just like you and I. Our giving angel draws all to his love."
Justin smiled, looking towards the patio.

Jolan smiled from the patio, watching the two old friends and their children.

"So how goes the life of love, Chris?" Jolan said, Chris sitting beside him, their other friends relaxing in the chairs on the patio after supper.

Chris smiled widely, looking towards Britney.

"It goes great, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, looking around, his eyes settling on the barbecue at the end of the patio.

"Full circle, Chris. Full circle."
Chris looked confused, seeing where his friend's eyes had gone.

"What do you mean, Jo?" he said, comfortable with Jolan's new name.

Jolan smiled, looking towards Justin.

"I have a great sense of hearing, Chris. I heard your conversation with Justin at the barbecue that day of Britney's walking back into his friendship."

Chris looked surprised, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

Everyone sat in silence, their eyes on the two men.

"You said to him that day that you saw so much love surrounding you. So much love that I had brought together. Josh and Chace's reunited love, Joey and Lance's new love. And Justin and Britney's love of friendship. Then you asked Justin if there was any chance I could help you, as I had with everyone else."
Chris stared in silence, Jolan softly smiling at him.

"My love is large, Chris. The day I met you, you became my friend. I saw the greatness of your mirthful soul, and your giving heart. And I saw the quiet looks you were giving everyone that day here after Justin and Britney became friends again. I saw your troubled soul, seeking out for something more to give your life balance. I saw the same look on Britney's face that first day I met her. Let's just say I steered you both to a center of balance. I easily saw that your love would balance each other."
Chris teared up, Jolan smiling at everyone.

"We're back in the same place now, Chris. And both of us have a more enriched soul and heart. Mine filled with my past and Justin and Hayden's love, yours filled with a new love."

"You mean. . .that day? You. . .you guided us. . .?"

Jolan smiled, the two staring at each other, Jolan's eyes moving to Britney standing beside Justin in the backyard.

"I saw the love separated. I only took it upon myself to join it. The end result we all see."
Chris smiled, shaking his head.

"You're one of a kind, Jolan. The best kind."
Jolan laughed, everyone smiling at him.

"Oh, I'm one of a kind alright."

Ally smiled, Lonnie smiling at her.

Lance and Joey smiled, their hands entwined, Josh and Chace smiling as well, Chace snuggled against his Josh.

Justin and Britney walked up to the patio, the three kids laughing ahead of them.

"Have drinkies, Gamma? Paying hard work!" Hayden said, climbing the steps and walking up to Lynn.

Lynn laughed, getting up out of her chair.

"Come on you three, let's get some lemonade!"
The three little ones clapped, following her into the house.

"Your Mom's got a wonderful look on her face, Justy." Britney smiling at him as she sat down in Chris' lap, Jolan smiling as Justin sat down in his.

"Yep. It's a grandmother's look of happiness." Justin said, Chris smiling.

"We were just talking about the last time we were here all together, Curly. And of your man bringing Britney and myself together."
Justin smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"My Jolan and his guiding ways. His magic is love. He surprises all of us." Justin said, smiling into his grey eyes.
Jolan smiled, Ally smiling at him again.

"I saw that firsthand today." she said, Justin looking at her.

Ally told them the story of her introduction to Jolan's old friend Leopold.
Everyone was smiling and laughing, their eyes on Jolan.

"Quick thinking, my love. Totally flooring the guy!"

Jolan laughed, looking at Justin.

"Leopold, Cory and I were once best friends, Jus. I have those friendships back again."
Justin smiled, seeing a tear in Jolan's eyes.

"I'm glad of that, my love. And I'm so happy he's going to be your editor."
Jolan nodded, thinking of his old friend.

"The man was once a boy of remarkable genius. I'm so happy he's made a name for himself so quickly."

"Yes he has, Jolan. The youngest editor of any publishing firm in the eastern United States. The president of the firm told me all about him."
Jolan smiled, seeing his lawyer's thorough handling of his affairs.

"I still can't believe he's Auntie Gee's son. What's the chance of that happening? It's like divine intervention." Josh said, Chace smiling at Jolan.

"It's my path of destiny, guys. Others are guided onto it to keep me moving forward. I welcome all of them." Jolan said, looking around at everyone.

Everyone smiled, Justin snuggling against his man.

"And all those souls welcome the love they've gained on the path." Lance said, Joey smiling at his lover's words.

Jolan smiled, Jennie looking towards him, the young woman quietly staring at him.

"Yes, true love. The binding force surrounding all of us on that path. Cherish its newness, its beauty and its wonder. The future will be spectacular." Jolan said, everyone smiling at his prophetic words, their arms going around their soulmates.


The week progressed, the days filled with happiness and preparation.

Justin stood back and saw his man take charge of everything.

Jolan's organizational skills were masterful.

He guided everyone to their tasks--the house cleaned, the fridges stocked, the place readied for the coming clans of Timberlake, Dragos and Sumsare.

Justin smiled often, seeing the joy and happiness flooding his man's face.

He saw Jolan drawing Jennie into the fray, smiling at her happiness as well.

Justin felt there was something bothering the young woman, a silent quietness when she looked at him.

He knew in his heart that she was happy, her smiling face proving that.

But still he sensed an uncertainty in her eyes.

And he saw it usually when she looked towards her brother.

Wednesday afternoon saw Jolan disappear again with Ally, the two meeting again with Leopold.

Justin smiled, seeing his lover's sparkling eyes when he talked about his book.

Jolan and Justin had invited Leopold and his mother for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, the man accepting happily.

Justin was anxious to meet the young man, his friendship with Jolan a guarantee of their friendship.

Jolan left that afternoon, Jennie smiling with Hayden in her arms, Justin at her side, all three waving goodbye to him.

"Let's go swimming, Hay!" Jennie said, the little boy grinning widely.

Justin smiled, following the two upstairs to change.


Justin smiled, looking towards the small boy.

Hayden was sound asleep, softly snoring in a shaded chair by the pool.

The three had swum for an hour or so, Justin marveling at how the little child took to the water.

His swimming skills were thriving, Jennie and Justin smiling at his happiness.

His yawning after an hour had guided the boy to the chair, sleep almost instantaneous.

Jennie smiled, sitting in a reclining lounge chair beside Justin, Justin smiling at her, the two catching the sun's rays while the boy slept.

Justin lay on his lounger in just his shorts, his sleek muscular body feeling the warmth of the sun.

Jennie lay in her lounger in a two piece bikini, her smooth body feeling its warmth as well.

His eyes looked over towards her, seeing the child he'd met only a few months before growing into a beautiful young woman.

"I know you've been quietly watching me all week, Justin."
Justin's blue eyes met hers, she smiling at him.

"I guess I can't hide my feelings from you, Jus. You're more intuitive than my brother. At least he's oblivious to it."
Justin sat up, turning his body towards her, staring at her.

"Is something wrong, Jennie?"
The young woman smiled, looking into his caring eyes.

"Jolan's love is so beautiful. I feel it surrounding me always. As yours does as well."
Justin smiled, the young woman smiling back.

"It's just. . .it's just that it's not enough."

Justin remained silent, sensing the young woman wanted to talk about something.

"I've changed, Justin. The once childlike girl you first met is leaving. I'm growing up, Justin."
Justin smiled, seeing that fact right in front of him.

"We all grow up, Jennie. I know you're becoming a young woman. It's called life."
She smiled, sitting up in front of him, the two staring at each other.

"You have the eyes of truth, Justin. You see all that goes on around you. Unfortunately my brother doesn't."

Justin moved, sitting down beside her on her lounger, his arm going around her, Jennie's body melting into his.

"Jolan sees me as the little girl he sought. The child he longed to find and protect. His love surrounds me, but it's not enough."
Justin smiled, hearing her love for her brother and the truth in her words.

To Jolan, Jennie would always be his little sister.

His eyes would remain clouded behind that truth, not seeing the woman she was becoming.

"Lynn and Britney and I have had some wonderful talks. They've been so helpful, preparing me for my blossoming womanhood. Guiding me with their friendship and love."

Justin smiled, hearing Jennie's love for his mother and his friend.

"I'm glad you have them to talk to Jennie. Your love guarantees you their sisterhood."
The young woman smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"And I have you, my brother of love."
Justin teared up, the young woman snuggling against him, looking towards the sleeping child.

"You see me as the woman I'm starting to be. I think I have to make Jolan see that to."

Justin nodded, hearing the worry in Jennie's voice.

"Jolan loves you, Jennie. I know it will be an emotional thing for him to hear, but he has to accept the facts of life."
She smiled, hearing Justin's love .

She raised her head, the two staring into each other's blue eyes.

"There's something else you need to know, Justin. It's time you knew."

Justin stared at her, the young woman opening her soul.


Jolan smiled when he returned around five, finding his lover in the kitchen working at the stove, pots simmering on the burners.

"Hello, angel. How did it go?"

"It went well, everything's been finalized." Jolan said, his arms going around his lover, kissing his lips.

"Awesome, love. You sound happy."
Jolan smiled, lifting one of the pot lids, Justin lightly slapping his hand.

"I'm making supper, Jo. You relax."
Jolan smiled, looking around.

"And where is everyone else?"
"Mom's napping upstairs. Jennie has Hayden, the two are in his room playing."
Jolan smiled, his lips going to Justin's neck.

Justin trembled, feeling his lover's need.

"Sweetie, you're driving me wild. But I have to concentrate on supper. Let me feed you first, then you can feast later on my love."
Jolan sighed, breaking his hold on his lover.

"Alright, Jus. But it's a hunger I'll never be able to fill."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.

"Sit down at the table and tell me all about your meeting."

Jolan smiled, doing just that.

Justin smiled when Jolan had finished, their eyes meeting.

"I'm so proud of you, honey. My man's going to blow them all away at that signing!"

Jolan smiled, hearing his lover's confidence and pride in him.

"This is so nice, Justin. Just you and me sitting here, being together in our home."
Justin smiled, his cooking finished, walking over to his man, sitting down in his lap.

"It's next to heaven, my angel." he said, Jolan smiling at him, the two lightly kissing, no sexual agenda now in their closeness.

"It'll be just you and me and Hayden, soon. Once the holidays are over. Our family life will be so happy." Justin said, Jolan smiling at his happiness.

"And don't forget Jennie will be with us also, my love." Jolan said, his fingers rubbing against Justin's cheek, his blue eyes looking into his grey.

"Jennie will eventually go out on her own, Jo. She's becoming a beautiful young woman."
Jolan nodded, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Yes, that eventually will happen. But for now she's just my little sister, and she'll always be protected by my love."
Justin's eyes met Jolan's, Jolan smiling at him.

"I love her, Jus. She needs my love."
Justin smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Yes she does."

Jolan smiled, the two gently kissing each other.

Lynn walked into the room, stopping.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't realize you were back, Jolan. How did it go?" she said, Justin smiling and standing up.

"You should have felt my presence easily, Mom. You should have felt your son's joy." Jolan said, smiling.

Lynn laughed, Justin lightly blushing.

Jolan stood up, kissing his cheek.

"I'm going to go take a quick shower before supper. We'll talk about my meeting when I return, Lynn."

"Alright, Jolan." she said, the man smiling at her and walking out of the kitchen, Justin's eyes meeting his mother's.

"Did you talk to him, Justin?"
"I tried, Mom. Jennie's totally correct. Jolan's only seeing his little sister."

Lynn nodded, smiling at her son.

"Life moves forward, Justin. Jennie says that she's going to make him see that truth."

Justin nodded, looking towards the doorway.

"I just hope he'll be okay with what's happened. I don't want him to feel hurt."

Lynn nodded, her arm going around her son.

"He has your love, Jus. And he'll see hers."


Justin woke up, feeling a heat against his chest.

His blue eyes opened, staring at a blond mop of hair in front of him.

Hayden lay sound asleep, his soft snore filling the quietness.

His small body was on top of Justin's chest, his arms wrapped around his neck.

Justin smiled, looking to his left, Jolan's side of the bed empty.

Justin turned, looking at the clock, seeing six fifty-three showing.

It was Thursday morning, the morning of Thanksgiving Day.

He smiled, the small boy not moving on top of him, deep in sleep.

Justin heard the bathroom door opening, Jolan quietly walking into the room, their eyes meeting.

Jolan wore only a towel, his smooth muscular chest on full display.

He walked over to the bed, leaning down and kissing Justin's lips.

"Good morning, my love. Happy Thanksgiving. Our son walked into the room around five. When I lifted him into our bed he went straight to you. He's been like that since, your love making him sleep." Jolan smiled, looking at his sleeping son.

"This is so wonderful, Jo. That he's so comfortable with me."
Jolan smiled, hearing the love in Justin's words.

"He loves his Poppa."

Justin smiled, gently moving the boy, Hayden murmuring but remaining asleep.

The small boy lay now on his back, his arms releasing Justin's neck, Justin picking up his tiger which he'd carried in with him, putting it in the small boy's hands, Hayden snuggling it against him.

"He loves that tiger." Justin said, his lover's arms going around him.

They kissed deeply, Justin pulling Jolan down against him.

"I love mine also." Jolan said, Justin smiling.

"Morning, my angel. Come back to bed and snuggle. It's still too early."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's love in his voice, and feeling his arousal against his stomach.

Jolan's hand went downward, slipping into Justin's briefs, his lover moaning.

Jolan's hand wrapped around the hardness laying hidden within, their eyes meeting.

"I'd love to devour you, my Jus. But I've got a lot to do. I've already showered and I'm heading downstairs."

Justin's face changed into a pout, Jolan sighing.

That look melted his heart always.

"Well. . .you do need to shower. I might be coaxed into washing your back, or anything else that needs attention."
Justin's smile covered his face.

"Oh? And what do I have to do to coax you?"
Jolan's grey eyes staring into his blue.

"Wear that smile, Jus. That smile wins my heart always."
Justin smiled widely, Jolan leaning downward and kissing him.

Jolan stood up, his hand going out to Justin.

Justin smiled, letting Jolan pull him up and guide him towards the bathroom door.


Justin smiled, watching Jolan work around the kitchen.

Hayden sat in Justin's lap, the boy smiling at his father.

After their seductive, romantic, climatic shower, the two men had walked out of the bathroom, the small boy sitting up in the bed talking to his tiger.

His head lifted, his blue eyes staring at them.

"Hi, Daddy and Poppa! Yous showers?"

"Yep, little Hay." Justin said, sitting down on the bed and kissing the boy's forehead, Hayden smiling at him.

"Stevie comes today?" he said, his blue eyes wide with happiness.

Justin smiled, hearing the love in Hayden's voice for his brother.

"Yes, Hay! Stevie comes today!"

The boy squealed, Justin tickling him, Jolan smiling at them as he pulled out their clothing for the day.

Here now they sat in the kitchen, awaiting Jolan's breakfast.

Lynn and Jennie both walked into the room, Jolan smiling at them, shutting off the stove burners, putting the food onto platters.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Mom and Sis. Just in time for breakie." Jolan said, his sister kissing his cheek, smiling at him.

Everyone exchanged kisses and best wishes, Lynn sitting down beside her son, Hayden climbing into her lap.

"Me's happy everyones coming!" he said to her, Lynn smiling at him.

"Yes, Hayden. We're going to have a full house." she said, smiling at Jolan as he put the platters on the table.

"Dig in everyone. People should start showing up around ten." he said, sitting down himself.

The group dove into the warm food, the conversation filled with their happiness for the upcoming day.


The first to arrive were Justin's family.

Hayden was in Stevie's arms almost immediately, as Jonathan was in Jolan's.

"A great weekend ahead, right Jolan?" Jonathan said, Jolan smiling.

"Yep, a time of happiness. And it's now just Jo, everyone."
Everyone smiled, exchanging hugs.

Jolan was introduced to Lynn's husband Paul, his arm around Lynn, Jolan extending his hand.

Paul had been unable to attend the trial, being overseas on a business trip.

He pushed the hand aside, hugging Jolan instead.

Jolan looked surprised, sensing Lynn had filled him in completely on everything.

"A pleasure to finally meet you, Jolan. Lynn's right. Justin's so lucky."
Justin beamed, his stepfather hugging him tightly.

"We'll talk later, Jus. Your love for him I see easily."
Justin and Jolan both smiled, their hands finding each other's.

Jonathan and Jennie hugged, Jolan smiling at the two reunited friends.

Randall and Lisa were hugged by Jolan, both smiling at him.

"Let's all go out onto the patio, everyone." Jolan said, guiding Justin's parents forward.

The group sat around catching up with each other, watching Hayden and Stevie playing out on the grass with Jonathan.

"So how's your son doing, Jo?" Lisa asked, smiling at him.

"He's really happy. Our love surrounds him." Jolan smiled, looking out towards his son, Justin smiling at him.

Their eyes met, Jolan nodding.

"Hayden's fourth birthday is on this Tuesday, the first of December. We thought with everyone being here, Sunday would be a good day to have a party for him."
Everyone smiled, nodding their heartfelt agreement.

"What of his mother? Has Theresa--I mean Sandra--contacted you?" Lisa said, Lynn looking at Jolan.

"Sandra called last weekend, and yesterday. She's in Hawaii. She'll be with him on Sunday in spirit." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"She's doing okay. She's getting what she needs." Jolan said, everyone quietly looking at him.

"The next four days will be days of happiness and love. I want all of you to consider this as your home for the next few days." Justin said, Jolan nodding.

Everyone smiled, the conversation going on to other topics.


Just before lunch everyone else arrived.

Cory, Simus, Calen, Domo and Daphne arrived together from New York.

Henry, Shelly, Trace and Cindy arrived with them as well.

They all were greeted at the door by Justin and Jolan.

The boybanders and Chace showed up a half hour later.

Lonnie and Ally, Chris, Rachel and Britney with her boys, were the last of the clan to arrive.

Jolan thanked Rachel for Hayden's bedroom with a large hug, Justin and Daphne smiling at their side.

Jolan had set up a buffet on the patio, everyone diving into his abundant food.

After lunch a pool party went into full swing, the adults guiding the kids to the pool.

Justin swam with his brothers and Hayden, Jolan heading for the kitchen.

His large Thanksgiving meal his priority for the afternoon.

Justin was left in charge of making everyone feel at home.

Everyone laughed, swam and chatted, the afternoon flying by.

Around three, the last guests arrived, Jolan greeting them at the front door.

Leopold smiled, hugging his friend, Georgina Beaumont's hands filled with dishes.

Jolan laughed, kissing her cheek.

"Auntie Gee? You didn't have to bring food!" he smiled, the woman kissing his cheek.

"Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving without my sweet potatoes! Plus I've brought dessert and some other stuff. Hello, Jolan." she grinned, Leo laughing.

"I'll need a hand, Jolly. The car's packed."
Jolan laughed, guiding Auntie Gee towards the kitchen, sending Jennie and Jonathan--who'd been sitting in the living room talking together--out to help Leo.

After the food was squared away, Jolan guided the two new guests out onto the patio.

Jolan introduced Leo around to everyone, Auntie Gee chatting with Lynn and Lisa.

Leo's eyes widened as they headed toward the pool, seeing before him some famous faces.

His eyes met Justin's half-naked form, the singer smiling at him, handing Hayden to Josh.

"It's a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Timberlake." Leo began to say, extending his hand to the singer.

Justin laughed, pulling the man into a rather wet hug.

"Hey, I practically already know you. Jolan's told me everything about you. And it's just Justin."

Leo smiled, taking in the beauty of the man's muscular famous body.

"I'm Leo." he softly said, looking around, now staring at all the half-naked celebrities.

"Hey, relax. We're just normal guys here. Welcome to our home." Justin smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

Leo's awestruck gaze was interrupted by two strong arms encircling him from behind.

"Leopard you old feline!!" came a voice from his past behind him.

He turned, staring into Cory's green eyes.

"Cougar?! You're here too?!" Leo said in shock, Jolan laughing.

"Yep, the Three Crazy Cats are back in action!" Cory said, the three hugging each other in a group hug.

Everyone stood back, smiling at the touching scene.

"I thought I'd lost you guys." Jolan said, the other two tearing up.

"Our trio of love will never be lost." Leo said, Cory smiling.

Jolan smiled, seeing Leo's eyes looking around, focusing on Josh and Chace in the pool, the two wrapped in each other's arms.

His blue eyes widened, Jolan's arm going around him, his grey eyes looking at Justin, Justin nodding.

"I think we have a few things to talk about, Leo. Come on Cory, let's introduce him to our complete happiness. Let's start with your Simus."
Cory smiled, the three men walked over to the patio, Justin smiling after them.

A few minutes later Leo walked back to Justin, Jolan beside him.

In Jolan's eyes, Justin saw the truth in that Jolan had revealed his love for him.

Leo stared at Justin for a moment, then pulled him into a hug.

"Your love, what it's done for my Jolan! Thank you for loving him!" he said, tears flowing.

Justin smiled at his lover, hugging the man against him.

"I love him, Leo. As Cory loves Simus. As the love you see shown here today. I hope you can be discreet?"

Leo broke the hold he had on Justin, smiling at the singer.

"Love is private, love is beautiful. You can trust me on my friendship with Jolly."
Justin smiled, Jolan's arm going around him.

"We love each other completely, Leo. Hayden is a part of that, too."
Leo shook his head, looking into Jolan's happy eyes.

"Tiger with a family! Unbelievable! He could hardly control Spartacus!"
They all laughed, Leo smiling around at everyone.


At six, everyone was guided into the dining room, two large lavish tables set up there.

Oohs and Ahhs filled the room, looking at the beauty of their surroundings.

Candles lit up the room, set on tables and mantles, the room glowing with the warmth coming from the lit fireplace.

"Please find your seats, everyone. They're marked by place cards." Jolan said, smiling as everyone took their seats.

Jolan had set the tables up in a couples seating plan.

Couples sat together, other couples seated across from them.

The few singles were intermingled or joined together.

Stevie sat beside Hayden, Jonathan seated beside Jennie.

Leo sat beside Calen, his mother seated beside Lynn and Paul.

Jolan sat at the end of one table, his Justin at the other end.

On Jolan's right were Jennie and Jonathan, on his left Hayden was in a booster seat beside Stevie.

On Justin's left were his parents, as well as Paul and Lisa, and on his right Josh and Chace, followed by Chris and Britney.

Justin smiled, standing up.

"I'd like to welcome everyone to our first family Thanksgiving. The Timberlake, Dragos and Sumsare Thanksgiving. As well, our friends surround us. Welcome to you all. My beautiful Jolan now has something to say."
Jolan smiled, getting up and walking around the table to his Justin, Hayden in Jolan's arms as well.

"We, the three of this house, welcome all of you to our home. May this meal--and the hours following it--find happiness within all of you. You are our family and friends. You are all welcomed here always." Jolan said, Hayden looking around at everyone.

"Welcome, famwee!"

Everyone clapped, the boy smiling as his fathers kissed each of his cheeks.

"As Hay just stated, welcome family." Jolan said, smiling.

His eyes turned to Dominoso Sumsare.

"Grandfather, you are the senior of our families. The voice of love. Would you honor us with grace?"
Domo looked stunned, looking towards Simus and Calen.

"I. . .I would be honored, my grandson." he said, standing up.

Jolan returned to his seat, Hayden sitting in his chair again beside Stevie.

"Let us all bow our heads."

Everyone lowered their heads, Domo's rich voice reciting a prayer of thanks.

"Bless us Holy Father with your love and guidance. We join here today, pulled from different places by the love surrounding us. A love of family and happiness. We are a family joined together by the two men who have just welcomed us into their home. Let us feast on their love, their happiness, and their food. All three shall fill us with happiness. Amen."

"Amen." everyone said together, Jolan standing.

"Justin, Grandfather, Uncle Simus and Uncle Calen. Would you all follow me?"
The four smiled, following Jolan out of the room.

Jolan came back a few minutes later, pushing a large cart, the cart laden with bowls and platters.

Lonnie and Josh helped him place all the bowls and platters on the table where Jolan pointed, the table becoming laden with food.

Baskets of fresh bread and rolls were place on the table, bowls of steaming vegetables and other dishes in abundance as well.

Once the food was ready, Jolan smiled at everyone.

"And now for the pièce de résistance." he smiled, tapping a glass with a spoon.

Into the room walked Justin, Simus, Calen and Domo.

Each carried a large silver platter, each laden with a large roast turkey.  (Author's note: YUCK!)
Everyone clapped, the four men setting two of the platters on each table, going to their seats.

Jolan smiled, looking around the room.

"Randall, Uncle Simus, Grandfather and Justin. Would you do us the honors of carving each for us? The four heads of our households."

The four men smiled at the honor, Jolan handing each a carving knife and large fork from off of the shelf on the now empty cart.

The four stood, each walking to a platter, all smiling around.

They began together, carving the Thanksgiving turkeys for their family.


Everyone sighed, and relaxed, all now seated out in the cooling evening breeze on the patio.

"That was a meal fit for a king, Jolan." Randall said, laying on a chaise lounger.

Jolan smiled, compliments having been directed at him all evening.

"I cook for those I love. Their smiles of contented fullness thanks enough."
Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling back.

He and his lover sat together on a wicker couch, everyone else relaxing around the two large tables on the patio.

The kids and a couple of the adults were running around on the grass, some sort of game in the works.

Jolan smiled, seeing his family's happiness.

"It doesn't get much better than this, Jus." he said, Justin kissing his lips.

Justin smiled, feeling Jolan's total happiness.

Hayden came running up onto the patio, Justin smiling at him.

"Mes having funs, Daddy!" the boy said, Justin wrapping his arm around him, Hayden's hands on his knees.

Jolan felt his son's arms, feeling a coolness to him.

"You need your jacket, Hay. The breeze is getting cool. I'll get it for you." he said, standing up, Hayden smiling at him.

"Okays, Daddy. You needs to know!"

Jolan looked at Justin, Justin shrugging his shoulders.

"Know what, Hay?"
The boy smiled, running back out to his friends.

Jolan looked confused, looking around.

"I'll start the coffee pot. Maybe we can play some card games when I get back." he said smiling, everyone agreeing.

Jolan walked into the house, Justin looking out towards Hayden, watching the small boy running around with Stevie, Jayden and Sean.

His eyes scanned everywhere, realizing two people were missing.

Justin got up, excusing himself and heading into the house.


Jolan walked upstairs, smiling as he walked.

His thoughts flew through the day, the joy and happiness surrounding him on his mind.

He walked into his son's bedroom, smiling at the joy he felt in this room.

The joy of his son's happiness.

Jolan smiled, pulling a small navy baseball jacket off a hook on his son's wall.

His mind thought to the words the small boy had said to him downstairs.

Jolan didn't have a clue what the boy had been referring to.

Need to know what?

Jolan smiled at the small jacket in his hand, closing his son's bedroom door.

He looked across the hallway at his bedroom, smiling at the happiness he felt in his soul.

His thoughts were broken by a sound coming from Jennie's room across the hall beside the bedroom.

Jolan heard her laughing, then another voice.

The door was slightly ajar, Jolan smiling and walking over to it.

He opened it, smiling as he walked in.

He stopped dead in his tracks, staring at the scene before him.

Jennie sat on her bed, her small frame wrapped in someone else's embrace.

The two were joined in a kiss, their bodies against each other.

"What. . .what the hell's going on here?" he staggered to say.

Jennie broke the kiss, Jolan staring at her, the young man who had been beside her already up and on his feet.

Jonathan stood, staring at Jennie's brother.

"Jolan. . .we're. . .we're in love." Jonathan said, his voice emotional, Jolan's eyes going to the young man.

Jolan's body moved, heading towards the young man, Jonathan seeing a look of protective love on Jolan's face, his grey eyes softly glowing.

Two arms seized Jolan, moments before he'd made it to the young man.

"Stop, Jo!  You need to calm down!" Justin said, his arms wrapping around him.

"What the hell's going on here? What have you done to my sister, Jonathan?!" he said, Justin pulling him back.

"Jolan, please calm down, please!" Jennie said, Jonathan's arm going around her, Jolan's eyes widening.

"Get you hands off my sister!" he said, Justin turning Jolan around.

"Calm down, Jolan. That's my brother you're talking to."
Jolan stared into Justin's worried blue eyes, seeing a truth there.

"You knew about this?"
Justin stared into his grey, now normal eyes.

"Jolan, I. . .yes I knew. Jennie told me."

Jolan pulled away from Justin, looking at all three.

"You kept this from me? You didn't tell me!?" he said, tears showing now in his eyes as he looked at Justin again.

"Jolan. . .I. . ."

"I thought that I could trust you. .." he said.

Justin moved toward him, Jolan backing away.

"Leave me alone, Justin. . .just leave me alone."

Jolan walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.



End of Chapter 83





Did anyone clue into that revelation?

Seems our little Jennie and Jonathan have fallen in love.

Jennie's matured into a young woman of beauty.

And she confided in Justin her true feelings for his younger brother.

Why is Jolan so upset?


Onward we go, the weekend of love continuing.

Up next:  Hayden's day of love.

With a few surprises surrounding the group.


Hugs, Angel.