Jolan's Path - Chapter 84


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.




Chapter 84


Justin, Jennie and Jonathan all walked out onto the patio, Lynn and Randall walking up to them.

"What's going on, Justin? Jolan came walking out of the house looking really upset." Lynn said, staring at Jennie.
"Where is he, Mom?" Justin said, Lynn looking at her son.

"He walked over towards the gazebo, son." Randall said, looking at his son as well, seeing worry etched on his face.

"Thanks, Dad." Justin said, moving to go towards his lover.

Jennie's hand caught his arm, Justin stopping and staring into her blue eyes.

"This is my problem, Justin. I think it's time Jolan and I have a talk."
Justin nodded, seeing the love shining in her blue eyes.

"I'll go too, Jennie." Jonathan said, Randall looking at his other son in confusion.

"No, it's okay Jon. You stay here. I don't believe you would help the situation right now. He needs to understand where we're at. And you need to talk to your family. It's time I talked to mine." she said, Jon nodding, their eyes meeting.

Justin pulled Jennie into his arms, kissing her forehead.

"He loves you, Jennie. Right now he's confused. He's seeing you in a new light."
Jennie smiled, kissing his cheek.

"I know that, Justin. I love him as well. It's time he came into the present."

Justin smiled, watching the young woman walk across the lawn, Justin seeing Jolan's form seated in the gazebo on the other side of the pool.

Justin and Jonathan exchanged looks, Jonathan seeing his big brother's love in his blue eyes.

Little Hayden climbed up onto the patio, Stevie right behind him.

Justin knelt down, the boy climbing into his arms.

"It alrights, Poppa. Auntie Jennie needs to get goings on her paff. Daddy bees okay."
Justin stared in surprise, Hayden snuggling into his chest.

Justin's eyes met his mother's, Lisa looking at Jonathan.

"What's going on, Jonathan?" she said, Jonathan looking at his father.

"Sit down, Mom. You too, Dad and Stevie. I need to tell you all something."


Jennie walked into the wooden gazebo, seeing her brother seated in the far corner on a wooden bench, his head lowered, looking deep in thought, staring at his shoes.

"I need to be alone, Justin." he said not raising his head.

"It's me, Jolan."

Jolan raised his head, Jennie staring into his grey tearing eyes.

There was a moment of silence between the two siblings, Jolan finally breaking the moment.

"I'm sorry, Jennie." Jolan softly said, Jennie walking quietly over to him, sitting down beside him.

"Now what do you have to be sorry for, my brother?"

"I'm sorry I let Jonathan get close to you. I'm sorry I wasn't guarding you against his youthful needs. I should have sensed he's like any other teenage boy. . .his mind on one thing."
Jennie stared at Jolan, kissing his cheek.

"Oh, my dear brother. I think you've forgotten something."
Jolan's tearing eyes met hers, Jennie smiling at him.

"You've forgotten who his brother is. And you've forgotten Jon himself."
Jolan stared at her, Jennie smiling.

"Jonathan is so like his brother in so many ways, Jo. But he's also himself, a caring, loving man. I've been so worried. So worried of how you'd react to my opening my heart to Jonathan. And you reacted just as I thought you might. You're missing what's right in front of your eyes, my brother."
Jolan stared at his sister, a confused look on his face.

"These past few weeks Jonathan and I have been talking a lot, chatting online and on the phone, getting to know each other very well. This last week, when we were together in Cutter's Bluff, we realized that we might be falling in love."

"Jennie, you're just a child! You're too young for anything that serious."

Jennie sighed, rising up and standing in front of her brother, folding her arms.

In her heart and soul she steadied her love for what she had to show her brother.

"Look at me, Jolan."
Jolan's eyes raised, staring into his sister's blue eyes.

"Not into my eyes Jolan. Look at the real me."
Jolan looked confused, staring at his sister, the young woman wearing a pair of designer jeans, and a white silk blouse covered in a black vest.

"I'm not a child anymore, Jolan. I'm growing up."
Jennie moved, sitting down beside him again.

"I haven't called you Jolly for over a week now, Jolan. I've come out of my shell since you set free my soul. And I'm now blossoming into womanhood, Jo. It's time to set your little sister free. That part of our young lives is over."

Jolan sobbed, Jennie's arm going around him.

"I love you so much, Jennie! I don't want to see you hurt, to see you have that pain again! I don't want someone to take advantage of you and hurt you!"

Jennie kissed his cheek, Jolan wiping his eyes.

"That pain is gone, my brother. I've moved on towards happiness. You've hidden your eyes for too long now, Jolan. I'm almost sixteen now. It's time I walk the path of my life."
Jolan's eyes stared at his sister, seeing her for the first time in a new light.

He suddenly saw so much maturity and calmness in her captivating blue eyes.

"I love you, Jolan. And now my heart fills with a new love. Jonathan and I love each other. We know we're young, we know we've got the distance issue to handle. But we also have a lot of love for each other. When I'm with him, I feel happy, loved and safe. He's so like Justin. So loving, caring and fun."
Jolan softly smiled, hearing the happiness in his sister's voice.

Jolan's eyes moved, looking towards the patio, seeing his lover seated at the table with his family.

"I'm happy, Jolan. You can't protect me always from life, I have to live it. I find great joy in knowing I've found someone like Jonathan to walk with me on that journey. We're hoping to learn from each other's love. Just like you and Justin did."

Jolan nodded, seeing a difference in Jennie's face.

A young woman sat beside him, Jolan seeing his mother's looks in her smiling face.

"You look so much like Mom now, Jennie."
Jennie smiled, her blue eyes brightening.

"And you look like Dad, Jo."

Jolan smiled, staring at her.

"We have their love in our hearts, Jo. We have the rest of our lives to grow together. I'll always love you for the sweet kind brother you are. It's time you loved me on the same level. I'm not a child anymore."

Jolan smiled, Jennie smiling back.

"I'm sorry, Jennie. I'm sorry I didn't see what lay before me. My sister's beautiful smile, and her changing life."
"You don't need to be sorry, Jolan. You only have to think of the happiness we're both going to have now. Please accept Jonathan's love for me. It's truly beautiful."
Jolan nodded, taking his sister's hand in his.

"I think I have the emotional heart of our parents, and you have their calming maturity."

Jennie smiled, Jolan kissing her cheek.

"I'll bend Jennie. I'll try and accept this. But to me you've always been my little sister. The child I've always wanted to protect."

"I'll always feel your protective love, Jolan, my big brother. But I also have a heart of my own, a heart that yearns for the joys of love. The same love you now have with Justin."

"Alright, Jennica. I'll be your brother of equal standing."

Jennie nodded then smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Right now I think you need to rectify the other part of all this. I felt your feelings upstairs, my brother. You need to tell your Jus your true feelings."
Jolan nodded, seeing the truth and love in his sister's beautiful blue eyes.

"Alright, Jennie."

Jennie smiled, kissing his cheek again, then standing up and walking out of the gazebo.


Justin walked into the gazebo, Jolan's head raising, his grey eyes staring at him.

Justin looked around, his blue eyes scanning the wooden gazebo.

"I come out here usually on quiet evenings to be by myself. I see you've found the same quiet peace here as well."

"It's a beautiful quiet spot, Jus. Surrounded by intoxicating flowers." Jolan said, Justin nodding, walking around the gazebo, looking at all the flowered baskets and pots.

He sat down beside Jolan, a space separating them.

"Jennie said I needed to talk to you. Or rather, to listen to you."
Jolan's eyes met his, Justin staring quietly at his lover.

"I love you, Justin. I've never loved anyone the way I love you."
Justin smiled, his hand going out, Jolan taking it, the two holding hands.

"I'm sorry I walked away from you upstairs, Justin. What happened up there brought my hidden insecurities front and center."

Justin moved, the space between them gone, his arm going around his Jo.

"What insecurities, my love?"

Jolan stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the depth of his shining love buried there.

"I'm terrified that you're going to hurt me, Justin. Upstairs I thought that you'd kept this from me. That you didn't love me enough to always tell me the truth. I felt like I couldn't trust you. And that scared me." Jolan said, his voice trembling.

"Oh, Jo! I love you, I'd never keep anything from you, and I'd never hurt you. To hurt you would break my heart. I love you."
Jolan sobbed, Justin's arms wrapping around him.

"Please don't hurt me, Jus! I trusted him and he hurt me!"

Justin held Jolan, hearing the depth of the hurt coming out of him.

The depth of the pain Richard Thornton had burned into Jolan's soul.

The greatest hurt Jolan had felt that horrific day was the loss of trust.

Someone he trusted had almost destroyed him.

Justin teared up, realizing what he'd done to Jolan upstairs.

"I'm sorry, Jo! I'm sorry for not telling you about Jennie and Jon. I just learned about it myself yesterday. I tried talking to you yesterday, but all I saw in your eyes was the protective love you have for you sister. I couldn't go against that. Jennie said she'd tell you herself. I didn't know it would work out this way, your being blindsided by it."

Jolan nodded, his trembling lessening, wiping his eyes.

"She told me, or showed me the truth I refused to see, Jus. My sister's becoming a young woman."
Justin nodded, his hand rubbing Jolan's back.

"I love you, Jo. I was almost as clueless as you were. I didn't see their love for each other growing either. But I love my brother, and I love Jennie. I'm kind of happy they found a happiness in each other's heart. I believe in my heart Jonathan will be good for her. And she for him. Young love can be a tumultuous journey. I know in my heart that they'll be taking it slow. They both have us to talk to, and to be there for them."
Jolan smiled, hearing the truth and love in Justin's words.

Justin leaned forward, kissing Jolan tenderly.

"As for me and you, I love you Jo. I promise here, and for every day of our long lives, that you will always have my love, trust and open heart. There will never be secrets between us."
Jolan sank against his man, Justin holding him close.

"I promise the same, Jus. I love you, and I do trust you."

Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"I know that you've been deeply hurt, Jo. Your insecurities are mine as well. Talk to me, open up about all that bothers you, that worries you. I'm here to walk with you, to share our love."
Jolan smiled, seeing before him a man opening up his heart to him.

"Alright, Jus. You and I will have a long talk tonight when we're alone."
Justin smiled, kissing him again.

"So, what do we do about our two younger siblings?"

Jolan smiled, looking towards two young people walking hand in hand towards them from the patio.

"Well, I guess we do as you said. We talk to them, we show them our love, and we let them find their own happiness."
Justin smiled, Jolan looking into his eyes.

"I trust Jonathan, Justin. His love is as giving as yours."

Justin smiled, their talk interrupted by their two younger siblings walking into the gazebo.

Jolan stood up, Jonathan walking up to him.

"I need to be honest with you, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, quietly looking at the young man, seeing a courage and determination in his blue eyes, the same color of loving blue as his Justin's.

"I love Jennie, Jolan. I've never met anyone with such a giving, loving heart. Being with her makes my world shine. I love her and I'll never hurt her. You have my promise on that. Her past of hurt is over. Her future now will be only love."
Jennie teared up, Jonathan's hand going in hers.

Jolan stared at the two, Justin standing up and taking Jolan's hand in his.

"We both love both of you. That will never change. My Jo and myself welcome both of you to the world of love." Justin said, the two younger siblings smiling widely.

Jolan walked forward, his hand going to Jonathan's shoulder.

"Jennie is my sister, Jonathan. I love her with all of my heart. You are my brother also. I love you as well. I only want what's best for both of you. I now see that in each other you may find that happiness. Justin and I will both be here for both of you, in all ways."
Jennie teared up, Jonathan hugging Jolan tightly.

Jolan hugged him back, smiling at Jennie.

The two young men parted, Jennie hugging her brother, Justin's arm going around Jonathan.

The four suddenly heard clapping, their heads turning to the front of the gazebo.

All their family and friends stood outside of it, smiling and clapping.

Jennie and Jonathan blushed, Jolan smiling.

"Young love begins, surrounded by the love of family."
Jennie smiled, Jonathan's hand going in hers again.

The two walked out of the gazebo into the hugging arms of their families, Jolan and Justin walking behind them.


Justin moved, feeling two small bodies against him.

He smiled, opening his blue eyes, staring into another set of blue.

"Morning, Poppa! You sleeps too long!" Hayden said, laughing, sitting on top of Justin's chest.

Justin smiled, looking to his left.

His brother Stevie's wide grin brought a smile to his face.

"Morning, Jus! Jolan said we could wake you. You promised to play ball with us today!"

Justin laughed, hearing the happiness in his young brother's voice.

"Oh I did, did I?"

Stevie's face took on a serious look, Justin laughing.

"Yep, I did. And I always keep my promises. Especially to my bros."
The boy smiled again, Justin ruffling his blond head, Stevie laughing.

Hayden moved upward, his small hands going to Justin's blond curls.

"Me's mess yours hair too, Poppa!"
Justin laughed, beginning to tickle the boy, Stevie climbing on top of Justin too, the three laughing.

Jolan walked into the room, smiling.

"I see you boys found the tickle monster. Watch out for the kissing devil."

Stevie and Hayden laughed, Justin beginning to kiss their cheeks.

The two boys crawled off the bed, still laughing, Hayden climbing into Jolan's arms.

"Breakfast is almost ready, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, stretching his taut body, Jolan taking in each intoxicating inch as Justin climbed out of bed, his smooth muscular body only clothed in boxer briefs.

"My angel's been cooking his heart out again?"
Jolan smiled, Justin's arms going around his man and boy.

The two kissed, Stevie smiling up at them.

"Yep, and it's all for my family. Take a shower my love." Jolan said, his hand lightly slapping Justin's ass.

Justin smiled, remembering the ending of yesterday's happiness.

The guys had all watched an NFL game on Justin's big screen television, the others enjoying cards and quiet talk on the patio and later in the kitchen and living room.

After everyone had retired for the night, Justin and Jolan had talked in front of the fireplace in their bedroom on the couch.

Jolan had opened up his heart more, Justin holding him through the pain and hurt.

They'd ended the night by making slow, passionate love.

Justin still felt the warmth of his lover's possession.

"Okay, my love. Be right down."
Jolan kissed him again, smiling after.

"I've laid out your fun clothes, my sexy man. I want you to have fun today."

Justin smiled, Jolan and the two boys heading downstairs, Justin walking into the bathroom.


Justin walked into the kitchen, everyone smiling up at him.
"Morning everyone!" He smiled, walking up to Jolan who was at the stove removing the last of the bacon from the frying pan onto a platter.

Jolan's eyes stared at Justin, the man wearing a black t-shirt and low cut jeans, his muscular body shining for all to see.
Justin grabbed a piece of bacon off the platter, kissing his boyfriend's cheek, winking at him.
Two large tables had been set up in the kitchen, everyone quietly chatting and laughing, awaiting Jolan's fare.

"Morning, Jus." Trace said as Justin sat down beside him and Cindy.
"Morning, Tray! How did everyone sleep last night?"
"Slept good, Jus. It's so nice and relaxing here!" Cindy said, Justin smiling at her.
"Being wrapped in love always makes it nicer." Tray said, Cindy smiling at him, the two exchanging looks.
Justin caught their look, smiling.
"Okay, what gives? You two look surprisingly happy this morning." Justin said, Trace smiling.
"Should we speak our minds, Cindy?"
The young woman smiled, nodding.
Jolan walked over to the table carrying platters filled with food; Lynn, Lisa and Ally carrying other dishes.
Trace stood up, asking everyone to sit down.
Jolan smiled, the food placed on the table, sitting down beside Justin, Hayden climbing into his lap off of Randall's lap.
The little boy smiled up at Jolan, Jolan seeing a bright happiness in the boy's eyes.
Trace nodded at Cindy, the young woman smiling, standing up beside him, the two linking hands.
"My wonderful Cindy would like to say something." Trace said, nodding at Cindy.
The young woman smiled, looking around the room.
"Today, being in this house of happiness, fills all of us with joy. Trace and I feel the love that surrounds all of us, the love that guided both of us to our hearts. You talked yesterday about a path of destiny, Jolan. And how everyone was guided onto it to aid you, to guide you forward. I think you have it wrong."
Jolan looked at Cindy, the young woman smiling back.
"This, in essence, is the path of love, a destined love, Jolan. Your love drew all of us to you, only because you first gave it to us. Just look at Trace and myself. Your love guided Justin and Trace to find out what was happening out on that dark road that night. Justin's need to find out about you guided him and Trace to my Mom's home. And there, I stared into two eyes of love, finding the other half of my soul. That was love's destiny, Jolan."
Trace smiled, staring into her green eyes, then looking towards Jolan, his voice now filling the kitchen.
"Somehow we believe in our hearts that your invisible love guided us to each other, Jolan. Yes, you were in a coma, but your soul of love walked on its own. That soul was your walking love. And that love has spread to all of us since that night."
Jolan remained quiet, Justin's arm going around him.
"Just look at what resulted from your soul walking on that road. My Cynthia was saved by you after her horrific car accident. Justin met you, and your two souls united. Little Rebecca Taylor met you on that same road. You later saving her from certain death at the hands of that deranged deputy. Your love protected her. I want to tell you something, Jolan."
Jolan nodded, Trace's blue eyes looking at him.
"That night when I hit you, I was terrified. Not for having hit you, but for having seen what appeared to be a ghost. I couldn't make myself believe that it was your soul walking out there. When you disappeared on us from the backseat, I was terrified. I'm a sane man, I've always believed in what I see in front of me. And I couldn't understand you that night."
Justin stared at his friend, Trace's eyes filled with soft tears.

"But then I walked into that bedroom at Henry's and I saw the real you. That made me face the truth. The truth of what you are. As my Cindy said, you are love. Through time I saw the truth of your friendship and your love. And you gave me the greatest gifts back. Your endearing friendship, and my Cindy's complete love. You and your dear sister healed my angel."
Trace took Cindy's hand, she smiling at him.

"You joined our love, Jolan. For that we give you our thanks. Your love now guides us on our final path of love."
Jolan smiled, the truth dawning on him.

Trace and Cindy looked around, both then smiling at each other.

Trace nodded, Cindy speaking again.

"We're getting married!!" she said, her hand moving forward, her finger showing off a diamond ring.

Justin screamed with joy, on his feet immediately, hugging his best friend to him.

Jolan smiled, watching as the couple was surrounded and pulled into hugs and kisses, congratulations welcomed from everyone.

Shelly and Henry had already known the news, Trace having proposed to Cindy in Oberson Falls three days earlier.

Lynn smiled, taking Hayden from Jolan, the young man standing up and walking up to the happy couple.

"That's wonderful news, but not surprising my friends. I knew from the first moment I saw you both together your love was destined to grow." Jolan said, Trace half crying and hugging Jolan, Justin smiling beside them.

Jolan broke the emotional hug, looking into Cindy's green eyes.

"I don't have my Dad anymore, Jolan. I'd like you to walk me down the aisle. I would like your love to give me away."

Jolan looked surprised, Shelly smiling at him, her eyes filled with tears.

"I. . .I would be honored, Cynthia." he said with emotion.

Cindy hugged him, Justin smiling widely, Trace putting his hand on his best friend's shoulder.

"Would you be my best man, Jus? You are my dearest friend and brother."
Justin teared up, his face showing the emotion of the moment.

"Nothing would give me greater happiness, Tray. I would consider it an honor to stand beside you on that day." Justin said, hugging his friend again, everyone smiling at the touching scene.

Cindy's arm went around Jennie.

"And I want you as my matron of honor, Jennie. My sister of healing love."
Jennie looked totally stunned, Jolan smiling at his sister.

"Well, I guess my little sister really is growing up." he said, Jennie smiling, looking at Cindy.

"I will stand by you on that day of love, Cynthia." Jennie said, smiling at her, Cindy kissing her cheek as she hugged her.

"Okay, everyone. Let's get back to my breakfast, everything's getting cold. The wedding plans can be discussed over full stomachs." Jolan said, everyone smiling and sitting back down.

Jolan sat beside Justin, his lover smiling at him.

Justin smiled back, his thoughts on Trace and Cindy's moving speech.

Jolan smiled, handing him a plate of scrambled eggs.


After breakfast Justin made good on his word.
He and the other young people went into the backyard to play ball.
Stevie was a bundle of happiness, his older brother right beside him.
Justin, Stephen, Cory and Jennie teamed up against Jonathan, Lonnie, Trace and Cindy.
It was a fun, joyous baseball game.
After Jolan had finished cleaning up the kitchen, he sat on the patio, talking to his family and friends, Randall playing with Hayden.
The women left, heading out for the post-Thanksgiving Day store sales, a joyous happy bunch going off together.
That left Jolan, Randall, Domo, Simus, Henry and Calen.
The other boybanders had returned to their homes last night, promising to come over later in the day.
Jolan sat beside his grandfather, uncles and Henry, relaxing and smiling towards the happiness flooding the backyard.
"This is wonderful home, Jolan. You can feel the happiness and joy surrounding it." Calen said, Jolan smiling at him.
"It is, Uncle Calen. Justin's love echoes through every room."
Randall raised his head, smiling at Jolan's words.
Jolan's eyes went to his uncle.
"You don't talk much of your home and family, Uncle Calen."
The man smiled, Simus smiling at him.
"There's a reason for that, Jolan. My family is sacred to me. The time I spend with my children are the greatest moments I cherish. We share a bond of truth and love. I keep them close to my heart."
"Are they Badenwolf, like yourself Calen?" Domo said, sipping a cup of coffee, seated beside Jolan.
"No, Dominoso. My children are not young wolflings."
Jolan's eyes met Calen's, the younger man staring quietly at him.
"They share the greatness of their mother, her beauty and love echoes in their faces."
Everyone smiled, hearing the love in Calen's voice.
"It will be a great joy for me to meet those three, Uncle."
Calen smiled, his eyes meeting Simus'.
"They wait with happiness to meet you, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, Henry looking at Calen.
"Do you have any pictures, Calen? I'd love to see them." Henry smiled, Simus looking at his brother.
"Unfortunately I don't, Henry. But you'll meet them soon enough."
Jolan smiled, his uncle smiling back.
"I'm anxious to meet all my Dragosan brethren." Jolan said, Simus looking at him.
"Even Morgan and Krayos?" he said, Jolan staring at him.
"Yes. Even them, Uncles."
"It will not be a meeting of joyous tidings with Morgan, my nephew." Simus said, Jolan nodding.
"Yes, I know Uncle Simus. But it will be a meeting of necessity. For from it will come the heart of our family."
Simus and Calen traded looks, Randall and Henry looking at Jolan.
"What do you mean, Jolan?" Calen said, Jolan smiling at him.
"Your brother Morgan does not know the greatness of my love, and the lengths I will go to to unite our family. He will come to know me better." Jolan said, his voice filled with calmness and determination.
"Morgan has changed, Jolan. He is not the once loved brother Calen and I worshipped." Simus said, Jolan hearing the sadness in his uncle's voice.
"A worshipped man's faults usually are revealed by the truth. He will be your beloved brother again, Uncles. I shall rectify that."
"A more miraculous moment shall not pass on this earth if that were to happen, Jolan. But even you cannot turn the tide of my brother's need for total control." Calen said quietly.
"We all walk with pain in our hearts, Uncles. For my father's love I shall see the family Dragos united, no matter what I shall have to sacrifice."
Simus' grey eyes met Jolan's, the older man seeing a knowledge and acceptance in those younger orbs of love.
The house buzzer went off, Henry smiling and offering to go see who was at the front gate.
Jolan thanked him, the older man walking into the house.
Simus' eyes were still staring at Jolan.
"You have the gift of a seer? You know the future?"
Jolan smiled, looking down at his son, Hayden smiling up at him.
"You only need to look at my wonderful son to see that. My vision came true, I have his love."
Hayden smiled, standing up and running over to his father, his hands going on top of his knees.
"Wuv you, Daddy!"
Jolan smiled, leaning down and hugging his son.

A few minutes later the quietness was broken by laughter.

"We's heres, Hay!" came a loud, boisterous voice, Jolan smiling as two small boys came running out of the house, Hayden squealing with laughter.

Britney smiled, standing beside Henry, her two boys hugging Hayden.

"The three amigos are back together again!" Britney said, Jolan laughing as she sat down beside him, kissing his cheek.

"That they are!" he replied, smiling at his son, the small boy pulling his friends towards Randall.

"We pays in house, Grampa?" he said, Randall smiling.

"For sure, little buddy! Let's go to your room."
The three boys clapped together, their smiles only matched by Randall's.

"Thanks, Randall." Jolan said, the man smiling at him.

"No problem, Jolan." the man said, smiling and walking into the house, three little boys ahead of him.

"You're really working your magic on Justin's dad, Jo." Britney said after they left, Jolan smiling.

"Slowly but surely. I welcome his love as much as he welcomes his new grandson's."
Britney smiled, looking out into the backyard, seeing everyone smiling and laughing.

"So what's new and exciting in Britney's world? Where's the old ball and chain?" Jolan said smiling into her blue eyes.

"Chris and Joey have gone scuba diving. They'll be here for lunch. As for me, I've just been organizing a few things, getting ready to cut my next album."

"Chris should be careful. I heard on the news that some environmentalists were trying to corral some walruses down by the bay. They may mistake him for one."

Calen, Cory and Henry all burst into laughter, Britney right behind them, she covering her mouth, trying to no avail not to laugh.

Jolan smiled, Britney shaking her head.

"That's bad, Jo! He's not even here to defend himself."

Jolan laughed, Britney smiling.

"I'm glad you're working on your music again, Brit. I know the next album will be fantastic."
She smiled, looking out again into the yard.

"I've got some great songs lined up, I just need to come up with a barn-burner to wow them." she said, Jolan nodding, watching her gaze.

"You'll come up with something."
She smiled, she and Jolan talking, Jolan filling her in on the morning's news.


The ball game ended; Justin, Stevie, Cory and Jennie the winners by one run, the four walking up onto the patio, followed by their friends.

Britney hugged Trace and Cindy, congratulating them, the two women and Jennie sitting down and discussing wedding stuff.

Stevie climbed up into Jolan's lap, hugging him.

"We won, bro!" he smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"Awesome! To the victors go the spoils. The winners get to pick lunch!"

Jennie and Justin grinned, Cory chuckling.

"Great! Chili dogs and pizza." he said, everyone laughing.

Stevie got up, running over to Justin who sat beside Jennie, the three conferring, Justin smiling.

He smiled at Jolan, looking at Stevie.

"Stevie wants burgers!" he said, high-fiving his little brother.

Jennie and Cory both agreed with smiles, everyone nodding.

"Burgers it shall be. Wait till you taste my burgers!" Jolan said smiling, getting up and heading towards the patio doors.

He stopped long enough to kiss Justin on the cheek, high-fiving his little brother, and smiling at everyone.

Justin smiled at him, he and Britney beginning to chat.

Jolan looked at the two friends, walking quietly into the house.


The ladies returned an hour later, laden with bags of treasures, all walking into the kitchen, Jolan smiling at them.

"Is Los Angeles still standing, or did you ladies strip her bare?"

Lynn laughed, lightly slapping his shoulder as he stood at the counter making salads.

"We just bought a few things, Jo." Lisa said, Ally smiling beside her.

Daphne and Rachel sat down, Jolan smiling at both of them.

"I'm happy you all had fun. Everyone's out on the patio. Lance, Josh and Chace just showed up. They're all out at the pool. We're just waiting for Chris and Joey to show up before we have lunch." he smiled, Lynn nodding.

"Need a hand here, Jo?" Lisa said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Thanks Lisa, but everything is almost all done. I'm barbecuing burgers shortly and the other dishes are made. You ladies go out and have some fun."
Everyone smiled, Lisa kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Our little organized angel." she said, Jolan softly blushing.

"And a blushing angel too." Lynn said, Jolan smiling softly.

"I think we'll keep him. Right ladies?" Lisa said, everyone agreeing, Jolan's cheeks reddening more.

"Okay, okay. Get going!" he said, the ladies laughing, heading out to the patio.

Jolan watched them go, his mind on something else.

He opened the top drawer of the counter beside him, staring down into the drawer.

"Not sure on the angel part, but I am organized. Their happiness needs to shine." he said, smiling at the leather satchel sitting in the top drawer.

He closed the drawer, softly beginning to sing, the words lost in ancient dialect.


Josh walked into the kitchen, stopping when he heard Jolan's voice.

He stood in silence, listening to the young man sing, the melody tranquil and uplifting in tempo.

Josh didn't understand the words, but the beauty of the song was evident in Jolan's beautiful voice.

Jolan's voice lowered, the song ending.

Josh began clapping, Jolan's head turning, Josh staring into two glowing silvery eyes.

The glow vanished almost instantly, Josh lost in the beauty of Jolan's grey orbs.

"That was beautiful, Jolan. Wherever did you hear that song? What does it mean?"
Jolan softly blushed, staring at the man standing in his kitchen in only a pair of black swimming trunks.

"It. . .it's just a song I remembered someone singing." he said quietly, staring at Josh.

The man's body was breathtaking.

Two small nipples stood out on a toned, muscular chest, washboard abs completing the beauty of his torso.

His skin was a golden bronze, and smooth as glass, a light glistening sweat coating it, the day warm.

"Need a drink, Josh?"
"Yes, thanks. Chace and Lance sent me in for drinks. It's warm out there today." he said smiling, Jolan nodding.

Jolan walked over to the refrigerator, pulling out a pitcher of lemonade and a bucket of ice, Josh walking up to him.

"Here, take this out. There's more if it's not enough." Jolan said, setting the pitcher and bucket on a tray, pulling out some glasses from the overhead cupboard.

Josh smiled, leaning against the counter beside Jolan, waiting for Jolan to organize everything on the tray.

"I wanted to thank you, Jo. This is really the first time you and I have had a chance to talk alone."
Jolan smiled, staring into his blue eyes.

"You don't have to thank me for what you and Chace have, Josh. That you received from each other."
Josh smiled, looking towards the patio door.

"I remember the pain and hurt I felt in my soul that morning I walked into this house hunting for you. I came here wanting to hurt you. And now here it is weeks later and I can truthfully say that I love you. For what you gave me and Chace and for what you've given Jus. I've never seen my friend so happy."
Jolan smiled, his thoughts on his Jus.

"I'm just as happy, Josh. Justin loves me, and I love him."
Josh smiled, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

The two stared at each other for a moment, Jolan suddenly feeling the heated presence of the man beside him, Josh's intoxicating beauty only inches from him.

They stared into each other's souls, Josh the first to start laughing.

Jolan was right behind him, the two then hugging each other, Jolan now feeling the warmth of his friend's beautiful body against him.

"The intensity of truth, the absurdity of wishful thinking." Jolan said, Josh laughing.

"You're right, Jo. Beautiful words from a beautiful friend."
Jolan smiled, Josh looking at him.

"What just happened between us?"
Jolan smiled, his hand going to Josh's naked shoulder.

"We stared into the face of fantasy, and saw the beauty of reality."
Josh smiled, touched by Jolan's beautiful words.

"You are a fantastic beautiful man, Joshua. But you're not my Jumpy. And I'm not your Chace."
Josh nodded, smiling a heartwarming smile.

"I love Justin, Josh. He's everything to me. Being here beside your beauty showed me what I really believe beauty is. It's the feel of my Jus' touch, the feel of his breath on my neck while he sleeps. The warmth I feel in my soul when he smiles at only me. And it's the sparkling beauty of his blue pools of love. I love him totally. And you love your Chace just as much. We see in our own eyes, heart and soul all that we need."
Josh teared up, Jolan smiling at him.

"I love him so much, Jo."
Jolan nodded, kissing Josh's cheek.

"You just showed that to me, Josh. Otherwise we'd be doing the nasty right now."
Josh laughed loudly, he and Jolan smiling at each other.

"Something tells me that you and I are going to be very good friends, Jolan."

"My love for you guarantees that, Joshua. I'm always here to talk to if you need me. We'll come to mean even more to each other."

"Jo. . .if you have the time. . .I'd love to talk about some things."

Jolan smiled, staring into his blue eyes.

"We'll talk, Josh. I'm here for you."
Josh smiled, Jolan handing him the tray of refreshments, Josh kissing his cheek.

Josh smiled again, walking out of the room.

Jolan stared after him, his thoughts his own.


A half hour later--Jolan standing at the barbecue cooking burgers on the patio--saw the arrival of Joey and Chris on the patio.

To everyone's surprise Chris was walking with a noticeable limp.

Britney was at his side immediately, Joey smiling at her.

"What happened to you, Sugar Bear?" Britney said, Chris kissing her lips as she wrapped her arms around him.

Joey laughed at the name, Jolan looking towards him.

"Your bear got a little too close to the honey pot, Bitzy." Joey said, Chris glaring at him.

Everyone on the patio and around the pool area were staring at him, Chris softly blushing.

Justin walked up onto the patio, Jolan smiling at him, Hayden in Justin's arms.

Jayden and Sean were at Justin's heels, the two running up to Chris.

"You's okay, Poppa Chris?" Sean said, Chris smiling at his calling him that.

"Yes, little buddies. Just a sore leg."
The two boys smiled, Britney smiling at them, her worried eyes returning to Chris' face.

"What happened, Joe?" Justin said, sitting down beside his friends.

Joey, whose face showed the telltale signs of withholding laughter, smiled.

"We were down near Pier 27, scuba diving in the bay off our chartered boat. Chris wanted to go to the sunken depths by the harbor front. I followed him underwater, but he took off on me. Jacques Cousteau here got lost, finally coming up out of the water right in front of a herd of walruses sunning on the beach. He emerged right in front of a large bull that had just dove into the water. The beast clocked him with his tail, right on the leg. Chris got away from him, dragging himself up onto the shore. He didn't realize that he'd swum right into the middle of the walrus herd. You should have seen the look of terror in his eyes. If it wasn't for two Greenpeace environmentalists in a boat he'd still be there. They picked him up off shore and drove him back to our boat." Joey said, now half laughing, trying to hold it in.

His laughter was overtaken by the joined laughter of Domo, Henry, Simus and Calen, their wet eyes looking towards Jolan.

Britney, seated beside Chris, had a look of total shock on her face.

"You okay, Brit?" Chris said, her eyes meeting his.

She then lost it, her high pitched laughter totally stunning Chris.

"I don't believe it! I just don't believe it!" she said, roaring with laughter, Chris and Joey looking confused at the people laughing.

Jolan smiled, walking over from the barbecue, picking up a glass of lemonade off the table, smiling at Chris.

"What's going on, Brit?" Chris said, his eyes looking up at Jolan's smiling face, his mirthful voice filling the patio.

"Glad to see you're okay, Chris. Greenpeace saved another endangered species."
Everyone now lost it, the patio overflowing with laughter.

Jolan smiled, going back to the barbecue with his drink, Britney hugging her man.

"I love you, Chris! And you're not going to believe any of this!"

Chris blushed, his face changing to shock as Britney told everyone about Jolan's walrus remarks from this morning.

Everyone's eyes were turned towards the man, Jolan humming as he cooked on the barbecue, oblivious to their stares.

"Unbelievable!" Joey said, staring at Justin.

"My man's got the touch. His words mirror life." he said, smiling.

Hayden climbed up into Justin's lap, smiling up at him.

"Daddy knows wots!"

Justin smiled, his heart agreeing totally with his son.


Chris had been staring in awe at Jolan for about half an hour, Jolan finally having had enough of his quiet stares.

"I had a vision of your seafaring adventure, Chris. That's how I knew about the walruses." he said, setting the last plate of food down on the patio tables, Justin and Josh having set out all the other food and plates.

Chris stared at him, a quiet look of awe still there.

Justin put his arm around Jolan, his lover's grey eyes staring into his blue.

"I've been getting visions, usually just before I awaken in the morning. This morning I saw Chris' walruses."
"You can see the future, Jo?" Chris said as Jolan sat down beside Justin, Hayden smiling up at his father, the small boy in Justin's lap.

"I'm not totally sure what it means. I see small visions of things. I saw your adventure, and I've seen a few more things."
Justin's hand went on top of his, looking at him with concern.

"Nothing bad, I hope?"

"No, I haven't had those kind of visions. Just small glimpses of things. Like Hayden's walking into our life."
Everyone nodded, all now seated around the tables.

Jolan's eyes lowered, Justin leaning over and kissing his cheek.

Justin had felt Jolan's sudden insecurity.

"This doesn't change you, Jo. You're you, the you we all love."
Jolan's head raised again, smiling at his lover, his grey eyes going around the patio, seeing everyone smiling at him.

"I think my magic comes as it must. This is a part of that."
"What else did you see, Jo?" Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I saw joy and happiness for several friends." he softly said, not really looking at anyone specifically.

Everyone smiled, knowing in their hearts that Jolan wouldn't elaborate.

"Please, everyone. Life happens as it must. Trust me to let it unfold as it must. I'm sorry Britney and Chris. I shouldn't have divulged the happenings of today, letting Chris walk into embarrassment."

Chris smiled, getting up out of his seat and walking over to Jolan with a soft limp.

His hand went to Jolan's shoulder, Jolan looking up at the man.

Chris leaned down, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Putting me in the center of laughter and hilarity is good by me Jo. I love the attention."
Jolan smiled, seeing Chris had easily forgiven him.

"Justin has told me of your mirthful heart, Chris. I just wanted to surprise you."
Chris laughed, patting his shoulder, Britney smiling at her lover.

"Hey, it goes both ways."
"Oh oh, Jo. I'd watch my back if I were you. Chris is a real prankster."
Jolan smiled at Joey's warning, Jolan and Chris' eyes meeting.

"Bring it on, walrus groupie!"
Everyone laughed, Chris' laughter the loudest as he returned to his seat.

Jolan smiled at Justin, the two sensing their love.

Justin sensed Jolan's happiness at everyone's shining love for him.

They hadn't been put off by his uniqueness, their love still there for him.

"Dive in everyone. I hope you like Stevie's burgers!" he said, smiling at Stevie.
The boy grinned, diving into his.


Jolan smiled, looking around the table, seeing everyone's love for his food.

Joey and Chris had both eaten three burgers, their compliments bringing a smile to his face.

The meal was a happy affair, everyone chatting amongst themselves on various topics.

Trace and Cindy's wedding, Jolan's gifts, upcoming events and holidays.

After everyone had dined the kids had gone back out into the yard to play, Lonnie and Paul joining them.

After the food was cleared, Calen stood up at the table, everyone smiling at him.

"If it would please everyone, I'd like to say something."

Everyone quieted down, Jolan smiling at his uncle.

"We all have had such a wonderful two days here, my nephews." Calen said, looking at Jolan and Justin.
Justin smiled, hearing Calen's acceptance of him into their family.

"You both have made this a holiday we all will remember with fondness and love. I know it isn't over yet, two more days of happiness to come, but I'd like to propose a toast to both of you."
Justin and Jolan both smiled, everyone grabbing their glasses and standing.

"To Jolan and Justin, our giving friends and family.  Your love and generosity live on in our hearts."
"To Jolan and Justin!" everyone said, clinking glasses, the two smiling at their friends and family.

Everyone sat back down, Calen still on his feet.

He nodded at Simus, his older brother standing, joining Calen at his side.

"Calen and I have enjoyed our time here in your beautiful home, Justin and Jolan. You have brought happiness to our ancient hearts."
Jolan and Justin both smiled, the two men looking around at everyone, Simus' calm voice filling the patio.

"We, the brothers Dragos, would like to return that happiness to all of you. My brother Calen is the Illuminator and also caretaker of the history of the Dragosan and Sumsarian lineages. He is also the caretaker of our ancestral home, Jolan. The home of our father and mother."
Calen smiled at Jolan, taking up the conversation.

"My children and myself live in the ancestral home of Vilos Dragos. Our beloved Bloodstone Manor, in England."

Everyone smiled, hearing the love in both men's voices for their family home.

"We would like to bestow upon all of you an invitation to gather there for Christmas. It would be our honor to host all of you." Simus said with a wide smile, looking at his nephew.

Justin smiled, looking at Jolan.

Jolan stood up, looking around at everyone.

"It would give my heart untold happiness to go to that home of love, to walk in the footsteps of my grandfather. For my Justin and my Hayden I accept with great happiness your invitation."
Simus and Calen both smiled, everyone else voicing their acceptance.

"It is a home of love and happiness, Jolan. You all shall want for nothing, and leave with hearts filled with joy."
Everyone began to talk, Jolan walking around the table and hugging his uncles.

Everyone stood, shaking Simus' and Calen's hands, the two men happy at everyone's acceptance of their invitation.

"Wow! Christmas in England! How Dickensian!" Chris said, Calen laughing.

"Yes, Chris. There will be snow and coldness outside, and a greater warmth inside." Simus said smiling, Chris grinning, his eyes meeting Joey's.

"Snow ball fights! Awesome!!".

Jolan smiled, seeing everyone's happiness at the next family gathering.

"It will be a time of happiness and love, Uncles."
Simus and Calen smiled, Cory's arm going around Simus.

"A family needs to be together at Christmas."
Simus smiled at his lover, Jolan smiling at both.


Everyone relaxed around the patio and pool, the afternoon filled with happiness.

Leo and Auntie Gee arrived just before supper, welcomed by everyone.

Leo joined everyone in the pool, his initial awkwardness around the celebrities now forgotten, he and Lance talking quietly about the writing business, on water chairs.

Joey smiled at his man, seeing Lance's gentleness relaxing the young man.

Jolan sat down beside Joey, the man smiling at him.

"Your man's got a way of relaxing people, Joe." Jolan said, Joey smiling.

"He's a treasure I love deeply." he said, Jolan smiling.

"I'm sorry you couldn't be in New York with your daughter for the holidays."
"It's alright, Jolan. Kelly was taking her to her parents' for yesterday's dinner. Lance and I are thinking of going up next weekend and seeing them. It's time they knew of my heart's decision. I love Kelly and my daughter, I can't keep Lance's love from them."
Jolan nodded, smiling at the giving man.

"They'll be happy for you, Joe. Kelly sounds like a wonderful woman."

Joe smiled, nodding his agreement.

"She's an even better friend. She's one of a kind."

Jolan nodded, getting up and patting his shoulder.

"I'm going to go start supper. Have fun, Joe."
Joey smiled, looking up at his friend.

Jolan walked onto the patio, Justin smiling at him, seated at the table playing cards with Josh, Chace and Cory.

"I'm going to check on my roast, sweetie." Jolan said, winking at him.

Justin smiled, the front buzzer going off.

"I'll see who that is while I'm in the house." Jolan said, Justin smiling at him as he walked into the house.

Justin leaned over, whispering in Josh's ear.

Josh smiled, nodding.

He got up, walking over to Chris and Britney, the three quietly talking.


Joey sat in his lounge chair by the pool, Lance walking over to him, sitting down beside him.

"Leo's an intelligent wonderful guy, Joe. He's so in tune with the writing world. He's read my book."
Joe smiled, looking into his lover's green eyes.

"My sweetie a published author."
Lance smiled, kissing Joey's cheek.

"What were you and Jo talking about?"
"Family, happiness and love. I was telling him about going to New York next weekend and seeing Briahna."
Lance smiled softly, nodding quietly.

Joey sensed his feelings, taking his hand in his.

"I love you, Lance. She and Kelly need to know that. I want to be totally open with my love for you."
"Totally, Joe?"
Joey smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Lance. I want the world to eventually know about my love for you."

Lance teared up, Joey kissing his cheek.

"Right now my main concern is my daughter. She needs to see that her dad is happy."
Lance smiled, sensing a sudden quietness around them.

Lance turned, his eyes widening in surprise.

"She knows, Dad."

Joey turned around at the sound of the young voice, his blue eyes staring into his daughter's blue eyes.

"Briahna? How. . .?" he said, his daughter rushing to him, in his arms immediately, Kelly standing in front of them smiling.

Joey's wet eyes looked up into hers, his wife smiling at him.

"Hello, Joe." she said, Joey standing up, his daughter smiling up at him and her mother.

"How did you two get here? You're supposed to be in New York?" he said, suddenly seeing everyone staring at them, the small group surrounded.

Jolan walked up, Kelly smiling at him.

"You can thank your wonderful friend here, Joe." she said, Joey's eyes going to Jolan.

"I called her on the last day we were in New York. Justin gave me her number."
Joey looked surprised, Lance staring at Jolan.

"Why would you do that, Jo?" Joey said, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"I did it for you, Joe. For a friend who needed his family around him. Your heart of love is large and giving, all of us feeling its huggable strength. But behind that strong heart there's a soul of loneliness. I felt your loneliness at not having your daughter with you, especially over the holidays. I called Kelly on Justin's insistence after I'd told him about your feelings that I'd sensed. You have a wonderful friend and wife here, Joe. She'd picked up on your feelings as well the last time you visited Briahna. So we both thought it was a good idea your angel was here with you over the holidays."

Joey's eyes teared up, Lance looking at him.
"I thought I hid it well." he said, looking down at his daughter, the young girl looking up at him.
Kelly walked forward, hugging Joey tightly, the man returning the hug.
She released him, smiling at Lance.
"I knew you needed her here this weekend, as did your friend Jolan. I also see a new light of happiness and love in your eyes."
Joey smiled, his eyes filled with tears.
"Kelly, I need to tell you something, and you as well, my angel." Joey said, looking at his former wife, then down at his daughter.
"It's okay, Dad. I'm happy you love Lance."
Joey looked thunderstruck as did Lance, the young girl smiling up at her mother.
Joey's head raised, his eyes drawn to Lance, then to Kelly, then finally to Jolan.
"I believe the four of you need to have a private talk. You can use the living room, Joe." Jolan said, Joey nodding at him slowly, Kelly's arm going around Joey.
"Thanks, Jolan. It's nice to put a face to the voice finally. Let's go inside Joe."
Joe looked again at Jolan, the man smiling at him.
"Your eye give away your love, Joseph. Your heart radiates it even more. Open both to their love and his."
Kelly smiled, guiding her former husband into the house, Lance following with Briahna, the young girl smiling up at him.
Lance's eyes met Jolan's, their grayness filled with love.
Justin's arm went around Jolan, everyone watching their friends go inside.
"You mending hearts again, Jolan?" Lynn said smiling, standing beside the two men.
"He's joining a family, Mom. A family filled with love."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"I've got to go check on supper, entertain our friends, Jumpy. And our son looks like he wants to swim again." Jolan said, Hayden running up to Justin.
"We's go swimmings agains, Poppa?"
Justin smiled, leaning down and picking up his angel.
"Yes, little fishy. Come on boys, let's get wet!" he said, Sean and Jayden clapping, Jolan smiling.
Jolan walked towards the house, everyone watching him go inside.
"That boy is one of a kind." Domo said, Justin smiling at him.
"Okay, everyone. Let's have fun." he said, Hayden clapping, the two heading towards the pool, Britney and her boys at their side.

Jolan smiled, walking back out onto the patio, Lynn smiling at him.
"Everything okay, Jolan?" she said, Jolan smiling at her as he sat down at the table.
"Yep, everything's in the oven or already made. Supper should be in an hour or so." he said, sitting down beside her, Auntie Gee and Lisa.
Randall, Simus and Domo smiled towards him, playing gin rummy at the other table.
"You are remarkable, Jolan." Auntie Gee said, Jolan smiling at her.
"I'm me, Auntie Gee. The me I was when you knew me, the me I am today."
She smiled, looking out at her son, seeing him in the pool laughing with Chace, Cory and Chris.
"It's nice to see my three boys together again. Your young hearts were so in tune with each other. I always saw greatness in all three of you."
Jolan smiled, looking out at his childhood best friends.
"Our greatness comes from your joining love, Auntie Gee. You always encouraged us to take chances. Your love guided your son to a career he loves, as does Cory his."
The woman teared up, Lynn and Lisa smiling at Jolan.
The patio door opened, Jolan looking towards it.
Joey, Kelly, Lance and Briahna came walking out, Joey staring at Jolan.
Jolan stood up, smiling at Kelly.
"Welcome to our home, Kelly and Briahna. I hope you find happiness and joy here."
Both smiled, Joey rushing forward and enveloping Jolan in a tight strong hug, the man surprised.
"Thank you, Jo! Thank you for bringing them here!" he said, his face covered in tears, Jolan patting Joey's back.
"You needed your daughter, Joe. It's as simple as that."
Joey smiled, releasing Jolan, his arms still around him.
"They still love me, Jo! They've accepted Lance's and my love!"
Jolan smiled, patting his shoulder.
"What's not to accept? Your love is in their hearts, as Lance's now is. A daughter's love is unconditional. There is no change here for her. She already loves Lance."
Lance was in tears, hearing Jolan's truthful words, his arm around Briahna.
Kelly smiled, Jolan smiling at her.
"And Kelly's only wish was always for you to be happy. She sees that now in your eyes, Joe. The two of you will always be friends."
Joey teared up, Jolan looking at him.
"I'm sorry if, in any way, I overstepped my bounds, Joe. I only wanted you to be happy."
Joey shook his head, hugging the man to him again.
"Oh God, Jo! Thank you for this! For giving me total happiness!"
Jolan softly blushed, separating from Joey.
"You gave yourself this, Joe. Lance and you fell in love. Kelly and Briahna are a part of that love now."
Everyone smiled, Jolan turning and staring at Justin who'd spoken, his smiling face staring at Jolan.
Jolan smiled at him, then back at Joey.
"Justin's right. What matters now is what you four have." Jolan said, smiling at all four.
"I have to check my roast again. Make yourselves at home." he said, smiling and walking past Lance and Briahna, back into the house, closing the patio door.
"I've never met anyone with such a calming presence. It's like you feel his friendship surrounding you." Kelly said, Justin's arm going around her, kissing her cheek.
"Welcome to the world of Wolfy's love." he said smiling.
"Wolfy?" she said, Justin grinning.
"Tell her all about our wandering angel, Joe. Excuse me, I'm going to see if Jo needs my help."
Justin smiled, releasing Kelly, walking into the house.

Jolan stood at the counter, slicing cucumbers, two arms going around him, soft lips kissing his neck.
"Not now, Joshy. Go play with Chace."
Justin laughed, turning his man around, Jolan smiling at him.
"Oh? Am I not the only object of your affection?"
Jolan looked into Justin's blue eyes, leaning forward and kissing his lips tenderly.
"How could I look at another, when before me lays my life's love?"
Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around his Jolan.
"I love you, my Jo. That was a beautiful thing you did for Joey."
"Hey you were in on it, we did it together."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover's neck.
"But it was your idea. I'm glad they've accepted Joey and Lance's love."
Jolan nodded, his fingers going to Justin's cheek.
"It's a love that will fill those four with happiness. We've seen it so easily. It truly is beautiful."
Justin nodded, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.
"Was this another of your visions?"
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back.
"No, Jus. This is life."
Justin nodded, releasing his lover, Jolan going back to the task at hand, Justin leaning against the counter.
"Your love surrounds everyone, Jo. I'm so happy all my friends have found the love I was so lucky to find."
Jolan smiled, Justin looking at him.
"They all have you to thank for most of it. Why don't you like people thanking you, Jo?"
Jolan sighed, his eyes meeting Justin's.
"I've never felt that I warranted it, Jus. Fame, recognition, thanks or idolizing don't mean anything to me. Never have, never will. I give from my heart, Jus. I like to see people happy. That's all the thanks I need. I don't need adulation to fulfill me, I only need my friends' and family's happiness."
Justin smiled, hearing the total honesty in his man's words.
"Well, I think you do warrant it. As does everyone out there. We're together surrounded by your giving love. You need to accept that people will thank you when you've done something touching, or moving. Your giving love needs to be returned."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.
"It is returned, Jus. I see all their love for me. It's beautiful."
Justin smiled, looking around the kitchen, taking in the food Jolan had prepared, smelling the wonderful aromas coming from the oven.
"I love cooking for my family, Jus." Jolan said, seeing where Justin had been looking.
Justin smiled, nodding.
"I like when you're happy, Jo. I plan on making every day as happy as these."

Jolan smiled, kissing his lover's cheek.

"I'll be happy as long as I have you."

Justin smiled his special Jolan smile.

"Go entertain our friends, my angel. Supper will be ready shortly."

Justin nodded, giving Jolan a deep loving kiss, Jolan showing a lost look on his face when Justin pulled back.


"Need to keep my man happy. It's my mission in life." Justin said, smiling and walking out of the room.

Jolan watched him leave, turning back to the counter.

He stared down at the closed drawer, then smiled.

"It's my mission in life as well."


End of Chapter 84


Jolan's love flows as always.

New hearts filled with happiness and love.

A mirthful chapter of happiness and calming family love.


Seems our Jolan is having visions.

What else has he seen?
What lays in the drawer in the kitchen?

To find all that out, you will just have to keep reading.

No pressure, just walk along the path at your own leisure.

I'll try to keep your interest.


Up next: Brooding clouds of evil, and moments of joy.



Hugs, Angel.