Jolan's Path - Chapter 85


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 85


Nathan Livingstone drove through the midday streets of a seedy low-rental neighborhood of Los Angeles.

He checked his GPS, the coordinates guiding him.

After a few turns on rough-looking streets, he pulled into a small bungalow's front yard, shutting his car engine off.

He got out of the car, looking around and locking the car's doors, walking up to the quiet house's front door.

He looked around again, knocking on the door.

After a few moments, the door opened a crack, Nathan staring at Brandon Diablo.

The man looked like he hadn't slept in a week.

A coarse beard covered his rugged face, his blue eyes showing ringed shadows.

"Get in here." he said, opening the door halfway, pulling Nathan into the home.

Brandon closed the door, staring at the younger man.

"About time ya got here! Did you bring me some stuff?"
The doctor nodded, handing Brandon the large suitcase he'd carried in.

"I just landed in Los Angeles three hours ago, Brandon. It took me a while to get everything together."

"I don't care, Nate. I've been holed up here with nothing. What did you get?"

"A few outfits of clothes, toiletries and other stuff. I have bags of food in the car."
"Good, I'm sick of cheap cardboard pizza.  I can't go out for fear of being spotted."

"The trapped life of a prisoner. Whose place is this?"
Brandon stared at Nathan.

"It's mine. I've had it on the side since coming to L.A. I used to use it for trysts."
Nathan stared at Brandon, knowing the man's libido.

"A den of filth for your filthy endeavors."
Brandon walked up to Nathan, staring into his eyes.

"Don't just stand there acting smug, Natty. Bring in that food."
Nathan sighed, walking back out of the house.

Brandon set the suitcase down, opening it on an old coffee table.

He pulled out a black leather case, finding razors and shaving staples in it.

He pulled off his shirt, his smooth muscular chest on full display.

Nathan walked back into the house carrying four bags of groceries, Brandon smiling.

"Fill the fridge, I'm taking a shower and getting cleaned up."

Nathan nodded, starting to empty the bags, opening the small fridge in the kitchen.

He looked in disgust at all the empty pizza cartons and pop bottles on the kitchen's counter.

"What a slob." he quietly said, taking a deep breath, zoning in on his thoughts.


Patience, Nathan.

You'll have what you want soon.

It's time to reach for your destiny.

It's time Brandon sees what has to happen here.

The man smiled, picking up another black leather case he'd brought in with the groceries.

He walked across the living room quietly, looking towards the closed bathroom door.

He opened another door, finding a bedroom, a double mattress strewn across its floor.

Nathan smiled, setting the black case on the lone dresser in the room.

He opened it, smiling at its contents.

The man pulled out a few objects, setting them on the dresser.

He pulled out a pair of black gloves, pulling them onto his hands.

He pulled something else out of the case, slipping it into his jacket pocket.

Nathan sighed, steeling himself.

He walked back out into the living room, sitting down on the couch, awaiting Brandon's return.


About twenty minutes later Brandon walked out of the steam-filled bathroom, wrapped in only a white towel.

His face was clean shaven, Nathan staring at his familiar beautiful face and his smooth muscular body.

A face and body that had lured a lot of men into his bed.

Nathan's spine tingled, remembering so many nights this man had ruled over him, the last the night he'd shared him with Carlos.

A smile crossed his face, staring at the nearly naked man.

"What's with the gloves, Natty? Trying to look dapper?" he said, pulling a cigarette out of a pack Nathan had left on the counter.

"Got a light? I have no matches."

Nathan smiled, standing up and walking up to the man.

He pulled a gold cigarette lighter out of his pocket, Brandon looking at him, pulling the cigarette out of his mouth.

"Come to think of it, I usually only smoke after sex. Why don't I hold off on this for a bit?" Brandon said, putting the cigarette on the counter.

Nathan returned the lighter to his pocket, staring at Brandon.

Brandon's hand moved, pulling off the towel, Nathan now staring at his nude muscular body.

He saw the full hardness of Brandon's large shaft, his eyes moving up his muscular smooth body, staring into his blue orbs.

"I've been all horned up for the past two weeks, Natty. My hands are getting tired. You couldn't have come at a better time." he said, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"Down on you knees, Natty. I need some lip service." he said, his hand applying pressure.

"I have an even better idea, Brandon." Nathan said, his green eyes staring into his blue.
Brandon's eyebrow raised, Nathan moving with a flash of speed.

His gloved right hand hit Brandon squarely in the face, the man falling backwards, Nathan's left hand upper cutting him in the jaw.

The man went down like a dead weight, gasping.

Nathan was on him in a flash, pulling out a pair of handcuffs from his jacket pocket.

He rolled the man over, moving his arms, slipped the cuffs around Brandon's wrists, clamping them together.

Nathan stood, looking down at the man, the man moving around.

"What the fuck's this, Nate? Let me out of these, you shit!!"

Nathan smiled, kicking Brandon in the ribs, the man gasping in pain.

"How does it feel, Brandon! Huh? How does it feel to be helpless?"

Brandon stared up at the young man, the man's eyes blazing back at him.

"You've controlled me for the last time, Brandon. Today, that changes. You need to be molded into a better image."

Nathan bent down, pulling the man to his feet, pushing him up against the wall, one hand lowering, wrapping around Brandon's now flaccid cock.

Nathan squeezed tightly, Brandon screaming.

"Today, I make you mine."

Brandon saw so much anger and hurt in Nathan's eyes.

Nathan grabbed him, pulling him across the room into the bedroom, throwing the man down onto the mattress.

Brandon lay on the bed, staring up at Nathan, watching him slowly begin to remove his clothing.

Within moments the young man was naked, Brandon seeing no excitement in Nathan's center.

"Natty, it was just fun! You enjoyed it!"
Nathan smiled, staring at his former master.

"I never enjoyed it, Brandon. With you or that sadistic Richard. I remain loyal to only two men. My Lance, and our master. He has given me my vengeance."
Brandon trembled, seeing Nathan walk over to the dresser, picking up a large black molded rubber shaft.

"Do you know that I remember every night you used me, every night you gave me to others? Each night is locked in my memories. Each mark I shall leave on you today will be a mark of retribution. My master has given me that right."
Nathan moved, kneeling down on the bed, now climbing on top of Brandon, the man struggling.

"But first you should know a few things, the oh so mighty Brandon Diablo! Justin Timberlake is someone you'll never possess. The master's adversary has marked him as his own. His magic protects that slut. He may forever be beyond your reach. Unless at the end of this our master shall take pity on you and give him to you. As for my Lance, the first moments you and I shall share together today is for your defiling my angel. Lance is mine alone. Today marks a turning point for you as well, Brandon. Fagin has given me free reign over you. Look at his mark of possession."
Nathan raised his left arm, Brandon staring at a black tattooed wolf head on Nathan's left bicep.

"I have the mark of power! Fagin names me your master. He sent me here, Brandon. I visited him not three days ago. Three days of enlightenment and reality. He knows of my heart's desire. Of what I shall give for him to achieve that. And he knows of yours. He's always known exactly where you've been hiding. There is no escape from his justice. I am your judgment, Brandon. I am now your master. Today you shall yield to me or I shall kill you! Understand?"
Brandon nodded, his eyes staring at the tattoo, the tattoo he'd longed to have.

Suddenly his life was turned upside down.

"He. . .he said I would be his black wolf. . .it was supposed to be. . ."
Nathan's hand moved, the black rubber shaft hitting Brandon across the face.

"You failed your task, fallen one. You were supposed to stop Jolan and Justin from joining together!"

Brandon felt the pain from the rubber screaming across his face.

"Please, not my beautiful face!"

Nathan smiled, his hands moving, opening one of the handcuffs, moving the cuffs around a radiator that sat under the window, locking Brandon's hands again.

Brandon's hands were now chained around the radiator, the man helpless.

"Yes, your beautiful face." Nathan said, leaning forward and tenderly kissing Brandon's lips.

Brandon felt a tenderness in Nathan's kiss.

Nathan's head moved back, Brandon staring into his eyes.

"First I shall take you as you've never been taken, Brandon. You shall feel the desires of my soul."
Nathan's hand went to Brandon's face, softly caressing it.

"You are beautiful, Brandon. So beautiful. I shall show you how beauty should be used. You shall experience the retribution of my desires. Not the love I hold for Lance. That beauty I shall give him alone after today."
Nathan's head went down, his lips lightly kissing Brandon's left nipple, Brandon suddenly moaning.

His mind became lost in the tenderness of Nathan's ministrations, Nathan's hand going to his center, its heat growing.

"Oh, Nathan! That feels good!"
Nathan smiled, looking into Brandon's blue eyes.

"Don't bullshit me with your coyness, Brandon. You forget I've known you all my life. I'm not going to make love to you. I'm going to own you. And then my slave will do my bidding."

Brandon trembled, Nathan smiling.

"Let's get started shall we? I need to be getting on to my life with Lance."

The young man stood again, staring down at the trapped man.

"There was a reason Fagin chose me that day so long ago in that orphanage, Brandon. I never knew what it was until a short few days ago. In me he has found something great. A greatness I shall use to take on our nemesis."
Brandon stared at Nathan, seeing a sudden change in his looks.

The naked man seemed larger, more muscular.

Brandon's eyes widened, seeing the man begin to change before him, his body beginning to grow hair.

"Fagin has created a real black wolf, Brandon. I am now a child of the Badenwolf. I am indeed his black wolf of justice. And I shall now begin that justice."
Brandon trembled, seeing standing before him now a large wolf-like beast, its body covered in black coarse hair.

The man's body had lengthened, and muscled, his face now the face of a wolf, sharp teeth lining its elongated large mouth.

Two large yellow eyes stared down at him, a long tongue licking across the beast's sharp teeth.

Brandon heard a deep guttural growl coming from the large black beast, the beast moving forward with a flash of incredible speed, now on top of the naked singer, Brandon beginning to struggle and cry.

"Please don't! Please don't hurt me!"

Nathan the beast grinned, seeing the man for what he'd always been.

A sniveling little boy playing at being a man.

The beast raised Brandon's legs, sinking its large hard black shaft deep within him in one strong deep thrust.

Brandon screamed, the wolf on top of him howling, his hunger taking over.


Jolan smiled, looking towards Justin heading into the house with Josh and Lance.

Everyone sat around, relaxing after another fine meal, Jolan having smiled through all of their compliments.

Justin had volunteered himself and enlisted his two bandmates for dish duty, Jolan smiling at his caring heart.

Jolan was feeling tired, having done most of the cooking and cleaning over the last two days.

"Thanks, love. I need a short rest." he'd said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Well deserved, my pet." Justin said smiling, Josh smiling beside him.

"Get to the sink, my boys."

Justin laughed, Josh and Lance laughing as well.

Here now they sat a half hour later, enjoying the fulfillment of a delicious meal and wonderful company.

Jolan had received the usual deep tearful hug from Kelly upon her hearing his life's story.

She'd seen--as everyone had--the courageous, determined love Jolan possessed.

He'd shyly thanked her, she smiling with affection at him.

Jolan smiled, sitting beside Britney, the two watching Hayden, Sean and Jayden playing with trucks in the sandbox at the end of the patio.

"Our boys seem so relaxed with each other." she smiled, Jolan smiling as well.

"Their happiness mirrors their parents." Jolan said, Britney looking at him.

"I'm so happy Justin's back in my life." she said, Chris smiling beside her.

"He's just as happy, Brit." Jolan said, Joey looking at both.

"So, Brit. Chris was telling me you're working on the new album?" Joey said, Britney smiling.

"Yes, Joe. In the process of finalizing the tracks." she said, Chris smiling at her.

"My lady's going to take the world by storm again." he said, Britney smiling at his proud words.

"Need a back up band, Britney?" Cory said, looking at Leo, the two smirking.

Britney's eyebrow cocked, staring at them.

"Oh? You two are now musicians?" she said, Jolan laughing.

Her eyes met Jolan's, Jolan softly blushing.

"You don't know the tale of the Three Crazy Cats?" Auntie Gee said, Britney looking with interest at her.

Auntie Gee told her the story of the three's now-defunct jazz dreams.

"Interesting! Did you boys have talent?" she said, all three now blushing.

Justin, Josh and Lance walked out of the house, Justin listening to Britney's last words.

"Who's got talent?" he said, sitting down in Jolan's lap, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Apparently your man and his friends once had." Britney said, Justin smiling, looking towards Cory and Leo.

"Ah, the ole jazz band!" he said, smiling at his man.

"Let's hear you guys." Lonnie said, all three blushing deeper.

"Awesome idea, Lon!" Josh grinned, sitting down beside Chace, his man's arm going around him.

"We were never that good. Besides, we don't have any instruments." Cory said, halfheartedly.

"We could do Pick a Posy. It was a cappella." Leo said, smiling at Jolan.

"Wow! I'd forgotten that song!" Jolan said, the other two smiling at him.

"Jolan wrote it. It's such a beautiful song." Cory said, his mind going back to their first singing it.

"Oh, now we have to hear this!" Lynn said, Jolan blushing again.

"Come on, my love. For me?" Justin said, his famous pout on full display.

"You're not playing fair again with that look, Jus." he said, everyone laughing.

"His mother uses it too!" Paul chimed in, Randall laughing, Lynn glaring at both of them.

"Duck for cover, Randall!" Paul said, hiding his head, everyone laughing again.

Jolan sighed, Justin looking with love into his grey eyes.

"Okay, Jus. For you, anything."

Justin smiled, getting up, Cory and Leo standing as well.

"Remember, you asked for it." Jolan said, looking around at everyone.

Everyone smiled, Jolan standing up and joining his friends at the end of the patio, Justin sitting back down in the chair.

They talked quietly for a moment, rehashing forgotten magic.

"We don't have the costumes, so just imagine us in black tuxedos, with black shirts. A darkness surrounding us." Leo said, everyone smiling at them.

Jolan stood in the middle, Leo on his left, Cory on his right.

"Ladies and gentlemen. Let's give it up for the Three Crazy Cats." Jolan said, his voice deep and haunting.

Everyone applauded, Joey and Chris doing catcalls from the back of the patio, everyone laughing.

Cory began a soft tempo of background humming, Leo beginning a soft drum beat.

Jolan's voice joined in, its deep texture resonating across the patio, silence descending upon it.




You walk in shadowed fields of green,

looking for that floral scene.

Looking for that special stem,

a floral song, a love anthem.


Pick a posy for your love,

fly it to their heart like a white dove.

A flowery nosegay from earth's cove

enriched by angels from above.


Lace their neck with beads of dreams,

to silence the forgotten screams.

Cleanse their soul with trust and faith,

Your love is what they long did crave.


Pick a posy for your love,

fly it to their heart like a white dove.

A flowery nosegay from earth's cove

enriched by angels from above.


Take another flower from the florist's hands,

give it to the love that before you stands.

Though its stem is cut and drying,

their love for you is never dying.


Put that flower in their hair,

show the world their beauty fair.

Take their hand and forever entwine,

love is real, for all time.


Pick a posy for your love,

fly it to their heart like a white dove.

A flowery nosegay from earth's cove

enriched by angels from above.


The sun will brighten and its rays will beam,

Love is forever a floral dream.





Everyone sat in stunned silence, Jolan's voice ending.

The three young men stood in silence, Josh standing up.

The man began to applaud, the others all standing, their applause deafening.

The three men smiled, and blushed, grinning at each other.

"Old magic, new fans." Leo whispered, Jolan looking at his old friends.

"Tone deaf, but loving nonetheless." Cory said, the three staring at each other.

All three burst into laughter.

The three were surrounded by everyone, accolades bestowed upon them.

Jolan softly smiled, Josh standing in front of him, Justin right behind him.

"Jo, that was. . .that was amazing! The tempo, the backbeat, the richness of your voice. . .just so amazing!"

All three smiled, deeply moved by Josh's praise.

"Coming from you Josh, that's high praise. Thank you." Leo said blushing, Josh smiling at him.

"It's true, Leo. That was amazing!" Josh said, Jolan laughing.

"Apparently to Josh we're amazing." Jolan said, the three laughing together.

"Come on guys, I'm being totally sincere." Josh said, Jolan smiling at him.

"We know, Josh. And we thank you. But you need to realize something. We're not singers. We're just three friends who at one time in life had a foolish dream. We sang from our hearts and with our happiness. Now we're on our lives' paths. We'll always look back on that time with happiness. But it can't measure to the happiness and love we now have."
Leo, Cory and Jolan all smiled, Justin's arm going around Jolan.

"I still think you're totally wrong, my love. And Josh seconds my thoughts. That was truly amazing!"
The three men smiled, Cory looking at Simus.

"Jolan's right, Justin. My happiness now fulfills my life. Music can't hold a candle to that." he said, staring into Simus' grey orbs of love, the older man's arm now around him.

"And I'm happy with my career and life. It's not as glamorous as most but it brings me happiness."

Jolan smiled at him, Leo smiling around at everyone, Jolan's thoughts his own.

"This debauchery began with talk of Britney's new album. I say we focus on that. She, and you my love, are the real singers." Jolan said, smiling at Britney, Jolan snuggling against his Jus.

Justin smiled, looking at his former girlfriend.

"Yes, she always had a fantastic voice."
Britney smiled at Justin's heartfelt compliment, Jolan looking between the two.

"Hold that thought, my love." Jolan said, breaking Justin's hold on him, Justin watching Jolan disappear into the house.

Everyone looked at Justin, the man shrugging his shoulders.

Everyone sat back down, Jolan walking out of the house, a leather satchel now in his hand.

The same leather satchel he'd left in the kitchen drawer.

Justin stood at the end of the table, Jolan smiling at him.

"Sit down, my love. It's time you focused on your heart. And what it needs."

Justin looked confused, sitting down in his seat beside Britney, the woman looking at him, then at Jolan.

"My heart only needs your love, my angel." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"It has that, Jus. But you know it needs something more."

Justin stared at Jolan as he sat down beside him, taking Justin's hand in his, setting the satchel down on the table.

"A week ago you did a beautiful thing, Jus. You sang your heart out to me."
Justin smiled, remembering that song he'd sung to Jolan at the Hamilton home, moments before Hayden had walked into their lives.

"I sang that song to show you that I'd always be there for you, Jo. That my love is the only promise that I can give."
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.

"And that love I have, my Jumpy."

Everyone remained quiet, smiling at their tenderness.

"Yes, you did sing that song for me, Jus. And that night you talked in your sleep. The heart opens when the soul is troubled. Subconscious thoughts echo freely. Your heart opened that night with a singular truth."
Justin stared quietly at his lover, sensing Jolan's deep love for him.

"It's time for the truth, Jus. I need you to answer something for me."
Justin nodded, his blue eyes staring into Jolan's grey.

"Are you happy acting and doing the corporate stuff? Is that what you want to do for the rest of your life?"

Justin looked totally stunned, Jolan's questions right out of the blue.

"I. . .I like acting. . .and most of the other stuff." he softly said, Jolan staring at him.

"Yes, that's true. But it's not what you love. You know in your heart what's missing."
Justin lowered his head, Jolan squeezing his hand.

"It's music, Justin. Music was--and will always be--the heart of you."
Justin raised his head, looking into Jolan's eyes, Jolan seeing the glistening tears in Justin's blue pools.
"I do miss music, Jo. I miss singing."
Jolan smiled, Justin looking at him.

"I know, Jus. I've felt that ache in your soul. It was strong enough to trouble you while you slept. It lessened a bit when you and Britney renewed your love. And I think I know why."
Justin looked towards Britney, the woman staring at him.

Jolan smiled, looking at Britney as well.

"You told me that you were looking for a real barn burner to highlight your new album, Brit. A gem to shine bright in life. I think you'll find it in the voice of your best friend. The two of you need to do a duet together."
Justin and Britney both looked stunned.

Everyone else around the patio sat in silence, not believing what Jolan was suggesting.

The idea, or the realization of it, would blow the lid off the present day music world.

"A duet with Britney and Justin? I can see the thunderous headlines already! The music world would eat it up!!" Chris said, his face struck with sudden awe.

Jolan's eyes looked at Chris, and around at Justin's other bandmates, and everyone else.

"I don't give a rat's ass about headlines or the music world's needs, Chris. I'm suggesting this to heal my man's heart. I know it's the right thing to do for him."
Chris smiled, Justin staring at Jolan, seeing his love shining back at him.

"I love you, Jus. And I'll always want you to be happy--in life, in love and in everything. Music is, and always will be, your heart. It's time you focused on that again."

Justin was in tears, Jolan's arm going around him.

"I miss it so much, Jo. Just singing, you know? Just writing music and singing."

"I know, Jus. Why did you walk so far away from it?"
Justin sighed, looking towards his mother, Lynn quietly looking at him.

"I was guided by Mom, Jive, Johnny and other interests to broaden my horizons. I was told there was a golden opportunity for me to shine in other fields. That there was so much more out there than just music. Don't get me wrong, I've loved everything I've done. And all those that saw that greatness in me. I wouldn't take any of it back, it's what I wanted to do."
"But you've felt that missing center of your heart?"
Justin nodded.

Jolan looked into Justin's eyes, seeing the turmoil going on inside of him.
"This isn't something you should be fighting within yourself about, Jus. You need to decide on what you yourself want. Your life is yours. Not what others expect of you or even what I expect of you. I love you, and I'll always support you in whatever you do. I just want you to be happy, that's all. It's my ambition in life--to see you happy."
Justin smiled, hearing the loving support of his Jolan.
"I want to sing again, Jo."
Jolan smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Then sing, my love."
Justin smiled, looking at Britney.
"If you'll have me Brit, I'd like to sing with you. I always thought that you and I could have made some beautiful music together. My Jo seems to think the same thing."
Britney looked into her old friend's blue eyes, her own beginning to tear up.
"I always thought the same, Justy. It would be such a magical moment, I believe, for both of us."
Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing her cheek.
"Then let's do it!"
Both smiled, everyone around them smiling with awed wonder, a lot of eyes going to the quietly sitting Jolan.
"I can't believe this!" Chris said, Britney smiling at him, her eyes going to Justin.
"Thank you, Jus. For wanting to do this." she said, leaning forward and hugging him.
Justin smiled, the two parting.

"So how do we do this? Do you have a song in mind Brit? We could write one together."
Hayden ran up to his father, smiling up at him.

His playmates still sat in the sandbox, their smiling faces looking at the adults.
Jolan smiled, leaning down and picking up the child.
"Poppa sings, Daddy?"
Justin smiled, Jolan kissing the boy's cheek.
"Yes, Hay. Poppa and Aunt Britney are going to sing together."
The small boy smiled at Justin and Britney, his small blue eyes going back to his father.
"You helps?"
Justin and Britney both looked surprised, everyone staring at the man and boy.
"Yes, Hay. Daddy's going to help them."
The small boy smiled, kissing his father's cheek.
"Good, Daddy! You makes Poppa and Auntie Bwitney happies."
Jolan smiled at his son, his grey eyes going to Justin, then Britney.
Jolan sighed, setting Hayden gently back down, the boy smiling at him, then running back to his friends in their sandy kingdom.
Jolan's eyes moved, looking at the satchel that lay on the table in front of him, Justin's and everyone's eyes going to it.
"What's in that case, Jo? I haven't seen it before." Justin said, Jolan's hand going forward.
He picked up the satchel, holding it in his hands, one hand rubbing the worn leather facing.
"This was a dream, Jus. One I had a long time ago."
Justin and Jolan's eyes met, Justin sensing a deep truth about to be unveiled from Jolan's heart.
"When I was fourteen, three years before that horrific night, I lived for music. It was a part of my soul. Today, you heard that soul. Pick a Posy was a song I'd written back then, in the time of my musical evolution. My happiness was always found in music. Cory and Leo can vouch for that truth, they heard it constantly from me."
The two men smiled, both looking at Jolan.
"You lived and breathed it, our crazy Ludwig." Leo said, Cory smiling.
Jolan smiled at his old friends, his mind on that time of happiness.
"Yes, I lived it. I wrote it, I sang it, but I never thought that I'd ever be good enough to possess it. Music has to possess you, and you it, to make it your own. To make it come alive with your voice as only a good singer could. Music itself was an elixir for me, but I did not have its vocal aspirations. One day--that will forever be etched in my soul--someone made me realize that. For on that day I heard two voices that opened my soul."
"Whose voices did you hear, Jo?" Joey asked, sitting on the edge of his seat, Jolan's story entrancing him, as well as everyone else.
Jolan's eyes looked at him, then turned, staring at two others.
"It was you, Britney. And you, Justin."
Justin and Britney looked at each other, Justin then looking at Jolan.
"Britney and I never sang together as a duet, Jo."
"I never said you were together, Jus."
Jolan looked down at the satchel in his hand, a tear falling down his cheek.
"One Sunday I was alone at home. Mom, Dad and Jennie having gone out to pick strawberries down at Johnston's farm. I had stayed home because I had volunteered to start cleaning up the basement for Mom, she wanting Dad to build her a studio down there for her sculpturing. I had worked all morning, cleaning and moving stuff out, listening to music while I worked, on the radio, music of my own buzzing in my head. My mind had been filled with a song all week, its essence forming in my mind but still elusive. I had just come back downstairs, smiling at what I'd accomplished, the room almost empty.
I sat down on the bottom step of the basement stairs, taking a breather. The only sound down there was the small radio I had left on sitting on one window's ledge.
It was tuned to the local pop rock station, which I'd always listened to.
The only light in the room was from a single hanging bulb in the center of the basement's ceiling.
I sat there in silence, my mind working on my own song. Then that single light suddenly dimmed. I thought maybe the power was bumping or something. Suddenly the small radio intensified in volume, a single voice coming from it, cutting through the silence. I remember every word that voice said."
Jolan's eyes raised, those grey orbs having been lowered, his voice and mind filled with the past.
His eyes scanned all those surrounding him, seeing all had been quietly watching and listening to him.

His voice spoke the words he'd heard from that radio so long ago.
"Looking for love? Lost on the path? Voices join as they must, their beauty soothing your troubled soul. Listen for hope, listen for love. For they, let your soul flow."
Jolan's eyes were on Justin and Britney, the two staring at him.
"The next voice on the radio was yours Britney. You sang Boys. I listened to every word, your voice so beautiful."
Britney smiled, feeling the love in Jolan's words.
"Your song was immediately followed by N*SYNC's This I Promise You. Justin's falsetto voice cut through my mind like a beacon of light."

Justin and Britney sat in silence, staring at Jolan, his grey eyes only looking at them.

"Your voices unlocked the door of my mind. The song I'd been trying to form in my mind all that week suddenly clicked together, an adhesive of love binding it all together. I believe, with all my heart, your beautiful voices were shown to me for that song."
Justin and Britney looked stunned.

"Just listen to the words spoken before yours. 'Looking for love?' You became my love, Jus. 'Lost on the path?'. I was lost on my path."

Justin nodded, shocked at what this could really mean.

"'Voices join as they must, their beauty soothing your troubled soul. Listen for hope, listen for love. For they, let your soul flow.' Your voices that day joined in my mind, giving me the hope of something more. The realization that I would never be the singer you both are. Your voices were full of hope and love. And that filled my mind with a different hope. A hope that what lay there inside me might one day--in hope, now in love--find its way into your hearts."

Jolan's hand picked up the satchel again, Justin's eyes going to it.

"I found this satchel in the box with my manuscript in Cory's bedroom. There I'd placed it awaiting this day of destiny."

Jolan opened the leather satchel in his hands, pulling out a few faded, yellowed sheets.

"The path of love leads on for both of you. I believe this belongs to both of you."

Jolan leaned across the table, handing the sheets to Justin and Britney, a look of total stunned awe on their faces.

Justin remained still, Britney's hand going out, taking the sheets, her eyes drawn to the neat, slightly faded written words and musical notes written across the faded sheets.

She saw an innocent, youthful beauty in the written words before her.

"Your Love Walks Beside Me" she softly said, reading the title written across the top.

Josh and Lance both got up, walking behind Britney, others following, surrounding the two singers.

Josh's eyes were drawn to the song written across its pages, his mind taking all of it in.

"Wow. . .the words. . .the melody. . .it's so. . .wow!" Josh said, those emotional words breaking the frozen stare on Justin's face .

He took the pages from Britney, the woman looking at him, tears in her eyes.

"It's so. . .so perfect!" she said, Justin's eyes scanning the pages, the music coming alive in his mind as well.

Jolan sat in silence, watching before him a destined reality coming to life.

Two sets of blue eyes raised, looking into his grey.

"Jo. . .this is so unbelievable. . .so beautiful." Justin said, Jolan nodding.

"I wrote it that day, for both of you."

Britney stood up, walking around the table, Jolan standing up.

Her face was covered in tears.

"For us, Jo? Really. . .for us?"
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"That day, someone guided that song into my mind. And the path guided it forward here for both of you. To heal my Jus' heart, and to bring happiness to both of you. The happiness of your lost friendship and love that I heard in both of your voices that day so long ago."
Britney began to cry, pulling Jolan into her arms, Jolan hugging her gently, his eyes going to Justin.

Justin stood up, walking up to both of them, his face showing his emotion.

Britney broke her hold on Jolan, she replaced by Justin, Jolan hugging his man against him.

"Oh, Jo! What you've done here today for me!" Justin said, his face burying into Jolan's chest, Jolan stroking his back.

"I love you, Jus. Your heart I'll heal always. The music of my heart flows into yours."
Justin hugged him tight, slowly regaining his emotions.

Josh walked up to them, the forgotten song in his hands.

"This is going to be a phenomenal song, Jolan! This will be an instant hit!"

Jolan smiled, hearing Josh's worshipping praise in his beautiful voice.

"You forgot 'amazing', Josh." Jolan said chuckling.

Josh chuckled as well.

"That, too!" he said.

Jolan smiled again.

"It will be love and beauty, voiced by two dear friends."
Everyone smiled, getting up from around the table, surrounding the small group.


Jolan smiled, walking into his bedroom, Justin's blue eyes looking up at him.

Everyone had retired for the night, Jolan returning from Hayden's room, the boy having woken up.

"Hay down for the count?" Justin said, sitting cross-legged on the bed, wearing only boxer briefs and an athletic shirt, his back supported by many pillows.

The song pages lay in his lap, his eyes scanning them.

"Yep, for the second time. He'll sleep the rest of the night now." Jolan smiled, looking towards his lover, Jolan sitting down on a chair, removing his shoes and socks.

"Continually staring at them isn't going to change them, Jus. Your musical ability will do that. Change whatever you must. I know it deserves your talent."
Justin's eyes raised, staring at Jolan behind his black-rimmed glasses.

"Come here, my love."
Jolan smiled, pulling off his t-shirt, walking up to the bed in only his cargo shorts.

Justin pulled him down, Jolan laying down on the bed, his head going against Justin's hairy knee.

"There's absolutely nothing in these pages that needs changing. You've written a masterpiece, my love."

Jolan smiled up at him, Justin's hand going down, caressing his cheek.

"I still can't get over how this all came about." Justin said, Jolan sighing, sitting up and looking at Justin.

"It was destiny, Jus. The destiny of our paths uniting."
Justin smiled, moving forward, his lips meeting Jolan's in a tender kiss.

"The destiny of our happiness."
Jolan smiled, pulling Justin against him.

"Yay, destiny!"

Justin chuckled, Jolan removing his reading glasses.

"Oh, am I being stripped down?"

Jolan smiled, his hands going to the athletic shirt covering his man's beautiful torso.

"Hey, I haven't gotten my Thanksgiving Day gift yet."

Justin laughed, Jolan kissing his chin.

"That was yesterday, Jo. This is Black Friday."

Jolan got up off the bed, looking like he was going to leave, Justin grabbing his hand.

"What's wrong, Jo?"
Jolan smiled, looking into his lover's eyes.

"Well it's Black Friday. I was just going to go get me a snack of Lonnie."
Justin burst into laughter, Jolan lunging at him, landing on top of him, their bodies joined.

"Nah, I think I'll snack on some skinny white boy's ass."

Justin continued to laugh, Jolan smiling.

Their eyes met, Jolan seeing the awe in Justin's eyes.

Jolan sat up, Justin pulled into his arms.

"Justin, today was a day of eventuality. That song was destined to come to you and Britney. I was just the carrier. And yes, the writer of its magic. Perhaps that's not entirely true. Something, or someone, that day guided that song into my mind. What's done is done. Today's beauty and shining happiness I see in your eyes makes all of it worthwhile."
Justin teared up, Jolan tenderly kissing him.

"And now that my love has his music back in his heart, I expect him to serenade me often."
Justin smiled, leaning in, kissing Jolan's cheek, then his neck.


"Love, love me do.

You know I love you.

So please, please, please love me do."

Jolan smiled, hearing the beauty of Justin's voice.

"Oh, I shall, my lover and my heart."
Justin leaned forward, a kiss of greater desire intensifying, Justin's need moving on its own.

"We should get some sleep, Jus. I did hear the plotting of the masses tonight."

Justin's head raised, his lips having been lightly licking Jolan's right nipple.

"Hmm, what?" he said, his blue desirous eyes meeting Jolan's grey.

Jolan smiled, looking back at him.

"I heard you, Josh and Chris talking with Jon and Stevie. Something about a certain theme park not far from here? It's a small world after all."
Justin blushed, Jolan smiling widely.

"Looks like Saturday's going to be a kids day. However shall I survive without my two boys?"
Justin smiled, his lips going to Jolan's shoulder.

"You could come with your boys."

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Nah. Someone has to stay at home and entertain the remaining masses."
Justin laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"You'll never lose the child within you, Jus. I'd never let that happen."

Justin teared up, Jolan staring at him.

"Hayden will love it, Jus. He and his Poppa need their special bonding moments. My treasures will enjoy themselves."
Justin smiled, hearing Jolan's total love for him.

"I love you, Jo."
"Well tell me something that I don't know!"

Justin laughed, pulling his man down with him onto the bed, both laying in each other's arms.

"I know I'm going to make love to someone wonderful in a few moments." Justin said, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

Jolan looked around the room, looking downwards.

"Is Josh hiding under the bed?"

Justin smiled, beginning to tickle Jolan, moving on top of his muscular body.

"You wish!!"

Jolan laughed, Justin kissing his lips again.

Jolan and Justin had talked earlier, before Hayden had awoken, Jolan telling him of the meeting he'd had with Josh, and the underlying realization they'd both had.

Justin had sensed the deep love Jolan now had for Josh, and Josh's returned love.

He was beyond happy that Jolan and Josh were now, and always would be, friends.

Jolan had sensed no jealousy or worry in Justin's soul, their love as strong and joined as ever.

Jolan leaned upwards, kissing Justin's lips, this kiss a little more heated.

"I guess you'll have to do in a pinch." he said, once they'd broken their kiss.

Justin smiled, his fingers attaching to Jolan's left nipple, squeezing.

"Ow!" Jolan said, softly.

"There's the pinch. Let's get it on!"
Jolan laughed, his lover staring at him.

In that intense stare Jolan saw Justin's heated love and desire.

"I love you, Jo."
Jolan's heart melted, hearing the love in those words.

"Show me how much, my Jus."
Justin moved, their lips joining again, the passion letting go from their souls.


Nathan sat naked in the darkened living room of Brandon's house.

One light at the end of the couch lit the room, Nathan puffing on a cigarette. a drink of scotch in his hand.

He sighed, looking around at the dinginess of the room he sat in.

"A pigsty. You live in a pigsty, my little piggy." he said, his eyes moving downward.

Brandon Diablo looked up into Nathan's green eyes, his face a trembling, bruised mess.

The young man sat on the floor between Nathan's legs, his hands massaging the man's feet.

"Yes, sire. I am sorry."
The man stared down at his former abusive friend, a soft smile crossing his face.

"First thing tomorrow morning you are cleaning it from top to bottom."
"Yes, sire." Brandon said, his hands rubbing the man's left foot with caret.

"You see how good I am to you, Brandy?"

Brandon nodded, his eyes lowering.

"That's a good boy." Nathan said, smiling at himself.

His eyes took in the young man's naked body, slashes and bruises showing now everywhere.

Nathan had been brutal, the beast's vengeful lust taking hold of him.

He'd used Brandon for hours, taking him again and again.

And slowly, the young man had given in to his new master completely.

Five hours later, Nathan had lain back on the bed, the singer licking every inch of his body to please him.

Brandon was now his.

Through brute force and beastly terror, Brandon had easily succumbed to Nathan's strength and raging temper.

And through the hours Nathan had leveled his revenge on Brandon.

The man was now passive, given over to pleasing Nathan to forego the pain.

The pain the beast could unleash upon him at any moment.

Nathan smiled, realizing the simplicity of that.

Induce pain to achieve dominance.

He smiled, looking down into Brandon's terrified, watchful blue eyes.

"Calmness, Brandy. I am not mad at you."
Nathan smiled, seeing the man relax a little.

"My pet, you have done wonders for me." Nathan said, Brandon's eyes looking upwards.
"What is going to happen to me?" the man said, his voice edged with emotion.
"You are mine now, Brandy. My protection you shall have. You will be safe with me as long as you do as I say. I am going to use you as I see fit. Understand?"
The man nodded, his arms going around himself.
Nathan smiled, looking down at him.
"I have a plan. A plan to free Lance from the clutches of that moron Joey Fatone. Lance is mine. And I'm going to have him."
Brandon nodded, his blue eyes locked on Nathan's glaring face.
Brandon remembered how brutal Nathan had been at first, the brutality of his revenge on him for using Lance.
In Nathan's eyes, Lance was his alone.
Brandon reasoned it would be best to stay on the good side of this monstrous, emotionally unbalanced man.
The young man terrified Brandon.
Not so much his newfound strength and beastly apparition, but moreso the emotional instability he'd felt and seen in the young man's crazed eyes.
Nathan Livingstone was a walking time bomb, intent on going off if he didn't get what he wanted.
Brandon would help him get Lance, and then Brandon could free himself from this man's grasp.
"Whatever you require of me, I shall do, sire."
Nathan smiled, his leg going up, his foot rubbing against Brandon's cheek.
"My little pet. So obedient."
Brandon's head moved, his tongue licking Nathan's bare foot, Nathan smiling.

"Very good, Brandy. Now you've earned a reward for your obedience." Nathan said, his foot returning to the floor, his legs parting.

Brandon sat between them, his eyes moving upwards, seeing Nathan's center now enlarged.

His eyes raised higher, seeing two staring yellow eyes blazing at him.

"You started this day with a forceful attitude, my pet. Your words of lust so demanding. It's now my lust that demands you. You're already on your knees, Brandy. I need some lip service." he said, his hands moving forward, Brandon hearing his own words thrown back at him as Nathan's hands went to his head.

Nathan's strong hands guided Brandon forward, the beaten man engulfing the hard shaft before him.

Nathan moaned and smiled, feeling the strength of dominance he now possessed.

Below him his slave continued his ministrations, sucking up and down, his blue eyes staring upwards.

Nathan smiled down at Brandon, his mind on one man.

His loving Lance.

"I'm coming, Lance. And Joey Fatone's as good as gone."



End of Chapter 85


Ominous words from a troubled--now Badenwolf--Nathan.

Will he get what he longs for, or will Joey's love protect Lance?


Seems Fagin has chosen the young man for a greater destiny.

A revealed Badenwolf to challenge the Sufenwolf?


Seem our Jolan's life is a path of destined prophecy.

Good and evil follow him forward to its end.


Justin, Britney and all the others guided onto that by Jolan's giving love, as Trace and Cindy said.

What else lays in wait for Jolan's loving family and friends?


Let's walk the path, taking in its beauty.