Jolan's Path - Chapter 87


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 87


Theresa Brannigan's eyes lifted, staring into Jolan's grey.

Jolan smiled at her, Justin watching the two looking at each other.

"You here for party, Mommy? Daddy makes me party!"

Theresa smiled, looking at the happiness on her son's face.

"Yes, Hayden. Mommy's here for her special boy's birthday."
The little boy smiled, as did others, seeing the woman's happiness at having her son in her arms again.

"Me's been so happy, Mommy! Dis place gweat! Daddy and Poppa so wuving! Me swims and pways with fwiends!"
Theresa looked up at Justin, the man quietly looking at her.

Justin smiled, looking at the small boy.

"Hayden started calling me that. I guess he thinks Jo and I are both his dads."

Theresa smiled back at him, Justin's eyes going to Jessica.

"Hello, Jessica." he said, the woman smiling at him.

"Hello, Justin." she said, her eyes looking around at everyone.

"Welcome to our home, ladies." Justin said, smiling at both of them, his hand going in Jolan's.

"Thank you, Justin. And thank you, Jolan, for inviting us." Theresa said, Jolan smiling at her.

She stood up, Hayden in her arms, Jessica now at her side, the small boy looking at her.

"Hi, Jessica!" he said, the woman smiling at his obvious happiness.

"Hello, Hayden." she replied back, the boy's small hand going to her face, patting it.

"Me just Hay!" he said, Jessica laughing lightly.

"Okay, Hay."

"You makes Mommy happy?"

Jessica looked a bit surprised by Hayden's words, Theresa smiling at her.

"Yes, Hay. Mommy's happy."
The boy grinned, looking towards his father.

"Me's hungy, Daddy!"
Lynn smiled, standing up, looking at everyone.

"Our boy has just let us know it's time to eat. Sit down everyone, we'll get the food." she said, Lisa and Daphne walking with Lynn into the house.

The two newcomers were guided over to the patio tables by Jolan, both sitting down together, Jolan sitting on Theresa's other side, Justin beside him.

Hayden sat in his mother's lap, smiling up at her.

"Me goes to Disweywand todays with Poppa! Me have so much fun!"

Theresa smiled then laughed, hearing the joy in her son's voice.

"My word! Someone's spoiling you!" she said, her eyes going to Justin.

The man smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Justin's love spoils many a heart, Sandra."
Justin smiled at him, the ladies walking out of the house carrying platters of food.

Everyone sat down, joining in a meal of happiness.


Theresa sat in a lounge chair on the patio, Jolan sitting beside her.

Justin and the others were in the pool, or lounging around it, Hayden splashing in the water with Justin.

She smiled seeing her son so happy.

Jessica sat at the table with Lynn and Lisa, the three women quietly talking.

Jolan smiled towards them, seeing their welcoming openness.

Jolan had seen the look of uncomfortable worry on Jessica's face, understanding how the woman must feel after what had happened between her and Justin.

She had once been a large part of Justin's life, both ladies having gotten along with her well.

They'd seemingly both forgiven her as well for her subsequent not so warm attacks on Jolan.

Jolan knew that both mothers saw no threat from the young woman now.

Jolan's eyes went back to Theresa, the young woman smiling at him.

"My son's so happy, Jolan. I knew having his father's love would bring joy to his heart. Thank you for accepting him."
Jolan smiled, looking out at his son wrapped in the wet arms of his Justin.

"His love I accepted before I even met him, Sandra. It's that large and giving."
Theresa smiled, patting Jolan's arm..

"Just like his father."
Jolan blushed, Theresa smiling.

In that name he'd spoken she sensed Jolan's giving love

"Yes, Jolan. From now on I'm Sandra. Theresa Brannigan is gone, a name embedded in hurt and the past."

Jolan's hand took hers into it, Jolan smiling at her.

"Welcome back to life, Sandra. And to love."

Sandra smiled, looking towards Jessica.

Her eyes brightened, looking back towards her wet son and Justin.

"Your Justin hasn't asked the question yet."
Jolan's grey eyes looked at her, seeing a warm smile on her face.

"He's perhaps terrified of the answer. Hay has come to mean so much to him."

Sandra smiled, looking towards him.

"You have a beautiful, giving and loving man there, Jolan. I see easily Hayden's love for him and for you."

Jolan smiled, gazing at his two boys.

"They both are my family now, Sandra. I love both equally."
Sandra nodded, squeezing his hand.

"I need to tell you something, Jolan." she said, staring into his grey eyes, seeing so much love there.

"You don't need to tell me, Sandra. I felt the truth in your worried heart at the Hamiltons'. And I also felt what you needed most was Jessica's love."
Sandra teared up, looking towards her lover, Jessica's blue eyes looking back.

"The past few weeks have been so. . .so wonderful. Even after I told her the truth. Her love's so unbelievable. I've never been so happy."
Jolan smiled, hearing the truth in her soft voice.

"And now. . .now I have to. . ."

Jolan's arm went around her, her head falling to his shoulder.

"He needs to know, Jolan."

Jolan nodded, looking out towards his boys.
"We'll tell him with love and happiness, Sandra. I truly believe in my heart he'll understand."
The woman smiled, lifting her head, kissing his cheek.

"You're love is so giving, Jolan. I sensed that that night."
Jolan smiled, kissing her cheek back.

"Look at us now, Sandra. We have love in our hearts, we have Hayden."
The woman smiled, looking out towards the pool again.

Her son was now running across the yard towards them, Justin following him.

Justin helped him climb the patio steps, the boy running up to his mother, Justin smiling at Jolan.

Jolan's eyes took in the vision of masculinity standing before him in wet swimming trunks.

"Mommy, wawa gweat! You comes in?"

Sandra smiled, kissing her son's wet cheek.

"Mommy doesn't know now to swim, angel."

Hayden smiled up at Justin.

"Poppa teach you! He teaches me!"

Justin laughed, the boy grinning.

Sandra's eyes met Justin's, the man smiling at her.

"The boy's right. It's easy once you try."
She smiled, Jolan's hand going to her shoulder.

"Don't be concerned about what worries you. Courage stands alone against hurt."
Sandra's eyes met his, Jolan smiling at her.

"Alright, Jolan." she said, her eyes going to her son.

"Mommy swims with you, Hay."
The boy clapped his hands, smiling widely.
Lynn stood up, smiling at Sandra.

"I have extra suits if you'd like to swim, Sandra. You too, Jessica." she said, both women looking at each other.

"Thanks, Mrs. Harliss." Sandra said, Lynn smiling at her.

"It's Lynn, Sandra. We're all family here."
Sandra and Jessica both smiled, Lynn guiding them into the house to change.


Jolan broke the water's surface, his body having dove off the diving board.

He smiled, looking around the pool.

Visions of happiness and life met his grey loving eyes.

Jennie and Jonathan sat in the shallow end, Hayden in front of Jolan's sister, splashing in the water.

Jolan smiled, seeing the two young people happy and close.

Jonathan's bronzed body was beside Jennie's, his arm around her.

Both were focused on the boy, smiles on both their faces.

He smiled, seeing now what's he'd been so blind to.

Their love for each other shone in their eyes.

Jolan's eyes moved, watching Trace and Cindy laying in a lounge chair, their lips together in a tender kiss.

He smiled, seeing their love.

His eyes took in Lonnie and Ally, the two ebony angels lying on a blanket at the pool's edge, wrapped in each other's arms, Ally's head on his large chest.

Jolan smiled, feeling their happiness.

His eyes moved again, focusing on Justin at the deep end of the pool, Sandra swimming beside him.

He smiled, seeing Justin's guiding love as he swam beside her, as well as Sandra's happiness.

She'd been so self-conscious when she'd removed her robe, her body revealed in a one-piece swimsuit.

He'd seen everyone's eyes drawn to her, a few tears evident from Lynn, Lisa and others.

The young woman was still very thin, but her skin was now a bronzed color.

The weeks in Hawaii had bronzed her skin, giving her a more healthy color.

But that darker skin couldn't hide the scars.

That was what had brought the tears to everyone's eyes, seeing the scars of Theresa's ordeal.

Marks of pain given to her by her abusive masters.

That had been the feeling that Jolan had sensed in the young woman.

The fear of having to reveal her scarred beauty.

Jolan's love had given her the courage to do it.

And the friendship and love she felt after she'd done it had calmed her soul.

She now wore a smile of happiness, Justin's smile destroying her feelings.

The two swam around, Jolan smiling at her happiness.

He looked to his left, smiling at Jessica who lay on a floating pool chair, her blue eyes looking towards him.

The woman wore a two-piece black swimsuit, Jolan seeing her beauty on full display.

He saw easily how Justin could have fallen in love with her beauty, and he felt her true soul of love now.

Jolan smiled, swimming up beside her.

"Thank you, Jolan. For giving her the courage to reveal herself today."
"She needed to wash away the last lingering doubts of her self-acceptance. She can live now with total freedom."
Jessica smiled, looking towards her.

"Jolan. . .I. . ."

"No words need saying, Jessica. All is forgiven. I see today the real you."

Jessica's eyes met his, their grayness filled with happiness.

"No, Jolan. Please let me say something."
Jolan nodded, his arms moving, keeping himself afloat.

"How did you see so easily the true me? No one in a long time has seen the real me. I don't think I ever showed Justin that."
Jolan's hand went upwards, taking hers.

"We all hide our real selves at some time in our life. Love usually brings that truth to the surface. We appear as we really are to those we love."
Jessica looked towards Sandra, hearing the young woman laughing, Justin's laugh right behind hers.

"She's so beautiful, Jolan. I don't see the scars anymore, I see only the beauty of her soul."
Jolan smiled, squeezing her hand.

"That's the real Sandra. And here is the real Jessica."

Jessica smiled, looking into his eyes again.

"Thank you for loving her, Jessica. Your love has healed her soul."

Jessica teared up, Jolan smiling at her with tenderness.

"I know, Jessica. I've known from the beginning."
Jessica's eyes widened, looking towards Sandra.

"My heart is large, Jessica. I guide people to their own happiness. You need to focus on her love. It's what your heart needs. You'll carry that forever."
Jessica smiled, looking again at Sandra.

"I love her, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, looking towards Sandra as well.

"I know, Jessica. And it's just Jo."
Jessica smiled.

"Excuse me, I need to be with her."
Jessica dove off the pool chair, swimming towards Sandra and Justin.

Jolan smiled, watching the two women join together in the water, Jessica kissing Sandra in her arms, Justin looking at the two with a wide smile on his face.

Justin's head turned, staring at Jolan.

Jolan smiled, their love flowing towards each other.


Jolan awoke, feeling a deep heat within himself.

He felt a hardness deep within him.

His grey eyes opened, staring at the clock on the nightstand in front of him.

It read six forty-seven.

He felt the heat of a muscular, hard body against him, two strong arms wrapped around him, a chest of smoothness against his back.

He felt Justin's nipples rubbing against his back, their tips hard and poking.

Justin's breath was on Jolan's neck, Jolan feeling a wetness there now, Justin's tongue going to his ear.

Jolan moaned, feeling the desire flowing through his lover, Justin's lips latching onto his ear lobe.

Jolan felt the heated hardness of his lover's shaft buried within his center, its largeness slowly moving in and out.

"Oh God, Wolfy. I love you." Justin softly said into his ear, his lips kissing his throat.

Jolan felt Justin's arms tighten around him, his sinking shaft speeding up in its thrusts.

"Oh. . .Jumpy! That's so. . .feels so good. . ." Jolan moaned, Justin's fingers going to Jolan's nipples now, gently rubbing and squeezing them.

Justin's mouth now latched onto Jolan's throat, his lips sucking feverishly.

Jolan moaned, his own hardness laying against his hip, Justin's own throbbing within him.

Jolan sensed Justin's abandon cresting, knowing the moment was close at hand.

Justin's arms tightened around him, his hardness sinking deep within Jolan's center.

Jolan felt the trembling of his body against him, then Justin's lips moving, and then a deep gasp coming from him.

"I love you. . .oh God. . ." he shouted, gasping again.

Jolan felt the warm liquid flow into him, Justin's whole body shuddering.

Justin moaned, his arms loosening from around Jolan's chest, Jolan feeling his man's trembling body calming down.

Jolan moved forward, Justin's hardness slipping out of him, Jolan turning around, his body moving on top of Justin, his lips going to his.

Justin felt the deep love coming from Jolan's kiss, the two kissing deeply.

Jolan broke the kiss, looking into Justin's opening blue eyes of love.

"Good morning to you, too, Jumpy." Jolan said, a loving smile of beauty on his face.

Justin softly blushed, staring into Jolan's grey eyes of love.

"I'm sorry, Wolfy. I awoke from a dream of beauty, already joined with your beauty. I guess my hardness went to work on its own."
"Must have been a great dream! I awoke in fantasy land!"

Justin grinned, Jolan kissing his chin, his hand moving downward and wrapping around Justin's semi hard cock.

"Oh, I am a fantasy for you?"
Jolan smiled, lightly kissing his lover's lips.

"Hey, Justin Timberlake naked? That's most every gay boy's fantasy."
Justin smiled, hearing Jolan's love in his voice.

"Hey, they haven't seen you yet. Your pinup poster will be right beside mine."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's love for him.

"Too bad it will have to remain a fantasy for all of them. I have the reality of your beauty."
Justin smiled, Jolan's lips joining his, Justin feeling a renewed desire in Jolan's lips.

He felt the forceful pushing of his tongue, Justin opening his mouth, Jolan's tongue diving in.

Jolan's tongue joined his, the two licking each other, the two men lost in a sensual kiss of deep love and desire.

Jolan broke the French kiss, his tongue going to Justin's neck, licking the sweat-slicked skin.

"Umm, my beauty is wet with deliciousness. I want to devour him." Jolan said, Justin softly moaning at Jolan's tender wetness.

Jolan's head raised, their eyes meeting, Justin seeing the lust and need with Jolan's grey.

"I need you, Jus. And I'll have you." he said, his hands going lower, attaching to Justin's hips.

Justin raised his legs, Jolan pushing them upwards, his center now against Justin's.

"A thirst of love I need to fulfill." Jolan said, his body moving lower.

Justin's remained still, his legs pushed against his chest, Jolan's head moving lower.

Justin gasped upon the contact of Jolan's wet tongue to his center.

"Oh God, Jo!"

Jolan mouth was in the core of Justin's center, his tongue devouring the delicious wetness of Justin's center.

It lapped up the sweat and wetness of Justin's rosebud, Jolan's tongue moving, bathing his scrotum, Justin trembling as Jolan took each ball into his mouth sucking on them.

"Oh God, Jo! Please. . .please take me. . .I need. . ."

Jolan's mouth released the orbs of filled need, his head moving upward, the long now-hard shaft slipping into it.

Jolan took all of Justin's hardness deep into his throat until his lips met the curly hairs of his center.

Justin was thrashing around, Jolan smiling within himself.

The deliciousness of what he held within him sent his mind on a quest of need.

Jolan bobbed up and down for a few minutes, feeling Justin rising to the edge of abandon.

He removed the throbbing manhood from his mouth, the hard rod of flesh slapping up against Justin's stomach.

Jolan's body moved, the man now on top of Justin, his own hardness rubbing against Jolan's wet center.

Justin opened his eyes, staring into two intense grey eyes.

"Your love awoke me, my angel. And now I claim it."
Jolan moved downward, his hard shaft sinking into Justin's center.

Justin gasped, feeling the heated love sinking into him.

His arms wrapped around Jolan's back, Jolan's lips meeting his, their mouths opening to their tongues' needs.

Jolan sank down and rose upward, each thrust sinking deep into Justin, the man lost in the need he felt flowing from his lover.

Their lips broke, Jolan's going to Justin's throat, sucking on his wet, sweaty flesh.

They both felt the edge of abandon, Justin the first to lose it.

His shaft erupted with warm loving liquid, soaking his chest and Jolan's.

Jolan's center released its need deep within Justin, the young man gasping out his lover's name.

Justin's arms wrapped around him, the two joined in love and need.

They both came down from the euphoria they'd been lost in, Jolan pulling gently out of Justin, laying back on his back, panting and gasping.

Justin moved, his body going against Jolan, his head laying on his chest.

"God, my love! That was amazing!"

Jolan smiled, Justin's lips meeting his, a kiss of tender love given.

"You're pretty amazing yourself, my sleeping tiger."
Justin smiled, his hand rubbing across Jolan's sweaty chest.

"I love you, Jo."
Jolan smiled, kissing his forehead.

"I love you, Jus."

The two smiled, remaining together in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

"Our boy's big day." Justin said softly, Jolan's arm going around him.

"Yes, Hay's day of happiness."
Justin remained quiet, Jolan sensing what was on his mind.

"Out with it, my love."

Justin's head raised, looking into Jolan's grey eyes of love.

"Is Sandra going to take Hayden with her when she leaves?"
Jolan saw the worry in Justin's blue eyes, raising his head and kissing his lips, Justin comforted by that love.

"She is his mother, Jus. She loves him just as much as I do, if not more."
Justin nodded, Jolan looking at him.

"I love him too, Jo."
Jolan smiled, hearing in those words Justin's total love for his son.

"I know, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, loving that name of love.

"Sandra was wondering when you'd ask that question."
Justin looked into Jolan's grey eyes, Jolan smiling at him.

"It's Sandra's decision, Jus. She knows of our love for Hayden. It's not a hard thing to see. But she is his mother, they share a bond of hardship, love and joined destiny."
Justin nodded, Jolan rising again and kissing his lips again.

"We all love him, Jus. We'll all make sure he's happy. Neither one of us will ever lose his love, regardless of where he is."

Justin teared up, Jolan smiling at him.

"I love him so much, Jo. As much as I love you."
Jolan smiled, gently kissing his lover's lips.

"He loves you, my Jumpy."
Justin smiled, Jolan smiling back at him.

"Let's get showered and then we'll start his big day."
Justin smiled, climbing out of bed, pulling on a pair of briefs.

"Umm, love? You don't need briefs for the shower."

Justin smiled, walking out of the room, Jolan sitting up in bed, staring towards the doorway.

He stretched, feeling his lover's essence within him, smiling softly.

He heard footsteps, Justin walking into the room again.

Jolan smiled, looking into two sets of blue eyes.

"Morning, Daddy!" Hayden said, smiling at him from Justin's arms.

"Morning Hay, my angel."
Justin walked over to Jolan, the small boy climbing into Jolan's lap, kissing his father on the lips.

"Me wakes up and waits for Poppa!"

Jolan's eyes raised, Justin smiling at him.

"I sensed he was awake, needing our love."
Jolan softly smiled, the boy giggling in his arms.

"My day, Daddy?"
Jolan smiled, kissing his son's cheek.

"Yep, Hay! Our boy's big day!"

Hayden grinned, Justin taking hold of one of Jolan's hands.

"Let's start it with a moment of cleansing love. I want to wash my boys." Justin said, Jolan smiling as Justin pulled him up, Hayden in his arms, the small boy clapping his hands.

Jolan's eyes stared into Justin's, his man guiding him and his son towards the bathroom.


Jolan and Justin walked hand in hand into the kitchen.

Hayden ran in front of them, running into the kneeling arms of his mother.

Sandra smiled widely, the boy wrapping his arms around his mother's neck.

"Morning, Mommy!" he said with great joy and kissing her cheek, Sandra kissing him back as she stood up.

"Morning my angel. Happy Birthday, Hay!" she said, Hayden smiling at her, then at his fathers.

"Yay, my berfday!" he said loudly, Sandra and Jessica smiling.

Jessica stood at the stove, working on breakfast.

Justin's eyes raised.

"You can cook, Jess?"

Jolan smiled, Jessica laughing.

"Yes, Justin. I can cook. Sandy's showed me a few things."
Justin smiled, looking at Sandra.

She smiled back, handing Hayden to Jolan, the young man smiling at her.

"You boys sit down, we'll get this going. It should all be ready for when everyone comes down." she said, joining Jessica at the stove.

Justin and Jolan smiled at each other, sitting down at the table with Hayden.

They both sat in silence, watching the two women cook and interact with each other.

Jolan smiled, watching Justin watching Jessica.

Within an hour the room was filled with their houseguests, everyone having come downstairs for breakfast.

Jennie sat in Justin's lap, her Justin hugging her gently.

Jonathan and Jolan both smiled, sitting beside each other, seeing Justin's protective love for his little sister, knowing the two would always share a bond of deep love for each other.

Jolan smiled, knowing it was to him that she'd gone to for help in making her brother open his eyes to her blossoming womanhood.

Justin would always be her big brother, helping her along life's path.

"So when's the party starting?" Trace said, Cindy sitting in his lap, the two drinking orange juice.

"Well, I've got to get the backyard set up, and do some stuff, so I would say around two." Jolan said, sipping his coffee.

"We'll all pitch in, Jo." Lonnie said, Ally nodding as well.

"Thanks, guys. We'll tackle it after breakfast." Jolan said, Jessica smiling.

Sandra smiled, she and Jessica setting plates of food on the table, Lynn smiling at the two women.

"Smells divine, Jess." she said, Jessica smiling.

"That's everything, everyone. Dig in." she said, Sandra taking her hand, the two sitting down together.

"First, I'd like to say grace." Jolan said, everyone smiling, lowering their heads.

"Thank you Lord, for what we are about to receive--sustenance, nourishment and love. We sit together as friends and family, joined in our love for each other. Bless us for this day, this day of joy and youthful happiness. Let his love radiate out into all of our souls, his youthful happiness brightening in our eyes. We go forward together, loving each other and walking the path of our Lord's love. Amen."

"Amens!" Hayden said loudly, banging his spoon on his plate.

Jolan laughed, the boy seated in his lap.

"Amen, Hay! Let's eat everyone."

Everyone smiled and laughed, diving into the warm food.


After breakfast the group pitched in, helping Jolan and Justin get the backyard ready for Hayden's party.

Randall took charge of the young boy, the two playing upstairs in Hayden's room.

Sandra smiled, seeing the love in Justin's father's eyes for the boy.

"Seems Hayden has a doting grandfather now." she said, helping Jolan cover the patio tables with bright tablecloths.

"Yes, our boy's got some loving grandparents. Lisa, Lynn, Paul and Randall all love him greatly. His love enters your heart easily."
She smiled, looking towards Justin who was helping Trace and Lonnie hang streamers.

"My boy will never want for love. His life is so blessed now." she said, Jolan quietly watching her.

"So what's next, Jo?" she smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"I've got to get started on the cake frosting. Could you help me with some of the food?"
Sandra nodded, smiling towards Jessica.

"You finish those centerpieces, Jess. We'll be in the kitchen when you're done."
Jessica smiled at her, nodding her agreement.

The two exchanged a look of deep love, then Sandra and Jolan walked back into the house, Jessica going back to the centerpiece she was filling with flowers.

Justin walked up onto the patio, picking up a glass of he'd left there beside a pitcher of ice water.

"The sun's going to be warm this afternoon." he said, sipping his drink, smiling at his former girlfriend, Jessica looking at him.

"I guess that's why Jolan's making this a birthday-slash-pool party." she said, smiling softly at him.

Justin nodded, sitting down in a chair beside where she was working.

"You and I haven't had time to talk, Jess."
Jessica nodded, looking into his blue eyes.

"Please sit down, Jess." he said, Jessica quietly sitting down in the chair beside him, Justin handing her a glass of ice water he'd poured from the pitcher.

She thanked him, sipping at the glass, Justin's eyes gazing into hers.

"I forgive you, Jess."
Jess teared up, Justin taking her hand in his.

"Jolan's love made me forgive you. Nothing could ever have stood a chance of destroying that love in my soul."
Jessica nodded, looking into his blue eyes, the eyes she'd once fallen in love with.

Now she sensed in her heart that she'd never really loved him that deeply, not as deeply as the love she now felt for Sandra.

"I'm sorry for what I tried to do to you, and to Jolan. I don't know how that person took over my soul."
Justin smiled, squeezing her hand.

"Love, or false love, makes us do crazy things. I'm just glad you realized what you were doing."
Jessica's eyes met Justin's.

"It was your man's love that made me see the light."
Justin smiled, looking towards the house.

"His beacon of love guided you to your own love. It's easy to see that you both love each other."
Jessica smiled, seeing the soft smile of friendship now on Justin's face.

"Yes, I love her with all of my heart." she said, tears beginning to show in her eyes.

Justin's arm went around Jessica, their eyes meeting.

"I'm glad you're happy, Jess. And that you now see that I am as well."
Jessica smiled, wiping her eyes.

"Yes, Jus. I see that you're completely happy. You've gained the family you've always longed for."
Justin smiled, looking back into the house.

"Yes, my Jo and my Hay. They both fill my heart with happiness."
Jessica smiled.

"What about you, Jess? Has Sandra entered your heart?"

"She has it completely, Jus. She has all of me. I've never been so fulfilled." she said, a soft sob coming out of her throat.

Justin tightened his hold on her, the woman now in his arms.

"What's wrong, Jess?"
"Oh, Jus! I love her so much!" Jessica said, Justin holding her now, Jessica clinging now to a friend.

"I'm happy for you, Jess. I'm so happy for you!" he said, the two holding each other.

Justin smiled, feeling now the friendship of his former love.

"Thank you, Jus. Thank you for all of this!"
Justin smiled, kissing her cheek.

"You're still my friend, Jess. And you're welcome always into my heart."
Jessica smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

Neither saw a solitary face looking out at them from the patio screen door.

Jolan smiled, walking quietly back into the kitchen.


Jolan smiled, standing back and looking at his handiwork.

Sandra smiled beside him, taking in the frosty vision before her.

"He'll love it, Jo!" she said with happiness, Jolan smiling at her.

"For my boy it has to be perfect." Jolan said, his delicate fingers smoothing out a small part of the cake before him.

"There! Perfect!" he smiled, Sandra looking at his happy joyful face.

"I've never seen you so happy, Jo." Lynn said, smiling at the counter, taking in the cake's beauty, as well as Jolan's smiling face.

"It's my boy's big day. His joy will always make me smile."
Sandra teared up, wiping her eyes, Lynn quietly looking at her.

"He'll be full of joy today." Lynn said, smiling at Jolan.

Jolan smiled back, lifting the cake up, Lynn opening the large refrigerator door, Jolan sliding the cake into it, closing the door behind him.

"Well, the cake's done. Mom and Lisa have all the salads prepared and the meat's ready. Joey's volunteered to do the barbecuing. Looks like it's all organized." Jolan said, looking out the kitchen window smiling at the changed look of the backyard.

"Now we just wait for the guests." Justin said, walking into the kitchen with Jessica, the two arm in arm.

Jolan smiled, as did Sandra, Lynn looking with surprise at her son, and his former girlfriend.

"We're still and always will be, friends, Mom. Jessica's my friend."
Jessica smiled, Lynn smiling back at her.

"Welcome home, Jess." she said, hugging the young woman, Jessica smiling at her offered friendship.

"Thanks, Lynn. Your boy's quite the forgiving friend. I hope his friends are as well." she said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Our friends will forgive you, Jess. Justin's love will show them the true you."
Jessica smiled, the front doorbell going off.

"I think they're about to arrive. I'll get it." Jolan smiled, walking out of the room.

"Your man's spinning his love again, Justin." Lynn said, Justin smiling at his mother.

"I think he'll never stop, Mom."
The other women smiled, agreeing completely with him.


Jolan walked back into the kitchen, Joey, Lance, Kelly and Briahna walking into the room behind him.

Joey stopped in surprise, seeing Jessica and Sandra, his eyes widening.

"Well, did you think Hay could celebrate his birthday without his Mommy?" Jolan said, Joey looking at Jessica intently, Jolan smiling.

"Come on, Joe. Let's start the barbecues." Jolan said, pushing the man towards the patio doors, Lance following them.

"Sure thing, Jo. Nice to see you again, Theresa. . .I mean Sandra." Joey said, his eyes still on Jessica.

"You too, Jessica." Lance softly said, Jolan guiding them both out through the doors.

The three men walked up to the barbecues, Joey staring at Jolan.

"She's here, Jo? Is that wise?" Joey said, looking back towards the door.

"She's with Sandra, Joe. And she's her true self."
Joey looked at Jolan, nodding.

"Alright, Jo. But I don't think Josh will see it like that."

Lance agreed, looking at Jolan.

"You know he's still mad at her."
Jolan nodded, smiling at Joey and Lance.

"You leave Josh to me."
Joey nodded, seeing determination in Jolan's grey eyes.

"What have you got cooking in that devious mind of yours, Jo?" Lance said, staring at Jolan.
Jolan smiled widely, kissing Lance's cheek.

"Joey's forgotten my words already." he laughed, walking back into the house, Joey looking at Lance.

"What's he talking about, Lancy?"
Lance smiled, kissing his lover's cheek, Joey smiling at him.

"I'd be on the lookout, my love. Remember that Jolan's hasn't forgotten your tackling him in the kitchen yesterday."
Joey's eyes widened, looking at Lance.

"No worries, my love. Your Lance will protect you."
Joey smiled, Lance kissing him deeply, Joey lost in the love flowing into him.

While Lance kissed him, his hand went to the barbecue, hitting the ignite button, flames shooting up.

"Your love heats the world, my Joe."
Joe looked at the barbecue, smiling.

"Well, I am hot stuff!"
Lance laughed, Joey smiling at him as he closed the barbecue's cover, igniting the second one.


Everyone sat around the living room, their eyes moving around, looks traded and stares shared.

Sandra and Jessica sat together on a couch, Hayden seated in his mother's lap, his new tiger in his arms.

Justin sat beside them, he and Jessica beside each other.

Chris and Britney sat together, her two boys smiling at Hayden.

The group was waiting for Jolan, the young man having gone outside, doing a final overview of the outdoor festivities.

Justin had been surprised when two large vans had shown up, Jolan talking to the men who'd piled out of them.

Jolan had guided them around the house, Justin as intrigued as everyone else when Jolan had asked everyone to stay inside.

Here now they sat two hours later most of the guests having arrived.

Auntie Gee sat with Lynn and Randall, she and Lisa in discussions.

Leo and Cory were laughing in the corner, both talking to Joey and Lance.

The doorbell went off, Lonnie going to see who was there.

He walked back into the room followed by Josh and Chace, the two smiling as they walked in.

"The gang's all here. . ." Josh said, his eyes focusing on Jessica and Sandra.

Jessica's blue eyes met Josh's blue, the man staring intently at her.

"What. . .what are you doing here, Jessica?" he stuttered out, Justin rising up from his seat, going to his friend's side.

"She's here with Sandra, Hay's mom, Joshy." Justin said, his hand going to Josh's shoulder.

The two met each other's gaze, Justin seeing anger in Josh's blue orbs.

"How. . .how can you allow her in your home after what she's done to us?" he said, Jessica hearing the hurt and anger in Josh's voice.

Jessica lowered her head, Sandra squeezing her hand, Hayden climbing down out of her lap, running over to his little friends, Sean hugging him.

Sandra smiled, the young woman standing up, walking up to Josh.

Jessica's head raised, following her Sandra.

"My Jessica did some terrible things, Mr. Chasez. Yes, she acted without regard to others' hurting souls. For that she seeks forgiveness. Jolan and Justin have both forgiven her, that filling her heart with happiness. My Jessica has changed, Mr. Chasez. She now has my love in her heart. You know the truth of the life I lived, of the life of loneliness and hurt. Your friend Jolan gave me--and yes he's given her also--a new chance at happiness. We love each other, sir.  That love has opened our hearts, our true selves showing. Jessica's changed. And Jolan's love is the reason for that."
Sandra went back towards her lover, Jessica standing up, the two going into each other's arms.

Jessica's eyes went to Josh, the man staring at both of them in confused surprise.

"I'm sorry, Josh. I'm sorry for how I used you. That evil person is gone. I can't change the past, but I can focus on the present. I love Sandra, Josh. I'll never be that person again."
Josh stared as the two women kissed each other, a new voice breaking the silence.

"Love changes any soul, Joshua. You, most of all, should sense that."
Josh turned, staring into Jolan's grey eyes, the young man having walked into the room.

Josh stared into those grey centers of beauty, the love radiating there entering his soul.

He bowed his head for a moment, Chace squeezing his hand within his.

Josh's eyes met his, the two feeling their love for each other.

Josh smiled, realizing Jolan's underlying message.

He crossed the room, stopping in front of Jessica and Sandra.

"I accept your forgiveness, Jessica. I just realized the love I have myself within my soul. The giving love of a soulmate. We all seek that throughout our lives. I see now that you've found it as well."
Jolan teared up, lowering his head for a moment, Justin quietly looking at him.

Jessica smiled at Josh, Josh moving forward and hugging her.

"I forgive you, Jess. Welcome back to my friendship."

Everyone in the room smiled, seeing before them a reunion of two lost friends, and the reality of Jessica's new life.

They all stood up, everyone hugging her now.

Jolan smiled, his eyes going to Justin's.

The room quieted down, Jolan clearing his throat.

"Now that the love's back in all our hearts, the day of happiness can now begin! Where's the birthday boy?" he said with a wide smile.

Hayden ran up to Jolan, the man kneeling down in front of him, Sean and Jayden right behind Hayden.

"My son's got his posse with him! The three amigos!"

The little boys grinned, Hayden smiling widely.

"Well, little buddy? All ready for a party?" Jolan smiled, Hayden leaning forward and kissing his father's cheek.

"Weady for your wuv, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, standing and taking his son's little hand.

"Come on then, Hayden. Let's feel the love!"
The boy grinned, following his father, everyone smiling and following the twosome.


Hayden's eyes widened with happiness, Jolan's filling with tears.

"Oh, Daddy! Tank you!" he said, running forward, down the patio steps, his two small friends right behind him.

Jolan smiled, seeing the three heading right for the ponies.

Justin's arm went around his waist, his lips kissing his cheek.

"Oh, Jo! What a wonderful idea!" he said, Jolan smiling.

Everyone took in the beauty and happiness in front of them.

The three little ones stood at a small fence, three little ponies in front of them.

Stevie ran up to them, Jolan smiling at Justin's brother's protective love.

"Horses, Hay! Your Dad's brought you horses to ride!" the boy said, Hayden looking up at Stevie.
"Me's too smalls to wide, Unky Stevie!"

Justin smiled widely, walking off the patio, right up to the boys.

"Poppa will help you get on one, Hay. You too, boys!" he said, smiling at the little ones.

Chris joined his friend, picking up Sean.

"I'm here, little buddies. Let's have some fun!"
Everyone screamed and clapped, Jolan smiling from the porch.

Lynn's arm went around him, Randall smiling and walking down the steps.

"You never cease to amaze us, Jo." she said, everyone looking around the backyard.

On the right side of the yard, a small farm-like area had been set up with fences, small animals clustered behind them.

The ponies, ducks and chickens, sheep and goats, plus a cow mooing were all in plain sight.

And behind them stood a large elephant, the animal raising its trunk and roaring.

The left side of the yard brought the biggest smiles.

A mini carnival was set up, a Ferris wheel and a carousel as well as a water slide were set up in brightly lit colors.

The patio was hung with streamers, the tables decorated, floral animal centerpieces on every table.

Sandra walked up beside Jolan, his arm going around her.

"This is a carnival of love, Sandra. The last one you saw so many years ago hurt your heart deeply. This one shall fill your son's with happiness."

The woman smiled, tears in her eyes.

"Oh, Jolan! This is so beautiful!"
Jolan smiled, his eyes on his son, now in Justin's strong arms, Justin gently setting the boy down on one of the ponies' backs.

"Life mirrors truth, Cassandra. Hurt gives way to love."

The woman smiled, Jolan guiding her down into a dream.


Jolan laughed, watching his boy on the carousel.

Sandra was on one of the colored plastic horses, her son seated before her.

"She's reliving a night of hurt, Jo. Is that wise?" Lynn said, standing at his side, Justin's arm wrapped around his lover.

"Hurt gives way to truth, Lynn. Shortly, she'll see that."

Lynn looked at Jolan, she and Justin exchanging looks.

Everyone else was walking around, the kids playing with the animals, some of the adults as well as kids enjoying the rides.

Joey and Lance were both soaking wet, having slid down the water slides.

Jolan laughed, seeing their childlike faces taking everything in.

"Seems the big kids are enjoying everything as well." Lisa said, she and Randall watching Stevie riding on top of the elephant, its trainer walking the animal around.

"A carnival brings out the kid in everyone." Jolan said, his eyes spotting Lonnie and Ally in one of the seats on the Ferris wheel, as well as Jonathan and Jennie.

The two younger ones were in a seat, moving upward, their lips joined in a kiss.

Justin smiled, watching his man watching them, the man leaning over and kissing his cheek.

Jolan smiled at him, his eyes going back to Sandra and Hay.

"A rousing success, my angel." Justin said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I've scheduled it till dinner, for four hours. Then we'll start the pool party."
Justin smiled, taking Jolan's hand in his.

"Then let's enjoy it!" he said, pulling Jolan towards the Ferris wheel.


Jolan was lost in the kiss, his man's body against him.

The two were in a seat, suspended high above the backyard, their lips united.

Jolan had seen Justin talking to the wheel operator, the man smiling as Justin handed him some bills.

They broke their kiss, Justin's tongue licking Jolan's moist lips.

"Nice idea, Jumpy. Paying the man to stop us at the top."
Justin blushed, Jolan kissing his lips again.

"I'll have to thank him." Jolan said, his tongue slipping into Justin's mouth, Justin lost in his lover's desire.

Jolan's hand was under Justin's shirt, his fingers rubbing his left nipple.

"Please, Wolfy. Calm down. You're turning me on too much."
Jolan smiled, removing his fingers, Justin sighing with need.

"I love you, Jus."
Justin smiled, their lips separating.

"This is so magical, Jo. Did you see Hay's eyes? The happiness in them?"
Jolan smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Jus. I saw my son's happiness. All this I did for him."
Justin smiled, looking downward.

He saw his father and Hayden in the farm area, the small boy sitting on a bench with a small lamb in his lap. Randall sat beside him, his face showing a wide smile.
Justin's eyes looked around, seeing his friends and the kids enjoying all of it.

Sandra and Jessica were both on the water slide, Britney and Chris with them, all four soaking wet, and laughing.

"Sandra seems so happy."
Jolan smiled, looking towards her.

"Yes, this was for her as well. A relived moment."
"Was that wise, my love? Igniting those memories from her past?"
Jolan smiled, looking into his lover's blue eyes, remembering Lynn having asked the same.
"Yes it was, Jus. From this she'll find closure."
Justin nodded, sensing more from Jolan's soul.

The two snuggled, Justin lost in the love surrounding him.

"I love you, Justin. And I love my son."
Justin nodded, Jolan waving down at the operator, the wheel beginning to move.

Their eyes met, Jolan leaning forward and kissing Justin deeply.

Justin broke the kiss, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Let's focus on our son's happiness today. Tomorrow is soon enough to focus on the rest of our lives."
Justin nodded, their chair stopping.


Hayden's eyes widened, his small hands clapping, looking around him.

Everyone was singing the birthday song, his father walking towards him, the boy seated in Sandra's lap.

The boy's face was covered in a wide smile of innocence.

"Me gots Tigger cake, Mommy!!" he screamed, seeing the cake in his father's hands.

Jolan smiled, walking towards his son, the cake lit with four candles.

The afternoon had been a grand success, everyone enjoying themselves immensely.

They'd all gotten wet on the water slides, everyone having changed into swimming attire when their clothes were soaking wet.

The workers had quietly removed the carnival and farm area while the group had retired to the patio to enjoy the large meal that Jolan and Joey had prepared.

Hayden had screamed with happiness seated in Justin's lap when the elephant had walked by the patio, stopping and sticking its trunk into Hayden's lap, Justin handing Hayden peanuts to feed him, for a farewell treat.

The boy had laughed loudly, everyone smiling at his happiness.

Hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks had been cooked for everyone's enjoyment, the meal filling them all with happiness.

Here now the meal was finished, Hayden's birthday cake now here.

Jolan smiled, setting the tiger shaped cake in front of his son, and Sandra.

"Dat bootiful, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, kissing his son's cheek.

"Blow out the candles, Hay! Make a wish and it will come true if you blow them all out!" Sandra said, Jolan smiling at her.

Cameras were flashing, as they had all afternoon, capturing the touching moments.

Justin smiled from behind Jolan, taking his son's smiling picture.

Hayden smiled, leaning forward, blowing deeply.

All four candles extinguished, the small boy clapping.

His eyes scanned the cake, Jolan smiling at his happiness.

"Me wants head, Daddy! Me's eats Tigger's head!"
Justin laughed, Jolan joining him.

"For sure, little piggy!"
Hayden laughed, Jolan cutting into the cake.


Jolan smiled, Sandra seated beside him, Justin sitting on the floor in front of them with Hayden in his lap.

The boy was ripping through another present, paper flying everywhere.

His eyes widened, seeing before him a large remote control truck.

"Me gots two big twucks, Poppa!" he screamed, Randall laughing beside Domo.

"Guess we think alike, Dominoso?" Randall said, the older man smiling beside him.

"Our boy needs to have fun!" he said, Randall patting his back.

Justin and Jolan both smiled at the spoiling grandfathers.

"Tanks Gampa and Gweat Gampa!" Hayden said, his eyes on the two trucks before him.

"We'll play with them later, Hay. Keep opening your gifts." Jolan said, Hayden nodding up at his father.

Sandra smiled down at Justin, seeing the equaled happiness in his blue eyes as her son.
She also saw the large mountain of gifts surrounding her son and Justin.

She saw plainly the deep love everyone surrounding her had for her little boy.

She leaned over, kissing Jolan's cheek, the man smiling at her.

"What was that for?"
"For surrounding my son with happiness, Jolan. I see that everywhere."
Jolan smiled, others smiling at him.

"He's my son. His happiness is mine."
Sandra nodded, Jessica's hand going in hers, Jessica on her other side.

Jolan watched Justin looking towards Josh, the man winking at him, then rising up and disappearing into the house.

Justin remained silent, his arms surrounding the small boy.

Within half an hour the last gift was open, Hayden standing up in Justin's lap.

He smiled around at everyone, all the adults and kids smiling back at him.

"Tanks evwyone for dees gwifts! Des makes me so happies!"
Everyone clapped, the small boy running up to his father, his small hands patting his knees.

"Mes so happy, Daddy! Me gots so much!"
Jolan smiled, Justin beaming.

"You have two more gifts, Hay." Justin said, Hayden turning and looking up at Justin.

"Reawee, Poppa?"

Justin smiled, Josh walking up onto the patio from the backyard.

He nodded at Justin, Jolan looking between the two.

"Come on, son." Justin said, holding out his hand, Hayden taking it.

Everyone looked surprised, standing up and following Justin and the boy, Jolan right behind them, looking towards Josh.

Josh blushed softly, Chace's arm going around him.

"It was his idea." Josh softly said.

Everyone heard the boy scream, Jolan looking downward onto the back lawn.

His eyes widened, seeing before him two surprising gifts.

Justin smiled up at him, the small boy screaming with joy.

Justin stood beside a brand new tricycle, deep red in color.

Jolan's son was sitting in an even more expensive, mechanical apparition.

The boy was seated in a large battery-operated Jeep, a child-size Jeep.

Jolan walked down the steps, watching the boy's joy-filled face.

"Me's gots car, Daddy! Me drives like Poppa!!" Hayden shouted, Jolan smiling in spite of himself.

"Jus, what is this? This is so extravagant!" he said, Justin's arms going around him.

"This is to see the joy in our son's face, Jo. He'll always have joy and want for nothing."
Jolan teared up, Justin hugging him, the boy surrounded by his little friends, Sean climbing in beside him in the Jeep.

"We rides, Sean! We rides wound backsyard!"

The small vehicle moved, Hayden screaming with joy, Lonnie and Stevie chasing the Jeep, Sean and Hayden laughing.

"Speaking of spoilers!" Randall said, Justin blushing as he looked up at his father.

Randall laughed, patting his son's shoulder.

"Welcome to fatherhood, boys."

The two men smiled, Jolan's eyes going to Sandra's.

He saw the tears of happiness in her blue eyes.

His thoughts were on the future, and on life.



End of Chapter 87


A mother's returned love.

And two fathers' united happiness.


I hope you enjoyed the party, and the healing love.

Up next: Dawning truths and future beginnings.


Hugs, Angel.