Jolan's Path - Chapter 88


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 88


Jolan sat in a lounge chair, his eyes looking towards the pool.

He marveled at his son's focused reality.

His boy loved swimming.

Hayden had been driving around the backyard in his new Jeep, everyone having seen the joy on his young face, and his giving heart.

Sean was driving, Hayden beside him.

His giving heart had let the other boys have just as much fun with his toys.

Sean and Jayden had both driven the Jeep around the yard numerous times.

But when the party had shifted to a pool party, and Hayden had seen Justin standing on the patio in his swim trunks, all thoughts of the new toys he'd received vanished from his mind.

He'd climbed out of the Jeep when Sean had stopped in front of the patio, the small boy running up to Justin.

"We's go swimming, Poppa?" he said, looking up at his Poppa.

Jolan had smiled, as had Sandra, their eyes meeting.

"Our boy's turning into a fish." Jolan had said, Sandra laughing, Hayden smiling up at both of them.

"Me no fish, Mommy! Me just wikes wawa! And Poppa's lots fun in wawa!"

Jolan smiled, staring at Justin.

"Oh, that's so true Hay!"

Justin blushed, his heart filled with love for his Wolfy.

"I love my man all wet!" Jolan said, blowing a kiss at him.

Justin's cheeks reddened more, Sandra laughing, Justin bending down and picking up the boy.

"Let's get you into your trunks, little buddy!"
Hayden clapped, Justin carrying him into the house, Jolan lightly slapping his ass as he walked past him, Justin smiling widely.

Here now Jolan sat, watching his man and his son swimming together in the shallow end of the pool.

Sean and Jayden were beside them, Stevie and Britney sitting in the water watching them.

All four boys were laughing and playing together in the water.

Jolan felt someone sit down beside him in the other lounge chair, two lips kissing his cheek.

His eyes turned, staring into the smiling face of Josh.

Jolan's eyes scanned the man, Josh wearing only black swim trunks again, his smooth toned body on display.

"See anything you like?" he smiled, Jolan smiling back.

"It all looks delicious. Where should I start?"
Josh laughed, smiling at him.

"Start with my heart. You've healed it."
Jolan smiled, patting Josh's leg.

"Your heart was healed with Chace's love."
Josh smiled, watching his lover's muscular form dive off the diving board, emerging in front of Lance and Joey in the pool.

"Ooh, another delicious morsel." Jolan said, Josh laughed, a beaming smile on his face.

"Yep, and he's all mine!"
Jolan smiled, relaxing back in his chair.

"Lucky you! He looks beyond delicious!"

Josh smiled, his and Chace's eyes meeting across the pool, the wet muscular man taking Josh's breath away.

Jolan smiled, seeing Josh's love so easily shown.

"Yep, simply delicious. You two would make a great sandwich."

Josh laughed again, Jolan sensing Josh wanted to say something more.

Josh smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Thanks for making me realize the truth about Jessica. That she deserved the same chance I was given."
Jolan's head turned, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

Jolan had seen the two of them talking quietly together with Sandra, the conversation ending with Josh's hugging both women.

He realized that the three were now friends, Josh's anger washed away by their love.

"You weren't given a chance, Josh. You earned your own happiness, by showing your loving heart."

Josh smiled, leaning over again and kissing Jolan's cheek again.

"You know, I do have lips."
Josh looked a little surprised, Jolan smiling at him.

Josh leaned forward, kissing Jolan on the lips.

The two parted, both smiling at each other.

"Josh, you and I are kindred souls. We walked through pain to find our true soulmates. We share a bond of love. I'm here always for you. You will--I truly believe--be my closest loving friend."

Josh teared up, Jolan smiling at him.

"And hey, it doesn't hurt that you're damn fine!"

Josh laughed, standing up.

Jolan's eyes took in the vision of the beautiful man standing before him.

His body was that of a sculpted Greek statue.

Smooth, muscular, with defined abs and torso.

His trunks hid what Jolan thought might be a large reward.

Their eyes met, Josh taking in the near naked vision laying before him as well.

Jolan wore only swim trunks, his smooth torso and muscled legs on full view.

"No, it doesn't hurt at all." Josh grinned, turning and diving into the pool.

Jolan smiled, a movement towards his left catching his eye.

He turned, looking up, staring into Chris' face.

The man wore a look of total shock.

"Yes, Chris? Something you wanted?"
"You. . .you both were. . .you were kissing!"

Jolan smiled up at him, Chris still staring at him in shock.

Jolan rose out of his lounge chair; Josh, Chace, Justin and Britney staring at the two from the pool, having heard the rather loud proclamation from Chris.

Jolan stared at Chris, then smiled.

"It was a kiss of endearing love, Christopher. Josh was moved by my helping him come to terms with Jessica."
Chris' eyes moved, staring into the pool at Josh.

"Oh! I see." he said, a soft look on his face now.

Jolan smiled widely, feeling Chris' emotions.

Jolan's eyes went to Justin's for a moment, his lover grinning widely.

Within a heartbeat Jolan had Chris in his arms, his lips against his, Chris stunned by his quickness, and the intensity of the moment.

Jolan kissed him tenderly, the man lost in the emotional love he felt in Jolan's kiss.

After a few moments Jolan broke the kiss, the man standing in stunned silence, a lost look on his face, his eyes staring into Jolan's face.

Chris suddenly looked embarrassed, Jolan's hand going to his shoulder.

"I shall always kiss those I love, Chris. You deserve a kiss of friendship and love. My love is open, endearing and giving. It's my giving way."
Chris smiled now, Jolan's words so filled with friendship.

His smile widened, the man moving to his left, forgetting where he was, walking right off the pool's edge, falling into the water fully clothed.

Everyone around and in the pool burst into laughter, those on the patio staring out at them with intrigued smiles.

Chris came up out of the water, his clothes soaked.

The man had been wearing cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, just relaxing and not wanting to swim.

"I'm soaking wet!" he shouted, Jolan laughing.

He looked towards Britney, she laughing beside Justin.

"He's all yours, Brit! Wow! So that's what it's like to kiss a walrus! He needs a shave!"

Everyone burst out into laughter, Britney swimming over to her man, her arms going around him.

"I love ya, sweetie. You're the best kisser to me!"
Chris smiled, forgetting the last few moments of laughter, his woman kissing him deeply.

The man pulled back from her, Jolan smiling down at them.

"This isn't payback for yesterday, Chris. You're just a clumsy friend."

Chris blushed, Jolan staring at him.

"I'm going to enjoy your friendship so much!" Jolan said, smiling at him.

Chris saw a deep love in that smile, the man smiling back at Jolan.


After a few hours of swimming, the party moved onto the patio, patio lights being lit, the sky darkening.

It had been a joyous, happy day, the group surrounded by Justin and Jolan's happiness.

This was indeed a home of love.

People had changed after swimming, a card game started in the kitchen, others reclining in the living room and out on the patio, talking quietly.

Drinks were served, finger foods laid out, Joey and Chris helping themselves.

Jolan had turned music on, a few people softly dancing on the patio.

The evening breeze gently blew across the patio, the couples wrapped in each other's arms.

Jolan danced with Justin, Hayden in their arms between them, Sandra and Jessica dancing beside them.

Sandra's eyes went often to her son's happy face, that face laying against Justin's chest.

"Me have gweat day, Mommy and Poppa! Daddy the best!"
Justin and Sandra both smiled, the boy smiling back at his father, Jolan's love for the boy shown on his face.

Jolan's eyes met Justin's, the two leaning forward and kissing, the little boy smiling up at their joined love.

"Me sweeps with Stevie, Seany and Jayden! Me's got fwiends to wuvs me!" he softly said, Britney smiling from her chair, sitting in Chris' lap.

She winked at Jolan, her two boys dancing together on the patio.

They'd already agreed that they'd stay over tonight, the three boys thrilled at sleeping together.

Stevie had been welcomed as a big brother by all three, the boy beaming when Justin asked him to watch over them.

Jolan smiled at Justin, the two continuing to dance.

They danced on and off for a few hours, Jolan dancing with several friends and family.

Justin stood back, seeing his lover's total happiness, smiling at what this day had done for both Jolan and Hayden.

He also sensed a newness in Jolan, as if he'd found total happiness.

He looked across the room now, Jolan quietly talking with Henry and Shelly, both looking focused on what Jolan was saying.

Justin's eyes scanned around, seeing Sandra sitting by herself on the patio steps, her eyes on her son's smiling face. Hayden was laughing, dancing with Stevie, Jennie and Jonathan.

Jessica was dancing with Josh, Justin smiling at their renewed friendship.

His man could do wonders.

Justin smiled, walking across the patio to Sandra, sitting down beside her on the steps.

"Having fun, Sandra?"
The woman smiled at him, Justin seeing soft tears in her eyes.

"Everything okay?"

"Yes, Justin. I wanted to thank you for today, for being so instructive and patient in the pool."
Justin smiled, remembering their time together swimming.

"Hey, you were easy to teach. Just like your son."
Sandra smiled, her eyes going back to Hayden.

"Your boy is extremely happy." Justin said, smiling at his brother and Hayden laughing.

"I've seen his happiness grow all day. He has Jo and you to thank for that."

"Hey, your being here added to his happiness as well."

"Yes, but in you he's found a loving playmate as well as a caring parent."
Justin smiled at her, Sandra smiling back.

"I love him, Sandra. He'll always have a second father in me."

Sandra smiled, moving and kissing Justin's cheek.

"I see now that he'll be happy for all of his life." she softly said, her eyes tearing again.

"Are you sure you're okay, Sandra?"
The woman softly smiled, leaning forward, Justin's arm going around her.

"Love him, Justin. Love him always!" she said, beginning to cry, wiping her eyes.

Justin rubbed her back, the woman leaning into his chest.

"I promise you that I will. It's so easy to do. He's as loving as his father."
Sandra smiled, wiping her eyes with a Kleenex Justin had handed her out of his pocket.

"This day was so magical. For my son, and even for myself." she said, Justin smiling.

"And it's not over quite yet, Sandra." Jolan said, the two looking up, the young man standing now in front of them.

Jennie stood behind her brother, a soft smile on her face.

Jolan's grey eyes looked at Jonathan, the young man at Jennie's side, his arm around her.

"Jonathan, could you go into the house and ask everyone to come outside, please?"
Jonathan smiled at Jolan, then Jennie, walking into the house.

Jolan looked down at Justin, Justin seeing a deep determination in Jolan's grey silvery eyes.


Within a few minutes everyone had gathered on the patio again, Jolan smiling at everyone.

"I hope everyone has had a good time today?"
Everyone smiled, voicing their happiness--and the joy the day gave--with loud clapping and whistling.

Jolan smiled, looking towards Hayden.

"Come here, my son."
Hayden smiled, running up to his father, Jolan picking him up.

"Have you had a good day, son?"
"Yes, Daddy! It was the best!!"

Jolan's smile brought a joy to everyone's heart, its beaming happiness almost radiating.

They'd never seen the young man look so totally happy.

The small boy leaned forward, kissing his father's cheek.
"Tank you, Daddy! Me happies wiff your wuv!"

Jolan's smiling face teared up, everyone seeing his deep love for his son.

"You are the sunshine of my life, Hay. Tonight I want to light up the skies with my love for you."
The small boy smiled, watching his father's eyes softly begin to glow.

Justin and Sandra both stood up off the steps, Jolan walking up to them.

He smiled at Sandra, Hayden climbing into his mother's arms, the woman staring in awe at the man's softly glowing silvery eyes.

"Jo. . .your eyes. . ."
Jolan smiled, looking at Justin, the glow within his eyes brightening.

"They glow with love. Their glowing silver is the light of my happiness and love." he softly said, smiling at his Justin.

Justin smiled back, Jolan looking at his son again.

"I have this last gift to give you, my son. This comes from Daddy's heart."
The boy smiled, Jolan kissing his cheek, then turning, walking down the steps into the darkened backyard, everyone watching him turn around in the semidarkness, only two soft silver glowing orbs showing in his now darkened image.

Jolan could still be seen, his smile still noticeable in the semidarkness.

"Happy birthday, Hayden." Jolan said, his visible arms going upwards.

Everyone stood in stunned awe as the night sky filled with flashing lights, those lights streaking across the sky.

They burst into starbursts, different bright lights of beautiful colors.

Red, blue, yellow, green and white.

A fireworks of love igniting in the evening sky.

And all those lights came from the man standing before them, igniting from his extended hands.

"Wow!! That's so incredible!" Jessica said, staring up into the sky, then at Jolan, the man's eyes closed, his face covered in a smile of breathtaking beauty.

"How in all that's giving and loving is he doing that? I've never seen such bright fireworks!" Domo said, Simus smiling at him.

"It is his unbelievable gift, Dominoso. The magic of his love. Our father showed us the same magical fireworks." he said, Calen smiling at his brother.

"Jolan truly is showing his son his lighted love." Calen said, his eyes going to Justin's.

The kids all clapped, Hayden smiling widely in his mother's arms.

"Wook at Daddy's wuv, Mommy! It so bright and bootiful! He wuvs me wots!"

Justin smiled, his eyes going to his lover standing in the darkness.

"Yes, son. Your father's love is unbelievable." Sandra said, Justin looking into her blue eyes.

Everyone smiled, the same sentiment filling their awed souls, their eyes scanning upwards.

"And it is giving, Sandra."
Sandra's eyes went out to Jolan, the man having spoken.

His eyes were again open, their silvery shine staring at her, his hands now back in front of him folded.

The night sky remained filled with the shimmering fireworks, their brightness awing everyone.

"Come to me please, Sandra." Jolan said, his voice filled with calmness.
Sandra stared at Jolan, the man waiting in stillness.

Everyone looked at Sandra, Hayden jumping into Justin's arms, the boy smiling at his mother.

"No be scared, Mommy. Daddy give you berfday gift, too!"

Justin looked down at the child, the boy smiling at his mother.

Everyone looked at Jolan, sensing something was about to happen.

Sandra slowly walked down the steps, Jessica's eyes on her, she now standing beside Justin, his arm going around her, the two smiling at each other.

Sandra walked across the dewy grass, Jolan smiling at her, taking both of her hands in his when she stopped in front of him.

"Our son is right, Sandra. I do have a gift for you. I've searched my soul and magic trying to decide on what I could do to ease the pain within your heart. The pain you carry alone."

Sandra teared up, Jolan leaning forward, kissing her cheek.

"Do you trust me, Sandra?"

The woman teared up.

"You saved me, Jolan. I trust you with my life and my son. And I trust your love."
Jolan smiled, his silvery eyes brightening.

"The Watcher told me that life mirrors truth. I finally realized what he meant. My path of destiny is a path of duality. It goes forward and back. It goes both ways filled with love and truth."
Everyone stood in silence, Jolan's eyes looking towards them, then back to Sandra.

Simus and Calen looked at each other, a look of awed wonder in both their ancient eyes.

"I walked my path during my dreams last night finding a special love on it. A love now available to you."

Justin stood on the patio, looking at his lover, his words sounding so calm and loving.

"For only you I now do this, Sandra. To give you closure, to heal your needful heart."

Jolan smiled, looking up at the patio, into everyone's concerned, loving eyes.

"Do not worry for us, my friends. Moments pass quickly when surrounded by love. We shall return."

Everyone looked at each other, then focused on Jolan's smiling, calm face.

The backyard was instantly flooded with a white light, Jolan and Sandra lost within it.

Everyone closed their eyes, feeling the intense warmth from the bright light.

As quickly as it came, the light extinguished, everyone opening their eyes when darkness returned, the backyard before them empty.

Jolan and Sandra were nowhere in sight.

Their eyes searched everywhere in the darkness, the two nowhere to be seen.

Hayden smiled, looking up at Justin.

"Daddy take Mommy backs to wuv."
Justin looked out at the empty yard, then looked down at the child.

"Where have they gone, Hay?"
The boy smiled, looking up at the sky, the last remnants of the fireworks slowly petering out in the darkness.

"Dey go homes."


Sandra's eyes opened, feeling Jolan's hands still in hers.

She stared into his grey, now normal eyes.

"Welcome home, Sandra."

Sandra's eyes slowly moved away from his loving gaze, staring around her.

She gasped, staring at a place that she only remembered from lost memories.

"No. . .Jolan. . .it can't be?!!"

Jolan looked at her, his voice soft and reassuring.

"Yes, Sandra. It is the place of your lost memories, the place of your youthful happiness. Before the time of your pain. Welcome to your once forgotten home of love."
Sandra looked around the living room they stood in, taking in every inch and every item showing before her.

"I never forgot it, Jolan. I carried it in my soul."
Jolan nodded, remaining quiet, watching her scan the warm inviting room.

"Mom's sewing table. . .Dad's favorite chair by the fireplace. . .it hasn't changed!" she said, her eyes filled with tears of remembrance.
Jolan smiled, watching as she walked around the room, touching things, picking up little mementos, staring at each one with awed wonder.

She walked back to him, standing in front of him, Jolan staring into her emotional eyes.

"I'd forgotten how beautiful, warm and cozy this room was. How many nights I curled up in front of that fireplace, listening to Dad and Mom sing and chat. Dad telling me such wonderful stories. It was such an innocent time of love."
She looked towards the fireplace, seeing the warmth of its glowing embers.

Her eyes turned back, staring into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Why am I here, Jolan? What good is remembering and seeing something I can never have back?"

Jolan softly smiled at her, the woman seeing so much glowing love within his eyes.

"This is my gift to you, Sandra. The gift you longed for but, in the end, were tragically denied. My path radiates its love to bring this to you."
Sandra stared at Jolan, the man moving, sitting down in a wing chair in the corner.

His eyes remained on her, Sandra sensing some sorrow in those silvery orbs of giving love.

"I will leave you to face it alone, Cassandra. It's what you need to heal your soul."

Jolan lowered his head, Sandra quietly staring at him, the man sitting in bowed silence.

The silence between them was broken by a new voice.

"Cassandra? Where have you gotten to Sandy?"

Sandra turned around, remembering that voice in an instant, her greatest hope opening in her heart.

She stared across the room, looking into two sets of crystal blue eyes.

They were as she'd always remembered them, their looks and ages unchanged.

"Momma? Papa?"

The couple smiled, the two opening their arms.

Sandra sobbed, rushing across the room, the two enveloping her in an embrace of lost love.

The three held each other, Sandra's sobs the only sound in the room.

"Oh, Papa! Momma! I've missed you so much!" she cried, her father's hand rubbing her back, her mother kissing her cheek, Sandra staring into her wet blue eyes.

"We lost you, our angel. We searched forever but couldn't find you. Our love wasn't strong enough to bring you back." the woman said in tears, Sandra kissing her cheek.

"It was with me always, Momma! It was with me always!"

The woman smiled, kissing her child again, her husband smiling at both of them, his eyes red with tears as well.

"Our little Sandy, so grown up! Back in our arms at last!" he said, Sandra smiling as he kissed her forehead.

"I'm sorry, Dad! I'm sorry I snuck off to see the bears that night at the circus! I'm sorry I got lost!" she sobbed, the man's strong arms wrapping around her, her head going to his chest.

"We walk our paths of life, my Sandy. We walk where God sends us."
Sandra's mother kissed her cheek again, smiling at her.

"We never stopped loving you, Cassandra."
The young woman smiled, her head lifting, her eyes looking towards Jolan, the man's head still lowered.

He sat in silence, not moving an iota, Sandra sensing he'd removed himself from this loving moment.

That it was for her alone, for her and her family.

"This is all his doing, isn't it? He's given me back your love. Henry and Shelley told me of your lives of searching, of your passing on from this world. I thought I'd never see you again! I thought I'd never be loved again!"

The two smiled, Hayden Arlington kissing his daughter's wet cheek.

"We never gave up on holding you again in our arms, Cassandra. We never gave up on finding you. God has given us this beautiful moment. It will hold in our hearts until the day we meet again forever in heaven's heart. As your love has always." Vera Arlington said, smiling at her daughter.

"Come, my angel. Let's sit down in front of this roaring warm fire as we once did and talk." her father said, Sandra's face changing into a wide smile as her father guided her to his favorite chair.

The man sat down in it, Sandra sitting down on the carpeted floor in front of the fireplace, as she'd done so many years ago.

Her mother sat down beside her, her arm wrapping around her, her father smiling down at both of them.

Sandra's eyes went again to Jolan's still form, her face filled with happiness.

"Thank you, Jo. Thank you for this moment of unbelievable happiness and love. My heart shines."
Her eyes turned back to her father, her parents talking to her, their love surrounding her.


Everyone sat in silence, the whole group waiting on the patio.

Jolan and Sandra had been gone for about ten minutes.

Britney glanced out into the darkness, Chris' hand squeezing hers.

"Home? What did Hayden mean by that, Jus?" Josh said, Chace seated in his lap, the two on a lounger.

"I don't know, Josh. I'm as much in the dark as you all are." Justin said, his eyes going to Hayden, the boy sitting on the floor with Sean and Jayden, the three playing with trucks.

"Yeah, Jolan's really left us all in the dark!" Chris said smiling, Joey rolling his eyes.

Chris caught his look, blushing softly, Britney kissing his cheek.

"Thanks for the levity, my love."
Chris smiled softly, Justin smiling towards them.

Jessica sat beside Justin, the two sitting on a wicker couch, Justin's arm around her.

He'd sensed her worry, seeing her eyes go often towards the darkened backyard.

"How. . .how could they just disappear like that?" she said, shaking her head in confusion.

Justin smiled, looking out into the backyard.

"My Jo is very special, Jess. He's a man filled with real magic and love. I think we're just beginning to see how truly magical and loving he really is." Justin said, others staring at him, his words sinking into their souls.

"My nephew echoes with love and magic. The Caitre Din Dragoste is a man of infinite magic." Calen said, a smile on his face.

"But to disappear like that? That's so unbelievable!" Lonnie said, Ally sitting beside him.

"It's God's work." Auntie Gee said, Leo smiling at his mother, the woman smiling towards Justin.

"An angel walks among us. I sense he's done something wonderful for that loving woman." she said, Lynn nodding beside her.

"I wonder what they're doing? And where they are?" Jessica said, Justin nodding.

"Knowing Jo, he's done the unbelievable."

Jessica nodded, her eyes looking again towards the darkness.

"I hope she's okay." she said, Justin's arm tightening around her.

The two looked at each other, a truth shared among them.

They both realized now that each had found what they've both been seeking--total love and total happiness.

"She'll be back soon, Jess. As will my loving Jo."
The woman smiled, hearing the truth in Justin's words.

Hayden stood up in front of his friends, smiling up at his Poppa.

"Dey's coming backs, Poppa!"

Everyone stared in surprise at the small boy, then their eyes going towards the darkened backyard.

Hayden smiled, Justin and Jessica standing up.

"I don't see anything, Hay. You must be. . ." Chris said, his words cut off by the returning bright light.

It flashed as brilliantly as it had the first time, everyone closing their eyes.

As fast as it came it was gone again, the darkness returned.

Everyone opened their eyes seeing their returned friends in the backyard.

Sandra stood by herself in the patio's extended light, Jolan standing behind her a bit, his body enveloped in shadowy darkness.

Jessica's eyes were on the woman, her own face covered in wonder.

Never had she seen Sandra look so beautiful.

Her face was practically glowing.

Jessica walked down the steps, Hayden climbing into Justin's arms when he bent down and picked him up.

Jessica was in front of Sandra in a moment, staring into her blue eyes.

"Are you alright, Sandy?"
The woman smiled widely, leaning forward and kissing Jessica on the lips, their hands joining.

"Yes, Jess. I'm more than alright. I'm at peace, and I'm so happy. I have their love back in my heart."
Sandra smiled again, Jess lost in the beauty of her smiling face.

Sandra turned back a little, staring at Jolan.
"Thank you, Jolan. The path is clear now, and filled with so much love."
Jolan smiled, nodding his head.

"Love moves forward. It is as it should be." he said, Justin staring at his lover.

Justin walked down the steps, Jolan's hand going out when he walked up to him, their hands joining.

Justin felt a charge of electricity flow through him, Jolan's eyes softly glowing.

"Sorry we took so long." Sandra said, everyone staring down at her.

"Long? You were only gone for less than fifteen minutes." Chris said, Sandra looking confused, her eyes looking towards Jolan.

"Love slows time, Cassandra. Hearts need healing at their own pace."
She smiled, Jessica's arm going around her.

"What's going on, Sandy? Where were you?" she said, Sandra smiling at her, then looking up at everyone.

She turned back to Jolan, Jolan smiling at her.

"You can all go back to the patio, you too Jus. I have to be alone for a moment."
Justin nodded, Jolan kissing him tenderly on the lips, then kissing Hayden's head, the boy still in Justin's arms.

"Love you, Daddy."
Jolan smiled, releasing Justin's hand, walking out into the darkness, heading towards the gazebo.

"Is everything alright, Justin?" Jessica said, Justin looking at his man walking away from him, enveloped in the darkness.

"I think he needs a moment to collect himself. I believe something like this takes its toll on him."

Sandra stared after him, Justin looking towards her.

"Let's go onto the patio, Sandra. We'd love to hear your story."
Sandra smiled, walking towards the patio, Jessica's arm still around her, everyone waiting for her to enlighten them.


Lynn was crying, Paul's arm around her, her head laying on his chest.

Lisa was in the same state of emotion, Randall's arm around her.

"God's love shines in many ways. Jolan's love is such a beacon of shining light." he said, Justin smiling towards his father.

He saw the deep love and respect shining in his father's own eyes.

Sandra smiled, her arm now around Jessica, her lover crying also.

"That he is, Randall. He gave me the one thing I'd never thought I'd ever have. He gave me back my parents' love."

Henry smiled at her, his arm around Shelly, the woman wiping her eyes.

"Hayden and Vera, together again. You saw them tonight? That's so unimaginable. And you say they were younger, like they were when you were a child?" Shelly said with emotion, Henry rubbing her back.
Sandra nodded, remembering their loving faces.

"Yes, they were as I'd always dreamed of them. My loving parents as I myself had always known them. Standing in that home with them--it was as if I'd never left. The familiarity of their love remains with me. I'm not alone anymore."
Her eyes looked around, everyone seeing the deep happiness in those shining blue orbs.

"I have their love back with me. And I have yours, Jessica. And my little Hay's. I am so blessed now."

Jessica wiped her tearful eyes, leaning forward and kissing Sandra on the lips.

"We love you, Sandy. I love you so much."
Sandra smiled, enveloping Jessica in her arms.
Hayden smiled, sitting in Justin's lap.

Justin smiled, Hayden climbing out of his lap, running up to the patio steps, looking out into the darkness.

"Hi, Daddy!"
Everyone's eyes turned to the boy, Jolan walking out of the darkness in front of them, walking up the steps.

He smiled, his arms opening as he bent down, Hayden smiling at him as his father's arms wrapped around him.

"You should be in bed, little man. Where are your other two amigos and your big brother?"
Sean and Jayden were sitting on a couch with Stevie, Jolan smiling towards them.

All three smiled at him, Jolan's eyes looking around at everyone else.

He saw all their staring eyes, Justin getting up and walking up to him.

"We're all a little awestruck, Jo. What you did tonight. It's so. . ."
Jolan lowered his head, a soft blush on his cheeks, Justin smiling at him as his head raised.

"My magic is gaining strength. It leads me to do what I must. To make everyone happy."
Everyone smiled, hearing the deep love in Jolan's words.

Simus stood up, walking up to the two men.

"Love, happiness and magic flow from the Caitre Din Dragoste. You are indeed the Giver of Love."
Jolan smiled, his uncle kissing his cheek.

"I'm also a tired man. It's been a magical day, Uncle. I think it's time we ended it. Love needs to shine in other areas tonight."
Everyone smiled, everyone getting up and walking up to the two men.

They were enveloped in hugs, the night of festivities ending.


Josh's eyes took in the vision before him.

He was back home, the house shut down and locked up.

His blue eyes were staring at the vision of love laying before him.

Chace lay on their bed, his bronzed body naked before him, save for a black pair of boxer briefs.

The man had a book in his hand, his eyes moving upwards, smiling at Josh standing beside their bed, the man still fully clothed.

"What are you looking at, my love?" he said, their eyes meeting.

"I am looking at life, Chace."
Chace smiled, unsure what Josh meant.

"Meaning what?"

Josh stare at him, Chace watching as Josh began to unbutton his shirt.

The shirt he threw onto a chair by his side, his hands going to his jeans.

"I meant that you are my life, Chace."
Chace smiled, watching his man's body being exposed to him.

Josh stood looking down at him, removing the last piece of clothing, his white briefs.

Chace stared at his lover, Josh's beautiful body on full display for him.

"You are my life as well, Joshua."
Josh smiled, his body moving forward, climbing into the bed, his body moving on top of Chace.

Chace dropped the book as Josh's moist lips found his, the man overcome by the deep love radiating into him.

"Oh, Josh. That was intense." Chace said, feeling the heat from Josh's skin against his.

Josh's blue eyes stared into his, the two lost in the love they felt flowing through them.

"I love you, Chace."
Chace smiled, the smile deeply entrenched in love.

Josh's hands went to Chace's hips, their fingers attaching to Chace's black boxer briefs, pulling them downward.

Chace lifted his ass, and raised his legs, Josh pulling them off completely, returning to his position on top of him, their lips meeting again.

Their eyes opened, their lips separating.

Chace stared into Josh's blue eyes, seeing the glistening tears.

"What's wrong, my love?"
"I love you so much, Chace. Jolan's given me so much!"
Chace smiled, his lips gently kissing Josh's.

"I've been watching you all day, my love. And I've been watching you with Jo."
Josh's eyes widened a bit.

"Chace. . .I. . .I'm not. . ."
Chace moved forward, silencing Josh's worry with his lips.

"I love you, Josh. And I trust Jolan. And most of all I trust you."
Josh teared up, Chace moving, Josh now laying under him, Chace on top of the man he loved completely.

"I've watched you and him, Josh. I see the deepness of his love for you, and your love for him. I see the complete friendship you both have. And the complete love Jolan has for our Justin."
Josh smiled, Chace smiling back.

"I also feel something else. It's like there's a deepness behind the four of us, Josh. Justin talked to me about it today."

"I've felt it, too, Chace. I've felt it in Jo."
Chace nodded, kissing him again.

"Yes, Josh. Justin senses the same thing. It's like Jo's drawing the four of us together into a close relationship."
Josh nodded, looking into his lover's blue eyes.

"I've never been able to talk to someone as openly as I have him."
Chace smiled, nodding.

"He told me that he needs your friendship. He said it was an anchor for him."
"Jo said that?"
Chace nodded, his fingers rubbing Josh's chin.

"I love you, Josh. We all love you. I know in my heart you need Jolan's friendship.  And he needs yours. I trust and love both of you."
Josh teared up, raising his head and kissing Chace deeply.

"I love you, Chace."
Chace smiled, looking into the eyes of his life.

"You were right, Joshua. I am your life. And you are mine. I'm going to show you how much I love you."
Josh teared up, Chace's lips going to his, his hands moving downward.

Josh raised his legs, Chace moving, guiding himself to Josh's center, their lips moving apart, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Joshua. Jolan said that love had to shine in other areas tonight. Here now it shines in our souls."
Josh moaned, Chace's lips going to his left nipple, taking it into his mouth.

Josh gasped, feeling Chace's hardness finding its way to his moist center.

Chace had never topped Josh, Josh the older masculine lover always in total control.

He'd taken Chace as his many times.

Chace tonight was making Josh his.

Their eyes met, Chace staring down at him.

"You are my soulmate, Joshua. Tonight we are one."
Chace moved forward, his largeness sinking into Josh, the man's eyes widening, their lips meeting.

Josh was lost in what he now felt.

He was one with Chace--their love, trust and wholeness now one.

"I love you, Josh. You are mine forever."
Josh cried, the love completely enveloping him.


Jolan smiled, standing at the doorway of Hayden's bedroom, Justin's arms wrapped around him.

Sandra and Jessica stood beside them, their arms around each other as well.

Inside the room, three little playmates and a watchful big brother all lay in deep slumber, their love wrapped around each other.

Hayden and Stevie were in the race car bed, their arms wrapped around each other.

Sean and Jayden were in a sleeping bag on the floor, right beside the bed, both snuggled against each other.

"Your brother's protective love watches over all of them." Sandra said, Justin smiling.

"He was the last asleep, making sure they were all in dreamland." Justin said, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"His loving brother does the same thing for me each night."
Justin smiled, looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

Sandra and Jessica both smiled, Sandra looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"My son is surrounded by youthful love."
Jolan smiled looking at the four sleeping boys.

"They'll be friends for a lifetime. Four souls of kindred spirit."

Everyone smiled, Justin kissing Jolan's cheek.

Sandra smiled at the two men, her eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Jolan. . .I don't know how to. . ."
Jolan's eyes lowered, then looked towards Justin.

"I think we should call it a night as well. I'll check the locks and shut the lights off downstairs, Jus." Jolan said, Justin releasing him, Jolan smiling and walking down the staircase.

Everyone else had left or retired for the evening, hugs and kisses given, the four the last remaining.

The three watched Jolan disappear downstairs, Sandra's eyes looking into Justin's.

"Why won't he let me thank him?" she said, Justin smiling at her.

"Jolan's heart and love is very giving, Sandra. But to praise him or thank him makes that heart tremble. He does all he does as he said, for love and the happiness of his family. You and Jess are now a part of that. He expects no thanks for making you happy."

The two women smiled, tears in their eyes.

"You're so lucky, Jus." Jessica said, Justin smiling at her.

"I know I am. You are, too, Jess. Sandra's face tonight easily shows that."

Sandra smiled, both women leaning forward and kissing Justin's cheeks.

"Goodnight, Jus. Say goodnight to Jo for us." Jessica said.
Justin nodded, the two women walking down the hall.

Justin smiled, shutting the light off in Hayden's room, the night light left on.

He smiled at the four sleeping friends, walking across the hall to his room.


Jolan walked into the room a little while later, Justin sitting on the bed, waiting for him, fully clothed.

"I thought you'd be in bed by now, love." Jolan said, closing their bedroom door, leaving it slightly ajar in case Hayden needed them.

Jolan walked over to the closet, opening its door.

Justin's eyes followed Jolan, his man pulling his shirt off, throwing it in the hamper in the closet.

Justin stared at him, Jolan's eyes not meeting his.

"Would you like to talk about it, Jo?"
Jolan froze, his head lowering.

"Come here, my love."
Jolan sighed, slowly walking over to the bed, sitting down beside Justin.

Justin saw that he was giving him a little space, Justin remaining still.

"What's bothering you, Jo? What had you so upset that you had to walk away from all of us in the backyard? I felt it in your soul. What did you go out into the darkness alone to deal with?"
Jolan looked toward Justin, Justin now seeing the tears in his grey eyes.

"I went out there to deal with my failure, Justin. My failure in regards to Sandra."

Justin looked totally stunned, Jolan collapsing against him, Justin's arms going around his man.

Jolan sobbed, Justin holding him, too shocked by Jolan's words to say anything.

He sensed in his soul that perhaps this was all he could do for Jolan at this moment.

Just hold him and love him.

And so he held him, Jolan softly crying in his arms.

"You didn't fail me, Jolan."
Jolan's tearful head raised, Justin and he staring at Sandra and Jessica in their bedroom doorway.

Both women wore robes, the two staring at Jolan.

"This never was your fault, Jolan. There never was anything you could do for me. But you are a miracle worker, Jo. I saw that clearly tonight."
Jolan stood up, Sandra walking up to him, Jolan beginning to cry again.

"I'm sorry. It's so unfair!" he sobbed, Sandra wrapping her arms around him.

"Oh, Jo. Life is life. Live it and love it. You, most of all, have shown me that. In such a short time I have lived so much, and been loved so much. And tonight you gave me their love again. Oh, how I longed for it! And now it's in my heart again. You knew that that was the one thing I needed to feel whole again. To face the future, the future I now have filled with love."

Jolan nodded, breaking his hold on her, wiping his eyes.

She smiled at him, kissing his cheek.

"I think it's time Justin knew the truth, and what I've asked of you."
Justin stood up, his arm going around Jolan, Jessica walking up to them as well, her arm going around Sandra.

"The truth? The truth about what? What do you mean, Sandra?" Justin said, Jolan looking at Sandra.

Sandra stared at Jolan, his grey eyes still so filled with love.

She turned, looking into Justin's blue eyes of concern.

"I'm dying, Justin. I only have a few months left to live."

Justin stood in stunned silence, Jolan's arm now going around him, gently guiding him down onto the bed, the two sitting down.

"What do you mean? You're sick?" he softly said, his voice trembling in shocked reality.

Jolan sighed, looking at Justin.

"She has an inoperable tumor, Jus. She's had it for a long time. It grew for years, left unchecked and unknown by even her. If she'd only have gotten away from them. . .maybe something could have. . ." Jolan said, his eyes tearing again.

Sandra smiled, sitting down beside Jolan, her arm going around him.

"You yourself know how dwelling upon the past does the heart no good. The past can't be changed. But life can be lived. I thank you for showing me that. The shortness of my remaining life will be lived."

"My father told me tonight that we walk our paths of life. We walk where God sends us. God gives me love, in so many ways."

Jolan nodded, Sandra smiling at Justin.

"I'm sorry, Sandra. If there's anything we can do, anything. . .just name it." She smiling, hearing the giving love in Justin's voice.
Sandra smiled more, Justin softly smiling at her.

"I'll name it, Justin. It's Hayden. He is what you can do for me. Love him, and give him a lifetime of happiness."

Justin looked at Jolan, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"Sandra's asked me to raise Hayden, Justin. I've been given total legal rights to his care and upbringing. He's staying forever with me, and you."
Justin teared up, Jolan's arm tightening around him.

His tearing blue eyes went to Sandra's.

"You're staying here! We'll get you the best medical help! I'll do everything I can for you!"
Sandra smiled, Jolan smiling at Jessica.

"Thank you, Justin. But I've seen the best doctors, and there's nothing that can be done. My remaining days I'd like to spend close to Hayden. Jessica's got a place close to here. I also want to spend that time with her."
Justin nodded, looking at Jessica.

He saw her loving gaze directed at Sandra.

"You're both welcome here always."
Both smiled, Justin's blue eyes looking at Jolan.

"How long have you known this, Jo?"

"I've known since Cutter's Bluff, Jus."
Justin looked totally shocked, Jolan's hand going in his.

"That's why I took Hayden so easily that day after the trial, Jus. I knew that Sandra needed time to seek out the answers to her questions. About life, and love. I felt the final verdict yesterday in her soul. And then she asked me to love Hayden always. And I always will. He's my son, and he'll be loved always."
Sandra smiled, standing up, Jessica's arm going around her.

"You've given me so much happiness, Jo. It's only fitting that I give you just as much back."

Jolan stood up, the two hugging, Justin standing up.

His eyes met Jessica's.

"I love her, Jus. I've accepted that in the end I'll lose her. But I need her love so much. Her love will fill my soul forever."

Justin pulled Jessica into a deep hug, the other two silently watching them.

"I love you, Jess. You've shown your real self today. Her love you deeply deserve."
Jessica smiled, breaking the tearful hug, taking Sandra into her arms.

"As do you deserve your Jolan's."
Justin and Jolan both smiled, both women kissing their cheeks.

"We'll talk more of this in the morning. Tonight, we need only our love."

The two women smiled, walking out of the room.

Justin stared after them, Jolan's arm going around him.

"Let's go to bed, Jus."
Justin nodded, beginning to undress, Jolan extinguishing the lamps.

Jolan removed his pants, climbing into bed.

Within moments Justin was beside him, Jolan wrapping his arms around him, Justin's head going to his chest.

They remained silent for a few minutes, then Jolan felt Justin's body trembling, and then Justin's tears falling on his smooth chest.

Jolan held him close, feeling Justin's emotions.

"Don't leave me, Jo! Please don't ever leave me!" he sobbed, Jolan kissing him deeply.

"My love, I'm not going anywhere. I'm yours for always!"
Justin cried, Jolan knowing in his heart how this news would affect him.

"Jessica will lose her love! I'd die if I ever lost yours."

Jolan hugged him close, Justin sinking into him.

"You have to focus on two things, Jus."
Justin looked up into Jolan's grey loving eyes, his loving voice calming him.

"Two things, Jo?"
"Yes, Jus. First you have to feel the love Sandra feels. She's happy, Jus. She has Jessica's love, and Jessica has hers. You've seen the change in Jessica, Sandra's love was exactly what she needed. Both were lost and in each other they found their love. In a short few weeks Sandra's had so much love. I gave her a greater love tonight, as did her parents. They wait for her, their love forever will be in her heart. For the rest of her life here on earth she'll only know love. And that love begins with Jessica."

Justin was in tears, Jolan's words so filled with love.

Jolan smiled, kissing him again on the lips.

"And the second thing Poppa, is your son's love."
Justin smiled, his eyes going to the door and his son's bedroom.

"I and Hayden love you, Jus. You'll feel our love always."
Justin teared up, kissing Jolan deeply, Jolan feeling all his emotions in that one kiss.

Justin lay down again, his lover's strong arms around him.

"What about Jess, Jo? This will crush her in the end."
Jolan held him close, kissing his forehead.

"No, Jus. Sandra's love will forever remain in her heart. Yes, she'll lose the physical presence, but her love will guide Jessica on her path. Jessica's heart will always be filled with love. Sandra's and others."
Justin's head raised, their eyes staring into their souls.

"I love you, Jo."
Jolan smiled, leaning upwards, kissing Justin deeply.

Jolan settled back, Justin snuggling against him.

"I love you, Jus. Close your eyes and feel my love."
Justin closed his eyes, Jolan holding him in the darkened room.

 Within minutes Justin was asleep, Jolan hearing his soft snore.

Jolan's eyes went to the window, seeing the soft moon shining in the sky.

"Thank you, Era. Thank you for giving me life."



End of Chapter 88


And so Jolan's love works its magic on all his surrounding friends.

Chris now feels it, as does Josh.

What is the budding truth of Jolan's gravitating towards Josh's friendship more?

Even Chace and Justin have picked up on their deepening love for each other.


Our Sandra of love may now be passing into the light.

And Jolan and Justin have now been given Hayden's love forever.

I hope that sadness dwells not long on your hearts, it wasn't my intention.

The future for Sandra will be filled with love, I wanted to show that.

I hope I've succeeded.


Onward we go, more moments of truth ahead.


Hugs, Angel.