Jolan's Path - Chapter 89


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 89


Lance fought the grayness of the dream he was lost in, the morning's light cascading into that grayness.

He trembled between fantasy and reality, his mind sensing a depth of love surrounding him.

He felt a wetness in his center, his green emerald eyes slowly opening in the lighted bedroom.

His eyes moved downward, two eyes of love staring up at him.

Joey stared up at him, Lance's shaft buried down his throat.

"Oh God, Joey! Oh man! What a way to wake up!"

Joey smiled, continuing his deep fellatio, his hand going upward, two fingers latching onto Lance's left nipple.

Lance shuddered, his ass moving upward, all of his shaft sinking deep into Joey's throat.

Joey took the nub in between his fingers, gently squeezing it, Lance bucking under him.

Joey's mouth moved upward, his lips coming off the wet organ in his hand, saliva connecting it with Joey's lips.

Joey licked the head, Lance gasping.

Joey smiled, his body moving, his large muscular frame now on top of Lance, their eyes level with each other.

"Good morning, my knight of love."
Lance smiled, Joey's lips gently kissing his, their hard shafts rubbing against each other.

"Knight of love?" he softly said, Joey smiling as he broke the kiss.

"Yes, Sir Lancelot. My knight of eternal beauty and radiant love."
Lance stared into Joey's beautiful eyes, the man smiling at him.

"Wasn't I enough for you last night, Joseph? I was exhausted when I fell asleep!"

Joey smiled, lowering his lips, lightly licking Lance's left nipple, Lance moaning.

"You fell asleep in my arms of love. Thank you for the passion, my knight."
Lance smiled, staring at his man, taking in Joey's naked self.

"I love you, Joe. Your manliness takes my breath away. I'll always give in to your needs."
Joey stared at Lance, the man moving upwards, pulling Lance up with him.

The two stood together, their naked bodies on full display for each other.

"I never want to hear you say that again, Lance."
Lance looked surprised by the seriousness in Joey's voice.

"Joe. . .I'm. . ."
Joey's lips went to Lance's silencing him, Lance feeling the depth of Joey's love in that kiss.

The two parted, Joey staring at him.

"Do you like it when I make love to you, Lance?" Joey said, Lance staring at him.

"Yes, Joe. I love it. You are so masculine, but yet so tender. You make me tremble with your gentle intensity."
Joey smiled, lightly kissing Lance's lips again, his arms around him now.

"You excite me so much, Lance. Your beauty and your love excites me. I would never use you. I'd never do that. And it's time you realized that. I make love to you to excite you. Not to satisfy my needs. I only want to satisfy yours. I want to make you happy by touching you, by making love to you. Please let me do that! I promise I'll never use you, I'll only ever love you!" Joey said, his eyes filling with tears.

Lance pulled Joey against him, the smaller built man holding him tightly.

"You do satisfy me, Joe. Oh God, your tenderness and manliness satisfies me as no other ever has. I love when you make love to me. It sends me to the center of our love."
Joey moved, their eyes meeting.

"I just wanted you to know that I love you, Lance. I don't want you to degrade yourself with words like that. You and I are here for each other, in soul and body. There is no giving in to each other. There is no master or servant. Our love is equal."

Lance smiled, the two kissing deeply.

They parted, Lance's green eyes wet now as well.

"I've never met anyone who's so in tune with me, Joe. You touch me so intimately. With your hands, your lips and your body. I love when you make love to me. And I'll never feel submissive. Your love is too beautiful to ever want to control me."
Joey smiled, a soft frown crossing his face.

"And myself, Lance? Do you like to make love to me? I know I'm not a buffed Adonis like Chace or Jolan."

Lance stared into Joey's eyes, then his eyes scanned his lover's naked form before him.

Joey saw a slight shudder go through Lance's body.

"I love every inch of your masculine, hairy, muscular body, Joseph. I feel like I'm wrapped in a warmth of love when you hold me in your arms. And when I touch you, when I lick and burrow myself into your hairiness it sends a shudder of life through me. I need and love all of you, Joe. You burn my heart with love and desire. I'll never need another."
Joey's eyes were filled with tears, his arms pulling his man against him.

"I tasted your heat moments ago, my knight. I need your lance of love inside me."
Lance laughed, Joey smiling.

"This knight would fight dragons to bask in the arms of his teddy bear."
Joey smiled an intoxicating smile, their eyes meeting.

Joey moved, sinking backwards onto the bed, Lance's green eyes taking in every muscular hairy inch of him.

Joey pulled Lance down with him, his lover's smooth body on top of him.

"Sink your love inside me, Lance. I need your love so much."

Lance moved, Joey's legs moving, the two centering each other.

"I love you, Joe. For this lifetime and the next."

Lance moved forward, Joey gasping, their lips meeting.


Justin's eyes opened, a small hand tapping his nose.

He stared into three sets of mischievous eyes.

"Morning, Poppa! You sweeps too wongs!" Hayden said, Sean and Jayden laughing on both sides of him.

Hayden sat on Justin's chest, his two friends on both sides of Justin's torso.

"Wakes up, Uncle Justin! We wants to plays!" Sean said, Justin smiling at all three.

"Help me!! I'm being attacked by kissing bandits!"
Hayden laughed, kissing Justin's nose.

Sean and Jayden moved, both kissing Justin's cheeks.

Justin moved, upsetting all three onto the bed, his fingers lightly tickling them all.

All three were screaming with laughter, Justin feeling another set of hands on his back.

He laughed, feeling them trying to tickle his armpits.

"That's got to be Stevie! My bro always goes for the pits!"
Stevie's laugh filled the room, Justin's arm flipping him over him, the boy landing in the middle of the younger ones.

"Four little monsters! I'm going to eat you all!!"

The four screamed, Justin laughing as they all tried to escape his loving, tickling hands.

Jolan walked into the room, Britney beside him, the two smiling at the group on the bed.

"Looks like our boys are at it early?" she said, Justin's head turning towards them, a large smile on his face.

"Yep, the angels are floating on a cloud of dawning happiness."
Justin smiled, Hayden climbing into his lap.

"Breakfwast is weady, Poppa! Me's hungy!"

Justin smiled, his eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Morning, my love. You let me sleep in?"
Jolan smiled, Justin seeing him fully clothed.

He also knew his man probably had breakfast well in hand.

"All my boys needed extra sleep after all their roughhousing yesterday."
All five on the bed smiled, Stevie wrapping his arm around his brother's neck.

"We had fun, right Jus?"

Justin smiled at his brother, kissing his cheek.

"Right on, Stevie! We boys play well together."
Sean and Jayden grinned, Britney smiling at their obvious adoring gaze at Justin.

Her sons had found a wonderful group of playmates.

"Alright you bunch. Breakfast is ready. Let's let Justin get up and ready."
Justin smiled, beginning to rise up, Jolan's hand motioning for him to remain seated.

"You're going commando, my soldier. No sense in getting Britney all worked up."
Justin laughed, Britney smirking.

"Been there, seen that!"

Jolan exploded with laughter, Justin beaming widely.

He loved hearing his man's rich happy laughter fill the room.

Sean and Jayden climbed off the bed, Hayden right after them, Stevie getting up as well.

"Me wants sausages, Mommy!" Sean said, Britney smiling at him.

"Unky Jo's made lots for you, sugar!" she said, smiling at Jolan.

"Let's go downstairs." she said, Jolan nodding.

"I'll take Hayden, Jus and Jo." Stevie said, both men smiling at him.

"Thanks, bro!"

The little boy grinned, Stevie smiling at him as he took his hand.

The group walked out of the room, Jolan closing the door behind them, leaning against it, staring at his lover.

"So, do I get a floorshow?"
Justin smiled, his lithe body rising out of the bed, his nakedness on full view for his man.

"The light lengthens the beauty of your magnificence, my Jumpy."
"You do that pretty well yourself, Wolfy."

Jolan smiled, his eyes going to the shaft rising from Justin's center.
"Then come to me, Tiger."

Justin smiled, walking up to his man, Jolan's arms surrounding him, the two united in a deep loving kiss.

"Mm, the same kiss I felt in my dreams." Justin sighed when they broke the kiss.

"Me too. Josh is so demanding."
Justin laughed, lightly slapping Jolan's clothed butt.

"Have I competition for your love now, Wolfy? I think I can take him."
Jolan smiled, their lips meeting again.

"My heart and soul are yours alone forever, Jumpy."
Justin teared up, Jolan brushing his cheek.

"So what's going on then, my giver of love?"
Jolan stared at Justin, Justin smiling.

"Chace and I both have sensed a deep connection between you and Josh, Jo. We talked of it yesterday."

Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back as Jolan led him over to the bed, the two sitting down.

Jolan's arm went around Justin, Justin feeling his surrounding love.

"I'm not sure I can correctly explain it, Jus. When I talk to Josh, when we are around each other, it's like he was always destined to be there at my side. I think he's my Familiar."

Justin looked confused.
"Your Familiar?"
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Every wizard, magician and sage throughout time has had a person of destiny beside them. a servant of worth, or sometimes necessity."

Justin stared at him, a smile coming to his face.

"You mean like a witch has a black cat? I've heard those called Familiars before."

Jolan smiled, his eyes going to the Tome of Alveena sitting on the nightstand.

"In all the hustle and drama I never thanked you for opening my mind, Jus."
Justin stared in surprise at Jolan.

"What do you mean, my love?"

Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek again.

"Do you remember that first night we went to Bill Carson's home, and we went upstairs and met Sid?"
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"You were the instrument that unlocked all the mystery, Jus. One sentence you said ignited the truth in my mind."

"What sentence was that, Jo?"

Jolan smiled, taking Justin's hand in his.

"After I'd looked into Sid's eyes, you asked me if I'd sensed anything. If anything seemed familiar."
Justin nodded, remembering that night, his own words now clicking in his mind.

"That one word, Jus. That one word familiar clicked in my mind. For the night before I'd read the same word in the Tome."

Jolan moved over, lifting the book off the nightstand, looking at Justin.

"A Familiar in most moments of magic is a slave to the wizard or witch. As Jingles was to Clara Whitaker. He was her Familiar. Her tool for bringing evil against so many lost souls. An unwilling Familiar of lost worth."
Justin nodded, sensing what Jolan was telling him.

"So my saying that word unlocked the truth?"
Jolan smiled, kissing him again.

"Yes, Jus. You made me realize who was guarding Sid. I'd sensed him outside Sid's window, and I'd seen his bulking shape moving away from the house. I knew Clara Whitaker's old bear was guarding Sid. That meant that Jingles was Clara's Familiar. Which, in turn, meant that Clara was the evil enchantress who was sapping the life out of that town. That word of familiarity helped me connect the chain of truth to revealing the monster. Thank you for giving me the key to unlock the door of Cutter's Bluff's truth, Justin."
Justin smiled, and softly blushed, Jolan smiling at him.

"It was just a sentence I spoke, Jo. It wasn't really anything."
Jolan smiled, hearing Justin's reluctance at being singled out for such glory.

"I do believe my heroic reluctance is rubbing off on you."
Justin chuckled, Jolan kissing him on the lips this time, Justin feeling Jolan's love.

"You spoke those words to me in concern and love, wanting to know how I was feeling. Your love opened the door of truth."
Justin smiled, Jolan looking down at the book in his hand.

"So, are you saying that you want Josh to be your Familiar? But isn't a Familiar evil?"

"I'll read you the passage I'd read that night before, which helped me walk forward with your word of truth."
Justin nodded, Jolan opening the book.

He perused the pages, finding what he sought.

"Queen Alveena wrote this about two weeks before the final battle."
Justin nodded, his head going to Jolan's shoulder, his man's arm around him, his blue eyes focusing on the blank book Jolan held.


"My teacher was indeed a genius. He used me and I didn't even know it. The Oracle was a blessed man of virtue and scheming intellect. Too long we dwell on the words of spoken truth, instead of focusing on the dual meaning behind them.

A lessen he taught me long ago bore the fruit of that truth.

When I first entered his realm of magic--when I became his apprentice--he used me for a lot of menial tasks.

Small instances of dull mediocre work and tedious boredom.

I always asked him why a wizard's apprentice should labor over such menial work.

His words at that time bore me no wisdom.

"You must seek to be familiar with all the aspects of magic. Tasks of miniscule meaning take on great meaning in other situations."

I thought the words archaic, and of old nonsense.

Three years later, at the end of my apprenticeship, on the day of my graduation into the Brethren of Magic, my teacher took me aside and offered me a cup of mulled cider, the two of us seated in his small study.

"Do you remember the words I once spoke of so long ago?"
"You spoke many words of wisdom and benevolent greatness, dear sir."
The old man smiled, patting my shoulder.

"You're a Daughter of Magic now, Alveena. The time for buttering up the old codger is long gone."
I smiled, feeling the deep love and friendship the old man had for me.

"Do you now find something familiar in those forgotten words?"
I stared at the old man, my mind walking back into the past, that one sentence he'd spoken so long ago now at the front of my mind.

"You. . .you didn't!"

The old man laughed loudly, I staring into his mirthful gaze.

"It is the first rule of magic. . .always listen to every word spoken. One word can be life-altering."
"You used me?"
He laughed, kissing my cheek.

"As the word Familiar denotes, you were my minion of slavery."

My eyes widened, hearing the mirth in his voice.

"I gave you those tasks to show you the binding truth of words. Familiar is the slave of magic, but it can also be the object of wisdom."
"Witches use Familiars to do their bidding. You showed me up as a slave to your bidding. I didn't even know I was being used."
The old man smiled, kissing her cheek again.

"And what have you learned, dear Alveena, from this?"

I stared into the old magician's deep piercing blue eyes.

"That every word can stand out unto itself. You only need to find the igniting reasoning behind its meaning."
The old man smiled, laughing.

"So true, young one. So true."
I watched as the old man picked up a book that I'd seen often laying on the table at his reading chair.

"This is my diary, young apprentice of love. In years to come you may seek it out to further the truth of righteousness and seek its wisdom."
He opened the book, finding the page he sought, looking up at her.

"These words you must remember, their truth one day the given one shall need."

I looked at the written words, sensing immediately what they meant.


Jolan looked up at Justin, seeing the enthralled look of wonder on his face.

"What were the words, Jo? The last sentence obviously means the words were for you. 'Their truth one day the given one shall need.' You are the Giver of Love. It's a given that you're the given one."
Jolan laughed, smiling at Justin's astute reasoning.

"Correct, Jus. I am the given one."

Jolan smiled, looking through the book again, stopping at one page.




"For you the Catre Din Dragoste, I leave these words long written by my muse and my dear loving Oracle. Find the meaning in them as you see before you. Truth shines in his words, and friendship shines at thy side.

I speak now those words:


To be familiar is not to be a servant. To be familiar is not to be a victim. To be familiar is to stand at one's side as the friend of equality and giving love thou doest need. Listen to his words, and feel his friendship. Mark him as more than just your joined soul's confidant. Mark him as the dearest of thy love."




Jolan raised his head, Justin seeing so much love in his lover's beautiful face.

"Josh is to be the Familiar of my soul. Look at the words, Jus. 'Mark him as more than just your joined soul's confidant'. That means he's more than just my Justin's best friend. He shall be my dearest, familiar, loved friend."
Justin smiled, marveling at the written words from the past, and the destiny entrenched within them.

"It's fate and destiny, Jo. My loving Josh was meant to be your dearest confidant and friend."
Jolan smiled, looking at his lover's still revealed nakedness.

"And you shall be the love of my life."
Justin smiled, Jolan standing up.

"You need to shower, my love. Josh doesn't need to know of this just yet. Our friendship remains the most important part of all of that."
Justin nodded, smiling as his lover walked out of the room.

Justin's eyes went to the book Jolan had returned to the nightstand, his thoughts overtaking him.

What does all this mean?
Is Josh now joined with Jolan for a more important reason?
Why can't my Jo just be safe?
Why does he have to walk this path of destiny?

Justin wiped his tear-filled eyes, standing up and walking naked into the bathroom.

He didn't see the silent form standing in the corner, the vision's eyes on him.

Erasmus wiped his own tearful eyes, his form fading silently away.


Justin walked into the kitchen fifteen minutes later, seeing a full house filling his kitchen.

"About time, Jus. Joey's about to rip the table apart." Jolan said, smiling at his friend.

Joey smirked, his eyes on the plate of bacon Shelly had just set down on the table.

Lance was at his side, Josh and Chace seated across from them.

"Dig in everyone, it's going to be a rushed day." Shelly said, Lynn placing a steaming bowl of scrambled eggs in the table's center.

Everyone was departing for their homes that afternoon, the extended weekend of happiness now concluding.

It was Monday morning and flights were arranged.

"You're all more than welcome to stay longer." Justin said, smiling at his Jo.
"My sentiments mirrored, my love." Jolan said, everyone smiling at him.

"As beautiful as your loving home is, we do have lives to get back to, Jo." Lisa said, Jolan smiling at her.

"Understood, Mama Lisa."
Lisa's eyebrow raised, Jolan laughing.

"Too outdated?"

Lisa laughed, Randall smiling at the two.

"Yep. I'm too young be called a Mama." she said smiling, Randall looking between the two.
"How about a Hot Mama?" Randall interjected, Lisa blushing.

"Oh cool, Dad! Good one!" Justin said, high-fiving his father.

Lisa smiled, Jolan smiling at her.

"Mom's good, Jolan."
"Alright, Mom." he said, Lynn smiling at Lisa, Jolan smiling at both.

"Wow! Two new Moms! How'd Jennie and I ever get so lucky?"
"By snuggling up to me, sweetie." Justin said, Jennie laughing.

Justin smiled at her, Jennie handing him a plate of sausages.

"I like snuggling with you, Justin." she said, Jolan smiling.

Sandra and Jessica  walked into the room, Hayden smiling up at his mother.

"Morning, everyone." they said together, their arms linked.

"Me gots hashies, Mommy!" Hayden said, the boy seated in Randall's lap.

"That's so wonderful, my little man!" Sandra said, leaning down and kissing his cheek.

She smiled, Justin's eyes meeting hers.

Jolan caught the compassionate look on Justin's face, gently squeezing his hand.

Lynn caught the look as well, her eyes going between the two.

Others as well had caught the sudden sense of quietness that fell upon the room.

"So, everyone's leaving the nest, Justin?" Sandra said, sitting down beside Trace and Cindy, Jessica sitting as well.

"Yep, our weekend is over." he said quietly, Sandra smiling at him.

"A weekend of beauty and dawning happiness." she said, Jolan smiling at her.

"A weekend of love and happiness."
She smiled back at him, her eyes going to her smiling son, Hayden's fingers full of scrambled eggs, Randall wiping his mouth.

"My son's happiness was beyond my wildest dreams." she softly said, Jolan patting her arm.

"The beginnings of a lifetime of happiness." he said, Sandra smiling.

Everyone quietly ate their breakfasts, silent looks exchanged.


After the kids had their fill, Stevie and Jonathan quietly guided them out into the backyard, Jonathan sensing that something of adult delicacy was about to unfold.

Hayden and Sean ran ahead of them, heading to Hayden's new Jeep.

Once the kids were outside, Lynn smiled at Jolan, walking around the table, filling everyone's coffee mugs.

"Another sunny day of life." Lynn said, looking out into the backyard.

Sandra's eyes went around the table, Jolan quietly watching everyone, sensing their silent thoughts.

"I hate to see confusion and silent worry in my family's heart. I think it's time truth and reality were shown." he said, Justin's eyes meeting his.

Jolan's eyes scanned around at everyone's silent concerned faces.

"I sense all of your worry in regards to what this day means to my son. And what it means to Sandra."
Everyone's eyes looked towards her, and then at Jolan, Joey's courage coming to the foreground.

"Are you taking Hayden away from Jolan and Justin today, Sandra?" he said looking directly at her, his words on everyone's minds.
Sandra stared at Joey, seeing his protective love shining in his mesmerizing concerned eyes.

"No, Joey. Hayden's not going anywhere. He's right where he belongs."
Jolan quietly stared at Sandra, his hand going in hers.

A sense of worried concern evaporated from around everyone, Sandra's words shaking off the worry in their hearts.

"That's great to hear, Sandra. Hayden's so happy here." Britney said, Sandra smiling at her.

"Yes, Britney. I see my son's joy and happiness in his parents' loving eyes."
Justin smiled at her, a tear falling down his cheek, Lynn seeing it.

"Is something wrong, Sandra?" she said, her eyes looking at Sandra.

Sandra stared at her, sensing no agenda in Lynn's motherly gaze.

Only open giving love.

She felt a soft kiss on her right cheek, turning her head and staring into Jennie's blue loving eyes, the young woman having gotten up and walked over to her.

"To open one's heart to family is to feel their love." she said, Jolan smiling at his sister.

Sandra looked around the room, her gaze settling on Jolan's grey eyes of love.

"Hayden's my son. I love him with all of my heart. As do Justin and Jolan. My son has so much love surrounding him now. The love of parents, new grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends of childhood joy. I've never seen him so happy. It gives my heart great comfort to know that he'll be loved always. The pain of my leaving him lessens now that I know he'll always be loved."
Jessica's arm went around her, Jessica smiling at Jolan.

"I love you, Sandra. It's time they all knew."
Everyone stared at the two women, Sandra looking around at everyone, seeing their loving gazes.

"A family you now have, Sandra. We all love both of you." Justin said, the woman smiling at him.
Sandra teared up, Jessica kissing her cheek.

"My heart is filled with love and hope. Most of that given to me by you, Jolan. I can now tell all of you my truth. Jolan saved me from hurt and pain, but he can't save me from life's hardships. I'm dying. The life is ebbing out of me due to a severe illness. I am dying of body but not of soul. My soul is filled with love. With so much love. Unfortunately life can't go on for me. But love can."

Everyone surrounding her wore faces of deep emotion, tears falling from many eyes.

"That's. . .that's so unfair!" Chris said, his eyes filled with tears, Britney stroking his back.

"I know you all think that it's so unfair that now that I am free my freedom will be short-lived. I don't look at it that way now, Chris. Jolan last night gave my soul a great gift. He gave me back my parents' love. I have that in my heart, as well as all the love I now see surrounding me. And most of all my Jessica's love."
Jessica smiled a tearful smile, Sandra kissing her cheek.

"Life is meant to be lived with love. I have love now. I look forward now to each day, each day of love. I'll live them all as if they're my last, and one day soon that shall be so. I'm not looking towards that day, I'm looking at this day. This day is mine. This surrounding love is mine. And my Hayden's love is right here with me. And he's right where he belongs. Here with Jolan's and Justin's love. And mine. Our love is here for him."

Everyone smiled, Lynn walking around the table and wrapping her arm around her.

"We all do love you, Sandra. We're all here for you, and we'll all be here for Hay."
She smiled, Lynn kissing her cheek.

"I know, Lynn. I feel all of your love for him. And yes, even for me. That brings such happiness to my heart. And the happiness that Jolan and Justin want to give me. The happiness of the closeness of my son's love. I'm going to stay close by with Jessica. My son will be near me, his love shall be here each day for me. I can face it all now. I now have love. And my parents I shall soon see again, their love for me forever. Thank you all for showing me so much love. I feel so alive."
Everyone smiled, rising from their seats, Lynn pulling the young woman up, Sandra surrounded by everyone.

Jolan stood, his arm going around Justin, feeling his lover's emotions.

"She really is happy, Jo."
"Yes, Jus. She now has love for her remaining days."
Justin nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

"Forward to life, my love."
Justin smiled, looking around the room, seeing so much love.

He smiled, his eyes on Josh.


The house became a bustle of motion, people readying themselves for separate departures.

Over the midday hours, Justin's family and Jolan's parted ways with the family of love.

Jolan and Justin stood with smiling faces seeing the parting of Jonathan and Jennica.

The two youngsters stood embraced together, a kiss uniting their blossoming love, the two surrounded by family.

They parted, both in tears, Jonathan trying to be strong for his Jennie.

"Talk to you tonight on cam, Jen."
"Goodbye, my Jon."
Jolan smiled at the two, Jennie being wrapped in Justin's arms.

Jolan hugged Jonathan goodbye, kissing his cheek.

"Welcome to the Dragos family, Jon. Your love increases ours."
The young man smiled, his eyes meeting Jennie's.

Jolan hugged Randall, Lisa and Stevie goodbye.

Justin followed suit, hugging his parents and two brothers.

"Thanks for looking after Hay, Stevie. He's got a great uncle!" Justin said, Stevie beaming up at his brother.

"He's got a great dad too, bro!"
Justin smiled, kissing his brother's cheek, his family parting from him.

He stood in the doorway, Jennie in his arms, his Jolan carrying Hayden beside him.

"We'll see them soon, love. Christmas isn't that far away."
Justin smiled, Hayden smiling at him.

"Yes, and you'll celebrate it in my family's heart."
Jolan smiled, turning around, Simus, Cory and Calen standing behind them.

Domo and Daphne stood behind them, Jolan smiling at all of them.

"Yes, Uncle Simus. In the heart of Bloodstone Manor. I look forward to seeing my family's loving home."

Both Dragosans smiled, Cory putting his arm around Jolan.

"Our flight's in a hour and a half. We need to be going." he said kissing Hayden's cheek, the boy still in Jolan's arms.
"Where are you headed?" Justin said, Calen smiling at him.

"To New York first. We have some meetings with Domo's kin. And Cory and Simus are returning to Cutter's Bluff."
Jolan nodded, his friend smiling at him.

"Say hi to Bill and Sid for me. And please invite them for the holidays as well."
Simus smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Jolan. Friends of your past love, and present are most welcome."

Jolan smiled, their grey eyes looking deeply into each other.

"Keep in touch, my uncles. You, too, my dear friend."
Cory smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek, the three men hugging Justin and Jennie goodbye, Hayden kissed by all.

Domo and Daphne hugged Jolan, Jolan smiling at his grandfather and sister.

"You take care, my grandson. I see all the love and happiness you need in these two before you."

Jolan smiled, Justin hugging Domo.

"Please come back soon. And we'll see you in December." he said, Daphne hugging him.

Jolan smiled, Daphne hugging him last.

"And where's your better half?"
Daphne smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"She driving us all to the airport. She's staying here in L.A."
Jolan nodded, smiling at her.

"Absence does make the heart grow fonder."
"Yeah, but loneliness is a killer!"
Jolan laughed, kissing her cheek.

"I'll fix it so Justin sends her often to New York for business. I have to take care of my sister's heart!"
Daphne smiled, her eyes tearing.

"Until the next moment of your giving love, brother."
Jolan hugged her deeply, Justin smiling at the tender moment.

The three watched them leave, Rachel waving from the car, Lynn and Paul walking up behind them.

"We must be going as well, my angels."
Jennie smiled, Lynn's arm wrapping around her.

"You be good, Jennie. I'm only a phone call away." she said, Justin smiling at seeing the tears in his mother's eyes.

"I will, Mom." Jennie said, kissing her cheek.

Lynn teared up, Paul's arm going around her.

"We'll call you from Orlando when we get home. And come down and see us soon, Justin. The old house is lost without you."
Justin smiled, hugging his mother and stepfather.
"Yes, that would be awesome. I'd love to see where Justin's youthful love began." Jolan said, Lynn hugging him, Paul patting his back.

"Until our next meeting of your giving love, Jo." she said, Jolan smiling at the words already spoken by Daphne.

"Until then, Mom."
Lynn smiled, kissing Hayden's cheek.

"And you keep this angel happy! You hear me boys?" she said, Hayden giggling.

"Yes, Mom!" they both said, Paul laughing.

"Bye, Gamma and Gampa!" Hayden said, both adults kissing his cheeks.

"Bye, Hay."

They left, waving hands seeing them off.


Jolan put Hayden down, Justin chasing him towards the kitchen, the little boy laughing loudly.

They all walked into the room, smiling at their remaining friends.

Josh and Chace were snuggled together at the end of the table, Chace tenderly kissing him.

Lance and Joey were playing cards with Chris and Britney, the four smiling up at them.

Hayden ran over to his two friends, the three immersing themselves into their toys laid out across the floor.

Justin smiled at the three, Josh looking up at him.

"Everyone left?"

"Yep, they're all on their way." Jennie said, Chace smiling up at her from the couch.

"So your back to yourselves again." Lance said, smiling at Jolan.

"Yep, back to just us four." he said, Jennie smiling at him.

"I'm going upstairs, Jolan. I'll come down and help you with dinner later."
"Sure thing, Sis." he smiled, the young woman walking out of the room.

Britney looked after her, her eyes meeting Jolan's.

"Young love gets so emotional at partings. I'm going to go and chat with her." she said, Jolan nodding.

"Might as well, love. The game's a bust." Chris said, throwing down his cards.

Britney kissed his cheek, Chris smiling at her as she got up out of her seat.

"Pay off our debts, my Snookums."
Chris sighed, Joey and Lance smiling widely.

Britney smiled, walking out of the room.

Chris handed Lance a few bills, Joey kissing his man's cheek.

"We've won enough for an ice cream on the way home, love." he said, Lance smiling at him.

"In this hot weather it would melt too fast, my angel."
Joey grinned, licking Lance's chin.

"That will be perfect." Jolan laughed, sitting down at the table with Josh and Chace, Justin joining them, his eyes on the three boys playing on the floor.

"Where are Jessica and Sandra?" Justin asked, Josh looking at him.

"They're out at the pool swimming, I believe." he said, his blue eyes looking at Jolan.

Jolan smiled, seeing Josh's feelings in those blue pools.

"It's so sad, Jo. She doesn't deserve this ending. She gained her freedom to walk into this?"
Jolan's hand went out, rubbing Josh's shoulder.

"Life is God's will, Joshua. We don't ask the fairness of it, we only accept the love surrounding it."

Josh nodded, Jolan smiling at him.

Joey and Lance were looking towards Josh and Jolan, Jolan's grey eyes looking towards them as well.

"That's a moving point of view,  Jo." Lance said, Jolan nodding.

"Sandra has love now, it was denied her for so long. She'll just take more in at a faster rate. She'll have all of it." he said, Justin's hand going in his.

"And you'll have Hayden's love." Joey softly said, his eyes going to the small boy, the child oblivious to the conversation above him.

Jolan's eyes looked down at his son, Justin's looking as well.

"A greater gift I shall never be given. The love of my Hay and my Jus."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

Jolan smiled, looking around at everyone.

"So, everyone staying for dinner? How about a barbecue?"

"Sure thing, Jo." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"I've got to take my Rover into the garage this afternoon for a service check, but we can swing by after that. That way Lance can give me a ride from there. We can pick up steaks on the way." Joey said, Lance snuggling against him.

"Great plan, Joe. That'll give you time to lick off all the ice cream." Justin smirked, Josh patting his shoulder.

"Jus, that's not the cream Joe now loves."
Everyone burst out in laugher, Joey blushing deeply.

Lance smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Don't I know it." he said, Joey staring into his loving green eyes, his embarrassment now forgotten.

"I'm going to have to get used to all this gay boy flirting."
Jolan laughed, Joey smiling at him.

"It's a fraternity of love, Joe."
Joey smiled, pulling Lance up with him as he rose.

"Come on, Lancy. Let's get going."
Everyone smiled, watching the two walk out of the room.

"Seems to be a lot of showing love around here today." Chace said, Jolan smiling at him.

"Last night love flowed in other areas. Life is as it should be."
He smiled, walking over to the counter, everyone smiling after him.


Nathan Livingstone sat back on the couch, his eyes closed.

His mind was taken over with the loud screams he heard coming from Brandon's bedroom.

The noise had been going on for over an hour, Nathan trying to block it out.

He opened his eyes again, looking towards the open door of that bedroom.

The man had left it open on purpose, his bravado showing from the moment he'd walked into the house.

Where Brandon had found this bastard Nathan could only imagine.

But the man was a master at what he did, and for that Nathan would put up with the noise.

He sat quietly waiting for the first part of the deal to near completion.

He softly smirked to himself, realizing he had received a plus on top of the agreed deal.

Brandon's sobbing and obvious painful torture in the next room was an added bonus.

Nathan smiled, looking at his watch.

After a few minutes the room ushered a quietness that was beginning to unnerve Nathan.

Were they alright?
Nathan was almost ready to rise up when he heard the man heading towards the door.

Nathan stared at the man walking out of the room.

He was massive in his bulk and height.

Over six foot five in height and a sculpted mass of hairy muscle.

The man grinned at Nathan, walking over to his clothes which lay strewn across a chair.

"That boy's a feast, he is. Man, can he take it. And he was so tight!"

Nathan stared at the man's still inflated center, the man grinning back at him.

"I opened your bitch up real good, boss."

Nathan continued to stare at him, the man staring back.

"Maybe you'd like to take a ride as well, boss? No extra charge."
Nathan rose from his seat, still staring at the man's nakedness.

"No thanks. You've gotten your bonus, now I want the job done."
The man smiled, pulling on his work overalls, his massive frame disappearing under them.

"A deal's a deal. I'll do it and I'll accept the agreed price."

"Good. The money will be given when the deed's done."
The man nodded, pulling out a pack of cigarettes, lighting up one.

"You're sure this is the way you want it? I can't guarantee the result. It could go at any moment. It's not on a set timetable."
"That's fine. I want it to look accidental. No witnesses."

The man nodded, pulling the cigarette into his mouth again, taking a big drag.

"I'll let you know when he comes in, and when it's done."

Nathan nodded, the man looking back into Brandon's room.

"Later, bitch! You man will be more gentle." he laughed, walking to the door.

"Make sure it's done right, Swanson. I don't like shoddy workmanship."

The man stopped, staring at Nathan.

"You snapping at me, boy? I could bust you like a twig." he smirked, Nathan moving with a shocking speed, totally surprising the larger man.

His hand latched onto the man's bull neck throat, the man pushed against the door.

"Don't fuck up, Swanson! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."
The man stared in shock, seeing Nathan's eyes glowing a soft yellow.

He also felt the strength of the arm attached to his throat.

"Yeah. . .yeah, sure, boss. I'll do it right." he said, trembling a bit.

Nathan released the man, the man rushing through the door, Nathan's eyes staring after him, seeing him climbing into his truck.

Nathan stared at the lettering on the truck's door.

He smiled, his thoughts on someone.

"Soon, Lance. Soon you'll be free."

Nathan walked across the room after closing the door, looking into Brandon's room, leaning against the doorframe.

Brandon lay on the floor mattress, his body pulled up into a fetal position.

"Have fun, Brandy? Did you enjoy his delicious roughness? Was he all you remembered?"
Brandon's eyes raised, Nathan seeing one was blackening up badly.

"Please. . .please leave me alone."

Nathan smiled, his hands pulling his golf shirt over his head, tossing the shirt onto the dresser.

"But, Brandy. He was all you ever wanted. A man to use you, to take you again and again."

"Please. . .he hurt me. . .it was so. . ."

Nathan smiled, his hands going to his belt.

"You were a bargaining chip, Brandy. You sweetened the deal. It's surprising what you can sell to reach your goal."
Brandon raised his head, staring at Nathan.

"What's he going to do? What do you need him for?"
Nathan smiled, pulling his pants off.

"I need him to dispose of something. To rid me of an unwanted pest." Nathan said, smiling at Brandon.

Brandon's eyes widened, seeing the leering madness entrenched in Nathan's softly glowing yellow eyes.

His eyes began to tear seeing the transformation of the man before him into the wild beast.

Brandon knew there would be no rest for him, he saw the largeness of the beast's center.

"Soon, I'll have him. And then you'll be free from the pain, Brandy. But until then, give over to the truth of its exquisite beauty."
Brandon moved, the beast lunging at him.

Brandon's screams were muffled by a thick tongue sinking deep down his throat.


Justin smiled, looking out the bedroom window down to the pool below.

He'd come upstairs to change into shorts and a t-shirt so he could do the barbecuing for his Jo.

He looked downward, his man and his son swimming below him in the clear blue water, Britney and her boys with them.

Justin smiled, seeing before him the truth of the happiness now filling his heart.

Below him he now had a family.

A family that loved him completely.

He smiled, pulling on the t-shirt he held in his hand, his muscular torso disappearing under its blackness.

He turned away from the window, walking around the bed, smiling at the beauty of its freshly changed linen.

Jolan was a constant dynamo, their home seemingly spotless.

Justin smiled, realizing his Jo thought now of this as his home.

His home with him.

Justin smiled, his eyes going to the nightstand, seeing the Tome of Alveena laying there.

He walked up to the stand, picking up the book, sitting down on the bed behind him, staring at the book in his hand.

The book of prophecy and Jolan's guidebook to the path.

He sighed, opening the book before him, staring at the blank pages that stared back.

"A book devoid of love. Where's the love?" he softly said, staring at the book.

"It's in his heart, Justin."

Justin's eyes raised, a man standing in front of him.

Justin backed up on reflex, tumbling across the bed, on his feet in moments.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" he said, his voice filled with concern and fear.

"Relax, my friend. My name is Erasmus."

Justin's eyes widened, staring at the man before him.

He was dressed in a totally white suit, a white panama hat in his hands..

His face showed an aged look of beauty, but also a youthful look of happiness.

His head was covered with a thick well-groomed head of curly black hair.

"You. . .you're Jo's Era?"

The man smiled, that expression making his face transcend beauty.

"Yes, I'm Jo's Era." he said, a wide smile now on his face.

"What. . .what are you doing here?" Justin said, his eyes going to the window.

"I'm here to meet you, Justin. I wanted a moment of quiet acquaintance with you. For you are the greatest part of all of this."
"Me. . .a part of what?"
The man smiled, his hand beckoning Justin to sit down on the bed again.

Justin moved, watching the man as he sat slowly down.

The man smiled, his clear grey eyes staring at the young man before him.

"You are indeed a part of the path, Justin. Jolan is the walker on the path. And you are the road upon which he stands."

Justin looked confused, the man smiling and sitting down beside him.

Justin felt a presence of immense kindness and love radiating off the man.

Jolan had been off in his description of the man.

He seemed to exude life and love.

"Your Jolan is a man of giving love, that has been substantiated. He walks with great love in his heart, meting it out to all those in need. Never have I seen such generosity."
Justin smiled, hearing the kindness of Era's words.

"But as Jolan is the giving love, you are the cemented love."

"The cemented love?"
"Yes, Justin. Your love is cemented now within his heart. He is yours alone."
Justin smiled, those words sinking within his soul.

"I love him, Era."
The man smiled, Justin smiling back.

"I know, Justin. I know."
The man stood up, looking down at Justin.

"Your love steels him against the worry and fear he keeps within himself. Your love surrounds him. You hold him on the path."
"I will always love him. He is my life."
The man nodded, looking at Justin.

"They are watching, Justin. And they are plotting. Your love is in danger. As are others."
Justin's face changed to worry, the man smiling at him.

"You are the key to that danger's dissipation. I come with a warning."

Justin stood, the man staring at him.

"Jolan will fall, because of a misguided step. Because of his giving love. You are the key to his surviving. Your love will heal him. And then the path will be set on its true course."
Justin's face changed, the older man seeing the blossoming tears.

His hands went out, both going to Justin's shoulders.

"Fate will save a friend, love will save them all."

"I won't let my Jo be hurt! I won't let them hurt him!"
The older man smiled at Justin, Justin seeing the love still shining in his grey eyes.

"Your Jo will never be hurt again, Justin. After this he will have my forgiveness, and he will have you."

Justin stared at the man.

"What do you need forgiveness for, Erasmus?"

The man's grey eyes went to Justin's blue.

"That, one day I shall reveal. And may his giving love give me peace."

The man lowered his head, then raised it.

"Love him, Justin. Love him and Hayden. Life begins for you. "

The man smiled, Justin watching him fade before his eyes.


End of Chapter 89


Interesting word from Erasmus.

What danger is headed Jolan's way?
Does it have something to do with Nathan's little meeting with Swanson?
Who's this guy and what are they up to?

Why now has Erasmus shown himself to Justin?


Intriguing questions.

A lot to think upon.

I hope I'm not giving you a headache, lol.


There's only one way to find out the answers.

Read on, faithful readers.


Hugs, Angel.