Jolan's Path-Chapter 9

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.

Chapter 9

Justin held Joe, the young man gradually calming down.
"He said I was the key?"
Joe looked at Justin.
"His exact words were-he will be your key, Joe. He will show you what your life really is. The day of Snow and Truth shall be a day of love."
Justin quietly listened to Joe's soft voice, taking in the words.
"The day of Snow and Truth? What does he mean by that?"
"I don't know, Jus! I don't know what any of it means! But he knew me! I believe in my heart he knew me!" Joe said, Justin seeing the deep concern on Joe's face.
"Calm down, Joe. Tell me everything that happened."
Joe nodded, Justin's soothing words calming him immediately.
He told Justin everything.
About seeing the man earlier outside the ice cream store, then their short talk outside the grocery and then his sudden disappearance.
"That's so strange, Joe. You have no recollection of him, or what he was talking of?"
"No, Justin. I've played it over and over in my mind. I don't know who he was or what he was talking about."
Justin nodded, his hand rubbing Joe's shoulder.
Justin saw the tiredness in Joe's eyes, his worry draining him.
"I think right now you need some rest, Joe. How about you lay down and rest for a while?"
"I promised you guys a nice dinner."
Justin smiled, hugging the young man gently.
"You can still do that, Joe. It's only three o'clock. We'll just eat a little later than usual."
Joe nodded, Justin gently moving him back onto the bed, Joe curling up on his side.
Justin sat beside him, rubbing his shoulder, Joe closing his eyes.
"What does all this mean, Jus? Who am I?"
"You're you, Joe. You're first and foremost my friend."
Joe smiled, opening his eyes, looking at Justin.
"I'm happy for that."
"Close your eyes, my friend."
Joe closed his eyes again, Justin remaining by his side.

After a few minutes, Justin sensed Joe had fallen asleep, gently getting up.
He walked out of the room, quietly closing the door.
He walked downstairs, walking into the living room.
Everyone was quietly talking, Jessica standing up when Justin walked in.
"Where have you been, Justin? You were gone for almost half an hour!"
"I was upstairs with Joe. He was a little upset. He's fallen asleep now."
Everyone looked up at Justin, the room quieting down.
"Upset about what?" Trace asked, looking with concern at Justin.
He suddenly remembered how quiet Joe had been when they'd returned to Henry's.
Justin sat down beside Henry and Shelly, Jessica standing alone for a moment then sitting back down in her chair quietly.
He told them all about Joe's mysterious visitor, everyone surprised.
Jessica sat with a confused look upon her face.
"We didn't see him, Justin. Joe mentioned him at the ice cream store. He thought the man was looking at me." Cynthia said, realizing now the man was looking at Joe.
"Is this for real, Justin? Or is Joe hallucinating? He's still not fully healed. It could be a hallucination." Trace said, Justin seeing his concern.
They both looked at Henry.
"Well, Joe has survived at least two traumatic injuries. We've all seen his signs of headaches, tiredness. It could be a manifestation of all that's happened to him. I'm not a psychiatrist. I can't give an explanation. For all we know it could be true as well. I know Joe wouldn't make things up. To Joe it must be real."
Justin nodded, those last words the most important to him, and he sensed to Henry as well.
"Agreed, Henry. If Joe says it happened, I'm inclined to believe him."
Henry nodded, Jessica staring at Justin.
"This sounds really weird Justin. This guy sounds crazy."
Justin's face changed, Trace quietly watching him.
"He's been through a lot, Jess. We're trying to find out what's happened to him." Justin said in a curt manner.
Jessica's face changed, Trace staring at her.
He knew that look.
"I'm just saying you've done all you can for him, Justin. Henry is a doctor. Let him help Joe. You have done all you can. It's time for us to get back to our lives."
"More like it's time for you to get what you want." Trace said quietly to himself, Cynthia hearing it, she sitting right beside him.
Trace blushed a little, Cynthia's gaze returning to Justin.
"Joe is my friend, Jess. I'm going to do all I can to help him. He's coming back to New York with us. Did you get him an appointment, Henry?"
Jessica's eyes were widening, her intense gaze on Justin.
"Yes, Justin. Dr. Withers returned my call a little while ago. Joe has an appointment Friday with Dr. Livingstone at the New York Presbyterian Hospital. It's the best trauma center in the eastern states."
Justin nodded, Jessica still looking at him.
"Justin, this is foolishness! Okay, maybe he does need that kind of help, and you're doing a good deed providing it for him. But you have your life to lead, let's just send him there and let them deal with him. We have meetings in L.A. next week. You can't put your life on hold dealing with someone else's emotional problems."
"Oh, I wouldn't say that. He's been dealing with yours for quite some time." Trace said, his voice now clearly heard by everyone, including Jessica.
She glared at Trace, everyone seeing her complete anger directed at him.
Justin sighed, Shelly seeing his being caught in the middle.
"And what's that supposed to mean, Trace?" she spat out, the young man staring back at her.
"It means exactly what it means. Don't sit there and give us that goody-two shoes act of yours Jessica. I've seen it enough. Justin's doing all this for Joe, not for himself or us. Joe is now Justin's friend, and he'll do all he can to help him. I think it's time you realized that you have to share Justin with all of us. He's not yours to control. He has friends outside your territorial domain. Loosen the claws, Jessica. Or you'll end up scratching yourself."
Trace felt Cynthia's arm go in his, her eyes of love showing him her total support.
Justin remained quiet, his face lost in wonder at his friend's defending Joe and him.
Jessica stood up, glaring at Trace, her eyes focusing on the others for only a moment, then zeroing in on Justin.
"Your friend is trying to insult me, Justin! Aren't you going to say something to him?" she said, her arms folded, Justin staring at her.
Justin stood up, Trace looking at his best friend.
"I'm sorry, Jessica. Trace is right. I'm doing this for Joe, solely for him. His health is important to me. I've never met anyone who's needed me like he has. It's like I'm his big brother and I have to look out for him."
Jessica glared at him for a moment, seeing the look of determination in Justin's eyes.
"We need to talk, Justin. Alone! Right now!" she said, all the others hearing the simmering anger in her voice.
"I don't think that's wise, Justin. Don't be manipulated by her cunning ways." Trace said, Justin looking at his best friend.
"It's alright, Trace. Everyone please excuse us, we'll be back shortly."
Trace and Justin exchanged looks, Trace seeing the look in Justin's eyes, it totally surprising him.
Justin and Jessica walked out of the room, Justin picking up their coats off the hooks by the front door, the two walking outside.
Shelly and Henry both looked at Trace, Cynthia looking on as well.
"If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it." Trace said quietly, sitting down slowly.
"Seen what, Tray?" Cynthia asked, her hand going in his.
Trace looked around at the three people staring at him.
"Jessica's in for a real surprise. Justin's heart is his own now. I saw the truth in his eyes."

Jessica sat down beside Justin, the couple having walked around the house, sitting down on the bench under the oak tree where Justin had sat before with Joe.
"What's going on here, Justin? Why are you having anything to do with this group of weirdos? You've always been so level-headed. Let's get out of here. L.A. is your home, your friends are there."
Justin looked at her, Jessica staring into two blue eyes she'd never seen before.
Two blue eyes of truth.
"My friends are here, Jesse. Trace, Cynthia, Henry and Shelly. And most of all Joe."
She sighed, turning her gaze away from those staring blue eyes.
"You've done all you can for that young man, Justin. You've clothed him, fed him, and now you're getting him the doctors he needs for his unsettled mind. There's nothing more you can give him. Let him go, Justin."
Justin looked at his girlfriend again, seeing the aloofness she was showing.
"There is one more thing I can give him."
She turned, looking into his blue eyes again, seeing the same look of strength there.
"I can give him my friendship, and most of all my love."
She stared with surprise at Justin, the words he'd spoken flying through her mind.
"Your love? Jesus, Justin! You don't even know who this man is! He could be wanted by the law, or this could all be an elaborate hoax! You're so damn easily led, Justin!"
Justin stared at her, her words sinking into his soul.
"What's wrong, Jess? Afraid that you won't be the one to lead me now?"
Jessica looked in shock at him, never hearing Justin so calm and determined.
"I've never led you Justin. It's always been you and me together." she said, suddenly feeling nervous.
"No it hasn't, Jess. It's always been your priorities first. Look at this past weekend. You made me fly across the country to spend the weekend with your family. What about my family?  When's the last time we stayed at my parents' home in Florida? I'll tell you when! Never! Because it doesn't suit your plans! Your plans for you and me!"
"What are you talking about, Justin? Your mother and I have always been good friends. I've always loved you. You've been an important part of my life. Always."
"Yes, I have. But only in the way you wanted. When was the last time you asked me about my life? About what matters to me? About my feelings and what's going on inside me?"
Justin stood up, leaning against the tree, looking down at her.
"What's going on with you, Justin? You've never talked like this to me. It's as if you're trying to hurt me. What have I done to deserve that?"
Justin stared at her for a moment, looking at the woman he really cared about.
"I'm not trying to hurt you, Jess. I'm trying to talk with you. About my feelings, about what's eating me up inside."
Jessica stood up, walking up to Justin, putting her arms around him.
"I love you, Justin. Whatever's bothering you, let's talk it out. But let's go away from here, the two of us alone. How about a few days in Hawaii? We can talk and love each other as we always do."
She ran her hand down Justin's chest, her fingers at his waist, going lower, to his center.
Justin looked into her eyes, seeing her need for him.
But he also saw the controlling star she was, the woman she longed to be.
The power she longed for.
The power of using him for her own needs.
"You don't understand, Jess. It's here that I need to be loved. And I haven't felt that from you." Justin said, his hand on his heart.
Jessica looked confused, staring at Justin.
"What are you saying?"
Justin moved a bit, sitting down on the bench again, Jessica standing beside him.
"What are you saying, Justin?" she repeated, staring down at him.
Justin raised his head, looking into her eyes.
"You've never asked me my innermost feelings, Jessica. About the man I am inside, about what's running through my heart and soul. It wasn't till the last few days that those real feelings have surfaced again. I've been fighting a battle in my heart and soul, Jessica. And I've finally won. My love has won. And I know who I want to give that love to."
Jessica's mind focused on that last sentence.
"Who, Justin? And you better say me!"
Justin looked up, staring at the woman he'd known for two years.
And the woman he'd somehow not known.
That woman stood in front of him now, glaring down at him, waiting for his answer.
Justin stood up beside her, Jessica leering at him, seeing his still determined face.
This wasn't the Justin she'd worked so hard to mold into what she wanted.
This was a different person in front of her.
She knew this man wasn't going to be easily curtailed with her manipulating ways.
Justin looked at her, his heart open to her now.
"Jessica, I'm bisexual. I have been for most of my adult life. It started a long time ago when I was just a teen. I fell in love with a wonderful man. But I was too much of a coward to accept his love, so I walked away from it. And it's gradually been eating me alive inside."
Jessica stood in silence, all of Justin's words sinking into her soul.
Was Justin telling her he didn't want her?
Had he found someone else?
A man?
Was it that conniving Brandon?
Was that bastard using her and him as well?
She stared at Justin, Justin calm and staring right back at her.
"I can't fight these feelings anymore, Jess. It's all come to a head. Because I believe I've met someone who's reopened all those feelings. Someone who needs me for more than just my stardom. For more than what you've needed me for."
Jessica's face changed, her mind's anger at the surface about to explode.
"What are you saying, Justin? Are you dumping me for a man? For a faggot!!"
Justin stared at her, seeing her anger etched in her face.
"I love you, Jess. We really loved each other once. But Trace is right. You've changed, I can see that clearly now. It's all about the power and stardom now for you. The girl I loved isn't there anymore. I'm sorry, Jess. I need more than just what a paparazzi sees. Awards and stardom mean nothing to me if there isn't someone beside me to love me for me."
Jessica's anger exploded.

Her hand flew, slapping Justin right across the face, Justin feeling the sting of her ring-clad hand.
He backed up, she lunging at him.
Her fists flew, hitting his chest and trying to hit his face again.
"Who is he?? I'll rip his nuts off!!!"
Justin struggled with her, trying to calm her down, Jessica's anger almost uncontrollable.
"Calm down, Jessica! There's no point in lashing out at me!"
She was half sobbing, her mind fighting within her own soul.
It can't be!!
No, he can't not want me.
He's mine, no one else's.
She stared at him, her struggling gradually calming down.
"Who is he, Jus? He's seduced you and you're all confused. That has to be it."
"That's not it at all, Jessica. No one has seduced me, my mind is clear and set."
"Who have you been fucking behind my back?"
Justin released her, backing up.
"I haven't been fucking anyone, Jess. I haven't been with a man in over three years."
Jessica stared at him, wiping her face, her tears smearing.
"Don't lie to me, Justin. You just told me you've found someone new. Obviously a man. Wasn't I enough? Wasn't my body enough? You always seemed to enjoy it."
Justin saw the hurt in her eyes, realizing this hadn't gone well.
"I did enjoy it, Jess. But the last six months you've been using that intimacy to control me. I see it all clearly now. Don't stand there and deny it. I've felt it for so long, not realizing what it was. Now I know what it is. You've used your body, your looks and your feminine ways to control me. You think of me as yours. As a piece of glitz and glamour to parade around. Isn't that true?"
She looked at him, seeing now that Justin had seen through her.
Her mind was in turmoil, trying to think of some way to make him still need her, still want her.
She immediately calmed down, wiping her face again.
"No, Justin. That's not entirely true. Yes, I will admit your fame and stardom worked so well with my own. Being with you in the spotlight, in the eye of the media, fed my ego. I'm sorry for that. But you can't deny that when we were alone, just the two of us, it was still magical."
She slowly walked up to him, standing close, her body against his, Justin feeling her soft presence.
He stared into her eyes, her wet eyes that he knew he'd caused to tear.
"I love you, Justin. The real you. The insecure little boy who always fell asleep in my arms after we'd made love for hours. Remember those nights? Those nights of unbridled passion, of unrequited desires?"
Justin felt her arms wrap around him, her lips kissing his neck.
"I loved when you made me yours, Justin. I loved when your masculinity exploded inside me. God I love you so much. Make me your woman again, Justin. Make me yours forever. Forget all that's troubling you. Focus on the fact that only I love you. It can be only me that truly loves you."
Justin felt her fingers rubbing his center, her tongue licking his throat.
He felt her seduction beginning, her power of tempting his desires igniting.
She moved his hands, moving one around her waist, moving the other under her blouse, Justin's fingers feeling the heat of her smooth body, she guiding his fingers to her breasts.
Justin immediately felt their warmth, Jessica wearing no bra.
"Oh, God! Oh God, Jus! You're so wonderful!" she said, her fingers wrapping around the organ she felt laying down one leg of his jeans.
She felt it slowly expanding under her ministrations.
"You want me, Jus. You still want me. Your hardness shows your true desires. Forget everything. Take me here, now. I'm yours forever."
Jessica guided Justin's hand again, it slowly moving downward.
Justin moaned a little, trying to fight the feelings she was awakening in him.
She pushed his hand downward, Justin feeling the edge of her jeans, and her belt.
"Open my pants Justin. Sink your love deep inside me. It's hard and it needs me. I need you so much."
Justin's mind was in a flurry of confused thoughts.
He felt himself giving into her needs.

Then his mind focused on her last sentence.
I need you so much.
His mind focused on one face that had entered his mind.
In his mind he saw two grey eyes.
And he heard a soft voice in his mind telling him to look down at his hands.
Justin's head cleared instantly, Justin looking down at his hands.
Jessica's blouse had risen up, her belly exposed, Justin's hands on her waist, his fingers were moving on their own, fumbling with her low rise jeans button.
Justin's eyes moved for a moment to the left of his hands, seeing something that shocked him.
He froze for a moment, zeroing in on it, then backed away from her.
Jessica opened her eyes which had been closed.
She'd felt Justin's hands release her and then his backing away from her.

"Don't  stop, Jus. You're exciting me so much. Please keep going." she pleaded, Justin looking into her face.
In her eyes, he saw all of it.
All the deceit, all the conniving ways she'd manipulated him.
He realized she'd now been doing it again.
Using her body to confuse him, to placate him.
"I loved you, Jessica. I never ever cheated on you. Why did you cheat on me?"
She froze, looking at him with shock.
She saw a look of deep emotional hurt on his face.
"What? What are you talking about?"
Justin moved forward, pulling up her blouse higher, pointing at the edge of her jeans.
"Your lover was a little too passionate, Jessica. His lips a little too strong!"
Her eyes went downward, staring at the red mark on her left side just on the edge of her hip.
The fresh mark of passion and lost desires.
She remembered the feeling of Brandon's lips there, how it had driven her wild.
She hadn't realized the truthful mark his passion had left in the blatant hickey that lay exposed to the world.
That lay exposed to Justin's now tearing eyes.
She trembled, Justin backing away from her.
"Justin. . .I. . .I hit something. . .it's just a bruise."
"Oh come on, Jessica! It's the mark of passion! I'm not a fool! But apparently I have been the bigger fool!"
Justin stared at her, Jessica seeing the wet blue eyes staring back at her.
She saw Justin's stance, now realizing she'd made a very big mistake.
In trying to seduce him, she'd revealed her private indiscretions.
She saw the hurt in his eyes.
He now knew the total truth of her deceit.
"Justin. . .it was only once. . .I was fooled. . .he seduced me. . ."
"We're over, Jessica. We're done. Please leave."
She saw him staring away from him, not looking at her.
She moved forward, Justin's hands going up, stopping her.
"Leave, Jess. Go back to New York and remove your stuff from my place. If you don't, I'll throw it in the garbage. I want you gone from there when I return. I don't want to see you again."
Justin walked away from her, leaving her standing there all alone in the backyard of a stranger's home.

Justin walked around the house, finding Trace and Cynthia on the front porch.
Trace looked at his friend, seeing the hurt look upon his face.
He also saw the red mark on his face, and a slight scratch.
"You alright, Jus? What did she do to you?"
"Can I borrow the keys to the van, Cynthia? I need to go for a drive."
Cynthia looked at Trace, slowly nodding, Trace reluctantly fishing the keys out of his pocket.
"Everything okay, Jus? Where's Jessica?"
"Jessica's leaving, Cynthia. And I need some time alone."
Cynthia looked at Trace, seeing the worry on his face.
"Alright, Justin. We understand. Give him the keys, Tray."
Trace looked at Cynthia and reluctantly handed the keys to Justin.
Justin took them from his friend, then pulled him into a hug.
Trace was surprised, but put his arms around his friend, returning the embrace.
"Thank you for being you, Trace."
Trace nodded, seeing the tears in Justin's eyes.
"I'll be back in a while, Tray. Tell Joe I'll be back."
Trace nodded, watching his friend walk to the van, climbing in and driving off down the driveway.
Cynthia looked at Trace, her hand going into his.

A few moments later, Jessica came walking around the corner of the house, walking to the front steps.
"Where's Justin? I need to talk to him." she said, staring at Trace and Cynthia.
"Justin left. He took off in the van. He said he needed some time alone." Trace said, staring at her.
He saw the disheveled look on her face, her clothes looking slightly askew.
He saw she'd been crying as well.
"You're lying to me, Trace!"
"Look Jessica, Justin left. The van's gone as you can see. He also said that you were leaving. I suggest you do just that." Trace said, Cynthia watching his face.
"Oh, I bet you feel so great now, Trace! You never liked me! You did everything you could to break us up. Now he's walked away from me! Well it's not over! Who is he in love with? Tell me!!"
Trace looked at her, seeing that her anger was brewing again.
"I don't know Justin's heart. He keeps his love to himself. I do know he's not in love with you."
She glared at Trace, walking right up to him.
"He told me he's falling for a man! He's totally been brainwashed by someone! And I'm going to find out who it is! That man's going to rue the day he interfered with me and Justin! Justin's mine! No one else's!"
Trace stared right back at her.
"Leave now, Jessica. Walk away from him. His friends are going to make damn sure you never hurt him again. Yes, you hurt him. I don't know how, but you did. I just saw that in his eyes. No one hurts my friend. I give you fair warning. Stay away from him. Let him have a life free of your deceit."
Jessica's hand flew, slapping Trace across the face.
Trace didn't move, but Cynthia did.
She picked up the two glasses of iced tea they'd been drinking, throwing both in Jessica's face.
Jessica backed up, her face drenched.
"Back up, you bitch! If you ever touch my man again, I'll ram this chair down your throat!"
Jessica backed up, staring at the two of them.
"Leave now, Miss Biel. Leave now before I really show you how inhospitable I can be." Cynthia said, her face a mask of determination.
Jessica glared at both of them, walking over to her car.
She climbed in, stones flying as she flew out of the driveway, driving down the highway.
The two watched her disappear down the highway, their hands going together, a sign of their protective love.

Justin sat on the side of the road, on an outcropping of dried earth.
It was the same place where he'd first met Joe.
Where he'd held him that moonlit night, protecting him.
The van was parked across the road, Justin sitting in silence.
But his mind wasn't silent.
It was replaying everything over again.
He kept zoning in on the mark on Jessica's side.
She'd cheated on him, of that he now was sure.
She'd in a panic reluctantly had confessed that.
He didn't care who it was, only knowing that she'd been unfaithful to him.
He'd never expected that, it hadn't entered his mind at all.
He'd fully intended to tell her the truth about himself, of his new feelings.
And he had.
And then she'd behaved as the manipulating woman he'd finally realized she was.
But somehow the real truth was revealed, her real truth.
The truth that, in spite of his own feelings, still hurt his heart deeply.
That someone he'd trusted had deceived him.
Justin wiped his tearing eyes, lost in his thoughts.
He remembered the face he'd seen in his mind.
Joe's beautiful face.
Those mesmerizing grey eyes.
Then the soft voice, Justin now sure that it hadn't been Joe's.
Who was it that had spoken to him?
All he knew was that it had led him to the truth.
That somehow Joe's image had led him to the truth.
He hadn't wanted to hurt Jessica by revealing his truths.
But somehow it hadn't ended up that way.
She'd let herself be hurt by her own actions.
It wasn't Justin's fault.
His heart still hurt, knowing that someone he'd loved, cared for and needed had so deceived him.
It was the second time that had happened.
Britney had been the first.
Her betrayal had been more hurtful, she his first real love.
Justin shook his head.
No, that wasn't true.
Lance had been Justin's first love.
Justin thought of his friend, of his unending love.
How Justin had carried that love all his adult life, Lance always being there for him.
Justin suddenly realized something.
It had always been the women of his life that had hurt him.
Lance had never been so cruel.
He smiled a small smile, looking around his surroundings.
The first place he'd looked upon Joe's beautiful face, laying in his arms.
"Lance was my first love. And I believe in my heart Joe will be my last, and only true love." he said, his own voice cutting through the silence surrounding him.
Justin stood up, smiling.
He shook off the pain and hurt from Jessica's betrayal.
It was still there hidden beneath his thoughts, perhaps for a long time.
But he knew his heart would heal.
He walked to the van, his mind on returning to his life.
Justin turned the van around, driving back in the direction of Henry's home.
His mind was focused on returning to Joe.
In his determination he failed to see the shadow of a person standing on the forest's edge.
A person who smiled a wide smile.

Jessica drove down the highway, her eyes staring ahead.
Tears were still on her wet cheeks, mixed with the sticky liquid Cynthia had thrown at her.
She was speeding–that was the least of her worries.
Her mind was on all that had happened.
How could she have been so careless, not noticing that mark??
Damn you Brandon!
She'd make him answer for that.
Her mind went through the whole scene.
Her thoughts kept coming back to one sentence that Justin had said earlier.
"I can give him my friendship, and most of all my love."
She hit the brakes, pulling off the road, her car coming to a complete stop on a stretch of empty highway.
"Joe! That's who he's in love with! That pathetic crazy freak!"
She banged her fists against the steering wheel, her face a mask of anger.
"He's fallen in love with that young man. Jesus Christ! Why didn't I see that?? I'm going back there and wring that bastard's neck!" she said to herself, her mind filled with anger.
The voices in her head were throwing thoughts at her, one of reason finally breaking through.
"No, that's not a good idea. If you go after him, Justin will be even more upset. You have to think this through."
She sat there, going through everything, trying to sort it all out.
A smile finally came to her face.
"So Justin's in love with Mr. No One. The guy's a nobody. And I'm going to make Justin see that."
She sat there in silence, her mind on what she could do about it.
She smiled again, opening her purse, flipping open her cell phone.
She hit the numbers, someone answering on the third ring.
"Hey, it's Jess."
"Where are you? Is Justin there?"
"No he's not. Are you still in New York?"
"I have a flight out at eleven."
"Stay there. We have a lot to discuss. You're going to do something for me."
"Oh, and what's that?"
"Believe me, you're going to enjoy it! He's a tasty morsel!"
"Oh? Do I get Justin?"
Jessica's eyes narrowed.
"We'll see about that. First off, you have to wreck someone's life."
Brandon Diablo lay on a couch, his legs stretched out.
"Interesting? So who's it going to be?"
"Justin has a new friend. I want you to take care of him."
"Oh, interesting. Justin wanting the man flesh now. Someone giving you a run for your money, honey?"
Jessica's face changed to anger.
"I'll explain it all when I get there. Don't leave the city!"
Jessica flipped the phone shut, glaring ahead.
"Prepare for a broken heart, Joe! It'll go great with your broken mind!"
She hit the gas, screeching out onto the road again, heading towards New York City.

End of Chapter 9

And so Jessica's been thrown out of Justin's life.
But apparently she's not giving up.
What has she planned with Brandon?
Will Justin see through her plans?
What will happen with him and Joe now?
Can Justin be truthful to him?

Read on, the questions shall find answers.

Hugs, Angel.


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