Jolan's Path - Chapter 90


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience. It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrities included in this story. This story is fiction, meaning not real. It's all for fun. If you are under age, it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this now.



Chapter 90


Justin walked into the kitchen, Josh smiling at him, the man standing at the counter, a large plate of steaks in front of him.

"Just in time, Jus. Lance and Joey just returned with these. They just need to be seasoned and then you can cook them on the barbecue. I just finished making a Caesar salad." he said, smiling at his friend.

Justin nodded, looking at his friend.

Josh wore only swimming trunks, his muscular body on full display.

"I'll season those, Josh. Let me just grab the spices and stuff." Justin said, walking past his friend, Josh nodding.

"It's warm out there, hence my attire."
Justin softly smiled, Josh smiling back.

"I meant to comment earlier, Joshy. You've buffed up. Your chest is damn fine."
Josh smiled, leaning against the counter.

"I think since being with Chace, I've tried to keep my body toned. I want him to still feel attracted to me."
Justin smiled, patting his shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"Josh, Chace loves all of you. The outer package isn't all of you."
Josh smiled, quietly watching Justin slowly pull out some spice bottles from the spice rack.

His friend stared at the plate of steaks, not even looking at Josh.

"Can you pull out those packages of mushrooms and onions in the bottom crisper of the fridge, Josh? Jo likes them grilled in foil."

"Sure thing, Jus." Josh said, walking past Justin to the refrigerator, opening it and bending down to the crisper.

Josh stepped back, closing the fridge door, two bags in his hands.

"Thanks, Joshy." Justin said, still staring at the plate of steaks in front of him, Josh looking at him.

"Is everything okay, Jus? You seem a little preoccupied." Josh said, setting the two bags on the counter beside Justin.

Justin's head moved, Josh staring into his blue eyes, Josh seeing the beginnings of tears there.

"I think Jo's going to get hurt." he said, his voice trembling.

Josh was surprised by Justin's words, his arm going around his friend, Justin feeling his concerned love.

"What do you mean, Jus?"
Justin's eyes met Josh's, his friend staring at him.

"I met Era."
Josh looked totally stunned.

"You mean Jolan's Era?"

Justin nodded, Josh's arm tightening around him.

"Where did you see him?"
Justin looked at his friend.

"He appeared upstairs in our bedroom right before my eyes."
Josh looked surprised, his eyes going to the window, looking towards the pool.

"And he told you Jo's going to be hurt? By whom?"

Justin leaned against the counter, Josh's arm still around him, Justin telling him everything.

A few minutes later Justin finished, Josh staring into his blue eyes.

"So your love is going to heal Jo when he falls?"

"That's basically what Era implied, Josh. My Jo's going to be hurt by someone who's after him. It's got to be Brandon again!"

Josh's arm tightened around Justin, Justin feeling his familiar love.

"We won't let that happen, Jus. All of us love Jo, and we'll protect him."
Justin's worried eyes looked at Josh.

"I don't think we can stop this, Joshy. Era said it was a warning, that it was destiny."
Josh nodded, kissing Justin's cheek.

"I think you need to tell Jolan, Jus. He has a right to know this. I still can't believe that apparition showed himself to you. Jolan said only he could see him. This must be serious for him to appear to you."
Justin nodded, looking towards the window.

"I love him, Josh. He's my life. And I'll do anything to keep him safe."
Josh smiled, nodding.

He leaned in, kissing Justin's cheek.

"Tell me something I don't know."

Justin smiled, the two turning back to the steaks.


Jolan's grey eyes stared at Justin, the man's hand in his.

The two sat at the patio table, surrounded by all their close friends.

"Well, at least I now know I haven't been dreaming him. The man is real." Jolan softly saying, Justin's hand squeezing his.

"This is more than real, Jo. It's surreal! A ghost sending you warnings??" Chris said, Britney staring at her man.

"I don't think he's a ghost in essence, Chris." Joey said, Lance nodding.

"You're right, sweetie. I think he's Jolan's guardian angel."
Jolan stared forward, hearing his friends' words.

His mind was going over everything Justin had replayed of his conversation with Erasmus.

"I will fall, because of a misguided step. Because of my giving love. Fate will save a friend, love will save them all." he said, Erasmus' words spoken by Jolan.

Jolan's eyes raised, looking around at everyone.

"It's easy to see what this means." he said, everyone staring at him.

"It's a warning that you're in danger, Jolan. That's what it means." Sandra said, Jessica hearing the worry in her voice.

"Yes, it may well be.  But I think it's something more." Jolan said, his eyes meeting Justin's.

"Era said that you are my salvation, Jus. He's totally right in that regard. Your love joined with me out on that dark road that first night we met, Jus. Your love is part of me, the force that gave me the strength to face my past.  It is--as Era said--the cement that binds my love. I only give because I have so much new love within me. I want to share the way you make me feel."
Justin teared up, Jolan lightly kissing his lips, everyone watching their loving closeness.

"This means that someone else is in danger. Someone is going to try and hurt someone I love. And my giving love will always try to protect my friends. If I am hurt because of that, then it's a hurt I will accept easily. And I'll have to deal with."
Justin teared up, Jolan looking at him.

"I love you, Jus. And I love everyone here. Nothing will stop me from protecting all of you."

Justin leaned forward, kissing Jolan.

Jolan's eyes looked around at everyone, seeing their loving concern for him and for each other.

"We are all friends, and dearest souls of bonded love. I'll protect all of you."
Lance teared up, Joey's arm going around him.

"We're here for you as well, Jo."
Jolan smiled at him, seeing the same look of protective love on every other face surrounding him.

"Time will tell what this means. All we can do is be here for each other."
Everyone nodded, Justin looking into his Jo's grey loving eyes.

"I just don't want to see you getting hurt, my love."
Jolan smiled, kissing him back.

"Your love will save me, at least that's what Era told you. I'm just so surprised that old crafty devil revealed himself to you."
Justin smiled, still looking into Jolan's grey eyes.

"Your description was a little off, my love. He doesn't look ancient or very old. I took him at fifty, around my Dad's age."
Jolan's eyes widened a bit, Justin staring at him.

"The man's beauty is in reverse. Each time I see him he seems to have gotten younger."
"He's a very distinguished, attractive looking man. He wore a complete suit of white, and his eyes are grey as well. I immediately took him as a Dragosan. It's strange that Simus and Calen haven't seen this man."
Jolan stared at Justin, Justin seeing a confused look in his eyes.

"He wore white?"

"Yes, a white suit. And he had a Panama hat in his hands, also white."
"That's strange, Jus. He always wore darker colors when I've seen him. I wonder what that means?"

"Being all in white I thought perhaps he was an angel."
Jolan smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

"I'm pretty sure he's not that. He's somehow connected to my past, and he's on the side of good, of that I have complete confidence. He's just another piece of the puzzle that is my life."
Justin's arm went around Jolan, Jolan feeling his man's love.

"I don't know what the future ahead will reveal, Justin. What all this he's said to you means, or even why he's now sought you out. But I do know that I love you, and all of you here. I'll fight with my love and my strength to keep all of you safe."
Justin and everyone smiled, Jolan looking towards the barbecue.

"You should get cooking, my love. Joey's got that hungry look in his eyes. I don't want Lancy hurt if he starts nibbling on his arm."
Lance laughed, Joey chuckling.

"That is a meal unto itself, Jo. And that meal I always savor."
Lance blushed, Joey kissing his cheek.

Justin stood up, staring down at Jolan.

"I like my meat rare as well, Joe. The meat tender and succulent." he said, Justin beaming.

The look of worry was now gone from Justin's face, Jolan's love washing it away.

"Would you like that on a bun with ketchup?" he smirked, Jolan smiling.

"I'd like it in between two buns."
Everyone laughed, Justin now blushing.

Hayden ran up to his father, he and his friends having just stopped in front of the patio on their bikes, having been playing in the yard.

"We's thirsty, Daddy!"
"Well, let's quench that thirst, my boy. Daddy will get you three some lemonade! And Poppa's cooking dinner."

The three smiled, following Jolan into the house.

Justin watched him go, Josh's arm going around him, his friend having stood up.

"He's going to be okay, Jus. You heard the determination in his voice. I have total faith in Era's guarding soul. That man's warning Jo to be on his toes. And Jo's taking that warning seriously. He's now determined and his giving soul is ready for all of us."
Justin stared at Josh, his friend smiling at him.

"You feel all of that in Jo?"
"Yes, Jus. I feel my dear friend's soul."
Jolan walked out of the house, the three little ones ahead of him, each carrying their lemonade glasses.

The three ran up to the table, Chris and Britney picking up Sean and Jayden, Josh picking up Hayden.

"You get started on the steaks, Jus. I'll watch Hay." Josh said smiling, as he sat down beside Chace.

Jolan smiled at Josh, seeing Hayden in Josh's lap, the small boy smiling at both him and Chace.

Jolan's eyes went to Justin, his man smiling back at him, standing at the barbecue.


The group enjoyed a delicious dinner, the steaks cooked to perfection by Justin, everyone voicing their happiness.

Justin smiled, Jolan smiling at him.

"A hit as always, my Julia Child."
Josh laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"And here's Wolfgang Puck, his salad's all gone."
Joey and Lance laughed, Chace kissing Josh's cheek.

"Hey, I'm the only Wolfy around here!" Jolan said, smiling at Justin, then kissing his cheek.

Josh laughed, Jolan smiling at him, his eyes returning to Justin's blue.

"You relax, my pet. Joey and Lance have volunteered to do dish duty."

Joey looked up at Jolan, the man finishing off the last steak, covered in mushrooms and onions.

"We did?" he said, Lance sitting beside him.

"A welcome task after such a loving meal. Come on Joe, you heard our taskmaster." Lance smiled, standing up, beginning to pick up plates.

Joey smiled, standing at his side, picking up glasses and stuff, grabbing the last piece of meat off his plate.

"I wouldn't want Jo for a taskmaster. Just look at Justin, he looks worn out." Joey grinned, Lance smiling.

Jolan smiled at both, watching them walk towards the patio.

"And no splashing each other. You wet the floor, you're washing the whole kitchen!" Jolan said, smiling.

"Yes, Mrs. Cleaver!" Joey said in a youngish tone.

Everyone laughed, the two walking into the house.

Jolan stared after them for a moment, then lowered his head.

"Everything okay, Wolfy?" Justin said, his hand going on top of his on the table.
Jolan raised his head, nodding.

"Yes, Jus. It soon will be."
Everyone looked at Jolan, the man smiling and standing up, looking at the three boys all seated together in Chace, Chris and Britney's laps.

"Are our boys all filled? If so, it's playtime! I wanna play!!"

Hayden giggled, his hands outstretched, Jolan smiling as he picked him up.

"We's plays, Daddy! You be's our horsey!!"

Jolan laughed, letting out a loud neigh.

All three boys laughed, Sean and Jayden climbing down, following Jolan with Hayden out into the backyard.

Everyone smiled, Justin eyes following his Jo.

A few hours later their friends left, Justin hugging all of them goodbye, Hayden asleep in Jolan's arms.

"Here, take Hayden for a moment, Jus." Jolan said, Justin smiling as he let Britney go from his arms.

Justin took the small boy, Hayden murmuring in his sleep saying the word 'happy'.

Everyone smiled, Jolan smiling at all his waiting friends.

"I'm so glad I have all of you so close, and so loving."
Britney smiled, Jolan pulling her into a hug.

Britney felt a sense of deep love coming from Jolan, the man kissing her cheek.

Jolan walked around the foyer, hugging all of their friends, each feeling his deep love.

"You're all welcomed here always. I thank you all for your loving protection."
They all smiled, the two men and the sleeping Hayden watching them leave their home.

"That was a beautiful gesture, Jo."
"I meant every word of it, Jus. I love them all. Always."
Justin smiled, Jolan closing their front door.


The week continued, the house returning to a normalcy, the four living within settling into a routine of love and happiness.

Sandra had left with Jessica, their place only half an hour away from her son.

The five and Hayden had a small intimate family gathering on Tuesday, his actual birthday.

The small boy celebrating with just his immediate family, his face a vision of joy and happiness.

Sandra visited often during the week, coming by herself and with Jessica.

Justin and Jolan both gave her total freedom with her son, the three joined in their love for him.

Justin was busy all week, different meetings with production companies, his businesses, and other interviews dealt with.

Throughout those interviews he remained vigilant in not discussing his or Jolan's private lives.

Justin answered questions raised about Jolan as the friend he indeed was, and appeared to be.

The news of Jolan and his son's permanent presence with him was not revealed, the two opting to focus on their careers and not their personal lives in all interviews.

Josh visited the house often as well, he and Jolan sitting for hours around the house or by the pool, cementing their close personal relationship deeper with long discussions and laughing moments.

Justin held no jealousy in their deepening closeness, his trust and love for his Jo total.

He saw the deepness of their familiar friendship growing.

He also saw Josh's complete devotion to Jolan's loving friendship.

Late Thursday afternoon Jolan received a visit from Ally and Leo.

"Hi guys, come on in. Josh is here as well and we're just relaxing by the pool." he smiled, greeting them at the door.

The three walked out onto the patio, Ally waving to Josh, the man diving off the diving board, Justin and Hayden in the pool, swimming together.

Jennie lay on a lounge chair by the pool, her waving hand replied to.

"Your son's really a fish, Jo. He loves the water. I remember you being the same. Remember all those trips out to Hal Benson's swimming hole?" Leo said, the three sitting down at the table, Ally setting her briefcase on top of the table.

"Yes, Leopard. I loved that sunken pool. It was nestled in a patch of cedars, Ally. It was a beautiful tranquil spot. Truth be told, it was where I began to write my story from. I went there often by myself as well, Leopard."
Leo smiled, nodding, not having known that.

"In tranquil seclusion I poured out my heart." he softly said, his eyes staring out into the sunshine.

Leo's hand went to his shoulder.

"I felt the depth of that pouring heart in every word of your book, Jaguar."

Jolan smiled, his eyes focusing on the two.

"So what brings the two of you to our little abode? I assume it's not to see my smile."
Both smiled, Ally smiling widely.

"That by itself is always a joy, Jo. But yes, we've got some wonderful news."
Jolan nodded, folding his arms and smiling at them.

"Lay it on me."
The two exchanged glances, Ally's eyes going to Justin with Hayden in his arms, the two walking up the patio steps, Jennie and Josh following.

"Hi, guys. How are you two?" Justin said, letting Hayden down on the patio floor, the boy heading to his trucks, his toys all together in the corner by the Jacuzzi tub.

Justin smiled, seeing the boy giggling as he sat down on the floor, his own world of fun closing in around him.

Jolan smiled at his son as well, Jennie sitting down beside Ally, saying hello to the two new arrivals.

"Would you both like a drink? I'm heading into the house." Josh said, his nude chest on full display, Leo smiling at him.

"Thanks, J.C. I'd love a glass of ice water."
Josh smiled, Ally asking for the same.

Justin sat down in Jolan's lap, his wet swimsuit clinging to him, his nude torso on full view as well.

"You're all wet, my waterlogged angel."

"I thought you liked me wet?"
Leo laughed, Jolan smiling at him.

"In certain places, my love. And not with wet trunks." he said, kissing his neck, handing him his t-shirt which was laying on the back of the empty chair beside him.

Justin smiled at him, Jolan's arms around him.

"So what brings you two out here in the middle of the week?" Justin said as he pulled on his t-shirt, smiling at Leo.

"They were just going to tell me, my pet." Jolan said, Josh walking out of the house, setting a tray of ice water on the table, the man grabbing his t-shirt off Ally's chair.

He smiled, taking a juice box over to Hayden, the boy smiling up at him as he took it.

Josh smiled back, pulling on his t-shirt, returning to the table and sitting down beside Jolan, the man smiling at him.

Ally looked at Leo, nodding.

"The dates have been set for your two book signing events, Jo. December twelfth and December nineteenth. The twelfth here in Los Angeles, and the nineteenth in New York City."
They had mutually decided on two events, one on the east coast and one on the west, that way more total exposure of his novel could be achieved.

"That soon? That's only a week from Saturday." Jolan said, Justin looking at him.

"Yes, Jo. Everything's been finalized." Ally said, opening her briefcase.

She reached in, pulling out a hardcover book, handing it to Jolan, a wide smile on her face.

"Fresh off the presses, the first copy!"

Jolan's hand went out slowly, taking the book from her, his hand slowly raising it.

He stared at it, the truth of his life before him.

Justin smiled, his eyes staring as well, taking in the book's cover.

It was of a dark navy blue color, the picture on its face showing a man walking down a path of darkened shadows, the man's back to the viewer.

The title was written across the top, Justin smiling at the author's name below the picture.

"The Path of Life, by Jolan Dragos." he said, Jolan's eyes meeting his.

Justin saw the wonder and blossoming truth in Jolan's grey widened eyes.

"It's true, my love. Your novel is real. Your life is real."
Jolan teared up, his eyes returning to the book, everyone around him staring at his reaction, smiles on all their faces.

"It really is my book. It's finally mine." he said, tears now on his cheeks.

Josh's hand went to his shoulder.

"Yes, my friend. Congratulations, Jo." he said, kissing Jolan's cheek.

The man smiled, a smile of happiness crossing his face.

"I'm really, truly now an author. This feels so wonderful!" he said, Justin rising up out of his lap, pulling his man up into his arms.

"Congratulations, my love. My special author of greatness!"
Jolan smiled widely, Justin kissing him deeply.

"I'm so happy for you, my love." he said when their lips parted.

"It's just so. . .so wonderful." he said, the book still in his hand, Jennie taking it from him, looking at it and smiling.

"My famous brother! The great literary genius of our time!" she said, Jolan softly blushing.

"Famous, I might one day accept. But genius? No way!" he said, Justin laughing, kissing him again, Ally and Leo smiling at their deep love for each other so openly shown.

Jennie and Josh both laughed, Jennie getting up and surrounding her brother's chest with her arms.

"I always knew you'd be a great writer, Jolly!"
Jolan teared up, that name meaning so much to him.

Jennie smiled up at him, her grey eyes filled with love.

"Deep down you'll always be just my Jolly. I'll only use it in times of great happiness, my brother."
Jolan smiled, kissing her forehead.

He felt a tug at his pant leg, looking down.

Hayden's smiling face looked up at him, Jolan smiling at him.

"Daddy wite gweat!"

Jolan smiled, leaning down and picking up the child, Hayden snuggling against him.

"Daddy always be gweat to me!" he said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Same goes for me, Hay. He'll be great in our hearts."
Jolan smiled, Justin smiling back.

Ally looked up at the three together, Jolan's eyes meeting hers.

"I always had total faith in your true self coming to light, Jolan. This book is the first step. Its true ownership will now be shown."
Jolan smiled, sitting back down, Hayden sitting in his lap, smiling at Ally, Justin sitting down beside the two.

Jolan handed the book to Justin, his lover smiling at him.

"Read the dedication page out loud, Jus."

Justin smiled, opening the book, flipping the first page over, his voice filling the patio.



                                This book is dedicated to

                                    Justin and Hayden

                     With your friendship, love and strength

                        my life now has renewed happiness

                                I now walk with my friend

                                          and my son

                             on the path of life and love.



Justin's eyes were filled with tears, Jolan leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"I didn't want to risk a more personal truth, my love. But the words are from my heart. I'm already on that path, Justin. You and Hayden are my life and love."

Justin smiled, Hayden smiling up at his father.

"We wuvs you, Daddy!"

Jolan smiled, kissing his son, the boy smiling at Justin.

"There's something else, Jo." Leo said, Jolan smiling at him.

Leo nodded at Ally, the woman smiling at Jolan.

"We've finalized your first interview as well, Jolan. It's with the Ellen Degeneres Show." Ally said, Jolan staring at her.

"Ellen Degeneres? Didn't she have a comedy show a few years back?" Jolan said, Justin laughing.

"You really have been out of the loop, sweetie! She has her own daily talk show now. She's a great person. I know her really well. This is awesome! She'll totally make you at ease, Jo!" Justin said, kissing his cheek, Jolan softly blushing.

"I guess I've missed a lot." he said, his head lowering a bit, Justin raising his chin, kissing his lips tenderly.

"You're here now, my love. That's what's important."

Jolan smiled, Josh smiling at Justin's loving way with Jolan.

"She's a great lady, Jo. Justin's right. She's a perfect choice for launching you into the public eye." Josh said, Jolan looking at him.

"Look out world! Here comes Jolly!" Jennie said, Jolan laughing at her smiling face.

"Yep! Run for the hills!" he said, Justin smiling and kissing him again.

"The hills of love."
Josh burst out into laughter, Ally and Leo joining him.

"Too personal, my love. Those hills are yours alone." Jolan said, Justin realizing the double entendre he'd unleashed.
He blushed, Jolan kissing him now.

"That Timberlake innocence stokes my soul. Don't ever change, Jus."
Justin smiled, his embarrassment gone.

They all smiled, everyone talking about the book, Jolan staring at it continually.

"So when's the interview?" Justin said, smiling at Leo.

"Next Friday, Justin. The day before the first book event. It will be taped that morning, then shown that afternoon. The perfect catalyst into the weekend." he smiled, Jolan eyes widening.

"So soon?" he said, Hayden looking up at his father, the boy having crawled into Justin's lap from his father's.

"No be scares, Daddy! You's be okay! Poppa and me's wuvs you and dat's enuff!"

Jolan smiled at his son, he and Justin both smiling at him.

Their love immediately calmed him and centered him.

"You're right, Hay." Jolan said, his face showing a smiling calmness, his eyes going to Leo and Ally.

"I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!"

Everyone laughed, the table flooding with conversation.


Richard Thornton sat in his cell, staring forward towards the barred window on the other wall facing him.

Cecil had been here again, the man's contemptuous arrogance sinking into Thornton's soul.

"Smug bastard! Who does he think he is? Why hasn't Fagin put that man in his place? All lawyers are bloodsucking leeches." he said to himself, his anger just now dissipating, their meeting having ended almost two hours earlier.

There was no progress in Thornton's hopeless need for release.

Too much evidence was stacked up against him.

He'd been a foolish man.

That young man's truthful heart had destroyed him.

Fagin had made a tactical mistake in not ending that young man's life that dark night.

His returned memories had sealed Richard's fate.

He'd lost everything.

"Sometimes one needs to lose everything to walk forward on the next path."
Richard's head moved, staring into two black eyes, his body moving forward, the man going to his knees.

"Father! My master! Forgive me!" he said, his body lowering before the man now standing in his cell.

"Get up Richard. You haven't knelt to me since the first day I claimed you."

Richard slowly rose, his trembling legs guiding him back to his bunk.

He stared at the man, his body clothed in black attire, his wolf head pendant showing around his neck.

"You really have gotten yourself into a dastardly situation here, my son."

Richard looked up into those black eyes, that name settling his soul.

"It was that Dragosan bastard, my father! He isn't dead!"
"I know, Richard. Our buried little wolfling clawed out of his tomb. No matter. He walks now to destiny. It all goes as the prophecy states. My time of strength and power approaches. That morsel shall guide me to my complete power. And then I shall have all of the wolves. Their pack of souls shall lead me on to greatness. And his deliciousness shall be my banquet of victory. I'll devour all of him."
Richard stared at his master, his eyes staring into his soul.

"Cecil seems to believe you've outlasted your usefulness, my Richard." the man said, Richard trembling on the bed.

"Please, Sire. I only ever have served you! I have done everything you've ever asked of me. I only live to please you!"
The man standing before him smiled, Richard seeing no hint of anger or judgment in those dark pools.

But he'd known this man all his life, and knew the man never showed his emotions.

His face was a mask of unreadable blankness.

"Yes, my faithful Richard. So many tasks you've done for me. So many necessary tasks."
The man moved, sitting down beside the trembling man, Richard feeling the man beside him lay his hand on his shoulder.

"Cecil and you are my stalwart warriors, faithful in all your tasks."
Richard relaxed a little, the man's hand rubbing his shoulder.

"I cannot say the same for Samuel."
Richard looked at the man, his eyes staring at him.

"I do not like failure. Samuel's own desires were his undoing. Eating children?? The man was so barbaric! Where was his class? Unlike you and myself, Richard. We held our desires to a chosen select few."

Richard nodded, unsure of where Fagin was going with his line of thought.

"You, my cherished child, always chose delectable morsels. Men of great beauty and masculine stature. Brandon comes to mind, as does our wolfen adversary."

Richard nodded, remaining silent.

"Brandon's on a tighter leash now, my Richard. He has a new master. My wolf of champions. Our faithful Nathan."
Richard's eyes widened, Fagin smiling.

"Yes, Richard. Nathan is my Black Wolf. I have chosen him, not Brandon. And now I have decided on what I shall need of you."

Richard's eyes began to tear, the man standing.

He pulled something out from under his black jacket, throwing it in Richard's lap, Richard's eyes widening.

He stared down at a bloodied heart laying now in his lap, his eyes widening, his body moving backwards.

"Eat it, Richard! Feast on those that fail me!"

Richard stared down at the heart, his mind grasping what Fagin was saying.

In his lap lay Samuel's heart.

"Samuel. . .he's. . .he's dead?"
Fagin stared down at him.

"I destroy those that do not stay the course, Richard." the man said, his eyes softly glowing red now.

Richard's body was shaking, Fagin's hands moving with lightning speed.

He picked up the man, seizing the falling heart at the same moment from his rising body.

Fagin's hand went around Richard's throat, the man staring in terror at him.

"Never fear my giving heart, Richard. I am not angry with you. You were cornered by our adversary. I fault you not for being duped. You are still of great value to me. I have one task of infinite importance. And that I trust only to you. For you shall get a greater satisfaction out of it. But first, I must have your undying allegiance, my Richard."
Richard was trembling, trying to go to his knees, Fagin's strength having none of it.

"I am yours, my master! I give all for you!"
The man smiled, a smile of total madness and insanity.

"That you shall, my son! That you shall!"
Fagin's hand moved, the bleeding heart in it he stuffed into Richard's sobbing mouth.

Richard tasted and smelled the rancid flesh flooding his throat.

Fagin smiled, pushing the man backwards, his hands ripping at the man's prison jumpsuit.

"We are leaving shortly, my Richard. But first, I shall take you as I once did. You shall feel your master's ownership!"
Richard fought to scream, his choked mouth silenced.

He sobbed, feeling a heat invade his center, a phallus sinking deep within him.

Above him he stared into two red eyes.

Two eyes that claimed his soul.


Justin stood at Hayden's bedroom door, a soft smile on his face.

The young boy had woken up before they'd made it to the bedroom.

Justin had spent the last half hour rocking the boy in the rocking chair in front of the window, the boy nestled in his lap, gradually falling asleep again, Justin just rocking, staring down at the boy.

He then laid the boy in his bed, covering him up, kissing him on the forehead, his eyes staring at his sleeping beauty.

He was, in so many ways, the spitting image of Jolan--same curly hair, beautiful face and enchanting smile.

Justin smiled, leaving the door slightly ajar, walking across the hall into his bedroom.

He smiled seeing Jolan sitting in bed, his smooth chest on full display.

In Jolan's hands was his book, the young man staring at its cover.

Justin pulled off his polo shirt, his hands going to his jeans, those joining the shirt on the side chair.

Justin smiled, seeing Jolan still staring at the book's cover.

"There was a time when my beauty drew your eyes always. Am I being replaced by your own creative beauty?"
Jolan's eyes raised, staring at Justin, seeing the man standing in only his boxer briefs.

"Oh, Jus. Sorry, I didn't hear you walk in."
Justin smiled, discarding his briefs, Jolan's eyes drawn to his sculpted beauty.

Justin climbed into the bed, sliding under the covers, his body going against Jolan's.

Jolan smiled, Justin lightly kissing his soft lips, his lover smiling at him, the book still in his hands.

"Still entranced by it, my love?"
Jolan blushed, looking at the book.

"I still can't believe I'm holding my own novel."
Justin smiled, snuggling against him, his lips gently kissing his lover's naked shoulder.

"It's real, my Wolfy. Your story has come to life."
Jolan smiled, looking down at the book.

"I remember that day at Bill's when I realized the truth of what had been taken from me. The pain I felt in my soul for what Richard Thornton did to me."

Justin sat up a little, his hand going to Jolan's chest, looking into his grey eyes, seeing the tears there now.

"I made a pact with myself that day that I'd find him and get back what had been ripped out of my soul. That day's finally here, Jus. I have my soul back." he said, his body going against Justin, Justin holding him tightly, feeling his lover's trembling emotions.

"I know, Jo. I know the pain and loss you felt, that day and the day four years ago when he robbed you of so much. I can't change the past, my love. But what you hold in your hand is the beginning of the future, Jo. This is you put into words. This is truly your soul. Your soul is back and it's surrounded by my love."
Jolan smiled, stretching over Justin, putting the novel on the nightstand, his arms wrapping around his Justin.

Their lips met, Jolan gently pushing Justin back, his body on top of him.

"Is our son asleep finally?"
"Yes, he fell asleep in my lap in the rocker. He's in dreamland."
Jolan smiled, his lips kissing Justin's soft lips.

"I've been in dreamland every day since I met you."
Justin smiled, his finger gently wiping a tear from Jolan's cheek.

"Know the feeling, my love."
Jolan smiled, Justin running his fingers through his black curly hair.

"I have a surprise, my love. Follow me."
Jolan smiled, Justin moving and standing up, wrapping his body in his robe.

Jolan got up as well, standing in only his briefs, Justin handing him his robe.

Jolan took it, wrapping it around his body, Justin walking with him out of the room.

Justin stopped in the hallway, walking over to Jennie's room, looking inward, then closing her door.

He smiled, doing the same to Hayden's.

"They're both in dreamland. Let's go." he said, guiding Jolan downstairs.


They both walked out onto the patio, Jolan stopping at seeing what lay before him.

The Jacuzzi was turned on, the water bubbling.

A tray lay on the Jacuzzi's edge, Jolan smiling.

Two glasses were on it, along with a bottle of wine in an ice bucket and a bowl of strawberries.
"I thought we needed a moment of wet bliss. We haven't used the Jacuzzi yet together."
Jolan teared up, Justin kissing his cheek, wrapping his arms around him.

"I love you in my wet arms, my Wolfy."
Justin kissed him, Jolan feeling so much love in that kiss.

"Oh, Jus. You have such a romantic, passionate soul."
Justin smiled, guiding Jolan to the Jacuzzi, his robe opening, falling to the floor.

Jolan stared at the revealed beauty before him.

"The rest is pretty sweet too, Jumpy."
Justin smiled, climbing into the tub, Jolan's eyes on his smooth bubbly butt as it disappeared into the water.

"Come on in, Wolfy. Feel the wetness of my love."
Jolan smiled, opening his robe, Justin's eyes on his smooth muscular chest.

Jolan smiled, his hands going to his briefs, they joining the robe on the floor.

Justin's eyes took in all of Jolan's beauty, a sigh of happiness leaving his throat.

Jolan climbed into the tub, moving towards Justin, turning around and laying back against him, Justin's wet arms enveloping him, Jolan sighing himself as he leaned back against his lover.

"Comfy, my love?"
"Yes, Jus. Your wet arms indeed are where I love to be."
Justin smiled, kissing his lover's neck.

Justin leaned over, picking up the two glasses, handing Jolan one, Jolan taking it.

Justin pulled out the wine bottle, pouring each a glass of wine.

Jolan smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"A toast, my love. To Jolan Dragos, my author of wonder! And the wonder of my heart."
Jolan smiled, Justin clinking his glass against his.

The two tasted the wine, its sweetness delicious.

"That was beautiful, my Jumpy."
Justin smiled, the two snuggling against each other's wet body, the water warm and soothing.


"Want to talk about the rest, my love? I sensed your nervousness about the interview."

Jolan moved a bit, turning towards Justin, still in his arms, his lover looking up at him.

"I'm trying to figure out what's so important about talking to me. I'm just Jolan. My life's not that interesting."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"Lover, you're a new author. Your life has been a myriad of pain and sorrow. And through it all you showed so much courage, so much strength, going on regardless of all that pain. That story needs to be told. Your life needs to be shown. The world needs to see a loving brother, a giving friend and a courageous man."
Jolan nodded, Justin smiling at him.

"Ellen is a wonderful person, Jo. She's laidback, sincere, friendly and trustworthy. She won't twist your words or your life around. Leo told me she'd specifically requested the interview. She said she was captivated by your life. And also your association with me. I count her as a great friend."

Jolan nodded, Justin's friendship with her speaking volumes to him in regards to her values.

If Justin thought of her as a friend, then a friend to him she would be as well.

"You should know that she's gay also, Jo. She came out years ago."

Jolan looked surprised, Justin kissing his lips again.

"Justin, I have no problem playing the part of close friend in public. There's no reason for you to let her know our truth."
Justin smiled, kissing Jolan's cheek.

"She's a good friend, Jo. I have no hesitation in revealing to her the truth of our love. I won't go that route intentionally, but if it's accidentally revealed, I won't deny it. You'll never relive a moment of uncertainty like you did when Joey found us in that tub."
Jolan smiled, remembering that moment of Justin's denial of their relationship.

"Justin, I love you. And I'll never put you in a position where you'll feel the need to reveal our love. That final moment of openness will happen when you want it to happen. I'll stand by you through it and every other moment of our lives."
Justin teared up, Jolan kissing his cheek.

"She's your friend, Jus. That means she'll be mine. I'm looking forward to meeting her."
Justin smiled, kissing his lips tenderly, Jolan lost in the love he felt from the man in his arms.

"I'm glad you said that, Jo. I um. . .well I've invited her for dinner on Saturday."
Jolan smiled, knowing that Justin had made a phone call after dinner, the reason behind it now shown.

"I sensed as much. I saw you on the phone earlier."
Justin blushed, Jolan smiling at him.

"I so want you to meet her, Jo. So you can see her friendship. And that'll relax you for the show next week."
Jolan nodded, seeing what Justin was doing for him.

"However did I end up with such a caring, giving man?"
Justin smiled, staring at his man.

"I let you fall in love with me. You were so easy to trap."

Jolan laughed, moving with a flash of speed, his body now facing Justin in the tub, pushing his lover back against the wet tub wall.

"Speaking of easy to trap. Looks like I bagged me a hot one."
Justin beamed, Jolan's hands pulling his arms over his head.

"Why, this wet treat looks good enough to eat!"
Justin smiled, Jolan's tongue going into his left wet armpit, licking all over it.

"Oh, Jo. . .that feels so good."
Jolan smiled, staring at Justin.

"Stand up, my love. I want to see all of you."

Justin smiled, his body leaving the water, standing up in front of Jolan, water dripping down over his body.

Jolan's eyes scanned every inch of Justin's beautiful chest and center, looking at his muscular abs.

"So beautiful, so muscular and erotic."
Justin smiled, his center coming to life in front of Jolan.

"Turn around, my Jus."
Justin moved, his body turning, Jolan staring at his tattooed back, his eyes going to the two globes of smooth flesh in front of him.

Jolan rose up from the tub, his body going behind Justin's, his arms wrapping around him.

"A thousand lustful fans of both sexes have pined after your beauty, longing to be where I am at this moment. To hold a vision of celebrated beauty in their arms."

Justin turned around, Jolan's grey eyes staring into his soul.

"I don't see that idolized vision of beauty before me. I see the man I love. The man I long for. My Jus. Those needful, lustful fans will never see the vision I see. My Jus' love is the center of his beauty. The image of Justin Timberlake that they long for is an image of fantasy. My Justin is a man of visual love. And he's mine alone."
Justin was in tears, Jolan's words sinking into his soul.

Jolan moved his hands forward, taking Justin's hardness in his hand, stroking it, feeling its rock hardness.

Its heat warmed Jolan's hand, its need throbbing within it.

"And right now I need my Jus. I need him to love me."
Justin moved forward, his arms pulling Jolan against him.

"I love you, Jolan. Your Justin loves you."
Jolan smiled, slowly kissing Justin's soft lips, their eyes opening after, both having been lost in the moment.

"I want you, my lover. I want you to love me forever."
Justin moved, Jolan falling back into the water, Justin moving in front of him, Jolan's body buoyed in the water, Justin's center going between his legs.

Their eyes were locked in each other's, Jolan moving and centering Justin under him.

Their lips met, Justin's center guiding itself to Jolan's heated need.

He sank forward, joining with his lover.

Jolan gasped, Justin's lips going to his wet throat, Justin beginning their needful passion.

Jolan's head raised, his grey eyes staring upwards, staring at a large full moon above him.

His eyes glowed softly yellow, his lover's thrusting love sending chills down Jolan's wet back.

He felt the point of abandon coming over his Justin, their lips meeting again.

Justin gasped, then softly moaned, his trembling body sinking deep with Jolan.

Jolan felt the warmth filling him, his own charged orgasm taking over his body.

Justin's arms tightened around him as Jolan went over the edge, gasping loudly, shuddering against his Justin.

The two held each other, Justin moving, his shaft slipping out of Jolan, the two joining again, Jolan again in front of Justin, his wet arms around him.

"Thank you, Jumpy. As moving and loving as always."
Justin smiled, Jolan's head against his shoulder, Justin feeling the world centered around him.

He smiled, a smile of acceptance.

"I love you, Jolan."
Jolan smiled, snuggling more into the warm embrace of his lover.

Justin's eyes looked up at the white full moon as well.

A smile of love and happiness covered his face.

And his heart was filled with a wonderful idea.



End of Chapter 90


Well, a chapter of returning normalcy.

Jolan's book has seen the light of day.

Soon to be in the public's center.


How will Jolan accept that public adulation?
Will the soon-to-be introduced Ellen calm his fears of his own self-worth?

Era's warning still lingers on the family and their friends.

What does it mean?

What will happen?


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